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    Name: [No CP] Quickly wear and call it mother 【无CP】快穿之叫妈妈
    Raw Link:http://www.jjwxc.net/onebook.php?novelid=3563029


    After Li Su's husband 'divorced' her because of infertility, she accidentally got a system and traveled through world after world, fulfilling her wish of being a mother. It's just that the children arranged for her by the system are weird? [Note: All the children are villains and cannon fodder in making]
    But it doesn't matter, because "I'm your mother. I will try my best to teach you all to be good young people! "

    This story hocked me up. MC is a normal woman with nearly no cheat in each story [Actually, there are some small cheats but they are so normal and unmentionable that I prefer saying there aren't any] it's kind of unique cause she has limited and logical abilities which are in line with who she was before world-hopping and through the story, although she shows a beautiful and heartwarming character growth it has nothing to do with becoming OP or getting lots of skills, each arc mostly circles her as a mother [Author herself was a new mother and actually you can see her growths as a mother being shadowed into her character], even at the end of the story, she is an average woman, something that I hadn't seen in that much in other similar stories.
    Another beautiful fact about this story is that 'the law' is not forgotten, the police uncle is not a decoration, and blind revenge has consequences. In one of the arc's MC loses her temper and injures a scum bag who had 'r*pped' her daughter which results in MC being jailed for years, and it's after that she learns a painful lesson about what revenge is and why and how people must implant it. She learns that revenge is not important but the well being of the family is what it matters although she won't become a bulliable person after that every time she faces such a situation the first thing she asks herself is whether revenge is important for self-protection or not if it's not then she won't even try to get it because why must she waste her precious time with her child for some worthless people. [Although MC personally ignores them, they mostly get a bad ending in a logical way, which are the conscience of the bad things they have done to other people]
    Overall it's one of the most human Chinese stories that I've seen with a bit of logic. The diversity of arcs is really fun, she will mother of an illegitimate child of a wealthy family, faces having a homo child, adopted child VS biological one, and so on.
    I personally didn't like the earlies arcs that much compared to the latest arc and even wanted to drop the book in the middle of the first arc but in the end how the facing the analysis of the story about the target child's mother and how she contributed to her daughter's path and even at the end when the mother that died protecting her child in the original rejected her child and even wanted to use her for her new chid [A son], I was truly shocked and the worst part of it was that the mother's role and change were logical so I tolerated and continued and it paid off, the future arcs were truly worth it.

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    Li Su felt that something was wrong, opened her eyes, and saw that she was in a small dark room, surrounded by darkness, and she couldn't see her fingers.

    After a brief panic, Li Su quickly calmed down, no way, she was so realistic! Shouldn't she be dead? How could it be here?

    Li Su thought calmly. Her parents died unexpectedly in her first grade, and no relatives wanted to adopt her, so she was sent to an orphanage. She didn't want to remember what she experienced while growing up. Growing up and getting married, she thought she would live a happy life with a fairy tale ending. Who knew, her husband cheated, she calmly found a private investigator to collect evidence, after some torture, they divorced, and her husband left the house. She sent the passionate video of Xiaosan [Mistress] and her husband to Xiaosan's parents and Xiaosan's work unit. Xiaosan's mother angrily stayed [fainted!] in the yard, and Xiaosan's father kicked Xiaosan in anger. As a result, Xiaosan miscarried. Xiaosan lost her job and lost her child.

    Li Su felt unbearable for a moment if she knew that she would start after the mistress gave birth. Because she likes children. But it was unbearable, and it was only a moment. It was the result of their own doing. What does it have to do with her!

    She doesn't want to care about who is right or wrong in this marriage. However, she clearly remembered that she came out of the community that day and was killed by a car in order to save a child crossing the road. Now, where is she?

    "Welcome to the good mother system, I am your guide 57321." A voiceless mechanical voice sounded.

    "Who is talking? Who are you? Where is it?" Li Su was taken aback and said in a panic.

    "This is the good mother system. I am your guide 57321. Your original body has died in a car accident, but you are lucky to be picked by the system. As long as you complete the task and collect enough time and space fragments, you can Reborn in a parallel world, your parents will live well, and you can still become a mother as you wish and have a happy family." 57321 seduced with a feelingless voice.

    Although 57321's voice is hollow, what it says is seductive. She has no hope of having a happy family. She had known her ex-husband for ten years and married for five years, and in the end, he cheated. He said it was because he wanted a child and he couldn't have a baby.

    But Li Su knew that these were all excuses, excuses for men who change their hearts.

