Novel Protecting MC as my game avatar in wuxia world

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    After reincarnating or more like appear in wuxia world I ended up becoming guardian of cheat weapon made by god to protect it from hands of bad guys.

    Whilst I beat up both bad guys and good guys as a guardian till weapon chooses right owner, the legendary MC.

    “When I grown up I will marry sister”

    Look what cute little bun saying so adorable.

    "Yes you will"

    Ah sh*t I said it didn't I? ah me and my fetish.

    English is not my native language so forgive my mistakes. Also I writing this for fun
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    Chapter 1. Hi it is me MC

    Do you know what is "Cultivator is ?"

    It is a word that is used to describe cheat-like existences that in some way even more ridiculous than western "Heroes" Of course, the dictionary would say something completely different like one who protects the balance of black and white, but that’s what I think of them as.

    I don't get how cultivators body works, Why you ask? Because they just talk about chi or qi or something and become strong when they eat body part of the strong beast.

    Seriously What an actual F*ck? isn't that literally cheat isn't it? and only being strong is not enough even their body starts to transform that beast they eaten.

    How can their body work in that way? Are you saying I just start to become strong as dragon moment that I ate dragon meat and doing that kind of cultivation thingy?

    And to put salt on the fresh wound they live long that put western dragons in shame. Also, all of them are beautiful to boot F*ck.

    Even so, they have that kind power they still carve for more and more then they start to use their greed and lust on innocents.

    And by their so-called righteous sect *Pei* as if righteous just self-proclaimed idiots even bad superman better than you idiots.

    And their so-called techniques heh well some of them really can do things like the name of their techniques. But some of them so bad that worse than naming a sense of child with seventh-grade syndrome just like a guy running to me.

    "Mountain cleaving blade art: 18th move earth ravager"

    "Just shut up and that is just a sword swing"

    In mid of forest, a man wearing a fancy robe with a sword attacking a beautiful woman with the very large bust with headphone on.

    Ah, isn’t this the kind of scenario that the main character rescues a lady from hands of evil man and woman falls love on MC and later do XXX and XXX but I say three things.

    First thing is you don't have to worry about a lady.

    "That is sword made of eternal steel"

    Moment man's sword touches woman's light brown skin breaks apart into tiny pieces.

    "Man eternal steel? more like a glass steel"

    Second thing is to look at their height difference!

    Yeah, man's height was around 180cm but the woman was taller than 231.

    A woman speaks like she felt nothing and grabs a man by his throat then lifts him from the ground easily and takes off her earphone said.

    "Listen, pal, you lost the test and you tried to take godly artefact by force sorry but I have to kill you"


    With one punch from woman man blasts apart along with some part of the forest but in just a few seconds forest restores to the previous state by unknown force.

    And last third thing is I’m that woman and former man.

    Well, what do you say F*ck me right? Yeah literally I already saw my self-naked and it was worth it.

    I know you got a ton of questions like why are you a woman, what a heck with this headphone, why you just killed a cultivator looking man and what is that godly weapon? also, do you like it?

    Haha, there are lots of things to say but first I say big 'YES' to the last question.
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    Chapter 2. Hey! come down HERE! Idiot god I promise not beat you to death!

    Let's start from the beginning.

    I was living my ordinary life on earth as a judge till I stabbed to death by the father of young man I put him in jail because of a false charge of r*pe. Yeah with one hit of my hammer I ruined that young boy's life.

    But I had no choice because of too many proofs presenting from victims side. And to open the wounds further lawyer that defending boy was bought by money.

    Just like saying money is power everything bought by money to that b*tch's side. But even so, I know it is my fault in the end because of I one who puts down the hammer of the judge.

    That why I thought so it is okay to die by this father of a young boy.

    Well enough of soap opera.

    Then I met a god well he was disappointing in some parts because I always imagined God looks like Morgan Freeman with the voice of Peter Cullen.

    Man if that was true then I will forgive him even he destroyed the earth but sadly god I met was just another old man looks like Gandalf rip off and a bad one.

    Some say looks can be deceiving but that word didn't work on my side. God summoned me was so scatterbrain. That he forgot what kind of things used to build the godly sword that he preparing to send Wuxia world.

    I ask why?

    "I manage so many worlds I work without any rest. Then I got an Idea that pulls an all-nighter and finishes all work in one go and that sword was the last one. Then while I following recipe and adding various attributes, I started having fun. Suddenly when I realized it I had finished making godly sword without I realizing it."

    He said it like nothing serious happened. Yeah TRULY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING !? when I said that god takes a pose of a cute girl and said.


    F*ck youuuuu! are you trying to look cute or what ? if you trying to look cute then even American Pit Bull look cuter than you!

    "But I do remember that I collecting fangs from dragons as ingredients. And adding turns out pretty bad. On top of that bunch of jewels and ores disappeared from my storage "

    Said god with a serious expression that I wanted to punch so bad but I stopped because, in the end, he is a god.

    Because he can't revert sword back to ingredient so added little bit tweak that can choose a master and pleaded me to guard it till it chooses owner.

    "What a heck how can normal human like me survive in wuxia like a word"

    I said because I know wuxia word is in some way more f*cked up than western fantasy from LN I read.

    "It is okay I don't know exact power of sword so I will try my best to make you strong. But I don't know the limit of the sword so I will use a game that your world has as a model and give you the power to prevent chosen user of sword turning evil"

    In that moment I also thought same using game logic as my power because almost all games have characters have the power to kill a god.

    "And I found a good example so is there anything you want to wish?"

    "Can you make my soul cannot separate from my body by force ?"

    I asked because I know a shit ton of ways to kill the soul in novels.

    "Yeah, I almost forget soul I got it and more ?"

    "Can I summon things from my world?"

    "Like what ?"

    "I don't want to separate from food of my world and also music!!"

    "I can give you headphone and player that never beak or destroyed for listening any music you want from your world. As for food is bit tricky so I only give you two choices one is you can summon all kinds of foods from your world only one time means you can summon one food only one time. Second is unlimited supply of three kinds of food"

    "Second one! I want energy drink, yoghurt and lollipop"
    Yeah, I don't care about other foods because I can make them but you can't find energy drink and yoghurt in wuxia world as for lollipop is for personal reason.

    "Okay then that it. Oh I forgot to mention you can't use equipment from your game"

    "What what ?"

    "Look like you have an account on that game I found so I just made the body and put your soul in it don't worry there will be no rejection also your battle as the backstory!"

    "WTF hey do you mean THAT! game do you know what are you doing!"

    "Haha don't worry now I will take my vacation in Shangri-La so tell that to other gods Bye. "

    Then I lost my consciousness immediately and waked up in mid of forest beside of sword stuck in stone.

    That idiot god used my avatar in a game called 'Mythology Overkill Online' it was an online game that you create a character from various races. But the problem was bosses of that game was gods and demons from all kinds of mythology like a Zeus or like an Odin.

    And my avatar was a tall beautiful woman with an enormous rack and have a class called 'Destroyer'.

    Don't see me that way blame developers of 'Mythology Overkill Online' I created this avatar to complete the game so I searched weaknesses of bosses in the forum and found female character was the right choice because some bosses don't receive damage from male avatar, some of them take reduced damage from short avatars, and there is one that doesn't take damage from avatars that created using shortcut models or beauty score didn't reach 9 point.

    So blame my height and bust size to Scylla and Da Ji. Scylla was boss that receive three times of damage and deal half amount of damage to the player avatar that has a double height of her. But that was impossible even I maxed my height so I used cosmetic items to reach this height. As for Da Ji is same as Scylla but it was not a height but bust must bigger than her it sounds easy but it was impossible until I killed Aphrodite and receive a permanent buff called 'desire'.

    Then I killed Zeus and Odin then game finished the game.

    Oh, I say a good job to game developers to put Zeus weakness to receive ten times of damage from female avatar have bust and height status that surpassed limit.

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    Chapter 3, Everyday life of guardian (1)

    Normally, when you go to a fantasy world.

