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    Today is the 7th. Fis, day of Nature.

    Alissa silently wakes me up before Ciel and Lina awaken. She silently leaves the room after that, I sigh as the blessing makes the world blander again.

    My [Space Magic] increased by 2 (now 11+22). Productive theory class strikes again.

    I wake up the naked beauties with a kiss. Lina smiles and gets up to help Alissa. I hold Ciel back and she raises an eyebrow.

    "Feeling lonely, old man?" She asks.

    "Not really, more like feeling that someone is not being honest."

    Gify pops into my shoulder.


    Ciel breathes in deeply and lets out a long sigh. She sprawls back on the bed and looks to the ceiling.

    "I, uh... you changed me, Wolfy, and I'm getting scared," she looks at me and I see she doubts her own words.

    "Ohohoh? You think it's bad?" I lay down beside her and play with her hair.

    "No. Well, maybe just a little. I told you I wasn't depraved and now I can't see Alissa naked without getting horny."

    "That doesn't mean you are depraved."

    "But I don't love her, all I want is to... fuck her," she lifts her arms in the air and drops them on the bed with a flop.

    "And why is that bad?"

    "I may be a follower of the Goddess of Love but I don't sleep around. It's why I was a virgin for so long, I don't really lack suitors," she smirks at me, then she frowns and her ears turn slightly darker as she sees that her words didn't have an effect on me. "It's just that I don't want to have sex without love."

    "Isn't it just some other kind of love?"

    "That's the thing I... I don't know. Ever since I met you my life never stopped changing, it's just scary sometimes."

    I stroke my chin in thought.

    "So that's why Gify doesn't nudge you or Lina forward, you might both be unsure of what you want."


    "Lina? Wait you mean th-, oh..." Her mouth hangs open as realization kicks in.

    "I don't know what she feels for you but she definitely shows some affection and some budding jealousy."

    She covers her eyes with her hand and laughs. "You are loving this, aren't you?" She asks.

    "Yes, deeply."

    "That's enough teasing for me, you depraved old geezer. Let's go downstairs."

    I give a peck on her fleshy lips and we get up.

    Ciel sits besides Lina and pats her head, making the little girl beam with a smile. Ciel's gaze turns warm and we choke on tears at the sight of such a beautiful scene.

    "Let's go meet Arantos," Ciel says.

    Oh shit, moment ruined. She knows it, she's smirking at me.

    There's an unusual amount of nature spirits on the streets. Gify drops from my shoulders and runs towards a group of bird-like spirits, then they start playing tag.


    Yeah, I still feel you.

    Me, Lina, Alissa, and Ciel reach the temple. Ciel breathes in deeply when she sees the orphanage.

    "Getting wistful?" I ask

    She glares at me with the corner of her eyes.

    "Now, seriously, do you miss this place?" Alissa asks.

    "Of course I do, this is my home, my birthplace," she answers. "One of those children playing was me one day, until the priests discovered my healing affinity and decided to train me," she smiles nostalgically. "I once said that helping the clinic was boring, Arantos answered by bringing me outside and having me watch as they hunted goblins."

    I lift an eyebrow. That sounds traumatic.

    "I knew it then that I wanted to travel this dangerous world, but I would have to get stronger first," she continues.

    Okay, not traumatic, actually totally normal for the people of this world.

    "Arantos used to fight?" Alissa asks, incredulous.

    "He's a mage, even someone like him can keep up. Though he used to only be slightly chubby, marrying made him get, uh, rounder," she smiles wryly.

    "I'll definitely not become like that," I say.

    "Hana won't let you," Alissa says.

    Lina nods repeatedly.

    We cross the orphanage and one of the children stares at us, wide eyed.

    "Ciel!" He exclaims.






    Oh Gods. A swarm of children run out of the orphanage and surrounds her.

    She smiles at us wryly and starts to appease the mob.

    "I'm only here to visit. I'm sorry, I have some business with Arantos, I have to leave," she says patting as many heads as she can.




    A minute later and with a few priestesses helping, the children are appeased. Ciel finally walks free and rejoins us.

    "You really are popular," Lina says.

    Ciel shrugs. "The other priestesses say I'm too soft," she says, "I guess I'm just not a cranky old woman who wants her own army of child soldiers.

    "What? Child soldiers?" I turn my head to stare at Ciel slack-jawed.

    "That's a joke," she gives me a withering look.

    "Hyperbole, actually," Lina adds.

    "Oh, right. It's just that in my world there's a small problem with child soldiers and I kind of took you seriously. Anyway, why did you say it like that? I didn't really understand the joke."

    "Most orphans join the town guard when they come of age so most priests want to treat them like they are soldier trainees," Ciel says, "but children don't really have the discipline to behave like little soldiers."

    "I did," Alissa says, "I was living by my own when I was 13."

    "You, uh... you are kind of a special case," I say.

    "Yeah, no one is trained to always wake up before your master so you can give him a blowjob," Ciel says with smirk.

    Alissa shrugs.

    "Just saying..."

    "Say, Alissa, don't you want to go play with the children?" Ciel asks.

    Alissa's posture stiffens and her eyes lock forward.

    "If you want you should. I will be fine," I say.

    Alissa looks at me with large puppy eyes that turn into eyes of worry.

    "I will be fine," I repeat, I grab her hand and kiss it. "It's annoying to lose the blessing but I can deal with it, go have fun."

    She bites her lips and looks back. She gives me a peck on the lips and goes towards the children.

    "She likely didn't have much of a normal childhood," I say.

    "Yeah..." Ciel agrees and Lina nods along.

    We move on to the priests quarters and Ciel takes us to the guest room, still as cozy and humble as ever. Arantos arrives on the room carrying a large tray with some snacks and tea. The chubby man looks quite chipper.

    "Good morning, Mr. Ryder, Miss Lina, and Ciel," his gentle voice tickles my ears, we nod back in greeting. "Did you have breakfast yet?"

    "Only a light one," Ciel says, she quickly grabs a small sandwich. "Thank you."

    "Been a while since we last saw but Ciel has been keeping me up to date with your adventures," he smiles warmly and adjusts his half-circle glasses, "I see you acquired some scars."

    I see you lost more hair. His nearly bald head shines on the morning light.

    "Mementos from certain battles," I say and pass my hand through the scar in my throat.

    He nods, "Certain experiences must not be forgotten..."

    "Anyway," Ciel interrupts, "I want to take Lina to the library, can I let her have a look?"

    He takes a look at Lina and smiles to her.

    "As long as you stay with her," he responds. "Be careful with certain tomes, they are in dire need of being rewritten and will crumble if you are not careful."

    Lina nods repeatedly. Ciel grabs her hand and the two go away.

    An opportunity to see the temple's books is worthy of skipping a day of her enchanting classes.

    As Ciel leaves Aranto's gaze turns sharp and I feel a shiver, making me stop eating mid-bite.

    "I see it was not a mistake to entrust Ciel to you," he says. His words and expression are in conflict.

    He sighs and his expression relaxes, allowing me to continue eating.

    "You are a good choice for her, a little too good," he smiles wryly, "it's hard to dislike you for taking her away when she's like this."

    "I understand your feelings," I nod to him.

    He sips on his tea and talks, "I hope you do, so you understand what she means to me," he turns his eyes away and sighs again. "What's your plan after you leave Rabanara?"

    "Didn't Ciel already tell you?"

    "I want to hear it from your mouth."

    I finish my Dragolite sandwich and speak, "Once I finish my classes at the university we will move to the High Forest and search for a dungeon to conquer. After that I want to travel the world and visit the homes of my wives. One is in the Maoka continent, another is nearby at the Misty Low Forest, another is in Sommerland, and the last is in Mountainhome."

    He finishes his tea and gazes into the distance.

    "Conquer a dungeon, huh," he rests his head on his hand, "Are you confident you can do it?"

    "Yes. With all of us together, we can."

    "Unmanaged dungeons are much more dangerous, you never know what will come out of them."

    "Still," I swallow a cookie, "we have been growing quite fast in power, as long as we don't get conceited we can slowly make our progress," I give him the most confident smile I can.

    "Growing... I have heard something about your growth, of [Summoning Magic], specifically. A certain Templar had some monsters as allies during the battle with the necromancer."

    I'm not really surprised he heard about it.

    "If Ciel hasn't told me about this I won't pry but... you are hiding something," he says.

    I pour more tea as I speak, "That I am and Ciel knows it."

    He maintains his gaze for a moment longer to ascertain if I'm lying.

    "You are a mysterious man, Mr. Ryder, and far too young for such mysteries."

    That I am. I let a smile escape as I sip.

    "You researched the monsters of the High Forest?" He continues, "Some of them are quite dangerous."

    "Yes, it's why I brought Lina here, she's looking for information about the High Forest and some other curiosities I have."

    "Food? Do you pretend to live on [Conjure Bland Meal]?"

    "You should know I have an affinity with [Space Magic], my [Item Box] is big enough to hold a month's worth of food."

    I don't even know how much food I have stored, I only know it's a lot.

    "Hmm..." He adjust his half-circle glasses, "Money?"

    "We have a few rose coins stored."

    He raises his eyebrows in surprise.

    "We are quite the successful fellowship," I smile and grab another cookie.


    "We have all been fitted with well made Grey Berzerker leather covered in emerald scales and lined with Stal wolf fur. Lina is also studying enchantments for us so she will soon enchant our equipment even more. She already enchanted Alissa's warbow with [Loosen], she's quite talented."

    I want [Wind Shield] next.

    "Climbing equipment and such for dungeons with unusual environment?"

    "I have multiple meters of rope, spikes, hammers, pulleys with a scaffold, and a flying dinghy. Our expedition to the Wisps of the Proud required such things."

    He rests his cup on the table.

    "Have you ever killed someone?" His expression turns serious, his voice is somber.

    I silence the shrieking woman in my head.

    "Yes, unfortunately," I frown and look away for a moment. "Didn't you hear? We already collected bounties on criminals twice."

    "Yes, but did you kill someone, personally?" His gaze is unwavering.

    "Yes, more than once," this time I don't look away.

    He smiles sadly, "Good, as a leader you should always keep your wits about you, you will certainly have to kill more people if you plan on traveling the world."

    "I know, I have already made my peace with it. I won't disappoint."

    "I want grandchildren," his serious expression melts and his soft voice comes back.

    "I will give you two, since there's so many women I have to limit the amount of children."

    He chuckles and cleans the corner of his eyes. I smile with a pain in my heart, I won't be able to give my parents grandchildren but at least my siblings will.

    "I'm sorry for this questioning but you must understand, you are merely sixteen, barely a man and yet..." He opens his arms wide and sighs.

    "I know," my smile gets wider.

    "Don't let the fame or the power get to you."

    "I won't, thanks for the advice," I nod in respect.

    "That's the only thing I can do," he smiles bitterly.

    We eat more sandwiches and drink the tea in silence.

    "Let's go see Lina," he says.


    The third floor of the temple is the library. Multiple robed old men and women with glasses and tired eyes move about the lowly lit room reorganizing books, transcribing new ones, or performing maintenance on those not old enough. Rows of study tables with a small magic tool light are put in a circle around the stairs. The shelves of books also follow a circular pattern around the stairs. Even the marble of this room is black to keep the light from damaging the books.

    Lina is at a table with Logan at his side. The large black man is hunched over a book and flicking through pages quickly.

    "Here," Logan stops on a page and points it to Lina, "the last high elven kings, the last one was 2000 years ago, Arreira, the Unyielding. Died to the emperor in single combat, frozen in place with [Absolute Zero], burned by [Star] and entombed by [Fissure]. His army was wiped by another [Fissure] and a [Meteor]. Those spells created the Ultirei's Tomb mountain and the Loyalist Lake, separating most of Antano from Aloresta, the Wetlands and the High Forest."

    "That I already know," Lina says.

    "This is just the summary, the next pages show more detail."

    "Oh, give it to me then."

    "Things seem productive?" I ask.

    Lina raises her head to me and smiles.

    "The details on these books are much deeper than the ones on the university."

    "We are historians, after all," Arantos says, "Rabanara is quite focused on combat spells so their library suffers."

    "Didn't know you were a historian, Logan," I say to the large black bear. He brings a lot of contrast to the white little girl.

    "Not a historian, I just maintain books here. Thought it would be a nice change of pace," he says and then smiles faintly. "The smell here is quite calming too."

    I remember some article once said that old books and chocolate share a compound on their smell that has a calming effect. Just another reason why chocolate is love, chocolate is life.

    "What's unexpected is your calligraphy, it is enviable," Arantos says.

    Logan strokes his puffy beard with a hint of shyness to it. He says, "Father is a librarian, he worked as a scribe and taught me a few things, I even have two levels in [Writing]. Eventually I got big and the guards taught me to fight."

    Ciel comes back with a few books. She blows the dust away from one and Lina sneezes.


    "Sorry," Ciel says and pats the books away from her.

    "That was so cute," I say.

    "I would have to agree," Arantos says.

    Lina keeps her head down and her ears redden slightly. I pick up a book and look at the index, a compilation of messages from the Gods, the basis of their teachings. Quite interesting.

    "You are rather thorough in your research, Mr. Ryder," Arantos says.

    "I enjoy reading," I say.

    Arantos smiles and speaks, "I will leave you to your reading, until later. Pleasure to talk to you."

    "Likewise," I smile back and we wave as he leaves.

    Logan shows us a few more books and leaves while we copy some notes. I have to put on [Writing] to create something legible.

    "My hand hurts," Ciel says and waves her hand.

    "You can go play with Alissa if you want, it's fine," I say.

    She smiles and continues copying.

    A few minutes later another priest comes by. He's tall and has an average build. His face is rather long, with his blue eyes and wild black hair he looks somewhat handsome. Reminds me of a certain actor.

    "Oh, Bitar, hello," Ciel says with a kind smile.

    "Ciel, heard you will be leaving soon," he says, his voice is on the lower end. He comes with arms open wide.

    She gets up and gives him a tight hug, he smiles warmly and hugs back. Me and Lina look at each other.

    "Yes, I will be traveling the world," she breaks the hug and pushes him. Then with a little awkwardness she points to me, "This is my fiance, Wolf Ryder, and our slave, Lina."

    "Oh?" He looks at me with a frown. "Oh, that Wolf Ryder?"

    "Depends on what you heard about me," I say with a smile.

    "The man who killed the Symbol of Hate and participated in the goblin village subjugation?," He says and raises and eyebrow at me.

    "Yes that's me."

    "Who also has a peculiar appetite for the other sex," he frowns again. Quite expressive those eyebrows.

    "Not sure about that one but I have three other fiancees."

    Now his eyebrows shoot upwards, high into his large forehead. He looks at Ciel and she smiles wryly.

    "This is your fiance?" He asks and frowns again.

    "We all have quite the interesting relationship, don't we, Lina?" I say before Ciel can respond. I tap her in the back and her eyes dart between me and Ciel.

    "Yes, our family is quite united," Ciel says while narrowing her eyes at me.

    Come on, you didn't notice it?


    I know, right? This dude...

    "I would rather keep my eyes to a single person," he says, he looks up and gazes into the distance, "I could then easily give her the treatment of a princess."

    "I quite like the big family we have," Ciel says and glances at Lina.

    "You could have one with a lot of children," Bitar says, his eyebrows in a normal position for a change.

    "It wouldn't be the same thing," Ciel says and chuckles.

    It certainly wouldn't.

    Me and Lina share another look.

    "You said you would be traveling around the world?" Bitar asks.

    "After this month we will go to the High Forest and look for a dungeon to conquer," Ciel answers.

    His eyebrows knit in worry. "What!?" His voice echoes on the library.

    "Shh...!" A scholar hisses at him.

    Gihihih, guh gah gih.

    No, I was never as awkward as someone like him.

    "What!?" Bitar whispers.

    "What?" Ciel asks.

    "Why are you doing this!?" He hisses.

    "Because we can, we are strong enough."

    Getting the True Noble title will make my life, and destiny, much easier.

    "You..." His mouth hangs open, "why do you have to go away? Why fight like this? You can always stay in Rabanara, to fight here and help the people of the town. You get the title and then what?"

    "We travel the world," Ciel says calmly.

    He hold his hands forward and his eyes open wide with disbelief.

    "You..." He mutters.

    "Bitar, please," Ciel says in the sweetest tone she can, "It's what I want. I'll be fine, I will be safe, we are strong enough."

    "I will never understand you."

    "Maybe you won't, maybe you will. I just have a different wish for my life."

    Bitar glares at me and frowns at Ciel.

    "I will be here for you when you get tired of all the death and danger."


    He turns around and leaves.



    "You should reject him with certainty," I say.

    "What?" Ciel frowns.

    "'I will be here for you'. He's clearly in love," I smirk.

    "He-he's not like that, he just cares too much for me," her eyes open wide in shock.

    "Uh huh..." I look at Lina and she nods, "Denial."

    "You...!" She glares at me and clenches her fist in anger, then sits down and continues writing furiously.

    "Denial," Lina repeats.

    "Not another word!" She hisses.


    You too.

    We continue our compilation until it's close to lunch time. Logan returns and helps us store the books.

    "Good luck on your future" Logan says.

    "You too," I respond.

    "You will need it more than me," he smirks.

    "We will," Ciel says, we wave and finally leave.

    Alissa is still at the orphanage, play-fighting with the children while wielding small wooden practice swords.

    She runs between 3 children and lightly taps their swords away. A 4th sneaks behind her and stabs her in the back.

    "Noo~... I'm slain!" She holds the kids sword below her arm and dramatically drops to the floor.

    "The fox monster is slain!" The stabby kid raises his arms in the air.

    "For the emperor!" Yells another.

    "Sir Bahaadur has slain the fox monster!" Yells a second.

    Two other kids grab Bahaadur's wrists and raise them in the air.

    "For the empire!"

    The other kids watching clap. I see quite a number of them look tired and sweaty.

    Alissa sits down and stretches. Her yellow shirt is sweaty and wrinkled, her black pants are dirty, her hair is disheveled.

    "It's time to prepare lunch!" A priestess yells as she comes out of the orphanage. She waves to Ciel when she notices us.


    "Let's go."


    The kids gather their things and go inside.

    A little girl approaches the smiling fox and says, "Thanks, Miss Alissa."

    "No problem, we all had fun, right?" She pats her head.

    The little girl nods and scurries away towards the orphanage.

    Alissa stands up and stretches. "Some of these kids are so fast, I thought I was getting rusty," she says.

    "The orphanage gathers attracts children quite often," Ciel says. "Every year I was surprised at the way they grew and changed."

    "I believe that."

    Alissa takes a quick bath and we prepare lunch. Mutton stir fried with assorted vegetables on my Worcestershire sauce. Bread to accompany.

