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    "You are now level 1."

    I wake up and cry. I don't know why I'm sad, but I just feel like crying.

    I walk out of the water and flop down onto the sandy shore.

    "Wolfy…?" I ask in my soul space, but he doesn't answer. "Alissa? Hana? Ciel? Lina? Yunia?"

    Confusion mixes in with my sadness, then comes panic, followed by anger, and it ends with pure exhaustion.

    As the waves of emotions fade, only sadness remains. It crushes my heart and paralyzes my body. I don't understand what's happening to me, I only know that it hurts. It just hurts too much.

    I cry until I fall asleep, then I wake up and continue crying until my tears dry up, then I fall asleep again.

    I dream of the void, of floating in the empty darkness. I don't move, I don't feel, and I don't live.

    This dream is the only way to make the pain in my heart stop, so I sleep as much as I can.

    My mouth gets too dry, and then my head starts to hurt, so I drink some water from the river and go back to sleep.

    My stomach growls, and my body begs for food, so I pull out a magic tool and conjure a bland meal.

    The pain in my heart only increases, and my mind demands something that I simply don't have, so I decide to end it all.

    I pull out a dagger from my [Item Box], then I awkwardly try to stab my heart with it. The blade slides away and escapes my claws, then it falls onto the green sand. It didn't even scratch my scales.

    I stare down at the dagger until my muscles give out, then I flop back down on the sand and go to sleep.

    I dream of the void again. There's only me, and nothing else. There's only peace, and a short break from the pain.

    Suddenly, like rainy clouds parting to let the sun peek through, the eye of something appears in the void. Its presence is overwhelming, humbling, and it makes feel like a hatchling again.

    Its gaze blasts everything with its blinding radiance and scorching heat, then it looks at me.

    My sadness, anger, confusion, and panic are all reduced to ash, then they're blasted again, now vanishing entirely.

    For a moment, I feel like I'm back to when Wolfy first used [Bind] on me. I feel happy, energetic, hopeful, and even more ferocious than I am… or was.

    The eye closes, and the presence is gone, along with all the good feelings it gave me. I'm left alone in the void again, but instead of peace, now I only feel shame.

    I wake up and stare at the glowing path in the green sand.

    Guilt fills my mind, and for the first time in a long while, I feel like moving.

    I try to get up, but my legs tremble and fail. Frustration reignites the fire in my heart, and stubbornness fills my limbs with energy again.

    I fall, but I get up again and continue pushing onward.

    Little by little, I make my way forward, slowly regaining control over both my body and my emotions.

    Shame and frustration make way for bitterness, and my jaw trembles as a flicker of draconic rage shows itself again.

    I've failed as a dragon by letting my body get into this state. I've failed as a monster by letting my sadness paralyze me. I've failed as a humanoid by letting the pain make me wish for death.

    I leave the dagger and my armor behind because I just can't carry them with my body in this state. I must leave this place before the void tries to steal me away again.

    The glowing path leads me to a green corridor, and it makes me happy to finally get away from the sand. As I move along, I realize how itchy I am because of the sand that got under my scales and now rubs against my skin.

    I hate sand.

    I conjure a ball of water and rub it all over my body to wash away the sand. Using my magic like this exercises my mana organ, which feels similar to stretching.

    I play around with my ball of water and snort at my actions. For such a simple and silly thing to make me happy, what's happened to me? Where did my dignity go?

    I cast [Spirit Light] and enter the corridor.

    My draconic anger stirs again as I begin to realize just how pathetic I was, and it gives me the drive to face the next obstacle: stairs.

    For as far as my [Spirit Light] can reach, I see nothing but steps leading me upwards.

    My weakened body has some trouble going up, but I don't give up, continuing to climb them until my muscles give out.

    I sleep right there on the steps, then I wake up and continue climbing.

    My muscles slowly return to their previous strength, then I spread my wings and relearn how to fly.

    Eventually, the stairs lead into another corridor, then I see a light far ahead and decide to land.

    I look for my halberd in my [Item Box] and discover that I don't have it anymore.

    Where did it go…?

    I don't have any weapons besides my claws, so I cautiously make my way forward.

    The corridor comes to an end, and I exit into a grassland. The blue sky, the warm, but fake, sun, the gentle breeze, the green grass under my feet. Experiencing these small pleasures makes me cry again, and not because of sadness, but because of happiness.

    My heart still feels like it's been ripped out of my chest, but at least something else seems to be growing in there.

    I spread my wings wide and fly upwards, enjoying the freedom it gives me.

    I fly up and up and up, then I notice something near the horizon. It looks like a small forest, but it's too far away for me to know for sure.

    I continue flying upwards, then a lightning bolt strikes me. Not just a mere [Lightning Bolt] spell, but something a lot more powerful, strong enough to make me growl in pain.

    My wings lock up, and I lose my control over the wind. I start falling because I can't even glide like this, and it takes me a few seconds to regain control.

    I look up, but I don't see anything that could've been the source of the lightning. There's only white clouds, blue sky, and the fake sun.

    It could've been the "sun" that attacked me, but I don't really believe that. I don't feel any sort of leftover mana from the attack.

    I try to rise up again, this time watching for anything hostile, but I'm suddenly struck by lightning again, and I couldn't see where it came from.

    Stubbornness fills my mind, and I repeat it a few times, trying whatever I can think of to better understand what's going on, but my lizard brain doesn't help me even slightly. The lightning strikes me in random spots every time, but I can't predict where it'll come from next to be able to spot its source.

    The Dungeon Master is just playing with me.

    My body starts to fail me again, so I give up on going higher and just glide towards the small forest.

    I see an odd mix of trees and a variety of underbrush, but I know very little about plants, so I can't even identify them.

    I explore the forest a bit and discover a lake, then I notice a few fish swimming in it, so I immediately dive for a meal.

    Meat isn't as good raw as when it's cooked, but it's still delicious, and I eat all the fish I can until my stomach is nearly bloated.

    The lake is both pretty wide and fairly deep, but it only has fish in it, so I get out to explore the forest some more.

    I find a huge rock with red spots all over it. Something from Wolfy's knowledge tickles my mind about it, but I ignore it for now.

    Near the rock, I notice a circular gray platform made of smooth stone. I touch it and prod it, but nothing happens.

    There's something weird about this forest. I don't know what it is, but something is starting to "itch" inside me as I look around at all the different plants.

    I lay down in a clearing and soak up the sunlight while I take a nap.

    Some rain wakes me up, so I try to build a shelter using what I know about [Earth Magic], but I can only use this magic destructively, so I give up on that.

    I walk under a tree, and the itching becomes more intense. It makes me feel restless, and I get a growing desire to do something, so I start ripping branches off the other nearby trees and forcefully stab them into mine, creating a proper shelter from the rain for myself.

    I use my fire to dry the area under the shelter, then I go to sleep.

    After a short sleep, I wake up feeling restless again, so I decide to fly some more, but this time, I barely get above the trees before I'm struck back down by lightning again. I crash onto the grass and glare up at the sun.

    What's the meaning of this…? Why aren't I allowed to fly?

    I look for the exit of the corridor that I came from, but it's not there anymore. I'm stuck here now.

    I return to my dry shelter and grumble to myself.

    What is the purpose of this place?

    I mutter all the swear words that I've ever heard Hana say and curse the Dungeon Master as I try to figure out what's going on.

    My eyes are drawn to the reddish rock, and I stare at it in curiosity. There's just something that's drawing my attention both towards it and towards all the different plants here.

    I start tapping the ground anxiously, and my claws quickly ruin the grass, revealing the dirt underneath it.

    My limbs complain a bit due to the lack of soft bedding, so I make a bed of leaves for myself. I remove the grass and carefully dry everything with my fire breath so that it won't rot because of moisture.

    The wind is still humid and cold, so I rip out even more branches from the other trees and use them to create a wall around my nest.

    As I collect the branches, I realize that one of the tree types is very fragile, so I cut that kind down and rest some of them against the tree trunk beside my nest, creating a small lean-to.

    There are some long, fibrous plants near the lake, so I cut them down, dry them out, then I use them to secure all of the thin white logs that make up my hut.

    It turns out that I was just in time, since the strong wind then starts to blow away the leaves I spread around, leaving me with just the logs.

    I get hungry again, so I use my water ball to capture a few fishies. Just when I'm about to go back to cook them, I recognize a plant, so I uproot it, revealing a bulb of Cilrag.


    I also realize that I don't have any salt, so I release my water ball and form a new one with the lake's water, then I blow my fire into it, boiling it off until I'm left with a small amount of salt.

    Hehehehehehe. I giggle at my own ingenuity.

    I get back to my nest and frown. I don't have a cutting board or any proper clean surface to prepare my meal on, so I make another bed of leaves and [Clean] them. I also don't have a bowl to make soup in, so it'll just be roasted fish today.

    I gut them and scrape off their scales, then I season them as well as I can. I build a campfire, then I manage to skewer them with a few sticks and arrange them over the flames.

    The rain returns, and it nearly puts out my fire, forcing me to keep blowing my own fire into it. I need more room and an actual roof over my head.

    I succeed in cooking the fish thoroughly, and I even singe the pointy bits, just like the Hana does.

    I happily eat my meal, then I lay down in my nest and relax.

    Today was a nice day, but my "itch" hasn't been scratched yet. I need to work more.

    I wake up to a clear sunny sky and get to work. I immediately notice that all of the thin trees that I cut down yesterday have completely regrown, so I cut down some trees again today. The fish have also been replenished, so at least I have a good source of meat.

    I start securing the thin white logs together with even more of that fibrous plant, but there are too many logs, and the ties start to break.

    I could just use more of it to make a strong rope, but I don't think that would be safe. I really don't want my roof to collapse on me while I'm asleep, so I start carving slots into the logs with my claws.

    They really aren't suited for this sort of thing, so I try out using my magic, but I also lack the necessary finesse with it to make precise cuts. My spells are all for combat or occasional comfort, not for crafting.

    I look at the reddish stone and get an idea.

    Doesn't metal come from rock? Can I make tools out of it?

    I really don't feel like trying that just yet, so I finish carving the slots and build a tall frame for my hut, then I layer my new roof with dried plants and leaves.

    Building the walls with thin logs seems like a bad idea. The wind here is strong and cold, so I need something solid, like…

    I search through my memories for what Wolfy liked to observe about buildings.

    I could try using bricks, but I don't know how to make them or how to secure them together. I could try using logs, but they're either too big or too small for this. I could try using cement, but I don't know how to mix that. I could try to grow a hollow tree, but I don't know that spell. I could try using planks, but they're just processed logs. I could try using rocks, but they're just raw bricks. I could try earth, but…

    I look towards the lake.

    Well, I can't grow earth, but I can certainly pack it and dry it out, like with ceramics.

    I go to the lake and pull up large chunks of mud with my ball of water, then I throw it to the area near my hut's frame. I pack it up with my claws to fill out the frame of my hut, then I pull the water out with magic and heat it with my fire.

    I spend all day doing this, and I manage to build a nice hut that's protected from both the wind and the rain.

    I try to quickly make a pot with the mud and my magic, but I fail miserably. It crumbles apart easily, and it's too hard to pull all the water out magically, so I'll have to use the campfire to dry it out.

    After that, I hunt some more fish and find some wild Tomafingers. I don't really like veggies, but there's nothing else to eat right now besides them or [Conjure Bland Meal], so I just shrug and try to make a simple salad. I don't have oil or any other interesting seasonings, but after a long day working in the mud, it still tastes amazing.

    I shape a few more pots and arrange them in the campfire, then I cover them with some logs to keep the fire going while I sleep.

    I wake up and eagerly check on my pots. Those that were properly buried under the logs have become much stronger and are actually usable while those that were at the edges are still a bit crumbly.

    With my new pots, I make Tomafinger soup for breakfast. I hum happily as I cook, finding an odd sort of pleasure in using my pots, not just something that was bought for me.

    My bed, my hut, my food, my pots, my seasonings, my meal. All created by my own claws.


    Humanoid fingers can't rip and tear like my claws, but a dragon's claws can't wield tools and build things like fingers can.

    I want hands.

    I go out and find an odd plant by the lake. It's a small and fluffy brown ball that reminds me of cotton. I suddenly get a great idea in my small lizard brain, then I collect these plants and bring them back to my nest.

    I dry them out just a little, then I dig a rectangular hole in the dirt just as wide as I am and stuff it with the brown fluff. After that, I just cover it with some leaves, and now my bed is much softer and more pleasant to sleep on.

    What would Wolfy say…? "Updrages"…?

    I shape a big pot, then I fire it and use it to decant and filter the mud to purify some clay so that I can make better quality pottery.

    I dig a hole in the ground and fill it with brown stuffing, then I put all of my new higher-quality pottery inside, cover it with logs, and fire them until they're done. Now I have actual plates to prepare and eat my meals on.

    I weave the fibrous plants into a blanket, and it actually warms me up a bit. I also make a few baskets to store my food and other things.

    I make a table and a chair with the thin logs, then I make another blanket to cover the table.

    I start searching for any plants that I might recognize, and I easily find a wide variety of veggies and seasonings to improve my meals.

    I find cane, so I compress it with rocks until a very sweet juice comes out that I then dry to get sugar.

    I find some berries that I put in a jug along with the sugar and some water, then I try to use [Grow] to ferment it. I partially succeed since I actually manage to make an alcoholic drink, but the taste is kinda bad and weird.

    I find lots of grain, and I start testing ways to dehusk it. I discover that drying and hammering them seems to do the job, so I make myself a mortar and pestle with some of the logs.

    The husks are so light that they get blown away by the wind, so I make a colander with the fibrous plants and start sieving the hammered tillers and stems. Tossing it up into the air and flapping my wings gently seems to be enough to blow the husks away while leaving most of the grain behind.

    Now I have some grain that I grind down into flour so that I can make some bread. I build a small clay oven and bake the bread until it's perfectly golden. I don't have anything to make it rise, so it's only flatbread, but it's still quite good.

    I remember that yeast is some sort of fungus, so I decide to try to ferment some flour, and I get a few weird results. After some horribly bad tasting ones, I discover one that makes my bread rise. Now I have actual bread.

    I work all day every day to bring myself more comfort, and although the "itch" inside me only grows stronger the more I create, it also fills me with a sort of energy that's almost as strong as my draconic rage.

    I become so absorbed in crafting that I forget about everything else, and my only desire now is to continue crafting, to continue building, to continue using my hands… claws, to work.

    But I still lack the necessary tools to truly build something that will last.

    I look down at the rock, then I decide that it's time to take on this challenge.

    I blow it apart with a concentrated [Earth Bullet], then I pick up the pieces and shatter them too until I only have small rocks left.

    I dig a ground kiln and try to melt them down, but the level of heat produced by the wood fire simply isn't enough. I just get some weird half-molten chunks from this approach.

    I try to blow my own fire into the kiln, but I don't have enough mana to melt it all down, so I try to think of another way to do this.

    Wolfy's memories say that fire is fuel, oxygen, and heat. I can increase the heat with my fire, I can increase the oxygen with my wind, but how can I increase the fuel?

    I look down at the logs and focus on them.

    Water is bad. I need to dry them out and remove all the water I can.

    I remember that Wolfy likes to roast meat with charcoal, but what is charcoal? Then I remember that the logs that get buried in the fireplace can be burned twice.

    Wait, isn't that charcoal?

    The beginnings of an idea starts to form in my small lizard brain.

    I set lots of wood on fire in a pit, then cover it all with soil, and familiar black and burnt logs are left behind once that's done. I light one up and can clearly see that it burns at a much higher temperature than the usual logs. I've created charcoal.

    I make another attempt at melting the rock, using a kiln with a hole in the top to let the air flow through.

    After half a day of blowing fire into it with the charcoal, I'm left with a weird burnt ball of something. It's harder than the rocks, and it deforms when I shoot an [Earth Bullet] at it, so I'm certain that it's a chunk of impure metal.

    If only I knew [Manipulate Metal].

    I heat it up again and try to rip it apart. It takes a full day of hitting, bending, and grunting, but I manage to rip off two small chunks with just my claws.

    Hehehehehe. Wolfy and Hana would be so proud, while Lina would be horrified.

    The first chunk is made into a hammer, and I blow so much fire onto the other one that it almost melts, then I use the hammer to shape it into an axe head while it's hot. After that, I cool it down, then I use a flat rock and some water to sharpen it.

    I carve a handle with a socket for it and manage to secure them together with the fibrous plant.

    I stand up on my hind legs and raise it high into the air.


    I rush over to a thick tree, then I chop the axe into its trunk, making a clean and surprisingly deep cut.

    "YES, YES, YE-…"

    I chop into the trunk again, but the axe slips out of my hand due to my bad grip.

    The fire in my heart cools off a little as I start to realize something.

    Everything I've created so far was for a humanoid, not a dragon. The bed is rectangular, not circular; the blanket is small, and it's uncomfortable to curl up under it; the chairs are squared, and not the right shape for a quadruped; the table is too tall, forcing me to use the chair; the hut is like a humanoid's house, not a… "dragon's house." Do dragons even make houses?

    I'm a breeder-type, so I've always had the desire to live in a house among civilization, but… why haven't I tried to blow this tree away with my might? I could've doubled my size and used magic to cut it down if I needed to, so why the fuck did I make a metal axe?

    I look down at my rough "hand" and chipped claws. Out of all of my body parts, these are the only ones that I truly hate.

    I grab the axe again and chop.

    After a few hits, it slips from my grasp.

    I grab the axe again and chop.

    After a few hits, my claws dig into the wood, then it slips from my grasp.

    I grab the axe again and chop.

    After a few hits, the shaft breaks in two.

    I make a new handle and chop.

    I don't care what I am, I just want hands! I just want to create, to build, to craft! I just want to be a humanoid!

    I cover my body with my mana organ and force a transformation, then a horrible pain wracks my whole body, and I pass out.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Prince PreownedFIN.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Lord DJ.
    Lord Ashadun.
    Lord Michale Erwin.
    Lord Bakerdea.
    Lord D4rk Sheep.
    Lord Nathan Vanbrunt.
    Lord Maurice.
    Lord Krawn.
    Lord Empyrean.
    Lord Mattirro Draca.
    Lord Joshua Tal.
    Lord Colorblind.
    Lord RottenTangerine.
    Lord Cidant.
    Lord Fullmoon.
    Lord Joxsan Herrera.
    Lord The_Cultural_Weeb_Otaku.
    Lord Sean Drake.
    Noble Salty Panda.
    Noble Mild Fracas.
    Noble Aclys.
    Noble Jordon Gotthold.
    Noble Tyler Mills.
    Noble Shawn Plumley.
    Noble Kale Daley.
    Noble Stellerbattle.
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    "You are now level 45."

    I suddenly awaken and try to sit up, but my body protests because of the pain, so I stay put, laying on the sand.

    "Wolfy, you can summon me now," I mutter, but there's no response.

    I try to find the little hole inside my mind to talk through, but there's nothing there, only darkness.

    Oh, no…

    I sigh and manage to sit up, then I cough to purge the water from my lungs, and a pounding headache flares up.

    I sigh again, then I pull out and drink one of Roxanne's HP potions. It tastes like a mixture of berries and leaves a warm feeling in my mouth, and once it reaches my stomach, that warmth quickly spreads throughout my body.

    This is some really high-quality stuff. It's weird to think of that bitch as such a good potion-maker.

    I chuckle to myself, then I sigh a third time and weakly crawl away from the shore.

    "And you told me not to worry, that nothing could block [Bind], that we'd never get into danger," my voice echoes through the cave as I complain to the void.

    I flop down when I reach dry sand, then I wait until my body stops hurting to take off my armor and warm myself up with a [Fireball].

    "I can't really complain since I'd do the same if I were you…" I mumble to myself with a frown.

    I notice the glowing crystal path in the green sand and observe it curiously.

    A trap? Or perhaps an invitation…? No, a trial. We were deliberately separated, weren't we?

    The fellowship bond is gone, too, but my "Companions" tab hasn't changed.

    How is that even possible?

    I smile as I imagine Ciel throwing a fit from knowing that the Dungeon Master is blocking the system created by the Gods.

    Wait, doesn't Wolfy have some sort of curse where he can't stay away from Alissa for too long?

    Now I can easily imagine her worrying about the other wives losing their [Bind], too.

    Yeah, that isn't remotely funny…

    As soon as I dry everything off, I put my armor back on again, then I draw my longsword and follow the crystal path.

    The only thing I can do to help is to finish this as soon as possible and reunite with everyone.

    We're stronger together…

    The path leads me to a huge dome of green bricks with just a single, small entrance.

    I peek inside and see a huge, dimly lit room populated with pillars, chest-high walls, and raised platforms all arranged in an obvious pattern. I've seen something like this before: this is an arena.

    Really? A combat trial?

    I circle the dome and search for another way out of this cave, but there's none I can find besides going back up the rapids I fell through or tunneling through solid rock.

    What do you want me to prove? I was truly worthy of the title of Chosen Descendant. I've killed more humanoids and monsters than I can count. I've already proved myself as a warrior time and time again.

    No… there must be something else. So be it, then, let us fight.

    I eat my chocolate and prepare myself for the trial. I'll face it head-on, and I won't dare to try to predict what the Dungeon Master is thinking.

    I swallow an Eia pill, then I cautiously enter the arena.

    I sense very little ambient mana in here, and I can't sense any traces of Life. For now, I'm completely alone.

    I reach the center and notice a small and circular gray platform right in the center of the arena. It's made of solid, smooth stone.

    Awfully peculiar.

    I step on it, then I hear stone sliding against stone followed by a dull thump. I look back towards the exit and discover that it's now closed.

    Let's get this over with, already.

    Almost as if it were an answer to my wish, I feel a disturbance in the web of Life, but nothing appears according to my [Sense Presence]. There's something hiding in here.

    My heartbeat quickens, and I relax my muscles to prepare myself to react instantly, then I cautiously make my way towards where I think the source of the disturbance was.

    The way is full of obstacles and places for the enemy to hide, which quickly increases the tension of this situation.

    I cast [Mask] to control myself, and my emotions fade into the background, leaving me with my full mental capacity. It doesn't matter if the enemy can sense the mana leaking from this spell, I want it to come to me so that we can fight already.

    I reach the location that I think the disturbance came from and start searching for traces of Life.

    [Sense Presence] can be countered by [Hide Presence], but you can't completely nullify the connection with it, so it leaves a noticeable "negative space." I believe Alissa can sense that due to her notably higher [Sense Presence], but she can't identify what is actually hiding, so she only knows that something is hiding their presence. It works best in places filled with Life, like a forest, or a mist-covered landscape. In this empty arena, though, searching for that "negative space" is like trying to figure out which leaf will be rustled by a breeze.

    Every time two beings with Life interact with each other, their Sources of Life connect along with their Threads of Fate, and that connection leaves a trace when it ends, which is said to be "spent" mana particles. They contain information about what has happened, but they lack the power to affect reality or sustain their existence, so they quickly decay after being emitted and rejoin the Cycle. But in the end, finding these traces is still easier than relying on my [Sense Presence].

    I comb the area in search of any Life, managing to find a single wisp. The feeling I get from it makes me believe that something fleshy is out there, but someone with [Tracking] might've extracted more information from it than I did.

    My Life connects with another, and [Precognition] activates. My Fate is to have my back be hit by the being's large fist, so I grab the Thread and force it to change. I immediately react and spin around to face it as I swing my longsword.

    My blade bites into something fleshy, and a long, pale arm is cleanly severed. The being that attacked me immediately jumps backward and grips its stump, but it doesn't let out a single sound of pain. The feeling I get from the blood that pours out tells me that it's a monster, but that'd be easy to guess just from its appearance.

    I see a naked and pale human-like monster without a face. Its head has three pure black eyes, extremely thin lips, a mouth full of teeth, and two slits for nostrils. It doesn't even have nipples or genitals. Its body is thin, its limbs are long, and they seem to be bowed.

    It lunges forward, and I decapitate it before it can touch me.

    What a horrifying creature.

    Another disturbance in the Life of the area pulls me away from observing the corpse, and I start searching for the monster.

    This time, it drops down onto me from a platform above, and I reflexively cast [Earth Bullet] at its face before it can even touch me.

    It spins in the air, hits the back of its head on the brick floor, then passes out, so I quickly finish it off.

    As I clean the blood from my sword, another creature appears, now right behind me, and it immediately strikes.

    I use MP to strengthen our Life connection, then I forcefully push some of my Life out through it and wrap around his Source with my Life. I activate [Chain Life], and the monster freezes as its Source is disrupted in a similar manner to a [Disruption Field].

    The spell only lasts for a split second since it was simply too hastily made to resist any attempts to interrupt it, but it's still enough to allow me to decapitate the monster.

    Its body falls limply to the ground, and I recover all of my Life before it's lost from our connection being broken.

    I clean their blood off of my sword again as I watch their bodies turn black, then disintegrate into smoke. The dungeon is reclaiming them to keep the arena from getting cluttered with corpses.

    The monsters continue to appear in random spots, clearly trying to ambush me, but my senses are too sharp and [Precognition] is too powerful.

    When they interrupt my dinner, a chilling realization washes through me: they won't let me sleep.

    I search for a way out, but there's no sign of a lever or any sort of exit. I try to break my way out through the wall, but the bricks repair themselves faster than I can destroy them.

    This test doesn't seem to be about my ability to escape, but to survive.

    I go back to the center of the arena and stand on the gray platform, then I sit down on my left leg while leaving my right foot planted on the floor. My sword remains drawn with one hand holding it tight, ready to strike. This way, I can relax my body while still maintaining a posture that's ready for battle.

    I drink an MP potion, then I close my eyes and let my [Precognition] and [Sense Presence] keep watch for me. [Mask] will have to stay on so that my will won't crack from the tension.

    I feel a connection to my Life, and I instantly react.

    I spring to my feet and slash, then a head falls to the ground. I clean my sword and return to my resting position.

    Hours pass, and I manage to get some light sleep that's repeatedly interrupted by the Faceless Men.

    I open my eyes, only to see Wolfy's head falling from his shoulders.

    "AAAAAH!" I shriek and jump backward, then the dungeon starts reclaiming his body. "What in the Hell was that…?"

    The next Faceless Man has Alissa's body.

    I wrinkle my nose in revulsion as I watch her dead body dissipate into nothing. My [Mask] breaks, and I start to rant, "I'm extremely disgusted with this trial, Dungeon Master. It's distasteful to use the faces of my loved ones against me in this way. I see no purpose in this callous trial!"

    I immediately cast [Mask] again before my anger gets me killed.

    I kill Wolfy and each of the wives, repeatedly.

    My body tires out and my movements dull, but my armor protects me from getting hurt.

    I kill them all, repeatedly.

    I see a wide variety of expressions, a different one for each kill. Anger, pain, rage, fear, pity, anger, kindness, boredom, pain, pain, pain, sadness, melancholy, tiredness, pain, tiredness…

    I eat all of the chocolate I have left, and the light inside my body shines once more.

    I drink more MP potions, and my toxicity increases, making me feel slightly queasy.

    I hear a faint, continuous whisper.

    I swallow another Eia pill, and the added strain of it causes my muscles to tremble. I can't even drink an HP potion at this point since it'll just make things worse.

    I cast a brief [Regeneration] periodically to keep my body from breaking down since it has a lasting effect even when the spell isn't active. It eases some of my pain and reduces the burden on my [Mask].

    "I TRULY LOVED YOU!" Wolfy bellows as he cries, clutching his chest where my sword pierced through his heart.

    "WE TRUSTED YOU!" Alissa screams just before I slit her throat.

    "I'm getting tired of your sick sense of humor, Dungeon Master," I dryly comment as I kill Lina before she can even open her mouth.

    "You're a coward, Yunia," Wolfy slowly growls at me. He simply stands still in front of me, unarmed and wearing his fine elven clothes. His youthful face and adorable freckles make my heart flutter, but his angry, disgusted glare deeply unsettles me.

    "If you're going to stand still, then that just makes things easier for me," I deadpan and free him of his head.

    "I just wanted to protect us, but you still want to spare the traitors, putting us all in danger because of your stubborn elven pride," another Wolfy continues.

    I turn to face it and immediately ask, "How do you know that?"

    His angry glare is the only response I get, so I kill him.

    My MP starts to run low, so I risk it and dispel [Mask].

    My posture immediately crumbles, and I groan from exhaustion.

    I stay on the floor for a while, trying to gather energy, but I spend too long, and the next Faceless Man jumps on top of me.

    I grit my teeth in anger and cast an [Earth Bullet] at his face, then I draw a dagger from my back and stab Wolfy in the eye.

    It screams in pain and grabs my fist, then it pulls my blade from his eye.

    I wrench my hand free, then I slice through his throat. Blood quickly gushes from its neck and drenches my gauntlets.

    I grab him by the hair and repeatedly stab his face.

    His bloody fingers grip at my wrists, but he soon goes limp and passes out.

    I lurch over and fall on the floor, then his body disappears, but the blood staining my armor remains.

    A disturbance in the web of Life wakes me up.

    I open my eyes and jump straight into my fighting stance, but nothing comes, so I settle back into my sitting position and prepare for it to attack.

    The whispering grows louder.

    "You're laying with humans, now?" Brás' disapproving voice grates on my ears.

    I open my eyes and see his long, feminine blue eyes filled with disgust. His small, thin nose is wrinkled, his fleshy lips are warped in a sneer, and his long, oval face is turned away condescendingly. His shoulder-length golden hair is covering most of his delicate, perfect face, like a veil protecting others from being blinded by his beauty.

    I kill it.

    The torment doesn't end.

    Brás' voice is so hostile that I feel like gravel is being crushed in my ears. "On the very next day after you were given hope, you went and cheated on me with a human? Is he 'big'? Is that why you forgot about me and jumped at the opportunity to ride him?"

    I shake my head and close my eyes as I kill it. "This isn't fair. I'd already ended things between us long before I met Wolfy," I defend myself.

    "A human, really?" He censures me again.

    I shrug and chuckle as I kill him. "So what? Human dick is just as good as elven dick."

    The whispering morphs into crying.

    "I didn't raise you to be like this," Father's gentle voice feels like a slap on the face.

    I spring up onto my feet and stumble forward due to my exhaustion, but I quickly recover and look around, though I don't manage to find him.

    "Have you forgotten what we stood for?" Father's question drips with frustration.

    I look up and see his face staring down at me. His soft features and composed look contrast greatly with his eyes filled with scorn.

    I was never one to cower beneath his gaze, so I glare back at him and growl, "'Stood.'"

    "Are you also going to simply forget everything we taught you?" Zaleia's raspy, stern voice gives me chills. My blood mother was the only one that could truly make me cower, but this isn't one of those moments.

    I stare right back at her sharp and strict face in defiance, unmoved by her anger. "You're not here to remind me anymore, so, yes, I'm going to forget everything," I quip back.

    Amarils' harsh and grating voice resounds throughout the arena, "Foolish girl, then you really do deserve to be a human's slave." She was never good at giving speeches, even with a high [Acting] skill.

    She displays her unbridled disgust with me. My half-aunt, half-mother has a younger and far softer face, but I can still clearly see Mother's features on her.

    Seeing them again makes me emotional, but also only increases my determination to stand up to them. "Yes, I do! We all deserve our fates and more for failing the twins!" I exclaim as I swing my sword wildly.

    "We didn't deserve death…" Mother's sorrowful voice cools the rage that's been building up within me.

    "We're your parents! Is this how you show us respect?" Father asks incredulously.

    My memories of our last few days together flood my mind and force me to spill my heart out, "Do you know how much I cried while I waited for death…? After the Hands of the Emperor showed up, I could barely sleep since it was only a matter of time before the Council would finally kill us all."

    Father's expression darkens. "Then you should've helped us more and fought harder," he growls.

    I shake my head and confess, "No, I shouldn't have helped… I should've stopped you."

    A silence falls over us, broken only by the loud crying in the background, and we stare defiantly at each other, neither of us willing to yield even an inch.

    Mother grows impatient and finally states, "Sacrifice is sometimes necessary to accomplish greatness,"

    "You sacrificed yourself for nothing," I retort flatly.

    "Because you won't continue our legacy," Father accuses me, and I heartily agree.

    "I've lost my name, I'm not an Este anymore," I calmly point out.

    "But you'll be the Crown Lord of the Western High Forest," Amarils tries to argue.

    I know where she's going with that, so I quickly interject, "In name only. A deterrent against plotting to remove Wolf from power."

    Mother's deviousness shows itself again as she suggests, "He's clearly madly in love with you, so it'd be easy for you to manipulate him."

    I grit my teeth and refuse wholeheartedly, "That's exactly why I won't. I'll never betray him, so long as he loves me, and as long as he never abandons me… like you did!"

    Father's face becomes cold and devoid of emotion as he questions, "Are you just going to forsake everything?"

    I'd already made up my mind about this long ago. "Yes. Your legacy dies with me, and my brothers will not replace me."

    "Then you're not our daughter anymore," my Young Mother cries and breaks down while my other Mother simply closes her eyes and holds back her tears.

    I look down in shame. "I'm not."

    Father suddenly drops down onto me and forces me backward. I hit my head on the floor, but my helmet absorbs the shock.

    His hands sneak through my bevor and wrap around the scale armor protecting my neck, then he starts strangling me.

    I try to resist, but he has me pinned down, there's just no way for me to escape from under him.

    I raise my hand and cast [Earth Bullet] at his face.

    He releases me and flies backward, then falls onto his back, but surprisingly, he doesn't pass out.

    He holds his broken nose, and his head wobbles dizzily, then I draw a hidden dagger and leap on top of him.

    "I'm sorry Dad. I still love you."

    I stab into his chest precisely where his heart should be.

    He doesn't react to the injury, just staring hatefully at me while trying to remove the dagger.

    After they died, my brothers and I were given a moment alone with them so that they could say their last words. Their spirits looked guilty and defeated, but an odd peace seemed to settle over them.

    They tried, they fought, and they failed. There was no going back and nothing else to do besides accepting their Fate and hoping for another chance in their next life. It'd be unseemly for the proud Crown Lords to debase themselves by becoming crying wretches in their last moments.

    "We love you," Father's spirit gently whispered to us after he died. His voice felt like a loving caress.

    I twist the dagger, and he passes out instantly.

    I get up, and Mother leaps down.

    "We're sorry for failing you," her spirit sadly confessed. Her voice filled our hearts with the motivation to do better where they failed.

    She jumps towards me, so I grab my longsword and decapitate her.

    Young Mother grabs me from behind and tries to pin my arms to my body, but I cast a [Fireball] on her face, and she releases me.

    I turn around and kill her, too.

    "I hope that you can forgive us one day," Young Mother's spirit sincerely pleaded. Her voice broke our hearts, and we cried while we sorrowfully picked up the pieces.

    I slowly look around me and commit this scene of their bleeding bodies to memory. They don't get reclaimed by the dungeon, so my nostrils are soon filled with the metallic smell of blood.

    "I forgive you…" I whisper, then I close my eyes. "And I hope that you forgive me for letting you die…"

    My legs give out, and I fall deeply asleep before I even hit the ground.

    I wake up again when a blinding light shines into my eyes, then I pass out for good.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

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    Prince PreownedFIN.
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    I feel like my entire body just went through a meat grinder. The deafening silence inside my mind leaves me confused, and I struggle to get off the shore.

    I search for the string to summon the girls, but it's nowhere to be found, and my inner "hand" just grabs the nothingness inside my soul space instead. It's like trying to find a pocket on the inside of a jacket, I know where it should be, but I just can't find it.

    I cough up some water and groan in pain, then I manage to crawl off the shore and onto the dry green sand, which quickly sticks to my wet armor.

    I hate sand. It's coarse and gets everywhere.

    I laugh at my own hilarious memes, then I sigh tiredly as I lay on my back.

    "Alissa…?" I call her name repeatedly inside my mind, praying that she'll answer, but she doesn't.

    Oh, fuck…

    I grit my teeth angrily. Of course, Arreira would try to separate us and give each of us a test. He just can't hold himself back from fucking with us.

    What now, you pretentious fuck? What sort of arbitrary test of "worth" will you force on me? Will you tell me some poetry before we start so that I can get "inspired" by your oh-so-great intellect and artistic capability?

    I stop reflexively and wait for a mirthful chirp that never comes.

    Oh no… Gify?!

    I remember that her presence faded from my mind when the [Disruption Field] activated. I have no idea what could've happened to her, but she can't be dead, can she? That'd be way too cruel of Arreira to just kill her like that.

    The adorable teasing imp inside my head. My companion. My friend…

    Why don't you just go fuck yourself with a rake, Arreira?! Why do you have to fuck with everything I love with your rotten elven dick?!

    My angry grumbling is sharply interrupted by a pounding headache flaring up, so I cast [Heal], and the pain all throughout my body starts to fade away.

    Wasn't my mana organ strained…?

    Then I cast [Spirit Light] without suffering any painful feedback, so I guess it isn't anymore.

    What even happened to us…?

    After encountering the fake imperial army, the tunnel started closing in on us, so we flew away on the ship. A [Disruption Field] was activated around us, making us fall, then we crashed onto… something? I don't know what it was since it was completely dark-…

    I start taking off my armor since the soaked padding is heavy and very uncomfortable to keep on, not to mention that it's unhealthy to wear wet clothes.

    How did I even survive the rapids like this? I can't swim in full armor.

    I cough some more, and the remaining water in my lungs tells me that I got very lucky.

    My memories of the rapids are so blurry…

    I summon a Holy and a Shad, then I dry my clothes while they scout around.

    Wait… wait, wait, wait, WAIT, WAIT! WHERE ARE MY SUMMONS?!

    Not only is the earth elemental that I left behind to protect the [Gate] coordinate gone, but so are the summons I left with Klein and Osaria.

    What the fuck happened to them? Before the crash, they were all safe and perfectly fine. What the fuck did this dungeon do to me and the girls…?

    I start checking through all of my other powers. I can still instant-cast spells, so my fighting style isn't fucked. My "Items" is unchanged, so I have everything I need to survive on my own…

    The girls have small [Item Box]es, though, so they won't have the same comfort as I do.

    Their names are still in my "Companions" and "Affiliations," so I'm certain that they're still alive. My [Gate] is still blocked, so there's no easy way out of here. My skills are all there, so…

    Wait… I can't remove or add skill points.

    My Gift of freely arranging my points is gone.

    How the fuck are you even DOING this?!


    I look towards the path of glowing crystals before me while I dry my armor. It feels like it'll lead me into a trap, but there's no other path in this small green cave besides going back up the rapids, and I'm certain that Arreira won't let me do that anyway.

    I can't switch my points into [Sense Presence], so I need to establish a safe perimeter around myself.

    I summon earth, fire, wind, water, and light elementals. I could summon a nature one too, but I think this is a good balance between MP use and versatility.

    The wind and light elementals suddenly hug me, and I feel my tension washing away as their softness wraps around my face.

    "Thank you…" I weakly mutter.

    I was supposed to be getting better at this, but being disconnected from the girls is making me more nervous than I'd like to admit.

    The other elementals join the cuddle puddle, and for a moment, I feel like we're all back together again.

    I quickly clear my mind of these distracting thoughts. I have a trial to pass, and it won't do if I'm moping around all the way through it.

    I smile at myself as I imagine Gify's teasing, then I pray that she wasn't killed by the [Disruption Field].

    I put my armor back on and look at the river that brought me here. There are a dozen planks scattered around me, and I recognize them from our ship.

    Ah, fucking hell… I really liked that ship…

    I frown and spend a moment in silence while I process this loss, then I turn back towards the path, and we move forward.

    "I should've stored the golems in my [Item Box]. Trying to cobble together an emergency parachute just wasn't a good idea…" I mumble to wind-Alissa, and she wordlessly nods in agreement, then she lays her hand on my shoulder and gives me a reassuring squeeze. "Thanks."

    I grab her "solid wind" hand and give it a kiss. I only feel a gentle breeze on my lips, but it's surprisingly pleasant.

    I glance at fire-Hana and wonder if she'll want to have sex with me before I go to sleep. It's hard to believe, but I'm not in the mood for it, so I don't know how she'll react.

    We reach the end of the glowing path in the sand, and it leads to the entrance of a green tunnel in the cave wall. The scouting Holly quickly discovers that it's a maze, so I summon three more, then I start drawing a map.

    I spend the whole day simply mapping out the maze, and I have some trouble mapping the elevation changes. The maze is excessively chaotic, repeatedly looping back on itself. I also don't have a pencil that would let me erase my mistakes, so they rapidly pile up, leaving me with a messy and ugly drawing.

    Calligraphy was never one of my strengths, anyway.

    Night eventually comes, then I pull out the bath and get the wife-elementals to wash me. Without Alissa to watch us or their voices moaning my name, I just don't really feel like having sex.

    I eat a guilty dinner of leftovers. It just doesn't feel right to eat all by myself.

    The girls will only have chocolate and [Conjure Bland Meal] for themselves, and here I am, gorging on a feast…

    I continue mapping the maze for a while longer until I tire myself out, then I unsummon the Hollys since I can't give them the command to stop.

    I review the map one last time, then I pull out the tent and go to sleep.

    I dream of the girls suffering. They're all entirely alone in the dungeon, and they regret ever coming here.

    Today is the 27th.

    I wake up to an absolute silence and feeling cold. Even with light-Ciel and fire-Hana squishing my head between their tits and wind-Alissa playing with my flaccid cock, I'm so unaroused that even my balls are retreating up inside my body.

    I give them each a small kiss, even earth-Lina, and feed them some mana, then I tiredly get up and eat breakfast. I didn't sleep well, so it takes a while for me to feel energized again, even after drinking a whole cup of Tonique tea.

    Water-Roxanne tries to cheer me up by performing tricks with her water, and it does warm me up a bit. It's incredible to see how much personality the summons are drawing from what I've learned about the girls through [Bind].

    I continue mapping out the dungeon, but the Hollys start to get lost and fly in circles, slowing down my efforts.

    "What the fuck is this fucking maze. Fucking fuckity fuck fucker!" I exclaim in frustration, and earth-Lina gently pats my shoulder.

    She's the only one that's showing some interest in the maps, but she can't really help me much since she can't see through the Hollys.

    The number of papers steadily increases, gradually becoming a haphazard map as its segments pile on top of each other. The greatest challenge of this map is the tendency for loops, which I often fail to recognize since this fucking maze has absolutely zero landmarks that would let me know when the Hollys are going in circles.

    When I finally get up to stretch and prepare my lunch, I bump my foot against the leg of the table, and the sections of the map shuffle around, going out of order.

    "Godsdamned motherfucker!" I swear and grumble.

    Earth-Lina immediately starts picking up the scattered papers and puts them back in their proper places.

    "Thank you…" I mutter and tap her broad back. Her inexpressive face nods, and her black bangs sway just like they would for the original.

    I eat more leftovers while I help Earth-Lina, then I decide that it's time to glue all of these pages together.

    I mix water and flour, then I boil the mixture until it thickens. Then I keep it hot with fire-Hana's help while I use it to glue the segments together. Once the mixture cools, it hardens, keeping the pieces stuck to each other.

    I summon nature-Yunia, then I use her to pull planks from the river and cut them into small sticks for me. I glue them to the back of the map so that I can raise some sections, creating a three-dimensional rendition of the maze.

    Even with the help of the elementals, it's still meticulous and delicate work that takes up the rest of my day.

    I get the elementals to wash me, then I go to sleep for the night while hugging light-Ciel. She can't keep her mind-healing ultra-softness active all the time since it consumes mana, but I can still use her cow tits as pillows while I sleep, which is much better than nothing.

    I dream of how Osaria and Klein would react when they notice that my summons have simply disappeared. Without any way to contact me, and knowing that I'm somewhere that I can't use [Gate], it'd be difficult for them to trust that the worst hasn't happened.

    Today is the 28th.

    Water-Roxanne's slick tongue wraps around my flaccid head, but the stimulation of it feels like sandpaper against my skin, so I stop her before I become even more irritated.

    I skip breakfast since I don't feel hungry, then I continue with the mapping. I can give the Hollys better guidance so that they won't get stuck in loops or waste too much time on already-explored areas.

    My rendition of the maze threatens to collapse, so I reinforce it with bigger sticks. I don't have to spend that much time working on it myself since I can get the elemental-wives to help, but I still have to keep an eye on the Hollys while I draw the map, so I don't really have a lot of free time.

    I eat some chocolate for lunch, but it makes me feel guilty, so I also put together a simple salad that I quickly force myself to eat.

    Wind-Alissa sits beside me and holds my hand while we both stare at fire-Alissa and water-Roxanne playing around to entertain us. The elementals are trying to make me happy, but even the golems are better at that since they understand my emotions on a deeper level.

    "Thank you," I whisper as I smile at them, and they smile back, but I'm not sure if it's genuine or something that was programmed into them like with the golems.

    I try to absentmindedly practice some [Soul Manipulation] while keeping an eye on the Hollys, but it isn't nearly as efficient as fully-focused practice.

    I try to do other things while I work, but I don't come up with anything interesting to spend my energy on. Because of this, I end up going to sleep later than usual since I barely exercised my body today, and I still have lots of energy to spend.

    I have a nightmare about the Innocent Nymph: I'm forced to watch as the [Meteor] destroys it repeatedly while I can't move, paralyzed by fear.

    It's not really a nightmare, though, just a repeated remembrance.

    Today is the 29th.

    "And so it begins…" I murmur as I wake up in a cold sweat.

    Light-Ciel notices my distress and heals my mind, washing away my dizziness and unease.

    I refill her with my MP, and she smiles warmly at me, then pats my head.

    The sprawling construction only grows larger, then it starts to become cumbersome. While I think about how to improve it, I remember how the Ant Hill back in the Shore of Leaves was mapped out: they carved signs into the wall at every intersection.

    OH, FUCK!

    I rush up to the corridor and smash the green stone with a spare war hammer, then I watch and watch, but the wall never repairs itself.

    I go back to mapping and try to keep my mind off it for a while, but I keep on glancing back at the cracks every minute or so until the anxiety wears me down, and I finally go to sleep.

    Tonight, my nightmare is about the heretics finding us and executing us in our sleep. The Hollys and Shads have already failed us once, so it could happen again.

    Today is the 30th.

    I rush up to the crack I made in the corridor and confirm that it didn't change a single bit from yesterday.

    A seething rage builds up inside me, and I pull on my hair. "FUCKING STUPID!" I scream at myself, then I march towards the map.

    Light-Ciel stands in my way, but I dispel her, then I cast an [Earth Bullet] at the map, breaking it into pieces.

    Earth-Lina hugs me from behind, and I almost dispel her, too, but her effort to comfort me makes me stop in confusion.

    I look around and realize that all the elemental-wives have crowded around me, trying to prevent me from lashing out.

    "What the fuck are you all doing?" I annoyedly question them. I feel like they're somehow defying me, but my anger quickly cools down, and I lose the motivation to investigate their behavior any further.

    They smother me in their breasts until all my anger is gone, then I summon light-Ciel again and start rebuilding the map from scratch.

    This time, I ignore everything other than the forks because those are the only things that actually matter. I instruct each Holly to leave a unique mark at the center of the fork whenever they reach one and squeak while drawing so that I'll pay attention to them.

    The map is now far easier to draw and much, much more compact. It also doesn't need a complex setup to portray elevation anymore, reducing the workload even further.

    I try to dig a tunnel with the elementals, but the rock is so resistant to magic that it'd be faster to just use pickaxes. The maze sprawls so wildly that it doesn't matter where I dig to, anyways, so I decide to continue exploring with the Hollys.

    I have a nightmare about monsters hunting me down, but I'm too weak to defeat them on my own, so all I can do is run away.

    Today is the 31st.

    My watch stops working. The gears inside it are so delicate that not even earth-Lina can fix them. This is a big problem since I won't be able to keep track of time anymore.

    I work until I'm tired, and I wake up whenever I feel like it.

    Even with my more compact map, the maze is still so absurdly huge that it feels like it goes on forever.

    Just to make sure, I periodically send more Hollys into the already explored forks to deepen the carvings. This is to check that they aren't being repaired by the dungeon while I'm not looking.

    The nightmares worsen, and I begin to dread going to sleep.

    No matter how much I force myself, I can't muster the energy to exercise because of the lack of good sleep, so I end up eating less and less.

    My muscles become thin, my belly fattens, and my body weakens.

    "Marking five thousand and four…" I mumble to myself.

    "What kind of symbol are you going to use this time?" Wind-Alissa asks me without moving her mouth.

    "Uh…" I scan over my book of symbols. There are so many now that I don't feel like creating any unique ones anymore. "I'll just use numbers…" I shrug.

    The Hollys explore too far, so I enter the maze to cut down on their travel time.

    "You burned the meat!" I yell at fire-Hana, and she hangs her head low in guilt.

    I cast [Torrent] at her, then I regret it because I have to feed her my MP to heal her.

    "Shouldn't we cut your hair?" Wind-Alissa gently suggests.

    "Hair gets in my eyes, so just cut it all off!" I bark at her.

    I yawn and fall asleep, even with the Holly squeaking to keep me awake, so I miss the window to register her marking.

    "FUCK!" I scream, hurting my throat.

    I throw my magic pen away, then I resummon the Holly and start over for that path.

    Earth-Lina takes her sweet time picking up my pen for me.

    "You're an elemental, so why are you so slow?!" I snap at her.

    Why do the nightmares never end? What did I ever do to deserve this?

    "We've reached sector two-hundred two," light-Ciel announces, and I jolt awake.

    Earth-Lina lowers my cradle, then light-Ciel starts the brain massage, which eases my pain.

    "You need a bath," Wind-Alissa firmly states.

    "Don't wanna," I mumble.

    "We've gone through this…" She pleads.

    "Fuck it… just do it quickly."

    They strip me down, and water-Roxanne envelops my body with hers, then she scrubs off all the grime.

    The maze has… a pattern.

    It's a die. The sectors are all connected like a die.

    Square, square, square. Triangle, square, triangle. And repeat.

    Roll the paper up like a die.

    Multi-sided. One to twenty-six.

    Throw it.

    It's a seven! Jackpot! HAHAHAHA!

    Rinse, and repeat!

    There is no meaning to the nightmares. There is no meaning to the nightmares. There is no meaning to the nightmares. There is no meaning to the nightmares…

    "The sector turns blue! The sector turns blue!" I yell and clap my hands excitedly, then a coughing fit ruins my excitement.

    Light-Ciel heals my lungs, then we pack up camp and head towards the exit.

    That horrifying, nauseating, and disgusting green color finally changes to blue, but nothing else changes.

    There are no more forks, so we can only keep moving forward through this endless corridor. And it truly feels endless…

    My excitement quickly fades away and gets replaced with boredom, well, more boredom than I've felt in Gods know how long I've been here.

    The ground suddenly starts to rumble, which sends me into a panic while the elemental-wives get ready for battle.

    The floor ahead of us starts to rise up, revealing a new corridor.

    It completely blocks off the old one, so I resummon the scouting Holly.

    There's a fork directly ahead, and I can see a light coming from around the corner, so I suck in a sharp breath in surprise.

    I hear a scramble of footsteps rapidly approaching, so I pull out my sword from my "Items" and try to calm myself.

    Alissa, Roxanne, Hana, Ciel, Lina, and Yunia all come through the fork, and they nearly stumble when they notice me.

    "WOLFY!" Alissa shrieks and rushes towards me.

    Earth-Lina lowers my cradle, then I weakly climb out of it. My body shamefully trembles from both excitement and weakness as I try to stand.

    She hugs me tight, her delicious mounds pressing against my naked chest, and the smell of her sweat fills my nostrils. I'm speechless, and my body refuses to respond, but I notice that they're all unarmed and in varying states of undress. Their clothes are almost falling apart, mostly just being used to cover their sensitive bits rather than actually offering them any degree of protection.

    "There's no time! We need to run!" Lina yells anxiously.

    "It's coming!" Roxanne shrieks and hides behind Hana.

    "What's coming?" I ask, and my croaky voice surprises me.

    "An unkillable monster, let's go!" Yunia's stern voice sobers us up.

    I sit down in my cradle, then earth-Lina lifts it up, and we all continue forward through the other corridor.

    "What happened to you?! Why are you so thin?!" Alissa shrieks, holding back tears of horror.

    "I couldn't sleep…" I croak and cough.

    "Keep Wolfy safe! He's too weak to fight!" Ciel declares, and the other girls agree.

    I hear a loud wet sloshing behind us, so I turn around and see a huge, transparent slime chasing after us. It's moving as if it were a rubbery wave, and it seems to be steadily gaining on us.

    Holy shit.

    I start pulling out our old equipment, and while the girls can't fully armor themselves while running, they can at least put on some scaled jackets and get their old weapons back.

    I get wind-Alissa to help me put on my armor, then we reach a dead end just after I’m fully equipped.


    "Stand and fight!" Ciel orders, then they all stop running and put on their scaled pants, except for Lina, who starts feeling around on the wall, searching for something.

    I jump out of the cradle and use [Telekinesis] to carefully land on the floor.

    "Wolfy, don't!" Alissa warns me.

    I grit my teeth and growl, "I can do this!" Then I cough.

    There's no time to argue. The slime reaches us and blocks off the corridor, then a dozen tentacles shoot out from its body.

    One comes towards me, and I slash through it, splitting it open, then an extremely pungent liquid gushes out. When it contacts the floor, it immediately starts to sizzle, and I can clearly see the smooth stone melting away.

    I cast [Clean] on my sword before the liquid has a chance to ruin it.

    Fuck me!

    Earth-Lina immediately loses an arm to it, so she retreats while the other elemental-wives protect her.

    A slime tentacle sneaks closer to me from my left flank, but I react too slowly to it, so it hits me on the side, then it spreads over my entire chest and both of my legs in just a split second. Fox-Alissa suddenly appears and bites onto the tentacle, then she rips it off, freeing me.

