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    well I rather wait patiently rather than to be stuck in a big cliff
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    its intersting
    that alignment quiz is pretty shit though, the answers are all too specific
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    The twelfth evil devil Strio. The man's hand, who had advanced through the mountains and crushed the house, instilled a great fear in mankind. How big is it?...
    It's just a'part of something' that destroys a fortress, a city and a country
    The sight that was going down was shocking. The moment I recalled the'all' of it, the destruction of the world was drawn in my head. Grid also felt fear. The scene at the time I witnessed it on TV later.
    In the past, which had already passed, the grid was overwhelmed.
    As such, the presence of Strio's hand has increased.
    Crew... Cureur....!! When the mountain tumbles into the tsunami
    Does it sound?
    The sound of breath is terribly loud.
    'This guy...
    Eyes spinning like a vortex. What is the essence of the huge and poetry, the grid immediately noticed.
    It's the eyes of Strio.
    A guy in another world is looking at this world.
    'Are you also going to fight this guy?'
    Grid looks at Strio's hand.
    The fear I felt was because I had portrayed the future to fight against him.
    The Great Devil is the enemy of humanity, and because the Temputuk belongs to humanity.
    It is the fate that has no choice but to fight. 'This big guy..."
    It is possible through the size of the hands and eyes, but it is not comparable to Radwolf's dressage. Strio's body seemed to be comparable to the dragon.
    A super-giant creature that threatens all things with mass alone.
    Considering that all the specifications of the Great Demon that have been met so far have been similar to humans, it is exceptionally special. 'As for the nickname "Drink". Is it special in hell? Of course, the size of the Great Devil is lower than that of the iit.
    Of course, the powers of the higher vs. devil might be stronger than the god of the middle. However, God has many powers.
    It is possible to point out a warrior who will subdue the Great Devil and help them grow, even if they cannot fight directly against the Great Devil.
    Even Baal, the first great devil, the child of the evil god Yatan, did not dare to worship the name.
    In addition, Strio is said to be the Great Devil, but the Devil.
    Even though the ranking is relatively low.
    'What the hell are you doing?'
    What. The important thing right now is not his identity.
    Sloppyly. The grid that took place was tidying up. The expression is very solemn.
    Antrino behaved as a senior.
    "Oh, I'm sorry. I sold my eyes for a moment. Where were we talking?"
    I didn't see your betrayal because of other thoughts. Screaming little
    I couldn't really see how she was crying.
    Antrino's attitude was meticulous. Thankful and embarrassed, the bleeding grid stared straight into the eyes of Strio, who was staring at this world. The guy was clearly looking over here.
    However, the pupils are so big that it is difficult to tell exactly what they are seeing. It may seem that you are looking at me, or you are not even aware of me.
    "Is that the eye of the 12th Great Devil?" "That's right. I've been talking with my hands for years and now I'm looking at it with blue eyes. It's like a heart so I want to put an ax in that eye right now."
    "If it were me, I would have taken it with an ax the day I first saw it.
    "Wouldn't you say it to me?"
    Antrino immediately took out the axe. In fact, he was a person who acted faster than words. It wasn't that much of a person who spoke a lot in the first place. That's good
    The reason for self-appointment as a guide for this direct grid was pure meaning of respect.
    The strongest warrior who has defended Talima.
    The spirit of one country is to strengthen the position of the grid by directly serving the grid as a VIP. Whirick!
    The ax that left Antrino's hand is spinning and spinning. Both speed and accuracy were excellent. The power was enough to threaten the defense of the grid.
    However, Strio's eyes were safe.
    Because there are invisible barriers in the gaps of hell.
    An ax that is blocked by a barrier and slips without a pulse. Antrino recovered with his own hands.
    It was an amazing sight indeed. As if the ax had a string, it was sucked into the hand of Antrino.
    At first glance, it looked like empty air. But this is Talima.
    That was the performance of the ego item, not the empty air.
    'It was noticeable from the beginning.' The grid, which activated Pagma's eyes, observed Antrino's axe. A legendary item with the highest ego. The producer is Maribel Empress.
    The battle she made in her lifetime is praised as a legend over the years with the best warrior called Antrino.
