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    The point is, she literally has no place to "forgive" then as she isn't even the ogBaby. The baby is already dead. And when I said shitty, it's just an expression. I use curse words alot(trying to tone it down nowadays) so that didn't rlly mean anything. Anyways, the story still sucks IMO. No real justification and very lacking. But if u like this stuff, good for u.
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    I could only read few chapters because it was too much. But FL explains that the room has so bad ventilation that if she wasn't using purifying magic on herself she would have died. Other than that barely getting any food and poor hygiene was also an issue. FL said that she had to clean herself most of the time cause maids don't do it properly and she is surviving on one meal a day cause babies are lying down most of the time.
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    Just want to know what happen to her disciple after he killed her?
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    He killed her based on misunderstandings and probably he was manipulated by someone who hated the MC.
    As the MC had a horrible master she thought that a good master is someone who just gives a roof, food, books to their disciples. So you could say she emotionally neglected the guy and wasn't really that much helpful. As the dragon said, MC always had a tendency to do stuff without telling anyone and be all secretive. So that also helped in the misunderstanding and neglect based on the POV of the guy.
    From what i gathered from the spoilers, he had some type of mental breakdown and began doing stupid, illegal, things. Seems he was manipulated by Amadeus to gather kids for experiments to bring back MC? Or just her power as some sort of memento?
    Later when MC met him, after she realizes that this tragedy between them happend cause she was a neglectful master and didn't know what her disciple actually required, she removed his memories and brought his body back in time to be a kid and made it so that he gets adopted to a loving family.
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    Thank you
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    Thoughts about this family:
    I think that uncle cared about his position, pride and son(family) and sudennly he had to take care of niece who was born with mana. Her mum died probably, because of her (child born with mana). And her dad (his brother) maybe died protecting her.( before his death send letter- will, who should raise her if he died). Then her uncle shows her minimum care(gives her to maids who are supposed to take care of her- he does not care about maids, so he does not expecting them to not take care of her) - he does not like her, he thinks that she killed his brother ( whom he despised, was jeallyous of and loved) and her birth is not worthy of his family name. ( babies are not born with automatic love if they are not wanted) MC showes him her personality, intellect ability and that she does not care about his family title.- he became interested in her, and founds out that maids did not take care of her. I think his way of getting rid of her is letting her marry in some family. ( he uses harsh words. I do not think he would kill her without reason)
    I am sure that he would remember her because their birthdays are week apart if she died and he found out -i am sure he would at least fire everyone who was supposed to take care of his brother daughter and would think about her when he had his birthday with guild.( at least once a year).

    But granpa is something else-he felt guild towards his dead son and he did not visit his granddaughter at least once a week(not even secrectly). This does not make sense. Why? Is he afraid of his son or what? He does not agree how his son threats granddaughter and does nothing.!. What the hell.!
    Even his grandson when he finds out about her goes to her.
    A can understand why uncle behaves the way he does I DO NOT AGREE WITH METODS AND INGNORING helpless baby. But granpa is useless. ( enentually i think he would be the first to found out she is dead. At some point i think he would go to her room on his own).
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    Hmm, why did her disciple kill her? What happened to him in the future? What will she do to him? Revenge or what?
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    Why did Melaine decide to kill Hella in her previous life?
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    Hmm, after reading the spoilers, my opinion is that MC received retribution, because she was neglected by the maids and family the same way she neglected her disciple.

    It's not clear from the manhwa, but from the novel spoilers, Melain was a child when she picked him up. He yearned for her affection and ended up hating her and killed her, but deeply regretted it after she died.
    She's the reason he ended up this way and all he ever wanted was her love. Even so, before meeting the dragon, she wanted to kill Melain. Thankfully, she didn't manage to, and she only turned back his time after getting the artifact from the dragon and told her uncle to find a decent family for Melain. But IMO she should have taken him in herself(even as a servant or sth) and given him the proper care she didn't before, but she didn't take responsibility for him till the end.

    At least the Crown family slowly changed their behavior towards her and even started spoiling her, yet she never made it up to Melain, she continued ignoring him until he snapped and then she wanted to kill him, not finding any fault in herself instead.

