Spoiler People who look down on me fall in love with me [Quick Transmigration]

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    this is great world hopping novel. Funny too. MC world hard to be vicious supporting character, it backfired her. Everyone fall for her.
    Raw : https://www.56bok.com/list/155/155678.html

    summary: Go away, don't come near me."
    "How can you be such a vicious woman!"
    "Don't bother me, I'll never like you."

    Facing the disgusting eyes of the male protagonist and male supporting villains, Xu Wei Sugar is unrepentant with the script of a vicious female supporting character.
    She is so happy, she loves it!

    However, the subsequent style of painting will always be completely crooked for no reason:

    "Don't you like me? Why don't you continue to like me?"
    "Please don't be with others."
    "It doesn't matter, even if you are vicious, I don't care."

    In the end, people who despise me love me to the death :)

    No matter how much hatred she suffered in the beginning, a girl who worked tirelessly to death, she would always end up being pampered.
    Have no fear.

    Bright and delicate girl × all kinds of worlds that spoiled bosses

    may write:
    #The wealthy stepdaughter who hooked up with her sister's fiancé
    #The arrogant princess who can't beg for the prince's son
    #The disgusted bear child control group with super power
    # The girl who was too vicious and was killed by the negative teaching material
    #the stupid sister who was used and cannon fodder
    #the weak and sick young lady who was jealous of the genius in the Xiuxianshi family
    #... (To be continued)

    Slow wear in fast wear.
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