    It seemed to have been received.
    Grid was again convinced.
    Heroes and tempos cannot be shaken apart.
    In the first place, it was normal to deal with tools more than human beings, and the desire for better tools came.
    But, why was the accusation of Tem as much as in a poisonous game? Asked a new question about the false perceptions that had dominated the world just a few years ago, Grid said.
    “The two worlds are disconnected.” Antrino nodded. "Yes. It's a normal phenomenon."
    Earth and hell are separate dimensions.
    You cannot come and go by nature. But Strio's hand had invaded the ground.
    Even before he came from Yatan Bridge and unsealed the interdimensional seal, the hand of Strio jumped out of the gap and spun the mine. The grid reminded me of that fact.
    "What number did Strio's hand exert physical force on the ground?"
    Angri-no, shoulder-shouldered, drew a line at his feet.
    "We didn't know at all. After confirming that his hand could only reach here, I just broke up."
    The Great Demon's hand popped out, so he broke his nerves?
    Make the grid look absurd
    Now Antrino laughed. "It wasn't a mine worth it anyway... You know what? Dwarves aren't interested in things that aren't big." "The Great Demon appeared in the country, but it wasn't a big deal..." ."
    Thanks to Yeomryong, the supporter of Cheolcheon, you were relieved.
    After all, I do not know the world. This kind dwarf in front of me also had my ax on me a few days ago.
    The grid, shaking his head, suddenly woke up from thought. Antrino's words were interesting.
    "I didn't know that he would fall into this world until he cut his hand."
    "You cut your own hands? Wasn't it originally separated?"
    Antrino touched the line he had just drawn. "Yes. Because his forearm was so thick that he could not pass through the niche."
    "I think I saw the other great demons coming through the gate opened by Yadan Bridge, and I seemed to cut out my hand in a hurry. Isn't it really a scary obsession?"
    Anything you want on the ground
    I wonder if there is any doubt. 'Maybe it's a fact of fact to fight him. It should also be strong.
    However, there is a limit to the player's ability, so it is the first thing to be ready.
    The grid asked Antrino for patience.
    "Is it okay if I dig some ether diamonds?"
    "Of course. Any request to Eun-in who liberated the spirit of the empress.
    I have to listen. Take it to your heart's content."
    However, the unfortunate fact is that it is very difficult to mine ether die almonds. Because the gemstone is so hard and deeply rooted, the work time is inevitable. Even a very experienced miner can barely dig 3-4 gems a day.
    Blacksmiths who are less accustomed to mining will be much harder. "I'm going to convene the miners, so please wait. How many will come?"
    It means that it is not easy to convene them here. But Antrino believed in himself and the grid. I thought there would be a few miners who would come and run all the way, even if they wanted to show favor to Grid, or even look at their own face.
    'I do not mind, but please.'
    Cradle masterpiece. It was the moment when Antrino, who summoned the artificial spirit <Duras>, tried to send a note to the guy.
    The grid, which had just taken out the top, began to mine. Antrino soon imagined the grid of his hands, which would make him cry, but...
    Can! Can! Caen!!
    The top of the grid did not stop, and the ether diamond ore, which had been deeply rooted in the stone wall, gradually began to shyly reveal its flesh.
    It was an amazing sight indeed.
    "Uh, how? Have you inherited the skill of Kisu?"
    Legendary blacksmith and legendary miner.
    It is indeed an ideal dual class. Even if you don't depend on others, you will be able to save all the minerals in the world, and with it you will be able to make all the things in the world. 'There is a reason recognized by the god Nuclear Setia.
    The grid shook his hand at Antrino, who was impressed.
    "It's not that. It's just a temper." The speed of mining and the success of mining have increased by 300 percent.
    200% chance of obtaining the highest quality minerals.
    Stamina consumption decreases when mining.
    The grid is the main option for the spinning top.
    It was a legendary grade topock that was born after continually researching and producing toppets for the pole swordsman. "Tem.. red."
    Understand the meaning of Tempat through context
    An Antrino was eager. Warrior.
    In isolated Talima, it is now useless.
    On the other hand, miners are different.
    Miners were always needed and lacking. He was one of the most supportive occupations in Talima.