    She was also cruel to the dragon, who considered her a friend and always tried to help her, but she wanted to kill the dragon to get the artifact. The dragon offered to pay the price for the artifact instead of her, which would take away years of her life.

    from @Sara0jan
    S: "Hello, Melaine, I've never talked to you like this before, did I”

    M: “... you didn’t.”

    Melaine's voice slightly resented.

    S: “I'm sorry”

    Melaine's eyes trembled as they wide.

    She could see them reddening as though he was going to cry.

    MC started to talk about her master and how he abused her. Then, she said that she thought that a proper master had to teach properly, provide good food and resting place and to not hit the disciple.

    She didn’t know that wasn’t enough and she caused him to feel lonely.

    S: "I didn't know what it took for a child to grow up. Interest, love, and affection."

    Melaine bit his lips as tears were falling from his eyes,

    A wet voice came out as if he was thirsty.

    M: “I wanted to be recognized by you”


    M: “I wanted to be praised. ……."


    One side of her heart was tingling as she watched the dripping tears.

    MC wished she raised him better.

    M: “I... huck... I wanted you to hold my hand and drink tea with me.”

    S: “I’m sorry.”

    M: "I wanted to tell you about happy things and sad things. I was scared when the Senate talked to me …… I wanted to talk to master.... huck.”

    S: “I’m sorry.”

    M: “I’m sorry.... I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I didn't do well...…. Don't hate me.......... waaaah!!"

    MC’s heart became heavy when she saw Melaine, who started crying like a child.

    She grabbed the dagger and approached him.

    S: “Let's go back to the beginning”

    She smiled awkwardly at Melaine for the first time.

    Melaine, who heard her, shook his head with tears and a messed up face.

    S: "I can't say that i didn't have a sense of betrayal or resentment at the moment you killed me, but······ I don't hate you”

    Melaine's eyes opened wide.

    S: "You'll forget me, you'll forget this time, you'll lose your mana, you'll be a normal kid. We won't see each other again, but I hope you'll be happy."

    M: “No, no, no, no, no, I don't want to. No, Master! It's my fault. I wasn’t not good enough!...”

    MC stabbed Melaine and his body started getting younger until he was at the age before they met and he finally lost consciousness.
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    Reading that scene again, I doupt MC didn't have just a bit of resentment and had deep inside her a feeling of retribution when the disciple lost his mana like what he did to her.
    But on the other hand, making sure he has no mana and returns to kid shape will help in hiding him from taking responsibility for kidnapping/buying and experimenting on kids, with most of them ending up dead.
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    Can anyone spoil about the uncle and the aunt? Why did they divorce.
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    Yeah, she did the bare minimum to take responsibility. But too late. And imo, even then, she didn't take responsibility to the end
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    It's a complete one
    22 chapters are currently translated
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    A nice way to NEVER read the manhwa. SORRY NOT SORRY.
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    She is not that bad to her student she just don’t know how to treat him since her master was awful to her she didn’t know how to express her feelings , she thought doing the important things to him is enough like food, materials and house .. anyway her student is the bad guy here I had read teachers worse than her ಠ_ಠ
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    Teachers in nowadays is one thing, in this case MC was the guy's guardian/mentor/parental figure (for parental figure i am not specifically talking about mother, but among the other words equivalent)
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    She's wasn't only his teacher, but his guardian. Is it a kid's fault for growing up wrong and not the fault of the person who raised him? Or more exactly was supposed to raise him.
    Especially when she didn't provide him with the proper emotional care and education.
    Just as the original Selena was abused by the maids because of her family's neglect, he was subjected to bad experiences as he mentioned with the Senator because of MC's neglect. As Selena's family said: "they provided her with a roof, food and maids and thought that was enough", she told him she thought it was enough to provide him with food, a roof and teaching him.
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    There is no one to blame for the baby's death, only 'culprits' The baby was not to blame for having been born, but the family on the father's side had the responsibility to take care of him. But he wasn't careful, they just ignored her existence and let the employees take care of the child... but they must imagine that the child is a baby, why the hell would the employees call a baby that was ignored ???! Fuck, people only think about themselves, and their own gain. Obviously without supervision they would just do what they wanted

    they put a mad baroness to be the baby's guardian, that was gross negligence. They didn't bother to investigate the baroness's background and find out if she's suitable for that job.
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    actually about that baroness... i think they know about her because the latest chapter when the baroness died sharent clown was explaining the identity of the baroness but i think the butler is the one who hired her because the baroness is someone who teaches illegitimate children i guess and i'm glad she died mwahahah

