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    A fairly new web novel! It only has 6 completed arcs and 506 chapter as of today. The female protagonist is really clever and really cold. Like the title says, the transmigrator is Su Daji. Daji was the favorite consort of King Zhou of Shang, the last king of the Shang dynasty in ancient China. She is portrayed as a malevolent fox spirit in legends as well as novels. Her identification as a fox spirit seems to have originated from at least the Tang dynasty (taken from Wikipedia).

    Title: 快穿苏妲己:男神,撩一个!
    Author: 香蕉不拿拿

    Summary: (R15, I guess?)
    The dynasty's enchantress, Su Daji, is alive! Binding with the "Stunning Beauty System," her task is to bring the male god to his knees.
    Su Da Ji with a serious face: I want a more difficult task, change the male god to someone who sleeps everywhere.
    System: ......
    Immortal Su: I calculated it, Heaven has instructed us to double repair.
    Campus Su: The recent homework is a bit difficult, I hope you can give me an in-depth tutoring in person.
    Star Su: Watching you dive is so much better. Do we have to obey the rules?
    The male god who was smashed 10,000 times is cold and abstinent, but his hands unmistakably pressed her snowy waist.

    1. Abstinent Prosecutor
    2. President, Please Wear this Green Hat
    3. There Will Always Be a Lovely Concubine to Assasinate Me
    4. Iceberg Immortial, Double Repair?
    5. Little Delinquent Girl, Military Marriage?
    6. Sick Younger Brother, Play With Your Heart?

    All arcs are BE, and the great Su Daji will always leave coldly and cruelly. It's fun! She's a nine-tailed fox and has lived for thousands of years so she's very methodical and detached.

    (I am in no way literate in Chinese so the titles and summary may be mistranslated)
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    Is this still ongoing?
    Someone please spoiler arc 1
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    I was hooked up by summary. But drop at arc 2, it's too angst, I hate male lead, he is so disgusting and spoiled brat scum that look down people. I suspect he don't have IQ, he is biased and doesn't think correctly. Feel sad for original host who madly love ml but was tortured by him. I feel annoying by mc action, she only think of medicine to sleep ml. I Feel that She didn't abused ml in 2 arc too.
    Feel pity for mc to have male lead like him who is arrogant and disgusting.
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    Pls make an arc 3 & 5 summary :blobpeek:
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    I tried to make a summary of arc 1 and midway through, I realized I actually don't know how to make a summary . I'm like 3k words in and I'm still at the middle (come on, me). I might just finished that and upload it here when I'm done. It's going to be like a shorter ver. translation of the novel. I'm hoping sometime in the future, a translator would take this up.

    And, yes! It's still ongoing. Author uploads everyday (usually 3-5 chapters) and sometimes, even twice a day!
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    I'll post the "summary" (aka shorter ver of translation) once I'm done with it, if no one still translated this at that time. I love Arc 5 so I'll probably do that first. ML was so pitiful I actually wished Su Daji would let up with the abuse (of course she didn't lol).
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    Truth. It was my least favorite arc, too. I also think ML got off with the lightest abuse. All the suffering was at the end (ML wasn't able to sleep for a week because of Su Daji, haha served him right). I think the arcs are getting better, though. And Su Daji's machinations and foresight is leveling-up.
    Recently, she had been making plans to brush up ML's feelings AFTER her death, which is all kinds of heartbreaking
    It's going to be much more angsty(?), though, I hope you'll give this another chance, more Su Daji fans is needed ☺️
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    Read the arc one Keke satisfied my inner sadist :blobowoevil_horns::blobowoevil::blobowoevil_horns::sushi_yes:
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    Heads up: 6k+ words. I had too much fun. There might be mistakes here and there. Excuse them, please~!

    Arc 1 opened with Su Mi (our Su Daji) being interrogated by a prosecutor, Fu Jinyan (our ML), as the accomplice who helped the criminal they were chasing, Wang Dafu, escaped and hid from the police. Chen Xiaoyi (the FL), was in the room, too, as ML's assistant and partner for the case. Su spent the entire time in the interrogation room seducing and playing footsie with our cold and upright ML ('leniency to those who confess, severity to those who resist'). After a while, ML couldn't take anymore of her actions and directly left.

    This is already the second plane for Su Daji. The first plane was completed in less than five minutes, so the system deemed it necessary to assign her a target who would not easily fall for her temptations. Su Daji came to doing this task when she was killed by Jiang Ziya subsequent the ruin of Shang dynasty. She was found by a mysterious entity and had to do a number of transmigration to be able to grant her wish.

    The identity she was using this time was an ambitious star who dreamed of standing at the top. The original took some shameful film assignments to quickly became known. However, since her reputation did her no good in the entertainment circle, she changed her means and strive to marry into the rich and powerful instead. One of her 'clients' was Wang Dafu, who was wanted by the police. She helped him escaped and was apprehended by the police and sentenced for years in jail. With her looks and cheap image, it wasn't long before she met her tragic end in prison. As she lay dying, she was full of regrets and wished that she can "Go on the right path, and get the god (male god)." When Su woke up in her body, she was already holding the money and facing Dafu. She quickly told him to go and was caught by the police afterwards, and that's when she ended up sitting across the ML as an accomplice of a criminal.

    With no other leads, ML and FL began following her around and ended up in a restaurant, in a private room near where Su is. Su, after waiting for FL to go to the bathroom, deliberately drank the aphrodisiac-mixed drink that was prepared by one of the greasy businessmen, named Huang Dong, in the room.
    [System: How did you know she'll go?
    Su Daji: She's in a room with only her and the person she likes. She'll be nervous, drink a lot of water, and sooner or later go to the bathroom.]
    She coquettishly told Huang that she'll go to the bathroom. She passed by ML's room on the way, made a show of looking around, and then entered the men's BR. ML suspected that she might be meeting Dafu inside so he followed. After checking all the cubicles, he found her inside the supply closet, suffering from the drink.At that time, Huang Dong who was looking for her (after being kicked out of the
    women's BR) started pounding on every cubicle and finally arrived outside the closet. Before he managed to break down the door, he was beaten and scared off by one of the guys in the BR, who was pissed because of the noise. While all of that was happening, Su suddenly moved closer to ML. Afraid of being discovered by the people outside, ML pressed his lips to Su to shut her up (his hands are
    busy holding up his pants which Su is pulling down). A supposedly brief contact became deeper. ML's hands started wandering but before it could go further, his phone rang. It was FL.
    [Su Daji: This FL has interrupted my good things time and time and time again. See how I abuse her later!]
    ML didn't answer and muted the call instead. He decided that he couldn't leave Su alone especially with her condition. When ML realized that it already became quiet outside, he covered Su with his suit jacket and brought her out. ML splashed her with cold water from the sink and saw her suspicious and confused eyes as she woke up.
    ML: I'll take you to the hospital.
    Su: No! Otherwise, tomorrow's headline would be news of my abortion.
    ML: I'll take you to your house and call a private doctor.
    Su: No! If my agent finds me, he'll send me to someone else's bed directly... Oh, it's so hot... so uncomfortable~
    [Su Daji: What a joke! I took such a big risk, how could I go home without doing anything?]
    Therefore, the outstanding ML chivalrously decided to bring the fox to his apartment. They took a taxi and Su was lying docilely on ML's lap (plagued by motion-sickness). FL called ML again, asking where he was. With her sharp fox hearing, Su heard her insisting to go to ML to assist him with whatever made him to leave early.
    Su (loudly): Oh, help me... I'm so hot~ Help me eliminate the fire.
    ML: ......
    FL: ......
    System: ......
    ML immediately hanged up on FL. On the other side, FL was near tears. Her secret love for years is in the company of another woman.