    But her parents can be born again, and she can still become a mother. These two conditions are really tempting for her.

    "What am I going to do?" Li Su said unconsciously.

    "In fact, when this system was first established, it was also because of the resentment in many people's hearts. They believed that some people were not worthy of being parents. The system selected some worlds for you, all because of the inaction of the parents that caused the children to darken their personality and twist. What needs to be done is to establish the correct three views for them, and at the same time, learn how to be a qualified parent. If the task is completed well, the system will give you a space-time fragment. When all the space-time fragments are collected, you can be in a parallel world Reborn." 57321 said.

    Li Su laughed, "Establish the correct three views? Are you sure my three views are right?"

    57321 was stunned. It quickly retrieved Li Su's life. After reading it, it was silent. Judging from Li Su's 30-year life experience, her three views are not correct. However, it is not easy to give up on someone who meets the conditions because of this, when will it be activated?

    Nowadays, those who have the opportunity to be selected by the system are mostly selected by such systems as heartfelt, happy lives, stunning beauties, forming a queen, first love Bai Yueguang [White moonlight], overbearing presidents falling in love with me, etc. It is so good. The mother system is mostly rejected by people and no one is willing to choose.

    "Uh, otherwise, you can change the purpose of the task, for example, to prevent the target character from blackening, and the rest is free to play, how about?" 57321 considered it for a long time, but still reluctant to give up.

    How clever Li Su is, she has long seen from 57321's response that there is still a lot of room for discussion on this matter.

    "I am a weak woman who has no power to bind a chicken, I can't do it."

    57321 gritted its teeth and said, "This is not a problem. As a lucky person, the system will give you corresponding benefits. You can use the lucky wheel to draw. You will have whatever abilities you get. That way, the head office!"

    Li Su smiled with satisfaction, it was almost the same. [It was also OK]

    57321 Seeing that she had no objection, breathed a sigh of relief. A big turntable appeared out of thin air in front of Li Su, with a variety of alluring conditions written on it, such as space, spiritual spring, spiritual field, and perspective eyes.

    Li Su felt a lot of peace in her heart, and it was indeed the welfare of the traveler. She thought for a while, stretched out her hand, turned the turntable, and then watched nervously as the turntable turned, and then watched the pointer move across space, and finally stayed on the column as powerful as a cow.

    Li Su is embarrassed, what the hell is it?

    57321 did not wait for Li Su to speak and immediately said: "Congratulations, you have gained the power like a cow. Okay, now you will start your first world."

    Before Li Su could object, she was sucked into the black hole that appeared out of thin air.

    When she woke up, she found that everything around her had changed again. Li Su did not panic, sat up calmly, looked at the surrounding environment, and at the same time, received the story introduction from her mind.

    This story is a very clichéd story of Cinderella's happiness after marrying a wealthy family. The hostess has a poor family background, but she is self-improving, simple and beautiful, innocent and kind, and she likes cats and dogs. Set off by a crowd of coquettish bitches, it is exceptionally different.

    Then the male protagonist fell in love with the female protagonist, at first sight, hid his identity, and launched a fierce pursuit of the female protagonist. During the period, I experienced all kinds of misunderstandings, and finally, the truth came to light. The male and female masters got married smoothly and lived happily with love.

    The goal of Li Su's mission this time is not the male lead or the female lead, but the second female lead [Supporting female character], who is a good friend of the female lead growing up together. But unlike the heroine's kindness and purity, the second woman is a full-fledged green tea, a vicious black heart lotus that is black from the bone!

    After the second woman learned the true identity of the male protagonist, in order to replace her friend and marry into a wealthy family, she secretly used a lot of vicious methods, including the relationship between the male protagonist and the female protagonist, and created various ways for the male protagonist Misunderstanding, drugged the male protagonist, was pregnant with the male protagonist's child, and told the female protagonist that the male protagonist forced her, causing the female protagonist to die to the male protagonist and misunderstand the breakup. She wanted her mother to be more expensive with her son, but she accidentally miscarried and blamed the hostess. The heroine wants to ruin the innocence of the heroine, etc. In order to hide her secrets during the period, the second woman also killed people.

    Of course, the conspiracy of the second girl did not succeed in the end. Various misunderstandings were finally solved. The true face of the second female was also revealed.

    Of course, her fate was miserable. She was sold to a Vietnamese prostitute by the male lead and died miserably.

    The character Li Su crossed is the grandmother of the second female Bai Qingqing. Coincidentally, she is also called Li Su.