    Wind-Alissa immediately comes over to me and starts cutting off the straps of my wooden armor before it can melt and fuse with my skin. She throws away the pieces, and they all rapidly melt away into nothing.

    Fox-Alissa's mouth melts apart horrifically, but then she uses her mana to regrow her fox body.

    "[FIRE WALL]!" Roxanne casts, and the entire corridor is filled with flames, forcing the slime to retreat.

    Hana rips off her melting scale shirt, and Ciel starts casting [Holy Spirit].

    "I can only last for a minute!" Roxanne yells, sounding desperate. She leans on her staff, looking like she's almost as weak as I am.

    "Everyone! Help Lina!" Ciel orders, which I relay to the elemental-wives, then we all start searching the walls for… something. "Wolfy, Hana, you need armor!" Ciel warns us, so I pull out our old emerald scale armor, then Alissa helps me put it on.

    "You shouldn't fight," Alissa tells me sternly.

    "I can use [Telekinesis] to move," I insist.

    "Please…" She whispers.

    "I still have a lot of MP!" I force out in a shout, and she anxiously bites her lip, but I've made my decision.

    I sheathe my emerald sword and pull out a dozen of the assorted spare weapons I have for everyone, then I switch out the Holly and Shad for four fire-Hanas since the slime seems to be weak to them.

    "I'm… passing out…!" Roxanne exclaims, then she crumples onto the floor, and the [Fire Wall] snuffs out.

    Tentacles shoot towards us again, but this time, I use [Discharge] to keep them at bay while the girls cast spells.

    The monster is cautious, trying its very best to sneak around us while avoiding the fire, but we simply ignore its tentacles until they get too close. It's impossible for us to miss its massive main body, so we focus on inflicting as many wounds as possible.

    The slime starts to get agitated, then it lifts itself up off the floor and backs away, becoming a sort of squishy large quadruped.

    It starts to attack us more frequently, trying to wear us down, and the fire-Hanas respond by continuously launching spells, quickly burning through their own mana reserves.

    "I'm out of MP!" Hana exclaims and leans against the wall to catch her breath.

    "Where's the ambient mana?!" I shout in confusion, finally noticing this oddity.

    "These blue corridors are all like this!" Ciel yells back, then she throws another [Spirit Light] at the slime. After the glowing ball enters the slime, it bursts in a flash of light, dazing it.

    My MP steadily drains away, then the fire-Hanas suicide into the slime, forcing it back for a moment.

    I use [Redirect Mana] to refill my MP with whatever ambient mana I can grasp, but it's just not enough.

    Nature-Yunia suicides next, then water-Roxanne, then light-Ciel, then wind-Alissa. However, we need earth-Lina to carry Roxanne, so I won't let her join in.

    "Found it!" Lina yells and presses a hidden button in the wall.

    The wall quickly splits open, revealing a large room with a circular, gray platform in the middle. It's made of smooth stone, and there's a crystal in the center of it.

    We all retreat to the platform, then Hana collapses onto it.

    "Feed mana to the crystal…!" She shakily yells and gives it her last, then she passes out, too.

    Lina feeds it, too, then she groans in pain, "I can't… stop…! Ah! It's full!"

    The slime doesn't immediately attack, giving us a few seconds to prepare.

    "Why isn't it activating?!" Alissa shrieks in desperation.

    "It is, look!" Yunia exclaims and points at the crystal. It's steadily starting to glow brighter. She drops over it and tries to feed it more mana. "Go faster!"

    The tentacles strike at us.

    I pull out rocks, barriers, barricades, furniture, and whatever the fuck else I can use to keep the slime away, but it all gets quickly melted down into nothing. Even the wounds we manage to inflict on it are rapidly healing, though its overall size seems to be shrinking due to the repeated spilling of its fluids.

    Earth-Lina suicides, which buys us another few seconds.

    "I'm running low on mana!" I yell and cough.

    Ciel casts [Fly], then she darts towards the slime.

    "CIEL?!" I croak.

    She casts a few small [Wind Blades] at the slime, grabbing its attention.

    "I CAN KEEP IT BUSY!" She yells back.

    She flies out of the room, and the slime follows her, giving us a breather.

    What do I do? What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?

    Alissa looks spent; Roxanne can't even sit upright; Hana is out of the fight; Lina is struggling to stay standing; Yunia is covered with burns; and I only have a few basic spells left in me.

    This is the end.

    The crystal begins to glow so brightly now that Light mana even starts to leak from it.

    "COME BACK!" I scream for Ciel and fall to my knees.

    She darts back into the room, but a tentacle stops her in the air. It wraps tightly around her waist, quickly melting through her scale armor.

    "NOOOO!" I yell as I burn through the last of my MP, throwing out all of my remaining spells in a panic.

    "[Explosion]!" Roxanne makes one last effort, and the tentacle is blown away, releasing Ciel.

    But then, another tentacle grabs her, then another, and another, and another.

    She rapidly becomes completely enveloped by the slime, and now, not even our spells can free her from it.

    I hear her muffled shrieks as the skin on her face melts away, then her eyes pop, and the slime flushes red with her blood.

    I try to take a step towards her, but my legs give out as I try to stand up, then Alissa holds me in place.

    The blood quickly clears away, revealing her half-consumed body, her skull partially visible from underneath her melting flesh, then the platform flashes, and my consciousness is cut off.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Prince PreownedFIN.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Lord DJ.
    Lord Ashadun.
    Lord Michale Erwin.
    Lord Bakerdea.
    Lord D4rk Sheep.
    Lord Nathan Vanbrunt.
    Lord Maurice.
    Lord Krawn.
    Lord Empyrean.
    Lord Mattirro Draca.
    Lord Joshua Tal.
    Lord Colorblind.
    Lord RottenTangerine.
    Lord Cidant.
    Lord Fullmoon.
    Lord Joxsan Herrera.
    Lord The_Cultural_Weeb_Otaku.
    Lord Sean Drake.
    Lord Brody Haugan.

    Noble Salty Panda.
    Noble Mild Fracas.
    Noble Aclys.
    Noble Jordon Gotthold.
    Noble Tyler Mills.
    Noble Shawn Plumley.
    Noble Kale Daley.
    Noble Stellerbattle.
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    I failed.

    The brightness of the harsh sun glares off the red sand, blinding my sensitive eyes.

    I reach around, searching for Alissa to steady myself, but my hand only finds hot sand.

    "Alissa…?" I call for her, but I can only hear the wind.

    I try to summon a small bird to be my eyes, but the "button" inside my soul space isn't there.


    I search for my other spells, but they aren't there either. I try to open my "Status," but even that is gone.

    "Oh… no… no… no…" I mumble repeatedly, and my body freezes up, overwhelmed with emotions.

    The reality of my situation immediately sinks in, then a feeling of pure rage wells up from deep within me.

    Stop fucking with me… stop with these fucking stupid games! GIVE ME BACK CIEL! GIVE HER BACK TO ME, YOU FUCKING WICKED GOBLIN DICK SUCKER!

    I repeatedly pound my fists against the sand in fury.


    "AAAAAAAAAH!" I scream until my lungs give out.


    My soul tentacles spread out from my body, randomly solidifying and changing their shapes.


    I grab the hot sand with my hands and tentacles and start throwing it around in a rage.


    The last of my mana is wasted when I recklessly try to cast whatever spell I can, then the pain of going into the negatives calms me down, and I let the overuse steal my consciousness away.

    I wake up sweating profusely with my skin painfully burned. That hateful sun is going to kill me if I stay here for much longer.

    I feebly manage to get up, then I take my armor off. My elven underclothes aren't enough to protect all of my skin from the sun, so I cut off some of the padding with my sword and make it into a few crude scarves for my face and hands.

    I stand up and look around, but I just see the same landscape that I saw back when we first entered this part of the dungeon: sparkly red sand, a clear blue sky, and a painfully harsh sun. Dusk is coming, and the sun is setting, so it'll be nightfall soon.

    I don't know where to go or what I should do right now, so I find a large dune to hide myself from the sun and sit down in the shade.

    I failed… Ciel's dead.

    She can't be dead.

    Her body was consumed by the slime.

    She can't be dead.

    I saw her skull.

    She CAN'T be dead.

    I pull on my hair and grit my teeth while my tears flow freely. I start rocking my body back and forth as the anguish in my heart swells until I can barely stand the pain anymore.

    I continue crying until my tears dry up, then the exhaustion knocks me out, and I have another nightmare. Ciel's death repeats over and over in my mind, endlessly tormenting me with my failure.

    I wake up sweating and confused. The heat has increased, but the sun hasn't set yet.

    My face feels uncomfortable because of my dried tears, which have only stopped because I'm so dehydrated. My whole body itches and hurts from the sand, from the rough sleep, and from not being able to heal myself after I overused my mana.

    Ciel's muffled shriek replays itself in my head, but I refuse to accept it as reality. There must be something wrong, or something I missed. This has to be a dream.

    She can't be dead! Not like this… not like this!

    I grunt as my anger starts to flare up inside me again, but my throat hurts so much that I have to hold back my roar.

    I need to… find her body. I need a link to bring her spirit back!

    A headache starts to pound in my head, making it difficult for me to think straight.

    This can't be over… I-I can still do something!

    This isn't over! I have to get out of here! I have to find her!

    I stand up and wobble as my headache makes me temporarily lose my balance.

    I slowly recompose myself, then I climb back up the dune and look around. The sun is still setting, letting off a faintly orange light, which is odd since I think I was asleep for a while.

    I try to focus on the horizon around me, but I can't see anything different, and the sun glare reflected off the sand makes it difficult to discern any details.

    I need something to help me scout!

    The system is gone, so I can't open my "Items"; I can only cast [Clean], [Spirit Light], and my special [Materialize] without my Gift of instant-casting; and I only have my sword and partially dismantled scale armor as potential tools.

    Never mind scouting, I'll die of thirst before I can even do anything at this rate!

    I sit down again in the shade of the dune and grumble as my rage boils up once again.

    I have no idea how he's doing this, but he's just fucking with us at this point! He's been doing shit like this ever since we came here! Just hardship after hardship, test after test, and this too is nothing but another one of his fucking…

    My rage dominates my thoughts, and I try to crush more of the sand in anger with my hands and soul-tentacles.

    Wait! What i-…

    I need water.

    My throat is hurting and parched because of my angry outburst, my mouth is as dry as a grandma's cunt, my lips are parched and tingling, my body is sweating cold and shivering, and my head just won't stop pounding. I'm really fucking dehydrated.

    How did [Conjure Water] go again…?

    I never learned anything about [Conjuring Magic] besides what I could passively absorb from watching others use it, but I barely paid attention to that. There was no reason to since we could just use either a magic tool or my instant casting.

    Who the fuck even is Arreira that he can block my system and Gifts so thoroughly like this?

    I hold myself back from grumbling in anger. I have no time to waste; I need to blindly recreate the spell on my own.

    I gather my mana inside my heart, then I visualize all the details I have about water to convert my mana into something water-attuned. Without a chant to "align" my mind and improve the visualization, the whole mana conversion process takes a long time.

    Once I have a good amount of water-attuned mana, I start to build the "structure" of the spell, but I have little idea about what I'm doing. Even if I succeed with this spell, it's so rough that I'm sure the mana-efficiency will be really low.

    I need to convert the mana into water, but it has to be actual water, not the pseudo-water that's used in spells. That kind of water would just dissipate with time, and I'm sure that having it and it's atoms suddenly disappearing from within my body would have terrible effects.

    My head hurts too much to think straight anymore.

    Just… water… I need water. I need something that converts mana into "drinkable" water and spouts it from the tip of my finger like a fountain. That's it, that's all I need.

    I imagine it like visual programming. Just one data input, the mana; one function, the converter; one output, my finger; and one switch, the trigger that activates the input.

    I push the spell's "structure" and the attuned mana to the tip of my finger, then I flip the "switch."

    Most of the mana gushes out wildly without being properly converted, which nearly collapses the spell's "structure" since it's too weak to endure such a chaotic flow of mana.

    A few drops of water appear at the tip of my finger, and I immediately suck on it in desperation.

    My tongue immediately becomes wet, but I can barely feel the water going down my throat, then I taste something strange.

    Oh… if the water was badly formed, then I might have just poisoned myself…

    I feed even more of my mana into the spell until I feel the danger of overuse looming over my organ.

    If I go crazy from dehydration, then it won't matter if I'm poisoned, anyway.

    I spend hours trying to get a reasonable amount of water to drink, but then my MP runs out again. The sun doesn't even set after all this time, only becoming more orange as the day continues on and the heat continues to increase.

    I'm getting a bad feeling about this…

    I decide to run away from the sun whenever I'm waiting for my mana to recharge.

    My body is weakened, and my thirst slows me down, but the fear of death seeps into my heart, forcing my muscles to keep pushing forward.

    The color of the dunes around me changes every so often from red, to yellow, to green, to purple, to orange, to black, but I have no time to admire their beauty because I just can't stop. If I do, I'm not sure if I'll be able to get moving again.

    The heat only increases, and my back burns painfully each time I climb a dune and expose myself to the sun. The hateful orb also changes its color, turning red, then yellow, then green, then purple, then orange, and finally black.

    This isn't a sun. I'm being chased by something, and it wants to kill me.

    My heart races, my eyes shift about in desperation, my hands shiver in fear, and my steps become erratic. I need to run away from whatever the fuck is after me.

    My legs give out, and I stumble, then I roll haphazardly down a dune. I cry in pain, but there are no more tears to be shed.

    I desperately crawl towards the bottom of the dune, then I dig a hole and cover myself with sand, trying to hide. My body is trembling so much that I have little hope of it actually working, but I don't have the energy to get up again.

    Several long minutes pass by while I wait, cowering in my hole, my heart filled with terror and dread.

    I hear a set of soft footsteps, then I feel the sand shifting above me, so I hold my breath as best as I can.

    "It's useless to hide," a stern and raspy male voice makes my heart skip a beat. "Get up!"

    I nervously move the sand, then I peek my head out, and I immediately see a huge black quadruped angrily staring down at me from atop a dune. Its entire body is glowing so brightly with dark light and exudes so much heat that I'm certain that it's the "sun" of this place.

    The blazing heat comes close to burning the exposed skin on my face, making me cry out in pain, and my eyes almost get blinded again by the intense light. I instinctively hide myself under the sand again and shiver in fear.

    "I ordered you to get up!" It repeats, then it makes a deep, reverberating growl that shakes my body, forcing it to move on its own. By the time I actually notice it, I'm already standing again and staring at it.

    I squint my eyes, and I manage to discern its figure. It's a tiger, the biggest one I've ever seen. Its paws are the size of my torso; its huge mouth could swallow me whole in just one bite; its yellow eyes stare back at me like a reaper ready to take my soul; and its black fur shines with the brightness of the sun.

    "Is this how you wanted to die? Hiding under the sand?" It angrily questions me.

    "I don't want to die…" I whimper.

    "You will die just like your wife if you fail this time," it growls again, then it lowers its body, getting ready to pounce.

    A pair of huge yellow lizard eyes open inside my mind, staring down at me with disgust and disappointment. The shame that its gaze causes forces me to reignite the draconic fire in my heart.

    No, no, NO! I still need to avenge Ciel!

    My body stops shivering, and I growl as I draw my sword and point it at the tiger, but what use could it have against such an enormous beast?

    "Is this all you have?!" The beasts mocks me, its snout wrinkling in distaste. The heat increases, searing my skin and making me scream in pain, but my defiance doesn't waver.

    I won't win against it with my sword, so I throw that away and choose to use my last card: magic. I gather all the mana that I have.

    "Who are you?! Show it to me!" The beast demands, then it pounces.

    I manifest the largest tentacle that I've ever made and punch the glowing tiger in the face, but it feels like I've hit a solid wall, and the beast doesn't even seem to have felt my attack.

    A huge paw hits me in the chest, then it presses me down against the sand, forcing all the air out of my lungs.

    "WHO ARE YOU?!" The beast rumbles.

    "AAAAAH!" I grab its fur and try to shove its paw away, but my hand burns from the blazing heat.

    "IS THAT ALL?!" It presses on.


    "SHOW ME WHO YOU ARE!" It bellows, and steaming hot spit hits my face, burning my skin.

    I'M… I'M… I'M…

    I envelop my body with my mana organ.


    "RAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" The dragon roared in a double voice, and the beast winced in surprise.

    His skin hardened as it was quickly covered in rough, leathery skin. Mirror-like scales grew, reflecting the heat and light away, protecting the flesh underneath.

    "THAT'S IT! GIVE ME MORE!" The tiger rejoiced, then it pressed down harder on the man's chest, cracking his bones and scales and causing his roar to weaken.

    He breathed air back into his lungs again, and gathered even more rage. "I'M FUCKING INVINCIBLE!" The dragon made the sand around them rumble with his voice. Horns grew from his forehead, and claws extended from his fingers, piercing through the beast's skin and drawing its blood.

    "NO, YOU AREN'T!" The tiger countered and intensified the heat.

    The dragon's skin boiled and blistered, his eyes popped, and his tongue shriveled away, but his anger didn't fade.

    The claws on his feet sank into the beast's flanks, then they wildly thrashed and slashed, cutting its skin into ribbons, but the beast didn't even notice the pain or the blood.

    The tiger's paw pressed down even harder, now snapping the man's spine, but the dragon's feet continued their thrashing.

    "I NEED MORE FROM YOU!" The tiger demanded again, then its fur shifted into a dark flame, searing and cracking the man's scales.

    "THIS WORLD… IS… MIIIIINE!" The dragon tried to bend reality to his will, but the God of this place was before him, denying him his power.

    The beast lowered its head towards the man and growled, "Then take it from me." And then the flames flared, becoming as bright and as hot as a true sun.

    "YOU CAN'T KILL ME!" The man tried to bend reality again, but the beast was completely immune to it.

    The tiger proudly raised its head as its anger faded. "I already did…" It stated.

    The dragon's scales turned to dust, his skin blackened and ruptured, his blood boiled away, his flesh withered, and his bones cracked and shattered.

    Pure will kept his soul linked to his body for a few seconds longer, but death eventually came as his body was reduced to ash.

    The beast gently removed its paw from the corpse, then blew the ashes away. The pride, the love, the wishes, the desires, the knowledge, and the ego. They all flew away as his body scattered into the wind, but the dragon refused to die.

    "Almost…" The beast whispered, full of sorrow. It healed its own wounds with just a thought and almost looked away, but something caught its attention.

    The wind gathered the ash back together again into a small tornado, forming a smoky cloud of ash, then it started to settle into the shape of a featureless human.

    The body wished for his soul while the soul prayed for a body, and through forces unknown, the two defied death and were reunited once more.

    The beast couldn't recognize what it was, but it certainly wasn't the man or the dragon that it had killed just moments before. It was something else, and that filled the beast with hope and curiosity.

    "Who are you?" The beast excitedly asked the figure, its mouth warping into a grin.

    "I don't know…" The spirit replied with a cracking, hoarse voice.

    The beast snorted. "Then I shall name you Shade, and you may call me Groman."

    Shade slowly nodded, and its featureless face stared back at Groman.

    "Would you take a walk with me, Shade?" Groman gently suggested.

    "Yes," Shade flatly replied.

    "Then come."

    The two walked in silence through the dunes. Groman's glowing hot fur changed to match the color of the sand it stepped on, but Shade didn't pay attention to this, for it didn't know what beauty was.

    After a day of walking, Groman decided to question Shade. "Do you remember anything about who you were, Shade?" It gently whispered.

    "No," Shade flatly replied.

    "Do you need anything?"


    "Do you wish to meet someone in particular?"


    "Do you have any desires you want to fulfill?"


    "Then why are you alive?"

    Shade thought for a long time. The only wish it could remember was to reunite its body and soul, and now that Shade had accomplished that, there was nothing else that it wanted.

    "I don't know," Shade finally answered.

    "You're nothing, yet you cling to life," Groman pressed on.

    Shade didn't know what to say, so it remained silent.

    Groman stopped and stared intensely at Shade to impart the seriousness of its next words, not that Shade understood the meaning of this action. "Perhaps there's still a chance for you. Stop following me and leave this desert if you wish to try again," Groman advised, but Shade wished for nothing, so it continued following Groman in silence.

    Shade turned its head away from Groman, and the beast immediately noticed that its silent companion wasn't staring at it anymore.

    "What is it?" Groman curiously asked.

    Shade didn't know how to answer that, so it remained quiet and resumed staring at Groman, but soon, it looked away again.

    A spirit, a body, and a Thread of Fate, that was all that Shade was. No more, no less. It had no will, no memory, no knowledge, and no reason for existence, yet something still called to it.

    Once Groman realized that something was happening to Shade, it immediately stopped and stared at Shade for days, waiting for any sign of a change.

    Shade twitched, then it looked away for a third time, and it didn't look back at Groman again. Its head gradually turned, searching for something towards the horizon.

    "There it is…" Groman whispered excitedly and grinned. "I knew you had it…"

    Days passed, and the two continued staring towards the horizon, then Shade took a step forward.

    Days later, Shade took another.

    The next day, it stepped again.

    The next hour, it took one more.

    The next minute, it did it again.

    Then it started walking, then running, then flying.

    Groman followed Shade while laughing out loud. "WHAT IS IT THAT YOU DESIRE?!" It excitedly asked, its long, glowing hot tail swaying about happily.

    "To save…" Shade's hoarse voice struggled to respond.

    "Save who?" Groman pressed.


    Groman asked many questions, for it had both the time and the thirst for knowledge, but Shade said nothing else besides those three words.

    It vexed Groman for a while, but it let it go since three words were far better than nothing.

    Groman bent the land to his will, shortening the trip so that Shade could reach its destination immediately.

    As they flew, Shade saw the sand become cracked earth, then packed dirt, then it was covered in moss, which grew into grass, and the first plants started to appear. Herbs, flowers, bushes, and then trees, which grew and grew and grew until the two were nothing but ants beside their inconceivably large roots. They grew so large that they completely blocked out the blue sky, but Groman was the sun personified, so they never lacked light or warmth.

    They passed by colorful, glowing, exotic, and extraordinary plants and animals, but Shade knew nothing about them, so it ignored them all.

    They passed by statues carved into the trees that depicted epic battles and historical events, but Shade knew nothing about history, so it ignored them all.

    They passed by the most beautiful buildings and works of art ever created, but Shade knew nothing about what they meant, so it ignored them all.

    They reached the heart of the forest, the center of this alternate reality, and the source of all Groman's mystic power. There, they found Shade's destination: an orb the color of a Dark Void.

    Once Shade spotted it, it immediately stopped flying and landed on the grass, then it slowly walked towards it.

    "Do you wish to discover who you really are?" Groman tentatively asked.

    Shade didn't know how to answer that, so it remained quiet, but it knew that the orb was calling to it.

    "I must continue…" Shade struggled to respond.

    "Continue what?" Groman excitedly questioned.


    Shade approached the orb, then its non-corporeal eyes stared deep into the dark abyss, and the abyss stared back.

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    "You may now kiss the bride," the priest announces.

    I hug Lily's waist and pull her closer, then her hand cups my left cheek, and I eagerly press my lips against hers.

    We both comically squeeze our eyes shut, then we end our kiss with a loud *smack*.

    We laugh and turn to face the benches as everyone rises to their feet and applauds.

    With a smile so wide that it hurts my face, Lily and I carefully come down the steps and walk the aisle while everyone throws flower petals at us.

    We shield our faces with our hands and skip forward while the photographer walks backward like a pro, taking all the pictures of us that he can without tripping.

    We leave the church, then we go down the steps and enter the car.

    The driver closes the door for us and hurries to his seat, then he turns on the car, and we leave the church grounds, heading towards the restaurant.

    We wave as the guests start pouring out, then we sigh and lean back.

    I scratch my cheek, then I immediately lay my head on Lily's lap and breathe in the fresh and herbal perfume of hers that I love. It reminds me of woodlands, and it's rather calming for me.

    I stare at her beautiful, heart-stoppingly cute face. Her slightly wavy black hair is puffed up and oiled like a model's, covering her bare, small shoulders like drapes. Her gently tanned skin is glossy from her perfectly applied makeup, making me miss her little flaws. Her eyes are striking with black eyeliner, calling for me to drown in them. Her red lips look delicious, and I lick my own, tasting some of her lipstick that got on them from before. Her pointy nose and chin are absolutely pinchable, so much so that I give in and lightly pinch her nose.

    She snorts, then her small, delicate fingers pinch my nose in return, though with enough strength to hurt slightly. I giggle, and she releases me, then I notice that she's giving me a slightly amused and pouty glare.

    "Amor, from below, you look so imposing…" I whisper lovingly to her, and her face softens. "I can see your boogers, though." I smirk, and she pinches my nose again, but I bat her hand away because she was about to make me sneeze.

    "Stop resisting!" She demands, and we start to wrestle, but I fight for my life because those delicate hands are supported by some very athletic and strong arms.

    We play around for a few more seconds, then she spreads our arms apart, leaving both of our faces exposed, and kisses my lips.

    My heart tightens, and the sudden attack leaves me stunned for a moment, which she takes advantage of to free her hands from my grip and give my nose another squeeze.

    "Ah…" -I immediately turn around- "ACHOO! Ugh…" I sneeze strongly and groan.

    She giggles evilly, then pats my head. She finds my sneezes to be funny, for some reason. "Oh, no, your hair!" She exclaims then hurriedly brushes my head to tame my hair down again.

    I turn around and see her worried and apologetic face, making me feel quite smug. I grab her hand and give it a reassuring squeeze, "Oh… don't worry, Amor. Mom has a hairbrush and some hairspray we can use."

    "Alright…" She mutters, a little shy.

    I sit up and tightly hug her thin waist, then I continue to admire her face. This little piece of hazelnut chocolate is mine. Only for me to eat as much as I want. She's all mine.

    Considering the amount of fucked up porn and hentai I've watched, I never expected that I'd get married one day, or that it'd be a fellow degenerate, or, most importantly, that she'd be this cute.

    I know that she wants to rest her head against my chest, but her hair is way too expensive to ruin, just yet, so we'll limit our cuddling for now.

    We reach the restaurant and ask the organizer to get the brush and hair spray from my Mom, then we do one last look-over before we let the guests in.

    We stand at the far end of the reception hall like a king and queen receiving their guests. Everyone gives us their blessings, wishing us happiness together, then they're taken to their seats.

    After an exhaustingly long time, everyone is gone, and only our immediate families are left.

    Dad comes in, his large belly barely contained by his tuxedo and his usual stubble entirely shaved away, making his fat neck rolls very visible. His beady eyes look at us amusedly, and I know that he's ready to drop a fat one.

    "[Don't you exhaust yourself partying because tonight, you gotta pound her in bed]," Dad teases in Portuguese, then wiggles his eyebrows suggestively. He isn't even drunk yet and he's already like this…

    Mom slaps him on the arm while Sis rolls her eyes and Bro chuckles. I grit my teeth and smile awkwardly, then I sigh and shake my head. I'm thankful that Lily's parents can't speak Portuguese.

    "What did he say?" Lily curiously asks, wanting to get in on the joke.

    "A stupid joke…" I mutter. I really don't want to repeat it.

    We share a strong handshake, and his large, thick, and rough fingers almost crush my hand, then he pulls me into a hug.

    "[Proud of you, boy]," he whispers in my ear, then releases me.

    Mom comes next. Her blue dress is a little too tight, revealing that she's slowly gaining her "grandma proportions," but she's definitely quite far from Dad's roundedness. Her short stature forces me to bend down a little to hug her properly.

    "[Congratulations. I wish you both lots of happiness, wealth, and good health]," she whispers and gives me a tight hug as she does.

    "[Thanks, Mom]," I whisper back and release her, then she gives one to Lily, too. They're really sweet to each other.

    Because of her dark skin and hair color, Lily and her parents found something in common to help bridge the gap between their two cultures. Even though they came from almost entirely opposite locations in the world and they could hardly understand each other, they still managed to become fast friends. Lily comes from India, and Mom from Brazil, yet they found a lot of common ground to build a relationship on.

    After Mom finishes giving her blessings to Lily in broken English, Bro comes next, sporting a military buzz cut. Taller than everyone else, not that either of our families are tall to begin with, he towers over us, and he proudly displays the muscles he gained in the army with the tightest fitting tuxedo I've ever seen. Sis even sent me a pic of how much his pants ride up his perfectly round ass, and I wonder how he can even stand it. Maybe he likes it, not that I'm judging, but the stories he tells about the army drip with gayness, or at least, butt stuff.

    "[Hey, there, Totó. Caught a big one]," he teases in Portuguese with a shit-eating grin.

    "[Now it's only you left, Army Boy. When are we going to meet your boyfriend]?" I shoot back with a mirrored grin.

    We share a handshake, and he tries to crush my hand, but I quickly wrench myself free and scratch my cheek.

    "[Fuck yourself]," he mutters, then moves on.

    "'Totó' sounds much cuter than 'Toto,'" Lily whispers teasingly.

    "'Toto' is right at my limit, but 'Totó' is a dog's name, so I definitely won't let you call me that," I hurriedly whisper back.

    "Hm…" She smiles smugly with a glint of evilness in her eyes.

    Sis comes last, followed by her husband. Her round belly from her pregnancy prevented her from using her best dress, but she still looks as classy as always. I also notice that her round face has become a bit rounder along with her kind smile that has become even kinder than it was before.

    I give her a short and gentle hug, then she gives one to Lily, too.

    "Olá, olá, parabéns, congratulations to both of you. I wish you happiness and good health," Sis happily says to us while holding Lily's hands like girl friends.

    "I wish you good health, too, and a safe delivery. I want us to play together soon," Lily responds in the same tone, and the two of them nod excitedly at each other.

    Sis' husband is a rather shy man, so our handshake is short and a bit awkward.

    Lily's father comes next, and he immediately gives me a tight hug while crying profusely. He's shorter than I am, so I'm forced to lean down, making the situation even more awkward.

    "Take care of my daughter," he manages to mumble between sobs with a thick Indian accent.

    "Dad…" Lily mutters and chuckles while facepalming.

    Lily's mother comes next, and she cups my cheeks, forcing me to look straight at her elegant face. "Congratulations, and take care of my daughter, please," she composedly gives me her blessings, then moves on to console her husband.

    With the greetings now done, we enter the restaurant and get the party going.

    A wedding isn't really a party for the newlyweds to enjoy, but rather, it's a party for your guests. It's a show where we're the main attraction, so we'd better play up the part of a loving and happy couple, not that we aren't one already.

    I don't eat much, saving space in my stomach for the chocolate and cake, but before the time for that comes, the waiter gives each of us at the grooms' table two gold-powdered Ferrero Rocher each.

    As if we were having a toast, we all, at the same time, eat the most delicious chocolate I've ever tasted.

    Lily's Mom used to dance, so we take our first dance seriously, trying to impress her.

    I grab her waist and lift her up high, then I spin in place and gently guide her down. That'd be an impressive feat of strength if Lily weren't so fucking light. Everything involving gymnastics seems to be easier when your partner is so light that you can fold them into a trunk and carry them by hand.

    Once the song ends, we receive an enthusiastic round of applause and a thumbs up from Lily's Mom, so the greatest challenge of the night was cleared with an excellent grade.

    I awkwardly scratch my cheek, then we return to our table to calm down our hearts. Lily can dance, but not in front of everyone like this.

    I spend most of my time at the party talking with Sis, Lily, and her friends. I don't really have any strong connections with anyone besides these two, so it's kind of like I don't have any real friends, but Lily's group seems to like me, for some reason.

    I feel like they've adopted me as one of them…

    Lily and I dance again a few more times, but with all the stress from today, we don't have the energy to do it that seriously.

    The party goes on until late at night, but it finally ends at 3 AM, and we're "allowed" to leave.

    I lay my head on Lily's lap while the driver takes us home. We're both completely exhausted, and if my clothes are starting to itch, I can only imagine how badly hers are by now.

    The driver drops us off at our house, and we awkwardly walk in. I have to follow in behind her, holding her dress' "tail," or whatever this shit is called, so that it doesn't get dirty.

    Right when we open the door, two missiles launch towards Lily, but she deftly shoots them down before they can do any damage. "Tito! Lala! Stop!" She assertively commands them, and they immediately obey.

    I drop Lily's tail and corral Team Rocket away so that she can get to her room and shed her dress. Tito, the not-corgi, shows me his wide and fluffy belly, making me squeal internally, while Lala, the not-beagle, jumps at my leg, giving me puppy eyes and asking for pats.

    "I'm sorry, but daddy needs to do something before I can play," I whisper apologetically at them, then I quickly enter our room so that I can watch Lily strip.

    I sit down on the bed and give her a knowing smile that she quickly mirrors, then she slows down and adds sensuality to her movements.

    Her dress drops to the floor, revealing her dainty, lacy, white lingerie. She's wearing a delicate bra, a garter belt, long white stockings, and the smallest panties she's ever worn.

    My heart pumps blood down to my dick, and my exhaustion is washed away almost instantly.

    "Don't bite them off," she warns me, slightly deflating my excitement. "Seriously, they were expensive."

    "Okay…" I mumble, then I tap the screen of my phone and take a picture. She strikes some poses for me and slowly makes her way across the bed as if it were a porn shoot. She's going to get fucked in a few minutes, so that's not actually that far from the truth.

    Once she gets close enough, I drop my phone and pull her close to me, then I invade her mouth with my tongue.

    I push her down, and we lay on the bed, then she starts to rub her pussy against my leg, so I break the kiss and smile apologetically as I say, "We have to get these clothes off…"

    "Right…" She snorts and pushes me away, then I quickly get undressed and sweep her off her feet. She yelps and hugs me around my neck, then starts chuckling as I princess carry her to the bathroom.

    We both would rather fuck and suck each other after a quick shower, but she's a bit of a cum slut, so she has something else in mind for us.

    "Wait, wait, wait, there's something we need to do…" She stops me and smiles suggestively.


    She gives my dick a quick wash, then she deepthroats me.

    "Hngh…!" I moan as she starts pumping me, begging for my cum.

    I happily oblige, and she gives herself a facial. Or, more precisely, she makes me cum all over her beautiful, perfect hair.

    I chuckle and scratch my cheek awkwardly as she runs out of the bathroom to get my phone for a selfie.

    After that, we have a quick shower, and now that we're both clean and smelling good, we hungrily go down on each other.

    "Did you even go soft?" She questions as she licks the head.

    "Uh… I don't think so," I confusedly answer. "I guess I'm just really horny."


    I envelop her pussy with my mouth, then I tongue fuck her. She knows how to suck cock, and I know how to eat pussy.

    "Hngh…! Ahn…! Oh…! Ah…! I'm… I'm comiiing~…!" She shouts, then I feel her vagina quivering through my tongue. "W-wow…! D-don't… STOOOOP!"

    She stops sucking me, and I keep a steady technique going, eating her out like I've never done before.

    Using my tongue like a third hand, I play her pussy to bring out a beautiful song from her lips, with even her tight asshole gets played with. My hand and tongue move on their own, creating a symphony with her moans.

    I've become a Grand artist, and her pussy is my instrument. I'm a prodigy, a genius, the master of pleasure.

    No, I'm more, much more. I'm… I'm…

    I am a Sex God.

    "W-w-w-w-wait…! Toto, wait!" She pleads.

    I snap out of it and make a dumb noise, "Huh…?"

    "That's a bit too much… you'll… ruin me before we even start…" She struggles to continue talking as she catches her breath.

    "Oh… okay."

    She rolls to the side and reaches for the bedside table while I clean my finger on a used underwear. I don't really like playing with her asshole, so I don't know why I did that, but she likes it, so it's fine.

    She leans over the bedside table and takes out a condom, then she expertly readies my Holy Weapon and sits down onto it. The wet noise made by her pussy is extremely arousing.

    I breathe heavily, then I grab her hips and slam us together, making her moan loudly.

    I want to fuck her.

    I grit my teeth as a hunger wells up from deep inside me, and her moaning turns into yelling.

    I need to fuck her.

    The hunger morphs into desperation, and her yelling gives way to screaming.

    I need to fuck her.

    I slap her ass cheeks and growl.

    I will… fuck… her brains out!

    She orgasms as I continue to pump and pump, applying a liberal amount of lube to her pussy every now and then to keep the friction from hurting either of us.

    "HNGRHH!" I grunt like an animal as I cum loads inside her.

    I pull my cock out and feel a bit disappointed that her pussy isn't dripping with cum.

    I take the condom off and shove it in her mouth.

    "Drink it," I order, then I ready myself with another.

    She raises her eyebrows in surprise, then she meekly obeys. "Feeling a bit wild today?" She tentatively asks.

    "You have no idea," I whisper back in a husky tone and continue destroying her pussy.

    My body eventually gives in after several more orgasms, but my hunger is insatiable.

    My cock vacates her vagina, and we collapse right there on the bed. After just a minute, we both fall fast asleep.

    The dogs wake us up with their barking at the bedroom door, begging for their breakfast.

    "Toto, You broke my pussy…" Lily moans in pain.

    "Your dry vagina gave me a rub burn…" I moan back.

    "Fuck you, you animal…"

    "No, please don't, I can't handle anymore," I beg, and we both chuckle.

    We apply some cream on each other's aching areas and go feed the dogs. Only then are we allowed to prepare our breakfast.

    Lily makes waffles while I start the espresso machine, then I stare at it as my mind goes blank. It seems that I've forgotten how to make coffee.

    "What is it?" Lily gently asks me.

    I scratch my cheek, then my hands suddenly start working by themselves, and I make each of us a quick latte.

    "Nothing…" I mutter.

    She finishes the waffles, then adds a spoonful of cream on top and pours on some hot blueberry syrup.

    We sit down and enjoy the smell of coffee and waffles on a chilly morning as we eat. The dogs happily wag their butts as they gorge themselves on their food, and I smile warmly at them while I gaze upon their cuteness.

    "They're saying that it might not snow this year," Lily comments as she checks her phone.

    "Mom said that it's becoming a desert over there. Things are getting bad…" I respond dismally. Lily doesn't say anything more about it because we both know that things in India are even worse, so we then go quiet, trying to avoid this depressing topic.

    Lily gets a message on her phone, so she checks it, then she smiles and suggests, "Toto, your sister says that she'll be taking our parents for a walk, so we could just rest today, I'm definitely way too tired to go out."

    I nod slowly as I absentmindedly reply, "Sounds good to me. Tell her to take them to Tim Hortons, they'll love their donuts."

    She chuckles girlishly. "So… now that we have the whole day to ourselves… how about we play some Guild Wars VR?"

    I turn to her and see her smirk, which I promptly mirror. "You sure about that?"

    She nods confidently, making her wavy hair sway. "My hips hurt, and my pussy is a little sore, but my legs are okay, so I can deal with it."

    "Alright, let's go."

    We decide to play with the dogs to tire them out so that we can game without any interruptions.

    Tito is being lazy, like always, so we focus on Lala. Otherwise, she'll just pester him until he gets angry. We might have to change "fluffy butt's" diet and force him to exercise a bit more because he's definitely getting fat. "Puppy eyes" is always energetic, so she's still quite fit.

    Then we open the dog door so that they can play together in the backyard for a while. The weather has been somewhat dry lately, so there's no risk of them getting dirty with mud.

    We turn on our PCs and put on our controlling gloves, then we open the game and put on our visors.

    I look at my hands and see a pair of large cat paws, then I look down and notice that I'm naked.

    "Oh, right…" I whisper then giggle as I flap my fully animated mega cat dong. The spiky, red meat rod makes some lewd and wet sounds as it smacks against my hips, and the absurd sight of that gives me a boner.

    I look to my side and see Succubus-Loli-Lily staring at me with amusement. Her attire is the perfect mix of innocence, sexiness, and cuteness, and staring at this alluring devil just hardens my erection even further.

    These lewd models aren't part of the official game, they're mods that we put together to have some fun.

    I lick my lips as I stare at her dripping pussy, then I give her kitten eyes.

    She frowns worriedly, wrinkling her cute little face, and questions, "The fuck is wrong with you? I'm still really sore."

    I scratch my cheek awkwardly and tentatively ask, "Can I get a handy? I'm really so fucking horny that it's making me feel awkward."


    "Get fucked!" Lolily taunts as she slams her huge axe down on the scrub's head.

    He doesn't even have purple equips, and he's challenging her. I mean, just the size of her axe alone should give you the idea that she's not to be fucked with, but noo~… the krill willingly enter the whale's mouth on their own.

    I sigh and stab the trashier scrub in the back, stacking even more poison on him. I leave a clone behind and go invis, then he swings his stupid greatsword around and kills the clone. That gives him another stack of confusion, making him hurt himself even worse.

    I just watch and chuckle as the dude wildly swings his hammer around, slowly killing himself just from the confusion debuff.

    Once he realizes that I won't be coming back, he switches to Lily, then I stab him in the back again and create four clones. I immediately spread them out and mimic their behavior, fooling him into not knowing which one is real.

    He attacks and kills the wrong one, which earns him another stack of confusion and makes him damage himself again, then he goes for another and another. Not only does he keep hurting himself, but he's also giving me plenty of time for my cooldowns to reset.

    Once I'm ready, I detonate the last clone and switch to my shortsword, but then my mind wanders, and I hesitate.

    I stare at both of my hands, feeling like there's something odd about them. My fingers feel sluggish, my mind keeps searching for something, my heart feels empty.

    "Cat! A little hand please!" Lolily gently requests. She's fighting four newbs, but it's still four on one.

    Where the fuck are they all coming from?

    "GYEEEH!" The scrub that I'd forgotten about tries to backstab me.

    I teleport behind him and shove my sword into his spine. "Nothing personnel, kid," I throw some banter and twist the sword in his back.

    The trash will be paralyzed for a few more seconds, but he's using a tank build, so it'll take a while for me to actually finish him.

    I create four more clones and send them to detonate on the newbs, allowing Lolily to simply outlast the idiots.

    I watch as she plays around with a wolf girl. Bullying female chars is a sadistic pastime for both of us.

    The girl is fast, turning into an orange blur as she dodges repeatedly, but Lolily knows the pattern of her movements, and I chain the wolf right at the perfect time.

    Lolily's axe cleaves the wolf's head in two, killing her instantly.

    I scratch my cheek awkwardly. I actually feel a bit bad about that one, she was really cute.

    "Catt-o! There's a zerg coming!" Lolily delicately draws me out of my musings.

    I growl angrily like an animal, and Lolily chuckles.

    "DarkHarvest can get fucked! We can't hold this spot; we need to get out of here!" I respectfully suggest.

    She holds a newb by the neck so that she can stare at me. "You can't deal with them?!" She softly asks, totally not flippant, then decapitates the dude.

    I stare at the swarm intensely.

    The fuckers are small, but it's still a swarm. I need… I need…

    My fingers twitch, and my cheek itches.

    "WELL?! CAN YOU DEAL WITH THEM?!" Lolily presses on, pulling me out of my daydreaming.

    "NO! FUCK THIS!" I throw my Escape-… uh… I create a smokescreen and use my clones as bait, then I grab the Homebound Stone and start the teleport countdown.

    The scrubs zerg our smokescreen, but we easily escape, though using the Homebound Stone isn't cheap.

    We're teleported back to town, and I send a message to DarkHarvest that we're out. Someone fed info to the Green Skins about our position, and not even we can face their zerg head-on like that.

    I see a hint of red that gets my attention. Lolily follows my gaze and snorts. "She's hot. Want me to get a new costume like that?" She suggests teasingly.

    I chuckle awkwardly, caught red-handed. "Nah…" I shyly deny and scratch my cheek.

    I'm feeling a bit tired, so we stop in the public garden, then I try to take off my visor. But then, my finger pokes one of my eyes instead, and I whine in pain. "Ow! The fuck?"

    Where's my visor?

    Lolily gives me a weird look.

    "Logout," I command, and the screen goes black, then I see the real world again.


    Lolily grabs my shoulder and asks me worriedly, "Are you okay?"

    I nod and smile as I whisper, "Yeah, I'm fine. I just need to go to the bathroom."

    She releases my shoulder. "Alright."

    Tito and Lala follow me there, so I give them a few pats, but I don't let them in the bathroom, locking the door behind me.

    I take a piss and wash my hands, then I look at my face in the mirror and pause.

    "Fuck, I'm old…" I mutter as I start counting the white hairs.

    I see one, two, three, four, five… ten… twenty… thirty… forty…


    The dogs bark and whine as they play around a bit too roughly with each other, so I yell at them to calm down, and they stop.

    My left cheek itches again.

    "You okay?" Lily's muffled voice comes through the door.

    "Yeah I-…" -I notice that my fingers are bloodied- "The fuck…" I mumble.

    I wash the blood away, but the itching doesn't let up, so I have to wash them every time I scratch my cheek.

    "Got a rash?" Lily asks as she warmly lays her hand on my shoulder.

    "Yeah," I sigh and scratch it again. It's itching so much now that a thin vertical red line has become clearly visible on my left cheek.

    She grabs my hand and washes the blood off of my fingers, then she applies a wound dressing for my cheek, and a red line of blood quickly appears in the cotton.

    "Alright, I'm ready," I state and cautiously pat her head, avoiding her pointy horns, then I take off my visor, and we continue.

    I grab my sword and shield, and we go to the arena to spar. Lily calls DarkHarvest in voice chat and starts a discussion with him, so she just watches me fight.

    I jump forward and slash. I feel slow.

    I create some clones and play around with my opponent's mind. I feel sluggish.

    I quickly deal with the scrub, but I'm left unsatisfied by the fight. I scratch my cheek.

    My next opponent is a busty girl, so I bully her relentlessly until she forfeits.

    I look over at my little angelic loli as she brings down hell on DarkHarvest. We're getting reimbursed for that Homebound Stone, no matter what.

    My momentary distraction provides an opening for my opponent, allowing his wooden longsword to cut vertically down my left cheek and rip off the dressing in the process.

    I growl like an animal and turn on bully mode. They're an androgynous elf, but they're cute enough that my dick gets hard when I hear them moan in pain.

    I finish the duel, then I go towards Lolily and molest her. DarkHarvest can't see her, but the others in the arena can definitely make out my suggestive movements.

    The smell of blood; the moans of pain; the sounds of battle; the sexy clothing everyone's wearing. It all just makes my dick get harder and harder.

    I sit down in the stands and pull out my dick as I ogle Lolily's body. The other guild officers side with us, so DarkHarvest eventually relents, then Lolily ends the call and gives me a bewitching look.

    She starts swinging her hips enticingly, and I begin to breathe heavily as I stare at her, just imagining how her tight virgin asshole would feel squeezing around my Dragonator.

    I scratch my cheek and start stroking my cock with my bloodied hand. My hand moves on its own, up and down at a rapid pace, but I find neither pleasure nor release.

    My heart palpitates and I sweat cold, but I remain seated, too enthralled by Lolily's dancing to stop masturbating to her.

    However, orgasm never comes, and my arm starts to get tired, then my hand slows down until it stops moving entirely, and my dick goes completely limp, flopping pathetically.

    I try to move, but my body feels like it's made of stone. I try to look away, but my vertebrae have been fused together. I try to blink, but my eyelids have been glued open. I try to scream, but I have no mouth.

    My skin isn't my own, it's a cage. I try to rip it off, but my muscles won't obey, for they don't belong to me anymore.

    My eyes are the windows out of this cell. They show me the world outside, but they're not the exit.

    Everything is wrong; this body doesn't belong to me; this world is not my own.

    My mind retreats inwards, and my vision is no longer my own, as if it's now just a camera that I'm watching the world through, then someone else takes control of my life.

    I get up and adjust my tuxedo. Lily comes up to me and tightens my tie, then the bridesmaids lift the tail of her wedding dress.

    We link our arms together and walk down the aisle as the Bridal Chorus plays at full volume.

    We stop before the priest and recite our vows.

    "Heitor da Cruz, do you take Lily Singh as your wife?" The priest's voice resounds throughout the church.

    The doors to the church open up to reveal the abyss, and a wisp of smoke seeps in from it.

    It slowly floats closer and closer to us until it stops right in front of me.

    "You can have her, if you join me," I offer and extend my hand to the shade.

    The smoke grows and starts to take the shape of a person.

    "Things will go back to how they were, as if this had never happened," I insist.

    The smoke solidifies into pale, featureless skin.

    "There will be no more pain."

    Black hair grows out of the person's head, then his body gains the characteristics of a man.

    "There will be no more fighting."

    The man slams his fists against the glass separating us.

    "You'll go back to your simple life as a robotics researcher with your beautiful wife."

    My eyes open, allowing me to see again.

    "Why do you resist?" Other me questions sadly with a frown.

    United, day and night!

    I try to scream, but I have no mouth.

    "Heitor da Cruz, do you take Lily Singh as your wife?" The priest repeats.

    In pain and pleasure!

    My body gets covered with thin white underclothes.

    Tito offers me his belly, Lala shows me her puppy eyes.

    Success or failure!

    My armor reappears, its emerald scales shining in their full glory.

    My nostrils reform, and they're filled with the heavenly smell of coffee.

    Wherever we may be!

    My emerald fang sword reappears in my hand.

    A Ferrero Rocher appears before other me. He grabs it and eats it, then he moans in delight as the hazelnut chocolate melts in his mouth.

    We'll never abandon each other!

    "I love you," Lily's whisper caresses my ears.

    All for one, one for all!

    "Heitor da Cruz, do you take Lily Singh as your wife?" The priest asks me one last time.

    My mouth finally reappears.

    "My name… is Wolf Ryder!" I shout with a hoarse voice, then I stab my other self in the heart, and everything shatters apart.

    I wake up feeling confused and hurting everywhere. I manage to open my eyes just a bit, but my vision is too blurry to make anything out.

    I try to move, but my arms and legs barely respond, and the pain only increases the more I try.

    I calm myself down and try to assess my situation. I feel like I'm submerged in some sort of viscous and warm liquid, and then I notice that there's something hard inside my mouth.

    Suddenly, I feel the liquid draining away, then a cold and a horrible pain flares up as the tube-like thing buried inside my mouth is yanked out.

    I sense the mana from a type of [Regeneration] spell leaking everywhere around me, then the pains throughout my body start to fade away.

    Over a few more minutes, I start to regain some strength in my muscles, so I try to rub my eyes, but then I hear a loud crystalline clinking sound as my fingers are stopped by something, then my forehead burns with a sharp pain, and I pull my hands away.

    I feel the pain slowly fading away as I begin to flex my fingers, only now noticing that they feel really stiff and heavy.

    I try to clench my fists, but something sharp digs into my skin, so I stop.

    Are those my nails?

    I use my right hand to feel my left and discover that my skin is now dark, rough and-… I hear a familiar clinking sound- scaly…?

    I feel it some more and realize that there are actual small scales on the back of my hand and forearm, then I notice that my fingers all have razor-sharp claws now instead of nails.

    What the fuck?!

    I carefully feel my face again, but it's soft like normal, so it seems that only my hands and forearms are different. Though, now I'm starting to feel something weird on my temples, feet, and ass, too.

    I gently take off the glass swimming goggles covering my eyes, then I cast [Clean] on my face to clear away all the gunk.

    I start blinking rapidly, and my eyes slowly become adjusted to the light.

    I look at my hands and wait until the blurriness goes away, and what I can see shocks me. My hands have become larger, their skin has become dark and rough, and they're covered with mirror-like scales.

    What. The. Fuck?!

    I start inspecting the rest of my body, and I discover that it isn't withered like it was during my time with the elemental-wives, and then I notice that my feet have become draconic, too, and they have even larger claws than my hands do.

    The confusion and excitement overwhelms me, sending a chill down my spine, then my body suddenly rolls over to the side.

    I feel like I have a tentacle extending from my tailbone, so I look around to my ass and see a large, thick, dragon tail emerging from the base of my spine.

    "WHAT?!" I shout, then my tail whips about and hits the soft, wet bedding, making me roll over again.

    I stay there on my stomach for a while, frozen in confusion, fear, and also because my tail is flailing uncontrollably, which is preventing me from rolling over onto my side. Its powerful muscles make it the strongest limb that I have, so it isn't easy to keep it under control.

    Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

    I try to facepalm, but my claws hit something hard near my temple, so I feel around it and realize that I have two long horns pointing upwards and growing out of the sides of my head.


    In the confusion, I cut my forehead again with my claws, drawing some blood, but the [Regeneration] still acting on me quickly heals the wound.

    The tail works just like a tentacle, so it doesn't me take too much time to get it back under control, but what does take a long time is for me to process what the fuck has happened.

    So, I'm back…?

    I look around curiously as my eyes recover, allowing me to see further than just a few meters. I'm in a sort of wooden bed/tub hybrid, which is filled with an amber-colored viscous liquid.

    Outside the tub, I can see wooden walls and a ceiling covered with the usual growth rings found in the interiors of elven tree-houses.

    I can only see one door and a single crystal light that provides a soft illumination, which my sensitive eyes are thankful for, but no windows.

    I open my "Status," and I gasp in surprise.

    My race has changed to "Weredragon." Not "Dragon-type Wereanimal," just "Weredragon."

    I slap my forehead and groan as I cut myself yet again with my claws, then I start chuckling and roll onto my back.

    Well, I guess this makes sense since dragons aren't animals.

    My tail makes it rather uncomfortable to stay like this, so I roll over to one side.

    What the fuck even happened…?

    My memories after I met the black glowing tiger are really blurry up until the fantasy with Lily, so I have no idea how this could've happened.

    I wait until I've recovered enough strength to use my tail to stand up, making me chuckle. This thing is so strong that I think I could win in arm wrestling with it.

    I slip on the wet bedding and fall on my back, but the bed's so soft that I barely even feel it.

    "Hm…" I pout in annoyance. My limbs feel weak and unresponsive even though my body is pretty muscular.

    Wait, my Gifts!

    My [Gate] is still blocked, but then I search for the [Summon Elemental] button in my soul space, and it fills me with joy when I find it there.

    Wait, wait!

