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    Partners in Rhyme
    (in collaboration with a bunch of other people)

    NUF 2nd Anniversary
    Poem Contest

    As one of NUF's first poets and the founder of Partners in Rhyme, I had forced the NUF 2nd Anniversary committee to give me poetry competition \o/
    Viva forcing people \o/ Viva amateur poetry \o/ Viva Pyoo \o/

    It started from a simple encounter. A girl ran around in a forum with her rhymes and hymns.
    Singing a tune carried by the @Autumn Wind . Letting the world enjoy her song.
    When she hears an echo. From there, a reply. From there, a friend.
    From there a partner.

    From there, choruses of bards and their own songs.

    Life is a series of encounters. My time in NUF included
    Some meeting, dramatic, while others small and quite, unnoticed.
    Some only lasts a moment and in passing. Some lasts a lifetime.
    But they all affect you, may be even to your whole life.
    You just gotta hope the little Miss Fortune is feeling fortunate

    You dropped me off into a land of strangers
    Only to find myself among angels
    Like minded family and friends
    Who are there through odds and ends

    Spinning your wheel of fate
    I landed on quite a good slate
    Fickle Lady Luck, it was only by chance
    To have what I have from only a glance​

    Chance Encounters


    • The poem must be your original art work
    • This is an individual contest and you shouldn't be receiving significant help from another for this
    • You may get insignificant help, such as proofreading or editing, or other general help, but the poem must be yours to make
    • Be reasonable, you would understand if a poem was made by you or not
    • Plagiarism will not be tolerated
    • No NSFW please~
    • No minimum or maximum word count
    • Edits allowed before deadline
    • You may give it a title, or keep it untitled
    • Author notes should go in a spoiler box
    • There will be 3 winners, based on the top 3 highest average scores
    • Fan favourite will be decided through a poll done on the judging period (September 18, 2017 to October 1st, 2017)
    • [New] You may only submit one poem per person

    1st: 2,000 Nuffies
    2nd: 1,000 Nuffies
    3rd: 500 Nuffies
    Fan Favourite: 500 Nuffies

    @Pyoo @BlancFrost @Arcturus

    Judging Criteria:
    Creativity (10 points)
    Creativity. Did the author interpreted the theme differently? Did the author used an uncommon poetry style or technique? Was the poem plagiarized?
    Theme (10 points)
    Interpretation and Clarity of Theme. Did the author stick to the theme? Was the interpretation clear in the poem?
    Flow (10 points)
    Flow aka Cohesiveness. Did the poem flow from the beginning to the end? Was there any awkward gap? Was it hard to understand or to grasp the poem's essence?
    Overall impression (10 points)
    Overall impression aka 'WOW' factor. Did the judge like it? Did it move them? Did it wow them?

    Judging will be done from September 18, 2017 to October 1st, 2017 but actually the awarding will happen on October 21st, 2017, on NUF's 2nd Anniversary date~

    This thread is for submissions only!
    Comments or questions go to the discussion thread~

    I have basically seen the rise in amateur poetry on this site during the 2 years it has run, and it's been really amazing. I hope to see more!
    So, for amateur poetry, enjoy this competition~

    Partners in Rhyme Founder

    The submission period of Poetry Competition is now closed!

    The polls for the most favourite poem is now open and will continue to be open until October 1st, 2017~

    Calling Tags:
    @insteadofdeath @NZPIEFACE @Hibiki @Ged Merrilin @Pythagoras Theorem @Bielt @Siostar @Carm @Fabulist Ed @shad12ow @Nurman @Arcadia Blade @udonsage @Aster Anemone @Princess Renesmee @hatoyin97 @Action @Osamaru @J-Mitch @Autumn Wind @Risus @Ophious @Hizashi @Nargol @Accidentally @DCLXVI @Loni4ever @Notaborax @lexlangel @Lavenderia @Butler
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    The submission period of Poetry Competition is now closed!

