Chinese Quick transmigration: My child no way

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    Name: Quick transmigration: My child no way 快穿:吾儿莫方
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    [Not sure what the original one is]
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    Why It Should Get Picked Up: No CP + QT + Parenting + My lovely mummy

    In those stories of being transmigrated and reborn one after one, there are always one or two unlucky children...

    Please take out your notebook and remember the important points!
    1. The heroine is not yours! The female partner is not yours either! Only the old lady is yours!
    2. The hero is not yours! The male partner is not yours! Only the old lady is yours!
    3. Can't fight, can't grab, wash for nothing, sleep and get enough, only the old lady is best for you! This article is ambiguous and ambiguous, no CP

    Tao Bao's story: 快穿:时空胖商人 Quick transmigration: Time and Space Fat Businessman

    快穿之全家一起苟 Go through the whole family together

    [Please prepare for the blue star test-takers, the first kindergarten entrance exam will start after a one-minute countdown] [Please note, cheaters, Auxiliary cheaters, and failers will be eliminated to enter the trial dungeon! ] [The important thing is said three times: This is not a drill! This is not a drill! This is not a drill! ] Listening to the broadcast from high latitudes, the people of all countries fell into a deep panic. In this regard, the people of the planting country said: We have nothing to fear after five years of simulated three-year college entrance examination! The female hostess Ye Tianxiu: My wish is-the whole family will stay together!
    [No CP]
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    First arc: mother of the zombie king (Scenario 1. MC looking at her zombie child. Picking it up, bathing, and then sewing his ripped stomach and his head that's falling from his neck. After all, he's my cub and is still cute. No, no, my son, don't laugh your sewed mouth will rip apart again, let's keep it in a normal shape. Be cute. 2. Son I don't eat raw meat!! No, I don't!! Ah, what's this sweet and yummy smell, so it's a zombie core, thank you, son, mom loves it, and wants more. 3. My son picks up his broken hand and feet and lets me sew, so distressed. Wait son, is that your neck that's falling? 4. My son brought back a young girl and boy (zombie) and is giving them to me. Waiting for help online. Son, your old lady doesn't have such weird hubbies, two at a time and both genders! So they are for carrying? Oh, looks like mom misunderstood you. 5. Son let's talk about it, humans are poisonous, we can't eat them! (Zombie king secretly thinking that they're not poisonous and let's just not eat them in front of Mom) No, son you lesson to me, if you eat humans, I eat with you, then I get poisoned, then I die. Then you've got no mother (Zombie king: Can't do! Let's keep mother as far the poisonous humans as possible) 6. Let's sew two dolls, one is the little zombie king and the other is the mother. Which one do you want? ZK: Mom. ZK playing dolls. Cute. )

    Second arc: Mother of Qin Shihuang Zhao ji My son, maternal love value is negative, waiting for help online (MC: Why is my son so old? Still those are the eyes of my son, hungry for maternal love. Children are children to their parents no matter how old they are. Son (30year old) come lets mom hug)

    Third arc: My cheap son has 18 concubines (Actually throughout the whole novel these concubines were just picked up by MC's son to manage the state, and there is no romantic interaction between them and MC's son - He's cultivating and needs to cut his love for the mortal world. Even the 4th one has a child with others and no one has a problem with it, even MC's son lets her get married to the guy. But she still cares (sisterly) for MC's son who saved her. Ok, MC's son is only 14!! and for half of the arc, MC didn't know his age and the true relationship, between the concubines and her son, and was completely shocked why even the fourth concubine who is clearly with someone else after marrying her son still caring for her cheap son) (What to do if my cheap son loves his master very much. Som, pick one either master or me. -Son: Master -MC:.. Wait for me) (Mom, come sew my clothes. MC messing the clothes. Son, completely speechless but still wearing them) (Ok, MC's son's view is his mother completely collapsed after finding that MC robbed the assassins that they had defeated. But still, let's just give the money to my mother, oh, no someone's coming. Mother and son hiding the picked up (stolen) money behind their back) (Mom, you see, I have a problem. I had cut the relationship with the mortal world, now I have a mother with full maternal value. Waiting for help online? What to do if my cheep son loves his mother very much)

    Fourth arc: My cute daughter is a little jelly [When MC, this time she has a daughter ^^] (MC [Currently a sea clan] wearing pregnancy clothes, putting her pink jelly, basketball daughter on her stomach, let's hide from the humans) (Little jelly: Mom, why doesn't little jelly looks like a mother. [Crying] is little jelly picked up? MC:.. [Not knowing what to say] no, little jelly is more like her father [Lying] (MC looking at the big octopus, attacking the city. Little jelly: Dad MC: what? [For the first time, my cheap child, came with an extra dad. Waiting for help online] So the mother is humanoid, the father is a giant octopus, and the daughter is a little jelly? Daughter, are you sure, you haven't been picked up [Thank god the little jelly doesn't know otherwise she'll cry] At the end of the arc MC looking at her giant octopus [Still pink] daughter [Depresed, you see she can't hug her, soft little jelly] but at least, it's confirmed. Little jelly, you're not a picked-up child. The father who is biting his daughter suiters: Wife!! [If Moni (the father) knew that MC has doubted, their daughter's biological connection, I'm sure he would have cried thousand times harder than his daughter]
    Notice: This story is a No CP, type one The protagonist doesn't have any romantic relationships at all and never thinks about having one.
    But still, she gets along with her children fathers [It's a necessary factor for the child growth) In the case of Moni, he thinks as per the character set that his wife only cares about their daughter, only sad and a bit jealous of the closeness of mother and daughter, but he still accepts it and just does his duty of protecting and loving the mother and daughter

    Fifth arc: Another son, but this time a bear child [MC, let's educate my child, my mother-in-law, and plastic husband]
    #The mother-in-law has a poisonous tongue, but she's a good and caring person. After MC's education, although she still can't control her poisonous tongue, she at least learns to not do it loudly. [This is not a counterattack, The mother-in-law is good, just can't show it properly] And also, the granny learns to not spoil her grandson (kind of!)
    #The bear child, who's not scared of thousand bittings. Under 1) Child, if your good, dad will prise you. Son: I'm the best child in the world. 2) Son: Mom, will you bit me? MC: Of course not. I'm a fan of cold violence. Son: What's cold violence MC: You'll know my dear son.
    Later Son: Mom, bit me thousand times but no cold violence!
    # The father, Ok, he's a traditional strict father but not a bad person. MC helps him to understand the difference between spoiling and loving, [The first time, the son meets the father after a long time, he happily opens, his arm so he can hug him. but the father says he's already 6, a big boy, and mustn't be spoiled. But the double power of grandson loving grandma and MC educate him thoroughly.( In the end, he learns two lessons, 1) how to properly love your son 2) The women of this family are lunatics when it comes to the cub.) and also the effect of encouraging center education, bitting is not always the solution. If your child has done sth wrong the most important thing is to let them know they're wrong, let them apologize, and teach them how to never do such a thing ever again.
    But although all the family members of this arc are connectable nothing can compare the interactions of MC and her plastic husband (Reminder: No CP) The first night. MC: I'm not your wife. The father: Don't be angry MC: I'm not your wife!! The father: I'll be good MC: I'm not your WIFE!! In the end, MC bits him half to death and repeats the sentence. The father: Wife, I'll be good. MC: Super depressed
    (Ok, you see it's because of MC's company that he can't understand she's not his wife) but after seeing MC's depression he also let her be and won't bother her about it in years to come. But they still live, in the same room, same bed and their interactions are so cute.

    MC: Yan Bei
    The father: Fang Jianguo

    "No, I don't have any sweat on my body." Yan Bei replied lightly.

    Fang Jianguo was taken aback, raised his eyes and glanced at her, facing the indifferent black eyes, he always felt that the atmosphere was a little weird.

    But he only regarded them as a little strange after a long time, stood up and smiled:

    "Then you go back to the room first, I'll take a shower, and it will be fine soon!"

    After speaking, without giving Yan Bei a chance to speak, she turned her head and rushed into the bathroom. After a while, only the sound of running water was heard, and it was poured directly from her head with cold water.

    Yan Bei felt the coolness overflowing from the crack in the bathroom door. She only felt a headache, got up and stroked her forehead, and went to the room to wait.

    Soon Fang Jianguo came out. After a rush of footsteps, he appeared in front of Yan Bei, wearing only a pair of knee-length shorts.

    The water on his hair was still dripping, sliding all the way along his neck. The perfect muscle group organization and the good proportions instantly added a bit of tough guy's handsomeness to his face that can only be regarded as a good-looking face.

    To be honest, this perfect body makes Yan Bei, a person who is used to seeing perfect proportions of corpses, feel a little moved.

    It's a pity that this is someone else's husband!

    Seeing Fang Jianguo throw off the sweat towel on his shoulders, he was about to pounce on him, Yan Bei lifted his foot instantly and kicked it over.

    Fang Jianguo was a man who had actually been on the battlefield and had killed people. He saw a little foot kicking on him aggressively. Although he felt a little surprised for the first time, what appeared in his eyes was all inexplicable excitement.

    The body was already in a slanted state at this time, and it was too late to dodge back, but when he turned to the right, not only did he avoid the flying little feet, but also fell on the bed.

    The long muscular arms immediately attacked Yan Bei who was sitting on the side of the bed. She wanted to be polite to him. She sighed helplessly, took out the long needle, holding two each with her right hand, and flew away. After exiting, he entangled the attacking big hand accurately, raised his hand and turned it over, and the white silk thread flew out, instantly tying Fang Jianguo, who had not reacted to the bed, into a human-shaped white rice dumpling.

    Yan Bei leaped into the air and leaped onto the bed, holding the thread in both hands, and stepping on Fang Jianguo's back who wanted to turn over with one foot, and said helplessly:

    "I'm not your wife!"

    So it's best to give her some peace, or her men will be merciless!

    Fang Jianguo, who was stepped on, heard this and stopped trying to struggle. His head buried in the bed turned sideways, trying hard to look back.

    "Why? Don't you believe it?" Yan Bei asked him immediately when he saw his little gesture.

    She has been exposed in this way, as long as he is not blind, he will definitely find something wrong.

    However, Fang Jianguo was really blind. He tilted his head and frowned two thick eyebrows, and asked tentatively:

    "Are you still angry?"

    "What?" Yan Bei was asked with a baffling expression.

    Fang Jianguo turned his head back and said, "Just what happened to Xiaojun this afternoon? Are you still angry? I thought it was all over."

    "You have no brain..." Question!

    "My mind is good!" Yan Bei didn't finish speaking, and Fang Jianguo took the lead. He grinned and pleased:

    "Don't always scold me. You were outside in the afternoon, and you have to save some face to me. Look at this, I will apologize to you when I come home."

    "Don’t get angry, can’t you? It’s all my fault. I’ll listen to you next time. I’ll hug whoever you let me hold. Although the child is not used to it, if you want to get used to it, then you are used to it. I'll take care of it, men and women match, so you won't be tired!"

    After speaking, he felt that the people behind him had no voice, Fang Jianguo thought that Yan Bei was moved by himself, and tried to turn over again.

    But just as soon as he turned it over, Yan Bei stomped on the ground.

    "Fang Jianguo, did your mind really have a problem with you? The point is not whether I am angry, nor whether you apologize, but that I am not your wife! Do you understand?!" Yan Bei shouted loudly. .

    "I understand I understand, you are not my wife, you are not my wife!" Fang Jianguo nodded repeatedly, but when Yan Bei thought he really reacted, he smiled at her ambiguously, "You are not my wife, you are me Lover~"

    Yan Bei stared, choked for a moment by the sentence You are my love.

    God, come to Dao Lei and smash the man in front of her to death!

    Fang Jianguo didn't know the collapse of Yan Bei's heart. He felt that the strength of the small feet on his back was weakening. He immediately seized the opportunity and a carp turned over.

    Yan Bei already felt that something was faintly wrong, and did not kick him over again. She sat down on the bed and looked sadly at the big zongzi who tried to stand up and look at her, and pointed to her hand. Pointing to the line on his body again, he asked gently:

    "Look at my technique, look at my thread, this stitch, don't you think there is anything wrong with it?"

