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    Well, if so then I hope Yatan won't hold a grudge.
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    yatan won't hold a grudge against grid, more like he can't.
    if grid successfully make leraje, a great demon, his missenger, yatan himself won't know because he is sleeping/slumber and only will wake-up if it's time to destroy the world, or so they say.
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    If he's asleep that would explain why the church was ran by Amoract instead of Yatan himself.
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    Woah,so Kraugel debuffed the whole Hell by slicing it?

    Interesting...I thought Kraugel became the protagonist for a second
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    Omg lmao kyle
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    the demon that lead the army in the saharan empire, is that zepar?
    wait, is iyarugt got back to his prime?
    iyarugt vs zepar... the one who wins will become the "true" hell's best swordsman.

    piaro and co. will meet biban. finally.
    i've always feel that piaro will meet biban in the future chapter due to the "flag" he raised when he obtained the matchless heart swordsmanship. looking forward to his reactions.

    is the workshop that grid is building not finished yet?
    imagine a workshop that has a infinite durability and can be only cut by the sword saint or using falling moon sword.
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    Guys...the pacing of the novel felt kinda rushed..Perhaps,Overgeared would end at chapter 2000?Still,2000 is good number.
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    Now Kraugel is the MC. Haha...

    Author has already started his new Novel: Duke's Son Re.
    The Duke's Son was Park Saenal's 1st work. Kraugel was the Protagonist. So it is most likely a sequel of Duke's Son, and Kraugel would be the Protagonist perhaps.
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    Wow!!! Let's go! I hope after overgeared is done, wuxia and rainbowturtle will pick this series as well:D
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    Do you know God Grid?
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    Finally ,the fight to determine the strongest swordsman of hell begin .
    Yakult vs Zepar

    And Yakult convert to gridsm following peak sword
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    Asmodians refer to all the intelligent beings born in Hell.
    It is rare for each race to coexist as they have very different appearances and tendencies.
    They have only one thing in common.

    That's what it means to be 'magic'.
    Magi is energy that intervenes and strengthens both material and magical powers.
    It was not an exaggeration to say that it was the source of power.
    This is why the value of demons is determined in proportion to the quality and quantity of innate magic.
    Red Lin people (赤 燐 族).
    A demon who lights up a red goblin according to a change of heart.

    Their overall appearance was very similar to that of humans.
    Yes, he has great dexterity and often works as an engineer in a neutral area.
    Hellsmith, the Blacksmith of Hell, is a representative Red Lin tribe.
    However, most of the Red Lin were not treated well.
    He was discriminated and despised because his natural magic was inferior and weaker than that of a monster.
    Jepar, who was born in the Red Lin tribe, was also used to being cold.

    He has no good memories of his youth.
    It's all about being born as a weakling in a society where people are weak and strong.
    The one who gave him dreams and hopes was the sword demon Yarugt.
    Even though he is from a low-level demon like himself, he has honed his swordsmanship and gained the power to fight against the great demons.
    Zephyr wanted to be like him.
    he was killed by

    Scene change

    The world was painted red.
    By the blood that Zephyr shed.
    'Aren't you supposed to be called a swordsman at that point?'
    Kyle, who had been exclaiming in admiration while watching the battle, was finally shocked.
    The senses of the Transcendent are extremely sensitive.
    The other's gaze, breathing, and movement of muscles and ligaments.
    He grasps all of that without missing a beat and raises the battle to the realm of foresight.
    It was rather poisonous.
    Yarugt constantly deceived Zephar's senses.
    It disturbed the senses of the Transcendental by changing the center of the body each time the sword was swung, making the center of the body and the direction of the sword shift.

    Kyle was observing the battle from a third person's point of view, so it was a deception that could be grasped.
    His party, Jefar, is unlikely to understand why he keeps getting cut.
    He actually did.
    As soon as he ascended to the handover, he encountered Yarugt.
    Jefar's concentration reached a climax when he met the greatest foe.
    The wounds he had suffered against Kyle were quite light, so there was no room for arranging his powers.

    He did his best from the start.
    He was weird though.
    He couldn't read Iya Lugt's sword at all.
    They boasted that they had developed more and more over the past hundreds of years, but they are overwhelmed by the ghosts of the past just as they were hundreds of years ago.
    Even the present situation is much better.
    In the past, Zephar had the status of the Great Evil.