    After entering the house, Su began undressing ML. ML was trying his best to stop her when Su suddenly slapped him.
    [System: Why?!
    Su Daji: It's his fault. He obviously wanted to pounce but he's still annoyingly holding himself back.]
    Thanks to that slap, ML's weak grip on his reason was somewhat recovered, he still felt tempted, so he brought Su to the bathtub and turned on the shower. Seeing Su's consciousness has returned and looked anxious, ML appeased her but felt disappointment when he realized that Su has no recollection whatsoever of what happened between them. He was kicked out of his own BR by a suspicious Su.
    His always prim and proper image was completely destroyed by the woman. He began to have doubts of the true character of Su. Wondering why she would be given medicine if she's willing to entangle with rich men or why was her reaction so defensive upon seeing herself naked in front of him. It contradicted with the Su who seduced him inside the interrogation room that day. His reverie was broken when Su's phone on the ground started ringing. ML didn't answer and when the call finally dropped, a flood of messages from who
    appeared to be Su's agent flashed on the screen. The agent was angry and threatening that if Su doesn't go to Huang Dong that night, he'd block her career. ML was distracted and realized an hour later that Su is still in the BR. Entering, he saw her unconscious inside the overflowing tub. Thinking that she drowned herself, ML anxiously gave her CPR.
    [System: Poor man. She clearly heard that you were coming back and jumped back inside the tub. But just a while ago, she was leisurely wiping off her makeup in front of the mirror to show a pitiful look.]
    Su woke up and started resisting after seeing a face so close. ML quickly explained himself. Su went to the tub again and ML stopped her, thinking that she want to try and drown herself again. But Su said that that she just want to cool herself down. Embarrassed, ML went outside and took to the net.
    ML: What should I do to help someone who'd been drugged?
    Annoyed at the heavily hinted answers, ML called a forensic friend. Who also suggested that ML is the only antidote needed. Since everyone is unreliable, ML instead went to cut up some fruits and pour a glass of milk for Su.
    Looking at Su who's still in the bathtub, ML felt like he finally saw her true self. No seduction, no drama, no heavy makeup; only tired and helpless. Su told ML to leave first and she will stay in the tub longer.
    [System: Why are you abusing yourself?]
    But, as Su expected, ML refused and told her that he's going to accompany her and make sure she doesn't drown.
    [System: ... Ok, Officer Fu, you are a first-class masochist.]
    However, hearing this, Su tried to get up and say that she's fine but ultimately fell down again. ML, knowing how Su lied and doesn't want to be a burden, was moved and told her that he's free and his working hours are also loose so it won't be a problem even though tomorrow is a working day (BS). They both stayed in the BR and after a long silence,
    Su: Officer Fu, why didn't you sleep with me?
    Before ML could spiral into a full-blown panic, Su asked him again why he didn't when other men wanted to and would have taken advantage of her state to do so. ML explained that intercourse should happen between lovers who have feelings for each other, and he and Su are not that. This made Su began to put herself down, exposing her inferiority and the heartfelt complaints she has for people who look down on her. ML wanted to comfort her after seeing her tears but soon noticed her flushed face. He understood that her current weakness made her more emotional and honest and was finally certain that Su was not the frivolous person she played as during daytime.
    [Ding! Good feeling +50, current progress 60/100]
    [System: What is this situation? Is gaining 50 points that easy?
    Su Daji: A stubborn, old-fashioned character--how could he fall in love with someone cheap and has a bad reputation? Of course, I have to paint myself white first. Why do you think I went through all this trouble in the first place? It's more credible to hear a drunk person telling the truth. From the first meeting, his expectations of me are low enough. Additionally, prosecutors usually try to uphold justice. A person with a strong sense of justice is more tempted by someone weak and helpless, but this time, he misjudged and condemned a person because of prejudice. He'll feel guilty and pity in his heart and would want to make it up to me. Naturally, good feelings follows.
    (System: This woman is terrible. The first demon maiden in human history. This scheme, this means, which man could escape her plans?)]
    Meanwhile, ML was trying to cling to his progressively thinning line of reason as he was facing a soft and fascinating Su. He immediately put Su in his bed. Since he doesn't have any clothes for women, he brought out a new white shirt. Looking at the feverish woman who was in no state to change her own clothes, ML tried to do this task with his eyes closed. When he accidentally touched something soft, he finally realized that his idea was stupid. So he opened his eyes, quickly changed her clothes, then rushed to the bathroom. This time, the
    person under the cold shower was different. But the image of a drenched Su persisted in his mind, making him wish to be the drop of water rolling down her soft skin. He slapped himself for thinking that way toward such a weak and helpless Su. The weak and helpless Su on the bed was, at that time, had a sly smile on her face and fell asleep easily and peacefully. ML finally came out of the BR after almost being frozen. He prepared hot water and medicine for the unconscious Su and was getting ready to sleep on the floor (after convincing himself that it was part of his responsibility and he doesn't want to disturb his colleagues at the police station) when Su's phone began to ring again. Fearing that it would wake her up, ML took the phone and put it on silent when he saw that it was the agent calling again. He was putting it back in her bag when his eyes suddenly fell on a piece of paper. it was a remittance slip and the amount on it coincided with the money that Wang Dafu embezzled.
    [Ding! Good feeling -25, current progress 35/100]
    The system panicked and woke up Su who admitted that she deliberately prepared it for him to see and then went back to sleep.
    ML was outside with his doubts and tangled thoughts, pinching the piece of paper between his fingers. He has a lot of question in his mind but his heart had already began to find excuses for Su. As a prosecutor, ML choose to let the evidence speak for itself. He called the bank and found out that it was anonymously donated to a distant orphanage in the mountains. He remembered Su's cries about going back to the mountains and looked up her information on the internet. However, her background seems to be deliberately erased and hidden by someone. Suspicious, ML called a colleague in the station and spent some time uncovering the truth. It turned out that Su was abandoned by her parents as a child. She grew up in the orphanage and was discovered by an agent who stumbled upon the place on accident. ML has contradicting thoughts due to the origin of the money and the destination of it. His good feelings went up and down like a roller coaster the whole night, making the system tired, and finally stopping on 65. Inexplicably, the good feeling even rose.
    [System: Officer Fu, what the hell is this!]
    Su, of course knew how the ML spent the night and the result of it. Still, she doesn't only rely on the cold information in the data base, but also on her own handwriting.
    The secret private feelings in the diary tell the story of the harrowing times of the girl tricked by words of adults to film those shameful movies. She was threatened by the company to sell wine and laughter (escort), but because she would't sell her body, she was detained for 6 years. Also, she accompanied old men to save up money to donate to the orphanage for renovation. After that was done, she would commit suicide immediately. Using the sleeping pills she already bought.
    [Su Daji patted the head of the crying system: Don't be sad, it's all edited.]
    The fact is that the original owner of the body loves vanity. Every film and path taken was her own choice. She wanted to get rid of her lowly background so she forced her company to bury it for her. The diary is not just edited, it's also inverted. Su would use this to sell misery and get pity. How could ML ever think that someone would be bored enough to forge their own private diary?

