Chinese [No CP] Reverse Life (Quick Pass)

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    Name: [No CP] Reverse Life (Quick Pass) 【无CP】逆转人生(快穿)
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    Why It Should Get Picked Up: QT Male MC + No CP
    Mu Yunxian was insane, pure, but he had no chance to show it. After he died, he entered a strange mission world, and he finally had a chance to go crazy. His task is to complete all kinds of unlucky and weird wishes, and then become a winner in life even better. After finally completing 999 (?) tasks, standing on the podium, Mu Yunxian said: "Is the task difficult to do? No. I just want to say that everyone here is a hot chicken."
    Content tags :Slap face inspirational life, quick wear and counterattack.
    Search keywords: Protagonist: Mu Yunxian┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others:

    A brief commentary on the work has been: Mu Yunxian of someone else’s child since he was a child. After an accidental death, He embarked on the road of quick wear. In the process of traversing one world after another, he not only helped his employers win fairness and justice, but also helped them find their own value. And Mu Yunxian himself has hunted down the path of a winner in life.
    This article takes Quick Pass as the starting point of the story, and uses the growth of the employer in each story as a clue to elicit the growth process of the protagonist.
    The plot of the full text is ups and downs and fascinating, making readers unconsciously hunt into the world of the protagonist. It is a masterpiece.

    Same author: Dad feels bitter [Quickly wear] 爸爸心里苦[快穿]
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    +1 I personally love quick transmigration, so I'll be waiting for updates on this! Really hope someone picks this up.
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    Test task

      Mu Yunxian seemed to be born as a child of someone else's family, with excellent grades, gentle temperament, intelligence and friendly, and so on.
      Covered under the gentle and elegant skin, no one has ever noticed that he is sick.
      Someone who knows once said that he is a pure neuropathy.
      As a neurotic with a high IQ, his superiority makes him reluctant to give too much attention to the mediocrity around him, so he has never had the chance of getting sick. Until one time...
      he was actually killed by a genuine neurosis.
      Mu Yunxian never thought that his life after death would be more colorful than when he was alive.
      "Everyone's life is inevitably unsatisfactory. What you have to do is to change the life of our employers and make them satisfied." The high school student with glasses stood in front of Mu Yunxian and said with a stern look: "The price-when they are satisfied, you can get a generous reward."
      "...For example?"
      "One-tenth of their lifespan." The high school student pushed down his glasses and said, "Excuse me to remind you. You are already dead. If you can't get your lifespan, you will be wiped out immediately."
      "Okay." Mu Yunxian was silent for a while and chuckled: "I promise."
      The first task assigned to him by the high school student was the test task is equivalent to an exam. If he fails the exam, Mu Yunxian will go back to wherever he came and die again.
      His first employer was a rich man—the kind who could be the starting point of the literary hero and let's call him Long Aotian for the time being. The biggest regret in his life is that he is old and weak, and when he wants to choose an heir, he has witnessed the ugly faces of his four sons and three daughters fighting for family property, he wants a family where brothers and sisters help and love each other.
      The identity Mu Yunxian got was his eldest son, born of his original wife. High school students told him that their game has two modes, one is to become the employer himself and complete the tasks for him, and the other is to become a person next to the employer and influence the employer’s life to get to the ending he wants. Obviously, This time, Mu Yunxian's game mode is the latter.
      The time he arrived was when Long Aotian had not yet made his mark, and Mu Yunxian had just been born. His biological mother was a shy girl from the country, at a loss for what to do in the surrounding big cities.
      Spitting milk bubbles, Mu Yunxian decided to try the peaceful route first. If Long Aotian didn't marry so many women, wouldn't the problem be solved?
      Long Aotian treated their mother and son well at first, but with the development of his career, when one woman after another appeared by his side, he paid less attention to Mu Yunxian and his original partner.
      When Long Aotian married his second wife, he glanced at his mother who said that he would get along well with his sister, Mu Yunxian twitched in his heart.
      Because his teammates were too mentally retarded to help them, Mu Yunxian decided to do it himself. It is not so easy to hang around in Long Aotian's harem, he chose to hibernate at the beginning. After a few years, when his cheap siblings discovered that their eldest brother was not such a bully, it was all too late.
      After all, the task is there. It is not enough to say what Mu Yunxian is going to do with them. The employer is still waiting to see a good family with brothers, friends, concubines, beautiful wives. So a beautiful accident happened. Everyone felt that Lord Long was very filial.
      Mu Yunxian had set such a personal setting for himself, and he most looked down upon killing each other with his hands and feet. So some of his cheap brothers and sisters made trouble, never dared to make trouble with Long Aotian, through his own methods, Mu Yunxian initially fulfilled the employer's wish.
      This situation continued for many years. He has a successful career and is personable, gentle, and elegant... Only the two words "marriage" are insulated from him. Mu Yunxian is not interested in women for the time being, and he is not sensitive to the so-called natural flesh and blood--of course, it is not very good for men.
      To complete tasks with one hand and enjoy life with one hand, Mu Yunxian never treats himself badly. Although his family was wealthy in his previous life, it was incomparable to Long Aotian, who was the chosen son of heaven. With the support of his family, Mu Yunxian had a bigger stage, and after a few more years, he successfully vacated his father.
      In recent years, Long Aotian added two illegitimate children outside, and there were factors that were unfavorable to his task, and Mu Yunxian became unhappy. Anyway, his task is only to make the family reconcile, what does the next person have to do with him?
      When Long Aotian, who was forcibly turned into the Supreme Emperor by Mu Yunxian, fell into a slump, Mu Yunxian's mission went smoother. Several brothers and sisters surrounded Long Aotian under his coercion and temptation, giving him the warmth of family affection. In fact, they weren't all pretending. While they were slandering Mu Yunxian who was sick, they really felt a little bit of pity for this miserable father, and the relationship between father-son and father-daughter became more and more harmonious.
      While the task was steadily proceeding, the only variable appeared. This variable is Mu Yunxian's biological mother in this mission. She is a relentless white lotus, really in love with Long Aotian, and has not changed in a lifetime.
      Bai Lianhua felt that her lover was completely controlled by Mu Yunxian--in fact, it was indeed the case. She wants to save her love. But she was naive for a lifetime, and the plan was quickly discovered by Mu Yunxian. When she was brought to Mu Yunxian, she still had a righteous and awe-inspiring face.
      Mu Yunxian smiled while holding the wine glass: "Calm down, what's wrong with me? I didn't do anything to him, right?"
      "You robbed him!" the woman said loudly.
      "I am his child, and my father's things will be mine sooner or later, right?" Mu Yunxian smiled and said, "You make me very embarrassed by this. With my father, it is too easy to be discovered if a woman is missing-even if he can't see you a long time ago, haven't they?"
      The woman widened her eyes and didn't know how to answer him for a long while.
      Mu Yunxian leisurely said: "You see what I do, you should know, I just want the family peace, happiness, and everyone just ...... father actually want most is the warmth of affection, you believe it?"
      "That Do you believe it?"
      "Of course I believe what I said." This is the task given to him by the employer. Mu Yunxian peeled her a piece of fruit and said softly: "In fact, including you, I have something and never know how to talk to you. My father has been away from you for many years. Haven't you thought about finding another one? ? "
      "you ...... "women feel very ridiculous, Dounong do not know what to do animal husbandry and cloud-free.
      "Someone told me that she likes you very much. If I agree with you, she will give you happiness." Mu Yunxian said leisurely.
      The housekeeper motioned her to go inside, and when she walked into the small hall next to her, she suddenly couldn't help but let out a scream. There was someone she hadn't expected, and that was Long Aotian's second woman.
      After they left, the butler exchanged a pot of hot tea for Mu Yunxian. Mu Yunxian asked: "They all say I have something wrong, do you think so too?"
      "Excuse me," the handsome young man lowered his head and said, "I think so. Depending on your personality, this shouldn't be the case. Simply let go of the big wife."
      "Because everyone has the right to be happy, I showed my father what he wants to see, and I can't just favor my father and ignore my mother, right? They are a very good match." Mu Yunxian said: "After all What I want to do is to make everyone in the family happy. What's more... It's very interesting."
      The mother of white lotus love brain is still the most interesting when you are in love. Playing tricks or something is not suitable for her.
      The steward said: "You are right, but I still think you have something wrong."
      Mu Yunxian's problem lasted for more than 20 years. When he was forty-four years old, his father suddenly became ill and the doctor became critically ill. Notice. In front of the hospital bed, every child and grandson cried sincerely. After they walked out of the ward, Mu Yunxian stopped them.
      "Wait a minute."
      A large group of people have different expressions, and they all have a little nervousness in common, and they don't understand what this neuropathy is about. In their eyes, Mu Yunxian slowly said: "It's a good cry, but next time you have to be more sincere and sincere."
      At midnight that day, Mu Yunxian was woken up by a phone call: "Mr. Long has passed away."
      "That... The one guarding in front of the hospital bed is crying, okay?"
       "I heard that the doctor was moved." Mr. Butler said, "Since the third young master lost a hand, he has learned to get along with you."
      "That's good ." "Mu Yunxian said: "So I can rest assured."
      After Long Aotian's death, his mission did not directly end. Mu Yunxian continued to live his life in this world. After the end of his life, Mu Yunxian opened his eyes and found himself standing by a river.
      Said it is by the river, in fact, it is more like the sea. It is not water that flows in the sea, but gleaming bright spots, like a starry sky.
      "Get on the boat." The high school student stood in front of Mu Yunxian. His appearance was the same as before. The high school student pointed to the boat parked not far away and said to Mu Yunxian, who had restored the appearance of the young man: "I will take you through the entry formalities."
      The boat was worthy of standing only two people, Mu Yun sat idle in the stern, the high school students rowed the boat and sailed away from the shore.
      "You can think about it now." The high school student pushed down his glasses: "According to the rules, there is also a formal interview. Let me explain the idea of solving the problem. Why do you do it like this..."
      Mu Yunxian said: "This couldn't be simpler. What you asked me to do was to fulfill the employer's wish. The reason I did this was that the employer wanted to do this. You told me that as long as the goal is achieved, any method can be used. He wants to All it takes is family harmony, so it doesn't matter whether there is money or not."
      "Then your employer for this mission, as a stallion1, would like to have his two wives Lily?" The high school student sprayed.

    [1 Stallion: This term refers to a character set in a novel, where a single male embraces every female introduced in the story. So a book with the male lead and his harem. (Like a stallion: going to a barn and impregnating every mare there)]
      "Perhaps." He chuckled: "After I did it, he didn't do anything."
      "I have read the information about this mission. You are right. The employer gave you a high evaluation." High school student, He said with great interest: "Now I am also very interested in you, do you know? Everyone who passes the test, when they come here, the boat they call is different. People who are greedy for money will call for wealth The ship is filled with gold and silver treasures. People full of curiosity will call the ship of science, and there are books on it. As for the horny people..." He paused: "You will call the ship of harmony."
      Mu Yunxian leisurely followed kindness. "What about this ship?"
      "It's called the ship of the other side, simply and rudely. It's the ship from over there. The last time someone called this ship was three hundred years ago." High school student As he said, he stopped the boat: "Here ."
      There was a door in front of Mu Yunxian. He opened it, but inside was a set of ordinary houses, not even very large, but a hundred square meters, it was his life's home.
      "Congratulations, you have passed the interview." The high school student said: "This is where you live-before paying off the debt, except for tasks, you can only stay here. You owe us a thousand years of life, every time The reward for the task is one-tenth of the employer’s life span, half of which will be used to pay off the debt, and the rest will be left to live by yourself. By the way, give you this.”
      He gave Mu Yunxian a mobile phone, which was displayed on the lock screen. :
      [Mu Yunxian:
      Remaining life: 3.2 years
      debt to be repaid: 996.8 years]
      "Your time here and the time spent on tasks are included in the remaining life, that is to say, you haven’t completed the next task three years from now. You will die. By the way, if you get a high rating, your employer will give you some 'tips'. These tips are not included in the remaining life, but can only be used in the task world." The high school student said with a smile: "I am your examiner. Congratulations, you have passed."
      After the high school student left, Mu Yun walked around the room for a while. It was no different from when he left, and even his unwashed dirty clothes were there. Mu Yunxian threw the clothes into the washing machine and turned over the mobile phone given to him by the high school student with great interest.
      There is only one app, called Upgrade Assistant, in which he can select tasks and view reviews. Mu Yunxian is now a junior player and can only accept tasks with a difficulty level of one.
      He flipped through it for a while, finally chose a task, clicked to enter, and left the room.
    Mom is the Madonna of White Lotus 1

      This time the employer is a bit pitiful.
      The employer's father died young, leaving him to live with his mother. After a few years, his mother remarried and married a simple and honest man.
      This is a commendatory term. The stepfather is really honest and treats him well. However, after marriage, there is a problem between the mother and the child.
      His mother is a virgin whore.
      Usually the virgin bitch refers to a generous person. To put it this way, the employer should be an atypical virgin bitch. This lady sacrificed herself very hard, but the problem was that in her view, the employer was her child, so he could let her decide, so she sacrificed the employer's interests.
      The stepfather has a child, a daughter, a little younger than the employer. Ordinary roommates will have conflicts when they live together, and naturally, this pair of step-brothers and sisters will also have conflicts. I don’t know what mentality this mother holds. Whenever there is a conflict between the two, whether right or wrong, she will first let her employer admit his mistake. There is a very impressive thing in the employer’s impression, just because of pure disgust, the stepsister steals I took the photo of my father in the employer's wallet and threw it away. The employer was really mad and wanted to beat his stepsister. His mother came back and gave the employer a slap, kicked him out, and closed the door all night.
      The next day his mother put the employer back, and said earnestly: "That's a girl, no matter what she did, you can't beat her, otherwise, what should the neighbors think of her mother as a stepmother."
      The employer At that time, I wanted to laugh a little. It was wrong for him to beat people, but if he didn't do it, who helped him get justice? No one. His mother only took care of putting gold on her face, for the sake of good reputation among the neighbors, let him bear it, no one cares how he feels.
      If this is the case, the employer hates his mother at most to the point that he will not interact with each other in adulthood. It is another thing that makes him an employer of Mu Yunxian. If the previous things are like dripping water and stone, they have left a place in the employer’s life. Hole, then this thing is a hammer, hammering the employer's life into a mess.
      His stepsister is sick and requires a lot of money for medical expenses. Just as the employer’s college entrance examination was over, he was taking the notice to go home to announce the good news. Outside the door, he just heard his mother say to his stepfather: "Or, let Xiaowei not go to college, go to work, and earn a little is a little bit. , Save the medical bill for Xiao Meng.”
      The stepfather was silent for a long time, and did not say anything, just acquiesced. The stepfather is not a saint. She offered to let her child sacrifice to protect his daughter. He naturally agreed. As a father, his daughter is his life, and no one is as important as his daughter.
      The employer did not go to university and started working on a construction site near his home. The work is very tiring and hard, and his mother occasionally comforts him a few words, but after the comfort, she will take away all his hard-earned money as usual.
      Two years later, the stepsister recovered, and the situation of the two suddenly dropped. The employer encountered an accident at work and was left with a permanent disability, and his stepsister was admitted to university.
      The stepfather was ashamed of him. He wanted to help him to heal as best as he could, but his mother stopped him. His mother said, "Xiao Meng still needs money to go to college. His disability has fallen, and he won’t get anything if he is treated. Okay, forget it."
      The employer's life was completely reversed, from a university student to a workshop assembly line worker, mediocre for a lifetime. His step-sister had a good time and got a good job after graduation. Later, she was sensible and finally moved by the spirit of his mother. The family of three lived in harmony and lived happily.
      Mu Yunxian's mission mode this time is to replace the host to complete the mission. When he came here, his employer came out of the school with the admission notice.
      He stood in front of the school, looking at the youthful smiling face of his classmates, the feeling of belonging to the employer filled his heart, only three words, the meaning was difficult to calm. He dispelled the influence of his employer’s emotions on him, recalled his employer’s memory, took a taxi and returned home, turned out his hukou book [Chinese household registration], tore off his page, found his ID card, and the money clip for saving money. It was the employer. The money saved by working part-time. He opened his eyes and saw that there were not a few left in it.
      The money was taken away, and whoever took it can be judged according to the employer's memory. It is estimated to be the stepsister. Because no matter what she did, the employer's mother would turn to her. After a few years, this girl has reached the point of unscrupulous.
      He put away his empty wallet and left home.
      Go and meet an old lady said to him: "... Your sister fainted at school, they go to the hospital, you do not worry, go eat something they themselves had left for a while, estimated to have to come back in the evening"
      The animal husbandry Yun Xian curled his mouth slightly to thank her, and went out.
      The turning point in the employer's life began here. His mother threatened and tempted him to give up the opportunity to go to college. Now that Mu Yunxian is here, it is naturally impossible for her to do what she wants.
      According to Mu Yunxian's ability, whether going to school or not has no effect on the future, but this is the wish of the employer, and he wants to go to school. After getting his hukou and ID card, he hoped that he would not be threatened by his mother. The high school student gave him the mobile phone and the task progress jumped to 10%.
      Mu Yunxian wants to do another thing, which is what the employer wants to see.
      He bought two meals and drove to the hospital. After asking the doctor, I found the ward of the employer's stepsister. In addition to his mother and stepfather, the step-sister's headteacher was also there-she passed out at school. The two were in the same school, and the step-sister’s headteacher knew Mu Yunxian.
      "Dad, Mom, I heard Grandma Li say that you are in the hospital, come here to give you a meal, how about it, is Xiao Meng okay?" Mu Yunxian said.
      The stepfather twitched the corner of his mouth and said, "Waiting for the doctor’s news, it shouldn’t be a big deal."
      "Where did you go early in the morning?" The employer’s mother blamed: "I call you and no one answers them. The house is so busy. , You still ran out of the wild, can you understand something when you are such a big person.”
      The step-sister’s headteacher rounded up and said, “Today is the day when the senior high school student gets the admission notice. He has gone to school... …How did you take the test?"
      "It's okay." Mu Yunxian smiled and said: "The performance is normal, and the first choice was successfully accepted... Fortunately, at the time, Teacher Wu persuaded me to fill in too high and just scratched the line. Go in."
      Hearing Mu Yunxian talking about the college entrance examination, his mother lowered her face. Over there, the stepsister on the hospital bed turned over and covered her head with a quilt, and there was a faint cry of sobbing. Mu Yunxian's mother stood up and pulled him out.
      "What are you talking about in front of Xiao Meng?" As soon as he came out, his mother scolded, "Can you take care of her mood!"
      Oh, it looks like the stepfather should have lied just now, they already know, The step-sister’s condition is much more serious-but now Mu Yunxian should not know, so he said, "Did my dad just say that she is okay?"
      "It's okay, Xiao Meng's headteacher will accompany us until now?" Said: "Walk around, don't mess with me here."
      Mu Yunxian raised the corner of his mouth, and after a moment, the curve of his lips pulled down: "Don't you ask me about the admission notice?"
      "? you can have anything, "she mother said:" notice of lost? "
      "no, "

    Mu Yunxian busy replied:" I glanced get the notice, and is down you say, a The annual tuition and accommodation fees, plus miscellaneous things, total six thousand four. If you are required to call the card before August 20, I will tell you. I still have four thousand yuan left for my part-time job, you? give me two thousand this okay "
      " go back to say, "his mother wrinkled brow, said:" This is in the hospital, so many people do not have time to say this ...... "
      she said, then we would Dismiss Mu Yunxian, but Mu Yunxian did not do what she wished: "Two thousand yuan is not a big sum, right? Can't you even get this out? If you really can't get it out, you can, I will go to us. The teacher asked, how do the procedures for student loans go?"
      "Your sister is still in the hospital bed, you have to ask this now, can I lose you?" His mother finally pulled her face down and said angrily: " You go back to me!"
      "Why, I don't have support at this time to make me run before and after?" Mu Yunxian suddenly raised his voice: "You give her-enroll in more than 20,000 art classes a year, without eyes. Blink, the birthday gift is more than 6,000 clothes. Are you hesitating? I will ask you for 2,000 yuan intuition. As for making you so embarrassed?"
      His voice was too loud, and many people around him looked over. Including the ward, the door was not closed tightly, and the step-sister's headteacher also glanced here with curious eyes.
      Feng Juan, the mother of Mu Yunxian, had a hot face.
      "Get off, you get off." Feng Juan said angrily: "Why did I raise you such a heartless thing, your sister is lying on the hospital bed, you ask me for money?"
      Mu Yunxian said: " Please answer me a question first, where did the money in my bag go? How did I save the money? You don’t know? When I was a third-year in high school, I was still working outside, and I saved these thousands of dollars. Say you take it and take it away?"
      "Who took your money?" Feng Juan was taken aback for a moment, and then angrily said: "Who do you want to blame for spending money yourself?"
      "It's not you, that's a thief in the house. "Mu Yunxian picked up the corner of his mouth slightly: "No one at home lost anything. Why did I lose thousands of dollars? This amount is not too small, or call the police."
      He said that he had to take out his mobile phone, Feng Juan she grabbed the phone and asked: "What are you doing?"
      "It seems you know who got it." Mu Yunxian suddenly opened the door, pointed at the person in the ward, and said, "She stole it. Really?"
      "Get out, get out of here." Feng Juan said loudly: "I took it, what happened to me? I gave birth to you so big, what happened to you for a little money?"
      "Okay, I know." The goal was achieved, he said nothing, nodded, and left.
      What the employer wants, in addition to his normal life, he also wants to take away the fruits of those people who suck blood on him. Of course, the “good reputation” gained by the employer’s mother by squeezing her own son is among the ranks. As for the stepsister, she should pay back the debt she has bullied his employer over the past few years.
      Memories can be deceiving. If the employer beautifies the self in the memory, or deepens part of the impression in the memory, it is impossible for him to complete the task according to the wrong memory, so he will be tentative at the beginning.
      The result made him feel very boring. The employer's mother was really just a virgin bitch with inconceivable logic.
      He doesn't like the way of revenge for such troublesome people, but if this is what the employer wants, he can do it. People believe that Feng Juan and her stepdaughter will not have a very good life in school and hospital now.
    Mom is the Madonna of White Lotus 2

      Feng Juan wants his employer to temporarily take a break from school to help her stepdaughter earn money to treat her illness. If this is the sister of the employer, if she is seriously ill, the employer insists on going to school, and some people may still be accused.
      But the problem is that it is not his sister.
      Neighbors can see clearly how Feng Juan treats his employer. She felt that in order to be a good stepmother, she tried her best to be fair and just, but others didn't think so, treating her children harshly is not fair and just. If she is not so obvious in normal times, maybe someone will praise her for her kindness, but not anymore.
      After the dispute in the hospital, Mu Yunxian went home and waited for her at home. He is reluctant to entangle with these people, but he leaves before the employer's biggest knot is solved, which is unfamiliar. And it's really a pity not to retaliate this time.
      He was bored in the employer’s room-saying that the room was actually exaggerated, but he drew a curtain in the living room. For this reason, his stepsister was not happy, and gave them a face for several days. Don't like to talk to him yet.
      Standing behind the curtain, he took a boring look at the photo of the employer's admission notice, and the phone jingled. The task progress has increased by 3%, and it seems that the employer really wants to go to school.
      It's not you, what are you excited about. He vomited in his heart and heard the sound of the living room door ringing, and someone was opening the door with a key. Mu Yunxian moved his thoughts, before they came in, he took away the things that were important to the employer, stuffed them in a bag, and listened to the voices outside.
      A few minutes later, he heard a long sigh.
      "Xiao Meng is sick, we have to take in all the money we have saved over the years, it may not be enough." After a long silence, the stepfather said first, "Or, let's sell the house."
      "Don't "The damn employer, Feng Juan, said: "Sold the house where we live?"
      "There is no other way." The stepfather said: "The doctor said that there will be more places to spend money in the future, where shall we go? Get so much money? And Serena is going to college, don't we have to spend money too?"
      "Hey..." Feng Juan hesitated for a while, and said, "Or, I will let him stop going to school, just go out to work, and subsidize some household, we can relax."
      Hearing these words, he knew him It's time to do it, and leave after a fight. It's really a lack of demeanor. If it wasn't that the employer wanted to watch it, he wouldn't be too lazy to perform, but just let him perform once or twice for the revenge given by the employer, which is impossible.
      He raised the curtain and walked out, but the couple was stunned when they didn't expect Mu Yunxian to be there. His stepfather opened his mouth to say something, but still did not speak.
      Yes, as a stepfather, he must have been unable to tell Mu Yunxian to make such a big sacrifice. Since Feng Juan took the initiative to express this meaning, he naturally didn't want to let go of the opportunity. People are greedy. He wants to save his daughter and also wants a house. Other people's children are not that important.
      "I don't want it, it's impossible." Mu Yunxian sat opposite them and said.
      Feng Juan gave him a hand and said, "You come with me."
      "What can't he listen to? He wanted to agree to let me not go to school for his children, what about his face?" Mu Yunxian didn't say anything. Da, trying hard to make a tricky look, pointed to his face, and continued to say softly, "Dad, where's your face?"
      His stepfather's face blushed and white. Didn't he retort him? out. Seeing this, Feng Juan slapped him severely—of course, she didn’t. Mu Yunxian grabbed her hand and said, "I said, if you have difficulties, I will apply for the student loan myself. You don’t need to pay it back. Why is it so difficult for me to go to school?”
      “Can you understand something!” Feng Juan said to him: “The doctor said that Xiao Meng’s illness needs a lot of money and needs someone to take care of it... I can’t afford to hire a nurse again. I have to take care of her. I must quit my job. Our usual daily expenses have become a problem. I’m thinking, can you not go there first and pass the most difficult period of time. Wouldn't it be too late for you to repeat it?"
      She really arranged everything.
      In the past life, the employer had been reluctant to be sold and sold badly by her, and his life was in a mess. This time Mu Yunxian will not be like this. Feng Juan wanted to say something more. Mu Yunxian interrupted her: "She has a mother and a father. What does it have to do with me?"
      "You are her brother now!" Feng Juan said, "Can you leave her alone?"
      "I" Who cares about me?" Mu Yunxian said: "You said it is light, and then the college entrance examination in a few years, what can I remember after a few years? You want the rest of my life?"
      He turned around to leave after he said. Feng Juan grabbed him, and Mu Yunxian threw her away, and the mother and son pulled her out of the door. Opposite them was the old lady who was talking to Mu Yunxian in the afternoon. The two quarreled, and the opposite door opened. Mu Yunxian accidentally entangled her more than ever, and didn't want to listen to others to persuade him to make peace. He directly released a big move:
      "For my dad's sake, please let me go?"
      After speaking, he left.
      The old lady next door came out, looked outside, and said, "It's so late, where is he going, don't do anything."
      Feng Juan was pissed off by Mu Yunxian's attitude, wiped her tears, and said: " What can happen to such a young man."
      She went back to the house to pack up again, and it seemed that she was still going to the hospital to take care of her stepdaughter. The old lady glanced inwardly, trying to persuade something, but she couldn't speak, so she had to go back.
      She didn't expect that Mu Yunxian would never come back again.
      Mu Yunxian went to the hotel he had set, took a bath in comfort, watched a movie, and had emotions, and when the ending song of the movie sounded, he picked up his mobile phone and made a call.
      The call was made to the grandmother of the employer who was far away from home.
      This old lady was not a gentle and kind old man, she was so wonderful that she couldn't stand the mother of her employer, and she hadn't contacted them since she remarried.
      Having quarreled with them in the afternoon has made Mu Yunxian very heady, he doesn't want to talk about those who have nothing, this is the easiest way. Because of Feng Juan, the grandmother of the employer did not like the grandson of the employer much, but she liked money very much. By asking Mu Yunxian for tuition, she had a reason to make trouble.
      With a happy expression on his face and crying after the call, Mu Yunxian glanced at the progress of the task, and was still rising, presumably the employer was also very satisfied, so he fell asleep at ease.
      He had a lot to do the next day, so he was so busy that he forgot about it-the employer's grandmother would not come so quickly, and he would have to wait a while for the next task.
      While waiting for the next step of the task to begin, Mu Yunxian was not idle either, he started to make money.
      After all, the high school student said that after completing the task, the employer might give him a reward. He is not willing to live the life of an ordinary social animal.
      In the test mission, Mu Yunxian's identity was the eldest son of a generation of wealthy men. In the end, he replaced him and completely took over the business of the wealthy. It is not so difficult for him to obtain fame and fortune. The employer’s remaining over two thousand are sufficient as start-up funds.
      Three days later, Mu Yunxian tapped the keyboard in a hotel in another city, and his cell phone rang. The caller ID reminded him that the person calling was Feng Juan.
      Mu Yunxian had a good time and pressed the phone in his spare time. After a minute, the call came again, and he was pressing it. After repeating this way three or four times, he finally connected.
      The first thing that came from the other end of the phone was not Feng Juan’s voice, but a wave of crying from above, carefully distinguishing the noisy background sound, it should be in the hospital, mixed with the voice of the security guard: "This is the hospital. Don't make noise here!"
      The security guard's voice was ignored, and Feng Juan on the other side collapsed and said, "Xiaowei, you called your grandma?"
      "Ah, yes, what's the matter?" Mu Yunxian turned on his mobile phone and said casually, "I'm left with grandma as a relative. You won't let me go to school. What if I don't ask grandma to be the master?"
      "Why are you so ignorant! Whatever I do For the sake of our family!" Feng Juan's voice on the other end of the phone was crying: "You blame me for not facing you, but what do you ask me to do? Xiao Meng is a girl who is younger than you, so you won't let her order. How do others think of me?"
      "What do others think of you now?" Mu Yunxian asked in a warm voice: "Have you raised a dog? Your stepdaughter reluctantly gave it to her to play if she wanted you?"
      Feng Juan on the other side of the phone was dumb for a while, and Mu Yunxian hung up the phone directly.
      He finally knew where the problem was, and there was no need to talk with Feng Juan for the time being.
      In her opinion, the employer was raised by her, even if it is love, there is an indelible thought in her heart-the employer is her property. Whether it is the idea of pretending to be a good person, or the idea of safeguarding her family, at the expense of the employer's self-esteem or interests, she has no sense of guilt at all.
      If the employer’s father did not die in an accident, she can only take the employer’s things to give to relatives, or say when the employer is bullied, why don’t they bully others, only you. But the reality is that there is no if, her actions have brought irreparable harm to the employer, and the employer is not willing to make her a good person at all.
      Hang up the phone, Mu Yunxian took a look at the task progress app. After keeping his life from being ruined, the task completion degree has reached 65%, reaching the passing level.
      A few days ago, when he was making money, his completion degree would increase a bit, but now he hasn't moved at all. If he just wants to complete the task, he can stop here, but if he wants to get the reward, he has to do something else.
    Mom is Our Lady of White Lotus 3

