Chinese Raiders are all at Shura Field [Quick Pass]

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    Name: Raiders are all at Shura Field [Quick Pass] 攻略皆是修罗场[快穿]
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    Why It Should Get Picked Up: The thick line draws the key point. Tangning is free and will not stop for anyone. If there is a touch, it is only a touch. Her goal is the same as the sea of stars~~~ [No CP]

    She has always pursued the principle of only falling in love, not talking about love, and walks freely among high-quality men who are outstanding in various family backgrounds, good looks, and outstanding abilities.
    Once through, in order to survive, she resolutely embarked on the wonderful journey of opening the Raiders of Shura Field for the scumbags and chasing the wives of the crematorium.
    But wait—

    1. Bai Yueguang's cannon fodder substitute for abusive love heroine
    2. The medicine valley fairy who was thoroughly used by the scumbag white-eyed wolves, and never looked down upon it
    3. The tortured female partner who lost everything in the essays of boys' school girls
    4. The unfeeling black moonlight of the warlord marshal
    5. In ten years, I accompany the poor boy from nothing to hundreds of millions of dollars. When I met the first love who abandoned him who loves the poor and loves the rich, she talked about revenge. In fact, she loved her all the way to a happy ending. Clang into jail

    Seeing these scripts, Tangning: Chi... Chichi!
    What to do? I just like the way you look down on me, despise me, but still fall into an inextricable way because of my heart.

    Content Tag: Soul Transformation Female Strong Quick Wear Shuangwen
    Search keywords: Protagonist: Tangning ┃ Supporting role: System 54088 ┃ Others: Quick pass, Su Shuang, scumbag, Raiders
    One-sentence introduction: Chasing all wives in the crematorium.
    Purpose: Establish a correct outlook on life, values, and world outlook.

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    Stand-in Bai Yueguang (1)

      Tangning was awakened abruptly by freezing, and after waking up, it took a full minute to finally come back to her senses.
      She is, is she alive again?
      After all, she clearly felt that her whole person was sent to the sky by the truck that was too late to brake. With that kind of strength and kind of height, it fell to the ground, in all likelihood, immortal or maimed.
      But now...
      she didn't feel the slightest pain in her body.
      Recalling the voice that sounded in her mind when her consciousness was about to dissipate before, Tangning called out tentatively, "System?"
      As soon as the voice fell, a squeaking electric sound suddenly rang out in her mind, mixed with some of these nothings. The preface's mechanical noise, half a moment, finally returned to quiet.
      Immediately afterward, a milky voice rang in her mind.
      "Hello, the scum attack system 54088 is for you."
      This little voice, won't you come out to work before weaning?
      Tangning couldn't help but pass such a thought in her heart.
      Who would have thought that when this thought came up, the little voice of the milk whirr instantly became frustrated, "You are not weaned! I am a great and versatile, all-knowing scum-attack system 54088, which is not what you said. What about those weak human cubs who only drink milk!"
      A tender, white hamster dumpling appeared in front of Tang Ning with the voice of violent milk. The little paw pointed at her righteously. The little cheeks were also full of anger.
      At first sight, Tangning didn't realize it for a moment, but for a moment, he showed an interesting smile, raised Erlang's legs, supported her chin, and leaned forward towards the little thing on the opposite side.
      At the same time, the slender finger gently poked the hamster dumpling's fat face, the corner of the mouth deepened the smile, and the soft voice line was released.
      "Then, please ask the great almighty, omniscient attacking scum system 54088 to tell me what happened to my resurrection? Why do you need help when you came to me?"
      Even if she couldn't see her expression, Tangning knew how harmless and deceptive she looked at this time. Even when she knew that this little thing in front of her could hear her, she even started to radiate her heart. Come with a touch of kindness.
      This is her instinct, the instinct to survive since childhood!
      But she never thought that her attitude was soft, and the small body of the hamster dumpling lightly poked by her trembled directly.
      As soon as the voice came up, the whole dumpling heated up rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye, and it turned into a powdery dumpling after rubbing against it, and even some steam came out of the fluffy head.
      This looks like her very much!
      The smile at the corner of Tangning's mouth deepens unconsciously, is it too easy to deal with?
      So soon, she got the information she wanted from the little hamster whose body was shy and his eyes couldn't stop shining.
      The scum attack system, as the name suggests, is to traverse various planes with the help of the system to attack all kinds of scumbags. After a thorough capture, you can win enough points to exchange for various follow-up Raiders props. But now the system mall needs to be activated after the end of the first world, and only then can you see what products and equipment are in it.
      "...Also, also, saving enough points can be exchanged for a chance of rebirth. At that time, Beauty Sister, you can bring all the items you redeem back to your original world and win a new life!"
      The little hamster dumpling blinked his small black eyes and looked at her with a blushing face.
      Upon seeing this, Tangning's eyes moved slightly, but only for a moment, there were no more waves.
      "Then why is it me?"
      she asked with a smile.
      On Earth, there are so many people who die every moment. She doesn't think this system chooses people randomly, nor does she feel that she is so special that such a system can choose herself.
      Upon hearing this, Xiao Tuanzi became excited, "Sister Beauty, you don’t know. Actually, I’ve been observing you for a long, long time, and found that you are the most suitable host for me. You can only use your character and experience to make a strategy. I won’t be captured by the sugar-coated cannonballs of those scumbags, and I won’t be killed by their various strikes."
      "You don’t know that I have found eight hosts, and every one of them said it well and carefully. Raiders. It’s a pity that one or two of them didn’t choose to stay with one of the scumbags who had reformed in a certain plane for a lifetime and gave up the Raiders. They were discovered by the high IQ scumbags that something was wrong and the counter-attack was completely lost. One of them was almost lost. I didn’t get caught and dissected it. My performance is still 0 so far. I’ll have my last chance, otherwise, I’ll have to change back-office work. So this time I chose to be very serious. After observing for a full ten years, I selected you, Sister Beauty."
      "I thought I would have to wait another three months, and I would be bound to you when you became ill, but I didn't expect... It's strange. After all, according to my data analysis, you should have been I won't rush out at all..."
      The little hamster murmured in confusion.
      Not to mention that this system didn't expect it, she didn't expect it either!
      She has always been an exquisite egoist. She was selfish and profit-oriented, but she ended up in the act of self-sacrificing and saving others, which she regarded as stupid. What if I get the cancer notice? There are so many people who admire her in City A, and they can almost line up around City A several times. As long as she casually puts on a weak makeup and sheds two tears, those high-quality men with countless admirers are afraid to be one by one. They would be holding the money to ask her for treatment and relying on the money to continue to survive until the organ replacement is not a problem.
      But as a result, she died under the wheel of a big truck in a rampage in order to save people. She was exquisite and beautiful for a lifetime, but she died so ugly and ugly. As long as she thinks about it, Tangning is a little unhappy.
      As for whether there are any reluctant people in that world, that's really not there!
      Is there anyone with such a big face that can make her even remember her death?
      Tangning chuckled lightly.
      Was it the father of the Jinjiang Xiaoyan male lead script who reunited with her first love Bai Yueguang after years of holding hands for many years, and regardless of his wife and daughter in the family, who wanted to find his true love?
      It was her second married little wife who took the abandoned wife from the house, bought the drunk and bought it as a domineering president, and ran with the ball. She brought two men and a woman with three balls, and finally leaned on her belly to successfully impress the boss and his mother, completely forgot. The mother of Xiaoxiang Xiaobaihua heroine script who also has a daughter?
      Or maybe it was his father's scheming and white lotus who taught her too many stepmother teachers.
      It was her mother’s three little bunnies who had dared to push her half-sisters out of the swimming pool during the winter, mix sand in her meals and other acts of bear and children but were killed over and over again, still reluctant to do so. ?
      Or is it the upper-class boys and buddies who were played around by her and loved her so much that they threatened their parents by suicide and hunger strike just to stay with her? Or the group of people who were compared to dregs by her, made stepping stones, and scolded her green tea bitch, and good plastic friends who are good at me?
      Thinking about it this way, her previous life was really a bit turbulent!
      She alone is a slim little lotus flower growing out of the mud!
      as long as you think of those people who look down on her or scold her out of your heart, and know that people like her died, in the end, to save people and get beaten up, Tang Ning, I felt that she could laugh out loud even if she was dead.
      As for how you asked her to save someone on a whim?
      Tangning couldn't help but think that after she got the diagnosis report, she walked into a park in a daze after she got out of the hospital. She saw the little girl in a pink puff sleeve dress with a face in her hands. The big pink marshmallows, being led by mom and dad, looked like they were walking outside the park with a sweet smile.
      After subconsciously following them all the way, she unexpectedly saw her suddenly break free from the hand held by her parents, and appeared in the middle of the road in order to retrieve a rolling Yo-Yo. When the truck approached, the girl's face was horrified and dull, and her parents Scream of despair...
      She raised her eyebrows.
      If you save it, you can save it. Why are there so many?
      She never regrets what she has done.
      It's just that the death is too ugly, and I feel uncomfortable.
      Forget it, no longer think about the things that have passed, Tangning got up and started to look at the surrounding environment.
      The cramped commercial housing is more than ninety square meters. It can be said that she has never stepped into such a big place since she was born. Then what caught her attention was the smell of oily smoke coming from her body, which was almost nauseating, and she stretched out her hand on her head, and it was as expected, greasy.
      Tangning closed her eyes and exhaled deeply, ignoring the confused hamster dumpling behind her. She got up and rushed into the bathroom on one side. After tossing for a long time, she finally wore one. The man's white shirt came out of the bathroom.
      The reason for wearing this is that in the entire wardrobe, only this piece of clothing is a little bit more expensive, which does not irritate the skin and make her uncomfortable.
      After she came out, she glanced at the frozen dishes on the white table not far away and the ice cream cake that had begun to melt in the center. She felt that the original owner of this new body was a tragedy.
      Well, new body.
      She had already seen it in the bathroom just now. She had changed her body. Although she was not as good as the appearance she had before her death, she had reached the pinnacle in a pitiful manner.
      It resembles the skin of the finest thin porcelain, it can be broken by blowing, the lips are ruddy, there is no lip line, the lips are slightly raised, the eyes are dark and bright, as if they are covered with stars, and there is a blue under the eyelids. Mole tears, just looking at you in this way gives people a sense of innocence that no matter what she does, she is not deliberately innocent.
      Withdrawing her gaze, Tangning turned her attention to the hamster dumpling floating in mid-air on one side, and smiled slightly, "Since I'm talking about a strategy, then there should be a corresponding plot introduction? This body did not leave me. Any memory, am I still a little confused now?"
      "Some and some, Sister Beauty, you wait for me..."
      Before the words of 54088, Tangning's face suddenly turned white under the impact of the huge memory, and then scenes of pictures slowly unfolded in front of her-unexpectedly the name of the original owner of her new body was also called Tangning. It's just that Tangning's life is much smoother than her, but it is limited to the first two decades.
      The family is well-off, the parents are high school teachers, gentle and polite, knowledgeable and educated, only gave birth to a daughter, she has always been pampered and raised simple, sensible, beautiful and obedient.
      Poor academic performance did not force her but instead sent her to the Kyoto Film Academy to learn acting in accordance with her wishes.
      It may be that the little girl is going too smoothly, and God can't see it anymore. No, she encountered the biggest catastrophe of her life as soon as she entered school.
      Fu Yuankai, a freshman at Gaolingzhihua, who was in the same class as her.
      Gao Lingzhihua describes not only Fu Yuankai’s frosty attitude towards others but also describes his appearance as a snow lotus on an iceberg that can only be seen from a distance, and it is so delicate and perfect that it will be suffocating to look up close. All the organs of the nose, lips, and lips are measured as if by God, and the golden ratio is impeccable.
      If there is any shortcoming in the male god, it is that he is a handsome man.
      Poor enough to be like an orphan without relatives. When he first entered the school, he entered the school with nothing but tuition and couldn't even pay for food.
      Tangning, who was standing behind him at the time, was too embarrassed to see him standing at the cafeteria window choosing a bunch of food but having no money to pay, so she kindly helped him swipe her card.
      Just a glimpse, I fell in love with Tangning at first sight, and completely stuck to her like a worm, and caused all the girls who dare not to go forward to beat their chests. They knew that handsome guys are so tricky, they rushed forward, no Just spend money for him? Come on, give your sister a kiss, and the card will be maxed out for you!
      But who would have thought that the so-called love, at first sight, is just a temporary relief that cannot be asked for?
      There is someone in Fu Yuankai’s heart. Not only that, but that person is also Fu Yuankai's uncle, the rumored girlfriend of Genji Entertainment President Fu Yinze, and the bed partner who can come and go, and is nine years older than him. Ye Xi, one of the top stars in the entertainment industry.
      You said that Fu Yuankai has a young man who is the president. How could he be so poor?
      It's not because they accidentally saw the scene of their dream lover making love with their uncle, and when they couldn't bear it, they ran out of the house rebelliously. They didn't even need the money at home, and wanted to get out on their own. . The choice of film school with a score of more than 700 points in the college entrance examination was also because the person I liked was in the entertainment circle, so I ignored the opposition of my family and had to fill in the report.
      She chose Tangning because her profile was very similar to Ye Xi when she laughed, especially the shallow pear vortex at the corner of her mouth.
      Just a smile touched Fu Yuankai's heart.
      Under Fu Yuankai's chase and an interception, Tangning, who had never been in love before, quickly lost her helmet and unarmed.
      The two have been together for a full four years. In the past four years, Fu Yuankai has become the top spot in the entertainment industry because of a talent show. Tangning...
      Tangning rejected it due to various opposition from each other. All kinds of advertisements, variety shows, film and television invitations, every day guarded in this remote, 90-square-meter small commodity house that will not be discovered by paparazzi, and learned various home-cooked dishes, knitting scarves and sweaters, washing and cleaning, and decorating the room.
      At that time, Fu Yuankai had already met his goddess Ye Xi in the entertainment industry and even took the initiative to drop the film to play the second man in her new play, licking from the play to the outside.
      As long as Ye Xi was wronged by his uncle, with a phone call, no matter what Fu Yuankai was doing, he would rush over all the way, drink with her, listen to her crying, send her home and so on.
      Once or twice, it didn't matter, too much. Tangning, the real girlfriend, even found out that something was wrong even though she was too slow.
      No, in her senior year, she directly signed up for Ye Xi's new play stand-in behind Fu Yuankai, just to surprise her boyfriend.
      Unexpectedly, the surprise did not come true, her boyfriend gave her a "surprise".
      She discovered the seeming ambiguity between Fu Yuankai and Ye Xi. At the same time, Ye Xi also discovered that her loyal licking dog had a little girlfriend who was so much younger than her.
      Suddenly, both women moved into action.
      It's just that one is too shrewd and the other is too stupid. Ye Xi is drunk and confession, crying and embracing the green tea method of wishing you happiness, while Tangning is so angry that she begs and threatens to persecute, and even said she wants to expose Ye Xi's true face. , Never let her get better than waiting for fierce means.
      Comparing the two sides, Fu Yuankai certainly did not hesitate to choose Ye Xi.
      And when Tangning had the urge to expose, when Ye Xi encountered a dude drugging her, she sent Tangning to the dude's bed by mistake.
      But who would have thought that Fu Yuankai's brother Fu Yin also stayed in this hotel that night.
      Panicking, Tangning got onto this person's bed and caught his eye.
      It's a pity that Tangning didn't know that the relationship between these three people was constantly arguing, only that she was crazy to please this man who seemed rich and powerful, and at the same time dealt with Fu Yuankai and Ye Xi by all means.
      And this President Fu doesn’t know what’s wrong. He relies on her for everything. He doesn’t know how to stand with her. Even if Tangning is wrong, he still has to say that she is right. He also praises her and makes a big movie. Blood endorsement, everything she had, she took her to various receptions and dinners as a girlfriend, and even on her birthday, she wrapped up an entire island to celebrate her.
      But let Ye Xi be tortured too much.
      Tangning is a human being, not a stone. What's more, she was hit and hurt so much by Fu Yuankai before. It was a time when she was fragile. Even if the whole world is against you, I will do it for you. However, she couldn't bear the posture of war, so she was moved by him and fell in love with each other completely.
      But who would have thought that at the moment Tangning uttered love, Fu Yin suddenly became dull, "It's so boring, I thought you could last for how long, here is 10 million, if the money is taken, we will It's written off, let's break up."
      Yes, Fu Yin is such a person. He likes to conquer and challenges, but if he really conquered, he will feel completely boring, feelings come and go faster.
      It may be that this kind of acting style is too awkward. No, I was kidnapped in the next second. In order to save her, Ye Xi somehow blocked a shot for him. It was this shot that made him see Ye Xi. Unlike other women, only she is worthy of his love.
      The two healed quickly.
      And Tangning, after Fu Yinze left, because of offending too many people, Genji Entertainment let it go. Fu Yuankai didn't care about it and was deliberately exposed by an entertainment king who has always secretly loved Ye Xi. Holding hands and kissing a borrowed photo, suggesting that the netizen has always been Fu Yinze’s girlfriend, she took the initiative to seduce her. In the end, Tangning was disfigured by his radical fan and suffered severe depression. Then, on the day of Fu Yinze and Ye Xi’s wedding, she took the initiative to seduce her. Chaos is about to attend the wedding of the two, but doesn't want to encounter a drunk and speeding luxury car halfway...
    Stand-in Bai Yueguang (2)

      Closed her eyes slightly, Tangning tried her best to shake the last pool of blood from her mind and exhaled deeply.
      "If I didn't make a mistake, the two uncles and nephews of the Fu family in the original story should be my target, right?" Tangning looked at 54088 and smiled slightly.
      "Yes, Tang Bao, I will help you judge. Then I will mark it for you on the top of the target. According to the system score, the scum attribute of 95 to 100 is the most scumbag group of people. They will have purple names and names on their heads. The score, as well as the degree of affection for you. The score from 90 to 95 is red, while the score from 80 to 90 is cyan. It belongs to the category that does not affect our performance even if we do not attack."
      54088 is a serious science popularization on the side. Tao.
      Tangning noticed the little guy's address to her at once, and raised her eyebrows, "Tangbao?"
      The new host , who was extremely satisfied with her, immediately noticed the nickname it gave her, and the small system once again. Hong Tong rose up and looked at her with shining eyes, "Yeah, yeah, this is the nickname I finally took out after thinking about it for a long time in my heart. Do you like Sister Beauty? In exchange, you too You can call my nickname!"
      "What's your nickname?"
      "88, my nickname is 88."
      The little hamster looked innocent.
      Tangning: "..."
      "What's the matter?"
      "I didn't catch it."
      "Good!" Tangning confirmed that this little dumpling is really stupid and not cut. Kai Hei, only then rubbed the opponent's little brain contentedly.
      Although I don't understand why it just said a nickname to the host, the host is willing to rub its head in such a pampering way, but it does not prevent 54088 from leaning forward unconsciously.
      After rubbing the head of the small system, Tangning thought for a moment, then directly took out her mobile phone, stroked back her slightly fluffy hair after taking a shower, and dialed a number 54088 that she hadn't guessed at all.
      When the phone was connected, Tangning's voice suddenly softened, but her expression was still as careless as before, "Senior, um, it's me. You should not be busy now? It's okay, I heard that it was at night. The school celebration performance is very busy. You are the coordinator again. You must be busier. I felt very uncomfortable when I rejected your invitation before. I thought I didn’t have any performances. I had more time, so I wondered if you had anything. Where I need my help, I will definitely help!"
      The more I said, the eyes of 54088 on the side became wider.
      Today is Fu Yuankai’s birthday, so the original owner made so many dishes, ordered cakes, and didn’t even go to school celebrations, just to help Fu Yuankai celebrate. Why...
      it just thought of this and saw it. The voice of the host next to him was particularly surprised and opened his mouth, "Huh? The ballet classmate Chen Ying fell to her leg this evening and can't perform the show at night. How could this be? Is she okay?"
      54088 clearly sees this time There was no surprise on the host's face, as if he had known it a long time ago.
      what happened?
      And that Tangning’s performance continued, "What? Please help save the field? I... I can’t. You did invite me to this dance before, but I only watched them rehearse, and I never played. Although I remember the action, but..."
      "You must not say that. In the final analysis, this should be regarded as my responsibility. If I hadn't refused your invitation at the beginning, it might not have been done like this now. That's it. Ok... Okay, I'll rush over to see if I can rehearse with other people. Don't thank you, I really don't need to thank me, you have to say that, it really makes me feel a little guilty, um, I'll come over in a while! "
      As soon as she finished speaking, Tangning hung up the phone, and the corners of her mouth twitched.
      "Tang Bao...According to the plot, Fu Yuankai is in the Huangteng Hotel not far from here at this time. Why are you..."
      After hearing this, Tangning got up and walked towards the bedroom, "Who said I'm going to find Fu Yuankai? ?"
      54088 was very dumbfounded.
      "In the original plot, Tang Ning happily brought these meals and cakes to the hotel to find Fu Yuankai. The result?" As a result...the result was that Ye Xi was also in that hotel, and when he saw Tangning, Fu Yuankai followed him. Like a ghost, he took her directly to one of the stairwells, saying that there were many paparazzi reporters, and asked her to go home quickly. He came back in a while, and the original owner who was so dizzy took the food and stole away again. When he was at the door, he was pushed down by the passionate fans, and even made a cut on her face. He was covered in blood, mud, and oil, and returned home embarrassed.
      All birthday celebrations were soaked up, and Fu Yuankai, who said that he would be back that night, was nowhere to be seen.
      People were happy all night because of the happy birthday from the goddess Ye Xi in their hearts.
      As for who Tangning is?
      Sorry, forgot!
      Thinking about it this way, the system also feels that Tang Bao’s effort to find Fu Yuankai is not thankful, but they already know what will happen, it should be fine to find him, maybe they can spend a romantic birthday together. Favorability is not easy to grasp.
      "Those hosts before you did this strategy?"
      Tang Ning, who had changed her clothes and was about to go out, leaned against the door and asked with a chuckle.
      It was also at this time that 54088 realized that it had just spoken what was in his heart.
      "Then it's no wonder that your performance is still zero now!"
      After changing the shoes, Tangning walked out the door first, and 54088 hurriedly followed in confusion.
      When I arrived at school, I followed other people through rehearsals twice, and Tangning, who had solid dance skills, quickly won everyone's praise.
      You must know that the original performer, Chen Ying, was the c-place in ballet performances. Tangning, who had never trained with them, is now taking her place. If the performance fails, it will be really embarrassing. Their original plan was to let others take the position of Chen Ying first. Even if Tangning came and stood on the edge, not many people would notice her.
      But when everyone really saw Tangning, the fascinating school girl, they couldn't help but sigh in their hearts, who took the sneak photo in the school flower contest, and what kind of shit photography skills did you take? The beauty of such a big beauty can only show less than one-tenth in the photo. Not to mention that such a person puts her on the edge, even if she is hidden on the ceiling, it can't be ignored!
      Fortunately, the school ballet is as good as her appearance, and even dances more perfect than the original c-position Chen Ying. It is so mesmerized to see the boys watching the rehearsal, but it is a girl, especially It is the original ballet dancers who have all kinds of feelings in their hearts.
      They danced so well and looked so beautiful, so what's the matter with them? You must know that they are all about to graduate. The Kyoto Film Academy’s anniversary was also watched by many people in the industry. They originally wanted to use the show to get some resources and even sign a good company. Now there is such a gem. In front, everything was soaked.
      It was this thought that when the performance was about to begin, Tangning put on her makeup and got her costume.
      "Ah, sorry, Tang Ning students, Azeri locker room full of it, why do not you go over there in the hall bathroom enchant it, is some way away, you should not mind, right?"
      Before looking at The girl had a smile on her face, but her eyes were mixed with jokes and malice.
      Tangning immediately showed a bright smile, "No problem, I will go back soon!"
      "Ahhhhh! Tangbao, this person is clearly aimed at you!"
      "Okay, our battlefield Not here, let's go!"
      She was not interested in tearing up with such a low-level player before. There was no other reason, and the price was too low. You know, her plastic sisters have never done such a dazzling and levelless targeting.
      Almost after she changed her clothes, Tangning quickly rushed to the backstage of the auditorium. The auditorium of the Film Academy was so big that the performance was about to begin again. Reluctantly, she could only trot forward.
      Running too fast, she never thought that just after turning, she slammed into a solid chest, and a faint smell of men’s perfume rushed straight into her nasal cavity, just like the cool and light rain in early autumn, and it seemed to be dark. The moist and refreshing air in the middle of the night is calm, composed, elegant, and indifferent.
      Tangning raised his head, as expected, the person in front of him had the same fragrance as his body. His dark eyes were like an ancient well that was left unattended. He was dark and quiet. Only when Tangning raised her head, there was a hint of interest and gaze in him. . The eyebrows are very similar to Fu Yuankai. If Fu Yuankai's facial features are extremely meticulously carved with a little craftsmanship, the appearance of the person in front of him can be said to be perfectly natural.
      The most important thing is that she saw the man in front of her with three purple characters on Fu Yinze's head. The second line was the system score: 98. The favorability was the first glance she saw. It rose rapidly from 0 to 50.
      Generous enough.
      Tangning raised her eyebrows in her heart.
      At this time, 54088, who was floating beside her, was instantly sluggish. In order to be afraid of affecting the host, he screamed silently in his heart!
      Why, why did Tang Bao meet Fu Yinze here? How could he appear here?
      And how did Tang Bao know that the ballet performer Chen Ying would sprain her foot this afternoon and would not perform, so she could come in instead? Have you met Fu Yinze?
      Did Tang Bao target Fu Yinze from the moment she called?
      what happened?
      54088 Suddenly picked up a pen in math class, and never understood math anymore?
      What did he miss?
      I don’t know why there are hundreds of thousands of Tangning in my small system. When I looked up and saw the person, his cheeks were slightly rosy because of running, and they were flushed with embarrassment, even Even the earlobe, neck, and collarbone are slightly pink.
      "No... I'm sorry, I'm too anxious, I didn't mean it, I..."
      Tang Ning, who hurriedly bowed and apologized, straightened up suddenly as soon as he noticed the time on the man's watch, "I'm really sorry. My performance is about to begin. I'm sorry, sorry, can I... leave first?"
      Tangning bit her lip without waiting for the opponent to refuse, and ran forward while apologizing, "I'm really sorry. ! If you have any questions, you can come to me. I am Tangning, a student of Class 2 of the 15th Performance."
      Once this sentence was over, Tangning hurriedly ran away.
      It wasn’t until I ran to the corner of the other person that Fu Yinze was nowhere to be seen, and 54088 on the side finally spoke again, "Tang Bao..."
      "Want to know how I knew that Fu Yin would be here, and how did I know that person? If Shen Ying is not here today, can I take her place?" Tangning had already asked her the question before the system spoke.
      Then before it nodded, Tangning smiled and turned his head to look at it, "Didn’t you observe me for a long time? Don’t you know that my memory is always good? If I remember correctly, the original host in the plot When I went to see Fu Yinze tonight, I accidentally caught a glimpse of the student Shen Ying getting into the car of a famous director in the circle. The original Tangning thought she was wrong, but I knew she was right. Because before long, this Chen Ying became the third female director of the new film. There is such a good opportunity to perform at a school celebration. How many excuses she has..."
      "As for Fu Yinze, the original owner and When she was together, he attended a banquet. When he was chatting with others, the person opposite said that he had been invited to participate in the celebration of the Kyoto Film Academy. He didn’t say much, but every detail can be right with this time. Go! Anyway, Shen Ying won’t come, so just let me use this opportunity.”
      What she didn’t say was that Ye Xi, um, was the one who was in the end compared with Fu Yinze. When I first met him, it was because of a character that was as simple as an angel that attracted the attention of the other party.
      It's not so much Wan Wan Leiqing, it's better to say that this dog man is always good from beginning to end.
      Raiders, of course, we must prescribe the right medicine.
      No, the favorability will come!
      Tangning smiled gently.
      54088: "..."
      Boss, I want to report, there is someone here!
      And while Tangning succeeded in completing an encounter with her goal, Fu Yin, who was still watching the direction of Tangning’s departure on the other end, seemed to be able to smell the girl’s body with the tip of her nose. The scent of gardenia, the corners of his mouth raised slightly, and he murmured, "Tangning, are you?"
      The phone vibrated.
      "President, where are you, do you need me to come and pick you up?"
      "No, when I finish watching the show, I will go by myself."
      That dress should be ballet...
      The man rubbed his finger, as if just now The touch of the girl's skin is still fingertips.
    Stand-in Bai Yueguang (3)