    Su checked the location of the ML. Su also asked for the FL. She knew that the FL would be dropping by after finding out that the ML with the perfect attendance actually missed a day, and this was the morning after she heard another woman's voice with ML last night. Done pinching her neck to redness, Su prepared to go out. This was one of her intention all along--to let the FL misunderstand her and ML's situation last night. FL was at the door, offering the basket of fruits to ML with words of concern. ML took the basket and said goodbye, and planned to close the door but FL went inside and took off her shoes before he could do it. As a man who disliked having his personal space invaded, he changed to a cold countenance. The FL apologized and the female protagonist halo played a role again making ML felt that he was too harsh to this kind assistant. He just wanted to say something to ease up the atmosphere when Su sleepily walked out of the room in wrinkled clothes.
    Su: Ah, my waist hurts...
    A few seconds later, her eyes widen, she screamed loudly and ran back to the room. ML saw her mixed surprise and panic. Like a deer popping up in the forest with hunters, surprised and scared and hid. ML became very worried. FL was a combination of surprise, jealousy, and anger. Specially, after she saw the eye-catching red dots on her neck that the worried ML missed. Not noticing her almost insane anger, ML asked FL to leave but FL wanted to know what exactly happened and asked. ML had already exhausted his patience after being bluntly questioned about his private life. ML opened the door for her and FL could only leave with a growing hatred in her heart for Su. ML's frosted face melted into warm spring water and walked toward the room where Su was. ML knocked and gently reassured her that no one else is outside, just him. His heart is full of uneasiness and joy every time he saw Su and felt very strange. After hearing Su's invitation to come in, he rushed to say what happened last night, excluding the passionate incident in the supply closet. Hearing that nothing happened the night before, Su's shoulder drooped in obvious relief. ML also showed a hint of ease and happiness in his eyes. The system wanted to shake him and ask if the cold water went to his head.