    * * *

    I thought I would go back to the room with Vera, but why am I still in the same place as these humans?

    In this brutal space that looks like a family meal.

    “That kid was holding Magical stones. Maybe her father gave it to her”
    “Yeah, I gave it to her”
    “That really uses magic”

    Sharent Crown said putting the magic stones which were taken from me earlier on the table.

    “Oh, go ahead, lady”


    I sighed deeply while eating still tasteless baby food. It is honestly baby food that i don’t even want to eat unless it is an apple puree that is given like a prize. I think Vera has a strong heart too. Usually, you can’t do this in front of the owners.

    “Do you want one more time?”

    I already had 5 spoons. Do you want me to eat more?

    It’s grossly bad. It seems even worse today. Maybe it’s because of these humans next to me. As they glanced, they were talking while eating a lot of delicious food and meat leisurely. While feeding me sticky green food, I don't know if this is soup or not!

    ‘I hate babies so much…’

    Baby food is so bad.

    ‘Was baby food supposed to be this bad?’

    What did I eat when I was young?
    I felt like I was about to cry but I closed my eyes and opened my mouth.

    “That’s right, my lady eats well”

    As soon as Vera’s words were over, I could feel the gaze from the side. I turned my head to the place where I could feel the gaze with a distorted expression.

    Sharent Crown took turns looking at my face and the baby food for a while and opened his mouth.

    “Yes, young duke”
    “What’s the food she’s eating now? Can you give it to me for a moment?”
    “This baby food?”

    Instead of answering, Sharent Crown frowned his forehead. He hated it when the servant asked back or made him speak twice.

    Vera rose hurriedly after she realized what she had done and carefully put down a lukewarm bowl on the straight while palm of Sharent Crown.

    He took a bite of baby food with his spoon which he had not yet used and narrowed his beautiful forehead.

    ‘If you’re going to eat it, you should have eaten it more.’

    While looking at the contents of the bowl, which was still more than half left, I saw a steak flowing with juice.

    How did I end up in such a miserable state? I wondered if it would have worked, but I wondered where it was to come in here and eat.

    How come I came to the Crown family who hates magic and maintaining my life? I’m glad I don't starve to death.

    Recently, Vera, a dedicated maid, has been added and meals have been steadily available. It is comforting that I can get apple puree after eating.

    “This food, how much does the child usually eat?”
    “Strangely, the lady doesn’t eat much… at most she usually eat ten spoons”
    “It’s not edible since it doesn’t taste good” He spoke with a frown on his forehead.

    I guess it wasn’t delicious at all. Sharent Crown was also famous as a gourmet. Anyway, i nodded continuously to him who said the right thing.

    ‘That's right, it's not that it’s not good’

    It’s not delicious at all.

    Of course I have eaten raw tree roots before, but… No matter how much I hate it, it’s better than starving. Still, if you’re going to eat it, it’s better to eat it deliciously.

    As I kept nodding, Sharent Crown looked at me with a subtle look.

    “Where are you doing that?”

    Deschar Crown held a spoon and put it in his mouth without fear. Like a spoon of grassy porridge.

    Then he frowned at once. Seeing the reddish expression, it must not taste very good.

    ‘As expected, my taste didn’t get weird’


    Sharent Crown called him small as if he had predicted the future situation. However, Deschar Crown’s expression had already become rough.

    “How dare a chef cook this kind of food!”


    The table shook greatly with a strong punch.

    It’s less than Sharent Crown, but Deschar Crown was also famous for his picky taste. In particular, Sharent Crown used to choose to starve rather than eat below the standard.