      Feng Juan had a very painful life this time.
      Ever since her son showed uncharacteristic dissatisfaction with her, everything has changed.
      The stepdaughter’s illness caused her to be overwhelmed, and her husband’s income was not that high. If she wanted to treat her stepdaughter sincerely, it would be barely enough for the two of them to spend all their savings over the years. She originally wanted to let her son find a job and subsidize the family, but she didn't expect that the child flatly refused.
      Feng Juan still couldn't understand how she taught this child so selfishly and didn't understand her difficulties at all.
      But she didn't have time to think about it, she was still busy with her stepdaughter. While she was busy in the hospital, an unexpected person appeared. Her ex-mother-in-law. Feng Juan never wanted to look at this woman again in her life.
      Sure enough, the old dog couldn't learn new tricks. The old woman either cried or made trouble at her door. There were a lot of people from neighbors who came out to watch and even went to the hospital once. After she was framed by the security guard, she saw someone next to her pointing to her. Feng Juan's face seemed to have been slapped, and she couldn't stop a hot pain.
      When Mu Yunxian hung up the phone, she finally found out that she hadn’t seen her son for several days, and her son’s phone could not be reached. The relatives and friends around asked around, but there was no clue from him. Feng Juan only then Knowing anxious. Hearing from the stepdaughter’s headteacher, the son had contacted his headteacher, so he had to run to the school cheeky, but he did not expect another humiliation.
      The teacher was unusually indifferent to her, but still told her that Mu Yunxian had found a suitable part-time job through an introduction, and had already done it. He would report her safety every few days and let her rest assured. Feng Juan wanted Mu Yunxian's contact information, but the teacher didn't seem to hear it.
      She walked to the door of the office and heard a teacher in it ask: "This is the parent of Zhao Xiaowei? I remember he did a good job in the exam and didn't have much tuition. Why didn't his family let him go?"
      "Partially." The employer's The headteacher said: "He also has a sister in our school, you know, the one who is sick in the second and third class of the high school. Look at how the girl is, what is Zhao Xiaowei?"
      Feng Juan almost ran away in embarrassment, she didn't even dare to listen anymore, let alone go back to argue. Going home in a muddle-headed manner, the neighbor’s old lady grabbed her and babbled and said: “It’s not that I said you, you really did something wrong. The parents of other people’s children are playing the gongs and drums when they enter college. Let it go. If you are usually partial, how can you be confused about such a major event?"
      Feng Juan felt like she was struck by lightning at the time. She did not even think that she would sacrifice the image of a stepmother maintained by her own son in the neighborhood. Seriously, this is actually the case-eccentricity, eccentricity to be criticized word by word? The old woman was dim-eyed and couldn't see her expression clearly, and said to herself: "Where there is an overnight hatred between mother and son, you just need to be soft."
      She hummed unconsciously and returned home like sleepwalking, the phone rang. She picked it up with a complaining voice from her husband: "Where did you go? Why don't you look at Xiao Meng? I still go to work in the afternoon."
      "Liu Hai, what do you think I have done to you all these years? To your daughter again How is it?" Feng Juan said softly.
      "Why are you talking about this suddenly?" The person on the other end of the phone paused and said, "I know you have been working hard this time, but now is not the time to play your temper. After a while, I will make up for you..."
      "I will take it. Your daughter is a treasure, what do you take my son for? You haven't seen him for a few days, have you noticed?" Feng Juan cried out: "It's because of you, because of your daughter, my son is dead. Recognize me..."
      On Mu Yunxian's side, he saw the system prompt at the same time—the task progress soared. After reading the detailed records, I realized that Feng Juan was irritated.
      Her virgin bitch mentality drove her to use the way of wronging herself and her children to gain the favor of her new family and praise from her neighborhood. When she found out that the results of all her efforts were false, her mentality suddenly collapsed.
      The husband is simple and honest on the surface, but in fact, he did not accept her children at all. They are still living together. In the neighborhood, or even in the children's school, she did not escape the vicious evaluation. It was just that the target of the viciousness had changed. She was not vicious to her stepdaughter but vicious to her own children.
      This is even more difficult for her to accept.
      But this is great news for Mu Yunxian. After a short break, the task progress stopped moving, and the people who had failed him had a bad life and there was no way to get a higher evaluation from the employer. What he has to do now is to make Feng Juan realize what she has done wrong.
      Not in a hurry. Mu Yunxian said in his heart.
      He spent nearly three years on this task and almost emptied his savings. He chose the profession of screenwriter and spent the past three years developing in the industry. In two and a half years, he finally got what he wanted to do.
      Mu Yunxian wrote a script, which was successfully filmed and released. This script is based on the employers of the previous life and explores the relationship between parents and children.
      The box office of this movie is in the upper-middle class among similar movies, and its reputation is also good. With this, Mu Yunxian's career has improved by a big step. But this has nothing to do with him. The lifespan saved in the previous life is about to return to zero, and he won't be able to go if he doesn't leave.
      Two and a half years later, Mu Yunxian contacted Feng Juan and asked her to watch the movie.
      I haven't seen her son for a long time, and Feng Juan's confidence is not so full. Out of the movie theater, Feng Juan twisted her cuffs, not knowing what to say to her son.
      In the past two years, she was not doing well because she could not bear the departure of her son, so she finally divorced her husband. Without this help to the mother and son, the father and daughter could not easily get through this stage, and finally sold the house and life was very difficult.
      "This is what he wants to say to you." Mu Yunxian said: "It's not me, it's your own son."
      Feng Juan didn't react.
      Mu Yunxian approached her and said softly: "That's what you mean. Have you ever thought that your child would not treat you this way-yes, so it's not him who lives in this body?"
      Feng Juan stared at him tightly.
      "What you just read is his story." Mu Yunxian gave her a bank card: "Although I am not him, I have to be responsible. In this card is your alimony, and the password is... His death day."
      Mu Yunxian shrugged after speaking, turned, and left. Behind him, Feng Juan stared at his back, Mu Yunxian's task progress kept rising, and finally stopped at 98%.
      Although this is incredible, Mu Yunxian knew she believed it.
      "Choose to submit the task and get out of the world."
      He returned to the prison that looked exactly like his former home. In the living room of that house, the high school student sat.
      The high school student smiled interestingly at him: "This low-level task, you have used it for three years, and you haven't achieved 100%..."
      "I'm experimenting with something." Mu Yunxian shrugged and walked over. before the refrigerator, he took a bottle of mineral water to high school students: "you said, I can get the job done for the life of one in ten employers, right?"
      "Yes," high school student, said: "? so"
      "so extraction The method can be chosen by myself, I saw it. There are several age groups, young, middle-aged, old, and...custom." Mu Yunxian sat down opposite him: "I choose to customize."
      He is on the mobile app. After typing a few lines, the high school student leaned over to take a look, and suddenly laughed: "You are the first to do this."
      "Can you?"
      "Yes, theoretically speaking, it's not against the rules." The high school student said: "Sure enough, the tasker left the world and was taken over by the employer. If it is unprofitable, I don't believe you will spend these three years on him."
      Mu Yunxian chose to split his employer's decades of life into pieces. Hundreds of thousands of seconds, and then a tenth of a second is drawn from each second. The employer's life expectancy will also receive his memories. In this way, Mu Yunxian can pass his employer's life ten times faster, which is equivalent to three years in exchange for the experience of a successful screenwriter. Of course, the memory of the task person's presence is also thereafter the employer returns to the body.
      "It took me three years to pave the way for him." Mu Yunxian touched his chin and whispered, "I hope you are a successful screenwriter."
    The big star's counterattack 1

      His last employer qualifications can only be said to be average. After being carried by Mu Yunxian for three years, his achievements on this road were ultimately limited. Mu Yunxian is a little regretful, but he also feels good. Although the employer is a bit stupid, he is a down-to-earth person. It is not regrettable to get this result.
      After receiving the 2.2-year life span given by his employer, he experienced a memory injection. Mu Yunxian had a refined feeling after the employer's ten times faster. Fortunately, the employer gave him two years as a tip, which can be delayed.
      He used to enter the mission world without doing anything. After spending two years in a small gully, he felt that he was already extraordinary and about to ascend. When he returned to the mission space, he became a little soberer after seeing the remaining missions on the app.
      [Mu Yunxian:
      Remaining life span: 2.4 years
      debt to be repaid: 994.6 years]
      He was too lazy to choose carefully, so he picked one at hand. This time his employer is a big star who is at a major turning point in his life. He wants to help his employer get through this barrier, and he has become his employer's agent.
      The employer’s name is Qiao Ran, who has been popular since he was nineteen years old. Relying on his excellent appearance and reasonable acting skills, although there have been ups and downs in the circle, his popularity has been stable above the pass line. Qiao Ran got married when he was twenty-seven years old. His wife Huo Jiajia was also an insider, and her popularity was much worse than him, but Qiao Ran, who really wanted a family, didn't care much. In the same year, they had a child, a boy.
      But what he didn't expect was that in the few years after marriage, Huo Jiajia's performance was completely different from what he had before marriage. It was like what fans said. Huo Jiajia just wanted to suck blood from him, not even the children. Originally, Qiao Ran's popularity dropped to a certain extent after marriage. In addition, he spent more time with his children, and his works were much less than before. In the past few years, his career has declined sharply, which makes Huo Jiajia dissatisfied.
      When the child was five years old, Qiao Ran received news from a familiar paparazzi that Huo Jiajia might have cheated. Before he could realize what was going on, he saw a burst of negative news on the Internet, such as Qiao Ran's derailment, domestic violence, and dirty water spilling on him.
      Huo Jiajia was not merciful to the person next to her pillow, and because of mental arithmetic and unintentional, Qiao Ran was completely helpless. It can be seen that Huo Jiajia has been preparing for this day for a long time. Just looking at the things she released, Qiao Ran himself felt that Huo Jiajia was married to such a scumbag.
      This is nothing. After almost completely ruining Qiao Ran's career, Huo Jiajia still wants to take away the custody of the child. Qiao Ran knew that she and the child were not close at all, and the child would not have a good life with her, so he tried his best to grab the custody of the child. Fortunately, at this time he finally got the evidence of the other party's derailment. When all the dust settled, he only kept the custody of the child, and his reputation was completely washed out.
      Fortunately, he saved some savings during his popular years, and the remaining decades of life will not be too bad. It's just that there is no way to return to his beloved acting career, and the child he loves more saw the rumors of that year in adolescence and mistakenly thought that his parents' divorce was Qiao Ran's fault. The two people did not communicate smoothly, and the relationship between father and son left a knot in the past few years. In the future, the relationship with the children is not salty and not indifferent, and they ended this life full of regrets.
      After reading the memories of Qiao Ran's first half of his life, Mu Yunxian understood that he regretted two things. One was that he could not continue to be an actor, and the other was the parent-child relationship with his child.
      The time he arrived was when the rumors of Qiao Ran's derailment just spread, saying it was too early, and it was not too late. Mu Yunxian's advantage is that he knows where the key points of the counterattack are, but knowing this is useless. Huo Jiajia's derailment was originally a semi-public secret, but now it has not been released, there must be other reasons.
      Mu Yunxian swiped his Weibo and saw hundreds of thousands of verbal abuses under his employer's Weibo. He picked up the corner of his lower lip and walked out of the room. When he first walked out of the company's gate, a group of reporters gathered around him.
      "Mr. Mu, as his agent, can you tell me? Is it true that Qiao Ran cheated?"
      "I heard that the target of his cheating was underage. Do you have any opinion on this?
      " Some netizens suggested that he should retreat, what do you think of this?"
      Mu Yunxian stopped and glanced at the crowd.
      Seeing that he meant to speak, the reporter at the outermost level shut up, and after a few minutes, the crowd calmed down. The reporters' crazy curiosity turned from their mouths to their eyes, and the scorching flame almost burned Mu Yunxian to ashes.
      "I'm just Qiao Ran's agent, not his father. I don't have any right to talk about his private affairs." Mu Yunxian said this sincerely at first. But such perfunctory excuses can't satisfy the waiting journalists, like a cup of hot water that is about to reach boiling point, and when it almost boiled crazily, Mu Yunxian said again-
      "From the standpoint of a friend, I can say a few words." Mu Yun said leisurely: "Aran's child received a notice from their headteacher yesterday, telling him not to go to school for a while, because there are too many good deeds and it affects the school order too much... "
      "But Qiao Ran is a public figure, isn't it? His children usually enjoy the benefits, and it makes sense to be affected now, right?" A reporter standing at the front said with a hurried tone: "The children of ordinary people can't enjoy it." "With such superior material conditions, the children in the mountains can't even eat enough to eat..."
      "For a five- or six-year-old child, if you say that the impact is that you will be spied by malicious eyes when you go out, you will be completely isolated. Outside of the crowd, I don’t think it makes sense.” Mu Yunxian’s tone instantly became indifferent, and said, “Qiao Ran didn’t tell me who I am, but here, I want to ask the unknown gentleman to pay attention. For the sake of the child's face, please be a bit human. Don't chase the child so closely when you are in the car. The child will be frightened if he is not injured."
       After he finished speaking, the security was finally late and separated the reporter. Mu Yunxian got in the car and drove to the home of his employer Qiao Ran.
      What he just said is not a lie at all. From the memory given by the employer, it can be seen that the five- or six-year-old children have clearly shown signs of anxiety in the face of disputes between their parents and unwelcome stimuli from the outside world. It was said that what happened yesterday was not entirely dumping of the pot. When he just took over the body, he did receive a call. The assistant called and Qiao Ran's son was frightened.
      Mu Yunxian arrived at Qiao Ran's house freely, opened the door, and smelled a house of smoke, which made people's nose sore. Xiao Wu, Qiao Ran's assistant, stood by, looking very helpless. Mu Yunxian ignored him, first opened the window, then walked to him and threw the ashtray on the ground.
      "Brother Mu?" Qiao Ran raised his head, Junxiu's face became haggard a lot, and his eyes were bloodshot. Seeing Mu Yunxian came up and threw something, Xiao Wu was a little frightened and stood on the side thinking whether to come up and stop him. Mu Yunxian was not as emotional as he thought, and after falling down the ashtray, he sat down on the sofa opposite Qiao Ran.
      "The window is opened for you, let's jump." Mu Yunxian said: "Your house is on the 28th floor. There shouldn't be any room for survival if you jump down. Anyway, the dead are bigger, and the keyboard man can still curse you twice the sentence, I don't have to suffer so much anger." Mu Yun said indifferently in an idle tone.
      "Brother Mu, he's already uncomfortable enough, don't say a few words..."
      "Shut up." Mu Yun glanced at Xiao Wu leisurely, shocking him. Mu Yunxian took out his mobile phone, opened Weibo, found the comment area of Qiao Ran's latest post, and handed it to him: "Don't dare to jump? Just look at it and you will be motivated to jump."
      Qiao Ran moved his eyes away. , Mu Yunxian took the phone back again, threw it to Xiao Wu, and said coldly: "Read it to him."
      Xiao Wu hesitated, Mu Yunxian said, "You want me to read it?"
      "No, no... " Xiao Wu looked at Qiao Ran cautiously and began to say: "Derailed garbage."
      Qiao Ran took out another cigarette.
      "People have worked so hard to give birth to you a child, and you actually cheated, and you have to be shameless..."
      "Don't use your tone like this, you must have felt and circumflex, understand?" Mu Yunxian leaned on the back of the sofa and said:" By the way, what is the number of likes for this article?"
      "70,000... the last one is 100,000."
      Mu Yunxian sneered: "It looks better than the fake data I worked so hard for you."
      Qiao Ran was embarrassed. Don't overdo it, Mu Yun smiled and said, "Your career is over."
      "I still have Mingming..." He whispered: "Brother Mu, don't irritate me. I have already decided. I will leave the circle when this matter is over and take care of Mingming. I can't let these things involve him... …"
      "Then he knew the truth ten years later. His parents divorced. The reason why he left the shadow of his childhood was that his dad was domestic violence and derailed garbage." Mu Yunxian said, "Tell me again, why Huo Jiajia doesn't Fight for custody with you?"
       Qiao Ran's face changed, and Mu Yunxian said, "What she said? She said you believed it? Idiot."
      This was true for the employer in his previous life. Huo Jiajia cried and he felt softhearted. Up. After all, Qiao Ran knew how important his career was to Huo Jiajia, and decided to give in. Who knew this retreat put himself into the pit.
      "Make a bet, if she cheats you, what about your son and my surname?" Mu Yunxian was too lazy to talk to him and stood up: "You go find evidence yourself, your wife, who is she, you should be better than me? clear."
    The big star's counterattack 2