    His near-infinite vitality supported him.
    On the other hand, now he is just a demon.
    Unlike the past, where they somehow survived 7 days and 7 nights with the sword of Yarugt, each slash now comes with a fatal value.
    Zephyr's face, unable to contain his embarrassment and anger, turned red.
    A goblin fire rose and roamed around him.

    Yarugt scoffed.
    "You've been degenerated for hundreds of years like a little insect."
    "It's probably a bug. Since you and I have similar origins."
    "The drama, yes... there is no difference between you and me."
    It is true that Yarugt's swordsmanship has reached the highest level.
    But that is limited to the form.
    A swordsmanship that deceives the eyes and senses of the opponent by shifting the center of the body and the path of the sword.

    This swordsmanship has a fatal weakness.
    The point is that he cannot wear the full power of the sword.
    As the sword was directed in the opposite direction from the center of the body, it was natural that no force was applied.
    Fortunately, the power of the sword was gradually increased by adding recoil whenever the center of gravity was changed, but there is a limit to that as well.
    It was far from being able to 'slash anything' like the swordsmanship of the sword.

    Simply put, there was a lack of determination.
    Even though he was feared by countless demons, even the Hydra of the Abyss was overpowered for a short time, the number of Great Demons that Yarugt actually killed was small.
    Since he didn't have many achievements, his level is low compared to Ilshin's ability.
    It was inevitable that Yarugt could not become a swordsman in the end.

    but it's ok
    Even at the current level, I can only argue about the strongest.
    It's enough to keep the gun open until the opponent dies.
    Zephar's flesh and bones are so strong that he can't cut his neck or destroy his heart, but he can bleed to death by curling up.
    Another unsuccessful counterattack, Zephar snarled his shoulder, growling.

    He wasn't used to it at all.
    It was natural for the sword to fly from the right side, and the sword came from the left, and the sword had to rise to the top so that the sword fell to the bottom.
    He'd rather reacted the opposite of what he saw, but even that was useless.
    At first, his senses were on Yarugt's palm.
    Blademaster Yarugt.
    The legend of hell survived.
    'Even after hundreds of years, you won't be able to win!'

    If he had known he would be so helpless, he wouldn't have taken the vanguard so confidently.
    He said, 'If he hadn't been removed from power...!'
    Every time Zephar fought the Great Demons and won, he usurped his throne.
    He even climbed to the top of the thirteenth place in power.
    But he couldn't stay.

    This is because the demons despised him, who was from a lower level demon.
    At least the demons acknowledged and feared the abilities of the Zephar, but the demons faithful to his instincts only saw the essence of the Zephar.
    Regardless of his immediate abilities and achievements, he looked down on low-quality Magi and exposed his teeth.
    Therefore, he lost his dignity and naturally lost his seat.
    It was just as Yarugt had predicted.
    That half-brothers like you and me can never be rulers...

    'I will die like this.'
    I want to escape and breathe for a while, but even that is impossible.
    The supreme swordsman blocks the gaze and the movement line without a break.
    '...I don't want to die! No!'
    have been living together
    I killed all those who despised me, took revenge, and took power, even for a short time.
    Eventually he lost his power, but it wasn't too bad.

    To make my dream of becoming Iyarugt come true.
    That was enough.
    He killed Yarugt, and thanks to that, he became the only swordsman in Hell.
    She received the least respect.
    He had the potential to regain the power he had lost on the basis of this war.
    Cepardea promised to connect with Baal.
    He became a vassal of Baal, so he could become a real nobleman.
    I never imagined that I would have to lose his life here...

    It was then that the terrified Zephyr trembled.
    "Jeffar, you are still the same. When I meet Iarugt, I have a lot of chaos. That's why I hate idolatry."
    The sky was split in half.
    A red carpet protruding from the crack spread across the battlefield.
    Dozens of ghosts that appeared from the portal lined up to the left and right of the carpet.

    The world held its breath.
    Thirty or so ghosts, each with a different shape, all have golden names.
    The sight of them prostrate in unison was truly spectacular.