    I look through my "Status" again and see Ciel's name in the "Companions" entry.


    I focus on the fellowship bond, quickly sensing that she's nearby, perhaps just a dozen meters away.

    I summon an earth-Lina and get her to help me up, then she lifts me out of this tub. I notice a chair with my elven underclothes neatly folded on it, but I only put my underwear on before getting earth-Lina to assist me in getting out of here.

    All of the girls are nearby, but my [Bind]s truly seem to be gone, so I have to get to them myself.

    Earth-Lina helps me walk, then she opens the door for me, revealing a large circular room with eight other doors, each of which has one of the girls right behind them.

    Alissa stumbles through one of the doors and notices me, then she lights up with a wide, bright smile and jumps onto me. "WOLFYYYY~!" She shouts in pure joy, then gives me a tight hug.

    Earth-Lina lets go of me, but Alissa can't support my weight, so the elemental-wife holds us up again to keep us steady.

    Since I don't want to hurt Alissa, I keep my hands away from her, but my tail is still wildly wagging, which almost makes me lose my balance because of how heavy it is.

    Alissa notices my strange state and stares wide-eyed at me. "What happened to you?!" She exclaims, flabbergasted.

    "No idea…" I casually respond with a shrug. I've got more important things to worry about right now.

    The next door opens, and Roxanne emerges, floating with her sexy bat wings. "YAY!" She shouts happily, then she notices my claws. "WOW!"

    A naked Hana bursts out of her door and stumbles, but she continues forward until she reaches us, then she gives Alissa and I an enthusiastic bear hug. "I MISSED YOU!" She bellows.

    The next door opens, and I whimper from the ache in my heart as Hana eases off the hug.

    "Hello… I guess I… survived…?" Ciel questions hesitantly and awkwardly chuckles.

    Lina bursts out of the next door and makes a beeline towards Ciel, moving solely through [Spirit of Gaia]. She stops right in front of the chocolate angel and gives her a tight hug, burying her head in Ciel's huge, delicious tits, then we hear her crying softly in relief.

    Another door opens, and Yunia unsteadily walks through it, stopping only when I'm in reach of her so that she can hug me.

    Ciel, Lina, and Roxanne join in the group hug, then another door opens.

    We see a very tall, naked woman; she must be over two meters tall since she's even taller than Hana. Her lustrous, straight, dark blue hair pools down onto the floor, covering parts of her face and her body like a veil; her incredibly delicate face holds a gentle smile; her long, almost Asian-like eyes are truly entrancing with their black sclera and split red and blue irises; her lithe limbs make her seem as delicate as a doll; her little bee stings of a chest give her an air of innocence; and her small, light blue landing strip makes me salivate.

    "Aoi?" I meekly ask.

    The woman glows, and her body grows even taller as it gains scales, then thickens with powerful muscles as she goes down onto all fours. Her face elongates into a snout, and a pair of large blue wings grows out of her back.

    Then she stops glowing, revealing my magnificent blue dragon, Aoi. "That's me!" She exclaims happily, then she barrels forward and joins in on the hug.

    We cry together as we whimper and whisper about how much we all missed each other.

    I immediately start casting [Bind]s to reconnect everyone again, and the feelings that come flooding through break our hearts. Our knees weaken, and we all fall on the floor, then we cry our hearts out.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Prince PreownedFIN.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Lord DJ.
    Lord Ashadun.
    Lord Michale Erwin.
    Lord Bakerdea.
    Lord D4rk Sheep.
    Lord Nathan Vanbrunt.
    Lord Maurice.
    Lord Krawn.
    Lord Empyrean.
    Lord Mattirro Draca.
    Lord Joshua Tal.
    Lord Colorblind.
    Lord RottenTangerine.
    Lord Cidant.
    Lord Fullmoon.
    Lord Joxsan Herrera.
    Lord The_Cultural_Weeb_Otaku.
    Lord Sean Drake.
    Lord Brody Haugan.
    Lord GoodKat.
    Noble Salty Panda.
    Noble Mild Fracas.
    Noble Aclys.
    Noble Jordon Gotthold.
    Noble Tyler Mills.
    Noble Shawn Plumley.
    Noble Kale Daley.
    Noble Stellerbattle.
    Noble FrostyCube.
    Noble CarlBaxter.
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    Earth-Lina goes back to get the rest of our clothes, and I summon two more so that they can help us get dressed.

    Our cuddle puddle is centered on Ciel since everyone wants a piece of her. Lina stays on her lap while I hug her from behind with some thick, long tentacles. I can't safely use my hands just yet, so this'll have to do for now. I'm also feeling a bit lonely, so I make sure that I'm touching all of the girls with the tentacles to appease my thirst for skinship.

    After our emotions die down a bit, and the tears stop pouring out, Roxanne asks Ciel the question that's on everyone's minds, "So… didn't you… die?"

    "She's definitely alive," Yunia immediately states.

    Ciel looks down and hugs Lina tighter as she goes through her memories. She finally speaks after a short while with a wistful voice, "I remember getting swallowed by the slime, but after that, my vision went dark, and I felt as if I were just sleeping for a long time… then I dreamt about Macht and woke up here."

    "It was a test. Arreira was playing with our feelings again," Lina somberly adds and frowns angrily, casting a shadow upon her pretty face.

    Roxanne calmly examines me and speculates, "You looked as if you were wasting away when we met you in the tunnels, and since you're back to how you were before, I'm fairly certain that it was all just some sort of illusion or dream."

    We all accept that as the most likely explanation. There's no way that Ciel would've been so easily "revived," otherwise.

    Ciel sighs and pats Lina's head. "We'll just have to ask the Dungeon Master, then."

    We all hum in agreement, then their attention turns to me.

    "So, what happened to you?" Alissa asks worriedly. She gently grabs one of my draconic hands and inspects it.

    "I don't know… I honestly don't know…" I mutter dejectedly.

    Alissa fiddles with one of the mirror-like scales and cuts her delicate fingers on the edge. They're extremely sharp.

    I grab her fingers and give them a kiss as I cast [Heal].

    "That looks like a malformed transformation," Aoi confidently states.

    Alissa gives her a confused look. "How do you know…? Ah, right, you were a woman when we first saw you, and that wasn't an illusion, correct?"

    Aoi nods excitedly and gives us a toothy grin as she narrates, "I was stuck somewhere and wanted really badly to become human, so I enveloped my body with my mana organ and forced the transformation. I failed horribly, and my entire body became deformed, but the gray platform healed me completely, so I tried again and again until I succeeded.

    "Wolfy's new look is like my half-successful attempts, when something changed, but not everything. But those attempts hurt so much that I cried, so I don't know how he's so normal." And she gives me a curious look.

    Through [Bind], we get a vague idea of what Aoi went through as she lets her feelings pour through the connection, and it really wasn't pleasant.

    I flex my fingers in thought and even manage to make my scales twitch. "It doesn't hurt, though it does feel weird and sluggish to move," I casually respond with a shrug, then something dawns on me. "Oh… I do remember feeling a horrible pain after I met with the shining black tiger."

    Alissa knits her eyebrows in thought and requests, "Wolfy, give me [Sense Soul]." I obey, and she looks intensely at my arms. "When I transform, my soul doesn't change, but it seems like Wolfy's did, so I think he's more like Hana than me, now."

    "Nice!" Hana shouts and gives me a painful slap on the back. "Did your dick change, too?"

    I look down and make it twitch. "Well, no, but I'm feeling something strange…"

    I open my "Status" and discover that I have two new skills: [Dragon Transformation] and [Mana Body], both of which are "innate." The latter seems to have replaced [Mana Genitals], but the skill is only at level one.

    "The fuck is [Mana Body]?" I question out loud, then Alissa, Yunia, and Roxanne raise their eyebrows in surprise at the same time.

    "That's a really rare skill," Roxanne excitedly comments before the others can recover.

    "Is it… good?" I ask, frowning worriedly.

    Roxanne adjusts her glasses and starts lecturing me, "Everything magical will be easier for you, but you'll also be more vulnerable to magic. You could potentially sustain yourself with just mana, but that's extremely inefficient mana-wise, so it's easier to just use [Conjure Bland Meal]. You'll be able to increase your physical stats similarly to [Spirit of Gaia], but you don't have the passive bonus of [Stonebody]. I recommend that you never touch emellanat again, though."

    "Sounds nice…?" I say tentatively.

    "I could potentially kill you with [Disruption Field]," Yunia soberly states, making us all frown worriedly.

    "Well, fuck…" I mutter, then I sigh and try to massage my temples, but my claws hit my horns, and I curse under my breath. "How… difficult would that be?"

    "It's like an inverse interruption battle. If our 'Magic Power' is equal, then it's nearly impossible for me to kill you, but if you're trapped by someone moderately more powerful than you…"

    I feel a slight chill run through me. A [Gate] scrubber is already a death sentence for me, but now I'll have one more thing to worry about. "Can I develop a resistance to it?"

    She narrows her pretty blue eyes in thought. "Not sure, but that's a possibility…"

    Alissa interjects, "The more powerful mages or Lords learn this skill to help them when their bodies start to decay from old age, so I'm sure they've developed countermeasures for that."

    "We could ask the mages of our court," Yunia adds reassuringly, but she immediately frowns in concern. "If there's anyone left…"

    I scratch my horn awkwardly, not entirely convinced. "Well, there are many 'innate'-type skills that I can't see, so maybe someone created a skill for that…" -I get an idea that gives me hope- "Oh! Is it reversible?"

    Yunia smiles gently and nods. "Yes. I believe the Chimeras are the true experts in this field, so they should be able to tell us more."

    I sigh in relief, and Aoi chuckles when she sees my tail starting to sway. "We're not so different anymore," she happily says.

    I use [Sense Soul] on her and see something amazing.
    Soul Info​
    Name:AoiLevel:1Race:Azurite Dragon

    "Dwarven beard!" Ciel exclaims once I show everyone what I'm seeing.

    "Oh…? Oh! I forgot about that…" Aoi mumbles, then starts laughing heartily.

    "How… could you forget something important as this?!" I exclaim, exasperated.

    Her tail sways as she gives me a subtle amused look. "Well, losing [Bind] was so painful that I forgot about everything for a while."

    A bucket of cold water pours over me. "Oh…" Then I remember a weird dream that makes me feel a bit confused.

    "Can you show us once again how you look?" Roxanne asks, almost salivating.

    Aoi nods and immediately starts to glow, then her body becomes thinner, and the drop-dead gorgeous woman from before takes her place.

    "Hot damn," I sigh in amazement.

    Roxanne extends a hand and caresses Aoi's ethereally perfect skin, trembling with barely contained excitement. "Wolfy's cock…" She mutters under her breath, using my dick as an idiom. "Can I kiss you?"

    I whip a tentacle at her hand, making her yelp, and forcing her to pull it back, then she rubs the reddened skin and pouts at me.

    I look around with narrowed eyes and an imperious expression. "I claim all of Human-Aoi's first times. Nobody is to touch her before me," I announce, then I lay my eyes on the blue-haired beauty.

    She's exquisite. Another Goddess to stand among her sister-wives. Her body was painstakingly crafted by herself, using all she knew about cuteness and sexiness to forge the perfect vessel for my draconic cock.

    Hana crosses her arms and stares intensely at Aoi's pink, delicious nipples. "Couldn't you have given yourself bigger boobs?"

    "Dragons don't have boobs," Aoi innocently replies.

    "Yeah, but… boobs," Hana eloquently argues.

    Aoi gently touches her soft, small chest. "This is who I am in human form. I didn't choose this shape the way you think I did."

    "It's possible to change your transformed self through diligent mental exercise, but not everyone can do it," Alissa quickly lectures.

    "Hm…" Hana hums in understanding and rubs her chin as she scans Aoi's body up and down, then she snaps her fingers and turns to me. "Oh, right. What about you, Wolfy? Didn't you say that you're a 'Weredragon,' now? Can you change into one for us?"

    The eyes of the girls gleam at the idea, though not all of them would admit to it. They quickly make plenty of room, and I feel a bit lonely for a moment as my tentacles stop touching them.

    I search inside my soul space for a while, then I find the new "button," and it seems to be just begging to be pressed, which I happily oblige.

    Every single muscle feels as if it's being flexed, then an uncomfortable amount of pressure is applied all over my skin as it starts to glow, followed by the weirdest feeling I've ever felt. It's as if I were being licked with a bumpy tongue across every single part of my body, even inside my flesh.

    My posture changes, and it becomes hard to remain sitting, so I go down on all fours. My arms shorten, and my legs bend, then I feel two new limbs emerging out of my back, my wings.

    The girls start to become bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and…


    Giant-Alissa squeals, then she scoops me up into her arms and hugs me tight. "Wolfy, Wolfy, Wolfy, WOLFY! WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE?! HNNGHHHH! I WANT TO SMOTHER YOU!" She shouts and spins around while squishing me against her chest. I keep my claws clenched so that I won't accidentally cut her.

    "I-I want to hold him!" Ciel pleads and tries to stop Alissa.

    "NO! Wait your turn!" She shoots back, then rubs her face against my snout. "Ow!" She yelps as my pointy horns stab her cheek so deeply that they draw blood.

    I extend one claw and cast [Heal] on her.

    After Alissa gets her fill, the girls pass me around so that everyone can get a turn. I keep myself stiff while they play with my body, both too nervous and too embarrassed to react, but I do enjoy it very much when they pat me. I also need to keep my mind focused on my draconic shape, otherwise, I feel like I'll shift back into a human… well, Weredragon.

    Wait, does Alissa call her normal shape "human"?

    "No, we just call it 'normal,'" she reads my mind, literally.

    I've gained a few more spikes along my back, which is a masculine trait for dragons, making Aoi and Hana really excited about getting pounded by my huge, spiky, dragon cock… when I manage to level up the skill enough to grow a bit larger.

    Something tells me that this is a really bad time to get horny, so everyone contributes through [Bind] to extinguish the flames of draconic sexual desire flaring inside us.

    It's too tiring to stay in this form for long, so I eventually change back and return to cuddling with everyone.

    "Awn…" Ciel moans sadly. "You reminded me of when Aoi was small and cuter."

    "Hey, I'm still very cute," Aoi protests.

    "Hehehe… baby Wolfy…" Alissa mumbles and giggles girlishly.

    Hana clears her throat awkwardly and excitedly announces, "Well, it isn't as cool as what happened to you guys, but I learned how to do this."

    She activates [Draconic Body], and her entire fist glows for a second, then it gets covered in thick brown leathery skin and emerald scales. It's like a gauntlet, but it fits her perfectly, allowing her fingers to move with much more dexterity than they'd have with normal armor.

    "Wow…" We whisper in unison. Those scales are shiny… but mine seem shinier.

    "Hey! Don't brag!" Hana angrily exclaims and gives me a fearsome glare, but I just smirk at her.

    "So, can you cover your entire body with it?" Roxanne curiously asks and inspects Hana's hand.

    "Nope," Hana happily answers, and Roxanne rolls her eyes. "I can only do this for a minute or so, but I also feel like it's boosting my 'Stats.'"

    "Oh…" We coo in wonder.

    "I actually punched a [Meteor] with this and survived," she proudly states and thumps her chest, making her balloons jiggle.

    I blink blankly and ask, "Wait, what?"

    Ciel cups her cheek so hard it makes a slapping sound, and she exclaims, "Ah! So that's why you were covered in burns when we found you."

    Lina slaps her forehead and lets her little mouth hang open in surprise. "That's so stupid! Why would you do that?!"

    Hana shrugs and laughs. "That was my trial. I just did what the Dungeon Master wanted."

    I feel like something's off, so I probe her mind and examine the memory of her punching the [Meteor]. Just before she hit the spell, it halved its own size so that she wouldn't be blown into a red paste.

    "Holy fuck, you'd have died if the spell didn't purposely become smaller," I chastise her.

    She raises her hands, showing me her palms in a gesture of non-aggression. "Hey, hey, hey. Didn't we agree that the trials were all in a dream, or something?"

    Yunia snorts and concurs, "Yes, it was most likely all a dream… but you could've tested it beforehand with something smaller than a Godsdamned [Meteor]."

    Hana is unfazed as she retorts, "Everyone already knows I'm dumb. The trial was just a bad match for me, so we should blame the Dungeon Master."

    "Nah, we can blame both of you," I quip and smirk.

    "Fuck you, then. I mean, I do want to fuck you, but I also want you to fuck yourself," she harshly states, then she starts chuckling with a dark tone as she grins evilly. "The best thing about this is that it removed my 'Enhanced' skills, so I have quite a few free points to level up [Draconic Body]. I'll be fucking invincible soon enough!"

    Roxanne grabs her hand and gives her a fake smile as she deadpans, "I feel safer just from hearing that."

    Hana narrows her eyes dangerously, trying to determine if she's being made fun of or not. She probes Roxanne's mind and immediately tries to grab her, but Roxanne was waiting for that and jumps backward, then she uses her wings to float away and up out of reach.

    "I'm going to fuck you first!" Hana shouts and summons her wings, but we stop her with [Bind] because she's dead serious about doing it right here, right now.

    "There's someone waiting for us behind the last door," Alissa soberly announces, and the two mischievous little kids stop playing around.

    "Well, it seems that the rest of us didn't gain anything significant, but I don't think any of our trials were easy," Ciel gently says as she rises to her feet, then she looks around, giving each of us an angelic smile. "I'd like to talk with everyone about what we went through, but first, I think we need to talk to the person behind that door."

    We all turn to it and hear a click as the door unlocks and opens just a crack, unleashing an uncomfortably bright ray of light upon our sensitive eyes.

    Ciel casts [Heal] on each of us, which helps a lot to get our eyes used to the brightness.

    "Our sensitivity to light is evidence that we've been 'asleep' for a long time," Yunia whispers, and we all agree.

    We stand up and walk towards the door, our muscles strong enough now that we don't need the assistance of earth-Lina anymore.

    The fact that I named the earth elemental "earth-Lina" worries my little dwarf while also warming her heart. She's really unsure about how she should take it.

    I grab the handle of the door and push it open, revealing a huge elven office. There's a golden carpet in front of us, flanked by dozens of statues, fountains, springs, and rivulets. Birds are bathing in the fountains, Gatuns are sleeping on the grass, owls are sitting on the statues, and frogs are hiding in the rivulets. The sound of running water whispers in our ears along with the occasional purr of the huge, totally harmless cats.

    The carpet leads to a set of comfy chairs made of leaves, which are all facing the huge tree-throne where an impossibly beautiful elf stares at us with a bored face. My heart starts beating faster as if I were in love, but my mind clearly tells me that I'm looking at a very manly man.

    His face looks chiseled like the statue of a Greek God. His golden hair is styled in drills, just like Yunia's, but his lack femininity, their stiffness giving the impression of a crown. However, his actual crown consists of three sets of tall, pure-white, and pointy antlers arranged in a circle.

    He's wearing dozens of loose sheets of golden silk with beautiful silver embroidery, and they cover most of his skin, but the narrow openings reveal a perfectly sculpted and very muscular body.

    Without even opening his mouth, he speaks directly into our ears, almost giving us an "eargasm" in the process. "Do my eyes deceive me? Have you all finally stopped chattering and decided to grace me with your oh, so, divine presence?" He flippantly asks, then leans forward, rustling the leaves cushioning his throne, and rests his chin on his hand.

    His voice is impossibly sexy, making me question my sexuality for a split second, then my tail stiffens and stands straight up as draconic rage starts to boil within me, immediately counteracting his ridiculously high "Charisma."

    "He's dead, he's a spirit," Yunia solemnly tells us through [Bind].

    "The Dungeon Master," Ciel whispers worriedly.

    "Arreira," Lina finishes, her voice dripping with bitterness.

    "After everything you've done to us, yes, we deserve some private time together," I retort and give him a fake smile, mirroring his tone because I feel like standing up to him right now.

    His tone goes flat as he says, "Let me remind you all that each and every one of you agreed to go through these trials."

    "Wait, what?" I reflexively ask, and we're all taken aback.

    Before we can properly respond, we're all overtaken by a strong feeling of deja vu as we remember a dream we had. We don't remember when we had it, but… we all had such a similar dream that it's impossible for it to just be a coincidence.

    "Ah… the golems! Where are they?!" I shout, filled with hope, and take a step forward.

    Arreira waves his hand, and the three golems appear before us. "Interesting conversational partners, if anything," he dully comments.

    We run across the carpet, and the golems meet us halfway.

    "Greetings, Masters," the three of them say in unison with a higher pitch than usual.

    Are they trying to sound excited?

    I ignore that thought and hug Ted while Ciel goes for Suzy, and the rest of us crowd around Jarn.

    Yunia's twin is now complete, with her steel skin shining and polished like a mirror, elven patterns adorning most of her visible skin, and a durable-looking elven bikini hiding her lewdest parts.

    "How are you, Ted? How was your time here with Arreira?" I gently ask my teddy doll and pat her with my tentacles.

    She raises her head and extends her cute little arms towards me, so I pull her closer, and she wraps them around my neck. "We've missed you, Master." -My heart tightens even though I know she's saying it specifically to comfort me- "And we've finished our mission. We've entertained Arreira, learned as much as possible from him, and trained when time allowed, all so that we could serve you better."

    Arreira's voice temporarily breaks me out of our precious moment, lighting a small flame of anger inside me as he comments, "I may not be a great teacher, but the golems are extremely 'dense' students. I don't think they've learned much in comparison to what a humanoid student could've in the same amount of time."

    I snuff out my anger and hug Ted so tightly that I feel the steel skeleton under her fluffy skin.

    Ted's voice becomes more monotone, and she loosens her hug. "I apologize, Master. We lack creativity, which greatly slowed down our learning."

    "It's fine, it's all fine… I'm proud of you three," I whisper reassuringly, and pat her head a bit harder, then I snap my head towards Arreira. "Gify?" I ask, hopeful.


    "Gih!" The cheeky little griffin appears in front of me, and her familiar presence settles into the back of my mind again.

    I start chuckling and hold back my tears, then I pass Ted to Lina and snatch Gify from the air with my tentacles, which I promptly use to smother her.

    "I really missed you…" I whisper gently.

    Gify struggles and squeezes through my mass of tentacles like a cat, then her head pops out, and she gives me a smug grin. "Gih!"

    I pout and squeeze her tighter, almost making her eyes bulge out. "Fuck you. I really do love you…"

    *Pop!* *Pop!* Gify reappears on top of my head and starts making a nest out of my hair. "Gih…" She chirps tenderly and goes to sleep. We're all so overwhelmed with emotions right now that Alissa will let this slide, but only this one time.

    I sigh in relief as things start to make sense again, then I shoot a subtle glare at Arreira as I recollect my memories "So, I… lent you the golems? And we agreed to go through the trials?"

    He nods, still bored, and answers in a monotone, "Precisely. It may seem like a dream, but that's just a side-effect of your short-term memories being wiped. We'd met a few times before that, but they were such brief meetings that you might've completely forgotten about them."

    This leaves us feeling very conflicted about how to take all of this. Alissa, Lina, and I have the greatest amount of hate for Arreira, but we also remember that we agreed to go through these trials, so we can't place all of the blame on him for the pain we went through.

    He sighs and sits up straight, then his handsome face becomes serious. Almost as if he's reading our minds, he calmly states, "Whatever you might feel about me doesn't matter. You've all passed, and now it's time to go over your evaluations."

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Prince PreownedFIN.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Lord DJ.
    Lord Ashadun.
    Lord Michale Erwin.
    Lord Bakerdea.
    Lord D4rk Sheep.
    Lord Nathan Vanbrunt.
    Lord Maurice.
    Lord Krawn.
    Lord Empyrean.
    Lord Mattirro Draca.
    Lord Joshua Tal.
    Lord Colorblind.
    Lord RottenTangerine.
    Lord Cidant.
    Lord Fullmoon.
    Lord Joxsan Herrera.
    Lord The_Cultural_Weeb_Otaku.
    Lord Sean Drake.
    Lord Brody Haugan.
    Lord GoodKat.
    Lord FrostyCube.
    Noble Salty Panda.
    Noble Mild Fracas.
    Noble Aclys.
    Noble Jordon Gotthold.
    Noble Tyler Mills.
    Noble Shawn Plumley.
    Noble Kale Daley.
    Noble Stellerbattle.
    Noble CarlBaxter.
    Noble WeirdWhirl.
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    Arreira waves his hand again, and a wooden table literally grows out of the floor, then branches sprout from it, reaching upwards bearing fruit. After only a few seconds, there are a dozen different types of juicy fruits just begging to be picked.

    With multiple *poof*s, tea, sweets, and other savory snacks quickly populate the table, and the smell of food awakens our dormant stomachs. The selection implies just a simple tea time, but the quantity and variety imply a banquet.

    "Take a seat," Arreira's voice sounds commanding, but also gentle at the same time.

    Dozens of *pops* resound through the room as nature spirits appear all around us, and the little plush dolls all dive at the snacks before we can even take a step forward.

    Arreira sighs and tiredly rests his head on his hand again. "After your 'gourmand' little friend came here, the nature spirits have become extremely gluttonous," he monotonously comments.

    "Gih," Gify proudly states.

    Arreira lifts an eyebrow, slightly amused, and slowly turns his "sexuality-bender" gaze towards me. "I'm sure Earthling Catholics would disagree. Am I correct, Ryder?" He slowly asks with a husky tone.

    We pull our chairs closer to each other, then we all sit at the table. The padding made of leaves feels quite heavenly on our buttocks, and I'm glad that Arreira prepared chairs for the golems, too. Sitting with this new thick tail of mine is a bit awkward, though. I have to push it through the hole in the backrest to be able to sit comfortably.

    While Alissa serves the tea, I decide to give him a short lecture, "Gluttony is a 'sin,' yes, but Catholicism is a religion intended for slaves. Though it preaches moderation, it still has too much asceticism to use it as the basis for a moral code. It's best to ignore Earthling religions entirely."

    "You married in a church," Arreira states accusingly.

    "Only to appease our parents," I calmly retort.

    He chuckles and straightens his posture again. "Earthlings are such an odd people," he casually comments.

    "I can say the same for Rupegians," I nonchalantly retort.

    A smile graces his infuriatingly sexy lips. "Your new race is already having an effect on your personality."

    I sip on my not-earl-gray and take a bite of a delicious not-strawberry cupcake, then I send him a glare but maintain a controlled tone. "I believe it's the grueling trial, the protracted sleep deprivation, and mental torture of seeing my loved wife die in front of me that has made me a bit cranky."

    He gently shakes his head and bemusedly states, "No. Your wives certainly wouldn't be able to look me in the eye while saying that."

    I focus on our [Bind]s and notice that I'm the only one who can look at his face. It's too bright. In fact, his body is the only source of light in this entire room.

    I look at the girls, and they all seem as confused as I am.

    Arreira waves his hand, and a booklet materializes in the air in front of him. "Let's leave that for later. We must start with your evaluation," he dismissively comments and starts flicking through his notes.

    Lina suddenly decides to look him in the face and squints her eyes, then she boldly asks, "Wait… so you're really Arreira, the Unyielding?"

    "Yes, I am," he casually replies without raising his eyes.

    "Didn't you… die by Ajax, the first emperor? It's said he killed you by using [Absolute Zero], then [Star], and finally [Fissure]. How did your spirit survive all that?"

    He dims his brightness, allowing her to see his face, which both arouses and disgusts her, then he gives her a slightly wider smile than one he wore before. "That fight was all a farce. The fact that nobody questions it thousands of years after the event brings me a small amount of pride in our acting.

    "He didn't kill me. We pretended that he did to end the war. After I was sure that my succession would go smoothly, I came into my tomb and committed suicide, then I used [Trap Soul] on myself to bind my soul to the dungeon's core."

    "Wow…" Lina mutters, and we all agree, though we're more muted in our awe.

    "'Wow,' indeed…" He whispers and chuckles once, then returns to his booklet.

    Lina clenches her fists to gather her boldness once again. "And, uh… why are you speaking in Andraste instead of Ingua?"

    "I have level ten in dozens of languages, but only Ryder and Yulania know that language," -he raises his eyes from his notes and sends a quick glare at Yunia, making her flinch- "and not even the Golden-Elf knows her own language as well as she should.

    "It seems that Andraste is gradually taking over the realm, which isn't what I'd predicted, but it's still salvageable with cultural stimulation…" He lowers his voice until it becomes a mere mumble, then focuses completely on his booklet.

    With a bit of help from me and Alissa, the girls all manage to get over their arousal from the mere sight of his face, and his presence starts to feel a lot more "normal" than it did before.

    Our hunger quickly grows more pronounced, so we stuff ourselves with food while we wait.

    After a minute or so, the booklet is lowered, and Arreira stares at us again, his annoyingly strong gaze making us freeze for a split-second. The amusement of before is gone as he coolly starts his speech, "Let us begin chronologically. After I committed suicide, I put the dungeon on 'sleep mode' and cut off my own consciousness, leaving only a small sub-process to monitor changes in my own Thread of Fate."

    "You can see the Threads?" Ciel interrupts, her curiosity overcoming her wariness.

    "Most God-Rulers can, in some way or another…" -He frowns- "or could. You've all stopped using that title, which is a shame since it's a good fit for our kind, but I digress. After thousands of years, I believe, I didn't pay attention to the passing of time, something happened. A new bond appeared in my own Thread, so I surfaced the dungeon and waited." -He spares a glance towards Ted- "If what the golems said is true, then that appearance coincides with your arrival in this realm."

    The way he speaks without moving his mouth is creepy and off-putting, and I feel like he's just flexing his magical powers to impress us, then I remember that Pua, the Gaping Maw, also spoke like this, and that makes me a bit curious.

    Before I can ask, he continues blabbering, "I've been greeting and wiping the memories of all that come into the dungeon, and when your group arrived, I instantly recognized that you were 'different.'"

    "Wait, how did you wipe our memories so easily?" Yunia interrupts, her thin golden eyebrows knitted in concern.

    Arreira smiles cheekily, and it takes a bit of effort from her to avoid blushing. "The teleport method was definitely not normal, didn't you notice? Anyone who used it passed out instantly, and then there were all the times when you slept inside the dungeon, so it was trivial to wipe your memories after a brief questioning."

    "I see…" Yunia whispers as the realization dawns on all of us. We've been in his grasp ever since we entered this dungeon.

    He turns to his booklet and starts reading from it, "So, for the first level, your performance exceeded expectations," -he sends us all a gentle glance- "so I increased the number of monsters coming after you to test how you'd react, and that also had favorable results, though I was expecting greater carnage instead of you running away."

    "Well, we didn't have the stamina or mana to fight for much longer, so we ran before we could get overwhelmed," I explain ourselves.

    He nods without looking at me. "Precisely. I wanted to test your limits and achieved exactly that. Now, for the second level, it wasn't a significant test as there were many other adventurers living within, but your short speech to disperse Lord Mavel's men was a nice performance, well done."

    Hana smiles smugly while Ciel awkwardly scratches her cheek.

    He barely gives them any time to process his words before continuing, "After that, you passed through a series of battles without a single problem, and let me say that the way you dealt with the Uspidor by pushing it off the arena was very amusing." -He smiles without turning to look at us- "I always hated those types of monsters, so it's very satisfying when I see one splat so messily."

    "Well, it's definitely not pleasant to witness it first-hand, solely because of the smell," Roxanne comments with a wry smile.

    Arreira snorts and mutters, "True," then he continues in his sober tone, "After that, comes Goloria." -He lifts his eyes to give us a brief look- "It's curious how the poem I created had some similarities to an Earthling poem, and it's not the only similarity that exists between our two realms, humans existing in both worlds not-withstanding."

    I raise my eyebrows in surprise and quickly swallow the cupcake I was eating so that I can comment, "Oh, right… I did feel like I'd heard it somewhere before. I've found quite a few similarities between our worlds myself."

    Arreira hums in acknowledgment and continues, "Then you solved the door puzzle so easily that I felt reluctant to let you pass. I admit, I didn't want a human to be the first to go through, but all six Crown Lords disappointed me, so I decided to test you."

    "All six…? I only knew that my father and Confiel came," Yunia curiously comments.

    "Yes, all six. Confiel was the only one to find the hidden door, but I felt that he lacked creativity, so I didn't let him pass. Your father was obsessed with this dungeon, searching for anything that would give him power, but I didn't want to give anything like that to him, so I led him in circles inside the castle."

    Arreira's tone is casual, but it hurts Yunia's feelings to find out that her father's final days were spent being made a fool.

    We caress her through [Bind] for a moment to comfort her, then we turn our attention back to Arreira again.

    "So, what was the real answer to the door?" I anxiously ask.

    "There was none," he answers cheekily with a subtle smile. "I carefully observed how you reacted, and then deemed your group 'interesting' enough to allow you to pass… but I did make things a bit harder after hearing your flippant speech."

    Ciel and Alissa send me smug looks, so I decide to ignore them for a moment.

    "It wasn't really that hard, though," Hana questions puzzledly and crosses her arms.

    "I noticed…" He bitterly admits, then returns to his usual tone. "Which is why I made so many of the enemies in the Looping Winds Station invincible."

    "How did you control the monsters?" Ciel immediately questions, apprehensive.

    He smiles smugly, and his chiseled face shines a bit brighter. "I didn't, what I did was a mix of illusion and mana solidification. You could think of it as similar to a 'holodeck' from Earthling fiction."

    "What's that…?" Alissa asks curiously and looks to me for an answer.

    I clear my throat and start the lecture, "A fake 'reality' where everything is made of 'fake' matter, but that's not that different from normal dungeon solidification. What I think sets them apart is that a holodeck is a small room, not a huge, endless, open space like a dungeon."

    Arreira's smile becomes wider with excitement, and this time it lacks any sort of sexiness. "Exactly," he eagerly responds and makes a dramatic pause to let us process the idea. "You were always in small rooms, relatively small for a dungeon, that is, which allowed me to focus all of the available mana into creating an environment that I had absolute control over."

    "Ooh…" We coo in unison.

    Yunia seems almost as interested in this as I am since she immediately asks, "But how could you control a dungeon so completely?"

    Arreira's brightness intensifies for a short while as his smug pride leaks out. He assumes a stern expression as he states, "I'm a God-Ruler, so there's not much that's beyond my reach, but to control this dungeon the way I do requires [Trap Soul] and a few hundred years to get used to it."

    Ciel raises her eyebrows and lets her mouth hang open, stunned by the revelation.

    "You could create so many incredible things with that amount of control over a dungeon," Yunia comments in wonder.

    He smiles warmly at her and counters with, "I wouldn't recommend it, not even to fellow God-Rulers, but a golem…" -He gives a serious look at the golems- "They'd be perfect Dungeon Masters."

    I frown in confusion and retort, "But you said that they lack creativity, and if it took you a few hundred years to learn how to control it, how long would it take for the golems?"

    He nods and sends a stern but smug look towards me. "Yes, but you're a terrible Golemancer, so someone more competent could do it in a generation, perhaps."


    "I'm the only Golemancer," I shoot back with a draconic glare.

    "Not anymore." He flourishes with his arm and casts a spell, giving off trace amounts of [Space Magic], [Summoning Magic], and [Golemancy], then a whole gauntlet and a vambrace made of shiny black wood appear on his arm. "This is a spell I created as you all 'slept.' I call it [Equip]."

    "Wait…" I mutter as I use [Sense Soul] on it. Alissa and Yunia squint as they give it an intense stare, bewildered at the display.

    His armor has a fucking soul.

    "OH, FUCK! This is a genius idea!" I shout in excitement and nearly spill my tea.

    "I am a God-Ruler," he smugly states, his expression full of dignity, making his face appear statuesque for a moment, then he flourishes his arm again, and the armor is returned to his [Item Box].

    He gave an empty soul to his armor, cast [Bind] on it, stored it in his [Item Box], and summoned it directly onto his body through [Bind].

    He's clearly proud of himself, but he quickly contains his excitement and says, "But we're digressing, again…"

    "Please, continue," I cheekily concur.

    He narrows his eyes at me in a chilling glare, then returns to his booklet and continues, "After that, I gave you a trial focused on piloting as I wished to see how well you'd preserve your ship, in which you succeeded. Though, I was expecting you to store the gigantic island inside your 'Items.' I was curious about the true size of your Gift."

    I keep my tail from swaying to revealing my emotions as I lie, "Yeah… I'm a bit wary of using it since I don't fully understand it."

    "No, you just forgot," he replies dryly.

    "What…? Nonsense," I apply what I remember of [Acting].

    He stares at me for a moment, completely unamused, and decides to just continue on, "After that, you encountered one of my sub-cores, which yielded interesting results. I wanted to push you to explore [Redirect Mana] further, but I don't know that much about it, so the core was all I could do." -I nod emphatically in agreement. That skill has been incredibly useful so far- "Another interesting result was seeing how the sub-core interacted with a pious person like Ciel. I knew that cores had a deep relationship with the Gods, but now I have confirmation of that."

    Ciel nods repeatedly in agreement, happy to have helped with that.

    He gives her a respectful nod and continues, "Then I had you encounter the Chimeras. I wanted to know how you'd react to a completely different culture and their nobility, so I considered it the most important test, but you failed to meet my expectations…" His disappointed gaze turns to me and Yunia.

    "It's about Hihiriwa, isn't it?" I immediately ask, slightly irked.

    He nods subtly. "Yes. He didn't even know what he was doing. At best, he just wanted to keep you from leaving since he had a hunch, but you almost lost your only way out because of him."

    "The situation was so outlandish that it'd be impossible to be prepared for it," Yunia confidently asserts and calmly lays her hands on top of her thighs in a lady-like way.

    His mouth warps into an annoyed frown as he quips, "Say that again when you're a spirit, and you'll see how much it helps."

    Yunia clenches her fists in anger, but she doesn't have a proper comeback.

    "I don't care about your ideas about how to deal with nobility, but the situation was crap, and no normal noble would be able to predict Hihiriwa's stupidity," I bitterly retort, my entire tail stiff from the tension.

    Arreira snorts. "Yes, he was stupid, alright. Because of you, Oritiki started a war to remove him from power. I had to deactivate them all so that they wouldn't kill each other." He shakes his head tiredly.

    Fuck, that's a bit chilling…

    "Why did you trap the Chimeras? How long must their spirits be held back in this realm and denied Paradise?" Ciel boldly confronts him.

    He gives her an annoyed side-glance, then slowly enunciates to her, "You should know, Priestess, that these spirits all voluntarily accepted the [Trap Soul]. They were all dead before we found them, on the brink of becoming deranged, and I gave them a second chance to recover and live again for a short while."

    Ciel is taken aback in confusion. "Why… why would they do that? Why would they give up Paradise so that they could live a lie in their fake town?"

    His tone softens as he lectures, "They lived for generations before they were finally wiped out, which led to them developing such a strong will to live that they became as stubborn as a wild Gatun. When I offered them the chance to live again, most of them happily took it, even though it meant that I'd have to experiment with their minds."

    "You… used them as humanoid experiments?" I ask, disapprovingly, tapping my claw on the table anxiously.

    Arreira rolls his eyes and remarks, "Earthling morals are so reactionary that it's bothersome. You saw it being misused once, so you forbade it for everyone? How childish."

    I'm feeling a little conflicted. Something he said resonated within me, but I don't have the time for introspection right now.

    Ciel takes the lead and continues to confront him, "Even if they were voluntary, you shouldn't keep spirits from Paradise. It's unnatural, and it could permanently block them from enjoying their God-given right of Paradise if they become deranged or lose their ego."

    "But did they, Priestess? You yourself saw how 'healthy' and 'vigorous' they were," he calmly counters.

    "That doesn't matter," she grumbles.

    He sighs tiredly and shifts in his throne of leaves. "Of course it matters. Don't let our need for knowledge be thwarted by fear. I know about the Three Sins very well, and I've never committed any of them."

    Ciel stares at him intensely, powering through the discomfort of looking directly at his brightness. "The Gods still dislike it when the cycle of life is interfered with."

    "Which is meant to discourage the uneducated from playing with fire."

    "And also so that those who are 'educated' approach their research with extreme care."

    He waves his hand dismissively. "You can't say that I was careless with the Chimeras, they're all living fine lives."

    She smiles smugly as she activates her trap card. "I clearly remember Wahinui saying that suicide is a forbidden topic, which means that it was an issue you had to address at one point."

    Arreira hesitates for a moment before dismissively stating, "Expected side-effects from memory tampering. An acceptable complication."

    She sternly disagrees, "I beg to differ."

    They start a staring contest, but then Arreira increases his brightness, forcing Ciel to look away.

    "It's within our expectations that he'd be this childish," Lina dryly comments through [Bind].

    I give Arreira a smug glare so that he understands that he didn't win this one.

    "Let's not digress again," he tries to take control of the conversation, then turns back to his booklet. "After the Chimeras, it was time to test how you'd deal with the commoners from atop your throne."

    "But why the poem about Ozymandias and all the bits of architecture from Earth?" I interrupt.

    He waves his hand dismissively and replies without lifting his eyes, "To put you in the right mindset for the test to come. You wouldn't just be fighting for yourself, but for an entire civilization. If you failed, the ruins of your disgraceful reign would be the only remnant preserved through time."

    "See? How many times did I tell you that he was a pretentious fuck?" I tell the girls through [Bind], getting a few chuckles and grumbles in response.

    "And how did we do?" I gently ask, having to keep my flippancy from leaking into my tone and my tail from flexing threateningly.

    "Too well…" He tiredly answers, and sighs. "[Godly Language] is a potent tool for controlling the ignorant common folk, but you also proved to be fairly competent in warfare. Having thousands of years of bloody Earthling history at your fingertips is an unprecedented advantage; we really must recreate your 'internet' in this realm as soon as possible. Unfortunately, that also trivialized most of the trial, so I must admit that when you started to create that sand wall, I decided to cut the test short because you saw further ahead than I did." He gives me a nonchalant glance, but I'm sure that he's actually seething inside.

    I simply smile smugly and loudly sip my tea. I fucking knew that he was a pretentious bastard!

    Seeing that I have no more comments to share about that, he simply moves on, "After that, I summoned you before the last trials started, do you remember it?" He raises his eyes and stares at me intensely.

    I tap my temple with my claw, but that pricks my skin, so I tap my horn in thought instead as I recollect, "It's a bit blurry and confusing, but I removed the [Bind]s and dispelled my summons, then I… wrote a letter?"

    He nods once. "Yes, you did. For your two lovers outside of the dungeon."

    I smile and relax. "Ah! That's great. They'd be worried sick if my summons simply disappeared…"

    He nods once. "Now, starting with Alissa," -he turns his stern stare towards her- "you failed your trial. The moment a suspicious monster with Ryder's face appeared, you dropped your guard completely. If I didn't move the exit platform, you'd have died."

    Alissa's face becomes dark and serious, shame and anger boiling within her.

    He turns towards Roxanne next, "You did well. Though you still have a very obvious weakness due to your low 'Sanity,' your stubbornness and protectiveness prevented you from abandoning your important companion."

    Roxanne smiles both proudly and smugly, then she giggles and directs a kind gaze towards Alissa, somewhat lessening the negative feelings going through my foxy lover's mind.

    Then comes Hana's turn, "I congratulate you on your achievement. Creating a new skill is no simple feat," -his tone quickly grows flippant- "but if I hadn't reduced the size of the [Meteor], you'd have died…"

    Hana smiles and gives us all a glance, asking for support. "Then your test was just bad," she responds defiantly.

    "No, you were just impatient," he dryly shoots back.

    She shrugs. "I've always been like this."

    His stare gains a hint of anger as his tone grows annoyed. "Then you have to learn to not be like that."

    "Sure…" She noncommittally agrees.

    He licks his lips, seething. "You're all so unrepentant that you might actually be fit to be Crown Lords," he grumbles through gritted teeth, then waits for our reactions. Just as we start to show a bit of smug pride, he squashes it all, "Though you'd be the kind that doesn't live long."

    "I don't think so," Yunia eloquently retorts, also getting affected by our smugness.

    "Have it your way…" He rolls his eyes, then turns to Ciel and continues, "You did admirably well in your test. I was afraid that you'd be too 'kind' to others, but you seem to understand that the value of your own life is much greater than the lives of those under you."

    Ciel smiles bitterly and nods.

    Then he turns to Lina. "You also did very well. I was afraid that you'd be too meek to stand up against your lovers, but you courageously stood for what's right and logical. You're worthy of standing among your sister-wives."

    "I don't think he has the right to gauge your 'worth,' but I agree that you deserve praise," I tell Lina through [Bind].

    She blushes and nods, then keeps her eyes down in embarrassment.

    Arreira turns to Aoi and gives her a gentle gaze as he frowns subtly. "I wasn't expecting you to fall so deeply into depression, but you pushed through somehow and discovered the inner human inside you. For that, you truly deserve praise…" -Aoi shows a toothy grin- "but… did you realize that you killed yourself, repeatedly?"

    "What?" Aoi innocently asks and tilts her head in confusion.

    Arreira closes his eyes in anguish. "No, of course, you didn't. I wasn't planning on it, but I was forced to heal you with the platform every time you tried your transformation. Otherwise, you'd have died."

    "Oh… hehehe…" Aoi grins and chuckles like a child.

    "Don't just laugh it off!" He hisses, then facepalms. "You're all half-insane…"

    "Well, yes," Roxanne earnestly agrees and adjusts her glasses.

    "Yes, of course, you are…" He tiredly mumbles, then recomposes himself and turns to Yunia. "You did admirably, too. I used a Weeper to force you to face your guilt, so I couldn't see what happened, but I assumed that you confronted your late parents?"

    "Yes, I did," Yunia agrees with a somber tone.

    He nods, satisfied, then he finally turns to me, his stern gaze lacking any sort of frivolity. "You may have passed the maze, but the fact that you don't have any sort of defense or mitigation against your curse led to a disappointing result. You could've saved Ciel if you were stronger. Though her death was an admirable sacrifice considering her past." He gives her a gentle glance, making her become a bit awkward and uncomfortable.

    She deserted Macht due to his suicidal bravado, and he died because of that, so she branded herself a coward, but I never felt that she deserved that. She did have some insecurities she needed to work through, though, so I guess it's good that she was able to get over it.

    But I'm still annoyed with the way he's "judging" us.

    "Where would I even begin to try to deal with this 'curse'?" I retort with an annoyed frown.

    "I don't know," -he shrugs indifferently- "but it's imperative that you find a solution for it."

    His attitude just makes me even more annoyed. Of fucking course I know I have to deal with it, but I've just had more important things on my mind all this time.

    "And how am I not dead, exactly?" Ciel asks tentatively.

    Arreira turns to her and excitedly answers, "After the crash, I removed your souls from your bodies and gave you all new, fake ones, like the Chimeras. If these new bodies were destroyed, you'd still die, but the Preservation Beds maintained the connection between your soul and your real body, preventing you from truly dying."

    "Oh! I remember hearing about those Beds," Yunia suddenly exclaims.

    He smiles bitterly and adds, "I believe it's now 'ancient' elven knowledge. Over time, you've replaced elven [Regeneration] with Avgian [Light Magic]'s [Heal]."

    "[Light Magic] is simply a lot more efficient," Ciel proudly states with an angelic smile.

    "It seems so," he dryly comments.

    "So, what was that… encounter I had with the black tiger?" I curiously ask.

    He becomes stern again as he turns to me. "I was pushing you to your limit, drawing out all of your emotions so that you could wipe them away, leaving an empty husk behind."

    "Why, why would you do that?" I question and lean backward, a bit scared.

    He leans forward, his face almost breaking into a manic smile, and excitedly answers, "You're a transmigrated hero of legends with multiple Gifts. I needed to know if there was a deeper reason for your transmigration here, and I found evidence of that… " He makes a dramatic pause, and we all focus entirely on him, anxious for him to continue. His voice becomes even more excited, and he actually starts grinning as he retells, "After I stripped you down into nothing more than a husk, 'something' prevented you from simply dissipating into nothing, instead condensing you into a faint shade of your former self. After days of waiting, that entirely emotionless shade started to feel something calling for it, drawing it towards the core of the dungeon."

    He leans back, and proudly announces, "That is the evidence that there's something else, something faint, something divine, guiding your actions. For me, that was the final confirmation I needed to assure myself that you were someone truly special.

    "In the core was the final trial, an experiment I wanted to test on all of you: the Inverted Weeper. As you may all recollect, you had a dream about the past, about a time you dearly miss, but it was all a lie. It was a dream designed to trap you inside it, but you all had firm enough ties to reality that you escaped the trap with your own determination. For that last test, you all passed with my sincere commendation." He gives us a kind smile and nods respectfully.

    "This all sounds incredibly dangerous…" Ciel grumbles and glares, becoming rather angry at him.

    "And how did I turn into this?" I ask as I lift my claws.

    For the first time, he seems a bit unsure of himself, and all the "Charisma" from before seems to fade away as he awkwardly answers, "That… was an unforeseen consequence of wiping your soul mid-transformation. It seems that you got 'stuck' as a half-dragon, then the system somehow interpreted you as a new race. I'd guess that Change took notice of you and decided to 'bless' you with this new form." He shows a business smile that gives me the impression that he doesn't see this "blessing" as positively as it sounds.

    I facepalm and sigh tiredly. "And why did we have to go through all these trials?"

    He becomes excited again, and all his "Charisma" returns. "It's obvious, isn't it? I'll give you my 'legacy.' I'll name you my successor, the new king of the High Forest and all elves."

    We all freeze in surprise.

    "Wait, what? Why? How? Huh?" I stammer in bewilderment.

    He dramatically looks to the distance, making his face appear statuesque again as he announces, "To bait the old dynasty, my descendants, out of hiding. Even the traitorous Generals have changed their ideals. It's time for the royals to end their disgraceful defiance."

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Prince PreownedFIN.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Lord DJ.
    Lord Ashadun.
    Lord Michale Erwin.
    Lord Bakerdea.
    Lord Nathan Vanbrunt.
    Lord Maurice.
    Lord Empyrean.
    Lord Mattirro Draca.
    Lord Joshua Tal.
    Lord Colorblind.
    Lord RottenTangerine.
    Lord Fullmoon.
    Lord Joxsan Herrera.
    Lord Sean Drake.
    Lord Brody Haugan.
    Lord GoodKat.
    Lord FrostyCube.
    Lord Freddie.
    Lord Mike Bartter.
    Lord Cardinal Steiner.
    Lord DragonPiggy.
    Noble Salty Panda.
    Noble Mild Fracas.
    Noble Aclys.
    Noble Shawn Plumley.
    Noble CarlBaxter.
    Noble WeirdWhirl.
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    Arreira wrinkles his nose in disgust, his chiseled face morphing into a painting that portrays true anger and loathing as he starts to ramble, "The positions have been inverted. Ironic, isn't it? This 'Elder Council,' the descendants of the traitorous Generals, have loosened their stance, becoming more open to change, while my own descendants have become obsessed with the past, unwilling to accept the reduced importance of the elves while they embrace the same xenophobia that led to my death."

    He grips his armrests so strongly that he crushes the branches they're made of, then he effortlessly rips them off and throws them away as if they were just made of paper. Another pair of armrests quickly regrows as he growls, "They're still inside this dungeon, begging for me to give them power at this very moment. They trample upon my legacy, blinded by greed and self-importance.

    "When I saw how the High Forest had changed, I was rather content, albeit a little disappointed they still hadn't fully integrated with Avgi, but when I heard about Heretic's Rest…" He bitterly enunciates each word, "I was left disgusted. My sacrifice was all for nothing."

    His anger gives us pause. Like a tiger roaring from within a cage, there's no reason to be afraid, but a deep, primal instinct tells us to avoid making any sudden moves.

    "You're being a little overly-dramatic," I try to comment with some tact.

    "What?!" He shouts, gathering all his anger into his gaze and focusing it all on me. Weirdly enough, I don't feel that affected by it, though the girls get chills just from witnessing it.

    "Your descendants disappointed you, but your sacrifice saved the High Forest, don't forget that," I awkwardly continue, feeling a bit uneasy at advising a thousands of years old spirit.

    "I have a feeling that you were trying to say something similar during my trial," Ciel adds, a bit smug, but mostly angelically kind.

    "Did your family actually destroy your legacy, or am I missing something?" Yunia annoyedly inquires with a bit of sarcasm in her tone.

    Arreira goes silent for a moment, then his face twitches and looks away haughtily. "I will not take advice from children. Come back when you're at least a hundred years old!" He waves his hand and instantly disappears with a *snap*, plunging the room into darkness.

    The crystal lights on the ceiling slowly light up, and the illumination normalizes after a few seconds.

    We bemusedly look at each other, then Lina snorts in her soul space in displeasure.

    "He's like a child," she complains in disbelief through [Bind]. We don't want him to hear us, and who knows how many "ears" he has around here since he's technically the dungeon itself.

    "That's just nobility in general," Yunia retorts with a shrug through our connection.

    Lina pouts, unsatisfied. "He's a God-Ruler, I really expected more from him, even if history told me that I shouldn't."

    I pick up a not-mango and start slicing it, unleashing a heavenly sweet scent upon my and Alissa's nostrils. "He's still a man who killed himself to end a war," I comment, and this somewhat appeases Lina, then I take a bite and moan in delight.

    Without Arreira to talk to, we quickly finish fattening ourselves up, then we go out and wander around. Gify acts as the interpreter between the girls and the Gatuns, but I feel a bit uncomfortable with getting close to felines, for some reason, so Alissa and I go out exploring together.

    Neither of us wants to stay away from each other for even a single moment longer, so we walk hand in… claw… I form some flesh around my fingers to keep them from cutting her, but it makes me look like I have huge, inflated hands. Alissa doesn't mind, but it vexes me because of how ridiculous it looks.

    We wander past the throne of leaves and find a small forest blocking the view. We decide to explore it, but we don't get far before it ends in the exit of the room.