      "...Let us applaud the ballet performance "Swan Lake" below!"
      The curtain was lifted, and a dozen girls in white ballet costumes were already posing on the stage, following the sound of the melodious violin, The dancers on the stage danced like little swans.
      I have to admit that the girls of the Kyoto Film Academy have very good looks, and they are even more exquisite and beautiful under such a pure white ballet costume, which is pleasing to the eye.
      But even so, the beautiful and refined face and the curling Tingting figure still make Tang Ning look like a swan princess in an ordinary swan group.
      At the moment when she turned around and the stage lights hit her face, the audience, whether male or female, almost all took a light or heavy breath, and then breathed out gently, as if they were afraid to breathe hard. Some can scare away the swan fairy on the stage.
      While sitting in the audience, Fu Yin, who had never seen anything beautiful, couldn't help but deepen his eyes, and the fingers on the armrests tapped gently. Anyone who knew him knew that it was him. Fu Yin is an expression of interest in an event or a person.
      He has a keen interest in this beautiful little swan on stage.
      It wasn't until the dance was over and Tangning entered the dressing room that 54088, who had held back a whole dance, finally screamed in excitement.
      "Tangbao, Tangbao! It has gone up, it has gone up a lot! Fu Yinze's favorability has just risen from 50 to 70. He is the person I have had the fastest increase in favorability so far, Tangbao, hello Amazing! Just now he sat down on the stage and kept staring at you. He seemed to be very interested in you. It seems that we can take him down directly!"
      54088 geared his hands.
      Tang Ning, who was changing clothes, just smiled when he said this and did not answer, leaving Xiao System aside with excitement.
      It wasn't until she had changed her clothes that Tangning stretched out her hand and flicked her finger on its face.
      "Have a blow? Take him down? You think too much..." she laughed.
      "Yes, is there any problem?"
      54088 covered his little face that had just been shot.
      "Yes, of course, there is. You may not know that there is a kind of person whose feelings come and go faster, and likes are cheaper than grass. They can like you today, and they can like her tomorrow. He spoils you, gets used to you, loves you, and praises you. In the palm of his hand, he is willing to give you whatever you want, but there is only one thing he will never give you, and that is-his heart."
      Tang Ning's mouth was raised high.
      "People are selfish, and Fu Yin is even the best in the selfish group. At the end of the plot, the reason why he will be with Ye Xi is that the other party has used her life to prove how much she loves him so that he is moved and satisfied, but Still not tempted by her. He will only think that I am so good, and you can only be worthy of me if you prove it. The more you pay for love, the more you will want to return it. But what Fu Yin has given is big Making movies? Advanced endorsements? A few sweet words? Heh! Those things represent likes, but not love! To him, they are of no importance!"
      At this point, Tangning reached out and rubbed the somewhat dazed little hamster dumpling.
      "The current degree of favorability doesn't mean anything..."
      "I want his heart!"
      Hearing these words, the eyes of 54088, who was still a little stunned, lighted up.
      Boss, boss, I seem to hold my thigh!
      At this time, Fu Yin, who was still sitting in the audience, watched the male and female duet program in front of him, and several leaders were chattering in his ears. How could the president of Genshi Entertainment come to the Kyoto Film Academy without accompanying him? The school leader.
      It's just that at this moment, Fu Yinze's attention was neither on the show in front of him nor on the leader beside him, but was still reminiscing about the amazing dance just now.
      It's a pity that he hasn't recollected it long before the vibration of the phone pulled him back to reality again.
      He smiled apologetically and walked out.
      After answering the call, he knew that his original plan to contact the little girl he had just met was ruined, and the company had something to deal with.
      No way, he could only say hello to the school leaders who accompanied him and asked the driver Xiao Liu to drive to the auditorium to pick him up.
      On this side, Tang Ning, who hadn't waited for Fu Yinze, had no intention of staying under the grotesque language of the ballet girls.
      She packed her things and gave the senior who was coordinating the school celebration performance a good person card and then started to walk outside.
      Fu Yinze didn't expect that he was ready to leave, and he saw the little swan wearing a set of everyday casual clothes and wearing earphones, standing on the bus platform in front of the school waiting for the bus. He was just about to let the driver drive the car, and in the next second he saw the little swan boarding a bus parked in front of her, sitting by the window.
      Not only that, after the car started, she saw her give up her seat to a trembling grandmother.
      You could see that the corners of Fu Yinze's mouth were straight-up slightly.
      Crossroads, red lights.
      The two cars came to a halt side by side, and Fu Yinze pressed the window of the car.
      Then he saw the little swan who was still smiling and talking to the grandmother sitting next to her, her eyes lit up with a single brush, and then squeezed to the window, but the window couldn't open, so anxious that she kept gently I patted the window of the bus, and my mouth was also talking anxiously, making it hard to hear.
      Seeing this, she hurried to the bus door in front of her.
      It's a pity that she hadn't reached the door of the car, the red light changed to green, and the two cars started together.
      Tangning was unable to get out of the car, so she waved her hand vigorously, and then kept making apologetic gestures, making Fu Yinze so funny that he almost didn't laugh.
      The driver Xiao Liu, who provokes him to drive, looked at the smiling face of his president in the rearview mirror with a surprised look, and deliberately pretended not to notice the bus on the next side.
      It's a pity that the car drove away early, and he didn't see anything except the bottom of the car.
      At the same time, on the bus, 54088 was already dancing around Tangning, relying on the fact that others could not see it or hear its voice.
      "It's up 5 points again, Tang Bao, Tang Bao, we sent it!"
      In such a cheerful atmosphere, the one person, one system returned to the ninety levels.
      In the house, the slightly solidified dishes and melted cakes on the white table still stood there quietly.
      Upon seeing this, Tangning walked straight to the dining table.
      "No, Tang Bao, these dishes are cold, they don't taste good, and the cake is scratched. Don't eat your stomach."
      The small system quickly grabbed her clothes.
      Hearing it say this, Tangning bends the corner of her mouth, "Who said I want to eat these?"
      "Then you..."
      "I just think the original owner has done everything, so don't waste it!"
      Tangning took out the phone.
      54088: "???"
      At the same time, Huangteng Hotel.
      Fu Yuankai, who had just received Ye Xi's birthday greetings, returned to his room with excitement and excitement. He felt the vibration of the phone, and when he took it out, he saw the word Tangning displayed above.
      Frowning slightly, he slid away the phone.
      Then I saw-
      the table was full of frozen dishes and melted birthday cakes.
      A sentence followed.
      Tangning: Why haven't you come back yet? I slept for a while, and I haven't eaten dinner yet, so I'm so hungry. Are you busy? Are you tired? I don’t have to come back if I’m too tired. Anyway, I can’t eat these dishes and cakes. That’s a pity, I couldn’t help you celebrate your birthday, but I’ve eaten the cake for you. I hope that you will be able to make the ingots go well in the future.
      Yuan Bao was the nickname that Tangning gave to each other when the two had just been together.
      WeChat rang again.
      This time it was also a photo, but it was Tangning herself. Maybe because I just woke up, my hair was a little messy, the shoulder straps slipped to the shoulders, maybe my face was slightly pink because I just woke up, and the tip of my nose didn’t know if I didn’t pay attention while eating cake or something. It's getting a touch of white cream.
      Seeing Fu Yuankai's brows stretched out slowly, his eyes softened unconsciously, and his fingers began to type on the phone.
      Yuan Bao: Well, it’s a bit busy here. I won’t go back at night. You should rest early, don't eat the cake when it melts, and don't eat it to your stomach.
      After typing here, his hand paused slightly, and he added another sentence.
      Yuan Bao: When I have time tomorrow, I will go back and go to bed early.
      And on this side, 54088 watched his host from taking pictures, putting on makeup, changing clothes, loosening hair, smearing cake on his face, sending WeChat, and other actions, and he accepted Fu Yuankai’s favorability from the hotel far away. I was so unexpectedly raised by the 3 o'clock notice, and I felt that my knees couldn't help but came into close contact with the earth.
      Tangning sent a WeChat with the corner of her mouth slightly tilted.
      Tangning: Hmm, then I'll wait for you to come back! good night!
      As soon as it was done, she just threw her mobile phone aside indifferently and took a look at the hamster dumplings who were secretly flushed because of fear of disturbing her.
      " Favorite degree has increased?"

    "Hmm !" 54088 nodded hurriedly.
      "Okay, where does this go. Tomorrow Fu Yuankai will come back, then he will be the big head!" "Yeah!"
      The system nodded impassionedly.
      It feels that performance first is beckoning with it.
      Ah ah ah ah, Tang Bao, love you for ten thousand years!
      Early the next morning, after Tangning got up, she called an hourly worker, so she didn't want to clean up!
      After getting up and going out for a run, she bought a breakfast she likes. When she got home, she started to dress up after eating.
      As long as individuals are visual animals, let alone Fu Yuankai mixes in places where handsome men and beauties gather in the entertainment industry, and his eyes have long been raised.
      Look at what the original owner does every time the other party comes back. Well, clean the house so that it is spotless, the floor can be used as a mirror, the layout is warm and beautiful, and then she cooks a few dishes he likes for the other party. Keep them warm in the incubator to ensure that the other party can eat hot meals when they come back.
      But I was wearing a cotton dress at home, like a cylinder, not showing a little waist. It was very old and had no other advantages, except that it was very comfortable to wear. The hair and body smelled of cooking fume, the makeup was not very much, only a lipstick was applied, the hands were not maintained, and there were even a few barbs on the fingers.
      Natural beauty can't be so bad.
      Compared with Ye Xi, who is in the entertainment industry, from fine hair to toe nails, isn't it compared to the dust?
      I really don’t know how to say that she is better. It’s true that you two have already lived the life of an old husband and wife, even if the old husband and wife are still divorced!
      The little girl is so naive and innocent.
      When everything was ready in Tangning, near the evening, the weather seemed to be something wrong, the clouds were dark and the sky was so dark, it looked like it was going to rain.
      But even so, around half-past five.
      The door was still swiped open from the outside with a card.
      Tangning turned his head and saw-
      a man standing outside the door, wearing a mask, sunglasses, and a fisherman hat, with huge purple characters on his head.
      Fu Yuankai.
      System score: 96.
      Favorability: 68.
      This is still the goodwill after the rise, and I have not only met Fu Yin Zegao on both sides!
      Bah, scumbag!
    Stand-in Bai Yueguang (4)

      "Yuan Kai!"
      As soon as he opened the door, even before taking off the equipment on his body, Fu Yuankai felt a wind-like figure mixed with the familiar fragrance of gardenia, rushing into his arms.
      For a while, the man who was still standing at the entrance had no time to close the door, and quickly hugged the girl who was running towards him.
      "I thought you wouldn't be back! The sky is so dark, it feels like it will rain in a while, I didn't expect you to actually come back, I'm so happy, so happy!"
      Tangning's cheering voice kept ringing. , The hands that hugged his waist made a lot of energy, but they were always controlled within a force that made people feel uncomfortable.
      While speaking, Tangning's small face with the big palm also lifted up along with it.
      It was also at this time that Fu Yuankai, who was holding her, realized that the end of the eyes of the person in his arms was slightly red, and there was a gleam of water on the eyelids. He seemed to cry with joy and excitement, but even so, when facing him, She kept showing a smile that was brilliant to a little too much.
      Seeing her like this, Fu Yuankai knew how much the people in front of him were looking forward to his arrival and how happy they were.
      Maybe the light overhead was too warm, or maybe the girl's smiling face was too bright, causing Fu Yuankai's heart to tremble involuntarily at this time.
      He raised his hand subconsciously, rubbed the slightly fluffy hair of the other party, loosened his arms, and smiled, "Isn't I back here? Okay, don't stand here anymore, and drive all the way back from four o'clock. I haven’t eaten yet. What’s delicious in the evening?”
      As soon as he finished speaking, Fu Yuankai saw Tangning standing in front of him quickly lower her head, pinching her hands together and stirring, using quite a lot of force, fingers The head is a little pale.
      "What's wrong?"
      Fu Yuankai took her hand directly and was about to take her to the living room.
      Unexpectedly, Tangning raised her head halfway, biting her lip, and opened her mouth in embarrassment and embarrassment, "I...I didn't cook, I thought... I thought it was going to rain, so you definitely won't be back. At that time, I was going to eat a large table of dishes by myself like before,..."
      At this point, Tangning lowered her head again and said softly, "It’s really... uncomfortable to eat alone. There is no sound in the room. No, I really can't didn't mean to..."
      Before the words were finished, a tear suddenly fell.
      It fell directly on Fu Yuankai's finger, who was holding her hand, and he shivered inexplicably hot.
      Upon seeing this, Fu Yuankai's heart froze for no reason. He stretched out his hand and took it out of his pocket, but didn't want him to just change the new clothes because he didn't take out anything. In the end, he could only use his fingertips to make her eyes flushed. Tangning wiped away the tears that slid down, then reached out and hugged her, slightly relieved.
      "Sorry, I’m not good, but you know, my schedule has always been very tight, and I can’t spare any time at all. I will come back to accompany you as long as I have time, OK? Okay, don’t cry, you think about it at night What to eat? I’ll take you to eat now, okay? What do you want to eat? Huh?”
      I have to admit that as a top traffic idol, Fu Yuankai’s capital is still very strong, and even his voice is so unique, no wonder he can be coaxed. The original owner is willing to shrink in this palm-sized place to wash his hands and make soup for him.
      Now I am afraid that any girl who comes here will have to drop her helmet and remove her armor under the coax of the other party.
      But Tang Ning would be an ordinary person, sniffed slightly, raised his head, and whispered, "Hot pot."
      "We don't cry..." Fu Yuankai here thought he wanted to continue to coax. What he didn't expect was that the next second was Tang. Ning gave him an unexpected answer.
      " pot?"
      Tangning nodded.
      "Well, let's go to Hexu Road..."
      "No, don't go out to eat, I want to buy the base material and vegetables for the ignition pot and come back, can we cook and eat by ourselves?" Tangning suddenly wondered.
      Talking about a whim is just a long-awaited plan.
      "Huh?" Fu Yuankai hesitated, then nodded again.
      It's just going to the supermarket to buy something. Bring your hat and sunglasses. No one should recognize him.
      "Then let's go now, the sky is getting darker and darker, see if we can come back early before it rains!"
      Tangning excitedly took Fu Yuankai's hand and walked outside.
      Then-after the two bought the vegetables, they stood in front of the supermarket near their home, looked at the dense rain curtain in front of them, and smoked the corners of their mouths.
      This rain is coming really fast!
      Fortunately, the two of them were afraid of rain outside, so they took an umbrella when they were shopping in the supermarket.
      Opening the umbrella, Fu Yuankai took Tangning's hand and was about to go out, but his sleeves were suddenly pulled.
      Turning his head, he saw his little girl pointing to the fluffy white rabbit slippers on her feet with a pitiful face. The road outside was soaked, and she really walked back. She just bought this pair of good-looking pairs not long ago. Don't ask for your slippers.
      Upon seeing this, Fu Yuankai couldn't help but laugh, "What's the matter with you? You still wear these shoes when you know it's going to rain?"
      "I came out too quickly and didn't notice..."
      Tangning snorted.
      Seeing her pitiful look like a puppy abandoned on the roadside on a rainy day, Fu Yuankai shook her head helplessly, glanced at the heavy rain outside, walked two steps forward, and squatted halfway in front of Tangning. "Okay, come up!"
      Tangning's eyes narrowed slightly when she saw the opponent's incomparably natural squatting movement.
      With every move she could feel that Fu Yuankai did not dislike the original body, yes, it was love, not the painless like of Fu Yinze. Then why did the two end up in such an end? ! There is also a degree of favorability. It should be more than this low. Is the so-called Bai Yueguang's lethality so large that it can even blind him?
      Forget it, no amount of excuses can be made to conceal the fact that the man in front of him is a complete scumbag!
      As for whether he loves the original owner or not, she is here, without her, he will have to be born out of nothing!
      After thinking about these, Tangning took the things in his hands and lay on the back of the other party.
      But what she didn't expect was that when she just got on the ground, the man suddenly got up and ran forward mischievously.
      "Go home!"
      "Ah! Slow down, slow down! I can't hold the umbrella anymore, the rain blows all over my face..."
      The laughter of the two kept going away and gradually disappeared into the rain.
      The consequence of such happiness is that when the two of them went home, they were still showered with two chickens.
      Tang Ning was standing at the door with her mouth suffocated, and looked at Fu Yuankai, who was still smiling, angrily.
      "Okay, okay, you change your clothes first, I'll get some food, okay? Don't be angry, go in the house, don't catch a cold!"
      Fu Yuankai pushed Tangning toward the bedroom as he spoke.
      "Can you be alone?"
      So when Tangning got out of her clothes, she saw Fu Yuankai's tall figure shrunk in a small kitchen, boiling hot water while using his mobile phone Baidu hot pot method.
      Upon seeing this, Tangning smiled and picked up the apron on the side, and stepped forward to tie it on him.
      "Has Baidu come out?"
      Tang Ning said while helping the other party to tie the apron, and at the same time, the whole person leaned over.
      "It's almost done, look at us first..."
      Fu Yuankai pointed at the phone, turned his head to say something, and wiped Tangning's soft cheek with her slightly dry lips.
      For a moment, both of them were stunned, and even their breathing began to become lighter.
      It was also at this time that Tangning realized that the Fu family’s men’s eyes were very black and beautiful. If Fu Yinze’s eyes resemble a deep ancient well, then Fu Yuankai’s eyes are like the night sky, and there are even fragments scattered in them. Starlight is very confusing.
      The rain outside the window has gradually become a little lighter, but the temperature in the kitchen is still rising, and the ambiguous smell is slowly fermenting in the air...
      Fu Yuankai's head suddenly moved forward and his chin slightly lifted.
      Tangning watched the opponent slowly approaching, her lips pursed slightly.
      The closer you are, the closer you are, the more you can feel the slightly moist breathing of the other person, and the closer the distance makes the breath of the two people entangled together...
      "Ka, grunt, ka..."
      It happened at this moment. , The hot water in the pot boiled, and the steam lifted the lid of the pot immediately, making a harsh noise, and instantly awakened the two of them.
      "Water, the water seems to be boiling..."
      Tangning said stutteringly, pointing to the pot.
      Fu Yuankai hurriedly stepped forward and opened the lid of the pot.
      "I...I'm going to wash the vegetables!"
      Tangning also hurried to the sink.
      But she sighed in my heart, four years, the two have been together for four years, Fu Yuankai didn’t know whether he still had his white moonlight in his heart or he was afraid of committing evil, or he was afraid of being responsible. Lei Chi one step. As for the original owner, her childhood education made her think that that kind of thing is better after marriage. For Fu Yuankai's restraint, she only felt that he was cherishing her.
      In addition, after Fu Yuankai became popular, in the past four years, the two people have spent too little time together. No, one or two are also very innocent. The four years seem to have fed a dog.
      After the two of them were so busy, the awkward and ambiguous atmosphere gradually disappeared, and the hot pot quickly became a shape.
      Sitting at the dining table, looking at the hot pot burning on the table, Fu Yuankai was just about to move the chopsticks, Tangning hurriedly opened
      her mouth, "Wait a minute!" After she said, she ran away quickly, and when she came back again Holding a small cake with a candle in it, "I didn't spend my birthday with you yesterday. I just secretly took a cake from the supermarket. Can I make it up for you now?"
      Tangning looked at the table expectantly. Fu Yuankai by the side.
      Hearing this, Fu Yuankai was stunned, and then stood up, "Then I'll turn off the lights..."
      Before the voice fell, his mobile phone on the table suddenly vibrated.
      As soon as he saw the name displayed above, Fu Yuankai couldn't care more about birthdays and cakes, and when he was busy connecting, he walked to the balcony inexplicably surprised.
      Although the opponent's hands were fast, Tangning saw the name-Xixi flashing on the phone screen sharply.
      Ye Xi, formerly known as Ye Xi, nicknamed Xixi.
      Thinking of this, Tangning raised her eyebrows, then walked slowly to the dining table, put the cake down, looked at the man standing on the balcony from the back, directly pushed his wallet on the table to the ground, and kicked it in. Under the sofa on the side.
      After waiting for a long time, Fu Yuankai finally returned from the call. When he came back, he saw Tangning's expectation mixed with a little worried expression.
      He just clenched a fist, he picked up the coat on the side and explained, "I have something urgent to deal with right away. You can eat the hot pot slowly!"
      "Is it a work matter?"

