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    Name: [No CP] I am a nanny in Three Thousand World [Quick Wear] 【无CP】我在三千世界当保姆[快穿]
    Raw Link:http://www.jjwxc.net/onebook.php?novelid=3887273


    In order to make her spiritual world fuller (to make money), Yi Xin had to go to the small world to take care of some people.
    Prevent him/her from being shocked [Scared], prevent him/her from suffering, prevent him/her from drifting away, and prevent him/her from having nothing to rely on.
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    Yi Xin graduated.

    She wore a bachelor's uniform, took a graduation photo, wrote a guestbook, had class dinner, got a graduation certificate, and just graduated.

    The little friends in the dormitory have left, either choose to go home or have found a job.

    Yi Xin decided to live in the dormitory until the last day, half a month before the graduates finally leave school.

    Yi Xin University majored in mathematics and applied mathematics. In high school, she found mathematics to be quite interesting. Unexpectedly, after going to college, the little bitch of mathematics would turn his face and become unreasonable and incomprehensible...

    Because she didn't want to continue to be involved with mathematics, a little bitch who likes to change its face, Yi Xin didn't have a postgraduate entrance examination and did not choose a related industry.

    But there are too few options like this. Recently, she has been circulating between resume, interview, resume, and interview.

    While screening companies, Yi Xin suddenly saw a company named Qiweijie, so she clicked in when she felt curious.

    Company profile: Seven-dimensional world, belonging to the Big Thousand World category, has three thousand small worlds under its jurisdiction. It is mainly responsible for managing the daily operation of the three thousand worlds and collecting suggestions from the audience for related world repairs...

    Recruitment target: members of the nanny department. This department adopts a wish scoring mechanism: a full score is 100, 70 points is a pass and the task is completed when the passing score is reached.

    [Ps: If you fail the assessment task, you will lose your identity as a player. After the task is completed, you can apply for completion and the player will return to the real world. 】

    [Pss: Please understand the rest of the information after entering the task. 】

    Job Responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for taking care of the task object and ensuring that she/he has a happy life.

    2. Complete the audience barrage requirements (random, irregular)

    Salary: Any item can be taken away from the small world as a reward for this task, and the value of the item is unlimited.

    After reading this whole page, Yi Xin thought blankly: What the hell is this? What kind of talent would go to such a wonderful company.

    Just about to click to exit, I suddenly heard a kawaii voice: "Meeting is a fate, welcome to join the Seven-dimensional World, the evaluation task is about to begin, player please prepare for the ..."

    Yi Xin hadn't reacted yet, her eyes were dark.


    After a while, Yi Xin woke up in a dazed manner, staring blankly and blankly in front of her eyes.

    【Transferring related memories】

    It was still the kawaii voice, inexplicably frightened Yi Xin's spirit, and before she could take any action, countless pictures appeared before her eyes.

    Yi Xin's heartbeat was pounding as if the whole space could only hear her own heartbeat.

    Suddenly there was a lot of information in her mind, some memories about the seven-dimensional world.

    A few minutes later, Yi Xin reluctantly accepted her current situation, but her head was still a little unclear as if she was dreaming.

    [Do you want to start the evaluation task? 】

    Everything in front of her was too real, so real that Yi Xin didn't dare to make any resistance, fearing that she would be obliterated if she didn't agree with it. It was written like this in the novels that she had read before.


    The white environment has become something like an LCD screen, like the interface of the game's that she used to play.

    [We are sending you to the evaluation world, please prepare for the task. 】

    This is a novel world similar to "the underworld tyrants", the heroine is fair and beautiful *eyes are like stars*tough and tenacious*the standard type of poor family, the male lead is the overbearing president*the underworld forces*the genius standard, Tom Su.

    As for Yi Xin, it is quite a background board.

    18 years old, senior year of high school, high cold type, with mines at home, looks above average, and the standard female match configuration has gotten the role of the background board.

    Her younger brother is Yi Cheng, 16 years old, a sophomore in high school, indifferent genius, perfect appearance, perfect body, standard male configuration, but he did not take the wrong role, liked the heroine, was warned to be suppressed and finally died to save the heroine.

    Yi Xin just wants to know: Why is it that the same parents look different, but the IQ is different?

    The two went to the same high school. According to common sense, it was the kind of study where good grades and rich people coexisted.

    Fortunately, Yi Xin belongs to the latter, and she really doesn't want to spend her senior year desperately.

    But now Yi Xin is sitting in an English class, listening to the teacher's fluent English accent, but most things are not understood.

    The phone vibrated slightly.

    Zhou Yun: Yi Xin, I heard that your brother recently got close to Xu Xiaoxiao from Class A in second grade...

    Yi Xin:! ! When did this happen?

    Shouldn't the plot start until Yi Cheng's senior year? ! After Yi Cheng's graduating from University, he liked Xu Xiaoxiao so much that he couldn't help it, and then there was a plot of brain damage willing to die for Xu Xiaoxiao.

    Zhou Yun: Yesterday someone saw them go to dinner together.

    Yi Xin: . .

    "Yi Cheng, have dinner together at noon today." Yi Xin quickly sent a message to Yi Cheng.

    She knew from the information that Yi Cheng had been lacking love since childhood and grew up lacking calcium. So when he fell ill, Xu Xiaoxiao took the initiative to give him medicine-so the apex of her heart seemed to be pricked by something, and she throbbed slightly.

    This sentence was not what Yi Xin said, but was suggested in the information.

    Yi Cheng has not responded, but the message is clearly read.

    "Otherwise, I will tell our parents about your relationship." Yi Xin qualified as an unreasonable sister.