    We find ourselves in a familiar forest populated by ginormous trees knitted with the usual elven patterns, glowing small plants attached to their bark, and a thick canopy that blocks all light from the sun, if there's even another one here besides Arreira himself.

    It feels like we're in the High Forest again, though only if you ignore the random assortment of mansions, paintings, statues, plantations, flower arrangements, human-sized bonsais, and even armor and weapon stands haphazardly strewn about everywhere.

    "I feel like this entire forest may be Arreira's 'personal room,'" I comment with a wry smile.

    "There's almost a beauty to this chaos," Alissa adds and giggles.

    "A child indeed," I whisper, and we share a knowing look.

    We walk around as we curiously observe the chaos. For as silly as it may all look at first glance, there's plenty of beauty to be seen. Architecture is something that I'm slightly interested in, and it seems to be Arreira's hobby to build mansions from all the different cultures.

    My tail keeps swaying whenever I stop paying attention to it, revealing my mood. Since it's fairly massive, it makes me occasionally lose my balance. All the weird changes are making me feel pretty conflicted about this new "race" I've become. It sounds cool as fuck, but I want my fingers back. Even my pants have become a bit annoying to wear since the tail won't let me pull them all the way up.

    So much stuff has happened to us that I need some time to process it all. Maybe this won't be so bad once I get used to it, but the fact that I didn't have a choice in all of this is what really puts me off. Fuck me, I'm actually a bit scared about not being "human" anymore.

    I let these thoughts just stew in the back of my mind and instead focus on enjoying the view. I was stuck inside that maze for so long that I'd almost forgotten what "beauty" means. I won't let insecurity ruin my precious calm moment with Alissa.

    We approach a large red brick house with a white picket fence, and I sense some mana with a [Conjuring Magic] "flavor" seeping from it. Considering that it's an Earthling design, we think it must have been recently built, or rather, conjured.

    When you're a reality-bending demi-god, what's a more fitting hobby than straight-up conjuring mansions as you wish? I find it hard to imagine something that could tax their endless mana organs as heavily as [Conjuring Magic] could.

    He didn't have a system, so [Sense Soul] didn't work like it usually would, but I wish I'd taken a look at his mana organ, or at least tried to count the "layers" of his soul to estimate his level.

    "What do you think about becoming royalty?" Alissa breaks the silence with a casual question.

    I sigh in exhaustion and frown. "I don't know… but I have a feeling that it's best if we just accept it." I admit, then I raise an eyebrow as I ponder, "What would he do if we say 'no'? Kick us out of the dungeon? Kill us all? Say 'pretty please'?" I snort, and my tail sways strongly, almost pulling me with it.

    "At this point, it'd be odd to actually say 'no,'" Alissa comments wryly and smirks. Her tail sways happily, and I feel a strong desire to bury my face in its fluffiness.

    I file away that desire for now and chuckle. "Will we ever stop getting involved with ridiculous things? I mean, royalty, really?" I ask rhetorically and sigh dramatically.


    "Don't answer that." I interrupt her, and she giggles. "I might as well start believing in jinxes. Arreira admitted to fucking with us, so maybe even the Humanoid Gods could be doing that. Just imagine…" -I flick my hand pompously and act dramatically again- "All the Gods just staring down on us while giggling like imps as they poke our Threads mischievously, causing us to repeatedly stumble upon world-changing events. They start calling us 'janitors' as we end up cleaning away all the shit and evil from the realm on our own initiative."

    Alissa giggles again and tightly hugs my arm, pressing it in between her fair breasts. "Your imagination seems to have become a bit more wild than it was before."

    I look away and awkwardly comment, "I didn't have that much else to do but to imagine reuniting with everyone when I was stuck in the maze. I guess I 'cultivated' my imagination during that time."

    That kills the mood, and her orange eyes look at me with kindness, then she tenderly cups my left cheek. Her fingers touch my thin vertical scar as she probes some of my memories.

    "What happened to you in there?" She whispers worriedly.

    I grab her hand and close my eyes. "Just loneliness. Terrible loneliness… and sleep deprivation." I smile wryly.

    "Your sense of humor hasn't changed, I think," she comments humorously.

    I whisper with a sultry tone, "Neither has my love for you."


    She pulls me closer and kisses my lips, igniting a fire within both my heart and my pants.

    I tightly hug her waist and invade her mouth. Her juicy breasts squish against my chest, and I reminisce about their softness.

    Oh, how I've missed this.

    I press my hard cock against her pussy, only four layers of thin fabrics preventing us from fucking like mad.

    My hand on her waist fondles her fluffy fox tail while my other hand sneaks up until I reach her fox ears, then I fervently [Massage] her as if I'd forgotten what softness felt like.

    Her tail wags so desperately that it nearly escapes my hand, but my thirst for fluffiness leads me to keep a tight grip on it.

    A horniness I'd never before thought possible starts to flush through my body, making me feel a little afraid of myself. The visions of dragons fucking wildly rush into my mind on their own, but now I can clearly see myself as the biggest, wildest dragon in the orgy, the only one with a cock, and I use this glorious spiky draconic tool to make all of my females submit to my might.

    Alissa's gentleness and yearning force themselves into my mind, appeasing the fire in me and allowing me to enjoy our tender kiss again.

    The Gods are fucking with me; I really have a "dragon" inside of me now.

    Out of all things, why did I have to choose draconic visions? If I knew that this would happen, I'd have chosen dog or cat visions so that I could become a wereanimal instead.

    Alissa pokes my mind, and I stop my grumbling, returning my focus to her.

    Our thirst for skinship is gradually quenched, and the passion abates, then our lips part, and we repeatedly peck on each other's lips for a short while.

    We turn our heads towards a certain visitor and smile teasingly at her.

    "Come on, Ciel, join us. I know you want it," Alissa teases her.

    Ciel lands and dispels [Fly], then she grins a bit awkwardly and deflects, "I just came to check on the two of you since I felt some strong and not-so-positive emotions seeping through the [Bind]."

    I roll my eyes and sigh. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah." I mockingly mumble, then I order her sternly, "Come here, now! We all want to take a bite out of each other."

    She pouts but skips closer, and I release Alissa, then I pull Ciel's waist closer to me and fondle both her ass and her cow tits. I missed this curvy, juicy, insanely sexy, dark piece of angelic chocolate so much that the dragon spreads its wings inside my heart and roars, forcing Alissa to choke it down with a leash until it's tamed again.

    The master is being restrained by his slaves. Now that's something that I didn't imagine [Bind] would be useful for.

    Ciel hugs me, then I kiss her juicy lips and forcefully penetrate her mouth with my tongue. Her angelic kindness shows itself again as she pacifies me without even needing to wrestle for control, and I almost melt in her embrace.

    The eyes of the other sister-wives turn to us, and no small amount of jealousy seeps through our connection.

    Our mouths soon separate with us both left gasping for breath, then Ciel giggles softly as I continue fondling her pillows. Even with this fake skin covering my claws, I can still feel her juiciness just as well.

    "I'm hungry, and my mouth is itching for some big, round milkers," I tease and kiss Ciel's cleavage.

    Ciel rolls her eyes, but I know how much she likes it when I openly display my love for her "assets."

    "Let's go back to the others," she suggests, and we agree.

    Before we even sit down to talk, the wives demand equal treatment.

    Roxanne jumps onto my lap and invades my mouth. Her cheeky little tongue is so dexterous that I'm sure she'd easily learn [Oral Technique] if she weren't so stingy with her skill points. She's such a good kisser that not even Hana comes close to her technique, with only Alissa baring her from sitting on the throne. Something about knowing how to lick clit must be transferable to kissing.

    Hana comes next, and she stirs up a storm in my mouth like always. My dick hits her stomach with instant hardness as my memories of cumming repeatedly down her throat flood both of our minds. Alissa works diligently to reign in our desire again, and we separate to prevent us from relighting the flames inside our draconic hearts and genitals.

    Lina takes the initiative with our kiss, but then she promptly surrenders herself to me. She gives me the signal that she's needy, then she throws herself into my claws, demanding to be pampered, and there's no argument from me because I love doing exactly that.

    It doesn't take me long to leave her breathless, then I move on to the next needy wife.

    Aoi changes into her human form, then her naked body is pressed up against mine, and once again, Alissa helps me reign in my desire. Aoi's mouth is surprisingly gentle yet energetic. She's just happy to be kissing me, instead of it being fueled by raw sexual desire. Perhaps like me, she developed an "other side" to her with a different set of behavior and feelings.

    Yunia is up last, and she shows a neediness comparable to Lina's. Her own trial left her very distraught, and being held in my strong, albeit small, arms brings her comfort. Things are slowly returning to our own, rather chaotic, version of "normal," and it's the most stable she's felt in a long time.

    She didn't even spend much time as a blood slave, and now we're so close to Lordship that she can almost taste it. Her life has been upheaval after upheaval, but I'll make it all stop very soon and give her the comfortable life she deserves.

    I give a hug to all three golems and give them a gentle kiss on their foreheads. I still can't believe that I "lent" them to Arreira so easily, but I understand why I did it.

    They behaved so well, and they're all so perfectly loyal that I've decided to give them what they want. The moral concerns I had about it in the past don't matter to me anymore. If the Gods just used a magical mishap as their reason to make me into a new race, then what reason do I have to not sire one of my own, too? At least it's something the golems specifically asked for instead of being a "surprise gift."

    With my wives satisfied, for now, we sit down on the tickly grass and resume our cuddle puddle. I'm still a bit wary of the Gatuns, for some reason, but I eventually get used to them.

    Yunia clears her throat and starts the discussion with a sober tone, "So, we need to talk about Arreira's proposal."

    "What's your take on it?" I immediately ask. As the resident expert in politics and nobility, her opinion is obviously the most informed.

    "We should accept, but… I can't predict how the Elder Council will react," she plainly states.

    "Why do you think we should accept?" I question further.

    "Dealing with Heretic's Rest would leave the elves indebted to us, which would secure our new position. Even though I'm a deterrent against outright rebellion, my presence won't be enough to prevent people from plotting against us in order to slowly undermine our rule, that is, unless we gather the support of more people with power, like Confiel."

    "What can we even do about Heretic's Rest?" I look around, then my eyes eventually fall on Ciel, and she frowns gently as she recollects what she knows about that land.

    Lina props herself forward and interjects, "That place could be considered as 'cursed' by the God of the Sun due to their rebellion against the empire, so I think Sun would be the answer to this problem."

    Ciel nods in agreement and comments, "There have been other rebellions before, but none of them had ever prompted a response from the God of the Sun, so this case must have been special."

    "Heretics?" I ask tentatively.

    "Most likely," she agrees with a nod.

    "You may be a priestess, but we aren't exactly missionaries spreading religion wherever we go," Alissa chimes in with a skeptical tone.

    "There are two blessed people in our group," Ciel retorts immediately, then she crosses her arms and smiles wryly as she adds, "then there's Wolfy's new race and Aoi's conversion, both of which will cause a… 'commotion' in the temple."

    "Right…" I grunt and knit my eyebrows in worry. My tail strongly sways from side to side, amusing Aoi as she stares at it as if she's in a trance.

    "Ohohoh… well, he converted Aoi through his dick, but it's still a valid conversion," Roxanne bemusedly comments.

    "Holy cock," Hana mutters, and Ciel gives them both a quick glare to make them stop with the blasphemy

    "I feel like relying on our 'holy' side is our safest and most effective move," Yunia adds with a serious tone.

    "And how would we do that?" I question. I still don't have much confidence in interacting with the religion of this world.

    Ciel gives my thigh a loving squeeze as she reassures me, "Get the temple involved. Like Lina said, it's the God of the Sun that turned part of Glorampina into a desert, so it'll be through him that we'll find a solution."

    "Ooh… Are we starting a Holy War, then?" Hana excitedly coos with a glint in her eyes.

    Ciel nearly chokes in her spit and shifts uncomfortably on the grass, then sternly lectures Hana, "I hope not. There are many innocents living in Heretic's Rest, so we can't just go there and execute everyone without proof that they're actually heretical."

    "I mean, it's just a label. I didn't mean to say that we're going to purify the land or something," Hana defends herself with a shrug.

    Lina briefly interjects, "Arreira didn't say anything about killing the royals, just that they should come out of hiding and stop defying the empire."

    "We'll simply talk to the royals first, before we get to any executions," Ciel pushes the point even further with a very severe tone.

    I decide to make it clear by asking outright, "Are we all in agreement with getting the temple involved in this matter?"

    I look at the others, looking for any disagreement, but they're more concerned with the difficulties of becoming not just nobility, but straight-up royalty than with the complications of adding religion into the mix. Also, they're all ardent believers of my "heroic destiny," so, although they aren't the most pious, they aren't worried about what the temple would say or do to us.

    "The temple isn't that strong in the High Forest, but I think they might be our only true ally here," Lina contemplates.

    "Once we're Crown Lords, we'll be able to give them more power, right?" Roxanne questions, and Yunia agrees with both of them.

    Aoi stays quiet as she hasn't even had proper lessons about religion yet, but I probe her mind and feel that she's actually a bit excited about joining in on the praying and worshiping aspects. Something about it resonates with the "human" growing inside her.

    "Our biggest problem might be the Elder Council," Yunia states, and no one disagrees with her words. "They're the ones who have the power to easily depose us if they feel threatened, so we have to be very careful with how we approach them about our family being made into 'royalty.'"

    Alissa probes the practical benefits of this arrangement with, "Where would we even be as 'royalty' in the power hierarchy? Would it just be an honorary title, or what?"

    Yunia suddenly straightens her posture and smiles subtly, then she conveys an idea that just came to her in her big beautiful brain, "One of the Council seats is held exclusively by the descendants of the God of Law, the Leigelas family. Just like Confiel, we could justify ourselves by announcing that we plan on acquiring a seat in the Council, and since we're involving the temple, we could also lean on a 'divine mandate' that declares us as the most capable to deal with this matter."

    "What's a 'divine mandate'?" I confusedly ask, and Aoi nods along, just as confused as I am.

    "The will of the Gods," Ciel eagerly explains, then assumes a teaching tone. "It can be stated explicitly through a Message of the Gods, or it could be inferred implicitly through other means, like the Threads of Fate. Since the Gods can influence our Threads, we could say that our meeting with Arreira was due to divine influence, and so, we can assume that they've chosen us to champion this cause. You did have a vision about this dungeon-… no, wait, it was Gecynd who did, which was odd, but still, our Fate, Arreira's, and that of the royalty are all entwined together."

    "Ah, yes, the Tree of Mana. I still don't understand how she fits into all of this," Yunia comments as she plays with one tip of her long, flexible elven ears.

    I start to imagine myself sucking on that bouncy cartilage, but Alissa's voice makes me stop drooling as she says, "She's an ancient being that met with possibly the first realm traveler in existence. Whatever Wolfy's destiny is here, it's very likely that it involves her since she's literally a large part of the known realm."

    I remember one of our previous talks and contribute, "We talked about this before, but the greatest advantage that Gecynd might get from us is that we're people with legs and connections. If we become part of the Council, wouldn't our sphere of influence grow to span most of the realm?"

    "Ooh… I see," Yunia whispers and nods in understanding, then her gaze becomes as sharp as a knife's edge, filled with determination. "Then our path is clear…"

    I smirk as our two minds feel like they're in sync for a moment, then I look around as I ask, "Any objections?"

    Alissa is calm. She doesn't consider the title of "royalty" to be too daunting for her.

    Roxanne is energetic. She's become rather brave and proactive when compared to her usual laziness.

    Hana is excited. The proud dragon inside her wants to flap its wings every time it hears "royalty."

    Ciel is hopeful. She trusts that the Gods sent us to Arreira because we really should get involved in these matters.

    Lina is composed. For once, it seems like there won't be much risk of death if we get involved in this, so she's ready for whatever may come our way.

    Aoi is happy. The human and the dragon inside her both agree with Arreira's proposal, and the first converted monster being elevated into a queen seems very fitting to her.

    Yunia is determined. She yearns for a great accomplishment that could overshadow the disgrace her family went through, and this feels like the perfect opportunity for that.

    Both of my "two sides" agree, feeling somewhat similar to how Aoi does about it, but that isn't the most important part about it in my opinion. Acquiring more power without having to necessarily remove someone else in order to take their place is something that I can't so easily give up on.

    As they all nod in agreement, I stand up and look around, trying to locate Arreira's presence, but he doesn't seem to be anywhere near us.

    I decide to simply fill my lungs with air and shout, "Arreira! We accept!"

    We hear a loud *snap* nearby, and an uncomfortably sexy presence falls upon us, making our heart race for a moment before we get our feelings back under control again.

    Arreira appears, standing on the grass, his over two meters of height rivaling human-Aoi's, his posture exuding confidence, and his smile brimming with happiness. "The only right choice," he whispers.

    Mana escapes Arreira's body, then an arch of branches quickly grows up from the ground. After just a few seconds, it reaches twice his height, then it gets covered with a familiar white veil as [Eternal Gate] is cast upon it, and the glimmer of many precious items shines through from the other side of the portal.

    "Now come, it's time for your rewards," he calmly orders, then his smile becomes bitter. "And also time for me to rest…"

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Prince PreownedFIN.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Lord DJ.
    Lord Ashadun.
    Lord Michale Erwin.
    Lord Bakerdea.
    Lord Nathan Vanbrunt.
    Lord Maurice.
    Lord Empyrean.
    Lord Mattirro Draca.
    Lord Joshua Tal.
    Lord Colorblind.
    Lord RottenTangerine.
    Lord Fullmoon.
    Lord Joxsan Herrera.
    Lord Sean Drake.
    Lord Brody Haugan.
    Lord GoodKat.
    Lord FrostyCube.
    Lord Freddie.
    Lord Mike Bartter.
    Lord Cardinal Steiner.
    Lord DragonPiggy.
    Noble Salty Panda.
    Noble Mild Fracas.
    Noble Aclys.
    Noble Shawn Plumley.
    Noble CarlBaxter.
    Noble WeirdWhirl.
    Noble War God.
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    We cross through the [Eternal Gate] and find ourselves in a huge vault filled with precious items. Arreira's gaudiness and adoration of gold is shown again in this room, but everything is so chaotically disorganized that it reminds of his "personal room," though instead of mansions and ginormous trees, there are piles of coins and pillars of colorful bricks.

    Directly ahead, there's a small set of steps that leads up to a raised stone platform where three lines of suits of armor are prominently displayed, with each line showing off ten sets of armor. The first line shines with a pure white color, but they lack the grain and circular patterns of wooden armor, so I think they're actual metal armor. The second line is made of bark and is covered with branches, leaves, and flowers, just like the ent-like armor that the Generals inside the dungeon wore, though this time they're more than just one color. The armor in the third line isn't plate, but simply scale armor instead, where each scale shines like a mirror, just like mine do.

    Arreira floats past us, phasing through the treasure like a ghost as he indifferently explains, "This will all be yours, and though I'm sure the current Crown Lords have more coin than I do, they certainly don't have this…"

    He stops before the first line, then motions towards it with his hand and starts explaining, "This armor is called Bastión, and it's made of an alloy of Okross, steel, and Kanal. Elven wooden armor is better for mages, but it can't form an alloy with Okross, so the absolute pinnacle of defense is held solely by metal armor. It might not be our specialty, but these suits were made by the finest elven Fire and Earth mages of my time, and they are so thoroughly enchanted that they could potentially rival those 'Hands of the Emperor' I've heard so much about."

    Yunia frowns, making her sharp gaze even sharper, and points out, "Having all possible enchantments won't help us much if we don't have enough mana to use them."

    Arreira rolls his eyes and replies with a slightly flippant tone, "Then just don't fight the Hands and choose another, weaker enemy."

    I share a look with the wives, and we hold back our smirks.

    Without giving us a chance to quip in return, Arreira moves on to the next line and continues explaining, "This is Ramodia, the standard armor for our higher nobility. This set is very advantageous when you're in a forest. With it, you can manipulate nature better than a dryad, so it's almost a requirement to wear it if you're leading elven troops. Though its offensive and defensive power isn't as good as the Bastión, its potent utility makes it a very versatile suit of armor."

    Then he floats over to the last line just as we reach the first one. "This is Camalo. This set is intended for mages, archers, and assassins. It has perfect mana efficiency, making it almost completely undetectable, and coupled with a good [Silence] enchantment, it's the perfect suit for infiltration."

    He grabs the forearm of one of the suits, then starts fiddling with something, and the scales all start changing color. Black, white, green, brown, red, they pass through a rainbow of colors, then they become transparent. It doesn't seem like perfect invisibility, but it'd be really hard to notice it in the dark. This is a perfect camo suit.

    Hana whistles, and Alissa and Yunia echo her feelings, though silently. Ciel is more interested in the first line of armor while Aoi and Lina are wondering about how they'll fit into them. Roxanne is primarily interested in the last line since it seems to be far less bulky than our current wooden plate armor.

    Again, he doesn't even give us a chance to ask a question before he continues, "I'll make you all learn [Equip] before you leave so that you can have these three suits readily available at all times." -He suddenly grins, beaming with pride and annoying sexiness- "But the most important item you'll ever possess is right over here."

    He takes a few steps back, grabs the white cloth covering a box behind him, and pulls it off, revealing a very long greatsword embedded in a small pedestal.

    "This is a Heavenly Weapon," he announces with a low rumbling voice that's absolutely dripping with excitement.

    Alissa chokes on her spit, Lina freezes in surprise, and Yunia gasps. Ciel frowns as she tries to recall something while the rest of us just stay still, waiting for the coming explanation of why that sword is so important, so I curiously observe it in the meantime.

    It's as tall as Arreira himself, but it's thinner than a usual sword. Its blade is simple, straight, and perfectly polished like a mirror. I notice that there's no place to grip the blade near the guard, and that its width is too narrow to comfortably grip it, meaning that half-swording is impossible with this weapon. Its cross guard is thinner than that of a typical greatsword, and it's completely rounded, like a teardrop, so it wouldn't be effective for blunt attacks. Its hilt is also shorter than I expected it to be and is the only part with any color since it's made of a bundle of leaves where the glinting of hidden gems shines through. The pommel is a small, dark sparkly globe that reminds me of the starry skies we saw throughout the dungeon.

    Arreira grips the hilt and pulls the greatsword out of its almost imperceptibly small pedestal. He effortlessly swings it once through the air with just one arm, causing it to whistle as it cuts through the air almost like a lightsaber.

    Seeing that all of the girls are too stunned to explain, Arreira does so himself, "This is Patrono, a Heavenly Sword that was forged out of pure Okross during the Dawn of Civilization." -He holds the sword upright with the edge pointing forward, but it's so thin that the blade is now invisible to us- "Its creation led to the rise of the first dynasty of God-Rulers and the establishment of the High Forest as you know it."

    He points the sword straight down and lets it fall towards the stone floor. The blade effortlessly sinks into the stone up to the hilt as if it were nothing. It's so amazingly sharp that it cut through over 1.5 meters of solid stone with just the force from its own weight. This is fucking insane.

    "Wolfy's cock," Roxanne mutters in amazement.

    Arreira assumes a teaching tone and continues like a tour guide, "It has been used in countless battles and bathed in the blood of all kinds of enemies, but it wasn't enough to prevent the fall of its wielders, just as it didn't prevent my own fall." -He smiles wryly- "That was partially because Ajax also had his own Heavenly Sword and Heavenly Armor, but I digress. This stands among the most powerful swords in existence, but it won't make you invincible. As an example, [Divine Lance] was created by the Chimeras specifically to annihilate foes armored with Okross."

    As I stare at it, I feel a "calling" drawing me towards this weapon, and my feet start moving on their own. The mirror-like quality of Okross is so familiar to my own new scales that I get a nagging feeling that this sword is also a "part" of me, as if I were seeing someone else wearing my clothes.

    I grab the hilt of Patrono and feel my hand being massaged by the bundle of leaves, then I cast [Telekinesis] to float upwards and unsheathe it from the floor.

    This sword feels like it's as light as a feather, which is impossibly light for its size. I look closely down the edge of the blade and feel like I'm going insane from how it literally disappears from sight. It must be thinner than a hair's width!

    Reading my mind, Arreira explains, "The blade is actually two Primordial Particles thick, which you Earthlings named as 'atoms.' Between two layers of Okross are the gold channels for the enchantments."

    I summon a steel earth elemental, making sure that its shape doesn't remind me of Lina, then I swing the sword and cleanly disarm it, leaving a mirror-like finish where its arm was connected. I didn't even feel the slightest hint of resistance.

    Aligning the edge of the blade with the direction of the slash is essential for a good cut, so I purposely tilt the edge and swing again. It still cuts clean through, though this time I feel some resistance.

    "What can even defend against such a weapon?" I ask while staring at it in disbelief. I get a chill as I realize how easy it would be to accidentally kill myself with it.

    Arreira lectures us again, "Physically? Only Okross armor. Magically? Only spells that don't directly touch the Okross, like [Dead End], or [Telekinesis] if they have enough precision to 'grab' the blade with the spell, but because it's so thin, it would be a challenging endeavor. Even [Wind Shield] is useless against this sword."

    Yunia finally snaps out of it as a grim suspicion surfaces in her mind. "I have a feeling that the Council will try to depose us just so that they can get their hands on this weapon," she soberly comments.

    Arreira snorts and waves his hand dismissively with a pompous gesture. "Which is why none of you will be leaving until you learn [Equip]. Also, I'll give you a writ declaring you all as the sole rightful inheritors of my treasury."

    "What about the royals?" Yunia presses on.

    "I'll disown them," he casually answers without hesitation. "I'm still 'alive,' so it's within my rights. You can use whatever 'truth checker' that Avgi has to certify its veracity."

    Yunia remains skeptical, but she doesn't think that we'll be killed on sight for possessing Patrono anymore.

    I look around at the incredible wealth and sweat cold. If Yunia wasn't here to help us manage all this, I'd be having a stroke right now.

    Women, wealth, weapons, power, and now the only thing left is drugs, but there are multiple damn Eia farms in Escanso, just waiting for our return. The true challenge of Lordship might actually be to not ruin yourself with hedonism in excess.

    I turn to him and give a short respectful bow. "Thank you for your help. What you're giving us will help secure my 'destiny,' and we're all extremely grateful for that," I sincerely express my feelings.

    He turns his head away haughtily, which reminds me of Yunia, and tries to downplay his actions, "This is just another monster for the Lord, as your kind would say. I can't name you my inheritor and have you be shamed because you lack the dignity expected of a royal."

    With a smirk, I deposit Patrono back into its pedestal, which I notice is also made of Okross, then we start exploring the assortment of weapons available to us.

    Alissa gets a compact bow enchanted with [Arrow of Annihilation], [Sapping Seeds], [Constricting Vines], [Mana Arrow], [Charge], [Lava Jet], [Loosen], and it's even auto-buffed with [Perfect Arrows]. It's a fucking beast and far better than what even the Arquirandos had. The first enchantment is what Noblewoman Silvina uses, and it's kind of a pseudo-[Divine Lance] that also lights things on fire. The second enchantment drains her quarry's HP and MP if the arrow hits and continues while she remains within a relatively close range, which is really good against tough monsters like Ogres.

    Roxanne gets a new elven staff that's as beautiful as any of the ceremonial ones. It's made of two amber-like materials, one of which is blue with a variety of dark line patterns within it, while the other is red with yellow carvings all over it in circular patterns. The gem is wrapped in a basket nest made of these two materials, and it flashes chaotically with a rainbow of lights whenever she casts a spell. Mage staves aren't enchanted to prevent them from interfering with their casting, so it looks impressive, but it doesn't do much besides improving her spells, though there's a small hidden blade at the butt that she can use in emergencies, and it's even stiff enough to be used as a spear.

    Hana salivates over Patrono, so I'll probably let her use it if that's possible, but she'll get her own weapon, too. Most of the practical weapons here are all enchanted with the same spells, so we only need to find the type of weapon that she wants the most.

    We get her a wooden bastard sword with [Morph Length], [Double Strike], [Bleed], [Flame Slash], [Searing Blade], [Heat Reversal], [Fissure], and a double [Switch] that lets her change it into either a spear or a shortsword. [Flame Slash] is what Rande uses to throw burning oil at his enemies, [Heat Reversal] is the counter to [Searing Blade], and [Fissure] splits the ground apart to trap opponents.

    Lina gets an axe with those same enchantments, though her double [Switch] lets her change it into either a hammer or a spear. With [Morph Length], she can use it as a pole or single-handed weapon.

    Ciel gets a glaive with the same enchantments as well, and her double [Switch] lets her change it into either a shortsword or a polehammer. Her Chimeric glaive wasn't actually destroyed, so she can still use it, but none of the elven weapons have [Beam], so we'll have to analyze that enchantment and add it to her new elven glaive.

    We find a longsword for Yunia, making her old one obsolete. Though the new one doesn't have [Dead Zone], the gauntlets for our sets of armor are all enchanted with both it and [Wind Shield].

    Aoi gets a halberd with the same enchantments as the rest of our melee weapons, but her double [Switch] lets her change it into either a hammer or a shortsword.

    Lina, Ciel, and I all get kite shields with [Earth Armor] to counter blunt weapons, [Fire Wall] to harm anyone trying to grab it, and both [Dead Zone] and [Wind Shield] for redundancy.

    Our armor is enchanted with [Regeneration], [Manasynthesis], [Wind Armor], [Heart of Fire], [Earth Armor], [Fly], [Ice armor], [Rush], [Refresh], and it's auto-buffed with [Wind Armor], [Swift Foot], [Rainbow Shield], [Rainbow Crystal], and [Reinforce].

    There's just so many enchantments in our new equipment that we'll need to train ourselves in how to use them, or else we'll just fumble and activate them all in desperation when shit hits the fan. [Heart of Fire] is definitely an enchantment that needs a lot of control since it's quite easy to actually kill yourself or drain away all of your mana with it.

    Aoi, Lina, and I don't fit in this armor made for tall elves, of course, but there's a spell to get all of this armor to properly fit us, and even change their shape for Aoi's normal form. It's incredibly mana-inefficient, though, but that's nothing more than a temporary blip for Arreira's mana organ.

    While he works, I use [Sense Soul] on him and suddenly feel like I've entered an infinite corridor from how all the "mana particle containers" line up further than my soul-sight can see.

    "Don't do that," Arreira suddenly warns me with a glare, and I reflexively stop using [Sense Soul], then he softens his expression.

    "You could feel that?" I ask while trying to get my heart back under control. This is a first for me.

    "Yes, and it wasn't pleasant," he responds coldly, and we leave it at that.

    There's some equipment with high-level spells, like [Haste], [Reflection], [Unbreakable Skin], [Abyssal Fire], [Blood of Gaia], and [Petrifying Gaze], but they're hardly practical. Aside from [Fissure] from [Earth Magic], enchanting is mostly limited to the mid to lower level spells because the complexity required to recreate them inside a gem increases exponentially with their magic school's corresponding skill level. Maybe one day, there will be high-level enchantments thanks to automation, but that day certainly won't come soon.

    I notice a lack of [Space Magic] enchantments, but it's probably because that's an Avgi specialty that the ancient elves knew little about, so we'll have to buy [Blink] from somewhere if we want to fight like Yunia's father. Though, even if we do, there's the problem that the elven equipment is so filled with enchantments that adding any more would likely ruin it all.

    Maintaining this delicate equipment will also require a really powerful enchanter, or I could use my Gift to temporarily give Lina the points she needs to understand how to do it.

    Aside from the Bastión and the Camalo armor sets, all of our equipment is decorated with small branches, leaves, and flowers that fall off and disintegrate at the slightest touch. This isn't entirely for decoration, though, since this is a side-effect of the wood being able to self-repair, but that feature won't fix broken enchantments.

    After we're done perusing through the treasury, Arreira snaps his fingers, and dozens of large chests appear, floating above us, then all of the treasures we didn't pick start flying into them.

    Seeing our expressions of surprise, he smiles smugly and explains, "This is something I created after taking a look at some of the baggage from the Crown Lords that came here. They're all enchanted with [Warp Space] to increase their inner dimensions, but since Ryder seems to have an endless [Item Box] as a Gift, that shouldn't be a problem for you.

    "If Wolfy ever gets killed, all these heavy chests will bury both him and anyone else nearby," Roxanne comments and chuckles softly.

    "I have a whole furniture shop and a farmer's market inside of me. If I die, I'll just explode like a piñata," I retort as I send them the imagery through [Bind], and even Arreira chuckles, though Alissa and Ciel aren't particularly fond of this kind of banter.

    The treasury is soon emptied into the chests, leaving only the suits of armor and weapons chosen for us. The wide hall is now stripped bare, becoming rather lonely and depressing without all the treasure to give it life. The colorful stone slabs that Arreira likes to use everywhere feel out of place without the fine decorations to accompany them.

    Arreira lands in front of us, looking rather content with himself and still a bit smug. "You still have to deal with the Chimeras," he reminds us, and we frown because this also means talking to Hihiriwa. "It seems that not all of them will accept their 'deaths' so easily, and if you want to reclaim their ships and armor, then you'll have to convince them to cooperate since some of the Chimeras are haunting the ships while the Celestial Horns are haunting their own armor."

    "What about Pua? What's going to happen to it?" I question, totally not stalling.

    His chiseled face softens with a surprisingly kind smile. "I'll free it if you don't have any objections. If I direct it towards the Broken Skies, it'll easily thrive there while being harmless to civilization."

    "I'm a little concerned about its true power," Ciel chimes in.

    Arreira shows a hint of worry that quickly gets replaced with his usual sexiness. "It's fairly weak, actually. It's a magical being with low 'Magic Power,' and I can easily place it below one of your Lords in actual fighting prowess," he tries to convince her.

    "We have to make sure it knows that it owes its freedom to us. Having it on our side will definitely be a boon," Yunia advises. Ciel seems a bit skeptical, but she'll trust Yunia on this one.

    I breathe in to gather my courage, then my tail wags like a whip on its own. I just sigh internally at my lack of control over it. "Let's deal with the Chimeras first," I counter. Let's pull the tooth out before we eat the candy.

    Arreira nods, pleased with our choice.

    A portal opens to a cozy, elven styled room, and I cross through it alone. Hukarere awaits me on the other side, weapon drawn and wary, but also very confused. Her wolf head looks fearsome with her lips raised in a snarl, exposing her long teeth and making even me a bit hesitant to approach her.

    She hears my footsteps, and her ears turn to me, quickly followed by her head. She immediately softens her demeanor into a pup and happily shouts, "Wolf! What wild winds have brought you-… well, me here?!" Then she notices my new race and lowers her saber while also letting her mouth hang open in surprise. "Divines step on me. Are you a Chimera?"

    I smile bitterly and sit down on the sofa prepared for us. "No, I'm not. I was a human, and now… I'm something else," I hesitantly reply. Saying that I'm not human anymore feels so wrong that my mask of calmness almost breaks.

    While I tell the truth of her situation to Hukarere, Arreira deals with most of the common Chimeras, explaining their circumstances to them, then stimulating their memory. As soon as he turns off his memory-wiping powers, the Chimeras start to remember the truth, though for many, it's a bit confusing and blurry.

    The memory wipe can only be done with short-term memories, but it also affects long-term ones as well, making them feel like these memories aren't actually "real." I know exactly what they're going through since that happens whenever I try to recall my previous meetings with Arreira. It all seems like a weird dream that gives me déjà vu, as if it were something "detached" from reality.

    "So, this is the end…?" Hukarere sadly asks, her ears flat, her large dragon tail limp on the sofa, her snow-white hands barely holding onto her teacup.

    I hold her hand and squeeze it reassuringly. "Not exactly," I gently whisper, breathing a wisp of life back into her lifeless eyes. "You can still come live with me, but you're a spirit, and your existence will be tied to a gem. It might not be possible to keep you solid all the time, and you can't exactly touch or feel things while in spirit form."

    "Can you take my gem with you anywhere you go?" She immediately asks.

    I frown in confusion. "I guess…"

    She narrows her eyes in thought, then she turns a sharp look towards me. "So you could say that I'm… portable?"

    We both hold back a snort as all the tension that was building up is instantly wiped away.

    "Yes, you could say so…" I agree, straining myself to not laugh.

    "Then take me everywhere," she demands with a sultry tone and licks my face.

    She's not the only one who feels this way. Yunia is talking to Kaatohe, and the haughty "aristocat" demands the same, including a regular dicking from me, though she didn't say it explicitly, and also, she denies wanting to be part of my harem.

    Ciel pokes us through [Bind] and sends a few stern words to us, so we're forced to remind these carefree spirits of their reality, "Do you understand that, as a spirit, you'll slowly lose yourself until you become a shell if you don't go towards Paradise?"

    Hukarere's tail starts wagging rapidly as she suggests, "Can't I join with a nature spirit to extend my… uh 'dead-time'?"

    I look at Gify on my shoulder, and she just shrugs.


    Hukarere frowns, and her tails stop moving. "It doesn't have to be now, right?"

    I nod and hum in agreement. "Arreira isn't sure, but he said that you should last for at least a few years in this state."

    Her excitement comes back, and her tail wags. "Then we'll talk about this again in a few years. I don't have many people waiting for me in Paradise anyway, so if I can last long enough here, then it might be better to give up my 'self' to extend this short life of mine."

    Ciel definitely isn't pleased with Hukarere's idea, but her priest training tells her to let people be free to do what they want with their lives and afterlives.

    Hukarere smirks, and her fingers trace along the outline of my hard cock pressing against my pants. "Well, you did say that you're travelers, so I'll be fine, no matter where we go," she assures me with a suggestive tone. Then she leans over and whispers into my ear, "but first, how about I drain you of your cum while you fuck me with that thick, manly dragon tail?"

    I lick my lips and growl like an animal.

    "Not now," Arreira's boner-killing, spine-chilling voice resounds through the room.

    God fucking dammit. I'm starting to really hate him.

    Seeing that we're not giving up, he insists with an even more imperious tone, "I know that you want to spend a whole day fucking every female in sight, but I don't have the patience to wait until you're done. There's work to do." He actually manages to kill my boner, then we both grunt in dissatisfaction and separate.

    Our offer to Hukarere is extended to all Chimera. If they want to continue living, they'll have to become our subjects once we become Lords. It might be a bit complicated at first, but we're all certain that we can find a way to accommodate them in Escanso or perhaps even find a way to give them back their freedom.

    Next up is Oritiki.

    For her, for our friend, we all enter the room together to address both her and all the other Celestial Horns.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Prince PreownedFIN.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Lord DJ.
    Lord Ashadun.
    Lord Michale Erwin.
    Lord Bakerdea.
    Lord Nathan Vanbrunt.
    Lord Maurice.
    Lord Empyrean.
    Lord Mattirro Draca.
    Lord Joshua Tal.
    Lord Colorblind.
    Lord RottenTangerine.
    Lord Fullmoon.
    Lord Joxsan Herrera.
    Lord Sean Drake.
    Lord Brody Haugan.
    Lord GoodKat.
    Lord FrostyCube.
    Lord Freddie.
    Lord Mike Bartter.
    Lord Cardinal Steiner.
    Lord DragonPiggy.
    Noble Salty Panda.
    Noble Mild Fracas.
    Noble Aclys.
    Noble Shawn Plumley.
    Noble CarlBaxter.
    Noble WeirdWhirl.
    Noble War God.
    Noble Andreas Jörgensen.
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    The Celestial Horns all stand in formation, their bodies completely unmoving as they've realized that they don't need to breathe anymore, their helmets held under their arms as the battle is over, their faces grim as they've come to understand their sad fate. Their Divines are all truly dead, their last bastion of resistance was overwhelmed by monsters, and it’s only through sheer will that they haven't regressed into mere Living Armors without any emotions. They failed their duty, they failed their people, and they can't even find someone to blame for it. The Petrification Calamity was a tragedy, and the real culprit eluded the entire realm, if there even was one.

    But while the Horns stand with their heads hung low, Oritiki is the only one who retains some glimmer of hope in her eyes.

    Her majestic horns are polished to a smooth sheen, her black cow head looks proud, and her eyes are sharp. Even after Arreira has revealed everything, she's still every bit as determined as she was before.

    "Ryders," she coolly greets us with a nod, then she notices my new race and observes me with neutral curiosity.

    "Oritiki," I greet back with a smile.

    Hana and Ciel greet Paraaone, which he returns, though mutely.

    We stop before each other and remain silent for a moment as we search for the right words.

    "My condolences," I break the silence with a sober tone.

    "We appreciate it," Oritiki responds, and her face melts into a warm smile, then her eyes lose focus as she reminisces. "Though this isn't the first time we've heard that. Arreira also followed it up with such a tempting offer that we eagerly accepted this childish fantasy."

    "Yearning is not childish," Ciel immediately chimes in with a very motherly tone and steps forward. "But the important question is: do you regret this time that Arreira gave you?"

    Oritiki slowly turns around, taking a brief look at each of her men, then shakes her head gently. "No."

    Oritiki and I look at each other expectantly, as if we're trying to read each other's minds, but we don't need to try, we have a very good idea of what the other wants.

    I can't look at myself like a common man anymore, my Gift already set me apart, and now the Gods have made fucking sure of that since they even made me into a new race. I can't keep acting as an outsider, trying to not stir the pot; I'm already going to make waves with [Golemancy], my promise to the Goddess of Knowledge made sure of that, and now I'm going to be responsible for part of a nation.

    I need to inspire loyalty in others; I need to act in ways that will earn me their respect; I need to take responsibility for the lives of my soon-to-be subjects; I need to guide them forward towards the light that only I can see. That is the only way that nobility can be justified in taking power in this realm, it's their reason for existence: to guide.

    But I can't do it all alone. I need more than just my wives, concubines, or companions. I need subordinates, bound through a contract, subjects, bound through duty, servants, bound through oath, and followers, bound through love.

    The strong protect the weak, which in turn support the strong. At this moment, I'm-, no, we are stronger than Oritiki and the Celestial Horns combined. We hold real control over their Fate, and what we're about to say will forever change our relationship with the Horns.

    I won't use [Godly Language] to manipulate their hearts into accepting this. I'll use plain, clear words so that they know exactly what's expected of them. I can't deny that I want their armor and weapons, but I don't want them to go, and also, they're more valuable as allies than as tools.

    Unfortunately, allies are equals, and nobody would say that of our relationship with the Horns. We can't stand on the same level, but we can start there.

    I hold my claws in front of me and puff up my chest, then Alissa helps me straighten my posture while Aoi gets my tail under control through [Bind].

    I breathe in and let my voice resound so that every Celestial Horn can hear me clearly, "I wasn't born in this realm. I'm from a world populated entirely with humans, where mana doesn't exist. I was never told why I was brought here, and I was given Gifts to fulfill a destiny I know nothing about. The only thing I'm sure of is that the Gods guided me here, both the new and the old, and this meeting between us is entirely within their plans."

    I make a dramatic pause to let them absorb my words, and I see Oritiki's face light up.

    "We'll destroy this dungeon's core, ending Arreira's existence with it, and also your fake lives. After that, we'll assume the position of Lords and work to accumulate even more power, but we have few that we can truly trust, so this will be a rocky, dangerous path. That's not all, as we don't truly know what Fate the Gods have for me, so we don't know the nature of the dangers that still lie hidden from us.

    "We've fought and bled alongside some of you while you've also protected us for a short time. We greatly value your assistance, and also your friendship," -I send a nod towards Oritiki, and Paraaone's face twitches with emotion- "so we don't wish to end things here.

    "Do you desire to continue your lives? To live for a while longer in this realm, but without all the illusions and lies this time? We can give you all new lives if you agree to serve us, and while we can't say for sure if they'll compare with your old lives, we can assure you that they'll definitely be eventful.

    "Knowing that Fate that lies ahead of us, do you accept this proposal? To serve in exchange for a new life?"

    I stare at Oritiki, and she returns the gaze. Hers is intense, trying to gauge my determination, while mine is hopeful, trying to convince her to accept.

    A smile slowly breaks into her long snout, then she turns around, and her men start to light up as they see her expression.

    "We require some time to discuss this in private," she states, her voice leaving no room to argue.

    We nod respectfully, then Paraaone sends us one last smirk before we turn around and graciously leave the room.

    The happiness from before fades away as we cross through another [Eternal Gate]. We find ourselves inside a huge, nondescript room. It's made entirely of gray rock and lacks any decorations, giving it the air of a prison.

    In the center of this room are the Carrier and the Long Floater. Both of which are manned by only a small number of very confused Chimeras that watch us cautiously when we come in.

    Alissa hears a few shouts as observers on the glass dome bridge of the Carrier recognize us after using their scopes.

    I pull out three comfortable sofas for us and a few hard chairs for our guests, then we wait while the Chimeras scramble to respond.

    They try to activate the ships and their Trinity Cannons, but a [Disruption Field] enveloping both ships makes them stop trying that rather quickly. I'm also thankful that Arreira was polite enough to keep us out of the Field. Just watching all the wild mana makes my insides tingle unpleasantly.

    After a few minutes, a group of Chimeras pours out from both the Carrier and the Floater. Alissa focuses her sight and recognizes Nohopu, the squirrel-headed crazy captain; Kurii, his beagle-headed executive officer; Kaiia, the Carrier's fluffy, panda-headed executive officer; Kaata, Hihiriwa's neon-blue gecko-headed wife; and the devil himself. Hihiriwa's gray draconic face is completely neutral, unconcerned with his current situation.

    They all come towards us flanked by tall and burly guards, though none of them have weapons, so they're all harmless to us.

    They started pretty far away, so a long minute passes as we wait, then I decide to pull out a coffee table, and Alissa starts preparing tea for everyone.

    We act indifferently to them until they take their seats. Nohopu and Kurii get friendly nods, especially Kurii since I'm a horn dog in need of a fuck, and every female looks so fuckable, and all I want is my draconic co-…

    Alissa chokes the dragon again, and we both sigh in our minds.

    I need to get laid.

    At least they're fully armored. If the women were naked, this conversation would be very uncomfortable. It's not like I've become an animal incapable of controlling myself, it's just that it's very uncomfortable to do so.

    Hihiriwa calmly grabs his cup of tea and sips it silently. He doesn't look angry or defeated, but rather seems as if he was expecting this. His expression is neutral, if a bit lacking in energy, while his draconic eyes look at nobody else but me.

    The others have a mix of wary, confused, and slightly frightful looks. Kurii is as cool and collected as always, though.

    I slowly sip my tea and let my eyes wander as we wait.

    Kaiia awkwardly shifts in his seat, which is a bit too small for the large panda man.

    I relax my thick tail on Yunia's lap, and she sends me a subtle glare but starts petting it anyway. The scales prevent me from feeling much, but her touch is good enough for me to find some comfort.

    Nohopu starts tapping his foot impatiently.

    I look over at Lina on Ciel's lap and feel a little jealous that I can't have my personal lap-loli for comfort. Yunia insisted on this arrangement so that I'd seem more menacing.

    Kaata looks around with shifty eyes.

    Hana and Aoi grumble impatiently. They really dislike theatrics, preferring a broken arm instead of these mind games.

    Hihiriwa finishes his cup and sighs in satisfaction. His gray scales wave as a chill runs down his spine, then he smiles in contentment.

    "I have no idea why I did it," he suddenly admits bemusedly and chuckles.

    I nearly facepalm in exasperation and simply stare angrily at him. My scales wave along with the desire to strangle him that courses through my body.

    He smiles, apparently proud of his stupidity, and explains himself, "I knew that you were special, but Arreira's memory-wipes prevented me from understanding why, so I thought I had to do something to keep you nearby, I just didn't know what."

    Yunia takes over for me as I'm too overwhelmed to ask, "So you just… sabotaged the Light gem and hoped for the best?"

    "Yes," he confesses eagerly then laughs like a fool. He laughs so hard he holds his own stomach in pain. "I can't believe it almost worked!"

    The others look at him either confused or worried. I'm pretty sure that even his wife doesn't know what he did.

    Kurii suddenly gasps in surprise and accuses Hihiriwa, "This is why the Honored One wanted to depose you!"

    "Precisely," he admits as he nods without the slightest hint of guilt. "And we're lucky that things ended when they did because I didn't have much longer to live."

    Kaata frowns, completely horrified, and grabs his hand reflexively.

    Alissa's tail stops swaying, and her ears point up in wariness. "So, you won't apologize?" She asks, almost uttered through gritted teeth.

    Hihiriwa immediately answers, "No…" -I scowl at him, seething with anger, and his draconic face twitches- "I won't apologize for what I did, though I will apologize for bringing you harm or putting you in danger."

    That actually makes me pause in confusion. This fucking guy…

    "Why?" Is all I can ask without swearing at him.

    He nervously adjusts the collar of his armor, then categorically starts his explanation, "I blame the Divine Arreira for wiping our memories as it prevented me from understanding why you were special, but it didn't change my intuition that you were the key to solving the mystery of our town."

    We hear a loud *snap* resound through the air as Arreira's annoyingly sexy presence reveals itself to us.

    He floats beside our sofa just to make himself seem like he's "towering" over us. "Hm… curious. I believe this 'intuition' was a remnant of your long-term memories," he comments as he rubs his chiseled chin in thought, then he shrugs. "Another complication of memory manipulation. Perhaps through emotional reconditioning, this effect could be minimized. It could be done through neutral emotions since positive or negative reinforcement would leave evidence of tampering, so perhaps repetition blindness could be tested. However, I'd need to first find symptoms of 'emotional remnants' in the memories…" He rambles on to himself, speaking through his actual mouth this time, then he remembers where he is and *snap*s away to somewhere else.

    Things turn silent again, and we just let Hihiriwa simmer under the heat of our glares.

    After another awkward minute, he finally decides to broach the topic himself, "I don't hold any ill intent towards any of you, and neither of us" -he squeezes his wife's hand- "want to give up our lives yet." He gets up and turns around to gaze wistfully at the Carrier. "We fought to the death on this ship, so it isn't just our grave or where our souls have been bound to, it's a part of us. For as long as our souls still have an ego, we'll fly on the Carrier."

    He turns his head sideways and smirks at us.

    He's got us there. Unless we forcefully remove him, he won't give up haunting the Carrier.

    I look towards the other Chimeras, and they all seem to be touched by his words. Kurii may have blurted out something that briefly embarrassed Hihiriwa, but their loyalty to him hasn't diminished. They've been together through life and death, so if we want to acquire two fully crewed ships alongside dozens of fighter pilots, we have to accept all of them, including Hihiriwa.

    Yunia hammers out a speech for me, and I simply surrender myself to her will for a short time. I really hate being the only one talking, but at least through [Bind], the burden can be shared somewhat.

    I stand up, and the claws on my feet scrape against the floor, easily making some light scratches in the stone.

    Fucking shit, are they made of Okross or something? My scales sure do remind me of it.

    My tail becomes stiff and points upwards as my intense glare makes them cower. Nohopu shrinks in his seat, Kaiia becomes a harmless fluffy panda doll, Kurii stiffens and avoids looking me in the eye out of respect, Kaata frowns as she tries to find her husband's hand for comfort, and even Hihiriwa's draconic side is affected as he instinctively lowers his head.

    The Chimera guards behind them reach for their weapons, but they have none, so they instead shift very uncomfortably on their feet.

    Holy fuck, I'm actually intimidating them with just a glare.

    "You look really sexy to me, though, but okay, I guess it's different for them," Roxanne comments through [Bind].

    I swallow heavily and measure my tone to maintain the perfect balance of authority and seriousness with a hint of [Godly Language] for intimidation.

    First the stick, then the carrot.

    Yunia opens my mouth, and her speech pours out on its own, "Whakamutu Mutu is gone like a dream; your nation has faded away from history, forgotten and abandoned; your Divines have all perished; the mystery of the Petrification Calamity has never been solved; and even the survivors of your race have moved on.

    "You have nothing but this Carrier and Floater as your possessions, and even these ships could be taken away from you by purging your souls from them. So, what can you offer me?"

    "We offer our services as an expert crew to man your ships," Hihiriwa answers sedately and lowers his head in respect. His draconic face has an annoyingly satisfied smirk, which shows that we're still acting within his expectations.

    "And what do you demand in return?" My tone is a bit snotty.

    He keeps his head low and his tone submissive as he says, "A life like any other. Gathered here are honored captains, distinguished officers, and an expert crew. We merely expect to be treated as is fitting to our stations."

    "Your souls are bound to the ships by [Trap Soul], and perhaps they could be transferred to a gem, but we won't be gifting them. You'll have to purchase them with your own pay."

    Hihiriwa straightens his posture, still looking satisfied with himself, then slowly nods. "That's acceptable. We most likely won't need much to be spent on us since we're nothing but spirits without a body to maintain."

    I narrow my eyes dangerously. "And then there's the matter of loyalty…"

    I wait for Hihiriwa's answer, but even he can't come up with something to say that wouldn't just be empty ass kissing.

    After a moment of silence, I give him the good news, "You'll be sworn to serve us, but due to our previous conflict, your loyalty can't be assured, though we will grant you one chance to regain our trust. Meanwhile, you'll be watched by our other subjects, and your independence will be severely restricted until we decide otherwise."

    Hihiriwa hesitates for a moment, but then he bows to us. The others follow suit a second later, and I sigh internally in relief. The girls and I all relax our postures as the negotiation is now over.

    An [Eternal Gate] appears behind us, and we immediately get up to leave.

    The Chimeras raise their heads, and I send them a small, friendly smile. Now that our positions have been established, there's no reason to continue antagonizing them.

    Now that the Chimeras have been appeased, we'll have a brief talk with Pua.

    It wouldn't be a good idea to just suddenly relocate it, so Arreira takes us to the fake Broken Skies again and returns our ship to us. He really did make us crash onto a rock before our trials started, so the ship had to be repaired, but we've been inside those Preservation Beds for so long that he'd completed that quite a while ago.

    We look around at the starry, groundless sky with a bit of wistfulness. This will be the last time that we'll ever see it unless we decide to explore the real Broken Skies.

