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  1. Bad Storm

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    I call it a writing project but it's a little journal like in nature.
    HDHP means Hundred Day Happiness Project.
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    Trying to get stuff done, but not being able to.
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    Prompt: An old woman watching the rain while remembering her youth (by @Bielt )

    Thunderous roars
    Madly flying past
    Raging and bold
    Spirited and vigorous

    A sudden storm
    Catching my breath away
    But ever so short lived
    My first love

    A story long past
    Of passionate times
    Of two youths in love
    With nothing else but love

    But that is just a memory
    How time have changed
    Bones tired and weary
    Hair of white and grey

    Our feet no longer strong
    Our dance no longer feverish
    Our flames no longer burning
    Our love no longer roaring

    All that's left is a small trickle
    A rainbow in the sky
    A field full of life
    A house weathered by storm

    A home strengthened by storm

    Prompt by @Osamaru

    My dearly beloved
    Please grow strong
    Solid and gallant wings
    To fly wherever you want

    My dearly beloved
    Please grow gracefully
    Reverberant sound, exquisite songs
    To be heard even in the farthest lands

    My dearly beloved
    Please grow kind
    Helping hand in hand
    Through the harsh winter

    My dearly beloved
    Please grow up
    I cannot be with you long
    But I hope you will carry on

    My dearly beloved
    I love you forever and always
    This overflowing warmth
    I hope you can feel it too

    Prompt by @Osamaru

    The scary night has passed
    Of chilling wind and creeping snow
    Of blinding white and solitude
    Of being saved by your arms

    Was it scary for you too
    Are you frightened stiff
    Have you gone cold from fear
    The storm have stopped now, don't you worry

    Thank you for protecting me
    I won't let you worry
    I won't let you be sad
    I won't let you be sorry

    I'll grow strong and full of grace
    I'll grow up warm and kind
    Just as you were with me
    I love you forever and always

    It's me against the world
    So I have to be tough
    Tough to those under
    Tough to those above
    Especially, tough to myself

    What a tiring way of living
    Surrounded by hostiles
    Angry faces and backbites
    But you'll preservere
    Because a leader must be hated

    What an ugly way of living
    Talk before you're talked
    Hurt so you're not hurt
    Persuade and manipulate
    All for the sake of your goal

    What a bloody way of living
    Blame the whole world
    For pushing her away
    When she's the one pushing
    In the end, what's left?

    I don my festive lights
    Among the celebrations
    Smiles of families gathered
    Shining bright for the humans
    While choking and barely alive

    How can you smile so bright
    While others are suffering
    How can you laugh so loud
    Just because you can't hear
    Just because I'm not you

    I haven't chosen this
    To be sacrificed
    To be the one in pain
    For the happiness of others
    I was never given the choice

    Amidst all these cheers
    The feast, the lights
    The hymns praising the Lord
    I can only shed silent tears
    Counting my final days
    - - -
    Author note: This is actually part of my Christmas themed poems orz

    It was not my intention to call
    To shine, to allure, to seduce
    To bring you any warmth
    All the way to you deathbed

    I am just here, waiting
    Waiting for all this to end
    Waiting for the guilt to disappear
    Waiting for a blameless life

    But all is for naught
    And one by one they come
    Seeking warmth I dont intend to give
    Seeking light I dont intend to have

    Is the fault still mine to bear?
    - - -
    If my warmth invites
    If my beauty endangers
    If my smile erases
    Then should I end it all?

    What's the use of kindness
    If all it brings is misery
    What's the use of a life
    If all it brings is disaster
    - - -
    The rose by nature has thorns
    The flame by nature burns hot
    It is the natural way of the world
    For the beauty to protect themselves
    For me to be guarded by death

    It may not be my sin
    It might not be my fault
    But the lives lost won't return
    And the wails of those left echoes
    Along with their cries of vengeance
    - - -
    I am powerless and incapable
    The only way I can protect myself
    Annihilating those who hold me
    Eradicating those who embrace

    A flame by nature burns hot
    But it contains no warmth
    Neither friends nor foes
    Only the curse of solitude


    Never satisfied with what you have
    Every little faults magnified
    Like shackles binding tightly
    Taking away your freedom

    But you would never be free
    The shackles will never leave
    Weighing down as you walk
    A cripple with limited movements

    Listen to the music
    Count your blessings
    Let your body move and dance away
    The shackles hinder nothing

    For you would never be free
    The shackles will never leave
    So enjoy the clinks of the chain
    Let it be part of the music

    Dance to the chains
    Let yourself be free
    Unlimited, unbound
    Full of life and spirit

    You would never be satisfied with what you have
    Every little faults magnified
    Yet the blessings goes uncounted

    You're bound and shackled
    In your self-created prison
    But you would never be free

    The shackles will never leave
    So forget about the weights
    About the cold metal bind

    Dance the thoughts away
    the cuffs hinders nothing
    the chains mean nothing

    The restrain still exist
    The faults won't go away
    But you can be free

    You can choose to dance
    Enjoy the clinks of the chain
    Let it be part of the music

    Not limited and bound
    By shackles you create
    By the wrongs and errors

    Count your blessings
    Listen to the music
    Let yourself dance away

    I don't say I love you out of reflex
    I say it to convince myself
    I'll feel that way for you
    That is my greatest promise

    I don't say I love you out of habit
    I say it out of responsibility
    I'll continue feeling that way
    To uphold my sacred promise

    I don't say I love you out of obligation
    I say it to show you my dedication
    Because I chose you as you did me
    Tie the bond of our promise

    I don't say I love you out of love
    I say it as my commitment
    Because love is fleeting
    While our promise is everlasting

    Flower on a mountain
    Blooming amidst harshness
    Cold and barren land
    Only emphasizes its beauty

    Delicate white petals
    Among the jagged rocks
    Narrow paths steep cliffs
    Danger at every step

    Show me your will and strength
    Your resolve and determination
    Show me what I mean to you
    Only then will I say yes

    This is my test of love
    My show of will
    My efforts for you
    My flower on a mountain

    Please accept my offering
    My embodiment of love
    Please say you love me
    I want to make you mine

    Delicate beauty
    Unparalleled strength
    My lovely edelweiss
    My heart is captivated

    Flower on a mountain
    Please say you love me too
    I'm not able to obtain it
    But I had hoped to obtain you​

    Lovely edelweiss
    Don't take him away
    I am his and he is mine
    Please bring him back to me

    If I'm your flower
    You are my mountain
    I'm yours and you are mine
    Only because of you I'm alive