    [The 4th Great Evil, the king of the dead who rules the soul, 'Gamigin' has appeared.]
    [Gamigin exerts force on the souls of the dead. When Gamigin dies, the death penalty is temporarily suspended, and he will act as a 'Soul Soldier' for a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 20 minutes.]
    [You cannot disobey Gamigin's orders while in Soul Soldier status.]
    [If you die in Soul Soldier status or the duration of the status ends, a death penalty applies. In addition, it takes a heavy blow to the soul and cannot be revived for 1 hour.]
    [Gamigin's four legs are fast and strong. No one can stop Gamigin's sprint.]
    [The spirits of the forgotten heroes of old guard Gamigin.]

    The lower body is like a human, but the upper body is similar to that of a human female.
    Wonheung, who cooperated with Zephar and brought death to Yarugt.
    He appeared brightly on the carpet.
    "Zephar, I'll be playing around with Iarugt, so clear your head. Because your black is strong, throwing away your thoughts."
    It was not for nothing that there was a joke that if Yarugt and Zephyr had only one talent, a swordsman would have been born in Hell.
    Yarugt's swordsmanship is a supreme skill, and Zephar's swordsmanship is the ultimate power.
    "Come on, Iyarugt. Let's play with me like we used to?"

    Gamigin's eyes gleamed with greed as he looked at Iarugt, which was as hard as a stone statue.
    This time, there was a will to subdue the soul and collect it.
    Yarugt's murderous intent exploded.
    However, unlike momentum, he did not fight.
    Rather, it went backwards.
    It was instinct.
    Even if you sharpen a cat's claws, it won't hurt the elephant's skin.

    It was hard for even Iyarugt of the world to have great ambition in relativism to the highest demon.
    The light fell on the side of him who was withdrawn.
    It was a remnant of teleport magic.
    "go away."
    A chilling voice calms the seething atmosphere of the battlefield.
    “I want to kill you.”

    Her ruby-like eyes stare at Iarugt, not Gamigin.
    It was full of hate.
    When the servant of the grid shows ugliness, he cannot forgive him.
    low wall.
    Even a simple gait has dignity.
    was noble
    The absence of a single wrinkle on the collared shirt further accentuated his dignity.
    Gamigin's lips twitched while observing the silver-haired man.

    "You...? Are you the son of Beriache?"
    "Don't put my mother's name in your vile snout."
    Braham frowned.
    The movement of opening the subspace and taking out the wand was very nervous.
    At the same time as the staff that Grid has painstakingly modified is revealed.
    A spear of light that fell from the sky pierced through Zephyr's body.

    Zephyr was trying to use the time Gamigin had earned to enter the state of selflessness.
    Concentrating to shake off his thoughts, he made no response and in vain oxidized to XI light.
    A notification window appeared in the sword's field of vision.

    [The Hidden Peace <Sword Demons> ended with the victory of 'Yarugt'.]
    [Iyarugt has attained enlightenment regarding the <Sword of Mindlessness>.]
    [The spirit of Yarugt regains the lost dignity and is further strengthened.]
    [The seal of the magical sword Yarugt is weakened.]
    [The Hidden Peace <The Last Seal> occurs.]
    [If you want to break the seal of Iyarugt, destroy the 4th Great Evil Gamigin.]

    "Wait, is it true..."
    He muttered with a wide expression of the sword.
    Zefar's death is the long-cherished dream of Yarugt.
    It was thanks to his unquenchable revenge that he was able to endure without being sealed by the sword for hundreds of years.
    And he finally met today.
    He went on the verge of achieving his dream.
    However, the 4th Great Evil appeared and disturbed it.

    Yarugt was deeply disappointed.
    Looking at the pole sword, there seemed to be no hope at all.
    Hundreds of years were on the verge of disappearing in vain.
    That's when Braham appeared and killed Zephar so easily...
    Rather than feeling relief or admiration, the development was so absurd that it was difficult to follow.

    Gamigin grinned.
    It was an unnatural and unpleasant smile, as if a clown mask had been put on.
    "Do you know why the stars fall?"
    Braham Eschwald, the son of the 3rd highest demon Beriache, a legendary archmage, a jigong, a fragment of myth, and an apostle of the Tempasin Grid, raised the question.
    Gamigin didn't seem interested at all.

    It seemed like he was already thinking about something else.
    As a being who has reigned supreme in hell, he has a unique temperament.
    "I heard that there are several children of Beriache... Shall I collect them all?"
    Gamigin vomits his thoughts without answering.
    Braham had naturally foreseen that a gnome giant would emerge through the abyss.
    So he stayed on Titan from the very beginning.