    You live like you are the main character in that world like an everything revolves around you just like you playing COD.

    But no I just standing there and guarding this cheat weapon while using the test as an excuse to weed out bad and idiot people.

    Also, that idiot god has given me half-assed language ability.

    Why? you ask me.Well, I can talk to them like normal but I don't f*cking know how to read and write in their language! It is like I entering elementary school again to learn how to read and write!

    And I cant leave this place because of these two bracelets on my arm transforms into chain connected to the hilt of the sword when I try to leave an island.

    Yes, you heard right it that idiot god left me on a f*cking island!

    And I can't use that god damn teleporter people use to enter in this island because that sword didn't found a so-called master.

    The only thing that calms me down is my energy drink and yoghurt I can summon endlessly in any kind flavour also music! you can't forget about music.

    You say don't worry you got a cheat as well but I say too much power will come with a responsibility as well. So I sealed huge part of my power using a skill I learned as the joke but who knew this skill come in handy.

    It is easy to use I just need to press points on my body to release restriction. I have ten-stage release restriction coming from points that placed from leg to head.

    But I say a good job to idiot god for designing this island is so beautiful that I just want to lay on the ground while staring sky with energy drink beside me and spend all day sleeping.

    Man just look at this beautiful sky it is so calming stars on sky looks like shining small jewels.

    *Sound of I slurps yoghurt by straw*

    In this moment you need a song like this. I take out a player from my secret pocket /don't ask where/ and chooses 'Broken Moon' from the list.

    135. Broken Moon

    *song begin to play through headphone*


    "Hey! guardian give me a godly sword in exchange I turn into the real woman on my bed and take you as my concubine how about that?"

    "Yes what young master said is true"

    "Haha yes the only woman like you is worthy of our young master"

    Handsome man wearing a black robe with a word I don't know written in a golden thread talked tome along with his followers while disturbing my peace.

    M*ther f*cker yeah if you ignore those bastards coming for the sword on this island would be heaven on earth or what is this world called.

    "You are dead to me"


    I quickly move in high speed and punches f*cker that interrupted my resting time.

    "Haha as expected guardian of godly sword you are powerful but your power is no match for my body enhanced by Demon soul art: Divine demon soul evasion"

    Man, you are very talkative aren't you well but I say standing up after receiving my punch he is good.

    "Look like I need to get little bit serious"

    "Haha, just you prepare after beating you I will take the sword and make you my pet!"

    "I say one thing boy. You better not disappoint me after saying all of those things"

    Yeah true I wanted to use the full potential of my power but I can't use it because first my class Destroyer only can use great weapon and totem pole so without my weapons I can't use some of my moves.

    Second is game mechanic of 'Mythology Overkill Online' also works in this world but with some nerfs.Because of I don't have a button to smash to make the combo. My mind and body remember what to do to make that move and combo. I was very hard to make the combo using the real body.

    Third, every opponent I faced till now can't stand after receiving my 2 combos even I put a restriction on my body that was very disappointed me because of that I started to think is 'cultivators' is that weak? but I quickly erased that thought because I remember what happened to Goliath.

    I quickly rush to my opponent let's call him a dummy.

    "Demon soul art: Wraith palm"

    Dummy sends punch clad in the black mist to my face. Just from the look it definitely looks scary technique but I don't care because of my class. 'Overpower' is the right word to describe my class. With special move grab and wrestle destroyer was class that can wrestle with monsters with all kinds of sizes from human size to stop palm of titans. But that was just a game logic so I don't know I can archive that.

    But the downside of that class was evasion status was 0%, have no escape move or skill, there is almost no long range skill and they can't use long range weapon. In this world I thought I can use it so tried to use a bow but I didn't hit a big tree one meter away from me also I tried to throw a stone but that was also hopeless.


    With a loud sound, his punch hits my stomach area but I just shrug off and sends a punch to dummy's face. Then followed by another punch then I lift him off the ground with a grab.

    "W-What! I c-c-can't move my bod-dy!"

    "Wow your body is tough"

    Yeah really tough I think he can withstand my finisher!

    Then I start to punch him while holding him like a ragdoll. While ignoring his followers attacking me. After three punch and two knees, I prepare to launch him into the air before grab timer runs out and he recovers his control of his body.

    "Now clench your teeth dummy-chan I gonna use my favourite finisher combo. Looks like your art more powerful than I thought"

    "W-Wait there is a limi"

    With a punch, I send dummy into the air then I jump right after him. Then I grab him in the air and puts his body under my foot while spinning my body then prepares to slam him on the ground.


    Dummy's body hits the ground while creating a big crater.

    "Haha man, it is been long I done this combo now before you wake up from daze I need to continue my combo ?! what happened you?"

    Yeah, what happened? only thing I seeing was dummy-chan look like run over by truck.

    "hey don't be kidding me dummy get up!"

    Dummy-chan not responding.

    It seems like it's just a dead body

    Oh, sh*t did he just died like that? did I ask him a question? what if he was chosen one? WTF!

    "Wel-l did I asked test question from him?"

    Yep, I just ask his followers because I forget what happened because of much fun I having.



    "Just you wait for it, guardian! we will tell elder that how you killed his son. Demon soul sect definitely not forget this humiliation!"

    Yeah, that definitely sounds right but that looks not very convincing from people that running from me with wet robes.
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    Chapter 4, Everyday life of guardian (2)

    In mid of unknown island young boy walks closer to the the sword in stone, behind the boy a tall woman and two old man observes boy's every movement with a serious expression.

    Ah, isn’t this the kind of thing looks scene that main character pills sword from the stone and chosen as king. Yeah, it definitely looks like a scene from a movie.

    But the thing is can boy pull the sword from the stone?

    Then boy touches hilt of the sword and


    With sound, boy didn't successfully pull the sword from a stone. I spoke gently to the boy walking towards to one of the old mans.

    "Sorry boy looks like you are not the one"

    Why do I speak gently? Because in last 11 years on this island this boy one of few people that polite to me and passed my test. And others?


    Almost all males have d*cks instead of their brain and others including females are just idiots that use their status or power to take the sword. Well, I got nothing to say about the second part it is their fault for being born as a villain.

    As for first part I think I might be little bit responsible for first part of males because of my clothes. Clothes now I wearing is called "Good and Evil" unique uniform of faction called 'Holy Order of Purifier' reward for killing 100 Frost giants and 200 einherjar in Ragnarok event.

    Good and Evil is uniform comprises of a white short cape with red edge, white pants, golden buttons, tight sleeved undershirt and belt with a special plate that owner can carve his or her favourite word.

    It looked so badass when male avatar wears it but just like any other MMORPG, there was a little bit touch on the female side. There was no button on uniform's upper part for a clear purpose and short undershirt for showing underboob.

    Even with that, I say it still looked badass on the female avatar and it was true. Also I say their fault for losing their focus on this little bit distraction of mine.

    "I think Miss.Guardian thinking in normal term"

    "Why is that old Jing? and stop being respectful I felt weird also is your leg is okay?"

    I said to another old man wearing simple garbs and covered himself with a brown cloak. Looks like I thinking out loud. This old man's full name is Cheng Jing two years ago I found him laying at the entrance of teleporter with a body full of injury while I running around the island while listening 'The Phoenix'.

    At that moment I was pretty excited from the song so I didn't notice him till I broke his leg by stepping on it. It was a very embarrassing moment for me because of guilt I bout him to my hut and given him the first aid.

    When he asked how his leg is broken after he woke up.
    I said 'Dunno grandpa you were like this when I found you' because I can't say hey! I broke your leg because I too excited from song could I?

    "Hoho considering Miss.Guardian's strength I still think using honorifics is the right thing because in the end strength is everything. Also, I think my leg is completely healed"

    Said, Jing, while holding his beard.