    Antrino dreamed of a second life. "Maybe.... Could you please give me a chance to be a miner?"
    On this day.
    It was an embarrassing notice. It seemed that he had recognized that he had become a folding screen. 'Indifference to medicine is weak.' The grid, which endured wanting to sprinkle salt, said, carrying an Ethereum diamond filled with sacks. "First of all, I'm going to go back. And then I'll go back to my friend and discuss how to break through Trauka's barriers and get back and forth to Talima."
    "Huh, what a legendary magic friend
    I'll get you any minerals you need when you need it." Yeomryong Trauka may be back today today, and he may never be free again.
    Even after 100 or 1000 years, it may not be possible to reunite with the grid.
    So Yang Trino made a promise that was soaking in sentiment.
    It was a mistake of a lifetime. "I won't forget that promise. I'll see you soon."
    Why suddenly is a miner hitter?
    The grid was puzzled, but I was just grateful anyway.
    The lead left with the streak of the return order.
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    So 12th demon weird even for its high rank
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    What do you wanna say? Didn't you come here for spoilers and discussion?
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    Omg that pickaxe is so OP considering the previous legendary pickaxe we saw at the hell gao raid.

    Now I'm genuinely curious where one would be able to find Gus's inheritance

    Peaksword about to turn into peakaxe
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    Lol Peak Sword for new Legendary Miner.
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    When you think about it you realize how pitful the dwarves are, they had a dragon at their front yard and a great demon's giant hand coming of their mine, it's almost to the degree of being cursed.

    If they incure the wrath of a god in addition to that they will be the most cursed race there is. Surpassing even the vampires (curse of idlness) .(or maybe not?)
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    They suffered forever unlike giants that are wipe out and their kingdom was submerged in the underwater like they didnt exist
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    A boy with a bright smile runs.
    Beautiful eyes like a blue gem.
    Sakhaman hair that makes white skin look better.
    Every time I walk on the street, I can't see women
    Reinhardt's best-known celebrity, Prince of Tempad Lord Rod, appeared. "road!"
    'The grid that held the running rod in its arms, disturbed his wavy hair.
    Although he was 14 years old this year, he was still a lovely kid in the grid.
    "You have to keep the body."
    Happy ticket like a cat under the sunshine
    Rod that rubs the cheeks on the chest of the grid.
    The disciplinary teacher approaches and admonishes the boy who wants this time to continue forever.
    The grid, which lifted the rod, sneaking back with a dark look, burned his neck. "What is the body between the parent and child.
    "Your Majesty, the Empathy of Emperor, the Queen of Irene will be sad." "Okay, okay, every day
    No, Irene needs to understand." Grid, who gave the congratulatory address to the teacher, confirmed the details of the road. Although he still hasn't been able to hold the quinceanera, there are restrictions on levels and slats. There were also more than 10 types of rats.
    Indeed, the greatness of continental genius. It is a moment of rebirth as a secret weapon that will support Tempulkuk as Rael's wishes. But that's what I'm willing to do
    I want to
    A shadow was cast on the grid's face. 'How hard will it be every day?'
    Piaro, Braham, Mercedes, and the Tempo members, and Crowzel. I know the grid that has watched the genius across the ages. They are the same as me. The reason they reached the top rank in their respective fields was not just because of their talent, but as a result of their efforts. Go to bed later than others
    They are now holding their eyes and studying and training at an earlier time than others. It means the same for Rod. Will this child, who has lived to meet the expectations of others even before he was raised, will be happy? The grid I thought of seriously asked.
    "Rod, what are your dreams?" "Of course it's like the Obama! The strongest warrior! Becoming the best blacksmith and respected by the people
    Would be a great person!"
    Isn't it a harm to infusion education?
    Lord may be mistaken for the wishes of those around him as his dream.
    It was a moment when I thought that the broken heart grid should have a little deeper conversation. "And you have to make your girlfriend happy!"
    The grid shut. As I looked around, hundreds of beauties were greeted.
    Rebecca's daughter candidates.
    The girls who have been taking care of Rod since she was a girl are suddenly reborn as a mature beauty. After pondering, Grid asked. "Can you...? "of course!"