    "This sauce got really popular with the priests," Ciel says.

    "If I could get a few ingredients I could improve it some more," I say.

    "Maybe you should open a company then," Lina says.

    "Maybe you should open a company in my name."

    Lina twiddles her thumbs in thought.

    This [Nature Magic] class was free so I spend time using [Vine Weapon] to create javelins for throwing. More advanced mages can even make bows using this spell. With around 5 points in [Throw] I can deal some considerable damage though I wonder how practical this is. The mana cost is certainly quite cheap but a [Lightning Bolt] is still instantaneous.

    Using it for disabling shields is a good option. I think that it's most useful when dealing with large monsters, a javelin deep into their skin would greatly disrupt their muscles and even do more damage as the monster moves. Though it seems quite painful.

    I feel that Alissa went to visit Carmen again. That milf is certainly teaching her a few things.

    "Wolfy! Give me attention!" Roxanne demands.

    I open my arms and she jumps into my lap. Her "cannonball" makes large waves on the bath, sending lots of water over the border.

    I cough the water that entered my mouth and give her a glare.

    "Massage my horns," she pokes me in the chest with her two spiral black horns.

    "You, uh, you not going to 'change'?" I ask.

    "Ohohoh, only if you do it with lube and too fast," she smirks at me evilly.


    She straddles me and lowers her head, giving me reach to her horns. She shivers and moans while I run my hand through them and apply [Massage]. They are not completely hard, they squish a bit and feel like hard rubber.

    The girls look at her warily, as if she's a bomb about to blow.

    "I want your body tonight. I'm doing well in converting my body to fire I just need to feel you cast the spell some more."

    "Oh? That's quite the progress."

    "Yep! I'm also making my own chant."

    She feels my rising erection rubbing on her entrance and smiles. She reaches over and aims it, then she lowers herself and I easily penetrate her.

    "Ahn…" She bites her lips sensually, her long wet black hair sticking to her face. "Your cock is amazing."

    I move my hip and thrust her.

    "Ah...! One hand on a nipple, please. You made them all so sensitive."

    "Like a newborn," Ciel says.

    I obey and contort myself so I can use a mouth and a hand on the nipples and a hand on her horn. I cup her cute small breast and run my tongue through her unnaturally white skin.

    Her tail wraps around my arm and squeezes me with every thrust. The sharp point of her dagger-tail scratches over my neck threateningly. She copies Hana's belly movements and undulates her body along with the pistoning movement. I cum inside her but keep moving, [Enhanced Semen Recharge] doesn't even let me go limp anymore.

    Her sexiness intoxicates me and I feel every drop of sweat or water running through her body. Every wet sound of sex is enhanced in my ears. The smell of her hair, of her sweat, of my cum, and her pussy, they all become heavy and thick like smoke, they bring more hunger to me.

    I run my tongue through her collarbone and neck, I reach her chin and nibble on her lips. Her mouth is open wide as she moans, I cover hers with mine and suck on her tongue, I feel the faint taste of tea.

    She moves her tongue and it sends jolts of pleasure to my own, she pistons her hips and I feel my dick getting sucked by her insides. She orgasms and tightens her insides so much I cum again.

    I leave her nipple alone and find her clit. I rub it slowly at first and increase my speed gradually, in a minute my hand is vibrating with the speed of my fingers. She breaks the kiss.

    "AAAHN~...!" She yells and orgasms again, wringing out another shot from me.

    Her womb is overflowing and the semen is visible inside the bath.

    "Waaste!" Hana complains.

    Roxanne locks her legs around me.

    "Impregnate me! Fill me more! I need more!"

    Her pistoning increases speed and her eyes lock into mine. The world fades and the only thing in my mind is her beautiful body, her breasts, her wet cunt slapping into my hips, greedy for more of my seed. Her eyes become larger and larger, her presence wraps around my body and I feel like I'm drowning, drowning in her.

    "Holy shit, she actually charmed him," Ciel says.

    I need to fuck, I need to fuck her, hard!

    I grab her waist and slam her into me, I bite a nipple and put a finger inside her ass. I cast [Clean] and push my finger harder, then I push another finger, and another.

    She wraps her legs tight around me again and orgasms, sucking more cum with her greedy cunt.

    The mist dissipates and my mind clears. My body hurts from exertion, my dick goes limp and my balls throb in pain. I collapse on the bath, I feel like I ran a marathon.

    "Wow, I didn't know I could do that," Roxanne says.

    "Makes sense, The God of Creation used the myth that some women would charm and drain vitality of men through sex to create the Succubus race," Lina says.

    "Yeah but, I didn't know we could actually do something like this."

    "Could be related to Gify and how our minds connect," Alissa says. "I know I improved from showing my heart to Wolfy. My ass disagrees, though."

    "Let's not... do this often... because it's... really draining," I say.

    "Now you know who tames who," Roxanne smirks evilly.

    "I will ass rape you," I say flatly, "no [Heal]."

    "Hahaha..." She looks away, "Just joking, yes, just joking."

    My limp dick is still inside her, slowly growing back to one last fight. This time we do it slowly while Hana participates.

    After dinner we are back inside the bath, this time it's for training, not that it won't degenerate into sex soon enough since me and Roxanne are naked.

    "Turn my heart into fire. Fill my blood with heat. Turn my flesh into flame. Let them cower and retreat! AAAAAH...! Feel my anger! [Heart of Fire]!"

    Roxanne's body bursts into flame and she turns into the sexiest fire elemental alive.

    "I can turn my body into fire now!" She exclaims, her voice has an ethereal reverb to it.


    We all clap.

    I cast my own [Heart of Fire] and turn into the sexiest male fire elemental alive, or that's what the girls would have me believe.

    "Come," I say. I open my arms wide for her and she jumps to me.

    Oh Gods I feel weird as hell.

    Our flames mix and it feels like there's something disgusting inside my body moving about. Reminds me of the Mage's Trap poison.

    "Uugh," Roxanne groans, "let's not do that again.


    "Hm? Felt something?" Hana asks.

    "Felt really weird to mix our flames," I answer.

    I recast the spell multiple times for Roxanne to copy while the other girls go do their own things. Alissa stays in the bath and practices her [Double Image].

    During bed I put some effort and give a round to Alissa and Hana. Hana hugs Alissa and they both kiss and fondle each other. I switch between each entrance while smacking Hana’s large ass.

    Today is the 8th. Ros, day of Space.

    My alarm clock is Alissa due to the soreness of yesterday. I use [Heal] and even apply some of the high elven skin care products to make the skin less irritated.

    My "Piety" and [Fire Magic] increased by 1 (now 15 and 0+4). Alissa's "Charisma" and [Illusion Magic] increased by 1 (now 12 and 5). Lina's "Piety" increased by 1 (now 12).

    "Maintain your mind on the words so they last longer," Kyros says. "Eventually part of your brain will develop a sub-process that will take care of these things by themselves, this is when you will actually gain the skill."


    Sounds incredibly close to programming.

    "Yes...?" He frowns slightly, "It works the same way as [Battlefield Perception], a small part of your mind dedicated to a specific task. How did you learn that skill?"

    "By being attacked from all directions and forcing myself to predict when it would come."

    "Oh right, adventurers," He chuckles. "The proper way is to focus on multi-tasking, you observe battles and try to predict outcomes so much that they become instinct."

    "Hm... the way I learned was quite simple, albeit a little painful, and I learned it quite fast."

    "Sure, for your needs it's perfect but for an Imperial General you need to go much more in depth. Aren't you the leader of Helios? Having more points on that skill could certainly help in saving your companions before they get wounded."

    "That is certainly true, another thing that I have to train added to the pile," I smile wryly.

    "Most of my life was spent training. For people like us the moment you stop training is the moment you die."

    I sigh and nod along.

    "Is this 'sub-process' also how you control magic spirits?"

    "Hm? You can summon one?"

    "No, but one of my women can," I lie.

    "I see. Well, I believe it could be so, the spirits are simple minded and reactive, quite similar to how the skills that use sub-processes behave."

    "Could spirits be used to train dual-casting?"

    "I believe that is possible," he strokes his goatee. "I myself learned dual-casting by using [Battlefield Perception] as a basis and created by own sub-process, but it's limited to the mana vortexes."

    "If a sub-process is something so common to develop why is there no skill related to it?"

    "I'm not sure, I believe it's related to the fact that a single sub-process is extremely constrained in functionality while in general having innumerous applications. It may not fit the rather abstract nature of the skill system."

    So it's too ad hoc for the system to adapt it into a skill.

    "It's always quite interesting discussing things with you, teacher," I smile.

    "Likewise, I must say you are among the best I have taught," he faintly smiles back.

    We continue practice. I focus on my "auto-pilot", I believe this is the secret to dual-casting.

    During lunch Lina is energetic and impatient, she’s nearly finished with the new shaft for her switch-axe so she wants to dive on it non-stop like Roxanne does.

    "It’s just so close, but Gimbo didn’t let me finish," She looks down and her bangs cover her eyes.

    "Good exercise to build patience," Hana says and glares at Roxanne, "I can see how some people need it."

    The succubus looks away and casually rubs a horn in embarrassment.

    Electric class had some chemistry experiments around electricity. The first one is about electrolysis to remove rust from metal.

    "Don't any of you cast a spell right now, if a spark goes off and the class explodes I will take the hand of the one responsible," Professor Nellan glares at the class through his red leather mask. "And I won't pay for the [Regeneration]."

    He mixes washing soda on a small tub of water, then he puts on it a small rusted piece of metal and two ends of a circuit tied to metal plates. He enchants a proto-battery with [Charge] and soon the water starts bubbling. He leaves the tub by the windows.

    "These bubbles are full of pure oxygen, if you create a spark right now the air could ignite," he says. "We will leave it like this until the end of class. Now, let's move on to the second experiment."

    With a poof he pulls out multiple glass tubes and a new circuit with a proto-battery he enchants with [Charge]. He puts the first tube in and it glows a slightly red orange.


    Next is violet.


    Next is a duller violet, pinkish.


    Next is a dimmer violet.


    Next is pink.


    Next is gray.


    Next is slightly blue.


    Helium is missing, perhaps they haven't discovered it yet?

    He then casts [Magnetize], the level 50 spell from [Electric Magic], on a cylinder of metal. He approaches the cylinder to the tubes and they glow faintly.

    "This is what you can manipulate with [Electric Magic], it's a particle called the 'traveler'. The act of manipulating this particle is called 'itionization'. This manipulation of matter releases energy, which in the case of the gases turns it into light."

    I only know this is ionization because of how the gases release light. The magnetic field from [Magnetize] can also ionize gases, thus creating light.

    We make some calculations about the energy released from ionization and some other calculations about the percentage of ionization during electrolysis. Chemistry stuff that I only glimpsed a few times during high school. Now this is a difficult theory class.

    "Didn't know water and electricity could meld so well," Lyle says. "Though I see that [Alchemy] and [Conjuring Magic] can be much simpler in dealing with."

    "There could be many uses for those procedures the professor is showing," I say. "We could also research deeper and understand more of physics. More theoretical knowledge will always help with magic, right?"

    "That is correct. It's also curious how there's no mana signatures on the water and the washing soda the professor used."

    "Indeed, Roxanne only uses potions with mana signature, everything that has no reaction she throws away because it could be dangerous for the body."

    "There are a few medicines that do not need mana signatures to work," Hatara says. "We sometimes use non-magical medicines to heal the body so we can conserve mana."

    "Oh yes, I know quite a few plants that have some healing properties," Alissa says.

    "How is that possible? How can something heal without mana?" Lyle asks.

    "I think it's not the [Heal] properties that your thinking, Lyle," I say. "There's more to medicine than just knitting wounds."

    "Oh right, you are a Light mage too," Hatara says and I smile back.

    "What did those plants do?" I ask Alissa.

    "Calming effect, reducing bleeding, anti-infection, anti-fever, and anti-inflammation," she answers.

    "Why would you need those plants?" Lyle asks.

    "Plenty of monsters at the Misty Low Forest can cause these things. It's easier to deal with it on-site than going back to finding a healer. It's also quite common to hunt alone with just a bow since the monsters there are more on the sneaky and weak side than the loud and big side."

    "Does not sound like a pleasant place to hunt," Lyle says.

    "It's not, Prowlers can envenom you before you can even react."

    "What is that? A big snake or something?" I ask.

    Alissa chuckles.

    "If only," she smiles bitterly. "They are giant spider-like monsters, their body is long and furry, they have a very ugly human face, and bulging eyes."

    "When we go visit is there some chance of them attacking us?" I ask.

    "They don't attack groups normally, only when really starved."

    Thank the fucking Gods.

    We come back and continue our theory lessons. At the end of class the professor pulls out the metal plate and easily scrubs the rust away with a brush.

    "You can easily remove the rust from any armor with this," the professor says. "Though you should be careful with enchantments, you don't want to mess with the silver or gold lines."

    We come back and Aoi is dodging Hana's wooden spear. Lina is lifting weights thicker than her own arms.

    "I'm gonna get ya, I'm gonna get ya, I'm gonna getcha, I'm gonna getcha!" Hana stabs and finally she hits Aoi on the flank.

    "Kweheheheh!" She chirps in pain and in a giggle-like way.

    Hana sees us coming and stops.

    "You know, I think she's growing faster than normal, I thought it would take years for her to get this agile."

    "She has been under the influence of a lot of mana," Lina says. "They are partially magical beings so perhaps the more mana in their environment the faster they grow."

    Roxanne comes out and stretches her hands for Aoi, who dashes to her and jumps on her arms.

    "Time for her [Item Box] training," Roxanne says and goes back inside. Aoi reduces in size and then crawls up to Roxanne's shoulder.

    "It shouldn't be a coincidence she likes to eat a variety of monsters," I say.

    "Dragons would hunt anything living, including other monsters," Alissa says.

    "She will grow into a wonderful dragon," Hana says with a grin.

    I pull out a set of weights and start lifting them alongside Lina. I take my shirt off and see her nipples get hard through her sweaty thin white shirt.

    I wait for after dinner until I give her what she wants. She was getting visibly annoyed and anxious, which just makes it so much more delicious when I can immediately penetrate her without foreplay due to her wetness.

    After I’m done with Lina, Roxanne and Hana are still wrestling while Alissa is casually rubbing herself. Because of this Ciel struggles to concentrate on [Holy Spirit]. She could ask to change the place of our training to the bed but her own budding depravity makes her compelled to stay.

    Today is the 9th. Nev, day of the Spirit. Lots of people go to the temple today, it’s somewhat of a holiday.

    Ciel deliberately wakes me up so I get a perfect view first thing in the morning.

    "I love you, Ciel," I say and kiss her forehead as she swallows, "and you, Lina, and you, Alissa."

    I have a very odd feeling, like I can just sneeze and [Godly Language] would appear on my skill list. I have been wishing to not learn it so I can hide this power from others so I guess this is what it feels like to suppress a level up.

    My [Electric Magic] increased by 2 (now 9+14).

    I spend my morning practicing the MP training from Kyros. I gather all my mana on the vortex, hold it for a few seconds and then let the mana return to me. It's rather difficult to do, it requires quite a lot of concentration to fill it with every single point of mana. It also requires some attention for you to know that all your mana is used, otherwise you waste time trying to pull one more point of mana that does not exist.

    I open my eyes and see Hana sparring with Alissa. Alissa goes to strike and Hana suddenly jumps back, her sword trying to guard against something that's not there.

    "Oh shit..." Hana exclaims, barely blocking the real strike, "That was pretty good."

    "What did you do, Alissa?" I ask.

    "Split only my arm with [Double Image]," She answers. She shows it to me by slashing at the air. Another arm grows from her existing one and strikes at a different direction.

    "Impressive," I say.

    "I wanna learn that one," Hana says.

    Alissa plops on the ground and taps her belly. Hana smirks and cuddles with her.

    "I recently learned why you two love to cuddle with her," Alissa says.

    A Roxanne made of fire slowly nods to Alissa.

    "You are burning the grass again," Ciel says.

    "Tch," Roxanne clicks her tongue, her voice has a slight ethereal reverb, "I lose my concentration for a second and this happens."

    Lina comes back with her switch-axe improved. She got a new shaft that is 1.2 meters long and transplanted its enchantments, the [Extend] enchantment was modified to [Morph Length], now it can elongate to 2 meters or shrink to 0.4 meters, allowing for her to use it for close or long range.

    "Maybe at the High Forest we could use a better type of wood," I say.

    Lina smiles and nods.

    Blessing class is quite calm. Professor Alciel helped us to cast more advanced spells in area and I had to keep my eyes squinted due to the repeated rainbow shine of [Rainbow Shield] activating.

    "Your area castings is pretty good, Wolf," Hatara says.

    "[Redirect Mana] helped me with this. I have been casting [Wind Shield] in area for a long time already," I respond.

    "You are quite the talented mage, makes me a little envious," she absentmindedly twirls her ponytail on her finger.

    "Don't let Ciel hear that," Alissa says, making me smile wryly.

    Lina nods along.

    Hatara looks confused but decides to ignore our inside joke. She turns to Lina and speaks, "Anyway, tell me about that book from the messages from the Gods. More 'Piety' will improve my healing."

    At dinner we make some of my hot Buffalo wings. Alissa bought baby Harpy wings, they are much smaller, softer, and filled with fat. I just don't want to imagine how they look like.

    Roxanne happily hums along, her [Heart of Fire] is nearly done. Ciel is glum because her [Holy Spirit] is being delayed, she keeps losing her concentration due to everyone being naked and spontaneous steamy sex happening all around.

    The wings disappear leaving only a single one left. Hana and Ciel extend their hands to grab it at the same time. They stop and stare at each other.

    Slowly their eyes narrow and the table goes silent as the impending duel makes everyone run back inside and close their windows. The Dark Angel and the Red Devil finally meet in battle once again.

    Hana's fingers move in a wave, trying to startle Ciel but it is for naught, the Dark Angel awareness is as sharp as a knife. Ciel's beautiful visage distorts into a scowl as she shows the extent of her resolve to the Red Devil.

    The wicked woman smirks and receives the stare, she enjoys the attention, and the challenge. They step closer to each other, their hands hovering over the holsters. A pair of gloomy eyes spies over the crack in the window only to be pulled down by a pair of pale hands.

    A dragon casually crosses the streets, the scales tinkling and reflecting in the Sun. The two duelists are like statues, their breathing slows and their hands stop trembling, their eyes narrow, their focus is so deep they can see a single speck of dust moving as the wind blows.

