LCD Rebirth: the Journey of a Wife Spoiling Her Husband

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    I know people bash Xiao Wan but she really isn’t bad. Her character is believable considering her family background.

    She’s the first daughter of an incredibly busy mother, who though loves her dearly, doesn’t have much time to spend with her. Her mother lavishes her with things in lieu of time and attention.

    She has a cousin who tries to steer her right, but does so in a way that is perceived as nosy and stuck up. Bad things happen to her when her cousin talks to her mother about her. It usually ends with a scolding or reprimand of some type. Because of this, she grows to dislike and distrust her cousin, believing her cousin is forcing her ideals on her and is manipulating her mom to force her to behave a certain way.

    She was lovable and obedient as a young child, but she rebelled as a teenager and behaved in the exact way she knew her mum wouldn’t approve of.

    Then she has a friend who seems to understand where she’s coming from and is genuinely fun to be around. That friend supports her in her endeavors and helps her in her romantic pursuit of the one she loves. It was just a tragedy that that friend wasn’t a true friend but someone with strong antagonistic feelings toward her.

    Yes Xiao Wan is a rich spoiled out of control girl, but she’s not a useless fool who miraculously goes back in time and becomes super smart. She was always clever and dedicated to begin with. When she was reborn, the focus of her dedication and gratitude shifted from Ji Shumo to other people like her mother and Xie Chuchen.


    Take when she fell in love with Ji Shumo as an example. She chased after him determinedly for three years. When she did get him she was completely dedicated to him, cherishing and loving him deeply.

    She hated Xie Chuchen because she saw him as an interloper trying to get in between her and Ji Shumo. It was a logical jump in conclusion considering she didn’t want anything to do with him but he blackmailed her into marrying him anyway. She saw him as a threat to Shumo, and since she loved Shumo, she wasn’t going allow a threat like that to exist peacefully.

    She thought Xie Chuchen coerced her into marrying him to get at her money, so naturally her treatment of him was bad in the first life.

    His actions at the execution grounds made her realize he had always been sincere and earnest the entire time. She regretted all the bad things she did to him.


    When she was faced with Xie Chuchen at the execution grounds and realized he was the one who begged and pleaded on her behalf, she tried to save him from execution by pushing him away and denying he had any relationship with her house.

    She felt responsible for the eldest imperial (her cousin) princess’s demise and tried to think of ways to warn Chu Shiyu.

    She isn’t stupid either, just as lazy as she can get away with.

    She’s actually a very hard worker (when times call for it, like when they were at war with the south. She spent all day and night working, rarely taking a break.)

    The only sudden thing was her change in style of dress. That one.. -shrug. I have no idea other than perhaps it was a stereotype and she enjoyed doing it to piss her mum off.

    Also please be aware the forthcoming chapters (after 13) will be in audio, however there’s no way I’ll be able to consistently pronounce the names correctly in Chinese so I’ve opted to use whatever anglicized form makes the most sense to me.
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    Well Said, it's so sad to see some reader misunderstand her or judge, hate her without trying to understand her. She is very consider, devote and pamper to her lover, if anyone come between her and her lover, she will ruthless treated them badly or make their live like hell
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