    " Then you go quickly, it doesn’t matter on my side, the road is slippery on rainy days, your road is slower!"
      After saying this, he didn't even have time to look back at Tangning, as the door slammed, The person is gone.
      "Tang Bao, Tang Bao, the affection level has risen well, why did he suddenly leave you and leave?"
      54088 was not reconciled.
      Tangning slowly took out her mobile phone, opened Weibo, and watched as President Genji who was shown above was getting a new love, taking stock of the news about the previous girlfriends of the national husband.
      Isn't it always like this?
      As long as Fu Yin had a girlfriend, Ye Xi would not want to have a baby. Ye Xi would call Fu Yuankai when he was in pain. When Fu Yuankai received the call, Tangning would be alone.
      It's like the cruel rules of survival in the animal kingdom where big fish eat small fish and small fish eat dried shrimps.
      But now the shrimp has evolved, she, not only wants to eat the small fish, but even the big fish wants to swallow it in one bite!
      Counting that the time was almost up, Tangning took out her wallet from under the sofa and ran out.
      "Tang Bao, Tang Bao, where is it raining outside, where are you going?"
      "Of course I'm going to get a wave of favorability!"
      Holding his wallet, Tang Ning smiled brilliantly.
      As soon as she came downstairs, Fu Yuankai's car came out of the underground garage and sprinted past her.
      "Yuan Kai!"
      Upon seeing this, Tangning hurriedly stuffed her wallet into her arms and plunged into the rain.
      "Yuan Kai!"
      she yelled while running in the heavy rain.
      Yusi wet her hair and clothes, she still chased persistently.
      It wasn't until the front corner, when turning, that Fu Yuankai glanced at the rearview mirror and noticed something was wrong. He turned off the engine and stopped, opened the door, and ran over.
      "It's raining so heavily, what are you doing out there? This road doesn't even have a traffic light! Do you know how dangerous it is?"
      Hearing his reproach, Tangning panted violently, then carefully took out a wallet wrapped in a plastic bag from her pocket, panting, and said, "Your...wallet, I just found out after you went out. You left your wallet...I see your ID card is in it, so I am afraid that it will affect your work, so I hurried to chase it out and give it to you. Finally...Finally caught up...I was fine, so I got some rain, back There is a hot pot to eat at home, and then take a hot bath, surely's okay, your work is more important, don't waste time here, go quickly, Be careful on the road! Don't drive too fast! Aye!"
      Tangning pushed him toward the car while talking.
      But in the next second, Fu Yuankai took her whole body into his arms and hugged her tightly.
      "Hey, what are you doing? Although it is remote, there are still a lot of people here. Don't be photographed. Just call me when you arrive. I'll wait for you to come back home!"
      Tangning pulled away from his arms and looked up. Looking at him with a smile.
      Looking at Tangning like this, Fu Yuankai felt that his heart had never been so excited before. He even... even wanted to stay, so he didn't leave, and went home to eat the hot pot with her just made... But
      Sister Ye Xi still Waiting for him...he couldn't...
      Thinking of this, Fu Yuankai lowered his head and closed his eyes and kissed Tangning's forehead, and said dumbly, "Be good at home, wait for me, come back!"
      Tangning nodded vigorously.
      Believe in you I am a pig^-^
      Watching the man's car disappear around the corner, Tangning took out a paper towel from her pocket and gently wiped her forehead.
      "Ahhhhh! Tangbao, Tangbao , 80, it is up to 80! Ahhhhhhh!" Listening to the screams of 54088 in his ears, Tangning smiled slightly and threw the paper towel soaked in her hands. In the trash can by the road.
    Stand-in Bai Yueguang (5)

      Although the rain hadn't stopped all night the night before, it was sunny and sunny the next day.
      At this moment, Tangning was standing at the door of the Imperial City Shopping Center, and the warm sun shone on her body, and even her mood became brighter.
      54088 flew up and down beside Tangning very puzzled, "Tangbao, Tangbao, what are we doing here?"
      With the previous lesson, it can watch the original plot over and over several times, but I still don't understand why my host appeared at the gate of the largest shopping mall in the imperial capital, which is famous for selling luxury goods. You must know that the original owner has always been a character who loves him and needs to plan carefully for him. Although Fu Yuankai puts a lot of money on her card, she doesn't spend much, just save it earnestly, naive To make plans for the future life of the two.
      What's more, as Fu Yuankai's money became more and more, she refused directly afterward on the grounds that she was not short of money. As a result, she didn't save too much money on her small card, so she definitely couldn't buy luxury goods when she came over to buy luxury goods. How many, will collapse the original owner's persona.
      But it feels that Tang Bao must have her own reasons for doing things, and it must be more than just coming over to buy luxury goods.
      54088 is extremely confident.
      Regardless of the small system, as long as I hug my thighs, I will definitely be able to lie down and win. Tangning couldn’t help but laugh directly, but because of the outside, it’s hard to play its small head. After smiling, I lifted my foot to Walk into the mall.
      As soon as she entered the mall, she went straight to a cheap dress shop, tried a set in it, and paid for it directly.
      After all, she is also a senior and is about to graduate, isn't she? No matter where she is going for an interview, a set of formal attire is indispensable. After all, at this stage, she hasn't figured out whether she should be in the entertainment industry or find a stable job!
      After buying the clothes, Tang Ning went downstairs and strolled around, but stopped in front of a custom evening dress shop, and then looked at the overly beautiful lotus-colored evening dress in the shop with a stunning expression. I don't know what material the designer uses. The yarn-quality skirt is like water waves, soft and freehand, the chest is tightly stitched, but the back is hollow, and there are some diamond tassels hanging on the shoulders.
      I have to admit, it's really dreamy and desirable.
      But before she looked at it for a while, she was patted on her shoulder suddenly, and when she turned her head, she saw a middle-aged lady in a black dress with a nice smile, "Miss, hello."
      "Um... Hello."
      Tangning nodded at the other party in a daze.
      "Miss, I see you have seen that dress in our shop for a long time. Would you like to try it for us? Miss, you look really beautiful. I believe that you will be even more beautiful in this dress in our shop. Of course, our Fitting is not free, and we will give you a small gift at that time."
      The woman said it very politely. You must know that this store is a world-renowned brand, and many people in the entertainment circle will take the initiative to come to customize the dress. , The shop is opened in such a place where there is a lot of money, it is impossible to lie to people.
      Is someone's approach too straight, really treating her as a pure female college student who doesn't understand anything? I even figured out a way to try on clothes for a fee. Fortunately, she looks really good-looking.
      Despite the thoughts in her heart, Tangning still showed a surprised expression on her face, "Am...Me? Is it really okay?"
      "Please come in."
      The woman who looked like the store manager smiled and opened the store. Door, make an inviting gesture.
      Upon seeing this, Tangning squeezed her small fist and walked in with a smile.
      The clothes are very expensive. Tangning can be sure that the diamonds on this dress are 100% real, not to mention the material. I heard that it used to be exclusively for the British royal family, so she bought this dress from two shop assistants. I put it on with help.
      In order to match this dress, one of the clerks lightly twiddled half of the hair that was originally loose, and the rest was still hanging between her neck.
      After Tangning walked out of the dressing room, she looked at herself in the mirror, leaned slightly, and asked herself, "Is it really good-looking?"
      "It's beautiful, it's beautiful!"
      The voice of a strange and familiar man suddenly The sound rang not far behind her.
      Tangning turned her head back abruptly, looking at Fu Yinze who was standing not far behind her with a look of astonishment.
      It was also at this time that she discovered that the shopkeepers and shop assistants who were still surrounding her didn't know when they had quietly retreated, and now they are completely gone.
      "Why are you?"
      Tangning hurriedly asked after the astonishment.
      "I was here originally, Miss Tang, you came here later."
      "Is that right? But this seems to be a women's clothing store..."
      Tang Ning looked around.
      "Help my mother pick up a dress. Do you think I came with someone else?"
      the man said in his spare time.
      really? Why do you think I know you are here? It’s not because of the news that the Xinhuan you accompanied you bought clothes here in the plot, but Ye Xi was drunk in the middle of the night and broke down on the side of the road and cried, so he came to look for you. Now you tell me that you have nothing else People come over.
      It seems that I have done a good deed, at least that Ye Xiaohuadan doesn't need to be drunk and cry in the middle of the night.
      Tangning smiled brightly in her heart but hurriedly waved her hand on her face, "No, no, I just think it's strange that you are here. Also, after hitting you last time, you should be fine, right? The first time because The performance went too hurriedly, and then I saw you on the bus. Unfortunately, the driver's uncle said that passengers are not allowed to get off the bus at the traffic light intersection, so I... I met by fate today, and I should formally apologize to you... "
      "So sincere, why don't you just invite me to dinner."
      The man took two steps forward and said with a chuckle.
      Tangning raised her head in amazement, then laughed and nodded, "Yes, you should be invited, you should be invited to dinner. Then you... are you free today?"
      He nodded slightly.
      "Then...then wait for me, I will change the clothes on my body first, and it will be fine soon."
      Tangning said quickly.
      "Don't worry."
      The man made a please gesture.
      When she finished changing her clothes, the female store manager who had invited Tangning in before gave her a small gift, which was a custom silk scarf.
      Tangning thanked her, and walked out with Fu Yin with her clothes and silk scarf as a gift.
      As she walked, she asked, "Do you have anything you want to eat? Actually, I don't come here very often. You can decide what you want to eat."
      "Then get in the car!"
      Tangning watched the other party pull away. The Rolls Royce parked in front of the store took a breath, then thanked him and sat in the co-pilot of the car.
      Then along the way, Fu Yinze’s Yu Guang noticed that the little girl seemed to be the class leader with the best grades in elementary school before. She sat upright, her back was straight and her hands were regular. The ground was on her knees, and it didn't move a bit along the way.
      Seeing that he almost couldn't help laughing out loud.
      To be honest, he grew up so old, although there were female students with him, but he had never encountered such a thing.
      The more he looked at her straight-eyed look, the more Fu Yin wanted to laugh.
      And when she arrived at the restaurant he chose, he was even more amused when she was very surprised but still trying to calm down.
      She wouldn't think he really wanted her to invite him to dinner, and Fu Yin had never spent a woman's money in his life until now.
      Asking her to invite her to dinner is just an excuse to get in touch with her, and this excuse was already thought of when he was sitting in the store and saw her standing in front of the glass window looking at the store’s treasure of the town.
      He even sent the new Xiaohua who came with him for this, and asked the store manager to take the initiative to invite her to come in and try the treasure of the town shop.
      Thinking of this, Fu Yin opened the restaurant door, "please."
      "Thanks...thank you!"
      I have to admit that Fu Yin is really a master of flirting, and also a master of speech. Under his small talk, Tangning The embarrassment of entering this high-end restaurant and the entanglement of spending a huge amount of hospitality soon disappeared, and the whole person slowly relaxed and began to enjoy the atmosphere and food.
      "Well, it's delicious."
      As soon as he tasted the feast of this French restaurant, Fu Yin was surprised to see the girl in front of him brushing her eyes, and her eyes lit up even more than the sunlight outside the store. Much bright and moving.
      Seeing that Fu Yin's smile deepened, his jet-black eyes also softened.
      "Just like it."

    "Well, I like it very much, and the environment is very good. You are really good at choosing a place..."
      At this point, Tangning seemed to have heard something suddenly, and just picked up the napkin on the side. She wiped the corners of his mouth, "By the way, I still don't know your name, sir. You should know my name, Tangning, Haitang’s Tang, Anning Dingning."
      "My last name Fu, his name is Fu Yinze."
      "Fu?" Tangning repeated, "What a coincidence, my boyfriend is also named Fu."
      Hearing this, Fu Yinze narrowed his eyes, "Boyfriend?"
      " Yes, we are university classmates, we have been together for four years, but he is very busy at work, we don't see each other often."
      Fu Yin rubbed his finger.
      "Well, he is really hard and tired at work, and he must be busy now. The food here is delicious and the environment is good. Next time I will bring him here to eat."
      After that, Tangning showed expectation and joy. Smiled, and then lowered her head to eat.
      Inexplicably, Fu Yin thought that smile was a bit distracting, and he didn't even want to continue eating what was in front of him.
      "I'm full, you use it slowly."
      "You haven't eaten two bites yet!"
      Tangning said in surprise.
      Fu Yin smiled without saying a word.
      Maybe the rich have such an appetite. Tangning didn't persuade him anymore, and only tried to finish the food on her plate.
      Do you feel a little uncomfortable? It's right to be uncomfortable. Now it's uncomfortable. When you know who my boyfriend is in the future and what he did, he will become unreasonably distressed and pity.
      I don't believe you didn't know that Ye Xi used your good nephew as a spare tire.
      I didn't care before, because I didn't care.
      But now that he knows that he still has a girlfriend who has been talking secretly for four years, you have a little bit of me who is curious and conquerable?
      She doesn't think that Fu Yin has too high a moral bottom line. In the plot, she can disregard Fu Yuankai's sadness and finally choose to marry Ye Xi. Now, of course, she can also take his girlfriend who doesn't value him too much!
      Tangning smiled brightly.
      When paying the bill, Tangning hadn't even paid for it, but Fu Yin took her out.
      "We haven't given money yet!"
      she said in surprise.
      Never thought it was okay for her not to speak. When she spoke, Fu Yin grabbed her arm and ran out.
      Caught off guard, Tang Ning's eyes widened suddenly. She wanted to go back and give the money, but she didn't want the man's strength to be so strong, so he ran to his car directly.
      "We ate overlord meal..."
      Tang Ning could not say anything, "What are you doing? I have a card. This store can definitely be used to swipe the card. Why are you doing this? If we are caught by someone, we will be over. By then the whole school will know whether I will go out to eat or not. I've given the money, drive such an expensive car, why do you have to eat Bawang's meal..."
      The more you listen to her, the more you want to laugh.
      But without a second laugh, I saw that the little girl was so anxious that her tears came out, and then she opened the car door and was about to go back.
      "Wait, I’m sorry, I’m just teasing you. Actually, I’m a VIP in that store. The people in the store are very familiar with me. They will charge me to my account every time I eat. It's a joke, don't worry..."
      Fu Yin explained quickly.
      Tangning paused when she opened the door, with tears still hanging on her face, "Really?"
      "Of course! Look!" Fu Yin pointed to the restaurant.
      Tangning followed his fingers and saw that not only was there no one in the store at this time to chase the account, but the two people who were welcoming at the door saw the two of them look at them and waved at them with a smile. She was relieved.
      She was invited to dinner. If it was too heavy, she couldn't say it well, so she could only sit on the co-pilot and sulking by herself.
      After the other party drove her to the door of the house, she finally turned to look at the man beside her, "No matter what, thank you for your hospitality today, but I still think your previous pranks are a bit too much, I hope you don't do this next time. I'm home, you are careful on the road, thank you."
      After speaking, Tangning smiled gratefully at Fu Yin, and then opened the door and got out of the car.
      "Wait a minute!"
      "This is for you."
      Fu Yin suddenly took out a packaging bag from the back seat, and slid it directly into Tangning's arms outside the car, and closed the door.
      "This is..."
      She looked at the familiar English logo on the bag. Isn't this the dress she tried during the day? how come……
      "Wait a minute!"
      She patted the car door hastily, but when she saw the man sitting in the car, she waved his hand directly at her.
      "Hey wait..."
      After two steps, the man's car drove far.
      Tang Ning, who was standing still holding the belt, raised the corner of her mouth slowly and slowly.
      "How much is it?"
      "It's 85, Tang Bao, when you told him that you have a boyfriend, I was so afraid that his favorability would fall, but I didn't expect it to rise, Tang Bao! Ah ah ah ah !"
      54088 is now served, really served.
      dropdown? Then you don't know, this kind of selfish and arrogant person, boyfriend or something, will inspire his sense of snatching!
      85 is almost the limit that Fu Yin likes. Maybe the original Tangning and the new lover who was driven away by him also like 85 points!
      As I said before, his liking is just like the jewelry and clothes sent out with his hands, which are worthless.
      But not necessarily above 85, maybe every point needs her to plan carefully!
      I heard that because of this newly promoted Xiaohua, Ye Xi’s side should have something to do in two days so that Fu Yin would come over to watch her. That play was just right, and her good boyfriend Fu Yuankai was acting as a man. Match it!
      Now, the preparations are done.
      She should also follow the plot to give her little ingot a little "surprise"!
    Stand-in Bai Yueguang (6)

      As Tangning expected, he couldn't even wait for two days. After Fu Yinze's car was delivered to Tangning, he just drove to the door of his villa when his cell phone rang.
      Picking up the phone and seeing the name displayed on the phone screen, Fu Yinze's eyes flashed a bit of playfulness and clarity, but he still connected the phone.
      Listening to the young assistant Ye Xi on the other side of the phone using very unqualified acting skills, he hurriedly said that her sister Xi was in a trance today, she accidentally fell off the Wia while hanging Wia and sprained her ankle. , I hope he can go see her when.
      The corners of Fu Yinze's mouth curled up slightly, and the playfulness on his face became more obvious.
      But he couldn't even follow the words of this little assistant and ask Ye Xi why he fell into a trance and fell into the WIA interest, just because he is so familiar with this set, so familiar that he is already bored with it, even I didn't even bother to deal with it, but directly replied "Well, I know, come here tomorrow", and hung up the phone.
      As soon as Fu Yin hung up the phone, the other end was staring at the assistant Ye Xi. As soon as she nodded, he immediately smiled contentedly, not even feeling the tightly bandaged right foot. It hurts.
      She knew, and she knew that Yinze still felt sorry for her, and there was nothing in Lu Huanhuan's body that could compare to her, but she was younger than her. I believe that in less than a month, Yinze would completely forget her. Behind my head, huh.
      No one is more suitable to stand beside Fu Yinze.
      Just thought of this, the two people in the house suddenly heard that the door of the lounge was knocked on from outside. With the knock on the door, Fu Yuankai's concerned inquiring sounded, "Sister Ye Xi, can I come in? I brought some medicine. There is still some food, can you see if there is anything you need?"
      Ye Xi frowned slightly when she heard this voice, and then her eyes motioned to the assistant who was sitting next to her, and immediately turned her back. Lie down in front of the door.
      Upon seeing this, the little assistant quickly walked to the door with her heart, and gently opened a small slit. She saw the man outside the door who was dubbed by the media as the dream of 300 million girls, with a worried expression on his face.
      She sighed secretly in her heart, and had to admit that Ye Xi from her family was really charming! Mr. Fu will not talk about it. Fu Yuankai, a top traffic watcher who is popular with thousands of young girls, also has a lot of affection for her, and even plays the second male second in this drama for her self-reduction and fan status. It didn't stop there. She watched that the famous creator Qi Li in the cameo scene also had a very unusual attitude towards her, and even offered to take the initiative to round up the opening and ending songs of this martial arts movie. It is said that because the last film was very happy, when the filming of this film started, I specifically asked the agent to come over to play one of the roles!
      If their reality is a TV series, she thinks her family Ye Xi is a well-deserved heroine!
      After thinking about all these things, the assistant turned his attention to the man in front of her again, and opened her mouth in a low voice, "Brother Fu, Sister Xi just fell asleep because of her feet hurting for a long time, so if you have something, just go straight to it. Give it to me, I'll pass it on to her when Sister Xi wakes up!"
      She finished her excuses in a familiar way, just because she had experienced such a scene too many times, from the fear of the beginning to the present. People have long been tempered out of nonsense. Anyway, as soon as Mr. Fu came, Ye Xi wouldn't be patient to deal with Fu Yuankai. She would find all kinds of excuses to help her make it through, and she was used to it.
      Unsurprisingly, Fu Yuankai, who was opposite her, immediately squeezed what was in his hand into her hand when she heard that Ye Xi had just slept.
      "It's fine if I fall asleep. I'll put that thing here and leave first. You can tell her that I've been here after Sister Ye Xi wakes up later."
      "Okay, Brother Fu, I get it. Right."
      The little assistant took the things politely and closed the door.
      Fu Yuankai looked at the door of the room dumbfoundedly and walked away slowly.
      Listening to the sound of footsteps outside the door, Ye Xi, who was lying on the bed, opened his eyes.
      "Sister Xi, these things..."
      the little assistant asked.
      Ye Xi glanced at it casually, and then withdrew her gaze indifferently, "You find a place to put the medicine, you can eat it yourself, it's all high-calorie, I don't want to eat it!"
      On this side, Fu Yuankai just walked out, and the phone in his pocket vibrated.
      Open it and take a look-
      Tangning: Yuanbao, Yuanbao, I said that I would call me when I got home. I have been waiting for a day and a night, and I didn't wait for your call.
      Tangning: Are you too busy at work and forget about it? I know you have no memory! Don't do this again next time!
      Tangning: You don't know how worried I am, but you are also worried that your mobile phone is not around, so I dare not send you a WeChat message for fear of being seen by others and affecting you! Seeing that it is almost time for dinner, I dare to send you a WeChat message.
      Tangning: Have you eaten yet? Is it hard to film?
      Tangning: I really want me to be like Tinker Bell, with an arbitrary door, so that I can appear by your side at any time!
      When he saw this WeChat message, Fu Yuankai didn't even notice how gentle the corners of his mouth were raised involuntarily.
      Yuan Bao: I'm sorry, but I forgot to call you to report safety. I haven't eaten yet, but the filming is okay, but the director is a bit fierce, and there are no arbitrary doors, but I will go back to see you when I have time. Remember to eat well.
      Tangning: I haven’t eaten yet, so don’t send me a message. Go eat. I remember that the movie you are shooting now seems to be a martial arts movie. There must be a lot of action dramas and dramas. Remember to eat more. A little bit, lest you don't have much energy when you get it! I won't bother you anymore, go eat! I am waiting for you to come back!
      After sending this WeChat message, Tangning was just about to swipe away the chat window of the two, but the phone suddenly rang.
      Tangning raised her eyebrows when she saw the phone number above.
      54088 also leaned over and took a look.
      Yes, it's another number it doesn't recognize!
      God knows from which corner Jiatang Bao pulled out these phone numbers, and also contacted the owner of the number.
      I don’t know that Tangning, who had so many inner dramas in 54088, got on the phone, and her voice became enthusiastic, "Hey, is it the senior sister? Yes, it’s me. Did I ask you before? Thank you for learning. Sister, thank you very much! I know, um, thanks to Senior Sister! You are so amazing, Senior Sister, I found a lot of people, but I didn’t expect you to help me in the end! Someone told me about you before! If they don’t like me, they don’t even know how good Senior Sister is! Well, I will, and I will rush over as soon as possible! Okay, Senior Sister, I will invite you to dinner if you have time!"
      After speaking, Tangning hung up On the phone, the voice of excitement and gratitude also stopped abruptly.
      No matter how many times it has seen it, it will be amazed at Tang Bao's face-changing skills.
      "Tang Bao, Tang Bao, who was it just now? Also, where are we going?"
      54088 hurried forward to ask.
      "Where to go? Of course, I'm going to be a stand-in for Ye Xi!"
      She had long wanted to meet the final winner in life, a master fish farmer! I don't know if she can withstand several waves of attacks!
      As for the person just now...
      It’s just the last school bachelor of the Kyoto Film Academy, which is two terms higher than her. It is said that after Tangning entered the school and won her school bachelor’s name, she still hated her for a long time with gnashing teeth. In Xi’s play, she played the second female role. Tangning told her that she was willing to be a stand-in or something. Female two and a stand-in were so different. There was such a chance that she could step on Tangning. Zhang Luo went to help Tangning.
      Originally, she could take the initiative to submit a resume to the crew like the original owner, but as soon as she passed through it, if there is some butterfly effect, even the crew can't even get in. How can she unfold her next plan! Secondly, it was too slow and too slow, don't wait for her to finally go to the crew, the day lily is cold.
      Now that she has such a boost, she has entered Ye Xi's crew called "Eternal Sword" at the fastest speed.
      The girl's desire to step on the foot of her former opponent is really urgent and cute!
      Tangning chuckled lightly.
      The next day, in the evening.
      Tang Ning, who had a big bag and a small bag, got out of a taxi and looked at the lively and beautiful Hengcheng Film and Television Base in front of him. She took a deep breath and didn't spit it out.
      Suddenly I found a group of girls screaming and holding their hands suddenly rushing in front of me.
      "Qi Li, Qi Li is here! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
      "Husband look at me, my husband is here!"
      "Husband marry me!"
      "Mom loves you!"
      all kinds of calls came one after another.
      Tangning was even shocked to find that there were boys mixed in it. She had a rough Shandong accent and called her husband to marry me louder than anyone else.
      Tangning, who was standing in place, almost didn't laugh.
      But then, the smile at the corner of her mouth gradually turned into an arc of interest and surprise.
      Look, my little system, what I see.
      She looked at the man who had just stepped out of the babysitter's car, wearing sunglasses and a peaked cap, with only a little red lip and a knife-cut chin. At this time, he was wearing a few bright red characters on his head.
      Qi Li.
      System score: 92.
      Favorability: 0.
      At this moment, it may be that Qi Li in the car had already got off the car. The fan group that was originally noisy was like a boiling pan, and it became crowded and crazy with a bang.
      A group of people kept squeezing in Qi Li's direction.
      Even Tangning, who was standing on the edge with her suitcase, was affected.
      But the crowds didn't care if they would hit passers-by or not, so that Tangning couldn't stand firmly, and fell uncontrollably into the green belt on the side.
      "Tang Bao!"
      54088 screamed, just about to use the power of the system.
      In the next second, Tang Ning's wrist, who was about to fall, was grasped tightly by a strong hand and pulled up at once.
      "Why are you so careless, there are so many people here, don't you know how to hide?"
      The man's smiling voice sounded in her ears.
      Tangning turned her head and said with surprise on her face.
      "Mr. Fu, why are you? Why did you come here?"
      "Come over there is something, but you, why do you suddenly appear here?"
      "I came to see my boyfriend... Ah, I shouldn't say it.", Tangning wanted to cover her mouth again but it was too late.
      I did it on purpose.
      "You didn't hear it, okay, Mr. Fu..."
      Tang Ning hurriedly pleaded.
      She came here to see her boyfriend, her boyfriend's surname is Fu.
      With these two pieces of information, Fu Yinze's heart quickly rose with an incredible name.
      After all, there are really not many male stars surnamed Fu in the entertainment industry!
    Stand-in Bai Yueguang (7)