    Do you know and answer?
    Rod's expression was so bright that the embarrassed grid quickly broke down.
    'It is a continental genius. 200 or 300 people can afford it.' Maybe I should make a lot of money. If you don't want to be a dog after giving grandchildren pocket money.
    The grid with his head lifted out four small dolls from the inventory.
    These are artificial spirits taken from Talima. "cute!" Lord's girlfriends will be yours.
    Without admiration. Fire, water, soil, wind. It was because the appearance of artificial spirits expressing individuality in colors that match their attributes was so cute and cute. "what is this?"
    Lord learned animism from Sticksay.
    Some rated the grid as the ultimate jobcatcher, but when the grid saw it, the true ultimate jobcat was Rod.
    "The spirit of spirits from the dolls
    Is it okay?"
    "You're also looking at it. It's called an artificial spirit. It's a essence created by Talima's magic engineering. It's classified as a material different from the actual spirit, but it's a much better listener, so keep it aside.
    "Yes! I will be friends with these kids!"
    Rod, who laughed wide, held the dolls in his arms and smelled the kkong.
    The grid looked up and down.
    "Do you smell bad?" "No? It's the children in Abama's arms and it smells like Abama."
    It was the answer to feel the sensitivity of Lord.
    Unfortunately, the grid was somewhat dull. 'As you are a genius, did your sense of smell develop? Certainly, smelling well is a useful talent.'
    Satisfy's monsters are very diverse. The smell is different, so people with excellent smells

    I was told that I wasn't good at raids. Low-quality poisons may also smell bad. "Then I'll go back to this. It's time for Demian to visit you soon."
    Damian has been teaching Holy magic to Lord for several years. We visit Reinhardt once a week and offer tutoring.
    "Yeah, go ahead."
    Farewell to Rod and Grid then went to Irene.
    Most of the people dismissed it as saying that they were worried that their souls, who were born with human hands, would die and not be able to go to heaven and wander the heavens. However, the grid was often confused and anxious.
    The more they perceive them as living beings, the more they recognize them. The more people respected and sympathized with these people, the more I wondered if they might have a real soul.
    Since sleeping, things also have an iit.
    How many civilizations did you believe?
    Indeed, if the target is the same NPC as a human, it may not be the reverse.
    I decided not to do this, and I thought too deeply. The lead, who exhaled the gap with exhalation, moved to the forge. Then she sent a whisper to Yura. -sorry. How to make a magic engineering gun will be learned a little later.
    Originally, the grid planned to learn how to craft a magician gun in the cradle. However, because scientist Margaret was not in the lab, she had to delay the schedule.
    It was said that he did not even attend the patti to commemorate the liberation of the empress's soul, so there was no way to rush.
    -Why is that apologizing? Thank you for your concern.
    After talking to Yura and walking a little further, I arrived at the forge. When he left Mercedes to guard against the surroundings, Panmir and other blacksmiths welcomed him. The grid that brought together the craftsmen brought out the ether diamond.
    "Can you smelt this?"
    "It's not impossible.... But the probability of success is less than 20 percent."
    Even the dwarf craftsmen were reluctant.
    A grid of gratitude for Panmir's honest confession gave the craftsmen 10 ether diamond gemstones. "Try it."
    "Isn't it a mineral that can only be found in Talima? If you left such a precious item to us, the loss would have been too great...."
    "If you can help your growth, losing billions of won't hurt.
    The grid has been easy to smelt most minerals from the beginning, but
    The situation was different. It was the case that the minerals that had been saved for expensive money were blown away by smelting.
    So, most blacksmith players earned money by purchasing and smelting only minerals that they could easily smelt.
    It is a smart way to call wealth. However, it was also a way that did not help growth.
    Highly refined smelting with a higher probability of failure than smelting with easy success
    Because it gave me a lot more kill experience. "Thank you always." "It was nothing."
    A grid that laughed and answered Panmir and the craftsmen left the forge. The next people he met were Rauel and Rabitt.
    "Please use these properly." "This is Keung Ong...." A total of 98 artificial spirits placed on the round table. Lau checked their performance
    The eyes of L and Rabbit lighted up.
