Korean Prince, Let’s Just Walk On the Villain Path

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    Very pretty cover:
    This is the heroine Elfie and the male lead Tron.
    Titles: 왕자님, 악당 길만 걸어요! , Prince, Let’s Just Walk On the Villain Path
    The Novel: https://www.novelupdates.com/series/prince-lets-just-walk-on-the-villain-path/
    Novel Raws: https://page.kakao.com/home/왕자님,-악당-길만-걸어요!/54180132 , https://ridibooks.com/books/372004121 , https://ridibooks.com/books/372005671 , https://series.naver.com/novel/detail.nhn?productNo=4914033
    Author: 걸검 (Geolgeom) , Same author as The Villainess Wants To Be A Sidekick and Don’t Trust the Heroine.
    Artist of the novel’s illustrations: 에스 (Es)
    They are @esscarlet on Twitter. Check out their other works!
    Serialization and Publishers: Kakaopage and RidiBooks and Naver and Blossom.
    Language: Korean
    Year: 2020
    Genres: Fantasy, Isekai, Romance, Shoujo, Time Travel, Regression, Childcare, Reincarnation, Female Protagonist, Maids, Younger Love Interests, Multiple Reincarnated Individuals, Aristocracy, Royalty
    Status: 4 Volumes + 1 Extra Volume: 137 Chapters (Completed)
    * Background/Field: Fantasy, Western style
    * Artwork keywords: Scared man, pure man, younger man, sweet man, innocent woman, royalty/noble, regression/time slip, soul change/possession, key things, status difference, fateful love, brain Sexy man, strong man, powerful woman, sweet woman, pure woman, growth material, story center
    * Male protagonist: Tron Sredeniom – A villain in the novel <Golden Wings and Silver Sword> and the third prince of the Sredeniom Kingdom. He doesn't trust other people and has a cold personality, but in front of Elfi, he shows an infinitely weak side.
    * Female Protagonist: Elfi Inard – In the novel <Golden Wings and Silver Sword>, a villain who was reincarnated as an extra who was killed by Tron. He uses the future he knows to indoctrinate the villain, but after the tragedy of Tron's death, he returns again.
    Before returning, he wants to become a king in order to save Tron after returning as a character who feels guilty about the death of Tron, who was like his own younger brother.
    * Look at this time: When you want to see the story of a woman and a man who grow up together through various events and build up their love.
    * Empathy text: “You will surely become a king. I will make it happen.”
    [Vol . 1 ]
    Chapter 1. The Return and the False Prophet
    Chapter 2. Chungjeong and the Snow Tiger
    3 chapters. The cause and the princess of flowers (1)

    [Volume 2]
    Chapter 4. The cause and the princess of flowers (2)
    Chapter 5.
    Chapter 6, the capital of pride and blue . Lollipop and the end of boyhood (1)

    [3 volumes]
    Chapter 7. Lollipop and the end of juvenile (2)
    Chapter 8. Respect and the insurmountable line
    Chapter 9. Sincerity and the Fallen Moon (1)

    . 4] Chapter 10. Sincerity and the Fallen Moon (2)
    Chapter 11. The future and the eternal promise

    abduction 1. Where the light stays
    abduction 2. deserved happiness
    There’s a villain in every novel.

    Elfie, who reincarnated to a novel as the maid of the future villain Prince Tron, thought.

    Wouldn’t a happy future come if our prince becomes nice?

    However, the ending that came for Tron, who grew up as a good person, was only as a corpse as he got caught up in a fight.

    Elfie wails as she regrets her own choice.

    When she came to her senses again, an unexpected sight was unfolding before her eyes. She returned to the time when she first met 12-year-old Tron.

    To save Tron and give him happiness, Elfie wants to make him a king by fully mobilizing all the knowledge of the future she knows. With that, she determined to raise the prince, who is still young and kind.

    “Okay. Then, let’s look forward to seeing how much that swindler looking maid will please me.”

    But, is it really the best way to raise that prince as a good person?
    This novel deserves translation ASAP, but why?
    I was very interested in this novel ever since three chapters of it were translated last year, but unfortunately it was dropped and not picked up again since :blobsneeze:
    The protagonist is reincarnated in a novel and she finds out when the royal family asks her to enter the place as the third prince and our male lead, Tron’s maid because her mother used to be the prince’s nanny. She actually is forced to go and her family is threatened because the king’s brother wants her to poison and kill Tron because he is greedy for the throne.
    But she remembers that she was an extra in the novel who killed herself from the pressure of killing the prince who is only a child and her family being threatened, her family was murdered the moment she was forced to go to keep them silent.
    So she goes but feels bad for the prince who is only a child even though he was a tyrant and the villain in the original novel, she raises him to be good and nice. But in the end he will die to protect her :blob_teary:
    and it was a sad scene where she cried and they kissed (this was in the prologue of the novel) and he died. Then the protagonist, Elfie goes back in time to when she met him.
    So it’s a reincarnation then time travel:hmm:
    Anyway I really like this novel and the author’s other works and I hope some worthy translator will pick this up someday :blob_plusone:

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