    How can we be together
    If you don't return
    How can you say you love me
    Then leave me behind

    A fool is what you are
    I don't need a flower
    I don't need a mountain
    I only needed you
    Throughout all this time

    Loud explosion, smell of burning
    Charred remains of war remaining
    Left behind, broken and abused
    Abandoned, nothing could be used

    But we will see to it
    The land the humans left
    Forgotten and given up on
    We will tend the crying soil

    Standing tall in the charred remains
    Swaying by the moutain wind
    The land of war, we are saving
    Back to mother nature's caring

    Until it's brimmimg with beauty again
    Bright green leaves and soft purple petals
    Leaving behind old memories of pain and grief
    Renewing it with warm sights and gentle smiles

    An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
    If you're prepared to pull the trigger
    Don't be surprised if someone else too
    Hurt and sorrow breeds revenge

    Why do you reap so much pain
    Why do you choose to harm
    Put yourself in their shoes
    How it feels to be the ones hurt

    If you can't sympathize, I'll help you out
    The lives ruined, the relations broken
    The tears shed, the hearts bled
    Even if it's petty, I'll show you your crimes

    An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
    The sufferings of the weak and lesser
    The damage they had, the hurt they felt
    I'll make sure you feel it too
    - - -
    Author note:
    I dont want the title to be malice (the theme) because that would spoil the ending right
    I wanted to name it ill help you out, or well intention revenge but those are too long
    I wanted empathy, but the sarcasm might be missed

    Today the rain came again
    Bringing with it harsh flurries
    Carrying with it fear and sorrow
    Today the thunder came again
    Bringing with it terrifying memories
    Carrying with it haunting despair

    No more shall we be under its rule
    No more shall we cower in hiding
    For the time of our wish and desire
    No longer will we be pushed down
    No longer will we cower in fear
    For our time of vengeance

    We have prepared and prepared
    We have armed ourselves
    Together we will fight
    For revenge of our brothers
    For protection of our young
    Together we will rise

    We don our masks of bravery
    We bear our swords of steel
    Against the fear, against the despair
    But our bravery is foolish and naive
    But our display of vigor for naught
    Steel will not win against thunder

    The target of nature's attacks
    It's uncontained wrath we don't deserve
    It's roaring strike we can't defend
    Even our valiant show of power
    Empty promises of what we don't have
    Broken hopes of what we won't have

    Tonight is another sleepless night
    - - -
    The prompt is from @Bielt :
    The moist earth greedly drinks our blood,
    And the darkening skies threatens our sanity..
    We hurdle closer to escape the cold as the last of the embers starts to die.
    Trying to find any feeling of protection we hide between the trenches dung on the half frozen soil.
    The wind resounds with the sounds of thunder,
    And soon the black rain starts to fall again.

    But what we fear more is not the black rain..
    .. No..
    It's the idea that we may never leave this place... Like our brothers haven't.."
    Your theme is {Thunder and Steel}

    Pretending to be pleased
    Acting like you're pissed
    Creating a distorted perfection
    Isn't it boring?

    Following a path society laid
    Donning a mask for others' sake
    Dancing a tune of someone else
    Isn't it boring?

    Saying words you don't mean
    Expressing emotions you don't feel
    Doing actions you don't care
    Isn't it boring?

    Chasing goals you don't want
    Living a life you don't feel alive
    Being something you aren't
    Aren't you boring?
    - - -
    Doing actions you don't care
    Chasing goals you don't want
    Living a life you don't feel alive
    Isn't it boring?

    Following a path society laid
    Donning a mask for others' sake
    Dancing a tune of someone else
    Aren't you boring?
    - - -
    Pretending to be pleased
    Acting like you're pissed
    Creating a distorted perfection
    Isn't it boring?

    Saying words you don't mean
    Expressing emotions you don't feel
    Being something you aren't
    Aren't you boring?

    My respect for you is built upon my mistakes
    That you would accept and bring us up
    My trust in you is built from your actions
    That you would never abandon us your team

    My awe of you is found by your intimacy
    That you would be friends and not just mates
    My respect for you is built from my mistakes
    That you are a leader I did not expect to respect

    But you have earned it by time
    But you have earned it by effort
    But you have earned it by right
    Because my respect for you is built step by step

    Is a priviledge of babies
    Is a priviledge of kids

    You should be ashamed
    An adult shouting loudly
    To be spoon-fed

    It's disgraceful
    That you throw a fit
    To be spoon-fed

    When people don't come
    With the spoon
    You shriek and cry

    Like a 5 years old kid
    Like a 2 month old baby
    Like a child you are

    The mirror on the wall
    Wont show the fairest of them all
    But itll be fair and true
    Revealing the actual you
    Reflecting what it sees
    Without trying to appease
    Although it causes displeasure
    You should use it as a measure
    Because the mirror is true and fair
    Displaying all without flair

    The mirror on the wall
    Unfazed it stands tall
    It will return the what is
    Even if that is a miss
    It wont show what you wished
    Even if your fists unleashed
    It will continue doing the same
    Without intending to shame or flame
    Even if you try to be a steerer
    Life will continue to be a mirror

    I'm a bundle of flaws
    I know I'm not always right
    But that's okay
    Every mistake is a learning
    Every failure is a success
    And that's okay
    I acknowledge my shortcomings
    I realize my wrongs
    But that's okay
    Humans aren't perfect
    I'm a bundle of flaws
    And that's okay

    The mirror is true and fair
    It reflects what it sees
    Nothing more, nothing less
    A solid existence
    Unmoved by their person
    The messenger of the mirror
    Is true and fair
    He returns what is
    Not more, not less
    Objective in its judgement
    Unmoved by emotions
    - - -
    No one likes the truth
    How different it is
    From our hopes and dreams
    From our imaginations
    From our expectations

    Everyone is blindsided
    To their own strengths
    To their own flaws
    So I make sure to help
    Reflect back what others see

    Because human is defined
    By their people
    Our self-definition is incomplete
    Without external inputs
    Without societies views

    And I have taken upon me
    The role as messenger of the mirror
    To reflect what I see
    To show what people felt
    To act how they deserve

    They don't deserve better
    They don't deserve worse
    They deserve the truth
    So they can see their blindsides
    Through the mirror's reflection

    Today was a good day
    There has never been any good day
    Everyone smiled in the end
    Courtesy smiles, forced laughs
    They told me I did well
    While laughing behind my back
    I wonder if it's all true
    Trust your heart, it's never real
    Reassure me I'm good enough
    There's never an enough
    Please tell me it'll be okay
    You know you doubt it yourself
    Chase away these dark thoughts
    But they're part of the real you
    Don't let me drown in darkness
    The only thing that's true
    The shadow, my only friend