    "what are you saying?!"

    "See you in the cafeteria at noon."

    Fortunately, it was lunchtime after this English class. Just after class, Yi Xin rushed to the door of Yi Cheng's classroom and happened to see Xu Xiaoxiao approaching here.

    Obviously, she knows Yi Xin.

    "Yi Xin, are you looking for Yi Cheng?" Xu Xiaoxiao greeted enthusiastically.

    People around Xu Xiaoxiao would be unlucky except for the male lead. Yi Xin leaned back slightly and leaned on the door: "Yeah."

    Finally, Yi Cheng packed up his things and came out.

    Xu Xiaoxiao said: "Yi Cheng, why are you always so slow, let your sister and I, two girls wait for you to eat."

    Are you going to have dinner together?

    Yi Xin looked up at the sky. Who said this was a little white lotus? Seeing how much she could talk, she was not as good as a college graduate.

    Yi Cheng glanced at Yi Xin and saw that she did not refuse, so he said to Xu Xiaoxiao, "I will go to the cafeteria to eat today. I'll treat you."

    "How expensive is the small cafeteria, you can eat several meals in the big cafeteria instead of one meal,"
    Xu Xiaoxiao muttered dissatisfied, "Can't the saved money do something meaningful?"

    Yi Cheng looked at Yi Xin again.

    "I don't eat in the big canteen, you can figure it out." Yi Xin said coldly, anyway, she is indifferent, not a high-cold type.

    Xu Xiaoxiao pursed her mouth, did not continue to say, and then walked beside Yi Cheng and followed Yi Xin together.

    The small canteen is similar to the restaurant, serving both Chinese and Western food.

    Yi Xin ordered a pasta and a fruit salad.

    "Is there fried rice here?" Xu Xiaoxiao asked.

    After getting a negative answer, I ordered two stir-fried dishes, one stir-fried eggplant and the other stir-fried pork with green pepper.

    "Yi Cheng, it's almost enough for the two of us to eat two dishes, we can't waste it."

    Listening to Yi Xin quietly swallowed, and glanced at Yi Cheng. She knew that Yi Cheng would not eat fried eggplant because it was too greasy and would not eat green peppers.

    Soon the dishes came. Yi Xin looked at the red peppers, purple eggplants, and green chopped green onions. Her saliva kept secreting in her mouth. Her favorite fried eggplant!


    In order to maintain the personality, Yi Xin had to slowly put the hard and tasteless pasta into her mouth.

    Yi Cheng hasn't moved his chopsticks, and Xu Xiaoxiao picks up vegetables for Yi Cheng as he eats: "You can eat quickly, it will be cold if you don't eat it for a while."

    Yi Cheng slowly ate the pieces of pork in the green pepper stir-fry.

    Xu Xiaoxiao finished eating very quickly. Seeing Yi Cheng Yi Xin's slow movements, she couldn't help but anxious for them: "There are still a lot of things to do after eating, so I have to eat faster."

    Yi Xin put down the fork and gently touched her lips with the tissue.

    The movement made Yi Xin feel uncomfortable all over, but she even slightly raised the corners of her mouth: "Ms. Xu doesn't have to wait for us if there is something to do. It happens that Yi Cheng and I have something to say."

    Such an obvious chauffeur made Xu Xiaoxiao not understand her. Although she was not very willing, she stood up and said, "Yi Cheng, let's go to the cafeteria to eat at night. The food here is only a little better than the cafeteria. "

    After Xu Xiaoxiao left, Yi Xin looked at Yi Cheng blankly, and only when Yi Cheng had to raise her head to face her gaze, did she withdraw her gaze and shouted to the waiter: "Take these dishes down, a piece of cheese Baked pasta, a creamy mushroom soup."

    Yi Cheng was startled, Yi Xin continued: "Why don't you tell Xu Xiaoxiao that you don't like eggplant or green pepper?"

    "how do you know?"

    Yi Cheng didn't answer Yi Xin's question but was surprised by Yi Xin's words.

    "I'm your sister. It's not normal to know these? Or do you think everyone in the family doesn't care about you, don't care about you, don't know your preferences?"

    Although it was true before Yi Xin came.

    Yi Cheng was silent, and Yi Xin continued: "What makes friends is to feel uncomfortable and not tired. Parents raising you so big is not for you to accommodate others everywhere."

    Yi Xin left after speaking. She usually has a bad relationship with Yi Cheng, but now she feels that she has exceeded the quota.

    In the afternoon, Yi Xin didn't make an appointment with Yi Cheng again but went to the cafeteria with Hupengou.

    Yi Cheng met Yi Xin on the way to the small canteen, and couldn't help holding the phone tightly.

    In order to prevent Xu Xiaoxiao from waiting for him, he deliberately sent a message to Xu Xiaoxiao saying that Yi Xin had invited him to eat in the cafeteria in the afternoon. But before Yi Xin’s text message, he saw her and her friends happily preparing to go to the cafeteria. canteen.

    "Yi Cheng?" Yi Xin glanced behind Yi Cheng but was very satisfied without seeing Xu Xiaoxiao.

    "Go, go to dinner together." she couldn't help but drag him together, "This is my brother Yi Cheng, you should know."

    "Of course you know, you've been asking about my brother, if he is handsome, smart, excellent..."

    This friend said that the whole day is today, and Yi Cheng thought that Yi Xin had always been like this, and his ears were a little red.

    "Ahem, let's go, let's eat."

    Because there are more people at the dinner table, there is no cold time.