    The system was actually assigned to Su Daji without his prior knowledge just when his holiday vacation began. But because of his high performance rate, he has his own pride and accepted. he never expected that he would be with a willful and uncooperative fox. He also didn't expect the +5 good feelings at this time.

    ML saw Su's red eyes and sigh of relief disappeared and replaced by a sultry gaze, seducing him again. ML finally understood. Her arrogant front is just a defense mechanism to hide her vulnerability. ML felt distressed by this innocent girl who was trampled by the cruel world and was criticized by people who doesn't know the truth. ML, instead of commenting, invited her to eat the breakfast he prepared, and left the apartment to put her at ease. In the middle of eating heartily, a knock sounded. Knowing that it was only FL outside, she ignored the loud banging on the door and finished her meal first. Meat is the greatest thing in the world.

    Su arrogantly provoked FL first when she finally opened the door. FL, who was already extremely upset, couldn't help but explode. The scene of a woman pointing at her, words full of ridicule and curses was very familiar to Su Daji. FL warned her away from ML, citing that with such a dirty body, she dared to go near him. But Su just arrogantly told her that they already did it anyway and that ML was the one who fell for her and wouldn't let go. Blood rushed and FL reached toward Su's face. A slap sounded when the faster Su slapped FL first. Madly rushing forward again, Su stopped her with a mention of how ML would react if he ever found out what FL did to his woman, even if she doesn't care if he never fell for her because she was playing him anyway. More banter later, Su finally felt bored of the FL's weak attacking power and instigated her heart and mind with her last sentence.
    Su: You guess--will the case be solved first or will he fall in love with me first?
    After that, Su slammed the door on FL's face.
    FL who was anxious finally remembered a few key points in the conversation just now. If ML doesn't have the reason of seeing Su further, would their relationship progressed? Then, she thought that she would just have to not let ML participate in the case. FL who finally found a solution, enthusiastically ran back to work.
    [System: Hey. What is this? Doesn't she love Fu Jinyan?
    Su Daji: Because she loves him, she has to do this to save him.
    System: But why do you want this? The good feelings are already steadily rising!
    Su Daji: Because that man who doesn't know what love is, might turn around in the middle and decide that his feelings for me are that of a good friend. If that happens, the good feelings would get stuck and never rise to 100. I have to make use of this separation to add fire and make him realize what he feels for me.]

    The day after that in the station, FL was just putting down a homemade lunch box on ML's desk when she saw him standing next to her. Blushing, she didn't expect ML to swipe the food off his desk and into the ground, the food was scattered. As soon as she saw his furious look, her shock and hurt turned into fright, recognizing the fact that ML found out how she went behind his back to have him dismissed from the case. She cited the reason that ML was suspected to have a personal attachment to the suspect. FL still wanted to explain her actions but unfortunately, all her assumptions and knowledge that was confirmed by Su was a lie. ML became even more angered after hearing that FL went to 'harass' Su and directly pushed FL away and left, making her hit the file cabinet painfully.

