Spoiler Rebirth of Malicious Empress of Military Lineage

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    so pei lang make the request..pei lang should ask for his reincarnation so that he can tackle shen miao before bad happen to her..☺️
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    "Ten thousand possibilities, I will still choose you, only you.”
    Ah, ah, ah, so sweet... Thank you for the spoilers and most special is this sweet silly chapter... Ah~ I want to find my own Xie Jing Xing...
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    so gruesome ending... bone chilling ending for nasty fu emperor and ye mei..
    thank you so very much, @rdawv
    You did super excellent summaries/translations for us all. I cried a lot on many parts of the ending. This novel is a rare gem, the writer did excellent plotting and pace (although a bit too fast pace almost jumpy at the ending part).
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    Side Story 2 – Looking at each other (Luo-Gao Couple)
    Luo Tan had not been very happy lately.

    The Luo family had moved to the Daliang city of Long Ye, every day was a hustle and bustle. After Shen Miao became the empress, she was no longer as free as before. She had to take care of Chu Yi and Shi Wu and also administer the harem. Though, this was strange to Luo Tan as the Daliang harem only had Shen Miao herself. What was there to administer?

    But Shen Miao was really busy and Luo Tan felt bored and lonely.

    She always had a restless nature and so she often went to the mountains to enjoy herself.

    This caused her parents to be dissatisfied.

    Her mother scolded all day: “You are a grown woman now and no longer a child. Even Jiao Jiao’s kids are already a year old. You are uncontrollable and reckless, what are we to do with you?”

    Luo Tan was annoyed. She felt being single was good: she could eat, drink and play without fuss. To be married was to invite trouble: to take care of this and that and also the husband’s heart too. If the husband was good and did not have other troublesome women, then she would be pressured to have children early. After giving birth, she would have to take care of the child herself. A woman’s youth was too short, how can it be wasted on such trivial things? It was better to fully use the good days: to travel and see the famous sights, that would be more fulfilling.

    In fact, the Luo family wasn’t too old-fashioned or too fussy about marrying off the daughter at a young age. But any parent would wish for the daughter to find a good home early. Furthermore, for so long Luo Tan had never showed interest in any men. Not the casual interest found easily in the streets, those handsome men and women do not count as it was like liking flowers and plants. To wait for Luo Tan to open up about matters of love, who knows how long they would have to wait?

    Her mother asked: “Tan-er, tell mother honestly, is there no man in your heart?”

    “Where do I get a man in my heart?” Luo Tan asked impatiently.

    “There are thousands of girls who have a sweetheart, and they are younger than you too,” her mother said in frustration. “There are plenty of good men in the world, how is it that you do not have a favourite?”

    Luo Tan scoffed. “Really, I haven’t met one.”

    “This will not do,” her mother hit the table. “Can’t let you to be so lackadaisical any more. Jiao Jiao is now the empress and surely she knows some talented young men. I will have her find a few, I want you to take a good look.”

    Luo Tan gave her an incredulous look. “Mother, are you serious? It’s not as if I am unmarriageable.”

    “It’s not because you’re unmarriageable, it’s because you don’t understand at all,” her mother said. “You must go. If you don’t, don’t think I wouldn’t lock you up.”

    She got up and left without waiting for Luo Tan’s answer.

    Her mother asked Lady Luo to accompany her to the palace and find Shen Miao for this purpose.

    Though Shen Miao was now the empress, her attitude had not changed. She was always gentle in front of her loved ones. The Luo and Shen families still got along well with her as before.

    Luo Tan’s mother brought up her headache and asked Shen Miao: “Jiao Jiao, you know more people, can you help Tan-er and look for a few candidates? The family background is not important; the most important thing is his character. Tan-er is simple and does not understand about managing a household. It would be best that the family is honest and good without messy relatives. Of course, to be handsome is good too. Tan-er does like good-looking things, if he is a handsome man; she would rejoice about the big day herself.”

    Shen Miao turned to look at her mother, and Lady Luo said: “Yes, Jiao Jiao; help Tan-er have a look.”

    “To help is no problem, but…” Shen Miao said hesitantly. “Does cousin really not have someone in her heart?”

    “Based on her attitude, it’s impossible for her to take the initiative,” Mrs Luo said, waving a hand in dismissal. “If Tan-er was half like you, I wouldn’t be so worried.”

    They were like sisters, but Shen Miao was able to see a world-famous hero like Xie Jingxing early. After becoming his empress, the palace had no other women in the harem. She became the envy of the women of the world. Moreover, Xie Jingxing himself was already a great catch.

    Looking back at Luo Tan again, for so many years she did not land a peerless man. Even the shape of an ordinary man was not seen. The Luo family women had initially thought that when Luo Tan crossed the threshold, the house would be filled with liveliness. But in the end it was so quiet that not even a mosquito’s shadow could be seen.

    “Cousin Tan herself has agreed to see them?” Shen Miao asked.

    “Would she dare disagree!” Mrs Luo said. “Jiao Jiao, you two are very close. When you see her, please talk some sense into her. How can a single woman visit a pleasure inn? She’s practically gambling with our honor, it’s really unfortunate for our family.”

    Luo Tan lived for excitement and was someone who ignored rules and traditions. She lived freely, but it invited criticism.

    Shen Miao quickly said, “Alright, I will start looking immediately. Successful or not, still have to depend on cousin’s liking.”

    “I have to thank Jiao Jiao,” Mrs Luo said happily.

    That day, Shen Miao went though the documents until the night.

    When Xie returned from his duties, he saw that she was still engrossed. “Didn’t I tell you to sleep first?”

    “Haven’t finished reading some things,” Shen Miao said without looking up from the documents.

    Xie went over and saw what she was reading. Each page had the small portrait of a man and information on his name, family, official position and even his preferences and talents.

    Xie seized the document. “What are you doing looking at this?”

    “Give it back,” Shen Miao said and snatched it back. “Aunt Luo asked me to find some good men for Luo Tan to meet, don’t disturb me.”

    “Luo Tan?” Xie’s eyebrow rose. “She wants to marry?”

    “Aunt Luo was worried and I am helping because it’s convenient,” Shen Miao said. She suddenly thought of something and looked at Xie. “Come to think of it, what is Gao Yang up to?”

    “What do you mean, what is he up to?” Xie was perplexed.

    “About cousin Tan,” Shen Miao glared at him. “I can see that he likes cousin Tan, but that doesn’t amount to anything. If he is waiting for Luo Tan to realize it herself, I am afraid he will need to wait a lifetime. Cousin Tan doesn’t understand but Gao Yang is smart, what does it mean for him to drag things out like this?”

    Xie frowned and thought for a while. “Does Gao Yang like Luo Tan?”

    Shen Miao held his arm. “Are you blind?”

