Chinese Records of the Tomb Pen 笔冢随录 by Ma Bo Yong 马伯庸

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    Name: Records of the Tomb Pen 笔冢随录
    Raw Link: (book 1) (book 2) (book 3) (book 4)
    Why It Should Get Picked Up:
    Ma Bo Yong is a very respected author
    It is really well noted on Douban
    Description : (it is a google translation that I modified according to my knowledge of Chinese so forgive me if this is wrong)

    This is a story about a writing brush, but also a story about the soul.
    When the greatest stars of History fell, their souls were seales into a writingbrush, which has survived to this day, and has never been destroyed. These former geniuses have hidden their talents deeply in their hair, turning into various spirits of the pen, hoping someday to be freed.

    An ignorant young man accidentally discovered the writing pen of Li Bai (China's most famous poet from the Tang dynasty), and his fate was intertwined with poets and immortals from thousand years ago, throwing him into the waves of Time. The spirits of the pen, and the secrets of history hiding behind it, come to him one after another. Many rumors, stories, and clues deposited at the bottom of history converge to one place. The ancient and the modern are connected with each other, even beyond the limits of time and space.

    And all of this began in a mysterious graveside : the pen tomb...
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