    Arreira has been hurrying us on quite a lot, so we don't have too much time to rest or appreciate the sights. At least we get over a half-hour to calm down while our ship slowly approaches a suspiciously shaped colored cloud that continues to grow larger in our view.

    I ponder over what Arreira said about the Maw being weaker than a Lord. This is a fucking mountain-sized monster, so I can hardly believe that a single Lord-level person could kill it. Did he take Pua's meek behavior into account and implied that the Lord would be able to scare it off, instead?

    Arreira is at least a thousand years out of touch with reality, so I'd bet that this is just one of his quirks. For all we know, Pua is his pet or another experiment that got a little out of hand.

    Hana feels a chill from megalophobia as we approach the cloud-mountain. As the tallest among us, she rarely gets the feeling of being so totally dwarfed by other things. Lina, on the other hand, is behaving as if it were business as usual. My little dwarf actually enjoys feeling small, especially when she's in the arms of a strong, muscular, menacing man like me. Her words, not mine.

    The mountain suddenly starts moving, and Pua uncoils itself. Its huge, castle-sized face made of clouds turns to us, and Hana gets really creeped out by it.

    "Hello," Pua's deep and slow voice comes from the prow instead of directly inside my ear this time.

    "Hello again, Pua," I greet it back cheerfully and wave.

    "A dragon…" It curiously comments.

    "I'm Aoi," she greets it with a toothy grin and waves her claws.

    "Are you like me?"

    She tilts her head and sits down as her tail sways contentedly. "I don't know, maybe? I was a 'broken' monster before, but now I've converted, and Wolfy 'filled me.'"

    "Hm…" Pua mumbles like a curious child.

    "I could look into your soul to confirm it, but you'd have to get closer," Alissa tentatively suggests. She's a bit intrigued by Pua, too.

    "Okay," it casually agrees and flies forward, making us all tense up.

    The day becomes cloudy as Pua hides the sun with its body. It's like watching a mountain-sized truck barreling towards us, then suddenly seeing it stop as if it were nothing.

    "Y-your soul is 'normal' for a monster. You're not the same as Aoi," Alissa announces as she tries to calm down her own heart. Her [Sense Presence] is completely filled with one large 'red dot' that screams "DANGER" in her mind, and it's quite the disconcerting feeling.

    "I seeee~~…" Pua whispers, which slowly devolves into a soft hissing, then it opens its gigantic, Pac-man-like mouth, exposing four house-sized crystal fangs, and yawns.

    We hear the far-off howling of the wind as it stirs up a small storm with its breath, which it politely directs away from us.

    Because Pua seems to be a bit slow, I wait an awkwardly long moment to see if it wants to talk, then I give it my gratitude, "We'd like to thank you for pushing me into the portal. If it weren't for you, things would've become… a lot more complicated, I believe. We're also sorry that you were struck by the gem's power as it must've hurt quite a lot."

    Pua curls up again, leaving only its cylindrical face visible outside of its fluffy little hill, still facing us. "Oh, it's okay. The gem stung for a while, but I'm better now."

    "Still, we owe you a lot. I hope to be able to repay you somehow."

    "Hm…" Its interested hum sends out a slight tremor with its intensity. "I'll think about it later," it tiredly responds.

    I smile sadly at it. Pua really is a gentle giant. "Unfortunately, we'll be destroying the dungeon's core soon, so this place will decay and stop existing eventually. We'll release you from this dungeon and out into the realm if you promise to not attack humanoid civilization."

    "Out? Where's 'out'?" It questions worriedly.

    "You're inside a dungeon, and there's a huge realm for you to explore out there. I'm almost certain that the skies are unoccupied by humanoids, so you'll have plenty of space to make your new home."

    "Oh… okay."

    Ciel lets her motherly instincts take over as she contributes, "If you encounter other humanoids, tell them about us, and say that if they harm you, we'll come and protect you."

    "Yeah, you're a good monster, so you can come back to us if you need help," Hana adds cheerfully and shakes her fist in the air.

    "Pua's mere presence will cause chaos and panic in the High Forest," Yunia warns her through [Bind].

    "It'll also intimidate a lot of people if they know that we're 'friends' with it," Roxanne defends Hana, and Yunia relents.

    "I'll… visit," Pua accepts, sounding as if it's unsure about what the word "visit" actually means.

    We have a quick discussion inside my mind about how Pua coming to "visit" would go, then I explain things to it, "We'll be ruling over a town called Escanso that's been built in the treetops of a forest with huge trees. If you want to talk to us, come fly near the forest, and we'll try to get in contact with you. It's possible that we'll send the Chimeras along with some ships, so don't attack them on sight."

    "Chimeras?" It moans a little sadly.

    I nod and speak in a reassuring tone, "They're under our control now, so they shouldn't hurt you, but always be careful since misunderstandings can happen."

    "Okay…" Its huge face nods very slowly.

    We say our goodbyes to it, then we return to Arreira.

    It's time to learn [Equip].

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Prince PreownedFIN.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Lord DJ.
    Lord Ashadun.
    Lord Michale Erwin.
    Lord Bakerdea.
    Lord Nathan Vanbrunt.
    Lord Maurice.
    Lord Empyrean.
    Lord Mattirro Draca.
    Lord Joshua Tal.
    Lord Colorblind.
    Lord RottenTangerine.
    Lord Fullmoon.
    Lord Joxsan Herrera.
    Lord Sean Drake.
    Lord Brody Haugan.
    Lord GoodKat.
    Lord FrostyCube.
    Lord Freddie.
    Lord Mike Bartter.
    Lord Cardinal Steiner.
    Lord DragonPiggy.
    Noble Salty Panda.
    Noble Mild Fracas.
    Noble Aclys.
    Noble Shawn Plumley.
    Noble CarlBaxter.
    Noble WeirdWhirl.
    Noble War God.
    Noble Andreas Jörgensen.
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    "Wait, you actually made a new magic school! It's right here, and it's called [Equipment System]!" I shout, then I glare at Arreira with a mix of annoyance and surprise. "Why didn't you tell us?!"

    He clenches his fist and jaw in contained anger and increases his brightness to annoy us. "Because you'd want to cheat and skimp on this lesson!" He confesses through gritted teeth.

    Well, duh.

    The horny dragon inside of me, pun intended, roars in frustration, "Having the skill while practicing would've helped us immensely in not wasting five hours just trying to copy a single spell!"

    He looks away haughtily, refusing to set his eyes upon our "inferior" existences, and his fluffy drills take flight. "This is the same situation as you had with [Golemancy], where later on, you'd have problems simplifying things because your Gift gives you only the most evolved form of the spell, not the simplest, most practical one!"

    "As if I'd need that!"

    He points accusingly to the golems and his fair, shiny skin starts to flush red with anger. "Then make a new golem without your memories, right now!"


    I breathe in. "Ooooooh~…"

    Arreira clenches his jaw and starts grumbling, "You incompetent-…You're the best and worst Golemancer in existence! And that's just because you're the only one!" Then he *snaps* away to somewhere else, leaving us in the dark for a few seconds while the crystal lights come back on.

    "Oh, I got it…" Lina mumbles, as her left gauntlet appears on her hand.

    Roxanne un[Equip]s her staff and heavy armor to clap, making my little dwarf smile shyly.

    I sigh and lay down on the grass to rest for a moment, then Gify nestles herself on my chest, and I start petting her absentmindedly.

    "For a Gods-know-how-old spirit, he's rather impatient, isn't he?" Yunia comments in a low tone.

    "I believe he's simply tired of living," Ciel comments, then I turn my head towards her to gaze at her beauty. "He's finally found his 'successor,' and now he just wants to end it once and for all."

    "Arreira requires cuddling. He works hard to hide his loneliness," Ted blurts out in her usual neutral and slightly robotic voice, and we all immediately turn towards her, eyes wide open in disbelief.

    "He wot?" I mumble in English.

    "Arreira is grieving his long lost family while also despising his disowned descendants," Suzy continues.

    "He requires mental comforting and skinship to prevent stress accumulation and further outbursts of anger," Ted finishes, then I snort and sigh tiredly.

    Fucking hell…

    "Even God-Rulers aren't immune to simpler, or 'lesser,' needs, they're still very much humanoids," Ciel sagely comments.

    We hold ourselves back from teasing Arreira, but only outwardly. My mind becomes noisy as the girls and I fully express our skills for banter.

    Arreira comes back after a while, and we continue learning his [Equipment System] magic school, though we treat him with a lot more kindness than before.

    At level 1, this magic school gives the spell [Link], an extremely watered-down version of [Bind]. It converts blank souls into "extensions" of the caster's, but it doesn't have the same deep connectivity that [Bind] creates. This spell is completely safe in comparison to [Bind] because it doesn't leave a piece of the caster's soul inside the target's soul, removing one of [Bind]s (unconfirmed) weaknesses, where Spirit mages are most likely able to affect the caster through the bound souls.

    It only works with completely non-sentient souls, so I won't be able to [Equip] the golems just yet.

    Arreira may have used [Bind] as a basis, but he didn't leave any trace of that spell in [Link], so mages won't be able to learn [Bind] through reverse engineering.

    At level 5, there's the spell [Equip], which summons the chosen [Link]ed item. This spell uses summoning instead of [Item Box]'s materialization because Box's interface is too clumsy while summoning allows for the caster to instantly summon the item exactly where they want.

    The summoning works no matter if the [Link]ed item is in the real world or even inside the caster's own [Item Box], though it doesn't work when it's inside someone else's Box. To prevent an item from being stolen, [Link]ing blocks others from using [Item Box], though the item isn't completely theft-proof since a Spirit mage could still destroy the blank soul, or a Space mage could use [Gate] to teleport the item outside of the mage's summoning range.

    At level 10, there's [Itemize], which creates a blank soul for any sort of item. This is a higher-level spell because even though the soul is blank, it's still a rather complex construct.

    [Golemancy]'s [Infuse], which creates a fully-functional golem, is a level 1 spell, but in comparison, [Golemancy] is much, much, much, much harder to acquire levels in than [Equipment System].

    Even Hana is able to reach level 5 in it after just a few hours while it took me a few months until I learned [Golemancy] level 1.

    Each level in [Equipment System] allows for one [Link], but you can create a single soul for an entire armor set and more if you have the mana to use [Itemize], so leveling Equipment only adds more convenience instead of functionality.

    We all [Link] our new armor sets and weapons, only needing four or five levels in Equipment. Aoi still doesn't have skills, only levels, so she requires more training because of that and also because she has both human-shaped and dragon-shaped armor to store.

    I might also need dragon-shaped armor, but my dragon form is still just hatchling-sized, so I won't be fighting in it anytime soon.

    After cheating a bit, we finally finish learning the skill and store our newest weapons and armor. Except for Roxanne, the girls need a bit of a boost in [Space Magic] to fit all of their new gear in their [Item Box]es, but we'll get so many levels once we destroy the core that we can easily afford it.

    Arreira conjures an elven banquet for us, and Yunia's sharp eyes melt at the sight of all the comfort food before her.

    "Here's the writ," Arreira announces, and a golden piece of paper appears with a *poof*.

    It flies towards me, and I quickly read through all the extremely detailed "legalese." It's all written in silver, making it a bit annoying to try to read it when the lights reflect off the golden sheen, shining directly into my eyes.

    I have to agree with the God of the Sun that the overuse of gold and silver by the nobility of the past is a bit too much.

    I hardly understand what's written on the writ, blinding sheen or not, so I pass it to Yunia, who manages to get the gist of it. We're named his successors and inheritors while at the same time, he explicitly disowns the current royals, even going so far as to mention them by name.

    Anything that belonged to Arreira, including Patrono, also mentioned by name, is now ours. Anything inherited by the royals is also ours, though we don't know if that part will actually hold if taken to the Tribunal.

    There's not much to discuss, so I store the writ in my "Items," then we continue our feast.

    Once we fatten up nicely, it's time to meet the Chimeras again as they've finished deciding who wants to come with us, and who'll fade away with Arreira.

    When the Chimeras died, their attachment to the real world created an "anchor" that prevented their spirits from going to Paradise after their bodies rotted away. Now that there won't be a Whakamutu Mutu anymore, most of its denizens decided to end their journey here due to their attachment to the town.

    Arreira had cast [Trap Soul] on the Chimeras and used dungeon orbs as vessels. This allowed him to create sub-processes that controlled the memory-wiping he employed. The Chimeras that have chosen to come with us will need their souls to be transferred to something else instead so that they don't fade away with the dungeon. Their new "vessel" could be anything, really, but gems are the best option since mana can be stored in them, and they can be enchanted with [Materialize] so that the spirits can use it whenever they need to.

    Having spirits as citizens might cause an uproar, but there's only a handful of people who can stop us, namely the Emperor himself, the Elder Council, the Tribunal, or the temple. The Emperor has no reason to get involved in this, the Elder Council is very hands-off with most matters regarding the Lords, and the Tribunal is likely to consider spirits the same as commoners, leaving only the temple to potentially complain.

    [Trap Soul] may be a controversial spell, but it's what prevents the Chimeras from slowly going insane, or fading into wisps, or merging with nature spirits, so the temple has no good reason to intervene. However, they might keep a close watch on us to make sure that we don't mistreat the spirits, which is perfectly fine for us due to our future plans regarding Heretic's Rest.

    We enter an open grassland under a blue sky and breathe in the fresh air, then we observe the Chimeras as they finish saying their goodbyes.

    Ririmu, the cute raccoon guide is coming with us, and he's saying goodbye to a surprisingly large number of women; Hukarere is speaking with two people that I don't recognize; Kaatohe giving a big hug to Wahinui, with both of the cat women crying silently; and Oritiki seems to have convinced her husbands to come with us, somehow.

    Our ships are off to the side, all lined up beside each other, and even the Island Winch is there. I notice that the Carrier is filled to the brim with airplanes, and there's more than just Wasps there.

    I feel a chill run through me as I think about how all this military hardware belongs to us, personally. It's a bit overwhelming to try to process this right now, so I return to the Chimeras.

    Oritiki finishes hugging her husbands, then she looks around, and her eyes meet mine. She immediately organizes the Celestial Horns, and they march towards us.

    The Chimeras notice that something's happening, and a crowd starts to form around us while leaving a path for the Horns.

    "Ryders!" Oritiki shouts amicably, then her expression gradually hardens as she prepares herself for her speech.

    Once again, we're forced to appear regal, and we start to feel a bit fatigued by it, especially Hana, Ciel, and I, who have little experience with being formal.

    Oritiki stops a few meters away from us, the Horns right behind her, and we wait until the Chimeras stop their murmuring.

    The closest to us sit down on the grass to allow the others behind them to see, and we're surrounded even in the sky as many winged Chimeras take flight, then the grassland finally becomes quiet.

    "The Celestial Horns served only the Divines and none else, but now they are no more, leaving us without a ruler to follow…" Oritiki starts her speech with a measured and controlled tone. "Although we may have served the Divines, our purpose was clear: to preserve the Chimeric way of life."

    She looks around at every Chimeric eye turned towards her, eager to witness the famous Honored One speak.

    "We kept the peace, aided the weak, supported the poor, eliminated the corrupt, purged the threats, healed the wounded, and even fed the hungry. The Celestial Horns were the hands, claws, and weapons of the Divine, and we found no task beneath us."

    The older Chimeras nod and smile along with her words.

    "We never needed the Divines to give us commands, for they only gave us guidance, and now that our nation has been reduced to this," -She motions to the crowd and then the ships- "our purpose has never been more clear. No matter what we feel about our situation, we were given this power under an oath to serve our nation, and serve it we shall!"

    She raises her fist into the air, and the Horns roar in unison.

    "Be it one, a dozen, a hundred, or a thousand of Chimeras, living or not, ethereal or corporeal, we'll fight to protect you!"

    The Horns roar again, and some of the younger Chimeras join in.

    "And now that you're all being taken in under the wing of the soon-to-be Lord Ryder family…" Oritiki turns to face us, a subtle smile on her long, dark, furred face. "So will we! We'll continue to serve what remains of our nation, we'll continue to protect each and every one of you, but now, we also have someone to guide us!"

    The Horns jump and fly upwards as their pure white wings grow larger, then their armor shines, but our eyes feel unaffected by it. They spread out over the sky and flex their wings wide open, then they clasp their hands and lower their heads like angels praying.

    Their voices boom through the field as they swear in unison, "We pledge our horns and wings to the Ryder family, soon-to-be Crown Lords, inheritors of Arreira's royal legacy, and the new rulers of the citizens of Whakamutu Mutu. For as long as they protect the Chimera, we offer them our loyalty!"

    They form up again, then gently lower themselves to the floor and kneel.

    Once again…

    I clear my throat and begin one last speech, "Spirit or not, you're all humanoids. You're all still alive, in a way, and you deserve to be treated properly." I pause briefly to gauge the reaction of the crowd, and they seem to emphatically agree. "We'll protect your right of existence, and give you the same rights as any commoner subject living under us. Due to your special circumstances, we'll have to work on and experiment with different policies to make your lives more comfortable. As the Celestial Horns have taken up the responsibility of protecting you, we'll be working closely with them and any other representative you select to negotiate with us."

    I look towards Oritiki, and she rises, then I extend my hand and offer, "To a long-lasting alliance."

    She comes forward and takes it, enveloping my draconic claws with her glowing gauntlets. "And a bright future together," she completes with a wide smile.

    In the grassland, Arreira opens a huge [Eternal Gate] that leads out of the dungeon, and we get a glimpse of the real sky after Gods-know-how-long, but we aren't departing just yet.

    We get a glimpse of a huge and long cloud covering the Gate for a few seconds, and a great deal of Chimeras tense up as they recognize Pua. Oritiki has a rather guilty look to her. The next time they meet, she might wish to apologize to it.

    I put down a [Gate] "coordinate" and summon a Holly to keep watch, then we leave the Chimeras and cross through a different [Eternal Gate].

    We again find ourselves in Arreira's "personal room" in the middle of the fake High Forest, but we don't even have the time to look around us before something seizes our attention and doesn't let go.

    We see an unremarkable gray platform of smooth stone with a pure black orb floating above it. The orb has no reflection, as if the light is being drawn in like with a black hole.

    After seeing Dark Voids firsthand, this orb would only elicit a mere curious glance from us, but it's the flavor of the trace amount of mana that's emanating from it that makes it difficult for us to look away.

    Every particle has an entire storm inside it. First, we feel chaos and destruction, an uncontrollable maelstrom of… not things, but "concepts," something so abstract that it's hard to properly describe it. Then we see "walls" containing that with absolute authority, an unbreakable wall that not even chaos itself can pierce through. And finally, we see the "miracle" as all this raw… something is funneled away and morphed into… "everything"?

    It's easy to guess about what all of this means, but to define the actual details of "what" and "how" is what's truly impossible for our limited, mortal brains.

    I feel each and every particle as they hit my sensitive [Mana Body], causing an intense and rather uncomfortable tingling. By the time I finally notice it, I'm already almost grabbing the orb like a hungry orc does with a slab of meat.

    I immediately step away and get Hana to shield me from the core. "Oof, that's too intense for me," I admit with a worried frown.

    Arreira chuckles softly. "You behaved almost exactly like Shade did the first time you encountered the orb. So much so that I just had a… 'deejay vous,'" he delightedly butchers the word.

    "Who's Shade?" Alissa asks, suspicious of him.

    Arreira gives her an unusually soft and tired look as he answers, "The being that remained after I had wiped away his ego and his soul. It was also strongly attracted to this orb and tried to seize it before my 'Inverted Weeper' gave him his last trial."

    "I guess that was the fantasy with Lily?" I ask, and he gives me a silent nod, then we all go silent.

    The time has come, and we all hesitate to act or even speak.

    We have to kill Arreira once and for all, but none of us actually want to see him fade away.

    After a moment of silence, he sighs impatiently, then his crown of white antlers disappears in a puff of smoke. "I think you already have the real one…" He comments in a low tone and snorts to himself.

    "It should be in our treasury," Yunia awkwardly comments, and he nods.

    A few more seconds pass in silence, and we see his body gradually stop glowing. Even the silver and gold of his clothes and hair lose their luster.

    Something's been gnawing at both my and Lina's heads for a while, so I decide to take the initiative and finally ask for both of our sakes, "Why did you do this? This dungeon, I mean. Why go through all this effort to choose someone to bestow your 'legacy' to instead of just giving it to your descendants?"

    He snorts snobbishly and shakes his head, then he answers with his usual subtly smug tone, "The current state of the royals wasn't… unexpected. I wanted to find someone worthy of Patrono, someone I could trust to finish my dream, and I knew that there'd be someone out there that would be a much better choice than my own children."

    His feet touch the floor, then the absolutely chiseled, annoying sexy, and utterly majestic man lets himself look… average, as he lets all of his divinity quickly melt away. Though he may call himself a God-Ruler, in the end, he's still a humanoid, a mortal, like us.

    He smiles gently and continues, "It was… extremely tiring, but I believe that I've finally found the right person." Then his striking blue eyes stare into mine, and I dare to think that I can feel a paternal intent coming from his gaze. Perhaps he's feeling a small degree of pride for what we've accomplished here.

    We had many failures along the way, but we still did it, we passed through all of his trials.

    We remain silent for another moment.

    Yunia works hard to keep her emotions bottled up so that she can say, "This isn't the end. I'm sure you'll leave a strong mark in the history of civilization, not just through us, but through the wonders you've accomplished here. All of your research on memories and the [Equipment System] magic school that you created will help civilization take a long step forward."

    He smiles bitterly. "Perhaps, but even the Gods are waiting to see how many steps you will help us make."

    "You can have faith in us! We won't disappoint, and we'll be ready for anything!" Roxanne shouts, forcing herself to be cheerful.

    "Gih…!" Gify follows with the cheering, her chirp sounding strained.

    "You pushed us towards greatness," Hana comments with an uncharacteristically sober tone.

    Ciel sniffles and struggles to say, "You helped us to see further than before."

    "Thank you…" Lina mutters, holding back her tears.

    "You helped us a lot. We'll miss you," Aoi gloomily admits, both of our tails flopped onto the floor from grief.

    "We're grateful for your guidance," the golems finish in unison.

    "Wolf, do it," Arreira sternly orders.

    I dry my eyes, then I summon Patrono and swing it, slicing the core cleanly in half.

    "Finally…" He breathes as he closes his eyes, then a tsunami of Experience floods into our souls, making us orgasm repeatedly until we pass out.

    "You are now level 57."

    I gasp as I wake up and look around. The golems are holding us up with [Telekinesis] while Jarn is also using her arms; the girls are slowly stirring awake; the forest seems to have become darker than before, with sickly white blotches visibly spreading over every surface; and nothing remains where Arreira once stood.

    We quickly regain control of our bodies, then we quietly assess the damage to our clothes.

    We orgasmed so hard from the flood of pleasure that we passed out and thoroughly soiled our underwear. To Earthlings, having a boner right now would seem inappropriate, but Rupegians see it differently, and Arreira's last gift being a massive orgasm would seem rather poetic to them… to us, I'm a Rupegian, too, even if it wasn't since birth.

    We change our clothes and look around wistfully as the beauty of this place gradually decays. All the art that Arreira himself painstakingly created is going to simply disappear into the void. Though he gave us most of the real art he made, most of it was composed of dungeon mana, so we only have a small portion of his works.

    The dungeon itself will last for a few months, but no new monsters will spawn, the plants will all slowly die off, and most of the "special effects" have already stopped working.

    The animals and bugs have been released into the forest, but most of them won't survive in the new environment and will die due to the predators quite soon. The portals will continue to work for a long time, so anyone who doesn't want to die in here will have plenty of time to leave.

    The Chimeras that weren't transferred should've left for Paradise along with Arreira, unless they had some very deep regrets still binding them to this world.

    Our new subjects are still solid, but Arreira's [Materialize] will eventually wear off. They have a handful of mages that could help with that, but it won't be as powerful and as detailed as Arreira's. We have his research notes, so we might eventually be able to reproduce it, even without a dungeon core to fuel the spell.

    Right now, we need to secure our home so that the Chimeras can have a safe place to rest. The first step is to announce that we've all acquired the "True Noble" Title.

    I open a [Gate] back to our mansion in Goloria, and we all eagerly cross through.

    I immediately call for a servant, and the man who answers looks like he's seen a ghost. He's so pale, frightened, and even slightly confused that I just have to ask what's going on.

    "Why are you so pale? What's wrong?" I kindly ask him, trying to hide my scary, scaly arms behind my back.

    He immediately lowers his head in respect and frightfully answers, "F-forgive me for asking, but y-you're the imperial fellowship under our Lord's protection?"

    I raise an eyebrow in confusion. "Yes… we're Helios."

    He keeps his head low as he exclaims, "Ah…! 'Helios'! Apologies, Grand Sir, but it's been such a long time that we've forgotten your names."


    "What day is it? We've been inside a dungeon for a long, long time," I awkwardly ask with a silly smile.

    The man gasps as he comes to understand the reason for our absence. "Ah! I-I see… Today is the third day of the month of prayer."

    "Year 69,000?"


    So we spent… over four months in those trials? Damn…

    "Tell Confiel that Wolf Ryder is back along with his harem, and we request an urgent meeting with him."

    The servant breathes in heavily and straightens his posture, his cheeks red from the embarrassment of forgetting our names.

    We barely have any time to rest our backs since the same servant comes back after just two minutes, gasping for air and thoroughly flustered.

    "Confiel will receive you in his office," is all he can get out before he bends over, trying to get his breath back under control.

    I burst into his office with Alissa beside me, and my claws leave visible scratch marks on the wooden floor, almost making me wince.

    I miss shoes… Wait, how did Aoi never leave scratches like I do?

    "Wolf Ry-…!" Confiel aborts his cheerful greeting and freezes on the spot when he notices my new race. It's starting to get a bit annoying, having to explain this so many times.

    Before he can even ask, I just take charge of the conversation, "A lot has happened, and I don't want to explain it all repeatedly, so find Klein and Osaria and bring them here as fast as you can. Also, you'd better start preparing an air dock or something like that."

    His mouth moves soundlessly, his youthful face warped in shock. He sputters, then suddenly recovers and asks, "A-a-air dock…? We hardly have that many airships, so we never built one."

    I grin like a devil. "You might want to, now that I've acquired a fleet."

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Prince PreownedFIN.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Lord DJ.
    Lord Ashadun.
    Lord Michale Erwin.
    Lord Bakerdea.
    Lord Nathan Vanbrunt.
    Lord Maurice.
    Lord Empyrean.
    Lord Mattirro Draca.
    Lord Joshua Tal.
    Lord Colorblind.
    Lord RottenTangerine.
    Lord Fullmoon.
    Lord Joxsan Herrera.
    Lord Sean Drake.
    Lord Brody Haugan.
    Lord GoodKat.
    Lord FrostyCube.
    Lord Freddie.
    Lord Mike Bartter.
    Lord Cardinal Steiner.
    Lord DragonPiggy.
    Lord Cidant.
    Noble Salty Panda.
    Noble Mild Fracas.
    Noble Aclys.
    Noble Shawn Plumley.
    Noble CarlBaxter.
    Noble WeirdWhirl.
    Noble War God.
    Noble Andreas Jörgensen.
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    I stand in front of the door to the Eternal Gate Network, my head resting against my personal red-headed breast pillow.

    This situation reminds me of waiting for the plane to land when Lily was coming back from visiting her parents. At least when it was an airplane, there was a predicted arrival time, so I knew how long I had to wait, and I also had a phone to entertain me in the meanwhile.

    I suddenly feel the need for a brain massage, so I pull out a sofa and get Hana to sit down, and I lay my head on her lap.

    Lina studies how to enchant our special [Materialization] into a gem for the Chimeras while I cast it repeatedly on a small tentacle for her. With the burst of levels we just received, she now has enough points to increase her [General Enchanting] to ridiculous levels.

    Ciel cuddles with my little dwarf, watching her intently with pride and warmth. We both agree that Lina looks adorable when she's concentrating so heavily on her work.

    Yunia quietly talks with her brothers, both of them very surprised about how I nonchalantly pulled out multiple sofas for everyone to sit on and a bit scared about my tentacle. They don't know that we can all hear them through Yunia, so it's amusing just listening to them talking about us.

    Confiel, Luz, the gold-elf, and Lua, her silver-elf sister, sit on their own comfortable chairs with a subtle wry smile on their faces. I really don't give a fuck about looking proper right now. This is still my first day out of that hell hole of a maze, and I've played the proper noble more than enough to last me for quite a while.

    I gaze into the [Eternal Gate] leading towards a beach house, and the happy memories of Goldport flood into my mind. Things haven't become bad after the [Meteor], they just became… different. I guess we were too carefree before… no, we were more carefree, we still are. For as much as we mention my "destiny," we still aren't that worried about the future. Not that we aren't preparing, just that we aren't stressing over it.

    Technically, Ciel and I already died, and now I feel an odd sort of "peace" whenever I think of the possibility of truly dying instead of an unsettling dread. Maybe this is why Arreira had us both "die," and if it wasn't the main reason, then at least it was a convenient side-benefit.

    The sun over the beach starts to turn orange, and I notice how the sunset over here lags behind it by a bit. Through some of the other [Eternal Gate]s, the sun lags even more.


    My mind wanders, and I start to feel drowsy as Hana's strong hands press all the right spots to shut off my mind.

    The door suddenly opens, and I bolt up with a jump aided by my thick, scaly tail.

    One of Confiel's knights comes through the door to the Network, and he's followed by Klein and Osaria.

    My cute, brown monkey girl. Her adorable, round monkey ears flick when she sees us; her cropped shirt presses in around her little cushions and exposes her toned midriff; her long, furry tail trails behind her as she runs forward; her short brown hair bobs with every step; then her athletic arms wrap around me and squeeze, supported by her strong back muscles from being an archer.

    "WOLFY!" She shouts, then Hana squeezes us both. "Ow! Ow-…" Klein gets prickled by my scales, but I cover all of the sharp edges with a soft cushion, then we both start to suffocate from Hana's draconic hug.

    The hug only lasts for a short while, though, because Klein gets mesmerized by my horns, and there's still Osaria waiting for her turn.

    My dark elven milf has a genuinely happy smile stamped on her face. My letter may have kept them from assuming the worst, but it was still months without contact. After confirming her as my concubine and hearing of her fears, disappearing inside a dungeon immediately after was rather cruel of me.

    She anxiously holds her silver hair in front of her, partially covering her extra large chest. Her droopy red eyes look at me with pain in her gaze, but her juicy lips radiate absolute happiness. As usual, she's wearing her not-bikini and proudly displaying her luscious body, even daring to only cover a small part of it with a few sheets of transparent cloth.

    I give Klein a loving kiss, making sure to greet her tongue with mine, then Hana demands her turn, and I release Klein to greet my Osaria.

    I make sure that all my pointy bits are safely padded, then I pull her in for a hug. My claws sink into her juicy ass, and my tail wraps around her waist, nestling itself between her cheeks, then I feel her legs faintly quiver from my gaze.

    Her hand touches one of my horns, gently inspecting its rough texture. She seems awed and a bit frightened. I was already a bit "rough" and aggressive before, so now that I actually have some sort of dragon inside me, she might be imagining how hard I'll have her bend over for me.

    While I do have draconic fuel in me now, I feel like my two sides are fairly "separate." Though I do have a desire to regularly unleash it, I don't think I've changed that much.

    While one of my hands cups a feel, I use the other to caress her cheeks, then I pull her towards me and steal a taste of her.

    The sexual predator inside of her wakes up, and her tongue quickly takes control, playing with mine as if she were playing with the head of my cock. I feel Hana kiss Klein through [Bind], and the double delight sets my mind at ease.

    While I'd have no problems fucking Osaria right here, right now, there's something we need to discuss, so I reign the dragon in by myself with a surprising degree of ease. It seems that I'm learning how to control myself.

    I end our desperate kiss, and a bridge of saliva connects us for a second before it breaks.

    I look around and finally agree to move on to the discussion, "Alright, let's talk."

    Confiel takes us to their meeting room, and I immediately answer the big question that everyone's just dying to ask.

    I pull out our own Inspection Crystal, courtesy of Arreira, and make sure that only what I want to show them appears on the tablet, then I pass it around.

    "So you've really conquered the dungeon… and changed into a new race?" Confiel asks, disbelieving his own eyes, then he passes the tablet on.

    I just smile and sit down. "We'll get to it, eventually," I casually answer, then I let Alissa and Yunia explain what happened.

    We start from the door riddle since Confiel and his wives didn't hear about that. We're fairly light on the details since they're not that relevant now, and they listen in silence, though they seem a bit disappointed about how the riddle was solved.

    When we get to the Chimeras, Lua lights up and interrupts, "Oh, yes, I've heard of that town. It was said that Arreira's expedition reached Whakamutu and then turned around to head home, but nobody ever mentioned anything about Chimeric spirits being brought back."

    Confiel nods seriously and contributes, "That's for a good reason. The Chimeric Sky Lands would've certainly taken offense to have one of their towns looted of so many powerful weapons and even airships."

    I present a counterpoint, "These Chimeras hardly consider themselves part of the Sky Lands. Their aristocracy is more likely to demand subservience from the Sky Lands than to accept being 'returned' to them."

    "Well…" Confiel starts then hesitates as he tries to make sense of things. "Now these land-bound spirits have… become your subjects?" He tentatively asks.

    I simply nod and smile. "We'll get to that."

    We get to Hihiriwa's betrayal, then we start talking about the red sands and glowing, fake elves. Now that I think about it, they might've been Arreira's experiment with [Golemancy].

    Yunia describes our battle with the Orc Lord, and Confiel raises an eyebrow in amusement when he hears our strategy. "I didn't know you were such an accomplished strategist," he amusedly compliments Yunia.

    "I'm not," she answers with a subtly smug tone, and I just smile when he turns to me, but I stay quiet.

    After that comes the trials, and Osaria hums in understanding as we reach the part where I dispel the summons.

    They touch briefly on the trials, but nobody besides Aoi seems too eager to talk about it, so we soon reach the part where I "die."

    I'm the only one who can really talk about it, so I start to describe what happened, "As is obvious to all of us, I have a Gift, and Arreira conducted an experiment on me to determine if I truly had some sort of 'divine force,' or whatever he called it, guiding me forward. To test that, he disconnected my soul from my body and 'wiped my ego away,' or something."

    Luz's eyes sharpen, and she leans forward. I think she has some sort of knowledge about spirits or Threads of Fate since everyone else just zones out a bit instead without much of a clue about what this all means.

    I show my large, ultra-sharp claws and wave my scales. "Right as I 'died,' I tried to transform into a dragon as a final, desperate move. I had a good idea of how to do it, but I'd never actually tried it, so I only half-succeeded, I believe. Then, when Arreira put me back into my body, it seems that the Gods made the half-transformation permanent and gave me a new race…"

    Confiel clasps his hands and touches his lips with his index fingers, his expression completely serious. I notice that the feeling of "danger" that I usually had when I was near him in the past is entirely gone, and the same goes for his wives. None of the girls can feel it anymore, either.

    The two elven sisters also become serious, Klein and the twins blink blankly in confusion, and Osaria seems to be pleasantly surprised.

    "So… you can change into a dragon?" My elven milf eagerly asks.

    "Yes, a very cute one," Alissa answers before I can even open my mouth, then they both smirk mischievously.

    "My [Dragon Transformation] is at level one, so I can only shift into a hatchling," I annoyedly answer and smile wryly.

    "Now that we're talking about it, we should also announce that Aoi has acquired a system and levels, and that she can transform into a human, now," Roxanne casually adds and grins internally when she sees the Rincipios visibly tense up. Confiel coughs as he chokes on his spit.

    Yunia smiles evilly and joins in, "Arreira has made us his successors and inheritors while also disowning any living royal by name. We're the new royals of the High Forest. Long live the Ryder dynasty!" She lifts her cup of alcohol in cheer then gulps it down.

    Luz immediately copies her, and Lua gets up and walks out of the room. Confiel fails his "Willpower" Saving Throw, joining Klein and the twins as their daze gets upgraded into a stun, and their jaws drop.

    "So, the Chimeras are the first subjects of your new kingdom?" Luz confusedly asks, not fully believing her own words.

    "We haven't been 'crowned,' and the Chimeras are just like any commoner under a Lord. We haven't made them swear to serve us or anything," Yunia assuredly explains, feeling a bit guilty about trying to brag.

    "Oritiki pledged her loyalty to us, but only as long as we protect the Chimera spirits," Ciel adds to help appease Luz.

    I join Roxanne and [Equip] Patrono, then I feed it some mana, and it glows with a pure, almost divine light. It fills us with hope, energizes our bodies, clears our minds of evil thoughts (but it doesn't even touch my sadistic tendencies), and humbles us all at the same time.

    "This is a Heavenly Weapon," I announce with a proud smile, and Luz gasps in awe, then I pull out the writ with a *poof*. "And this is Arreira's writ about us, for which I'm ready to pass through a Seeker of Truth to prove its authenticity!"

    An [Eternal Gate] suddenly opens, and a tall, dark-skinned woman in a fiery dress immediately comes rushing out of it, followed by Lua smugly strutting back into the room.

    "HANA!" The unknown woman yells with a crying face.

    "MIMI!" Hana answers, then literally leaps out of her seat and summons her wings so that she can sweep her sister off her feet into a hug.

    "Holy shit…" I mutter.

    The two of them tightly hug each other, but Mimi's slightly muscular body almost matches Hana's, meaning that she survives the draconic hug with ease.

    Lua stops in place as she notices Patrono, and her jaw drops along with the others. "Holy shit…" She mutters, her eyes entranced by its holy shine.

    Mimi pushes Hana away so that they can look each other in the eye as Hana slowly lowers them both back down. I extinguish Patrono's shine, and Lua snaps out of her trance, then she silently returns to her seat, a bit embarrassed about her behavior.

    Mimi grabs Hana's face and exclaims, her voice a mix of both happiness and concern, "We found Hermann, too! But he's become a knight, so we couldn't find something worth enough to trade for him, but the noble that has him asked for a suspiciously high price!"

    They touch down on the table, and Mimi looks around. She's a beautiful woman with a strong jaw and a fearsome gaze that mirrors Hana's almost perfectly. I haven't seen her grin yet, but I barely need to even imagine it to see the similarities between their expressions. Her hair is long and dark, its shape undulating wildly and almost making it into a mane like Hana's. Her thin dress hugs her (a bit disappointing) modest chest, but her long, strong legs that peek out from behind the slits of her skirt are as delicious as Hana's.

    Wild fantasies run through my mind, but when her eyes meet mine, I feel the sharp intelligence and cold determination behind them. While Hana's are wild, hers are cold, and they remind me of Yunia's a lot.

    Mimi, or Mizushina, which is her real name, feels a bit awkward with all the eyes on her and decides to get down from the table, dragging Hana with her.

    She gingerly jumps down, her very high red heels clacking loudly with every step, then her eyes lock with mine again.

    Soul Info​
    Name:Mizushina TranfkoeverLevel:19Race:Human
    HP100MP120Magic Power50

    "Wolf Ryder, I presume?" She coolly asks, her husky voice sounding pleasant to my ears.

    "Precisely," I collectedly answer with a gentle nod.

    She lowers her head respectfully for a moment. "Thank you for taking care of my sister."

    I smile and send a loving glance towards Hana. "You're welcome, but I can definitely say that she also took great care of me. We certainly wouldn't be here without her."

    Hana's massive chest increases in size a bit more as she puffs it full of pride, then Mimi pulls her hand down and both of them take their seats at the table.

    "How have you been…?" Mimi asks in a low voice, and the two sisters start talking in hushed whispers.

    Confiel silently serves his wives and himself plenty of alcohol, and they all immediately take a big gulp.

    Outwardly, Yunia seems very pleased with herself, but inwardly, she does feel a bit bad about dumping all of these things on their heads at once.

    I un[Equip] Patrono, impressing Lua, who seems to be very curious about this spell. It's actually pretty rude of me to suddenly cast an unknown spell in front of nobility, but it seems like they don't mind.

    Things go awkwardly quiet as nobody seems to know where to resume the conversation from. Technically, we already shared all the news we intended to, so I guess we have to discuss how we'll proceed with assuming our positions as Crown Lords.

    "Many eyes will turn to the High Forest in the coming days…" Confiel soberly comments.

    "Filled with a lot of surprise and curiosity, I hope," I add and smile cheekily.

    Confiel chuckles faintly, and his long elven ears twitch. He truly seems concerned.

    "Let's start at the beginning. We want to take over our positions as Lords," I pull the conversation back on track.

    He nods in agreement. "Do you want to do it immediately?"

    "Is there a reason not to?"

    Lua smiles bitterly and admits, "We'd all expected that it'd take a lot longer for you to complete the dungeon. As a consequence, you'd build fame among the adventurers and perhaps even the populace along the way."

    Yunia's sharp gaze returns as she says, "I understand the benefits of what you're saying… but the Chimeras can't wait."

    Luz nods and agrees, "Yes. We'll support you in your ascension, but you should expect some unrest." Then she turns to me and gives me a gentle gaze as she asks, "From what I've understood, you aren't married yet, only engaged?"

    "Correct," I confirm with a nod.

    "Then we suggest that you perform the Lordship ceremony before your marriage. We're almost certain that the more unruly Lords will try to challenge and undermine your rule before you can get your base stabilized."

    I hum in understanding and nod. "I'm going to marry Aoi, so I guess we don't really need more uncertainty ruining such a precious moment for all of us."

    Confiel silently pours more alcohol.

    "The Lordship ceremony is ours to control, so we can make whatever plans we want," Yunia states with a tone dripping in delight, and an eager look graces her striking, blue eyes, then they turn sharp, and she glares at Confiel. "But first, I want Escanso back, immediately."

    The twins suddenly come back to life now that their home has been mentioned, and they both smile so brightly that Yunia's stern face slightly softens.

    Confiel stands and adjusts his tight, thin shirt. "I thought you'd demand that, so I had them begin the preparations for that," he smugly states.

    We leave the meeting room and meet Bastico on the way. He's fully armored in an ornate, shining, and pure white set of wooden plate armor since he just came back from a dungeon. Side-by-side, father and son look remarkably similar, though Bastico seems a lot snobbier than Confiel with his softer features that give him an androgynous look.

    Yunia and Luz get him up to speed, and he soon loses his natural elven smugness, which is replaced with shock.

    He suddenly turns towards Alissa, his face becomes deadly serious as he asks, "Miss Alissa, have you been writing in your diary like we discussed?"

    Alissa nods, and her fluffy tail wags as she responds amusedly, "Yes, I have, though I haven't written about our trials yet since there hasn't been any time to spare."

    He takes a step closer to her, his eyes intense and anxious. "You must write these events down. If you forget even a single detail, the whole realm will lose out on the epic story of your lives."

    "Bastico…" Luz censures him sternly.

    He turns to her and faces her with bravery. "Mother, it's true. If we publish their lives as a book, I'm sure we'll all make a fortune."

    Luz turns to glare at Confiel, asking him for help, but he just pretends that he isn't hearing any of this.

    "I believe your son is right, Luz. King Ryder's life story is sure to become a masterpiece of literature," Osaria comments and smirks at me teasingly.

    I just smile back at her as I plan my revenge, which will definitely involve a very thick tail and a very tight entrance.

    "I never took you for a writer, son, but I must say that you'll be a good merchant," Lua comments, trying to hold back her grin, then she ignores Luz's glare just like Confiel is.

    We cross through the [Eternal Gate] Network and exit into Escanso's castle.

    Men are hastily running about from the castle towards the entrance. A few of them are yelling out orders for the men to gather because a proclamation will be given soon. They all stiffen as they recognize Confiel and slow down, then they quickly bow to him and march away as fast as they can without actually running.

    This is it, we're about to be announced as Lords. Though it won't be "official" until the Lordship ceremony, this is effectively the beginning of our rule.

    These men and women are still Confiel's Lordsguard that have been lent to us to keep the castle safe, but Yunia's heart is burning with determination. We'll quickly recruit our own Lordsguard and achieve our independence as soon as possible.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Prince PreownedFIN.
    Prince Creamy Spinach.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Lord DJ.
    Lord Ashadun.
    Lord Michale Erwin.
    Lord Bakerdea.
    Lord Nathan Vanbrunt.
    Lord Maurice.
    Lord Empyrean.
    Lord Mattirro Draca.
    Lord Joshua Tal.
    Lord Colorblind.
    Lord RottenTangerine.
    Lord Fullmoon.
    Lord Joxsan Herrera.
    Lord Sean Drake.
    Lord Brody Haugan.
    Lord GoodKat.
    Lord FrostyCube.
    Lord Freddie.
    Lord Mike Bartter.
    Lord Cardinal Steiner.
    Lord DragonPiggy.
    Lord Cidant.
    Noble Salty Panda.
    Noble Mild Fracas.
    Noble Aclys.
    Noble Shawn Plumley.
    Noble CarlBaxter.
    Noble WeirdWhirl.
    Noble War God.
    Noble Andreas Jörgensen.
    Noble Yeuromain.
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    We pass through the Lord's [Eternal Gate] hub, with Yunia sending a wistful look towards some of the portals. They'll all be ours to explore soon enough.

    We exit into the main hall of the castle: a huge room covered in white velvet. Painted statues of all of the previous Lords of this castle populate the walls of the hall, with stairs to its "branches" positioned between each set of statues while the ceiling is decorated with a painting of the usual elven-like patterns.

    The portrait of the Este family that was above the doorway is now gone, stored away along with the portraits of all the previous Lords. His painted statue and that of his wives have been added to the hall, though, and we stop briefly so that Yunia and twins can approach them.

    I look around and notice that all of the statues have completely white eyes.

    Yunia's gentle voice whispers into our minds, "It's so that they can't judge us with their gaze. Their presence is to remind us of their existence, but each Lord is only responsible for his own rule."

    She stops before Mavel's statue and lays her hands on the twins' shoulders.

    Mavel Este appears kind and calm with a faraway look, but his puffed out chest and his hands behind his back exude confidence.

    Two similar-looking women with sharp features and square jaws flank Mavel, his wives. The younger one has a hand on his shoulder and her head turned towards Mavel; that's Amarils. The older one holds a staff and has a stern expression with her head turned exactly towards where Yunia stands, that's Zaleia.

    The trio stares at their parents in melancholy, but that slowly shifts into determination.

    Yunia actually did it, she has acquired the "True Noble" title, and now, together, we'll begin our conquest of the hearts of every humanoid. Our names will be sung throughout the ages and immortalized through epic tales. We'll slowly wipe away the shame of her parents' deaths by replacing it with the glory we'll earn.

    Yunia squeezes the shoulders of the twins, then she turns around and leaves. Her heart hurts from the wounds of loss, but the healing has already begun and is progressing smoothly.

    The twins follow her a moment later, and we leave the castle.

    We walk along a short and fluffy grass lawn that feels like pillows under our feet, and it's even better this time, with us wearing delicate elven shoes, than it did back when we were wearing our shabby boots.

    Beautiful hedge sculptures of small monsters and animals flank the comfy path, but most of them are more cute than beautiful.

    We reach the dark bark wall separating the private gardens from the inner circle of mansions, then we enter the gatehouse and climb up a set of stairs towards the top.

    We exit onto a wide and lavishly decorated balcony that was specifically made for announcements.

    Servants prepare chairs for all of us, and we take our seats. We watch as the plaza fills with guards and servants, all neatly organized in rows upon rows. There must be at least a few hundred people here, but I don't know how to accurately count crowds.

    We wait for a short while, discussing with Confiel about what he intends to announce. Then they finish assembling, and the battlements before us lower, revealing us all to the crowd.

    Murmuring immediately breaks out, and the gaze of every single elf falling on us makes some of the girls nervous. I don't really feel it that much, but Lina definitely just wants to disappear, so we give her a reassuring pat through [Bind] to calm her down.

    Confiel stands up, and everyone immediately goes silent. A servant hands him a magic tool that he presses against his throat, and his voice projects far and wide as he announces, "Sirs and Dames, servants and guards, protectors of the Lordship. The awaited time has come, the new Crown Lords of the Western High Forest have finally arrived." He turns around and motions to us. "Please rise so that your subjects may see your faces."

    Oh, great. I have to act pompously again.

    I give him my best smile, then we stand up and walk towards the edge of the balcony.

    I stop beside Confiel and see the elves squinting, clearly trying to get a better look at me, specifically. Only the ones in the front rows have a good view of us, but everyone will get a proper look soon enough.

    Confiel faces the crowd again and continues, "This man and these women" -I really like how he didn't single out Aoi as a monster, though I know the crowd doesn't understand this nuance- "have conquered the dungeon Legado, the tomb of the God-Ruler Arreira, and they came back with more than just the title of 'True Noble.' They've acquired subjects, land-bound Chimeric spirits that haunt airships, and they'll be coming here soon to serve the new Lord."

    The crowd immediately erupts into murmurs, so he pauses to let them process the news and get their emotions back under control again.

    After a short while, he lifts his hand, silencing the crowd almost instantly, and continues, "You may be oath-bound to me, but I order you to serve Escanso's new Lords until they can acquire their own servants. Now, meet your temporary masters."

    He motions to me, and I press the small gem against my throat, then I introduce myself, "I'm Wolf Ryder, a commoner blessed by the Goddess of Knowledge, and a Scholar of Rabanara. May we keep the peace in these turbulent times." I nod respectfully, then I lift my draconic hand, allowing all to see its shiny, mirror-like scales. "As you can see, something happened to me inside the dungeon, and I ask that you be understanding of my condition. Everything will be explained in due time, but for now, meet my harem."

    We wait for the murmurs to die down again, and Alissa rises next. "I'm Alissa of the Blinding Arrows and also blessed by the Goddess of Love. May we protect each others' safety."

    Then Hana introduces herself, deliberately making her voice boom so loudly across the plaza that I think even the men on the wall can hear her. "I'm Hanafuria of the One Thousand Strikes and Wolf's protector. Let our time together be great!"

    Roxanne uses a sultry and mischievous tone to say, "I'm Roxanne, his precious lover and most reliable mage. Let our time be lively and pleasant."

    We tried to convince her to say something other than "precious lover," but she was surprisingly stubborn about it. At least she didn't say "wife" or "fiancée" because we don't want to announce that just yet… I still need to ask for Yunia's hand in marriage.

    Ciel's smile is genuine and bright, and her "Charisma" seems to be having a subtle effect on the elves. "I'm Ciel, a healer and priestess. I pray that our future is bright and peaceful."

    Lina nearly freezes on the spot, but her brain enters auto-pilot, and she parrots out her rehearsed lines, "I'm Lina, enchanter and defender. Let us learn from each other."

    Yunia grabs the attention of the crowd as much as I did, and some of the elves even recognize her. Her voice is calm and crystal clear since she's very used to situations like this, "I'm Yulania, former Chosen Descendant of Mavel Este, and I've returned to my home." -The murmuring explodes as the elves seem to be shocked about her return- "Help me bring stability back to the High Forest."

    The murmuring returns as they think that the introductions are all over, but then Aoi spreads her wings for a moment to call their attention to her and loudly starts her introduction even though they haven't given her the proper silence yet, "I'm called Aoi, and I'm an Azurite dragon. Don't treat me as a pet as I'm smarter than most of you."

    The crowd is stunned into silence, and I smile inwardly. It might actually be fun to announce my new race and Aoi's conversion to other people.

    The murmuring returns with vengeance, and Confiel and Luz seem quite amused by the situation, but Confiel doesn't give them much time to talk and orders, "It's time to return the proper respects!"

    The crowd approaches the balcony and stops for a few moments to get a better look at our faces, then the first row bows and orderly disperses, allowing the next row to come closer for their turn. Considering that the crowd has dozens of rows, this will take a few minutes.

    The twins rejoin Yunia, and Mimi rejoins Hana. Bastico gets up and approaches us, then he hesitantly asks, "So… why do you have a Living Armor that looks like Yunia following you…? And also two floating dolls…?" He glances at Jarn and the doll golems confusedly.

    "They're golems. Think of them as permanent summons," I tersely explain.

    Bastico spares Jarn another glance, Yunia's sharp and stunningly beautiful face seems like a perfect fit for the silent and serious guardian. "And why does she look exactly like Yu?"

    "Because she's beautiful," I state matter-of-factly, and Yunia tries to suppress her smugness from leaking through [Bind].

    "Well… I can't argue with that…" Bastico admits and shrugs as he smiles wryly, then he looks at Jarn's chest and frowns. He turns around and stares at Ciel's chest for a brief moment, then he winces back when my big, scary, and shiny dragon hand falls on his shoulder.

    "What are you staring at?" I ask him flatly.

    "I've just noticed something interesting, but I'll keep it to myself," he nervously answers then forces a smile.

    It's a good thing that Jarn has taken very well to wearing clothes. I know that she's perfectly copied Ciel's chest, but I still haven't checked if that extends to her pussy, though I know she wanted to copy Hana's muscles and abs.

    Does Jarn count as a robot girl? I'll probably be the first man to ever fuck a robot in Rupegia, though I'm almost certain that someone else already did that on Earth.

    I focus on Mimi's conversation with Hana while we smile and wave as our temporary Lordsguard gives us their respects.

    When Hana's family was split apart, Mimi was made into a criminal slave and given work as an accountant under the empire until she could buy back her freedom. The price was merely symbolic, and it served as a sort of "bail," where the amount varies depending on how much of a danger the given person is to society.

    Since her crime was smuggling dangerous and forbidden goods, her price was fairly low, and Confiel immediately bought her freedom once he found out where she was.

    "And what was that about Hermann becoming a knight?" Hana asks worriedly.

    Klein's shyness suddenly goes away, and she takes a step forward to join the conversation.

    "Well…" Mimi awkwardly starts and looks away for a moment. "It seems that Hermann is really good at fighting, and he ended up swearing allegiance to the noble that fostered him."

