Chinese Novoland : Revival 九州·轮回之悸/九州·龙悸 by Tang Que 唐缺

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    Name: Novoland : Revival 九州·轮回之悸/九州·龙悸
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    The novoland saga is very popular
    This is a sequel from another novel for which I asked another pickup request here
    The novel is really well noted on Douban (I think it was even nominated for an award) !
    I always loved a good mystery !
    Description :
    When people mention Yun Zhan of the Yu Clan in Nanhuai City, they never associate him with the word "hero". That is because, despite his extraordinary skills, he does not work properkyy ; he is good at solving crimes, but is even more unscrupulous and cunning than criminals. At that time, the sovereign of the human race mysteriously disappeared, the crown prince hid behind closed doors, the idle prince frequently met his advisors, and a small officer found himself chased by assassins... Many doubts grew up in this huge maze, making everyone lose their judgement due to the fear of this unknown threat. Yun Zhan, who had a natural liking for chaos, couldn't help but sink into it, and could only take this investigation very seriously...
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