    Loud laughs and big smiles
    Bright jokes and charming performances
    Always shining your brightest
    Being a star is a tough job

    You have to always inspire joy
    That's how you bestow happiness
    Even if you're dissatisfied
    Even if you're unhappy

    Even when it's all fake
    Even at your own expense
    Even if it erodes your heart
    Even when it eats you up inside

    Keep the mask on
    The smile big, the laugh loud
    You have to always twinkle
    Until you can't anymore

    Don't let people know your thoughts
    Your feelings, your self
    You're not yours, you're theirs
    You're not you, only their desires

    A loud laugh, a big smile
    A pretty doll, an empty husk
    A star for their enjoyment
    There was never a you

    Disappeared once lost
    And nowhere to be found
    Yet it lingers closely
    A trick of the mind

    Confused I looked back
    Confused I looked forward
    Talking and listening
    Yet no answers were found
    Only decisions to be made

    Within I still hoped
    Inside I was still stuck
    Not keeping up with the change
    Wondering of the lost and gone
    Trapped in a mirror, looking on

    The monkey called
    The monkey dragged
    The mind spiraled
    A dive to the waters below

    Jump in and feel the wind
    Jump in and feel the rush
    Water breaking and drowning
    An acceptance like no other

    The still and cold water
    The serene and quite water
    Stay and look upon the light
    Streaks upon the blue

    Swaying gently in a dance
    Swaying slowly in a trance
    As time stops still
    Looking upon, unmoving

    No matter what life gives, the fact that you're not alone all amounts to something.
    LIfe is full of curveballs, bad times, good times, and that's just how life is.
    But in all of them there's good. If you pick and choose and try to look hard enough there's good.
    If there's nothing else, the fact that there's someone, whether you can see them or not, is all the good you need.

    Your cherished person is a woman
    The sister you grew up with
    Your protector and playmate

    Your important person is a woman
    The mother who cared for you
    When you were weak and feeble

    Your beloved is a woman
    The wife who understands you
    Supports you and loves you

    Your treasure is a woman
    The daughter you wish to protect
    Against all harms and fears

    But why can't you see
    They're not weak but they need protection
    Because the world is full of dangers

    Lurking predators bringing sorrows
    Worse than death itself
    But why can't they see

    I am pure
    I am bright
    I am amicable
    Happiness and smiles

    I am rule abiding
    I am courageous
    I am calm and collected
    And that is Me

    That's how it's always been
    And will always be
    Because I'm bound by Me
    The one in their eyes

    I can't be brittle
    Can't be a crybaby
    Can't be stressed
    Bad at time management

    Can't be adventurous
    Can't be controversial
    Can't be the truth
    I want it all to end

    Let me be me
    Let me be free
    Let me have a chance
    To be reborn

    An entirely new surrounding
    A fully different set of people
    Where the expectations aren't set
    And I can explore what I want to be

    Red leaves burn bright
    Falling freely in the sky
    Bittersweet memories left behind
    As the leaves fall in the autumn sky

    When we meet, when we laughed
    All that drama when we fight and cry
    Cast aside on the ground
    Trampled by carefree children

    While their excitement erupts
    Towards new memories and new beginnings
    New drama, fun, sad moments in the making
    New friends, new love, new memories

    Recounting. Recalling. Ruminating.

    Nostalgic memories burn alight
    Falling slowly in the sky
    Since when did we lose that excitement
    Since when are we stuck falling

    Stagnant and still, calm and dull
    Waiting for this autumn to pass
    While the children run and laugh
    Here we are, with quiet worries

    Even after the seasons flowed and turned
    Because the years have passed
    What was once beautiful incidents
    Are only burdens for this separation

    Hesitating. Holding back. Hoping.

    Waiting to turn over a new leaf
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    OMG Is Pyoo alive?? Is she actually writing more poems now?

    Like a mirror, you show what people seek
    Like a mirror, you show what people bring
    Like a mirror, you don't show yourself
    But a mirror is a brittle and fragile

    You keep your heart in a locked box
    Encased in pretty jewels like a treasure
    Tightly, with no key to open it
    Because it's the safest way you know

    But you won't know it is dying
    Withering from lack of air
    Crippling from lack of space
    Shrinking from lack of sun

    Until it is a remnant of its former self
    Decayed withered rotten moldy
    Crumbles of dried and hardened old
    No longer the thing treasured
    - - -
    Author Note:
    A Reply to @Nefasdetestasti 's Mask

    The joy of the good
    The nightmare of the bad
    The courier of karma
    That is who I am

    The embodiment of revenge
    The bringer of consequence
    The messenger of the mirror
    That is what I am

    A knowing saint and an intentional sinner
    Acting as if I'm the angel of judgement
    Under the guise of a jury and executioner
    Delivering just and fair punishment

    Drunk in my self-assigned role
    Misconceptions of power
    When all other people saw
    Was childish retaliation

    - - -

    A mirror is clear and transparent
    Reflecting back anything
    Returning reality as it is

    But once it's doused in blank
    It's clouded and tainted
    With cracks running over it

    Its eyes are foggy and grayed
    Its heart is smeared
    Its actions no longer pure

    Filled with hurt and pain
    Amassing wrath and fury
    Lashing out malice and hostility

    Dark emotions and thoughts
    Slowly seeps in the cracks
    Like smoke and ashes

    No longer objective or unassuming
    No longer uninvolved and distant
    No longer reflects the truth

    - - -

    A kind person is always kind
    A bad person is always bad
    A mirror should reflect both
    But its front has been colored black

    A mirror that's already broken
    Can no longer pretend it's right
    A mirror which doesn't reflect
    Can no longer play its part

    I who have lost my sight
    I who have lost my identity
    Can no longer claim to be
    The messenger of the mirror

    A title long obsolete
    Hung on to, desperately
    When the essence is discarded
    When my eyes are shrouded

    Then I will shed my skin
    The dark veil that I wear
    My masks and my scars
    My wrath and malice

    The fake identity I put forth
    The self that I clung to
    As justification for my act
    When all it is, childish retaliation

    Like walking to a dark alley
    The unknown is to be feared
    Anxiety and restlessness

    An unseen monster lurking hidden
    As you gear up, ready to defend
    But why must it be so

    Like opening a present
    A mystery is to be enjoyed
    Excitement and anticipation