      "Actually, in fact, I was mainly introduced as a stand-in by one of my senior sisters..."
      After the pleading, Tangning might also feel that she might be doing some useless work, so she put down her hand covering her mouth with a bit of frustration, and then she looked like Suddenly remembering something, her eyes lit up again,
      "That's the big star Ye Xi, do you know? She has a new movie called "Eternal Life Sword", which is currently being filmed in Hengcheng. I don't know if you have it. I’ve heard of it. My senior sister happened to play the female partner in this movie. She said that Ye Xi had a sprained foot not long ago, and she couldn’t do a lot of movements. She felt that my height and body were very similar to her. Even when she smiled on her face, she looked a bit like. So she showed me a full-length photo of me, and she decided me directly over there, saying that she would definitely not wear clothes and would not delay the filming process, Ye Xina. The side also nodded..."
      The more Fu Yin here listened to Tangning's constant remarks, the more sure he was that the boyfriend who was so busy every day in her mouth was the one he was thinking of, and at the same time. I sighed softly in my heart, after all, it was a little girl who had never been out of school, and she was able to explain everything clearly by herself without any idioms, it was simply too much.
      After talking for a while, Tangning accidentally caught a glimpse of the wall clock on the wall of a small restaurant behind them, her eyes widened in an instant, and then, regardless of the noisy fans around, she hurriedly pulled her luggage and headed for it. Squeeze it forward.
      While squeezing, she hurriedly explained to Fu Yin who was standing next to her, "It's not a big deal, it's not too late. I have an appointment with someone at 9:30. It's already 9:15. I want to Hurry up, or you’ll be late! Mr. Fu, go ahead with you, I’ll go first!”
      Then Fu Yin looked at the little girl and didn’t know what she had brought. Having said that, every bag looked dead and heavy, and the little girl tried her best to make her nails turn white.
      Upon seeing this, Fu Yin motioned to the driver who was standing not far behind him and was on standby. He took Tangning's package two steps forward and sank directly. He weighed it down and said with a smile, "Just right. I also have something to go to the crew of "Eternal Sword", so I can help you carry things."
      "No! Really! I can carry it, don't bother you!" Tangning quickly refused.
      But Fu Yinze didn't give her the opportunity to refuse at all, and as soon as he picked up something, stepped on his long legs and walked forward first.
      As he walked, he said, "Arn't you almost late? Then don't hurry up, be careful that you are late. The director has a bad impression of you!"
      Hearing this, Tang Ning, who only pulled a suitcase, hurriedly chased after him. Up here.
      "Mr. Fu, you are so nice!"
      She sent a nice person card to the other party sincerely.
      Mr. Fu, who had never received a good girl card before, laughed strangely.
      At the same time, the little heavenly king Qi Zhi, who was walking on the other side, stopped slightly, took off his sunglasses with one hand, and looked not far away with his bag, Fu Yinze, who was particularly grounded, and walking beside him. Beautiful girl with her eyes slightly narrowed.
      He remembered that Sister Xi once told him that his boyfriend was not the president of Genji Entertainment, Fu Yinze?
      Now, this is...
      "Tangbao, Tangbao , Qi Li, the target of the Raiders, has just dropped ten points in his favorability to you, and his current favorability is -10." Upon receiving the change in favorability, 54088 hurriedly moved to Tangning's ear and whispered. Said.
      Tang Ning, who was talking to Fu Yinze in a low voice, heard it, but her expression didn't even change at all.
      Qi Li, right?
      "Ah, it's finally here. Thank you, Mr. Fu. Give me everything. I'm going to report in first." As soon as he got there, Tangning quickly took over what Fu Yinze had in his hands.
      Fu Yin handed it to her.
      "Behave well!"
      He smiled and exasperated her.
      "I know! Thank you, Mr. Fu!"
      Tangning, who was jogging forward with her things, turned around and smiled at him full of vitality when she heard the words.
      With a straight smile, the corners of Fu Yinze's mouth also rose.
      And the second after Tangning's figure disappeared from the corner, the assistant director of the crew greeted Fu Yinze with a surprised look.
      "Mr. Fu! It's really you! Pengxun is shining, Pengxun is shining! Are you here to see Ye Xi? She is resting in the back now, and I will take you there?"
      "No, I can just go by myself."
       The smile at the corner of Fu Yinze's mouth quickly converged, raising a polite arc.
      After the check-in was over, Tang Ning, who had not yet had a shooting mission, had just inquired about Fu Yuankai’s residence implicitly, and dragged her luggage straight to his residence. She didn’t expect to hear a familiar voice just after arriving there. It was passed from a distance in a blurry way.
      She hurriedly hid behind the door on one side, even though the smile at the corner of her mouth could not be suppressed at all, she still tried to calm her overly intense heartbeat.
      When I heard the voice, I confessed to the person next to me,
      "Okay, you don't need to follow me. I will go to the room to sleep. You remember to call me when the director finds someone, you know?" "Okay, Fu Brother, but you haven’t eaten breakfast until now..."
      "Stop eating, no appetite."
      "Okay! I'll go now, Brother Fu."
      As soon as the voice fell, the person's footsteps began to fade away. go with.
      Then the sound of the man swiping the door card rang.
      Hearing this, Tang Ning threw her salute, tiptoedly walked behind the man, jumped up slightly, and covered his eyes, and at the same time deliberately opened her mouth thickly, "Guess Who I am ?"
      Tangning didn't see the scene where the man turned around and hugged her in surprise. She only felt that her hands were suddenly torn off. The man turned around in disbelief and threw her arms away, "Why are you here?"
      There is no joy but surprise, and even a little inexplicable anxiety and rejection.
      Tangning just wanted to explain something, when a familiar voice rang not far from the two of them.
      "Xiao Kai, you can't be so rude to your girlfriend!"
      It was Fu Yinze.
      The two of them looked at Fu Yinze who didn't know when he appeared around the corner in disbelief.
      "Girl ...friend?"
      Another voice rang.
      This was Ye Xi who heard that Fu Yinze was here, and hurried over even after twisting her ankle.
      Tangning watched the excitement in her heart and screamed softly.
      So exciting. jpg
      Soon, the four of them sat down in the small box of this hotel.
      After sitting down, Fu Yuankai didn't even dare to look at Ye Xi's face. He just squeezed his fist and hung his head slightly, like a kid who had done something wrong confessing his mistake.
      Fu Yinze played with the teacup in his hand and did not speak.
      But Ye Xi carefully looked at the appearance of Xia Tangning, smiled, and broke the deadlock, "Hello, I am Ye Xi, I don't know who you are?"
      "Ah? My name is Tangning."
      Because I was sitting next to her. Fu Yuankai of Fu Yuankai didn't speak, she froze for a moment, then introduced herself slightly restrained.
      Then maybe because I was afraid of embarrassment, I added two more sentences, "I actually...I'm actually Ye Xi's new stand-in for your crew. It's my senior sister, Liu Wenwen. You should know her. She heard that I was in my senior year. When I was filming, I was kind enough to introduce me..."
      Tangning nodded affirmingly while saying.
      "It turns out that the substitute the crew found for me is you! You are so beautiful, and you are really wronged for me as a substitute."
      Ye Xi said sincerely.
      Hearing this, Tangning waved her hand quickly.
      "How come? It is my blessing to be a stand-in for Sister Ye Xi!"
      Whether it is in reality or in the scene, it is all a "blessing"!
      Tangning is more sincere than her.
      Hearing it, Fu Yuankai's eyes flashed slightly, and his fists tightened.
      After listening to her, Ye Xi only smiled, and did not continue.
      For a while, the box became quiet again.
      It may be that the atmosphere is a bit depressing and embarrassing. Tangning is a little embarrassed to pull Fu Yuankai's hand to gain some sense of security. Who ever thought that her hand had just touched the back of the man's hand, as if he had been stabbed, he drew his hand back abruptly, and at the same time glanced flusteredly at Ye Xi who was sitting opposite him.
      Ye Xi's eyes grew deeper.
      Upon seeing this, Tangning bit her lip subconsciously, and her lips became slightly pale.
      The room was quiet for two seconds.
      Then she listened to her take a deep breath, picked up the cloth bag she placed at her feet, and put it on the table, revealing a bright smiling face, while taking the contents of the bag out, she said excitedly, "Just listened to you My assistant said that you haven’t eaten breakfast until now! Just so, I heard you say that you think the crew’s food is not tasty, but I was busy until about two o’clock last night, and the train almost missed the train in the morning! Look at me What did I bring you, sweet and sour short ribs, hot and sour potato shreds, boiled pork slices... The most important thing is this pot of tea tree mushroom and old duck soup. I simmered it for a whole night, so I lost the fire! You have a few days ago Didn’t you send me a WeChat message that you are so angry that you have many ulcers in your mouth? It’s good to drink this! The duck is an authentic rural duck, I went to a few vegetable markets to buy it! You must try one Taste!"
      Tangning opened the lid of the thermos barrel while speaking, and the scent of the hot old duck soup instantly filled the whole small box.
      But as Tangning's voice continued to sound, Fu Yuankai's face became darker and darker and his fists tightened.
      Just because every word in Tangning's words would make him be sentenced to death in Sister Ye Xi's heart, he couldn't accept it, and he would never accept it.
      So at the moment, Tangning was holding the thermos to show off to him, his emotions reached its zenith, and almost all the blood on his body poured into his brain at this moment.
      Unable to control it, he raised his hand and overturned the insulation box that Tangning had handed over.
      Two exclamations rang one after another.
      "Sister Ye Xi!"
      The first sound was Tangning's hands being scalded by the soup, and the second sound was Ye Xi, who was sitting opposite her, almost not scalding her face by the splashing soup.
      Fortunately, seeing that the situation was not good, Fu Yuankai came to the opponent for the first time and pulled her up abruptly to avoid Ye Xi's disfigurement.
      Tangning was also grabbed the hand for the first time.
      Well, it's not someone else, it's Fu Yinze.
      "Is it all right? Where did it get hot just now? Talk!"
      Fu Yinze asked hurriedly.
      "I...I'm fine, I haven't gotten hot anywhere..."
      Tangning said in a daze when he glanced at the two people who were cuddling each other not far away.
      It's's a pity that Sister Liu's craftsmanship is good, and her dishes are the best for her taste, tut!
      "Isn't it hot? The back of your hand is red, don't you feel it? I thought you were stupid before, but I didn't expect you to be so stupid!"
      Fu Yinze grinned.
      And Ye Xi, who was standing opposite the two of them, looked at Fu Yinze's appearance, her eyes flashed slightly, and a deep hostility flashed quickly in the depths of his eyes.
      When was Yin Ze...
      Is there any intersection between this girl who is suspected of Fu Yuankai's girlfriend and Yin Ze when she didn't know it? Why does he care about her so much? That Lu Huanhuan didn't let him do this...could it be...
      no! She would never allow it!
      Quickly adjusted her expression, Ye Xi suddenly pulled her arm out of Fu Yuankai’s hand, and smiled softly, “Yuan Kai, don’t hurry up to see your girlfriend, the bucket of soup just now should be quite hot, you Didn’t you see that the back of her hand is red? Don’t hurry up and take her out to deal with it. If the little girl’s family has scars, it will be ugly!”
      Hearing this, Fu Yuankai noticed that Tangning had also been burned to her hand. After stunned, he hurriedly walked over.
      "Why is the back of my hand so red? I, I'll take you out to deal with it now..."
      Seeing him coming, Tangning watched him intently for a long time before finally smiling at him, "It's okay, it's okay, look. In fact, it doesn't hurt to be red. It's fine for me to take a shower. It shouldn't leave scars..."
      This is the truth. 54088 helped her shield her pain. She really doesn't hurt.
      Tangning hesitated, and then stood on tiptoe to Fu Yuankai's ear and whispered in a voice that only two of them could hear, "This is Hengcheng, and the paparazzi don't know how many there are. If they are photographed by others How much affects you! So I just need to take a shower by myself, I'll go first, so don't follow me..."
      Hearing this, Fu Yuankai's heart was shaken, why...
      Then he watched Tangning face him. Fu Yinze and Ye Xi smiled politely, turned, and walked out.
      Just watching her leaving behind for a while, Fu Yuankai squeezed his fist vigorously, not daring to look at Ye Xi, only vaguely said "I will help her" and chased her directly.
      Fu Yinze frowned, looked at the direction the two were leaving, and did not speak.
      On this end, after listening to the announcement of 54088 by the ear, Fu Yuankai's favorability increased by 5 points, and the footsteps of the man behind him hurriedly.
      Turning Fu Yuankai's passiveness into activeness is still under Ye Xi's nose. At the moment of Tang Sa, Fu Yin's first reaction was to come to her first.
      In the first round, sister Ye Xi, I won.
      Tangning raised her head slightly, the corners of her mouth cocked.
    Stand-in Bai Yueguang (8)

      Seeing that the two had left, Fu Yinze still stared at the direction they left. Ye Xi squeezed her fist unconsciously, and she couldn't even feel the long nails deeply embedded in the palm of her hand.
      After taking a breath, the woman squeezed a gentle smile on her face. Two steps forward, she grabbed Fu Yinze's arm and said coquettishly, "Yinze, you heard Amy say that I had a sprained Wia. Did your feet come here to see me? I blame Amy for nothing more than a mouthful...Although I am really happy, I am still worried that it will affect your work. In fact, my foot injury has long been fine. The doctor said that I will raise it for two days. It should be fine. But you, are you tired from work? In fact, I am very happy to see you. If you are busy, you can go first. I don't care..."
      Ye Xi said empathetically.
      This is also the image she has always maintained on Fu Yinze's side. She is sensible and obedient, and occasionally acts like a coquettish little thing. No matter how angry, jealous, and uncomfortable she is behind her back, she will never show it in front of him. It is the important reason why Fu Yinze has been around so many people back and forth for so many years, but he has always maintained a relationship with her.
      Hearing what she said, Fu Yinze retracted his gaze, looked at the other person's naturally pulled arm for a long time, and then opened his mouth again, "It's okay, I'm not in a hurry."
      As if suddenly thinking of something, the corner of his mouth suddenly "Next, I should stay here for two days..."
      Upon hearing Fu Yinze's words, Ye Xi's heart slammed, and the woman's instinct told her that the other party's stay was definitely not Because of her, who else can it be because of?
      A smiley face flashed across her mind quickly, Ye Xi closed her eyes lightly, her heart fluctuating violently.
      And this kind of anxiety was in the afternoon, when the little stand-in named Tang Ning was wearing her costume, hanging Wia dancing with a knife and shooting a gun, when Fu Yinze beside her did not take her eyes away from her. , Reached the top.
      Under the guidance of martial arts instructors, Tang Ning who flew into the air first pulled up a beautiful sword flower, and then kicked her feet on the wall on one side with the movement of Wia, and a 360-degree turn quickly occurred.
      The director, who was sitting in front of the machine and staring at the figure on the monitor, was excited and exclaimed.
      After the flip, Tangning's face turned pale because of her head being dizzy. The martial arts instructor underneath quickly asked, "How about the substitute? Is it okay?"
      Tangning, who heard the question above, quickly rushed to him. Gesture OK, and then subconsciously found Fu Yuankai, who was watching her movements with others in the crowd, and smiled brightly at him.
      The afternoon sun is the best lighting board. Tangning, who is in her early twenties,’s skin is just like a peeled egg, white, smooth, and pink, smiling, as bright as summer flowers.
      Fu Yuankai glanced at her unconsciously, his heart moved involuntarily, and even his breathing became lighter.
      and her smile also caused a quiet discussion among several group actors who had been waiting for their orders—
      "I can't believe it, this is a new stand-in, this beautiful! Doing such a group performance. For many years, I have never seen a star with such a good skin! Hey, who do you look like?"
      "Isn't that Ye Xi! How else can I stand for her? But to be honest, I think she is more beautiful than Ye Xi That’s a lot. When I dragged my suitcase over, I didn’t think that now that I have done the same makeup and hair as Ye Xi, I realized that this little girl’s facial features are clearly Ye Xi’s high-end version! I can guarantee this If the little girl makes her debut in the future, she will probably grab Ye Xi’s brilliance. She is much more flexible and beautiful than Ye Xi without seeing her acting. If I were the director, I would just replace her. The price is still cheap..."
      This group performance may be a little heartless, or it may be about Ye Xi's opinion. It is because the more he talks about it, the more people around him can't get him in time.
      "So idle? Chewing on the roots of Sister Xi's tongue here? Just relying on your few toads to pair up with Sister Xi? Would you like me to take you in a mirror, what kind of virtue is I?, I will ask the producer to settle your money!"
      It was no one else who spoke. It was the little heavenly king Qi Wei who had just put down his luggage and changed into a white swordsman dress and rushed to the shooting scene.
      When Qi Li said this, a few small groups of actors rushed to plead, constantly saying that they shouldn’t be mean, begging him not to remember the villain’s faults, and begging for a while, Qi Li finally said that it’s only this time. Take this as an example, then lifted his foot and walked in the direction of Ye Xi.
      Seeing him go far, I shouldn't hear their voices anymore.
      These group actors finally breathed a sigh of relief, and one of them sipped directly underneath, "Bah, what!"
      "Okay, do you have to drag us down to be reconciled?"
      The others Frowned.
      However, this Qi Li really lives up to his title of "Vicious Tongue Heavenly King", and every word he speaks is poked into the heart of the people. No wonder he had reported the news of the collapse of newcomers on variety shows before. Of course, in the eyes of fans, his behaviors are true temperament, quick response, and clever performance! I just don't know how he got involved with Ye Xi, and as expected on the forum, this Ye Xi was clearly the playbook of the entertainment industry Marie Su! Gee.
      On this side, Qi Zhi walked in the direction of Ye Xi, staring at Tang Ning who was hanging Wei Ya on one side, and the corner of his mouth slowly raised a cold arc.
      At this moment, Tangning heard the news that Qi Li's favorability for her had dropped by 10 points from 54088. The current favorability rating: -20.
      Tangning raised her brows high in the sky, and the corners of her mouth twitched.
      If Tangning’s real-life plastic sisters and the three bear children born to her stepmother saw her expression, I’m afraid there would have been one. The two shuddered up, just because they were really under the lesson of Tang Da’s vengeance. They suffered too many times. Almost every time she offended her, when she wanted to keep you small in her heart, she would With such an expression.
      This expression shows that someone must be out of luck!
      It makes them almost get the PTSD of this expression one by one.
      Of course, Qi Li, who had no experience at this time, didn't have any reaction.
      He just looked at the little girl above Wei Ya who was somewhat similar to Sister Xi, who was walking with Fu Yin before, flying up and down smoothly, and was praised by the director again and again, while sitting beside Sister Xi, Fu Yin next to him stared at the woman above him without blinking, and completely looked at Sister Xi beside him at nothing.
      The man's eyes narrowed unconsciously.
      But at the moment when he approached Ye Xi, all the coldness and calculations on his face disappeared completely in an instant. Instead, he directly turned into a sunny little milk dog, eagerly approaching Ye Xi's side, "Sister Xi I'm here!"
      The contrast between the front and back is called a big one.
      "You are here, Qi Li..."
      Ye Xi smiled reluctantly at him when he heard this voice. If it weren't for Qi Li, she felt that she might not even be able to deal with it.
      She really did not expect that this Tangning not only matched her in appearance, but even the martial arts movements were much cleaner than her, let alone Fu Yinze, even herself. Will be attracted to her, not to mention, since Wia hangs up, the director's praise for her has never stopped.
      For a while, she couldn't even tell which of them was a stand-in.
      In order to get angry with Lu Huanhuan, she got Yinze's attention, and she sprained her foot while playing Wia. Now it seems that it is really a stinky move.
      Ye Xi glanced at Fu Yinze's profile and bit her lip.
      If this Tangning also enters the entertainment circle in the future...
      just thinking about it this way, an indescribable panic rises in Ye Xi's heart.
      After Qi Li smiled and greeted Fu Yinze, he saw that his sister Xi's expression was ugly and a little scary.
      At exactly this moment, Fu Yinze's mobile phone vibrated. He took out the mobile phone, frowned, and walked out, and he knew what might have happened to the company.
      Taking advantage of this opportunity, Qi Li sat next to Ye Xi, glanced at her tight feet wrapped in gauze, and asked first, "Sister Xi, I heard that you fell from Wia before. I came down and sprained my foot, how is it now?"
      "Fortunately... the doctor said that after a few days, it should be okay to remove the gauze..."
      Ye Xi responded.
      "That's good, that's good..."
      Qi Li's smile became more real, and then he looked at Tangning in the air, "Does Sister Xi know this girl?"
      "I'm not familiar with it, I only met today."
      Speaking of Tangning, Ye Xi's attitude instantly became cold.
      Qi Wei quickly sensed the other party’s emotions, and then pretended to be indifferent and said, “It’s nothing, but I thought she was coming with Mr. Fu before. Mr. Fu also helped her carry the luggage, and looked familiar. , I thought you knew her too? I didn’t expect that I had made a mistake..."
      Hearing this, Ye Xi suddenly turned to look at Qi Li who was to his side, "Are you true?"
      "Of course it is. Really, at the gate of Hengcheng, don't talk about me. My assistant Xiaoqiu, agent, and many fans have seen it. Can I lie to you?"
      Qi Li smiled purely, and then I saw Ye Xi The expression when looking at the man in the sky became even more indifferent.
      Then she leaned into the woman’s ear and asked in a low voice, “Sister Xi, do you dislike her? Do you need me to clean her up for you?”
      Upon hearing this, Ye Xi's eyes flashed unconsciously. He was delighted, but he still persuaded worriedly, "Qi Li, don't mess around..."
      " Don't worry, I won't, Sister Xi, it seems to be my scene, I'll go first. Sister Xi."
      Ye Xi pretended to be worried and yelled twice, then sat back steadily.
      Qi Zhi’s poisonous tongue and evil, she had experienced it a long time ago, if it weren’t for an underwater scene in the last movie, and relying on super strong willpower to accidentally convince him, I’m afraid he still sees her still. The nose is not the nose, the eyes are not the eyes, and now he says he wants to fix this Tangning...he.
      Love to hear.
      On this side, the scene that is about to start shooting is that the heroine played by Ye Xi fell into a brothel for her beloved, but was accidentally found by the little uncle played by Qi Li and wanted to take her away, but the heroine refused and became angry. Xiao Shishu slapped her, saying that she was shameless.
      Because it was mainly Qi Li's play, the stand-in could still play for Ye Xi.
      He had already leaned against the wooden railing under the back of the script. Seeing that the director was still talking about the play, he suddenly said, "Director, I think I will fight next time. It's better to substitute emotions and add There is no need to leave the country for the upper body. If there is a mark on the face, it will not make much difference, does it?"
      As soon as this word came out, the surroundings fell silent.
      "Ahhhhh, I electrocuted him!" Upon hearing this, 54088 quickly turned on the calf protection mode, and even wanted to directly power him on regardless.
      Tangning's drooping face never reacted much, she only raised her eyebrows, and the corners of her mouth rose even higher.
      It should be said that it was in the plot, for Ye Xi, deliberately released a hand-in-hand kiss photo, insinuating her cheating, causing her to be disfigured by radical fans, and completely driving her into the abyss? Sure enough, menacing!
      maybe the one who can beat her hasn't been born yet, right?
      Beat her, when her Fu Jia's uncle and nephew's 80-odd favorability is whitewashed?
      Also, brother and sister remember you!
      Sure enough, the next second, two voices rang in unison.
      "No way!"
      Immediately after Fu Yuankai had not had time to say anything, Fu Yinze, who had just answered the phone and passed by, took two steps forward and said face-to-face with Qi Li, "It is your own business whether you are emotionally invested or not, and you need to beat others to invest in it. You are not dedicated. Even if she doesn't have to leave the country, you are not qualified to beat her!"
      Upon hearing this, Qi Li's smile narrowed slightly.
      After a long time, I suddenly laughed, "What are you doing? What is this? It makes me look like a bully. I just give an opinion. I don't really want to do it. Mr. Fu, you are so excited. I am a man. A professional actor will be very emotional, and even if he borrows, he can still act well."
      Qi Li replied with a smile.
      Hearing this, Fu Yin, who was gently pulled by Tangning's sleeve, gave him a deep look before slowly retreating.
      Seeing that the atmosphere finally improved, the director hurriedly called out to start.
      What I didn’t expect was that Qi Li’s lines in the front said well, but when he was slapped, Tangning slammed to the side with his strength, crashed, and knocked down a piece of stuff, and the palm was directly hit by those zeros. Pieces and pieces made a cut.
      Upon seeing this, Fu Yinze, who was closer, rushed over.
      The director and others greeted him every step of the way.
      This was the most sincere thought of everyone at the time.
      Qi Wei looked at Tangning who fell on the ground in disbelief, with red eyes and aggrieved face, and murmured, "I didn't touch her at all..."
      "What to say What nonsense, I didn't see it, could she throw it out by herself?"
      A staff member couldn't help but said.
      "I really didn't touch her!"
      Qi Li felt really wronged. Didn't he know if he touched him? Before she got there, the little girl fell out, causing outsiders to think it was his problem.
      "Actually... it's actually my problem, it has nothing to do with Brother Qi..."
      Tangning explained hurriedly and weakly, but she vomited at Qi Liu from a position where everyone could not see it. tongue.
      You came to hit me, I did it on purpose!
      "Ah ah ah, Tang Bao, Qi Li's favorability rating has dropped again!"
      Qi Li's current favorability rating: -70, -71, -72...
      they keep declining!
      Each scum has its own strategy. Not all scums need to show weakness and show weakness. The sun is gentle, and a cheap bone, like Qi Li needs to break first and then stand.
      Of course, Tangning would not say that she just wanted to fuck him!
    Stand-in Bai Yueguang (9)

