Chinese Novoland : On The Road 九州·逆旅 by Xia Jia 夏笳

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    Name: Novoland : On The Road 九州·逆旅
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    The Novoland saga is very popular
    The novel is very well noted ou Douban
    Description : (it is a google translation that I modified according to my knowledge of Chinese so forgive me if this is wrong)

    A girl with a bad omen floating over her found herself mixed in a troupe wandering around the world. With her ignorant but clear eyes wide open, she slowly discovered how these people in the troupe met, how they joined the Egret Troupe. All this time, she could see a girl's desire to walk.

    In the Egret troup, there are people who met each other by chance, each with their own minds. Although hey seem to be heading on the same destination, but all of them have their own choices and their own roads. Wasn't Lei Yuan one of the people who chose to leave in his early years?
    Although Ge Yao said that her purpose in joining the Egret Group is to only meet many new people and to have new experiences ; however it is very strange.
    In the end, the most important thing in the novel is not the journey of the Egret Group : it is the story that these travelers carry behind them.