    A bird chirps. The duelists draw and fire. A small piece of metal falls in the ground, two bullets met in the air and annihilated each other. The Dark Angel is faster but the Devil is more cunning, she dodges the second bullet with a blur and fires repeatedly. The Dark Angel is at a loss, her accurate strikes are thrown off, she can only watch in horror as the bullets come to her.

    In a last ditch effort the Dark Angel dodges and saves herself, she rolls away from the street and into safety. She's wounded but not dead, she will live to fight another day.

    The Red Devil casually strolls towards the prize. She bleeds but she will live, her wounds are nothing in compared with the Dark Angel.

    "You are cleaning this mess," Alissa says.

    "Sorry..." Ciel mutters as she collects the cutlery thrown around the table.

    "Not sorry," Hana says and takes another bite.

    Today is the 10th. Tann, day of darkness. People don't like to go out today so it is kind of a holiday.

    "Acho!" I sneeze as I open my eyes.

    Roxanne snickers, her tail waving at me. Alissa chokes and struggles to swallow. She slaps Roxanne’s tail and makes her jump in surprise.

    My [Blessing Magic] increased by 1 (now 4+21), my MP increased by 70 now (850). Kyro’s MP training technique works quite well, even Roxanne is satisfied.

    Hana learned [Illusion Magic] with 1 point.

    At 5 points of [Godly Language] I can give a 10 seconds boost of power to us with a burst of nausea at the end. With 10 points I can give a 30 seconds boost with reduced nausea. With 15 points I can give a 1 minute boost with minimal nausea. At 20 points the boost lasts 2 minutes and there’s only a slight discomfort and body fatigue at the end, this is the optimal point. I trained how to use it and the best way is to whisper to the girls or myself before battle, I can even use it during battle on an opportune moment.

    "Good," Kyros says and smiles faintly as he strokes his beard, "I have very little new to show you, you only need to continue on your practice to improve."

    "Thank you, teacher," I nod respectfully.

    Kyros shows me all kinds of things that you can do with this skill. Turning them into mere puppets, inserting memories, changing their tastes, altering their body, and sometimes even forcing skills, the sky is the limit. Difficulty varies and it’s all temporary but it’s still incredibly powerful.

    I come back to lunch and see the girls surrounding the table.

    "What's going on?" I ask.

    "Alissa brought Moody Juice, Turncoat Heretics, and Delicious Horrors," Hana answers.

    "The, uh, what?"

    She chuckles and opens space for me to look.

    On a glass cup there's a red steaming juice that looks quite thick. On a platter there's stick-men cookies with a psychedelic color, they change color depending on the angle that you look at them, reminds me of that car paint ChromaFlat or something. On another platter there's 8 small purple clumps of wriggling tentacles. What the hell.

    Alissa smiles at me and grabs the glass cup, after a few seconds without moving she releases the cup and there's a yellow mark on the juice where her hand was.

    "Thermochromism..." I mutter.

    "Thermo what?" Hana asks

    "Thermochromism, changing color depending on temperature."

    "Huh... Yeah that's exactly what it does," Alissa says, her ears flop slightly and her swaying tail slows.

    "Don't look like this," I smile to Alissa, "The things that looked like this on my world weren't safe to eat, I assume this is drinkable?"

    "Yes!" Her tail shoots up again, "You said your world never had any magic so I found some magic food and decided to buy a little."

    "Ooh... Magic food," I grab the cup and sip on it.

    At first comes a strong, ginger-like taste, it changes into citric juice similar to oranges, then to a more mild mango, then to black tea with honey, and finally to very sweet Gorgon fruit.

    "Wow. It literally changes taste," I say.

    "If you freeze it and let it melt on your mouth there's even more tastes," Alissa says, gushing with a large smile.

    She heats up the now orange juice and it turns back to red. The girls all take a sip and only a small amount of it remains.

    "Lovely," Alissa says.

    "Quite good," Roxanne says.

    "Meh, too, swee-t!" Aoi says.

    "Gih! Guhgih geah gehger.

    "Pbtbtbtb," Aoi shows her long tongue to Gify and makes a fart-like noise.

    "I didn't like the first one..." Lina says.

    "The last is the best, do the colder tastes get more sweet?" Ciel asks.

    "Yep," Alissa answers.

    "Eh. I liked the third one, after the citric one, it reminded me of one of the fruits from Sommerland," Hana says.

    "Caaan I get the rest?" Ciel asks with an innocent grin.

    "Sure," I say and the other girls nod.

    Ciel puts the glass in the ice box.

    "Now why are these cookies called Turncoat Heretics?" I ask.

    "Because every time you look at them they change their color," Ciel answers and snorts. "Just like the real ones, always trying to infiltrate the temple by blending into the background."

    I grab one and bite. The gimmick on this one is that it has a mix of fruits but the most prominent one changes randomly with a small popping explosion inside the mouth. Like one of those weird candy powders, Popping Stones or something like that.

    "My tong' go' num'," Lina says with her tongue out.

    "Don't put it all on the mouth, bite smaller pieces," Alissa says.

    "Oh... Okay."

    I chuckle and take a large bite. The popping gets so strong that it really does get uncomfortable.

    "Meh," Aoi seems a little more content with the gimmick but the taste is average for her.

    "I love it," Roxanne says and takes a large bite, "it massages my tongue."

    "You are losing the feeling on your tongue from eating all that spicy food," Hana says.

    "You are losing the feeling on your tongue from licking my pussy everyday," Roxanne answers.

    "No, it tastes like rotting fish like always."

    "And you enjoy it very much."

    "Girls please," Ciel glares at them and they bite their tongues with a smirk.

    "Anyway, what's that horrifying thing?" I point to the still wriggling purple clumps of tentacles.

    "Delicious Horrors," Hana says with a smile.

    "I find the 'Delicious' part questionable," Ciel says.

    "Bad presentation, again," Roxanne says and Ciel nods along.

    "Trust me on this one, it's pretty good," Hana says.

    "Of course you are the one who likes the disgusting food," Roxanne says with an eye roll.

    "Yeah just like how I like eating your pussayy!"

    That translated well into English.

    "Please!" Ciel gives them a withering look. "Alissa, continue."

    "Don't chew on this one," Alissa says with an evil smile, "Seriously, don't chew, let it on your mouth for a few seconds and swallow."

    Oh boy.

    Everyone looks at me, even Gify. I shrug and put it on my mouth.

    Oh Gods! I'm being kissed by multiple tongues! The tentacles unclumped themselves and started crawling all over my mouth. They stimulate my tongue just like a kiss. Tastes like grape.

    I swallow and shudder as the wriggling doesn't stop. Now I feel them inside me, crawling and tickling me where I can't reach.

    "Alissa! What in the..." I stop talking as another shudder runs through my entire body.

    Alissa and Hana chuckle as they watch my suffering. After around 10 seconds the wriggling stops.

    "Betrayal! Again!" I protest.

    "I'll make it up to you," Alissa says and pats my head.

    "I demand aggressive cuddling."

    "Your wish is my command," Alissa says, she and Hana bows. "Now, the rest," she looks at the other girls who stare at each other nervously.

    "It's not so bad," I say, "at first it feels like kisses."

    "Kiss?" Aoi asks, tilting her head.

    "Uh, yes, kiss."

    Aoi jumps to the platter and eats one, Gify follows her. They immediately start giggling and rolling on the table.

    "Now that is adorablem" Ciel says and Lina nods.

    The next are Alissa, Hana, and Lina. They shudder but also giggle with the tickling.

    Ciel and Roxanne look at each other and sigh. The close their eyes and throw a clump on their mouths.

    "Ahhn...!" Roxanne moans, "It's stirring... My insides! Aahhn~...!"

    Ciel shudders uncontrollably and holds a hand in front of her mouth to muffle the constant giggling.

    "Well, it makes sense for Ciel to be like this because of her foot fetish, maybe she's more sensitive to tickling or something," Hana says, "But Roxanne...?"

    "I have an idea, it relates to a certain thing about tentacles..." I say.

    Hana lifts and eyebrow at me.

    "More weird shit from your world?"


    "Maybe we can find something similar on a sex shop."

    "If not then we could develop a spell for it," I smirk, "If it was made for the food we can recreate it on something bigger and not edible."

    "Yes, yes," an evil glint on her eyes, "We could use Alissa to test how a normal person would fare."

    Alissa shudders and blushes.

    "I don't get it?" Lina asks.

    "You are too innocent" I say.

    Lina pouts and then shudders when Hana tells her what we are planning.

    "Mo-re!" Aoi demands.

    "Sorry, maybe next time," Alissa pats her sleek head. "They run out quickly since there's little magic food in Rabanara."

    "The High Forest would certainly have more," Hana says.


    We have a normal soup for lunch. Not in the mood to try anything new with the feelings of having my innards kissed still fresh on my body.

    During [Reduced Mana Cost] class I spend my time observing the "circuits" of spells. Slowly they start to make more sense.

    Silvane and Nononya appear during break.

    "Say Alissa, can’t you become small like Nononya so I can carry you?" I ask.

    "Why didn’t I think of that..." She blinks repeatedly at the groundbreaking idea.

    Silvane sighs, she runs her hand over her long ears and speaks, "Wereanimals have the best racial traits, Haaran loves my ears but they don’t compare to the furry ones you two have."

    Garanae looks away and shyly nods, Hatara scowls for a second but then chuckles.

    "What about the beastfolk?" Lyle asks, "Their entire bodies are furry."

    Silvane shudders and smiles, Toroo hoots a laugh.

    "Lionfolk are quite lovely," Silvane says and looks at Alissa. "But maintaining all that fur must be difficult, no?"

    I grab Alissa’s tail and brush my face with it.

    "Do you even shed fur?" I ask.

    "Hardly," she flickers her tail harder on my face and makes me sneeze. "Part of our inheritance is that our fur disintegrates quite quickly when away from our bodies."

    "Being a human seems quite boring in comparison," Garanae says. He runs his hand through his white-blond hair and frowns. "Animal ears are so cute in comparison to our boring fleshy ones. Now that I think about it, do your ears make it difficult to sleep Silvane?"

    "No. They are quite flexible," Silvane grabs a thin, protruding ear and rolls it on itself. "They also regrow by themselves when cut off."

    "Just like the demon race," I say.

    "See?" Garanae points to a smirking Silvane, "They have all the advantages and none of the drawbacks, why even be human?"

    Silvane shrugs, "Say that to the royals at the capital."

    "Exactly, the supremacist faction is quite strong," Lyle says and nods, "It’s why the emperor has no human wife..."

    "Say, is it possible to copy your [Fox Transformation]?" I ask Alissa.

    "It’s a spell so… Possibly?" She shrugs.

    "I heard that some humans copied [Stonebody] from living long enough in Mountainhome," Gimbo says, "So it’s not unheard of of racial skills being copied."

    "You should start with the demon race," Toroo says, "Their racial characteristics are like a partial Transformation."

    "Oh right," Alissa claps her hands, "They are mana solidifications but their souls still extend over their bodies. Wolf, what if you applied [Materialization] to your soul extension ability?"

    Gify opens his eyes and stands on my shoulder.

    "Gih," his body suddenly looks ethereal and he floats in the air, phasing through my body.

    "So it really is the same thing, just a more advanced version," I say.

    Gify turns back into solid and nods.

    Oh Gods, I can become like Alissa. Animal ears! I want to be a kitsune!

    "Hohoh, you are certainly breaking barriers, Wolf," Toroo smiles, "If you develop this it might actually be revolutionary."

    "It will certainly be once the perverts get their hands on it," Lyle says.

    "Just like Snow Weave," Silvane says.

    I contain a shiver as delicious memories flood my mind. I feel Alissa’s tail sway harder on my lap.

    "Oh yeah that thing is everywhere now and it has little use besides bed activities," Lyle chuckles and slightly reddens.

    "They are quite lovely for sleeping on," Silvane says with an innocent smile, making Lyle blush harder. "It’s what they were originally made for."

    The idea of being a kitsune made me quite excited so I decide to abuse Alissa and Ciel tonight to satisfy my needs.

    Alissa spreads a generous amount of lube on my erect member.

    "Afraid of the pain?" I ask with an evil smirk.

    "Y-yes..." She answers meekly, her ears flop but her tail sways.

    "Once you turn around I can just take the lube off with my own hands."

    She looks up to me puppy-eyed.

    "Please don't..."

    "Only if you beg."

    "Master, please don't punish my tight asshole," she says and lowers her head.

    "Grovel, bow to me."

    She releases my member and touches the sofa with her forehead, her hands grab my thighs.

    "Master, please! Don't punish me."

    "Turn around," I hiss to her.

    She turns and lifts her cute ass at me, her tail still swaying. I grab the base of her tail with a death grip and she yelps. I deliberate whether or not I should remove the lube.

    "Whores like you deserve punishment."

    I decide not to. I plunge my cock deep up her ass. I hug her from behind and bite an ear.

    "Ah! Hmmmmm..." She moans. She closes her eyes and licks her lips, enjoying the feeling.

    "But sometimes whores need some sweet love too," I whisper on hear ear as softly as I can.

    I envelop her in my hug and she bites a pillow while fingering herself. Her tail brushing my abs repeatedly now that it is free.

    I finish inside her and leave the cleanup to Hana. I go to Ciel and hug her from behind while she’s having her feet licked and massaged by Lina.

    "You too," I whisper on her ear and bend her over. I shove it as deep as I can and her legs shiver.

    I smirk at Lina while she hungrily stares at Ciel's glistening pussy.

    I cum on Ciel's back and grab Lina, forcing her to clean up.

    Another [Holy Spirit] session is disrupted. I sit back while enjoying Hana and Roxanne’s wrestling, they ditched a nearly passed out Alissa like a used toy.

    I bring Ciel and Lina in a hug and have them face the other two. I slowly play with their clit until they orgasm, hopefully this is priming them to be aroused at the sight of steamy lesbian sex.

    Today is the 11th.

    Lina wakes me up and she shares a morning kiss with Alissa. Ciel suddenly grabs Lina and gives her a morning kiss on the cheek.

    "Morning," Lina says, beaming with a smile.

    "M-morning," Ciel says and quickly moves out of the bed, her dark ass jiggles as she walks.

    I fondle Alissa’s tail and watch the little girl scurry after Ciel.

    "Who has the better ass?" Alissa asks me, seeing where my gaze went.

    "I will not answer this question" I say immediately.

    Alissa smirks and Ted tilts his head in confusion, something Alissa taught him.

    You better learn these lessons soon, little one.

    Morning is spent lazing around. Aoi plays tag with Lina, they both have similar agility so they are rather evenly matched. Aoi has some advantage on speed due to being a quadruped.

    "Not on the kitchen!" Ciel yells.

    "Kay!" The two answer in unison.

    Hana does her morning routine of light exercises and martial arts. Soon she leaves for a morning jog.

    Ciel prays and then leaves with Hana.

    Roxanne is swinging on the tree in the front yard. She mutters something about mana signatures and inflammations.

    I spend my time on the balcony of the second floor, trying to keep my soul out of my body without thinking. The secret to it must be on those sub-processes, I really need to learn them.


    Yeah, a lot of my progress is locked behind the sub-processes.

    Alissa is on the table on a chair besides me, reading another book. A romance, obviously.

    I summon a [Holy Spirit] and start chasing Lina with it.

    Suddenly Aoi bursts into the balcony and jumps. She glides down towards the tree and nestles on a branch. Lina appears a second after and frowns.

    "Not fair, I can’t glide," she says.

    "Ha-Ha! Li, slooow!"

    "Guh…" She scowls and turns around, I hear her stomping down the stairs and jumping over my Spirit.

    She reaches the front yard and fires a very small [Earth Bullet] on Aoi, making her fall down the branch.

    "Owwww!" Aoi cries and dramatically writhes on the ground in pain.

    "Play fair!" Lina hisses.


    "You are the Gobbler!" Lina smirks and runs away.

    "Ah..." Aoi rolls over and darts after her.

    The rest of the morning is calm as everyone basically just sprawls somewhere and takes a nap. At 11PM we put on our jewels and best clothes and leave towards the Noble’s Quarters to visit Lyle.

    We reach the front of the Rizek residence. A well-armed guard in shining chain mail stands in front of the black metal gate, every once in a while a small gem in the middle of the gate flashes with light.

    "State your business," the guard says in a neutral tone once we approach.

    "My name is Wolf Ryder, we were invited by Lyle Rizek for lunch."

    The man nods and his eyes do not drift away from us. Another guard moves inside a small guard post. A minute later a proto-butler comes to the gate and opens it for us.

    "Greetings," the man bows. I remember he’s Sebastian. He addresses us individually and asks us to follow him.

    He’s a brown haired man with delicate features but a well built body, he looks to be well into his 30’s.

    We pass a brick wall and pass by a hedge garden with multiple flowers and tea tables. A smooth cement path takes us across the front yard. A large hedge cut in the shape of a lightning bolt covers the view of the front door.

    The mansion is made of yellow bricks, orange shingle, and white relief as decorations along the walls and windows. Three floors tall with low angled ceiling.

    "Imperial architecture," Lina says.

    Sebastian turns his head and smiles, "Grand Master Rizek is fond of the capital, even here he wanted his own piece of home," he says.

    I believe he’s talking about Werner Rizek, Lyle’s grandfather.

    We enter the house and see an interior fully decorated by tiles with flowing light yellow and blue patterns. The ceiling is tall and the air is quite fresh, I believe I feel a hint of magical air conditioning.

    After a long hall with statues and a family portrait, we reach the main dining room. There’s only a large table near the center and a huge mirror that covers one wall, the empty space could easily hold a dancing party.

    "Wolf!" Lyle raises from his chair and comes over for a handshake. He wears some loose white linen shirt with frills and a sleeveless doublet over it. His pants are straight and made of black velvet.

    Behind him comes a lanky mustached man with evil and wild eyes, wearing the same clothes. His black hair is slick and swept to the side, his mustache is twirled and enviously long, his eyebrows are like a tilde. He smiles towards us in what could be interpreted as warmth.

    Beside him is a thin and petite woman. Black hair on a single braid on her shoulders, very small lips and nose, small eyes, and a kind smile, certainly recessive genes. Her dark brown dress is wide and thick, embroidered with many yellow flowers.

    At the table is Werner Rizek, an old man with a pointy nose and clean shaven face filled with wrinkles. He wears a simple purple robe.

    "This is my father, Horvath, my mother, Helena, and over there my grandfather Werner," Lyle says.

    We all bow lightly and Werner waves with a toothy smile.

    "I am Wolf Ryder, these are my fiancees Alissa, Roxanne, Hana, Ciel, and our slave, Lina."

    Werner is indifferent, Helena slowly lifts her eyebrows, and Horvath slowly turns his head towards her as I speak. The couple smirks at each other and turns back.