      Qi Li, because his parents are a strong combination of well-known veteran actors and singers, he has a very good family background since he was a child, and his appearance has inspired the advantages of his parents. In addition, he is extremely talented in music and first entered the music scene. He became popular on the streets and alleys with the song "Legacy", attracting countless fans, and all the media praised him for being blue and better than blue. At the age of eighteen, when he was just an adult, he became the biggest flow at the time. After eight full years of popularity, it can be said that if it weren't for Fu Yuankai's turnout, he would still be the biggest heat and flow in the circle.
      The smooth flow from childhood to greatness, coupled with the strong fans and the popularity of his parents, led to Qi Wei acting all kinds of freedom and unrestrained behavior, speaks viciously without leaving the room, people or things that are unfamiliar will be directly stunned, but it is his own. The mouth cannon ability is also extremely strong. So over the years, basically all people in the circle met him in an attitude of not being able to provoke me but also hiding.
      It was like this before, maybe because Ye Xi couldn’t understand that she squeezed away another acting school by leaning on Fu Yin, won the movie pie at the time, and acted in a rivalry with him. The first time we met, Qi Li destroyed her all over again At the end of the day, I encountered each other once every day. Later, if Ye Xi didn't rely on her own hard work and desperation, she finally let the other party see her dedicated and hardworking side, I am afraid that the other party is still not used to seeing her. , Let alone take the initiative to come over to help her film a guest role.
      It can be said that people like Qi Li seem to be born with only black and white in their eyes, either black or white. The desire for love leads to the death of evil.
      To put it simply, it means that we have never been beaten by society!
      No, the social beatings are coming...
      so almost the moment he saw Tang Ning provoking him with her tongue out, his whole body exploded immediately.
      "Did you see it? Did you guys see it? She just stuck her tongue out at me. She obviously pretended to be herself, deliberately revenge on me!"
      The man suddenly pointed to Tangning and said excitedly.
      But I didn't want everyone to look at his fingers, but only saw the little girl who was half sitting on the ground with a pale face, and blood was still pouring out where the palm of her hand was torn, when Qi Li suddenly stretched out his finger. Her body shook reflexively, and she was frightened at first glance.
      Among the crowd, there was a staff member who couldn't help but said, "Who the hell is getting revenge? Just now King Qi Datian said that if the acting is to really take in the emotions, we can all hear it clearly. Who knows if it's right? Mr. Fu refused your request, but you were so angry that he wanted to deliberately teach the little girl a lesson!"
      Several people followed in succession.
      But when Qi Li turned his head to look at these people with red eyes, only to see a group of staff and group performers who lowered their heads and dared not look at him, how could I tell who had spoken just now?
      It was also at this time that Ye Xi finally arrived late with the help of her assistant.
      After hearing the staff’s accusation, she realized that the matter might be a bit big. Qi Li might be a little simple-minded, but his parents who have been in the entertainment industry for a lifetime are not simple stuff. If they are found out by the other party, It was because of her that Qi Li chose to suddenly attack a small double, and it also provoked public anger. It would be her who was unlucky then.
      For a while, she regretted it again.
      Ye Xi has never been a person who regrets easily, but because of the same person, she regretted it twice in a short period of time.
      But she could only get up and round the scene and say, "I believe Qi Li is definitely not intentional. For shooting, there will always be some physical collisions. Qi Li, apologize to Tangning. I think Tangning is a magnificent girl, no I care about it with you, right?"
      "Even Sister Xi you thought I pushed her on purpose..."
      Qi Li has never been so wronged when he grows up.
      Seeing him like this, Ye Xi quickly turned her head and glanced at him embarrassedly, and then exhorted him with a voice that can only be heard by the two of them, "Qi Li, no matter what the facts are, what everyone sees now is that you have no right to The fact that the powerful little stand-in was knocked to the ground. Do you know how many entertainment paparazzi outside the crew are waiting for your news, you are just apologizing now, otherwise, waiting for you will be criticizing your character The whole net is black and your opponents fall into the hole, you can weigh it yourself."
      Having said that, Ye Xi thought that this time should be able to explain him.
      But I never thought that what she received turned out to be Qi Li's eyes that completely seemed to be looking at a stranger.
      Indeed, for Qi Li, who is right, wrong is wrong, and has a distinct love and hatred, Ye Xi's polished rules of dealing are completely unfamiliar.
      As soon as he saw Ye Xi with this look in his eyes, her heart jumped inexplicably, but before she could describe anything, she saw Qi Lihu's sneer, looked at Tangning on the ground, and took a deep breath. I haven't had time to say anything yet.
      With the help of the people around her, Tangning, who stood up swayingly, waved her hand quickly and said in a weak voice, "Listen to me, it's really not Brother Qi's problem. It's me, maybe it's me. Ya hangs for too long and her head is a little dizzy, so she accidentally fell down, Brother Qi, you don't have to apologize to me, it really has nothing to do with you, it's my own problem..."
      Tangning looked sincere.
      Seeing that she was still pretending to be a white lotus flower, Qi Wei suddenly slammed in his head, no matter where he could apologize or not, he clenched his fists hard, turned, and ran away.
      "Qi Li!"
      Ye Xi called out quickly, but received no response.
      Tangning here also showed an anxious expression. Just about to explain something to the person next to him, Fu Yinze on one side took her hand and led her aside, "Okay, he ran. His, the injury on your hand needs to be dealt with. Those props are not very clean. Don't feel uncomfortable if you are infected."
      After speaking, he pulled Tangning up without any explanation and walked away.
      When passing by Fu Yuankai, Tangning looked up at him expectantly, but didn't want the other party to move her feet in the end, and let Fu Yin take her down.
      Fu Yin just touched the wound on Tangning's palm with a cotton swab soaked in hydrogen peroxide, and her face turned white with pain, and she unconsciously sucked in a cold breath.
      She wanted to take her hand back, but the other party's strength in pinching her fingers was so great that Tangning didn't take it out for a while, so she had to plead, "Okay, can it be lighter? It hurts..."
      This body turned out to be like her. The body was the same, she couldn't help but hurt at all. She just wanted to be a stubborn little white flower, and the next second the pain would knock her back to reality.
      Fu Yin, who heard Tangning's plea, raised her head and glanced at her. He didn't reply, but he unconsciously eased his movements, and then slowly said, "I saw..."
      "Just now you I can see if I stick out my tongue..."
      As soon as he said this, Fu Yin saw the little girl in front of him, his eyes rounded instantly, and her lips opened and closed several times, as if she wanted to explain something, but in the end But she just collapsed her shoulders dejectedly and lowered her head in a low voice, "Then you just now, why didn't you break me..."
      When she said that, she was filled with outrage again, "Well, okay, I admit, I just want to get mad at him. Who told him he wanted to slap me. When I grow up, my parents have never beaten me. Why should he beat me? If I use the heroine’s money to beat me, it’s me. Dedicated. But I took the substitute money, and I was so angry..."
      "But..." She raised her head suddenly, "I just spit out my tongue at him, I didn't mean to fall and frame him on purpose. , What I said before is true, I really hang Viagra for a long time, and the sun is also big today, I suddenly fell over when my head fainted. It was not intentional, Mr. Fu, you believe me! "
      Tang Ning became excited at once.
      The highest level of lying is half true and half false, and what you can see is what I want you to see.
      After all, innocence is comforting, but for an old fox like Fu Yinze, who is floating in the market, it is still too boring.
      "Sit down."
      Hearing this, Fu Yin pushed Tangning back to the original position, and then continued to concentrate on medicine to her, and smiled, "I didn't mean to blame you, on the contrary, even if you really He took the initiative to frame Qi Li, and that’s because he took the blame and felt himself. I’m telling you now, just to tell you that you did the right thing!”
      After speaking, Fu Yin looked up and looked at Tangning with a smile and approval. Come here.
      I never thought that the little girl would be stunned when she heard what he said. She stared at him intently for a long time before she finally opened her mouth slowly.
      "Mr. Fu, you are so kind!"
      She was extremely sincere, but Fu Yin was a little bit dumbfounded.
      "The second time."
      He gestured.
      "What second time?"
      Tangning asked curiously.
      Of course, it is the second time you sent me a good person card!
      Fu Yin didn't say this. Instead, he put a beautiful knot on the gauze wrapped around her palm, and asked her to rest in this room. He didn't bother her and went out first.
      Tu Liutang Ning nodded blankly and watched him leave.
      "Ah ah ah, Tang Bao, Fu Yinze's long-stayed favorability has just suddenly increased by two points, and it is now 87! That's..."
      "Qi Li's favorability for you has now reached- It's -100..."
      54088 had nothing to love.
      Hearing that, Tangning raised his hand and flicked Xiao System’s cheek, “Okay, don’t lose it. I don’t know if you have ever heard a saying that good people will go to hell if they do something wrong, and bad people will kill thousands. Ten thousand people, but as long as you put down the butcher knife, you can become a Buddha. The same is true for the Raiders. He hates me so much now. I am the bad guy in his heart. Just wait for me to put down the butcher knife..."
      The corner of Tangning's mouth curled slightly.
      After all, it was Fu Yinze's room, so Tangning went straight out without taking a break.
      I never thought that she had just walked out of the room. The next second, the whole person suddenly felt a strong attack from one side, and then her wrist was pressed hard against the wall behind her, and her back was hit.
      After snorting, Tangning realized that she couldn't move her whole body.
      When she raised her head, she ran into Qi Li's burning eyes.
      Upon seeing this, Tangning tilted her head slightly.
      "Are you deliberate, did you mean that you deliberately framed me, right? Why didn't you tell the truth in front of everyone? Yes, I was wrong when I said I was going to slap you, but I can't really be right. You do it, but it's just to scare you deliberately. Why are you..."
      The more Qi Li said, the more popular it became.
      He grows up and has never encountered such a scheming girl. What the hell said before is that there are too many villains in the entertainment industry, telling him not to offend people easily. He still doesn't believe it. Now...
      Qi Li has bigger strength in his hands.
      "Heh... you hurt me." Tangning said with brows and eyes, "Also, let go. Otherwise, believe it or not, I will call you out now..."
      Tangning threatened.
      Qi Li couldn't be angrier when he heard this, and let go of her. After all, if she called some more people, he would really have jumped into the Yellow River and couldn't clean it.
      After being released, Tangning moved her wrist, then raised her head, and walked towards Qi Li, who was in front of her. She took a step further, and the other party was forced to take a step back until the other party’s back slammed into the corridor behind her. Just wanted to be irritable.
      Tangning squeezed out a mobile phone that was recording from the other’s pants pocket and pressed the pause button. She chuckled and opened her mouth, “Isn’t it? I don’t play this kind of trick in elementary school. Now, you...tee."
      "You..." Qi Wei snapped back his phone, both angry and embarrassed.
      Tangning stretched out her hand to stop his lips in the void, and said with a serious face, "First, I am not deliberately framed, but just defending. Second, you said you can't do anything to me, I believe it? The malice on your face is so great, how stupid I should be to believe that you won’t really do it. Third, I am the one who is injured now, and the person who should be angry should also be me. Why on earth are you deliberately running over to follow me? Scream? By your parents? By your fans? Or by your big face?"
      "Not everyone in the world should follow you and follow you and be your mother?"
      "That's all for me, I There is still work to be done, so let's go first." Tangning raised her foot and walked out.
      It was almost when I was about to get to the crew, when the incredible voice of 54088 rang out.
      "-90, Tang Bao, Tang Bao, it has increased by a full 10 points."
      What she said before, can lower her to make it rise again.
      Qi Li is better, right is right, wrong is wrong, as long as you can use your reasoning to explain him.
      Of course, first of all, many people will not be able to accomplish this.
      With such a good mood, in the next bath scene filmed by Tangning, one of them didn't converge, and actually used 100 points of skill.
      The golden hairpin gently twiddled the black hair, Tangning only exposed her shoulders, and then tilted her head and smiled as the director requested.
      With just such a shot, almost everyone present, including Ye Xi who had been watching by the side, gasped uncontrollably.
      Fu Yin watched the tulle floating up and down on the scene, and Tangning's eyebrows were looming in the steam and tulle.
      Innocent and innocent, cunning aura, and now enchanting and enchanting, he can't even tell which is the real one for a while, but the thought in his heart is very clear at this moment.
      He wants her!
      Fu Yin's current favorability rating: 88.
    Stand-in Bai Yueguang (10)

      Ye Xi knew that it was going to be bad when Tangning showed her heart palpitations, and turned her head to see Fu Yinze who was sitting not far away from her. The corners of his mouth were indeed raised. At the seemingly nonexistent arc of interest, with a thud, Ye Xi's heart instantly fell to the bottom.
      Maybe even Fu Yin didn’t know that he had always had a small habit. Whenever he became interested in something or someone, the corners of his mouth would rise very ambiguously, like Being in front of my beloved and cherished lover, I can't help but feel disappointed.
      Staring closely at the man’s profile for a while, just when Ye Xi was about to say something, the hand in the pocket of the man next to him suddenly shook slightly. He took it out and looked at it for a while before he got up and stood up. Then there was a boring entertainment news feed on the screen of the mobile phone, and he smiled apologetically to Ye Xi, opened his eyes and said nonsense, "I'm sorry, the company just came the news, saying that there are some urgent things that I need to go over and deal with immediately. I have said that I will stay here for two days. Now it seems that I’m afraid I can’t stay.”
      When Fu Yin said so, Ye Xi was completely stunned, knowing that she had already planned it in her heart just now. Tomorrow So she took the initiative to tell the director that her feet are almost good, and she should play the next scene. After all, she took so many remunerations. She felt bad about not filming herself, and then let the agent and the company send a wave to the whole network Dedicated drafts can kill two birds with one stone.
      As for all the scenes filmed by this little avatar in the past two days, of course, she will find a way to delete them completely. When the movie is released, she will not find a single shot.
      In the next two days, she will guard against Yin Ze, and even want to take the initiative to find Fu Yuankai to let him accompany her little girlfriend, and look for opportunities to tell him whether his little girlfriend is with him or not. Of course, she’s not trying to sow discord, or the rumor on the set is a bit unpleasant, etc...
      Before that, the stand-in was mainly because she was unprepared for hitting her. Now she is fully prepared, even At that time, all the dialogues to exhort Fu Yuankai have been thought out, to ensure that Yinze and Tangning can be prevented from getting close.
      She thought about everything, but she didn't expect Yin to leave because of something in the company.
      So what is her foot injury, is she making wedding dresses for her from beginning to end?
      She felt that the self-confident person who fell from the Wia not long ago was a stupid figure.
      Ye Xi, who has gotten into such a position in the entertainment industry,’s scheming is pretty good, but all her plans are still a little immature for a mall veteran like Fu Yinze, just like now the other party thinks she’s hiding all her calculations. It's very good, but it still allows Fu Yin to hit the eye and understand it all.
      He couldn't let her frustrate Fu Yuankai and Tangning's feelings getting deeper and deeper, it would be too bad for him.
      What's more, now that he has his own goals, he has no intention of staying with others, so he simply ridiculed the reason and left.
      After the loss, Ye Xi had to smile and make his work more important.
      Tang Ning, who had just finished the play on this side, just came out of the water, and what she saw was the scene of Fu Yin walking out under the farewell of the assistant director and producer of the crew.
      Seeing this, she hurriedly wrapped up the white bath towel on the side and ran after her.
      "Mr. Fu, Mr. Fu, Mr. Fu..."
      After shouting several times, Fu Yin finally stopped and looked back at her with a smile.
      I saw that Tangning was dripping with water, and she ran all the way in front of him. Because it was a bath scene, she didn't need makeup for a small stand-in. The whole face was so clean, she was also close, Fu Yin Then I noticed how good the girl’s skin is, because it was because of her running over, her cheeks were slightly pink, her lips were pink, her eyes were black and shiny, and when she looked at you, it seemed like you were Her world.
      Upon seeing this, Fu Yin's smile deepened.
      "Mr. Fu, are you leaving?" Tangning asked hurriedly as soon as he ran over.
      "Well, the company has something to deal with."
      "Then, I wish you a smooth journey."
      Tangning smiled and said, then she seemed to remember something suddenly, "That's right, I've met several times. I still don't have your contact information yet. I always forgot to ask for it, or you. Remember my mobile phone number, and then call me the mobile phone on the set now."
      She ran out mainly to exchange contact information. During the shooting, she caught a glimpse of Fu Yinze’s expression, she knew it. She should be using this contact form soon.
      "Tang Bao, Tang Bao, how did he go so well? He obviously increased his favorability? Why didn't he stay to see you acting?"
      If it is replaced by it, I must be reluctant to go. How good is Tang Bao acting? , It looks so proud and proud.
      "Acting? I think there should be no more drama for me next. Our President Fu probably guessed it. As for why he left, of course..."
      He went back to knit a hat for his little nephew.
      Tangning smiled gently.
      But the focus of 54088 was completely off, and he wondered, "How come there will be no play for you next? You obviously signed a two-month contract with the crew? How come there will be no play for you?"
      Hearing this, Tang Ning Laugh without saying a word.
      Sure enough, the next day, she was notified by the crew that the contract ended here, without even giving a reason.
      She didn't make any noise, packed up her things, greeted Fu Yuankai secretly, and left after greeted another group of crew members.
      Before reaching the door, she saw Qi Lizheng, who was leaning against a banyan tree, tossing a coin up and down. Seeing her walking by him, she suddenly stopped.
      " played beautifully..."
      The affirmative voice of the other party directly passed into Tang Ning's ears.
      He didn't admire anything else since he was a child, but he admires capable people. I won't talk about Wia and martial arts. Even the literary drama in the bath yesterday, even he felt amazing, so of course, he must give sure.
      54088 excitedly felt the +1, +1, +1 of Qi Zha's favorability from the side... The excited Harazi almost didn't flow out.
      Who thought of the next second - Tangning, who was still walking steadily, heard the other party's words, suddenly stopped, turned her head, and spit out her tongue at the person next to her, and then when the other party didn't react at all, Pulled up the suitcase and ran out.
      Who wants your affirmation?
      Tang Ning thought so disdainfully as she ran, leaving the man alone behind her and kicking up the tree angrily.
      Excited 54088 instantly felt tired and no longer in love.
      It's -100 again, buzz buzz.
      For the next three days, Ye Xi worked hard to film. Tangning occasionally sent WeChat to maintain Fu Yuankai, and occasionally passed the time by picking feet at home.
      Three days later, a piece of explosive news swept the entire network in an instant.
      The photo of Fu Yin, the president of Genji Entertainment and the national husband, and the daughter of King Jewelry dining together in a high-end restaurant circulated. Along with this photo, Fu Yin was about to do business with the woman in the photo. The important news of a marriage, a strong alliance.
      As soon as this news came out, the shares of Genji Entertainment and Shangpin Jewelry rose a lot.
      Almost at the same time, in a private club, Fu Yin was trapped in a soft sofa and smiled and raised his red wine glass to the woman in the red dress sitting opposite him, "Happy cooperation." After speaking, he took a sip of the red wine.
      "Happy cooperation!"
      The woman also smiled like a flower. "Although I don't know that President Fu hesitated for so long, he finally chose me to sign this contract instead of my brother, but I will not let you down!"
      If someone outside I'm afraid that I can recognize the woman now that she is the daughter of the jewel king who has been involved in an engagement scandal with Fu Yinze.
      "It's just that the rumors outside are really outrageous. Even my father asked me if it was true last night? How could it be?" The woman smiled, but she had to go past her brother and take over the big jewelry of Shangpin. Where's the stall!
      "So do I need to come forward to clarify?"
      Fu Yin raised his eyebrows after hearing the words, "No, at least not right now. I have not heard of such scandals in ten or eight in a year. The stocks have risen a lot with it, making profits without any harm."
      What's more...
      He has worked so hard to get into the current posture, and he can't lose sight of it!
      Next, let him look forward to Ye Xi's performance!
      I hope she won't let him down!
      And here is Ye Xi who received the bad news about Fu Yin’s engagement with someone else, and then received a reminder from Secretary Fu Yinze, to the effect that the president will be busy with work in the near future, please don’t bother if she is okay. It's better not to disturb him if she has something to do.
      What does this show? It shows that the engagement is almost always true!
      That's why he told her not to disturb!
      "Impossible! Impossible! Impossible!" Ye Xi slammed her mobile phone out, with a loud bang, and the mobile phone instantly fell to the ground in all fours.
      "How could Yin Ze marry someone else! How could he! How could he marry another woman, that... except for her family background, where can she compare to me? I'm not reconciled, I'm not reconciled!"
      Ye Xi shouted.
      The assistant Amy on the side was scared to the corner of the wall a long time ago, and she didn't dare to move.
      It was terrible, and it was the first time she had seen her lose her temper after having been with Ye Xi for so long.
      After receiving the same news, Fu Yuankai, who was afraid that Ye Xi would not be able to open, quickly opened the door to rescue her.
      Ye Xi raised her head dimly when she heard the door opening, and when she saw Fu Yuankai, her tears fell uncontrollably.
      "Yuan Kai, don't want me, Yin Ze... Yin Ze, he doesn't want me anymore... Don't..."
      After speaking, she burst into tears in Fu Yuankai 's arms.
      Obviously, the two of them were okay a few days ago...why...why...
      for a full night, and didn’t even sleep well. Fu Yuankai finally said that Ye Xi had fallen asleep when the day was about to dawn, man. Then he closed the door lightly and walked out.
      What he didn't expect was that Ye Xi opened her eyes on the back foot as soon as he left the house on the front foot.
      After crying, she finally realized with horror that she seemed to be more afraid of all the conveniences and successes that the loss of Fu Yinze would bring her than the loss of Fu Yinze.
      His marriage partner is such a big one. I am afraid that in the future, he will never open the door to her openly and openly. Even if she does, she will never have such a good reputation as she is now. Love and mistress are definitely two different things. She is sure that if she meets Fu Yin, who is really engaged, and is photographed next time, she will definitely be greeted by the ruthless black and unbridled ridicule of her opponents.
      Even now, as long as one imagines such a scene, and has been under Fu Yinze's escort since her debut, Ye Xi, who has not experienced many setbacks, feels a little chilly in his heart.
      No way!
      She must not sit and wait for death!
      But Fu Yin is about to get engaged, and the object of the engagement is still the daughter of the jewelry king. What can she do if she doesn't sit and wait for death?
      At a loss, Ye Xi's tears fell again.
      At this moment, her gaze suddenly caught the cup of hot water that Fu Yuankai had poured her before she went out for her to drink when she woke up.
      This is...
      a light suddenly rises in the woman's eyes.
      So, not two days after the scandal was fermented, Tangning received the news that Fu Yuankai was going to Japan.
      She flipped through Ye Xi's itinerary—
      well, it just happened to be filmed in a Japanese magazine these days!
      At this moment, her mobile phone rang suddenly. As soon as she saw the phone number of the original owner’s mother displayed above, she raised her brows uncontrollably, and opened her hand—"Ningning, Ningning, your dad and him ...Something went wrong..."

