Chinese Phoenix Overturning The Skies 凤倾天阑 by Tian Xia Gui Yuan/World Convergence/天下归元

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    Name : Phoenix Overturning The Skies 凤倾天阑
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    Why It Should Get Picked Up:

    Adventure, love, power struggles, strong female lead, love triangle, war...
    (Okay, I will say more anyway : And it's from the same author than The Rise of Phoenixes and Legend of Fuyao)
    Description :
    "Phoenix Reversing The Skies" is the first part of the "Tianding Fenghua" saga from the author.

    She once met a man as warm as spring. She once hated this man who was as radiant as the moon, and as soft as a pearl. She just wanted to live a good life with the quiet foster son she found, and trained bim to become a brilliant officer, that no one could defeat.

    Who knows, this quiet and lonely child has the most honorable identity. She massaged his temples, touching the interest of the supreme ruler of the dynasty. The road to fighting is now open.

    She led humble youngsters to cross the gap to become officers and scholars, and saved a whole city from the flood.

    She led troops of three thousand soldiers to resist the enemy's surprise attack, seized the city, killing officials, pretended to surrender, and assasinated a generalmilitary... When she stopped the foreign army to advance by one foot, she became the legendary, female general, Wu Shuang.

    She is the thorn of this world, breaking all of the fabricated plots of this world. She walks the path of the strongest, fighting fate's ups and downs.

    And he and he, the blurry daylight and the firm moonlight, who can ligh her future road and fulfill this great legend, the celestial Emperor Wu Shuang , and this burning affection ?
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