    Li Su had seen the plot and then contacted Bai Qingqing's growing up experience, and sighed. It is not unreasonable that Bai Qingqing would be so cruel.

    This has a lot to do with Bai Qingqing's growth environment.

    Bai Qingqing's father, Bai Yunshan, was originally a worker in the workshop. Her mother, Wang Fang, was a traditional housewife. She took care of the elderly and children at home. Although the family was not rich, they could still live a good life.

    Later, Bai Yunshan had an operating error because he went to work after drinking, except for the accident, his right hand was chopped off by the machine. The factory lost a sum of money and fired him. Wang Fang had nothing to do, so she had to go out as a nanny and earn money to support her family. Because of Wang Fang's gentle personality and serious work, the host likes her very much. Over time, Wang Fang's salary has also become higher and higher, higher than that of Bai Yunshan. Some people in the village started to gossip. Bai Yunshan felt resentful and suffered from alcoholism and gambling. When drunk, he beat Wang Fang to vent his anger.

    In the beginning, when Bai Yunshan beat Wang Fang, Bai Qingqing was afraid, but she still rushed to ask her father not to fight again, but Bai Yunshan beat her even harder. Go and beg grandma, grandma didn't care about it.

    Later, Bai Yunshan drank more and more, and the money he gambled was also increasing. Wang Fang's monthly salary was not enough for Bai Yunshan to gamble. Bai Yunshan had no money to spend, so he forced Wang Fang to go out and continue to gamble with the money he sold.

    Wang Fang is a weak woman. To such a fate, she has no other way but to cry. One day, Bai Yunshan lost his eyes and lost his daughter Bai Qingqing as a bet. The other party came to the door and wanted to take Bai Qingqing away.

    Wang Fang couldn't follow, she put her arms around Bai Qingqing, kneeled on the ground, and begged Bai Yunshan and Li Su, saying that she would work hard to make money in the future, begging them not to sell her daughter.

    Bai Yunshan kicked her in the chest, and Li Su didn't even look at her. She left a sentence, "Without your mother and daughter, my son will find another one and give me a fat grandson."

    Wang Fang's head was knocked to pieces, but no one paid any attention to her. Finally, Wang Fang hit and died at the door of his house. Bai Qingqing hugged her mother's body, blood-stained her whole body. Since then, Bai Qingqing has completely changed.

    Later, there was a big fire in the Bai family. The drunk Bai Yunshan and Li Su who accidentally broke her leg were burned alive. Only Bai Qingqing escaped, but her back was also burned.

    The streets and neighbors pity Bai Qingqing's experience and rush to help her. Especially the hostess Chen Tiantian's family, although the family is poor, she still took Bai Qingqing back home and raised her as a daughter. Bai Qingqing is also very sensible, studying hard, and rushing to help with housework in his free time. When her true face has not been exposed, she has always been a good daughter in the hearts of Chen's family, and a good friend and sister in Chen Tiantian's hearts.

    Seeing this, Li Su shook his head helplessly.

    At this time, there was a sudden movement outside, and the door opened with a creak. Immediately afterward, a man's cursing voice remembered,

    "Smelly, where's the money! Get it!"

    Wang Fang's cowardly voice sounded, "Husband, this money can't be moved. This is Qingqing's tuition. How can you go to school with Qingqing!"

    "Getaway!" Baiyun Mountain's irritable voice sounded, and then, a sound of the collision of objects was remembered, mixed with Wang Fang's wailing.

    Bai Qingqing's cry sounded, "Dad, don't hit mom! Mom, you let go, I'm not going to school, I'm not going to school! Mom!"

    Li Su shook her head helplessly and walked out of the room. She saw chaos in the courtyard. She observed secretly and saw a stick in the corner. She walked over and picked it up and walked towards Bai Yunshan and Wang Fang. When Bai Qingqing saw it, she stared at the boss. Is grandma going to kill her mother?

    Li Su hit Bai Yunshan's leg with a stick, and the stick broke with a snap.

    Bai Yunshan looked back at her in disbelief, "Mom!" Then his legs bent, the whole person threw forward and fell to the ground.

    Li Su carried a stick and looked at the mother and daughter who were huddled together on the ground, "Look, this is all right! I broke his leg, I see how he goes out to gamble and drink!"

    The author has something to say: A new article has been written, there are red envelopes in the comments! A lot of support, yeah!