    I thought of him who couldn’t cool down when the food that came out during the meeting wasn’t full of food. Thinking of it, I stretched my body on the baby chair.

    ‘Eating three meals a day is also a pain’

    It's a food that I would never eat if it was not for apple puree that comes after meals.
    It’s better to eat undercooked and green fruits. Of course, I had to eat that apple puree because it was delicious.

    “It’s…. i, i made it myself, duke”

    Vera, who raised one hand as if she were turning herself in, hurriedly kneel down.
    I looked at Vera with a silly face.

    ‘Wait, you made it yourself? Really?’
    ‘That terrible baby food?’
    ‘No wonder it wasn’t delicious’

    “What? I asked you to take care of the child but you made such food like trash and fed it to her!”

    Vera turned white.

    Because Deschar Crown spirit was unusual, Vera couldn’t stand the anger and trembled with her knees bent..

    It looked like he was going to have her head cut off at any moment.

    No, you can’t.
    Without Vera, I’m going to starve again.

    No, no matter how bad it is, Vera’s inedible and tasteless food is better than me searching for food and crushing them.

    Anyways I could tell that she was trying to give me good food and not to screw me up.


    Vera, who was trembling, turned her head at my desperate call.

    I struggled while sitting on the chair. While, I floundered my arms at the food that Sharent Crown was holding.

    ‘Hey, rather than losing you, i’ll just keep eating that’

    You’re the only one I can trust here. Of course, in the end, if she’s in danger, she will protect herself first.

    It was too urgent now to think about such a situation.


    When I called Vera again, Deschar Crown’s eyebrows fluctuated greatly.

    What do you know about it? Just leave the normal maid you found.

    “Oh, lady”

    Vera couldn’t come closer and straighten her knees, only her hips moved.

    Sharent Crown sighed low as if he were watching a pathetic scene.

    “Vera, it’s noisy so please go and comfort her”

    Sharent Crown raised his chin and ordered Vera.

    As soon as the order was finished, Vera rushed to me.

    Holding me in her arms, I grabbed Vera’s hem and pointed to the bowl of rice that Sharent Crown had in his hand.

    “....Are you going to eat? Mamma? Mamma?”


    I nodded my head vigorously.

    ‘You made it while thinking of me, how can i not eat it? I need to eat it’

    Although I feel sick and I feel like throwing up…., I don't want to be left alone in this crappy family. Also, I don't want to go around picking fruits until my knees fall out.

    “That doesn’t taste good, lady”
    “Uhh! Ma!”
    Startled by Vera’s muffled voice, she shook her head and pointed to the bowl again.

    What if she never makes food again? You’re not going to take responsibility for my meal!


    As I struggled in Vera’s arms, Vera held me as if embarrassed and looked at Sharent Crown.

    Sharent Crown was watching me with a subtle look.

    Why is he looking at me like that?

    In fact, there is nothing to think deeply about.

    I wonder how funny I look. My clothes were still dirty and I struggled desperately to eat bad food.

    ‘You don’t know because you live a peaceful life but my life is at stake’

    Sharent Crown kept his eyes on me and put the bowl down on the table. Then he arrogantly replaced the command with a single gesture of his chin.

    Vera, who is quick-witted, carefully took it, scooped a spoon and carefully put it in my mouth.

    Everyone is looking at me.

    ‘Is it your first time seeing a baby eating baby food?’

    I ate it in one bite as if I wanted to see it.

    My face was distorted because others said it was not delicious but I swallowed it pretending as if I didn't know. It’s a relief that you don’t have to chew.

    ‘Yeah, it's better than starving’
    Anyway, Vera is the only one who takes care of me without bothering me or neglecting me.

    I am a child and a fragile shield is better than nothing.

    Sharent Crown was looking at me carefully. To be exact, I'm busy swallowing what comes into my mouth without chewing.
    “....Why are you cooking, Vera?”

    Actually, I was curious about that too.

    Vera is my maid, not someone in charge of cooking. Usually, It was her job to go and get the food.