    "Then that is good. Also, thank for telling me how teleporter work and helping me with writing warning signs with this I can take a rest"

    With help of old Jing, I was able to set up a warning sign for people entering this island. It was easy I just write my letter on the ground and tells Jing what is called then he translates and writes what I wanted to tell on a sign.

    "It is okay. So back to our previous topic"

    Tch he know I tried to change the topic.

    "I think Miss.Guardian, it is true that woman's use revealing part of their clothes to seduce and distract their opponent. Just like sect called Jade, Jade? Jade, what is called ?"

    "I think It called Jade Fox. It is a sect that made of only beautiful looking females."

    "Yeah, but they use along with their illusion techniques and formation as for you Miss.Guardian looks like you don't noticed your charm that more powerful than illusion"

    "I-It is true"

    Two old men said to me and look like little boy spoke I thought he can't speak because he is too ashamed that he can't pull the sword.

    "Haha Don't be kidding me old man. Well, I think I am definitely beautiful but I am no match ladies passing through the teleporter. They look like fairies come down from heaven or like a seductive fox can capture hundred with just a wink"

    There is no way men raised while looking that kind of beauties every day will distracted by me. Just that means opponent distracted by looking at me is a just horny dog and women with an inferiority complex because only thing I better than them was my chest.

    Just last week I faced the woman that beautiful as a fairy. And she was so polite and noble also rose bloom on her every step she takes. Why can't other women face me like this?

    I wished so much that sword chooses her but sadly that didn't happen.

    "Here have candy boy don't be ashamed for failing to pull the sword. You should be proud of passing my test because passing my test means you are hundred times more human than idiots that arrive on this island every week."


    Boy receives lollipop from me while lowering his head.

    "Aren't you cute one"

    I said rubs his silky hair.

    Yeah, kids should be like this boy, not some other idiots raised wrong by their idiot parents. I didn't kill them I am not a moster I just let them off with few weak slap on their butt cheeks.

    "Look like there is another victim"

    Hey, what is that mean? old Jing do I look like monster that eat kid to you ?
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    Chapter 5, Everyday life of guardian (3). Cheng Jing's POV

    The first elder of the Sacred Mountains Sect in the Zasal Empire.
    This is the identity of me, Cheng Jing. So why am I here?

    There is only one reason for me being here. Is because of I stand against marrying my daughter to the first prince of Zasal Empire that born with the godly body for purpose of strengthening our bloodline and connection.

    But I didn't want to ruin my daughter's life by choosing marriage without love so I let her escaped. But because of that I ambushed by four elder and left there to die two years ago.

    Right about 11 years ago there is gate connected to unknown place begun to appear front of every empire in the entire continent actives for a week and inactive for next week.

    Immediately famous sects and families begin to send their men to scout this unknown island after knowing the cycle of the gate and restricted to only people with rank up to Saint.

    But only one of a tenth total men sent to gate returned with a map of the island.

    Island was ordinary but the thing on an island was so shocking that moved entire continent. There was heavenly sword stuck in the centre of the island protected by the powerful guardian that kills anyone tried to beat her or take sword by force.

    So elders sent me through the gate after sealing my cultivation. They thought guardian will kill me because I old man entered island cheating the gate.

    I heard all kinds of rumours that revolve around guardian. Killer, monster, giant, demon that lures people by the sword for eating their soul but merciful was never one of them.

    But in past two years, I know how false those rumours are except third one.

    With gentle expression giant woman rubbing the head of young boy eating her candy while hiding his red face.

    "Aren't you cute one"

    The woman seemed like in her early 20s. Seeing how she comforting boy it was very hard to see her as a powerful guardian that killed so dozens of people especially with her beautiful face along with her comforting voice had an effect of calm you instantly.

    Especially it was lethal to any young child. Just like this boy let her rub his head like an obedient child maybe he doesn't recognize me but I do. I met him on empire's young talent tournament and I saw him cutting off an arm of his opponent with an emotionless face.

    "Then we shall leave"

    Elder leaves us with the boy.

    "Now for next one challengers"

    Said, guardian stands in front of me and walks to place those challengers gathers.

    Then she stands before the many people and begun to speak. emotionless face along with cold voice as if previous her is just an illusion.

    "I am the guardian of this godly sword and I have a duty to not give this sword to hands of some evil f*cker. So anyone who wanted to pass my test without fighting me moves to my right side! But I have rule if anyone passed my test only try once to test you are worthy of godly sword "

    She said with a cold voice. Her speech was one her test because onece sword reject you means forever there was no second time.

    "If you wanted to win against me in battle and earn unlimited try to test your self on godly sword even as killing me or you then stay on your ground . If you want to just try your strength against me move to my left side "

    When she finishes her speech only one young man and one young girl moved to her right side, then five men and three young girls like lily move to her left side.

    "So you people in middle you made your choice but I ask again I will not show mercy to anyone except kids! "

    It sounds like she bragging but I know she is serious and giving them second chance but just like last time.

    "Hey quit speaking let's just fight"

    "Haha looks like guardian of godly sword was just tall woman with huge breast"

    "After I killing you I will make doll from your corpse"

    "Let me kill that disgusting tall woman"

    "I let you be my toy if you survive one of my move!"

    The only thing she hears is a mockery.

    "You idiots attack all together I bet you can't even pierce my skin come on!"

    Said Guardian walks to towards man in front of a group and sends her punch.


    With sound man's head blasts apart just like a watermelon while showing others how powerful she is.

    Everyone starts to attack her using all kinds of techniques that their school thaught. But Guardian just rushes headlong toward her next target while ignoring incoming attacks.

    If I hear her fighting style from the mouth of a stranger I would say she will be dead in seconds. But in reality, was completely different.

    Sword tried to cut her would be a break, the spear will splinter, shield tries to block her punch will break into pieces and armour will be dented.



    Guardian lift man from the ground and slams him on mid of group. All kinds of painful noises of bones being broken, flesh being tear apart sounds to my ear on moment man hits the group of people.

    "Earthshaking Golden Bear"

    With roaring sound one woman summons spirit of a golden bear that twice the size of guardian and gives the order to attack.

    But with an emotionless face, Guardian sends a kick to incoming golden bear's head.


    With sound golden bear that girl proud of drops on the ground after doing one full flip in the air. Then Guardian lifts golden bear from the ground and slams front of the summoned girl that fainted from backslash.

    There was no elegance of woman nor violence of man shown of fighting style of guardian. With a just simple punch, kick, grab and throw she overpowered all challenges she faced.

    On tomorrow morning I enter guardians hut to wake her up with a little girl that passed her test followed by her father.

    "Miss guardian wake up you need to guide this child to heavenly sword"

    I said to a woman sleeping with the only piece of cloth blocking her private parts called bra and panty?.

    "Urghh p-please five more minutes. where is my hug pillow?"

    While saying that she moves her hand as if she trying to take something. Girls father tried to move closer to the guardian and say something but suddenly grabbed by her.

    "May I sa--Huk!?"

    "I found it Zzzzz"

    With sound guardian continues her sleep while hugging girl's father.

    "Aaaaah Papa is being eaten by her boobs"

    With a scream of little girl new day begins.
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    Chapter 6, Everyday life of guardian (End)

    "Aaaaah Papa is being eaten by her boobs"

    I sprung up from my bed when I hear the scream of a little girl. Then I saw a little girl screaming beside of old Jing.

    "What? who is being eaten? by what ?"

    I take my battle pose and ask from old Jing. To think there is an opponent that cannot be detected by my sense? and to make even worse that thing rating father of a girl that passed my test unforgivable.


    Because of a sudden 'a cough', my focus switches to old Jing.

    "What is it old Jing ?"

    Then I saw old Jing with his finger pointing me with faintly embarrassed expression. By following his finger I found man seemed like in the mid-30s stuck between my chest.

    Old Jing : (;一_一)

    Me: ⚆ _ ⚆ really?

    Little girl: 。゜(`Д´)゜。

    Old Jing: Nods head

    Well, this is super awkward no wonder I felt good during my sleep but first thing first I release the girl's father and guides them to the sword in stone after I finished wearing my clothes.