    “Why would I know how he thinks?” Xie said, feeling wronged.

    His head was already filled with his own things. Personal lifelong matters of his friends were not his priorities. Even Shen Miao could see it, yet he was still blind and so she was lazy to bring the matter up.

    But since it was said to him, Xie gave his opinion: “Gao Yang is a smart person, but a smart person can be easily mistaken.”

    Shen Miao immediately understood what he meant. “You mean, Gao Yang may know about his feelings but deliberately kept it in and is waiting for cousin Tan to open her mouth first?”

    “Not everyone is like your husband who can bend and stretch accordingly,” Xie grinned.

    “Haha,” Shen Miao glared at him. “Why don’t you say not everyone is as half as shameless as you?”

    Xie’s face paled. He listened as Shen Miao said: “But you are right. To be smart can be easily mistaken. Gao Yang is someone who calculates everything in his heart. I’m afraid that it is wrong for him to wait for cousin Tan to understand.”

    “What do you want to do?” Xie asked.

    She stared at him. “Of course is to help cousin Tan.” Then she threatened: “Don’t tell Gao Yang!”

    Gao Yang was after all Xie’s person, and so he had to speak a word or two on his behalf. He grabbed Shen Miao’s hands and smiled. “That will depend on Madam’s performance tonight.”

    Shen Miao kept her word, by the second day she already compiled a list. At the top had three names which she gave to her mother to be passed to the Luo family. Mrs Luo wanted to personally go to the palace to thank her, but Lady Luo persuaded her otherwise: “Not sure if Tan-er would like it, you can wait till it is over and done.”

    Shen Miao was a meticulous person whom Mrs Luo trusted. The Luo family women were present and they nodded their heads at the three candidates. Their family backgrounds were excellent, the men healthy and most importantly there were no faults in their conduct.

    Luo Tan had expected her mother to be simply talking without meaning it and that Shen Miao would keep her mind and not let her go meet such people. Who’d know that Shen Miao would betray her. She did not expect Shen Miao to side with her other and even sent over a catalogue. Luo Tan sat facing the mirror in her room and lamented that Shen Miao did not love her any more.

    Though her heart was unwilling, she still had to meet the three bachelors. Because her allowance had been cut, she could not even go out. If she did not obey, who knows how long her curfew would be. Mrs Luo even shed tears before Luo Tan and she felt her heart soften. Feeling guilty for being unfilial, Luo Tan promised to meet the three men.

    The first was the son of a family of scholars. He was full of pedantic words that caused Luo Tan to doze off in the afternoon. She went back to tell Mrs Luo that if she was to live with this person, she would be bored to the extent of climbing up the wall to escape.

    Mrs Luo was so scared that she quickly arranged for the second candidate.

    The second candidate was a military man. He was still young and in a few years would have a bright future. Though he was young, he was very old-fashioned. He was handsome but cold to the extent of causing one to sweat. Luo Tan said if she was married to him, she would be worried about being hacked to death because of his killing aura.

    Mrs Luo thought that though Luo Tan was a charming girl and strong, if she was in conflict with a hard-hearted military husband, wouldn’t it be like two dogs fighting? And so in her heart this second candidate was also rejected.

    On the third day, the final candidate was ushered in.

    This was Young Master He was only twenty years old, though his family were officials he had learned martial arts and it can be said that he was talented in both civil and military matters.

    At their first meeting, he saw the dagger at Luo Tan’s waist.

    It was a dagger that Luo Tan had inherited. It wasn’t eye catching but it was a blade that can cut through iron. Ordinary people would not recognize it, but Young Master He saw at once that it was a good blade. Luo Tan felt heartened. This young man was handsome and made her feel comfortable. Luo Tan who always liked pretty things felt at ease talking to him.

    What’s more, she found out that Young Master He was really talented. Not only knowledgeable but also widely traveled. He knows the stories about faraway places and tell them to Luo Tan in an interesting way and changed the difficult terms into be easily understood words. Unbeknownst to them, they talked until it was dark.

    The day was actually pleasurable.

    Young Master He was also satisfied with Luo Tan and they promised to go out for an outing the next day.

    At home, Mrs Luo asked: “Tan-er, what do you think of this Young Master He?”

    Luo Tan replied, “Not bad. As a friend, he is very suitable.”

    The Luo family women almost cried. Luo Tan was judging people to be her ‘friend’.

    But, they were halfway there. To see Luo Tan and the man talk all day was enough to alleviate most of her worries.

    When Mrs Luo said this, the other women said, “Well, do you want send greetings to the He family? We can write a letter and then discuss further on another day.”

    “What is the rush?” one asked.

    “True,” Mrs Luo sighed. “I am not too worried about Tan-er, but about her feelings. I had thought that Doctor Gao was quite fine and that he likes Tan-er… but nothing came of it and I thought I must be mistaken.”

    Mrs Luo did like Gao Yang: handsome and had an uncomplicated family. If Luo Tan married him, she would be in charge of the household and that would be enough. But Gao Yang did not seem to have the inclination and this annoyed Mrs Luo. So what if you’re a great doctor of Daliang? So what if you didn’t like my family’s Miss Luo, we’re not afraid that nobody would like her.

    Meanwhile, Luo Tan was pondering. She was suddenly thinking about Gao Yang whom she had not seen in a long time.

    Gao Yang had went back to the Gao family, though he was not living with them but his name was reentered into the family biography. Gao Zhan had many things to teach and pass to him and though Gao Yang used to look for Luo Tan from time to time; it became few and far in between. The last time was a month ago.

    Luo Tan felt a little lost.

    Thinking back, she did not have a friend to play around with. Fortunately today’s Young Master He was quite interesting. Can play as friends and was to mother’s liking too. She might as well change companions to play with.

    Luo Tan did not know that the news of her meeting Young Master He had already traveled to a certain tea house.

    There, Ji Yushu was feeding his parrot. “Haven’t gone to play with Luo Tan in a while, why haven’t she come over lately?”

    “What?” Gao Yang asked, surprised by the sudden topic. Surely there was something.

    “On my way back, I saw Luo Tan walking together with a man,” Ji Yushu said. “She seem very happy, did she find a new companion to play with in the future?”

    Gao Yang was stunned. “What did you say?”

    The next day, Luo Tan really went out to play with Young Master He.

    She had heard he was very capable and had a promising future, but did not expect him to play along. Luo Tan had walked the streets every day and thought herself to be intimately familiar with the city, but Young Master he demonstrated that he was a true native and showed off many unique and refreshing shops and restaurants that had novelty items that she liked. It was as if the first time she had arrived at the city and she bought many things.

    They were very similar to each other, enjoy eating and playing and full of energy.

    They played till the sun was setting before reluctantly parting. Young Master He walked her home.