    After the friends dispersed and studied in the evening, Yi Xin sent a message to Yi Cheng: "I still don't understand. What do you like about Xu Xiaoxiao?"

    Yi Cheng almost lost his phone when he saw the message.

    "No, I didn't like Xu Xiaoxiao."

    "Hehe, then you still eat your favorite dish with her?"

    "I just think she is nice."

    "Where is it good?"

    After hesitating for a long time, Yi Cheng finally typed a few words: "She gave me medicine when I was sick."

    "Sick? When? It seems to be all right now. But I don't know, how did Xu Xiaoxiao know?"

    Because of the plot, Xu Xiaoxiao happened to see Yi Cheng coughing, so she went to the drugstore to buy medicine for Yi Cheng.

    But Yi Xin said this deliberately, which caused Yi Cheng's suspicion. Besides, I don't know who thought of this brain-dead plot. When I saw someone coughing, I would give them medicine? You must know that Yi Cheng and Xu Xiaoxiao had basically no intersection before this!

    Yi Xin just wants to be crazy!

    Sure enough, Yi Cheng was just a little bit fond of Xu Xiaoxiao. Hearing Yi Xin said that he felt a little more skeptical, and the time to contact Xu Xiaoxiao was much less.

    Yi Xin felt that she should have completed the task. After all, she prevented Yi Cheng from falling, and there should be no major problems in the follow-up.


    After submitting the application and completing the task, Qiweijie reminded: She needs to watch Yi Cheng get married! !!

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    Because she could not leave, Yi Xin could only try to make Yi Cheng not like Xu Xiaoxiao, and get married and have children as soon as possible, so her style of painting changed.

    "Yi Cheng, if you dare to skip class, I will discount your legs."

    "Yi Cheng, I heard that Xu Xiaoxiao invited you to dinner again? You can have a snack."

    In Yi Xin's description, Xu Xiaoxiao, who is kind*optimistic* and simple and unpretentious, has become a strange person.

    I know Yi Cheng’s things inexplicably. For example, when he won a prize in a competition, he came up and said he wanted to celebrate; for example, when his score report came out, he brought a cake to surprise...

    He always said some strange things, knowing that Yi Cheng was unwilling to eat with her and even came up...

    When Yi Cheng subconsciously avoided Xu Xiaoxiao, the rest of her life seemed much simpler.

    And Yi Xin also started to learn the violin, sawing wood every day, and slowly improving her skills in Yi Cheng's advice.

    Two months passed slowly.

    Although Yi Xin felt that she was about to become a dog, she didn't seem to have done much.

    The two elective courses are French and photography. This is to make your resume look better when you apply to a famous foreign school.

    Although Yi Xin had already stayed up all night and studied hard, as soon as the final exam results came out, she was ranked 36 in the class and 389 in grade.

    There are fifty students in each class, and there are ten classes in each grade. Before she came, Yi Xin ranked in the worst three hundred.

    "Is the gap between geniuses and ordinary people that big!"

    Yi Xin spent twelve points of effort, but the result was not as good as the result of another three-point effort. Thinking about it, it makes people collapse.

    But she was already an adult, and after a brief emotion, she chose to keep working hard.

    "Yixin, where are you going to play during the holidays? Should we go to Finland? Or go to Colmar?"

    As soon as I got the result notification, a small partner had already asked her.

    "I can't go anywhere this time. I guess I have to make up lessons at home."

    I just found an excuse. After all, I can only communicate with Yi Cheng by staying at home during the holidays. This way I can properly express my concern.

    "You did not do well in the exam this time, but didn't you mean that you often read books at home? How come the exam is worse than before..."

    "I didn't do well in photography..."

    After graduating from college, she can't even pass the high school students' exam. How can it make sense?

    "You must be busy playing with other subjects. I think your scores in major courses are quite high, but you were dragged down by two elective courses."

    Amuse others?

    Every day I learn French to practice the uvula, remember the yin and masculine, and learn how to change the position for a few hours, plus the light and shadow layout of photography, and the violin that I said to practice every day...

    If you go out to play again during the holidays, it is estimated that there will be 400 more students above her rank for the entrance exam next semester.

    There is no way to explain the pain in my heart, I can only let my friends explain.

    In order to make her grades look better, and to keep Yi Cheng firmly, Yi Xin drags Yi Cheng to read and review together every day.

    Finally halfway through the holiday, and finally it's Yi Cheng's birthday.

    The system says to give Yi Cheng sunshine-like care, so Yi Xin started preparing for this birthday early.

    The birthday gift has to be made by herself, a small and simple version of Transformers, the one that cannot be transformed...

    It took Yi Xinguangguang to design this thing for almost two months and then spent more than two hours a day, barely finishing it a week ago.

    As for the type that can transform... Yi Xin felt that she was afraid that she would not even be able to complete the design drawings.

    However, out of a guilty conscience for her own gift, Yi Xin specially bought her six-figure deposit to buy a paper mold Transformer, which can be deformed and the parts can be disassembled and modified...

    Although I don't know how to appreciate its beauty, but thinking of the savings I spent, Yi Xin thinks it must be beautiful!

    It's not beautiful!

    On Yi Cheng’s birthday, Yi Xin had to get the cake early, but she forgot that traffic jams are the most important part of a city.

    When Yi Xin arrived home, Yi Cheng had already finished eating and returned to the room, and the housekeeper had left.

    Putting the cake on the table, Yi Xin went upstairs with a gift and knocked on Yi Cheng's door. It took a long time for someone to open it.

    "What are you doing in the room, No, birthday present."