    "You will have a considerable workforce in each field."
    "I am glad that I was able to save labor costs." "In the future, 52 additional artificial spirits will be secured each year. I know that."
    "Is it possible that it is impossible to produce it in Korea?" "It can't be done. It can only be made if the race is dwarf regardless of skill.
    It's coming."
    "Well... I know, but I can't help it."
    Busy, busy.
    The next visit to the grid by Lauel and Rabit, who discussed how to use artificial spirits to see extreme efficiency, was the library's library.
    His figure standing on a window near the sundown was like a picture.
    "Isn't it strange that vampires like sunlight?"

    "Hung, tell me what you came to." "That's.... Is there any way to teleport through the Dragon's Barrier? It seemed to have engraved magic circles blocking the moving magic and enchanting coordinates." . He is a thousand years old. Even if you live tens of thousands of years, you will not be able to pass through the dragon's barrier."
    As usual, the grid has used the school's puppet, the academy's principal sticksay, as a vehicle. No matter how grid, we're going to have a shuttle to Braham
    There is no guts. So it seemed that Abraham was given the question of Sticksay's teleportation in mind. Asked the grid again. "What about your teleport, Abraham?"
    Abraham finally caught his eye in the book. His ruby-like eyes looking at the grid were as cold as usual. The cold wind seems to be blowing. "Much of the magic is derived from dragons. Representative examples are Polymorph and Teleport."
    "So... Are you saying that your teleport will start?" It's a frenzy.
    You may not be able to interact with Talima, as Antrino fears. The grid that hardened the face suddenly felt heterogeneous. Braham's eyes changed. Hot eagerness settled in his eyes.
    "The ultimate goal of my witchcraft is the flesh of the dragon (collaboration).
    The purpose of the retrieval was due to the offspring of Dory, and the purpose of killing Marirose was only a kind of coming, but the dragon hunting was the wish of Archmage Braham.
    Surviving a dragon. Braham, who remained an achievement only at times, often boasted of it, but it was only hypocrisy. In fact, Abraham wanted to get rid of the past. He ran away without looking back, and his self was too strong to tolerate himself.
    Braham grabs the grid's wrist as he approaches.
    Spa ah!!
    The scene unfolded in front of the grid changed.
    Huge joints that are hard to make possible. Grid and Braham were standing in a staggering space. "Here......?" I was embarrassed and looked around
    De's eyes widened. The sight that surprised him wasn't the Treasure Mountain piled up on one side of the joint.
    Four artificial spirits are being cleaned with brooms everywhere.
    The grids were noticed by the appearance of guys with more beautiful and beautiful colors than the artificial spirits brought from Talima. "Stand, no way."
    I knew it.
    It has been long since. ".... No, what is so imposing?
    There are not one or two tackle girls.
    The grid just looked at the look of the dog, who was talking with a confused look.
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    Not sure on that ending but no magic gun for yura sad and Braham wants to beat up dragons too
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    Yeah that's why I want spoilers from LordKarsus. Don't know what happened to him that maybe he isn't able to provide the spoilers. I am not saying that these spoilers are bad, but human greed knows no limits and boundaries.
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    Wait, what. are you serious? Braham just take grid straight to trauka nest like nobody businesses?
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    So Braham ultimate goal is to defeat a dragon...
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    No Braham's ultimate goal is to kill God Yatan to take revenge of his mother.

    To defeat a Dragon that is the ambition of the individual Legendary Great Magician Braham.
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    Who are Margaret again?
    102 ego doll!?? Are those dwarf and SA group crazy!??
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    Don't know about your Margaret thing, if I want to answer this then I would have to read that mess again, but that name may have been mistranslated as it happens a lot like Braham = Abraham and Lord = Rod. About Ego Dolls - they are Golems or artificial spirits like Dwarf Ke's artificial Earth Elemental pet. So they really aren't egos of Dwarves that you might have thought.
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    They encountered 4 guardian spirits at the teleported location

    Braham probably made an attempt to teleport in again
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    Lanstier is not the name of a particular individual.
    It was a title given to the head of <Eclipse>, who was notorious as the strongest assassination group in the past.