    The polls for the most favourite poem is now open and will continue to be open until October 1st, 2017~

    1. Chance Encounters by @Carm
    2. The Day I Met You by @J-Mitch
    3. Untitled by @Accidentally
    4. Chance Encounter by @Arcadia Blade
    5. Untitled by @Nurman
    6. Whispers of the Blade by @Glaurung
    7. Mr. Liar by @Clozdark
    8. The girl, the leaf and a land of tea by @lexlangel
    9. Chance Encounters by @Risus
    10. Notaitoru by @LysUltima
    11. Tale of an Unnamed Traveler by @Butler
    12. A Passing Moment by @Notaborax
    13. Dear Diary by @Yukina
    14. The Desire of a Thief by @Osamaru
    15. A Star Encounter by @Siostar
    16. In Search of You by @Aster Anemone
    17. Crow sees, snake leaves by @SilentFyre

    Judging will be done from September 18, 2017 to October 1st, 2017 with the awards handed out on October 21st, 2017.

    Come and watch the discussion thread for more info on the other events!
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  3. Pyoo

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    Sample Entry

    Chance Encounters (this is the title)
    You dropped me off into a land of strangers
    Only to find myself among angels
    Like minded family and friends
    Who are there through odds and ends

    Spinning your wheel of fate
    I landed on quite a good slate
    Fickle Lady Luck, it was only by chance
    To have what I have from only a glance

    So I made this theme while thinking what NUF means to me. I made this poem at past midnight tho, so I was dying orz
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  4. Carm

    Carm Sincerely, Yours Truly, and Forever More.

    May 14, 2016
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    Chance encounters.

    Looking around for nothing,
    Passing time as I go,
    Continuing my duties,
    As I go on.

    My work continues.

    Suddenly a crash,
    A wave comes in,
    Bringing in a new sense of duty,
    Lazy thy name and weirdness your motto.

    An encounter purely by Luck.

    Side by side we worked,
    One-sidely I worked,
    Bruising on as we went,
    For fate had us met.

    But it is now time for me to go.

    Most avid shippers probably know who I'm talking about in this poem.

    And Pyoo you know I'm not good at these types of poems...
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  5. J-Mitch

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    Mar 11, 2016
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    The Day I Met You
    I remember it like the feel of the sun on my neck;
    Like the whispers of the wind by my ear;
    Warm and gentle, it was, akin to a woman's joyful tear.

    As if a painting,
    As if a splash of divine,
    Captured in it's moments, everlasting in it's shine.

    She had asked a question,
    And I chose to answer.

    We were two different people, her and I.
    No emotion in the interaction.

    Only... a simple exchange in wits, and we were both enraptured.

    It was uncanny how we spoke;
    Our words like dancers amongst the craziest of notes.

    We laughed, we sung, we gigglged, and we spun.
    The world had fallen away, and all that was left were two people having fun.

    We had forgotten how it happened;
    We had forgotten what we first spoke about.
    The moment was true...
    The moment was also fleeting.

    But our love had sparked, and the curiosity never leaving.

    So, we made new moments,
    New sparks to a new painting.

    Another and another, memories drawn up on a soft brush.
    They'll be there, like an everlasting crush.

    Bold, and lovely -
    A Memory.

    And like the world, even time will not keep us bound.
    Forever My Love, @Kerbasi is whom I found.
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  6. Accidentally

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    Jun 17, 2016
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    One post

    One thread

    One links

    One sentence

    A chain of words

    We met on the net

    Upon this ecounter of fate

    Grab every change i can take

    To struggle with my lack of word yet

    Started with hy

    Ended with see you later

    On a war flame we gather

    Or a foolish thread somewhere in here

    We make a lot more memories

    On this place we met and chats

    A strangers at first

    An aquintance next

    A friend to fool around for the following day

    If people ask how we know each other and met?

    Just say we are introduced by fate

    Just following the trends ah
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  7. Arcadia Blade

    Arcadia Blade 《Cursed Blade》《Arditi Regimen》

    Feb 11, 2016
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    Chance Encounter
    A tale from a guy who tends to be mistaken,
    With a fateful encounter, i began to shaken.
    Beauty no less, i faced her with confidence.
    Inside my mind, a child of intolerance.

    Do i have a chance? nay, i'm a man without pants.
    I'm an average man, from a colony of ants.
    Though, if i have a chance, may i be striked.
    A lightning through my body, i'll be scorched.