    In fact, there are a lot of things at home recently, and the state is a bit bad. I didn't plan to open a new article, but I promised everyone and I started. If the writing is not good, please point it out and I will try my best to revise it. Thank you for your support!
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    Li Su opened her eyes and realized that she had changed his environment again. She couldn't help but cursed in her heart. It [system] didn't even give her time to rest. It [system] changed the world so quickly.

    Li Su sat up and looked at the surrounding environment. Although Li Su was mentally prepared, she was still taken aback by the poverty of this family.

    With the plot slowly coming into her mind, Li Su felt a little confused and heavy. Damn, it was another weird story. It's just why the original body's name is also called Li Su!

    This is a cliché story of a Phoenix man [A poor man marrying a wealthy woman] and a Peacock woman [Rich and expensive]. Li Su is the mother of the Phoenix male Jiang Shan. She is a widow and raised her only son with hard work. Jiang Shan is very filial, sensible, and hardworking. He finally became the first college student in this village to enter the university.

    After graduating from university, Jiang Shan stayed there and worked in a well-known local company. Because he is steadfast and willing to work and his ability to work is very strong, he is highly valued by his boss. By chance, Jiang Shan went off the night shift and accidentally saved a girl who was pestered by a drunkard.

    As a result, Jiang Shan saw the girl in the company the next day, the girl named Wei Yueer, and launched a fierce pursuit of Jiang Shan.

    Jiang Shan had a girlfriend at the time, but after Wei's family resorted to some tricks, the girl retreated and the two broke up. Later, Jiang Shan and Wei Yue'er slowly came together.

    After going through various disturbances, Jiang Shan and Wei Yue'er finally got married. When Jiang Shan first came to this city, he had no savings. The wedding room was provided by Wei's family. However, in order to take into account Jiang Shan's face, the names of Jiang Shan and Wei Yue'er were written.

    Jiang Shan is a very filial person. After marriage, he discussed with Wei Yue'er to take Li Su into the city and live with them.

    Who knew that after Li Su came, there were many contradictions between Wei Yueer and Li Su due to differences in the living environment. Wei Yue'er disliked Li Su's ignorance and didn't care about hygiene. Li Su disliked Wei Yue'er as being too squeamish and didn't serve her son, and in turn, asked her son to serve her.

    Therefore, the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law are in conflict. And Jiang Shan is extremely conceited, sensitive, and suspicious. Wei Yue'er's dislike of Li Su made Jiang Shan very dissatisfied, thinking she looked down on herself. But due to Wei's family, Jiang Shan could only bear it.

    Later, Wei Yue'er became pregnant. For the sake of the child, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law finally truce. The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are harmonious and the husband and wife are affectionate, and the Jiang family is also peaceful for a while.

    But all this was broken after Wei Yueer gave birth to a daughter. As soon as Li Su heard that Wei Yue'er was giving birth to a daughter, She broke her face at the time. When she heard the doctor say that Wei Yue'er had dystocia and injured her body when she gave birth to a child, Li Su left directly after she was afraid it would be difficult to get pregnant. hospital.

    Wei's family directly took Wei Yue'er back to Wei's confinement. She has been living in Wei's house ever since.

    Jiang Shan came to pick up people, but Wei Jia suggested that Wei Yue'er could go back, but he hoped that Li Su would move out and not disturb the life of the young couple. The Wei family even offered to buy a house for Li Su to live in.

    Jiang Shan's bones are actually very arrogant and suspicious, and very filial to Li Su, how can he agree?

    So it stood in a stalemate.

    Jiang Shan returns home from getting off work every day, he is alone, and his work is not going well. Although Li Su was wronged, She felt sorry for his son and couldn't bear his embarrassment, so she quietly returned to his hometown.

    Who knew that the accident happened suddenly, Li Su was reluctant to spend money on a plane and a train and chose to go back by bus. As a result, the driver was in a car accident due to fatigue and Li Su died on the spot.

    After Jiang Shan heard the news, he fainted. Wei Jia also got the news. Wei Yue'er came back with her daughter and helped to take care of Li Su's affairs.

    Wei Yueer was a little nervous at first, and she also knew that Jiang Shan and her mother-in-law had a very good relationship, and her mother-in-law took great pains to bring up the country. She had also thought about filial piety to her mother-in-law, but she was too unreasonable. She was also a child. The one who is spoiled and grown-up can stand this anger. Coupled with the hard work and nine deaths of the child, the mother-in-law disliked being a daughter, and even Jiang Shan did not speak for herself, so she moved back to her natal family in a rage.