    Handing over the gift in his hand, Yi Cheng didn't accept it, and Yi Xin stuffed his hand two or three times: "You can be moved, but you can't say you don't like it. Put it down and eat the cake."

    Yi Cheng looked at the gift bag in his hand and at the back of Yi Xin going downstairs, raising his eyebrow suspiciously.

    He took out the gift and took a look. It was two Transformers... He didn't like Transformers ten years ago.

    Disgusted with placing the two Transformers on the table, after thinking about it, they moved their positions.

    After Yi Cheng went downstairs, Yi Xin didn't see a pleasant smile, only heard Yi Cheng say: "The Transformers are expensive, right? Can I return it now? I actually want a t-80vb model tank, can I change it to that one? ?Also, are you going to eat the cake at night? That one is easy to gain weight"

    Yi Xin squeezed the spoon in his hand tightly, took a deep breath for a long time without reducing the pressure of the fire: "You can go up to me quietly. For your birthday, I don't want to do it."

    "It's as if you can beat me with your hands," Yi Cheng walked over to look at the instant noodles Yi Xin was preparing to cook, with a disgusted expression on his face, "You might have to eat fruit salad for two weeks..."

    "I made this for you. People say that I will eat longevity noodles for my birthday. I can't make longevity noodles. I will make instant noodles for you..."

    Yi Xin tried hard to tell herself: sunshine-like care, sunshine-like care, care...

    "Tsk tusk, what is the saying, will eating noodles lead to longevity? Also, I want to eat authentic longevity noodles. I will not eat it if you make this."

    Yi Xin poured some milk into it, cut the tomatoes and green vegetables, and threw them in and boiled them together. After a while, the strong aroma came out.

    Without waiting for Yi Xin to take the bowl, Yi Cheng took a sip of his chopsticks and said, "Hey, when I asked, I didn't have any taste at all, it was not delicious."

    After speaking, he took another bite: "The soup tastes weird, not as good as creamy mushroom soup."

    Take another bite...

    Yi Xin watched as he spits out [complains] while eating the whole pot of instant noodles, and then he hiccups without an image.

    People feel upright.

    Yi Xin graduated in a flash. Although Yi Xin's college entrance examination scores were not high, she applied to study abroad early. There were people who helped with CVs and recommendation letters, and she also took many certificates. It feels like she just needs to wait for the college entrance examination. You can go abroad after graduation.

    It's nice to have money. Yi Xin sighed.

    Yi Xin, it should be said that she chose jewelry design, which is somewhat related to their family's business.

    After leaving the country, Yi Xin was a little worried about what would happen to Yi Cheng and Xu Xiaoxiao, so he beat him every once in a while and told about his pitiful life abroad, so Yi Cheng was so foolish that Yi Cheng was also ready to go abroad.

    As for Xu Xiaoxiao...that shouldn't be going abroad.

    Fortunately, Yi Xin has a cheat device and can know the progress of the two at any time.

    College life is not as leisurely as Yi Xin thought.

    In addition to major and elective courses, each semester of the school also participates in various art center activities and writes various papers on aesthetics, practice, and design. People around you are too busy with an idea for a while, and Yi Xin feels like he The college life of eating snacks, cooking, watching dramas, and reading novels is simply fake.

    According to the strong driving force of the plot, Xu Xiaoxiao finally met the male lead in the second semester of high school.

    In the original plot, Yi Cheng, who went to work with her on a part-time job, suffered a disaster.

    That's right, it's so magical. Xu Xiaoxiao took Yi Cheng to experience self-reliance, so Yi Cheng escaped the violin class that costs 600 yuan per 45 minutes to earn 80 yuan. I was met by the male protagonist halfway through, and I don’t know why the cold and arrogant male protagonist is so easy to get angry and gets attention by Xu Xiaoxiao...

    But it's okay now. Because of Yi Xin's instructions and percussion, the relationship between Yi Cheng and Xu Xiaoxiao is very normal. The strange thing is that Xu Xiaoxiao still asks him to do part-time jobs, but fortunately, Yi Cheng refused with violin class.

    "Yi Cheng, do you know what self-reliance is? I really misunderstood you."

    "Do you know what a smart choice is?" Yi Cheng, who was seriously brainwashed by Yi Xin, asked rhetorically.

    "I think that is to try not to cause trouble for your parents when you are underage, don't waste the money and time your parents spend on you, and don't skip classes under the banner of self-reliance to do part-time jobs, and that part-time job is not as good as earning money. I went to the restaurant to play music for an hour..."

    "Since I can earn this money in less time by going to the restaurant to play the piano or the violin, why should I brave the sun to distribute flyers?"

    Xu Xiaoxiao stared at Yi Cheng incredibly, as if looking at something strange: "You really let me down."

    So Xu Xiaoxiao went to a part-time job alone, and still attracted the attention of President Ba...

    one year later.

    Yi Cheng went abroad smoothly.

    Yi Xin breathed a sigh of relief, thinking about waiting for Yi Cheng to get married...

    "Sister Yi Xin, what do you think of your university? I will graduate next year, and I don't know which university I am applying for now."

    A cute little girl sent a message, it was Sun Yaoran, the daughter of the Yi family.

    Yi Xin thinks about the two people's hobbies and the interaction in their circle of friends...

    Six years later, the airport.

    "Sister, you're just going to study abroad after graduating from graduate school? Don't you... I think you will definitely embark on a blind date when you come back. I wish you a happy blind date in advance..."

    "Yaoyao knows that you like sapphires. Last time I participated in the auction and took a pendant for you. We won't give it as a birthday gift next month..."

