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    ACEDIA (sloth)
    AVARITIA (greed)
    INVIDIA (jealousy)
    IRA (anger)
    LUXURIA (lust)
    SUPERBIA (pride)

    Description: (MTL from Ridibooks)
    "Have you ever seen Kamael's cock?"

    “… What?"

    “Sleeping. Have you ever seen your fucking twin brother's?”

    “… Oscar... . Hoo!”

    His hand suddenly gripped her chest. Unrefined possessions overflowed from the grasped hands.

    “Have Kamael ever licked your nipples? Has his cock ever moved between your legs? Have you ever groaned after accepting it? Have you ever kissed each other's saliva while lying on the floor like you did with me?”

    Annette shook her head silently with a face with an impression.

    “Answer by opening your mouth straight. Before I burn everything here.”

    “I can't imagine doing that with Kamael. Oscar.”

    The devil glowed with red eyes and spit out a crackling sound.

    “Instead of saying you can't imagine, say no.”

    “… What do you mean?"

    "I am certain that motherfucker, not from those Tell me not want to do that, fuck ... .”

    Oscar's elbows touched the ground with her head in the middle. The white forearm swelled up as if it was bursting with stiff blood.

    “… … Say you only love me.”


    Since the beginning, while the celestial and demonic worlds continue to fight endlessly against each other, they conclude several agreements and enter into a potential ceasefire.

    And this ceasefire ends when the angel Annette meets a bird in the forgotten forest of heaven.


    The way was different but what they did was love.

    Unlike her twin brother, an angel who hasn't been trained because her sexual power hasn't been properly developed yet.

    She lives in her own little world under the protection of her twin sister, a powerful six-part angel.

    Full of curiosity to know everything in the world, she accepts the existence that suddenly appeared in front of her without much repercussion.

    But what he woke up and realized from the unfamiliar yet sweet feeling he gave was that he was a demon and that he was kidnapped by him.

    Having come to love him regardless of his essence, she will not let go of him no matter what.

    Her love is a sacrifice

    Fallen Angel Lucifer and the child of Lilith, a demon

    As if proving that later demons are stronger than predecessors, they brutally harm their parents and aim for the throne of the demon world.

    At the eastern end of the celestial world, he heads to that place and meets a breathtakingly beautiful angel when he says there is a powerful weapon hidden by a god.

    The devil with an angelic heart can be a god, so he brings her to his castle to take her heart, but something out of the box happens.

    Since I have her who brought me to drink my heart, my thirst for her grows more and more as time passes and the more I hug her.

    His love is thirst

    — — — — — — — — — —​

    In the news of Papa Kim’s new book
    A new book must be read right away, so I took this work after finishing the book review.
    Before reading, Gali, who likes and dislikes, opened the book with anxiety and anticipation while watching the review of Lydi

    As you can see from the keywords, the disfavorable elements are so clear from openly to high water, openly to dirty talk, and thick swear words.

    Nevertheless, if there are readers who rate this work as Ho, it is probably because of this man's way of love.

    A foolish man who can't even recognize or admit that it's love

    A man who was eaten by the prey he brought to eat

    Yet the man who screamed for evil without saying a warm word

    Whatever it might have been, he was properly suffering from love

    The arrogant, nasty, and spontaneous horned man collapsing in front of a woman makes me feel joy at any time.

    Pervert certification again

    With the true love and faith of Yeoju, who was blind and foolish

    The harsh and arrogant male master of filthy words and more filthy actions is reborn.

    A killing story faithful to fantasy
    Female Protagonist: Annette
    Under the overprotection of Kamael, a capable Celestial Level 6 official,
    His twin sisters seem a little lacking
    A soft voice worthy of an angel's qualifications, a beautiful appearance
    It would have been nice if this was the end...

    I can’t even hear it, my sense of reality is 0

    Yeoju's greatest strength-no matter what you do because you don't know the shame

    (The shame is my share^^:;)

    Yeoju's Most Powerful Weapon-Baekchimi

    Even if you swear, you can't understand it, making the swearing person scream.


    I heard that I read many books
    I understand if I read it
    Is the content properly left in my head?
    Make doubts

    At the first meeting with Oscar, who was strong and spectacular
    Curiosity and interest in him, and the body and mind captivated without alertness1
    People who don’t know are not following.

