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    C1: I can 100% understand that review that complained about too many TL notes. It's like trying to watch a movie while someone else is trying to commentate it. It's like, "Dude. Shut up. Some of us are trying to enjoy the show."

    “Ding, the host’s foreign language communication ability is low, host’s body is ill, morality, intelligence, physique and beauty are subpar, as such mediocrity.” This system doesn't pull its punches. Never change system ;)

    "which comes from a parallel universe hundreds of billions of light years away.” ...This author doesn't understand what "parallel universe" means...

    "parasitic on you on the verge of death, especially giving you a free life renewal!” How is that parasitic?

    “Ding, any surprise, curiosity, shock, etc. caused by the host will be automatically recognized and absorbed by the system, and then automatically converted into corresponding scores according to their depth.” I wonder what the range is on that. I mean, if he goes streaking at the Olympics, will he still be collecting points from it years later? And will he gain points from people watching it on the opposite side of the world?

    C2: “Unbelievable, this is a medical miracle!” Sounds more like a divine miracle tbh... Either that, or an imposter. I'd lean towards imposter if I was them.

    He really should research more before just jumping at the first thing he sees. It took coming back from the dead to get him those 1k points. It's not likely to be easy to earn more if he's not picking up a skill that will help him to shock people, well, not unless his skin is super thick ;)

    "the patient was diagnosed last night by an intern who was still relatively new to the hospital." I don't care how new they were, they wouldn't make that big of a mistake. Plus, unless he was pronounced dead on arrival, other people would have seen and treated his injuries. Its basically impossible for it to have been such a severe misdiagnosis.

    I wonder if the MC will be doing anything to help this Xiao Lai person. He's basically ruined their life, albeit by accident.

    C3: I hope he's got some sort of savings. Realistically speaking, it would take quite some time to properly capitalize on that type of system, especially when he doesn't have any points.

    Is there no custom of giving notice? Most places, if you just show up and say "I don't work here anymore. Goodbye." and then leave, they'll blackball you.

    "His voice came to an abrupt end, because Xiao Luo shook him off with his inner strength and then kicked him mercilessly in the chest." Yeah, not a good idea to throw the first kick. It makes it your fault if things go to court, especially if the other party is super rich.

    C5: Well, at least the author didn't drag out the whole ex-girlfriend revenge thing. Hopefully we'll never see her again. Even better would be if there were no romance at all. I sincerely doubt the author would be any good at writing it.

    C6: So, what was stopping her from telling random strangers that she'd been kidnapped, maimed and forced to beg?

    If he can get all the major languages for 200 points, then I wonder why he can't get individual languages for 10. That aside, is he planning to be an interpreter? Or is he just padding out his engineering resume?

    He should learn to appreciate his sister's good will ;)

    He should also consider doing something on YouTube (assuming points can be gathered via the internet). I expect that he could gather quite a lot if he got the right skills from the system. It would give him the ability to earn points and money at the same time.

    Of course, if he can't gather them remotely, then he should consider something like acting or stand-up comedy. With the system powering his talent, he should be able to pack in massive crowds that will generate lots of points for him while also paying his bills. Or he could just become a pro athlete. I'm not sure he'd be able to put up with the way team owners treat pro athletes though.

    C7: Why is someone who kidnaps and brutalizes children already back on the streets? Just how much of a revolving door is the prison in that town?

    C8: I get the feeling that this is leading into the MC becoming a bodyguard or a mercenary. I hope the author understands just how little those occupations pay compared to basically any desk job that the MC could qualify for with less than 1k points.

    C9: I doubt the stall owner would have the guts to stand up for him. It'd be better to ask the people that ran away. Well, assuming that there was a camera outside the establishment.

    C10: I'm amazed that the stall owner was willing to testify against the gangs. Was he not afraid of retaliation? Or did the author just not bother to think about what would happen to a street vendor who snitched on the gangs in a neighborhood run by the gangs?

    "I mean, maybe there was a master who happens to retire to their mountain village and, seeing his excellent bones when he was a child, gives all his skills to him? After all, it is impossible to include such a thing in your resume." lol. I like this guy XD

    [ Police officer Wang was surprised and thought to himself, "Is he too smart for his guess to be correct enough to be called stupid by officer Qianlin, isn't he?"] lol. I worry for the people of this fair city ;)

    Finally, a chapter without excessive TL notes :)

    C11: Honestly, while 2m Yuan is quite a lot, the MC can easily make more than that without risking his life if he's a little patient. Plus, protecting someone is quite difficult, especially when they don't want to be protected. He lacks the necessary experience, regardless of what skills were implanted into him.

    "I must remind Mr. Chu of the fact that I am already 26." So? I knew students who had full heads of grey hair in university, as well as those that hadn't hit puberty yet.

    Also, why not hire a woman to protect his daughter? She'd have better access to the areas his daughter might go, and no temptation to try dating her. Or better yet, hire multiple women, so they could actually guard her 24/7, which a single bodyguard could never do.