    "Yes!" Fang Jianguo immediately responded.

    "What's the matter?" Yan Bei's eyes lighted up with expectation again.

    "You are angry, I feel it, but we haven't seen it for a long time, don't you want to get close to me?" a man asked pitifully.

    Looking at the man who suddenly changed from a big bad wolf to a little milk dog in front of him, Yan Bei felt that he was the one struck by lightning now.

    OMG! Ground! Someone will take away the man with inconsistent appearances and double faces before her eyes!

    "Why are you still angry?" He seemed to feel the collapse of her body, and he asked with concern over his body.

    Yan Bei completely lost the strength to support herself, lying on her back on the bed with a look of lovelessness.

    "Don't talk to me, I want to be quiet." She said lifelessly.

    Unexpectedly, Da Zongzi asked, "Who is Jingjing?"

    "Puff!" Yan Bei seemed to hear her heart spurting blood and closed her eyes, completely blocking the desire for knowledge on the face of a certain big rice dumpling from her own world.

    She really wants to be quiet now, really, please don't ask her who is quiet.

    "What's the matter with you?" Fang Jianguo saw her closing his eyes with a lifeless look. He thought that she was just playing with him and was instantly replaced by worry.

    The silk thread wrapped around his body seemed to have weakened, and was slowly fading from him, and soon there was no longer a trace of obstacles on his body.

    As soon as his body was liberated, Fang Jianguo immediately climbed to the end of the bed. His body, which was still a little excited, completely dissipated after feeling the deep sorrow emanating from the person in front of him, and the thought of closeness was completely gone.

    Feeling really quiet next to her, Yan Bei opened her eyes with her eyes closed, her black eyes looked at the ordinary face above her head, and asked softly:

    "Fang Jianguo, who am I?"

    "You are my wife, no, no, no, it's my lover, my lover..." For fear that she would lose his temper again, he quickly changed his words, but never thought that this sentence was my lover, and he just repaired her again. A good little mind caused a second crit.

    Yan Bei: I choose a dog belt!

    *Ok let me explain the part where he says you're my lover. In this era calling your husband like that is not commen, but MC learns from the FL and calls her plastic husband that which nearly gave the soldier guarding the door a heart attack [MC doesn't know such detail, and will never know. hahaha]

    In the evening, the couple took Xiaojun from above to the next door to apologize to Feng Xiaoyu, and fell asleep after dinner.

    At six o'clock the next morning, the couple ate the breakfast made by Mrs. Fang and were ready to go out.

    As soon as I walked outside the door, I raised my eyes and met two people with halo on their heads.

    At one glance, Yan Bei was almost blinded by the mixed halo of the male and female masters. Fang Jianguo saw her subconsciously squinting her eyes from the side, thinking she had sand in her eyes.

    Just as they were about to take care of them, the Junjiu and his wife, who had just walked out of the house in front of them, turned their eyes around. They didn't know what they were thinking, Fang Jianguo's caring disappeared immediately, and his serious face was instantly restored.

    Jun Jiu’s husband and Fang Jianguo are in the same military area, but one is in the tank battalion and the other is in the artillery battalion. There is no chance to meet each other on weekdays. Now they suddenly become neighbors who look up and see each other. Both of them feel a little different in their hearts. habit.

    However, this embarrassment soon disappeared. When Yan Bei gradually adjusted to the male and female main aura, the two big men were already together and chatting as they walked.

    Yesterday, Yan Bei and Jun Jiu met, and after the apology last night, Jun Jiu's family no longer cares about the little conflict between the two children. A coldhearted person like Jun Jiu also meant to smile at Yan Bei lightly.

    The two women followed behind the two men together, but the atmosphere was not so active. Yan Bei also smiled at Junjiu. After the laugh, the atmosphere became a little weird.

    Yan Bei is someone who has read the script. She knows some small details about the heroine’s life. According to the military exercises Fang Jianguo mentioned yesterday afternoon, she guessed that the heroine followed her husband to the military area today. What are you going to do?

    The tank of the tank battalion had broken down, but the artillery battalion had broken a rocket launcher. Jun Jiu followed to repair the rocket launcher.

    Because her major in university was knowledge about rockets and missiles, it was only because of family conflicts that she was forced to become a rich wife after graduation.

    Yan Bei knew everything well, so naturally there was nothing to ask.

    But the first two men started to question each other.

    Feng Yi’s facial features are handsome, but he doesn’t appear feminine. The addition of his tall figure makes him look full of masculinity. Not only that, under his excellent appearance, the temperament that he exudes is the same as Fang Jianguo’s grassroots. Different.

    Without the rough and rigid feeling of Fang Jianguo, it has the background of a cultural person and the enlightenment of young people in the new era.

    He turned his head to look at Yan Bei and Jun Jiu behind him, his gentle eyes stayed on Jun Jiu for a while, then he looked at Yan Bei, smiled politely at her, and then asked Fang Jianguo:

    "Battalion Commander Fang, I don’t see that you are also a person who loves his wife. There are regulations in the military area. No special circumstances are allowed to bring family members inside. Are you afraid of being punished?

    In Feng Yi’s eyes, Yan Bei, a young daughter-in-law who had just entered the city, went to the barracks with her husband. She was just curious and wanted to visit, but he also felt that Fang Jianguo was not the kind of person who would violate the rules at will, so he did. The joke of this side-by-side hit.

    But he didn't expect that Fang Jianguo's mind is not a person who can turn his head. He waved his hand directly without taking a look at Yan Bei, and said solemnly:

    "Punishment will be punished, the battalion commander of me is a big deal, but if I don't take her to see, then I have to go back to sleep in my chase shop again."

    When his voice fell, Yan Bei immediately felt the surprised look from Jun Jiu, "Sister-in-law, I didn't expect you to look delicate and fragile. It turned out to be hidden."

    "Hehehe~, where and where..." Yan Bei could only reply with a flattering smile, and secretly scolded Fang Jianguo this stunner ten thousand times.

    She is obviously a reasonable person, this girl actually built her image of a shrew in front of outsiders. This is Xiaobian!

    Jun Jiu felt that there was something wrong with the atmosphere of the people beside him, and asked with concern, "Sister-in-law, are you okay? It was a bit cold in the morning, so don't catch a cold."

    The heroine in the script is a hot person on the outside. Knowing that she really cares, Yan Bei immediately put on a decent smile, and shook her head to indicate that she was okay.

    The two men in front heard the movement behind them, stopped at once, turned around and looked over.

    At this time, Yan Bei deeply felt the difference between the male lead and the average man.

    Feng Yi thought it was his wife who had caught a cold, so he immediately stepped forward and asked with concern.

    But Fang Jianguo stood in place, frowning and staring at her for a long time, just when Yan Bei thought he would also show love and care for himself, and she even thought about how to answer, he didn't expect him to come. One sentence:

    "Aren't you okay? Hurry up, slow, I don't want to take you there anymore!"

    Hearing this, Yan Bei immediately narrowed his eyes dangerously: Fang Jianguo! There is a kind of you say it again!

    "What are you looking at me for? Hurry up!" Fang Jianguo was looked at inexplicably.

    Yan Bei felt the embarrassing gazes of the hostess and the couple. The palms hanging beside him tightened and loosened, loosened and tightened. This suppressed the tyrannical thoughts in his mind, squeezed out a smile, and smiled at the hostess and couple Laughing, then quickly rushed towards Fang Jianguo.

    It seemed that he also felt the tyrannical elements emanating from her. Fang Jianguo turned around and lifted his leg to walk. At first glance, people who didn't know thought he was being chased by Yan Bei.

    In a blink of an eye, the husband and wife disappeared from the sight of the hostess husband and wife.

    As soon as he left the main line of sight of the male and female, Yan Bei's footsteps immediately accelerated by more than two times. Fang Jianguo felt the cool breeze blowing behind him, and hurriedly accelerated his steps, changing from brisk walking to fast running.

    When Yan Bei saw him doing this behind, he knew that he had just said that on purpose. Thinking about the shame he was in front of the male and female masters, his heart became more angry.

    "Fang Jianguo! You have a seed, don't run away! You can really make money with my old lady, you!"

    Listening to the anger coming from behind him, the seriousness that Fang Jianguo's face had put on disappeared instantly, and he ran back and smiled at Yan Bei to please.

    He laughed and explained breathlessly: "My wife, am I outside? If someone knows that I am afraid of you, then how shameless you are?"

    "Really? Who is the one who just blew himself up for fear of his wife ruining my image?!" Yan Bei speeded up, dashing to Fang Jianguo, with one arm, blocking Fang Jianguo's path.

    As expected, Fang Jianguo, a double-faced activist, actually hid without hiding. Instead, he opened his hands and rushed forward. The smile on that side was nothing more silly than this.

    "Wife, hold one... Whoops!"

    It was Yan Bei's iron fist raised to greet Fang Jianguo, which hit him heavily on his shoulder and directly knocked him out.

    "Boom!" With a muffled sound, Yan Bei smiled satisfied as he watched the man struggling to get up from the ground.

    *The ending of angering your wife

    "How is it? Unhappy?" Yan Bei asked with a smile.

    Fang Jianguo, who had just gotten up from the ground, heard this and looked around with a bewildered face and found that there were no outsiders around. This was a big relief.

    However, for Yan Bei's obvious overwhelming words, he said that he did not want to answer now.

    Looking at Yan Bei sadly, with his head drooping and shoulders drooping, Fang Jianguo passed her silently, and continued to walk towards the military area.

    Yan Bei looked funny, and stopped teasing him, and followed by herself.

    In the evening, before going to bed, Yan Bei told him about Jun Jiu's visit today, and directly asked Fang Jianguo to quit his current job.

    Fang Jianguo didn't pay attention to what she said at first, until he heard that she was going to quit her current job, he suddenly reacted, turned over and sat up on the bed, frowned and asked:

    "Why quit? Jun Jiu didn't say he promised you!"

    "She will agree." Yan Bei dusted the sheets and sat cross-legged, closing her eyes and preparing to meditate daily.

    Fang Jianguo was a little annoyed when she saw that she didn't put herself in the eyes so much.

    "So you don't want to work in the same place with me?" he asked in a deep voice.

    Yan Bei raised her eyebrows and shook her head without opening her eyes. Just as Fang Jianguo was about to repair her injured little heart by this answer, she said again:

    "You have too little money and a lot of money at home. Both of us are not enough together. Besides, Xiaojun will go to school soon, and his expenses will inevitably increase in the future, and the money is far from enough."

    "Why is it not enough? You see, people are not as rich as ours, and they are doing well?" Fang Jianguo asked rhetorically.

    He raised his eyes and looked at the land under Yan Bei's buttocks, then looked at his side, and finally turned his gaze to the "wide" gap between the two, and said a bit aggrieved:

    "Originally, you refused to be close to me at home, and now you don't even want to stay with me in the barracks..."

    "You're mumbling endlessly, right?" Yan Bei opened her eyes, glanced lightly at the man on the bed who only wore a pair of big pants, and reiterated the question that he had said countless times.

    "I'm not your wife! It's already on Xiaojun's face to let you sleep on the bed. If you chirp, you can sleep on the floor for me!"

    "This is my bed..." Fang Jianguo reminded weakly.

    Yan Beier was strong and naturally heard it, and immediately got up and prepared to get out of bed with the futon under him. Fang Jianguo saw him and hurriedly climbed over to pull her.

    "Don't don't don't! This is your bed, your bed! I have no idea what you like, don't you?"

    Hearing this, Yan Bei stopped moving, patted his stretched hand away, sat down again, and jokingly said:

    "Fang Jianguo, Fang Jianguo, why are you so unsteady? Honestly, is it because I don't work in the same place with you, so you oppose it again?"

    "No..." Fang Jianguo denied it, but his old face was red, and he dared not look at Yan Bei.

    Seeing him like this, what else does Yan Bei don't understand?