    During whole time girl didn't t spoke to me It was very painful to me especially her cold eye. I can ignore all kinds of insult thrown at me but except it from children because once they start to dislike you they will find all of your faults instantly.

    Also just imagine lovely little five-year-old girl with big round eyes and hair braided into two long braids smiling at you said
    "I love you sister" laced with innocence.

    It was lovely and cute, right?

    Now then Imagine that girl walks away from you with a teary eye and scared from you as if she sees a monster.


    "Huh, papa didn't hear something broke ?"

    "No, maybe it is just illusion, my dear"

    "Now we will reach the sword follow me and promise me you don't say answer to my test to anyone and once sword don't choose it definitely never choose you got it"

    Hohoho you heard nothing right. Yep, definitely, they heard no sound of my heart cracking!. Sh*t what I am doing making my self even more depressed. Look like time to fix my crack with good music and strawberry yoghurt.

    *Playing Linda Ronstadt: Dreams to Dream*

    Ah Yeah, I feel my wound is slowly healing.

    After I sending a girl and her father look like I gonna stay on this island one more week again. I began to collect weapons and armours scattered around the island. Why?

    Because I gonna melt them and make a great axe that my class use while I cleaning this island that means hitting two birds with one stone!

    I gonna use a most primitive method to make my weapon. Why don't you use your cheat skill to make your godly weapon?

    Don’t make me laugh. That kind of shit’s only for the main character with good manager/God/. There is nothing on this island and as if people will enter this place with blacksmithing tool and good anvil?

    Also, I have no inventory!

    And as if I can create that kind weapon without any ingredient like the horn of minotaur or like fang of Fenrir? Heck, no! only thing I could do was uses my flame hand to melt the weapon and armour I collected.

    Then pour in the crappy mould I carved from a boulder as full body.

    Now the only thing left for me is waiting.

    * a few days later*
    Old Jing looking at great axe that I made.

    "Oh, so this is a weapon that guardian use. It looks soo?"

    "Crappy, ugly ?"

    "Yes yes ye-- NO no no no I wanted to say very uniquely "

    Yeah yeah, you wanted to say that.

    There is axe that taller than me looks like combination Japanese Ono and Western battle axe that fully made of metal I don't know laying on the ground front of me.

    It definitely looks very intimating but after a closer look, it looks like wood carving made by noob artist.

    But just like saying 'If it's stupid but it works it's not stupid'

    I wield an axe and tried moves of my class from simple to hard ones. After the test I know at least I can use simple and medium rank moves without problem with this axe.

    With help of axe, I don't need to attack my opponent one by one.

    "Decided I will use this axe until I found a good tool and metal for better one. Oh, Old Jing when you will leave ?"

    I asked Jing because I don't want him ambushed like I found him first place and he said his power is now recovered now.

    Without him, I gonna little bit lonely but it is okay.

    "I will leave on seventh of this week Miss Guardian"

    "Okay tell me when you about to leave I can't make old Jing same mistake again"

    "Ohoho it will be honour"

    Said, Old Jing, while playing with his beard.

    *6 days later*

    Today is time for Old Jing leaving this island.

    Old man and me standing front of the teleporter.

    "I gonna miss you. Old man don't die early alright"

    "Hoho I try Miss.Guardian I pray eventually you will leave this island and being free from sword's shackle"

    "Haha I try"


    Me and old man immediately faces a direction of the teleporter and saw a pregnant young woman walking towards old man with a smile.

    "M-my daughter! you are alright"

    Said old man hugs, a young woman with a tear in his eye.

    Ah isn't this good moment just like it comes from painting. So this woman is the daughter of old man huh.

    "Heh old man is she really your daughter? she looks like swan beside you."

    With my word, his daughter and old man leaves remembers I was beside them.

    "Hoho don't be kidding me, Miss.Guardian look her ear isn't that exactly looks me"

    "Yeah as if there is any good part of you except your ear old man"

    "Haha that is true she more looks like her mother "

    Looks like he becomes more cheerful after knowing her daughter.


    Suddenly I saw light coming towards old man's daughter with extreme speed. Wait a sec isn't that sword should be on stone and why it is pointing blade part.

    Suddenly I got a bad feeling and immediately moves the front of old man's daughter to block the sword.


    *Pov switches*

    Miss guardian standing front of us with a heavenly sword stuck on her shoulder holding her weapon cut into two pieces. Just a moment before she laughing front of me why!

    "Don't bury me yet old man!"

    Spoke guardian with a smile and takes the sword from her shoulder and throws on the ground. It was my first time saw guardian bleed.


    With a sound of my daughter, I wake up from my shock and tries to stop her bleeding. But suddenly heavenly sword start to shine in the bright light.

    Moments later handsome man with golden eye walks from the light an spoke with a cold face.

    "Why you blocking my way to my chosen master you slave!"

    If other hear that they would be celebrating but I saw how he sees my daughter with his emotionless eye as if he saw only grass beside on road.

    Guardian spoke to the heavenly sword while shielding us.

    "Why you try to kill your master ?"

    "I didn't choose this filth as my master it is soul that she carrying"

    "She mother of your master you are trying to kill them both"

    "I don't care about the life of an ant. I will take my master from that filthy flesh and rise under my holy aura."

    Said heavenly sword point his hand to us. At that moment I felt how powerless and how inhuman he is. This was not a heavenly sword it was just doll without any emotion.

    "First for my master, there is no need funny thing mortals call it 'family' so stands aside slave!. For protecting my holy body past years I will forgive your little life. Begone!"

    But still, guardian shield us like unmoving mountain said to the heavenly sword with face showing very scary expression.

    "You made a fun of family, tried to kill mother of child, cheapened precious of my friend also tried to kill me congratulations you successfully pissed me off "

    When I hear her speech I remember the time that I asked word on her belt.

    "Oh, word on my belt? it is read as 'Moment' in my language. I like to treasure and remember every moment in my life from the moment of first love to moment of my death" she said with a smile.

    "Haha don't make me laugh what can you do with your pitiful raw power against this perfect body of mine. You can't damage me with puny raw power"

    Heavenly sword spoke with a mocking tone and shows his chest as if he saying try to attack me.

    But Guardian presses ten points of her body in quick succession. The moment she presses the last point suddenly pitch black clouds covers the entire sky.

    "Old Jing I show you moment that you never forget in your lifetime"

    *Crack* *Crack* *Crack*

    Guardian spoke to me while her body begins to emit all kinds of cracking sound that loud enough to be heard through the entire forest.
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    Chapter 7. New beginning (1) Teaching lesson to arrogant prick!

    My body starts to emit all kinds of cracking sound while felt like a weight on body begin to disappear.

    What did it feel like you ask?

    Well, it is felt like after holding your piss through 2 entire trials and releasing in my home toilet. You asked I answered so sucks to be you Muhahaha!

    Now back you sh*tty sword standing front of me with a smug face. Now my restriction removed so I can use all of my skills including ' overkill arts '.

    What is 'Overkill arts' ?. In a simple word is over the top skill that I can use after fulling 'Overkill meter'. How to fill that meter? it is easy I just need to continue to punch any sonovabitch that pissed me off!

    "Hehe, this gonna be good!"

    "What is matter slave got a second thought after feeling my holy aura ?"

    What a narcissist. I immediately use skill "Foe Seeker" on him.

    "Heh, the only thing you can is this? send funny looking symbol aiming my body? Let me see what can you do, Entertain me slave"

    He voluntarily hits my skill. What an idiot! I don't remember how many buffs I received from slaying gods in the game but I clearly remember most important ones.One of them is "Truth Seeker" buff I got from killing Odin.

    This buff basically upgrades my 'Foe seeker' and makes my attack never misses against target hit by this skill.

    I immediately use 'Ram' on him.


    With a loud sound, I hit sword with my shoulder.

    "What did you do I can't move my body!"

    Screams sword without knowing he is in a stunned state. I use that moment sends stomp to the ground using 'Eternal tremor' skill.

