Forgotten Title Rivals to Lovers GL. Two rivals fall in love with each other

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    Enemies to Lovers GL. Set in high school where mc is the president of their class and love interest is the vice president. They always bicker and compete with each other. They are neighbors and it gets awkward because their parents were best friends in high school so they have to pretend they get along. Can't remember their names since it was long, the only characters that I remember is someone called Yu Yan and Mingyue.

    Highlights that I remembered:
    - mc casually comes out to the 'straight' love interest who is shocked and stares at her all day afterwards
    - Protagonist realizes her feelings for the love interest, I think they were on the back porch of the love interest's house at the time
    - There's a school competition and the protagonist breaks her ankle so the love interest helps her.
    - Rival appears and mc is jealous (its a false alarm tho since the 'rival' was actually the love interest's cousin who already has a boyfriend)
    - First kiss (ch.43)
    - Both of their parents find out and give their blessings (ch.44)
    - Creepy character confesses to mc and attempts to kiss her, love interest punches him in the face (ch.47)

    I remembered that this novel was finished and had 50 chapters + 3 extra from the love interest's pov. I read this like 2 years ago and I only now remembered it. So please help a fellow reader out!