    However, remembering that his wife's identity was used by himself has caused him to be so embarrassed now, he coughed slightly uncomfortably, softened his voice, and explained in a good manner:

    "I want to make money, then make some investment, and finally buy what I want, and the job of a repairman cannot give me what I want. What I give up now is the job, not you, do you understand? "

    Fang Jianguo nodded, but still felt a little aggrieved, turned his head to look at Yan Bei, and hesitated:

    "Then...then can you give me an incense?"

    "Go to hell!" Yan Bei raised his hand and slapped his face, and directly knocked the person down, and by the way, he pulled the quilt to cover this aggrieved face, and turned and closed his eyes to practice with peace of mind.

    Fang Jianguo: Hey yeah~, so wronged!

    One night, Fang Jianguo was immersed in sorrow, unable to extricate himself, until the early hours of the morning, this vaguely fell asleep.

    Soon, Yan Bei and Jun Jiu received the flyers from the court, but neither Yan Bei nor Jun Jiu took their children to the court because they had children and their father was there. That was enough.

    Yan Bei didn't know how wonderful the court was that day. All she knew was that when Fang Jianguo led Feng Yi's family to eat at her house that night, the two elders severely beat up the two Pi boys.

    Of course, the actual effect of this violent beating can be seen by seeing the two boys still alive the next day. It's just a meaning. After all, where the child's mother is standing, the two army commanders didn't dare to make any effort.

    Even if the matter ends here, in this era of fighting fathers, Fang Xiaojun, the bear child, is lucky to have a father who can protect him.

    In Yan Bei's opinion, this is not something to be honorable. In order to teach this kid a lesson, she spent a summer vacation on Fang Xiaojun and asked him to deeply reflect on the serious consequences.

    Fortunately, this summer vacation was spent in the military camp, otherwise Fang Xiaojun felt that he would definitely spend this summer vacation very embarrassed.

    However, during military training, there is no longer a mother who will kindly visit him from time to time. Fang Xiaojun himself said that in fact, it feels better than death.

    In particular, he also has a two-faced dad who protects his wife and is a madman. He is a serious and selfless man on the face, but in private, because he is angry with his wife, he has given the instructor how many additional training suggestions.

    That taste is so sour and refreshing!

    Under the scorching sun, Fang Xiaojun, who had been added to the military posture for an hour, stared at the brim of his hat and began to think about a major philosophical issue in life.

    How can I let my mom find out that my dad is abusing herself?

    Just thinking about it, there seemed to be hallucinations in front of him. The dark face of his father Fang Jianguo appeared in front of him. Fang Xiaojun shook his head, and his eyes widened when he realized that he was still there.

    My head suddenly slammed, and secretly said that if you always want to be fined an hour of military posture, your son, I am really going to raise my braids!

    "Go and change clothes, I'll wait for you in the office." Fang Jianguo said coldly and turned around and left.

    Fang Xiaojun blinked his eyes, letting the sweat roll off his cheeks for a long while, and then he realized that he was liberated.

    With a cheer, he immediately ran back to the dormitory to change clothes, and then left the military area with Fang Jianguo.

    Seeing that he didn't ask anything, Fang Jianguo couldn't help asking curiously, "You don't ask why?"

    "I don't need to ask, I know that today is my mother's birthday on July 15th, right?" Fang Xiaojun asked jokingly.

    Fang Jianguo nodded, feeling that the skin boy in front of him was pleasing to his eyes, and confessed: "I ordered a cake. I will get the cake first, and then you will coax your mother to the Red Star Hotel. I will wait for you there."

    After speaking, he warned uneasy: "Don't let me hear you!"

    "This...this is very difficult, why don't you go by yourself?" Fang Xiaojun said bitterly.

    With his mother's shrewdness, he was sure to reveal everything when he opened his mouth.

    It's a pity that Fang Jianguo didn't care about him. He only left the sentence "You solve it by yourself". He turned around and got in the car from the military area and left.

    Fang Xiaojun stood at the gate of the military area with a dazed expression, alone in a mess...

    Is this still a dad? is it? is it? !

    After a long time, Fang Xiaojun got on the bus and embarked on the arduous task of coaxing his mother for the first time in his life.

    It’s not that hot anymore, early autumn is very hot, and it’s still cool to stay in the house.

    Yan Bei slapped a fan in one hand and turned over the account book in the other, as if his home was an office.

    Mrs. Fang played cards with Aunt Wu's group of old ladies downstairs. The early autumn afternoon was peaceful and beautiful.

    However, when Fang Xiaojun, a teenager who was supposed to be still in military training, suddenly appeared in front of him, all the silence was broken.

    He said angrily and anxiously: "Mom, my dad cheated! I saw him leading the vixen into the Red Star Hotel. Go and take a look!"

    "Derailed?" Yan Bei looked up from the ledger, there was no anger and other emotions in Fang Xiaojun's imagination, only nonchalant.

    "Yeah! Derailment! What a big deal! How much! Mom, don't you want to catch the rape?!" Fang Xiaojun pretended to be angrily.

    Yan Bei raised her eyebrows, "It's okay if it's true love. It's normal for a man to cheat, but it's better to give someone a girl. Why didn't your dad tell me? I can go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a divorce with him. what."

    Fang Xiaojun was dumbfounded, why was this reaction different from what he had imagined?

    "Mom, are you sure you are not confused?" Fang Xiaojun asked, swallowing.

    Yan Bei shook her head and smiled while playing a fan, "No."

    "Are you not angry?" Fang Xiaojun asked incredulously.

    Yan Bei felt funny and asked, "Why should I be angry? This is a very good thing."

    "Mom! Don't make trouble, okay?" Fang Xiaojun felt that her mother was confused and pulled Yan Bei up and dragged her out. Yan Bei thought he was very angry, and followed his footsteps. , While persuading:

    "You are so old, even if your dad starts a family again, but your dad and I both love you, don't worry..."

    Fang Xiaojun listened to the whispering persuasion in his ear, expressing his sympathy for his father.

    He used to think his mother loved his dad very much, but now it seems that it may be a plastic couple.

    The old lady playing cards in the garden watched the mother and son push away, immediately put down the cards in her hand, clapped her hands and got up, smiled at Aunt Wu and others:

    "You guys slow down, this is my Xiaojun's mother's birthday today, so I don't want to collide with everyone. We are eating out, I'm leaving first."

    With that said, before a group of old ladies and old men could react, they got up and left.

    Until this time, the grandpa and aunts discovered that the clothes worn by the old lady today were very festive. The orange-yellow satin gown was fresh and bright.

    Seeing that Mrs. Fang was about to leave the community, Aunt Wu, who was always absent-minded in playing cards today, also stood up. She followed Mrs. Fang out of the community, and she didn't know what she wanted to do.

    On Yan Bei's side, Fang Xiaojun was dragged to the entrance of the Red Star Hotel. Seeing Xiao Zhang waiting for a long time at the entrance, his heart was already clear.

    What kind of scene of rape is this? This is simply a routine for her!

    Poor Fang Xiaojun didn't know that his mother had seen through her own tricks long ago, doing a full set of dramas, and rushing towards Xiao Zhang with an angry expression.

    Drinking asked: "Hey! Uncle Zhang, why are you here? Where is my dad? Where is he?"

    Xiao Zhang, who didn't understand his reaction at all, was a little dazed, but his eyes already saw Yan Bei with a motherly smile, and he immediately reacted and replied with a flattering smile:

    "It's in the third private room on the second floor."

    Fang Xiaojun got an answer, glared at him pretentiously, then turned around to pull Yanbei and dragged her upstairs.

    But when he dragged, he gradually realized that his mother's reaction was a bit wrong. She stopped in front of the private room, looked sideways, and met her jokes.

    It's over, it's showing up!

    "Why don't you leave?" Yan Bei gently took her arm from his hand and asked with a smile while standing at the door of the private room.

    Fang Xiaojun was slightly shocked, but he was still not as shocked as his father Fang Jianguo. He responded quickly, without saying anything, he pushed open the private room door.

    "Wow!" Fang Jianguo, who had received a remote notification from Xiao Zhang early, appeared in front of Yan Bei with a pot of...cactus in his arms.

    Looking at the red garland on the pot of cactus in his arms, Fang Xiaojun, who finally tricked his mother to come here, said that the picture was so beautiful that he felt a bit spicy in his eyes.

    Daddy! You can have a snack!

    Just this gift, waiting to go home tonight and kneel on the washboard!

    The air has a solidified smell at this moment.

    Inside and outside the door, the couple looked at each other silently, and Fang Xiaojun, who was standing next to Yan Bei, felt a little bit of breathing. I took a few steps back and felt better.

    However, this action broke the current almost solidified atmosphere. Fang Jianguo put on a flattering smile and walked towards Yan Bei with the cactus in his hand. He looked at her with satisfaction and the cactus again, all agreeing. .

    "Babe, happy birthday! This is a gift from me, do you like it?" Fang Jianguo asked.

    Yan Bei swallowed hard and took a deep breath. Only then did he suppress the tyrannical thoughts in his heart, pulled out a smile, and asked:

    "Fang Jianguo, don't you think I am especially good for this pot of cactus?"

    Fang Jianguo, who was unaware of the true thoughts of the woman in front of him, nodded straightforwardly and smiled excitedly:

    "Yeah, look at the green color, it looks the same as your face when you were angry, and with these little thorns, when you reach out to touch it, you feel exactly the same as when you touched it. It really matches you!"

    "Dare you say these few words again?" Yan Bei asked through gritted teeth.

    The hand hanging to his side raised at the same time to take the pot of cactus in Fang Jianguo's hand. In the holding posture, Fang Xiaojun felt like she was about to smash it out.

    But just when Fang Xiaojun was worried that his father would really send his life out for this proposition, Mrs. Fang's bright orange shirt appeared on the stairs.

    "What's the matter? What are you doing at the door? Jianguo, you didn't know to invite your wife in?!" The old lady frowned and reminded.

    When Fang Xiaojun saw that it was his grandmother, he secretly breathed a sigh of relief, ran to take the thing that the old lady was holding in her hand, turned and ran back, smiled, and handed it to Yan Bei.

    "Mom, this is a gift my grandma and I prepared for you. See if you like it?"

    Yan Bei, who wanted Fang Jianguo to taste the cactus, was interrupted by the grandparents and his grandson was depressed, but when he saw the beautifully packaged small box in Fang Xiaojun's hand, he immediately had a real smile on his face.

    "Go in and take a look, what's it like standing at the door?" The old lady Fang reminded me funny, and gently pushed Yan Bei in while talking.

    But what made her more curious was the calm reaction of Fang Jianguo's family, one or two with a relaxed expression, which was very strange.

    Under curiosity, Jun Jiu asked, and the answer was...

    "My mother went to the mountain to clean up, and my dad is waiting for retirement and then going up the mountain to accompany her." Fang Xiaojun replied with a relaxed expression.

    Jun Jiu was stunned, "Is it a good thing to go to the mountains for repairs? Why are you so happy?"

    "Why should you be unhappy?" Fang Xiaojun asked inexplicably.

    A rhetorical question made Jun Jiu speechless.

    Yes, you are happy, as long as there is nothing wrong with her, she can rest assured.

    Thinking about this, Jun Jiu also wanted to drive, no longer entangled, and went back to his home with his reluctant son for dinner.

    Watching their mother and son leave, Mrs. Fang smiled lightly and turned to ask the father and son who were clearing the dishes:

    "Which mountain is Xiaojun's fucking repairs on? Old lady, I'm tired of staying in the city, so I can just go up the mountain with her."

    However, as soon as the words came out, the father and son who were clearing the bowls and chopsticks were taken aback, turned their heads, and asked in disbelief:

    "Don't you know which mountain she went to?

    The letter left says so!

    "Is there?" The old lady Fang was a little dazed, shook her head, and muttered unsurely: "Could it be that I already have Alzheimer's? Why don't I have any impression?"

    This is anxious for the father and son. From then on, every day I go home, I will ask Mrs. Fang: Do you always remember?