    It's finally here.
      It seems that Fu Yuankai's hat is also changing color.
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    Stand-in Bai Yueguang (11)

      I mentioned before that the parents of the original owner are all high school teachers. The salary plus the extra money for summer and winter vacations should make the family's assets quite substantial. There is also only one daughter. She is clever and saves. They usually can't spend much money on them. It should have been. There is nothing to worry about.
      However, Father Tang has always had a very sad problem, that is, his excessive kindness and his ears are so soft that he looks miserable, and he can't help asking for it.
      From small to large, I don’t know how much money I borrowed. Because of his problem, Mother Tang didn't know how many quarrels with him, but every time he quarreled and didn't last long, he would go back to the old way again.
      In fact, Tang's mother could understand him. Since he was a child, both of his parents have died and he is helpless. He has only relied on the support of good-hearted people in the village and society before he finished college, found a good job, and lived a decent life. It is precisely because of receiving the kindness of others that he wants to pass on this kindness forever. Mother Tang also supports him in doing this in my heart, but the prerequisite for you to do good deeds should be to ensure the basic life of a family of three!
      Thanks to all these years, Mother Tang's strict guarding, finally didn't let Father Tang clean up the disaster at home, and let Tangning grow up to this age carefree.
      But it may be that Mother Tong's health is not good for the past two years. People are a little lax. No, as soon as her side is loose, the other side of Tang's father will directly poke her a big basket.
      He even took the initiative to help one of his former students as a guarantee, and borrowed a large sum of money from a small loan company. Now that student ran away, he couldn’t find anyone. The company’s people would ask if they didn’t have money He also went to school several times to make trouble, so that Father Tang couldn't even teach with books now.
      I don’t know if I lose my face. With so much money, he just bundled up the family’s house, car, and the old couple together. I’m afraid they would not be able to repay it.
      Mother Tang was really helpless, her eyes were swollen from crying. Originally, she didn’t intend to let Tangning know about the family affairs, but the small loan company was so noisy that they all came to the house to splash paint, neighbors Everyone was protesting. In addition, she had faintly heard from her daughter before that her boyfriend seemed to be from the entertainment industry and was quite capable. She was also in a hurry to go to the doctor.
      In fact, this kind of thing has already happened in the plot. The reason why Tangning knows what will happen, but still allows it to develop, is mainly because Tang's father listened to his wife's words in his early years, but in recent years It's really getting more and more outrageous. Don't let him stubbornly stumble. I'm afraid this kind of thing will happen continuously in the future.
      She allows you to do good deeds and donate excess money to some charitable organizations or subsidize a few mountain students, but she will never allow Tang's father to have no bottom line and principle to be kind.
      So there must be such a lesson to completely wake him up!
      Tangning listened carefully to the crying mother, after explaining all the ins and outs, comforted her on the phone all afternoon, and told her that if possible, take her father back to the village and hide for a while to protect his safety. , Qian, she came to think of a way, she must be able to think of a way!
      As for the solution... As soon as she almost hung up the phone of Tang's mother, she dialed Fu Yuankai's cell phone non-stop.
      But it kept ringing until "Sorry..." came out, and the other side didn't mean to answer the phone at all.
      Is Tangning someone who gives up so easily? Seven or eight calls were made one after another, but no one answered.
      She stopped repeating the call and started editing WeChat directly.
      7:29 pm Tangning:
       Yuanbao, Yuanbao, are you there? Can you call me back if you are? I really have something very urgent and urgent to find you. Would you please call me back soon?
      7:44 pm Tangning:
       Are you working now? Actually, I don’t want to disturb you either. I’m also afraid that your mobile phone will be seen by others, but I really have a very important thing to discuss with you. Would you please give me a call soon?
      9:37pm Tangning:
       What are you doing in Yuanbao? Why don't you answer my call or WeChat? what are you busy with?
      11:36 PM
      Tangning: I read the news that there seems to be an earthquake in Japan tonight. Where are you in Japan now? I am really worried about you. If there is no accident, can you call me back right away? I am a little scared.
      54088 just watched Tangning calmly making calls and sending WeChat messages. After a whole night of tossing, plug in the charging cable to continue sending when the phone was out of power. It counted, there were almost a hundred in front and back, and he couldn't help but admire Tang Bao's patience and endurance in his heart.
      At the same time, Tokyo, Japan.
      Fu Yuankai, who had just eaten and drunk with a bunch of magazine staff, carried her sorrows with alcohol on his back. Finally, Ye Xi, who was drunk and drunk, walked to the car parked by the two of them outside the hotel. Tonight I walked in a hurry, and I even forgot my mobile phone in the car. According to Tangning’s temperament, she would send WeChat to him in all likelihood. Now it’s so late, I don’t know whether she slept or not. I didn’t get a reply from him. She didn't know if she would be angry. But her anger always came faster and walked faster, often before he started coaxing, she would heal herself.
      Thinking of this, the corners of Fu Yuankai's mouth lifted slightly, and he placed Ye Xi on his back carefully on the co-pilot.
      And Ye Xi, who was not completely drunk, who had just sat in the passenger seat, caught a glimpse of the WeChat and phone prompts on the phone of the man in the driver’s seat. With a heart move, she squeezed out of the car and mumbled. She said that dhe should drink water for her dry mouth.
      Upon seeing this, Fu Yuankai hurried her back into the car and looked up and saw that there was a 711 not far away. He quickly comforted Ye Xi and said that he was letting her sit in the car securely, and the door would be outside. Locked, he will help her buy water now and let her not make trouble.
      As soon as Fu Yuankai left here, Ye Xi, who had been making noises before, suddenly fell silent, then looked through the car window to the back of Fu Yuankai walking towards the convenience store, picked up the phone on the co-pilot and turned it up and down, just looking at it roughly. See, he moved very quickly to check all the WeChat messages sent by Tangning tonight, including the incoming phone number.
      Delete with one click.
      It happened that at this moment, Tangning's phone call came in again.
      Upon seeing this, Ye Xi quickly glanced at the glass of the convenience store. Fu Yuankai was standing in front of the freezer and choosing water from the back. She hooked her lips and connected the phone directly, and then vaguely said in a drunken voice, "Hello, I It's Ye Xi...Why don't you speak? It's this number again! Who are you? It's been one night, can you stop calling? It's so annoying... Yuan Kai, it happened that you came out of the shower, and it's yours again Phone, why do you have so many calls tonight? I told you to come out and shut it down..."
      Ye Xi hung up on the other end of the phone before he finished speaking.
      Seeing her hung up the phone, Ye Xi's mouth slowly rose.
      Then she caught a glimpse of Fu Yuankai already crossing the road with two bottles of water. She quickly deleted the caller ID and threw the phone directly under the driver's seat.
      Fu Yuankai, who didn’t know how many things had happened after he left for such a while, took Ye Xi back into her hotel room, but didn’t want to put her down. The next second, Ye Xi stretched out his arm directly. She hugged the back of his neck, tears came just as she said.
      "I'm so uncomfortable...really so uncomfortable...why...why is it so difficult for me to just want a single-minded relationship? Why... why do you want to get engaged with someone else? Am I not good? Where am I? Ok? I can change... Yin Ze... No... No... You are not Yin Ze... You are Yuan Kai? You are Yuan Kai, right?"
      The more you say, the more misty the woman's eyes are, and No matter what you say when you are drunk, it is normal.
      "Can you tell me...tell me...Where did I fail to do it well? Why...why Yinze..."
      "You are good, and everything is good, sister Ye Xi." Fu Yuankai replied earnestly.
      Hearing this, Ye Xi's tears flowed more, and then she sniffed her nose and said, "Yuan Kai... or you are good to me... Actually... Actually... I... I know you... have always liked me... like me, don't you?"
      The more the woman said, the lower her voice, and finally she slowly raised her head and moved towards Fu Yuankai's lips.
      She didn't mean to do something while drunk, but proper teasing was still possible. She knew too much about Fu Yuankai's feelings for her. It seemed that she had been treating him since high school...
      Thinking of this, a woman's heart squirmed A touch is inevitable.
      Fu Yuankai watched with disbelief that Ye Xi's red lips were getting closer and closer to him, so close that their breaths were entangled together, and he could even smell the faint smell of alcohol on each other's body.
      Obviously the thing he dreamed of was in front of his eyes, but somehow, at the moment when the other party's lips were about to be pressed, Tangning's smiling face flashed across his mind.
      Before the brain could give instructions, the body first pushed Ye Xi back to the bed, and then panicked, "Sister Ye Xi, must be drunk and don't know what you are doing right now. It's..."
      while he said, he pulled the silk from the side to cover the person on the bed tightly, "You have a good night's sleep, and you wake up as soon as you sleep. Yes, just wake up... …"
      After speaking, he walked out the door without looking back.
      With the bang of the door, Ye Xi opened her drunken and dim eyes in disbelief, gritted her teeth hard, and suddenly felt an indescribable sense of panic in her heart.
      Why...Why...As soon as he left the house, Fu Yuankai heaved a sigh of relief, rubbed his hair, and squatted down in the corridor of the hotel. After squatting for a long time, it seemed as if he suddenly remembered something. I checked out the phone to see if there was Tangning's call and WeChat, but he felt empty.
      The man stood up abruptly and ran out quickly.
      After hearing Ye Xi's voice on this end, Tangning, who actively hung up the phone, got what she wanted after a whole night of hard work, and finally put down the phone contentedly, turned it off, and stretched her waist.
      Very good, Fu Yuankai, your hat is green!
      She finished thinking about it with a smile, and then looked out the window at the dark night sky without stars or moon, knowing that tomorrow should be the weather she wanted.
      Sure enough, at 4:30 in the morning, with a flash of lightning that pierced the night sky, the rumbling of thunder came instantaneously, and then the heavy rain fell immediately.
      Sitting next to the chair with a pillow in her arms, Tangning looked at the rain curtain outside the window with a smile, and didn't mean to sleep at all.
      54088 wandered up and down beside her several times, and finally couldn't help but speak, "Tang Bao, Tang Bao, why don't you go to bed? It's almost bright..."
      No matter how beautiful the beauty is. It can’t stand the big killer of staying up late. It remembers that Tang Bao had cherished sleeping and beauty sleep every night. It’s a special situation today, but the matter is over. Why doesn’t she still sleep? Wouldn't it be really caught by Ye Xi?
      It just wanted to comfort it worriedly.
      Tangning had already pressed it into her arms, squeezed his fleshy face, and smiled, "Of course it's because some haggardness can't be turned into cosmetics?" The more you talk about 54088, the more you don't understand. , Fu Yuankai is now far away in Japan and can't come back. Who will Tang Bao look haggard?
      Until about 7 or 8 o’clock the next night, it watched that it hadn’t slept all night, and Tang Bao, who hadn’t eaten or drink for a day, took out another cell phone. After making a phone call, she got on the bus with bare feet in a daze. , Finally got off the car at the foot of a half-hill villa, walked all the way to the door of a villa, and rang the doorbell.
      The door was opened from the inside, all wet, like a poor little swan with wet feathers, Tangning looked at the man in suit and leather sitting on the sofa, hoarse throat, and opened her mouth tremblingly. "Mr. Fu...can you lend me a sum of money? I will...will return it to you...please help me..."
      I know everything from beginning to end, including Tangning's debt The father of the debt, Ye Xi and Fu Yuankai's trip to Japan, must know that he was planning to directly take the photos of Ye Xi and Fu Yuankai's trip in Japan to force her to a corner, and then he took advantage of the vacancy.
      Tangning's father's affairs were really a complete surprise.
      Hearing Tangning's words, Fu Yin gently pulled his tie. He leaned forward and smiled, "Help you? Okay! It's just that I want to correct your previous misconceptions about me. I, Fu Yinze, have never been a good person. I can help you, I need..."
      No longer the former gentle and restrained ascetic appearance, Fu Yinze swept his eyes recklessly on Tangning's body and got up. Slowly walked towards Tangning.
      He groaned with a smile.
      Hearing this, Tangning looked up at him incredulously.
      "Don't look at me with this kind of eyes, otherwise I don't know what I will do..."
      At the same time he spoke, his hand was already lightly hooked on Tangning's chin, and his voice was hoarse.
      "My little swan."
    Stand-in Bai Yueguang (12)

      As soon as he heard such completely unexpected words, Tangning’s face flashed in disbelief, panic, horror, uncomfortable, etc. all kinds of expressions that can be seen at a glance, and the eye sockets are at a speed that is visible to the naked eye. He quickly dyed a circle of red, matched with her natural and pitiful look, and her face was too pale and weak without eating or drinking for a day, directly revealing a different taste and freshness.
      If it weren't for fear of scaring her, Fu Yinze's hand would be more than just vainly hooking her chin, but even after restraining, the man's eyes are still getting deeper and deeper and more confusing.
      Looking at Tang Ning, she couldn’t help but shrank, just like this, the tears accumulated in her eyes finally slid down along the smooth and jade cheeks. The girl’s lips trembled slightly, and her mouth was full of breath. "You... I saw the news... You are going to be engaged to someone... I don't want to be someone else..."
      Tangning didn't finish her words. The next second Fu Yin reached out and pressed a remote control. The LCD TV in the living room behind the two immediately lit up, and the person who appeared on it was not the recent scandal with Fu Yinze in the news, and even who else was the daughter of the jewellery king who was rumored to be engaged.
      "...I have to admit that your media are really catchy, but it was just to have a meal with Mr. Fu and sign a contract and be filmed, and it was rumored by someone who wanted to get engaged. Even the venue for our wedding was needed. The list of invited guests is full of noses and eyes, but it is more anxious than my father. Today I am here to formally clarify that I, Wang Qing and Mr. Fu are just good friends except for a pure partnership. I am single now, such as There are suitors, please feel free to chase them anytime.”
      The woman on TV should be attending some meeting, wearing a formal black handmade custom suit, looking extraordinarily dashing and heroic.
      After her clarification was over, Fu Yinze here directly turned off the TV.
      Tang Ning shifted her gaze from the LCD screen to the smiling man in front of him.
      "My moral bottom line is not that low. When I am already engaged to someone, I have to ask you to be my lover. In fact, I, Fu Yinze, are single at this stage."
      After speaking, the man took a step forward slowly, the smell of woody perfume mixed with the faint tobacco smell, vaguely spread into Tangning’s nasal cavity, making her uncontrollable and wanting to go back...
      At this moment, the mobile phone in my handbag suddenly buzzed. After stunned, Tangning hurriedly took out the mobile phone from the bag, and when she saw the name displayed on the screen, she hurriedly swiped. Open, just shouted mom.
      The woman on the other side of the phone tremblingly came over with a crying voice, "Ningning, Ningning, those people don’t know where to know the news that I and your dad are going back to the village, today... today is a big day. It’s been stuck in front of our house a long time ago, and we can’t get out. Your dad... he almost jumped from the stairs before, saying that he didn’t want to impede our mother and daughter. Fortunately, he told me to stop... Ningning, on your side... Is there any way for your boyfriend? Your dad is bad in all kinds of ways, and I want him to live well..."
      Hearing this, Tangning's tears followed. When it fell, the hand holding the phone was trembling, and the lips opened and closed several times, but there was no word.
      Fu Yinze's gentle voice suddenly rang in Tangning's ear.
      Tangning turned her head suddenly, and the mobile phone in her hand was moved gently to pick it up.
      After that, Fu Yinze stared at Tang Ning's face seriously, and greeted Tang mother on the other side of the phone with extra politeness.
      "Well, yes, it's me. Uncle's business Ningning..." When these two words were spoken, the man's voice was deliberately soft, and his other free hand did not know where he took out the Fangsi. The quality veil, while gently helping Tangning wipe the tears on her cheeks, she continued to say, "...I have already told me before, yes, my uncle was also kindly cheated, yes, I know everything. I set up a small company here, yes, I still have some liquidity. Ningning’s business is my business, um, I remember that small loan company seems to have a branch here in Kyoto. At that time, if you and your uncle are free, you can also come to Kyoto. We will solve the matter directly. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have time. It’s okay to scan and fax the previously signed guarantee contract. It’s not possible. I’ll accompany Ningning back One trip is no problem."
      "Those people blocked at the door, wait a minute..."
      After she finished speaking, Tangning watched Fu Yinze exit the call interface, as if he had sent it to someone who didn’t know. After a short message, he picked up the phone again, "Auntie, you can go and see now, the group of people should have gone. Yes, a friend of mine has some friendship with the boss of this company, yes, just contacted. he, blunt blunt, this is what I should do. well, I'll wait for you to come, ah. aunt fear for so many days, go and rest ... Ok, aunt goodbye. "
      see complete all of Fu Yin Operation, even if the master is like Tangning, she can't help but sigh in her heart. Compared with Fu Yuankai, this person's methods and behaviors are more than one heaven and one earth. No wonder that Ye Xi is scummed like that in the plot, and Fu Yuankai guards her (licks) After so many years, she is still willing to choose Fu Yinze.
      Who doesn't choose this?
      Thinking like this in her heart, Tangning still made the last struggle, "Do you... don't you mind that I already have a boyfriend..."
      Before she could say anything , Fu Yinze chuckled, like a broken jade hit a stone.
      "I thought you, as a girlfriend, should already know it. A friend of mine from Japan told me yesterday that after the dinner they ended, Fu Yuankai went into Ye Xi's room..."
      Tangning spoke immediately, and then closed her eyes without hesitation. The tears that had been wiped dry by Fu Yinze before fell again, and her fingers were slowly and tremblingly placed on the button of his shirt, not wanting to just barely unbutton a button. , The next second Fu Yin's warm hand immediately held down her movement, while raising his eyebrows, "What are you doing?" Hearing this, Tangning opened her eyes suddenly and took a deep breath. You didn't mean to let me..."
      "Just let you have a new boyfriend, what do you think I am going to do?"
      Fu Yinze smiled happily.
      Tang Ning's eyes rounded instantly when she heard this, the tears on her lower eyelashes were still not falling, and she looked a little silly.
      Upon seeing this, Fu Yinze rubbed her head amusedly, and then leaned close to her ear, "No matter what, your generous appearance makes me seem to be committing a crime, although it is really exciting. , But I still prefer that one day you can untie these buttons willingly by yourself..."
      The man’s voice is extremely low, and the warm breath is sprayed so close to the sensitive place of the earlobe, Tangning can’t help it. Blushing, even her toes curled up along with her.
      Really do dream peach!
      Tangning raised her eyebrows in her heart.
      Almost at the same time, Ye Xi, who was taking a magazine shot, was resting empty, and saw her assistant Amy hurriedly running towards her while holding her mobile phone with excitement on her face.
      Ye Xi, who was in a bad mood because she was indirectly rejected by Fu Yuankai last night, just wanted to scold her. The next second she was confused by the surprise brought by the assistant.
      "Sister Xi, Sister Xi, they are all fake! They are all gossips! Wang Qing has already clarified, look at it, she was photographed with Mr. Fu before for engagement, she is single, Mr. Fu is fine with her ! "
      looked hot on the small phone search assistant, Ye Xi excitedly jumped up on the spot, then simply magazine party in the end, whether they are not still waiting for her, even in the hands of the shooting props are lost, going out Head rushed away.
      She rushed and shouted, "Hurry up and book me a flight ticket for tonight, the sooner the better!"
      She happily ordered like this.
      It was also at this time that she was a little grateful to think about it. Fortunately, she didn't tease Yuankai last night, otherwise...
      Yin would be fine with the daughter of the jewel king, great! It's really great! It seems that he asked his secretary to post work with her before, and the things that could not be contacted were all true, not for other reasons! Great, she really wants to see Yin Ze now!
      On this side, Fu Yuankai, who had just arrived at the shooting scene, saw Ye Xi's happy appearance, but suddenly realized that he didn't seem to be as sour and uncomfortable as before. Instead, he followed along with the expectation of going back.
      He hadn't received the phone call and WeChat from Tangning for a full day and night. The call only showed that the phone was shutting down there. He was really worried. He had never worried before. He used to think she could live a good life as a little girl. Well, now as long as he thinks of her living alone in such a remote place, he feels terribly uncomfortable, especially when he calls the phone and keeps showing that it is shut down, he has long wanted to go back.
      Fu Yuankai and Ye Xi, who had reached a consensus, were called a homecoming, but the ticket was not meant to be there. In addition, the magazine was still arguing with her and refused to let them go. So when the two of them returned, it was already there. It was evening the next day.
      After getting off the plane, Ye Xi, who took the initiative to call Fu Yinze's company, got the news that the other party was going to attend Grandpa Wang Qing's 70th birthday dinner.
      Even though Fu Yuankai wanted to go home especially, but Ye Xi begged to take her to the Wang family dinner.
      Just because of this kind of birthday banquet, even if Ye Xi gets mixed up in the entertainment circle, no one will be able to enter it, but Fu Yuankai is different.
      The movements of the two of them were fast enough. When they finished their modeling in the familiar studio and went to the hotel lobby where the dinner party was held, Fu Yinze hadn't arrived yet.
      After all, as Fu Yinze's status, at the dinner that started at 7:58, he just stepped on at 57 and no one would say anything.
      So the two had to wait patiently.
      At about half past seven, an extended Lincoln parked directly in front of the hotel.
      It was not someone else who got out of the car first, it was Ye Xi, including Fu Yinze who many people at the dinner were eager to see. He gently helped the person on the other side to open the car door, and a small white hand stretched out directly in the palm of his hand.
      "Sweat palms, why? Very nervous?"
      He smiled and asked in a low voice in Tang Ning, who was wearing a lotus-colored evening gown.
      This dress is impressively the treasure of the town shop that Fu Yinze gave her last time.
      Seeing that Tangning did not answer, but took a deep breath, Fu Yin helped her tidy her hair with a smile, "Don't be nervous, today I just hope you will meet my friends and elders in the mall as my girlfriend. No What's more. Besides, aren’t you about to graduate? There should also be a few important directors in the circle coming over today. I also want to help you see if there are any suitable roles. After all, you were in "Longevity Sword" last time. The performance of the crew can be seen in my eyes, it is really good."
      Hearing this, Tangning grudgingly smiled at him.
      Dog man, a lot of routines! Knowing that Fu Yuankai had been hiding her, he had to do the opposite. He was willing to take her out as soon as they were together and scream around.
      Replaced by the original owner, who has been hidden for four full years, has never been recognized, and has even begun to feel inferior to the little girl who is not good about herself, don't she feel that she is valued? Isn't it easy to be tempted?
      A dog man is a dog after all!
      At the same time, Ye Xi in the banquet hall knew Fu Yinze's arrival for the first time, and immediately looked towards the door excitedly.
      Fu Yuankai on the side glanced at his phone, which was still motionless, and followed her to the door without any problem.
      Then they saw it—the exquisitely dressed Tangning walked in slowly holding Fu Yinze's arm.
      "Mr. Fu, you are finally here. Hey, who is this?"
      "My girlfriend, Tangning."
    Stand-in Bai Yueguang (13)