    Wei Yue'er was worried that Jiang Shan would blame herself for her mother-in-law's death. Who knows, Jiang Shan didn't seem to take it to heart but gently comforted her. After arranging the mother-in-law's affairs, their lives have returned to the past, and even more harmonious than before. He loves his daughter and takes care of his wife. He is a good husband and a good father in everyone's eyes.

    In a blink of an eye, four or five years have passed, and the country remains the same. After a long time, Wei Jia and Wei Yue'er gradually relaxed their vigilance, thinking that they were suspicious.

    Wei Yueer feels that she is very happy now, her husband is gentle and considerate, her daughter is smart and cute, and her parents are healthy. She feels that her life is perfect.

    Except for the day of her mother-in-law's death every year, the husband is always gloomy.

    But the death of her mother-in-law has always been a scar between her and her husband's heart, and she dare not touch it easily.

    Later, President Wei fell ill, and his energy became a little weak after he recovered. The company began to rely more heavily on things in the company. Jiang Shan also behaved very respectfully and asked for instructions in every detail.

    After a long time, Mr. Wei was relieved and gradually delegated power.

    However, in one year, Jiang Shan slowly took over General Wei and completely controlled the company.

    Wei Yue'er didn't know anything about it and was immersed in her own happiness.

    But one day, she accompanied Jiang Shan to the company's annual meeting and accidentally drank too much. After waking up, I found myself lying naked *naked* in a hotel room, next to a man who was also unclothed. Just as Wei Yue'er was panicking, the door of the room was opened, and the sweaty rivers and mountains rushed in. When she saw this scene in front of her, her worried eyes became cold.

    Wei Yue'er hugged the quilt in a panic and fell off the bed, trying to explain something, only to see the back of the country flying away.

    Since then, Jiang Shan has often stayed out at night, and occasionally comes back drunk, with the breath of a strange woman on his body, and has always refused to say a word to Wei Yueer.

    Wei Yueer blamed herself very much. She thought it was her fault, but she didn't dare to tell anyone what happened. She couldn't say it. She told her parents with the heart, but her father was sick again and her mother was busy taking care of her father. , Wei Yue'er can't help much, so I am ashamed to bother them because of her own business. Can only endure it alone.

    In this way, the cold violence lasted for half a year. Wei Yueer couldn't stand the mental pressure and became mentally disordered. Finally, she left a suicide note and chose to commit suicide.

    Wei Yue'er said in the suicide note that everything was her fault, that she did something wrong and had nothing to do with Jiang Shan. I hope that parents will not blame Jiangshan.

    After Weifu heard the news, he fainted directly. He was not a simple Wei Yueer, he guessed that things would definitely not be that simple.

    Sure enough, that night, Jiang Shan went to the hospital alone to see his father. He told Wei Fu that he was right. Wei Yue'er was forced to death by him. He didn't love Wei Yue'er at all. He and his girlfriend never broke up. The two had been together and had a son. She was only two months younger than Wei Yue'er's daughter. The reason why he would marry Wei Yueer is for the company, for the money, and for the power.

    He didn't intend to force Wei Yue'er to death. He thought about divorcing Wei Yueer after he took control of the company. Who knew that Wei's family actually killed his mother indirectly. So he changed his plan and deliberately got Wei Yue'er drunk and made her feel that everything was her own fault. He used domestic cold violence on her, driving Wei Yue'er crazy, and finally killed her. Wei Yueer!

    When Weifu heard the end, his eyes widened, and finally, he pressed his chest to death.

    It happened that Wei Mu was about to come in to deliver the fruit. When I heard these words, I saw that Wei's father was so alive that he was so excited that he rushed up to fight with Jiang Shan. As a result, the two of them scrambled. One accidentally, Jiang Shan took Wei Mu to follow. Pushed down on the window sill, he fell alive.

    When the police asked, Jiang Shan, said that Father Wei learned of Wei Yue'er's death, and could not accept it for a while, and died of a heart attack. The Wei mother couldn't accept the shock of the death of her daughter and her husband and wanted to commit suicide by jumping off the building. She dragged herself with her for a long time but failed to rescue the person.

    Perhaps Jiang Shan's consistent image was maintained too well, and the police did not find any actual evidence. The death of Wei mother was finally classified as a suicide. Jiang Shan was able to retreat.

    Six months after Wei Yueer's death, Jiang Shan once again met his first love girlfriend Mei Li. Mei Li took her son to marry Jiang Shan. After marriage, his son changed his surname to Jiang and became Jiang Shan's righteous son.