    It's up to you to find their daughter-in-law (mother)!

    In this regard, Mrs. Fang said that she was under a little pressure.

    But she didn't know that she was actually cheated by Yan Bei.

    At this time, Yan Bei was sitting in her large river-view villa and counting the gold in the warehouse. She felt that she had no other way to deal with the problem of the old lady Fang.

    Rather than disappearing directly, this way, somehow it would pave her way back in the future. Moreover, even if they couldn't find her, Fang Jianguo and his son knew that she was fine, so they didn't worry about it.

    Yan Bei smiled lightly, lying on her back on the carpet and looking at the golden piece of the warehouse, a sense of security that she had never felt before rose in her heart.

    *And like that old lady Fang who has Alzheimer [Not] was pitted.

    This a No CP story, although their interactions are cute [And MC never understood why the father's shorts had piggy on them] but isn't familia love, more cute and firm than a romantic one?
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    Reading List:
    Sixth arc: Cultivation world, My daughter is a blackened female partner [END 167]

    Seventh arc: I'm the black dragon mother of LongLong [END 201]

    Eights arc: Mother of an innocent aborted child [END 237]
    At this point, I didn’t have time to make any mental preparations. I suddenly felt that my lower abdomen sank, and I quickly looked down at my stomach. The lower abdomen, which should have been smooth and firm, was so big as if someone had stuffed a basketball into it. High bulge, and also sinking.

    Yan Bei was horrified, but more horror was still to come.

    I saw a baby's fist-sized dot suddenly and shallowly protruding from the belly. With the intense painful afferent nerve, the pain made Yan Bei completely stunned.

    Who is kicking my old lady!

    "It's your child." Xiaoduo said jokingly. He separated from the main body of the system and floated over Yan Beilong's belly. He stretched out a small finger to point to his belly and laughed:

    "Congratulations on your real motherhood!"

    Yan Bei, who was still in a daze, heard this, her stiff face suddenly began to twitch, and she looked down at her stomach in a daze, and couldn't recover for a long while.

    She is pregnant?

    Is she a pregnant woman?

    Did the kid kick her just now?

    "Hey! Sister Beibei?" Yan Bei didn't react for a while, Xiaoduo floated to her eyes, stretched out her hand and swayed in front of her, trying to attract the attention of the pregnant mother.

    Yan Bei blinked his eyes, raised his head, and said without any fluctuations in his tone: "Xiao Duo, I'm not married yet."

    "I know." Xiaoduo nodded earnestly with blinking eyes.

    "But I'm pregnant now." There is still no fluctuation, even a little want to laugh.

    This is not funny!

    It’s okay for her to be a mother of a yellow flower, but why do she still have to give birth to her own baby now?

    "Tellmewhy?" Tell her why!

    Xiaoduo: The English has come out. I'm afraid it's really stimulated, right? I'm a little scared~

    The Thumbelina in front of her flashed away, and Yan Bei stared at her stomach alone without answering, feeling depressed.

    But just when she began to doubt life, the little guy in her stomach moved again.

    Because of the practice of the Five-Sense Element Method, she could clearly see the little thing in her belly. Its head had fine hair, and the eyebrows and eyelashes had also grown. The hairy lanugo covered her whole body, and it was exuding now. A breath of joy.

    One of the crystal clear little hands was held in his mouth, the other was dropped randomly, and the two little feet suddenly stared up and kicked directly on the wall of the uterus, making Yan Bei suck in pain.

    It wasn't too much pain, she was just too surprised, because at the moment she was kicked, she clearly felt its existence, so strong, so not to be ignored, so she kept it in her heart and didn't dare to forget it.

    A ghostly messenger, Yan Bei put her palm on her swollen belly and stroked it lightly.

    The little thing seemed to feel it. The little head turned towards her palm, and then stopped her head under her palm, feeling her mother's touch with joy.

    This is amazing!

    Yan Bei sighed in disbelief.

    Ninth arc: My brother and son are sick [END 270]

    Tenth arc: The stepmother who accidentally killed the heroine needs to farm [END 305]

    "Ahem!" With a low cough, Yan Bei swallowed the mooncake in her mouth with difficulty, glanced at her eyebrows and asked: "What are you looking at me?"

    "I just want to look at you." Su Yunqi replied, her expression so serious that Yan Bei could not bear any joking mood.

    "Su Yunqi, you, don't be so serious, you don't get used to it..." Yan Bei said embarrassedly.

    Seeing her embarrassment, Su Yunqi lowered her head and smiled lightly, her thin lips bite, as if she had made a big decision, she suddenly stood up holding Xuan'er, took out something from her arms and put it in front of Yan Bei, even looking at it. Not dare to look at her, he turned around and walked to the pavilion railing with Xuan'er in his arms.

    Yan Bei sat on the stone bench alone, looked at the blue paper on the table, and at the back of the father and son in front of him, curiously took the blue paper and opened it slowly.

    Su Yunqi seemed to have eyes on the back of her head, suddenly she spoke, and she sang aloud with affection.

    The sound is clear and clear, not only does it not look feminine, but it also sounds nice with the bold tunes.

    "The soup of the son is above the Wanqiu."

    "Xun is sentimental, but hopeless."

    "Kan Qi beats the drum, under Wanqiu."

    "No winter and no summer, it's worth its heron feathers."

    "Kan Qi hit Fou, the way of Wanqiu."

    "There is no winter and no summer, it's worth the heron."

    This is a piece in the Book of Songs, named Wanqiu, which is about the man's love for a witch. Only the first paragraph of the whole article is about love, and all other parts describe the witch's mood and appearance.

    Some people think this poem is ironic, but more people think it is a love poem.

    She danced gracefully above Wanqiu, who knows how much he admires her at the moment, but the love is too deep and useless, from the beginning to the end, she just performed her own dance, never noticed that he was crazy Look at her.

    He clearly knew that he couldn't stay with her, he didn't force it, only that she could know his mind, that's it.

    The singing stopped at some point, and the noisy voices rang in my ears, distant and sometimes near, illusory but clearly reminded her that this was not in a dream, but in reality.

    If it were a dream, she could put away this blue paper and keep it as a souvenir. After all, she was also the person who had received a love letter.

    But here is in reality. She looked at the blue paper in her hand and didn't know what to do.

    Give it back to him?

    She was his wife in name, and she was the same old man, and returned it back. Isn't it unreasonable?

    Can it be put away?

    She was not sure whether this poem was written to Xiao Yan or to her.

    Yan Bei held the blue paper and looked at Su Yunqi, who was staring at him for some time, feeling a little weird and curious.

    Unexpectedly, such a man is not a nerd, but a person who understands the taste of life.

    If he was not tortured by the illness at the beginning, he might be able to accomplish a great career.

    Maybe, everything can start all over again?

    "Su Yunqi, next year's imperial examination, would you like to try it?" Yan Bei asked suddenly.

    Very cleverly to break up the previously too ambiguous atmosphere.

    She put the blue paper away and put it in the purse in her sleeve, playing the identity of Xiao Yan, accepting her husband's affection for her.

    Su Yunqi frowned, did not answer Yan Bei's question, but suddenly said seriously: "Yan Niang, I am pleased with you."

    His name is Yan Niang, and she is happy.

    " scumbag!" Yan Beiteng stood up, scolding Su Yunqi for no reason, making Su Yunqi stupid.

    He doesn't understand what a scumbag is, but it doesn't sound like a good thing.

    "Yan Niang, why are you scolding me?" Su Yunqi asked puzzledly.

    He finally mustered up the courage to express his inner feelings like her, how could she be so confused? !

    Seeing his innocent look, Yan Bei said with an aura: "Go! Go back to the inn and rest!"

    What month to enjoy, what song to sing, and what poem to read!

    Su Yunqi, you cheated, you fell in love with other women in your marriage!

    "Huh!" An air-conditioner hummed from her nose, and Yan Bei packed up her things, turned and left.

    Su Yunqi was dumbfounded, looked at Xuan'er who was also blank in her arms, and hurriedly chased the figure in front of her.

    "Yanniang, what's the matter with you? Why are you so angry?" Su Yunqi asked as she pursued.

    The person in front did not answer, and just walked forward quickly.

    Su Yunqi was depressed, so she had to find a piece of tofu and hit her to death.

    In this way, a romantic confession ends here without a problem.

    Su Yunqi would never understand why Yan Bei would scold him, let alone why she treated her confession like this.

    Well, this question, he is doomed to think about it.

    Because, he didn't know, the wife in front of him had already changed souls.

    Yan Bei is Yan Bei and Xiao Yan is Xiao Yan. They are not alone.

    Su Yunqi: I feel that Dou E is not wronged by me...

    After returning to the inn, Yan Bei went directly to the room to rest. He never talked to Su Yunqi again. She only felt sorry for Xiao Xuan'er. She wanted to sleep with her mother and father, but now she had to squeeze a bed with her aggrieved father It's so pitiful.

    Daddy was hard in his arms, uncomfortable at all, he didn't like it.

    The next day, Yan Bei returned to her smile again, still no different than usual, but Su Yunqi could feel that the distance between herself and her was getting farther and farther.

    After returning to the village, she would never take the initiative to enter his house, nor would she have any more caring than ordinary people for him, as if she were...friends.

    Yes, his good wife gave him the feeling of a friend, this feeling is really, very fucking!

    However, no matter how dissatisfied Su Yunqi was, Yan Bei's heart that wanted to keep distance could not be shaken.

    She is a principled person, this is someone else's husband, she should stay away.

    Although Xiao Yan didn't know where she died, but she couldn't enjoy Xiao Yan's things with peace of mind.

    Whether it's Su Yunqi or something else, it just can't.

    It is enough for her to have her Xiao Xuan'er.

    After the busy farming period, the cold winter was approaching. Su Yunqi, who sensed Yan Bei's rejection, simply turned her grief and anger into strength, and started to study at night. She planned to take part in the imperial examination next year, the title of the gold list, and the Feng Guanxia would please her again.

    Yan Bei didn't know the little Jiujiu he was fighting in his heart. He thought he really wanted to fight again. He called Su Yunqi's support and took care of all the work outside the house. Su Yunqi only reads books, and doesn't care about anything else.

    From the beginning of winter, Yan Bei took Xuan'er around to promote her hybrid rice, planning to set up a test base in the village in the spring of next year.

    Because most people are willing to believe what they have seen with their own eyes. If she does not produce some results, the farmers who depend on heaven for food will not believe her at all.

    After all, for them, hybrid rice is a rice seed with unknown risks. If it were not for the results, no one would easily abandon the original rice seed and choose to grow an unfamiliar rice seed.

    Ok, let me tell you, this MC is not in the category of the No CP protagonists who have a problem accepting others or is insecure about whether the one the mission goals like is she or the original. Although she claims so again and again, maybe she doesn't know her own character, maybe she just wants to justify her cold-boldness, I don't know. But if she was an insecure person she would never daringly stand in front of her second son, and say I'm your mother, even if the original gave birth to, I'm your mother, and believe it or not, I'll bit you if you don't accept. Her actions for her children, and the way that she's jealous of interactions of her children with others, and how she fights bravely for the right of being the mother of her children shows that if she truly ever cared for any of the fathers, she would never have given up. How is it that the children are always mine but the husband is someone else?
    This is why although she shows the nonsense of I don't believe in their love as whether its for original or me and so, I say she's a type one protagonist, who doesn't think about romantic love at all. sidenote: When facing Moni she even confessed that looking at his sinister eyes, she knew he was caring about her and never saw anyone else through her.
    I don't know whether the author doesn't have a grip of her own character setting and the mindset of this kind of people well or deep down she's also one of us but never confesses to her own cold-bloodedness or just write like this to hook the readers, but deep down she also knows the mindset of her own character. An author's character always shows a bit of their own mindset, as does the reader's choice of the story theme.