    Gao Yang was actually leaving the Luo residence after meeting Luo Qian who was no longer a young boy and had grown taller; his tender face was becoming manlier. Just that his behavior was like as before, truly a pair of brother and sister.

    As soon as they met, Luo Qian had called him: “Doctor Gao!”

    Gao Yang: “…”

    Both brother and sister loved to call him ‘doctor’, but he was not just a simple doctor and he actually had a official government position, alright?

    Luo Qian said: “Are you coming to visit my sister? She’s not in.”

    Gao Yang was stunned. “Oh? It’s so late, and she’s not back yet?”

    Luo Qian waved a hand like an old person. “Hey, she went out with that Young Master He, you probably won’t get to see her this evening.”

    “Young Master He…” Gao Yang muttered. Then he heard Luo Qian call out, “Hey, speak of the devil, they are back!”

    Gao Yang followed his gaze and turned around. He saw a young and handsome man walking over with Luo Tan. The servant behind them had his arms full of things. Luo Tan very casually and frankly said to the young man: “I will have to depend on you to expand my horizons! It’s certainly going to be a lot of fun!”

    Young Master He laughed. “I am honored.”

    Gao Yang’s lips twitched.

    Luo Qian greeted Luo Tan. “Sister! Doctor Gao came to see you!”

    Luo Tan saw Gao Yang walk closer. He first gave her a smile before looking at the legendary Young Master He.

    Young Master He who was gently talking with Luo Tan, saw Gao Yang and said, “You have a guest, I shan’t bother you any longer.” He took out a small box and presented it to her. “I saw this on my way back yesterday, I thought you might like it.”

    He shyly scratched his head. “I hope you won’t dislike it.”

    Luo Tan was very happy. “Thank you. I believe in your tastes.”

    Seeing them so happy made Gao Yang annoyed. After saying farewell to the young master, Luo Tan then asked Gao Yang, “Did you come over to find me for something?”

    Gao Yang sighed. “Can’t I find you for no reason?”

    “Not really, but you have been busy ever since you went back to the Gao family,” she said as she opened the box Young Master He gave her.

    Inside the box was a bracelet. Luo Tan always such handiwork. It was a small gold chain with a knife for its pendant, the size of a fingernail, very cute. Luo Tan immediately took it out to fiddle with it.

    When Gao Yang saw this, his heart became more unhappy. “Then, accompany me for a walk.”

    “Why should I…” before she could finish her words, Gao Yang grab her arm and pulled her away. Though she had some martial arts, it wasn’t enough for her to oppose Gao Yang. Gao Yang may look like a gentleman but he was no weak scholar. Luo Tan couldn’t escape his grip and was taken away just like that.

    Luo Qian waved his hand goodbye. “Come back early, sis!”

    Gao Yang took her to a small alley before releasing her.

    Luo Tan felt the soreness in her wrist and couldn’t help but to complain: “Have you gone crazy?”

    Gao Yang half sighed, half angry: “I was busy, but aren’t you very free?”

    “Ah?” Luo Tan said, not understanding.

    “Did you enjoy your time playing with Young Master He?” Gao Yang said in a strange tone as he looked at her. “Only a few days, and already using such friendly words to each other. Are you that familiar with him? Do you trust him?”

    Gao Yang was really strange today, Luo Tan couldn’t understand it. “Are you sick? What business of yours if I’m familiar to someone? What happened to you today, did you take the wrong medicine? Did your grandfather scold you?”

    Gao Yang took a deep breath. “If I don’t come to look for you, would you go out to play with others?”

    Luo Tan was annoyed by Gao Yang’s tone, and she was not a patient person in the first place. “You’re too heavy-handed. Since you didn’t come to look for me, naturally I would go out to play with outers. Why would I bore myself to death? The world is full of people, it is better to have more friends.”

    “Just friends?” Gao Yang stepped closer. “Weren’t you starting to look for a future husband?”

    Luo Tan stared at him. “How did you know?”

    Her words all but confirmed the truth to Gao Yang.

    “What do you think of him?”

    This question was asked gently. Luo Tan saw that he was quite calm as in his usual manner, and said, “Not bad. Not like those bookish scholars, also not too rough. Very interesting.”

    Gao Yang: “Don’t meet him again.”

    Luo Tan was annoyed again. “What is wrong with you? Why are you saying such strange things today? This was arranged by my mother anyway. To make a new friend or to find a husband is my business, what does it matter to you? Do you want fuss over who I meet in the future?”

    “Yes,” Gao Yang interrupted.

    Luo Tan was stunned.

    “I had thought you would understand it yourself. But your stupidity has shocked me, or, in fact; you are actually smart and playing a trick on me?” he said.

    Luo Tan could not understand. She only heard him calling her ‘stupid’ and her hair stood on its end. “You’re the one who’s stupid. Stupid and unreasonable. I like playing with Young Master He. You don’t want me to meet him, I will go to meet him. How can there be someone as unreasonable…”

    She did not finish her words because Gao Yang pulled her into his arms and covered her lips.

    His kiss was as gentle as himself. Though he was a gentleman, there were also strength and irresistibility in the softness.

    Luo Tan rubbed her mouth and stepped back a few steps.

    Even though she had been feckless, she knew what it meant. She had never thought of Gao Yang in that way, in her mind he was a good friend. He liked to tease, his appearance was deceptive and he was a black belly, but he was still a gentleman.

    But this gentleman took advantage of her so cheaply.

    If it was someone else, Luo Tan would have taken out her dagger and slashed the person, and then give several heavy slaps for good measure. But it was Gao Yang, she didn’t feel much anger and was more panicky.

    It was as if all very familiar to her.

    Yes, she was used to it.

    From Dingjing to Long Ye, living in the Gao residence for a long time; Gao Yang was an absolute gentleman to her. But occasionally he would pull a move or two that seemed very natural and did not feel awkward to her. It was very smooth progression for a long time, and what he had just done did not feel out of the ordinary at all.

    Luo Tan was amazed.

    Gao Yang saw her off-centered look, and said gently: “Don’t see him anymore.”

    “Why did you…” Luo Tan said shyly.

    “If you still can’t tell by now, I really have to suspect that you’re the world’s number one idiot,” Gao Yang chuckled.

    Luo Tan’s face turned red to white, from white to red. “Could it be you like me?”

    Gao Yang coughed. “I have done this much, you should understand.”

    Luo Tan felt wronged, why should she understand? He never raised the topic, not written love letters and was not like Xie Jingxing who would say sweet nothings to Shen Miao. Even ghosts won’t know about it!

    Gao Yang said: “At first I thought it was fun to tease you. Later I thought you were very interesting. When I saw you with another person, my heart feels uncomfortable. I had thought if things remain smooth, you would come to understand yourself. But now I know, had I not say it myself; depending on your brainpower you would never understand it for a lifetime.”