    After marriage, Mei Li treated Wei Yue'er's daughter Jiang Xinran very well, she was obedient and responsive, and soon she conquered Jiang Xinran's heart, and the family lived happily together.

    Thinking of this, Li Su sneered a few times. Jiang Shan is certainly not a thing, and Meili is not a good person either. Both of them are the same. Jiang Shan was quite sincere towards Jiang Xinran's biological daughter, but Meili was different. Jiang Xinran, a genuine eldest lady, was spoiled by Mei Li and was not decent, spoiled, willful, reckless, and utterly troubled at home, she was sent abroad early, but she became addicted to drugs and she became degenerate. Died tragically in a foreign country.

    Li Su patted her forehead, this time the target should be Jiangshan! This task is a bit difficult to prevent Jiang Shan from going black. Jiang Shan has some potential for blackening in his bones. But at this time, it should not be completely blackened. After all, judging from the plot in the book, his blackening is inseparable from the help of his mother Li Su.

    Because in the beginning, Jiang Shan and Wei Yue'er got married. Although they went for Wei's money and company, they were not so despicable to use Wei Yue'er while betraying her. He also wanted to live with Wei Yueer at first.

    Li Su remembered that the reason why Jiang Shan cheated and rekindled his old love with his old lover was in the second month after Li Sulai. Because Li Su and Wei Yueer didn’t get along well, Li Su talked to Wei Yueer all day in Jiang Shan. The bad thing, Wei Yueer felt that Jiang Shan would not speak for her, and was playing anger with Jiang Shan.

    The Jiangshan caught in the middle is very embarrassed and misses his tender and affectionate first girlfriend Mei Li. The last step is wrong, the wrong step, after Li Su died in a car accident, the country is completely blackened.

    Therefore, if you want the country not to blacken, you must first see what Li Su does.
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    Li Su opened her eyes, looked at the surrounding environment dumbly, receiving the relevant information about the original plot in her mind, and couldn't help but sigh.

    In the last life, she lived to eighty-eight years old and died. When she was dying, Wei Yueer was heartbroken and cried to death. Although Jiang Shan was sad, she had been immersed in shopping malls for many years, and he could calm down and deal with her funeral. People who didn't know though she was Wei Yue'er's biological mother. In fact, since Wei Dingshan and Wei Mu passed away, Wei Yue'er has been filial to her, just like her biological mother.

    In the last life, Li Su's children and grandchildren were filial, disease-free, and disaster-free, and lived so happily.

    Now, it's going to happen again.

    In this life, she is still called Li Su. Well, she has accepted this fact. No matter how the people around her change, she is always herself.

    The target of her mission this time is her daughter Wenzel. Wenzel is the kind of person Li Su hates most in his life, Xiaosan! [Mistress]

    Pian Wenzel will become a junior [Mistress], caused by the original owner Li Su.

    Li Su is also a widow in this life, it is not easy to raise a pair of children with hard work. It's just that Li Su has always been very patriarchal, even though her son Wen Yuanmo was doted by her and was ignorant and ignorant.

    On the contrary, Wenzel is very beautiful, reads well, and has many suitors since he was a child. It's just that Venzel doesn't like these people. Under Li Su's teaching, since she was a child, she wanted to marry a good family to support her younger brother. Yes, in addition to being a junior [mistress], Wenzel is also a helper!

    After he grew up, Wenzel was admitted to a prestigious university. After graduation, she had a very good job. She also had a very promising boyfriend Chen Ke who had already talked about marriage. The two had a good relationship. Chen Ke's family likes Venzel very much, and they put their efforts into buying a house in the city where they worked, and the name of Venzel was added to the real estate certificate. If it continues, Wen Zei can live a happy and stable life.

    But something happened suddenly, Wen Yuanmo became gambling and lost a lot of money. Li Su didn't have enough to pay off his son's debt by selling the house, so she called Wenzel for help.

    Not long after Wen Zei worked, half of her monthly salary was handed over to Li Su, and the remaining half was deducted for daily life needs, and there was also human relations, and there was no deposit of any money. Look for Chen Kebor, his salary is higher than that of Wen Zei, but he still has to pay off his mortgage every month, so he has no money left!

    Li Su was crying on the phone every day, forcing Wenzel to find a way! Wen Zei really had no choice but to sell the house and pay her brother the debt first, and then sell the house after they became rich in a few years.