    However, he did not go directly to the situation because the situation was boring.
    Braham was also famous for his eccentric personality.
    "One reason."
    Braham asked a question by himself and answered by himself.
    "It's in response to my will."
    woo woo woo woo-woo
    The sky burned and the earth shook.
    Dozens of meteorites pulled from space fell over Gamigin's head and devastated the area.

    Dukes and knights dedicated to saving lives, people and players struggling to survive, reporters and viewers watching the situation holding their breath, Iyarugt and Kyle, who lost their words at a certain point, and the swordsman.
    Everyone looked at Braham's back, unable to keep their mouths open.
    The burning and collapsing ground, the fiercely rising smoke, and the pillars of light that fill the sky...

    As always, the figure of Braham, who gazed at the scenery that seemed to depict the destruction of the world, was as noble and beautiful as always, and he instilled all kinds of emotions in people.

    The end
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    I remember rucfan talking about a ghost/soul/spirit/ power used by a GD ,is this merely a coincidence?

    Perhaps,rucfan was right all along?!!

    -Dbz ost
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    Oh wow dayum finally braham fighting moment :blobpopcorn::blobpopcorn_cool::blobtriumph:
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    grid will have to endure biban's complaints again. well, depending if biban will be satisfied of the piaro's farming that originated from his swordsmanship. feel sorry for him. hahaha.

    will marie rose join braham to fight against gamigin?

    i have a question.
    we all know that marie rose was the one who took braham's immortality and his vampire powers.
    how will brahan regain his powers as a vampire?
    i mean the proccess.
    thanks to whoever answer.
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    Lmao biban said urajil towards piaro:blobjoy::blobjoy::blobjoy: he felt betrayed that piaro that he know from grid is diff than the reality. Good luck with that biban:blobjoy::blobjoy:
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    1497 please
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    The human race was in danger of collapse for the Great Devils in the 30th and 20th places.
    Common sense knew that the single-digit great devil was very strong.
    However, many people mistake the gap between the 9th and 10th great demons as one flower.

    Only a handful of people knew that there was a gap between the ranks that had to be discussed between heaven and earth.
    I can't help it.
    There were still few users who approached the worldview deeply, and among them, there were only one person who experienced the hell episode properly.
    Even Yura doesn't understand the whole hell.
    She hadn't reached the depth of hell yet.
    The flow of the world was too fast for the growth of users.
    This means that it is safe to say that no one actually knows exactly what level of the fourth-largest devil is.
    The Great Devil, except for the Three Evils of the Early Age, which is irreplaceable...

    If these modifiers were directly attached to the message, ordinary people would not have felt any emotion.
    I didn't know the concept of the first three evils, meaning Baal, Amoract, and Veriace.
    It's natural not to know.
    Grid only recently found out after seeing the murals.

    - Here comes Braham.
    - End situation ᄏᄏ

    The Legendary Magician Braham Ashwald.
    He was famous even before his resurrection.
    He has played too much by defeating Yatan Uijong with one finger and defeating Crowzel in the national competition, possessed by the body of the grid.
    Of course, his identity was not known at the time, and it wasn't until much later that it was revealed.

    In any case, what people think of Braham was simply invincible.
    He was also popular because he was a handsome man.
    While Kyle was a regular customer of the top 10 voting for female users, Braham was popular regardless of men and women.
    It has topped the popularity vote.
    With all kinds of fantasies added to it, it is Brahms who has been recognized as being completely flawless at some point.
    No one could ill-fatedly imagine him losing.
    Even though some parts of the city were wiped out by the meteorite, they were on the verge of dying or dying from the aftermath.
    The people shouted that evil must be sacrificed.
    As soon as Zepar, who exterminated the Imperial Army, appeared, he was thrilled and cheered for Braham, who put the meteorite on the face of the fourth-largest demon.

    Of course, there were a lot of people worried inside.
    Titan is the largest city on the continent.
    But now, Braham has devastated about a fifth of them.
    It is not strange if tens of thousands of people were swept to death by the explosion.
    Of course, if the Great Devils were active, there would have been a lot more casualties than that, but... This is a little too much.

