Forgotten Title Quick transmigration C-Novel where FL strengthens her soul

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    So basically, it was a quick transmigration novel where she needed to... Strengthen her soul to be able to understand herself and meet her lover. Kt started out with her not knowing anything and she did it to learn about herself until a certain point.
    I think she was born from a plant (a flower the ML made, bcs the ML is like a literal god) as the ML was very lonely by himself.
    She does initially have a system made by the ML and later on as she goes through worlds (i think-) she can pull a random skill to help complete it.
    In each world she meets her lover, in one of them he was a god and she an angel, another she was a pureblooded vampire and him a human , so on and so forth.
    Eventually she builds up strength to get to where the ML is and it's happy bliss from there.
    I read this maybe a month or two ago and can't remember the title of it for anything!