    Yi Xin opened it and saw that it was a sapphire pendant inlaid with diamonds. It is estimated that her image as a nouveau riche has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people in recent years. Everyone likes to give her this kind of expensive at a glance.

    "What does it matter to you, oh, I forgot, you are married..."

    Yi Cheng put his hands in his trouser pockets, his ears were slightly red.

    Yi Xin was overwhelmed with joy: "Don't mess with Yaoyao, otherwise Uncle Sun's strength is so high..."

    A few nonsenses, Yi Xin checked the time and went into the security check.

    When sitting on an airplane, a screen that hadn't appeared automatically for a long time suddenly popped up.

    [Congratulations on completing the evaluation task, the system is scoring. 】

    [This task is scored one hundred points, congratulations on getting one hundred points. 】

    [Congratulations on your score achievement in the evaluation task, you can open the mall once. 】

    As soon as the prompt sound fell, a lot of things appeared in front of him. The "backpack" ranked first, which just needed one hundred points.

    [Backpack: 20 slots, can be loaded into the task. 】

    [The player will teleport and leave in half an hour, and one item can be taken away as a task reward, please choose. 】

    This sentence made Yi Xin breathe slowly, and she had forgotten the sentence in the introduction.

    She has always lived like a nouveau riche, and the accessories she wears are all expensive, so pick one...

    "How did I leave?"

    Yi Xin hurriedly asked, on the plane, after another half an hour, there was a feeling of coolness no matter how you thought about it.

    [The system will use relevant information to generate data to replace you in this world. 】

    Yi Xin was relieved to hear this answer.

    "I choose to take this pendant..."
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    Yi Xinmeng opened her eyes and found that she was still sitting in front of the computer with a company's introduction on the computer screen.

    The memories in her mind are scattered and unclear, and it feels like waking up from a dream.

    Yi Xin just planned to continue searching for companies that can submit resumes, but suddenly she held her breath.

    The sapphire pendant stood on the right-hand side.

    [Congratulations to the players for passing the evaluation task and obtaining the number e031. 】

    [The player successfully purchased the backpack, you can check it in the bottom bar. 】

    The familiar screen lights up, and the memory gradually becomes clear, but it loses the sense of time as if it was just a two-hour movie.

    "Xinxin, have you found a job? Come back if it doesn't work, there is no shortage of your stutter at home."

    The mobile phone showed a message from her mother. Yi Xin glanced at the pendant and hurriedly responded.

    "There are interviews these days, there is a company that is very good, I want to try."

    "Okay. Then you should pay attention to your health. You can buy a ticket before you find a suitable one during the holiday. Your dad said he can support you for 20 years."

    "Haha, no, now I should support you."

    After chatting with Yi mo [mother Yi - her mother] for a while, Yi Xin planned to go to the auction house to sell the pendant. This thing was not worth the money.

    There are many auction houses in Haicheng, but she went to the China Auctions Association to check, and it happened that one of the top five auction houses in the country had a branch in Haicheng.

    Perhaps it was because she had been to the auction house many times during the mission, so Yi Xin was not afraid to worry about these emotions.

    Those familiar with the road found the official website of the auction house, took the picture and sent it to the mailbox of the relevant jewelry department.

    Originally, Yi Xin wanted to send the auction in kind but found that the time for the jewelry auction could only be next Tuesday, so she had to give up.

    【personal information】

    Name: Yi Xin

    Age: 22

    Level: 1 (50/100)

    Points: 0

    Status: Nanny (official player)

    Number: e031

    Yi Xin probably discovered that each time the score is scored, it will be converted into the corresponding experience value.

    Because of the operation of taking one thing away when she left, Yi Xin instantly became full of affection for the Seven-Dimensional Realm, not to mention that she also increased her horizons and learned knowledge.

    [Players need to know]

    1. Three levels can open the seven-dimensional world

    2. The backpack can bring real-world items into the mission world

    3. Task salary is the item from the task world that has been chosen to be taken away

    4. The opening time of the next mission is two o'clock tomorrow afternoon, please be prepared.

    [Note: Low-level players up to level 5 must complete a mission once a month, otherwise they will lose their qualifications and can no longer enter the seven-dimensional world. 】

    Yi Xin read these words over and over again, always feeling that this should not be a common reminder.

    (Seven-dimensional world: No! We are just ordinary reminders!)

    Then Yi Xin's gaze slowly moved from the first word of the second article to the last word.

    The backpack can bring real-world items into the mission world.

    Is this reminding her: the next task must be brought in some real-life items to pass?

    (Seven-dimensional world: No, we don't.)

    Maybe the Seven-Dimensional Realm was written in such an inconspicuous place deliberately, and the player can only barely complete the task, or the purpose is actually to make your task fail and obliterate...

    Yi Xin shuddered and decided not to thoroughly research the function of the backpack and never do the task.

    Because she paid too much attention to the second article, that she didn't read the statement in the attention carefully, and still stubbornly believed that losing the player qualification was obliterated.

    And Yi Xin didn't know that the backpack will only appear in the mall when the evaluation task ends.

    This also means that people who have less than one hundred points in the evaluation task do not have a backpack, and there are many who have not bought them if they have enough points, and the cheating 7-dimensional world will not remind you.

    It’s obvious that the backpack can hold things.

    But how to install the most things is worthy of Yi Xin's specialization. As a "storage mad', how can you let such a storage artifact have a gap!

    Especially when she found out that her luggage and clothes could be put in the backpack, she was even more ecstatic, and it was easy to move to the dormitory!