      The agent dressed by Mu Yunxian has always taken Qiao Ran with him since his debut. In Qiao Ran's heart, he was like a big brother. Even before Mu Yunxian came, the agent himself was always protecting Qiao Ran.
      When this incident happened in the previous life, because of Qiao Ran's momentary softheartedness, he missed the opportunity, so that later refuting the rumors had no effect. It can be said that Qiao Ran was cheated to death by himself. Mu Yunxian was not used to him in this life, if Qiao Ran didn't look for evidence, he would throw the evidence directly on Qiao Ran's face.
      The good news is that the employer figured it out.
      It was still at Qiao Ran's house. When Mu Yunxian arrived again, the room was cleaned again. Although there was still a hint of smoke, it was also tidy.
      "I figured it out?" Mu Yunxian was still sitting where he was that day, and looked at him indifferently, fiddling with the mobile phone in his hand. Assistant Xiao Wu hid in the kitchen, observing the scene in the room tremblingly, a little afraid that the two would fight.
      "...Hmm." Qiao Ran hesitated.
      "Return the circle?"
      "Don't return."
      "The boss is not a young man, he has done things before." Mu Yunxian stood up, planning to leave: "Niu Manhai call me, I will contact him, and the rest You don't need to worry about it."
      Niu Manhai was the paparazzi who told Qiao Ran his wife had cheated, and he was the one who finally gave out evidence in his previous life. The two of them are deadly friendship. Mu Yunxian confirmed that Niu Manhai already had the picture on his body that could make him come back. The reason why he didn't release it was that there were other reasons besides nostalgia.
      Sure enough, Qiao Ran heard Mu Yunxian say this, and directly stopped him: "Brother, I decided not to quit completely because it is obvious that the company decided to protect Huo Jiajia, not me. You are a veteran of the company. I’m not the only one. My reputation will be ruined if it’s ruined. I won’t run out of food when I play a web drama in the future. You don’t have to do this because of me.”
      “You think too much, not just because of you.” Mu Yun Xian raised his eyes and glanced at him: "Xiaohong relies on holding the big red to live, I have met you such a qualified person these years, I am not reconciled to not holding you up."
      After Qiao Ran hesitated for a while, Mu Yunxian stopped him: "You don't care about anything else, stay at home, don't say what you shouldn't do, don't do it, let me know that you are guilty of virginity behind your back. Illness is holding me back—"
      He smiled slowly: "You know the consequences."
      The little Wu [Xiao Wu] in the kitchen who looked at the smile trembled.
      "I know, I must look at him well." Xiao Wu came out of the kitchen, holding a kitchen knife in his hand, and repeatedly assured him: "I absolutely, I will never let my brother Qiao do things that shouldn't be done!"
      "Okay, put the knife down." Mu Yunxian said: "Look less on Weibo these days, don't affect your emotions, and I will meet with a director in a while."
      The two of them nodded stupidly together, Mu Yunxian said. Before Yunxian left, he vaguely saw a head poking out from a nearby room, and the child inside looked at him faintly.
      Regardless of whether Qiao Ran wants to pay attention to this matter, it is impossible for Qiao Ran to stay out of the center of the storm in the depths. That night, his phone was almost broken.
      Xiao Wu is afraid of his emotional problems and has been staying at his home to take care of him during this period of time. Hearing Qiao Ran's cell phone ringing non-stop, he ran over and said quickly: "Mr. Mu said, don't answer, don't answer anyone's phone."
      "What's he doing?" Qiao Ran turned it off and went back to the study. Go to the computer and want to read the news. Just as I turned on the computer, I saw the news pop-up window that popped up at the bottom corner of the desktop—
      'Pan Jinlian or Chen Shimei? The most loving couple in the entertainment industry in the past stabbed each other today.
      In the picture below, Huo Jiajia was hugged by an acquaintance of his, acting intimately. This is a screenshot of the surveillance video, with the time clearly marked on it, half a month before Huo Jiajia broke the rumors of Qiao Ran's derailment.
      "When did he get the photos? Noon or afternoon, why are there all over the night..." Xiao Wu was stunned: "Movement so fast?"
      He is not the only one who thinks this way. He can't sleep this night. There are many people.
      Mu Yunxian also turned off his mobile phone and left it on one side. On the other mobile phone, a private number that not many people knew received a call.
      He stared at the screen for a while and gently pressed the answer button.
      "Miss Huo, hello."
      "Mu Yunxian! What do our family's affairs have to do with you? Qiao Ran and I have agreed to get together and get together. What do you mean by playing yin when you come up?"
      "With me there relationship ah "Mu Yunxian's idle temperature channel:" I took him ten years, you just tinker with his back to the circle, I lose everything, you say, and I have a relationship do? "
      "you did not think so Does it work?" Huo Jiajia, who was on the other side of the phone, frustrated, took a breath and calmed herself down: "I tell you clearly, it's useless if you protect him. Be careful to get yourself in."
      This seemed like a warning sentence. After speaking, the phone will be hung up before the voice is over. Mu Yunxian moved the phone away from his ear, stared at the call interface to exit, and pressed it off and set it aside.
      What Huo Jiajia said was really not aimless. The next day, the company where the two worked issued a letter from Lawyer Zhang, denounced the false rumors about Ms. Huo Jiajia.
      There is only one, Qiao Ran has been scolded for so long, and there is nothing.
      Anyone can see the direction of the wind, and some people use this as evidence to support their argument: "How to say Qiao Ran, the company dare not say more than a word, I am afraid it is true, how do you really want to sue."
      A random person retorted: "Huo Jiajia's derailment hammer is harder than your head, and you still have the face to send a lawyer's letter?"
      After the evidence of Huo Jiajia's derailment was issued, public opinion suddenly changed the direction and Qiao Ran prevailed. But because neither of them spoke again on the matter, the people who ate melons dispersed. Before no new evidence was issued, the whole thing became a puddle of mud, and no one could discover the truth from it.
      Up to now, both of them were in a panic, but it was obvious that Huo Jiajia was more panicked than Qiao Ran.
      In private, Huo Jiajia has decided to sue for divorce, and the court hearing will be about a few months later. This is another matter. Huo Jiajia will not give up their child Qiao Ming, nor will Mu Yunxian and his employer. This is not an easy battle.
      Another week passed in a blink of an eye. At three o'clock in the afternoon, Mu Yunxian drove to the vicinity of Qiao Ran's house, ready to pick him up to see the director. After getting in the car, Qiao Ran cautiously said, "I still have so many things on my body. Will it be rejected by the director?"
      Mu Yunxian drove the car intently and said, "You became popular five years ago. Now You’ve already gotten to the center of the earth—the fact that nothing happened to you makes you sad. You’re really confused."
      Qiao Ran choked, "I’m so confused and you help me like this..."
      "Well, Yes." Mu Yunxian said: "Are you still not sure what the situation is now? In order to prevent you from being a scapegoat, the company can't go back. I decided to take you to go it alone, and I won't have any good resources for the time being. That is to say, if you fail to meet the director this time, let's finish playing together."
       Qiao Ran became more nervous, took a deep breath, and sat still.
      Mu Yunxian was opened and hung up. He knew that this movie would explode, so he was so sure that his employer could get this opportunity.
      It doesn't matter if he fails. If he fails, Mu Yunxian will start a company for his employer to play, spend two years, exhaust his remaining life, and always hold him up. Leaving the company in order to gain the upper hand is seemingly reckless, but in fact, it is an inevitable move. Employers want to continue their acting career, it is impossible to stay in the company, so development is too limited. It is impossible for him to get a high score.
      Since he is destined to leave, it doesn't matter if he is not offended. It is more beneficial to clarify one day earlier. After a long time, the limelight of this matter has passed and no one wants to clarify.
      But no matter how many reasons are found, this is an overly risky move, and any experienced task person would not do this.
      Mu Yunxian is different, he is a neurotic.
      After driving for a while, Mu Yunxian picked up Xiao Wu and his employer's son Mingming, and the four of them went to see the director.
      The outline of this film is like this. In a family consisting of a young couple and a five-year-old child, the mother passed away due to an accident, leaving behind the father and young son. But the tragedy doesn't stop there. The family's usual lifestyle can almost be said to be widowed. The father can't figure out how to get along with the children. The child has always been brooding about the death of his mother. In his mind, if the father pays more attention to the mother, the mother will not die. For this reason, he kept revenge on his father with pranks.
      The film is more like a comedy, the interaction between the inexperienced single father and the cute baby who is constantly pranking is funny, but it is not a brainless comedy. In the process of the film, the father gradually reflected on his own mistakes, and the child also accepted the father who had failed. The father and the son continued to live together with the thoughts of the dead relatives.
      I have to say that Qiao Ran and his son Qiao Ming are very suitable for this movie. They are father and son, and Qiao Ming is now resenting the dispute between his parents, and the emotions occasionally revealed happen to fit the role.
      When they got there, the director was already there, along with the screenwriter. The director is called Liu Qiming, he is nearly 60 years old, and he is usually very serious. Qiao Ming was originally not high in nature, and even more sloppy when sitting there.
      "What's wrong with him?" Liu Qiming glanced at Qiao Ming and asked.
      "Nothing. I was too excited last night. I didn't sleep well." Qiao Ranqiang smiled and said softly to Qiao Ming: "Say hello to Grandpa."
      Qiao Ming said in a low voice, then lowered his head.
      "Divorce has a great impact on children." Looking at the father and son, the screenwriter said abruptly, "Why do you come up with a filming at this time?"
      "I want to be with him, but sitting face to face at home every day can't solve the problem. "Qiao Ran said: "I know that your crew has always had a good reputation, and there will be no outside interference-otherwise I won't come back. Another reason is that I have read a part of the script and I want to find an answer to it. "
      "What's the answer?" the director couldn't help asking.
      "How should I get out of the broken family?" Qiao Ran said seriously: "This is the answer that the protagonist in the film has been looking for, and the answer I urgently need now."
      After a long time, the director smiled.
      "This film turned out to have a male lead, but it's a pity that he suddenly stopped acting-so the time is very short. Can I join the group on Monday?"
       "Yes!" Qiao Ran was overjoyed: "Thank you for the director!"
    The big star's counterattack 3

