Chinese Phoenix Empress 帝凰 by Tian Xia Gui Yuan/World Convergence/天下归元

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    Name : Phoenix Empress 帝凰
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    Why It Should Get Picked Up:

    Rebirth of a strong empress, revenge, love, investigation, strong female lead, reverse harem...
    (Okay, I will say more anyway : it's noted 7,6 on Douban ;
    And it's from the same author than The Rise of Phoenixes and Legend of Fuyao)
    It's also gonna be adapted as a drama
    Description :
    A bloody murder in the previous life, the miserable death of the founding empress. She came back in this life with grievances, but the truth is like a pavilion covered with several layer of mist, when going back and forth again and again, the whole picture disappears. After her rebirth, on whose neck should she slowly put her sword of revenge in the end ?

    Is it on the violent yet emotionnaly confused emperor of the current dynasty? Is it on the foreign prince who's always quiet whether in life or death ? Is it on this strangely named, demonic yet astucious, deeply hidden king ? Is it on her elegant yet brilliant brother the emperor ? Or on the elegant yet proud, beginner martial artist?

    Who is her enemy? Who is her friend? Who buried her with such a cruel, kiling move, who saved her from this powerful, destroying storm ? Who will coldly watch her until the end, watch her sneer proudly, and gently moved her fingers through the heavens, manipulating and turning around the palace's grievances and confusions, in this world's chess game?

    A story about love and hatred, about life and death, about the world, about the human heart ; about being quiet in appearance yet stubborn to the bone, the long and journey of a pair of matching partners
    separated by thin suspicions, just like this cold night fainting, the palace lantern is not extinguished, the wind blows on the jade curtain and golden hooks rings dazzlingly, and the purple gold lily tripod was filled with whirling smoke and a ray of agarwood.

    The last incence ashes, a scarlet faint spark, with the power of silence, waiting for a moment of great burning.

    The great wind blows, the phoenix dances, who rules this world?
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