    "Hohoh, Ryder, pleasure to meet you," he nods his head in respect and closes his eyes. His voice is on the higher pitched end. "Your fellowship is quite the interesting one, through, and, through," he puffs his chest as he speaks.

    "Firstly, we must thank you for saving our son," Helena sends a sharp gaze at her husband for a moment and nods to us in respect. Her voice is very soft and slightly raspy.

    "Yes! Indeed, Twenty versus six. A bard is going to tell that story," he gives us a very toothy smile, his teeth almost shine.

    "Not the first time," Lyle says.

    "Not the second," Hana says.

    "Oh," Horvath raises his eyebrows, "I hear you are making fame in Rabanara yet you don’t show your face."

    "I am rather reclusive," I say and smile wryly.

    "Yet can’t stop participating on the most curious of things," he says.

    Could they of know my relationship with Vanea?

    "Please sit," Helena motions towards the table.

    It’s oval, the Rizeks sit at one side and we at the other.

    "I am not actually surprised that you managed to kill so many," Werner says, his voice is old but firm. He looks at Roxanne and continues, "The Symbol of Hate had very little mana contaminating its body, considering the damage I thought it would be the contrary. You must be specialized in [Mana Control], correct?"

    "Indeed," Roxanne answers with bright smile, "I had much ease learning [Mana Control] so I decided to specialize in it. It came so easily that I learned how to dual-cast instinctively because of it."

    "Ohoh," Werner drums his fingers on the table, "so you used Fire and [Water Magic] to create a steam explosion. With this amount of control you can create a very small explosion right inside of somebody."


    "See, Horvath?" His eyes merely shift to the side, "This one can kill anyone with a single spell, nearly unblockable."

    "Yes, quite impressive. But why did you never join a circle a magi?" Horvath asks, his wrinkled eyebrows wrinkle harder in a slight frown.

    "Oh, I’m not the kind that wants to be chained, I love adventuring too much to give up on that," Roxanne answers.

    "And the boy now has a dragonkin, a dwarf enchanter, a priestess, the Misty Fox slave, a small dragon, a nature spirit, and even he himself is quite the summoner," Werner chuckles. "You make me wish my wives were still alive. See, Lyle? This is how you choose women."

    "Y-yes, grandfather," Lyle’s face stiffens and his ears redden.

    "Oh, so you are the Misty Fox slave?" Helena turns to Alissa who smiles proudly, "I wanted to buy you for Lyle but the Slavers had control over it."

    "How did you get Ghulam to choose you?" Horvath asks me.

    "I saved Nour Asaf from the Orc Headhunter and as a favor he introduced me to Ghulam," I answer.

    Werner nods to Horvath and smiles.

    "You even got connections to Asaf. I thought about offering you knighthood but it seems you won’t need it," Horvath smiles bitterly.

    "We are quite the adventurous group," Ciel says, "It will take some time for us to settle down."

    "When you do, know that you could have a place in Rabanara," Werner says, "If not us then Alaraste would be very interested in your fellowship."

    So they don’t actually know about my relationship with Vanea.

    I nod and smile respectfully.

    "Thank you for the offer," I say.

    "Are the Misty Fox slaves famous over here?" Alissa asks, expectantly.

    "Very," Helena answers with a kind smile. "Dedicated servants, experienced hunters, vigorous lovers, cute ears, what’s not to like? Alaraste was offering them to the nobility but the Slavers negotiated preference in exchange for more combat Blood Slaves."

    Alissa’s smile grows wider on each word.

    "We were looking for a wife talented in magic for Lyle, so your magical capabilities leaved to be desired," Horvath says, "But your clan makes perfect bodyguards, the weredog mercenaries do not compare."

    Alissa’s eyes lose focus and her face turns into pure satisfaction.

    "I heard the next slave is a male so unless if Lyle wants him we won’t pursue it," Horvath says with an evil smile and Lyle’s ears start to redden again.

    "Is magic talent inheritable?" I ask.

    "Quite so," Helena answers, "Sometimes even skills are inherited, so useful."

    Oh boy, what does this mean for my children? I have shit tons of skills, how many of them are they going to inherit?

    "Lyle asked for us to fight together," Horvath says, "I put forward a request towards Silas. Considering your record the harpies will be a simple thing."

    "Do you fight at the central tower?" Ciel asks.

    "Precisely," Werner answers, "I will be near, alongside the Dragon’s Bane so the danger of being overrun is negligible."

    "The Cooka-monster is still leading the harpies so Alaraste wants to kill it," Horvath says, twirling his mustache.

    Lina’s Trivia: The Cookachickadoodoolee is a huge, sapient chicken-man. It has a ridiculous voice and an overinflated ego. Its real name is something else but the Lord spread this ridiculous name as a taunt. The bards made a few songs about the banter between the Lord and the Cooka-whatever.

    "Oh. So we will get to see the Dragon’s Bane in action?" Hana asks, her eyes glimmer.

    Horvath’s eyes also glimmer, but evilly, "Hohohoh, oh yes, with premium seats. the beauty of the Bane is incomparable, it is the perfect weapon to end the life of that ridiculous creature," he says.

    Lina perks her ears at that.

    Hana and Lina kept talking about auto-ballistas with Horvath, Helena and Alissa talked about the history of other Misty Foxes, Werner prodded Roxanne with questions about her magic, me and Ciel talked idly with Lyle about traveling and knighthood.

    Servants came, with a poof they pulled out the cutlery and the food. Glorious roasted large slabs of dripping and sizzling minotaur and Orc Lord, a variety of fruits nearly as wide as that on the Tree of Mana, breads so well made they look like pictures from gourmet magazines. My stomach feels so posh.

    Lyle’s parents were a little annoying with their prodding, but now that my position is known they are more pleasant. Since they can’t really bring us under their fold so easily they would rather keep us close.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord SenilePenile.
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    I finish writing my name on the paper and grimace.

    "Jacque..." Léonne whispers in my ears. I immediately recompose my face.

    Damned Rakontagne, damned dragons.

    We leave the table and walk back to the raised dais. We sit in our chairs, the comfortable white Prowler fur never felt more uncomfortable.

    I squeeze Léonne's hand, her stern face changes into a warm smile for a second. Her gaze turns sharp and returns to observe the proceedings.

    I'm such a terrible Chief, I can barely keep my composure at this situation. I don't command nearly the same respect as Léonne does, I'm too soft.

    A few minutes passes and the other clan leaders also write their names. The line ends and all papers have been signed. Me and Léonne rise at the same time and approach the podium, we each grab one magic tool and put it close to our throat.

    "Chiefs and Chieftresses, Warlords, Leaders, and Masters of Hunt!" Léonne opens the speech. "We are gathered here for the fulfillment of our treaty, one of our young will be chosen. The chosen one will receive the best training possible, we will make the young one grow to represent the finest warrior that the Misty Low Forest can create. The chosen will be sent to Rabanara to fight our enemies, to keep the dreaded dragons away from us, to bring honor and glory to our clan."

    Sent as a slave, where is the glory in that?

    I breathe in and open my mouth.

    "As the treaty says, we will choose one among the children of our strongest, as only those who have shown true power are allowed to represent us. Only those who have the means to raise one of our finest should be allowed to participate. The family of the chosen will receive further glory and rewards to help them nurture our much esteemed representative."

    We are selling our children for money.

    A servant removes the folded papers from the table and put them inside a glass globe.

    "Elder Monique, please, if would do the honor," I motion to one of the elders behind us, at the dais.

    The lovable old woman raises from the chair with the help of her servant and makes her way towards the globe. The servant grabs a handle and starts spinning the globe, the papers mix in front of the eyes of everyone.

    The servant stops and the elder moves her hand towards the opening of the globe. The Chiefs all tense, fox ears flicker about wildly, most show fear and anxiety, some show indifference, and only a few show excitement.

    The elder picks up a paper and unfolds it.

    "Jacque Vener!" She announces.

    My heart stops and my world spins, my back turns cold and I have to use all my strength not to run and rip that piece of paper.

    Léonne squeezes my hand and brings me back to reality.

    Right, I need to keep my composure. I force my smile wider and me and Léonne hold our right ear with our hand.

    "It is an honor to have our children be a chosen one," Léonne says.

    "It is an honor to have our children be a chosen one," I repeat with the fakest smile I can muster.

    Gods, why? Why Alissa?

    Ofilia plays with the light of her [Spirit Light], she creates multiple colored butterflies made of light that she sends to fly all over the garden. Many of them fly into the mist and disappear, leaving only a handful to fly around us.

    "Grab a stone and try to hit one," she says, her soothing voice makes me feel sleepy instead of alert. "If you hit one I will give you a reward."

    Nenvieu hurriedly grabs a stone and throws, the stone swerves far from the target, causing Ofilia to laugh. Nenvieu reddens and his grey ears flop.

    "Nen, you can't just grab any stone and throw, you have to put some thought into it, like this," I say.

    I grab one pebble and weigh it. Perfect size, it will fly far.

    I look around and find a red transparent butterfly that's flying in circles close to us. I lock my eyes to it and ready my arm, I lead my aim and throw.

    The pebble darts to the sky and hits the butterfly, making it dissipate in smoke. The pebble continues on and disappears in the mist.

    Ofilia claps her hands lightly and little Allura imitates with her cute toddler claps.

    "Lis, hit!" Allura points with her chubby fingers while her small orange tail hits Ofilia's dress repeatedly.

    "Okay, what do you want as a reward?" Ofilia asks.

    Nenvieu hurries to me and whispers on my ears.

    "I want you to kiss him," I point to Nen and Ofilia smiles, "on the lips."

    She chuckles and her eyes turn reproachful but her smile on her lips tell the contrary.

    "No," her tone is severe, "the reward is for you, not for him."

    "My reward is seeing you kiss him."

    "My, my. If you insist on this I will revoke your reward!"

    The kind smile on Ofilia's face disappears as her white spotted ears flicker. She puts Allura on the mat and stands up.

    "Master," she bows.

    A second later a large shadow of a man with broad shoulders and fox ears forms on the mist. The shadow turns into a person and out of the mist comes dad. His face makes me anxious, he looks serious, dad never looks serious, that's mom's job.

    "At ease. I'm only here for Alissa, I have to talk to her," his voice is calm and tired. Ofilia straightens and looks at me.

    Did I do something wrong? My mind races about what I have done over these last days and I don't remember anything... Oh no, did Ofilia tell on dad about the Avaler that I killed? It was an accident! I swear! I didn't know it belonged to elder Vitus!

    Suddenly I'm picked up with one hand, dad's round and fluffy red beard right on front of my eyes, he kisses my forehead and his beard tickles my face. Dad's claws tickle my sides and I have to squirm to escape his grip.

    I hit my feet on his chest and push away from him, I escape his grasp and fall towards the ground. I change to my fox form and contort myself so I fall on my paws. I dash behind Ofilia and peek at Dad from behind her dress.

    "Seriously, now. Alissa come with me," his tone leaves no room for question. He turns around and starts to walk. I follow him and look back, Ofilia is smiling and waving, Allura is imitating her, and Nen is pouting.

    I use my claws to climb up to dad's shoulders.

    "Don't do that, you will ruin my clothes, your mother hates when you do that," he says.

    "I won't tell if you don't."

    He flickers my snout and I nearly fall off.


    We make our way towards the house, mana crystals hanging on poles light the way through the mist. Dad reaches the porch and takes his shoes off. I lower to the ground and change back to humanoid, I take my shoes off and carry them inside.

    "Pay attention to how you lower yourself, your sash is being undone with the wild way you move," Dad chastises me.

    I purse my lips and press the sash of my dress tighter.

    Why do we use such annoying clothes if they keep getting undone.

    "If you can move around without the sash getting undone you are ready for hunting Prowlers," Dad says, reading my mind.

    "Still stupid..." I whisper.

    "Don't question until you understand it," he flickers my ear.

    "Oww..." I rub the sensitive cartilage. He likes to hit the black tip, exactly where it's the most sensitive.

    There are two female elders taking a sip of hot tea while sitting down on cushions. They smile towards me and it makes my ears redden. I purse my lips harder and try to take control over my heart, I won't let them see me look embarrassed.

    We enter the house and the sounds of muffled steps on the wooden floor fill our ears. A few servants are still working on the evening, mostly the cooks and the maids preparing for dinner. The floor is beginning to get warm, the bath must be getting ready.

    The Sworn Hunters are coming in, a few bring small monsters to help the cooks. A small maid with puffy red hair yells at a large grey hunter because he didn't bleed his prey before coming in.

    "How did you not get eaten by a Prowler already is a wonder! You must have been stalked by every Buveursang on the forest with the bloody trail you left!" She smacks him in the shoulder because she can't reach his grey ears on top of his head.

    "I'm sorry Louise, it took too long to find this deer, I would be too late for dinner if I took any longer."

    "You oaf!" She hisses, showing her fangs and then huffs away, her hair bounces as she stomps on the floor.

    "Montague is at it again," Dad whispers with a smile.

    "Why did mom choose him?" I ask, "He's always so clumsy."

    "Sometimes you just need a large muscle-brain to solve problems."

    "Aren't you the one who mom calls when she needs muscle?" I give him a cheeky grin and turn back into fox, in this form I can easily dodge his huge furred red hand. My stamina needs a lot of work, I already start to feel the tiredness of being in this form.

    My paw slips on the pristine and waxed floor and dad quickly nabs me by the nape.

    "Enough," his voice turns gruff and I make my ears flop. It works and his expression softens. "Stop playing around, we have to talk."


    He lowers me into the ground and I turn back. My sash is getting undone again. Stupid clothes.

    We cross the common grounds and reach our private quarters. The thick dark wood walls turn into light and thin movable walls with large paper panels. The first room is the office, dad slides open the panel and leads me inside. Mom is there in front of a low table, writing on some documents.

    She lowers her magic tool pen and looks up from the documents. Her face relaxes from her usual sharpness, her large orange eyes stare right into mine and she gives me a smile. I reflexively smile back.

    Dad motions to me and I sit on a cushion in front of Mom's low table, Dad sits besides her.

    "Alissa, do you know remember the treaty we have with the empire in relation to Rakontagne?" Mom asks, her soft voice makes me relax.

    "I remember Homvieun taught me that. He said that once every, uh, every 3 years we send a warrior to Rabanara to repre... Represent us and bring glory to our clan."

    Dad's face twitch.

    "That's right," Mom nods to my words," among all clans we choose one from where the next warrior is going to be chosen from, the next one was chosen a few days ago..."


    "And our clan was chosen, you will be sent to Rabanara when you are of age," Mom finishes.

    Silence falls on the office. Their faces are neutral.

    "And... Is that good?" I tentatively ask.

    "What?" Dad blinks a few times blankly.

    "Shouldn't we celebrate?" I lean forward and let my tail wag. "I'll be representing the Misty Foxes!"

    Dad's face twitches again and mom smiles faintly.

    "Yes you will, but this means you will have a very hard life ahead of you," she softly says to me. "You will be a slave, you won't be in charge of your own path."

    "Isn't Ofilia a slave?"

    "Yes, but she's lucky to belong to a good family. The family you will be sent to may not be like ours."

    "I will endure it! I will make you proud, I will bring honor to our clan!" I stand up and hold one of my ears in respect.

    Dad leans over to Mom.

    "We gave her some horrible influence," he whispers.

    Don't think you are the only one with good hearing.

    "For her it's best that she remains like this" Mom whispers back.

    She looks over to me and sighs.

    "Very well, we will train you," she says. "I think my style is better, you are too big and muscular, I don't think she will grow to be like you."

    "I agree, she's fast, much faster than Nenvieu," Dad says.

    "Keep in mind that you won't be with us all the time, at some point you will live alone, away from this house," Mom says softly.

    My heart pangs with pain. Al, Nen, Ofilia, I will have to leave you?

    "I..." Tears start to well on my face, I sniffle and hold them back. I won't disappoint, I can't disappoint. "I will do it!"

    Mom stares at me for a few moments and measures my resold. I hold on my expression and stare back.

    "Tomorrow morning we will start," Mom says, "we will cut the morning lessons with Homvieun for a while."


    "Go to the bath, Ofilia should already be getting there," Dad says and waves his hand dismissively.

    I bow to them and leave.

    I hurry to the bath to tell Ofilia the news. I open the panel with a bang.

    "Lis! Don't leave it open, I'm undressing!" She hisses at me.

    I stop midway and turn around, my sash immediately unfastens, I just let my dress unfold and fall on the floor. Stupid clothes.

    After closing the panel I run back to Ofilia, she's pouting while she folds my dress.

    "Hey, Ofilia, listen. I'm going to be like you. Mom said I'm chosen to be sent to Rabanara."

    She freezes and looks at me wide eyed. Her white furry ears flicker repeatedly.

    "I'm sorry, what?" Her voice is faint.

    "I'm going to be like you. Mom is going to train me to represent the Misty Foxes."

    She frowns and turns around.

    "Uh... What? You don't like it," I ask.

    "No, this... You know what this means?" She turns back and her expression is neutral. I don't like it when people do that, her neutral expression is weird.

    "Mom said I will be a slave, like you."

    She smiles with sadness on her eyes and hugs me tight. My head gets buried on her long silky white hair.

    "You... You will do fine. I know you will..." She whispers on my ears.

    "I know!"

    She chuckles and releases me. She leads me away and we wash each other. Her porcelain white skin is always unblemished, makes me envious. Mom comes into the bath too, she's brushing her orange tail.

    "Master," Ofilia gives a light greeting bow.

    "Ofilia, you can teach Alissa few things. A few levels in [Washing], [Cleaning], and [Housework] will do her good," Mom says.

    "Yes, master."

    "Oh, can she teach me [Cooking] too?" I ask.

    "Louise will teach you that," Mother answers.

    Louise is always grumpy, but I guess it's better than nothing.

    Ofilia finishes washing me and turns to help wash mom. I enter the large stone bath and float around with my eyes closed.

    "Can Ofilia teach me [Illusion Magic]?" I ask.

    "I don't know much, just party tricks," she answers.


    "No, you need combat skills, Ofilia doesn't know how to use [Illusion Magic] in combat."


    The rest of the bath is mom discussing how me and Allura behaved today. No mention of the Avaler. Stupid bird, only a weak, sheltered one would die with a single stone, it didn't even try to dodge!

    We finish the bath and go have dinner. Dad is already feeding Allura her baby food. We sit down on the cushions and Ofilia fills my plate with food, I frown deeply at that.

    "If you want to grow strong you have to eat it all," Mom says.

    I gulp and cut the Stal wolf liver.

    "A painless kill makes the prey taste better," I recite what Homvieun always tells me.

    I put the fork on my mouth. UGH!

    I bring a book to Dad and ask him to read it for me.