    C12: "And he needs the money very much." Not really? Thirty thousand Yuan is more than enough for at least three months, more if he's properly frugal. Three months is plenty time for him to find a new job if he's not being blackballed, especially if he advertises himself as a polyglot. At worst, he'll have to move back home or crash with his friend Dashan for a few months while he waits for his new job to start.

    Alternatively, he could just learn to count cards from the system and go make a nice pile of cash to tide him over.

    That aside, if he sent all the money to his parents, what is he planning to live on for three months? His savings may be enough for frugal living, but its not enough to follow a spoiled princess around.

    I wonder if that foreign language package he got from the system also included foreign literature. If not, then he's going to be struggling in this major. Or at least, I assume that the major isn't just about learning English.

    C14: I wonder if he'll beat her or not. At least, I assume this is about forming an opposing team rather than joining hers. There's a lot of unexplained lingo being tossed around here.

    C15: I really don't get this shop's pricing scheme. All the major languages cost just as much as pro-level gaming skills? I have a hard time thinking of the two as being on the same level.

    "Xiao-fei Zhu took a look, isn't it, barbarian king this hero is posted face output, with sprint the most appropriate for it, but Xiao Luo summoners skills is flash." What does this even mean? I assume they're playing LoL, but I really don't get all the lingo.

    C18: I hope he didn't send their real address just then.

    C19: Ah, so he can earn points over the internet. In that case, he should totally go streaking at an international event ;)

    "Brother Luo Shen, I want to give you a baby!" lol. This girl just keeps getting more and more shameless ;)

    C21: What kind of moron gives out their real address on the internet to people who say they want to beat them up?

    C23: "He is also the boyfriend of Anhuan in our class!" lol. It's like its the MC's destiny to fight this guy ;)

    "No, I'd better go to Anhuan and ask her to help us talk. It's better to make big things smaller and small things smaller. I came to Hua Ye to study, not to be beaten. If it really won't work, I'll tell the counselor." Wow. Not used to such a sensible response. Too bad they talked him out of it. There's nothing wrong with trying to settle things peacefully, even if you ultimately fail.

    C24: It feels like the MC is being immature, but I don't know enough about the monitor's duties in a Chinese classroom to be certain.

    C25: "He wanted to think about it, but ultimately he blamed his male chauvinism." That's a remarkable level of self-awareness.

    I really want to tear apart her arguments, but it feels like it would be very off topic :(

    C27: Both of their arguments are so full of holes. Not pointing them out is so hard ><

    C28: "And it's too much for people to accept, for girls to directly ask a boy out." No it isn't. I love it when women ask me out. Its so much less stressful.

    C30: Does dancing take 500 because its a physical skill and his body has to be reshaped to some extent? If not, then it really doesn't make sense. It's not nearly as difficult to learn as so many languages, especially not with his already deep foundation in martial arts.

    That aside, it would be nice if his sexism backfired and actually led to him being humiliated and developing as a character. I'll be shocked to my core if it ever happens though. I get the feeling that the author doesn't think of "male chauvinist" as an insult, but rather a goal to aspire to.

    C31: I wonder if it'll ever occur to him that the 2m that he's working for is pocket change compared to all the points he's wasting on this gig. I fully expect him to waste all 10k points he recently gained on pointless garbage that won't really help him improve his financial situation. Well, not unless he aims really low and only wants to be a pool hustler or something for the rest of his life.

    C32: Its unfortunate that both the ML and the FL are a**holes. I'd say that they deserve each other, but I really don't want to read about them.

    C33: I think I'll just directly skip to 35. Pointless face slapping is pointless.

    C35: Okay, lets try 37

    C37: "Go to a nearby ATM and transfer the money to my own account. Only when I transfer the money to my own account can I feel secure." Apparently, both he and the author have straight up forgotten why he's even at this party.

    C38: Yay. MC lacks social skills and doesn't know how to diffuse a situation without causing a scene as would be appropriate for someone with the task he was supposedly trying to carry out. How cool. There's no way this could escalate into the MC being arrested for assaulting the guards and stealing the item. That's just not something that happens to super cool people like our MC.

    "I'll break your fingers one by one." That's right. Threatening bodily harm to the uber rich never resulted in retaliation. It's not like they have all the necessary connections to completely destroy your future on a whim, regardless of your talent. I'm sure that the man who hired you to protect his daughter and not to humiliate her or abuse her friends will be super psyched about your manly display and not at all upset about the potential, severe consequences for himself and his business should his connection to you ever become known.

    "Do you think the police will listen to your side of the story and assume that I hit you?" Yes. They absolutely would. There are dozens of witnesses. Honestly, even if there were security footage that showed the opposite, with those particular witnesses saying you did it, the police would still believe you were guilty.

    Honestly, I can't see any hope for this series. The MC is an f'ing moron and a sexist a**hole. The FL is a self-absorbed b***h. I don't want anything good to happen to either of them for as long as they live since it's clear that neither of them will ever become a better person. The ML especially will likely only get worse and worse.
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