    Luz joins in with a very serious tone, "He demanded such a high price for him that it was insulting to us. He's either a fool, thinks we are fools, or there's a reason that he doesn't want to part with Hermann. We demanded a meeting, and we'll get our answer soon."

    Hana frowns in worry and confusion, and we can't even console her properly because we're all just as confused as she is. "And how's Hermann? Is he fine over there?" She asks a bit meekly.

    Luz reassures her, "The imperial officers assured us that he's being treated as the law requires for a knight."

    I stop my waving to demand, "We'll participate in the meeting when it happens, no matter what."

    Luz nods in acceptance, and we return to our waving.

    Klein feels like she wants to say something about this, but she just stays quiet, so Mimi moves the conversation on to talking to Hana about our… relationship.

    Klein and Mimi have had a chance to catch up, but she still wanted to talk about everyone's sudden shift towards gayness.

    "I still like dick a lot more than pussy," Hana proudly states with a smirk.

    Klein embarrassedly admits, "I… just really like Hana…" -Osaria gently lays her hand on Klein's shoulder- "and Osaria." She starts to blush heavily.

    Mimi raises an eyebrow and questions, "And what about Hermann?"

    "I still like him," she shyly admits and sends me a glance.

    "I'd never imagined such a thing would happen," Mimi comments, her sharp eyes softened with surprise.

    Hana snorts and retorts, "Oh, come on. Klein was obviously horny for me ever since we were small."

    Klein finds difficulty arguing against it, and Hana's memories flood through her mind with some very gay moments, even when you consider that they're both women.

    They're childhood friends, so Hana's extreme thirst may have had an effect on the development of Klein's sexuality. These kinds of things aren't completely defined from birth, but they aren't necessarily malleable either.

    "You were never interested in that sort of thing," Klein comments, trying to shift the focus away from her.

    "I guess that's why she never saw the signs," Hana adds with a shrug.

    Mimi smiles wryly, and her face softens significantly now that she's realized how her family is slowly coming back together.

    Osaria hugs me from behind, and I flaunt a bit by nestling my head against her breasts. She's wearing high-heels that raise her tits to the perfect height for being my pillow.

    After a few minutes of smiling and waving, the crowd thins out until only a few rows are left, then a heavily armored elf man comes out through the door to our balcony.

    He's wearing a pure, shining white armor that's very similar to Bastico's, though it's clearly less ornate. His golden hair is graying, and his face is full of wrinkles, but he walks with such a poise that I don't need to use [Sense Soul] to know that he has high "Strength" and "Endurance."

    Confiel turns around and smiles as he acknowledges him, "Ah, Salbotica. You're just in time."

    "Greetings, my Lord," Salbotica hails with a rather croaky voice, then he stops and immediately falls to his knee. "I'm Salbotica, one of Crown Lord Confiel's knights and the one currently responsible for the castle's security. I'm at your disposal, my Lords," he introduces himself while keeping his head down.

    "Greetings, Sir Salbotica. I'm Wolf Ryder," I hail back, and since he doesn't move, I quickly add, "please rise."

    He obeys and stands up, his posture resolutely straight and stiff. "I was consulting with our mages about the Chimeric spirits that have become your… subjects. I apologize for not being here for your arrival and announcement."

    I nod, pleased with his proactive drive, and gently reply, "It's fine, we'll talk about the Chimeras in a short while, so it was good that you got yourself up to speed… uh, I mean, informed yourself about them."

    He nods sternly and goes silent until the last of the servants pay their respects. I feel rather happy that he isn't even reacting to Aoi, the golems, me, or any of the many other oddities surrounding our group.

    "This is it, Ryders. I'll leave you to your business now. Good luck," Confiel announces, then we share respectful nods, and they leave.

    "We'll properly thank you for your kindness to us one day, but I fear that we'll be busy for quite a while," Ciel amusedly muses.

    "We'll definitely take you up on your offer, and I'd like to have our duel one day; I'm curious to discover how Wolf has grown," Bastico immediately responds with a shit-eating grin, earning himself a subtle glare from Luz.

    Confiel completely ignores him and diplomatically responds, "Take your time. You'll eventually have all the time for celebration that you could ever want."

    We chuckle softly, and they say their goodbyes. They also say that they'll send Mimi's belongings through the Gate Network, then they leave.

    After they're gone, I call the knight's attention, "Sir Salbotica."

    "Yes, my Lord?" He immediately responds.

    "Would you like to meet the Chimeras and discuss their accommodations with them? I have a way of getting in contact with them."

    He blinks blankly for a few seconds as he processes my query, then he nods energetically, "Yes, that'd be very convenient."

    "Come with me, then," I gently order, and we leave the balcony.

    We walk towards the castle, and a group of four maids approaches us on the way. Their uniforms seem to be the usual not-bikinis in somewhat more dull colors, occasional simple square cloth aprons when required, and transparent shawls wrapped around their hair.

    "Shala!" Yunia happily exclaims and pulls the oldest one into a hug. The woman has a kind and slightly chubby face, and her age seems to barely qualify her as grandma.

    "My dame-… I mean, my Lord! Arturus! Antares!" Shala returns the hug with intensity. Even at her age, she has a good amount of "Strength."

    The twins happily grin and wave to her.

    Yunia extends her arms and the other maids kiss her hands in respectful greetings, then she grabs Shala's shoulders and asks, "Where's Alvira?"

    Shala frowns sadly and looks down. "She left. Along with most of the servants. We didn't know that you'd come back," she ashamedly admits.

    Yunia smiles bitterly then steps to the side and motions to me. "I've become a Blood Slave. The true Lord is Wolf Ryder, my master."

    Shala looks between Yunia and me confusedly, then the maids pale, thinking that they might have just offended us, and bow completely at a right angle.

    "It's not necessary to bow," I immediately state, fearing for Shala's back.

    "Thank you, my Lord. Apologies, my Lord," Shala meekly complies, and the maids straighten back up. She starts fidgeting, seemingly wanting to come closer, but I don't understand why.

    "She wants to greet you, the elven way," Yunia answers my unspoken question through [Bind].

    I extend my hand, and Shala immediately comes forward, then grabs it with both hands and bends to give it a very soft kiss, then the girls extend their hands, and the maids start paying their respects, again.

    Aoi extends her claws, and Shala hesitates for a split second, then kisses it the same way. She very clearly heard what Aoi had said, and the last person you'd ever want to offend is the big, scary dragon.

    They greet the twins, Osaria, and even Klein, who feels very awkward at all the respect she's being given.

    Once Shala's finished, Ciel grabs her hand and [Heal]s her. "How's your back?" My angel gently asks.

    The old maid becomes flustered but manages to show her gratitude, "T-thank you, m-my-my Lord. I-it's better now."

    Ciel smiles and lets her hand go, then graces our ears with an angelic giggle. Yunia and the twins' faces soften as they see the lovable and caring old woman looking so embarrassed.

    Yunia approaches her again, and she asks, "Shala, I assume you're leading the maids, then?"

    She nods repeatedly as she answers, "Not just the maids, but all of the domestic tasks. While I'm not that experienced at it, there haven't been any guests, so we've only had to attend to the basic maintenance of the castle."

    "I see… we'll have to rehire a lot of people, now…" Yunia bitterly mutters.

    Salbotica interjects, his serious tone seeming to be his usual way of speaking, "There's a list of candidates with many good choices. As you've requested, they all accept being made into Blood Slaves."

    "Oh, that… Alvira didn't accept that condition…" Shala murmurs.

    Yunia nods and orders, "I require them all to be called for immediately. Tomorrow, we'll start the recruitment for the Lordsguard, so the day after that will be for interviewing the candidates for higher positions."

    Both Shala and Salbotica discreetly look over at me, but I say absolutely nothing as a clear sign that she doesn't need my permission to give orders.

    "Understood, my Lord," Salbotica stoically replies and nods respectfully. Shala becomes flustered again and mirrors him, although a lot more awkwardly.

    "Shala, could you prepare a bath for us? I'd like to relax," Alissa calmly asks.

    Shala quickly recovers and keeps her head low as she responds, "Yes, my Lord. It shall be done. Do you desire anything else?"

    "No, thank you." Alissa shakes her head and turns to Mimi, then she looks her straight in the eye. "Would you like to join us for our bath?"

    "I'm sorry, but I must refuse. Thank you for the offer," Mimi politely responds with composure. It seems that she has a pretty good idea of what Alissa wanted of her.

    "Alright, your loss," Hana adds with a smirk.

    Mimi smiles subtly. "I'll just stay in the guests' area."

    "Let's explore the castle!" Roxanne excitedly suggests and grabs Lina's hand.

    "Can we see the treasury?" Aoi innocently asks. She's been itching to cover herself in some shinies ever since she saw all the treasures that Arreira gave us.

    "Arturus, Antares, how about you show them the castle?" Yunia suggests with such a serious tone that it seems more like an order.

    "Y-yes, sister," Arturus nervously replies.

    Alissa whispers into my ear, filling my mind with wild fantasies that stun me for a moment, then I give her the items she wants and reign the dragon back in again.

    We separate here, and I regretfully let Klein and Osaria out of my sight. Alissa goes with Shala towards the bath, the other girls go explore the castle, and Mimi heads off to her new quarters while Yunia, Salbotica, and I go to the meeting room.

    Salbotica is Confiel's man, so he should already know some of my secrets. I open a [Gate] to the Chimeras, and we pay them a visit together.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Prince PreownedFIN.
    Prince Creamy Spinach.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Lord DJ.
    Lord Ashadun.
    Lord Michale Erwin.
    Lord Bakerdea.
    Lord Nathan Vanbrunt.
    Lord Maurice.
    Lord Empyrean.
    Lord Mattirro Draca.
    Lord Joshua Tal.
    Lord Colorblind.
    Lord RottenTangerine.
    Lord Fullmoon.
    Lord Joxsan Herrera.
    Lord Sean Drake.
    Lord Brody Haugan.
    Lord GoodKat.
    Lord FrostyCube.
    Lord Freddie.
    Lord Mike Bartter.
    Lord Cardinal Steiner.
    Lord DragonPiggy.
    Lord Cidant.
    Lord Alexander Nduka.
    Noble Salty Panda.
    Noble Mild Fracas.
    Noble Aclys.
    Noble Shawn Plumley.
    Noble CarlBaxter.
    Noble WeirdWhirl.
    Noble War God.
    Noble Andreas Jörgensen.
    Noble Yeuromain.
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    I sigh and put down the quartz gem. Lately, it has become a habit of mine to rub my thumb all over its smooth surface. I don't know why, but it calms me when I do it. I use it to relax when I've found myself cornered, which has been happening quite often lately.

    I take off the silica cylinder from the circuit, and the light bulb turns off, then I inspect the cylinder, but I don't notice any sign of damage even though it's so hot I can feel its heat through my thick gloves. It's good that it's resistant to heat, but I had left the circuit on only for a few seconds, so the fact that it heated up so quickly is worrying.

    I put it back on and observe it as it slowly starts to glow from the heat, but instead of having its conductivity reduced from the high heat as expected of a metal, it increases, and the bulb glows brighter.

    A neat discovery, but I still haven't been able to verify what Wolfy had said. I've managed to create the "actuator" and the "switch" he talked about, but I still don't understand why he recommended this metal to me.

    I cast [Charge] on a large battery beside me and play with the switch, turning on and off another lamp repeatedly.

    This is a nice invention, allowing one to activate or deactivate enchantments remotely without the need for expensive Entangled Pair. It works so well my parents even fitted the whole mansion with it, cutting down a rather significant amount of the cost with maintenance.

    It's not like this is useless, but I feel like I'm far from reaching its full potential. Wolfy said that he had found a way of using silicon alloys to create binary computer engines, but I just can't find the alloys he mentioned!

    I wonder why he chose binary, though.

    Bah! I should've just asked him what they were made of, but at the time I wasn't aware of how gripping researching actuators and switches would be. I feel I'm on the verge of something great, but I can't grasp it because I don't have the materials.

    I've seen the huge engines the priests of Mac Gantus created to calculate the phases of the moons, and the size of each gear is ridiculous, not to mention their weight. If I can replace them with just these small tubes of silica, then we'd become rich from selling them, not to mention how much easier it becomes to build one of those computers.

    I sigh again and stop playing with the switch, then I lean back in my chair and look at the ceiling.

    I should just drop the title of noble and become a full-time scholar like Delwyn so I could research these things. Not even grandpa insists on training me in [Electric Magic] anymore, so I think my parents don't care which path I choose, though we really need to find where Dennis went.

    The Templars will take care of him, but the idiot should've said when he'd be coming back. He's the Godsdamned Chosen Descendant, and I don't want the uncertainty of having that title possibly fall on my shoulders in the future.

    I'm still leveling up, and I don't want to ruin my soul potential by getting useless combat skills if I'm not going to be fighting in a mage's court!

    I look towards the bulky engine on a nearby table. A simple computer for addition and subtraction made with cogs and a lever. It's a child's toy compared to the enchanted engine of the priests in Mac Gantus, but I'm proud of having built this with my own hands. Well, designed and had it commissioned because I'm no smith.

    I paid a lot for it though, just like these flimsy electric light bulbs, but we could recoup all these losses if I make a breakthrough in my research. If I make a breakthrough.

    I press a button, and the door out of the workshop opens, pushed by "Linear Arm Version 1." I'm already on version 5, making the V.1 obsolete, but since it's already built, it's better to just use it than throw it away.

    I walk out of my workshop and press another button, closing the door behind me, then I feed some mana to the gem next to the button, sealing my workshop until I feed the gem my mana again.

    Father recognized how valuable these inventions are, so it's for the best that we use reliable security measures to prevent theft and espionage, and it's as such that only Father's Blood Slave servant is allowed to even get near the door.

    I go out to the backyard and watch as Father practices with the pylons, playing around with electricity as if it was an elven ribbon dance.

    He casts a simple [Lightning Bolt] at one of the pylons, charging it with highly-magical electrons, which are much easier to manipulate than the more physical ones. Once the pylon is fully charged, he pulls the electrons out through sheer "Willpower," and creates a circular "path" in the air for them to follow. It's so perfectly circular that it has none of the chaotic, "root-like pattern" that lightning usually has.

    With my [Sense Mana], I can observe him feeding his MP to the particles, which they partially convert into radiation, in other words, light. With the speed that they circle around him, the glow blurs and becomes lines, which are so clumped up together that they look like a ribbon of pure light.

    He manipulates the electrons further, modifying the wavelengths of their radiation, changing their color. Not only is he flaunting his unbelievable control over the electrons, but he also shows his knowledge by manipulating them in ways one wouldn't think of.

    It looks beautiful, but it lacks the finesse required to power a circuit, making it useless to me.

    He points to one of the pylons and releases the electrons. They crackle and flash through the air, then strike the pylon with massive energy, exactly like a powerful [Lightning Bolt]. Less efficient than casting Bolts one-by-one, but it allows for a temporary storage of electrons to boost a spell's power.

    In the end, this is destructive magic. It can manipulate a large amount of electrons with safe control over them, but I've been barely spending a hundred particles of mana during my tests, so I don't need to control that many electrons.

    His magic requires his subprocess to handle all the fine details of electron manipulation, freeing his mind to focus on the form, but it doesn't have any of the gentleness and extremely measured strength that I use. The scales we operate are just too different.

    This is why I can't continue trying two different paths, it'll only stifle my growth, and I'll never be able to master both at the same time.

    I sit down on a bench and watch. Mother doesn't seem to be here today or she'd be watching him for sure. She loves how Father can play with light even though he doesn't have a point in [Light Magic].

    The heavy smell of the charged air feels nostalgic to me. Some don't like it because it's an odd smell, but it's comforting to me since I've spent most of my childhood smelling it. So is getting my skin shocked, but I don't want to think about that right now.

    Father notices me and stops his exercise, then he walks to me while twirling his long mustache. A tell that he's deep in thought.

    "Something in your mind, son?" He asks with a gentle tone and stops right in front of me. His narrow eyes study me curiously, and I suddenly feel all of my energy draining away.

    After preparing myself to fight as a noble for so long, how can I say to him that I want to throw it all away?

    "I just needed a break…" I mumble and look down.

    "Hm…" He hums in thought, then immediately turns around and walks away.

    He goes back to the platform surrounded by the pylons and resumes his training.

    Time quickly passes as I watch Father train while I try to make up my mind.

    "Have you made any progress with your silicon tubes?" He suddenly asks without stopping, making me wake up from my trance.

    "Not really…" I begrudgingly answer, then I hold back my discontent and ask, "When's my next lesson with Grandpa?"

    "You should focus on your research. We'll continue once you're done," he answers casually.

    But I'll never be done. There's always something more to research.

    "It's been a while since I had any practice with that," I insist, starting to worry about my magical ability. My "Magic Power" has been growing a lot while my MP isn't keeping up.

    "You're young, so there's no need to rush. You'll continue it once you finish your research."

    But I'll never be done…

    Father stops for a moment to send me a smile, then continues his training.

    Then I'll never be done.

    I sit down on my chair again and pull a scroll to make notes.

    Silicon is a metalloid that's a terrible conductor of electricity, so Wolfy must've found an alloy that changes it's property to something more useful. I've commissioned a dozen Conjuring mages to create silicon tubes mixed with all sorts of elements, now I need to inspect and catalog all of their properties in search of the alloy Wolfy mentioned.

    I eventually find some who have quite good conductivity, but I still don't have a clue about what makes them special. Since some of the alloys make this non-conductive metalloid into something comparable to copper, there must be some other changes in their properties that I haven't noticed yet. Also, it's not like they're all equal, so each of them must have their own specific special properties.

    I need to go deeper. I have to refine my research more.

    I search for books on conductive materials and build all the different measuring tools they describe.

    I sigh and rub my quartz gem while I lean back on my chair.

    This is so different from studying history. I've stared at so many numbers I can still see them even when my eyes are closed.

    My [Math] skill increased nine points from all the calculations I had to make, but I still feel like it's not high enough.

    I look at my collection of silicon tubes, and a sinking feeling starts to grow within me.

    How many gold coins have I spent on this? How many days have I wasted with this petty work instead of training my magic? What future do I have as a mere noble scholar when my family is so powerful in the field of [Electric Magic]?

    Frustration starts to take over me as I realize that I can't even pinpoint which alloy Wolfy was talking about!

    Why did I believe his words? Why did I dedicate so much of my time following his research, not mine?

    My frustration dulls then wanes as my memories of him surface in my mind. It's replaced by an odd feeling I don't know how to describe.

    I feel like I'm suffocating, so I leave the workshop and go outside to breathe some air.

    This time, I find Mother tending to the plants. She's using her [Water Spirit] to water them with mineral water, a special concoction of her that she claims the plants love. Considering how the petals of the flowers literally glow in the dark, I'd guess that it's working, though we all know not to drink that water because it's horribly poisonous to us.

    She notices me approaching and stops her work, then wipes her brow with a pretty handkerchief and smiles.

    "Need some time away from your metal tubes?" She teasingly asks when I get closer.

    "Well, technically they aren't metals; the scholars call silicon a metalloid, but yes, I'm… stuck in my research," I snobbishly respond, then the sassiness disappears as I start to feel a bit embarrassed.

    Mother's teasing tone is replaced with faint concern as she asks, "Your father said that this has been happening often."

    I nod and admit, "Yes, it has. I feel rather lost."

    "That friend of yours…" She suddenly changes the topic, but doesn't elaborate any further, waiting for me.

    "Wolf?" I complete for her, skeptical of her odd behavior.

    She smiles kindly and nods. "Yes, him. Was his guidance faulty?"

    I frown, a little annoyed at her words, but I don't know why. "No… I just… wish I could talk to him again."

    "You will. Someone like him isn't the kind to fade away silently," she states cryptically.

    I tilt my head confusedly. "What do you mean by that?"

    She simply giggles and continues tending to her plants.

    I stare at her blankly for a moment, then I walk to the kitchen to get a snack and chuckle. At least she managed to clear my mind, even if it was through sheer confusion.

    Once I'm full, I sigh and enter the workshop again.

    The odd feeling that has been gnawing at me suddenly grows within my heart and starts to energize my muscles again, making them beg me to move.

    I sit on my chair and return to my collection of silicon tubes. My work is still not done. Wolfy gave me the guidance, and now I need to find the path. Even though I don't know where I'm going, I just want to follow his words.

    I pick up two tubes and observe them. They are conductive like metals, but I feel there's something odd in the behavior of their conductivity. The tools I have aren't precise enough to tell me what, it's just my intuition that tells me there's something special with them. After countless hours of sending electricity through metals as training, I'd be a failure as an Electric mage if I didn't have such sense, so I decide to trust it.

    One of the tubes feels like it's "overflowing" with electricity, even though it's completely inert magically or electrically. The other feels like it's "hungry" for electrons, like a depleted battery, but I know it isn't one, or at least not an effective one. The only thing they have in common is that when I put them in a circuit, the "odd behavior" they display seems to "shift" a bit to the side for a split second before fading away. The direction they "shift" depends on the direction of the charge, but it's always opposite of each other.

    What happens if I put them right next to one another?

    I slot them in the test circuit, making sure the direction of their "shift" is pointing away from one another, then I flip the switch, but the light bulb doesn't turn on.


    I turn off the circuit and check them. They're still cold, and individually, they still conduct electricity, it's just when they're touching one another that their resistance increases dramatically.

    I start the circuit again and focus my electric sense on them. I discover that the "odd behavior" they display doesn't go away this time. What's causing the high resistance is that they're "shifting" away from each other, creating a "null" zone where no electricity passes through.

    I invert their position and the bulb lights up again.


    A crazy idea comes into my mind. I cut one of the silicon tubes in two, and sandwich the other tube in between its parts, then I put it all back in the circuit.

    Once I flip the switch, no matter which side I send the charge through, the bulb doesn't light up. It's only when I charge the middle tube that the circuit allows the electrons to run through again.

    This is a switch, a fucking electrical switch! And these are the alloys Wolfy talked about!

    Suddenly, all the knowledge I had researched about propositional logic and binary numbers flows into my head, and the biggest bulb "lights up" inside my mind.

    "I see it, I see it, I SEE IT!" I shout out loud in excitement and clap.

    Fuck punched cards. Fuck levers and cogs. With Wolf's Gate, the possibilities are endless!

    I drink the last of my tea, then I flip the switch.

    Lylanine V.1 lights up, and the decagon cylinders start rolling. They all stop at zero and the "ready" light turns on.

    I press the numbers, and the cylinders roll again, showing me the results of the calculations.

    It all works exactly like the computer I built, except much, much smaller. It's also almost trivial to build it since I need only a few precise cogs while the rest of the computer are just switches and actuators.

    It works exactly like propositional logic, though it's abstract, like math. They're intrinsically similar, but also have their own distinctions.

    I feel like a snob doing this, but I want to name this version of propositional logic as Lylean Logic because it's an abstraction that fits perfectly with how this computer works. I'll call it a branch of propositional logic.

    When I show the Lylanine to Father, he immediately stops everything he's doing and takes me to Grandpa, then they take me to the University, then to the priests.

    Before I know it, I'm in the waiting room of the University's theater while a crowd orderly gets to their seats. They're all here for one reason: the Lylanine.

    Mother grabs my hand and starts rubbing it, then I remember about the quartz and fish it out of my pocket. With Mother and the quartz to calm me down, the stage doesn't look so big anymore.

    "This 'Wolf's Gate' you built, why did you name it so?" Grandpa's hoarse voice takes me out of my trance and allows my mind to focus on the present again.

    "I got the idea to research this from Wolf, my friend, so I wanted to dedicate it to him," I awkwardly admit.

    "All of this, just because of him?" Grandpa presses on, sounding skeptical.

    "If you say it like that…" I grumble annoyedly and frown.

    "It doesn't matter where he got the idea, not in the face of what he has achieved," Mother defends me and squeezes my hand.

    "There's a concern that Wolf might claim a share of the profits for 'giving the idea,'" Father cautions us, and Grandpa nods in agreement.

    "Wolf wouldn't do that," I deny emphatically. After everything we've been through, I'm the one who owes him, and I want to pay that back, somehow. "If anything, I'm the one who wants to give him a share."

    Father shrugs, not willing to discuss this right now. "Profits are still profits. So as long as it's reasonable…"

    "But is this invention really that important?" Mother asks, suddenly a little worried about our future.

    Father and Grandpa share a look. "It'll change everything," they state in unison.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Prince PreownedFIN.
    Prince Creamy Spinach.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Lord Ashadun.
    Lord Michale Erwin.
    Lord Bakerdea.
    Lord Nathan Vanbrunt.
    Lord Maurice.
    Lord Empyrean.
    Lord Mattirro Draca.
    Lord Joshua Tal.
    Lord Colorblind.
    Lord RottenTangerine.
    Lord Fullmoon.
    Lord Joxsan Herrera.
    Lord Sean Drake.
    Lord Brody Haugan.
    Lord FrostyCube.
    Lord Mike Bartter.
    Lord Cardinal Steiner.
    Lord Krawn.
    Lord Warwulfv.
    Noble Salty Panda.
    Noble Mild Fracas.
    Noble Aclys.
    Noble Shawn Plumley.
    Noble CarlBaxter.
    Noble WeirdWhirl.
    Noble War God.
    Noble Yeuromain.
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    The sound of my enchanted quill scratching the paper resounds throughout the quiet room, almost putting me into a trance with its softness, and the orange light of the sunset taints the gentle colors of the office, giving it a wistful air. The restless capital slows down, but only temporarily as the nightlife is about to start, and it's just as lively as day life.

    Loctar sleeps on my lap, and I dare not wake the little dwarf. He'll likely chastise himself for sleeping during his work, so I'll let him sleep as much as he wants for now.

    My hand eventually gets tired, so I stop writing and try to relax. I literally can't move or else I'll wake up Loctar, which is starting to give me a cramp, but it's worth it for him.

    Now that the sound of my quill is gone, the slight snoring of Loctar and Grosnok fills the air, and I start to become sleepy, too.

    I look to the side and admire the Throne of Ascension near the edge of my window. The spiral "staircase" of white mansions looks almost golden with the sunset, which shows how a noble and their gold are two things extremely hard to keep away from each other.

    One day, they'll recognize Rabanara for all of the sacrifices we made to preserve the Shore of Leaves. One day, we'll be allowed to climb that "staircase," and finally receive the rank that belongs to us. One day, my work will be done.

    A knock on the door makes me jump, and adding to Grosnok's sudden snort, Loctar wakes up in a fright and jumps out of my lap.

    I almost reach to pull him back to me, but a sudden wave of disgust stops me, and I let the moment pass.

    "Yes?" I ask out loud and keep my face neutral while my two men recompose themselves.

    The muffled voice of one of my secretaries comes from behind the double doors. "My Dame, Rabanara has sent a message, and the League has called for a meeting," she nervously responds.

    I glance at the sleepy duo, and they both seem to be fully awake now. "Come in."

    The door opens a small amount, and a small werecat woman enters the office. She keeps her head low, but she still glances at Grosnok. This time he's fully dressed, but his pants are tight enough to leave an outline, which the secretary notices, making her blush.

    He hasn't met with Silvane in quite a while, so I believe he deserves a little treat.

    I make note of her name for she may be interested in "serving" my men.

    She stops before my desk and hands me a thick letter, and I raise an eyebrow in curiosity.

    "The meeting is to be held in two hours at the usual location," she adds, then bows.

    "I see. Thank you, you're dismissed." I wave her away, and she immediately turns around. Her innocence is adorable, but it'd do her good to "open herself" some more.

    I open the seal, marked with Larana's symbol, and pull out a long folded scroll.

    Loctar perks his head while Grosnok walks behind me to read it, and all of us nearly stop breathing with the shocking news.

    Wolf Ryder has reappeared as a True Noble, immediately assumed the Lordship of the Western High Forest, and now has a fleet of airships crewed by [Soul Trap]ped spirit Chimeras at his beck and call.

    His new draconic body parts are fascinating, really, especially if he also acquired a draconic cock, but the way Wolf mentioned his "condition" is ominous, at best.

    The fact that Osaria Este, or Parado, which she currently goes by, is his concubine makes me angry, but the Gods stopped me from cursing her, so she may be innocent, after all. Rico is long dead, and his taint grows weaker by the day. It may be best to let that one go.

    After getting my stupid feelings under control, I start to focus on what truly matters, the Chimeras. It's almost undoubtedly that he's the conqueror of Legado since its apparent decay coincides with his reappearance. And since he somehow acquired a fleet, what else did he unearth from Arreira's tomb?

    Arreira's Heavenly Weapons and Heavenly Armor aren't accounted for, but the Elders could have been just hiding it in fear the emperor will want it for his princes.

    There's also the mountainous cloud that came out of the dungeon. Some adventurers claim that it was a monster, but it was released along with the other animals that lived inside the dungeon, so the veracity of that is questionable. Unless it's a tamable monster, which is very concerning considering it might have relations to Ryder or Arreira.

    There's little evidence to even speculate about that, though, but every noble in the land will worry about its association with Ryder. Nobody likes unknowns, and he has more than any living person in the realm.

    In the end, if Ryder has acquired a fleet, there's no doubt he also acquired more power along with it. I believe the meeting of the League will be about this topic. It's already common knowledge someone in Katasko tried to fuck with him, so the High Forest might end up pulled into the Purification because of it.

    "Wolf Ryder? Isn't that the same boy we fought alongside against the husks in Rabanara?" Grosnok asks, his baritone voice delightfully massaging my ears.

    "The very same," I answer amusedly.

    Grosnok makes an odd sound as he searches for words. "That kid? A True Noble? Are you sure he wasn't carried by the women around him? He was also the only man in his fellowship…"

    "Envious?" I tease him lightly as the Seductress tries to rise to the surface.

    "I can barely take care of you…" He grunts a little awkwardly and shifts in his feet.

    I motion with my finger and he comes closer, then I grab his furry hand and give it a few pats, showing him the Saintess. "People are born different," I comfort him kindly.

    "I don't envy him, that sounds like a lot of work," Loctar comments, his childish voice sounding fresh in my ears.

    "It is, that I can assure you," I reply like the Saintess and boop his little nose. "But it's worth it."

    He twitches his nose and leans closer to continue reading the scroll.

    I turn my head sideways and answer Grosnok's doubts, "I'm sure that most of the other nobles might think he has cheated to acquire this title, but I know that he's perfectly capable of it. Ryder has the power to rule as Crown Lord" -a very juicy idea occurs to me, making me grin- "… and I'm sure we'll have important business with each other."

    Grosnok becomes concerned, furrowing his eyebrows, which makes him look rather menacing, but I know he's as soft as a doll inside. He knows my grin means I have a plan, but he doesn't know if it'll be "good" or "evil."

    After the summary, Larana lists every bit of evidence that supports her reasoning, so while it's interesting to me, the other two don't have a reason to continue reading, and they return to their work.

    Once the sun finally sets and the moons start to become visible in the sky, the time for the meeting arrives.

    I put on my contact lens and drink a small amount of the mushroom concoction. The nightmares are long gone, but I still enjoy drinking it as it helps calm my nerves.

    After I start to feel its effects, I leave Rabanara's embassy through a secret [Eternal Gate] that takes me to the underground bunker of the League. Loctar will remain in the embassy to finish his work while Grosnok will act as a bodyguard because I love how the "Strength"-deficient nobles cower near him.

    I leave my personal arrival room and enter the corridor leading to the main foyer. A few hundred low nobles and other assorted aristocrats are gathering there, hurriedly coming out of rooms and searching for the League attendants that will take them to their seats.

    They chatter incessantly about meaningless things, taking the meeting as more of a bother than anything they should worry about. This is fine by me since they hardly have a say in the business of the League unless something truly controversial becomes the topic, which I doubt will happen this time.

    Their conversations are so dull I feel more interested in admiring the bland imperial architecture than paying attention to what they're saying. I've already risen above them, even though I have no land or imperial title, so I have no reason to dawdle here.

    Grosnok opens the way for me, and I exit the foyer and enter the conference hall where the meeting proper will be held.

    I walk down the steps of the audience, then walk onto the center stage and cordially greet the other delegates. Lower Lords, wealthy merchants, representatives of circles of magi or mercenary companies, and a few ranked imperial nobles. An eclectic choice of members, making diversity our strength.

    All these different parties have united here for only one reason: surviving the Purification from the sidelines.

    I sit at the spot reserved for me as the representative of the Shore of Leaves, and we wait a short while until the audience is let in, then the meeting is allowed to start.

    Centum Apeiltik Tavros rises from his seat, and that's all that's needed to silence everyone. Level 10 [Intimidation] is enough to make me wet, but it's still weaker than my Eyes of Authority. Even Grosnok doesn't react to him, appearing as a majestic statue as he stands behind me.

    "The League is now in session. Announce the first topic," Apeiltik's imperious voice magically resounds through the hall. He's a prime specimen of an imperial if I've ever seen one, but he lacks the "primeval" air men like Grosnok have. He's far too "civilized" for my taste.

    The secretaries start the discussion, and they have such perfect Andraste they must have a few levels in the language skill. Though their tone is perfect, they don't speak about anything interesting, and I quickly bore of listening to them.

    After a few meaningless topics, the main course is served.

    A secretary stands and soberly reads from a scroll, "Immediate reports state that Wolf Ryder, a possible half-imperial, half-Thornian of unknown birth, has taken over the Western High Forest as the Crown Lord alongside his harem, which includes the previous Crown Lord's daughter, Yulania Este."

    Then he repeats an abridged version of Larana's report.

    Apeiltik wastes no time to interrogate me, "Dame Anara, haven't you done business with him before? It's known that you've met with him." His tone is just subtly accusing, trying to pry my secrets.

    I nod graciously and stand up, then I lie so perfectly only the Truth-Seekers could unmask me, "I've met him, certainly. Once in a mere party for adventurers, and a second time to offer him a job under me, but he refused. As some of you might know, his werefox Blood Slave is friendly to my brother's silver elf Blood Slave, and they became friends during his time studying in the university, but I don't have any sort of relationship with Lord Ryder."

    "A pity," Apeiltik flatly remarks and takes his attention away from me.

    "Isn't it possible he's Dame Anara's brother? He does seem to have Sir Haaran Anara's 'appetite' after all," a belligerent delegate surmises.

    Grosnok and I glare at the delegate, making him cower in his seat from our combine offense. "There's absolutely zero reasons for my family to hide our members from the public. It'd actually be a massive benefit for us if we had someone as talented as Wolf Ryder, to begin with. There's no reason for us to hide him."

    "This isn't the place for speculation, Aguenas," Apeiltik warns him, his glare piling on.

    The delegate breaks and fully backs down, "I apologize, and I withdraw my statement." He bows apologetically and tries to disappear in his seat, but he already did some damage to my reputation. The members of the League are all cowards or extremely wary of danger, after all.

    I sit down and steer back the conversation, "Back to the topic at hand… we were talking about Wolf Ryder's history."

    "It's no secret his fellowship was harassed by Katasko. Could he be persuaded to join the Purification?" A delegate immediately asks what we're all thinking.

    "The Elder Council is as stubborn as Elaria's. They won't let him drag the High Forest into this," another delegate retorts.

    "They have been opening up since Laurelai and Elaria started taking their corner of the market. They even invited halflings to their territory," a third chimes in.

    "They deposed Crown Lord Mavel Este exactly because he opposed such measures. The Purification and integration with the Imperial Army is just the next step," a fourth piles on.

    "We need to open relations with him, or at least pit him against Decien Alkimeonids," a fifth suggests devilishly.

    "He'll have to come here to swear to the emperor, so we could act then," a cunning delegate adds on.

    The tide is quickly swinging, so I need to strike while it's hot.

    I rise from my seat and let the Princess take charge, "Do not contact him before I do. I wish to secure a deal with him related to the Chimera spirits he's now governing."

    Apeiltik stands up and immediately goes for the heart, "Is it related to the Lapis Waterway?" His sharp mind is an annoyance sometimes.

    I nod and admit, "Yes. The Chimeras are land-bound by [Trap Soul], and I could help them immensely by supplying Lord Ryder with enchantable gems to bind their souls to."

    Apeiltik narrows his brown eyes at me in suspicion, but I don't even need to try to resist his [Intimidate] because [Mental Pain Conversion] does all the work for me, though it does make me wet

    "The empire or even the League would benefit more from these supplies," he states sternly. The audience even stops breathing just to hear my response.

    "I wish to bring him to my side," I retort composedly, and the audience burst with murmurs.

    "Are you sure that's wise? You know how dangerous his kind is," a delegate cautions me.

    "It's thought that he might be responsible for summoning the Grim Giant used to break through Escanso's Shell," another fearfully announces. Someone who can easily bust into their fortified castles is rather nightmarish for them.

    "He's Gifted," a third asserts, also sounding frightened, and his words cause clamor among the audience.

    "We must pit him against Alkimeonids," the devilish delegate insists.

    "Will you bring someone as dangerous as him to our side?" Apeiltik presses on, somewhat cooling the hysteria that's starting to build.

    "No," I state fervently, almost letting the Princess slip. "I said I wish to bring him to my side, not the League's."

    The hysteria starts to die down along with the murmuring.

    I send a glance to all of the delegates before I continue, "I want to lay down the groundwork for after the Purification. The League will be meaningless once it's over, so I want to secure allies for the future."

    Apeiltik stares at me for a moment, then he nods respectfully and sits back down, so I follow.

    The League leaves it to me to introduce him to the Purification, but they make it clear they don't want to bring his "Good Luck" to our side. This is fine by me since now nobody will interfere with my plans.

    The meeting ends shortly after, and I decide to return the next morning.

    I don't have time to rest. The first thing I do is visit the Lapis Waterway in the morning.

    Loctar stays in the castle since he's a "posh" dwarf who doesn't like the underground.

    I jest and tease him, but the truth is that he just hates damp places.

    Grosnok and his fellowship escort me along the bustling mine. Being merciful has returned a lot of profit this time as they're very loyal and dependable. Grosnok might even accept becoming my knight. Him also having a huge cock is just a bonus.

    I observe the blue rock of the Lapis Waterway. It's brittle, making it easy to mine, and it'll make for valuable pigment, but that's just on the surface.

    The miners work steadily, their picks striking against the blue walls, breaking chunks of stone off, and exposing the real treasure below it, gems. Not just water-attuned gems, but a wide variety of elements, indicating that there might be a dungeon or something else very magical nearby.

    The dwarves and the few gnomes flock to the glint of gems every time one gets exposed. Their little hands eager to grab and feel the precious crystals so that they may evaluate it.

    The Lordsguard itself is present, and their stern, watchful eyes make sure none of the miners feel tempted to steal from the Lordship. They could likely sell these gems for their weight in gold, but they might not live long after that, so there'll be none that will try.

    I didn't come here for an inspection, so I go past the miners until I reach the first rest point. Over here the sound of falling water almost fully drowns out the clangor of picks striking stone.

    I find Dad meditating near the waterfall, inside a hut that protects him from the water, but also serves to surround him with white noise.

    I leave my escort behind and walk in.

    "Vanea," Dad's calm voice greets me the moment I walk in.

    "How did you know it was me?" I ask confusedly.

    He smiles without opening his eyes. "I think I felt your presence. I might be on the brink of learning [Sense Presence]."

    "Sorry to interrupt," I apologize and take off my shoes, then I sit down on the pillows before him.

    "On the contrary. It's good to see you well, and active…" He whispers the last part wistfully, and it makes me feel guilty when I remember how I once behaved, but it's all long in the past, and I would change nothing if I could go back in time. Nothing.

    I stay quiet, so he continues for me, "I assume you're here for Wolf Ryder."

    "Yes. I want the gems from the Waterway," I state. We have a lot of gold, so just selling them will be a waste when I can acquire something better.

    Dad nods so gently I feel like he's overflowing with peace. "You may. You're the one who made it possible, after all. Though the elves of Antano are complaining that you swindled them."

    I snort and wave my hand dismissively. "Let them complain, they were the ones who didn't care to inspect the Waterway before selling their rights to it." Then the mirth runs out and I become serious. "But know that Silvane is the one who secured the Waterway," I correct him.

    He smiles warmly, showing how relaxed he is because of how easily he smiles. "How kind of you to say that, but you're the one who thought of this plan, and the one who taught her how to 'negotiate.'"

    I sigh and close my eyes. Maybe I should join him in meditation for a short time if it can make me as relaxed as him. "I don't want to take all the glory. We have so few friends that we have to greatly reward those who remain loyal to us."

    "You may love her more than Haaran does," he comments with a kind tone, but I feel an undercurrent of teasing.

    "I don't know about that. He really loves her, in his own way."

    He snorts and goes silent.

    Now I just need to wait for Wolf to survive the Lordship Ceremony, but I know he will. His Fate is too strong to end so soon, and not even the Purification will be enough to stop him.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Prince PreownedFIN.
    Prince Creamy Spinach.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Lord Ashadun.
    Lord Michale Erwin.
    Lord Bakerdea.
    Lord Nathan Vanbrunt.
    Lord Maurice.
    Lord Empyrean.
    Lord Mattirro Draca.
    Lord Joshua Tal.
    Lord Colorblind.
    Lord RottenTangerine.
    Lord Fullmoon.
    Lord Joxsan Herrera.
    Lord Sean Drake.
    Lord Brody Haugan.
    Lord FrostyCube.
    Lord Mike Bartter.
    Lord Cardinal Steiner.
    Lord Krawn.
    Lord Warwulfv.
    Noble Salty Panda.
    Noble Mild Fracas.
    Noble Aclys.
    Noble Shawn Plumley.
    Noble CarlBaxter.
    Noble WeirdWhirl.
    Noble War God.
    Noble Yeuromain.
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    We exit into the wide grassland, but it's now completely dark and the Chimeras have all entered the ships. The fake ceiling has begun to shut off since the crystals that created the illusion are fueled by sunlight, and the last rays are saying their goodbyes as dusk is almost at its end.

    The three large ships are perfectly visible as the Chimeric crystal lights illuminate them all, their figures looking imposing when contrasted against the dark background.

    Salbotica silently stares at them with awe. Few elves have seen actual airships bigger than our cargo transport ship.

    He squints as Oritiki and Paraaone land on the grass before us, their armor shining like beacons in the dark environment.

    "[Greetings, Ryders]," Oritiki coolly receives us in Reo.

    "[Greetings, Oritiki. We've come to discuss the living arrangements of the Chimeras]," I respond in kind and motion towards Salbotica.

    "[We need a dedicated translator, but I'll act as one temporarily]," Yunia gracefully adds.

    Oritiki nods towards Paraaone, and he goes off in search of a translator.

    We walk towards the Carrier and learn along the way that Oritiki has housed the Celestial Horns there so that she can always keep a close eye on Hihiriwa.

    We stop before the large ship, and I cast [Telekinesis] on the three of us to bring us up. [Mana Body] has made it noticeably easier for me to cast spells on others.

    We land on the deck and ask Oritiki for a tour, so she starts giving us a lesson on Chimeric airships. Salbotica intensely observes every airplane we pass, absorbing every detail he can.

    The planes all have their wings folded, but they still look imposing and very recognizable.

    The Eagle-class ships remind me of the old World War II Mustang fighter planes, though they're made of wood, lack propellers, and are much smaller than the real ones since the Chimeric planes don't have heavy engineering. They're made for mid-range combat with a long-range [Beam] turret that's controlled by the gunner and mounted under the nose.

    The Dragon-Class ships are far sleeker, being longer but thinner, and they're all made of metal. The fastest ships in existence, they're bombers with a large explosive [Fireball] cannon in the nose, and two [Fire Arrow] turrets, one at the bow behind the pilot's cabin, and one under the tail.

    The Chimeras don't have interceptor fighters the same way we do because the fastest monsters that might need to be intercepted can be handled by a Wasp or Eagle. Anything bigger requires firepower that only a Long Floater class or multiple Dragons can dish out.

    The price of a gem with the mana storage required for long-range flight makes it too expensive to outfit it on a small and vulnerable ship like the Dragon, so all small ships are made for short-range flight, requiring Carriers to transport them around.

    For dealing with monsters, this fleet is absolutely deadly. For a war against humanoids, not so much. Wasps would be swatted out of the sky like flies; Eagles could maintain their distance and harass for a while, but they'd still be at a high risk of getting shot down by flying mages; and Dragons could bombard from long range and with low accuracy, but then there'd be little point in having them capable of such high-speeds. Perhaps once we reach supersonic speeds planes will be able to confidently win in a fight against a mage because right now they're just highly-expensive monster killers.

    Our biggest weapons are our cargo ship due to its defensive [Wind Shield]s, allowing it to transport groups of elite troops anywhere we want; the flying fortress that is the Carrier; and the Floater's self-sufficiency, refueling capabilities, and their castle-busting-strong [Beam].

    Though, having the Celestial Horns on our side is our most valuable weapon of all. Their shining armor certainly impressed Salbotica, and their fighting prowess easily puts them far above the average knight, possibly even matching Lords.

    Revealing our ships to Salbotica gives up the advantage of surprise, but we aren't at war, or at least we aren't expecting to use these ships anytime soon. In the end, revealing our fleet works best as a deterrent, even more so since it isn't exactly a nuke-like sort of power, unlike Patrono and our Gifts.

    After the tour, Oritiki takes us inside the Carrier, and the opulence of all the gold makes Salbotica frown in displeasure. He strikes me as a frugal person, so the Chimeric fondness with gold will likely put him off a bit without even needing to bring up the teachings of the God of the Sun.

    We enter the bridge, and Hihiriwa greets us. Aside from him, only a few officers are around.

    Salbotica may have seen wereanimals, demons, or even beastfolk, but a dragon-headed man is seemingly new to him as he hesitates, then nervously shakes Hihiriwa's hand.

    "Greetings, Sir Salbotica," Hihiriwa cordially hails in Andraste.

    "Greetings, Marshall Hihiriwa," Salbotica responds in kind.

    Once their handshake stops, the two of them enter a short staring contest. The daring Hihiriwa versus the rugged Salbotica, but we have no time for such games.

    "[We're here to guide the Chimeras towards Escanso. I assume everyone's awake?]" Yunia interrupts their games, her voice stern, and her eyes as sharp as Patrono.

    Hihiriwa turns to face her and nods. "[Yes we're… unusually energetic, but the smaller night crew is on shift for now since we don't expect a fight, correct?]"

    Salbotica waits for our translation then states, "If you stay close to the crowns of the trees, then yes, there won't be any monsters to fight."

    Hihiriwa smiles and gives an order to one of his officers. "[Then let's take off]." The ships activate their crystal engines, and a burst of mana hits our bodies, causing Hihiriwa and me to narrow our eyes in gentle delight.

    Certainly, neither of us expected that as we both turn away awkwardly.

    Salbotica turns to me and requests, "My Lord, can I ask you to bring a Space mage onboard? We need Spirit mages here to start to better understand the needs of the Chimeras."

    I nod and casually respond, "No problem, I still have enough mana."

    We send air-Alissa through the [Gate] with a letter because she has very little mass and isn't threatening like fire-Hana, then the ships lift off and cross through the [Eternal Gate] to the outside of the dungeon.

    We exit right above the ginormous trees of the High Forest, and I realize that the entrance to Legado is right below us. A few curious elves observe the Gate, then go pale when they see the huge ships coming through it.

    A few minutes later, an elven mage comes through my [Gate], then starts chanting his own.

    Soon after, Paraaone finally appears with a Chimeric noble who knows enough Andraste to properly translate. Kaatohe knows some, but not enough to be a proper translator.

    Now that things are progressing smoothly, our presence isn't necessary anymore, so Yunia and I return to the castle. We leave a Holly flying far beyond their Spirit pulse range just in case, and a small bird for official communications.

    We join the girls and explore our castle for all of its wonders, and now that we're all together, Yunia gives us a quick explanation of the complete structure of the castle and the layers of fortifications around it.

    This isn't a traditional castle, it's more of an artistic creation. It's only considered a castle due to its extensive fortifications.

    The dark bark wall is extremely tough, and it's actually possible to close it up, completely enveloping the castle like an eggshell, though it's quite slow, so it won't really work to defend against a surprise attack. The enchantments protect it from being bombarded from long range, but when they're active, we can't fire back, though at least they're enough to keep us from being assassinated by [Meteor]s. The only way to break through it in an instant is to get two emperors to combine their power and cast one singular, town-wiping spell, but if the heretics have someone or something as powerful as two emperors then all of the humanoids are fucked anyway.

    There's the outer bark wall, which separates the town from the castle grounds; then there's the outer layer of mansions that are supposed to be lent to guests and other high nobility; followed by the inner bark wall, which protects the inner layer of mansions for knights, extended family, and other important guests; followed by the last wall that protects the castle proper and the inner gardens.

    The servants live under the castle, and while their quarters are surrounded by the two lower levels of the town, it's protected by a thick bark wall, making it easier to infiltrate from above than below, as was demonstrated by us when we deposed former Crown Lord Mavel.

    The castle itself is structured like a "bush." It has a central, thick tower, and dozens of "branches," the corridors leading to the "leaves," the rooms. The mid to higher branches still have a [Weaverism]-powered elevator, which is a large platform that moves us up the steps, but it has all become obsolete now that there's literally an [Eternal Gate] connecting all the leaves to the main tower. Though, in the case of a "scrubber," at least there's a backup system to take us up and down.

    The central tower has the main hall with the statues and summonable throne, the [Eternal Gate] hub, and a central dining hall for parties. The lower-leaves have the guest quarters, where Mimi will be given a room, baths, a dining room, a kitchen, party halls, and relaxation rooms. In the mid-leaves, there are all the different magical and combat training rooms, and the personal projects, like the special gardens that Yunia and her mothers once cared for, but mostly it's just empty rooms. In the high-leaves, there's the treasury and our personal rooms along with all the assorted facilities, like baths, dining rooms, etc..

    The high-leaves have strict security separating it from the rest of the castle so that only a handful of people ever have access to it. Only Klein, the twins, my concubines like Osaria, all my knights to-be, High court mages, and the higher rank servants will have access to the upper levels. We'll start recruiting loyal Blood Slave maids to take care of the upper levels because having just any maid allowed up there is a security breach that needs to be remedied as soon as possible.

    Alissa rejoins us mid-way, and I refuse to probe her thoughts for what she has in mind.

    Elves don't show wealth through gold or crystals, at least not anymore, but they do show it through art. Like always, everything is covered in detailed patterns that gradually change and become more intricate the higher up they are in the castle. There are at least a dozen gardens and greenhouses filled with exotic and aesthetically pleasing plants, and I even noticed one with a perfume that acts as an aphrodisiac.

    The view high up is also stunning. Being able to look out over the outer bark wall allows us to see the entirety of the town. We can see all the different colored buildings, the crowns of the small trees they're carved from, and the little black dots of hundreds of people going about their day, though Alissa can actually see their features with her hawk-like eyes.

    I look at it all wistfully and whisper, "This town is ours… well, not literally, but they all obey us. The whole Western High Forest." Then I smirk for a second and assume a low, husky tone as I recite, "Look, Yunia. Everything the light touches is our kingdom… A king's time as ruler rises and falls like the sun, and one day, Yunia, the sun will set on my time here, then it'll rise with one of our children as the new king."

    "Reference?" Yunia questions flatly, then Alissa sends her nod through [Bind], making Yunia snort. "Sounded poetic, though."

    "You sound exactly like an imperial," Antares casually comments.

    "'Reference'?" Osaria repeats curiously.

    "He likes to quote novels," Yunia tiredly answers.

    I hug Lina from behind and slowly help her get closer to the edge.

    Osaria chuckles and smiles affectionately. "That sounds adorable," she confesses.

    Both Arturus and Antares frown at her in sync. "That sounds so childlike," Arturus blurts out what they're both thinking.

    "There's something alluring about a man that can confidently act playfully," she defends me.

    The twins turn to me and stare in confusion, as if they were trying to decipher my mysterious, cool aura-…

    I hear a wheezing inside my mind. "Wolf, please," Roxanne begs for me to stop as she struggles to control herself.

    "'Weirdo,'" Ciel adds cheekily in English, and I feel the other girls wanting to laugh.

    "Alright. Screw all of you," I pout inwardly and return to helping Lina conquer her fear of heights.

    She breathes heavily as she looks down at the long, long way down, and even I get a bit nervous, but the dragon inside of me huffs smoke at my fear of heights. My monkey-… part-monkey brain is still afraid of falling out of trees, even though I can fly at will.

    I cast [Telekinesis] on us and gently lift us above the railing. Lina whines faintly and squeezes my scaly hand.

    "Come on, Lina, you have to face your fears if you want to beat them," I encourage her with a warm and whispery tone.

    Hana raises an eyebrow and leans on the railing as she questions, "Didn't you fly for all this time on the ship without complaining?"

    "There was no ground below the ship, and it was required of us to fly to continue the dungeon, so I didn't complain," Lina responds and starts to pout.

    She's really good at hiding her real feelings, so I might have to actively probe her to make sure that she's truly fine. She's not the type to lie, but she won't tell us if we don't ask.

    I pad my claws, then I pull her up and turn her around. Our eyes meet, and I see a hint of fear in them, then I pull her face closer to me and kiss her.

    She eagerly opens her little mouth to receive me and immediately forgets all about the hundreds of meters of open air separating us from the ground as I make us float away from the railing.

    "What?!" Her voice echoes in my mind.

    I snort internally, and she tilts her head so that she can look down, but she doesn't break off the kiss. She whines softly again and closes her eyes, then tries to swallow my tongue with even more intensity.

    Roxanne loudly clears her throat, and I smile wryly, then I force Lina to slow down.

    Aside from the twins and Gify, everyone else here wants a piece of me, even the golems, and their combined hunger begins to really bleed through [Bind], so I think it's time for us to take a bath. The twins are certainly wishing very hard for this tour to come to an end.

    We claim ownership of the big bath while the twins claim a smaller one. I can't believe that we actually have a choice of bathroom now. That's just so ridiculously opulent my Earthling self is complaining.