      Fu Yinze's voice was not too loud, nor too small, but all of the people in the banquet room who looked at the two with veiled eyes suddenly showed surprise and excitement.
      After all, this period of time, Fu Yinze's news, oh no, it should be said that there are a lot of scandals.
      For example, Lu Huanhuan, the newly promoted Xiaohuadan who had just exploded some time ago, and Wang Qing from the Wang family, the host of today’s banquet, and...
      some people who had eaten melon pretended to inadvertently glanced at sitting not far from the door. There, Ye Xi, the queen who could definitely hear Fu Yinze's voice, suddenly showed joking eyes that watched the show.
      After all, this one is incomparable with the one who is holding Mr. Fu now, not only her, but many of the previous ones are incomparable with the present one. What kind of scene did Mr. Fu bring those people to attend? Some entertainment circles' cocktail parties are no more. Most of them are only called the female companion next to Mr. Fu. What kind of scene is bringing this Miss Tang to attend the birthday banquet of her father’s friend, Fu Yinze’s father has passed away, and bringing this young lady next to her to attend the 70th birthday of her father’s best friend during his lifetime. Is it no different from taking her to see the parents? What's more, he confessed that she is his girlfriend. This weight is different...
      Isn't it the same?
      Tang Ning in the plot is not because Fu Yinze took the initiative to help her solve her father’s crisis, caring for her all the time, and taking her to see too many of his elder friends, and then she gradually lost her heart and fell completely. , Is it overwhelming?
      Thinking this way, Mian Tangning smiled shyly with his so-called elders who came to greet her under Fu Yinze's introduction.
      "Impossible! I don't believe it! How can you two be together? How can you be together..."
      Seeing her like that, Ye Xi, whose reason has been in jeopardy since seeing the two come in arm in arm, is the string in her mind. Finally it broke apart uncontrollably, and even ignoring what the scene was in front of him, he shouted in a gaffe.
      Then as if looking for some support and comfort, she turned her head to look at Fu Yuankai behind her, and said in a panic, "Yuan Kai, Yuan Kai, you said something, how can they be together? Is this a joke? A joke? , Yes, yes..."
      Ye Xi turned her head and looked at Fu Yinze and Tangning at the door, took two steps forward, and said with a smile, "It must be a joke, Yin Ze, it's okay, you are kidding me. What are you doing? It’s really not funny at all..."
      And Fu Yuankai, who stood behind her, stared intently at the direction of the door. In fact, after listening to Fu Yinze’s words, he always felt buzzing in his ears and noisy. Great, he knows every word of the other party's words separately, but he can't understand how they are put together!
      Tangning...girlfriend... whose girlfriend is Tangning?
      Why is the phone turned off all the time, I should have stayed in the two people's hut, and Tangning who is waiting for him to return home will show up here?
      Fu Yuankai's mind was a little unable to think, and his heart jumped violently and confusedly, so that his breathing became confused, and his chest was swollen and hurt.
      Hearing Ye Xi’s voice, Tangning at the door finally noticed the two of them. When she raised her head, her pupils shrank slightly when she saw them, especially Fu Yuankai, her eye sockets immediately turned red, her footsteps receded slightly, and she subconsciously gave birth to fleeing. thought.
      The smile on Fu Yinze's face, who immediately noticed the reaction of the other party, did not change even in the eyes of Ye Xi's condemning sadness and Fu Yuankai's intently staring at Tangning.
      I saw that he slowly pulled out the arm that Tangning was holding. Without looking at it, he could accurately hold Tangning's hand, spread out her five fingers, clasp his ten fingers, and with a slight force, he turned his head and turned his head gently to Tangning. A smile seemed to be giving her unlimited courage.
      When Tangning’s panic and sad expression on her face faded away, he then retracted his gaze, reached out his hand to call in the hotel manager who was waiting, and explained in a low voice that he might have some personal affairs to deal with, in order not to affect it. The birthday banquet is going on, I hope he can prepare an empty room for them.
      The manager looked up at Ye Xi and Fu Yuankai who were not far away, then at Mr. Fu and his girlfriend, hesitated and nodded in agreement.
      But he didn’t want him to just get up to prepare. Fu Yinze stopped him again, “Excuse me, can I help my girlfriend prepare some cakes and snacks and a cup of hot milk? She has been too busy these past few days because of family affairs. , I haven't had a good meal. I am worried that the processing of things for a while will delay her normal meal, thank you."
      As soon as this word came out, the surroundings suddenly became quiet.
      It's unbelievable, this treasure-guarded posture, it is true love has not run away!
      A group of people exchanged sights in secret.
      But Ye Xi, who had deceived herself in her heart, and Fu Yinze would definitely be joking with her, immediately turned red, and Fu Yuankai instantly clenched his fist.
      When the two of them were led by the hotel staff to the room on the 8th floor, they opened the door and saw Fu Yinze smiled and recommended to the girl beside him, "The dim sum in this hotel tastes very good. I slept yesterday. It’s too late, I didn’t eat, I called you up in the morning, and I said that I don’t have any appetite. If I don’t eat anymore, do I want to become an immortal? First eat some snacks to cushion your stomach, and then drink milk.
       As soon as he heard the sound of the door being pushed open, the whole person suddenly stiffened uncontrollably, bit her lip hard, his eyes always fell on the delicate and beautiful snack in front of him, without raising her head.
      There were people in the banquet room before, and even Ye Xi who was irrational did not dare to say something nonsense. Now there are only four of them in this room. Ye Xi finally walked forward two steps uncontrollably and gritted his teeth. "Miss Tangning, whose girlfriend you were before? The four of us here don't know. When I was on the crew of "Eternal Sword", I thought you cared too much about Yinze, and I wanted to remind Yuan Kai. Now...Do you know how to write the words shameless?"
      Tangning's body shook slightly after hearing this.
      Fu Yinze held her hand and squeezed it lightly to show comfort.
      "Yuan Kai just went to Japan for a few days, and you were carrying him..."
      Now that she has no identity to accuse Fu Yinze, she dare not accuse him, and Ye Xigang, who has completely turned her finger at Tangning, wants to continue to speak unscrupulously.
      In the next second, Fu Yinze chuckled directly, and then looked accurately at Fu Yuankai who was not far behind Ye Xi, "Yuankai, will you let others accuse your former girlfriend like this? Or, this is also you. What's she in your heart?"
      Hearing that, Fu Yuankai didn't know what kind of expression on the side of Fu Yuankai, with her head down. She only knew that the confrontation today was planned by Fu Yinze alone. He just wanted her to see her front. What kind of person is her boyfriend? After the comparison, she completely separated from Fu Yuankai, and voluntarily fell into his embrace.
      All in all-the
      dog man is too dog!
      Fu Yuankai raised his head suddenly and looked straight at Tangning who was sitting next to Fu Yinze. He wanted to hear her say, he just wanted to hear her, he knew she was not that kind of person, but he wanted to listen to her personally, as long as She said that he could even treat everything before as a nightmare for him. After waking up, nothing really happened...
      "Fu Yuankai's current favorability rating: 89."
      At this moment , Tangning heard it. 54088 leaned into her ear and whispered the report.
      Tangning hooked her mouth slightly in her heart.
      What is this, what is rushing to eat is incense, or what is about to be lost is the most precious?
      "This can also be called accusation? Isn't this a fact..."
      Ye Xi just started speaking unwillingly.
      In the next second, Fu Yinze sitting on the sofa did not know where he directly pulled out a stack of photos and threw them at the feet of the two.
      "Then, is this also a fact?"
      Fu Yinze asked with a smile.
      At first hearing Fu Yinze's words, Ye Xi and Fu Yuankai still did not react. When they saw the photo, they both showed incredulous expressions at the same time. They even froze on the spot, unable to move. .
      It’s just because what was taken in the photos was nothing else. It was in Japan that when Ye Xi was drunk, Fu Yuankai carried her back to the hotel and sent her to the room. There were even a few pictures that seemed to be taken on the opposite floor. The scene where Fu Yuankai put Ye Xi on the bed, and the scene where she proactively reached out and hugged Fu Yuankai’s neck for a kiss, because the shot was blurry, coupled with the angle problem, it really looked like two people kissing intimately...
      " Isn’t this true? Yuankai... Yuankai sent me back to my room, but nothing really happened to us, really! Yinze you believe me, I’m drunk, and I am unconscious, I I don’t know what I’m doing, but I know that Yuankai put me down and left directly. Nothing else happened later. If you don’t believe me, you can check the monitoring of the day..."
      Ye Xi explained in a panic. Tao.
      However, Fu Yuankai was still staring at the photos on the ground, only to feel that a wave of cold air surged from the soles of his feet.
      "Heh, in fact, I have always known Yuankai's thoughts about you, and I also know that you like to find him to accompany you when you have anything to do, even if he has a girlfriend. And he is basically on call. Just like this time, even if he has nothing to go to Japan for work, he still chooses to accompany you to Japan, acting conscientiously as your flower protector. In fact, whether these photos are real or fake, I don't care. just hope you do not stand on the moral high ground girlfriend accused me up. this world seems to have no boyfriend derailed find someone else, she was not even here, change is not qualified boyfriend the truth, is not it? "
      then, Fu Yin glanced down at Tangning, and said to the dim sum in front of her, "Why? Doesn't it suit your appetite? Or, I will take you to say hello to Uncle Wang, so shall we go back?"
      He stretched out Tangning's hand, no longer looked at the two people over there, and walked out.
      But when he was about to walk to the door, Ye Xi, who was unwilling to the side, finally opened her mouth again with a hoarse voice.
      "You obviously did it deliberately. I just want to understand now, what scandals, what engagements, what can't be contacted with me, are all fake, fake! You clearly calculated us on purpose, just for the woman next to you! From you When I came to see me in the crew of "Eternal Sword", I should have known that you were interested in her a long time ago! That's why this bureau was specially set up to calculate us! Fu Yinze, you are so deep in your mind! You, this person, Too unfeeling and too selfish, I only have myself in my heart. Tangning, do you think he really likes you? No, he just wants to grab everything he is interested in, even his nephew All rob, wait until he loses interest in you, you will see...Hahaha...Fu Yinze, after all, is a careless person!"
      Tangning paused after hearing the words.
      Upon seeing this, Fu Yinze raised his eyebrows and asked, "Do you believe her?" Tangning pursed her lips and shook her head slightly.
      Tsk, what a coincidence, she is like this too!
      After taking a look, who is going to die?
      Just about to go out with Fu Yinze's pace, when Fu Yuankai was beside the roadside, he suddenly stretched out his hand to hold her wrist.
      "No... don't go... Ningning..."
      With just a few words, Tangning's tears fell.
      The warmth of tears across her cheeks called her to recover quickly, and pulled her fingers out of Fu Yuankai's hands forcefully, and continued to walk outside with Fu Yinze.
      On this side, Fu Yuankai looked at his empty hand, and didn't know how long it took before he ran out as if he had just awakened from a dream.
      But I didn't want to just ran downstairs when I saw the profile of Tang Ning, who was sitting in Fu Yinze's car co-pilot, flashed past his eyes.
      He unconsciously chased two more steps, followed by another two steps, the pace continued to speed up, speed up...
      until he ran to the point where his heart was about to jump out of his throat, but he still chased and lost the car around a corner. The car, I also lost Tangning...
      Why... Is she taking revenge on him? Did she choose to be with Fu Yinze because of his revenge in Japan? The photos are all fake. He just sent Sister Xi to the hotel room, and there was really... there was nothing left. Why didn't Tangning listen to him even a word of explanation? Is the relationship of four years fake? Was it fake to like him so much before? Are they all fake...
      For four years, Fu Yuankai, who has been accustomed to Tangning’s initiative, dedication, waiting, and patience, became completely at a loss for a while. She loved him so much, and she loved him so much that she would never talk to him. I was really angry and would always wait for him to return. As long as he turned his head, he could see her smiling brightly at him...
      The man was panting violently, his eyes red as if he was about to bleed.
      Fu Yuankai, who didn't know where he went, was wandering around in confusion, not wanting to come downstairs to his and Tangning's cabin without knowing it.
      He looked up at the room that was originally lit every time he came back, squeezed his fist and just wanted to turn around and left, but at the moment he raised his foot, he exhaled and turned his head and ran upstairs.
      He slammed the door open and turned on the light. Before this, he felt that the house was filled with all kinds of things because of its small size. For some reason, it seemed to be empty all of a sudden.
      But then, Fu Yuankai's gaze stopped, and there was a white dining table not far away. It was not what he hadn't gotten through. Tangning's mobile phone he bought for her still seemed to have a white color under the phone. Envelope.
      This is...
      I hope that Fu Yuankai and Ye Xi will like the last gift she gave them.
      It's the same sentence before.
      She is the most vengeful.
      She is happy if the people who offend her are not happy.
      Tang Ning thought, sitting in Fu Yinze's co-pilot.
    Stand-in Bai Yueguang (14)

      "What the hell is this place?"
      Ye Xi, who was carrying her skirt almost after getting out of the taxi, regretted it. She really didn't know that there was such a desolate and messy place in the bustling city as the emperor.
      But when I was at the hotel before, the things she and Yuankai were in Japan, including those hidden and unspeakable thoughts in her heart for so many years, were spread out naked by Fu Yinze. She panicked. , Messed up, scared, but also speechless.
      As soon as those impulsive words were uttered, she knew that she and Fu Yinze were completely finished. Those words could not be easily erased by acting like a baby. Others don't know who Fu Yinze is, doesn't she yet? Looking at the gentleman Qianqian, he is gentle and polite, but he is actually cold-hearted and selfish, willing to come and tease you when he is interested in you, provided that you can never cross the boundaries he set for you.
      In the past, she had always imagined that one day she would become the most special one in his heart, and had been working hard for it, but the appearance of Ke Tangning broke all her delusions.
      So she didn't dare to force him, she just wanted to try to keep what she still had, and the opportunity to keep it was Yuan Kai.
      She is not clear to others, but Yuankai is different from others. He likes her so so much. As long as she is sad every time, no matter how far away, he will appear by her side for the first time. No matter what, he would definitely be standing next to her...
      It was this thought that made Ye Xi not hesitate to get up and follow after seeing Fu Yuankai chasing it out.
      However, she did not expect that she finally came to such a place in the imperial capital city village.
      Thinking of this, Ye Xi quickly ran past a green trash can with a disgusting face and pinched her nose, and ran almost ten meters away, only to feel that she was alive again, and then she was in front of these residents. The upstairs searched everywhere, and at the same time a puzzled thought arose in my heart-
      what is Yuan Kai doing here?
      Almost at the same time, Fu Yuankai, who had only obtained Tangning's mobile phone, had just turned on her mobile phone, and the phone called in the next second.
      Under the help of a ghost, Fu Yuankai directly opened the answer button, and then heard a young boy’s voice on the other end of the phone—
      "Hello, is this classmate Tangning? I’m xxx. I heard that you have been due to family affairs recently. I’m borrowing money everywhere, have I borrowed it? If not, I still have tens of thousands of dollars. I just received a fast food advertisement. If you need it urgently, you can use it first..."
      Upon hearing this sentence, Fu Yuankai's heart jumped inexplicably. He always felt that during the two days he left, something that he hadn't expected had happened.
      With a dry voice, Fu Yuankai asked in a hoarse voice, "What's the matter at home? What happened to Tangning's house?"
      "You are..."
      The person on the other side of the phone might not have thought that it was a man who answered his call. I couldn’t recover for a while, but still cautiously replied, “Actually, I don’t know too well. I heard people say that something happened to Tangning’s father in the past two days and urgently needs money, so she almost put the school in All the classmates and teachers I knew borrowed one time, and everyone was not rich, and finally did not borrow much money to her..."
      Fu Yuankai hung up his phone before he could finish his words, and then trembled and started to open Tangning. WeChat.
      Sure enough, the series of chat records above are all records of her borrowing money from various people in the film school. Some of them have a good attitude. It is better to say that they are willing to borrow three hundred and five hundred. If they are more, they can’t get it out. Ask her if she has any difficulties. All kinds of cynicism and sarcasm are directly and ridiculous for those who have a bad attitude. At first glance, they don’t get along well with her. The key is that some boys even took the opportunity to speak foul language. To these people, Tangning just responded with a thank you and it was gone. Below.
      Even these people borrowed, how much difficulty did she encounter?
      Fu Yuankai turned down one by one until he finally reached himself at the bottom.
      On the chat interface, almost all the WeChat messages sent to him by Tangning are densely populated. From the beginning, she asked him if he was there or not, and she wanted to find him urgently. I hope he can call her back when he has time, and then urge anxious inquiries later. Why doesn't he answer the phone or reply to the message.
      Later, she might be too anxious, so she expressed her willingness to borrow money carefully, and said that she really didn’t know other people. There was really no way, and she would enter the entertainment later. Whether it’s a stand-in or a group acting, she will definitely work hard to make money back to him. Her father was too kind and cheated by his students. It was not because of gambling-gaming. I hope he can be sympathetic. She didn’t want to. Want his money.
      Then, because she knew there was news about the earthquake in Japan, she was worried about whether he was in danger, she didn't want to borrow money, she just wanted him to come back safely and so on...
      not just WeChat, in the call log It also showed that from seven o'clock in the evening to one o'clock in the night, she was calling him without interruption, but only the last call showed that it was answered.
      But all these, all the missed calls, unread WeChat, now there is no one on his phone, haha, no one...
      Fu Yuankai's hand trembled so much, and the fingers holding Tangning's phone were all overstretched. White.
      I don’t know how long it took before he slowly stretched out his hand to the neatly folded white envelope on the table...
      "Yuan Kai, see the words like the face..."
      It may be the occasion, it may be coincidence, or it may be Meiyu. Seasons, the weather is so fickle.
      A flash of lightning flashed quickly, followed by the roar of thunder.
      Ye Xi, who had just walked downstairs, was taken aback. Then she hurriedly took out her mobile phone and frantically dialed Fu Yuankai's phone number.
      But here Fu Yuankai was completely unaware of his trembling mobile phone. Holding the letter paper, he kept tightening and trembling, and another thunder sounded, and he went crazy like he was awake in a dream. Running downstairs, Tangning's letter was constantly playing in his mind.
      "This seems to be the first time I have written to you, and maybe it's the last time. We have been together for four years, maybe you don't know it. Since the first meeting, I have fallen in love with you. Because You seem to shine in the crowd, making me never see anyone else for a while, as if in my eyes, only you are colorful and others are gray. That's why I secretly in the cafeteria Behind you, I just want to be closer to you, just a little bit closer..."
      Almost ran downstairs in one breath, Fu Yuankai, whose eyes were red, directly called Ye Xi, who was anxiously making a call. Face to face.
      She greeted her excitedly, but only Fu Yuankai gave it a hard stroke.
      "Go away!"
      he shouted like this.
      In Japan, except for himself, only Ye Xi can touch his mobile phone. With so many WeChat and call records, even if it is a signal problem, he will not receive all of them. There is only one reason, that is, being caught. Take the initiative to delete it artificially.
      Including the last call record, he didn't answer it at all, who would it be? He didn't even know what Ye Xi had talked with Tangning in the end, and then she never called again or sent a text message, and finally turned off the phone directly, ha ha ha...
      pushed Ye away. Xi, Fu Yuankai went straight to his car parked on the side of the road.
      Ye Xi watched in disbelief as Fu Yuankai left her in such a remote place after pushing her. He started the car and left without looking back.
      In the end, what happened...
      At the same time, Tang Ning, who was sitting in Fu Yinze's co-pilot, also received the 54088 excited announcement at the first time.
      "Tang Bao, Tang Bao, 100! 100! Fu Yuankai's favorability reached 100 in just an instant!"
      After the notification, there was a cheerful sound of falling gold coins.
      But she didn't get any gold coins, only the system page showed that she had 96 more points, which was Fu Yuankai's system score.
      "Why is this sound?" Tangning asked in surprise in her heart.
      Even if she congratulated her on Fu Yuankai, it should be sound effects such as setting off firecrackers or sprinkling flowers. Why is her family's small system so unique.
      "What sound? Tangbao, did you say the sound effect of the system celebration? This is stipulated by our boss. She said that her previous system was a stingy lover. For it, all the sound effects of our system celebration were changed to In this way, it is said to let her system listen to this voice every day, happy and happy."
      Although it felt that the boss's expression at the time did not seem to be very kind, no matter what, it opened, hehehe.
      Hearing this, Tangning didn't mean to continue to ask, just looking at the neon lights outside, slightly raised the corners of her mouth.
      At this time, Fu Yinze, who encountered a red light, turned hid head and saw Tangning’s smile, and asked softly, "What is it?"
      Tangning turned her head, "Nothing, thought of something interesting."
      She smiled softly. Laughed.
      That letter was a killer she specially left for Fu Yuankai. How can she be worthy of her writing if it is not 100?
      In fact, since she first arrived in this world, she has never tried to attack Fu Yuankai very carefully, just because she can tell at a glance that the dog man has love for the original owner, but that love is really implicit and hidden, she has been used to it and ignored it too much. .
      All she has to do is to completely inspire and ignite, and then leave, let him recognize his own heart...
      now, not to recognize it.
      Tangning sneered softly in her heart.
      At this time, Fu Yuankai, who was coming here in the car, stepped on the accelerator pedal, and recalled everything Tangning said in his mind completely uncontrollably.
      "... During the four years I have been with you, what I happiest every day is waiting for you in our cabin. I am very happy every day, every thing in the house is chosen by the two of us. Although I can't see you, I will feel so happy as long as I see those things! Some classmates before that I was stupid, so many film and television invitations I chose to refuse, but I think they are stupid, how short life is Ah, how difficult it is to meet someone who I like him and he likes me too. You are already so busy. We don’t have enough time to get along. If I go out to make TV series and movies, I’m afraid I won’t really see each other. I don’t want it anymore.”
      “But ah, later I slowly, slowly regretted it! Especially when I first saw the news about you and sister Ye Xi, I didn’t sleep all night that night Now, obviously I sleep well. But I really can’t forget the way you look at her in the hot search photos. From that day on, I’ve known that I’m afraid I won’t be able to compare with her in your heart for the rest of my life...
      " I went to the crew to act as a stand-in for her, not only wanted to see you, but also wanted to see what kind of person Ye Xi was. As a result, I saw it and clearly realized that you may never belong to me. Maybe I started from the beginning. In the end, it's just a substitute for Sister Ye Xi, for you."
      "Something happened to Dad. He made a lot of calls to you. In the end, Sister Ye Xi answered. The moment I heard her voice, I knew that I couldn’t even do the last ear-cloaking. Maybe I was a mistake from the beginning! I can’t do it anymore, Yuan Kai. I am a human being, and my heart is made of flesh. I will hurt, hurt, and will Bleeding. I don’t have the guts to tell you about breaking up in person, so let’s say it in the letter. This love that shouldn’t have started at all, from today on, stop here. I hope you will be happy with sister Ye Xi in the future. Happy. I'll leave first, the key is under the flowerpot at the door, goodbye."
      because Fu Yinze's villa is halfway up the mountain, Fu Yuankai's car drove too fast, finally When passing a turn, the front of the car slammed into a railing not far away.
      The airbag exploded, the car went out instantly, and an alarm sounded.
      At this moment, Dou Da's raindrops finally fell from the gloomy sky, and soon became one piece.
      Wow! The heavy rain is coming.
      A blood-stained finger stretched out from the overturned car window at this moment, and then there was the sound of kicking the car door hard.
      After seven or eight sounds, the car door that was deformed by the impact was finally kicked open from the inside. The man in the white shirt slowly crawled out of it, and the blood stained the broken hair on his forehead. After he carelessly reached out his hand to wipe off the white jade face, he dragged a wounded foot and limped slowly to the villa not far away...
      His head was dizzy and he didn't know how long he had been walking. He finally walked to the door of the villa, then picked up a pot of green radish on the side and threw it directly onto the door of the villa.
      "Tangning, I'm sorry, I'm back... You come out, okay? I was wrong, I did it wrong, I came back late... You asked me to help you solve your father's affairs, go now Solve it! Then we are still the same as before,, don't be like before, in the future you can do whatever you want, whatever you want... Come out! Didn't you say that you like me the most? Come out and see you See me, please come out and meet me..."
      While speaking, Fu Yuankai's injured leg was finally a little unsupported, and he half-kneeled on the ground, constantly smashing the door of the villa in front of him with his fists.
      Upon hearing this, Tangning, who had just ran behind the door, raised her arm and bit the back of her hand lightly, but her tears still fell uncontrollably.
      But she didn't want her whole person to be pulled over by the person behind her in the next second, and her chin was gently lifted by his fingers, and her slightly cool lips were printed on it.
      Tangning widened her eyes suddenly, but only Fu Yinzr's smiling eyes were seen.
      "I want you, look at me."
    Stand-in Bai Yueguang (15)