      Liu Qiming’s crew has always been strictly managed, paparazzi are not allowed to enter, and actors rarely leave during filming, which is rare now.
      This is an appropriate place for both Qiao Ran and Qiao Ming and his son. To avoid rumors from the outside world, the father and son communicated in another way, and both the crew and the play appeared just right.
      A week after they joined the group, the news was posted on the Internet that Qiao Ran took the children to pick up the new movie, which many people thought was subtle. Some people think he is using children as a show, and some people express understanding.
      "It’s so messy outside, can’t you just find a job and relax by the way? Besides, when the movie comes out, don’t you see how the relationship between father and son is going, how good a child’s acting skills are? It's clear."
      Qiao Ran's cell phone was collected, and he didn't know this. By the time Mu Yunxian called him, it was already half a month later. Mu Yunxian heard it, his voice was a little frustrated.
      "If it weren't for this movie, I don't know yet, I actually have such an image in Mingming's heart."
      "Well, what?"
      Mu Yunxian's tone was calm, and Qiao Ran felt relieved. He suddenly felt that the agent, who was the same as his brother, had become different after the accident and became...more reliable.
      "He said that I'm the same as the people on TV. If I don't see me, I'll disappear. It's not reliable at all. It's almost the same as his mother." Qiao Ran said.
      The nature of the work dictates that even if he takes the initiative to reduce the workload, he will spend a lot of time away from home every year, and these children will take it in their eyes and keep it in mind.
      "So... what are you going to do?" Mu Yunxian said, "Being a full-time dad?"
      "No, I will tell him clearly." After Qiao Ran was depressed for a while, he became full of vitality again: "I I believe he will understand me."
      After hanging up the phone, Mu Yunxian glanced at the phone whose screen had been blacked out and smiled silently. He doesn't do his best for every employer, this time Qiao Ran really suits his appetite.
      In short, Qiao Ran is a good person.
      After more than two months, the director sent him a few tidbits, which happened to constitute a complete story. This story is like this.
      In the first few paragraphs, it can be seen that when I first entered the crew, the child didn’t care about anyone. He sat next to him. After a while, through Qiao Ran’s efforts, the child interacted with him. After a while, Qiao Ran father and son, the three directors were sitting and eating, while the director was not paying attention, the child threw a green pepper from the dish into his father's bowl.
      It looks pretty good.
      Mu Yunxian conveniently turned off his phone, got in the car, and decided to go to the studio. He had something important to tell Qiao Ran.
      When he arrived, the cameras were surrounded by Qiao Ran. He was sitting in front of a table with a mobile phone in front of him, and he was about to broadcast a video. Seeing Mu Yunxian coming over, the director greeted him: "It just so happens that you are here, and sit down together."
      Mu Yunxian didn't know what they were doing, and it was not easy to ask, so he sat down together. Before the video was connected, Qiao Ran explained to him: "Some time ago, the director asked Mingming to leave me for a while because of the plot needs. Xiao Wu is a local, so I asked Xiao Wu to take Mingming to his house. Today. I have a video call with Mingming, and the director said, by the way, take a snapshot."
      "Oh." Mu Yun nodded leisurely: "Why am I sitting here?"
      " I am so handsome, it would be a waste not to film." The director stood outside and said: "It's just time to promote together."
      They talked, and the video was connected. What appeared on the screen was not Qiao Ran's son Mingming, but a strange little fat man who looked a bit like Qiao Ran's assistant Xiao Wu.
      The soft and cute little fat man picked up the video, froze for a moment, and then yelled: "Uncle, someone is calling you!"
      Xiao Wu's voice came from a place far away from the phone: "Help Uncle Take a look, who is calling?"
      The little fat man looked carefully on the screen for a moment, his eyes focused on Mu Yunxian, turned his head again, and yelled at the other side: "Your boss, and ...And that...the kid who eats!"
      "Puff." Qiao Ran, who was sitting next to Mu Yunxian, smiled.
      Xiao Wu on the other side of the video heard his nephew say that he would suffer if he eats a child, and he was thinking about how uncle the baby is usually treated you, why are you such a pitted uncle, and then hurriedly ran by, holding the stir-fry in his hand. Laozi, the director who was watching was wondering behind his back: "Qiao Ran, where did you find such a talent."
      Qiao Ran said that I don't know, and when Xiao Wu came in, he said, "Obviously, go Where is it?"
      "Dad, I'm here." In the video, a stern face came over again. A few-year-old child, even if he tried his best to stretch, it is not difficult to see that he is a little happy: "When are you here? Pick me up?"
      "I don't know what I can say. Now on the set, the director's grandfather has the final say. Would you like to ask him?" Qiao Ran said deliberately.
      "Okay." The child on the other side of the video pondered for a long time, and said, "Grandpa Director, please."
      "Oh, why is he so cute." The cameraman next to him smiled: "It's done, it must be done. "
      Father and son sticky ink for a while, Qiao Ran finally remembered, there was a Mu Yunxian sitting next to him, and quickly said, "Hurry up and say hello to Uncle Mu."
      His child was very vigilant: "After you say hello. Did he stop eating me?"
      "Yeah." Mu Yunxian said solemnly: "Uncle doesn't eat polite children."
      "That's all right, Uncle Mu, goodbye Uncle Mu." The child continued with his small face. Say.
      After speaking, there was a voice from the other end of the video, and another adult in the family asked them to eat. Qiao Ran ended the conversation by the way, and Xiao Wu had to say something else to them. When Xiao Wu's anxious face appeared in the video, Mu Yunxian finally spoke out.
      "A kid who eats?" He said with a faint smile: "I have such an image in my heart?"
      "Isn't this just right?" The director said, "There is a scene where a child is lost. Let Mu Yunxian take it leisurely. After walking for a few days, come back to make sure that the child feels."
      "..." Mu Yunxian had a sullen face and didn't intend to speak at all.
      When this episode was finished, Mu Yunxian asked Qiao Ran and him to step aside and said, "Huo Jiajia has decided to sue for divorce."
      "Huh?" Qiao Ran frowned first, his expression calmed down, and said: "Oh, I see."
      "Don't want to say something?" Mu Yunxian said with a smile.
      "There is nothing to say, the fate of the husband and wife is exhausted. Since she is unwilling to get together and get together, then she should do whatever she wants." Qiao Ran said.
      "Okay, I see." Mu YunXian lighted a cigarette and said: "You don't have to be the Virgin."

    "How come." Qiao Ran said.
      After getting a satisfactory answer, Mu Yunxian left.
      In fact, it was Huo Jiajia's party who decided to sue for divorce. It just kept putting news on it. The people on Mu Yunxian's side discussed it, and felt that Huo Jiajia was going crazy, even the traffic that she was obviously unreasonable would not let go. Due to poor acting skills and lack of luck, Huo Jiajia has been a little bit better than Qiao Ran in the past few years, but he has been on the decline.
      That time when Mu Yunxian bypassed the company and released evidence of her cheating, the internet was overwhelmingly mocking her, and even the new drama was affected a bit. At any rate, Qiao Ran went to make a movie and didn’t say anything. Her navy took control. When the situation was barely reversing, Mu Yunxian discovered it again.
      Who is Mu Yunxian, plus his employer's ten times the speed of his last mission, he has been in the entertainment circle for two lifetimes, and he still doesn't know what twists and turns in it.
      The truth is not important. It is important for the onlookers to believe what they say. The two parties were quarreling on the Internet, and the crowds who watched them couldn't stop watching. It was more exciting than chasing blockbuster movies. In the end, Qiao Ran's movie was about to be released, and the case was about to begin. She played an emotional card. Since the two broke the news, Qiao Ran never let her see the child again.
      Before Mu Yunxian could move, Director Liu was unhappy and said directly: "We have never received a call from her during the months of the crew."
      Seeing this, Mu Yunxian was very interested. After making a phone call, he suddenly thought of one thing, and the operation may be really amazing.
      Before the movie was released, the crew released a documentary cut during the filming process. The documentary is divided into three parts and is updated once a week. Said it is a documentary, in fact, it is cut more like a variety show, mainly because of the running-in process of the Qiao family and his son in the crew. Naturally, this includes the divorce issue of the couple who has recently become so hot.
      Many people went to see it for eating melons, but they didn’t expect to look at them, but the focus was off. They thought that Qiao Ran was so nice, and the child was so cute. What’s unexpected is that even the director attracted a wave of fans. Netizens said one after another that such a decent grandfather who is actually very caring on the surface is really cute.
      Of course, there are still people who have not forgotten the subject, and shouted on their own Weibo: "After watching the first episode, there is really nothing wrong with Huo Jiajia, from the top to the bottom, there is no one mentioning her."
      Wait until the first episode. The second episode is on, and the focus is even more biased-it actually falls on the assistant Xiao Wu and Mu Yunxian. The video call between the father and son was cut in. Mu Yunxian and Xiao Wu posted a hot search, and the boring crowd gave him a picture. They found a picture of Mu Yunxian smiling, with the following words: A smile of wanting to eat a child appeared.
      This unintentional enthusiasm has continued until the movie was released, and the quality of the movie itself did not disappoint the boring crowd. The box office reputation rose all the way, and Qiao Ran's attention was once close to the highest peak before marriage. The audience likes a person, and naturally, everything can be resolved. Their divorce lawsuit ended in Huo Jiajia's embarrassment. Everyone knows that she is over.
      People in their thirties are still living on hype, and even if they accidentally fry themselves, they want to come back and dream faster.
      Mu Yunxian's task was almost completed at this point, as long as his employer did not die in the future, there should be no major problems. With a masterpiece, it’s good to want to go to acting or take a forced line. As for the father-son relationship, it is temporarily restored, and the child has not left a knot on the issue of the parents’ divorce.
      He also deliberately stayed in this world for one more year. Quandang was after-sales. In this year, Qiao Ran made another high-profile movie. Although the box office was not high, the employer’s wish was only for acting, not for acting Red, the completion of the task indicates that the employer is really satisfied.
      A year later, Mu Yunxian left the world and at the same time learned what happened to his employer after he left. Afterward, he still focused on family, did not remarry, and the relationship with his son has been very good. The acting career has not been completely put down, and has embarked on the line of an actor, making about one film a year, mainly based on word of mouth, and if he is old, he will also be mixed with the name of the elders respected by the individual.
      After reading the memories of his life, Mu Yunxian couldn't help but smile as he focused on the two years when the two met. Qiao Ran actually thought of him that way.
      Fierce? Is he fierce?
    Kill that golden finger 1

      For Mu Yunxian, the difficulty of this task is not too great at all. He returned to his prison and checked the mobile phone given by the high school student. The personal information on the interface has become:
      [Mu Yunxian:
      Remaining life span: 5.8years   
    debt to be repaid: 989.0 years]
    By the way, Qiao Ran gave him two years of life as a tip.
      Mu Yunxian poked on the phone screen for a long time, really too lazy to go back to that world for vacation. In fact, there is no difference between a vacation and no vacation. With debts, it is not a pleasure to go anywhere.
      He was bored and turned around in the cell that was set up as his home. He heard the phone ring twice, opened it, and found that the app had sent him a new message.
      [Congratulations on your promotion to the second level, you can already take on the tasks that the employer has specially requested.]
      Seeing this message, he opened the app with great interest, and as expected, a lot of tasks have been added to the list of available tasks. He rummaged through it, and finally stopped on one of them, choosing to confirm.
      The employer of Mu Yunxian's third official mission was an ancient man named Wen Rui. Born in the family of Xiaofu, he is quite famous in the local area. It is a pity that the employer himself is not very motivated. His father was okay at the time, and he was suppressed and made a fame as a talent. When his father passed away, no one could control him, and he was completely idle.
      Although the employer himself is not very motivated, he is not a gangster who likes to make trouble. He takes good care of his family's property, which is enough for him to live a prosperous life. It's just that he will become Mu Yunxian's employer, which shows that things really won't be that simple.
      I don't know when, a talented man appeared in this city, all the way from Baishen to Juren, but it took four or five years. In addition, he is quite talented, and his poetry and essays have even been appreciated by the great scholars in Yuzhou City. Because there were still wives and children in the family who wanted to settle down, this talent did not participate in the test, but only released the news. He wanted to find a way to teach and wanted to make some money.
      Wen Rui's eldest son and second son were both at the age when they should be studying. Hearing this, he came to the door with a generous gift and invited the talented man into the house, but he unexpectedly recruited a thief.
      On the surface, this person is handsome and handsome, but in fact, he is a villain, not to mention that he has an affair with Wen Rui's concubine, and is still secretly seeking to seize his property. Without knowing it, the two people cooperated inside and outside, designing Wen Rui to half-dead. He sued Wen Rui to the yamen [police!] with a piece of complaint, accusing him of being rich and unkind, and treating his servants harshly. Lin Lin wrote a total of more than ten articles.
      Because of his name and the evidence forged by the insider, the Wen family was completely defeated.
      It's not over yet, this person still accepts Wen Rui's original concubine's room openly. Wen Rui watched the dog and the man mix oil with honey, gritted his teeth day and night, but they couldn't help but end up bitterly.
      As mentioned earlier, this is a task that employers have specifically requested. And this task is not ordinary, not only the employer has special requirements, but also the system. After reading the employer's information, the system made a beep and issued two prompts:
       [Mandatory additional task: Zhao Youcheng, the traverser, illegally carried the plug-in, please solve it. 】
      【Employer’s special requirements: first, revenge against Zhao Youcheng and Moraner; second, develop writers. Due to special requirements, the duration of this mission is twenty years, and the time consumed during the mission is not included in the remaining life. Note: After the task is completed, one-third of the remuneration will be collected as a handling fee.
      After reading these two tips, the scenery in front of Mu Yunxian suddenly changed, from the darkness to an antique room. He was lying on the bed, and the dawn was faintly visible outside the window.
      He thought about the news he had just seen, and found it quite interesting. The prompt of the system is a summary of the official language, and the employer’s original words are also below. The employer’s real requirement is, first, let the two slut who cheated him not die, and second, make his family richer and more powerful, but not too difficult to manage, otherwise, it will be bad for him to come back. do.
      Mu Yunxian thought, although this employer is a bit of a waste, it is rare to have self-knowledge. He knew what he wanted, he didn't want to be sorry for his ancestors, he wanted the Wen Family to develop in his hands, and he knew he couldn't do it, so he simply gave up his life span of 20 years and asked others to do it for him.
      It is necessary to be rich and powerful, but also to manage waste. It is a bit too demanding. For the sake of the task level, he will try his best to complete it.
      This time he completed the task on behalf of the employer himself. According to the time point in his memory, Zhao Youcheng has now arrived at his house and became the Xixi of his eldest and second son. Even the employer does not know when Zhao Youcheng and his concubine named Moran'er hooked up. And Mu Yunxian had to figure out a little bit, what exactly is Zhao Youcheng's plug-in.
      If judging from the memory of the employer, his plug-in should be something like data from the future. Zhao Youcheng's name comes from the few poems he wrote and his fame as a scholar. Recalling the few poems he wrote, Mu Yunxian happened to know that this was the work of some unknown poets.
      In fact, it is not well-known, but it will not be seen by most ordinary people in the future. The ability to spread to later generations already shows the level of poetry. But Mu Yunxian felt that the Zhao Youcheng in the employer's memory did not even read so much Xianxin.
      It was one thing to kill Zhao Youcheng, and Mu Yunxian wanted to get that plug-in. He thought this way, the sky was almost bright, the door creaked, and a maid in a light pink shirt came in and waited for him to put on his clothes.
      "What day is it today?" Mu Yunxian asked inadvertently while wearing clothes and looking at the sky outside the window.
      "What did the master say, what date?" The maid was stunned, and then suddenly realized: "Oh, you said that today is Aunt Lan's birthday, and the wife specially asked the servants to call Aunt Lan's family and let them meet. See you."
      Moran's birthday.
      Mu Yunxian chewed these words secretly in his heart. If he remembers correctly, the employer's memory has such a sentence. Moran'er cried to his employer, saying that the employer didn't care about her, she just didn't care if she married and entered the door. If on that day of her birthday, it would not be Zhao Youcheng who gave her flowers, but the employer, and the Wen family would not end up with that. Step field.
      Zhao Youcheng has been in Wen's house for less than a year, and the only birthday he has experienced is not today. No matter what angle he looks at, he would never leave Moran'er with something like this. If he catches a gangster today, that would be the best. If he can't, he will send Moran'er away. Anyway, it's in ancient times. It is not easy for him to send a concubine room.
      "This way, I forgot." Mu Yunxian chuckled softly: "Wait until noon, ask you to put the car on, I'll buy her a golden hairpin... You women, what else do you have recently? Something new?"
      "The master remembers her in his heart. It is her blessing. There is nothing to be fussy about." The pink girl smiled and said, "Aunt Lan is blessed. The old ladies in the family are all generous people. How can a concubine in the family live like this."
      This maid is the dowry girl of the employer's regular wife, and she is married to the employer's little servant. She has a face in front of them and speaks casually.
      Mu Yunxian humbled and said: "Yes, my wife is too generous." Speaking of which, the employer's wife, in addition to being a little cold and arrogant on the surface, is actually a good person, at least she has never treated Moran'er wrongly, so talented. It is more difficult to accept, why does she hate the couple to such a degree.
      He was talking, washed, and went to have breakfast. A few of their children over there also came. The employer is young and has three children, two boys, and one girl, two boys are older, the eldest son is a prostitute and the second son is a concubine, just the same age, only a few months away, the concubine’s biological mother gave birth to him It’s time to go, and I’ve been raising with the eldest son. The two brothers have a good relationship. As for the girl, she’s just over two years old and she’s still a neat age. When she sees her father coming over, her eyes shine, yeah, yeah. I want my father to hold me.
      Mu Yunxian took her over and sat in one place, watching that the little brothers were scolded by the employer's wife Wen. After listening to it for a while, I understood. The two brothers quarreled in the morning because the elder son forgot to do the same homework yesterday, but the younger son didn’t remind him. The two were scolded together.
      Mu Yunxian has the memory of his employer, and he really has a bit of affection for these three children. Seeing this, he stopped Wen with a smile: "What a big child, it's a big deal to quarrel, you have to scold them like that."
      Wen didn't have a good temper: "The master usually has to do big things. How can he take care of their brothers? Naturally, he has a good temper. The concubine faces the two mud monkeys every day, and the good temper is gone."
      "Then you rest. , I’ll ask him.” Mu Yun said idly: “Boss [eldest son], first, tell me what is going on?”
      “Mr. I went out when I was assigning homework. I didn’t hear a bit. He heard everything, so he just didn’t tell me "The boss said aggrievedly.
      "Who said that, you obviously came in with your husband's front and back feet." The second child was not convinced.
      Wen heard that there was something wrong, and said sternly: "When I don't know, your husband is always assigning homework when class is over. Why do you have to show respect at this time?"
      "No..." The boss rushed to retort: "It was at that time. Aunt Lan came and asked his husband [teacher] to go out and have a long conversation, and I couldn't help it before going out."
      Wen's face changed immediately upon hearing this. Moran'er had no children. As the concubine of the host, she went to find a husband hired from outside to do. So the tone immediately increased by three points: "Is it possible to say nonsense?"
      "He...he didn't say nonsense." The second gang brother argued: "It is true."
      After hearing the two brothers vowed, Wen also took it. Not allowed. Seeing this, Mu Yunxian smiled and sent the two children away.
      He was just thinking about how to deal with the relationship with the employer's family. Wen's position in the hearts of employers is extremely high, and the husband and wife have a good relationship, and Mu Yunxian is unwilling to easily destroy this relationship. But if the employer's carelessness is completely expressed, some things will be unnatural to do, for fear that Wen will become suspicious.
      The innocence of these two children gave him a reason. Wen is a very well-mannered person, she won't let this matter lightly, he just needs to push the boat along the water.
      Moran'er is not a difficult problem to solve. It can be solved today. Why delay until tomorrow?
    Kill that golden finger 2