    "Hi!", A simple yet pathetic greeting.
    Her gaze on me, the start of our meeting.
    A normal, yet, awkward that i may be face-palming.
    Though her laugh, i may be singing.

    As the pathetic greeting began to change,
    We become free from the awkward cage.
    My voice of idiocy i say my confession.
    She smiled and answer with no hestitation.

    In the night sky, an awkward laugh had burst.
    I stare at the stars, thinking a gun would be best.
    Inhaled a lot of air, i screamed from my lungs.
    A loud voice of anger, the word to be heard was "F**k!!!"
    Welp, I tried.
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  8. Nurman

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    Sep 7, 2016
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    Tears feebly flowing through a fractured heart,
    The child cries cradling something cracked apart.

    Chance meetings makes fools from sweethearts,
    Encounters are only valued after the inevitable depart.

    My message that I must impart,
    Is that beginnings and ending should always be left to the heart.

    Nothing. Just here to leave my mark.
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  9. Glaurung

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    Jan 12, 2016
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    whispers of the blade (a poem in palindrome form)


    let go...


    fog tell like vile tale.

    @Pyoo this poem is a palindrome. it can be read from one end to another and still have the same letters. it's a chance encounter- although not of the fortuitous kind.
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  10. Clozdark

    Clozdark "Kuma chan (≧◡≦) "「嘘つき」

    Jun 13, 2016
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    Title: Mr.Liar
    hello it's clozdark here, for this contest theme "chance encounter" i will create a poem about there's no chance i to encounter you again

    and when you read this poem you maybe know i tell story about waving hand meaning to greet and to disband,
    but i feel it's not good enough so i adding a hidden story,if you find it i'm really glad that maybe this time i graduate from my vague word habit,but if you didn't find it i will tell you.
    "The gaze that i can’t stand looking for me,Your eyes turn hazy,You won’t find me now"
    in this story you know about my condition and i hate it so i make you can't see my condition

    "Yesterday you laughed,“Don’t worry” ,You won’t know i am dying "
    by making you laughed and hope you forget about it

    "Today you changed,A new day will be born for you,“Please”
    you notice that i changed because of my condition and hoping that i will still alive tomorrow

    "Tomorrow you cried again,Have a nice rest,Don’t wake up"
    i know i can't make it and i know you will cry again and again until you tired and fall asleep

    " “I’m sorry” ,Don’t dream about me,You won’t see me "
    the last thing i don't want is when you sleeping you will dream about me,and when you wake up you know you won't see me again, so i'm preparing sorry in advance that it's better for you to forget about me.

    and then everything back to the present when you waving your hand hope to see me,while i waving my hand with a different meaning.

    then why the title is mr.liar ? because everything turn into lie in this story when you find me in this post.
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  11. lexlangel

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    hello~ well i wonder if i stuck to the theme.

    Saying profound things and such aint in me rather its my first poem in a while~
    So its more of a fic story.
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  12. Risus

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    Dec 20, 2015
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    Chance Encounters

    Coincidence, fate, entwined in our gait.
    As if to find stars reside in our stride.
    The Fates knitting together souls,
    yarn in plaits, lacing soles.

    Or perhaps mere shots in the dark,
    Bullets made twinkling lights,
    gleaming in the shadows of night.

    Lines criss and cross,
    The paths we walk.
    The stones we stumble across,
    Diamond, coal, enigmatic unknowns
    With paths, goals, views of their own.

    We live with wandering eyes, which catch on sparks of surprise.
    Sudden little flames, marking the panes we use to view truth.
    With a welcoming mind, flammable in kind,
    We embrace the fire;
    latching on, kindling bonds..
    Burning along... smoldering to ash,
    Winds of change decide their final path.

    Such scenes seen in laboriously reaching trees snd drifting leaves.
    Brushing the shoulders of a man, head bowed, lost in his plans.
    Now a knight, with an upward glance and curious stance, his heart comes alight!
    Blazes ignite in stages, amidst connecting gazes.