    Eleventh arc: Mother of cannon fodder monkey king [END 357]
    First mission failer

    Twelfth arc: My general son wants to kill me every day [END 399]

    13th arc: Mother of the little zombie [END 446]

    14th: Interstellar villain child [END 494]

    15th: mother of Song Qingshu [END 553]

    16th: campus son who refound his biological mother [END 574]

    17th: mother of Lin Daiyu

    Did you knew Red mansion QT stories are also common, all the arcs are about being one of the characters of the red mansion in fanfic of the story, unfortunately, currently I can't make any connecton with the original, as I can't make any connection with The Tale of Genji but who knows maybe when I grew up I do, some of the red mansion QTs:


    Last edited: Apr 21, 2021
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    Yan Bei took it out and saw that it was Changsheng who had called.

    For some reason, she suddenly had an ominous premonition.

    "Answer the phone, sister Beibei, what are you doing stupidly?" Xiaoduo raised her eyebrows gossiping. If possible, she would definitely help her.

    Yan Bei raised his hand to pat the gossip Xiaoduo, and directly patted the person back into the system space, only then carefully clicked to connect.

    The long-lived and crisp child's voice sounded: "Mom, I want to ask you one thing, okay if you don't hang up the phone suddenly?"

    The voice sounded a little pitiful, Yan Bei thought he was wronged, and hurriedly responded: "I won't hang up, what do you want to say in Changsheng? Did someone bully you?"

    "No, just..." After a pause for two or three seconds, he said carefully:

    "Mom, last time you passed the test sample to me and didn't take it back. I curiously passed the sample to the night wolf, and asked him to use the technique over there to simulate the image of the sample body... .."

    Having said this, he paused again, and suddenly said aggrieved: "Mom, you look like you in the picture...How many sons do you have besides me?"

    "What? I didn't hear you clearly, would you say it again?"

    "Huh? Why can't you hear? The signal is not very good."

    "Hey hello hello? Changsheng can hear you over there? I can't hear you, wait a moment and yell, mother hang up for a while and call here!"

    After pretending to be a fool, Yan Bei immediately hung up the phone, her hands still trembling, she couldn't lie down anymore, turned over and sat up, staring at the huge TV screen in front of her, and began to think about how she should answer the sudden torture.

    It's a pity that the mother phone kept ringing, and there was no time for Yan Bei to think.

    Speaking of it, she only left handsets for Xingheng and Changsheng's two sons, but she did not tell Xingheng that other keys could be used.

    And on the Changsheng side, she didn't tell him Xingheng's communication number, he could only contact the night wolf who was in the same plane as Xingheng at best.

    Indeed, he only contacted Night Wolf, who was hers, and without her permission, he would not divulge information that shouldn't be disclosed.

    Then, Changsheng may just judge her and other sons from the sample pictures simulated by Night Wolf.

    If so, can she say it was just a coincidence, right?

    But is this the only fact?

    When Yan Bei answered the phone call from Changsheng again, she began to understand that this smasher was no longer the stupid smasher she had remembered.

    "Mom, your master sold you with a bottle of red wine. He said you have a daughter named Mo Ranxiang."

    "Also on Wang Da's side, once suddenly there was a baby named Xia Zhi called Niangqin on the phone. I asked him who your mother is, and he said it was Yan Bei."

    "There is also the magician Bolun who specially sends magic crystals to your master. Suddenly he made the wrong call. Hearing that I am your mother and your son, he immediately said that it was impossible."

    "I asked him why it was impossible. He said that a female dragon can't give birth to people, and that she has a little dragon cub."

    "...So, Mom, I think there are some things you can tell me clearly. If you don't want longevity, please tell Changsheng you don't want him..."

    "Otherwise, he will not recognize the reality, one sticks to his mother and annoys her..."

    The choking sound followed. Although Yan Bei knew that the zombie had no tears, she knew that Changsheng was crying, and her first and most caring child was crying.

    Without any hesitation, he immediately opened the door of Ten Thousand Realms and stepped in.

    As soon as she landed, a small figure rushed over, wrapped her waist tightly, and buried her head in front of her chest.

    She could feel his exertion. After more than a hundred years of growth, he was no longer the fragile little zombie back then. She hugged her with all her strength and suffocated her.

    "Cough cough cough!"

    Yan Bei coughed fiercely, and the villain in her arms was immediately startled, as if he had only realized what he had done, and hurriedly let go.

    Little face lifted up, staring at her blankly, with a hint of apology in his eyes unconsciously.

    He didn't mean it, but...too scared of losing.

    "Children, come, sit down, listen to your mother slowly tell you about your brothers and sisters." Yan Bei sat down cross-legged, patted the position beside her, and beckoned Changsheng to come over.

    He nodded, his steps seemed a little cautious, and it took him a long while to dangle next to her.

    Yan Bei knew the child was thinking too much when he saw it. He stretched out his hand and took his son directly into his arms. Ignoring his arrogant struggle, he wrapped his chin tightly on top of his head and said softly:

    "There are many brothers and sisters in Changsheng, but you are your mother's first child. If you want to see them, it won't take too long. Soon your mother can take you with you, and then you can go and meet them."

    The child in his arms stopped struggling and listened carefully to what she said, without expressing any emotions, but quietly waiting for her to continue.

    Next, Yan Bei spent more than two hours explaining what she had experienced to Changsheng with brief sentences.

    She knew that although he hadn't grown up in appearance, but his mind had already matured, he would understand these words.

    With so many brothers and sisters suddenly showing up, Changsheng was a little repulsive. He would keep asking what kind of people they were, and would keep reiterating that he was the boss, and his younger brothers and sisters would have to listen to him.

    Since then, the eldest brother Changsheng who has the appearance of a child was born. The child thought too much. Yan Bei followed him in everything. The only thing was that he was not allowed to disturb his younger brothers and sisters abruptly.

    After all, there are several worlds that she has completely broken, without any ties.

    As for the ones that can't be cut off, she will take Changsheng back to admit her one day.

    With his mother's permission, the heart that Changsheng held was finally let go, but he felt a bit wronged when he thought of so many people still wanting to share his mother's love with him.

    But the facts can't be changed, so I can only retreat and strive to become the little baby that my mother cares most about!

    Yan Bei didn't know that he was thinking about these Xiao Jiujiu in his heart. She only knew that the task reminder came, and she couldn't wait to pick it up.

    If the budget is correct, after this task is completed, she can reach level fifteen and fulfill the promise made to longevity.

    "Changsheng, I have to go, but I will be back to pick you up soon. You must take care of yourself during this period, you know?" Yan Bei touched Changsheng's hair and asked.

    Changsheng nodded obediently, got up and watched Yan Bei leave.

    Smiling at his son, Yan Bei opened the door of ten thousand realms and returned to the real world.

    Upon returning home, immediately open the system task panel to receive task indicators and script information.

    Ok, is the sense of playboys and playgirls being caught exciting?
    Well, not a match for a mother whose baby child finds out they've been cheated as an only child...Hahaha
    desperately waiting for all the gang to meet each other

    Later, she discovered that the friend interface, which was originally gray, was suddenly lit, and she seemed to be able to use the function.

    Yan Bei opened the friend interface and looked at it. It was empty and there was nothing.

    "Xiaoduo, what's the use of this friend interface? Is it used to connect to other task members?"

    "Neither!" Xiaoduo shook his head and explained, "The taskmen of the Loving Mothers and Defeat Children Project cannot communicate with each other. Your friend interface is used to contact your friends."

    "My friend? What kind of friend?" Yan Bei asked suspiciously.

    Xiaoduo blinked at Yan Bei with a smile, and reminded: "You may try to put the base machine in your hand into the friend interface."

    Hearing this, Yan Bei was feeling puzzled, and saw that a box was suddenly added to the friend's interface, which looked like it could fit into a base machine.

    "Don't hurt me!" Yan Bei warned viciously before putting the base machine on.

    Xiaoduo waved his hand repeatedly and said that he would never cheat the host, and Yan Bei tentatively put the base machine in.

    【Ding! The chat group is being established, please name the group’s owner]

    "What does this mean?" Yan Bei felt a little confused and flustered.

    She has a hunch that once this group is established, her mind will definitely explode.

    But there was no turning back arrow when he opened the bow, and it was impossible to pull out the parent machine. Yan Bei had only one option left and heeded the instructions.

    "Xiao Duo, can I fire you?" In Yin Cece's voice, Xiao Duo trembled all over, and quickly explained:

    "It's not as serious as you think, sister Beibei, if you think about it, if all the sub-machine owners are in the same group, then whatever you do, the efficiency will be many times faster than before, right?"

    "Can you still contact someone alone?" Yan Bei tried to struggle.

    "You are the owner of the group, you can @ the designated person you want to reply to, and of course you can also poke the group members privately."

    This answer did not satisfy Yan Bei, "Then how should I explain the existence of this chat group in a while?"

    You know, not everyone who owns the sub-machines knows the existence of other sub-machine owners, and all of them will appear in the same group.

    Just thinking about it is daunting!

    "I don't care, you quickly help me pull out the mother machine, this group of old ladies don't want to build it!"

    At least now she doesn't want to build it!

    Seeing the host gradually become violent, Xiaoduo was also a little panicked, and hurriedly activated his super brain, thinking about a solution frantically.

    Finally, she found a stopgap!

    "Sister Beibei, if you want to pull it out, you can't pull it out. If you don't want to explain everything now, there is only one way to automatically block the group reminder."

    "Okay, then you can do that." Yan Bei said blankly.

    "This one......"

    Yan Bei squinted over with a cold eye: "Don't tell me that a super artificial intelligence can't even handle this little thing!"

    Otherwise, what do I want you to do?

    Xiaoduo didn't dare to speak again, and nodded again and again to ensure that the task was completed perfectly!

    In this way, when everyone was ignorant, one or two all joined Yan Bei's "Don't ask who I am, I just want to be quiet" group.

    After Daiyu’s marriage, one after another good things came. First they were married in the spring, then Wang Xifeng gave birth to the second child, and then Jia’s mother’s birthday, one after another. When Yan Bei finds the time to withdraw and return to the real world, the real time is already The past week.

    When he got home, he went straight to the door of ten thousand realms without stopping, and came to the plane of longevity.

    Once you crossed the gate of ten thousand realms, you were the home of Changsheng. It seemed to be telepathic. As soon as the Yanbei arrived, Changsheng appeared.

    The appearance has not changed at all, it is still the appearance of a little boy, and at first glance, it is still as cute as before.

    "Baby, guess what good things Mom brought you?" Yan Bei asked with a smile.

    "I don't know." Changsheng came forward seriously, hugged her waist, raised his head and asked her: "Mom, are you here to take me away?"

    When I left last time, I said that I was going to take me away again when I reappeared. You must not break your promise, or I will be sad.

    Obviously, Yan Bei's mystery not only did not bring the effect she expected, but it also added to the anxiety in Changsheng's heart.

    Yan Bei didn't expect it to be such an effect, so he hurriedly reduced his joking expression, took the pass, and made it belong to longevity according to the method of use.

    With a hot forehead, Changsheng blinked big eyes in confusion, and asked blankly: "Mom, what are you doing?"

    "I'm preparing to take you away." Yan Bei touched his little head and explained: "I bought you the Plane Pass. From now on, you can always follow me."

    She squatted down, her eyes were level with him, "Now, while everything hasn't started yet, do you really want to go to other worlds with me? If you are not ready to turn your bow, if you are not mentally prepared, You can slow down a little longer."

    Changsheng didn't respond. Just when Yan Bei thought he hadn't thought about it, he suddenly laughed, said nothing, just looked at her like this.

    Yan Bei knew it when he saw this smile.

    Standing up, patted the little guy on the shoulder, "Ahem!" He cleared his throat twice, and said jokingly:

    "Okay, then you hurry up and prepare, and Mom will take you to meet your younger brothers and sisters."

    "Brothers and sisters?" Chang Sheng suddenly put a smile away, and asked in confusion, "Are they all younger than me?"

    "Well..." Yan Bei smiled. "Our family does not look at age, but only recognizes the order. You will be the eldest brother in the longevity. You have to take the responsibility of the elder brother and take good care of your younger siblings. Oh!"