    The promise and hope of delight
    Amicable giggles and chuckles
    A welcoming and open atmosphere

    Neither sword nor gun weilded
    Neither contempt nor terror held
    No righteous violence enacted

    Only the exchange of gifts
    From a stranger to another
    To open paths previously untold
    The bow tie you kept wearing
    The tag on your house keys
    The ribbon around my gift

    The braided bracelet we share
    My cherished blue ribbons
    Signifying our silent passion

    Unbreakable despite protest
    Amidts the dissent and objections
    Strong even though it's quiet

    Because our love is real
    Because our love is pure
    Because our love is ours

    No one else can dictate
    Whether it is immoral
    Unnatural, sinful taboo

    This bond is meant to be
    Our love is not wrong
    And we are also human
    - - -
    Author note: the blue bow is used by the community as a sign for BL readers, so I made this poem to alude to gay relationships
    Oh innocent children
    Oh gullible children
    Listen to the rambles
    Of this red clothed grandpa
    Of this white haired old man

    Don't believe in the adults
    Whose words only for their own benefits
    A mythical santa bearing gifts
    A toy for the good, a coal for the bad
    Just the grown-up's control mechanism

    I can listen to your wishes
    But it doesn't matter what you do
    Whether you're good or not this year
    The stories are just fairytales
    Because I'm just a normal man

    I can only continue to be an adult
    Who will continue this farce
    Give you hope no matter how fleeting
    Maintain the lie you dearly cherish
    And put on my bearded red hat
    Cacophonic clangs
    Quiet echoes of the chime
    Hidden in the shadows
    Backbiters and gossipers

    When the bells ring loudly
    Whose sounds pains the ears
    Cowardly behind your back
    As you walk on clueless

    What you don't see doesn't exist
    What you don't hear is not said
    Ignorance is bliss they say
    It was better when I didn't know

    When I am sneered and disparaged
    When the music is reverberated
    Disappointingly behind my back
    As I continue my stride uncaring

    Ring louder if you have the audacity
    Come at me if you have the nerve
    You who can only ring your bells
    I will fight you head on
    A drop in the ocean, one amongst all
    Unrecognizable white masses
    But if you look closely
    You'd notice their differences

    Stellar crystals, dendrites and plates
    With their own beauty and shine
    We celebrate their individualities
    So why can't we recognize our own

    Each flakes unique and special
    But ultimately all the same snow
    Working together to blanket the earth
    Covering each others blank spots

    Just like humans and their differences
    Race, color, culture, skill, attitude, wealth
    So why can't we tolerate our own
    Cooperation just a pipe dream
    It is that one special time
    The annual celebrations
    When white and red candy
    Freely distributed in the city

    It is that one cherished occassion
    Our annual candy consumption
    A party allowed even for us
    The ones who have nothing

    It is that one blessed moment
    When people remember us
    Easing their heart's grief by giving
    Yet our daily life will remain the same
    Bright colors and shiny glitter
    Light to hold and easy to hang
    Full outside but hollow inside
    One of many of the same things

    Only used once for display
    To be discarded after the season passed
    Replaced with newer ones next time
    A temporary bauble, is that my future?

    To sit pretty and get dolled up
    To learn how to decorate myself
    To spread my charm and appeal
    But all that will only last a moment

    When the chase no longer exciting
    When I am no longer intriguing
    When he is no longer appeased
    When there is someone else

    I will be left as an ornament
    A decoration of the house
    An accessory to carry around
    To beautify your false appearance

    Bright colors and shiny glitter
    Light to hold and easy to hang
    One inconsequential garnish in life
    Whose only purpose is as frills
    The babe cries loudly
    As family gather round
    Its parents breathe in relief
    At the start of a new life

    The bell chimes midnight
    As family gather round
    Holding candle-topped cake
    Celebrating another year passed

    Couples huddled close
    As family gather round
    Witnessing the holy vows
    Exchanged between two souls

    Suspense and tension
    As family gather round
    Anxiously awaiting news
    To welcome its newest

    A moment of merriment
    As family gather round
    Children cheer in joy
    Opening Santa's gifts

    A solemn and grave event
    As family gather round
    In support and comfort
    At an end of one circle of life

    And the circle will turn once more
    A little girl by the window
    Looking outside at the snow
    At the snowman with carrot nose
    Thinking how cold it must be

    An act of kindness and naivety
    She brought her new friend home
    To ease it of its sufferings
    Bringing it closer to the hearth

    An act of goodwill and ignorance
    An innocent knife brings warmth
    From escaping heat of blood spilled
    Leaving behind cold corpses in its foolishness

    Pleasing oneself while acting selfless
    Nobleness and righteousness is hipocrisy
    Unless supported with sufficient effort
    Good intention is never enough
    Looking at each other's eyes
    Until the small flicker burned out
    Leaving behind a moonless night
    As we huddle around the fire's remains

    While surrounded by the festival lights
    Bulks of excess scrapped the next day
    A wasteful luxury to create an illusion
    A bright atmosphere without any darkness

    This is simply our reality
    Insignificant and disregarded
    One of the many candle makers
    Who worked tirelessly for paltry sum

    To afford only thin uncolored candles
    The barest necessity of practical purpose
    To illuminate the lightless days
    Used to its utmost, until its last burn

    Who am I to wish for light
    Who am I to wish for change
    Looking at each other's eyes
    Until the small flicker burned out
    Blessed with loving family
    Despite the occassional fights
    Blessed with great friends
    Who stuck with you whenever

    Blessed with inspiring leader
    An example for your future self
    Blessed with patient teachers
    Who provides generous guidances

    Blessed with various opportunites
    Which allows you to grow
    Blessed with joyous moments
    A respite during the climb
    Blessed with the best gift - life

    Count your overflowing blessings
    So much that your heart is always full
    So much that your gratitude is limitless
    So much that you can't help but radiate
    That you can't help but share kindness
    Sorry if you don't like it
    It's just that, you know
    The kiss under a mistletoe
    We need to carry on tradition

    Sorry if you don't like it
    I thought it was obvious
    I thought you knew what it meant
    To have a pair under the leaves

    Sorry if you don't like it
    It is just how it always been
    It wasn't my choice or decision
    It is just the way it is

    It is our custom, our culture
    To steal a kiss under the mistletoe
    To respect the symbol of love
    To celebrate life and its evergreen

    That is your justifications

    But it's not fine to follow tradition
    If it's detrimental to others
    You're rationalizing your creepiness
    You're just using it as an excuse

    I never said it's ok
    Never signalled I want it
    Regardless of the common
    Frankly, that's no excuse