    The concerned viewers focused on what Braham looked like on the monitor and said, 'What's this?'
    A stream of sweat was running down Braham's broad back.
    Of course, the appearance was nonchalant.
    His chin, which was raised with a high air, remained the same.
    But Braham is a little... No, he was quite a bit perplexed

    He has just brought in a total of three meteorites.
    One was meteo magic, which was used in real time, and the other two were pre-arranged as alarms.
    After the opening of the muzzle, Zepar's path was captured in his eyes, and he roughly predicted when and at what point the strong enemy would appear.
    Only one of the three meteors hit Kamigin.

    Of course, the other two meteors were also within range of the Camigin.
    This is due to accurate predictions of the war situation.
    It can only be described as a truly great insight and computational ability.
    Again and again, Braham pulled three meteorites from space.
    However, there were as many as 27 meteorites that actually appeared.

    Of course, not all 27 meteorites had the same power.
    Assuming the destructive power of each of the three meteorites summoned by Braham himself was 100, the remaining 24 meteorites displayed only a destructive power of 3 to 10.
    But the problem is that that alone was a great enough power.
    One-fifth of the city was destroyed.

    '... Is this the cane that caused it?'
    Braham's cold gaze turned to the staff in his hand.
    Belial's wand, which was strengthened by Grid himself using the by-products from the last Hell expedition.
    Braham, who is just a wizard, does not know, but the process of strengthening the grid was never ordinary.
    It did not strengthen its power by complementing its shortcomings with the new design and adding better materials, but instilled God's power.

    The power of Templarsin.
    It's <Reformation>.
    Braham's weapons were much more powerful than he expected.
    'Magic leaves an afterimage, and the afterimage duplicates the magic.'
    Braham saw through the new function of the cane at once.
    I analyzed and understood the cause of the three meteors with the knowledge that they had written.

    'It's not just a power-boosting concept. It multiplies the number of magic invokes itself, leading to a multidimensional effect.'
    It's a miracle territory.
    Grid is the creation of a monstrous monster.
    'You may need to get used to using it.'
    Braham had a hunch.

    This cane is not a weapon for wizards, but a monster that devours them.
    It was clear that an ordinary sorcerer would lose control and destroy himself if he used this cane.
    But he is different.
    I can understand and control quickly.
    He has not regained his immediate authority, but his ability as a "wizard" has already been restored.

    This means that Braham Eschwald, who was in his prime, has completely revived.
    Hydra Tidal, Hell's expedition, and Helgao Reid were of great help.
    In the first place, the amount of experience gained was unrivaled.
    It just so happened that a cry of reassurance came in for him.
    "Prince Braham! The people's evacuation has been induced immediately, so there is no need to worry!!"
    It was the cry of the Duke of Grenhal.

    Not a single lie was mixed in his words.
    Wouldn't they have evacuated the people at a time when they predicted a possible invasion of the Demons from the moose?
    Most of the people who remained in the empire were combatable personnel, players and guild standing forces.
    It means that they were people who could fight.
    Of course not everyone is.
    However, the remaining public was completely evacuated by Duke Grenhal a while ago.

    It was possible because of the help of enemy knights and the performance of the Duke of Morize.
    Braham replied in a flat voice.
    "That's lame. Did you think I'd worry about people?"
    It was from the bottom of my heart.
    But it is also true that I feel comfortable.
    The bad guy who soaked his back dried up.

    It was refreshing when I brushed it off with Cleanse magic.
    "I'm sorry to try to guess the heart of the deceased."
    The Duke of Grenhaal sincerely apologized.
    He concentrated on each word of Braham, who approached him insignificantly at first glance, and he was tense.
    Even though the Duke of the Empire was a matter of perception.
    The greatest magician of all time.
    Braham's name weighed that much.

    "Ahaha...! Ahaha! Awesome, that's great..."
    An iron scratch came in.
    The voice that was whispering was strange because it forced the burned vocal cords to move.
    People's eyes were shifted to the center of the giant crater.
    I saw a horse standing tall.
    His lower body is fine without a scratch, but his chest is burning brightly.

    It's creepy to see it coming out beyond the flames.
    Ripped, fragmented, melted flesh and bones were crushed and entangled like mud touched by a child's hand.
    Kamigin's upper body, which boasted of a pretty beautiful woman, was distorted because it could not handle the aftermath of Braham's meteo.