    He stepped closer so that she could not escape. “Do you understand now?”

    Luo Tan’s brain was still fried and she could only nod her head. “En… oh…”

    “That’s good,” Gao Yang was pleased and held her by the shoulder. “Now, let’s go back.”

    “Back where?” Luo Tan asked.

    “Of course your Luo residence,” Gao Yang smiled lightly. “It’s time to meet the in-laws about our marriage.”

    After a few moments.

    “Gao Yang, you’re seeking death!”
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    This couple is cute too ah!
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    Thank you very much for your hard work. I love this novel. The leads have no magical powers or systems, but they make it work. I will miss them.
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    whoaaa... surprised a lot, there's more side story! LOL, nice!
    how many side stories this novel had?
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    I'm waiting for the side story of our empress' brother! hihihi..
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    Is there a side story 3? Shen Qui & Feng An Ning
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    Side Story 3 – Tacit Acceptance (Qiu-Ning Couple)
    Feng Anning had always been afraid of Shen Qiu.

    It was strange seeing that she was the eldest miss of the Feng family. She had a proud attitude, doted by her parents and indulged by her siblings so that nothing was worth anything in her eyes.

    Save for two exceptions.

    One was Shen Miao.

    Even Feng Anning did not know how she ended up being familiar with the infamous Shen Miao who was known for her stupidity and funny antics. But ever since sharing the same table at the Guangwentang school, she slowly realized that Shen Miao was actually very clever.

    From a young age, it was inevitable to be interested in enigmatic persons; especially someone like Shen Miao who was so starkly different than before.

    Feng Anning couldn’t help but be drawn to Shen Miao. The other ladies of Guangwentang who despised Shen Miao were not worth her time. Shen Miao was not clingy and did not flatter her, causing Feng Anning to feel that Shen Miao was more truthful than those other ladies that were full of flowery words.

    Feng Anning felt that she must be sick.

    Not less than Shen Miao, the second person who was not obliging to her was Shen Qiu.

    To be frank, Shen Qiu had an excellent reputation among the young and old. Even having such a notorious sister did not affect his good name.

    Feng Anning had seen Shen Qiu a few times and felt he was a handsome young man and as brilliant as the sun and seemed to be good to talk with.

    But after she had gotten familiar with Shen Miao and had several opportunities to get close to Shen Qiu, she couldn’t help but feel afraid of him.

    From the beginning Shen Qiu was not like those other young masters who were courteous to her. Perhaps because of his military family background, he was a rough person. He treated Feng Anning as any common passer-by, and only because of her status as Shen Miao’s friend did she earn a second glance from him.

    This was unbearable to the proud Feng Anning.

    But whenever she wanted to throw her temper, she saw the sharp glare in Shen Qiu’s eyes as if he was inspecting his soldiers and she could not help but be deterred.

    Feng Anning herself did not understand. If Xie Jingxing of Lin’an House was Dingjing’s number one male tyrant, she was at least a female tyrant. Nothing was worth anything in her eyes, yet why was she rendered helpless by this pair of brother and sister?

    Feng Anning’s elder brother scolded her as someone who only overbearing at home.

    She was shocked. Each time she would say that she would give Shen Qiu a piece of her mind, yet when they actually met, she would shrink her neck and kept her eyes low.

    Even Shen Miao’s cousin Luo Tan felt something was wrong and said, “Why is Sister Anning so quiet whenever she comes to our house?”

    Shen Miao laughed. “To be accurate, she becomes quiet when she sees my elder brother.”

    Feng Anning was furious. “What nonsense are you saying? I am quiet because I like to be quiet, do I need the permission of others?”

    Luo Tan suddenly shouted at someone behind Feng Anning. “Cousin Qiu, how are you here?”

    Feng Anning’s body became stiff and she wanted to run away. Luo Tan pointed at her and laughed. “What cousin said is true, was the big miss of the Feng family most afraid of Cousin Qiu?”

    Feng Anning got up angrily and vowed not to speak to Luo Tan again.

    But some things were happening in the background far beyond Feng Anning’s expectation. She went on an outing with Shen Miao and because of her negligence, had allowed Shen Miao to fall into the hands of kidnappers. Feng Anning’s heart was full of guilt and the way Shen Qiu treated her only caused her to be more afraid.

    Shen Qiu’s words to her were merciless.

    Feng Anning’s heart was torn by Shen Miao’s disappearance. It was unknown who had told the Feng family about Shen Qiu’s words to Feng Anning. The family men who indulged Feng Anning said: “That big brother of the Shens is too outrageous. He should be spending time searching for Miss Shen at this hour, yet he is picking on our little miss. Stop blaming yourself and making things worse.”

    “No,” Feng Anning said, “He is right, it was my fault.”

    In one part her heart was worried about Shen Miao, the other part was annoyed with herself. She loathed herself and thought that Shen Qiu certainly despised her.

    Fortunately Shen Miao came back alive without a scratch. But from then on Feng Anning never dared to take a step into the Shen residence. She felt nothing but shame, if it wasn’t for her; Shen Miao would not have suffered so. Though the ending was good, the way it had happened did not change.

    She longed to go to the Shen residence, to visit Shen Miao and banter with Luo Tan. Even to meet Shen Qiu would be fine. But she restrained herself and refused the invitations from Luo Tan.

    She was proud and others thought she was not being sensible, but she remained stubborn. She couldn’t bow her head nor do anything except to accept self-punishment.

    Who’d knew that Shen Miao’s own relatives would cause such a big mistake?

    Feng Anning heard her father and brother discussing matters of the court and knew that the Shens were being targeted. It was not going well for Shen Miao’s family, let alone Shen Miao herself. Her marriage was turned into a political ploy, but what about Shen Miao?

    Feng Anning thought of her own elder brother.

    Feng Zixian was well-mannered and good looking. More importantly, Feng Anning understood her own brother who was gentlemen and definitely a better choice than the prince. She nudged her brother to send a marriage proposal to the Shens.

    Feng Zixian was shocked at first, but he had heard not a little about Shen Miao from Feng Anning. Though Feng Anning was proud, she was not deceitful. Someone considered good by Feng Anning would not be bad.

    Feng Zixian promised Feng Anning to go to the Shen residence, but in the end it was solved by Shen Miao.

    Despite this, the relationship between Feng Anning and the Shens were mended. On her way back home, she saw Shen Qiu who had surely knew of Feng Zixian’s purpose. He gave her a look and thanked her.

    It was only a few words of gratitude, but it made Feng Anning toss and turn in excitement.

    Feng Anning’s personal maid quietly asked her, “Miss, you regard young lord Shen so well that you worry for him… do you like young lord Shen?”

    “What nonsense are you speaking?” Feng Anning automatically demanded, like a cat whose tail was stepped on.

    The maid was frightened and quickly knelt. “This maid was talking nonsense, please forgive this slave.”