    Vera flinched.

    She looked around, forgetting to move her spoon as if she was speechless.

    Now that I've found the right reason, I sneakily move my face away from the spoon. I already felt bloated after eating a few more spoons than usual.

    The longer Vera couldn’t speak, the more Sharent Crown’s eyes narrowed.

    “Vera, i’ll say it one last time”

    Sharent Clown spoke in a voice that was as soft as flowing water, but not at all friendly.

    “I don’t like to say things twice and I don't like people not answering me right away. If you bother me one more time, you don’t have to go to work anymore.”

    Vera shuddered at the threatening warning of Sharent Crown.

    Her heavily bowed head looked as if she had committed a grave sin.

    “I’m sorry…. There is no separate meal for the young lady in the restaurant….”
    “Didn’t you tell the chefs?”
    “....It’s because there’s no food ingredient to make baby food”

    When Deschar Clown intervened as if he was frustrated, Vera replied with great tension.

    There was hesitation in her voice. I immediately noticed what the situation was.

    ‘Yeah, there are a lot of people i don’t like’
    Well, since it is a family with a long history, of course, the people who work here must also be pedigree/nobility.

    I’m not sad about that. I’m just grateful to Vera for making and bringing me food somehow.

    It doesn’t really matter. It’s not like I was hated for a day or two.

    I’m proud of you, Vera. If I regain my magic later, I should give her money so she can play and eat for the rest of her life.

    Looking forward to raising it for the next three years. Until I can walk, think and eat alone.

    If I raise it for 3 years, I will be happy for 60 years.

    Even if it’s not delicious, I yawned because there was something to eat on top.

    Even as I yawned with my mouth wide open, Sharent Clown was still looking at me with an incomprehensible day.

    What do you see when you look at me like that?

    The world is like that anyway. There was no expectation, so there was no disappointment.


    Sharent Clown who has been silent for a long time has opened his mouth.

    It was a friendly voice as if he was calling for a long-time friend but Kant’s expression showed signs of tension.

    “Yes, little duke. I’ll take care of it right away”
    “This is already the second time. If i hear a similar story one more time, i will know that those ears are useless”
    “I’ll keep that in mind”

    I yawned again as I watched the series of events silently.


    This time, a soft voice headed for Vera who was hugging me.

    I wiped my sleepy eyes with the back of my hand.

    “Yes.., little duke”
    “Have you ever seen her use magic?
    “The lady magic? No never….”

    Vera shook her head slowly.

    I looked at Vera, who looked at me with an expression that she did not understand and I avoided her gaze.

    I feel a little guilty.

    “Never even once?
    “If you hid it intentionally, i think you’re very clever, father”

    A smile spread across Sharent Clown’s lips.

    His eyes were curved and the corners of his mouth drew an arc in the opposite direction. He looked at me with a smile that seemed to break down all human vigilance.

    ‘...oh, i must be crazy’

    Not just crazy but totally crazy. I just looked at him and closed my eyes.

    I’m full and sleepy. I want to eat apple puree but I can't ask for it in this kind of situation.

    “Yes, dad?”

    Sharent Clown called the child with a warm voice this time. Kaisan brightened up at once and replied quickly.

    I glanced at the two.

    Sharent Clown, famous for his cold-blooded personality and tinnitus as “the tongue of a viper”, was not used to being so friendly.

    “They are family….”

    I leaned on Vera’s shoulder and glanced at the two.

    What is a family? If the blood is connected does it mean they are family? How far can a person go for their family? Does Sharent Clown know that’s a weakness?

    These are things that I can't understand. I couldn’t even imagine It especially for Sharent Clown.

    “You said you saw her throw something away into the fireplace the other day, right?”

    I flinched and my shoulders were shaking.

    The sleepiness that I felt suddenly disappeared. I opened my eyes wide and tightened my neck.

    I made eye contact with Kaisan. I shook my head continuously but the child smiled broadly to see what was good.

    “Yes! It was like a straw doll!”
    And he threw a bomb at me.

    That frustrating punk who doesn’t even have a hunch.