    "What is it... The blood line of Veriache... It's so amazing..."
    Camigin's body was regenerating in a flame that hadn't been extinguished.
    The neck bones that had been bent and the spine that had been dislocated like spines were straight and sour.
    The heart, which had become a lump, beat in its original shape.
    The shattered skull was glued back to a meatball and the tanned skin was added, expressing an ecstatic look.

    "I want it... Yeah! You must have it!"
    His fallen arm was attached again, his vocal cords recovered, and his voice recovered.
    Kamigin's eyes, which had no pupils but only whites, did not intend to fall exactly fixed on Braham.
    Dozens of magic circles floated around Braham.
    These are the great magics that Gamigin had prepared while she was regenerating.

    "Dirty and vile."
    Dozens of magic with different powers and effects embroidered the sky and earth.
    It was a wave tax that was impossible to respond to.
    Why Braham's magic is stronger than ordinary magic.
    It's not just because of the quality and quantity of mana and the differentiation of drinking.
    Braham basically predicts and encourages the opponent's response.

    After analyzing all factors such as the personality, nature, purpose, battlefield situation, environment, and even weather and wind direction of the target, one's magic makes the target hit faster, stronger, and more effectively.
    The smile disappeared from Gamigin's face as he ran dizzyingly in curves and oblique lines, avoiding the magical attack.

    It's not because of the fatal wound.
    It was because he naturally moved away from Braham because he was wary of the poisonous magic.
    Camigin quickly realized that it was very difficult to approach him.
    'Beriache touched the monster. No... Rather, I became a monster by giving birth to something pathetic.'
    Veriache did not use magic.

    To be exact, she didn't need to study magic.
    He was able to exercise a drop of blood and a nearly omnipotential transfer.
    In other words, if Braham inherited even half the power of Veriache, there was no reason to be a wizard.
    'Poor child. You look like that because you are not loved by your mother.'

    Look at you now.
    The blood of three great people.
    He is weak, he seems to be only a low-class human wizard who had no choice but to practice magic all his life due to his weakness.
    Feeling sorry, Kamigin's heart was moved.
    He felt maternal love as the king of the dead who cared for the lost souls.

    She wanted to take care of Braham.
    Unlike trivial behavior, I wanted to bring out that strong and noble soul and keep it with me for the rest of my life.
    "Ah! Braham!"
    Suddenly awakened from the idea, Kim Ki-gin realized that he had fallen into a big trap.
    The land that naturally stood after avoiding the magic of Braham.
    I felt a great deal of mana seething underground.

    "That's great! That's great! You've been struggling like a spider web bug even though you've been abandoned by your mother. I'll take you as my son, praise you!"
    Kamigin's cry, swept away by a volcanic-bursting magic trap, was torn and stretched.
    People's eyes became sickly.
    Kamigin's line was nonsense, no matter who heard it.

    Braham doesn't have talent?
    How much more will you suddenly make him your son?
    It was suspicious that he had become senile.
    That much, Kamigin's temperament was unique and bizarre.
    He has ruled as an absolute man all his life in hell, which is completely different from the human world.
    There was no common sense.
    Whenever a notion comes to mind, it does not distinguish it from reality.
    He immediately accepts ideas that suit his taste as reality.

    Even forced it naturally on others.
    Kamigin was fully entitled to do so.
    Because you're not in a position to fear any consequences if you change the world as you wish.
    Braham was deep in thought.
    Again this time, hundreds of kinds of calculations were carried out at the same time, watching Gami Gin regenerate with a focus on his lower body, which was not even scratched.

    This is because I was interested to see Kamigin's lower body, which is not damaged by Meteo's physical power, flame magic explosive power, ice magic and gravity magic force, and auxiliary magic intervention.
    Inspirations that had never existed were flooding his mind.
    Of course, nothing affected by Kamigin's gibberish.

    What matters to Braham is not what others say, but what they think.
    In the first place, Kamigin's interpretation is wrong.
    It's not that Braham wasn't gifted by Veriache.
    His eccentric personality has taken away the talent he had received.
    After playing, Kamigin rushed head-on to the far-off Braham.
    Based on a few calculations, he seemed to have calculated that there was no need to avoid magic.
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    Well, this might be a reminder for Huroi to never mock Beriache, especially in front of Vampires and at the least was Braham.