    "'Radomir, the Ravager'?" He raises an eyebrow at me.

    "She needs those books now more than ever," Mom answers.

    I sleep on Dad's lap and dream of the Lionfolk conqueror. He takes what he wants and he took my heart.

    Mom wakes me up. She squeezes my tail slowly, first it feels good, like a massage, then it starts to hurt and sting.

    "Ow, ow! I'm awake!"

    Groggily I sit up and look around, mom is using her [Spirit Light], the sun isn't even out yet!

    "Where's dad?" I ask.

    "He went to prepare the training grounds," her voice is stern, her face is neutral.

    "And Allura?"

    "With Ofilia, you would wake her up with your screaming."


    She sighs and her sharp eyes soften.

    "Let's go," she says softly.

    We cross the common grounds and I see many Sworn Hunters getting ready to hunt.

    "Didn't know they woke up so early," I say.

    "You wake up too late, the Prowlers are less active during dawn."

    We leave the house and go to the garden, the grass is wet with mist and I have to raise my dress not to dirty it.

    I smell something foul on the garden, it makes me worried. What did Dad prepare for me?

    On the corner of the garden dad is there holding something small and green. It squirms non-stop, trying to escape the ropes that tied it up.

    "A goblin?"

    "Yes. Your first task," Mom says, her voice is stern again.

    I stop in front of the green ugly thing. He stands up, he's as tall as me, then he tries to tackle me, Dad sweeps his feet and he falls back down.

    His ugly face turns to me and I see it scowl. His gag prevents him from talking but I know he has lots of very small and pointy teeth ready to take a bite at me.

    I don't like this, I don't want to be here.

    Dad throws a large dagger at my feet.

    "This is your first task," he says, "get this dagger and slice the throat of the goblin.

    My face pales. I never killed anything, not even Nen did. I never even held a dagger, Dad never let me. I look at mom and her face is neutral.

    "You said you were going to do it, right?" She asks. "Show us what you mean by it, show us what it means to be a Misty Fox."

    With a trembling hand I grab the dagger, it's heavy, so heavy. I look at the monster, it's squirming harder now that I have a weapon in hand, it's filthy ugly little dick swaying about. Why didn't father give him some pants? I feel sick.

    I take a step forward and the goblin growls. I grit my teeth and take another step, it growls louder.

    It's bound, it's harmless, it won't hurt me, I'm okay, I'm okay.

    I have to kill it, I have to show it to dad. I killed before, right? The Avaler counts, right? Yes, I'm okay, it's fine.

    The foul smell of goblin fills my nose as I slowly approach. Horrible, disgusting, I can only describe it as pee and poop with a dash of moldy old Sworn Hunter socks.

    Dad holds him on the ground so he doesn't worm away. He holds the goblin's head still, exposing his neck to me.

    "Do it," Mom tells me.

    "Do it", I tell myself.

    "You can do it," Dad tells me.

    I can do it!


    With both hands I push the dagger down, it slides in with little effort. The flesh separates and blood pours out. The goblin gargles and chokes on his own blood, his violent squirming reduces and he passes out.

    I feel sick. There's blood in my hands, my dress, my shoes. So much blood.

    "Good job, Alissa," Mother says.

    "You did well," Father says. He casts [Clean] on my hands and takes the dagger away.

    "You are now level 2," says the Goddess of Growth.

    I retch.
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    The lunch is finished and we move outside to the backyard. We sit on a porch surrounded by flowers, a few sofas for the girls while me, Lyle, and Horvath sit around the tea table, Werner stayed inside. There’s a pool with clear water and a few fountains in front of us. Deeper in the yard there’s a raised tile platform with multiple lightning rods, should be where they train magic.

    Horvath glances to me with the side of his eye and asks, "Ever been to the capital, Mr. Ryder?"

    "I haven’t," I say, "I would like to pass by one day, the Hyper Loop and the Throne of Ascension sounds like an incredible sight."

    "You should see the Bay of Three Kings in the morning, the morning mist dissipating is quite the sight," he gives me a toothy smile.

    "I will believe you," I calmly say and take another sip.

    "You would do well to keep away from the supremacists. They have some bad habits towards women of certain races."

    "We are quite united, I believe we can handle it. But I would prefer to know who belongs to that side, I’m not that knowledgeable about politics."

    "Really?" He turns his head to me and raises an eyebrow, "Supremacists are everywhere. Haven’t you met any yet?"

    "I come from a very quiet place, not much politics there," I smile wryly.

    "I would like to visit that place one day," he turns back forward, "We left Rabanara to keep away from the politics, a place as idyllic as you say sounds like paradise."

    "It was…"

    "Why don’t you return?" He glances at me.

    "My life is here now. I take the good with the bad."

    "A free soul through and through," he says and I smile wryly. "Where are you planning to go to?"

    "The birthplaces of my wives."

    "Bring some protection when you reach Mountainhome," he twirls his mustache, "The refugees from Aremut are filling their towns and some places have become quite bad."

    "I see, makes sense."

    He spends a few seconds looking at me with what could be believed to be a warm smile. His mustache really makes him look like villain.

    "The demon race outside their Holy territories are also prodding each other. Skirmishes will start again."

    "There’s no need for us to go so deep. We will simply go to Mashoor and then Xane."

    "I see..." He quietens and we continue our tea without much more talking. The girls are more noisy, Helena loves talking about desserts and the golems are putting up their usual show.

    Lina comes to the table and they start talking about the translated dragonoid books. Mostly about etymology. I see that Lyle really is a little tense near his father.

    Dusk starts to show and we decide to leave. They give us a warm goodbye and Sebastian escorts us out.

    Ciel drives the dinghy since Roxanne drunk a little and I want to be safe.

    "More pleasant than I imagined," Ciel says.

    "The grandfather was a little annoying," Roxanne says with a slight frown. "I don’t really want to divulge all of my secrets."

    "It must irk him seeing a mage like you roaming around without belonging to somewhere more important," Hana says. "I have seen plenty of noble mages like that, quite patronizing."

    "I understand," Alissa says. "Wolfy doesn’t have much of a presence so they must think we are wasting our power."

    "If only they knew," I say and massage my temple. "I feel like Horvath was prodding me."

    "Anyone who investigates will know you don’t have a background," Lina says, "Nobles don’t like mysteries."

    I feel emotionally exhausted, too much socialization for my taste.

    As soon as we get home I grab Roxanne and Alissa and drown on their soft bodies. Roxanne charms me again and I almost lose consciousness, turning into an animal of pure desire.

    "The High Elven products must have something special on them. Your smells are just so..." I shudder, "Intoxicating."

    "They must be helping Roxanne’s racial charm," Alissa says.

    If Roxanne doesn’t try to drain me, letting myself go is supremely relaxing.

    I finish all over Roxanne and breathe in deeply the smell of our nest. Sweat, semen, perfume, pussy juice, body lotion, scented lube, saliva. The bed gets drenched in liquids.

    I bite Alissa’s ear and keep the two women constantly moaning, causing an erotic song fill the room.

    Dinner gets delayed because Hana decided to join.

    Today is the 12th.

    Yellow lizard eyes devours me as Hana wakes me up.

    "Tonight is party time!" Hana drums her hands on the table.


    "I will buy the ingredients," Alissa says.

    "I will go with you, I want to take a walk," I say.

    "Kweh! Walk, me, too!"

    "I’ll go with you and spend the morning at the training grounds," Hana says.

    "Let’s deliver some laundry on the way," Alissa says.

    I store in my "Items" a large basket filled with mostly bed sheets.

    The washer is a few blocks away so we walk there. The shop interior is decorate entirely with pure white and completely clean tiles, there's a few chairs for people to wait and a heavy stone counter that is waxed and shining. An old woman with white hair and a kind, wrinkly smile is on the counter.

    "Ah, Alissa," she says and smiles as we approach.

    "Morning, Vosha. A large basket as usual."

    With a *poof* I pull out the basket on the scales. The woman looks over the contents and her smile twitches.

    "Contaminants?" She asks, innocently.

    "Body fluids," Alissa answers flatly.

    "Understood," Vosha's smile twitches again. "It will be a silver coin, come back tomorrow morning and it will be ready and dry."

    Alissa puts the coin on the counter, Vosha takes the money and carries the basket away.

    "I somewhat pity that woman," Hana says.

    "She likely has other people help clean," Alissa says.


    I drive us to the hunter's guild to drop off Hana there. I decide to enter and take a look at the requests.

    The bounty on harpies increased again. The amount of Dragolite attacks decreased, this means there's some strong monster in the skies of the Sea of Trees controlling air traffic, likely the Cooka-thing.

    I look around and feel something is different. The atmosphere is much more… Friendlier. There was always a hostile gaze or two, specially after I started to gain fame, but now I feel the gazes are cordial, even.

    Could this be due to Darean's influence? Now that he's gone his minions among the adventurers might have dispersed and not want to mess with me anymore since they don't have support. Helios is position 3 on the city defense, that's the only real strength ranking available and it puts us among top 10. Not that many people would be brave to mess with us now.

    I turn back and continue reading. There's reports of Grim Giants on The Smirk, threat level 6, you should simply turn around and run if you ever meet one. Grim Giants are skinny old men around 10 meters tall, they walk in all fours and have some very resilient skin. You need a dedicated squad to take them down, even us would have trouble dealing with them.

    Orcs are making a resurgence, could be that a new Orc Lord has spawned.

    Alissa waves to Carmen and she sends us a kiss.

    "Excuse me, Mr. Ryder?" A male voice calls out.

    I turn around and see a pair of tall brown-haired young men with well maintained stubble's, olive skin, and well-made padded red monster leather armor.


    "I am Mellissus and this is Nectarios, my brother," says one of the duo, a handsome smile on his face. He has a more chiseled face, while his brother is more on the pretty boy side. Their hair looks scruffy but not too much, like it's deliberate scruffy. "We are from the mercenary company Katasko. Have you ever heard of us? We are the biggest escort on the eastern Mainland, our influence even extends well past Goldcross."

    "No I haven't," I say, my frown slowly growing alongside Alissa's.

    "We would like to invite the fellowship Helios into our company," says Nectarios with a perfect white smile that gives me shivers, "We could certainly negotiate quite a beneficial contract for such a powerful group of people. If anything, our other contractors are known among the elite."

    "Thanks for the offer but we are not interested," I say, forcing myself to keep polite.

    I motion to turn back but Nectarios lifts his hand to catch our attention.

    "Please, Mr. Ryder, I'm sure we could have a conversation to find some middle-ground," he smiles again.

    What middle-ground?

    "Not interested," I repeat, flatly.

    "There are many benefits from joining us, our company is a favorite among nobility. It would certainly be an introduction into higher society for someone as talented as you," Mellissus says, slightly bowing.

    I stare at him, forcing myself to suppress a groan. Alissa's tail stands upright beside me. Even Aoi and Gify glare at the pair of obnoxiously handsome men.

    "Our beneficiaries regularly search among our elite for candidates for knighthood. Plenty of royalty from the Capital belong to those who turn to us for talent," Nectarios says, his smile unflinching.

    "Many of our elites retire early and open their own business due to the amount of money they receive. You could certainly create a prestigious lineage by working with us," Mellissus says.

    "Listen," I give them a phony smile, "I am not interested."

    To follow up, Aoi's nostrils flare and glow, she huffs a large cloud of smoke at the two men, making their faces twitch.

    "You are a bother," Alissa says, she steps in front and motions them to the door. "Please, leave us."

    "Katasko is large company," Mellissus says in a softer tone, "You benefit from joining, but the inverse is also true."

    Is that a fucking threat!?

    I maintain my smile and motion to the door. I see Alissa's hand tremble on her back over where her concealed dagger is.

    The men bow respectfully and leave. Me and Alissa relax and we let out a very long sigh escape in sync.

    "What now? Mercenaries? Why are they interested in us?" I ask.

    "They were very aggressive and even used a veiled threat," Alissa says and frowns. "This is not normal for Rabanara. The Lord doesn't let companies bully adventurers, he protects them, us, rather."

    "I don't think it's related to Darean, he shouldn't have influence over this company."

    "The other choices aren't very attractive either."

    I just hope Ankara didn't blabber. I feel like this could be another headache coming.

    We leave the guild and go shopping for ingredients.

    We buy lots of flour, butter, sugar, milk cream, Dragolite eggs, shredded blanched Dragolite meat, baker's yeast, ground meat, dulce de leche, cereal, a blobby fruit that taste like grape called Stafali, and a very peculiar bottle that Alissa removed the label of.

    Aoi and Gify are quite useful for bartering, the merchants instantly get a brighter disposition when they see the cute dragon on my head or the cute griffin on Alissa's arms.

    "You are not messing with their heads, right?" I ask.


    "If you say so."

    The streets are busy with people, announcers, and wagons. I'm seeing horseless carriages become more common lately, I wonder what's making them move.

    The streets may be busy but a sword at your side makes you untouchable, people really don't want to invade the personal space of someone who's armed. There's no real risk of pickpockets due to [Item Box] so you can walk much more calmly, it's mostly trinkets that are in danger of being stolen.

    The morning air is quite fresh. On Earth things could get a little polluted during the rush hour. I think mana could be said to "pollute" the air but it's hardly the same thing as fossil fuels. Magic tools are as carbon free as it's going to get. Now that I think about it there's not much smoke coming out of houses, when everybody can summon a small flame or light the need for burning wood reduces a lot.

    We go back home and have a simple lunch, shouldn't eat too much when there's good food coming for dinner.

    I crack the eggs on the bowl and beat them. The gnomic magic beater does the work as I drizzle the oil slowly. After oil comes sugar and then a little of not-vanilla extract. I heat up butter a little and add it to the batter. On a separate bowl I whisk a little of flour, baker's yeast, and salt. Add the mix to the first bowl slowly. Then pour the full mixture into the two cake pans and bake.

    "Alissa, what did you dream about when you were being trained?" I ask.

    "I dreamt of meeting you," she says with a sweet smile.

    "That's uh..." I blush slightly at her sneak attack, "not exactly what I meant. Did you also dream about being a teacher, an adventurer, a dancer, or something like that?"

    "No, should I?" She tilts her head cutely.

    I shrug, "I don't know. I guess I just want to know if you ever though about something that's not related to being a slave."

    "I did but I quickly abandoned these thoughts. Well, I still think about it but it's not the same thing. Thinking about these things wouldn't help me, my destiny was set so I only dreamt of what was in reach, not what could have been."

    I check on cake and turn back to molding kibbehs with my hands.

    "Feels so, limiting. Did you ever not want to be a slave?"

    "I never really had a choice of being a slave or not so I didn't think whether I wanted to be one, I just accepted my destiny. In the end, I have a freer life with you than most people have."

    "The freedom of your world is incomparable to ours, Wolfy," Ciel says. She seasons another kibbeh and hands it to me. "Even Lords, even royalty, they are all chained to their duty. Nobody is truly free, or alone."

    "When I was younger I dreamed about having my harem, or joining one," Hana says as she kneads some dough. She suddenly turns serious and introspective. "I guess I really dreamed a lot about sex, actually I still do. I guess nothing really changed, I just fulfilled my dreams," she shrugs.

    "Most commoners dream about not dying during monster attacks and living long enough to see their grandchildren grow," Ciel says. "I dreamed of that too I just also dreamed of traveling."

    "I just wanted to grow old with Mithra," Roxanne says, molding flour dumplings in a teardrop shape. "After that I kind of stopped dreaming. Now that I'm with Wolfy I dream about the wonders we will see," she smiles adorably.

    "You are breaking the dumpling," Ciel says.

    Roxanne snaps back to reality and groans as the shredded Dragolite filling escapes out of the ruined dumpling.

    "So finicky," she mutters.

    "I dreamed of inheriting the shop," Lina says, shyly covering assorted fruit pieces with dulce de leche, "After being bought by Hilde I also stopped dreaming. Now I feel like I need to aim for something higher."

    "What do you dream about?" Ciel asks me.

    "A long life with all of you around me... I guess," I answer. "I haven't thought much about the future, my destiny here keeps me from thinking anything solid, we will see after everything is done."

    "Maybe you should focus on [Golemancy]," Alissa says, "You said it could cause a revolution one day."

    "Perhaps... I was a researcher back on Earth so I guess my dream is to simply keep living like one."

    "I, dream, fly!" Aoi says.

    I take the cakes out and fill the top of the first layer with the filling of dulce de leche plus Stafali paste and some cream. I put the second layer on top and cover the cave with cream. On top of the second layer I drizzle Stafali paste on a checker pattern.

    Ta-dah! Stafali cake is done.

    "Looks delicious," Ciel says, her eyes already eating the cake.

    We fry the dumplings and the kibbeh. We sprinkle sugar on the little balls of dulce de leche plus fruits. Everything is coming along quite nicely.

    We have our fun making food and eat a few during the afternoon tea as a taste test. It goes well with some thick tea with milk.

    "So we would light a thin candle in the shape of the years and sing a quick song," I say. "Since we don't really have these things just use this scented candle."

    I put the thick candle on a plate and light it in front of Hana. We all stand on one side of the table while Hana stays on the other with an embarrassed smile.

    "Now, sing along," I clean my throat and start clapping, the girls copy.

    "Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear Hana. Happy birthday to yoou! Hooray!" We clap harder. Hana closes her eyes and chuckles, her face red.

    "Now, blow the candle away and make a wish!" I say.

    "What is this tradition of yours? I'm sure it's made solely to embarrass the person on my position," Hana says.

    "It is incredibly sugary," Ciel says.

    "My people are soft-hearted," I say, "Now, blow!"

    Hana blows the candle and closes her eyes. After a few seconds she opens them again and grins.

    "There, done. Now let's eat!"

    "♪ Oh, a drop of a noble's blood wouldn’t do us any harm ♪," Hana sings.

    "♪ Oh, a drop of a noble's blood wouldn’t do us any harm ♪," Roxanne sings.

    "♪ An’ we’ll all hang on behind! ♪," Hana, Roxanne, Alissa, and Ciel sing in unison.

    They start the chorus. Aoi and Gify chirp along and the little golems dance in the table.

    "♪ So we’ll roooll the old chariot along! ♪"

    "♪ An’ we’ll roll the golden chariot along! ♪"

    "♪ So we’ll roooll the old chariot along! ♪"

    "♪ An’ we’ll all hang on behind! ♪"

    "♪ Oh, a nice fat cock wouldn’t do us any harm ♪" Hana sings.

    "♪ Oh, a roll in the clover wouldn’t do us any harm ♪" Roxanne sings.

    "♪ Oh, a long spell in gaol wouldn’t do us any harm ♪" Alissa sings.

    "♪ Oh, a nice watch below wouldn’t do us any harm ♪" Ciel sings.