    Due to having no reason to meet up with her, ML could only repeatedly watch the footage of that day on his computer. Every time he heard Su say that she was 'his woman,' his mind always become messy. The system looked at the tenderness in his eyes and sighed. He thought that Su Daji didn't know about the cameras and was preparing to laugh at her. However...
    [Su Daji: I certainly know about it. But in his heart, I am someone with a weak heart but a stubborn mouth. Everything is hidden in my heart and my mouth tells only lies. The more aggressive I am, the more he thinks that I am upset. Every time he sees it, he will feel distress for me and hate for the female lord. Even if we don't meet, the feeling of goodness will go up.]
    The moment the 38th replay of the video was done, the feelings did go up.
    [Ding! Good feelings +5, current progress 75/100]
    [System: !!! It's 5 points away from love! Officer Fu, please hold on! Your rose-colored glasses is too thick! She clearly abused the female lord so how can you think of her as cute, poor, and wronged?! Come on, man!]
    On the other hand, FL finally took over the case but found out that Su was blocked by her company. Paparazzi were everywhere, including at the front of her house. Since the media reported everything, ML who originally has no way of contact with Su, received daily reports of her through the news, and worried about her progressively thin figure. ML also didn't spend all his days doing nothing, instead, he dug a little more. He found out that in Su's account, there are only 200 yuan and no savings, and all jewelry given to her are sold. While ML was anxious for her state of living, Su was lazily eating meat and drinking everyday. After the company finally conceded that Su was a lost cause the moment she offended Huang Dong (greasy businessman), they cut off their connection with her and even took her house away. Su, who had no place to live anymore, was chased by the reporters at night and was saved by a black car, who was driven by the ML.
    [The system who was puzzled before about how Su wasn't able to escape a bunch of human reporters hold up a hand: Okay, you don't have to say anymore. I get that this was part of the plan.]
    ML brought them to a house in the outer suburbs. He cleaned it up for Su and was just leaving when he was invited for a drink. He just poured a drink and when he turned around, he didn't know when Su went out and lit a candle in front of the door. Her image in a white dress, lighted by the glow of the candle and the soft moonlight, caressed by the evening breeze, and with the night sky full of stars as her background, made her look like a fairy who snuck out of the forest. It also made ML's heart skipped a beat.

    ML just finished his drink when Su turned to him with a soft beautiful smile and thanked him for saving her twice already. His face was full of happiness in thought that Su finally showed her true self in front of him.
    [Ding! Good feelings +5, current progress 80/100]
    It took much self-control for ML to not stutter in the face of his excitement. Then, he heard how he was the second person to be good to her. Knowing that the first one was the madam at the old orphanage made his chest tightened. Such a good girl who should had been treasured, suffered through the bullying of society and never enjoyed a trace of warmth. ML wanted to tell her that he's willing to be good to her if Su would just agree. But, he doesn't want to scare her away just when she opened herself up.