    For a while, there was no reply from Feng Anning. Just when the maid felt that it was all over for her, she heard, “Enough, get up.”

    Feng Anning was facing the mirror, biting her lips.

    Some things need not to be admitted, not to be revealed, but that did not mean it didn’t happen. Even her personal maid could see through it, Feng Anning thought that she had made it very obvious to see. She could not even fool her own maid, it was further impossible to escape Shen Miao’s eyes.

    Shen Miao knows her heart, would she tell Shen Qiu… does Shen Qiu know?

    Feng Anning glared at the mirror in irritation.

    The girl in the mirror had a beautiful face, big eyes, pouty lips and the bearing of a family’s eldest miss.

    She was not afraid of anything but the Shen brother and sister. Put Shen Miao aside because she had always been mysterious, but Shen Qiu who earned nothing but praise and lauded by the people, such a good person; why should she be afraid?

    What she was afraid of was not Shen Qiu but herself. In his eyes she would always be an arrogant woman who knows nothing.

    When you are in love, you would think about your good and bad points. If the other party is very good, then you would doubt whether you are worthy. You would be careful and work hard to show your best sides to him, but one could not help but feel nervous and afraid of making mistakes.

    The more nervous you are, the more mistakes you make. The more you make the more ugly you become in their eyes. Because of her mistake in Shen Miao’s matter, Shen Qiu rebuked her. Because she had shown care for Shen Miao, Shen Qiu thanked her and that made her happy. She feared for his happiness and it made her think of the song lyrics that drifted pass her doors.

    “<<insert lyrics that is beyond my translation/recognition>>”

    The lyrics were cheesy, but Feng Anning thought it was accurate and voiced the feelings in her heart.

    But she felt it was all hopeless, because Shen Qiu did not see anything special in her. Feng Anning was uninteresting and boring, and so she sang alone.

    Suddenly, Shen Miao got married and was carried off to Daliang, a thousand miles away.

    It did not just meant losing a friend in Dingjing, but also losing the reason to visit the Shen residence for her secret motives.

    Feng Anning was very desolate.

    Nobody expected the sudden change in Dingjing.

    Maybe those clever people, officials and courtiers knew, but Feng Anning who did not take notice of worldly affairs was in the dark.

    Overnight, the emperor was seriously ill and Ding Wang Fu Xiuyi came into power. The princes were dead, those with faults were guilty, those deserving of pain suffered and those deserving of death were killed. The noble families of Dingjing were on dangerous ground.

    Feng Anning was not too clear on what had happened, but she could tell from the grave expression on her father’s face and how busy the men of the family were everyday.

    One day, she was called by the Feng patriarch. “Anning, you are no longer young. You are at a marriageable age.”

    Feng Anning had expected such words but it still came as a surprise. She had never thought of marriage, and she replied. “Father, I don’t want to marry yet. I want to accompany father, mother and brothers.”

    The father who had indulged her all the while said: “Stupid girl, where do you find a woman who would stay at home and not marry, do you want to be a spinster? Your cousin is coming to Dingjing, take him around the city.”

    The hint was obvious. Feng Anning was never meek, she stood up and demanded: “Father, what do you mean by this?”

    “Look at you, what sort of behaviour is this?” his brow wrinkled. “What meaning is there, your cousin is coming to Dingjing, shouldn’t you be giving him a reception?”

    “A reception? I am not a servant, why should I receive him?” Feng Anning said. “There is still big brother and second brother, I won’t go!”

    “You!” her father exclaimed. “You must go!”

    He had never spoken a harsh word to Feng Anning before. But in front of the rest of the family, he did not budge for her. Feng Anning was saddened and stood to say: “Father, we Feng family are not lacking in wealth, why the need to sell the daughter? I have not seen this cousin for many years, even if you’re not embarrassed, there is nothing for us to talk about. You want me give him a good reception and be what sort of good cousin? I won’t do it! Who wants to go, I don’t want to!”

    She had mingled with Luo Tan for too long and her speech became rough.

    Patriarch Feng shot to his feet and slapped her face.

    Feng Anning stood there stunned, feeling the sting on her cheek. She stared at him incredulously, but he ignored her and said: “Go back to your room and reflect. Don’t let people say that our Feng family has such a shameless daughter!”

    The people around where shocked senseless.

    He had never been heavy handed to her before. Once, the master of Guangwentang had hit her hand because of her homework, and when he saw what had happened he had kicked up a fuss. Yet today, he had personally raised a hand to her.

    Feng Anning burst into tears and ran back to her room to cry into her bed.

    She had only seen the distant cousin when she was a child. The cousin was older than she was. He was skilled in calligraphy and was well regarded. But Feng Anning had seen with her own eyes how he had fooled with his maids. She had told it to her family but they did not believe her, causing her to hate this cousin even more.

    She did not want to see him, let alone receive him. Furthermore, she was not a small child; she knew what her father was hinting at matching her with this precious cousin.

    The more she cried the more sorrowful she became. The man she liked did not like her, and now she was being asked to spend a lifetime with a disgusting person. Shen Miao and Luo Tan were away and there was no one for her to speak to in Dingjing. She was full of grievances without a place to vent, her father even slapped her. Feng Anning felt very sad.

    But she remained proud as usual. Her father no longer spoiled her and was annoyed with her, but she even began a hunger strike so as to protest meeting the cousin.

    If it was like before, this would have made her family come around. But this time there was no effect. It only made her father tougher.

    Feng Anning and her father were both stubborn. When Feng Zixian returned to Dingjing after some business, he comforted her.

    He said: “Sister, don’t blame father. The situation in Dingjing is turbulent and our family is in danger. Father wants you to get married away so as to avoid the fire. Cousin Cao’s family is big and he is not too lacking. He is also family, so he won’t mistreat you. I know you have grievances, but times have changed. If not for this, you could have your choice of a lord, but now… Anning, bear with it. Father is at his wits end too. It is better to marry him than to go into some other family with an uncertain outcome.”

    Feng Anning listened to these things for the first time. Lately she had seen the household becoming busy and had felt it strange. Each time she had asked about it, her father had avoided the question. She truly did not realize that it would affect her marriage.

    She asked, “Brother, what do you mean? Is our family in trouble?” She did not wait for him to answer and continued: “If our Feng family is in danger, how could I ignore it as the Feng family daughter? Could it be that father wants me to marry and leave the family for my own good? We are one family, we must bear the bitterness together!”

    Feng Zixian sighed. “Sister, I know what you are saying, but things are not as simple as you think. It is good that you want to bear the burden together, but could father and mother bear for you to do so? We do not want anything to happen to you. Besides, there are many people with ill-will, what are we to do if they threaten us using you?” He paused before continuing harshly: “By staying here, you won’t be of help; in fact you would be a hindrance and cause father and mother to worry. If you marry into the Cao family, it would ease mother’s heart and bring the Cao family over to help.”

