Chinese Novoland : Castle in the Sky 九州·天空城 from Tang Que Tang Que 唐缺

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    Name: Novoland : Castle in the Sky 九州·天空城
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    The Novoland saga is very popular
    The novel is adapted from a very popular drama that you've propably already seen and yet, I've heard that this novel is extremely different from the drama so I'm curious
    Description : (it is a google translation that I modified according to my knowledge of Chinese so forgive me if this is wrong)

    In the ancient times of Novoland, the human race and the winged clan were the two strongest tribes on the continent, and yet the winged clan was dominant. In order to expand their power, the winged clan secretly developed the ultimate war weapon, the "Sky City", although on the surface, they pretended it as a symbol of peace on the mainland. However, on the day the Sky City rose, it suddenly exploded in the air.

    The innocent human girl involved in the incident, Yi Fu Ling, mistakenly became the biggest suspect, and Feng Tian Yi, a member of the "dark clan" of the winged clan who accidentally met Yi Fu Ling on the same day, believed her innocence. While trying to protect her, he and Yi Fu Ling gradually fell in love.

    As the mystery is uncovered step by step, the human rebellious organization "Shadow"'s best element Bai Shang Lu and the leader Wan Qi Niang, the winged clan "dark" senior member Xue Fei Shuang, the winged clan's minister Yu Gu Cong and He Qian, and even the winged Emperor found themselves involved, making this incident more and more complicated. The background of Yi Fu Ling and Feng Tian Yi made the whole story even more difficult.
    New discoveries caught the pair of interracial lovers off guard. Their fate is as precarious as the relationship between the two races.