    "♪ Oh, a night with the pals wouldn’t do us any harm ♪" They sing in unison.

    They sing the chorus again and burst into laughter.

    Me and Lina look at each other, we barely drank so we are saved from Hana's chantey.

    As the singing dies down and the food runs out I cast [Purify Body] on the girls and give them lots of water to drink.

    "Oof... What was that?" Hana asks, "It made even me drunk."

    "Lava Jet, from the Yopparai company," Alissa answers with a wide smile but winces at a budding headache.

    "Oh yes! Dragonkin brewers, no wonder, your piss water wouldn't get me drunk otherwise," Hana snorts.

    "Dwarven Coffin is stronger than this," Lina says. "I only got a sip once but I can still remember the taste."

    "Dwarves don't count, using magic is cheating," Hana smirks at Lina.

    Lina pouts, "And your abnormal 'Endurance' isn't? It's our racial skill."

    "Still magic, using mana doesn't count," Hana shows her tongue to Lina, who crosses her arms and starts thinking of a comeback.

    "'Coffin'? Is that really the name of a drink?" I ask.

    "It's fitting, gnomes and pixies that try to drink it will certainly die without [Purify Body]," Lina says.

    "Dwarves don't fuck around," I mutter.

    "Ugh..." Ciel regains some lucidity, "The hell did we sing?"

    "Something we will never let you forget," I say.

    "I'll... Just go to sleep," she says and grabs Lina, the little golems follow behind.

    Me and Hana help out Alissa and Roxanne walk upstairs and they pass out on the bed, exhausted.

    Today is the 13th.

    I wake to frightening fox chomping on me, her long tongue wrapped all over my length. She releases me and swallows. Alissa turns back and cleans a drip from her chin.

    "Hard to swallow on that form," she says and smiles.

    "Doesn't that look frightening?" Ciel asks, "I mean, having so many sharp teeth near your… manhood?"

    "Yes, it is, but it's also part of what makes it so hot," I say.

    "Oh..." Ciel goes quiet, unsure of what to make of my words.

    Lina is hugging Suzy tight, the blonde cloth doll pats and rubs her hand.

    Alissa's "Charisma" has increased by 1 (now 13). What the hell is Carmen teaching her?

    "Is it weird to have sex with Alissa's fox form?" I ask to the girls.

    Hana shrugs, "It's part of her, if I turned into a dragon would you stop loving me?"

    "Unlikely," I answer.

    "Some of the demon race have some very different body parts," Roxanne says and pats her horns. "It would be very sad for them not to be loved because they look weird."

    Lina simply shrugs.

    "I'm only a little surprised you managed to, uh, get it up," Ciel says, "A fox doesn't really have a woman's body parts to get you excited doesn't she?"

    "What, didn't you ever imagine yourself being pounded by a huge wolf?" Hana says with a grin.

    Unfortunately, my name doesn't translate to wolf in Andraste.

    "That sounds..." Ciel frowns.

    "Hot," Roxanne completes, "If Wolfy could change into a fox too then..." She shudders.

    "I know, right?" Hana says and grabs my hand, "Wolfy, please develop that soul changing magic thing so we can be fucked by huge dragons."


    Oh Gods! Too far!

    I simply cannot look into Aoi's expectant eyes.

    "Let's talk about something else, anything else," I plead.

    I start writing my thesis. I have a pretty good idea of how much information I should share with the university. This magic school is incredibly powerful, smart-turrets or smart-bombs are the cutting edge of technology in my world and I can do it here with much less effort, I know very well how dangerous this is. [Golemancy] will certainly revolutionize warfare, I can't be careless with how I introduce it into the world.

    Part of the ethics of science is how to introduce technology to the world. For an extreme example imagine if the atom bomb was introduced during World War 1? The results would have changed the outcome of a war. The US ended a war with nukes and then the scenario changed, anyone who had it was almost immune to being attacked due to Mutually Assured Destruction, M.A.D. changed the world.

    If I introduce this technology in Bestiaram they would reignite their genocidal wars. If the heretics had monopoly on it a massive wave of suicidal golems would be the least of our problems.

    What this technology needs is time. I need to be very careful, very vague with how it works so it takes time for everyone to acquire it. Level the playing field so there's no one side with an advantage doesn't crush any resistance.

    The empire doesn't conquer Bestiaram outright since even the average beastfolk has the strength of a soldier, it's just too difficult to subjugate a race where even the civilians are a danger.

    Maoka is on a weird place since they are very pious towards the Gods which give them a rather friendly relation to the empire. The real deterrent against invasion is that they have a mutual defense pact in relation to their Holy Lands, if any Holy Land is invaded the whole continent bands together to remove the invaders.

    The golems could give the empire enough power to subjugate a whole continent with little losses. Disposable, mass produced soldiers are the worst enemy of a country that is on a war of attrition, and if anything the empire is patient.

    The current emperor may be focused on the inner affairs of the empire but it's not like he abandoned conquering the other two continents. I'm sure his agents continue to work to weaken the other continents.

    Even inside the empire, if I give this technology to the elves I can be damn sure the separatist movement will flourish again. Sommerland and Dyrmorder are two other conquered kingdoms that would be incredibly happy to have independence again.

    "Let's go make lunch," Alissa whispers in my ear.

    I leave my magic pen and clipboard on the table and join her.

    I pick up a knife and start to remove the organs of the Blopish, a poisonous monster fish with a very delicate and deep flavor. It looks like an anglerfish, it has a huge jaw, some large teeth as sharp as a piranha's, dark beady eyes that see in the dark, and lots of "feelers" all over its body, which are long thin whisker-like protrusions that allow it to sense anything that gets close and spew poison through them.

    I slowly cut the belly and expose the organs. I find the slightly discolored sacs and slice them off at the base. I even put [Sharp Blades] on my knife, it's so sharp that it just slides through the flesh and the sacs fall off.

    The worse ones are near the tail, they are very small and require a lot of precision not to burst them open just by stretching the meat.

    In total there should be 18 of these sacks. They cause some very bad paralysis and it's the chemical kind, meaning that your heart can stop if you get poisoned.

    I carefully cut off the feelers at the base so it gets easier to scrape off the scales. You can't bruise the skin too much, the fat is just below it and you don't want the skin to break apart during frying, making the fat spew all over.

    When I'm done the smell of fish is deep into my skin, thank the Gods for our gnomic [Clean] magic tool as it takes off even the smell. I can't stand having smelly hands.

    We fry it a la Milanese. Some pseudo-Worcestershire and it tastes heavenly. Leafy greens, some cereals, and a squishy vegetable. Tastes very refreshing on this rising heat.

    We must be at the southern hemisphere of the world since summer is at the end of the year. Quite nostalgic for me.

    The fish has a deep taste, it sticks to your tongue and you keep tasting it long after swallowing.

    "De-li-ci-os!" Aoi licks her lips and nabs another piece.

    I pat her head with a smile.

    "Wolfy, do you want to visit Selina tomorrow?" Alissa asks.

    "Hm. Sure, I might not see her again," I say.

    "Hana should come too, she's fascinated by her."

    "Who isn't?" Hana smirks.

    After lunch I go back to my thesis.

    Even my [Sense Soul] and [Redirect Mana] are dangerous. Being able to see the name and other characteristics of fighters just by looking at them is incredibly powerful, espionage becomes incredibly more difficult when you can't easily hide. Avoiding customs and identity checks is doable, avoiding being seen by just anybody that could have [Sense Soul] is not. And [Redirect Mana] could be incredibly dangerous, it's a potential that even I don't know much but I'm sure it could be a powerful weapon if wielded properly.

    I could introduce this technology to Maoka through Roxanne's parents, but how can I do it to Bestiaram? I will have to go there and improvise. I would have preferred to avoid going deeper in there but I may have no other choice.

    Now I have to create a chant. I ask Lina for help since she seems the one who would be most compatible with [Golemancy]. I give her a point on it and ask her to cast [Infuse] repeatedly while I observe the mana flow.

    "Wow, was that the soul?" She asks and blinks repeatedly.

    "Yes. Chaotic, no?"

    "Yes, but also filled with, uh, 'structures'?"

    "Indeed, you could also think it's something like 'organs'. The mana organ that I gave Ted and Suzy are just like that. You can play around inside the 'soul building' or whatever that is but don't try to actually infuse it on anything. I don't know what could happen with a randomized soul."

    She nods repeatedly.

    [Golemancy] gives me a cold, emotionless, feeling when I sense Lina using the spell. I enter a sort of trance as I try to copy what I felt, I will myself to the same cold and emotionless state as the feeling the spell emits. Like when you want to dance to a song I feel words trying to come out of my lips, heavy, alien words. Truly an odd magic school.

    This is very tiring. I open my eyes to see Hana hugging Alissa tight, she's nibbling on Alissa's neck and her hands slowly fondle Alissa's body.

    "Are you two practicing or flirting?" I ask.

    Alissa snaps to reality and blushes. Hana smirks and gives one last kiss on Alissa's neck, then she returns to meditating and focusing on copying Alissa's [Double Image].

    I sigh and rest for a while, waiting for my heart to recover. Then I close it again and continue.

    Warmth fills my cold heart and my concentration is disrupted.

    "It's getting late, let's take a bath," Ciel whispers on my ears.

    They all know how stimulating their voice is when they whisper directly on my ears.

    Lina seems normal while I'm emotionally tired again. The skill system omits from the caster the chanting and all the feelings that come from it.

    On the bathroom I hug Hana from behind and breathe in deeply her scent. I stop her from entering the bath and force her to bend over, I hold her down by the back of her neck. I apply [Clean] into her asshole and penetrate, no lube.

    I grunt and move a few times. I think again this stupid idea and apply some lube.

    "Awn… oof, it felt good. Ah..." Hana says after I enter her again.

    "Not for me," I say and grunt again.

    Healing her back is making sure her asshole doesn't dilate, it's almost as tight as the first time. I apply [Heal] and [Regeneration] just enough so she doesn't bleed.

    I finish inside her and leave her hanging with a smirk. She gets angry and has to use Roxanne to get off.

    At night me and Alissa tell of Katasko to the others.

    "I don't know what we did this time that got their attention," Ciel says with a frown.

    Her sentiment is reflected on the others. The behavior of that company is odd, we don't even understand why they want to intimidate us into joining.

    Today is the 14th.

    Hana takes revenge on me by giving me a rude awakening with a storm on my member.

    My "Dexterity", [Dismantling], and [Cooking] increased by 1 (now 11, 0+4, 0+2). Lina's "Wisdom" increased by 1 (now 13). Hana's "Perception" increased by 1 (now 10).

    I notice something odd. There's the nagging feeling of something incongruent.

    "Do you girls… menstruate?" I ask.

    "What?" Hana asks.

    "Once a month you feel odd, weird, sluggish, or angry, then your, uh, vagina bleeds. The egg inside your ovaries is ready for pregnancy during this period and at the end it slouches off with a small piece of the uterus, causing bleeding."

    Lina and Alissa frown and look at each other.

    "Oh!" Ciel claps her hands, "You mean the Gynaimeres?"

    "No idea what that means," I say.

    "The days a woman can get pregnant."

    "Yeah, you should bleed after the period ends, well, some women bleed."

    Hana, Lina, and Alissa raise their eyebrows and look at their own uteri.

    "Your body absorbs the egg if it's not used just like a potion so I guess this is why we don't bleed," Roxanne says, "If you pay attention to the mana on your body on these days you'll notice how there's a hint of foreign mana on your uterus."

    "But there's no other things like mood swings, cramps, or change in libido?" I ask.

    "Not that I know of," Ciel says and shrugs.

    Wow, I know a few women who would love to live here then.

    "You said foreign mana, this means it already has a soul?" I ask.

    "Yes," Ciel says and nods, "Every month our child dies due to the lack of sperm to complete the soul, the sperm also has a soul."

    Holy fucking shit I kill millions of my children every time I ejaculate.

    "It's why breeder-type of monsters want humanoid sperms or eggs," she continues, "Our soul is much stronger than a monster's but theirs can dominate ours when the egg and the sperm fuse. Also some horrible abominations can be made using eggs and sperm," she shudders, "The sperm ones are quite weak due to the small soul in them but the ones made of women's eggs are quite horrifying."

    "I'm sorry but what the fuck?" I ask.

    "Necromancy, you can grow an abomination using the egg or sperm. It's wicked magic, of course, but it doesn't stop certain people in wanting the emotionless soldiers that defiling a womb can create. Eggs and sperm are powerful, they are the creators of life."

    "It's why women are more often mages," Roxanne says, "Our womb produces more life than a man's testicles."

    "Is it, is it not like I'm killing my children by throwing away so much semen?" I ask with worried a frown.

    "A child is only a child when it's born," Ciel shrugs, "Anything before birth is not important."

    "What about premature birth?"

    "Still a birth, premature or not."


    "That's only for children of rape."

    "Abortion from accidental pregnancies?"

    "Questionable, if you carelessly make a woman pregnant you deserve castration," she narrows her eyes and the others nod.

    I open my eyes wide and look away. This topic is too uncomfortable to me.


    "Yeah you are kind of blowing my mind."

    Ciel chuckles and pats my head. "The way you question things always amuses me," she says, "It's kind of your charm."

    I recruit Lina again and spend my morning developing a chant.

    Genesis, birth, artificial, imitation, automata, modification, adaptation. These words float into my mind like a soup, stirring, mixing, transforming into other words. There's a line somewhere, a start, a continuum, a sequence of words that leads me somewhere.

    The words blur together and turn into an amorphous soup, a sludge that refuses to budge.

    I exhale a sigh.

    "I'm tired, let's go do something else," I say.

    "Hm? Ah," Lina regains lucidity, "sure."

    We spar for fun and rope in Alissa too. When you live and die by the sword, turning your means of survival into an enjoyable activity and also a way to train is a logical step. It's why the Coliseum is so popular here.

    "You look cool when you slide through the ground like that," Alissa says.

    "A bit frightening too," Lina says.

    I smile and slide forward with [Telekinesis] to strike.

    Roxanne comes down and Aoi drops from her head.

    "How's her training?" I ask.

    Lina picks up a spear and starts chasing Aoi.

    "[Item Box] is quite the odd spell for her to start with," Roxanne answers, "I also trained her in [Clean] so it helps her with mana control. She should learn it in a month or so."

    "Isn't that fast? Alissa told me she took three months to learn it."

    "Wasn't she a child? A monster like Aoi has more affinity to magic than a humanoid."

    "Then once we leave I will start teaching her [Fly]."

    "Kweh!" She stops on her tracks and looks at me wide eyed, then she receives a blunt spear to her ass, "Kwah! Li! No, fair!"

    "Don't get distracted so easily, even if it's sparring," she says with an impish smile. "We are pretend fighting, after all."

    "Hmph!" She puffs a large cloud of smoke on Lina's face, making her cough.

    We start to make lunch and Ciel and Hana come back.

    "So, I have been looking at some escort companies out there," Hana says, "I think we could make a tons of gold coins by escorting one from here to Goldport by the scenic way."

    "Oh, you mean going through the west side first?" Roxanne asks, clapping the tip of her fingers in excitement.

    "Yeah, the main towns we will pass would be fort Erda, Goldcross, Escanso, Goloria, and then Goldport. There's a lot of merchants leaving next month through this route, they are going to take alcohol and dragon meat and distribute it to the other towns for the Turn of the Year celebrations."

    Lina's Trivia: Calendars here are made in the shape of wheels. When the year ends you just "turn" the wheel a little for the next month.

    "I'll look for the smaller companies," Hana continues, "The bigger ones all have their own hunters for escorting. And I'll make sure I stay away from Katasko."

    At 1PM we leave to Selina's.

    The 2 storey timber-framed house is just as the same as before. Actually the blue bricks and dark wood seem brighter, they could have been washed. There are multiple rolls of cloth outside, most of them are thin and embroidered. And of course at least half of them are velvet.

    "I actually feel like buying a few drapes, now," Alissa murmurs.

    "You could, but we might not use it since we are leaving," I say.

    "That's the problem."

    "Maybe we could buy a rug for our tent."

    "Ah yes."

    "Buy a fluffy one, I want to be able to sit down and relax," Hana says.

    We enter the store and the smell of textiles fill our nose. A well-dressed attendant is currently in behind the counter, working on some paperwork. She lifts her head and adjusts her glasses.

    "Ah, Miss Alissa. Came to visit Mistress Selina again?"

    Lina's Trivia: Miss is for single women, Mistress is for married women, "Madam" is mostly used for nobility. You only use Madam for commoners when you want to show respect to older women. "Gentleman" and "Signeur" are the male equivalent to Mistress and Madam. Dame and Sir are shortened versions used for knights and other people related to military.

    "Yes," Alissa smiles and nods.

    "Oh, Alissa?" I hear the soft voice of a petite woman.

    Down the stairs come the pretty blonde girl. Hair loose and straight, longer than last time. She wears a long loose white summer dress and some pretty small red shoes. Her face is as cute as ever.

    "Ah, Mr. Ryder, Miss Hana," she smiles brightly when she sees us.

    She takes us to the small veranda on the second floor, it has a table with comfy chairs similar to the one on our house. We have a good view of the busy streets.

    She leaves us for a minute and comes back with a plate of tea and scones. Very sweet and fluffy, they go well with strong bitter tea.

    "Oh, so you are leaving," Selina says and smiles sadly.

    "We will come back one day," Hana says with a warm smile.

    "Then you better write down everything you did, I want a book, not just a second-hand story," Selina smiles brightly again.

    "That's a good idea," Alissa says, "I could write down what we do in a diary and then send to you."

    "We could pay for a scribe to compile everything in a more exciting way, a simple diary would be boring," Hana says.

    "Yes. Tell me the all the interesting details, even the saucy ones," Selina smirks.

    "You sure you want to know?" Hana asks, "You must have heard some rumors about my people."

    "I'm not so innocent," Selina giggles, "Oh, now that we are talking about it I remembered I heard a saucy story. Do you know Carmen, from the hunter's guild?"

    I suppress my smirk and simply nod along with the other girls.

    "So my neighbor swears that she saw Carmen enter Ganto's cafe, the one right in front," she continues. We look behind us and see a tall and fierce-looking man with graying hair serving people on tables on the street. "This was well past closing time, then, the little vixen, sneaked up near a window and she swears she heard a woman moaning, and it wasn't Carmen's voice."

    And at this moment Thomas comes in, he's wearing a rather formal thick cotton yellow doublet, black pants and some high boots.

    "Greetings," he says, his silky black hair sways as he bows lightly. He has an enviable stubble and he's not even that much older than me.

    "Welcome back, my love," Selina says with a wide smile.