    Here ye an often told, story of old; Love at first sight.
    It comes in waves, washing anew yet the same,
    and so, more life is spawned by chance, so seemingly trite.

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  13. LysUltima

    LysUltima Read novels at https://ebisutranslations.com

    Aug 6, 2017
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    In a storm,
    All forlorn,
    I met you,
    Hope was born.
    The light of day,
    Shined in my way,
    The world in color,
    I left the gray.
    By chance I found you,
    Standing here I knew,
    To break us apart,
    Even chance can't do.
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  14. Butler

    Butler Servant Member

    Aug 13, 2017
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    Tale of an Unnamed Traveler

    One traveler lost his path
    Two town denied his entrance
    Three times he gathered hate in his path
    He stopped in a maze

    He dreamed of a place to call home
    Somewhere he could change
    He wished for someone to guide him
    Though the chances is quite slim

    By pure coincidence
    He found a hidden treasure
    A new town in bluish glow
    Where the new residents grow

    It is such mysterious town
    Bustling with activity and events
    As his sheer curiosity won
    He thread forward to unknown lands

    As the sun keeps changing to moon
    He felt the change keeps growing on
    For the better or worse
    He started to change

    By pure coincidence, he found where he belongs
    One traveler decided his new homes
    In the town split in two places
    Three houses is where he lives

    In the town of novels and readers

    It's not about an encounter with anyone special, not even an encounter with a person in the first place.
    Well the town is basically NU/NUF and the traveler is myself though.
    I'm not sure if this is a poem or a story, since it's like a summary before/after I found NU/NUF.
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  15. Notaborax

    Notaborax 『Panda-emic's Hubby』『Poet』『Epi's & Azuka's Cat』

    May 25, 2016
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    A Passing Moment

    Crossing over mountains high above,
    through the deserts filled with endless hills of sand,
    looking towards the sky for a flying dove
    with these feelings no one could understand.
    Sailing the seas of sparkling blue,
    among the forests with a light green hue.
    Here I am again wandering through an empty night.

    Crashed by a falling star,
    I lie here after coming so far.
    this moment I must grasp tight.

    Keeping me in an extreme high,
    with every single second feeling wonderful.
    hoping that I would never need to say goodbye,
    under this night sky it feels like a show,
    coming from a scene in lovely fairytale.
    the climax of an arduous trail.
    Everything was such a delight.

    Gone from my embrace,
    empty expression on my face.
    however quick you were my brightest light.

    well most of this is pretty straight foward. the narrator searching for something throughout the world. He finally meets someone that made him feel happy, but that person went away. The first stanza is long because the person spent a long time looking for someone. The second stanza is short because the encounter was short and fleeting. The third stanza is long because he had a lot of fewlings from the encounter. The last stanze is short because the SO left as quickly as they came, and now the person feels empty again
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  16. Himari

    Himari Well-Known Member

    Apr 24, 2016
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    Dear Diary

    I've once seen your play
    I don't know why
    But With just a simple glance
    I've already fall for you

    I want to hear your voice
    And even to hold your hand
    I just want to go near you
    But I never just have the courage to

    For you shine like a star
    even on the darkest night
    your light is like the sun
    making me feel so warm

    as I look in your face
    I was thankful to be at this place
    Never minding others gaze
    Not knowing that I started to daze

    Do you believe in destiny?
    Or you'll rather choose reality?
    Don't say that this is fallacy
    For I will love/believe in you till eternity
    And will make you mine

    PS: #ihatepyoonwatson4thechanceencountertheme

    A Fan's Accidentally Encountering the person that he/she will become a loyal fanatic, okay I've also changed the title from fan to Dear Diary :p
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  17. Osamaru

    Osamaru 『Shem's Bestfriend ✧ Lexi's Ani ✧ Keep on Smiling』

    Jun 19, 2016
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    You know what, Na, lets go with this one. It was one of my favorites. Ever have the desires to have something (or Someone) that you couldn't?