    Sharent Clown stood up as if he had guessed something from what Kaisan said.

    Before I knew it, his plate was completely empty.

    As I struggled, I grabbed the hem of Vera’s robe.

    ‘I’m a newborn baby….”

    I’m a baby.

    I’m a baby.

    I brainwashed myself.

    I was just a lucky child no matter how I got caught after that.

    ‘I shouldn’t have been caught using magic’

    I knew best how much the Clown family hated magic. This ignorant swordsmanship family.

    “Father, i should go to this child’s room”
    “The room? Why are you talking about it?”
    “I have something to check”

    The narrowed eyes stared at me.

    I stiffened my body with a terrifying feeling. The danger signal swung its head. The Clown family hates magic.
    He hated magic, in particular, he hated black magic so much more. And he is very sensitive to black magic.

    It was the same when I was still Hela. he used to look at me with a frown every time I went to the conference room with black magic.

    ‘Let’s run’

    There’s nothing you can’t find if he asks for evidence of dark magic.

    In particular, straw dolls are one of the basic black magic that can be found just by looking for a little bit.

    “Lead the way, Vera”

    I trembled as I was held in Vera’s arms.

    Vera patted me on the back and she thought I was surprised.

    However, the shaking does not stop at this point.

    I will live or die, but I think I’ll die in the Clown family’s mansion.

    Although the Magic Stones are a little lacking, if i use them sparingly, i may be able to use them for a year.

    It would be convenient to attack a labyrinth, but now it is difficult to attack. It would be better to hide in forests or mountains and surrender yourself to the beast.
    “Are you coming with me?”
    “Yeah, a wizard from the Clown family….”
    “That’s what i’m saying”

    I heard a series of tongue clicks.

    I was burying my face on Vera’s shoulder while Vera went up to the second floor and into my room.

    I know best how wizards have been treated so far.

    It is common for weak and young wizards to become slaves. It is not unusual for a noble family to talk about a “witch”.

    “Here it is”

    Vera opened the door slightly and bowed her back.

    Sharent Clown lightly went inside.

    When I tapped Vera and pointed down, Vera put me down. I crawled to the corner of the marble floor.

    The magic stones other than the ones I gave to Vera were well hidden.

    It was pushed through a small gap under the desk, but it was so small that it wouldn’t even go in unless it was a child’s wrist.

    While Sharent Clown and Deschar Clown were distracted by my bed, I held a large and a small magic stone in both hands.

    After receiving the pacifier back, a new magic stone was woven again.

    Since she bit the pacifier, she took all the Magic Stones he received.

    “This is….”

    Sharent Clown, who was looking at my precious little baby bed, took out a black magic picture book hidden under the bed.

    Of course, it was not a straw doll made from that, but it was a perfect situation to misunderstand.

    ‘Let’s go to the forest’

    There are three magic stones, so would I die?


    I took a deep breath.

    I don’t know how much of the magic stone’s magic can be used with this body, but It can’t be helped. I don’t want to die.

    ‘It’s warp, warp’

    I glanced at the picture book and saw Sharent Clown turning to me with a stiff face.

    Deschar Clown’s expression was also very harsh.

    ‘Warp…., write it down!’

    As I watched Sharent Clown walk step by step, I gave strength to the hand holding the magic stone.

    The magic stone began to emit blue light in response to my will.


    All you have to do is absorb the mana and release it as it is.

    Sharent Clown also pulled out the sword from his waist as if he noticed what I was trying to do.

    The sharp blue tip of the sword pointed towards me.

    Hyuk, you’re trying to kill me at once.

    Everyone, give me strength….!


    I used my last resort, thinking about stupid thoughts in my head.

    Lying down her back, she took an embarrassing position in front of them and gave them strength.

    I could see his bewildered face, but I knew something. I have to live.
    Fortunately, my vision was completely reversed before the sword reached me thanks to my desperate struggle and strength.

    I couldn’t forget the blade of the sword that just touched my nose.
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    Is the family’s surname really clown or is it because of mtl the surname sounds weird ? I thought mc was calling sharendt a clown I didn’t realise it’s the family name
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