    "I'm back," he sits down and relaxes on the chair, "Sorry I'm a little late to receive the guests."

    "We just started talking. I'm telling them Carmen's story."

    Thomas sits downs and looks at me, we holds the same expression. Discomfort.

    After some very excited gossiping about Carmen's escapades that me and Thomas do not really participate, we return to talking about our trip to the High Forest.

    "Wow, you are stronger than I thought," Thomas says, holding his blocky chin with his hand.

    "Position three is not joke, position one might as well be a knight," Selina says.

    "Forgive me but I do not really envy your fellowship. I would rather never meet the undead," he smiles and nods respectfully, "Having to trudge through the rotting orc husks was enough for me."

    He must own a warehouse on the Crafter's Corner.

    "Well not everything is that unpleasant," Alissa smiles wryly.

    "The Symbol of Darkness was unpleasant but the experience is something you never forget, it changes you and hopefully for the better," Hana says.

    "Even the Symbol of Envy was stressful to run from but now it feels quite the fun memory," I say.

    "You are all addicted," Thomas says with a sigh and then smiles, "My father always says this about adventurers and now I really understand it."

    "Oh, come on, it really seems like an exciting lifestyle," Selina slaps his arm lightly.

    "Fun to hear about," he grabs her hand and kisses it.

    "That I won't deny."

    "And then his claws just sank through the scales of my shield, through the metal of my shield, through the vambraces, and even through my own scales like it was nothing!" Hana pulls the sleeves of her arm and flexes fer forearm, lifting the patch of emerald scales in a wave.

    "How do you defend against something like that!?" Selina exclaims, her hands on her cheeks.

    "You don't. We only kept it back by using Roxanne's [Explosion]."

    "Didn't undead corruption spread to you?" Thomas asks, leaning forward.

    "It did, half my forearm died, it was the worst pain I have ever felt. I have [Pain Conversion], if I turned it on I would orgasm instantly."

    Thomas laughs and Selina smiles but blushes, then she goes back to petting Gify on her lap.

    "Meanwhile we were running like the wind, trying to get our employers to safety before Wolf could join us," Alissa says.

    Then Hana continues.

    "When she finished her part we ran away and reached the hole with the broken enchantment. Wolfy says, 'we don't really have the time, let's jump'. So I grab them and jump," Selina's expression is a mix of fear, surprise, and laughter. "I summon my wings and we scrape on the walls, Roxanne is yelling all the way, and then when we get near the ground Wolfy uses [Telekinesis] to slow us down. Suddenly I feel a large burst of force slow me and he passes out," Hana stops speaking for a moment to increase the tension.

    "So I'm like 'holy shit, we are going to crash'. Then Roxanne frees herself from my grasp and summon's her bat wings so she can float down. Now I'm lighter so I just hold Wolfy and Aoi tighter and we land heavily on the ground, at least my legs didn't break."

    "And you had a half-rotted arm," Thomas says.


    "But we still had to keep running, now carrying Wolfy, until we found a safe place to rest," Alissa says, "It wasn't that bad, Wolfy has a tendency to overuse his mana so we were somewhat used to it."

    I smile wryly and look away.

    We spend some time talking about the incoming Harpy attack. Thomas hired a fellowship to take care of the shop during the attack while they hide in the basement. Every house in the town has a reinforced basement where the population can hide during attacks, this is why even though the town could get destroyed the loss of life is not massive.

    We leave when it's near dusk.

    "Goodbye Alissa, of the Blinding Arrows," Selina says with a smirk.

    "Goodbye Mr. 'Good Luck'," Says Thomas also with a smirk.

    "Now I'm the one envious," Hana says.

    "Now that I think about it, titles sound a little, uh, silly," Alissa says with a wry smile.

    Tonight I spend my time practicing Andraste with Ciel and Aoi, who's learning to read. Then I cuddle with Alissa again as she reads a book, I'm getting good at understanding Andraste without the skill. The golems seem interested in the books, I don't know if they do know how to read or if it was just passing curiosity.

    Today is the 15th.

    Morning as usual with Lina waking me up.

    My [Andraste Language] and [Sword Use] increased by 1 (now 4+6 and 12+9).

    Through Lina's research I understood that [Transformation Magic] cures birth defects by altering both soul and body. [Heal] does not cure birth defects because the defect is on the soul itself, what [Heal] does is align the body with the soul. Later I should get some more information on how [Transformation Magic] identifies the birth defects.

    It confirms to me that the soul is not a reflection of the body, they could both be independent on each other or the body is a reflection of the soul. I'm leaning on the latter due to how [Illusion Magic] some spells like [Ghost Lights] sends sensory input to the soul, not the brain, possibly indicating some form of hierarchy.

    If [Ghost Lights] sends spells to the "brain" on the soul, this means there's a permanent location for the brain. Same for the mana organ. So organs on the soul have fixed positions, the question then is can I relate someone's organ position on the body to their position on the soul? I want to do this because searching the soul blindly for the desired organ is quite tiring.

    I ask Alissa to use [Ghost Lights] on Lina repeatedly while I scour through her soul. Eventually I manage to find a place on her soul that's under random changes at periodic intervals. This is quite the find, I managed to visualize the effect of an illusion in someone's mind in real time. This could greatly improve the [Diagnosis] skill, I have to teach [Sense Soul] to Ciel.

    "It's done?" Lina asks while rubbing her eyes, she's slightly queasy.

    "Yep, I found it. Thank you, my love."

    "Y-you welcome," she lowers her head.

    If I know where the brain, and the vocal chords are, perhaps I can calculate the position of other body parts. I assume skills are the things on the outer layers of the soul, so far the organs were found inside the first layer. The second layer might actually be the first "level" layer, the one where skills are stored, since everyone (humanoid) seems to have the same number of layers as their levels plus one layer.

    The first layer of the soul is a sphere, which means the organs will be stretched and their positions distorted. There might be more organs here that do not equate to physical ones like the mana organ, so not every structure belongs to a physical organ.

    To find the correlation will be some very methodical and repetitive work. This is quite a headache, I want an assistant.

    "Lina, Ciel, do you want to help me out?" I ask, "This is quite the complex work for just me alone."

    I don't even have to ask Alissa, she nudges me on and I give her the skill too.

    "What about the skin?" Ciel asks, "Have you found it?"

    "Nope," I answer, "Could be just before the layer boundary."

    "If we do then we could cut ourselves and see if there's a difference on the soul. Could make even finding internal wounds easier."

    I give her some finger-guns and a "das rite" look.

    "What are you doing?" She asks flatly.

    "Reference, means "that's right'," I smile to her.

    I take a look at Aoi's throat and compare it to ours and an elemental's. When she speaks it barely moves, ours moves a lot, and the elemental's doesn't move. Aoi must be supplementing her frail vocal chords with magic, not the [Godly Language] type but something else, something similar to the elementals but more complex.

    "You are the secret to progress again my little one," I pat her head and she closes her eyes.


    "I want to copy how you speak, it's better than the elementals and perfect for the golems."


    Before I continue we have to make lunch.

    Ciel and Alissa come back with some groceries. Lina scurries to her side, she investigates the vegetables and picks up a small mushroom. She sniffs once and eats it raw.

    "Lina!?" Ciel exclaims, me and the other girls lift their eyebrows, "Those are poisonous!"

    "No...?" She tilts her head and stares at Ciel with her usual gloomy eyes ,"Those are Giftig mushrooms, we can eat it raw."

    "No we can't, we have to boil and drain them. They can make your blood go blue if you eat too many! You could die!"

    Lina frowns and looks at the mushrooms again. "Mom would sometimes make a sauce for us to eat along but we mostly ate it raw," she says.

    "[Spirit of Gaia] cleansed her blood of alcohol, maybe it does the same thing to the mushroom poison," I say.

    "Oh. That's true, it could be it," Lina says and nods repeatedly.

    Ciel massages her forehead and chuckles.

    We boil the mushrooms and eat them. They are blue clumps of thin noodles, almost like a beard. They taste sweet and fruity, reminds me of blueberry and menthol.

    "Hmmm... I think I can use this [Sense Soul] to improve my potion and poison testing," Roxanne says, "Using it on myself was limiting my knowledge of effects."

    "Wait what? You were using yourself as a test subject for poisons?" I ask, incredulous.

    She shrugs.

    "What else could I have used?" She asks, "It's why I prefer making potions, easier to test on myself."

    That's true, we need something for her to test things on. Maybe we could capture some monsters. Animal testing might be dirty business but I'm willing to compromise in exchange for power.

    With Roxanne also recruited into the [Sense Soul] research Hana was the last one left. To not be left alone she decided to joins us too.

    Looking at Aoi's voice using my direct soul touch I notice how she can speak. Mana has an attraction to matter, it does not interact directly but it clumps up near matter and is what's responsible for when crystals "attune" to mana, matter becomes more capable of attracting a certain kind of mana. This is why you gather mana for spells on your heart, it causes your blood to slowly get attuned to your own mana, improving your spellcasting.

    Aoi's voice is produced by a reversion of the effect, it makes matter be repelled by mana and you vibrate this effect along with your vocal chords for improved speech. Requires minute control, something that Aoi has been improving on slowly.

    Now that I think about it dragons are famous for their frightening roars, perhaps their physical throats are made for the roar while they use magic for normal speech.

    Aoi turns belly up, giggling and drooling from the arousing touch of my soul. She seems... Drunk and twice more adorable. Hana takes the opportunity and abuses Aoi's vulnerable state, she tickles Aoi until she begs to stop and nearly passes out, exhausted.

    Since Aoi's voice is magical even I could learn how to make a voice like that. Maybe this is how those microphone-like magical tools work. Because her magic voice is something learned and yet it's also stored on the soul then perhaps everything we learn, like spells and other things unrelated to skills, are stored in the soul, maybe we could even quantify knowledge someday.

    I cast [Mold] and slowly change the vocal chords of the golems to match that of Aoi. I make Ted's longer and Suzy's slightly shorter. The structure itself is rather similar to the throat visually so I hope what I'm doing is right.

    "He, lo," Ted says in a raspy voice, still slightly high pitched.

    "He, lo," Suzy says in a raspy and much higher pitched voice.

    "Holy, fucking, shit, Wolfy," Roxanne says.

    Ciel is quiet, she simply grabs Ted and slowly smothers him.

    "You, might, da-ma-ge, me," Ted says.

    Ciel grunts and he disappears on her bosom.

    "I did it, finally," I say and exhale. I drop back on the sofa and smile widely.

    Roxanne grabs Suzy before Lina can and the blonde doll disappears on her dress.

    "Dark," The doll says, her voice muffled.

    The two girls gush at the improved golems while Lina twiddles her thumbs, waiting for her turn.

    "Next thing you girls should teach them is [Telekinesis]. They will be able to help around once they grasp it," I say.

    Ciel and Roxanne nod emphatically.

    "How goes the mapping?" I ask Alissa.

    "We think we found how the skin maps to the border areas but it's soo distorted it's quite difficult to predict," Alissa says, a knife in one hand and small bloodied rag on another, "Ciel, Roxanne, help me here."

    "Okay..." Ciel mumbles and releases Ted.

    "No, da-ma-ge," Ted says while patting himself.

    Roxanne releases Suzy and Lina gets her turn with both golems at the same time.

    "You are so cute," Lina says while repeatedly pressing Ted's nose.



    "Ted, can you lie?" I ask.

    "Yes," he turns to me and nods.

    "Can you hurts us?"

    Lina frowns and the other girls turn to me.


    "Do you wish to hurt us?"

    "I, have, no, wi-shes."

    "So why do you check for damage?"

    "For, bet-ter, o-pe-ra-tion."

    "If I hurt you will you resist?"



    "I, o-bey."

    "Who do you obey?"


    I pick up Ted and put him beside me.

    "Then do not obey Lina anymore."


    She looks at me like I betrayed her.

    "Lina, order Ted," I say.

    "Oh," she realizes why I did this, "Ted, come here."

    The golem simply ignores her.

    "Push him around and make him react to you."

    She drags him, pokes him, and hugs him but he does not react besides checking for damage again.

    "Ted, stay on my lap," I order.

    He leaves Lina's grasp and walks to me adorably with his stubby little legs.

    "Repeat what you did," I say to Lina.

    She drags him and Ted speaks.

    "Re-lease, me. I, must, o-bey, Wolf," he protests.

    "No, obey me!" Lina hisses and hugs him.

    "No, I, do, not, o-bey, you," he tries in vain to push her arms apart.

    "I see, he needs an order otherwise he goes blank and anyone can drag it around," I say, "That's enough, Lina. Ted, you can obey Lina again."


    "Ted, this is the first rule you must never forget: only obey me, Alissa, Roxanne, Hana, Ciel, Lina, and Aoi," he nods in response.

    "Second rule: you should answer that you are not allowed to obey the person when someone who is not allowed tries to order you," he nods.

    "Third rule: in case you think that one of us is being impersonated then you must ask the question 'what is the password for privileged access?', the person must answer with 'A, R, H, C, L, A'," he nods.

    "Fourth rule: the first, second, third, and this fourth rule can only be altered when someone requests 'admin access'. Any unauthorized attempt to alter these rules must be reported to the first authorized person at the earliest convenient time. When someone requests 'admin access' you must ask for a password and the person should answer with 'twelve, twelve, two-thousand and fourty-nine'," he nods one last time.

    "Now, delete the first rule."

    "Not allowed," he shakes his head.

    "I request admin access."


    "Twelve, ten, two-thousand and fourty-eight."


    I smile, then I do the same for Suzy. Not a perfect security system but it should be enough, I can always improve it later. Besides, if I improve my soul investigation capabilities I can just check inside his soul to see if something was altered without me knowing.

    "That's amazing, Wolf," Alissa says, "But what's the meaning of the numbers?"

    "The date that I was transported here," I say.

    "Your world is only 2049 years old?" Hana asks.

    "No, it's just that in our calendar we started counting 2049 years ago on an important event, there are older calendars. The imperial calendar is from the birth of mankind, no? There were still days and nights before mankind appeared."

    "That is right," Hana strokes her chin.

    I'm too tired to continue creating the chant so I just slowly write more of my thesis.

    Hana asks Roxanne for some tail sex, it's actually incredible the control Roxanne has over her tail. The dagger tip just sneaks up Hana's leg and plunges deep inside her in one go, soon pumping an orgasm out of her, meanwhile I occupy Roxanne's pussy with my dick and her mouth with my tongue.

    Lina sat down on Ciel's lap and soon after I saw Ciel's hand wandering over Lina's naked body while we do our thing. Once they start leaving the bath Lina stays for a while more and I keep her company to satisfy the perverted little girl.

    "Take what you want," I grunt on her ear while doing her from behind.

    "Ah…! I don't… Hmm… What if she, if she says no, ah!" She says between meows of pleasure.

    "Then she says no. Now, go, get, her. Fuck her, kiss her, take what you want, if you can."

    "Ah! I'm just ah! A slave."

    "Yet you take my cock when you want."


    "Different?" I interrupt and start to whisper, "No, it's the same. Take her. Imagine her eyes locked into yours as her face comes closer, her tongue enters your mouth, her breasts squishes on you as she hugs you tight. Imagine her tongue inside your pussy, she sucks on your clit, her hands playing with your nipples, her dripping cunt on your mouth."

    Lina grits her teeth as I pound in her and squeezes me tight. I release her from my hug and she collapses. I pull it out of her and she finishes me with her mouth.

    "You got quite good at this," I say with a smirk, "Ciel will enjoy your little tongue running all over her womanly lips."

    Lina blushes with my dick in her mouth and coughs when I finish down her throat.

    At night we play with my [Holy Spirit] and the golems. Now that we can communicate with them I understand that their souls are barely adapted to control their bodies. Their soul is the same as an earth elemental so they were expecting a heavier and much larger body to control. This should be the next improvement I make on them.

    Today is the 16th.

    I'm stuck on the bed until Roxanne awakes. She's the other one who has tentacles for arms, plus one extra limb, that she uses to keep her prey well secured and incapable of untangling themselves from her grasp.

    After their morning meal Hana and Alissa leave me alone while my neck is tickled by Roxanne's breath.

    This woman is almost as lonely as I am. She doesn't really volunteers information so I have to force her to talk about her past.

    And now I realize how I am similar to her. I haven't talked that much about Earth to the girls, I'm rather surprised they haven't asked more. Maybe it's Alissa or Ciel's influence, they understands me, they know how much it hurts me to talk about something I want to forget.

    But I have been running, haven't I?


    I smile wryly.

    Why didn't you force me to talk?

    Goulgh gorg guh.

    I see. I had to admit the problem first.

    Geh gah gih.

    Okay, Mr. Therapist, I have a problem, I don't like to talk about Earth. What's your prescription?


    Fine, I'll talk. To-morrooow. I have to finish this Thesis.

    The smell of breakfast enters the room and my stomach rumbles. I decide to wake up the sleeping beauty, I press her nose and she squirms while making a silly sound.


    "Wake up, my love," I whisper on her ears.

    "Wolfyy~…" She stretches her arms and hugs my entire body, "Just one more minute."

    "You can 'just one more minute' alone, I'm hungry."

    "Nyooo~..." She hugs me tighter and yawns.

    I start flicking the tip of her currently rubbery horn. She shivers every time I hit and slowly opens her eyes.

    "Okaay~..." She yawns again and unglues from me.

    My [Golemancy] increased by 2 (now 0+4). Ciel's "Perception" increased by 1 (now 13). Hana's "Intelligence" increased by 1 (now 11).

    I go downstairs in my underwear for another sexy breakfast.

    "Good, mor-ning," says Suzy, "No, un-der-wear, will, ma-ke, you, cold."

    Eh, it's summer time, it's quite hot lately.

    "I'll be fine," I wave to her and she turns back to patting Lina on the head, "You have been improving quite a lot, Hana. Your 'Intelligence' increased by 1," I say.

    "Can't be the only one not learning something new here," she shrugs and grins, "I'm mostly mooching off your intelligence."

    "You're a good help, Hana, you are not mooching," Alissa says.

    I kiss Hana's forehead and pat Aoi on her side.

    After breakfast I regretfully put on some clothes and go to Kyros' lessons.

    Nudism can be quite liberating.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord SenilePenile.
    Lord Hope.
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    I look out the window. The seagulls are squawking, the sky is clear and the sun is shining. I can hear the faint sound of the waves if I concentrate enough.

    I can't hold back the sigh that escapes my lips.

    I look over my clothes and pick up a thin white dress. I tuck my tail through the back hole and put on some cute yellow shoes.

    I leave my room and go to Mom's office. She's doing accounting with her abacus. She adjusts her small round glasses and continues writing. Her long silky black hair is tied in a ponytail to keep it out of her face. Her long white fingers write with lots of "Speed" and "Dexterity".

