Chinese [No CP] Self-help guide for the wicked person who wears fast

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    Name: [No CP] Self-help guide for the wicked person who wears fast 【无CP】快穿之恶人自救攻略
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    Why It Should Get Picked Up: QT Male MC + No CP [It's weird but I'm not here for MC but for his younger brother, Mu Yu]

    Since childhood, Mu Yang has always been the best in the eyes of others.

    Difficult challenges, large and small, all stride over without pain.

    When he was feeling that life was boring, he suddenly became the scumbag who lived the saddest and shortest life among the thousands of planes!

    It doesn't matter, the young master doesn't have the best ability to slap face and pretend to be forced!

    Mine clearance; the protagonist of this article is not a good person, enter with caution! !!

    Content Tag: Unlimited Streaming System Quick-

    Changing Text Search Keyword: Protagonist: Mu Yang┃Supporting Actor: Mu Yu lin Feng Gu Yue┃ Others: The villain struggles to upgrade

    佛系女配[快穿] Buddhism Female Match [Quick Wear]
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