    I shut him up real quick because now's not the time to be a whiny bitch. We enter the bath and see a line of maids all waiting for us with their heads down.

    The bath itself is a large, tiled dome with pleasant blues and greens that make me feel refreshed just from looking at them. Half of the floor is taken up by multiple party-sized pools that would allow for a massive orgy with half of the castle; the other half has massage beds, chairs, and tables with snacks and cooled drinks; the walls have a few mirrors so that we can watch ourselves as we fuck; the ceiling has the usual patterns and hanging mirrors so we can watch ourselves fuck from above; and there are curtains that lead to a balcony with a pool for when we want to refresh ourselves or fuck out in the open.

    Shala raises her head and greets us with a smile, "Welcome, my Lords. Let us take care of you and prepare your bodies for this session of ravaging."

    Holy shit, she actually said that with a perfect smile.

    They surround us and help us shed our clothes. The overwhelming majority of the maids here are young and beautiful, and because I'm such a degenerate pervert, I instantly get a hard-on from their gazes.

    The maid assigned to me gently pulls down my tight underwear, which lets my cock spring free, making her wince and giggle faintly since my Holy Spear almost slaps her, then she regathers her composure and continues to undress me.

    Our naked bodies are taken to tubs with warm water where they wash our every nook and cranny. Their [Washing] skill is better than Alissa's, not that she's ashamed to admit that, and their touch is very arousing. The maid responsible for me deliberately strokes my cock to make me hard, then she pulls back the skin and washes me, but I almost cum in her hands from how much it feels like a handjob.

    The girls get wet as the delicate fingers of the beautiful elves play with their lower lips and nipples, then lightly penetrate their vaginas, getting them ready for me. No kisses or tongue, at least not yet.

    The maid responsible for Aoi is visibly nervous, but she gets Aoi aroused the same way as the others, a testament to her professionalism.

    Once the washing is done, they dry us off and give everyone a set of clothes. Aoi looks down at hers, then at the confused maid and grins, scaring the poor elf.

    Aoi starts glowing and shifts into human-Aoi, and I must commend the maids for not losing their composure from the sudden change.

    To calm them down a bit, I caution them, "Keep Aoi's transformation a secret, but everything about this…" -I create my huge, spiky dragon cock- "you can gossip as much as you like."

    I'm hoping that they will because that'll mean more horny and curious women for me.

    My maid freezes in fear, so I dress myself while she recovers. My clothes are just a thin black shirt that's open at the chest and some tight not-yoga pants.

    Alissa looks at my cute ass, perfectly enveloped by the gentle fabric, and licks her lips. Hana sees the bulge at the front and breathes heavily. Ciel and Lina look at my exposed chest and their hearts tighten. Roxanne and Aoi have been a bit horny all this time because of my horns, and now, their horniness is reaching another level entirely. Yunia seems to enjoy the set of clothes and how it makes me appear more mature.

    Alissa walks over to me and makes me roll up my sleeves. "These shining scales should never be hidden," she whispers, then they start dressing themselves.

    I look at myself through the girls' eyes, and I feel like I'm dressed like an alpha in one of those ladies' erotica. Wait… I think I'd fit in well in one of those BL mangas…

    It seems like I can't escape this. I whimper to myself, then look at the girls.

    Long gloves, stockings, garter belts, corsets, lacy bras and panties, and chokers. The girls each put on their Clothes of the Berserker, and I go berserk.

    As my huge cocks rip out of my pants, Alissa stops and makes me look to the side.

    Covered in a transparent, white veil, wearing a metal choker with an attached chain, Aoi is waiting for me. Her over two meters of height towers over me, but her posture tells me that she'd be more than glad to bend over and obey my every whim.

    I walk towards her and lift the veil with [Telekinesis], revealing her bewitchingly feminine face, her long, almost Asian eyes, the smile gracing her delicate red lips, and a beautiful silver circlet that holds the veil.

    Her blue hair still pools down on the floor, giving her a fairy-tale air, as if I'm about to fuck Rapunzel or some Disney princess. When I look down at her small breasts being supported by a very small and lewd lacy bra that leaves her nipples bare, I feel my cock twitch with excitement. Then I look down at her light blue landing strip, which is exposed by her open panties, and see her pussy dripping with anticipation.

    The dragon growls in lust, and I let him loose.

    I run up to Aoi, and she bends down so that our lips can lock in a desperate kiss. Her tongue is wild, reminiscent of her dragon form, but her human tongue doesn't have the same breadth of movement, so I show her how humans kiss.

    My cock stretches and moves up almost on its own, [Mana Body] allowing it to behave exactly like [Mana Genitals], then its red, swollen head touches her wet entrance with a moist noise.

    She holds my shoulders with her delicate, long hands, then lifts her legs and wraps them around my back.

    Her waist falls down, and my cock slides in, taking her virginity. If I didn't have [Mana Body], my dick would have been broken from this.

    Her extremely warm insides feel nostalgic since they are exactly like they were in her dragon form.

    Her waist slams against me, and I grab her small ass cheeks, then I grow another dick, which Alissa immediately lubes up, and I steal Aoi's anal virginity, too.

    We give each other our orgasm-inducing spirit touch, then I start fucking her like a dragon.

    She's incredibly light, only as heavy as Roxanne, allowing me to easily lift her waist up, then slam her down with all of my might against me.

    I've been so horny and backed up that I cum on the third slam, her spirit touch pushing me to cum as fast as Hana could suck my soul out through my dick, but I still have a lot of MP to spend.

    Aoi breaks the kiss and moans with very high-pitched squeaks. Her face scrunches up adorably as her draconic endurance is almost entirely gone in her human form.

    She orgasms every few attacks, and her body quickly weakens. She has trouble keeping herself steady on me, so I lower her down and dominate her in her favorite position: on all fours with me pushing her neck down against the floor.

    For once, I'm actually physically stronger than her, and I make full use of that. I pull on her chain and choke her, making her back arc enticingly.

    She squeaks adorably as I make her my doll, my repeated orgasms syncing with hers, and my cum squirting back out of her overflowing vagina with every thrust.

    Her squeaking starts to become faint as her body quivers repeatedly. The pleasure of sex in her human form is so amazing for her that it drains her energy away entirely.

    I slow down and remove her metal choker to let her breathe more easily, and she starts moving again, then she glows, and my mind goes blank.

    "RAAAAAA!" I roar as I slam my double spiky dragon cocks into Aoi.

    I release it all with a long grunt, cumming like a hose, and feel light-headed, then I stumble backward and slide out of her. Alissa catches me before I hit the ground, and Aoi slumps in exhaustion, both her pussy and her asshole overflowing with my precious seed.

    I quickly recover my balance, the dragon inside me complaining about my weak half-human body, then my draconic rage burns like the fires of Hell.

    I look at Alissa and grin, then I push her down and start madly fucking her.

    She yells out in pleasure, then I slap her face with my draconic hand, cutting her skin and drawing blood.

    "Again!" She begs, and I mark her with my other hand.

    I grab her legs and fold her in half, holding her in a mating press. Our eyes lock with wildness raging within them, her face bleeding from my mark, and we unleash our extreme obsession with each other.

    I fuck her until both her pussy and her spine simply can't take it anymore, then splurt it all over her body and look for my next prey.

    Roxanne grabs my waist with her tail and glues herself to me, then my cock enters her before I can even react.

    I feel some warm liquid fall onto the tip of my tail, then Roxanne's thin tail wraps around mine, and she uses it to shove my tail up her ass.

    The shock quickly passes, and I start madly pumping Roxanne with both my tail and my cock.

    Her body is even weaker than Aoi's, so she doesn't last long, especially since she can barely handle my tail's thickness.

    Her succubi anatomy allows her to milk me of my precious seed every time she orgasms, so our fuck is quick but flashy like fireworks.

    Hana comes next, and I give her the special thick and spiky dual combo. We're both overtaken by lust, devolving into wild dragons who only desire to breed, but I still hunger for more.

    From my back, I grow thin, long, and strong tentacles. They snatch Ciel and raise her into the air, then they wrap around her body, making patterns with the way they tie her up, drawing on both mine and Hana's knowledge of shibari.

    They muzzle and blindfold her; they tie her arms to her back, then force her legs to fold; they wrap around her breasts in spirals and squeeze them tightly, then I grow suckers to play with her sensitive, dark nipples; they make patterns around her taut belly, then slowly inch downwards.

    Two knots are formed, then they press against her pussy and asshole, making her moan in pleasure and shiver in fear.

    I gradually grow a protrusion on the tentacles covering her holes that eventually gains the shape of a dick. After just a few minutes, she's being pumped endlessly as she's caressed in every erogenous zone.

    With Hana done, for now, I turn to my little dwarf and beautiful elf.

    Without a single word from me, they obey my burning desire. Lina lays down on a bed and Yunia climbs on top of her.

    Through [Bind], I guide the two beauties to passionately kiss each other, then I stare intensely at their slits, lined up especially for me.

    I return my cock to normal and approach them.

    Who will get the real one? I think to myself, and they fight with their tongues for the privilege of being filled with my cum first.

    Yunia wins, and I penetrate her first with my cock, which is still dripping with both my cum and the juices from the other girls.

    I leave the two passed out women, and my head jerks towards the two dark, glistening pussies waiting side-by-side for me.

    I feel like my milf needs a bit of punishment, so she gets the claw, while Klein gets the cock.

    With my dick limp, my MP low, and my muscles exhausted, I finally settle down and take off my ripped clothes, then I relax in the magically enhanced bath.

    The massage makes the head of my cock stop hurting rather quickly, and when the girls enter it too, their skin gets immediately cleaned of all the cum.

    The maids are frozen, staring at us with neutral faces like statues, so I look over at them and smile gently.

    "Anyone wanting to spend some time with me can just ask," I offer with a husky tone. Hana, most of all, seems to love the intensity of my eyes lately, and the way I look at the maids makes me seem a bit like a hungry predator, but it isn't intentional.

    Shala is sweating cold, her eyes locked onto the bubbles covering my dick. I'd actually have sex with her because she's still fairly attractive even at her age, so I'd be willing to make her happy.

    "She's married, so please, don't," Yunia pleads.

    "Alright then, I guess she's off-limits," I casually respond and shrug internally.

    Alissa enters the bath, and the cuts on her face quickly heal up. Once they're gone, she snuggles with me, then she notices how she smells and submerges herself entirely for a few seconds. When her skin has returned to the same purity it had before, she returns to snuggling with a delighted smile on her face.

    She feels like my cock is a Gift from the Gods, so my willingness to share it with all women pleases her greatly. It's totally not her fetish speaking.

    Aoi crawls to the bath, then reduces her size to small-Aoi and dives. She resurfaces a moment later and lets herself drift aimlessly on the surface.

    Gify pops into existence beside her and they join claws. The little griffin missed her best friend quite a lot.

    The maids remain stunned for a while, and nobody takes me up on my offer, not just yet at least. I know those eyes when I see them, a few of them are definitely considering it. Alissa can even smell it when one of them is so horny that she has an obvious wet spot on her not-bikini bottoms.

    The ones who accept will be prime candidates for the High Maid positions.

    "I don't sleep with women in exclusive relationships, though," I add and turn around.

    Yunia gives Shala an apologetic look, then the old maid seems to finally get a hold of herself again and calms down.

    The bath actually replenishes our energies, and since it's magical, it has a greater effect on me.

    I stand up, cock erect and ready to fuck again.

    I look around in search of another prey and take a glance at the maids, but they're not ripe yet. I look at Jarn and feel in the mood for some clang.

    "Come over here, Jarn," I order, and she diligently obeys. "You said that you wanted to have sex with me?"

    "Yes. We desire to please you in all ways possible," she instantly replies in her usual robotic tone.

    "Lift your dress, and show me your genitals," I request, and she obeys again.

    I see Ciel's perfectly trimmed landing strip and pussy lips peeking out from underneath their hood, but there's no hole for me to enter.

    "I need to give you a vagina," I murmur.

    "And us, too," Ted pleads.

    I smile excitedly. "Yes… I need to give you all artificial bodies." Then I turn my gaze to Hana. She's still walking, so her hips can surely endure some more pounding. "Come over here," I order her.

    She gets up, the water droplets enticingly streaking down her body, enhancing the contours of her perfectly shaped large mounds and muscular arms.

    "We must fuck," she states like a barbarian, and we both play the part.

    We invite Mimi to join us for dinner, well, feast.

    The girls and I eat with gusto, relishing every bite. Our stomachs are still a bit needy because we likely haven't eaten anything like this in the past four months. We're all suffering from the same kind of problems on the toilet, so I think Arreira gave us some pasty mix through our feeding tube while we were asleep.

    I find myself enjoying meat more than usual. Perhaps my draconic side will help me get swole, but Aoi's human side being so thin doesn't give me much hope of a significant boost.

    We eat under the starry sky with a great view of the town, making our meal breathtaking, but it's also a bit awkward to eat while the servants wait on us near the walls. We certainly don't let them serve us as if we were children who didn't know how to do it ourselves.

    Then our tiredness starts to get to us, so we decide to retire to our quarters immediately after.

    Neither we nor the twins are sure if they want to live in the higher levels with us considering how sexual we are, so for now, they'll sleep in the lower levels.

    Our "leaf" is pretty large, with multiple rooms for children and other concubines. Yunia's old room is among them, but it hasn't actually been that long since she left, and nothing will ever go back to how it was before, so she doesn't feel like digging those memories up by taking a look at it.

    Our bedroom is huge, making it easy for us to fit all the beds alongside the king-sized one that's already there. That's Yunia's parents' bed, though.

    "I don't smell any semen, but I don't think we'll be comfortable sleeping on it," Alissa comments, and Yunia and I agree wholeheartedly.

    Ciel and Hana think it's a waste, but nobody else does, so I decide to store Mavel's bed and dispose of it later.

    Klein will probably live as a knight in a mansion in our inner circle while Osaria will have her own room in this "leaf," but whenever they are here, they must sleep with us.

    After some light reading under the night sky, we all go to sleep naked in a mess of limbs and breasts.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Prince PreownedFIN.
    Prince Creamy Spinach.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Lord Ashadun.
    Lord Michale Erwin.
    Lord Bakerdea.
    Lord Nathan Vanbrunt.
    Lord Maurice.
    Lord Empyrean.
    Lord Mattirro Draca.
    Lord Joshua Tal.
    Lord Colorblind.
    Lord RottenTangerine.
    Lord Fullmoon.
    Lord Joxsan Herrera.
    Lord Sean Drake.
    Lord Brody Haugan.
    Lord FrostyCube.
    Lord Mike Bartter.
    Lord Cardinal Steiner.
    Lord Krawn.
    Lord Warwulfv.
    Noble Salty Panda.
    Noble Mild Fracas.
    Noble Aclys.
    Noble Shawn Plumley.
    Noble CarlBaxter.
    Noble WeirdWhirl.
    Noble War God.
    Noble Yeuromain.
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    I dream of flying, flapping my wings freely while gazing at the great blue sky, laughing out loud at the extent of my freedom and power.

    I'm the king of the skies, the apex predator of the food chain, and even monsters flee from my might.

    But I don't rule by myself.

    I land on my nest, then I open my eyes as I wake up.

    The first thing I see is a cute and cartoonish starry sky on the ceiling, as if they were stamped on a dark blanket that waves about in a mesmerizing motion. Small Moon and star-shaped slits on the curtains let the morning light in, creating this pretty sight as the breeze plays with the curtains.

    Everything is dark, and all the color is gone, leaving the room black and white to make it easier on our eyes. The magical paint reacts to sunlight, so the walls will regain their color after we open the curtains.

    I look around me and see my naked women all sleeping soundly, except for the golems, who protect us while we sleep, their gazes endlessly scanning the room.

    Gify raises her head and looks at me curiously.


    "I just feel very energetic, for some reason. I guess this is the first good night's sleep I've had in however the fuck long I was stuck in that maze," I respond through [Bind] to avoid waking up the girls.

    Gify gets off my chest and nestles into Ciel's breast pillow, then I use [Telekinesis] on the limbs surrounding me to gently lift them up and crawl out of bed.

    The moment I stand up, Alissa wakes up with a gasp. Panic sets in within her heart, but I hug her "soul" to calm her down and keep her emotions from bleeding through [Bind].

    "Oh…" She whines in disappointment. She wanted to wake me up through my dick, but my body had second thoughts.

    "I'll give your morning meal soon enough," I assure her, then I walk towards the curtains.

    The floor is covered in the usual warm grass carpet, making it feel rather pleasant to step on it fully naked even though my feet are covered in scales and thick, black, leathery skin. I can even let my claws cut the grass because it just repairs itself automatically.

    Alissa slips out of bed, using her skills to not make a single noise as she does, then joins me and hugs my arm, holding it against her modest breasts, so I cover my arm with a transparent and squishy padding to keep her safe and to ensure that I can properly feel the softness of her breasts.

    We slip through the curtains, then open the enchanted and reinforced glass door, emerging out onto our excessively large balcony.

    The fresh air and warm sun of the morning hugs our naked bodies, and we both feel a chill at the same time.

    "Can't you change your dragon parts to… not be so draconic temporarily with [Mana Body]?" She worriedly asks, feeling my frustration with this inconvenient body of mine.

    "I know it's possible, but I need to learn how to do it first," I respond with an annoyed frown. I don't really have the time to train with it, though. There's so much shit to do that it's not even funny.

    We reach the railing and take in the amazing sight. The Eia fog/smoke/whatever is covering the town, but it doesn't get through the high bark walls, making it look like we're surrounded by dikes holding off a gray sea.

    Over the outer layer, our ships are floating near the ground, and dozens of people are coming and going from the area around them. The Chimeras will be housed in the mansions for a few days until we can organize a system that allows them to be independent.

    The sight of it all wipes away my upset mood, allowing another emotion to replace it.

    I hug Alissa's waist and pull her to me, then I hug her from behind, and my shaft nestles between her cheeks.

    Her fluffy orange tail wags and tickles my belly, then my tail moves on its own and wraps around her waist, keeping her tied to me.

    "A new dawn…" I whisper in her ear, full of expectancy.

    "Not afraid?" She whispers as she reaches back to caress my hair.

    "I am, but I feel like fighting instead of fleeing."

    It's odd. I spent probably a whole month stuck inside that maze, which I know was my worst nightmare, my own hell on… Rupegia, but it feels like nothing to me now. It's as if I'm just "over it," but a part of me is telling me that I should still be indignant about what I went through.

    I want to rage, but I also don't, so I decide to redirect all that energy somewhere else.

    I grab one of her breasts and squeeze it, then lick my lips. She closes her eyes, and her tail wags harder, then she bends over the railing.

    I grab my cock and aim it at her pussy, then I thrust.

    Her moan echoes through the chilly air, but we're so high up that not even someone with [Enhanced Hearing] would hear us.

    I rock my hips slowly, and the nostalgic feeling of her vagina wrapping around my alpha cock finishes waking me up.

    I nibble on her fluffy orange ear, and she squeaks lovingly.

    My mind calms so much from being inside her that it's almost like meditation, and I gradually reach higher levels of peacefulness as we fuck.

    When I'm just about to reach true harmony, Alissa pushes me away and gets on her knees, then I reach true peace, and my mind goes blank as I cover Alissa's face with my blessings.

    Before the feeling goes away, Alissa takes me into her mouth and continues milking me until I return to my peaceful state, releasing more blessings down her throat.

    Roxanne opens the curtains and looks at Alissa's face with hunger, then she turns to me and grins.

    I open my eyes wide as the girls make their way towards me. "Blessings for all!" I shout, then I start my morning in the best way possible: with multiple blowjobs.

    Today is the 4th day of the 7th month.

    I'm now "seventeen" years old, Roxanne is twenty-two, and Lina is sixteen. I'm a bit miffed that we missed our birthdays while inside the dungeon, but we'll have time to catch up on the festivities one day.

    I leveled up to 57, and I now have a shit ton of spare skill points that I'm not sure about where to put. I'll just spread them evenly among my physical and magical skills to deal with any potential weaknesses. In case I need to add a language skill, I'll just take it out of [Dodge] since I think it has a bit too many points.

    My [Summoning Magic] increased by 4; [Godly Language] and [Conjuring Magic] increased by 3; [Sword Use], [Spear Use], and [Polearm Use] increased by 2; and [Dodge] and [Parry] increased by 1. I learned [Mana Body] and [Dragon Transformation] with 1 point in each and [Equipment System] with 5.

    My "Strength," "Endurance," "Speed," Intelligence," "Willpower," "Piety," and "Perception" increased by 1; "Wisdom" and "Sanity" increased by 2; and "Charisma" increased by 3. My MP increased by 90, and my "Magic Power" increased by 45.

    Alissa leveled up to 57, too. Her [Bow Use] increased by 7; her [Dodge], [Sense Presence], and [Hide Presence] increased by 4; [Muscle Explosion] and [Enhanced Reflexes] increased by 3; [Quiet Action], [Enhanced Hearing], [Enhanced Stamina], and [Fox Transformation] increased by 2; and [Hawk Eyes], [Quiet Steps], and [Tracking] increased by 1. She learned [Equipment System] with 4 points.

    Her MP increased by 60, and her "Magic Power" increased by 30. Her "Strength," "Endurance," "Dexterity," "Intelligence," and "Charisma" increased by 1; "Wisdom," "Piety," and "Perception" increased by 2; and "Sanity" increased by 3.

    Roxanne leveled up to 57. Her [Fire Magic] and [Water Magic] increased by 3; [Alchemy] increased by 2; and [Mana Control], [Space Magic], and [Potion Brewing] increased by 1. She learned [Equipment System] with 6 points.

    Her MP increased by 190, and her "Magic Power" increased by 120. Her "Strength," "Endurance," "Charisma," "Piety," and "Perception" increased by 1; and "Sanity" increased by 2.

    Hana leveled up to 58. Her [Battlefield Perception] increased by 8; [Sword Use] and [Dodge] increased by 7; [Mana Control] increased by 5; [Muscle Explosion], [Block], and [Summon Wings] increased by 4; [Spear Use] and [Parry] increased by 2; and [Bow] and [Tatesomu Style] increased by 1. She learned [Equipment System] with 4 points and [Draconic Body (creator)] with 1 point.

    Her MP increased by 40, and her "Magic Power" increased by 25. Her "Endurance," "Charisma," and "Piety" increased by 1; and "Speed," "Wisdom," and "Willpower" increased by 2.

    Ciel leveled up to 57. Her [Glaive Use] increased by 5; [Dodge] increased by 3; [Light Magic] and [Wind Magic] increased by 2; and [Redirect Mana] increased by 1. She learned [Equipment System] with 5 points.

    Her MP increased by 30, and her "Magic Power" increased by 20. Her "Endurance," "Intelligence," and "Charisma" increased by 1; and "Wisdom," "Willpower," "Piety," and "Sanity" increased by 2.

    Lina leveled up to 57. Her [Hammer Use] increased by 7; [Magic Tool Carving] increased by 5; [Axe Use] and [General Enchanting] increased by 4; [Block] increased by 3; [Stonebody] increased by 2; and [Throw] and [Dwarven Pride Style] increased by 1. She learned [Equipment System] with 4 points.

    Her MP increased by 20, and her "Magic Power" increased by 10. Her "Willpower," "Charisma," "Piety," and "Sanity" increased by 1; and "Wisdom" increased by 2.

    Aoi leveled up to 38. Her MP increased by 120, and her "Magic Power" increased by 40.

    Yunia leveled up to 60, and she's the only one among us that's at the proper "Lord-level" range. Her [Two-Handed Sword Use] increased by 5; [Sword Use], [Parry], and [Muscle Explosion] increased by 3; [Silent Shadow Style], [Battlefield Perception], [Sense Presence], [Sense Mana], and [Weaverism] increased by 2; and [Dodge], [Enhanced Reflexes], and [Spirit Magic] increased by 1. She learned [Enhanced Stamina] with 3 points and [Equipment System] with 5 points.

    Her MP increased by 40, and her "Magic Power" increased by 20. Her "Strength," "Willpower," "Charisma," "Speed," "Sanity," and "Perception" increased by 1; and "Endurance," "Wisdom," and "Piety" increased by 2.

    Our skills are like this:

    'Wolf Ryder Skill Report'​

    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel
    Sword Use17+13Spear Use12+3Polearm Use12+3
    Shield Bash4+1Battlefield Perception8+2Muscle Explosion4+1
    Acrobatics13+2Ekrano Style (creator)3

    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel
    Sense Mana4+6Mana Control3+17Mana Recovery15+0
    Mana Efficiency8+7Reduced Mana Cost8+7Mana Overuse Resistance5+4
    Blackout Resistance0+1Fire Magic1+4Earth Magic2+3
    Water Magic4+1Wind Magic1+4Electric Magic6+14
    Light Magic2+13Space Magic7+23Summoning Magic9+31
    Blessing Magic8+22Nature Magic2+18Conjuring Magic1+4
    Spirit Magic0+3Illusion Magic0+2Golemancy0+10
    Redirect Mana (creator)6Sense Soul (creator)6Soul Manipulation (creator)7
    Godly Language30+5Dragon Transformation (innate)1Equipment System5+5

    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel
    Dancing0+1Cooking0+4Andraste Language4+6
    Oral Technique0+1Mana Body (innate)0+1

    NameWolf RyderAge17RaceWeredragon
    HP100MP1825Magic Power780
    Level 57


    .Status Effects NONE.
    .Titles Nickname "Good Luck", Blessed by the Goddess of Knowledge, Golemancer, Scholar of Rabanara, True Noble.
    .Affiliations Helios (Fellowship), Alissa (Blood Slave, Fiancée), Hanafuria (Blood Slave, Fiancée), Roxanne Succubus (Fiancée), Lina (Slave, Fiancée), Ciel (Fiancée), Yulania (Blood Slave).
    .Companions Alissa, Hanafuria, Roxanne Succubus, Ciel, Lina, Yulania.
    .Crimes NONE.

    'Alissa Skill Report'​

    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel
    Sword Use9Bow Use41Parry6+4
    Dodge2+8Sense Presence12Hide Presence2+8
    Enhanced Olfact5Enhanced Hearing5Hawk Eyes6
    Muscle Explosion5Quiet Steps5Quiet Action4
    Enhanced Stamina2+3Enhanced Reflexes3+7Tracking3

    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel
    Sense Mana1Mana Control1+7Reduced Mana Cost5+0
    Mana Efficiency7+0Fire Magic1Earth Magic5+0
    Water Magic1Wind Magic1Light Magic1
    Space Magic1Conjuring Magic1Illusion Magic6+9
    Fox Transformation (innate)7Equipment System6+4

    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel
    Washing5Riding2Oral Technique4
    Pain Resistance2Hand Technique2

    NameAlissaAge17RaceFox-type Wereanimal
    HP100MP1120Magic Power550
    Level 57


    .Status Effects NONE.
    .Titles Blessed by the Goddess of Love, Blinding Arrows, True Noble.
    .Affiliations Wolf Ryder (Master, Fiance), Helios (Fellowship).
    .Companions Wolf Ryder, Hanafuria, Roxanne Succubus, Ciel, Lina, Yulania.
    .Crimes NONE.

    'Roxanne Succubus Skill Report'​

    Skill Name Level
    Dagger Use 2

    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel
    Sense Mana1+3Mana Control9+31Reduced Mana Cost26+4
    Mana Efficiency11+9Mana Overuse Resistance4+1Fire Magic30
    Water Magic7+33Light Magic1Space Magic2+9
    Conjuring Magic5Alchemy3+7Potion Brewing12
    Poison Brewing2Redirect Mana1Equipment System4+6

    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel

    NameRoxanne SuccubusAge22RaceSuccubus-Type Demon Race
    HP100MP2960Magic Power1280
    Level 57


    .Status Effects NONE.
    .Titles True Noble.
    .Affiliations Wolf Ryder (Fiance), Helios (Fellowship).
    .Companions Wolf Ryder, Alissa, Hanafuria, Ciel, Lina, Yulania.
    .Crimes NONE.

    'Hanafuria Skill Report'​

    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel
    Sword Use31Spear Use4+16Bow Use10
    Two-Handed Sword Use1+9Polearm Use6Dagger Use4
    Shield Bash3+7Block1+14Parry10
    Dodge12Tatesomu Style3+7Muscle Explosion8
    Battlefield Perception10Taunt3Intimidate1+2

    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel
    Sense Mana1Mana Control7Reduced Mana Cost10+0
    Mana Efficiency1Fire Magic1Earth Magic1
    Water Magic1+0Wind Magic1+0Light Magic1
    Space Magic1Conjuring Magic1Illusion Magic5
    Equipment System 6+4

    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel
    Pain Conversion1Dismantling4Oral Technique1
    Fire Breath (innate)5Summon Wings (innate)8Draconic Body (creator)1

    NameHanafuriaAge24RaceFire-Type Dragonkin
    HP100MP940Magic Power455
    Level 58


    .Status Effects NONE.
    .Titles One Thousand Strikes, True Noble.
    .Affiliations Wolf Ryder (Master, Fiance), Helios (Fellowship).
    .Companions Wolf Ryder, Alissa, Roxanne Succubus, Ciel, Lina, Yulania.
    .Crimes NONE.

    'Ciel Skill Report'​

    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel
    Glaive Use2+28Sword Use4+5Parry6+9
    Dodge5+10Block9+6Imperial Hasterrum Style2+3
    Muscle Explosion2Battlefield Perception1

    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel
    Sense Mana2Mana Control6Reduced Mana Cost3+2
    Mana Efficiency3+4Wind Magic16+24Fire Magic1
    Light Magic11+29Space Magic3Conjuring Magic1
    Diagnosis7Redirect Mana2Equipment System5+5

    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel

    HP100MP1310Magic Power800
    Level 57


    .Status Effects NONE.
    .Titles True Noble.
    .Affiliations Wolf Ryder (Fiance), Helios (Fellowship), Templar Knights (Honorary Member), Temple Priestess (Former Member).
    .Companions Wolf Ryder, Alissa, Hanafuria, Roxanne Succubus, Lina, Yulania.
    .Crimes NONE.

    'Lina Skill Report'​

    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel
    Hammer Use6+24Axe Use12+13Throw4+6
    Muscle Explosion2Shield Bash1+1Battlefield Perception2
    Dwarven Pride Style4Enhanced Speed4+1

    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel
    Sense Mana1Mana Control7Mana Efficiency4+1
    Fire Magic1Earth Magic1+9Water Magic1
    Wind Magic1+0Light Magic1Cursing Magic13+7
    Space Magic1Conjuring Magic1General Enchanting7+13
    Magic Tool Carving4+6Equipment System6+4

    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel
    General Blacksmithing4Sewing4Housework1
    Riding1Stonebody (innate)7

    HP100MP1225Magic Power540
    Level 57


    .Status Effects NONE.
    .Titles True Noble.
    .Affiliations Wolf Ryder (Master, Fiance), Helios (Fellowship).
    .Companions Wolf Ryder, Alissa, Hanafuria, Roxanne Succubus, Ciel, Yulania.
    .Crimes NONE.

    NameAoiAge2RaceAzurite Dragon
    HP200MP1370Magic Power340
    Level 38


    .Status Effects NONE.
    .Titles True Noble.
    .Affiliations NONE.
    .Companions NONE.
    .Crimes NONE.

    'Yulania Skill Report'​

    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel
    Sword Use4+11Two-Handed Sword Use5+15Parry4+11
    Dodge1+9Silent Shadow Style6Battlefield Perception7
    Enhanced Reflexes6Sense Presence2Hide Presence4
    Muscle Explosion5Quiet Steps2Quiet Action6
    Enhanced Stamina 3

    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel
    Sense Mana7Mana Control1+4Mana Recovery1+2
    Mana Efficiency2+8Reduced Mana Cost4Fire Magic1
    Earth Magic1Light Magic5Spirit Magic8+17
    Illusion Magic10Space Magic6Nature Magic10
    Conjuring Magic1Weaverism2+28Redirect Mana1+0
    Equipment System 5+5

    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel

    NameYulaniaAge18RaceGolden Elf
    HP100MP1090Magic Power540
    Level 60


    .Status Effects NONE.
    .Titles True Noble.
    .Affiliations Wolf Ryder (Master), Helios (Fellowship).
    .Companions Wolf Ryder, Alissa, Hanafuria, Roxanne Succubus, Ciel, Lina.
    .Crimes NONE.

    I guess my "Sanity" bonus is making things easier to deal with, but I think it's mostly my new dragon half that's pushing me towards getting over things quicker. It wouldn't do to wallow in self-pity when I still have a world to conquer and women to fuck.

    Alissa's skill with the bow has nearly reached the limits of her "Dexterity" and "Speed." She's still bound by physics, and the only way to get past it is through magic, so she'll likely have to use a spell to improve her performance or develop something that lets her get past her limits like [Stonebody], [Draconic Body], or [Mana Body] would.

    Her "Sanity" increase is impressive, but not completely unexpected since one of the reasons we conquered a dungeon was to satisfy the purpose of her servitude as a Blood Slave: to help me achieve something great, which she did, greatly, in fact. Now that we're all True Nobles, there's no need for her or the other girls to be slaves anymore.

    I'll have to talk to them about it tonight.

    Roxanne's skills will be focused on mana enhancements so that she can cast many more [Explosions] since it's by far our most powerful spell. Getting her points to level 60 for [Blizzard] or [Heat Transfer] is still too heavy of a strain on her soul, so that's out of the question for now.

    It's nice that she finally increased her "Sanity," though, since she had the lowest among us. Something about her trial changed her, like something finally "clicked" inside her head, and now she sees things differently.

    Hana's points will be assigned to melee skills, but she'll likely suppress all growth of them so that she can level up [Draconic Body] as fast as possible. That skill seems to be using her "Endurance" and "Willpower" to fuel a supreme defense that she can slam into her opponent's face, which means that it'll be her most powerful skill really soon.

    Most of Ciel's points are going into Wind and [Light Magic] so that she can instantly cast both the Wind and [Holy Spirit], giving her a lot more versatility and firepower. She's not a straight-up bruiser, but she's an important support for our group and our life-saver in case shit hits the fan.

    Lina's melee skills are now comparable to Hana's, though she lacks in stats and experience, making her the weaker combatant in a straight-up fight, but [Cursing Magic] is her trump card. I've given her level 20 in it, which allows her to use the spell [Slow] while leaving her with enough leftover points for her to become a proper enchanter.

    Aoi appears in my "Followers" tab, so I can technically check her "Status," but she doesn't have a skills window, not yet anyway because my [Bind]'s "humanoidization" of her still isn't finished. She also can't open her "Status" on her own yet, but that's normal for humanoid children, so she'll be able to learn how to do that soon enough.

    Yunia's growth is less significant than the other girls, but she's already our strongest melee fighter due to [Precognition]. With instant-casting, the only person who can defeat her is me due to [Rush], but she can still learn to counter my style, so my spot at the top isn't solid. Her level ups have solidified her base strength instead of boosting her power in a flashy way, making her an even more reliable fighter.

    Klein and Osaria watch us discuss our level ups with interest. As a concubine, Osaria deserves to know enough that she isn't left behind in these conversations. She wants to support us, so it's best that she knows what we're in need of, and right now, it's people that can help us bring order to the chaos that's about to fall upon our heads.

    I play with Osaria's cloud-like pillows, my shiny draconic hands sinking deeply into her flesh, and my shaft burying into her ass as she sits on my lap. My tail wraps around Klein's, and I feel a gentle connection through it that warms my heart, even though I can't feel her touch very well through my scales.

    Roxanne massages the base of my horns, and the stimulation actually makes my boner get harder. The skin in that area is a transition between purely physical flesh and magically-enhanced solid horns, making it more sensitive and delicate than normal skin.

    This position makes me want to fuck Osaria's ass, but I hold myself back from starting another orgy since there's something important that we need to discuss.

    "How long can you stay?" I gently ask my dark milf.

    "Rande wanted to leave in a few days…" She wistfully responds, then turns sideways, and her red eyes look into mine with a hint of pain. She doesn't want to leave, but she can't abandon her son.

    I pull out of my "Items" a chest filled with gold and open it up through magic. The mere sight of all this shiny treasure makes Aoi and my draconic half begin to drool, but we both easily contain the desire to cover our skins with coins.

    The chest is enchanted with [Warp Space], so even I can't guess how much money it contains with just a look.

    "I'd like to become an investor in Este Escort Company," I announce and give my concubine a handsome smirk.

    Osaria gasps in surprise then sends me a very serious look as she states, "There's too much money in that, Wolfy."

    I nod in agreement and reveal my plan, "Yes, there is, but I want Rande to go to Faium Principality to procure cocoa and supply us with it regularly."

    She narrows her eyes in thought as she recollects her memories. "Cocoa? The plant used to make chocolate? The sweet that everyone's talking about in the capital?" She asks in disbelief.

    I nod. "The very same."

    Osaria's face goes blank as she starts to think of the possibilities. There's a lot of sugar cane in the High Forest, making it an ideal location to start manufacturing chocolate.

    She suddenly knits her eyebrows with a frown and asks confusedly, "Do you even know how to make it?"

    I nod proudly, then I pull out two bars of chocolate and hand them to Klein and her.

    They both inhale the sweet smell of cacao, then immediately take a bite.

    "W-wow…" Klein mumbles then starts to cutely nibble on her bar.

    "This is amazing…" Osaria whispers, then looks at me with a surprised smile. "This will work," she agrees and giggles.

    "But I want you here, with me," I state, then I kiss her cheek.

    She stops giggling, and her face goes blank, then she smiles, but we can all see that she's holding back her tears.

    "Yes. I'll be here…" She accepts and kisses one of my dark horns, then turns to face forward again and drives my cock deeper between her juicy ass cheeks.

    Yunia crawls closer and grabs one of Osaria's hands to give it a reassuring squeeze. "So, you're finally coming back," she comments with a sentimental tone and smiles.

    Osaria pulls Yunia's hands to her and gives both of them several strong kisses. She shows Yunia her sensual smile as she speaks with a sultry tone, "I was ready to abandon this lifestyle, but Fate brought us together again, and this time, I know that things will be much, much better."

    Yunia nods happily, and then swallows heavily as she feels my thoughts about what sort of relationship I want for her and my dark milf.

    "I can start negotiating the terms," Lina offers as she raises her little hand.

    "We'll be here in case you need us," Ciel assures her. Lina has experts in a variety of topics literally inside her head, she just needs to ask.

    I nod in agreement and add, "I want Rande to work exclusively for us, and take Klein with you, I want her to bring her parents here so that she can start working as our first knight."

    Klein suddenly stiffens and squeezes my tail with hers, then she nods emphatically. "Yes, my Lord, I will!" She exclaims.

    I smile warmly at her and pinch one of her dark nipples, making her yelp. "In private, don't ever call me 'Lord,'" I warn her, and she nods repeatedly while pouting.

    I pull out a stand with a set of Camalo armor, a pretty shortsword, and a [Mana Arrow]-enchanted bow. Klein gawks at the shining armor and gem-encrusted weapons, her mouth moving repeatedly as she makes random noises, too awed to speak properly.

    Before she recovers, I start to explain, "This is your equipment. The armor should be about your size, but we can get a mage to resize it if it isn't, and we'll get you a proper bow that fits your style later."

    Klein finally starts to make intelligible noises, "This is too-…"

    "No taking it back! If you're to be our knight, you'll accept this!" Alissa interrupts and pressures her.

    Hana contributes with a bit of [Intimidate], and Klein instinctively salutes. "Y-yes! I'll serve you w-with pride!" She relents, her voice almost breaking up in tears of happiness.

    As a knight, it doesn't matter how powerful Klein is, what matters is her loyalty. We can pay for her to become strong, but no amount of money will ever make her give her life for us if the situation calls for it, not that we'd ever sacrifice her. We need her to always be there for us, and the Camalo armor will make sure that she survives her duties.

    We work together in giving Yunia her glorious drills, then we leave our room for breakfast, and Mimi and the twins join us. They'd been waiting for us as etiquette requires, but we're only a few minutes late, so it shouldn't have been inconvenient for them.

    Our dining room has a whole wall open to the sky, giving us a view that's pretty similar to the balcony of our sleeping room. The floor is covered in the soft elven grass carpet like usual, but this room's carpet can also clean and massage our feet, so there's a custom of removing your shoes at the entrance.

    Since Aoi and I don't wear shoes, we don't have anything to take off, which annoys me a bit. I'll get a shoemaker to come here and design shoes for draconic feet. It feels dirty to never wear shoes, and the two new humanoid races deserve the same comfort as the others.

    We sit down, and before we can start spewing out all our plans, Yunia reminds us through [Bind] that we can't be assured of the loyalty of the maids here, so we'll have to watch what we say until we've surrounded ourselves with loyal servants. Only a handful of maids know about Aoi's transformation, but we can't go expanding that number on a whim.

    We sit down, and I immediately go for the butter, toast, and Ranja juice. Americans got it right that orange juice is perfect for breakfast, but not the part about fried eggs and bacon.

    Once the grumbling of our stomachs settles down enough, Yunia starts the conversation.

    "Mizushina, we need someone to help us with secretarial work. Can you help us with that?" She requests with a business-like tone.

    Hana's beautiful sister matches Yunia's tone and serious demeanor as she accepts, "Yes. I can do it. I had to do a lot of organization for my masters while also handling the accounting."

    Yunia subtly smiles. "Excellent. We'll go to the treasury to retrieve our seal, then we can start writing missives."

    "W-what should we do?" Antares asks, unsure about his own future.

    Yunia answers categorically without hesitation, "You're the last inheritors of the Este family name. You need to grow strong and keep our family name alive even though we aren't a family of Lords anymore."

    The twins swallow glumly and nod in understanding.

    Before everyone starts going about their day, it's better for them all to have official letters that identify us since not everyone might recognize us on sight as the new Lords. If they still don't, even with a letter, then a swift smiting will make them understand.

    With Patrono, I don't even need to swing it to make others bow, the Heavenly Weapon has many other ways of accomplishing that, but we'll keep its existence hidden for a short while.

    We call for Salbotica, then we go towards the treasury. It's at the same height as our room, the most well-secured and reinforced area of the castle. Having powerful Lords sleeping nearby also helps to keep it even more secure.

    The room is guarded on the inside and outside by a dozen of Confiel's men, all absolutely ready to kill whoever tries to sneak in.

    A handful of heavily armored soldiers flank the corridor and glare at us with the force of a few levels of [Intimidate], mildly annoying me, but forcing Mimi and the twins to stay back if they don't want to piss themselves. This is a security measure because thieves are generally very sensitive to danger, making it easy to spook them with the skill's use, and Lords should all have enough "Willpower" to easily overcome these sorts of attacks.

    Salbotica vouches for us, and they let us in after verifying our identities through an Inspection Crystal. We'll have to change our security when more people have access to the treasury because just the Crystal alone is far from enough to verify identities.

    We enter a room that's the complete opposite of Arreira's vault. Books, paintings, statues, collars, brooches, hairpins, stunning and rather impractical dresses, gem-encrusted shoes, weapons, armor, a variety of odd magical artifacts from dungeons, and chests filled with coins. Everything is perfectly organized in displays and on shelves with an easily understood classification system, allowing one to find whatever they need with little effort.

    My draconic side huffs out smoke in delight at the number of shinies here while my human side feels perfectly satisfied with how orderly this room is. I don't feel like taking out Arreira's treasure here and messing it all up, so I'll keep it with me for a while longer.

    Our coins are all ancient, so I trade them for the newer ones from the treasury.

    Yunia makes a beeline to a glass display, then opens it and takes out a wax seal stamp with an enchanted gem on top. The flavor of its enchantment makes it unique, protecting against any attempts at forgery, and the seal has the symbol of the Este family: six distinct white flowers on a golden field.

    For now, this seal will do, but the Ryder family will need to design and establish its own heraldry at some point.

    Salbotica hands me the paperwork. Documents shifting the responsibility for the castle, the town, and the whole territory of the Western High Forest to me, specifically. As much as the girls are Lords too, the tradition is to have it all in the name of a single Lord, presumably the leader of the harem.

    Mizushina and Alissa help me read through all of the documents to properly understand their meaning and organize my thoughts. I'm receiving a crash-course in Lordship just so that I can understand the important parts, the smaller details will come with time.

    Ciel oversees the Chimeras. The civilians will need housing, work, protection, and most important of all, a Spirit mage to cast a spell to make them solid. [Materialization] only makes them visible, so we'll need specialized mages to allow them to actually live.

    She also explains things to the temple. They're small here, but they can always call the Punishers if they don't get placated.

    Hana and Yunia start the recruitment of the Lordsguard. The prospective recruits are being organized in front of the entrance to the outer layer, where there's a plaza that's big enough to hold them all, and there's a shit ton of them.

    Roxanne organizes our few remaining court mages, then she joins Hana and Yunia in the selection process to fill out their numbers.

    Most of the prospective recruits were already part of Mavel's Lordsguard or the Court, but they all need to pass through the selection again.

    I give Klein and Osaria their summons back. It helps me keep an eye on them, and Osaria really misses her singing bird.

    Klein and Lina go back to Rabanara through the Imperial Gate Network to buyout Rande for us, and we get one of Confiel's men to carry the chest of gold for them.

    Now that we're Lords, we can give permission for anyone to cross through the Eternal Gate Network in our name, though we can't emerge inside another Lord's castle without an agreement.

    Osaria meets with Escanso's nobles, then the regent mayor, and inspects the Eia farms that belong to us. She's greeting them all in our name to spread the word that the new rulers have arrived.

    Aoi doesn't have much to do, so she takes it upon herself to improve her reading skills. She lays down in front of my office's desk and starts reading one of Lina's books. She wants to increase her "Intelligence" because having it lower than 10 irks her quite a lot. She's young, so it's perfectly justified, but it still hurts her pride.

    After a few cups of Tonique tea, I decide that it's time for a small break, so I get up to leave the castle and join the selection of the Lordsguard. There's something that I need to make sure that they all understand.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Prince PreownedFIN.
    Prince Creamy Spinach.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Lord Ashadun.
    Lord Michale Erwin.
    Lord Bakerdea.
    Lord Nathan Vanbrunt.
    Lord Maurice.
    Lord Empyrean.
    Lord Mattirro Draca.
    Lord Joshua Tal.
    Lord Colorblind.
    Lord RottenTangerine.
    Lord Fullmoon.
    Lord Joxsan Herrera.
    Lord Sean Drake.
    Lord Brody Haugan.
    Lord FrostyCube.
    Lord Mike Bartter.
    Lord Cardinal Steiner.
    Lord Krawn.
    Lord Warwulfv.
    Noble Salty Panda.
    Noble Mild Fracas.
    Noble Aclys.
    Noble Shawn Plumley.
    Noble CarlBaxter.
    Noble WeirdWhirl.
    Noble War God.
    Noble Yeuromain.
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    I pat Aoi's head as I walk past her. She stores her book and the gold coin she was chewing in her [Item Box] and follows me, Alissa trailing close behind us.

    I have a short conversation with Yunia about what we have to do, and she feels a bit sad and disappointed about what I want to say, then immediately feels guilty and starts flustering about silently, trying to get her feelings under control. She's still not completely used to [Bind], which leads to her oversharing occasionally.

    None of the commoners know what's going through her mind as she watches the selection with an impassive gaze, her beautiful face stern as always. Her [Acting] is enough to keep this small disturbance of her concentration from being revealed in her expression.

    I take an [Eternal Gate] to the main hall and exit the castle, then I feel the desire to rest in one of the private, secluded gardens, but that'll have to wait.

    We walk towards the outer gates at a leisurely pace to give Yunia time, gazing up at the Island Winch along the way, its massive size giving me delightful tingles of megalophobia down my spine.

    The duels come to an end one-by-one, but Yunia doesn't give the order for more to start, and soon, the sounds of battle die down completely, replaced with the murmuring of the confused recruits.

    Hana wipes her brow and conjures water directly on her face to cool herself off. The droplets run along her skin, making her white shirt stick to her skin and allowing her nipples to poke out through the fabric.

    She's been helping in the selection, testing the stronger men in single combat, and also showing off our power to the commoners so that they come to respect us.

    Yunia stands up, her tight, light blue dress sparkling in the high sun, making Hana salivate. Yunia presses her [Project Voice] magic tool against her throat and asks with a booming and imperious tone, "Enlistees of the Lordsguard, answer me this: who are pledging your loyalty to?"

    The men grumble, confused about her intentions.

    "Answer me!" She shouts, her voice like thunder.

    "Lord Yulania!" Some of them respond with both fear and pride.

    "I didn't hear you!"

    "Lord Yulania!" More join in, and their voices resound through the open air.

    Yunia grips the railing of the balcony in anger and demands, "Louder!"

    "LORD YULANIA!" They clamor and cheer, but that quickly dies down when they notice her face warping with anger.

    What she's about to say hurts her pride, a lot, but it must be done.

    "We're in this together," I reassure Yunia and mount Aoi, then she spreads her wings wide apart and starts to flap.

    "WROOONG!" Yunia roars, anger and disappointment igniting into fury.

    Aoi flies over the dark wall, then I press a [Project Voice] gem against her neck, and she lets out a deep, guttural roar that activates the fight, flight, and freeze instincts of the crowd. They point at her and cry in fear, but to their credit, nobody runs away.

    Aoi makes a tight, banked turn, then pitches down, aiming to crash onto the crowd.

    A few of the men panic and a few others raise their shields, but a good number simply stands still. They should've already heard that one of the new Lords has an Azurite dragon, and at least some of them should've understood that the dragon is also a Lord.

    Aoi pitches up just in time to shoot over their heads, then I leap off of her and float in the air, waiting in place while she makes a u-turn.

    She comes back and stops in mid-air, floating right behind me and blocking Yunia from their sight with her large wings.

    I press the gem against my neck and roar, "I AM YOUR LORD!"

    The men stiffen, and many of them cringe as they come to understand what they'd just shouted so proudly.

    I pause dramatically for a moment and scan through the crowd, searching for the women to see their reaction to me. I find a few cultured women, seemingly knowledgeable about the superiority of draconic cock, and I also notice that there's a surprising amount of non-elves among the crowd, about 30% of the recruits.


    To enlist, they first need to name who they wish to serve, and the overwhelming majority of recruits wrote Lord Yulania, not the Ryder family. While it made her very happy to see that there are so many people wishing to serve her, this isn't right. They're simping for her, and that type of person would make for a terrible Lordsguard.

    I'm offended that many of them don't even seem to know my name.

    "CAN YOU DO IT? CAN YOU BOW TO A NON-ELF? CAN YOU SERVE SOMEONE WITHOUT A SINGLE DROP OF ELVEN BLOOD…?" -I cool down my boiling rage and let my tone become grim- "Can you give your lives for me and my harem…?!"

    The crowd is stunned into silence, and I notice that most of the elves have become crestfallen while the non-elves still stand proudly.

    Alissa appears on the balcony with Gify on her shoulder and sits down beside Yunia, then Aoi and I slowly descend in the middle of the crowd.

    They make room for us, then we touch the ground. Aoi's tail sways about, giving us even more room as the crowd backs off to avoid getting hit.

    I draw my elven shortsword and get into a fighting posture.

    "DEFEAT ME AND YOU SHALL BECOME YULANIA'S PERSONAL KNIGHT!" I shout, then I remove the magic gem from my neck and put my off-hand behind my back.

    There's an unspoken belief that a personal knight is someone with a more intimate relationship with their charge, but that's just an urban myth, though it has the desired effect as Yunia's simps all suddenly become very hopeful.

    With a mental nod from me, Roxanne gets up and gathers the healers of our Court.

    It's time to do some weeding.

    I hold myself back from chopping limbs off, but many throats are sliced open. With 30 points in [Sword Use], [Rush], and my unorthodox [Ekrano Style], I'm unstoppable.

    I don't have time for a drawn-out fight, so I just quickly rush in and finish them off after a few blows.

    I enjoy hurting Hana and Alissa quite a lot, even going so far as drawing blood, but not with strangers, and not without a sexual undertone.

    I manage to keep my claws padded so that I don't ruin the handle of my sword. This small amount of [Soul Manipulation] is very easy for me to keep up even while in battle, so I can at least preserve this ancient elven sword Arreira gifted to us.

    A few of the men observing me make me feel a bit wary. They seem to have a calm and confident air about them, and I'd bet that they're former officers or knights. If any of them challenge me, I'll have to change my tactics.

    The number of healers belonging to our court quickly increases as they volunteer to heal the challengers, serving as a practical test of their abilities.

    Then a familiar-looking old elf steps into the challenge area, and I smile subtly as I use [Sense Soul] on him.

    'Soul Info'​
    NameSandoro IrmeRaceGolden Elf
    Level61HP100/100MP1,130 | Magic Power

    The officer I fought when we deposed Mavel. I remember that he showed me a small degree of respect after our fight, so I don't think he's here for revenge.

    He looks younger than Salbotica, and now that he's not wearing any armor, I can clearly see his athletic build. His eyes are cold, but his new puffy beard softens his look a bit.

    Sandoro lowers his head in respect and confesses, "Forgive me, Lord Ryder, but my only wish is to duel with you."

    "That's fine. Let's fight," I tersely respond.

    He lifts his head and draws his bastard sword, then he pulls a kite shield out of his [Item Box] with a *poof*.

    I [Equip] my shield and shift my stance. My tail stops waving about and tenses up, revealing my emotions.

    Sandoro lifts an eyebrow at the unknown spell I just cast but remains quiet, then the chatter dies down as the crowd realizes that things are getting serious.

    I cover my neck with my shield and rest my sword on it, and he mirrors my posture, then we cautiously advance towards each other.

    Our eyes lock together, and we share fearless looks with a touch of sportsmanship.

    We reach stabbing range and stop, then we start circling each other to keep our feet moving. A stationary warrior is slow to react.

    [Battlefield Perception] triggers, and he [Blink]s forward, so I slide backward with [Telekinesis] and [Block], trusting that the skill will handle it.