    Even if I know of the rituals
    Just because I'm standing
    Doesn't mean I'm inviting
    Frankly, that's no excuse

    You can't pretend ignorance
    You can't act as if blameless
    Your action wasn't welcomed
    Frankly, there's no excuse
    Quickly before hunger strikes
    Quickly before the predators come
    Quickly before her child is lost
    Quickly she must find food for my family

    Because a mother is strong
    A mother is unbeatable and fierce
    When she thinks of her fuzzy chick
    The empress turns into a huntress
    In this cold land, we stand
    Overlooking the grand blue
    Waiting for the sea of freedom

    In huddled warmth, we stand
    Protecting the treasured life
    Waiting for the long awaited baby

    In everyday hunger, we stand
    Toughening our willpower
    Waiting for the mother's meal

    As each second tick
    As each moment blink
    Waiting for time to pass

    Tring, tring
    A faint bell chime
    My ears perked up
    Enjoying its tune
    Searching for its source

    Tring, tring
    Its a joyful rhythm
    Sounding a small run
    Leaps of excitement
    Ringing an eager song

    Tring, tring
    The bell from my dearest
    A wondorous tune
    Reminding me of our moments
    Making me forget all around

    Amidst the lifeless soil
    Barren snow covered land
    Little green leaves sticked out
    Flaunting its vivacity and vitality
    The medicine of life and fertility

    Despite that it sucks away
    The life of its host
    The parasite leeching off
    The thief of the tree

    People will think what they want to think
    They will say what they want to say
    It matters not what you do

    If you can't change it,
    If you can't control it,
    Don't burden yourself with it

    Don't seek things that will never come

    Everything is ultimately only temporary
    Your job, your peers and your emotions
    Keep only those that are worth it

    You don't need to please everyone
    Especially those who doesn't seek to understand
    Keep only those who are worth it

    Don't keep things that won't give you joy

    Quarter life crisis
    A millennial invention
    When we realize reality sucks

    The age of information and social comparison
    Seeing highlight reels of people's lives
    Ignorant of what happens behind the scenes

    Holding to inflated expectations
    Vivid images of success
    Nonexistent in this bleak, grey life

    Get a good school, university, and job
    Married by 25, manager by 30
    Everyday comparing ourselves to our peers

    We were taught to compete
    Our self-worth judged externally
    Every time comparing our lows to their highs.

    Nothing in life is perfect
    No one person is ideal
    Neither me, nor you

    Life isn't a competition
    Life isn't a race
    Life isn't chasing perfection

    Life is a journey of growth
    An adventure to be enjoyed
    In the end, what is it that truly matters

    At the last one, a little, it dies
    Amidst perpetually failing tries
    I couldn't give your prize and rise
    An eternity filled with cries
    You went away to chase the skies
    As if it has all been lies

    I'll remain here motionless
    Tired, broken and hopeless
    Filled with distress I can't express
    Watching you with your success
    As I remain under oppress
    For I am one without finesse

    I was uninspired from ice's rhyme
    It felt likes lines and lines of crime (?)
    The story was one I don't wanna write
    And I felt like I should not be here and fight

    Like a child sulking in my inabilities
    A child will cry alongside you
    But I lack the emotional capacity for that

    I have never been one with a lot of emotions
    Don't expect me to be able to deal with them
    Whether my own or others

    Time is a continuous stream. Like a river it flows, from the past to the future, in one long line. The line can be filled with rocks or it can curve around before proceeding, but it will simply move as a flow. Yet there is a boundary on it that we can't help but acknowledge. A boundary between now, and before. Between the past, and the present. Between what can be changed and not.

    Gaze upon the starry sky
    The night shines so bright
    Yet you're bogged down
    Too focused on its darkness

    The things I can't show
    My monsters and fears
    Needless worries
    Emotions unfiltered
    The monsters inside

    But they're what makes it fun
    Then I'm just an empty husk
    A blank face
    Those background people artists don't care to draw
    A part of the crowd
    Or not even, not part of them
    Or part of us
    Just parted from and parted with
    Just isolated

    I realize it.
    I recognize it.
    Yet I cant do anything about it.
    I overthink and over complicate.

    Walking in a daze
    Living in a dream
    Delusions of success
    Trapped in your illusions
    Where are you going?

    Your color
    The color of anger
    Of fire of blazes
    Of passion
    Of energy
    Of love

    You're apathetic
    Yet sweet
    You can't help but care
    And wallow in anger when you're disappointed
    But you're red
    A passionate red

    Why cry after burning it.
    It would be no more but ashes by then
    Don't shed your tears for the wind
    But I'll be here, to wipe them away

    You try to bury your memories
    And burn all the items you shared
    But you still cry
    When it's already nothing but ashes

    Don't shed your tears for the wind
    But I'll be here, to wipe them away

    And even at night, the sun still won't forget to shine

    Do you believe in magic?
    "I do!" I shouted from the top of my lungs
    "I do!" I shouted, hoping for a miracle
    Desperately I hoped in my heart

    Pretty cases
    Of pretty jewels
    Pretty shells
    Of pretty pearls

    Beautiful shield
    Protecting soundly
    Will never yield
    Will fight on bravely

    Hidden away
    Kept at bay
    Safe from fears
    Free from tears

    Empty faces
    Void cases
    Constantly changing
    Multiples of nothing

    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
    Your worth is in the eyes of others
    Careful it might make you smothered
    When truths are only said by mothers

    When you are at a height and in their sight
    You're loved with all their might
    But a star is only a star when its bright
    Otherwise its engulfed by the dark night

    The echoes in my head makes me sore
    The thoughts in my heart crumbles my core
    Doubts and insecurities, a pitiable girl forlorn
    Carrying on with tattered soul weary and worn

    It takes years to build a steady birdge
    Each pillar and cable meticulously put
    Covered by tight sand and sturdy cement
    Each material and construction meaningful

    But even the most extraordinary structure
    Will breakdown if not maintained
    Will crumble when left alone
    Won't function when deserted

    Sometimes it is not wear and tear
    Other times it's a powerful explosion
    Decimate the path in one huge swoop
    Ending the relations instantly

    Even if it takes years to assemble
    Even if it was once strong and unbreakable
    Without consistent effort to preserve it
    No connection will last a lifetime

    The quiet trickle of rain
    The comfortable embrace of solitude
    Those who wish to be enemies of fate
    Who don the steel to fight the thunder
    The monster within filled with malice
    Our prideful self and my arrogance
    Lies ever so sweet just like honey
    A new love and sweet kisses

