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    Title: Perfect Buddy, Fuck-pect Buddy, XXX Buddy, 퍼펙트 버디
    Media: novel and manhwa
    Synopsis: A fierce love collab at City Casual, the nations top men's magazine, between the bear-like leader of the planning team, Baek Youngchan, and the beautiful but prickly Design team lead, Seo Hyunsoo. After Seo Hyunsoo accidentally sees Baek Youngchan's naked body, he begins to question his sexual preference. What happens when Seo Hyunsoo gets involved with his office nemesis who he'd never dreamed of getting mixed up with?

    So~ I’m kind of obsessed with this manhwa and just find out there’s a novel there’s so many “misteries”! I’m looking for spoilers~
    - What happened with SH in the marketing department? Was it because he uncovered some kind of corruption case?
    - Who was the woman in BY’s apartment after the retreat?
    - Who is the guy who was close to SH in the marketing department? Is he the son of the president (and brother of that lady that works with SH)? Is he the one messing things up for SH? Why? Was he stealing from the company?

    I felt the manhwa didn’t explain few things well. Like… was SH gay before or he only find out after hearing BY? (or seeing him naked, I’m not sure since in the manhwa SH heard BY in the bathroom, but the synopsis says he saw BY naked first?). And that two guys from marketing department, they love to bully SH (I really hate them), but the one with dark hair (that is not the son from that old manager) seems suspicious. Seems like he is the one who stopped the cafe guy from taking SH from that bar and he also seems to know more than us.

    also, we mainly see SH point of view (even though we knew from the beginning SH was misunderstanding BY about the bathroom incident), so, sometimes, when we get a glimpse of BY feelings it’s kind of shallow and fast. BY seems to have never slept with men before and feels like he had a crush on SH from the beginning? I want to know more about his sidee~

    anyway, I would love to receive some spoilers!
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