    A moment I stomp on ground small spiky tremor shoots out from the ground by hitting sword and launching him to air.

    "That kind of earth attack will not work against me," said sword.

    But you are dead wrong pall 'Eternal tremor ' is chain skill!

    Immediately I have begun pound ground after my stomp. Each time I hit bigger tremor appears from the ground and launches sword even more height because of 'stun' he can't do a sh*t against me.

    With my 5th punch large spike shaped mountain shoots from ground hits sword sending him even higher.

    I quickly jump after him and grabs him in the air then uses 'Hurricane throw' sends back to his previous location. I don't want to give him any chance to recover because I don't know what kind of thing he can do also because of 0% evasion and no evasion skill penalty from my class everything he uses will hit me no matter what I do.

    *BOOM!* *Crack!* He hits the ground so hard that entire island shakes. But I don't have time to be awed at a power of my skill because I know he almost completely fine.

    Sword stands up and tries to spoke

    "HOw Dare you! sla-"

    "Power Drive! " I dive from the sky with high speed and slams him into the ground with my whole body.


    I don't have time to listen your crap so you take that little damage from my move huh?! F*ck you I god you made him too sturdy!

    "Mighty Stomp!"


    My stomp creates a massive shockwave that enough to send that arrogant sword again up to air. At this moment I hate that my moves bound to my game system because It will be so good uses this kill to stomp on that sword's face but no because this skill only used to launch multiple enemies in the air and nothing else.

    "OutRage!" "Bad Twins!"


    AH SH*T so hurts. F*ck I shouldn't use this skill. On game this skill just a something like a mode changer that resets timer all of my grab related skill and replaces them with more direct contact ones!

    But why this is hurt so much! F*ck also why I felt like someone burning and spraying nitrogen to my hand!

    Sh*t I don't CARE I worry about that after I begun punching a shit out of him until my overkill meter becomes full.


    I began pounding him against mountain I created. Every time he receives my punch his body surrounded by ice then blue flame then again ice.

    With this cycle, overkill meter start fulled in a rapid pace. But just like saying real life is b*tch.

    The timer of "Outrage" ends and I stopped moving in a moment as the penalty.

    "I kill you !" said sword with a bloody nose and moment he snaps his finger insane amount of sword covers entire sky and flies towards me like rain.



    "Iron Muscle!" "Ancor!" "Pain Converter!"

    I quickly use my defensive skill to stand against swords that raining down upon me.

    F*uck Isn't that too fast for the thrown weapon it is same as hot weapon goddammit!

    *Switches to Pov of Sword*


    I continue my attack. To this slave dare to damage my body she
    needs to die thousand TIMES!

    Haha haha just like stand there and die under my attack.

    "How long your proud body will last against my attack slave? I have power over all weapons in this plane do you can survive it"

    Yes, die on the ground like the slave you are. Someone like me should belong to the sky and slave like you should belong to the ground!



    Where is a sword? why I can't summon more swords?

    "What is matter? run out of ammo ?"

    Don't look at me like that you lower form. Don't look at me like you are higher than me!

    I collect my aura on my palm in shape of gigantic sword and swings upon the slave. You should be proud that I using this golden aura against you


    "Overkill Art: Body of ATLAS"

    Haha is this last struggle of a slave? don't make me laugh this sword can cut through even higher god!


    With sound golden sword cracks into pieces when met her skin. This is impossible! she should cut apart why?

    "Why are you alright?" Why?

    "I answer after you tasing few of my skills"

    "Yes, so you answer that please!" I don't care about move why are you alright I should be the creation of greatest god why?

    "Overkill Art: MEGA FIST!"

    A moment I hit by her punch my vision turns black for a moment and felt like everything shaking.

    I tried to stand up using something as support on the moment I recover my vision. Then I saw slave showing her back at me.


    Why am I seeing her back? Why is she showing her back towards me?

    "Oh! well come back !"slave turns her body said with a smile.

    When that moment I realized how I powerless against her
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    Chapter 8. New beginning (2)

    When I was first met Guardian I immediately know she uses a different kind of power from us. Because there was no aura around her body just like normal people without training.

    Because of that, her opponent will mistake her as just a tall woman without any cultivation and met their end miserably.

    During my stay beside her, I thought I seen the full extent of her power but after watching her fight against heavenly sword shows me how wrong I was.

    I am now seeing countless sword pouring on Guardian. In mid of sword, I recognize some powerful swords wielded by saints.

    These swords can cut through armour and skins of a powerful beast with ease are breaking into pieces when they hit her body.

    "Father who is this guardian"

    Said my daughter standing beside me after observing mountain.

    "I also want to know my dear."

    What origin of guardian and why she has strength enough to overpower the sword cast from heaven.

    Eventually, all kinds of metal clashing sound stops and I saw guardian standing in mid of broken swords.

    "What is matter? run out of ammo ?"

    She said to heavenly sword floating in the air with a smile like she now seeing a child that throwing tantrum.

    With furious face, heavenly sword lifts his arm. Insane amount of aura begun to compressed on his palm taking shape of a golden sword like a degree from gods itself.

    Then appears front of guardian in the moment and swings his golden sword against her. But even golden swords cracks into pieces when met guardian.

    Moment heavenly sword saw this he slumps on the ground with an eye that lost its fire and spoke.

    "Why are you alright?" without shed drop of his previous arrogance.

    "I answer after you tasing few of my skills"

    When heavenly sword heard her word he said with a hoarse voice.

    "Yes, so you answer that please!"

    Pitiful he broke not in physically but his soul broke.

    Guardian's hand surrounds with red light and punches godly sword in the face.

    *BANG* with sound heavenly sword disappears by her punch.

    Then guardian just stands there like she was waiting for something. I don't know why she standing there didn't she killed him?

    "Father I think she waiting for sword"


    Didn't he disintegrate from her punch?

    "There I saw something coming!"

    Said my daughter points dot coming from another side of the island.

    A few moments later I saw that dot was a sword. I heard that plane we living in have round shape and if you travel long enough in one direction you will arrive point that you first begin.

    I thought people from Empire of Sun is crazy but seeing this you can't deny what you have seen.


    Sword hits the ground beside the Guardian and tries to stand up the moment he saw her back of guardian he realizes what happened. Slowly despair appears in his eye.

    "Well, in the end, you created by God with purpose so I will not use the second stage."

    Guardian said with a smile yet not a smile.

    A moment he hears word light returns swords eye and he spoke with the smile.

    "Really! you will not beat me"

    But Guardian suddenly locks him on the ground with her one hand said.

    "Yeah but I still have pent up rage against you. I have one last skill prepared just for you and also works as my graduation. Hey! Old Jing prepare to enter through teleporter with your daughter moment my punch lands"

    What! guardian what kind of punch are you going to use! please hold some of your power if there is someone else instead of me he would be dead on after coughing up so much blood.

    "NNno no no I will not call you slave please let me go I wanna be with my master I will not kill his mother PLEASE! I DON'T WANNA FEEL ANY MORE PAIN!"

    Sword starts to struggle with all of his might and begun to plead. Looks like fear of guardian rooted deep in his heart.

    But with cold face guardian ignores his plead while puts her hand up and charges it with unknown violent energy.

    "Overkill art: City Crushing Slash"

    "Father is guardian trying to finish him off ?"

    "I think no because she said he had a purpose"

    Yes, she said sword have purpose she only teaching him a lesson but looking at the huge amount of energy that put any supreme rank spell I think anyone can survive is someone who trained the adamantine body in 5th rank.

    But right at moment before guardian violently slamming her fist to a sword.

    *Pop* with sound sword body disappears with smoke.


    "By the Heaven!" "Mother of God!" me and Guardian said.

    A little child appears from smoke and starts to cry! while wetting himself.

    "Whaaaaah! I ple*snif* ase don't hurt me I promise I will fal fal follow your word WHAAAAH SCAAARY! SCAAARY SLAVE!"