    He already likes her very much. ML who has never felt this way towards anyone, knew that he would never feel this way again toward someone else in the future. One more thing that ML prepared was the money, the same amount, that Wang Dafu (criminal) gave Su. It was a loophole that ML found for her, she only had to turn over the money once Wang Dafu was apprehended. Su's smile was like hit by a pause button, and she mechanically excused herself and ML helped her to her room. After closing the door, ML heard a soft voice, telling him the address where Wang Dafu could be found.
    The next day, Wang Dafu was arrested, to the joy of everyone in the station. And on his person, the money that shouldn't exist anymore was found. FL, with ML in the interrogation room, took this chance to lift the white cover off of Su's name. FL inappropriately coerced and threatened Wang Dafu to admit his connection to Su. Wang Dafu vehemently denied it and screamed for help. The police standing guard pulled FL away. The system saw all of this.
    [System: The original owner of the body clearly laundered money for Wang Dafu many times, I didn't expect him to have this much affection for her!
    Su Daji: It's my doing. I not only arranged for him to hide but also helped him escape. I didn't ask him for anything in return and even used my savings for him. The most important thing is--tearfully saying that I will always wait for him outside no matter how long it takes. A beautiful woman who admitted that she loves him unconditionally, a middle-aged greasy man is no match.]
    ML heard Wang Dafu's statement that he never has any interaction with Su, which made him wonder where the same amount of money Su donated came from. Suddenly, like waking up, he remembered the jewelry sold and his heart was filled with remorse for misunderstanding her again and not trusting her fully. Recalling Su's expression that night made ML hurt inside.
    [Ding! Good feeling +10, current progress 90/100]
    ML drove straight to the farmhouse to apologize but what greeted him was a mess. A clear sign of abduction. Full of horror and fear, ML took out his phone and contacted the person he'd never dialed for 8 years.

    Su was taken by Huang Dong after she arrogantly called him.
    [Su Daji: A smooth sailing feeling cannot stand the test of time. We need to add some thrills!]
    Su was blindfolded and was tied to a chair in the middle of a dirty warehouse and was whipped. A lot of goons are present at that moment, including the brothers Huang. They have a distasteful plan to deal with Su. As the big brother, before anyone else can play, he was the first in line and directly took off his pants. Su checked the radar showing that ML was near, glanced at the thing in front of her and laughed.
    Su: Hey! So small, do we need a magnifying glass to see it?
    No man can take this humiliation, he was preparing to make her regret when ML arrived and saw this scene. ML's shout caught the attention of Huang Dong, who looked around for his subordinates already caught by ML's people. Seeing Huang Dong looked scared and obviously had thoughts of surrendering, Su burst into tears and miserably ward off ML. Conveniently informing Huang Dong of the situation and conveniently reminding him of the gun he still has on him. Huang pointed a gun to Su's head and ML answered with a believable threat. Su, once again, saw the indecision in Huang and decided to took matters in her own hand.
    [Su Daji whispered to Huang: After I'm rescued, I will let him skin you and feed you to the pigs!]
    Huang finally decided to go all the way and tear of the clothes of Su while he spoke threateningly to ML. ML couldn't let this scene continue and immediately rushed forward. Huang dragged Su and exchanged fierce shots with ML. When Huang got almost shot, he wanted to beg for mercy again. In front of ML, Huang raised his gun to surrender when a deafening sound was heard. ML saw Su's white dress bloomed with a red flower and slowly in front of his eyes, fell down. Huang was standing still with a smoking gun in hand.

    ML rushed and held Su. The gun was very accurate. ML tried to reassure Su in a trembling voice and his mind had only thoughts of saving her.
    Su: Fu-Fu Jinyan... I have something to tell you.
    Fu: Don't talk. Save your strength, I will wait for you to say it next time.
    Su: Fu Jinyan, I like you.
    [Ding! Good feeling +10, current progress 100/100]
    The mission was completed.
    ML was shocked and looked down at Su. Su was still confessing. Su confessed the fact that she planned to die after she accomplished her self-imposed duty to the orphanage but she changed her mind after she met ML. After professing her love to ML, Su took her last breath. ML's reciprocation was late and his confession only fell on the ears of an already cooling body. A medic approached him and tried to make him see the truth. In his grief, someone saw the ML seemingly on the verge of an emotional breakdown and stunned him and he fainted.