    For two whole days, Yi Xin was cycling through putting in, taking out, putting in, and taking out. She found that if you use a shelf or box to pack things, you can put the whole shelf box in.

    But if you put it alone, a backpack can only hold one thing, such as a piece of clothing.

    In order to test the capacity of a backpack, Yi Xin deliberately tried it with a suitcase and found that her oversized suitcase can fit in.

    It's a pity that she doesn't have a bigger box, but this doesn't affect Yi Xin's plan at all.

    It just so happened that the auction house returned an email to her that afternoon, thinking that this pendant was suitable for auction, and then asked her to follow the actual delivery time, that is, next Tuesday, bring the actual object to a business expert for review.

    Yi Xin is going to do the task after sending the pendant for filming. It's already the weekend anyway.

    I cleaned up my belongings. There are still more than 6,000 yuan. She saved it from a part-time job. She originally wanted to keep it for shared rent...

    But now, out of worries about the first serious task, Yi Xin decided to buy some vegetables, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, and tea. After all, if it fell in the deep mountains and old forests, it would be bad every day and the earth would not work.

    (Assessment task: You are not serious, you are the least serious!)

    But this involves another problem. Vegetables, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, and tea cannot be brought into the dormitory, and she needs a large cabinet to fit them all.

    I really want to wait until the pendant is auctioned.

    But Yi Xin also knows that the auction process is cumbersome. After the auction is sent, the contract is signed, and then the bid will be included in the catalog, and the auction will be publicly displayed during the preview exhibition before the auction...

    And it is very likely to flow the mark.

    After thinking about the seven-dimensional world limit for a month, Yi Xin decided to wait until the twenty-five days to do the task. At that time, she had already gone out to rent a house, and it was much easier to do everything.

    "Xinxin, I'm sorry, didn't I tell you that a roommate just lived in and moved out at the end of June? Then you happened to be able to move in on July 1, but today she told me that she would not move!!! Don't move!!"

    It was her high school roommate Chen Yan who sent a message to Yi Xin.

    During a chat, she happened to talk to Chen Yan about renting a house, and then Chen Yan said that they were renting a house with three people, and it seemed that one of them was not renting. After she confirmed, she told Yi Xin.

    Later last month, she sent a message to Yi Xin that the person said that he would go to work and find someone near the company. This is too far.

    "Damn, I asked suddenly today, and she told me lightly that she didn't have an interview!!! The problem is that I told her more than once that you will move in on July 1st!!"

    Looking at the exclamation marks on the screen, Yi Xin knew that Chen Yan was crazy. Although the news was a bolt from the blue for her, she still wanted to comfort her old classmates.

    "It's okay. It's still half a month. I should be able to find a place to live. If it doesn't work, I will go home. I haven't found a job anyway."

    "Ah, I'm sorry, Xinxin! I'll help you ask if there are any other classmates who want to rent together..."

    Chen Yan is warm-hearted and a bit straightforward. At this time, she felt very sorry for Yi Xin and tried her best to solve this problem for her.

    "It's okay, don't you still have to go to work, I am idle anyway, looking for a job and looking for a place to live by the way."

    After a moment of panic, Yi Xin quickly calmed down. If she could sell the pendant, she wouldn't have to worry about renting a house, and she would actually be more suitable for living alone.

    In order to make Chen Yan feel more comfortable, Yi Xin quickly replied to her again: "Swallow, I just asked in the university group that a friend in the dormitory next door is also planning to find a house, so you don't have to worry about me."

    "Really? That's great! It's better to rent with a college classmate than with a stranger."

    Even with this, Yi Xin still had to face the problem of finding a house.

    I looked around on the rental website, and if you don’t mind the price, there are quite a few suitable ones. One of them is newly decorated with complete furnishings. It is the kind of decoration Yi Xin likes, but the price is also very beautiful.

    One bedroom, one living room, one kitchen and one bathroom, 68 square meters, especially the warm yellow curved inlaid ceiling lamp, and there is a carpet in the corner with a yellow pillow on it, and Yi Xin fell in love instantly, that is, the monthly rent is 6,000 Block, short-term rent is also available, 328 yuan a day.

    If you can sell the pendant, Yi Xin doesn't mind letting her life be better, but if she fails, then she may have to live in the basement.

    On Tuesday, Yi Xin took the pendant to the auction house and the experts carefully inspected it.

    "This is a cornflower sapphire, the color is very positive, plus the design and diamonds, we suggest that the auction price is between 7 million and 10 million."

    This price was beyond Yi Xin's expectation. Originally thought that 5 million would be worth the sky, how much money the little kid could have, but unexpectedly the lowest price was 7 million.


    Yi Xin's brain is blank, and she doesn't know what to say. Knowing that she has acquired a valuable gadget and knowing the value of the gadget and realizing it soon are two different things.

    After signing the contract, Yi Xin set a reserve price of 7 million. If the auction is less than 7 million, the bid may be missed.

    Yi Xin heard that the next auction will be from July 20th to July 24th, and the preview time is from July 17th to July 19th, so in terms of time, it is impossible for her to wait until the auction ends before going to the next task.

    Gritting his teeth, Yi Xin has a variety of pumpkin, potato, sweet potato, and corn seeds on the Internet, and also bought a military shovel, so that you don't know when you are dead. Fortunately, these things will arrive in three days.

    After putting it in the backpack, Yi Xin rented the expensive rental house for one day, and no one happened to rent it. After paying the rent and two hundred yuan of deposit online, Yi Xin went to the nearest supermarket to buy it.

    I bought a lot of food and drink, and nearly two thousand yuan disappeared.