    Boundless, formless, infinite
    Inspiration is ever present
    Surrounding those who see them
    Around those who take up the pen
    Who makes the words travel
    Who create their forms
    To share their stories
    Of joys and sorrows

    Yet you claim of one
    With a glint in her eyes
    A glimmer on her hair
    Brimming with color
    Overflowing with emotions
    A dream brought to reality
    Amidst all and everything
    You have found your muse

    Gratitude is insufficient
    Towards this honor given
    Too high for its simple roots
    But adequate for its influence
    Inspiration is a seed
    Once lodged, it'll creep further in
    It'll burrow further down
    And change a barren land
    Into a meadow

    - - -

    The highest of honor given
    From simplest actions
    Towards which gratitude
    Is an insufficient expression

    16 springs have passed
    14 more will pass
    In my pursuit of wizardry
    Sadly not by choice

    When will my spring come
    I've heard of its magic and splendor
    Of the promise of companionship
    Leading to the great union

    Waiting for flowers to bloom
    As the stories have told
    But my days continue on cold
    Constant at the status quo

    Except there was one change
    Spring did come as foretold
    With its ardor and glamour
    But it only came to my friend

    Why is life unfair, why is love unfair
    Is solitude my only choice
    Am I undeserving of company
    Am I fated for the Wizard life

    A defeated sigh from a mulling boy
    A scoff from his dear friend
    Crazy is not doing anything
    But expecting a change
    And you're crazy

    I shut him away from my mind
    Gloating about his first meeting
    His subsequent chats and dates
    The reaction towards the confession

    He's the lunatic one, madly in love
    Forgetting he was once like me
    Independent and solitary
    Part of the pack, fellow lone wolves

    What made him different now
    What was it that changed?
    Was it something he did?
    If so, what did he do?

    He seeked her out
    He asked her out
    While here I am waiting
    For a spring that won't arrive

    Well, I guess that's it
    I'm done with my self-pity
    I'm done being insane
    I'm done loitering around

    Don't let them string you along
    Don't let them say you are wrong
    Don't you ever hide and cower
    That is how you show power

    Make sure they hear what you say
    And trample everything in your way
    Shout until your voice is hoarse
    That is how you show force

    Until you get the respect you are due
    Isolation, proof your path is not askew
    Determination to go to that length
    That is how you show strength

    Until your heart is shattered
    Until your soul is battered
    Only your body left at the reign
    Because only a husk will remain

    I would be the devil's pawn for rain
    I would sacrifice myself for grain
    For the children to eat their fill
    I would, even if I have to kill

    A loud awakening bell
    On the night when I fell
    Is this the payment for my sins
    All the wrongs I have done since

    Noisy kids, quite down
    Crying kids, shut up
    I shouted and shrieked aggravated
    Only to be met by their increasing intensity

    It needs to be a performance
    Ready for the masses
    One of grand celebrations
    Suitable for the public

    But the kids don't care
    About the people, the audience
    About any of the adults
    About anyone else but them

    So I did the one thing to shut them up
    Bribe them and cram them
    Let them suck candy all they want
    And let my performance a success

    Unconventional methods
    Uncanny solutions
    But I got what I wanted
    Then, problem solved

    The seeds laying underneath the soil
    Tucked in the earthen blanket
    Awaiting their time to rise and wake

    Animals sleeping in their burrows
    Hiding fron the creeping chill
    Anticipating the time to roam again

    Families huddling by their wood
    Counting the reserves kept from autumn
    Waiting for the warmth and greens

    We are united by our common desire
    A yearning for longer time with the sun
    A longing for days without worry

    To not count the remaining food
    To be in absolute abundance
    To afford being carefree again

    I call it memories, because that is what it is

    a recollection of the past
    and archive of the mind
    where thoughts lingers
    and feelings remains

    ready to resurface at the slightest call
    to reappear from a passing mention
    but it is what it is - events long done
    memories, of days long past

    Amidst the loud fanfare
    The brilliant festive of joy
    There will always be shade
    Hidden away in the corner

    As the light gets brighter
    A shadow is cast stronger
    The deepest pit in my heart
    Has its loyal companion

    A ghost that always follows
    Whispering words of hate
    Devilish feelings of jealousy
    Thoughts of gloom and murk

    Darkness growing stronger
    Hidden away behind a cheer
    While my words are sweet
    When my face is full of smiles

    They say it's harder to have a friend
    Who is happy when you are successful
    Than one who will stay by your side
    And help when you're in need

    (external link, 22 Jun 2020)
    The deity of art, the angel of beauty,
    why did you fall from the Heaven.
    Was it pity or was it passion,
    which drove you to your madness.
    Delirious mind, frenzied hand,
    you are a slave to your own muse.
    Deep fascination, frantic obsession,
    has changed you to a hellspawn.
    Xin the Devil trapped by his gift,
    where will you find salvation.

    (lost external link, 22 Jun 2020)
    A sparkle, a shine, a glint and a twinkle
    Your presence glimmered
    like the moonlight across the lake
    A gleam, a glow, a flicker and a shimmer
    Your brilliance radiated
    like sunlight reflected on a diamond

    (external link, 13 Oct 2020)
    Slithering around your legs
    Marking its presence on you
    Creeping slowly up your body
    Keeping you rigid and rooted

    Crawling across your torso
    Twisting your stomach
    Gripping your lungs
    Buckling your knees

    Tightening around your neck
    Strangling your thoughts away
    Robbing your mind blank
    Leaving nothing but itself

    As you descend the spiral of madness
    With vigilance as your guide
    With distrust as your knight
    With fear as your master

    (external link, 28 Oct 2020)
    Him who left with a bang.
    The top guild's ex-leader, Curley.
    Him who left behind a legend.
    Of little goblins dyed red in blood.
    Him who left behind a history.
    Of the young critters' impossible feat.

    Without you here to lead them,
    What would your sugar babies do?
    Without you here to flex on them,
    What would us plebians see?
    Without you here with your crazy,
    Who would I hang around with?