      The family had eaten breakfast and sent the children away, and Mu Yunxian also tried to leave, and he was stopped by Wen as expected.
      "Master, Aunt Lan..." Wen hesitated.
      "You can take care of it." Mu Yunxian pretended not to care, and said: "Maybe she is going to find Mr. Zhao. What is the important thing?"
      Wen said displeased: "You are following the big and small things at home. If you don’t care, if you take care of it, can it tire you?"
      Now Mu Yunxian was happy, he returned to the table, pretending to be displeased: "Why is there such a fuss?"
      Wen said angrily. Face.
      "If you don't believe me, I'll find someone to stare at them for a while. Is this the head office?"
      Wen said, "It's like a concubine is forcing you."
      Mu Yunxian achieved his goal, he was happy in his heart, and on the surface, he still pretended to be a concubine. Behaved indifferently, and walked out.
      Expecting that Wen must be extremely concerned about this matter, Mu Yunxian just left it alone. Find the accountant and check the current assets of the Wen family in preparation for the employer’s second wish to make the Wen family more powerful.
      After turning over the whole morning for a whole noon, Mu Yunxian didn't even have food to eat, Mu Yunxian felt a sense of measure, and heard the next person say that his wife called him, and he knew that the two of them should have been caught.
      The employer put him at this point in time, really... wonderful.
      When he arrived, Wen was sitting, her face was pale, and Moran'er knelt on the ground, crying with rain from pear blossoms. Zhao Youcheng stood aside, his face was extremely cold, and there was a hint of anger in his expression.
      Mu Yunxian knew it, and he was right.
      This Zhao Youcheng is a small-minded and narrow-minded villain. It is obvious that he has done a very serious scandal. He was caught on the spot by the host, but he acted as if the host made a fuss.
      For this class, he can only bear the people of the world, not the people of the world. Originally, Mu Yunxian only intended to get the golden finger and kill him, so he had to think about it now, and what he would do to get the employer's high appraisal.
      "Call me here in a hurry, what's wrong?" Mu Yunxian took out the acting skills of his last employer, Qiao Ran, acting as if he didn't know it at all, and said in astonishment: "Brother Zhao, this...this What?"
      "You let him speak for himself." Wen snorted coldly.
      "I just saw that the flower blooms well, so I folded one and gave it to my sister-in-law. How can it be like this?" Zhao Youcheng flicked his sleeve and said, "If you can't believe me, then don't pass it."
      He was about to leave, but don't Mu Yunxian grabbing it: "I haven't said it clearly yet. Why are you worried?"
      The moment Mu Yunxian approached him, a voice rang in his mind: "The Intelligent Library of Ten Thousand Realms: Level 0 (damaged state). You can copy the item for one year. After the item body is handed in, you can keep the copy."
      Mu Yunxian narrowed his eyes lightly and said: "Copy."
      "It takes three hours to copy, and the distance between you and the props cannot exceed one hundred meters."
      This is temporarily impossible to copy, but he has other ways. With a calm expression on his face, he asked Wen, "Aren't you looking for someone to follow them, people?"
      A smart little maid came in outside, blushing, and suddenly said: "The slave maid...The slave maid saw it with my own eyes..."
      " See what, say!" Wen said angrily: "They are the ones who did the ugly thing, but not you, they are not afraid of shame, what are you shy?"
      "The servant girl saw... the servant girl saw... Mr. Zhao and Aunt Lan kissed each other. That's it!" The little girl whispered.
      Hearing this, Mu Yunxian showed just the right amount of anger on his face, and the strength in his hand increased a little. Zhao Youcheng originally wanted to shake Mu Yunxian's hand away, but Mu Yunxian's strength was so great that he couldn't get rid of it, so he had to say: "Brother Wen, I respect this lady as your married wife, so I will have a good time with you. Make sense. This maid is a lady, how can she take it seriously? Who can't tell during this time in the house? Madam is obviously jealous of Aunt Lan! Such a jealous woman, I advise you to take a break soon!"
      Wen became angrier and angrier but said nothing. Hearing what he said, Mu Yunxian laughed instead: "Who told you? She?" Mu Yunxian pointed to Moran'er who was kneeling on the ground and said, "My wife has a son and a daughter for me. Beloved by the mansion, how can you be jealous of a concubine?"
      His expression suddenly changed: "Come on, lock him up for me!"
       " dare you?" Zhao Youcheng said anxiously.
      "Why don't I dare." Mu Yunxian said softly.
      He didn't plan to shut down Zhao Youcheng for how long, just three hours, let him copy the plug-in, and this person can leave. Guan will not work for a long time. It spreads out that he was detained because he was detained as an adulterer. Don't say others, believe it or not, just say that someone believes it. There is no evidence. The government doesn't believe him.
      Zhao Youcheng was locked up next door, and Mu Yunxian let the replication plug-in system start running, and then said to Wen, "You go out first."
      Wen was stunned.
      "You don't need to go out, I'll just say it." He turned and sat down in another chair, and asked Moraner softly, "Why are you doing this?"
      This is also a question that employers have been puzzled by. The employer has three concubines. Except for the one who died in childbirth, Moraner is the more favored of the remaining two. Speaking of grievances, Wen, who is a regular wife, is more aggrieved than her.
      Moran'er cried: "I didn' the little girl who just talked to is clearly her wife's person, why do you only believe her but not me?"
      "Because I have a brain." Mu Yunxian was not at all caught by her. Impressed, said: "You have been in the door for several years, and now you still treat me as a fool."
      Moran'er wouldn't think so, so her crying stopped.
      "After all, I am satisfied with what you want to say, and I will send you to him as a concubine. If what you say makes me dissatisfied, I don't know what to do with you." Mu Yunxian said: "At home, It's not a big deal to raise more idlers, but this idler can't always enjoy the blessings of his wife."
      "Concubine...just for a moment of freshness..." Moran'er quietly raised her head and glanced at Mu Yunxian's face. Obviously, her face was the same as the person on the pillow who had always treated her tenderly and caringly, but she couldn't help but tremble.
      "Go on, there's more." Mu Yunxian said idly: "Send someone to find her room and bring her belongings."
      A group of people didn't know what Mu Yunxian was going to do. When they got the things, Mu Yunxian said. YunXian said slowly and rationally: "Let's talk about it. I can't tolerate you in my mansion anymore. If you want to make me happy, I will show mercy and ask you to take these things away."
      As he said, he opened the box. At the bottom is a stack of silver tickets. Mu Yunxian drew out the silver ticket, called the next person to come over, and each person assigned one. In the end, he stared at the next person for a while, and said, "Does your family have a dog?"
      The next person is silly. Nodding stupidly, Mu Yunxian said: "I'll give you one more."
      When the banknotes are finished, Mu Yunxian wants to divide the jewelry again. At this time, Moran'er is already full of resentment.
      "Who do you show to me like this!" She stopped crying or knelt anymore, stood up, and sneered: "I have been different from her since I entered this door!"
      Moran'er was referring to Wen. Mu Yunxian didn't take her madness to heart at all, and said indifferently: "She is a wife, you are a concubine, of course, you are different, you are just a plaything."
      Moran'er said: "From the moment I remember, I will be fine. Raise yourself, try to make yourself different from those crazy girls, learn piano, chess, calligraphy, calligraphy, poetry, and song, how much pain I have suffered, why can I treat me like this?"
      "How do I treat you?" Mu Yunxian said Shi's expression coincided with the employer: "How do I remember that you personally agreed to be a concubine. At first, your mother was reluctant to agree, but you persuaded her. You really don't know what it is like to be a concubine?"
      "He is different." Moran'er said: "Even if he is a concubine, he will love and protect me, how can he be like you."
      "No, no, no." Mu Yunxian's mood completely stabilized, and he smiled. "He is really the same."
      Looking at him coldly, isn't Zhao Youcheng just a reserve of Long Aotian, a traverser with gold fingers, who is merciful everywhere, and if anyone offends him, he will report it and ruin others. Speaking of Long Aotian, Mu Yunxian has the most say--he came out of Long Aotian's harem.
      He couldn't help but sympathize with the idiot a little, took out some silver from his wallet, put it back into the box, called a servant to come over, and gave the box to her.
      "You can send her to Zhao Youcheng to get married." Mu Yunxian shook his head and said, "Today is your birthday. I was planning to ask someone to bring your parents and brother to meet you. It is unnecessary now."
      Moran'er After staying for a moment, she left without looking back.
      Wen never said a word. After Moran'er left, she called a maid next to her and ordered a few words.
      "What did you say?" Mu Yunxian asked with a smile.
      "But let them telling the truth." Wen's still felt puzzled air, and said: "cheap her!"
      Mu Yunxian's ultimate goal is to retaliate against them, not to do anything else, so he is very satisfied with the current situation.
      He did it, not necessarily worse than Moran's tossing her by himself.
      Before Zhao Youcheng came to wear it, the Zhao family was the poorest family in the village, and his family members were notorious rascals. Such as his grandma. There is nothing you are not afraid of.
      I mentioned earlier that the reason why Zhao Youcheng did not go to the imperial examination was to settle his wife and children. Yes, he had a wife, and he was the daughter of a butcher in his village. On the surface, she looked gentle and virtuous, comparable to Mu Yunxian’s first mission. The mother in Li, in fact, she is much more ferocious than Mu Yunxian's Little White Lotus.
      Especially during the time when Zhao Youcheng came out, because of the rising status, the women around Zhao Youcheng have never been cut off, and the pseudo-white lotus has been irritated. When someone really came to the door, the fake white lotus couldn't sit still.
      Neighbors were talking quietly in a place where their family could not see.
      "Where did Zhao Juren get the Shui Lingling daughter-in-law?"
      "Don't you know? Isn't this the Wen family's Aunt Lan... Zhao Juren has been working as a husband in their house for the past few months. I lost it, and brought back my aunt. Why do you think?"
      Rumors and rumors are enough for Moran to drink a pot. In addition, at home, she and Zhao Youcheng's original partner, the pseudo-white lotus, fought like a black-eyed chicken, and had to suffer from Zhao Youcheng's old wife and grandmother. Although they were vulgar, they still look down on Moran's so self-conscious The lowly women have a mentality. Who is their son? How can Moraner be worthy of serving him?
      Within a few months, the originally delicate orchids were ground into leeks. Zhao Youcheng cost to see how beautiful she was, and how pity she was at the beginning. After a while, Moran'er was not as beautiful as before, and all the coquettish complaints in her mouth turned into bitter women's nagging, he was too lazy to care about Moran.
      If Moran'er came again, he should remember the humiliating days in Wen Mansion.
      Mu Yunxian released him after only three hours of detention. He didn't have any injuries on his body, and he couldn't sue him if he wanted to sue him, let alone scream that he would be accused of sleeping with someone else’s little wife. The home is cleaned up.
      It's shameful.
      However, he doesn't say it doesn't mean that others don't know. He left Moran'er and there was a whisper around him. Adding Mu Yunxian to push the boat along the river, his situation is even worse, and the romantic talents are at stake.
      Mu Yunxian was happy to watch the fun, but Wen was not very happy. She was an out-and-out ancient woman, and she was so happy listening to her husband being talked about every day. After thinking about it, she asked her maid to find a housekeeper in the house, gave a few orders, and waited to see the joke.
      The Ding family found Moran'er and said a few words to her, roughly what Wen meant, and told her to leave as soon as possible, so don't be embarrassing to the Wen family here. If she is willing to go, Wen can give her some more money.
      At this time, Moran'er was nearly collapsed by the Zhao family. She was optimistic about Zhao Youcheng, and she felt that he would definitely become a high official in the future, and it would be better to be a concubine for him than for Mu Yunxian, a rich man in the small city. But now, Zhao Youcheng is tired of her, and there is no hope when she will become a high official. Every day's life is like in hell, and her life is miserable.
      She did not think much about it, and agreed to what Jiading said. Before leaving, she quietly pried open the Zhao family's grandma's box, rolled up the money inside, and ran without a trace in the night.
      Money is second, but Zhao Youcheng's achievements have become a laughing stock now. Anyone who sees him has a subtle expression on his face, and even the noble classmates are reluctant to associate with him. Once he went to a poetry meeting, three or five people saw him and immediately became unhappy, got up and said goodbye to the master, making him really embarrassed. Even the great scholar who was far away in Yuzhou City, who had a good impression of him, wrote a letter specifically asking him to cherish his feathers, respect and love himself, and the weight of his words made him flush with his ears.
      He really couldn't stay in this small city, so he decided to go directly to the capital and wait for the imperial examination in the spring of next year. When he arrived in a strange place, no one knew what had happened to him, and he was a hero again.
      When Mu Yunxian received the news that Zhao Youcheng's family moved to the capital, he was inverting his playbook and murmured: "He is too cooperative too, this is just right for me to play. "
      The person sitting next to him asked, "What did Brother Wen say?"
      Mu Yunxian pretended to regret: "It's just a pity for Brother Zhao. He is so talented, how can he not understand the truth? Just gossip, don’t hurt your muscles, how can he care about this, running away is not the work of a hero."
      The friend of the dog and dog next to him said with great approval: "It is extremely, extremely."
      Hearing this, Mu YunXian acted vigorously and said, "Yes, it's just a concubine room. If Brother Zhao wants it, I'll give him it off. For a woman, why is this!"
      "Yes, yes!" Hu Penggouyouyi Patting his thigh: "Add this sentence, add this sentence!"
      So Mu Yunxian bowed his head and wrote quickly.
      A task of revenge has been put on hold for now, and he is now thinking of a way to complete the second task. Employers are not greedy, not only for profit but also for fame. Mu Yunxian decided to start thinking of a solution from his old profession, the entertainment industry.
      He wrote a new script and showed it to a circle of friends, friends, and friends. Everyone said it was okay, and even spread it out. The famous actor recommended himself and wanted to play this script. Mu Yunxian pretended that he couldn't stand his pleading, only to say that the playbook hadn't been completely finished, and he had to wait for him to repair it before he could play it. For a while, the literati and ink guests in his small town were in an endless stream.
      This is what Mu Yunxian thinks. The ancient actor was inferior and could not be close to his name, but the literati who wrote the book for the troupe weren't it. He took out a good playbook, let the famous actors play, and hit the popularity, and his family opened the printing shop by the way.
      When the play is really popular, he can go out around. The cheap ones have any bookmarks, small wooden ornaments, and the more expensive ones are a complete set of books. He signs a name on it and lets the famous actors who acted in the play sign another. , How fast is the money.
      As for the easy-to-handle issue raised by the employer, Mu Yunxian also considered it. He focused on his employer's three children. The employer doesn't know where it is. He is not good at teaching. Are these three kids not good at teaching? One of the three children will always be successful. When the time comes, the employer will squat behind and become his grandfather. He doesn't care about it, let alone the difficulty.
      He only needs to lie on the reputation that Mu Yunxian has made, sitting and counting money and waiting for praise. If Mu Yunxian is happy, he can ghostwrite and leave him two more sets of scripts to ensure that he will not wear help for the rest of his life.
      While he was making waves here, he did not forget Zhao Youcheng who was far away in the capital. Chunwei is in March, and it is now November. It is said that Zhao Youcheng has regained his status as a talented scholar there, and he is equally good, and he has become more and more courageous. Mu Yunxian has read a poem written for him, and has gone from plagiarizing an unknown poet to a popular one. The famous poet too.
      "Pharaoh." In the newly opened printing shop, Mu Yunxian gave him a booklet: "Just go and print this in three hundred copies. Don't spread it out. This is what I will give when I come to Beijing next year. Human use."
      In that booklet, the "Poems by Zhao Youcheng" was printed, including the ones he had read and the ones he hadn't read. Who is not a traverser yet?
    Kill that golden finger 3