    Mi bought a bag of one hundred catties, and also bought an oversized carton, which felt larger than the washing machine. The supermarket delivery staff asked her to put all the things she bought in cartons to be sent to the rental house.

    After returning to the rental house, Yi Xin tried to pack the carton with her back, but she didn't expect it to be packed in.

    I went to the pharmacy and bought a lot of medicine. The clerk who she bought from looked at her suspiciously for a long time.

    After checking the time, it was already past seven o'clock in the evening, and Yi Xin was lying on the bed comfortably and started a new task.
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    "Mother, have dinner."

    A three or four-year-old girl stood holding on to the door, and yelled in a solemn voice, with fear in her voice.


    Yi Xin nodded blankly, tempestuously in her heart, wishing to scream.

    However, the Seven-Dimensional Realm has reminded her to keep her original temperament. At this time, her character will change drastically and it is very likely that she will be burned to death as a monster.

    This is the story of a reborn girl leading her family to a well-off society. Yi Xin is a vicious stepmother in the same village as the reborn girl, which is the kind of background board.

    Yi Xin now has three babies, but none of them are her own.

    There is a hunter surnamed Zhang in Linjia Village, Moses Town. He escaped from the famine and settled down here, marrying a wife and having a child, and his life is barely acceptable.

    It's just that Zhang Liehu's wife Lin died when she gave birth to her third child.

    Yi Xin is from Yijiatun next door. When I was 14 years old, I made a kiss with the Xie family in the same village, but when I was about to go through the door, I got a strange disease. Her legs were weak and unable to stand. Xie family heard that she was afraid that she was paralyzed, so they hurriedly retired.

    Fortunately, Yi Xin's father and mother are also people who love her daughter, so she stays at home and raises it, but the two sisters-in-law are very dissatisfied with this, often scolding Yi's elders for being partial.

    When she was 17 years old, Yi Xin's father found a home remedy to give her a drink. He didn't expect to drink it off and on for a year, but it was ready. The whole family was ecstatic, Yi Xin hadn't walked for a long time, and it took more than half a year of practice to recover.

    It's just that Yi Xin is almost 19 at this time. In this era, she is already an old girl among the old girls. Besides, Yi Xin doesn't like to laugh after being ill. Many people shake their heads at her cold appearance.

    In their words, it looks like an uncomfortable one, and I'm afraid that I will be in a hurry when I get married.

    Later, I didn't know where Yi's sister-in-law heard that Zhang Liehu wanted to continue the string, so she secretly asked someone to inquire about it.

    At first, the two elders of the Yi family disagreed. That Zhang Liehu was a widower. It was heard that his life was hard for his wife, and he was already twenty-eight, and there were three children...

    However, Yi Xin was 19 years old and could not stand it. If he drags on, it is estimated that there will be no such conditions as Zhang Liehu. I heard people say that the hunter was good at hunting, and the family can eat some meat and tooth sacrifices every month, and they can only buy some meat to taste during the holidays.

    Thinking that Zhang Lie is also a talented person, he has no arms or legs, so I asked people about it.

    The two families started negotiating with each other half a year ago. Zhang Lie did not keep everything simple because it was a renewal. Instead, they followed the customs of the village. Therefore, the two elders of the Yi family were even more satisfied.

    Yi Xin entered the door half a month ago. She usually doesn't say a word at home. She turns a blind eye to Zhang Liehu's three children. She usually calls her mother her mother.

    When Lin died, the eldest child Zhang Taohua was only four years old. Because Zhang Liehu had no time to hunt all day, Zhang Taohua had to take her younger brothers and sisters and cook by herself. He would help Zhang Lie when he had time. Sewing and washing clothes.

    Zhang Liehu loves these children, so he wants to find a mother for the children so that there is a person in the family who knows the warmth and knows the heart, and can make a living together.

    Who had ever thought that after Yi Xin came, let alone take the kids to wash clothes, even the rice was made of peach blossoms for her? Seven or eight days ago, Zhang Liehu had a good talk with her, saying that they were not young couples, But being together is fate...

    But the second day after the talk, Zhang Lie went into the mountains to hunt and never returned.

    People in the village went looking for it, only to see blood and broken clothing on the ground, and wolf footprints around.

    The children cried so much, but Yi Xin was startled.

    Yi Xin had never raised a child, nor did he have that kind of concept. Soon after the money left by Zhang Lie was used up, the youngest plum soon starved to death and was discovered by the neighbors.

    Later, Tao Hua took Shuan Fu to the town to discuss life. She broke her leg and died in the alley without knowing who had caused it.

    Yi Xin remarried herself and married a lame man who beat her after drinking. She should have been beaten to death in the end.

    So people like Yi Xin became everyone’s post-dinner talks, often comparing them with another stepmother, the reborn heroine, so the children in that family have been very grateful to the heroine since they were young...

    In the past few days, people in the village helped set up a burial mound for Zhang Lie. Just after yesterday, Yi Xin’s lining changed.

    Zhang Meihua went to the kitchen and saw her brother sitting in the corner with her head down, and her sister standing at the table with red eyes. She carefully moved to Zhang Taohua's side: "Sister, what is a night lady? Why do people in the village say that father is dead? The night lady will beat us, she won’t give us food or clothes..."

    "Did you just ask... mother to have dinner?"

    Zhang Taohua did not answer Zhang Meihua. Although she is only eight years old now, she already knows many things she should know.

    Yesterday, Wang's aunt pulled her specifically to talk, to make her guard against Erniang, otherwise the things that Dad left behind would be hidden by Erniang, but she knew that there was no such thing as Wang's aunt at home.