    But you've set your sights on bigger goals
    On to more impossible feats and miracles
    You've determined to expand your reach
    On to more friends and sugar babies
    You've decided to shine on more lives
    On to let your sparkle light up the world ✨

    (Discord, 19 Nov 2020)
    A relic of the near past, now forgotten
    Deliverer of truth, investigator of secrets
    But what is left behind, only faux and hoax
    Will we ever reclaim the rustle of the scoop

    (Discord, 19 Nov 2020)
    Straights and curves, scribbles and scrawls.
    To capture the vast outside.
    To ensnare the wild imagination.
    Surrounded by walls as thin as paper.
    - - -
    Straights and curves, scribbles and scrawls
    A touch of ink travelling on the paper
    To capture the vast outside
    To ensnare the wild imagination
    Surrounded by walls a few inches wide

    (Discord, 19 Nov 2020)
    Bubbles of joy and sorrow, of warmth and cold
    Optimism and passion, trust and elegance
    Prism of light reveals your true self
    Complex and complicated, not a one-dimensional character

    (Discord, 23 Nov 2020)
    complacent and comfortable
    in our little desk and chair
    deaf and blind
    of the outside world

    naïve and innocent
    kind words for the ignorant
    lost and powerless
    crippled by your own carelessness

    (Discord, 26 Nov 2020)
    Prompt: Mysteries below the Surface
    Challenge: No e

    Drum rolls for Sir Lord’s arrival
    On his podium, crying and shouting
    Looking for valiant warriors
    to bring back a young boy, Tom

    A tiny boy on his own shaking in fright
    Brown shirt and black pants
    With a maroon band on his arm
    Lost during his trip to Salty Coast

    Townfolks’ focus shifts to a crying mom
    With a haggard look and rattling body
    Worry painting this woman’s brows
    Praying with tiny, shaking sounds

    Sandra, hoping for a saviour
    To scour past dry sand
    To look past shallow foam
    To jump into cobalt mass

    A hush fills stifling air
    Pity and sorrow both
    But no champion in sight
    No knight, only an old man

    Sympathy on his cast
    A small child similar to his own
    For him, this man shall fight
    With Lord’s man-at-arms

    At dawn, Lord’s troop march
    With bold, daring townfolks
    Sandra’s plight in mind
    Old Man Brian’s last mission

    Storming through vicious land
    Struggling to find Sandra’s boy
    But all that is found
    Was an unsightly monstrosity

    Ghastly varmint roaming around
    Horrifying roar looms at littoral
    Quaking panic amongst champions
    Bar Old Man Brian, anxious for Tom

    Tiny Tom’s form in his conviction
    Sword in hand, Brian jab and thrust
    His fist shaking, his gasps haggard
    But a hazard cut down and slain

    Continuing his pursuit of Tom
    But nothing was found
    No body, no mark, nothing
    Only sad story for his frail mom

    A Warrior’s arrival
    With pomp and formality
    Carrying a slain mutant
    With a maroon band on its arm

    In dark of night, moms sniff
    Singing a song to younglings
    “My charming and virtuous child
    You might ask what horror is

    A suspicion rousing panic
    A shadow missing from nautical shallows
    A contour amidst shrouds of plantation
    A gloom that murks in corals and rocks

    I wish your days to lack this shock
    Without alarm or dismay
    Of any fright of imagination
    Nor worry for incarnations of night”

    (Discord, 1 Jan 2021)
    The coming and going of waves
    The trickle of rain
    The flow of rivers

    As my heart beats a lively melody
    As my vision widens hungrily
    As my breath brisk and heavy

    The spray of geyser
    The flush of drain
    The drums of rapids

    As my body rocks and sways
    To the rhythm of the whitewater
    Raises a fuss in my mind

    The drips of cascade
    The ripple of pond
    The calm of lake

    Even the simplest presence
    Brings about an unsettling chill
    Down into my deepest core

    3 Jan 2021
    What if a meteor fell on us right now
    What if a thunder came crashing down
    What if the rain floods the house
    What if the train ran out of its track
    What if the microwave blew up
    What if my building burn down
    What if my pen flew out of my hand
    What if I wear my shirt inside out
    What if I stutter during introductions
    What if I blank out mid-presentation
    Where is the line drawn
    Between the impossible and possible
    Between the hyperbole and realistic
    Between over-thinking and prudence
    Between crazy and normal

    4 Jan 2021
    You eagerly bark to welcome me
    You excitedly yelp when we go out
    As am I when we spend time together

    You snuggle to me when I'm sad
    You comfort me when I'm lonely
    As would I when you need me

    You care when I'm sick
    You share my pains
    As did I when you are
    At your final days

    6 Jan 2021
    Who gets to decide what we are
    Or where the difference lies
    Who gets to decide who we are
    And label us their chosen name

    Why do we let them decide
    Who are our friends and foes
    Why do we let them decide
    Our fate and identity

    When will we decide
    This whole ploy is enough
    When will we decide
    That we won't be divided

    6 Jan 2021
    All it took was one second
    All it took was one word
    How fast everything changed
    In just one drum of heartbeat

    A glorious palace now ruined
    A great audience now empty
    How far everything changed
    Subjects full of loyalty turned disdain

    Why did it all fall apart
    Why did it become smothered
    How did our powerful empire
    Ended in just one heartbeat

    8 Jan 2021
    "Boo!" shouted the kid in my ear
    Jolting me awake in my rest
    Disrupting my quiet thought
    Again for the tenth time

    "Boo!" Again, the annoying kid
    Why does he keep doing this
    Just let me read in peace
    I shouted back at his scurrying ass

    "Boo!" I swear, this child
    Don't you have other friends
    Fellow kids to play with
    Go play with your mates, not me

    "Boo!" I stopped in silence
    Looked at his laughing mug
    I told him stop, I don't like it
    But he insisted and ran away

    "Boo!" I got used to it by now
    Again I told him to stop
    But he just smiled instead
    And he laughed heartily

    "Boo!" When will this end
    I continued reading my book
    Despite that he sticked around
    Sneaking glances at my hand

    Today's a very special day
    It's an unhindered reading day
    What a miracle, what a blessing
    I wonder where the kid went

    Days have passed since then
    Sometimes I think back to him
    Where he is, why did he disappear
    Why he kept coming to surprise me

    Despite my musings, the answer is lost
    Along with his presence and laugh
    And his smile at my scoldings
    *Boo!* The wind faintly whispered

    8 Jan 2021
    Hey, Papa, let's play
    Like other dads and sons
    We can play catch or ball
    Or any game that you want

    Hey, Papa, let's play
    You want hide and seek?
    I can't believe you agreed!
    Let's do it! I'm so excited!

    Hey, Papa, it's been 5 hours
    When will you find me
    Papa, I'm hungry now
    Papa, did you forget?

    Hey, Papa, what happened?
    What about our game?
    What do you mean it's still going on
    When will you finally seek me

    Hey, Papa, I just want to play
    I just want your attention
    I just want your affection
    Papa, I'm sorry I exist

    Hey, Papa, why am I alone?
    Why are they laughing at me?
    Papa, I don't like this
    Papa, what do I do?