    Feng Anning kept quiet for a long while.

    Seeing her so made Feng Zixian worried. “Anning…”

    “Brother, I am fine,” she took a deep breath and smiled. “Let me think about it.”

    He saw her face and knew it was difficult for her to accept the sudden change in reality. Without saying more, he left.

    She looked at the bronze mirror.

    People have good fortunes and worries; Feng Anning did not expect that over one night, the celebrated daughter of the Feng family would be in such a dangerous situation. Nor did she ever expect to be such a burden.

    When she was younger, everything was too comfortable and easy. The heavens must have given good fortune for the first half of her life, and then a murky future later as payment.

    On one part she wanted to continue living her own life, on the other hand was her family.

    Feng Anning thought about how Shen Miao had protected the Shen family, where she had to do everything carefully while being shackled with limitations, was it like this for her?

    She looked at the mirror and saw her proud self. Could she bear such a huge responsibility?

    She can’t go on like this anymore. She cannot be too proud or pampered anymore. Not everyone are like the Feng family, she cannot be sheltered in the Feng residence for the rest of her life.

    Anyway… the person she liked did not like her.

    Feng Anning made up her mind.

    Feng Anning’s change surprised everyone.

    She promised to do as her father said and decided to meet young master Cao. Maybe she would become his wife.

    The Feng family knew why she did so, but they were helpless. Of the paths they could follow, only this could ensure Feng Anning’s safety. If possible, they did not want her to suffer, but if it was inevitable then they would pick the road less troublesome.

    Feng Anning’s change was not just related to the Cao family, but also in her attitude. She seemed to have changed overnight, becoming docile. To outsiders she seemed gentle and sensible, but in the eyes of the Feng family it was heart-rending. But when they asked Feng Anning, she just smiled.

    Young master Cao was very satisfied with Feng Anning. After all, she was a beauty and now had the temperament to match. He liked her new docile behavior.

    Very quickly there were talks of marriage.

    The Feng and Cao families exchanged letters. Feng Anning was at home, watching the flowers and plants outside.

    Her personal maid suddenly rushed over. “Young miss, it’s bad, it’s bad!”

    “What happened?” Feng Anning asked.

    “Your cousin young master Cao was beaten up at the tavern!” she exclaimed. “He was given a beating by the young master from the Shen general’s family!”

    Feng Anning did not actually care about what she had said until the last sentence. She could not help but feel stunned. “Who did… you say?”

    “The Shen family’s young master, the third Miss Shen’s brother!” the maid said while crying. “Young master Cao is now making a fuss at home, says he wants to cancel the marriage.”

    When Feng Anning went to the hall, she saw her parents trying to persuade young master Cao. Cao was furious and when he saw Feng Anning, he rushed towards her.

    Feng Anning could see his blue and purple face and his injury was not light. She could not help but laugh at his two black eyes.

    It only made Cao even more furious. He pointed at her nose and shouted, “Since you already have something going on in secret with that Shen Qiu, why did you come to bother me? Did you want to marry me and enter the Cao family and let me wear a green hat?”

    “Shut your mouth!” Patriarch Feng roared, finding his words difficult to hear. Though he had wanted Feng Anning to be married off, she was still the daughter that he had raised, how could she be slandered thus?

    Feng Anning smiled. “Young master Cao, please mind your tongue. I had thought you to be a scholar who would not resort to uncouth language, but it turns out I was mistaken.”

    Having mingled with Shen Miao for a long time, she picked up pointers on how to ridicule people. Young master Cao was struck dumb, but then he sneered again. “What makes you think you can talk so grandly? If you did not have something going on with him, why would he speak up for you for no reason?”

    For her?

    Feng Anning frowned. Feng Zixian asked: “Anuo, tell us; what exactly happened?”

    Anuo was the little servant of the Feng family. Because young master Cao was living with them and was unfamiliar with Dingjing, Feng Zixian assigned the servant to him for his convenience.

    Anuo stepped out and eyed Cao worriedly.

    It turned out that this Cao was gentlemanly on the surface, someone who spoke gentle words and obeyed the proper etiquette, but in private he was frivolous. He only approached this marriage because of her looks and background. Though in the Cao residence he had no concubines, he had laid his hands on nearly all the women there.

    When he was drinking in the tavern, a few of his Dingjing friends asked: “Young master Cao, we heard that you are marrying the proud daughter of the Feng family. But you are here drinking happily, would you need to restrain yourself in the future?”

    “Are you joking?” Cao replied. “A man is to roam the world; to marry her is to raise her station. Not all women can simply enter my Cao family. Looking at her timid and docile attitude, it won’t be her turn to enter our Cao family doors.”

    “Timid and docile? Not the proud and arrogant Miss Feng who doesn’t put anyone in her eyes?”

    Young master Cao smiled proudly. “That is just a rumor. She knows my identity and wants to please me. Well, it was good to see her put in some effort. In the future if she doesn’t give me any trouble and knows her place, I will come to love her.”

    Even if it was just a joke, it was all too much.

    Cao had just said these words nonchalantly when suddenly someone strode over with big steps. Before he could react, a huge fist came flying and he was knocked down to the ground. With his three fists and two kicks, he made Cao cry out for his mother. Then he heard the man say: “The Feng family must be blind while choosing the groom. This soft egg wants to marry the Feng’s big miss?”

    Those who saw it were stunned. Cao lost his face and was injured as well. Furious, he asked about the man’s identity, only to be told that he was the son of Shen general’s family. He could not offend Shen Qiu and so came over to lose his temper here instead.

    Feng Anning’s parents went white with anger. Not at Shen Qiu, but at Cao. They had thought that being a relative, he would be a decent person. If what happened today did not come to pass, they would not know of Cao’s true face. If he wasn’t willing to marry Feng Anning, why did he come to propose? If Feng Anning went to the Cao residence later, it would be out of the pan and into the fire. How could someone who did not respect one’s future wife be able to care for Feng Anning for a life time?

    Patriarch Feng was furious. “I think you deserved that beating, since you did not want to marry our Feng family, our Feng family too cannot afford such a big man like you. Roll out!”

    Cao was shocked. “What?”

    “Are you deaf? We’re telling you to get lost,” Feng Anning said coldly. She did not bother to hide the disgust in her eyes. Years ago she had seen this lowly Cao messing about with the maids and so did not harbour any illusions of him. If it wasn’t to help the Feng family, she would not have accepted it. Since the engagement was broken, there was nothing left to say.

    In her heart, she felt that she was a little lucky.

    Whatever Cao still wanted to say was snuffed out by an angry Feng Zixian.