    What ! he was just a CHILD! W-what ABOUT GUARDIAN'S PUNCH!

    Then I saw guardian changes her punch's direction and lands beside of crying sword.

    *BOOM* *CRACK* with sound large crack begun to appear around the us.

    What is this happening? Did her punch shattered whole island!

    "Old Jing enter the teleporter quick this island gonna sink!"

    Guardian screams while running towards me with crying child. I don't believe I afraid child that can't change his pants.

    Suddenly she halts in midway and starts to run towards the direction of her hut.

    "What are you doing Guardian!"

    What is she doing?

    "I forgot my headphone!"
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    Chapter 9. New beginning (3)

    Underhanded, repulsive and detestable… I feel sick.

    Every time I look around, each and every person is the same.

    They betray while smiling, trample on someone's precious while grinning, and administer poison while saying trust me.

    I feel like an idiot for trying desperately to warn and prevent attacks of a demon invasion. I should just ditch them and escape with my family to somewhere.

    It could be said that I am responsible for getting deceived, thinking humans will combine their power and stand against demons. All of their head corrupted by their power and arrogance they only tried to use demon invasion for erasing their rival thinking they handle demons.

    "………. Sorry it for our survival."

    "Geez, you’re a genius, really. We never thought you trying to control them "

    "It’s finally over. Now we can control the gate, we can control demons."

    While the source of life is spilling on the sword stabbed in my chest, my former friends, no, people I thought as friends surround me.

    Spoke each other without knowing that thing is not a tool to control anything but hearth of their king in shape of a crown.

    This is without a doubt a punishment, punishment to the me who blindly clung to the word ‘hope’.

    Therefore, if there is a second time, I won’t make any mistakes then for sure.

    Therefore, if there is a next time, I’ll kill everyone betrayed me including my fiance.

    I will massacre them all, in the cruellest way throw their copses to sh*t and burn their soul!

    I will keep it engraved in the deepest, deepest part of my heart so that I wouldn’t forget it in the next life.

    "Tch!, You still haven’t died yet!"

    "No, he doesn’t have any power to stand anymore. Looks like his demonic body supporting his last of breath. "

    "It was scary, thanks for saving me from hands of this evil creature."

    "I know him from the moment he is evil when he killed the prince. It's my responsibly to bought wrath down to this monster."

    As an expected woman is the evilest creature even crueller than a demon.

    And his consciousness sank into the bottom of the dark abyss.

    *How pitiful you are. You were this close to protect your plane
    Don't lose your hope or trust child. There is always a second chance. Especially for you but beware demons will be even more potent on your second chance.

    But don't worry I give you two gifts. You will acquire them at the moment you epon your eye.

    There are no requirements for your first gift.
    But you need to work very hard for the second one in many ways child because she can be your shield depends on what life you lead or she can be your executor as well

    Good luck from god*

    Suddenly light began to shine on my eye, and I saw the lovely face of my mother should killed by one of the Elders by a false accusation of working together with demons.

    "Waaah Waaaah Waaah"

    She is alive so I starting from the beginning. There is justice of heaven.

    "What lively boy don't you agree."

    My a mother said to the young man with brown eye my father.

    "Just like you, My respected wife "

    Said my father held onto the mother's hands as he gazed steadily into her eyes, while his eye begins to wander towards me.

    “Stop pretending and I know that the thing you most want to do right now is to hold your son.” The mother slightly laughed and said very tenderly.

    Yes, I returned to father, and I will not lose my family again.

    "Dad you can enter now."

    My mother said to the door. Dad? Didn't my grandpa die after meeting my mother to a father?

    "*Cough* sorry I just want to know health of my daughter and grandson."

    Said old man wearing little dirty clothes enters a door with the red face.

    "Father in law why your clothes are dirty ?"

    Asked my father. Yeah, I want to know as well grandpa in my previous life died before he met me.

    "Hmph Look like you forgot to tell maids to clean your door. You need to be more responsible as head of the family."

    He said with a straight face, but his eye was trying to evade mother's sight exposes his lie.

    "Hehehaha "

    Look like I have good family thanks heaven for letting me meet my family.

    "Don't thank that idiot god thanks me."

    Who! Why are you speaking in my head!

    "Look you hand master."


    When I raise my hand, I saw small symbol shaped like sword glowing in gold colour.

    What is this?

    "Didn't you heard from God I am your first gift the sword that forged by creator itself. The king of swords."

    Okay, how I use you?

    "You just need to strengthen as normally more stronger you get more part of my power you can use."

    Why have I chosen?

    "I saw your soul is special when the moment I first saw you in your mother's belly."

    Then what?

    "I don't wanna remember *Sniff* "

    Why did you start crying? Aren't you greatest sword?

    "I gonna sleep wake me up when you got strong."

    The voice inside my head disappears.

    Suddenly I hear the gentle voice of a woman.

    "Don't try to lie, Old Jing; you just fell from a tree when you were trying to see through a window. What healthy grandpa you are."

    "Please guardian give me some face in front of my son in law."

    Said, grandpa to a woman. But I still can't see her where she is.

    "Sorry guardian," my father and mother said.

    "Hehe it is okay I don't want to interrupt your moment also it is fascinating seeing man that sword changes his expression many times."

    Said, invisible woman. What is she observing me this all of the time? But why I can't see her?

    "Look like our child trying to find you, guardian."

    The mother laughed and raised me. Oh, that is why I can't see her because she is behind me.

    "Okay let me see him."

    She IS HUGE! What is she definitely not a human is she a demon? her head is almost touching the cellar! how tall is she

    "Look his surprised face so cute! can I hold him?"

    My mother gives me to guardian's hand said.

    "See this lady she is our or I say your guardian. She saved your grandpa and me from hands of evil man."

    So she is one who changed the destiny of my grandpa. But don't even think about I just starting from today I will.
    HUGE! It is blocking my entire vision!

    "Did I holding him properly ?"

    Guardian said while holding me under the chest.

    "Yes but held him little bit higher enough to let him see your face."

    Mother gives her advise.

    "It this enough ?"

    Guardian fixes her posture, and I saw her she has braided white hair that hangs to her shoulder and well-featured face with a bright blue eye, and there is the weird shaped thing around her neck.

    "Little bit closer."


    "Look his eye become bigger!"

    Soft! and what is this smell? So fragrant and calming being baby is fantastic.
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    Chapter 10. Is This a New kind of Bio Weapon ? (1)

    "Is there any line you won't cross ?"

    "I don't hurt children"

    "Didn't stop for heavenly sword"

    That is how I felt if my punch connects his face before that idiot sword shows his true form. IT WAS SO CLOSE THAT MY PUNCH LANDED FEW CENTIMETERS BESIDE HIM FEW!

    Pew that was way to close maybe I overreacting but there is always 'if' but there is no 'if' for the past.

    What if that he really adult male you ask? Well, simple I can punch him without any worry because as an adult means he knows what is he doing and aware of it.

    But before I asked what how did he come to that conclusion with crying face.

    "I wanna be with my master *sniff* let me goo!"

    His crying face almost made me feel guilty. Yeah very guilty so I let him go and he transformed into light particles and fused with old Jing's daughter without any problem.

    *Three years later*

    Now it is been 3 years since I arrived mansion of Fu family in Zasal Empire. Since Old Jing is not an elder of his sect anymore so he followed his daughter and entered Fu family.

    Because he is the 9th level warrior he pretty easily accepted to Fu family. As for me I also entered pretty easily after I beating family's patriarch in a fair fight.

    They know the purpose of Old Jing not me so when patriarch asked what is my purpose I answered.

    "I very indebted to Jing so I wanted to protect his son"

    If you want to lie mix truth in you lie just like that they accepted me as unknown expert in their family it was also good for me because there is almost no one that recognizes my face in anywhere because of two reasons.

    First was there are very few survivors of sword test.

    *Sniff Sniff!*

    A second was ones passed my test was good peoples with a right mind so there no problem for me except my self.