    Male Protagonist: Oscar
    The father of an arrogant fallen angel who was an angel but became king of the demon world
    The mother who was a human but became a demon of lust
    Eventually the birth of the devil Oscar, surpassing the power and evil of the two
    With the nature of snakes and wolves, with a brutal and beautiful appearance,
    Devil trying to be a god
    In heaven, who invaded to save the angel's heart
    If you're too strong, if you have a heart~
    Of course, the original purpose of the invasion of heaven was the angel’s heart,
    The more you talk with Yeoju, the more you get rid of the strong sexual desire that reveals your presence.
    Oscar is aiming for success
    First of all, I was confident that I was able to play and kill it anytime...

    1. Early Yeoju's 7-year-old mode
    : No matter how worrying and nagging that my younger brother Kamael is dangerous, wearing a clear brain
    He can't speak steadfastly to unfold the story

    2. In the beginning, Oscar, who was in a position to take the heart by kidnapping a powerful angel hidden from heaven
    Later, the origin and reality of the rumors were different
    What am i reading wrong
    Or I just wondered if I should read it

    The angel's heart-eater is rumoring to eat the hell

    Eat Annette's Heart

    I ate the angel heart, so I eat the best~

    3. So how is Kamael doing?
    Oscar and Annette reunion
    After that, the sensational feeling that there should be a little more epil ends with my own feeling???^^:;

    Good thing
    If Yeoju in the beginning was a little stuffy
    As I went to the mid to late, I was like a normal angel
    Satisfied in the second half

    If the early boys were a lot like Yangachitorai

    It was like a Byeon Taeyang Arch Torai a lot in the middle

    I was satisfied with the obsession of the latter half-if this is enough, honestly, pure man

    Tips for scene collectors
    First of all, I am not a person

    Due to the frequent appearance of the wings, I felt like the new Sherry mating

    Oscar goes back and forth between snakes and wolves, with plenty of feelings of bestiality

    After starting with dirty talk, Oscar's desperate thumb with unending sex

    Yeoju is the white idiot virgin

    Male Ju is the Black Sheep Arche, the Great Demon King of Lust

    (Existing past experience opponents appearing or-killing-No mention of feeling)

    Sloth greed jealousy anger lust their love lost at the end of pride

    And...Oscar's unfinished obsessioning

    Oscar-A demon born by Lucifer, the Tarantine, and Lilith, the incarnation of lust. I want an angel's heart to be a god.
    Annette-Unlike the twin brother Kamael, who is believed to have received the power of God, an angel with weak sexual power. Because of his curious personality, he was kidnapped by Oscar and headed to the devil.

    Romance fantasy, first love, transcendental existence, dirty talk, ecstasy/charismatic man, new cargo

    <Book Introduction>
    Since the beginning, while the celestial and demonic worlds continue to fight against each other and endless war, they conclude several agreements and enter a potential battle.

    And this ceasefire ends when the angel Annette meets a bird in the forgotten forest of heaven.

    I took away the obscene book introduction and wrote only the sound one.
    It's dirty talk, so read it carefully. There are also a lot of scenes.
    It's a bit longer than this, so I feel like it's a lot... Anyway, I was getting tired of reading with a little bit of popping.;
    But I couldn't throw away the emotional lines from that part, so I carefully read it.

    Oscar was born to Lilith, the incarnation of lust and Lucifer, the arrogant king of hell.

    Trying to become the world's absolute god, he heads to heaven and meets Annette there to confirm the great weapon that the Archangel has hidden.

    Under the protection of her twin brother Kamael, she grew up without knowing anything and fell into the strange feeling of an innocent Annette, and kidnapped her to the demon world, and the story began in earnest.

    Contrary to the celestial expectation that he must have become a fallen angel after mixing his body with the devil, Annette exudes his hidden strong ability and as expected, he (?) became a fallen angel....

    If you read anything, I think this one will become a fallen angel. haha

    Those who like fantasy and transcendental existence seem to suit their tastes.

    Waiting for spoilers~:cookie:
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    I love Kimpa's stories! Can't wait for spoilers :blob_grin::blob_plusone:
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    I have no idea how this is going to end. But damn, the first few chapters made me thirsty for Kamael, he has this fucking vibe of big dick energy~~!

    Also, this Anette kinda overlaps with Anette from "How to Tame My Beastly Husband". Anyway, I am sipping for all the males that is supposed to come, I think.
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    This is seems very interesting!
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    Camping here for spoilers. Also... pls tell me why they use the term "brother". NO incest in here, I hope :blobconfused:
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    Nah, there's no incest dear;):blobokhand: he (Oscar) only mentioned Kamael cuz Kamael is Annete's old bro, and their looks are the same, only the diff is the gender xD