    The Desire of a Thief

    When I first saw the Treasure
    It lit in me a pleasure
    one that I cannot measure
    when captured by its allure

    it lit a hot desire
    it lit a burning fire
    feelings unknown prior
    to any I'd felt before

    It took my breath away
    it made me want to stay
    Heart captive to its sway
    And yet Heart and Soul did War

    For that which I thought to take
    that for which my heart did ache
    that which caused my mind to shake
    I found another already bore

    I then felt a dark temptation
    one to step beyond my station
    to abandon my foundation
    And it shook me to my very core

    Wishing to take what wasn't mine
    a foot raised to cross the line
    mind drunk on yearning's wine
    and when I looked, I knew myself no more.

    So I but watched awhile
    though my throat filled with bile
    and forced myself to smile
    as a tear fell to the floor
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  18. Siostar

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    Aug 14, 2016
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    A Star encounter (Contest version)
    For everyone who can't find the right order to read my poem, you need to follow the numbers in the circles or the star to, get the right order. I tried to make the poem so other wouldn't too hard to read, but if even the numbers don't help you, or the words is too small to read. I has a normal version of the in the spoiler under here.

    In darkness far away, far above the clouds and seaway.
    In the sky they stay, glistering their own way.
    But how could I ever stay away?
    That was what my heart will say.

    Hiding behind a wall of glass, I sway on water and singing jazz.
    Fear the world outside of mine.
    I lonely await to slowly decline.
    Dimly hope a sign of change, I silently stare out the window frame.

    Lines of lights, on a starry night.
    Dropping on, and continue on.
    Stars falls, fall like rains.
    Like a dream, let’s dreaming on.

    Every story has an end, and so has this dreamy rain.
    Then it’s end, I be lonely again.
    But the fate has changed, once again.

    At least it was send, the star has descend.
    By chance we meet, to happiness it leads.

    My world make sounds, break and crack.
    Shattered shards, and broken glass.
    Once the sea, gloomy and dark.
    Now outside, it’s seems to spark.
    Fly with me, the star remark.
    Flying to stars, is how we embark.

    Before I knew, I was a star.
    They called me for Siostar.

    Next is what my poem is about? Well.... let's just say:
    1. The stars is peoples
    2. The star rain is an event
    3. The glass is an unvisible wall
    4. The sea and night is just the surronding
    5. The last line is added for fun~
    6. The rest you can guess yourself~
    As for why I wrote a contest version beside the title? That's because there is a original version~ and I was afraid if it can be considered as unfair one :p
    So I has also post it here in a spoiler.

    Warning: The poem under spoiler may affect your judgement in the votes.
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  19. Aster Anemone

    Aster Anemone Well-Known Member

    Apr 7, 2017
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    Theme: Chance Encounter

    Carrying my shadow
    with me alone
    I walk the deserts
    the seas and moan
    escape my lips
    and burn to dust

    This time that I live
    in days and hours
    This time that is static
    in moments of longing
    called life is nothing less than despair

    Skies bear witness
    of my struggles and wanderings
    that I go through
    for a timeless moment
    in which I will find you
  20. SilentFyre

    SilentFyre Irregularly Active Member

    Nov 4, 2015
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    Crow sees, snake leaves

    From far away a snake slithers hither
    The morning grey; a darkened noon
    On another day a crow praises thunder
    The boring day alights anew

    From far away a snake slithers hither
    Sees falling rain, sees falling leaves
    The crow afar still wanders the border
    As day and night create a weave

    From far away a snakes slithers hither
    Still on the trail to find its need
    Unfulfilled hope of meat so tender
    An emptiness stemming from greed

    From far away a crow comes forgotten
    A snake in sight, a tail in mouth
    From far away a snake slithers hither
    Sees crow in sky, and leaves for winter

    I seriously had no idea what was going through my head when I started writing this. I just saw the theme and the first words that came to mind were "A snake slithers hither", and I just rolled with it. Tbh, looking at it now I think I may have over complicated the poem (and this might turn out to be a total miss of the criteria), but I can't bear to change it.

    To get to the point of this poem, the chance encounter is between a snake and a crow. The snake is gathering food for winter as the season changes and the crow is passing by. They meet by sheer coincidence, but as you may know, chance encounters can evoke some kind of result as we know from stories and what not, but what if it was simply meeting and doing nothing? So that's why this poem ends the way it is.
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