LCD Return To 1990

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    Title: Return To 1990
    Alt name: 重回1990
    Author: 关外西风
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    Self-made billionaire Lu Feng, 35 and single, is transported into the body of someone who has the same name but is living in 1990! He is confused when he looks at his daughter and his beautiful wife in a grim apartment which was miserable as per his standards. The person whose body he has gotten into is a useless, unemployed scum who used to commit domestic violence on a regular basis!

    What is going on here? Is this a dream? What happened that night?

    Did I drink myself to death? Rebirth?

    Now, Lu Feng is enthusiastic to get his new family out of this rut by helping his previous life mentor, and also reach the paramount of wealth.

    This is the story of Lu Feng and his return to the year 1990 with his memories of a 2020’s billionaire!

    Making and living the dream life...:blob_sunglasses: