Novel Pickup, Chinese BL. Novel Title: Qing Kuang/Author: Wu Zhe

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    Name: Qing Kuang / 轻狂
    Raw Link: I do not have it. Apologies!!!
    NU Link:

    Why It Should Get Picked Up: Well, first of all, this novel has not been updated for the last 3 months so I believe I can request for pick-up? I'm sorry if it's not dropped yet and the translator's just taking some time. However, if it's dropped then please someone with a kind heart translator-sama pick it up!!!

    Nova released the first few chapters back in 2019 first, I've found out this year after reading SAYE. I love the author's writing style, it's simply amazing. Qing Kuang has unique lead characters, I personally like both ML & MC. Side Characters are well defined too, people who have read Wu Zhe's works could probably tell that it's simple and unique. I've only read up to 9 chapters so I don't have proper grapes on the whole plot yet. However, I can certainly say after reading the 1st chapter that I loved it.

    Genres: Comedy School Life Shounen Ai Slice of Life

    Huo Ran, infamous for his quick temper throughout the school, his skills at basketball got him appointed captain of the school team in his first year.

    Kou Chen, the transfer student that liked to boast. There were all sorts of rumors about him: that he had a good family background. That the reason he’d transferred from far away was that he’d hit a teacher. That he was exceptionally good at fighting.

    These two, who had crashed during a basketball match in the previous semester and were left with unfavorable impressions of each other, have now been allocated into the same class.

    Would sparks fly?

    …Probably, but perhaps not in the way you’d expect.

    I'm addicted to this novel. Please pick it up!!!!!
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