    The brim of his wide shield comes towards me like a punch, and I let it slide along my scales as I duck, then I slash, and he [Blink]s away.

    A small cut opens a hole in his thin shirt, and a red line appears on his chest, but I've only nicked him.

    We reform our postures and get into stabbing range again.

    This time, we poke and probe each other with cautious attacks. His bastard sword and superior height give him a longer reach, which is a great advantage in this kind of fight.

    I need to quickly enter his reach, so I cast [Rush].

    I hit his shield with mine right on the brim between his handle and his sword, protecting me from his counterattack while also twisting his shield. It isn't strapped to his arm, so he can't properly control where it's facing if I hit it parallel to the handle's axis.

    My sword sinks a centimetri into his gut, and he disappears, so I give chase.

    He [Blink]s repeatedly to escape me, having to desperately defend himself between each teleport, then he suddenly [Blink]s forward instead of retreating, appearing right in front of me.

    I use [Muscle Explosion] to dodge to the side just as his sword sinks into my shoulder, exactly where my throat was a mere split second ago.

    I drop my sword, and my draconic hand grips his wrist, my claws sinking into his flesh and drawing blood.

    He twists the sword, and I growl, for the pain only angers me.

    He bashes my face with the brim of his shield, then I grip his arm with my other draconic hand.

    He has higher "Strength," but I have [Shocking Touch], so I easily win the resulting struggle.

    I force his arms apart and headbutt him, then I draw a dagger with my tail and stab it into his throat.

    I use Roxanne to stop the healers from rushing in just yet. I'm sorry, Sandoro, but theatrics call for this.

    I remove the dagger and release his arms, then I grab his bleeding neck and lift him, using [Telekinesis] to float upwards until his feet leave the ground.

    "YOU FOUGHT WELL, BUT I'M MADE OF HARDER MATERIAL THAN YOU!" I bellow, then I [Heal] him entirely and drop him.

    He falls onto his feet a bit unsteadily, then he starts patting his completely healed neck.

    I pull his sword out of my shoulder and [Heal] myself, then I offer him his weapon with [Telekinesis].

    I look around for a second to let him recover, almost grinning at the awed crowd, then I stare down at him and imperiously ask, "Sandoro Irme, will you join my Lordsguard?"

    He immediately falls on one knee and lowers his head. "If you'll allow me, my Lord. Let my old sword aid you in any way I can," he pleads, his tone eager and sincere.

    "I know you will… Now, be welcomed into my retinue! We'll find a position worthy of you soon enough, but for now, help organize the recruits."

    "Yes, my Lord!" He stands up and salutes in the imperial way before walking towards the growing group of veterans from Mavel's retinue.

    Yunia gets up from her chair and heads down the gate to join them.

    Now that my job here is done, I remount Aoi, and we fly back over the bark wall. We pick up Alissa in the outer layer, then we return to the castle… for more paperwork.

    When we get back to the office, Mimi jerks her head towards us, an odd expression on her face. She seems a bit amused and embarrassed.

    The golems turn to us and bow respectfully.

    "They're… interesting…" Mimi comments reticently.

    I raise an eyebrow at her and return to my seat.

    "I believe they can be helpful as secretaries," she adds a little awkwardly.

    This kind of behavior coming from someone as beautiful as her fits her just as well as Hana being shy. It's rather refreshing, though.

    "Then they shall," I laconically respond, then I change shirts in front of her to show off my toned muscles, and we resume our work.

    After my stunt, Mavel's former knights hiding among the crowd start to appear, asking to be permitted to serve our family.

    Yunia and Hana test them to make sure that they didn't grow lazy while we were away. None of them are deemed unfit, for it'd be utterly shameful if they had let themselves go.

    We hand them all the appropriate missives that declare them our unofficial knights, which gives them the power to act in our name, and the number of reliable people around us starts to reach acceptable levels.

    The Lordsguard recruits and veterans defer to Sandoro, and he unofficially becomes the Commander of the Lordsguard. Above him, there are only Generals, but those are desk officers, so he'd only be fit for that position when he's become too old to fight.

    Most of the new recruits are non-elves since Yunia's simps were basically NTR'd by me. Their jealousy from seeing their goddess submitting to the cocky alpha dragon will fuel our depraved sexual fantasies for years to come.

    And just before lunch, a small, cranky fly starts to annoy Lady Osaria, so I get my flyswatter and head out to give her a hand.

    We don't have an official Lord's transport, but flying on Aoi's back might as well be since few things are flashier than riding in on a blue dragon mount with sharp, shiny scales that could easily squash a man with its huge body.

    Alissa shifts into her fox form to become lighter, and she curls up on my lap, her nose on my crotch because she just really loves my smell.

    I pad my hands with a thin layer of sensitive skin, making them feel almost as if they were human again. I'm becoming more adept at padding my hands, so perhaps by using [Mana Body] to its full extent, I can make my condition manageable. I don't want to remove these hands, but by the Gods are they inconvenient.

    I caress Alissa's therapeutically fluffy fur as I try to stop myself from whining about it all the time. Something about the touch of her fur is just so delightful and enthralling.

    She wags her tail and twitches her nose adorably, making my heart melt in awe. These little moments are truly soul-healing.

    We fly across town and land at one of the gates, then Alissa shifts back so that the guards can memorize her face.

    They all stiffen at the sight of us and give us wary looks. They know who we are, the town criers have made sure of that, but everyone's nervous about how they should treat us since we aren't elves.

    "Lords Wolf, Alissa, and Aoi intend to leave town," I state, not feeling that patient with the Townsguard. They don't maintain anywhere near the same degree of security as the Lordsguard, so this sort of thing should never take long.

    An armored elf with a more composed air hurries out of the gatehouse and bows before us. "Lords! We'll open the gate right away!" He shouts, then straightens his posture and glares at his hesitating subordinates like a devil.

    The men immediately scatter, and the gates open for us. A dozen commoners gather on the street a fair distance away to gawk and gossip, but I don't have the patience to give them a show right now, so I just remount Aoi and make for one of the disk farms.

    We fly over the lake, which is lit up by a few scintillating crystal lights that are as bright as disco globes. The light penetrates deep into the water, revealing an active aquatic environment, but the lake is so deep that there's plenty of room for many things to lurk in the darkness.

    We see multiple disks surrounding the tree-pillars that sustain the town, and we fly towards the one that currently hosts Osaria.

    We reach the top disk, which is the smallest one and also where a dozen houses and a few warehouse-looking buildings are located. They seem to be where Eia pills are made, a very important farm that makes a lot of money for the Lordship.

    Osaria and her bodyguard, one of Confiel's men for now, are waiting near the road, and she waves excitedly when she notices us, making her assets shake about heavily. As usual, she's barely considered dressed by imperial standards, but still provocatively dressed for the elves. My cute, little bird is snuggled between her breasts, its usual throne, allowing me to feel her mountains whenever I want.

    We land before her, and I immediately pull her in for a tongued kiss while groping her ass.

    I quickly finish my greeting, for a certain naughty elf needs a spanking, then I coolly whisper while hugging her waist, "So, can you tell me what the problem is?"

    She massages the base of my horns, making me close my eyes in delight as she reports, "I came to meet Signeur Caruso, and while he offered all the respect we deserve, he refused to recognize you as the new Lord and hand over a copy of his finances."

    Her tone is absolutely dripping with frustration. She didn't want to ask for help and give us even more work, but Caruso is as stubborn as an orc.

    "Stalling to hide embezzlement?" Alissa suggests.

    "That'd be very unwise of him," Yunia comments sternly through [Bind].

    "No, just another simp…" I growl back and focus on Osaria again. I give her a confident look and nod as I state, "He just needs to wake up to reality."

    She raises her eyebrows in slight amusement and runs her hand through my hair. "And how are you going to wake him up?" Her tone sounding just slightly concerned.

    I smirk mischievously and let my tail wag. "Don't worry, we'll just give him plenty of time to think things through."

    A Lord being mischievous is never a good thing, though.

    The wooden road ends at the biggest mansion on the disk. It's carved from large trees in the usual elven way, but the bark is dark, and the leaves up at the crown are white and semi-transparent, giving it a rather spooky air. There's not much light under the town, so I guess that's probably why the tree-house looks like this.

    A few elves slightly more muscular than average glare at us as we pass the warehouses. They all keep a hand on their clubs and shortswords, but I feel more threatened by Gatuns than them.

    Aoi sends a few glares their way and chuckles when their composure cracks. They're just grunts paid to look mean, not trained soldiers.

    "Whatever you do, don't face the Eia plants. They'll sacrifice themselves to protect the farm if you threaten someone," Yunia's advice echoes inside my mind.

    "We don't see any plants around here, though," I respond confusedly.

    "Then someone with a measure of common sense must've taken them off the disk."

    Lina says that Eia plants are kind of a middle point between plants and animals, but they're very aggressive and territorial, so what I intend to do wouldn't work if we were surrounded by a swarm of them.

    We reach the mansion, and two lightly armored elves block us from entering.

    "Lord Wolf and Alissa demand a meeting with Signeur Caruso," I impatiently state with a glare.

    They seem unfazed, not even twitching from Aoi's glare, showing a modicum of training.

    "He was expecting you. Follow me," one of the guards flatly responds, then he turns around and opens the double doors while the other steps aside.

    I normally wouldn't care about etiquette, but they're being deliberately disrespectful by not addressing us as Lords.

    The guard leads us down a corridor and out into a fairly lavish large hall. A set of sofas await us in the middle, and a chubby elf sitting on a large and comfortable armchair stares at us as we approach.

    His eyes hold the same faintly contemptuous glare that many elves show when they see us, but his unfit body makes him look like a spoiled, petulant child. Not even the elven diet can withstand the extremes of laziness that the merchant class so often revels in.

    Over two dozen lightly armored men stand ready at the walls, an implicit threat in case we intend to try anything, but Caruso is underestimating us. Aoi's size makes some of them nervous, and I believe they know that they'll have a hard time containing her.

    We silently sit down on the sofas facing Caruso, and Osaria gives him the stink eye, but he only has eyes for me, which is a bit weird.

    Aoi sits on the sofa, too, then the elf standing beside Caruso shoots her a brief glare, and she responds with a toothy grin that partially looks like a snarl, frightening him so much that he instantly looks away.

    There's tea set out for us, but I have zero patience for that right now, so I go straight for the jugular, "Signeur Caruso, you don't recognize us as Lords?"

    He wrinkles his nose in contempt and spews his words hatefully, "Slavers… I won't recognize your kind until I see Dame Yulania well and sound! She is the rightful Lord, not you!" Spittle flies out of his mouth, and he pulls out a handkerchief to dry his lips. Fortunately for us, his chair is too far for his filthy fluids to reach us.

    Osaria already argued with him until her throat hurt, so I won't waste any more time with him.

    "So, you're disobeying my order?" I calmly ask, an obvious undercurrent of anger in my tone.

    "I serve the Lord, and I don't recognize your authority!" He spews back.

    A part of me is angry, while another part of me is so very tired. They unite together for one simple reason: to make this fool learn something very important.

    I'm not gentle.

    I turn to the very nervous elf beside him, a younger version of Caruso, though they don't look like father and son. "You're in charge, now," I flatly state, then hell breaks loose.

    Gify pops out of existence; Aoi stands tall and spews fire in a circle around our position to keep the guards from swarming us; Confiel's man draws his sword and leaps in front of Osaria to protect her; and Alissa casts [Ghost Lights] repeatedly to keep everyone blind. I summon a nature elemental that immediately snatches Caruso with her vines, which I follow up with five earth and two wind elementals to knock everyone else out.

    The soldiers all get thrown away and slammed into the walls before they can defend themselves, then even more of them burst into the room, but [Discharge] is enough to leave them defenseless while the elementals continue their pummeling.

    Before a full minute can pass, the room clears, then Aoi summons her ball of water and extinguishes the flames from our surroundings.

    One of the elementals barrels through a wooden wall, opening a way out for us, so we stand up and calmly leave the building.

    The grunts try to attack us in a swarm, but one roar from Aoi is enough to make them stop, and now that they've lost their momentum, none of them have the guts to lead them into a suicidal attack again.

    They get out of our way, so we continue on. I make sure that Caruso's mouth is firmly sealed so that he can't spew out any orders. He even tries to eat through the vine gagging him in his struggles, but the elemental just hardens it until he stops.

    Caruso's assistant watches us walk away, stunned into speechlessness. Osaria will come here again, with a larger escort, and if they still don't obey, I'll keep arresting them until someone finally does.

    We hear the rustling of leaves coming up from below, and I have a hunch that it's the Eia coming for us. We hasten our pace and leave the farm before our income tries to strangle us.

    The guards at the gate have looks of utter confusion when we appear, but they silently obey, not wanting to get kidnapped, too.

    We have a [Gate] mage teleport us to the outer castle walls, on the opposite side to the selection area, then we enter a Lordsguard barracks, which has an [Eternal Gate] to the dungeon.

    We reactivate our underground hotel and check in our first guest for one night, or for however long it takes for his sanity to return.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Prince PreownedFIN.
    Prince Creamy Spinach.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Lord Ashadun.
    Lord Michale Erwin.
    Lord Bakerdea.
    Lord Nathan Vanbrunt.
    Lord Maurice.
    Lord Empyrean.
    Lord Mattirro Draca.
    Lord Joshua Tal.
    Lord Colorblind.
    Lord RottenTangerine.
    Lord Fullmoon.
    Lord Joxsan Herrera.
    Lord Sean Drake.
    Lord Brody Haugan.
    Lord FrostyCube.
    Lord Mike Bartter.
    Lord Cardinal Steiner.
    Lord Krawn.
    Lord Warwulfv.
    Noble Salty Panda.
    Noble Mild Fracas.
    Noble Aclys.
    Noble Shawn Plumley.
    Noble CarlBaxter.
    Noble WeirdWhirl.
    Noble War God.
    Noble Yeuromain.
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    Ciel is the last to return for lunch, and she brings a 1 centimetri polished marble polyhedron with her. It can't hold any kind of complex enchantment, but it does have a small Chimeric mana storage inside it, and it also houses our dear friend.

    I cast [Spirit Eyes] to see her, and a glowing, blue, toothy smile greets me. I cast my modified [Materialize], and a naked Hukarere appears in front of us, then she pulls me into a hug.

    "I'm back…!" She exclaims, then her hug loosens a bit, and she groans, "Wow~… this feels weird…"

    I hug back and support her as she gets dizzy, then I feel up the fluffy fur on her back and bury my face in her mounds.

    "Your inner organs might not be fully functional because of how my [Materialize] is focused on magical organs," I explain without removing my face from her pale breasts, which muffles my voice as a result.

    "Okay, I guess that explains… a lot…" She mumbles as she starts to recover. "I feel like I don't have bones, like there's just a void inside me."

    Actual real, living cells are extremely complex, so Gify and I focused on creating "abstract" inner workings, which allows me to mimic having ears, tails, and other appendages without the need to physically connect them to my body. Having to connect each blood vein and nerve every time I grow an appendage would be too dangerous and difficult.

    I tilt my head up to look at her but still keep it between her breasts, and apologize, "I'm sorry, but my [Materialize] isn't strong enough. I have Arreira's notes, though, so I'll improve it as soon as I can."

    Hukarere regains her footing, and she runs her fingers through my hair as she smirks at me. "I know you're busy, so you don't have to hurry. It feels weird to be like this, but it's good enough for me," she reassures me.

    I give her breasts a squeeze and release her, then we start our lunch.

    Lina stays in Rabanara with Klein and eats Krysta's home-cooked meal, and we share our senses with her so that she doesn't feel too lonely. Though, Krysta's cooking is so good that she isn't missing much.

    The twins stare at Hukarere's body unashamedly, and she really enjoys the attention, but they start to ignore her pretty quickly when she goes under the table.

    Hukarere can eat a bit, but not really that much since her current body doesn't process food very well. However, she does find it both very delicious and nutritious to eat my cum.

    She sucks me off as we eat, giving me puppy eyes all throughout, and constantly drains my MP.

    Mimi acts completely nonchalant about it, so I don't know what she's truly thinking, but Hana assures me that she's seen much worse from her own antics. Hana is a true sex beast, and she used to be much more hormonal and thirsty than she is now.

    "You're an odd family," is all Mimi says about that.

    Now that the number of our court mages is growing, they can start to show off some of their skills around the castle. Our water mages have created some small water channels in the corners of the dining room, even adding in a micro waterfall, and now our mealtime is improved with the delightful sounds of flowing water.

    The castle is very customizable, having been built entirely by elven [Nature Magic], so these sorts of features can be added and removed at will. They also serve as training for the weaker court mages or to prevent the stronger ones from getting rusty, and they're redone every few days, so there'll be plenty of small changes all throughout the castle every so often.

    After our meal, I take Hukarere to get her fitted for some armor and weapons. She wants to be part of our Lordsguard, but she won't be an official and permanent member until we actually test how she'll adapt to this lifestyle.

    It's not just her, there's a considerable number of Chimeras who want to join too, and by imperial law, the crew of the ships are also considered part of the Lordsguard since they're sworn to serve us, so their numbers are quickly growing.

    The Elder Council doesn't allow the raising of an army except for special situations in order to prevent individual Lords from rising up and opposing them. Only the Lordsguard and knights are allowed to be recruited without limits to their numbers, but that category has strict regulations regarding how much they have to be paid and the minimal level of equipment that they need to be given, making it simply too expensive to raise an army of them.

    Oritiki's oath makes her sort of a knight, but I'd like her to be more independent in practice so that she can also act as the representative of the Chimeras, so perhaps we could negotiate something with the empire or the temple.

    With her new set of armor, Hukarere returns to the selection to receive both her assignment and a crash course in Lordsguard duties.

    Hana goes to the court mages to find someone with a breastplate stretcher. She wants boobs on her armor like she had for the previous metal plate we'd bought for her. The boobs aren't form-fitting because there's a lot of padding underneath her armor, but they're a type of decoration that she misses a lot. She has big boobs and she wants everyone to know it.

    She also suggests that I get a codpiece to house my schlong, but I refuse because it would just look a bit ridiculous in my opinion.

    Osaria heads out of the castle again to meet with the hunter's guild. The rewards for monster subjugations are subsidized by the Lordship, and we want to increase them to draw more foreigners here.

    Aoi takes Alissa for a ride out of town because my dragon wants some metal sheets and ores to play with. After her trial, she seems to want to become a blacksmith or something. Gify goes with them because she just wants to take a walk around the town.

    Alissa prepares tea for us before she leaves, which I store in my [Item Box] to prevent it from getting cold.

    Ciel and Yunia return to talk with the Chimeras while Roxanne and I work together to finish the paperwork. The selection doesn't need us anymore since there are enough veterans now to keep things going on their own.

    For the Chimeras, we're mustering every Spirit mage in town and searching for the best [Materialize] among them that can solidify spirits, and after that, we'll offer free training for all other Spirit mages. The Chimeras' most basic need is this spell, specifically, so there's a lot of money to be made in that field once they start working, and regarding that, there are a few things that only they can do.

    There are Drifting Lands that come close to the elven shores at times, and the Island Winch is capable of safely bringing them back to us. There's a shortage of good enchanting gems in the empire, and while we don't know how to re-attune the air gems of the Lands into other types, we have some Chimeras who do.

    I don't want to rely on my brief friendship with Nour, but perhaps he can introduce me to his family so that we can get our hands on some imperial ship designs. The Principality has the top experts in shipbuilding, but they don't have the resources to take full advantage of that, so I think it'd be better to lure them here and shift the airship industry to the High Forest.

    We're expecting some trouble with the locals since the elves are rather xenophobic and isolationist, but it was the Elder Council that accepted Confiel's reforms, which opened up the region more to outsiders, so at least we'll have support from up top in case the commoners start to complain.

    We manage to finish up all the urgent paperwork, so we decide to take a break for some tea.

    I lean back in my chair and stretch, then push against the carpet, but this isn't a rolling chair, and it's quite heavy, so it doesn't even move an inch back.

    I make a mental note that we need adjustable ergonomic chairs, by which I mean that I transmit this desire to all the girls. Lina gets momentarily distracted from her break and transmits back some loose ideas that I can pitch to the Nature mages of our court when I have the time.

    Removing part of the lower backrest for my tail is easy, but adding mechanical parts is much more difficult, so this will have to wait.

    We sit on the sofas around the tea table, and Roxanne immediately plops herself onto my lap. She's been dying to get some personal time with my prickly horns because she finds them really sexy.

    Their texture is very rough, and a few spots have some small spikes, giving it a texture similar to a pineapple. Also, they don't bend or go soft like Roxanne's, making sleeping on my side a bit awkward. I never sleep in that position anyway because the girls always go to sleep hugging my arms.

    Roxanne demonstrates her experience in handling horns, knowing exactly where to massage them. Her hands scratch, press, and knead, giving me a faint pleasure as it seems that I have some nerves in these horns.

    While we flirt, Mimi happily eats the small pieces of chocolate that were set out on the table. She stares curiously at Ted and Suzy, but not Jarn, her curiosity about the golems seemingly higher than the average person, and it appears to be compounding with her appreciation for cute things.

    After a few minutes, we stop our cuddling to eat some chocolate before Mimi finishes it all. You can't trust women around chocolate.

    With my belly full of chocolate and not-earl-grey, I start to feel a bit drowsy from Roxanne's massage.

    Today was such a hectic day…

    "Now that you have the time, you should train your [Mana Body] or [Dragon Transformation] for the good of our plans," Yunia's stern voice inside my mind feels like a whip striking my ass.

    We can't delay the Lordship ceremony for too long and allow the unruly Lords to organize, so we need to complete our preparations ASAP.

    Roxanne smiles wryly, then kisses my forehead and leaves the office. There's an alchemy lab she wants to check out so that she can continue her [Alchemy] work.

    Mimi returns to reading through the paperwork. She's an accountant, so she's making sure that the finances add up and that nobody embezzled anything.

    I get up and stretch, then I sit down on my throne again and start focusing on my hands. I've only modified the texture of my dick and stretched its shape a bit, so making my hands shrink will take a bit more effort.

    I manage to change the texture of my scales, making them become fleshy, but I don't know how to make nails, and the altered tissue lacks the expected creases and wrinkles, making it look "artificial."

    I shift my focus to changing its shape for now. That way, I can at least grip things normally again.

    Over time, changing a part of my body that isn't my thunder cock starts to feel "familiar," making it easier for me to alter it with just a thought.

    Shrinking isn't that hard, though changing the shape into something not obviously fake is the truly difficult part.

    Mimi's gentle voice enters my ears, "What happened to you?" And with that, my concentration lapses, allowing my hand to become draconic and shiny again. Mimi winces and starts apologizing politely, "I'm sorry, I interrupted your… whatever you were doing," she whispers confusedly.

    I easily alter the hand back to how it was and smile gently. "No harm done," I comfort her, then I recite Arreira's "experiment" with me and my Fate.

    "You… half-transformed?" She questions skeptically. Such a skill is unheard of for a human, so it's understandable that she wouldn't believe my story immediately.

    I nod. "That's right, then I got 'stuck' like this, and the Gods just decided to make me into a new race." And I shrug.

    She still doesn't look convinced, so I shift into a dragon, then I remember that my clothes don't get absorbed into my body because my skill level is too low, but I'll deal with that later.

    I spread my wings and remember that I can't fly, so I just jump and use [Telekinesis] to land on the table a bit awkwardly. I'm not used to being a quadruped.

    Mimi holds back a snort, then her face twitches repeatedly. Her eyes intensely stare at me, and her mouth starts trembling. "That's cute…" She mumbles quietly.

    I puff up my chest, spread my wings, and exhale some smoke. "Yes. I'm a cute dragon!" I exclaim proudly. My voice has the chipmunk treatment in this form, which completely distracts Alissa when she hears it. She really wants to hug me right now.

    Mimi's mind breaks, and she starts to chuckle uncontrollably. It's very refreshing to see such a serious person like her in this state since she has Resting Bitch Face Syndrome like Yunia, making her happy faces kinda rare.

    I sit my ass down, feeling proud of myself, and fold my wings. I feel an itch to flap them and do "something" magical with them, which I'm pretty sure are my draconic instincts encouraging me to learn how to fly.

    I wait for Mimi to calm down, and she quickly recomposes herself. Her dark skin becomes a shade darker as she blushes, then she clears her throat and starts apologizing to me, "I-I'm sorry, my Lord… b-but you're… very cute…"

    I smile, showing her my small white teeth, and reassure her, "I know, and I enjoy it when you say that."

    She bites her lips to keep herself from laughing again and nods repeatedly.

    I jump down onto the floor and hide under my office desk, then I shift back into a human.

    "My Lord…?" Mimi asks in confusion, and I hear her get up from her chair.

    "I'm naked," I warn her and reach out for my briefs.

    "Oh…" She sits back down.

    "Actually. We could hire an Illusion mage to temporarily hide your draconic features. It would be better for you to work on your [Dragon Transformation]," Yunia advises me of a change of plans through [Bind].

    I freeze just as I'm put on my underwear and ask for confirmation.

    "I know the perfect person for that," Alissa muses, and I get the feeling that they're enjoying my current situation.

    "Big Wolfy; big dragon cock," Aoi eloquently points out, and I get a wave of agreement from everyone.

    "You can use those hands of yours perfectly fine. We need big Wolfy!" Roxanne demands, and I quickly acquiesce. It'll be nice when I'm the tallest among us.

    "On second thought, I need to practice this," I tell Mimi, then I start shifting between my forms repeatedly while sitting on my chair. I need to get it to at least level 7 like Alissa to reach a good size.

    The constant glowing seems to annoy Mimi, though she doesn't actually say anything about it, so I go under the table and continue my practice.

    Yunia and Ciel come back soon after that, and I start to feel a bit tired, so I take a short break and get dressed, then I sit on my chair again.

    After they enter, Mimi rises from her chair and gives them a quick bow. "My Lords," she greets politely.

    "You don't have to call us Lords, Mizushina. You're our not-blood-sister, so you're family," I correct her.

    "I'll be your not-blood-sister when you marry Hana," she coolly replies, and I feel a hint of reproval in her tone.

    I raise an eyebrow in surprise and mumble, "Alright…"

    The two girls simply smile wryly and join us.

    Yunia takes a look at the parchments, papyrus, and assorted types of papers on the table and asks as Mimi quickly organizes them, "You've been reviewing the finances?"

    Mimi smiles briefly and nods. "It's my specialty, so I wish to continue working in that area."

    Yunia sits down on the other throne to my right and interlaces her fingers in her lap. "We don't have a High Accountant anymore, so would you like to take this position? It's a lot of responsibility," she offers and cautions, both of which are spoken with a perfectly neutral tone.

    Mimi sits down and runs her hand through her wild hair. A rare tick of nervousness. "There's no veterans to pass down their wisdom?"

    Yunia shakes her head, and I'll never tire of seeing her drills gently bounce. "No, but there is one condition: you must become a Blood Slave."

    Ciel sits on the last throne on my other side. There are only three of these chairs, so we'll need to buy more for everyone, and perhaps another office desk.

    Mimi shows no reaction, merely looking away to think, then a moment later, she turns her face back to us and sternly asks, "Why?"

    "Secrets and loyalty, so we'll have to use [Tongue of Obedience], but only that," Yunia assures her. Looking at this from Mimi's perspective, I think that unknowingly becoming a sex slave is a warranted concern of hers.

    Mimi's expression becomes even more severe, and her cold tone makes us pause in our response as she demands, "Be frank. Will you ask me to hide 'irregularities'?"

    Yunia's jaw twitches, trying to not appear offended, but she is. "No. Elves would never do that."

    They have a short staring contest, and though Mimi has a fearsome gaze like Hana's, it doesn't have the same potency as Yunia's, so she quickly forfeits.

    Mimi shakes her head gently and chuckles, the seriousness promptly fading away, then she gives us a perfect Hana-like smirk as she says, "Then I accept the job."

    Yunia nods, very pleased, and adds, "We'll get Alissa to bring a slaver with her. We're in a hurry to rebuild our administration, so there's no time to lose."

    "Yes, I understand." She leans over the table and continues organizing the papers. "I'll start immediately, then."

    Yunia genuinely smiles at her diligence. She feels a lot of respect for Mimi due to her hard-working and serious personality, and she thinks that they'll work well together.

    Ciel tries to understand what Mimi is doing, but she's a bit overwhelmed by the torrent of numbers and quickly gives up. She thinks that she'll be more useful in understanding the laws of Lordship since she already had an initiation to it because of her time in the temple. The priests are the ones who keep an eye on the Lords, so they have to know the limits of the Lords' rule.

    Shortly after that, Alissa gets back with Aoi, a shoemaker, and the owner of the most luxurious slave-trading establishment in Escanso.

    We'll receive them in the main hall where the statues are, so Yunia activates an enchantment on the wall that grows a set of seating for us. It literally grows them out of the white velvet carpeted floor.

    We sit down on the fresh, new velvet sofas and wait while Yunia and Mimi discuss payment and other benefits. She's to be treated as an employee, so she'll receive all the usual benefits that would be associated with her new position.

    After a few minutes, our guests enter the hall.

    Aoi walks rather awkwardly, trying to get used to her new sandals. They're simple and thin with heavy padding at the claws, which is what makes her feel weird when walking in them. It's just a matter of getting used to it, though.

    The slaver is a tall and mature elven man, and he reminds me of the man that sold me Alissa and Hana: high "Charisma," gaudy clothes, an easy smile, and "evil" eyes.

    The shoemaker is an old weredog lady. Her fluffy and curly white hair and long face remind me of a Poodle. She's slightly nervous because she's never had to deal with draconic feet before, but she's a wereanimal, so she's the best choice for non-human feet because of how the elves would be just too snooty to deal with me.

    The slaver bows before us, and the old lady follows his example a second later.

    "I'm honored to meet you, my new Lords," the slaver greets us with a velvety voice and straightens his posture.

    The old lady mimics him and quickly adds, "So am I, my Lords."

    He gently places his palm over his heart and continues, "I'm Esvisor, owner of the Destino Atado." Then he waits for the lady to make her introduction.

    "I'm Nanaina, owner of the Conrigia," she stiffly greets us and lowers her head, then I see her small tail slowly wagging behind her.

    How considerate of him to wait for her.

    We return the appropriate greetings, and they take a seat.

    First, we let Nanaina start her work. She pulls out a blanket full of tools and starts measuring my feet, taking care to avoid touching the sharp edges of my claws or scales. Aoi's claws are duller than mine, but they're still pretty sharp, so she knows where she shouldn't touch.

    Esvisor doesn't have to do much for his work here. He just gives me his ultra-sharp dagger and a small bowl, then I cut myself… or rather, I try to. My black, leathery draconic skin is so tough that I can't actually cut through it, not to mention the scales protecting it. I feel like I might not even need to wear gauntlets and vambraces anymore.

    I get Alissa to help me by rolling up my sleeve and lightly cutting my bicep, which isn't protected by my scales and thick skin.

    We fill the bowl with my blood, then Mimi drinks it all down without a word, and Esvisor casts the required spells.

    Mimi's last name fades away, and the entry "Mizushina (Blood Slave)" appears in my "Affiliations."

    She hasn't been disowned by her family, so her children can still inherit the Tranfkoever name, it's just that she can't have a last name since her loyalty to us is more important than her family's name.

    With that done, Alissa immediately strikes up a conversation with Esvisor. She wants to order two Blood Slave maids from him for the higher levels, so they start discussing the specifics of what she wants, and it isn't just some simple, helpless servants, she wants battle maids.

    With her part done, Mimi returns to the office, then Nanaina quickly finishes my new sandals, which are made with cut-resistant padding, and she writes down all of the measurements she took to allow her to make more of them.

    I stand up and walk around. I feel the same as Aoi about them; the padding for the claws is a little bit uncomfortable, so it'll need some adjustments, but at least for now, we won't get our feet dirty anymore from just walking around.

    The harem reunites as the sun starts to set, and it's now time for The Ravaging, part two.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Prince PreownedFIN.
    Prince Creamy Spinach.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Lord Ashadun.
    Lord Michale Erwin.
    Lord Bakerdea.
    Lord Nathan Vanbrunt.
    Lord Maurice.
    Lord Empyrean.
    Lord Mattirro Draca.
    Lord Joshua Tal.
    Lord Colorblind.
    Lord RottenTangerine.
    Lord Fullmoon.
    Lord Joxsan Herrera.
    Lord Sean Drake.
    Lord Brody Haugan.
    Lord FrostyCube.
    Lord Mike Bartter.
    Lord Cardinal Steiner.
    Lord Krawn.
    Lord Warwulfv.
    Lord Cidant.
    Noble Salty Panda.
    Noble Mild Fracas.
    Noble Aclys.
    Noble Shawn Plumley.
    Noble CarlBaxter.
    Noble WeirdWhirl.
    Noble War God.
    Noble Yeuromain.
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    This time, there's a naked Chimera maid joining us in the bath. She's only wearing a transparent shawl on her head to show that she's a maid while her slender, aqua blue body is entirely exposed. She has a bony frill on her head, like a fan that moves according to her mood, and right now, it's wide open in what we assume is expectation.

    With the issue of nudity not being a clear matter for the temple, and the elves being not-so-closeted perverts, there isn't an explicit law against nudity itself, so the Chimeras will be allowed to be as nude in public as they wish, and I'll even encourage the custom. If we can normalize public fucking, then that's even better.

    We enter our tubs and get our bodies washed again, then the "fluffers" prepare Ciel, Osaria, and I.

    The new maid is overeager, and she gets a bit too into it. She strokes me a tad too much, and I can just barely stop myself from bending her over and fucking her.

    Her mouth hangs open as she stares at my cock, her red and long tongue peeking out, twitching as she salivates in yearning for something. Her face flushes, and the aqua blue of her skin starts to shift red.

    She licks her lips, which pushes me over the edge. I pull her head towards my cock, and she doesn't resist the sudden movement at all, even bending over to reach it better, then her long tongue wraps around my head, and she swallows it all in one go.

    I reach around and finger her pussy while she sucks me off, watching her delighting herself in its taste as if she were sucking on a very large and long lollipop. She doesn't have the same degree of experience as the girls, but she makes up for it with her enthusiasm.

    Ciel tells Osaria about what I want them to do, and my milf smirks with delight.

    A maid hands them their sets of sexy sleeve gloves, stockings, and garter belts, all white and made with the delicate and stretchy Snow Weave.

    Osaria observes as Ciel puts hers on, and we both notice how her thighs get tenderly squeezed by the hem of the stockings, giving her skin a slight bulge line.

    She breathes in deeply, then grabs Ciel and takes her over to one of the beds. Osaria immediately pushes her down onto it and climbs on top of her.

    Without giving Ciel a chance to utter even a single word, Osaria silences her with her tongue while she fingers Ciel's chocolate pussy with her long, dexterous fingers.

    Klein stares at them intently and discreetly touches herself, but then Hana pulls her in and does that for her.

    One of the maids pulls Osaria's silver hair back and ties it up into a ponytail so that we can see them better. How considerate of her.

    Their dark skin, faintly wet from the water of the bath, glistens in the spotlight that shines down upon them so that we don't miss a single detail. The art of elven lovemaking is a show that deserves to be experienced with our full attention.

    Osaria's movements remind me of [Hand Technique], but spiced up thanks to her high "Dexterity" from her race and her decades of experience with pussy handling.

    With flourished motions, both her tongue and fingers dive in and out of Ciel, and I know how good that feels because Ciel simply can't control her own [Bind], flooding us all with her toe-curling orgasm.

    I cum down the maid's throat, and she opens her yellow eyes wide in surprise, her vertical slits becoming oval. She swallows without hesitation, then lets my cock go and awkwardly straightens herself out again once she's certain that I'm done.

    "M-m-my L-Lord, I-I'm s-s-so-sor-… hngh!" She tries to apologize, but my fingers haven't stopped moving, causing her to orgasm while standing.

    I withdraw my fingers from her and stand up, the dragonator still armed and ready. I smile gently at her and cup her cheek, which is a bit awkward since she's very tall, then I warmly console her, "I still have a lot of Blessings to give. Don't worry, and just enjoy what I gave to you."

    She nods sheepishly, then I get out of my tub and join my thick goddesses. Their slits are lined up for me, but today, they aren't the focus, for Osaria will handle them. What I want right now is some juicy, bouncy ass.

    Alissa throws me the flask of warm anal lube, and I catch it without even looking, then I drizzle a good amount onto my ass pounder and give it a good rub to coat it properly.

    I press the head against Ciel's exposed asshole, then I cast [Clean] on her and force it in.

    Going four months without fucking has made her tighter than I remember, and I grunt strongly as she squeezes down on my shaft while I slip in.

    Osaria stops kissing her and starts to suck on her nipples, allowing Ciel to moan out so loudly that it echoes throughout the bath hall.

    "AHN~…!" She lets out a loud cry as my hips smack against her ass.

    I slowly pull out again, then I grab her thick thighs, feeling the soft fabric gracing her skin, and thrust forward. I give her a long stroke, allowing her to wallow in the sinking feeling of a smack that never comes, until it suddenly does.


    Osaria's pear-shaped ass is right in front of me, and it's completely untouched, so I release one of Ciel's thighs and go for Osaria's lonely holes.

    I push a thumb into her ass and an index finger into her pussy, then I pinch them together as I start playing with her.

    Osaria's fingers inside Ciel slow down as she joins her in moaning, then I start to lick around my thumb, and I feel her muscles quiver from the touch of my tongue.

    Ciel feels like she's stretched to the limit, but she gradually adapts to the pain of my thick dragonator piercing her asshole, allowing another orgasm to start to rise up from inside her.

    Her moans turn to squeaks as she loses her mind, then Osaria pinches her clit right at the perfect moment, tipping her over the top.

    Ciel cums again, which also makes me cum inside her at the same time, then Osaria's fingers become enveloped in a white cream, and I vacate Ciel just so that I can lick her delicious fingers.

    I plug Ciel's asshole with a tail and let it buzz deep inside her like a vibrator, and once Osaria's fingers are clean, I switch my focus to her.

    A maid gives me a small stool, which is a bit embarrassing, but also very useful since I'm now at the perfect height to fuck my milf.

    Her asshole is looser because Klein's finger and tongue made sure that she remained like that, so I slide in even easier than with Ciel.

    "Yes, yes! Wolfy! Fuck my asshole!" She begs, and I obey.

    I sink one hand into her juicy dark ass while the other holds her garter belt, then I start fucking her with vigor. Her asshole is tougher than Ciel's, so she can take the punishment.

    The time between Ciel's orgasms starts to decrease, so I cum inside Osaria a short time after entering her, but I don't stop fucking her as I just increase my pace instead.

    Her asshole gushes with the cum and lube mixed together, and the level of friction starts to increase.

    "Lube," I demand, then I pull my cock out, and the Chimera maid lubes it up for me. Her hands rub it all over my length to spread the oil, but she doesn't stop, starting to stroke me.

    Ciel's pleasure starts to grow more intense again, compounding with mine, so I quickly cum all over Osaria's ass and back, then the maid guides me back in again.

    I pull her head towards me with [Telekinesis] and penetrate her mouth with my tongue. She immediately wraps her snake-like tongue around mine and tries to milk it like a cock.

    Like a volcano nearing eruption, Ciel's entire body quivers, and her loud squeaks sound like a warning of what's to come.

    "HAAAAANGHH~…!" She suddenly shouts out, and her whole body spasms and seizes.


    I pull my cock out of Osaria and cum like a hose all over both of them, my MP draining away with it.

    The maids gasp, and the Chimera maid even stops kissing me to look on in surprise at the amazing scene.

    I withdraw my tentacle from Ciel, and the eruption immediately starts to wane.

    I stop cumming, then I get the maid to clean it with her mouth, which she does enthusiastically. Like the final bite of a bar of chocolate, I cum inside her mouth again, and my endless lust is temporarily quenched.

    The maids activate an enchantment in the bed, which slickens the floor underneath it, then they push it towards one of the bubbly pools.

    It contacts the water, then sinks down just a bit, which allows the two defiled women to contact the magical water and be cleansed of the hallowed cum covering their bodies.

    Considering how I'm the only weredragon in existence, my cum might actually be valuable.

    "Yes, and there'll be a lot of women wanting to bear your children," Yunia comments and smiles wryly. She massages her fingers inside Roxanne's pussy, casually wringing out moans from her while pretending to not care.

    I enter the hot bath with them and put Lina on my lap.

    Alissa snuggles up to me and gives us a mischievous smile as she whispers, "I hadn't thought of that. The temple would definitely encourage you to spread your 'inheritance' as much as possible."

    Lina grabs my erect cock and aims it upwards, then sits down onto it and grinds her little hips against my crotch. Her nostalgic tightness is like a therapeutic massage for my tired member.

    "Well, well, well. I guess I'll be breeding quite a lot of women in the future," I joke with a smirk.

    "Spread the glory of your cock," Alissa adds, then rests her head against my shoulder.

    Anton and Krysta join us for dinner. They aren't Rande's employees anymore, so he'll have to replace them, but he now has enough money to easily do that and much more.

    I extend my hand to Anton for a handshake, and he hesitates. The sharp claws and scales seem threatening, even for someone with a hand as thick as his.

    "No offense, but won't my hand get cut? Those look like dragon scales, and I know they can be very sharp," he worriedly asks, his permanent frown a bit deeper than usual.

    Hana grabs my other arm and runs a finger along the sharp edge, but I've padded them all with a thin, transparent layer of flesh.

    "Looks fine to me," she casually comments and shrugs.

    He narrows his beady eyes at Hana, suspicious of her. "I know for a fact that your skin is tougher than mine," he grunts.

    "Trust me, you won't get cut," I assure him and grin.

    His suspicious eyes turn to me. "You never trust a dragonkin to not fuck with you, and you look awfully similar to one right now."

    Hana laughs out loud and agrees, "Yeah, you've got that right!"

    Krysta comes right up to me, then boldly grabs my hand and shakes it. She's confident because she knows that I wouldn't play a trick like that on her.

    "Good to see you again, my Lord," she greets with a warm tone and grins.

    "No need to call us 'Lord' in private," I casually reply and release her hand.

    She chuckles softly and gently nods, then her monkey tail stops swaying, and her expression warps into one of concern. "Klein and Lina told us about what happened. We wish you well and hope that you can find a way to adapt to your 'condition.'"

    I lift my hand and cover it with a thick, rubbery black glove. "Thank you. I'm working on it." Then I offer it to Anton.

    He snorts and finally takes it, then I remove the glove, but keep it padded.

    He feels it and grunts annoyedly, then quickly releases my hand. "I knew it," he grumbles.

    Hana and I chuckle, then they greet Mimi. Klein was the only one who had the opportunity to talk to her when she was bought back, so they have a lot to catch up on.

    We take our seats, and the twins join us for dinner, seemingly glad that Hukarere isn't here this time. They've been seen a few times near the mansion that the Chimeras are being housed in, so it seems that they aren't xenophobic, it's just that they're a tad more prudish than the average elf.

    Anton smiles wistfully at Mimi while they chat and comments, "I didn't expect that we'd meet again so soon, or that it'd be inside a castle… or that Klein would want to become a knight…" -He frowns, and the wistfulness is gone, replaced by irony- "I should really stop having expectations."

    "Nothing about our situation is normal. You should expect the unexpected," Mimi responds cryptically, then she cracks a smile, and they both chuckle.

    After their discussion slows down somewhat, Hana is the one to make the offer.

    "Krysta, how about you work for us as a chef?" Hana just blurts it all out immediately. Yunia wanted us to do it with a bit more tact since this is no simple offer. Working for a Lord is a big deal.

    Krysta's eyes open wide, and she stammers, "M-me-me?" Then her mouth and tail both freeze in place.

    Hana smirks and nods repeatedly. "We know how much of a good cook you are, and while we have trained elven chefs working for us, we lack someone who can make something truly imperial or sommerlande like you can."

    A smile slowly blooms on Krysta's face, but she still can't speak.

    Anton gives her a knowing look and snorts. "You'll be fine. They're the least 'Lord-like' Lords I've seen," he comments reassuringly, and his huge hand gently pats her back.

    "I'll do it," she finally responds with a weak voice.

    Hana grins like a little girl and shares a look with Mimi, who has a more subdued version of her expression. All the people they love are slowly coming back into their lives, so there's only a bright future ahead of them.

    I start to feel a bit nostalgic as we eat. There's a spicy dish with not-tomato, not-eggplant, and not-carrot that reminds me of my past, so I take my time savoring it and try to guess at the spices.

    I end up recognizing Tabasco sauce. It's very subtle, but I'm certain that it's something very similar to it. That spiciness is just so unique that it's difficult to ever really forget it.

    I might talk to the chef that made it and get the recipe they used because I have no idea how to actually recreate it on my own.

    Now that I've been reminded of spicy food from Earth, I feel like eating some Tex-Mex. I haven't seen nachos here yet, but I'm certain that we can recreate it.

    After that, we part ways with Anton and Krysta, and we go down to the plaza in the inner circle, the same one where we greeted the skeleton crew that was taking care of the castle.

    We have the new recruits of the Lordsguard and the Court, and the veteran knights to greet.

    Salbotica and Sandoro are waiting for us on the balcony, and a strong spotlight is shining down on us, completely repelling the darkness of the night. The psychedelic moon is shining in the sky, but it's nowhere near enough to let them all see our faces.

    We repeat our introductions in the same way as we did yesterday, though we decide to also include Osaria. As my Lady, it's important that they recognize and respect her. She won't have the same responsibilities as a Lord, but can still act in our stead.

    "I'm Osaria Parado, first Lady of Wolf Ryder. We shall reach bliss through our commitment," she announces herself rather cryptically, in an uncharacteristically stern manner. Once the crowd starts moving to return the proper respects, she explains herself with a serious tone, "I'm not a fighter, but I'm fairly experienced in dealing with the common soldiers, and I won't have any mercy on those who slack off and endanger us."

    I feel like slapping dat ass, but from my grin alone, she recognizes my approval.

    Salbotica gets up from his chair and stops beside us. Once we direct our attention to him, he starts his report, "I see that you have enough men now to retake control, but Sir Sandoro suggested that we keep some of my men inside the castle until the chain of command is stable and the men are ready to serve."

    "That's fine," I simply nod and agree. Yunia trusts Sandoro's judgment, and so shall I.

    Salbotica salutes and leaves, then Sandoro comes forth.

    "My Lords," he respectfully greets and lowers his head.

    "Sir Sandoro, good work," I tersely praise him with a smile.

    Yunia nods in agreement, and I let her continue, "We have a lot of preparations to make, so we're glad that we can leave the organization to you."

    She looks at him kindly, and a few memories surface in her mind. Sandoro was devoted more to the Lordship than to Mavel himself, but he was one of Mavel's most reliable officers. In his pledge of loyalty, he stated his belief that Lords deserve all the support they need, for it's certain that it'll benefit civilization as a whole. He seems like a man more concerned with practicality than tradition, and I sincerely respect that.

    He raises his head and puffs up his chest as he salutes vigorously. "Thank you, my Lords," he replies coolly.

    Though he may be a good man, there's something that I'm very curious about, "Sir Sandoro, there's something I must ask you. Why did you volunteer? I fought you, and we almost killed each other, not to mention that I helped kill your Lord, Yulania's father."

    He barely even takes a breath before he responds, "Forgive me for my insolence, but why is Lord Yulania beside you, when, as you just said, you helped kill her father?"

    Yulania frowns, and the gentle smile gracing her beautiful face fades, leaving her only with a cold expression.

    Most elves might answer that with something implying that she's a traitor to her family, but with everything she went through and how well she prepared the twins for the worst, I'd put a sword in anyone who'd dare to say that, though I would [Heal] them afterward.

    "Be it Wolf or anyone else, it doesn't matter who participated in their deaths; we all knew that it was all just a matter of time," Yunia replies with a sad tone, though she doesn't let it show on her face.

    Sandoro nods gently, and for a moment, he seems like he's about to cry, then he controls himself and continues, "Yes, we knew. I'm sorry for your loss, and I beg for your forgiveness for not being able to protect them, but we were never going to win against the Elder Council."

    Yunia turns to me, and I grab her hand and rub it lovingly. Her blue eyes stare into mine, and we find comfort in each other. Our first meeting was… awkward and a bit confusing to say the least, but we welcomed her into the harem, and everyone kept their minds open, allowing her to find her place among us.

    We've reached a level of mutual trust that's so important for this harem to properly function that none of us will ever consider jeopardizing it. What happened between us in the past just doesn't matter anymore.

    She lets her genuine smile come out and confesses her feelings, "I'm here now because I know that Wolf will help me reclaim my family's lost glory, and it's the least I could do for them. But I'm also here because I love him… and the sister-wives."

    I notice the recruits slow down, curious about what's happening. To outsiders, it's certainly a striking scene to see her acting so lovey-dovey with me. An elf and a… "draconic human" would certainly raise eyebrows among most elves.

    Sandoro takes a step forward, and we turn our attention back to him. He keeps a hold of himself to not let his emotions appear on his face, but his tone is full of respect, "I'm here because I'm fascinated by his strength and inconceivable growth." -He scans over everyone around us, then he turns his gaze to the ships floating near the outer wall. Even now, we can see small lights from the spirits and Spirit mages working- "Not only that, but I also believe that there must be something special about all of you. You don't attract so many allies like these by being a wicked person."

    I raise an eyebrow and smirk as I jokingly question, "What makes you think that I'm not working for Confiel?"

    He snorts softly and readjusts his tight shirt gracefully. "Lord Yulania is too smart to ever let herself be manipulated like that," he responds confidently.

    Yunia smiles wryly and nods respectfully. "Thank you."

    He returns the nod, and we both turn our eyes to the Lordsguard. I feel a bit nostalgic looking at all these races willing to serve us, but the number of elves here seems a bit low. It's not a problem, and it won't become one because of how we'll be changing the High Forest.

    Yunia feels the same as I do, and it causes our minds to sync, then our wills become one.

    She opens her delicate mouth and confesses our aspirations, "There are nowhere near as many elves in the Lordsguard as there were during Mavel's rule, but one day, that will change. Arreira's will lives within us, and we will make the High Forest change, force them to take a step forward."

    "Father… you never believed him?" Arturus questions meekly.

    Yunia and I turn our heads in sync towards the twins, and Yunia shakes her head gently, making her drills bounce.

    "About the Elder Council? About elven exceptionalism? No, I never did…" She replies bitterly, then she lets out a sigh. "It's ironic because he had even sent me as far as Dyrmorder to see how far 'ahead' our elven civilization was, but it had the opposite effect. I couldn't see what he saw, not in the way he wanted me to."

    Antares glances at me. He sees my horns, my tail, my sword. We seem to be about the same age, and I dare say that I'm just as cute as he is, but I can't say that I know what he's thinking. Yunia would likely guess that the twins envy me.

    "'Hubris in a leader will lead all to ruin,'" Lina suddenly cites the God of the Sun, her small voice both striking and devoid of shyness.

    Sandoro smiles bitterly at her and nods. "Yes. We all just hoped to survive the ordeal to live another day," he mutters, his eyes filled with guilt.

    But Lina is still not done. She had been quiet so far, but the elven disdain for outsiders is starting to get to her. "All civilizations ebb and flow. Each time they do, they reach further forward, but there's always a step back. The High Forest is one of the richest nations we know about, but right now, they aren't ebbing and flowing, they're stagnating."

    She frowns and looks towards the gatehouse, where the rest of the elves are comfortably going to sleep in their warm and well-crafted beds.

    "The High Forest was once on the brink of destruction with their only God-Ruler too weak and tired to hold back the horde of monsters, until the other God-Rulers united and killed Ender; the wereowls once ruled the realm, uniting all races under their banner, but now they've locked themselves in their gray towers, almost forgotten by everyone else; the dragonkin were the strongest nation before Ajax conquered them, and he won with a battle in an open field, showing everyone that race means nothing in face of real power; Bestiaram, once a united and prosperous continent, was reduced to a land full of barbarians, but they actually managed to unite once again to push Avgi off their land; and the Merfolk were the last race to build a proper civilization, contented with just being roving tribes until Kiki-Aaa united them and conquered the northern seas, founding their first great kingdom."

    She turns her determined eyes towards Sandoro, who understands her intentions and nods appreciatively, then she stares at the twins to convince them of her words.

    "Unity is our strength. Isolationism leads to decay," she states.

    "Even monsters unite to kill humanoids," Aoi adds, and her fearsome double voice shakes the twins.

    They glumly nod, then turn towards the Lordsguard.

    Arreira was right, the Elder Council was right, Confiel was right, and Mavel was wrong. The High Forest needs to change to keep its position, or else it'll eventually be overtaken.

    We remain silent as the Lordsguard finishes paying their respects soon after that, then Sandoro bows and excuses himself, "I must take my leave, my Lords. Sleep well knowing that your Lordsguard will stand beside you no matter where you go."

    "Then we'll be in your care," Yunia replies kindly and smiles.

    After that, we go down into the plaza to meet the knights, and they all kneel before us. There are over twenty-five of them here, but there were nearly one hundred families working for Mavel before, so this is a low number in comparison.

    It'll take me a while to memorize their names and faces, but Yunia will help me with that.

    "Rise, my knights," I order, and they immediately obey.

    Their demeanor is calm, their eyes are sharp, and their actions are brimming with confidence. They're men and women we can trust with any task, just like Sandoro.

    Yunia provides the appropriate words in my mind, and I say them aloud with a stern and commanding tone, "You'll all be sworn officially during the Lordship ceremony, but you're still to act as befitting our knights until then. We're still building our retinue, so you're expected to work for two until we've stabilized our position, understood?"

    "Yes, my Lord," they all respond in unison.

    I grin with pride. The Lordsguard will shield us, and these knights of ours will carve a path so that we may strike at the heart of our enemies.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

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