    However, as the 25th Lanstier became the legendary assassin, false perceptions took root in the world.
    "The name of the night that had brought death by simply putting it in the mouth began to be praised as an awe-inspiring object. It was said that the position of Eclipse had been shaken since then.
    Kasim the King of Shadows.
    He, who has taught Faker to Lancetier for the past few years, talked about the history of Eclipse for the first time today.
    As of today, I have opened my heart to the Faker who has learned all the techniques of Lanstier.
    It was.
    Learning Lanceti's techniques means that you are qualified to become Lancetier.
    Faker had to study and understand Eclipse. That's a new obligation to him.
    "Eclipse, which was brought out to the sun with Lanstier, became so familiar to the public too quickly. It lost mystery. As it was constantly mentioned and attracted attention among people, the clients began to be reluctant."
    It is an assassination organization.
    There was nothing good they had to do in secret and always get the public attention. In an unexpected situation, a number of restrictions occurred, and referrals from people were significantly reduced. The elders of the organization who never obeyed Lanstier were dissatisfied with Lanstier. Little by little, the hierarchies of the organization were invisible. "The 25-year-old Lanstier, who was responsible for his retirement, retired, but nothing improved. The organization's forces rapidly weakened, and the network of information that occupied the entire western continent ceased operation.
    The real problem was aside.
    The system of Eclipse, which kidnapped talented boys from all over the country and raised them as an assassin, was destroyed.
    Lancer's technique gradually deteriorated. By the time the Kassim and Doran mentors of the 32nd Lanstier were gone, much of the technology was lost.
    "You have to browse the records of the previous lance tiers to explore the true extremes of Lancetier's techniques, but I have been in contact with Eclipse for a long time. I am unable to determine their current location." "How did you lose contact?" Kassim was a direct student of the 32nd Lanstier.
    It is a bit of a surprise that he, the successor to Eclipse, has lost contact with Eclipse.
    Kasim explained when Faker asked.
    "Since Master's retirement time was approaching, there was a sign of rebellion in Eclipse. The cause was me and Doran. As you know, our talents were insufficient, so we learned about half of the techniques, and the members of the organization were anxious." I convinced Doran and I to be able to cooperate to become one Lanstier, but, well... even my partner, Doran, was wondering if that would be possible, so the distrust among the members would have been even greater." "After all, has the rebellion happened?" "Yeah, two with the support of the executives
    The self-driving Master drove out. Master, who was hurt in the course of evacuating me and Doran, has taught us in the mountains ever since, and died a few years later."
    "After Master left, Doran chose a normal life, but I didn't. As you know, he sharpened his sword to avenge the Empire and at the same time traced Eclipse's whereabouts. Only a legitimate successor could read it." A little stronger power by regaining the records of the previous lancers
    It was to get. But it was almost impossible to trace Eclipse's whereabouts on my own.
    "But recently I found a very important trace. The remains of this clip remained in the abyss of the Empire."
    Emperor Basara had invited Irene and Lord to the Empire.
    Then Kasim followed the escort, observing the interior of the once-revengeed empire, and if he had fought the empire to the end, what was the end?
    Kassim replied willingly.
    "That's right. It makes sense to guess that lotion." "Okay. While I am away, I ask for the escort of the queen and the prince."
    I got a clue, so only the action remained.
    The empire has a good chance that it will allow you to investigate your abyss with a favorable stance on the country.
    The judged Faker is paying attention to Kasim.

    And left. His appearance, melting into the shadows and disappearing from sight, gave hope to Kasim. "Lantier.... Is it resurrected?"
    The world is largely divided into three. Hell, earth, and heaven. The western and eastern continents, which are completely remote, are, after all, tied to one category: the ground.
    But Dragon Rare is an exception.
    Dragon Rare was found all over the ground, but was considered a completely separate space from the ground.
    It is an inviolable realm for those who praise the dragon as the god of the earth. Dragons threatened by humanity have been treated as a place not far from hell. In other words, heaven and hell. There will be few idiots in history who dare to visit Dragon Rare.
    But the idiot was by the side of the grid.
    [I entered <Yanglong Trauka's first place> for the first time as a player.]
    [The monster flock that protects the dragon rare and your feat that broke through the high-level magic trap will remain legendary.]
    [The price of transcendence is opened as the first admission reward.]
    [Already, the price of transcendence is open. Transcendental change
    It increases by one level.] [The probability of attacking a weak point increases slightly.] [The probability of blocking a weak point increases slightly.]
    "Dragon's barrier? Heung. This body has been pierced for a long time."
    Dragon rare was indeed a huge space.
    The reward for the first visit is a whopping price.
    This is equivalent to the reward you get for writing one epic.
    It means that visiting Rare is such a great feat. It was the lead who unexpectedly got a big reward, but he wasn't happy. "Once. Put it down first."
    The grid calmed down Braham, who was holding the spirits of the spirit kings. He's been anxious and frightened as he has been through the trolling of Abraham many times.
    Already once stolen by Abraham
    It was because it was difficult to think that Yeomneung, who had done so, would not have prepared anything.
    "Trace magic? If it depends, isn't it caught up in Yeomyong? It's just being chased, so you can go down and destroy even the tempest."
    Grid's concerns were valid. But Braham was just a nostril pearl.
    "You don't understand the dragon's character at all."
    "What measures do you take to prevent the thieves from recurring? Hung, so that's how you admit that you're conscious of the thieves. All the creatures except yourself, even the gods, see dragons inferior. You have no idea how high you are."
    'But I'm not a thief.' A grid with his tongue out asked for confirmation. "So, all the stuff here
    Even if you go home, there will be no trace of us left. Is this it?" "That's right."
    "....A true story?" Confidence, Nimchi's expression gave the grid confidence. His gaze blossomed to Rare's corner.
    Indeed, dragons liked to glisten, and all kinds of gold coins and gems were forming mountains. 'How much is that all?'
    The grid's eyes are colored with greed
    It was the moment he gradually approached Treasure Mountain, who sent a cut whisper to bring as many sacks of sacks as possible. -To the intruder. Alerts intruders.
    -Get back. Any further action will be suppressed by force. The four spirit kings, who were caught by the nape of Abraham and hung on the neck, began to talk at once.
    It seemed to be equipped with an anti-theft system.
    "When is this laughing?"
    A stout grid took away and released the spirit kings held by Braham.
    If I crossed this line, I was really afraid of Hu-Hwan.
    The grid's attitude was not noticed by Abraham.
    However, I quickly lifted my face.
    "....It was a matter of national respect
    "That's okay. That's why I have no choice but to understand.
    If the stimulus is stimulated more than necessary, the entire continent may be destroyed.
    "Come back now. Huh?" The grid that was about to rush Braham to leave has stopped in place. His gaze was reflected on the stone wall of Treasure Mountain. "Me, that?" A fossil that has a dragon breath. It is a mineral that has been recorded in a mineral dictionary that has rapidly increased in information thanks to Antrino.
    "Can they... quietly do it?"
    The hand of the grid was pointing to the spirit kings.
    The eyes were rounded, and the spirits of the floating spirit kings and Abraham looked at the alternating grid and sighed. "What did you care about a little before? What did you mean? It would be better to disable them for a while, rather than stimulate them."
    The image world of Abraham was manifested.
    Braham, who imprisoned the spirit kings there, warned the grid.
    "It's 5 minutes. If you don't solve it in 5 minutes, Yeomryong will detect the anomaly and come back."
    Hyunhyeon of the image world has a very large ripple effect.
    Yumyeon soon noticed that something foreign had invaded his back.
    After taking Braham's warning, the grid pulled out the top.
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    Finally, Faker made some progress! I wonder if the Overgeared Shadows will merge into Eclipse if Faker ends up becoming Lantier. I'd definitely like to see the assassin guild do something, but I doubt there will be an enemy that warrants their use.

    Also, can we talk about how ballsy Braham is being right now. He was so nervous about Marie Rose yet he jumps head first into Trauka's lair. It sounds like Trauka is already aware of their presents so I'm wondering how they plan to deal with him. Perhaps Berith's mask can be used by Braham to avoid being recognized and Grid's Dragon blessing might prevent Trauka's anger. I can't wait for next chaper.