    ML woke up 3 days later and asked to see the detained Huang Dong. Huang saw ML and was very scared especially after he learned that ML was considered a big man there. Huang told ML that he didn't kill Su. Su herself grabbed his gun, pointed it at her chest and committed suicide. ML was enraged and lifted him by his neck. ML asked the people around to use the most painful torture for Huang.
    The system looked at the blackened ML who retaliated cruelly. System thought that the fox was really the worst because he knew that what Huang said was true. Seeing that Huang wanted to surrender, Su held his hand, and choose the position that would would kill her but not immediately. In this way, Su could play the scene of sacrificing oneself for a loved one. The last ten points which is the most difficult to brushed was gained in an instant. And since Su disliked the idea of the body she used be inhabited by the souls of ordinary people, she choose to die with it instead. Su didn't look back after dying in that plane and returned directly to the soft cloud where her soul perched. Su heard the system crying of pity for the ML and walked toward him. Su saw a cute furry little kitten holding a tissue bigger than his body and sniffling. Then, no matter how the system tried to tell Su to address him with respect, Su still called him cute and started to spoil him. Tired of it all, he manifested a board with 81 panels, only two are lit. Su stared at the daunting task she willingly took on to get the chance to go back. System saw her chilling look
    and remembered her cold-blooded operation before her last mission ended.
    [Su Daji: After I say 'I love you,' immediately take my soul away.]
    The system did and saw the ML's howl of despair and the heartbreaking confession he wasn't able to tell her.
    [System: Hey, fox, was that on purpose? Seliberately dying at that moment and intentionally not listening to Fu Jinyan's confession?
    Su Daji: Uh huh! In this way, he will remember me all his life. Never able to forget!]

    As she said, ML never opened his heart again and never got married. Alone, lonely, and old. ML's father immediately had Su's body cremated, fearing the woman's great influence on his son. ML couldn't even see Su for one last time. ML broke off his relationship with his father on the spot and locked Su's ashes at home. He was depressed for days and didn't meet anyone. No one knew what happened but he suddenly gave up his prosecutor career and became a politician like his father. He paid attention to the entertainment industry and the lives of the orphans. No other female star would be despised, hit, or humiliated because of rumors. When ML died from overwork at the age of 39, his last words were to be buried with Su Mi. When people came to collect him, they saw him smiling, clinging to a stationary and a worn-out photo. The written words are repeated but it was clear: Su Mi, I can finally go to you!

    On the cloud, Su baptized system with the name Mimi. The indignant system was arguing with her when the notification suddenly sounded. ML's feelings for Su rose to 150. System immediately investigated how this 50 points came by. It turned out that after ML found out that Su was cremated, he directly went to the farmhouse to look for the remnants of her life and saw her diary. The first half of the diary, he already saw when Su was drugged. He discovered the latter, shorter entries that looked to be recent.

    The Diary of Su Mi.
    July 7
    Today, I met someone special
    But it seems... he's blind
    Otherwise, how could he not see my beauty?
    ML remembered this as the day they first met. He saw her glare but it seemed that there were different thoughts in her mind.
    July 15
    He saved me
    He didn't sleep with me
    Very strange
    He is a good man
    Su took the medicine and had a fever. ML had a real contact with a woman that night.
    July 16
    I hadn't seen him lately
    But he always appeared in my mind
    Too weird
    I'm going to sleep!
    July 17
    It's pissing me off!
    Why are you always thinking about him?
    What's wrong with me?!
    July 18
    I must be cursed!
    July 19
    I anonymously asked online
    They all said I fell in love with him
    How is that possible?
    Tell me!
    ML during that day was suffering from not being able to meet Su. ML wondered what would have happened if he confessed earlier and they didn't go on too many detours.
    July 27
    ML's hands shook when he saw the date and immediately shut the diary close. This was the day Su was kidnapped and the day she died. What are her thoughts that day, ML wanted to know. ML took a deep breath and read.
    July 27
    He saved me again
    I originally thought he was different from everyone else
    However, at the end, it's still the same
    He also think that I am greedy for money, promiscuity, and has no bottom line
    I'm tired
    I don't want to explain anymore
    Clouds in the sky, mud on the ground
    I am a woman unworthy of him...
    I seem... to really have fallen in love with him
    The diary fell along with ML's tears. And at that moment, the progress bar produced a shrill noise.
    [Ding! Good feelings +50, current progress 150/100]
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