    When Dad was there, occasionally he would bring back some money from selling prey. She put all of them in the box under the wood-house tank. There were two silvers and eighteen big dollars. She didn’t know how much they could buy. But the food at home is only enough for a few days.

    "Called, mother nodded."

    Yi Xin just arrived at the door and felt sour in her heart when she heard the conversation between the two sisters.

    Yi Xin didn't hesitate, pushed the door directly in, and saw Peach Blossom's flustered look, but she was just an eight-year-old child. He would still be embarrassed to say that people were heard behind, and he was also worried that Yi Xin would lose his temper.

    "Eat it."

    Yi Xin felt tired of speaking one word, especially when she saw the porridge at the bottom of the bowl so clearly, she wanted to ask a few words, but because of her "personality", she had to swallow the words.

    I don't know what the porridge is used for. Anyway, it is not white rice porridge. It has a bit of throat, but it is more watery, so I drank it when I mixed it.

    The three little ones had been secretly looking at Yi Xin during the meal. Although they thought they looked very concealed, how could an adult Yi Xin not be able to notice their eyes?

    [Task object: Three Zhang siblings]

    [Task requirements: take care of the three siblings and give them sunshine-like care]

    [Special requirements for the task: 1. Everyone is inferior, but only with a high degree of reading, so all three sisters and younger brothers are required to be able to read and hyphenate; 2. To learn and to be an official, let Zhang Shuanfu join the official; 3. A good job is worse than a good marriage. Help the two sisters choose a husband-in-law who will work together for a lifetime. 】

    [Note: Completing the corresponding special requirements can earn extra points. 】


    Yi Xin wants to swear. It's not easy for a person who can't lift his hands and shoulders to feed three children. He still wants so much?!

    Okay, even if you have a golden finger, you can do it, and you can send it to a school for reading, but you don’t know how low the rate of entering an official school was in ancient times?!

    There are a lot of people who have not passed the exam with white hair, how can I let Zhang Shuanfu into the office!

    There is also a husband-in-law! If I would pick it back as a single dog?

    Is this surely the first task?

    It feels at least three levels higher than the evaluation task.

    But... in order to live.

    Gold and silver jewelry is more valuable in this kind of place. All of my things are in my backpack, there are bracelets made of gold transfer beads, and sika deer pendants, all of which are very light, and they should add up to more than 40. Grams, according to the current sixteen taels per catty, 600 grams is less than one or two.

    There are a lot of silver jewelry, bracelets, earrings, rings, and pendants... the mess should add up to two or three.

    What else can I sell?

    Yi Xin seemed to be in a daze, but she was actually looking for valuables in her backpack, but she was originally a poor person, and she was looking for valuables.

    Until Yi Xin turned to a crystal ball ornament that has forgotten which birthday she received, it was a complete set, including spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

    In spring, there are pink cherry trees, green lawns, and colorful butterflies with pink flowers at the bottom.

    Wisteria flowers in summer, red maple in autumn, and heavy snow and red plums in winter.

    The bottoms are all wooden brackets. Yi Xin brought the boxes together for storage convenience at the time. The inside was covered with black velvet, which looked a lot of high-end instantly.

    This is definitely worth the money! But how to sell is a problem.

    With this idea, Yi Xin discovered that she could sell quite a lot.

    Insulation cups, nail clippers, lighters, sunglasses, mirrors, this absolute killer, and a lot of other glass crystal products...

    Feeling that he doesn't need to worry about money in the future, Yi Xin breathed a sigh of relief.

    When Yi Xin came back to her senses, she found that the three children were all in the yard, Taohua was washing clothes, and Shuan Fu was sitting in the corner with plum blossoms. She was sitting alone, and Yi Xin blushed.

    "Come here, I have something to tell you."

    Yi Xin feels that it is not a problem to play high and cold all day long. It is a big deal to recreate an image in the hearts of several children.

    Tao Hua immediately looked at Yi Xin, with some confusion in her big eyes, she held Mei Hua’s hand tightly, and Shuan Fu stood up and said nothing. Only then did Yi Xin remember that he hadn’t said a word to the original owner since he got married.

    "Go to the house and talk."

    The three children wore unfit clothes and were dirty. Recently, because of Zhang Liehu's death, the three of them were left unattended and lost a lot of weight. Their clothes dangled like robes.

    After entering the house, the three stood in front of Yi Xin obediently, Shuan Fu lowered his head, Mei Hua looked at her ignorantly.

    Yi Xin spoke slowly.

    "Because your dad... has gone a long way, and may not come back for a long time. Now, in this family, there are only four of us left."

    "We live under one roof, that's a family, we take care of each other, and life will get better and better."

    At first, Yi Xin was still a little uncomfortable with being an elder, but later, the more she said it, the more she spoke.

    "You call me a mother, then I will treat you as my own children, but I have no experience of being a mother before, so if you don't do well, just say..."

    Shuan Fu looked up at Yi Xin quickly, then lowered his head to look at his toes.

    Peach Blossom was silent, but Mei Hua said innocently: "Mother, just say a little bit more."

    Yi Xin couldn't help but rubbed Mei Hua's hair and smiled: "Okay."

    "Mother, you look good when you smile. Just laugh more in the future."

    Mei Hua was still young, and he didn't have much defense against Yi Xin, so she immediately liked to drill into Yi Xin's arms.

    Taohua pressed her lips tightly and did not speak, her hands tightly pinched the corners of her clothes, and Shuan Fu kept his head down, unable to see his expression, but Yi Xin saw him sneaking at herself.
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