    Yes beside their manor they built a special house that I can move without any problem and sleep for my wish.

    Suddenly I detect the familiar smell on my door.

    I decrease the volume of my headphone and said.

    "Come on door is unlocked"

    I move my head to the source of the smell and I see a little toddler look at me with a tilted head below me. He is Fu An Gan one that sword has chosen as his master.

    Well as expected chosen MC at only age of one he already learned how to walk and talk by age of three.

    For some reason he really attached to me it is not a bad thing because my primary objective was to observe and judge him.

    About my smelling ability. I started to recognize people by their smell when few mounts after the full release of my power. I don't know why but it is very helpful because I can smell many things in the air and from people.

    Especially for detecting lies from smelling their adrenaline from their body it makes it easier they trying to use me or it really need me. In last three years, I almost cleaned every killer, liers and backstabber in Fu family.

    As for others, I don't care if they are not my friend or connected to Old Jing's family.

    "Hello Big sister"

    Gan greets me, showing his two diples. He looks very cute like this. I put my headphone down stands up from my bed.

    "What is it, Gan"

    When he saw me standing up his face slowly turns red like a peach said.

    "Will big sis wear clothes ?"

    Clothes? oh! Look like I only wearing my tight shirt heh! turning red from this look like he was far from becoming mc.

    "Oh sorry haha look your face like mantou."

    "Don't big sis embarrassed ?" said Gan.

    Embarrassed me? heck no! especially front of three old kid that I can lift with my pinky. Even more, I want to bath with him for seeing more of his embarrassed face for research purpose.

    Hehe, let's tease him more!

    "Why should I be embarrassed? little Gan can you tell me why" I said while puts my arm under my chest and lifts the front of him.

    Ohohoho look he is flustering it is always fun to tease him and his sister that two years older than him.

    "Don't....... tease me, big sister. I want to go shopping district and buy a thing I want mother said she will agree if big sis goes with me" said showing his bright twinkling eye.

    Damn from where did he learn this kind of trick huh? But you got me

    I completely forgot today is his birthday. So he decided to turn his presents to money huh.

    So what will I present him this time? You just can't ignore most important moment of any human's life, can you?

    But first, let's use this as the moment.

    "Okay big sis will go with you if you give me a hug."

    Hehe nohomo#
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    Chapter 11, Is This a New kind of Bio Weapon ? (2)

    A tall woman wearing the black short shirt with white pants stands front of me opens her arms and said with a smile.

    "Okay big sis will go with you if you give me a hug"

    In last three years I found out this woman is surrounded by many mysteries. Why she saved my grandpa? who or what is she?where did she come from and what is her purpose.

    I tried to wake up the sword and ask a question about her because from last time and the first time he got a connection to her in some way.

    And her sense was very scary to detect me behind the door while listening thing called 'Headphone' it was so loud that greatly decreases the sense of almost anyone.

    Looks like only way to wake him is to awaken my martial power.

    Every child begins simple training at an age of six so I need more than three years to start cultivating before that is harmful to my body.

    When the child reaches an age of six they will thaught to simple technique to awaken their outer ki. Outer ki can awaken by practising technique, pill, elixirs and by training body.

    Safest way was training and techniques. But in my previous life, I was called genius until I reach mid 9th stage of a martial warrior. Then my progression almost completely halted after I learned to wield light as though it were heavy because of my unique psyology.

    Entire ki flow and ki points on my body are reversed making me impossible to train on techniques uses inner ki. Because of that, I forced to train on outer ki. No matter how much I tried I never won against someone have the same rank as me because of this cursed body of mine.

    After the destruction of my family by a wife of the first prince of Zasal Empire pushed me to choose the dark path then my death.

    But now this time I will not repeat the mistake I only need poison called 'Breath of night' to fix my body. This poison used to reverse flow of ki in an undeveloped body by demons. The main ingredient of poison was 'Starseed grass'.

    I don't know what her aim but at least for now she will protect me. And as for my parents, they said they will tell me when I reach 6.

    "Do I really have to hug big sis ?"

    I tied to ask with cute voice because even I look like three years old combined with my previous old I am 25 years old and she is dangerous to me in every way.

    But she puts down her arms and starts to walk back to her bed said with a disappointed face.

    "I will not go with you if you don't hug me"

    Sometimes she acts like a more kid than I am. Without any choice, I agree with her.

    "Okay I hug big sis"

    Every time I act like this small part of my man's dignity disappears into thin air but for future of my family, I will do it.


    'Clear mind Clear mind'

    Clear your otherworldy desires you feel nothing you don't think about anything. Banish the desire! Desires BEGONE!

    After long hell later she let me go and walks towards another of her room said.

    "Nufu! Good Just wait a sec your sis gonna get her weapon and clothes"


    I inhale long air and stops reading mantra in my head. As expected my hard mind and child of the body help me to withstand her.

    Also what kind of weapon she uses? I only see her walking around manor unarmed so I don't know what kind of weapon she uses and rank of her strength because I never seer her fighting.

    By her body, I think she will use her fist? naah I don't think she uses her fist based on her easy going and gentle personality. Maybe sword or spear will more of her type I think. Especially I think it is spear because there is no need her to wear glowes on her hand.

    Then I hear her sound.

    "I am ready to go little Gan"

    She standing front of me holding unbeliable weapon on her shoulder with her playful smile.

    From Writer:

    This is my rouch sketch of MC. I encluded headphone because every one know what is headphone looks like. Beware this is amateur's work so forgive for errors and Iron Pillar is my user name I just used my real name in novelupdate :(

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    Chapter 12, Is This a New kind of Bio Weapon ? (3)

    Now I walking through an official district of imperial capital with Gan with the new axe that I made with the ordinary material.

    As expected imperial capital is busting with many people here and there. With help of my height, I can see a river of people. Just like super marked sale everyone rushing to store and items they want.

    But with good law and order, there is no big fight only small fight here an there. But with my good nose, I smell too many things that made my head little bit dizzy.

    "Gan come up I gonna lift you it is better for you and me because I don't want you to turn into meat patty by a horde of people."

    He is too small to get noticed by mid of this many people. So it is better to lift him and take along with me. Also, I don't know how many enemies Fu family have.

    "Can I just hold sis's hand ?" Gand said.

    Look like being carried by a woman is very embarrassing for him.

    "Sorry but no Gan it is for your safety."

    I insist.


    With a face that 'I give up' written all over Gan agrees my idea. Sorry, I also think it is very embarrassing.

    "So where are we heading ?"

    "Alchemist store I want to buy grass that I read in book"

    Gan said with an innocent expression. Okay, but there is problem very big problem.

    That is I still can't read their letters. What should I do? Don't say I am idiot what are you doing last three years.

    On last three years, I was pretty busy by cleaning Fu family so I got no time to worry about learning letters. Also, I don't want to learn while fighting because it felt like I am back to my college year it was a memory that full of pain and restless.

    Should I tell him I can't read? no, I don't want to know as an idiot. Oh! I can ask from people.

    Let's see who should I ask?

    Then I found an old man and little girl were both dressed poorly in corner of the building. Old man sharing food with a girl and watching little girl eating with a happy expression.

    Ah, ma heart!

    With help of my body, I easily cut thought crowd arrives behind the old man after he and girl finish their food I said.

    "Excuse me, grandpa can you show me where is alchemist store ?"

    "Grandfather look that sis so big"

    The little girl said and points me with her finger.

    Old man hearing my word turns his head said without seeing me.

    "Sorry about Xiao Hu she is very young forgive her being rude"

    "haha it is okay she just being honest also my head is up there"

    Yeah, I still don't get people of this world they got angry at this kind of little things? and they always talk about being 'face'.

    The old man moves his head up said.

    "So miss don't know where is Alchemist store ?"

    "Yes I haven't left my house long so I forgot where is Alchemy house"

    Good explanation me GJ with thought does guts pose in my head.

    "I can guide you but can I bring my daughter"

    "There is no problem".