    Chen Ke really loves Wenzel so much that she can give everything to her. After hesitating, Chen Ke agreed. But Chen Ke's parents couldn't agree. They sold the house in their hometown, rented a house outside by themselves, and borrowed a lot of money to make up the down payment for the new house. That was the hard work of the old couple for a lifetime. Now they have to sell the house to Wen Zel's younger brother to repay the debt, they can't agree to it anyway.

    Regardless of what Chen Ke said, how Wen Zei cried, how to guarantee that Chen Ke's parents did not agree to sell the house.

    Chen Ke's parents forced them to die [break up], and even took Chen Ke and Wen Zei to court, and removed them from the real estate certificate and changed them to the names of the old couple.

    After this incident, Wen Zei was completely disappointed with Chen Ke and soon broke up.

    Although Chen Ke was unwilling to break up, Chen Ke's parents were extremely happy. After this incident, they understood. Wen Zei looks good at ordinary times, but she is a little confused in her bones. The younger brother is so burdened, if the son really marries her, there will be trouble in the future.

    But Wen Yuanmo's gambling debt has not been paid off yet. The debt collector didn't know how to get Wen Zel's number. He called and harassed every day. The victim missed several important calls and was scolded by her boss.

    Because of his restlessness, Wen Zei was in a daze on the way home from getting off work and was knocked down by a car. The owner of the car is a handsome and elegant man. He is not bad. Although Wen Zei had only a slight abrasion, he insisted on sending Wen Zei to the hospital. After the wound was treated, he personally sent Wen Zel home.

    On the way back, Wen Zei received a debt collection call again. Facing the Wen Zei humiliation on the phone, she was both ashamed and annoyed. Since she was a child, she had countless pursuers. Naturally, she knew that this man driving a luxury car had nothing on the way. Look at what it means. Now that he was embarrassed in front of him, Wen Zel was extremely embarrassed.

    Unexpectedly, the man didn't care, he only asked her gently if she had encountered any problems. Wen Zel didn't know what was going on, so she told him about the younger brother. The man asked how much money her brother owed, and when he learned that it was 300,000, he smiled slightly, "And here I thought how much it was!"

    Then he stopped the car, asked Wen Zel's bank account, and picked up his mobile phone.

    However, a few minutes later, a bank text message popped up on Wen Zel's cell phone, and her account had 400,000 more.

    Wen Zel couldn't believe her eyes, but the man smiled softly, "You are a beautiful girl who is worthy of all the beautiful things in this world. How can you bother with these vulgar things."

    Wen Zel thought the man would do something to her, who knows, after the man exchanged contact information, he sent her home.

    After Wen Zel went home, Li Su saw her unconscious and asked her what was going on. Wen Zel said the matter. Li Su's eyes lit up, "There is still such a good thing under the sky, what are you still doing? That man drives a Ferrari, and he sells 400,000 yuan. If you marry such a man, what kind of work do you have? Your brother will benefit from it too, how great!"

    Wen Yuanmo also shook his head. Both mother and son said all the good things.

    Wen Zel was also moved.

    So, after dating for two or three times, Wen Zel half-putted and accepted. That man seemed very pleased that Wen Zel was the first time, and he felt very sorry for her. Wen Zel was also very happy at this time. She was pleased with his insistence on being together with Chen Ke, insisting on having a relationship after marriage.

    Wen Zel didn't know much about that man, only that he was Tang Shengxuan, the boss of a listed company.

    Under Tang Shengxuan's arrangement, Wen Zel resigned and moved into the high-end community that Tang Shengxuan prepared. Tang Shengxuan gave her a credit card and she used it as she pleased. They also arranged residences for Li Su and Wen Yuanmo and found a comfortable job for Wen Yuanmo. Although the salary was not high, it was enough for Wen Yuanmo to spend. With Wenzel's subsidy, everyone's life is better.

    It was two months after Wenc Zei and Tang Shengxuan were together that she knew that Tang Shengxuan had a wife, and she became a junior [mistress] without knowing it.

    After Wen Zel learned the truth, she cried and made trouble, but Tang Shengxuan looked at Wen Zel with a strange look, as if mocking Wen Zel. Doesn't he know his identity?

    Wen Zel felt insulted and ran to Li Su crying. After Li Su knew it, she disagreed, "What am I supposed to do? It turned out to be this. Didn't you just get married? What's the big deal? Look at what life you are in now, and you have a good time after knowing Mr. Tang. What day is it? Are you willing to be Mr. Tang's lover, or marry Chen Ke and spend a penny in half?" There are a lot of things like this.

    Under Li Su's persuasion, Wen Zel finally accepted this fact and continued to be Tang Shengxuan's lover.

