Chinese [Quality FL Transmigration Novel] Song in the Peach Blossoms

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    Song in the Peach Blossoms
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    Why It Should Get Picked Up:

    Quoting a few reviews which detail the humour and realism that makes this novel refreshing:
    "The MC is extremely relatable. She's just a normal somewhat spoiled and lazy college student. She's awkward at times but is very aware of her limitations. She bravely confronts obstacles in her way and tries to resolve issues on her own but is sometimes hampered by being a female without power stuck in ancient times.
    I quite adore her relationship with the ML. He trusts her and believes in her. Again, the obstacles to their love story are not the leads, but the situation they are in."

    "Stunning plot, good translation and nice character growth. This novel is unique unlike any other transmigration story plus really suspenseful and unpredictable as the story unfold. MC's family is nice and MC live in a good environment. No betrayal between family as this story dwells more in the political part of country."

    "It is a nice slice of life novel with a bit of fun and mistery, without angst. The main character has a light hearted and hilarious personality that will make you smile a lot. "

    It's only 75 chapters and a quarter of those are already completed so the burden of completion is less than those FL transmigration with 1000 chs. A lighthearted but realistic story without too much useless drama and sweet power couple. Someone do pick it up!