    "Am I the eldest brother?" Changsheng asked, and Yan Bei nodded and admitted, with a smile exactly like Yan Bei's face.

    Then he will take good care of his brothers and sisters!

    "Okay, you go to prepare, I am waiting for you here." Yan Bei waved her hand, and lay down on the sofa in the house familiarly, planning to rest while waiting.

    Changsheng got her some food first, and then went on to prepare.

    In fact, there is nothing to prepare. The zombies are no different from human beings. They just need to be careful not to reveal their identity. Everyone knows this kind of thing, and he doesn't need to explain it specially.

    Just in order not to worry everyone, he still told everyone that he was leaving with his mother, and then he followed Yan Bei to leave under the reluctant gaze of the zombies.

    Outsiders who are not company operatives cannot directly enter other planes. Unless there are cracks in time and space, as in the previous world, outsiders will be excluded from the space and be directly obliterated.

    The existence of the pass is to give outsiders a reasonable identity and avoid the tragedy of spatial xenophobia.

    However, people with a pass like Changsheng do not have the ability to directly travel through time and space, and the strength to resist the pressure of the law of time and space.

    So this time it has to look at Yan Bei.

    Wanjiemen can provide the space-time shuttle function, and the growth space she bought not long ago also gives Changsheng a protective place that can resist the pressure of the time-space shuttle law.

    The two complement each other, and it becomes easy for Yan Bei to bring longevity to other planes.

    The space can contain living things, naturally including the corpse. Yan Bei arranges Changsheng to stay in the space, and then takes the space to cross the Ten Thousand Realm Gate together to the third mission world she has ever visited.

    She can't bring Changsheng to the real world, even if someone else is in the space bracelet on her wrist, she can't escape the space and come to the real world.

    So, without thinking about it, Yan Bei brought him to this plane.

    Because in this plane, there is a child who she once promised is still waiting for him.

    She has been in time and space for hundreds of years, and she doesn't know how many years have passed since this world. If the flow of time is the same as that of Changsheng, then she is not sure that the arrogant boy Nanting Bai is still alive.

    But before she left, the kid was cultivating immortals with his master. Maybe he was talented and could live a few hundred years longer than ordinary people?

    At the moment he landed, Yan Bei thought about thousands of possibilities in his mind, but when he landed on the ground, all speculations turned into worries.

    Looking at the brightly lit classical building in front of him, Yan Bei only glanced at the exposed girls, and Yan Bei immediately stopped his action to bring Changsheng out of the space.

    "Yo~, lady, our Zuixianlou only caters to male guests, not female guests."

    Zuixianlou’s mother held her arms in front of Yan Bei, looked her up and down, and saw that she was dressed in weird clothes although there was no naked flesh, and asked in confusion:

    "Miss, where did you come from? This is the first time I have seen you dressed like you!"

    Yan Bei did not answer, turned her head and looked around, saw the exit, turned around and left without saying a word.

    "Ohhhhhhh! Don't go in a hurry, let's have a chat~"

    Mother Zuixianlou chased for two steps and didn't catch up. She secretly said a strange sound. It was only an accident, and she hurriedly greeted the guests with a few words, and did not take it seriously.

    "Mom, where was it just now?"

    Suddenly a curious question from Changsheng appeared on the bracelet, and Yan Bei hurriedly pulled down his sleeves and looked around, confirming that there was no one in the alley, before and after, and then replied in a relaxed tone:

    "It's not something, Changsheng, we are here, but if you want to be obedient, can you do it?"

    Changsheng nodded again and again: "Jiangsheng listens to his mother the most, of course it can be done! Mom, you let me out quickly."

    He can't wait to take a look at this new world.

    18th: Doomsday [END 660]
    First time bringing Changsheng

    19th: Mother-in-law if Cixi [END 705]

    20th: Four-dimensional daughter [END 741]
    Changsheng + Bai NanTing

    21: Eunuch [END 792]

    22: VR game [END 828]

    23: Abducted daughter-in-law [END 862]

    24: Xianxia [END 904]
    Changsheng + Bai NanTing + Dumpling

    25: Women respect [END 935]

    26: Su Daji [END 972]

    27: Entertainment circle [END 1017]

    28: Mother of the wolf boy [END 1042/ 1055]
    Failure/ Restart

    "Who are you? How did you come in?" Yan Bei asked sternly, standing at the door of the room.

    She is going to the property to make a complaint, how can anyone enter her home!

    The person sitting on the sofa moved, and turned sideways slightly, Yan Bei could immediately feel a playful gaze falling on him.

    But the other party's entire face was hidden under the hood, and she couldn't see the other party's face at all.

    A pair of white hands came out of the black cloak, holding something in his hand, Yan Bei looked at it tightly, and immediately took out a few square scarfs and held them tightly in his hands, just in case.

    However, never expected, the other party put his hand on the coffee table, "click", and a silver key appeared on the table.

    Hiss~, the key is very familiar, it seems, as if, is the key to her house!

    "Who are you? Why do you have the key to my house?" Yan Bei frowned, but instinctively told her that this person must be someone she knew.

    "The house I bought, of course I have the key."

    A deep voice floated out of the cloak, Yan Bei's eyes widened in vain when he heard the voice, and looked at the dark shadow on the sofa in disbelief. His mouth opened, but he couldn't shout.

    "I heard that you have been locked in the void for fifty years, how about it? Do you have any feelings to say?"

    The black hood was removed, revealing a beautiful face, and her black eyes squinted at her, full of schadenfreude.

    Seeing this playful expression, Yan Bei's whole body was trembling violently, as if there was something in her mind that was rushing out crazily, making her a headache.

    The soul body suddenly became distorted, and Yan Bei could not see her own situation.

    But this situation ended after a few seconds.

    Yan Bei leaned on the door frame, raised her eyes to the man on the sofa, and was surprised to find that her missing memory came back...

    When she was just born, she opened her eyes, and what she saw was not her mother or Lao Yan, but the person in front of her.

    When she was one year old, my mother pulled the person in front of her and pointed to this person and said, "My parents are going to go out to play for a few days. Please listen to your sister and don't be naughty."

    After that, he said to her sister: "Don't take your sister around, if she is frightened by some monsters, I will come back to see that I won't take care of you!"

    It’s a pity that my mother’s vicious advice didn’t work. My sister not only took her to the Yin Cao’s underworld, but also led her to a place called Chaos Apartment, and threw her to three handsome men who were so angry. With.

    The reason why she threw her to the three men so much was because those friends in the underworld seemed unwilling to take children.

    By the way, there is also Cui Xiaoshan, no! It should be called Brother Xiaoshan!

    He actually played a ghost and teased her for a long time!

    Of course, later, he was also thrown into the Wangchuan River by his sister to soak for three days and three nights, which can be regarded as helping her avenge her revenge.

    In her childhood, because of her sister, there were not only monsters and monsters, but also weird toys that normal humans couldn't get.

    Many, many, piled up the entire room, flying to escape, omnipotent.

    However, such strange memories only reached the age of six. After the age of six, all these things suddenly disappeared overnight.

    Even if she hadn't remembered this memory now, they wouldn't exist in her original memory.

    In her original memory, she was just an ordinary child, going to school, going home, and doing homework, accustomed to the loneliness of her parents traveling far away.

    But now, she knew that she was not alone.

    She forgot just because there were some fragmentary memories.

    While other little girls are showing off around with plastic fairy sticks bought for ten dollars, she has already experienced the pleasure of change.

    When other children boasted that they saw a fairy, and the fairy was about to put a pair of wings on herself, she was already flying freely over the black city.

    When she comes home, although her parents are not at home, she can always eat warm meals.

    Before going to bed at night, she always fell asleep in a warm embrace.

    It's just ridiculous that in her original memory, these were done by the nanny hired by her parents.

    Fortunately, her memories are now back.

    Yan Bei walked out of the room and frowned as she looked at the woman in black leaning on the sofa with Erlang's legs upright.

    "Sister!" She looked at her in shock, "Are you dead too?"

    This has no other meaning, it's just a literal meaning.

    Otherwise, apart from death, none of this can be explained.

    "You are the same as me?" Are all the company's staff?

    As soon as he asked, Yan Bei shook his head sharply: "No, if you die, how did you show up at home?"

    Tao Bao looked at her confused look and couldn't help laughing, "Hahaha! You are really stupid, kid!"

    She stood up, pulled off her cloak, and asked jokingly, "I'm all dressed like this, can't you see it?"

    The black cheongsam outlines her bumpy figure, and the golden dark lines accentuate her dominance. The ankle-length skirt is covered with golden runes, and the walking is looming and mysterious.

    The golden high-heeled shoe upper is even more noble, echoing the golden crown in the bun, and the powerful aura of the upper person is rushing towards his face.

    This dress... looks like boss Dove!

    Do not! Different!

    The black cheongsam on Boss Duowei is not as delicate as this one, and the things on his head are not as powerful as this golden crown.

    But it is undeniable that there are many similarities between the two, as if they are a series.

    Thinking of this, Yan Bei was really shocked, her mouth opened and closed, closed and opened, and it took a long while to make her own voice.

    "Sister, you won't be the senior in my company?" Yan Bei asked in surprise.

    Tao Bao walked slowly in front of her. She was half a head taller than her in high heels. With that strong aura, Yan Bei standing in front of her looked like a child.

    She stretched out her hand and rubbed her head vigorously, curled her lips and smiled: "This head is not too stupid."

    "Yes, I'm your boss's boss, but I don't count as the senior in the company, I can only be regarded as a little better than you."

    Yan Bei: Sorry, from this sentence, I can't hear a trace of humility!

    "Surprise?" Tao Bao asked with a smile while rubbing Yan Bei's chicken coop.

    "What am I going to be surprised?" Yan Bei looked at the real woman in front of her with a grievance, waved to take the messy hand off her head, but she couldn't reach it!

    Tao Bao easily avoided her waved hand, and said proudly: "Of course I am surprised that I will have a backer in the future."

    Hearing this, Yan Bei was about to smile with surprise, but she changed her conversation and said:

    "Don't be delusional! Your department is not under my control. I just come to see if you are doing well, and don't think about the others."

    Yan Bei: Anger! Without such big ups and downs!

    However, she still has many questions to ask.

    "Sister, are you alive or dead now? What about your parents? I always feel that my family is unusual now~" Yan Bei smiled trivially.

    It's a pity that a burst of chestnut "boom" knocked down, directly shattering her pride.

    "You'd better not be proud. The world is much bigger than you think. The identity of the old mother and the old fellow Hades is not worth mentioning."

    Tao Bao shook his hand, and was finally willing to let go of his sister's chicken coop, turned and sat on the sofa, patted the empty seat next to him, and signaled Yan Bei to sit over.

    Looking at her posture, Yan Bei thinks she is like the master here.


    She is!

    Yan Bei, who clearly realized that she was a poor ghost, was depressed, but she was still very happy that she was able to see her family in the Yin Cao Difu.

    Sit down next to her sister, quietly put her head on the other's shoulder, and snickered frequently.

    Tao Bao shook his head helplessly, letting her do this, and slowly speaking about his own experience.

    Yan Bei never knew before that it was so difficult to live alone.

    The most powerful mother in the family is actually the most ordinary person in the family.

    It turns out that Tao Bao was Yan Bei's half-sister. After Tao's father passed away, only Wu Yulan was left to pull Tao Bao up.

    Once unemployed accidentally, Tao Bao, who went out to play in a stall, saw a job advertisement on the road. By chance, he became a member of the company.

    At first, like Yan Bei, she was the lowest receptionist in the company. After her unremitting efforts, she finally got rid of her status as a receptionist and grew up step by step to become a manager.

    It is also because of Tao Bao's identity that Yan Wang and Wu Yulan, two people who are not on the same level, can meet and form a marriage, giving birth to Yan Bei, a family favorite.

    It is a pity that the combination of man and immortal has greatly restricted Xiao Yanbei's aptitude.