      During the period of running the Wenjia, Mu Yunxian researched by the way how to use the new plug-in he had just acquired.
      After a few tossing, he didn't find it interesting anymore.
      This thing is worthy of being a level 0 damaged plug-in that can be exchanged for a year's life. It is basically a hard disk with a relatively large capacity. You can't search for data yet and you need to import it yourself. Zhao Youcheng had imported the books he had read in his previous life, and Mu Yunxian spent a few days importing the text data from the three parallel worlds he had visited, and the plug-in was actually upgraded.
      [The Library of Ten Thousand Worlds is starting...]
      [Your current identity is an intern administrator, you can view 60% of the materials in the library, by importing books and repairing the library, you can get experience points and have higher permission. 】
      Mu Yunxian checked the permissions he currently has, most of the functions are grayed out, only two keys are lit, namely [View] and [Print]. In the viewing section, all the books he imported can be viewed. The books imported by Zhao Youcheng are classified, and he can only view 60% of the books specified by the library.
      As for the printing function...
      Mu Yunxian tried it. The paper is provided by the library, which is the common A4 paper in later generations. Some options in the print settings cannot be selected due to insufficient permissions, but it does not matter to Mu Yunxian.
      He chose Times New Roman, printed out a few sheets of paper, folded them, and put them away.
      At the beginning of July, Mu Yunxian handed in the manuscript to the celebrity actor and his troupe, and they lined up for more than a month before performing. As he expected, the play quickly became popular.
      Each dynasty has its own popular things. In this overhead dynasty, poems and songs dominate, and drama is not very valued-but that does not mean that not many people watch it. Mu Yunxian’s plays are not very good, he is taking advantage of standing on the shoulders of giants-he lives in an era where film and television dramas are the main entertainment method, and he was still a leader in this industry for a lifetime. He doesn't dare to brag about his writing skills or accomplishments, but his mastery and understanding of rhythm, coolness, and understanding are far superior to those in this world. These are things that are quite mature in later generations.
      So it's not surprising that this drama has gone viral. The actor in Yuzhou City has more dividends from the play. I heard that a nobleman in the capital also made a special trip to pick him up and went to Beijing to sing a play. When he returned home in fine clothes, he even came to Mu Yunxian especially.
      "There is an adult in Beijing, I want to see you." The horn raised his eyebrows, and there was a spring breeze inside: "You go, listen to the meaning of the words, but that adult wants to see you. There are some people beside you, I've been waiting to see you."
      Mu Yunxian naturally agreed. This is why he wants to go to the capital.
      His small city is not far from the capital, and it will take half a month to hurry up. It is almost the New Year now. He has discussed with the celebrities and set the time after the new year.
      Just after the fifteenth, Mu Yunxian took the batch of 300 pamphlets printed out urgently and set off on the road.
      The booklet is to be given to the distinguished guests after the performance is finished. This is not only related to Zhao Youcheng, but also Mu Yunxian's first attempt at his surrounding plans. The booklet is first printed with lines that are highly sung in the drama, accompanied by exquisite illustrations, and at the end, there are commentaries and poems written by various talents, with Mu Yunxian's private goods sandwiched in the middle.
      Zhao Youcheng copied many of your poems, and Mu Yunxian chose a few of those he hadn't copied and printed them. Signed, naturally, you can't write Zhao Youcheng, whoever is the original, write his name on it.
      March of this year is the spring season, and there are less than two months left, and there are especially many talented people in the capital. After half a year of Mu Yunxian's play, he still said it was very popular. Especially when the famous actors who sang the play first came to perform, it was full of scenes. He controlled the quantity and handed out the pamphlet every time.
      So the brochure became popular. The root cause lies in the few poems that Mu Yunxian picked up, which are well-known in later generations. In addition, Mu Yunxian's popular play helped to promote it, and for a while, where to go in the huge capital. You can hear someone chanting two sentences.
      Thanks to this pamphlet, the senior official who said that he wanted to meet Mu Yunxian last year also remembered his name. Mu Yunxian made a special trip to hand over the post when he was free, but the senior official forgot his number and was turned away.
      Following the servants of the high-ranking official's house, Mu YunXian entered his house, and after saluting, sat down pretending to be anxious.
      Looking at the high-ranking official's face, he exchanged a few words with him, and then cut to the main topic: "In this book of you, there are a few poems that fit this official's heart. I would take the liberty to ask, where is the person who wrote the poem? Now Where is it?"
      Mu Yunxian said in his heart, Li Bai and Du Fu are all people from another plane a thousand years ago. If you want to see him, you may have to cross time in addition to space. But on the surface, he still tremblingly said: "This...I don't know."
      "Oh?" The senior official said strangely: "This is unreasonable."
      "Actually... I got it from a fellow Zhao Juren in my hometown ." "Mu Yunxian said leisurely: "This Zhao Ju's name is Zhao Youcheng. He used to be a dog Xixi. Later, he left my house for some reason. I found this poem from the debris left by him. It was only because of greed for a while. After it was printed in the book, the shamelessness was taken as Zhao Juren’s comment on the play. It shouldn’t be counted. I didn’t dare to deceive adults.”
      The senior official was even more surprised: “Since you said it was Zhao Juren’s poem, why didn’t you write his name?”
      Mu Yun said in a daze, "The paper he left behind is the names of these people, not him!"
      "But you don't know that the boldness in this poem is the same as that of Zhao Youcheng..." The senior official read a few words, but still didn't want to talk to Mu Yunxian, but said: "Could you lend me those pieces of paper for a look?"
      Mu Yunxian nodded and said yes.
      After the senior officials got those A4 papers, Mu Yunxian knew that his plan was half successful.
      The ancients knew that a young child carrying gold bricks through the downtown area is tantamount to seeking his own death. Zhao Youcheng's weak foundation is much weaker than the young child in the eyes of these high-ranking officials and nobles, and the poems he wrote down are more than a hundred times more valuable than gold.
      Usually, he was given a golden finger, and no one else doubted why he could write these poems, until Mu Yunxian tore off his painted skin, what the high officials and nobles wanted to do was not under Mu Yunxian's control.
      The employer's idea was too general, but Zhao Youcheng was punished, and there was no charter for how to do it. Mu Yunxian's approach is to directly erase Zhao Youcheng's future. After the truth was revealed, it was impossible for anyone to let a thief into the court hall and seal the minister.
      Considering that this adult might be fascinated by fame, Mu Yunxian helped Zhao Youcheng to cover up in private, and then quietly told other dignitaries that his poems were from the few white and clean ones that Zhao Youcheng left in his house. After copying it off, I went home contentedly.
      He didn't know that he was saving the abdomen of a gentleman with the heart of a villain. After the senior officials read these pieces of paper, they were finally presented to the emperor's case. The emperor read the poem printed in Simplified Song typeface several times and laughed in anger: "What a literary thief." Zhao Youcheng disappeared into this world before he could accept people's doubts when the pamphlet became popular in Beijing. on. Locked in the dungeon by the emperor, he wrote silently every day that life was better than death. After a few years, he did not resist because of a cold and wind illness.
      Mu Yunxian went back to the literary home, feeling that he had found another way and had successfully fulfilled the host's wish. However, he didn't want to waste the twenty-year condition given by the employer. He was worried. After looking through the copy of the cheat sheet, he had another idea.
      Zhao Youcheng's knowledge includes not only famous poetry, but also a lot of knowledge related to mathematics and science. It's a shame not to use it.
      Of course, Mu Yunxian would not be as reckless as Zhao Youcheng. He had to find a way to achieve both fame and fortune without being eye-catching.
    Golden Finger Chapter