    Mrs Feng saw Feng Anning’s face and felt very sour in her heart, she had very nearly pushed her daughter into a fire pit. In the end it was Feng Anning who comforted her mother.

    But this meant Feng Anning’s marriage was ruined.

    No longer needed to deal with the disgusting cousin, Feng Anning’s days became easier. Though the Feng family was still in jeopardy, she was no longer as headstrong as before and let things come as they may.

    But she did not expect to meet Shen Qiu on her way out.

    She was hesitant and did not know what to say. It was a sudden meeting, she felt awkward and overwhelmed.

    It was Shen Qiu who stepped over first.

    Feng Anning saw him walking towards her. He was taller and muscular than before, handsome and powerful. Compared to those other soft young masters, his body seemed to be cast from iron.

    While her heart was panicking, she suddenly blurted: “Why did you beat young master Cao?”

    Shen Qiu frowned. “That kind of person, so what if I beat him?”

    “You shouldn’t have,” Feng Anning shook her head. “Especially the way things are now. If he is vengeful, he will surely plot something in the dark. He has lost much face…” In fact, she did not know why she was talking about this, she just seized on a topic in a panic.

    Shen Qiu stared at her. “If I didn’t give him a beating, would you really marry such a person?”

    Feng Anning sighed and whispered. “Maybe, how bad could it be?”

    “How bad could it be?” Shen Qiu echoed furiously. “This kind of bad egg who fools around and badmouth his own fiancée, you’re willing to marry?”

    Feng Anning looked at him up and down. “What does this have to do with the Shen family?”

    She dared to hope.

    “Before Jiao Jiao left, she entrusted me to watch over you. If she knew you married such a creature, she would be angry,” he said. “Of course it’s related to me.”

    Feng Anning was dazed. “Thank you for the Shen family’s care. But today is different than before; in Dingjing those who are willing to marry me are very rare. I did not have any choice, but thank you for your good intentions.

    Shen Qiu paused.

    After Feng Anning had said those words, she said her goodbyes and turned around to leave.

    She had always been proud and straight like a wild horse, but now looking at her back she seemed very thin and vulnerable.

    Shen Qiu felt his heart ache. He had thought of her as an arrogant little girl who was afraid of him, when did she grow up? Why did she grow up to be so sorrowful and let others feel painful?

    He reacted before he could think. He suddenly strode forward and grabbed her arm and pulled her.

    Feng Anning looked back at him strangely.

    Shen Qiu stared into her eyes. After a moment, he came to a decision. A long, long time later he couldn’t help but laugh when he thought back to this moment when he made this fateful decision that he was grateful for a lifetime.

    He said: “Nonsense, what do you mean no choice? How do you see me?”

    Feng Anning’s eyes widened.

    “Look at me, am I not good, better than that Cao?” he asked again.

    The military man was straightforward, fiery and sincere in love, unlike those scholars who would go around in circles.

    Feng Anning’s face reddened.

    She said: “If I said you are good, would it be considered as tacit acceptance?”

    This time it was Shen Qiu who was stunned.

    The little miss before him smiled, blossoming like a flower and looked up at his face and said:


    One more to go.
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    That was so sweet.
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    THE END (yes, really)

    Side Story 4 - Travelling (the dumpling brothers)
    When Chu Yi and Shi Wu were fifteen, Emperor Xiaojing announced his abdication.

    This was beyond everyone’s expectations. Emperor Xiaojing was still hale and hearty in the prime of his life, why would he abdicate?

    But for many years, Emperor Xiaojing and Empress Shen were the epitome of the word “determined”. In history there was no such whimsical emperor, he had no harem of three thousand but only one empress. It was not as if nobody had thought of the plans, but self-preservation overruled their ideas to shake the Empress’s position.

    Also, Empress Shen had a powerful family to curb the ministers. Furthermore, she also had given birth to two sons.

    But even if you have successors, you can’t let them take power at so young an age.

    Chu Yi and Shi Wu’s official names were Xie Shu and Xie Wu. When it came time to officially name them, don’t know who came out with the advice that since their births had been difficult, they must be given female names to ensure their future safety. And so Xie Jingxing gave them such names.

    As Xie Shu and Xie Wu grew older, they often quarrelled with Xie Jingxing over their names. But because of Shen Miao’s persuasion, they did not change their names and eventually got used to it.

    Xie Shu resembled Shen Miao’s temperament, calm and sensible, young but had wisdom. Xie Wu was more like Xie Jingxing, roaming the streets every day and behaving like a cynical noble. But those familiar with him knew that he was a black belly that was no less inferior than Xie Jingxing.

    But the two brothers had excellent relationship. Xie Shu was the crown prince while Xie Wu was ennobled as Dian Wang.

    The ministers all had faces full of tears and snot, all beseeching Xie Jingxing not to leave so early. Xie Shu was still young and inexperienced in handling royal matters and could potential invite uncertainty.

    But would Xie Jingxing listen to such talk? He had always been overbearing; in his eyes their words were worth fart. Since he had already decided on his abdication, there was never going to be a retraction. How could he change his mind because of a few memorials?

    Shen Miao was far more calmer. Being an empress for so many years, there had been many who would want to pull on her tail. But as a result of her direct and powerful control, it was not strange for her to be empress for so long. She did things cleanly without mistakes, earning praise and fame from the people and giving no opportunities for those old stubborn fools to find faults.

    At this time, Xie Jingxing were talking to his two sons.

    Time had been very good to him. Even as his sons had grown up to be handsome and peerless teenagers, he was still good-looking. But compared to the arrogance that he had a decade ago, the Xie Jingxing today was a little more restrained; yet more dangerous than before.

    He casually told his two children. “Elder son, younger son, you two are to handle the palace properly. We are giving you the country, do well and don’t let us come back to clean up your mess.”

    In private, he had never used the royal ‘we’ or ‘us’ with his two sons. Outsiders might think this was taboo, but Xie Jingxing did not care for such customs. He did not want to be estranged with his sons due to such traditions. Perhaps it was because he had experienced it that made him more sensitive.

    Xie Shu was calm, but Xie Wu lazily drawled: “Don’t worry, we brothers are not stupid.”

    “Talk is cheap,” Xie Jingxing raised an eyebrow. “Don’t underestimate the people in the palace. When I ascended the throne, it was also not easy. Now that we’re in transition, they will definitely look for opportunities. You two are still young and they are like old foxes. Don’t brag too much.”

    “Father, rest assured,” Xie Shu said without cowering from his father’s stare. “Your sons can handle it.”

    “Old foxes are still just foxes, but big brother is a tiger,” Xie Wu sneered. “Even if big brother can’t do it, isn’t there is still me?”

    “You dare say such things,” Xie Jingxing narrowed his eyes. “Elder son, watch over him carefully!”