    A few minutes later I holding Gan, an old man with his daughter arrive front of the tall building with sign probably saying alchemy store.

    "This building is famous alchemy store of this district"

    "Thanks, old man here once in time eat good food with your daughter"

    I give him ten gold coin I think this is enough to feed himself and little girl for at least one month.

    "Thank you, Miss"

    "Big Sister. thank you!" little girl thanked with a smile.

    That smile is enough for 10 gold coins. Maybe looks pointless but I think it is better than none.

    "It is okay. Let's go Gan let's buy grass you want"

    I put him down and he enters Alchemy store by holding my hand.

    Inside the store smells better far better than outside because of all kinds of plants and medicines.

    Gan stands front of vendor gives her list.

    "I want things on those list"

    After seeing list vendor said with a business smile.

    "Young master is very lucky this is last Starseed grass we have with all of the herbs is 350 gold"

    Wow, so expensive well I have nothing say because my monthly salary is 800 gold. But almost all of them goes to things I broke so it is around 250 I think.

    "Here!" said Gan prepares to hand the coins to the vendor.

    But suddenly I start to smell all kinds of blood, iron and a heavy amount of cum.

    *Burg* Sh*t I almost throw up what kind of smell is this shit where is the source I promise I will erase him from existence this guy at least r*ped more than ten young female and killed them.

    Then I found the man was no older than 27 or 28. He was 180cm in height, had a muscular body.He was overall very handsome. He was definitely lady's man but I need to move closer to him.

    Then I know he is the source of this smell and even worse ar close it is like smelling unwashed potty. Wait a sec blood is a little bit different from an adult woman what is it?

    Suddenly I heard voice beside me.

    "Big sis, do you think he is handsome ?"

    Look like gan finished packing his herbs.

    "Well he is handsome but I felt more disgust towards him"

    *Pov Changes to Gan*

    "Well he is handsome but I felt more disgust towards him"

    She said with expressionless face with a cold tone that sends a child to my spine. At that moment I saw a completely different side of her why is she showing so much disgust towards this man?

    "Let's leave this store before I throw up little Gan"

    Said she holds me and leaves the alchemy store in hurry. On our way back we met an old man and little girl duo.

    "Thank you, lady thanks to you we bought medicine for my grandfather"

    Said girl and gifts small flower made from junk with dirty hand looks like she made a flower just now. Guardian receives a flower from a girl with gentle expression said.

    "It is pretty thanks now wash your han-d wait a sec little girl can you show me your cut"

    Suddenly she said with a serious face to a girl.


    Guardian holds her hand and washes her hand with clear water she carrying. The big cut appears on girls clean hand.

    Then guardian puts ointment on girls hand after she taking a sniff blood on her cut. Why she takes a sniff from blood?

    "That is good now go back to your grandfather little girl"

    "Bye tall lady"

    With a gentle smile, she sends the girl back but when moment girl turns her back to her. Guardian's eye turns pitch black and her expression drastically changes into very scary one that ever scarier than some demons I have seen and she said.


    "That is why there is difference"
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    *Thumbs up.* Good story man, the comedy style is great.
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    WTF man, what did that guy do?
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    Chapter 13, Is This a New kind of Bio Weapon ?

    That why blood smelled different because it was the blood of children. F*ck I going to kill him and anyone who connected to him.

    "Scary," said Gan


    "What is scary? "

    I asked Gan what is look so scary to him maybe he saw people with a scary face?

    "Nothing it is gone big sis let's go back to the manor."

    Said he opens his arms to me. Heh okay.

    Then I arrive at Fu family's manor and gives Gan to his parents.

    "Miss guardian will you celebrate Gan's birthday with us?"

    Madam and her husband invites me with a genuine smile. I can say 'No' to their smile, but I have job.

    "Okay I will come, but I got a job to so I will be late."

    "Thank guardian we will waiting."

    "It okay starts without me it will be sad that his celebration put on hold because of someone."

    It will be pitiful for Gan.

    With said I left them with a smile and went to Fu family's patriarch room.

    Man this place is vast after two corridors later I arrive front door of Fu family's patriarch Fu Mao Zemin. Then I knock the door because on last time I busted through the door saw an old man and madam in their world. Showering each other with words that so sweet that embarrassing to listen even for me.

    *Knock Knock*

    "Who ?"

    "Zemin it is me."

    "Oh Miss Guardian come in."

    Then I open the door meets a very imposing looking middle-aged man he is Mao Zemin third generation patriarch of Fu family and beautiful madam sitting beside him is his wife Xian Zan, his wife. Well, he got an aura of a leader, and I say even at that age madam look somewhat cute.

    "Please take seat Miss.Guardian"

    Said madam with a calm tone.

    I take a seat that especially builds for me. Because previous one is a little bit small for me. I say little!

    "Well Zemin I need your men to fix my mess."

    The moment I said 'I need your men' expression of Zemin and madam Zan changes into serious one.

    "So Miss.Guardian found spy or killer ?"

    "Killer and I want to deal with him I don't care about he is weak or strong."

    "Guardian first tell me an appearance of that man or woman. In last month capital is very busy because of the first crown prince will choose his second wife. We don't want to deal with people with the troublesome background because it may put Fu family danger." said Zemin.

    "It is okay Zemin but even he got a background I still want to kill him."

    "Look like miss want to kill that man what he done to you ?"

    "He at least killed and r*ped more than ten girls around 6 and 10."

    "He not supposed to exist in this world. He and his companions must all die! Before their filthy hand touches our Biyu" old man and madam said the same time.

    Well just I expected may be sound selfish but in the end, almost all of the things humans have done for everyone is started from their selfish desire or just wanted to be lazy.

    "Okay, doting parents just give me people enough to clean my mess I don't wanna late from Gan's birthday celebration."

    "Heh pot calling the kettle a black," Madam said with a mischievous smile.


    Oh, that got me good. Why can people from this word put me weird position without any swearing?

    "Ah stop that I get" Yeah as if I got nothing to say about my self.

    In past three years I working with Zemin in secret. Only Zemin, Zan and old man Jing know this secret. With my help, Zemin cleaned entire Fu family. Higher ranked people with a connection to foreign or rival power all of them are found by my nose and killed. We spared spy's with low rank but put them under a watch.

    I go out personally dealt with some troublesome ones and dangerous criminals to capital.

    Then with a team of men following behind me, I follow the scent of that man and eventually reaches the front of the big mountain beside of capital.

    "Now what how to open this mountain should I crush it ?"

    "Please don't do that Miss.Guardian will definitely cause chaos. Leave to us we will find the way to open entrance"

    Said man in black clothes said to me. Okay, I wait.

    An about two hours later team succeeds open hidden entrance on the mountain. Moment entrance opens scent of blood, flesh mixes all kind of things attack my nose and I know I found the right place.

    Suddenly leader of the team said.

    Then I saw a man appears at the entrance holding human young lady.

    Lady's body looked mangled and completely covered in blood. Her body was full of flesh cuts like she was cut up alive. And her most sensitive part is ripped apart by something. But her face was completely intact.

    Suddenly I felt the uncontrollable rage inside me like something telling me to kill them.

    "Heh as expected proud high-rank female's completely different from our normal sacrifices but a shame that you broke before I taste you. Hehe~"

    The man laughs at the woman with a tear running down her pretty face.



    I quickly appear behind the man and with my hand rips apart his back flesh leaving his bone.

    "Wha !?"
    "Huh ?"

    Then I hold his head and pushes down to his chest with 'Crack' sound he turns into human turtle.

    "Bla ? bulp! BHAT!?" with weird sound man drops on ground few later.


    Seeing my fatality people following me exclaims but someone like him deserves like this.

    "Watch the entrance and capture anyone leaving don't kill them I personally finish them with my own hand and help that lady if she wants to end her life then do as she wish I will take the responsibly"


    I release first and the second seal on my body then walks into the entrance. There is no need pity on that kind of people.
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