      In the cold spring, the weather is particularly cold. People in Taiping Town are constantly coming and going.
      An elder brother in brocade clothes stood on the side of the road, watching his panting servant come back, squinting his eyes, and knocking his head with a fan: "I haven't found a place to live?"
      The young man grimaced. Said: "I'm coming to Taiping Town at this time, where can you find a place to live?"
      The son sighed.
      The young man said again: "You can just state your identity...The Wen family still has to vacate the main courtyard?"
      "Go away." The son-in-law refused him without hesitation: "Am I the one who suppresses others with power?"
      "The two talked and walked forward. There is a magnificent building in front, called Wanjie Library, with four floors high, and a plaque hanging on the door: There is no level of learning, and it is said that it was written by Wen Ruiwen.
      This Wen Rui is the name of Mu Yunxian's employer this time.
      Twenty years later, Wanjie Library has been renovated several times, and only the plaque is the same one that year.
      After Mr. Wen's drama was an instant hit, he returned home from the beautiful scenery of the capital, but he did not, as the world expected, made a few more copies while the iron was hot, and instead set up his own business.
      The Wen family was originally in the fabric business, and there are some fields, plus the newly opened printing shop, all food, and clothing come from here. After returning home, Mr. Wen had a whim and felt that his weaving machine could be improved, so he asked the next to study it. After two years, he finally came up with a new loom, which was as efficient as before. As a result, the literary family became famous and wealthy in the local area.
      From here, Mr. Wen tasted the sweetness, and spent a lot of money, and invited many famous craftsmen from all over to study various machinery. In addition, he also built a school for craftsmen to study, and the people who were willing to study it were collected in it. Later, most of the popular utensils in the name of the Wen clan came from this school.
      In the beginning, people thought he was crazy because he was addicted to kinky skills, but unexpectedly, the things he researched out were so useful that they could compete with each other. Without them, he couldn't make a living.
      Literary scholars rely on various research results to madly attract money, and naturally, there are many people watching. However, Mr. Wen didn't cover it tightly as others thought. Instead, he put a batch of drawings and materials of the newly developed things in the store for others to look at.
      Others were puzzled and asked why, Mr. Wen just smiled and said: "This thing is derived from the wisdom of the people, and the results obtained should benefit all the people. There is no secret of hiding."
      This word spread, and the world admires it. In addition, watching the literary family make money, there is no eagerness. For a while, the ranks of the scholars, farmers, businessmen, and commerce have dropped all of them, and they all pursued the craftsmen. They only hope to invent something, like the literary family.
      Although they know the research, Wen Jia is still ahead of everyone in this area. Mr. Wen also gave out a sum of money every year to give craftsmen who have ideas, and only need to submit a note, and he can get a sum of money if he can convince the Wen family.
      Seeing the popularity of research in the world, Mr. Wen simply built a library in his hometown, which contained the research results of the writers over the years. This is the embryonic form of the Wanjie Library.
      Over the past two decades, the status of craftsmen has been raised higher and higher, and the status of the bookstore of Wenjia has also become more important. Every spring and March, the literati will hold a summary and exchange meeting. In addition to the research results of the literati, everyone from all over the world will come here to show it. For many people, this is the most important day of the year. Young people come here at this time. I can't find a place to live.
      The son-in-law brought the young man to the front of the Wanjie Library. The gatekeeper stopped them and asked, "Is there any evidence?"
      The young man hurriedly handed over a jade pendant. The gatekeeper looked at it and said, "You can see, you can transcribe, but Don't take the original away, please be aware of it."
      The son took the young man in, and as soon as he entered, he saw people coming and going inside, it was so lively. This young man just thought about it, but didn't expect to see what to see. He just wandered around the library. When he arrived in the backyard, he saw a group of people coming and going, building a table, and he knew that this was the exchange meeting in the next few days. Where it is. Before I could watch the excitement, I was discovered.
      "This son, please don't stay here, things are messy here, don't hurt you." Although the man was polite, he still invited him away without refusal.
      When he got outside, many people looked at him with contempt, and humanely said, "I clearly set up a sign, don't you know how to read it? In the Wanjie Library, it is actually such trouble."
      The little servant was unhappy. I wanted to argue with them, but was stopped by the son, shook his head, and smiled: "We are at fault, and we should have been told."
      Xiao Si was nothing more than that and said: "The second prince is a noble prince, how can they be allowed to be presumptuous. "
      The son, the second prince, said: "But you don't know that in this Ten Thousand Realms Library, the highest status is Mr. Wen, who can't tolerate any offense."
      Xiao Si looked over and whispered. Asked: "You said that the person who exposed visitors from another world back then was Mr. Wen. How did he know that he did not write his own articles? Would Mr. Wen himself have some problems?"
      "Who knows." The second prince took the little boy out of the Ten Thousand Worlds Library, and said, "Why don't you ask him?"
      The little boy shook his head hurriedly and muttered, "I think again, I don't think it is. I want me to have that kind of baby, myself. It’s too late to hide, how can I be so generous."
      "I am him, and I will do the same." The second prince shook his fan and said, "You see, twenty years ago, when the world did not pay much attention to science, everyone was in his pocket. There are only ten copper plates. No matter how attractive he holds the treasure, he can only earn these ten copper plates. Now, he is leading the world to study and study, and life is not only a little better than twenty years ago, everyone in his pocket There is one hundred copper plates now. If you make money again, wouldn't it be much easier than before?"
      "What are 10 copper plates and 20 copper plates, the small ones don't understand." Xiao Si said.
      "This is where he is great, you pig-headed, you can understand what." said the second prince.
      While they were talking, someone hurriedly came from the end of the path, the eldest son of the Wen family, and the head of the Wen family now. The legendary Mr. Wen has ignored mundane affairs.
      When Prince Wen saw the second prince, he bowed: "See the second prince."
      "You don't need to be polite." The second prince smiled: "I didn't want to disturb, I took the liberty."
      Prince Wen said hurriedly that he would not, and asked him to go to his home. The second prince came this time, with the idea of seeing Mr. Wen on the side, he heard the words and asked, "Does Mr. Wen have free time?"
      " Yes ." Prince Wen said with a smile: "My father has written something new in the past few days. You can just watch the drama together."
      "Oh?" The second prince's eyes lit up: "Mr. Wen has another new work, that's great."
      Mr. Wen's drama, but his reputation has not lost his commercial achievements.
      The second prince followed Master Wen to Wen's house, met with Mr. Wen himself, and was invited to participate in the exchange meeting a few days later.
      At the end of the exchange meeting, there was a surging crowd in Taiping Town. Many people did not leave, but were still on the street. This is the normal process after the exchange meeting, but I can't see Mr. Wen himself, and I want to find something related to Mr. Wen to take home as a memorial.
      The young man asked him: "Do you want to buy some?"
      The second prince smiled inexplicably and ignored the stupid question of his attendant.
      After the eldest son of the Wen family took him to see Mr. Wen that day, he vaguely felt that this person was not the 'Mr. Wen' he was looking for. On the contrary, a tablet enshrined by the Wen family with the three characters Mu Yunxian caught his attention.
      The mystery continued until he became the throne, and when he saw Mr. Wen again, the second prince, who was already the emperor, stepped back and asked this question.
      "Who is Mu Yunxian?"
      After receiving the answer, the new emperor was lost.
      No one knows what they said at the time, and no one knows why the emperor had seen Wen Rui twice, but always said that he did not see Mr. Wen, which is a great regret in this life.
      Those who study the history of the literary school also don't know who this Mu Yunxian is.
      The long river of history flows, hidden under the waves, and there are certain things that are destined to find no trace.
    Phoenix male and best relatives 1

      Having lost the chance to go down in history, to be frank, Mu Yunxian didn't really care that much.
      Anyway, he won't go to that world for the second time, because this time it is a special mission and has no lifetime as a prize.
      After an addiction to upgrading streaming games, Mu Yunxian felt much calmer. After I came back, I looked at the tasks and felt that the next task would be simpler and relax.
      So this time he chose a task with a modern background. The employer was born in a small citizen's family, with both parents and a younger sister. The reason for becoming his employer was family conflicts, a tragedy magnified by trivial matters.
      In current words, the employer's father is a Phoenix man, which means that the whole village is pointed at him by one person. The most memory of the brothers and sisters when they were two children is that a group of relatives ran into the house to make a fuss, eat, drink, and stay overnight, which made the employer and sister's rooms often occupied. After the relatives left, the contents inside were messed up and broken. There are not a few that are missing.
      His mother is not
      indifferent. He just said, "This is my relative, what do you want me to do?" He just said, "This is my relative, what do you want me to do?" With their two siblings, the divorce is even more unclear.
      In fact, apart from this, the relationship between the two brothers and the father is pretty good. When the employer grows up, he becomes a very assertive person. If he persuades him again, maybe his father will listen. It's just that God didn't give them this opportunity. Something happened before his father changed his evil spirits.
      His father was seriously ill, and before that, they had just loaned hundreds of thousands of yuan to relatives. His house couldn't open for a while, so he called to ask for it, but he hung up the phone after hesitating a few words. When they pieced together and collected some money, things finally got better. A relative came over and sat with a carton of milk for two hours, and his father was almost dying.
      Hearing what his mother said, the employer almost carried it back in anger. It was a fake that the relative came to visit the sick, and the gossip was true. I heard the relative who borrowed the money at the wine table saying that his father's illness was not cured at first sight, and he just didn't have to pay back the money when he died.
      His mother cried and said that those white-eyed wolves had harmed his dad all his life.
      As the relative said, his dad's illness really had no hope of cure. He stumbled and stayed in the hospital for a few years, but it was still gone. The employer once wondered whether his father could live a few more years if no one spread the gossip and his condition did not get worse.
      So Mu Yunxian came. When he came, his employer was just in his sophomore year and his younger sister was a freshman, and nothing happened yet. It happened to be summer vacation. His mother, who had stopped with his employer early in the morning, called him outside, saying that there were relatives who were coming, and he was coming for a trip. He would stay at their home for a few days and let him clean up.
      It just so happened that the relatives who came here were the gossips. Every time they counted them the most toss. And there was no reason why he came to this point in time. This time, it was the one that made employers gritted their teeth the most. When the relative came, his child directly broke the employer's computer. The computer was damaged second, and the contents were gone. The employer is in the painting, there are two paintings that I just painted in it. I forgot to back up the paintings. The paintings disappeared with the computer.
      There are also books. The employer loves to read books. There is a bookshelf the size of a wall in the room, which is full of books-there is no place to hide this thing. Just the time he went out, he was damaged a lot. There is also a book that the employer borrowed from the teacher, but it was turned out after being hidden. The cover of the book was broken, and the employer was angry for a long time.
      Mu Yun pondered for a long time and went straight out. By the way, I locked the door of my sister's house before going out.
      He felt that the employer did not hate those relatives as much as he hated himself for not taking action earlier, so that his father and those white-eyed wolves could draw a line earlier. In the focus of the task, revenge against relatives is the second, mainly to make his father wake up.
      This is a huge project, Mu Yunxian decided to let the employer's family (except his father) speak out.
      Today is Saturday, and his younger sister will not go to class in the afternoon, and will be off tomorrow. His younger sister is a high school student, and the employer has not released the high school after the university is off.
      Pinching the end of get out of class, I sent a text message to my sister, telling me to pick her up at noon. Mu Yunxian got on the bus and strolled past. When I arrived at my sister’s school, it was just in time for them to finish school. Within a few minutes, the employer sister came out of the school, carrying a big schoolbag on her back, and running fast, saying loudly, "Brother, you are here to pick me up ! "
      Mu-yun busy smiling under the touch of her hair, and said:" today's brother part-time money credited into account, you eat good food, glad you "?
      in the classmates envy, the employer's sister Happily followed Mu Yun away.
      Mu Yunxian took his employer sister to dinner, but he was actually holding her mind. In the morning, the employer's mother said that relatives would come at noon, without even thinking about it. According to the personality of the employer's father, she would definitely leave them to eat at home. After eating and staying in his room for a while, if they really did something according to the employer's memory, there would be room for Mu Yunxian to play.
      If Mu Yunxian wants to play, he must not be present now.
      During the meal, the employer’s mother called and asked Mu Yunxian, “Why did you lock the door of your sister’s house, where is the key?”
      Mu Yunxian said, “You have to ensure that they will not spoil Miao. Wonderful thing, I'll give you the key."
      His mother choked: "Okay, when you come back, tell your dad yourself that he is angry and I don't care about you."
      He hung up the phone, and the employer’s sister Yu Miao Ye judged what the employer was talking about from his conversation, and couldn't help but curiously said: "Brother, we are going to come to our house again?"
      Mu Yunxian: "Yeah, are you happy?"
      "What are you happy about ." Xiao girls roll their eyes and say: "they're so much noise and I rest well."
      "this should not be" Mu-yun free gentle smiles:. "? your brother support you" ,
      "support ah, why do I have my brother Support." Yu Miao nodded solemnly.
      Mu Yunxian chuckled lightly. The attitude of the employer’s mother was to acquiesce in his behavior, and the employer’s sister also supported him, regardless of whether they would agree with him or not, now the attitude is there.
      Yu Miao also knew that now that the family is here, the house must be smoggy, so she didn't want to go back, and dragged her employer around on the street. Mu Yunxian helped her carry her schoolbag and bought a new doll by the way. This doll is a peripheral of Yu Miao's favorite anime, and the price is not cheap.
      After they returned home happily, Yu Miao exclaimed as soon as they opened the door. Mu Yunxian followed into the room and saw that it was wrong.
      That relative is a family of three, and the mother of three is tossing with Mu Yunxian's computer, but no matter how tossing it, the screen just doesn't light up.
      If the employer’s memory is correct, the new computer that the employer has just replaced has been sacrificed heroically.
      Regardless of his dad's embarrassing expression, Mu Yun walked into his room and looked around. The room was clean when I left, the walls were full of black footprints, and the sheets were no exception. On his desk were several books spread out, some of which had been drawn with colored pens, and one book was laid down, soaked in juice.
      Mu Yunxian said nothing, and went out. The family is also used to it. Putting down the computer, he said with a smile: "The child is not sensible, I am sorry."
      He said embarrassed, but in fact there is no guilt at all. The five or six-year-old child still uses a toothpick. Stabbing the lock in the employer’s sister’s room.
      Mu Yunxian glanced at him, took the computer, and tried to knock it twice, but there was no response. The computer should have been dropped, and the paint on the outside was knocked off.
      "I'll take it and fix it. If the repair is not good, lose money." He said.
      Hearing that he was going to lose money, the relative asked: "How much did you buy?"
      "8900." Mu Yun didn't look up.
      "The lion speaks loudly? You? Who do you think I'm bullying?" The relative stood up directly: "Will you be a college student? Just lie to your elders? Who taught you so uneducated?"
      "You said you want to give it to you ? How much?" Mu Yunxian asked with interest.
      "200 can't be repaired?"
      "It can't be repaired." Mu Yunxian responded patiently: "The book you painted in the room is out of print, and it should be worth four or five hundred to sell it. You can lose money for that book now."
      "Who do you bluff, little rabbit?"
      "Your educated little rabbit is picking up the lock of my house. If the lock is blocked, call the locksmith, 70 at a time, or you will pay for it." Mu Yunxian added.
      The man was about to kick him when he came up, and was pushed aside by Mu Yunxian.
      "Okay, shut up." The employer's father hurriedly stopped in the middle: "Forget it, it's not a big deal, just say a
      few words less." "How come it's not a big deal anymore?" Yu Miao said angrily beside him .
      "What is your little girl provoking you?" The relatives scolded her again. His children saw that their parents were at a loss and wanted to go up to help beat Yu Miao, but was pushed aside by Yu Miao. The relatives suddenly screamed: "You even beat your children. "" The
      employer's father said: "Stop it!"
      "Yu Shun, why are you taking a stand? They call my child you can't see?" The employer's mother also joined.
      Mu Yunxian, who caused everything, was silent now, hiding behind and calling the police.
      "Hey, 110? I called the police. Someone smashed my house."

    Chapter 13-24
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