    Xie Shu had been very calm from a young age, but only Xie Wu could give him a headache. Who knows how many problems had Xie Wu caused ever since they were children. He was like another Xie Jingxing who had the Lin’an Residence to protect him. Now Xie Wu’s father was the emperor, if one was careless it would invite royal impeachment.

    Fortunately Xie Shu had been there to clean up after him. But now he was older and was the Crown Prince, it can no longer be as before in their childhood. Xie Wu had to be self-reliant and sort out the mess he caused.

    It was said that none of Long Ye’s noble descendants had escaped Xie Wu.

    Now that Xie Shu was responsible and Xie Jingxing going to travel with Shen Miao, Xie Jingxing was thinking on how to handle Xie Wu. Surely Xie Wu must be thinking that since was almost done with the younger generation of nobles, it was time to move on to the old nobles themselves.

    Xie Wu said indignant, “Father, how could you not trust me? Am I such a person? After big brother becomes the emperor, there would be those who would find faults and it won’t be convenient to do things with some ‘special means’. Don’t you think so, big brother?” he said as he glanced at Xie Shu.

    Xie Shu nodded without expression, avoiding his hint.

    Xie Jingxing smiled broadly. “You say such things, I feel that I should let Iron Coat and Mo Qing look after you.”

    “Father, you can’t do this!” Xie Wu immediately said. But he thought over it a while and relaxed. “But go ahead if you want, since Mo Qing and Iron Coat together aren’t my match.”

    Xie Jingxing slapped the table. “Little brat, do you want to rebel?”

    Right as he said that, someone at the door asked, “Who wants to rebel?”

    Shen Miao walked in.

    She really did not look like a mother of two, after so many years she still had jade-like skin and a calm majesty that left people in awe.

    Xie Shu and Xie Wu quickly paid obeisance to their mother.

    Shen Miao walked over and looked at Xie Jingxing. “What nonsense are you talking about now?”

    Xie Jingxing said: “Nonsense? Do you believe this brat?” he looked at Xie Wu. “Ungrateful kid, I used to change your diaper and fed you like feeding a dog.”

    Xie Shu, Xie Wu, Shen Miao: “…”

    To tell the truth, while Shen Miao was in a coma, Xie Jingxing was indeed very good to Xie Shu and Xie Wu and was very attentive. He personally took them to the toilet, replaced their milk and slept hugging them at night. To other people, it was incredible for Xie Jingxing to be so gentle and patient with his children; but he really did do it.

    Back then he really was a doting and caring father.

    However, ever since Shen Miao woke up, he found the two children to be annoying in his eyes. He wanted them to grow up faster, those outsiders were distressed when they saw his pressuring drive.

    Still, Xie Shu and Xie Wu were strong-willed. They grew up straight and proper from a young age and had the best talent and conduct in Daliang. They also inherited gifts from their parents: handsome and good-looking, calm and intelligent. Xie Shu was cold, Xie Wu was wild. They were the objects of desire for countless noble women. But these two children had told people that they would be like father and mother, to have one woman and to grow old together.

    The noble families thought this was too difficult. Noble women or common girl, there were countless who admired these peerless brothers. Xie Jingxing and Shen Miao had been famous for many years for their governance of Daliang but also because of the popularity of Xie Shu and Xie Wu.

    Xie Shu and Xie Wu naturally favoured their kind mother over their strict father, because Xie Jingxing would frequently and indignantly say they were not like the ‘Jiao Jiao’ that he had raised.

    Shen Miao said, “Ah Shu, Ah Wu, there are bound to be many courtiers targeting you two at the start. It is not because they are bad, but it is expected to experience this at the beginning. Don’t be too considerate of them, Ah Shu, you only need to do what you need to do. If they are those who disobey, Ah Wu, you’re smart, you should know what best to do.”

    It was actually encouraging Xie Wu to use some ‘special means’.

    Xie Wu was overjoyed. “As expected, mother and I think alike!”

    “Madam!” Xie Jingxing exclaimed, “Do you want to be like them and cause trouble?”

    “Ah Wu’s methods are more subtle than yours in the past. Moreover, things cannot be done too rigidly in this world, it is good to be flexible. Ah Shu, I know that you are capable, there is nothing more for me to say. The only thing… if you meet a girl that you like, don’t hesitate.”

    Xie Shu: “…”

    Xie Wu said, “That’s right, big brother must find me a sister-in-law!”

    “And you too,” Shen Miao stared at him, “You better give me a good account. Don’t think I’m oblivious to all the girls in Long Ye that are moved by you. If you don’t like them, don’t make a mistake and harm a person’s life.”

    Having said that, Shen Miao glared at Xie Jingxing. Like father, like son, they are the same!

    Xie Jingxing rubbed his nose innocently.

    Seeing that the topic had switched to himself, Xie Wu quickly said, “Mother, enough of that. Tell us, how long will you two be gone?”

    “When you have a sister, then we’ll come back,” Xie Jingxing interjected.

    “Really?” Xie Wu gaped. “But you two are so old…” his words were snuffed out by the incinerating glare from Shen Miao.

    “Once we have visited enough good places and seen the sights, we will naturally come back,” Shen Miao said.

    It was her dream from her youth. In the past it was always postponed by a myriad of reasons. Fortunately they still had chances and their lives were going to be long and fulfilling.

    Xie Shu smiled. “Father, mother, please be relieved when you go. We sons will not be irresponsible.”

    “And we will find for you your daughters-in-law!” Xie Wu added.

    Couldn't resist using my pet phrase 'incinerating glare' from my own novel, imagine my delight when I saw the near-perfect fit to be used in the translation.

    I learned a lot doing this MTL, gave me plenty to ponder about my own writing style.
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    Omg they are so cute:oops::X3::X3::X3::X3:sad that's it’s the end. Thank you so much
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    Somehow I feel sad... still, thank you so much rdawv!
    Good, now I wish the author would write the story about these dumplings life after the idiot couple gone. Both of them are so lovable. :blobmelt:
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  15. Miyukitchi

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    Thank you very much for sharing the spoilers/ translations~! <3

    Remember when Xie went to Shen Ancestror home (or something) ... and later went to Prince's Yu (?) residence with Gao Yang to search for something? Does anybody know what they're searching?
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  16. JuuHachi

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    Shen Miao is really an asian mom. Look how the scolding went from one family member to another. Lol. It reminded me how my own mom would scold the cat and then it became a family scolding session that even my father isn't spared from. Lol
  17. Nanashy

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    It is not an asian thing, my mother does it as well.
  18. SecretLibrary

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    I think it's universal. My mom is still like that.
  19. morticia_addams

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    Is there any more extras:blobpeek:
  20. iampheng

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    I have a major soft spot for Shen Qiu and Feng An Ning...maybe because he's a great brother and she's a good friend...and because prior to the second chance rebirth, their endings were so unfortunate.