    Although the sister Tao Bao, who is the administrator of the company, can solve this problem completely, the whole family thought that this child had grown up smoothly since childhood. He had not suffered any hardship, so he endured the pain of separation and put Yan away. Bei was sent to the Palace of the King of Hades.

    After that, what companies need to recruit people, and the projects of Loving Mothers and Losers, are actually all arranged by Tao Bao behind the scenes.

    Parents’ beloved sons have far-reaching plans.

    They always hope that their children can get the best of everything, but they also know that in this process, there are still many sufferings to bear. As parents, all they can do is encouragement.

    Unless they really miss their children, Yan Wang and Wu Yulan will not easily appear in the mission world to interfere with Yan Bei's mission.

    Although they are not a pair of particularly competent parents, the love they give to their children is the same as other parents.

    "So, sister, you are all alive, why did you kill me?" Yan Bei asked inexplicably after listening to Tao Bao's explanation.

    Tao Bao touched her head sympathetically, and said quietly, "Because I am happy."

    Because I am happy?

    "Speaking of this, won't your conscience hurt, sister?"

    Tao Bao shrugged: "No, not only not, but it's a little bit pretty~"
    "I want to go home..."

    The joyous atmosphere turned sharply, and Yan Bei suddenly reached out and hugged the person next to him, and muttered:

    "I'm so old. This is the first time I have been away from home for so long. It always feels like centuries have passed. I miss friends, classmates, and the little black cat in our community yard."

    "Fool, am I not here?" Tao Bao dug out Yan Bei who was buried in his arms amusedly. Yan Bei wanted to drill in, so he directly asked her to hold him back.

    "Don't make trouble, you are so embarrassed to be such a big person?"

    "I understand your feelings, but you are much more comfortable than I was back then." A helpless smile appeared on his lips, and Tao Bao seriously exhorted:

    "I will rarely show up in the future. Don't miss me too much. Work hard. Take the time to change your body and return to the world. Then you can go home."

    After speaking, he patted Yan Bei on the shoulder, got up and left.

    "Sister!" Yan Bei hurriedly reached out and took her hand, and asked pleadingly, "Can't you stay with me for a while?"

    After asking, she thought the answer she got would be what she wanted, because in her memory, her sister had never refused any request from her since she was a child.

    However, Yan Bei didn't know that she was no longer the cute little loli back then, but an adult.

    Therefore, this trick is invalid.

    "No." Tao Bao pulled her hand away, and when she saw that she was still close to her, he hurriedly raised his hand and stopped: "Don't move! Sit down!"

    Yan Bei heard her words and immediately let go and sat down like a reflex.

    "Sister, what exactly does our company do?" Seeing that the retention of people could not be achieved, Yan Bei could only take the opportunity to ask something beneficial to him.

    It seemed that she had never expected that she would ask such in-depth questions. Tao Bao raised his eyebrows and jokingly said:

    "This kind of thing is not something your kids should worry about. Finish your own work. When you get to my position, you will naturally understand."

    "Of course, if you want to give up this job after changing your body, I will also support you. I can't do other things, but this thing can still be done." Tao Bao added.

    When Yan Bei heard this, her brows tightened, always feeling that things are not that simple, and curiously asked:

    "Sister, just tell me a little bit. I've long wondered why our company made this loss-making business? Is it for charity?"

    "Charity?" Tao Bao gave her this simple silly smile, but who said this fool is her own sister, what else can she do besides spoiling her!

    "Little devil, sister can warn you, don't have such heavy curiosity, there are some things that people at your level don't need to know."

    Even she knew the purpose of the company's operations.

    At first she thought it was a purely profit-making company, but when she climbed to this position step by step, she realized that things are not that simple.

    And she had long regretted that she knew this secret, which was not a secret.

    "Well, I also have something to be busy, you have something to solve by yourself, and talk about it when you can't solve it."

    Tao Bao waved his hand and opened the door of Ten Thousand Realms to leave. Before entering the door, he turned his head and said to Yan Bei uneasy:

    "Be obedient, don't think about things that you shouldn't think about. Sister hopes you are happy."

    Although she had a smile on her face when she spoke, her tone was serious. Yan Bei believed her naturally and immediately nodded, indicating that she would never think about it again.

    Seeing this, Tao Bao was relieved to leave.

    Yan Bei watched the Wanjie Gate close in front of him, and finally disappeared. He looked around the room and found that the key on the coffee table was gone.

    I think it should be taken away when my sister left.

    "Huh~" With a long sigh, Yan Bei fell on the sofa, looking at the dark ceiling, feeling a little complicated.

    Say happy, indeed happy.

    Can you say that you are not happy, there is indeed a hint of melancholy.

    "Xiao Duo, when do you think I will be as good as my sister?" Yan Bei asked doubtfully, fiddle with her messy hair.

    Xiaoduo, who hadn't made a sound since Tao Bao appeared, finally dared to make a sound. It floated out of the system space and sat on the edge of the coffee table. After holding his arms and thinking about it for a while, he replied:

    "Sister Beibei, as an operative who comes in through the back door, it's better not to think about this kind of problem."

    "Why?" Yan Bei expressed dissatisfaction. She went through the back door, but didn't she work hard?

    "Do you have it?" Xiao Duo stood up suddenly and asked with her arms akimbo: "Do you like a job? Do you love it? Have you been serious about it?"

    Her host is different from Sister Tao. Sister Tao loves her job and feels fun in it.

    But what about her host? Never been serious!

    "You just want to go home." Xiaoduo ruthlessly broke through the disguise of his host.

    "What's more, before Sister Tao appeared today, you were never curious about the company you worked for. You didn't like this job..."

    Don't like me either. Xiaoduo added melancholy in her heart.

    After finishing speaking, she found that her host was silent, so she hurriedly looked up, only to find that she didn't know when she actually took a necklace in her hand.

    The material of the necklace is ordinary hemp rope, but the pendant is the hook teeth of a python.

    " still keep this!" Xiaoduo asked in surprise.

    Yan Bei nodded, handed the necklace to her, and smiled: "I said I will give it to you when it is done, but you seem to be unable to wear this string of data, so...I'll wear it myself, say My wicked guy!"

    "I don't have one, who said I can't wear it! You put it down for me, this is mine!" Xiaoduo rushed over excitedly, but unfortunately she can only pass through Yan Bei's palm and can't touch her hand at all. In kind.

    " bully me! Yan Bei, you bully me!" Xiaoduo collapsed instantly when she couldn't get anything, and pointed at Yan Bei's nose angrily, trying to poke her to death.

    Unfortunately, what can she do with her bunch of data?

    She has nothing to do with her!

    "Oh, are you still crying?" Yan Bei stopped wearing the necklace and looked at Xiaoduo, who had collapsed her face in surprise. Although there were no tears coming out, she looked like she was crying.

    "Huh!" Xiao Duo said, she left her alone!

    This is the first time Yan Bei has seen her so humane. While shocked, she felt guilty and hurriedly passed the necklace to her, cautiously coaxing:

    "I just teased you, how can I think of you taking it seriously? By the way, you said you can wear it? How do you wear it?"

    Xiaoduo didn't say a word, but she still glanced at the necklace she handed over. Yan Bei coaxed for a while, and then she angrily pointed to the coffee table and said, "You put it down, I can do it myself."

    29: My devil son is gay [END 1099]

    30: [END 1135]

    31: [END 1177]

    32: [END 1198]

    Going home happily, Yan Bei moved out her inventory, red wine and spicy bars, nestled in the sofa, ready to enjoy this rare holiday.

    But things are counterproductive. When you want to be alone, you will always be disturbed by sudden accidents of one kind or another.

    No, just as Yan Bei picked up the tall glass, the system panel jumped out before the red wine touched her lips.

    Since this situation only occurred when the mission was released before, Yan Bei's first reaction thought it was a new mission.

    But soon, the "chat dialog" that appeared suddenly told her that the matter might be more serious than she thought.

    I only heard a crisp sound of Ding, and then the following dialogue appeared on the chat panel?

    [Star Heng No. 6]: What is this?

    [One Changsheng]: Who are you?

    [Tailang No.4]: What is this? Who is talking?

    [Kiki No. 8]:? ? ?

    [No. 9 dumpling]: Wow! Uncle Changsheng! (⊙o⊙)!

    [Wang Da No. 2]: Are you there, master? The subordinates are a little flustered...

    【No. 5 Dragon One】:.......

    [No. 7 Night Wolf]: Does this phone have group chat function? Hello everyone, I am a newcomer, please take care of me!

    [No. 3 Bolun]: Yan Bei! You won’t answer the phone, you won’t reply if you send a text message, believe it or not, I will stew your son!

    Seeing the chat message "Ding Ding Ding" pop out, Yan Bei's goblet could no longer be elegantly held in her hand. As the force of her hand gradually loosened, "Ba Chi" fell to the ground and the bright red wine flowed. In one place.

    Of course, this can't be exchanged for a woman who is in a state of extreme shock.

    The news was still jumping out "Ding Ding Ding", the information was 99+ minutes, Yan Bei was shocked to see, a small memory forgotten in the corner was stimulated by this, and returned to the right track.

    It seems, it seems...When the mother machine merged with the system, she accidentally built a group, and because it has been useless, she almost forgot its existence.

    She still vaguely remembered that she gave this group a very long, very long name...Don't ask who I am, I just want to quiet the group...

    【Ding! Call from handset number one! 】

    【Ding! Call from handset 6! 】

    【Ding! Phone number 4 is calling! 】

    【Ding! Phone number three is calling! 】


    Very good, the phone has been blown up!

    Yan Bei immediately regained consciousness, and hurriedly cleaned up the stains on the ground, pretending that he did not hear the call reminder.

    When it's over, why is she so panicked? Does this prove that something bad is about to happen?

    "Sister Beibei, I think you should stand up and explain at this time, or the whole group will be banned, otherwise this group will be blown up by your two sons soon." Xiaoduo floated out, looking sympathetically This messy woman couldn't help shaking her head.

    If she hadn't seen it with her own eyes, she couldn't believe that her host would still be so panicked.

    It's a pity that escaping from reality is not worth it!

    In the group, Xing Heng suddenly realized that he had "other brothers and sisters", and even a niece and an unmarried father who didn't know where they were playing. While confused, he was even more angry.

    [Xingheng]: Longevity, right? You said that you are my mother's son, and you have the ability to send out your genetic test report!

    Xingheng, who has always been known for his dark-bellied and cool-headedness in the army, lost his mind for the first time as he is now. If it hadn't been for not knowing where that bold and daring longevity was, he might have already killed him in a warship!

    [Night Wolf]: Little Master, don't worry, there may be a misunderstanding.

    Ye Lang kindly persuaded him. Although he was still full of greetings now, he was at least better than Xingheng, because he had been in contact with Wang Da and Lang Sandao, and they had business dealings.

    Of course, at the beginning, I thought that this group was a business exchange group established by Yan Bei, so I was so calm.

    But I never expected that the people here except the two he knew, the other identities were so amazing!

    The eldest had other children unexpectedly, tusk tusk, think about it, it feels exciting.

    [Changsheng]: Xingheng, right? I heard my mother mention you, only once. I remember it all, my dear brother! (Gritting teeth)

    [Xingheng]: Mom only mentioned me once? ! (Fried hair)

    [Changsheng]: Yes, my dear brother. (Tsundere face)

    [Xingheng]: This gentleman, please pay attention to your wording and don't misrecognize your relatives. After all, there will be no fool like you with a negative IQ in my relatives!

    [Changsheng]: There is a kind, you say it again! (Threat)

    [Xingheng]: Ha ha!

    [Changsheng]: Dear brother, you are waiting for me, I will come to you and give me the most sincere care. (Sneer)

    "Sister Beibei, Changsheng's call is coming again, are you sure you really don't want to answer it?" Xiaoduo said helplessly, pointing to the call reminder interface that popped up.

    Yan Bei, who was in shock, finally recovered, and his IQ, which had fallen to a negative value due to panic, quickly returned to a normal value.

    "Connect, I think I have to explain..."