      Fu Yinze's kisses were the same as his people. His movements looked gentle and gentle, but he always carried a domineering and self that could not be rejected. The rhythm of attacking the city and even the entanglement of breath needed to be under his control.
      The tears on Tangning's face hadn't dried up yet, and she could only be forced to sink into this kiss under the control of the other party.
      The rain outside the house was getting heavier and louder, and the clattering sound slowly overwhelmed Fu Yuankai's weakening call.
      I don’t know how long it took before Fu Yinze finally let go of Tangning, who was almost having difficulty breathing. He stretched out his hand and hooked the hair on her forehead to behind her ears, and opened his mouth in a dumb voice, "I haven’t eaten anything today. , I have asked the chef to prepare the noodles for you before I get home. Will you taste it later?"
      Just as Tangning wanted to speak, Fu Yinze had already stretched out his index finger and pressed her lips.
      "It's nothing, but Yuan Kai will solve it in a while, you go eat first. Although I have a good temper, but if you always care about your ex-boyfriend, I will still be jealous."
      Fu Yinze's eyes Full of smiles.
      Hearing this, Tangning was silent, nodded lightly, and walked slowly towards the side of the restaurant.
      When Tangning was gone, Fu Yinze slowly constricted his lips and smiled gently, then took out his mobile phone and dialed a phone number.
      "The young master may have been in a car accident, and now he has fainted at the door. Find a few people to quickly take him to the hospital."
      Yes, the car accident.
      As early as when he saw Fu Yuankai limping and approaching the villa in the mobile phone monitoring, Fu Yinzr knew his miserable appearance. In all likelihood, he was in a car accident, so he would stop Tangning at the first time went out to see him.
      He really knows how soft his little swan heart is, and how sweet it is. It really made her see her ex-boyfriend who had just decided to separate before, and it didn’t take long for him to come over to apologize and ask for peace. Haven’t all the previous calculations been lost?
      Before he completely lost interest in Little Swan, he would never allow this to happen.
      As for his good nephew, it shouldn’t be a big problem that he can go so far after a car crash. Even if there is, it’s his own life, isn’t it?
      Who caused him to have a car accident and still be awkward!
      Fu Yin's affection for his only remaining blood relatives in this world is surprisingly weak.
      No way, who told him that his good sister-in-law looked good before, and he was depressed after giving birth. It may be that his carefree eldest brother had a really chic life after marriage. I didn’t see them. My father felt that he couldn't support the wall with mud, so he chose to train him. But when you are depressed, you are depressed and have a tendency to hurt others. The key point is that she knows that Fu Yuankai was born on her own and can't move. She pretends to be a human being on weekdays, but privately vents all her sadness and anger on Fu Yin Ze's body.
      Let him think about how old he was then, as if he was only 6 years old.
      The little boy was so sad that his mother died unexpectedly and was autistic, but who would have thought that his greater ordeal is yet to come!
      However, all these things about Chen Zhizhi and rotten grains have passed, and he has walked out a long time ago. After that, the sister-in-law also looked for a chance to retaliate. It is to do what he always wanted to do, be carefree, and do whatever he wants. Fu Yuankai couldn't get close.
      Not only couldn’t get close, but before facing a superficial and ignorant woman like Ye Xi, he was able to lie to her for so many years. Now when I think about it, maybe he knew Fu Yuankai’s thoughts, so he deliberately made his cute little nephew uncomfortable. Sad too!
      He is really bad!
      Thinking of this, Fu Yinze came to the dining room leaning against one of the walls, half of his face hidden in the shadow, watching the girl at the table concentrating on eating noodles.
      The noodles were still a bit hot, her lips were red when she ate it, and two crystal beads of sweat came out from the tip of her nose because of the heat.
      Maybe she noticed his gaze, and Tangning quickly raised her head and looked over.
      Before she could speak, Fu Yin said, "Yuan Kai is gone, so don't worry."
      Tangning bit her lip.
      Upon seeing this, Fu Yinze slowly walked out of the shadows, sat opposite her, and asked the chef to serve him a bowl of noodles.
      I haven't eaten anything from the afternoon until now, and my stomach protested a bit.
      Then he noticed that his little swan looked at him hesitantly and then at him again, as if it was difficult to speak to some embarrassing request.
      Fu Yinze was not in a hurry to ask. She watched it this way, but until the two of them had finished eating their noodles, they had to go back to the room to rest, and she still did not say anything.
      Seeing Fu Yinze said goodnight to her, he would return to his room to rest.
      Yes, the two of them are sleeping in two different rooms now.
      Tangning finally couldn't help taking two steps forward, gently grabbing the corner of Fu Yinze's clothes, and taking a deep breath, "Excuse me, Mr. Fu, next I can...may I work in the entertainment industry? I think Work to make money, pay your money back early..."
      "What? Leave me in such a hurry?"
      Fu Yinze turned and smiled.
      "No, no, Mr. Fu, I was desperate back then. I am really grateful for your willingness to give me a hand. My promise will always be valid. If you want me to be your girlfriend, I will always be yours. Girlfriend, until you are bored and I don’t like me. But gratitude is gratitude, debt repayment, it is natural and righteous, even if I am your girlfriend, I should not owe you money, this will let me... let me have a kind Dwarf feels first-class. Love should be equal. With this debt, the two of us will never be equal..."
      Tangning said seriously.
      "Now start to think about our future?"
      Fu Yinze's expression became more cheerful.
      Tangning raised her head in surprise.
      "Since I'm a boyfriend and girlfriend, I always call Mr. Fu. Don't you feel strange? You can try calling me like that."
      Tangning was stunned after hearing this, and then shouted in a very small voice," ... Yin Ze."
      "Um... Ning Ning."
      Fu Yin also called her silently.
      With just a sound, Tangning's face flushed out of her control, and even her neck and earlobes were dyed with a light pink.
      Upon seeing this, Fu Yinze's eyes deepened. If it weren't for the unbearable stomachache at this time, I'm afraid he would really want to tease his little swan a few more times.
      It's a pity that he couldn't help the pain, and when he leaned against the wall behind him gently, the man slowly opened his mouth, "What do you do in the entertainment industry? Are you a substitute or something? I really want to enter the entertainment industry, I Fu Yinze’s women don’t need to start from the bottom. Didn’t I tell you that tonight, a director really fell in love with you, the director Lin Lida who made "Wolong" before, He contacted me and said that your image is very suitable for a role in the movie he is about to shoot. Let me let you audition for a few days."
      Upon hearing this, Tangning's eyes instantly rounded, and then her face Then he smiled with surprise.
      Just not waiting for her to say something, the next second, Fu Yinze's hand fell on her head and rubbed it lightly, "Go back and rest, or you want to... rest with me... …"
      "I... I'll go back to the room first!"
      Tangning, with red cheeks hurriedly turned around and returned to his room, but still could hear Fu Yinze's low laughter.
      Almost once she returned to her room, the redness on Tangning's face slowly faded.
      There seems to be a stomach problem...
      She thoughtfully.
      Three days later, lying quietly on the hospital bed with his right leg hanging high, Fu Yuankai, with pale lips, heard his agent say that Ye Xi had come to visit him and asked if she could come in.
      He stared at the smile of Tang Ning on the phone in front of him, reached out his hand and touched it without looking up, "Let her go."
      The agent who knew how much his artist was obsessed with Ye Xi before was too unbelievable. The expression on his face was slightly distorted, and he nodded quickly after reacting.
      At this moment, Ye Xi, who was waiting outside with her flowers, pulled off her sunglasses in disbelief after hearing what the agent had conveyed, "Yuan Kai, Yuan Kai is me! I heard you got into the hospital in a car accident. Here comes, you show me to see you... Yuan Kai..."
      Upon hearing this sound, Fu Yuankai didn't hesitate to ring the alarm bell to notify the security guard of this private hospital to come up and take the person away.
      "...I hope I won't let anyone who doesn't know the so-called come in again next time."
      He said coldly.
      Sure enough, Ye Xi's voice disappeared outside.
      After calming down, Fu Yuankai made a direct call here.
      "Okay, I see, is Director Lin Li?"
      Hanging up, he glanced at Tang Ning's face on the phone beside him, and the hand holding the phone was extraordinarily large.
      About half a month later, director Lin Li's new film "Stars" casting began.
      It’s just that Tangning here just signed the heroine's role under Fu Yinze’s leadership. The next second they saw Fu Yuankai walking out of the next room with his agent, and they heard a happy cooperation. This word made Tangning instantly aware that the other party also had a role in this movie.
      When he saw Tangning, Fu Yuankai didn't even take off his sunglasses, and chuckled lightly, "It's a coincidence, I didn't expect you to be there too, why? Uncle, your new... girlfriend is in Lin's guide. Are there any actors in the new movie?"
      Fu Yuankai said three words for his girlfriend, gritted his teeth.
      Tangning slightly avoided his sight at the beginning.
      Fu Yinze looked at him like that, smiled and said nothing.
      "Isn't it such a coincidence that the role of Ye Qingyue? It is really a coincidence. The role I got happened to be Ye Qingyue's lover-Zhou Wenxuan. Miss Tang, is it? I look forward to seeing you very much. Opposing scenes."
      After speaking, Fu Yuankai left without looking back.
      Just because he was afraid that he would not leave again, I was afraid that he would not be able to restrain himself from rushing forward and hug Tangning tightly into his arms.
      Halfway through, he seemed to have suddenly remembered something. He turned his head, took off his sunglasses, and looked at Fu Yinze seriously behind him, "I read that Ye Qingyue and Zhou Wenxuan seemed to have a kissing scene in the script. Really? I think it's just filming. Uncle, you shouldn't be such an undemocratic and open-minded person, right? After all, it's just filming..."
      "Of course."
      Fu Yinze replied without hesitation.
      After getting an affirmative answer, Fu Yuankai finally left with satisfaction.
      When Fu Yuankai left, Tangning here just wanted to say something.
      Fu Yinze smiled at her, "It's just filming, Ningning, you won't let me down, right?"
      Will you let me down, right? My Mr. Fu.
      Tangning smiled expectantly in her heart.
      But what I didn't expect was that Fu Yinze's company was delayed on the day of the official shooting. It seemed that it would take a while to come over, and it might not be possible.
      After receiving this news, Tangning, who had changed into a dark blue cheongsam, held the phone and sighed slightly.
      "Far Stars" is a Republican movie. She played Ye Qingyue as a girl in a brothel, while Fu Yuankai played Zhou Wenxuan as an innocent young master. After falling in love with Ye Qingyue, his family did not allow her, and she even began to tell Ye Qingyue. Qingyue put pressure, and finally for his good, Ye Qingyue finally forced away her beloved by various humiliation and sarcasm, but who would have thought that her beloved man would turn into a general after three years, and even deliberately Came to retaliate against her. Although the two finally resolved their misunderstanding, they could not withstand the torrent of history and separated again. One jumped into the cold winter night to keep her innocence, and the other died on the battlefield in order to save his comrades. Under the cannon-bullet on the top, not even the whole body was left.
      Fanxing is a love, hate and hatred in the context of war, and Ye Qingyue and Zhou Wenxuan can only be regarded as one of the main lines.
      Just thinking of this, Tangning who had just put away her mobile phone saw Fu Yuankai, who had been dressed as a general of the Republic of China, was walking towards her slowly, wearing a gray-blue military uniform, black leather gloves and long military boots, wearing a piece of outside. The cloak of the same color as the clothes on the knees has a romantic and heroic appearance.
      Upon seeing this, Tangning slightly avoided her sight, but there was only one way in and out of this corridor, so she had to stand aside and let him go first.
      At the moment the two were wrong, Fu Yuankai suddenly stretched out his hand to hold her wrist, and Tang Ning was shocked.
      "I'm going to the director's side first..."
      Tangning just wanted to break free of his restraint, the next second the man smiled dejectedly, "Hehe, you don't even want to talk to me now Are you done ?"
       After speaking, Fu Yuankai's eyes were red.
      "Do you really not even give me a chance to explain or apologize? I have been together for four years. I know that I have not done enough in many places, so you have been waiting for me, making you often sad, in your most helpless When I didn’t show up by your side, I really knew that I did something wrong. It’s not a stand-in, in four years, in fact... I have fallen in love with you a long time ago, it’s because I have never seen my heart. I only I want a chance..."
      After hearing his words, Tangning's eyes were a little red, but she still remembered her current identity, so she worked hard, "I really want to be the director..."
      Before she could finish her words, Fu Yuankai laughed out loud before her.
      "Heh, you may have never acted in a play. I don’t know that some crews will shoot the kiss scene between the two people in the first scene in order to make the male and female protagonists get acquainted quickly. Anyway, it will be filmed in a while. It’s not as good as the two of us now. Right first?"
      Tangning's doubts were not asked before she was asked. The next second, the sky was spinning, and then the whole person was pressed against the wall behind him with a strong force, and the man wore mint-scented lips. It was posted up.
      The touch on her lips made Tangning suddenly widen her eyes, and immediately struggled violently.
      But how could her strength be comparable to Fu Yuankai, she could only feel the attack of the opponent's lips and tongue, anxious and afraid of being seen by others, she opened her mouth and bit his lower lip, obviously her strength was bloody. The smell filled the lips and teeth of the two, but the other side still felt like they felt everything, and continued to kiss.
      Tang Ning just wanted to continue exerting force, and a drop of warmth fell on her cheek in the next second.
      It was... Tears...
      She was stunned.
      It happened at this moment—
      "I remember it seems that it is not time to shoot now? This is already happening?"
      Fu Yuankai stopped his movements and turned his head abruptly.
      Tangning and him saw Fu Yinze in a suit and leather shoes standing on the corner not far from them, looking at them with a smile.
      It's just that the smile never reaches the bottom of the eye.
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    Arc 1: Substitute White Moonlight
    Targets: 1- Fu YinZe: 98 I 2- Fu Yuankai: 96 I 3- Qi Li: 92
    Modern - entertainment circle
    Fu YinZe: Likes concurring. Falls in love fast and lets it go faster. Challenging relationship.
    Strategy: Let him invest more. It's like gambling. Make his investing degree so high that he won't be able to let go [Fabric made for businessmen in career and relation]
    Character evaluation: Good character building, with a huge loophole. There is a saying as risk management. In every turn, gambling doesn't go on just only because of the inability to accept the previous loss but also because of hope for future profit that surpasses the loss.
    The truth is that MC's strategy is flawed because she does not add to her value throughout the story, meaning the character she is showing doesn't reveal any separate value or growth potential
    Conclusion: A true love veteran can be sure that MC's strategy fails. But still, not, that bad of a loophole as it can be explained by MC's storming attack and not letting the character calm down and analyze

    Fu Yuankai: Likes stability and calculability, and pre-set character settings. Not only his occupation but also his life has one definition "Acting". Maybe when he was young he was truly tempted by his uncle's girlfriend, but that has never been love, just accepting the defined setting. He doesn't understand true love and that's why he couldn't understand his love for the original or let go of performing the love brain character that had accepted
    Strategy: Destroy his stability and control. Let him know that accepting a character trait comes with a price
    Character evaluation: Good character building but wrong usage and description of both the character trait and why the strategy is successful.
    Conclusion: The plot is completely possible in real life but the male showing these traits will never be a healthy person, probably a mixture of dependent personality disorder and Alexithymia

    Qi Li: He's pure and nothing can affect his purity and mix his black and white, but such a person is by no means easy to get along with and his favorability will never last long, cause no human is purely black or white and all of them have different shades of gray, so he who craves for pure black or white will always be disappointed
    Strategy: Either become pure white or black in his definition. MC chooses to become black as it is said those who do thousands of wrong are forgiven after doing one good, but those who do thousands of goods will be disgusted for doing one bad
    Character evaluation: Good character building and usage of character building but messing up the strategy and favorability level completion halfway through.
    His eye will always remain pure, but the measuring tool is his personal beliefs, if he accepts then black is white and if he disagrees then its black even if in truth it's white
    Conclusion: The plot is partly possible in real life, the reason why only part of it is that MC thought of first becoming completely pure black and then whitewashing with doing one good will result in the shade of gray and will never succeed but on the other hand MC's heroic death after that can act as a cheat. The problem is that the guy's favorability in real life could have never been full before MC's death. Such a character has a mix of perfectionism disorder and narcissistic personality disorder
    Arc 2: The villain ruthless son
    Targets: 1- Fang Yunyang: 90 I 2- Yan XingZhi: 99 I 3- Ye Xiao: 92
    Fang Yunyang: An upright person who's a pushover or maybe a selfish person without any feelings
    Strategy: Make him face the collapse of his beliefs and face the result of his upright being claim [Only this is not enough, in the original line he also faced both of the above but the only things he did for the original was a sigh. What MC did was first changing the passive to active. -The man is a pushover who goes with the following of the story it can be from him still going to marry the original while having 'feelings' for other women(In my option he doesn't have any feeling for the FL, just "responsibility" as they have cooked mature rice. after his responsibility in face of original is paid he turns to FL as the only remaining person whoes responsibility he is shouldering) - For the first time instead of others telling him what his responsibility is he himself sets a flag by suggesting to MC to go and travel around the world.
    Character evaluation: A selfish and ignorant fool using the rules and ethics to deny his responsibility. [Him being a pushover can also be seen in his decision to quite the jianghu circle after defeating the enemy and bringing peace, he is useless in a peaceful atmosphere so no one tries to keep him]
    Conclusion: A half possible plot as MC's strategy has a flaw in the first quarter, the way MC acted wouldn't get the man's love to begin with. Not only women need protection and feeling of security but men do too, playing as MC did would only increase this man favorability to at most 60 not more, and the breakthrough of over this level needs a strong push [For example MC being wounded to save him or such a thing, something proving that MC has value] which wasn't shown in the story and that's a mistake, but the follow up from that point are completely logical and possible. pushover psychology

    Yan XingZhi: This one is an interesting read but also the proof that the author needs to truly understand the original sin "Pride". This character is completely broken, the author has a fantastic general idea but no understanding of why his character will be a mess of interesting traits combined into a tattered body. If the readers don't know the psychology of "Pride" then they enjoy it but once you know it will be a big red sign of the author's immaurity.

    Ye Xiao: Ignorance is a sin. You can't hurt others and they claim that you didn't know. Such people are scummiest of scums, those who you can't even blame.
    Strategy: Use their ignorance and hidden selfishness
    Character evaluation: Good character building, poor describing ability. If it were to give him an adjective from seven deadly sins, he will perfectly feet with "Greed"
    Conclusion: Possible but also impossible in real life. MC's first half of the strategy is right but the second half is completely illogical all that MC did for the first half will ingress the favorability to at most 65 and after that sorry but MC didn't do anything that can break this cap level so yes, author truly went easy on herself but completing the strategy
    Arc 3: Boy's school girls
    Targets: 1- Ye JinYan: 98 I 2- Jiang Yao: 98 I 3- Xu xingBai: 95 I 4- Mu Sheng: 99
    Modern - school
    Arc 4: Cannon fodder true daughter
    Targets: 1- Wei Jing: 97 I 2- Helan Ruo: 99 I 3- Situ Yin: 92
    Ancient time -
    Arc 5: Ex-girlfriend attacks
    Targets: 1- Han Jun: 98 I 2- Pei Yuan: 99 I 3- Su Mo: 93
    Arc 6: The marshal's black moonlight
    Targets: 1- Xu SiNian: 98 I 2- Lu Shen: 98 I 3- Yu Ming: 85
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