    Before long, Wen Zel became pregnant and gave birth to a healthy boy after the pregnancy in October.

    Tang Shengxuan was so happy, and he loved Wen Zel even more. It happened that Wen Yuanmo was about to get married, and Tang Shengxuan directly gave away a suite.

    Seeing Li Su and Wen Yuanmo in ecstasy, Wen Zel was also extremely happy. Now she has her own children, and her mother and younger brother have a better life. Apart from the fact that her status is a little worse, she is already very satisfied. Up.

    Who knows, Tang Shengxuan took the child away just after the full moon. Wen Zel was crazy and almost didn't call the police. Finally, I learned that Tang Shengxuan's wife would not be able to regenerate after giving birth to a daughter. Tang's family business needs his son to inherit. Tang Shengxuan discussed with his wife and gave birth to a son. Wen Zel is their chosen object. Because Venzel has a high diploma and is beautiful. The gene of the child born in this way is good. Tang Shengxuan had arranged everything a long time ago, and his wife's name was written in the mother column of his son's birth certificate.

    Wen Zel couldn't accept this fact, she begged Tang Shengxuan so hard that she didn't want anything, as long as the child was returned to her. But Tang Shengxuan refused. He said it was for the good of his son. After all, having a child in marriage sounds better than having an illegitimate child.

    In order to clarify the relationship, Tang Shengxuan bought two suites and two shops for Wen Zei and gave her another five million. Before Wen Zel could speak, Li Su and Wen Yuanmo couldn't wait to agree on behalf of Venzel and signed a breakup agreement.

    After that, Li Su and Wen Yuanmo took Wen Zei back to their hometown.

    After returning to his hometown, Wen Zel became sick and had some mental problems. Li Su and Wen Yuanmo kept her at home and ignored her.

    At this time, Chen Ke appeared. Regardless of previous suspicions, he proposed to marry Wen Zel. Li Su and Wen Yuanmo were eager to get rid of this burden and monopolize the property, so they agreed.

    Under Chen Ke's meticulous care, Wen Zel gradually recovered, and the two had a beautiful and lovely daughter. Chen Ke's parents were also dissatisfied with Wen Zel because of the birth of their little granddaughter. Although it is not as good as the previous ones, it can be considered worry-free.

    Who knows that one day, Chen Ke and Wen Zel took their daughters to play in Disneyland, Chen Ke went to buy ice cream, and Wen Zel took her daughter to line up, but accidentally saw Tang Shengxuan and his wife playing with a boy not far away. Wen Zel recognized that the boy was her son and rushed forward desperately.

    But before she approached, she was stopped by the Tang family's bodyguard. Tang Shengxuan and his wife left with their children.

    Wen Zel sat on the ground in despair, suddenly remembering her daughter, and when she went back to find her, her daughter was no longer there.

    After Chen Ke learned the truth, he slapped Wen Zel.

    Wen Zel was crazy. The couple searched for a day and night, but there was no trace of their daughter. She dared not face Chen Ke, so she had to go back to Li Su and Wen Yuanmo for help. But Wen Yuanmo owed a huge gambling debt again, and Tang Shengxuan's compensation to Wen Zel had long been spent by Wen Yuanmo, and the house shop also lost the gambling.

    Li Su hugged his baby grandson and cried and said that a girl was lost if he lost it. The younger brother is important and asked Wen Zel to ask Tang Shengxuan for help to help Wen Yuanmo pay off his gambling debt.

    Upon seeing this, Wen Zel was so desperate that he committed suicide by jumping off the building.

    What a sad life! Li Su sighed sincerely.

    The author has something to say: The last day of the long holiday, la la la la la, I want to liberate it! Teachers have worked hard! This long vacation, I didn’t take my kids out to play, I didn’t have time to code [write], and I don’t know how to ride a battery bike. As for the kid, she would go fishing when she had time except for work. I have fished three times in the past few days. What's even more strange is that they don't eat the fish they caught, and they don't understand the meaning of fishing! But I feel a little sorry for her and can't take her out to play. I can only compensate her for food^_^. However, since my daughter entered elementary school, she is very satisfied with her status as a primary school student. One thing she often says is, "Don't call me a baby, call me a student!" She didn't take her out to play, and she didn't make any noise. She can also finish the homework assigned to her every day. Of course, I don't have any homework assignments, one page a day for language math. I don't want her to learn how well, but I just hope that the seven-day long vacation will pass. After all, good study habits must be persisted every day!
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