    "Mom! Come here and take me to meet the guy named Xingheng. I want to suck his blood, eat his flesh, and turn him into the lowest level walking dead!"

    "Sorry, Xiaoduo, you should cut off the phone." Yan Bei said sincerely.

    "Okay! My host." Xiaoduo smiled and hung up the phone without hesitation, "Well, the world is finally quiet now."

    Yan Bei frowned, she might not see it.

    Look, Xingheng's call is coming again.

    "Pick up or not?" Xiaoduo asked with a smile, playing his role as a customer service conscientiously.

    "No answer." Yan Bei directly closed the call interface and opened the chat group with a strong smell of gunpowder.

    [All members are silenced for 30 minutes]

    Everyone in the group: I'm so angry, but I still have to keep smiling.

    [Group owner]: Ahem, before I explain, I hope everyone will take a look at our group name.

    "I just want to be quiet, don't ask me who Jingjing is." Xiaoduo said with a smile from the side, successfully winning a big slap in the face of Yan Bei.

    After slapped Xiaoduo into the system space, Yan Bei continued to speak in the group.

    [Group owner]: First of all, the existence of this group is a mistake. Secondly, once the group is established, it cannot be deleted. Finally, if you have any questions, please ask one by one. Language package!

    [Group leader]: For the above three points, I will make one last addition.

    [Group leader]: Do you give me peace of mind for my mother!

    [All members' mute has been lifted, group members can speak at will]

    The silence was lifted, and there was a strange silence in the group.

    Yan Bei raised her eyebrows, wondering if the old lady is the legendary King of the Cold Field?

    [Group leader]: Why don't you talk?


    Still deathly silence.

    Yan Bei raised her eyebrows and waited patiently. Finally, five minutes later, someone appeared first.

    [Changsheng]: I know everything, there is nothing to explain from my mother~ (satisfied)

    [Xingheng]: Who is your mother? Could this gentleman pay attention to your own name!

    [Night Wolf]: Master calmly!

    [Xingheng]: I can't calm down now, even if the enemy's ships are destroyed by me, I can't calm down!

    [Group leader]: What group chat are you watching on the battlefield! Go to war!

    [Xingheng]: Mom, you don’t love me anymore...

    [Group owner]: Obedient, I will explain all your doubts when you return to the camp.

    [Xingheng]: All right, but before that, mom, can you tell me who the guy named Changsheng is?

    [Group leader]: Your eldest brother.

    Seeing this answer, Xingheng, who was sitting in the driver's seat, almost spewed out a mouthful of old blood, and received tons of crit in his heart!

    The adjutant stood tremblingly behind him, seeing the gloomy face of the self-administrator from the reflector of the display, and looking at the enemy planes that were bombarded into scum outside the window. For the first time, the tyranny against the self-administrator Intuitive experience.

    Xingheng ignored the adjutant's shocked expression, and gave the order to break through at full speed, striving to end the battle as quickly as possible, and then returned to the camp to answer his doubts.

    Yan Bei couldn't escape when he came, and finally Yan Bei spent a lot of energy to answer their doubts to everyone in the group.

    Of course, it should be said or not, she knew everything in her heart, except for Changsheng, everyone else only knew what Yan Bei wanted them to know.

    However, everyone knows this part, even if you don't know it, you guessed it, so I'm not interested in it.

    After all, they are interested in their relationship with Yan Bei, not anything else.

    Yan Bei wanted to cry without tears. At this moment, she wanted someone who could control these guys to help herself watch them.

    It's a pity that, except for Wang Da, Night Wolf, and Long Yi, the others who currently have sub-machines are not taking care of them. .

    Yan Bei feels a headache, but life has to go on, what can she do? She is also desperate!

    There was no way, but to write a few group rules in the group with his remaining deterrent power, and this temporarily controlled the situation.

    After some tossing, the day passed by like this, the group news was still tinkling, but Yan Bei was already tired to sleep.

    Wake up early in the morning, the world is finally quiet, but Yan Bei knows that this short silence will soon be broken.

    [Tuanzi]: Grandma and grandma, what are you doing? Supplement: Grandpa asked me to ask, he is embarrassed, hehe, he obviously cares about grandma~

    As soon as this remark came out, Yan Bei knew that the group was about to explode again.

    Forced to ask three in a row!

    [Xingheng]: Grandpa? Name, age, race!

    [Tuanzi]: Uncle Xingheng, his grandfather's name is Moni, I don’t know how old he is, um...It’s a sea clan, a very big octopus~

    [Xingheng]: Mom, I didn't expect your taste to exceed my expectations every time.

    [Xingheng]: Daily self-defeating and abandoning...

    "Hey~" Yan Bei sighed, and completely collapsed on the sofa and couldn't get up.

    "Xiao Duo, can I block group news?" She asked helplessly.

    Xiaoduo floated out, and kindly pointed out the way, "Sister Beibei, the assistant's suggestion is that all members are silent."

    Hearing this yin-yang weird tone, Yan Bei couldn't help but squinted at her, and said in a bad mood: "Can you speak well!"

    "Okay~" Xiaoduo smiled jokingly, and hurriedly hid in the system space before Yan Bei became angry to avoid being cleaned up.

    The assistant's tone was indeed weird, but the proposal was excellent.

    Yan Bei opened the group management and directly set the mute of all members, and finally heaved a sigh of relief when he heard the ding ding ding message that no longer sounded in his ears.

    "Ah...The world is finally quiet."

    33: Xianyi: My son is a scientist [END 1219]

    34: Your mother called you home for dinner [END 1253]

    35: The end of seventy: On the self-cultivation of stepmother [END 1286]

    36: Interstellar: Husband she is a woman [END 1326]

    37: Since ancient times, the madman comes out of the boy [END 1355]

    38: Heavenly Dynasty: Aliens have a hundred ways to eat [END 1400]

    39: The best peasant concubine [END 1432]

    40: Robot you don't understand love [END 1465]

    41: Last generation: it is a little golden dragon [END 1502]

    42: In those years when the game hall was opened in the wild [END 1541]
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    Is there no after story?? it ends just like that each arc?
    It cliffhanger
  8. NightmareSeller

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    Well, some arcs end just like that, especially when her children are normal humans and/or have other family members that they care for other than MC or choose to get married.
    But for other children, like the first arc zombie king, and the third child she comes back gives them the pass ticket, and takes them away, traveling to some of the mission worlds together. [The two babysitter big brothers, hahaha] and looking for opportunities to increase their strength and life span. Even in the last chapter, she had taken them to her workplace and they are still together. MC even herself says that she can never let go of her first child [the zombie king].
    But well, you see the time that MC gets the power to come back to the first world, is hundred years later, and when she comes back the little zombie king [Still in his 8-9-year-old body (He can't grow up)] holds his mother's doll and talks with it. When MC asks him if he can let go of this world and goes with her, not even a bit of hesitation [Remeber, when MC left the child's favorability for his mother was 150/100 yes more than the favorability meter, and after that, it's not shown as he's not MC's target but surely it has risen to a terrifying level]
    For him mother is all, if I'm with mother then all is good.
    The third child is not as intense as the first one and although he doesn't care about love and his 18 concubines, he also likes his master, but what makes him special is that when facing the opportunity to cultivate immortal he wanted to do it with his mother, and when he knew that his mother couldn't he preferred to not do so as if he did, he needed to do it in privet and it would even take away his short time with mother, basically he was too attached to his mother to be able to let go of the mortal world. Even when MC asked him to do so, he would always come out of quickly and only be relaxed when his mother was still there. In the end, MC needed to leave that world when he was practicing but left him a letter that if he does well she comes back, when she came back it was 60 years later and the child was still waiting. [Well, MC nearly gave him a fright, as she was with his older brother [that he didn't know of his existence, and the 8-9-year-old big bro zombie king was giving him candy, yes the child kinda went to the verge of autism, but his rebellion of wanting to be the eldest brother was tragically defeated after being bitten to the point of doubting life by Changsheng [Little zombie king] after that every time MC couldn't take them to the mission world, these two cheap brothers were together. One time MC left them for a mission and was completely shocked why chang sheng hasn't contacted her. In the end she, herself contacted them and found chang sheng was wrong, even when MC teleported to the world they were staying, Changsheng for the first time ran away instead of hugging MC which shooked MC as it turned out, Changsheng has cut his cultivator brother [Bai nanting]'s hair into a short hairstyle when he was sleeping and the little brother has been crying, hidden in his blanket. meanwhile MC's thought: Let make a barbershop for Changsheng, hahaha. If the thousand-year bullied child of the family knew, he would have doubted life.
    So, yes. It's not a cliffhanger but a family. [But well, most of the arcs don't have such a follow-up, but well, it's not like a cliffhanger either, whether it was needed for MC to answer her children deep love she did, and most other children either weren't deeply connected to MC and could go on with their own life or had other things that connected them to the world making them incapable of letting go of them for the sake of being with their mother, the first brother that Changsheng raised personally with MC, refused to leave with them as he saw himself responsible for his world, and in many situations when MC even hadn't left the mission world her children had been so over the cloud for their wife/husband that they kind of forgot MC] at the end the family of four, MC and three sons with the mentality of the mother is all, what is a daughter-in-law or any other person? all is family of mama, are permanently together and other children have their own lives. [The three being, the forever mother-son, little zombie king chang sheng, the second brother Bai Nanting who after his master death [come to think of it, even in one point MC was like, either your old mama or master? Bai NanTing: Master MC: ...] is a complete mother's son, he could even let go of immortality and go against his master wishes for his mother but it's like asking a child whether you like your mother more or your father, I personally truely can't answer this question, in peace times the answer is always mother but if truly a day come for me to choose, I prefer throwing myself into the ocean, I can never choose] and MC also could both understand his son's mentality and feel his deep love for mother, as so she didn't embrace him, and never took him away as long as his master was alive, no, she just throw Changsheng at the two of them and ran, hahaha. Returning after Changsheng notice of my brother isn't good, his master is gone, which MC comforted Bai Nanting and then took her sons away. The poorest one is the third child, the monkey king, he has always there, no one noticed him, at the end he had to face the reality of his mother having other children and that he is not the boss [first child] hahaha
    [Little monkey king: Mom after years of trying to broke my eggshell and rush to you, this is what I get??? but what can be done mother is the king] ]
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    I see, thank you for replying!
    I'm happy there is some after story, I will continue to read it
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    Just so you later don't feel as cheated as me, In arc 21, MC falls in love with one of the natives [The head eunuch, hahaha] and gets married to him, and even buys the universal pass for him, so she can take him away. But the guy dies on the day of their marriage and before she's able to give him the pass. So from then on, there is a tendency for CP [WTF!! I'm angrey] and although it's still no CP, the type changes to the situation of "Oh, I'm just a passerby in their life. Let's don't have emotional debt" meaning Type 2a. Yes, a bit disappointing. [Let me tell you, MC herself is in the underworld, even if the guy is dead she can truly find him, but she doesn't. This also proves that she doesn't have that much deep feeling for him as she claims. All the things of I'm a company employee and so on are nonsense in my eye, I said she's not the type that will retreat if she truly wants something] and yes, in the extra we'll know what happened to MC's lover in arc 21 after death. Tao Bao just pitted him to death, making him the companies sla*ve. [Hmp, who told you to covert my sister] but in one of the mission worlds he encounters MC but before things heat up he's taken away by his system and it has an open ending whether MC can ever find him again, or if they can be together for a day before the sister-control Tao Bao finds a way to erase him from the universe. [Being Tao Bao's brother-in-law is a high danger job]
    But to be honest, I think the author herself didn't want a CP at all, and all of these are fan services for the readers that like this theme. After all, the reader base of QT is much larger than No CP lovers. I can understand her economic approach, and feel how she tries to save her No CP tag while doing fan service.
    But even so, although the author's approach does not harm the No CP tag that much, I just wanted to flip my desk.
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    If I wasnt warned, I think I will feel cheated and doubt it wasnt No CP!
    Thank you for warning

    Tao Bao such a siscom xDD
    Same as Yanchen idk what he will be.. he is such yandere siscom