    Hey, Papa, I don't like being alone
    I don't like being pitied and looked down
    I don't like being sad and upset
    So I will do what you taught me

    Hey, Papa, I punched them
    Because I didn't like it
    What they did made me angry
    It made me ~~sad and hurt~~

    Hey, Papa, why did you hit me?
    Didn't you tell me to be strong
    I was strong and I punched them!
    Papa, why are you mad at me

    Hey, Papa, I just want to play
    I just want your attention
    I just want your affection
    Papa, I'm sorry I exist
    P.s. for extra oomph, read this as the point of view of the boy in the previous poem

    9 Jan 2021
    the taste of fruity honey
    and rich chocolate cake
    the scent of fresh cookies
    and a garden of lilies
    the devils only whisper sweetly
    with words deeply coated with sugar
    they only ever smile gently
    intentions thick with deceit
    the pleasant serenade and lullaby
    calling you away from service
    charming persuasions and calls
    holding you tightly in restrain
    until all that's left is lethargy

    10 Jan 2021
    The sirens blast its nightmarish tune
    Calling attention to its bright red pulse
    People yelling in manic anger
    Raw emotion in full unfiltered display
    Like boiling cauldron emitting toxic fumes
    Where does it go from here?

    As we fight over who has the most say
    The largest volume to reflect our power
    Compensating our lack of control
    As we insist on our rightness over others'
    Until the weak back down first and lose
    How will we maintain this link?

    My voice is hoarse and my throat dry
    I'm tired of the fighting and screaming
    Tired of being upset and heartbroken
    Of always giving up and surrendering
    Please I don't want to scream anymore
    When will we finally learn?

    11 Jan 2021
    It's the feeling when you grit your teeth
    The feeling when you roll your sleeves
    When you roll your shoulders back
    When you repeat your special mantra

    The calm moment as you take a deep breath
    Make a decision to see it through to the end
    When you look at challenge in the eye
    When you face your fear without cowering

    It's quiet but strong, serene but powerful
    Like crackling embers, tranquil yet passionate
    When you don't know where the future will go
    Yet you know exactly where you will be

    13 Jan 2021
    History is subjective
    For it only ever tells
    Of one's side of the story
    The survivor's tale of glory

    History is biased
    It's only ever in one color
    Only ever said one message
    The winner's propaganda

    History is prejudiced
    Some figures disappeared simply
    Some overshadowed by others
    It only ever tells his story

    15 Jan 2021
    Walking alone by the seaside
    The winds rushing along my face
    Blowing my hair sideways
    As my mind drifted away

    To yesterday, to a year ago
    To the first time we met
    Thinking of the couldbes
    The whatifs and whatnots

    But there is no end to this
    No destination to arrive to
    No conclusion to reach
    Just a person, lost in thought

    15 Jan 2021
    I poured the chopped ingredients in
    And stirred the bubbling mixture
    Whispering a little incantation
    Like what I learned as a child

    I poured the chopped herbs in
    And stirred the bubbling soup
    Whispering a little prayer
    Like I will do even when I'm grown up
    - - -
    Author note: You wish for things to not change, but sometimes it just does.

    13 Jan 2021
    I know exactly where I want to be
    Exactly where I want to go
    And once I set my eyes on it
    I'm steady as a rock

    16 Jan 2021
    You were our wild card
    A powerful force of nature
    An uncontainable hurricane
    A person with an obstinate mind
    But we decided to take a chance

    You are our blessing
    A proud and dutiful role model
    A helping hand to other's trouble
    A strong vision and a clear path
    The best decision we've ever made

    17 Jan 2021
    The wind blows again on this barren field
    Singing its fantastic song as it glides between stones
    I stand alone again on this desolate ground
    Sighing the phenomenal origin of the sands

    The tale of the all-consuming fire gleefully running
    Fueled by the ecstatic love you showered me
    The passionate warmth you enveloped me with
    This is all I need - with you, I am satisfied

    So why did the fire die out
    So why did you leave me behind
    Why is all that's left a lifeless land
    Exposing its cracks and scars

    Why is all that's left the winter wind
    A chilling frost gnawing your bones
    Why is all that's left is just me
    With dried-out tears marking my face

    Rather than these cracks, I'd rather embers
    Rather than this cold, I'd rather burn
    I'd rather be the fire itself
    A beautiful red flower alight

    19 Jan 2021
    Whimsical creature
    Elludes our capture attempts
    Except literature

    19 Jan 2021
    a candle's flame alight
    bright but small
    quiet but true
    just like a beating heart

    a candle's light aflame
    lighting up the dark
    giving reassurance
    security in the unknown

    20 Jan 2021
    Hand raised up, I saw its shadow
    Equable pattern runs across surface
    Languid mind lulls into a sleep
    Power left my limbs and I stay still

    Memories resurface of time long gone
    Eyes wet with camouflaged tears

    20 Jan 2021
    It's a race against you
    The only one I acknowledge
    My rival, enemy I fight against
    My partner in pursuit of excellence

    It's a race against time
    The fastest one wins
    No time to dilly dally
    Each and every second counts

    It's a race against me
    Against my past record
    Be better than my history
    Growth is beating myself

    22 Jan 2021
    The red moon demands another sacrifice
    Blood to dye the rivers and soil
    For when the Gods anger, we provide
    We are simply their pawns of service

    The thread of fate shifts again
    Moving to situations out of control
    For when the wheels turn, we are helpless
    We are puppets of their grand plays

    The Grim Reaper comes for his dues
    Lives, his to reap, souls, his to collect
    For when Death knocks, no one can deny
    We are powerless before its whims

    23 Jan 2021
    It all just became white noise
    The screaming and shouting
    The insults and hate speech
    A normal scene on the media

    We're all just desensitized
    The disparaging comments
    No respect for any opinions
    A normal sight to scroll past

    Defending my attitude
    Berating any in disbelief
    Rattles of empty minds
    A normal fight to engage

    Changed perception
    Brainwashed society
    Why have we accepted
    A normal part of our lives
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    “To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything and your heart will be wrung and possibly broken. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact you must give it to no one, not even an animal. Wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entanglements. Lock it up safe in the casket or coffin of your selfishness. But in that casket, safe, dark, motionless, airless, it will change. It will not be broken; it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable. To love is to be vulnerable.” -CS Lewis

    This is what it made me think of. I like this one.
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