    "Mom?" I ask.

    "Yes, honey?" She says without lifting her eyes from her work.

    "I want to go out."

    "Bring Shervin with you."

    "But Moom! Shervin scares the others. I don't need him watching over, I will behave this time, I promise!" I clap my hands in pleading and bow.

    "Don't make me repeat myself," she lifts her eyes and her cold glare gives me shivers.

    I immediately straight up and nod to her repeatedly. She returns to her work and I skedaddle out of there.

    Heh, skedaddle.

    I sigh and resign myself to my fate. I dread the reaction of others when they see Shervin shadowing me.

    At least Mom's books are improving my vocabulary, those hard words impressed Khadima.

    I go downstairs and look for Shervin. I see Khadima is waxing the tile floor, the old woman is calmly humming a song as she works, her tail flabs around, barely staying upright.

    "Khadima," I say.

    "Yes little Rox?" She turns to me and smiles warmly.

    "Don't call me 'little'," I pout.

    "Sure. Little Rox," she smiles wider.

    I just can't get mad at this woman.

    "Where's Shervin? Mom said I have to bring him if I want to go outside."

    "He's not here yet but his shift is about to start, just you wait and he will be here soon," her tanned and wrinkly hand pats my cheek. She smells of the flowery perfume of the cleaning products.


    I continue past the hall and down the corridor towards the backyard. I smell something sweet being baked at the kitchen but I can't go there, Mom gets mad when I eat out of time.

    I reach the backyard and suddenly remember I didn't have any reason for coming here. I should have returned to my room but now I don't feel like walking anymore.

    I sit down by the pool and remove my shoes so I can dip my toes. I think about just jumping in but Mom gets mad when I do that.

    I see Mushtal is working on the flowers. The old man is wearing some jumpers with dirt on his knees. At his age where does he get so much energy to work like this?

    He lifts from the patch and cleans sweat from his brow. He notices me and waves.

    "Hello, Roxanne, refreshing yourself?" He asks with a tired smile.


    "Today is a good day to go out, eh?"

    "Yes," I say and nod.

    He comes over and sits on the grass near the pool with a grunt.

    "Feeling bored again?" He asks with a slight frown and I hear sympathy on his voice.


    He ungloves his hand and scratches his head with a slight cringe.

    "Maybe you should, uh, find some other girls to play with, you know, some who have more, uh, money," his tone is not very convincing.

    "I did, once. They were mean, I don't like them," I say and turn away, the twinkle of the pool looks much more enticing than Mushtal's pitying gaze.

    "People of influence can be mean, sometimes, but you have to endure, get closer to them so they are less mean to you."

    "I don't want to."

    We stay silent for a long minute.

    "I have to get back to work, your mother will get angry if the flowers wilt," he says and gets up again with a grunt, "but think about what I said, uh? For your future," with this he goes back to working on the flower patch.

    My future? What of it?

    "Roxanne!?" I hear Shervin call out.

    I jump out of the edge and scurry towards the source of the voice.

    On the doorway to the house I see a tall, muscular, and broad shirtless man with a long sword at his waist. Brown fur comes out of the side of his arms, hands bigger than normal hang near his knees, and a brown wolf head looks at me warmly. A gorosnegee-type demon race.

    "Shervin!" I yell and run to him. I hug his large waist and feel some of the fur on his ribs tickle my head.

    "Y-yes, me. Careful with your horns," Shervin says and awkwardly pushes me away. "Khadima said that you were looking for me?"

    "I want to go out!" I look up to his face and smile, his glacial blue eyes are beautiful to look at.

    He pats my head softly, something difficult to do with his thick and rough hand.

    "Alright, then. Lead the way," he says with a toothy smile that shows his fangs.

    Now that Shervin is beside me, the guard lets me out of the estate.

    Those thick and high walls were suffocating me. Seeing the cobble road, the white buildings, and the townspeople on their day-to-day gives me new vigor.

    I quickly move way from this block, I don't want to meet our neighbors. I make my way towards the central square, everyone likes to hang out near the plaza in front of the governor's mansion.

    There's a few stalls selling food but I'm not hungry yet. Quite a lot of people in here, even though not many have the money to spend on the shops around the governor's house they can still buy a thing or two from the stalls.

    I heard that the governor wanted to remove the stalls so the poor people would leave. That sounds incredibly mean, the governors is just like the neighbors, she's a snotty snooty snob.

    There's lots of tails swaying about without care, some are even on the way, mostly the men. That's incredibly rude to force me to touch their tails so I can pass, I kind of understand why the governor dislikes the crowd but that doesn't excuse wanting to force the stalls to go away.

    I also don't understand why they like this plaza so much, there's always so little non-succubus in here that it's kind of boring. I like people like Shervin, makes it more pleasant to the eye. And it seems plenty of other people think this way, specially the women. I don't get why they like him so much, do the goros-types have bigger dicks or something?

    I look around and find Nousha walking with the usual group. The albino succubus is with her brother, Firuz. This makes things more difficult, Firuz became like a kheshm-type ever since we changed houses, I don't like him anymore.

    I breathe in deeply and move towards them. I have to talk to Nousha, I have to.

    Firuz is the first one to notice me, damn, he scowls when he sees me.

    "H-hello, Firuz," I say and look over Nousha, she hides behind her brother. Why would she do that? "Hello, Nousha."

    "Oh, it's Roxxy," says one of the other kids. Firuz glances back and the smile on the kid's face quickly fades.

    Firuz glares at me, "What do you want?" He asks.

    "Nousha? H-how are you? It's been a while since I saw you," I say, trying to peek over Firuz but he stands in front of Nousha and blocks her vision of me.

    "Why are you coming after her again? Wasn't my dad enough for you?" He asks and takes a step forward, his tail standing still and pointing forward, threateningly. Shervin growls and Firuz glares at him, then he steps back and pushes Nousha behind him again. "Are you going to sic your dog on us now? Are you going to get him to kidnap my sister and beat her? Why don't you leave us alone!?" He barks at me.

    "That's, that's not fair!" I yell at him, "I didn't want this, I didn't want any of this, it's not my fault!"

    "I don't care! Your mother already fired my dad and now he's drinking again! Go away! Your family became just like the other snobs!" He waves his hand in the air to shoo me away.

    I don't know what to say. I don't want this, I don't want to fight, I just want to play with Nousha again, to talk to her again.

    I lower my head and keep it down, it's all I can do to keep the tears away. I won't cry, I won't let Firuz see me cry, I won't let the others see me cry.

    "Sorry…" Nousha mutters and I hear them walk away.

    I lift my head and see them leave, they don't even look back. The people around me have mixed gazes, some obviously dislike my mother, so they dislike me; others don't care and only pity me.

    I don't like the pity, I don't want the pity, I just want to play with Nousha again, I even want to play with Firuz again. I just want to go back how we were.

    I turn around and leave.

    I walk down the market, she smell of fish and seafood is in the air. Plenty of merfolk walk the streets and browse the wares, most are tall and strong Sea Soldiers, not many commoners bother to get a permit to enter our Holy Lands.

    "Hello, Roxanne," says one of the vendors.

    "Hello," I answer.

    "How are you, Roxanne?" Asks another.

    "Fine," I answer.

    "Going for a walk, Roxanne?" Asks an old woman.


    "Taking a stroll with Shervin, eh? Why don't you spend some time in my house while I talk with Shervin?" Asks a young female vendor. "I can give you lots of cookies again."

    "Later, Shervin can talk with you on his free time," I say, provoking a coughing fit on Shervin.

    "Hello, Roxanne, tell your mother how your father is always a pleasure to deal with," says another young female vendor.


    "Roxanne, won't you take some Tickly Tentacles for dinner? I know your mother will love them, I know how to find them better than even the merfolk!" Says a fisherman.

    "Another day."

    I finally pass the through the market and the assault ends.

    The smell of salt gets as high as it can once I reach the pier. Then I move along it until I find the shore, after a long way past the bathers I find a thick patch of trees.

    There's a very faint path that only me, Nousha, and Shervin know about. We go down the winding path and enter a small cave. It's a beautiful where the sun light creates reflections on the rock ceiling that wave about as the tide comes and goes. The sound of the waves echoes through the cave and makes me sleepy.

    I'm finally alone, except for my shadow called Shervin.

    "Can't you leave me alone?" I ask, very annoyed.

    "No," he answers flatly, "if I do you might run away and get into trouble again."

    At the end of the cave I see a green flag on a buoy, the Sea Soldiers are on patrol so it's safe to enter the water. Not that I want to, I just want to stay here without anything crawling out of the water.

    "You shouldn't have come, you made things worse," I say and crouch over a dry rock.

    "You know that's not true," he says softly.

    "Yes it is! Firuz hates you and you made him mad!"

    "Hey! No I didn't, you know exactly why he hates you!" Shervin shows his fangs at me in anger, not that he's trying to scare me. He sighs, then he runs his hand through the tall fur on his head and says, "I'm sorry, Roxxy, I shouldn't yell at you. Look, Firuz is a kid, and so are you. Firuz is just taking his anger on you, it's not fair but it's how things are, one day Firuz will calm down and you can become friends again."

    I turn around and look over the water, the waving lights on the ceiling are much more enticing that Shervin's pitying gaze.

    "Father says we are going to leave Mashoor."


    "He hired an instructor in magic, he said he got me a spot on the Holy Academy once I'm old enough. We are going to Xane."

    "Oh… then over there you can make some new friends," he says softly.

    "I don't want to."

    "You will, soon enough."

    I don't want to. I don't want to. I don't want to. I don't want to!

    Damn, stupid, shitty, filthy... argh! Skritter-brains!

    I don't control my mother, I don't tell her what to do, and she certainly wouldn't fire his dad because of some stupid shit we did.

    If I could just…

    I lift my arms and start casting a [Fireball], I barely have the concentration to properly chant so I just mutter some stupid words and curses in a voice Shervin can't hear.

    "… and rip them apart! [Fireball]!"

    The spell fires towards the water and explodes, a large amount of scalding water flies in all directions and burns my face.

    "Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!" I cry as I throw cold sea water in my face and arms to cool it down.

    "You stupid kid, what did you do this time!?" Shervin angrily yells at me. He grabs my arms and splashes 3 HP potions on my whole body. The pain slowly fades away as the potion takes effect.

    Thank the Gods for my glasses, if that water entered my eyes I would be in much more pain.

    "What kind of damn spell was that?" He asks and looks over where my spell hit the water. There's a small whirlpool quickly decreasing in size where the spell hit. "How much mana did you use?"

    "Not much," I say and move away from him towards another dry rock.

    "You know how to manipulate concepts of magic? That must have been an explosive [Fireball]."

    "I guess so," I say and shrug.

    "You have some talent, you will be a good mage one day," he smiles and shows all of his fangs and sharp teeth.

    "I'm tired of hearing that," I mutter.

    Shervin cringes and I look away, I'm tired of these pitying gazes.

    I grab some pebbles and start to throw them. My aim is horrible, if only I could cast [Fireball] without having to aim, then I could blow those snobs with a thought.

    My dress is now wet with salt water and some sticky remains from the lower quality HP potion. I [Conjure Water] on my hand and slowly scrub myself, if I use Fire and [Water Magic] properly then mother won't notice I dirtied my dress with sea water.

    I have 14 "Willpower" and 5 [Mana Control], it should be enough for some faint elemental manipulation. I have to heat my body and pull out the water from my clothes along with whatever is dirtying me.

    Fire causes heat that turns water into steam. Fire causes heat that turns water into steam. Fire causes heat that turns water into steam.

    I close my eyes and repeat the words in my head to aid in the visualization. I imagine the fire tickling and licking the water droplets, who get scared of the heat and scream while running away. The droplets scatter into a cloud and run as fast as they can from the heat. They feel the heat on each other and panic, they try to run in any direction as long as it's away from the closest source of heat.

    I feel my body get uncomfortably hot and the water in my skin sizzle and turn into steam. My mana drops steadily and I quickly get tired.

    I look over Shervin and see he's meditating on a dry rock. Good thing his [Sense Mana] is low, he would tell Mom I'm doing this and she would get mad, then she would force me to improve [Clean] until my head hurt.

    I turn back and continue throwing pebbles but I quickly stop and stare at the water in silence. I don't know what I want to do but I certainly don't want to go home.

    Shervin suddenly rises from his meditation and says, "Roxanne, dusk is coming. Let's go home, I'm hungry."


    The walk back is silent.

    The vendors are closing their shops, some people go to the plaza to hang out and drink, others leave to go home or to a tavern. The merfolk Sea Soldiers go back into the water and turn the green flags red, now the sea is off-limits to anyone not stupid enough.

    We enter the estate just as the guard shift changes. The tall gate closes behind us and I feel my body pressured again.

    I go towards the master bath while Shervin goes towards the servant's bath. As I'm about to enter Mom comes out of the bath looking refreshed. She stops to look me over and gives an approving nod.

    Good, she didn't notice. I just hope I didn't damage this dress, it's one of the better ones.

    I enter the bath and dad is in the tub. I quickly wash myself and jump over the bath, I swim towards dad and nuzzle on his arm.

    "Hey, my little Rox. Careful with the horns," he says and pats me.

    His thin, delicate hands caress my horns, his unnaturally white skin is flushed pink. His dark brown hair is sweptback like always, it's like he doesn't know any other hairstyle. I entwine my tail with his and close my eyes.

    "Did you talk with Nousha, today?" He asks.

    I grit my teeth but try to keep myself from frowning in front of Dad.

    "No, Firuz didn't let me, he doesn't like me anymore," I answer as unemotionally as I can.

    "It's fine," he says and hugs me with his other arm, "You are a child, friendships come and go, you will make new friends. Have you talked to the neighbors kids yet? Some of them are the children from Holy Officials on vacation in here. You should make friends with them, you will meet them again at the Holy Academy soon enough."

    I stay quiet. I'm tired of saying the same thing and I don't want to tell Dad how that went.

    Dinner is usual, Dad goes on, and on, and on, and on, he tells us of his meetings and the updates of the shipments while Mom listens and occasionally interjects to suggest something. When she starts giving her report on the finances I zone out and focus on savoring my food.

    I understand a few scraps of conversation coming from the servant's table but I have to hold my laughter or Mom gets mad, she wants me to learn business too so their talk is also for me. I don't know why she does this since she wants me to serve as a Holy Official.

    I see Shervin is eating a mountain again, how does he not get fat?

    "Mom, can you buy some more books?" I ask.

    "Have you finished the other books yet?" She asks with an inquisitive gaze.

    "They are too boring!" I protest and pout.

    Her eyes narrow into long lines as her gaze turns cold.

    "Come now, Sanaz, she deserves a few more books to distract her, doesn't she?" Dad asks with a warm smile.

    "Fine, but you will have to make sure she doesn't ditch her training, Behrouz, at least until her instructor comes," Mom mellows and smiles at Dad.

    "Yes, my dear," he grabs Mom's hand and kisses it, making her chuckle,"I will come home earlier to measure her progress," he turns to me and says softly, "I want to see this powerful [Fire Magic] I hear so much."

    That doesn't sound so bad.

    I spend some of my evening on Dad's lap as he brushes my hair. I love his [Massage] skill, it feels like he's slowly caressing the inside of my brain.

    Eventually Mom and Dad retire early to the bedroom. I don't feel like talking to the servants so I go to my room and look for a book to read. No matter how many times I look at them none seem interesting.

    I groan and pick one I've never read before, "In Vivo Experiments of Death Valley's Flora on Humanoids".

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord SenilePenile.
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    Now that most of my training of [Godly Language] is done I want to explore the effects of the skill. I know it can affect souls but it can also bend reality, I could whisper "your sword is unbreakable" to Hana and it might actually become true. I will need to put many more points on it than the current 20 I am willing to allocate to it but maybe I can do it with very small things like "this lock is open" or similar.

    "Can you show me how you bend reality with [Godly Language]?", I ask.

    Kyros stops stroking his goatee and speaks, "Boy, that is dangerous."

    "I know. But I want to learn."

    Kyros frowns and looks down, he doesn't seem very eager to teach me that.

    "Boy, if you ever try to alter reality do it small, very, very small first," he says with weary eyes. "If something goes wrong, you dying is the least worst thing that could happen, a lot of people could die if you try something foolish."

    "I'm a very cautious person, but also very curious."

    "Evidently," he smiles wryly, then he sighs and continues, "The secret to altering reality is by visualization, just like magic, the more you know, the deeper you can imagine, and the more certain you can alter reality.

    "Keep in mind that you are altering the laws of physics and magic to your wishes, this can cause some chaotic things if you don't know what you are doing. For example, if you ask something like 'create light', the skill does not create a [Spirit Light] or a flame, it simply creates a source of light, completely devoid of mass, fuel, mana, or logic. It won't create a real, physics-or-magic-abiding source of light unless if you specify it.

    "To create something safely you need to imagine every single little piece that makes it, I don't think even the emperor is capable of that."

    I see, opening a lock won't be so easy if I don't know the how the lock works. But the emperor doesn't have my knowledge of Earth and physics.

    "I understand," I lower my head, "I won't abuse it, I swear I will take extreme care in what I do."

    He spends a long minute staring at my lowered head. Perhaps he thinks that if he doesn't teach me, then I will experiment on my own, which I admit is kind of a possibility.

    "Very well," he finally says and I raise my head, he pulls out a small handkerchief and bunches it up on the table, "Imagine this piece of cloth is igniting, not that it's on fire, it's catching fire, as if someone is holding a [Fireball] below it.

    "Imagine every small fiber suddenly combusting into fire, a normal fire that consumes matter and leaves ashes on its behind. Focus on a very small spot, it should be enough to make it catch fire."

    I focus and concentrate. Fire, rapid oxidation of material in a chemical reaction that releases heat and light. Oxygen, fuel, heat, a chain chemical reaction.

    "Now say the words, 'this handkerchief will catch fire'."

    I prepare myself. I only have 10 points on it right now so here comes nausea.

    "This handkerchief will catch fire," I say, using the skill.

    *Foosh*. A small flame suddenly bursts on the handkerchief.

    I feel absolutely horrible. My vision decides that what I'm seeing isn't real and every color twirls into each other; my stomach receives a foreign package and wants to return my breakfast to sender; my brain rejects this reality and goes back home to my man-cave to sit in the computer and exhale air lightly every time I see a meme; my muscles enter a strike and ask for vacation into a thai massage-with-a-happy-ending resort.

    Kyros puckers his lips into the shape of asterisk. "What," he says in a weak voice.

    "What?" I ask, barely maintaining my grip on reality.

    "You weren't supposed to do it this fast," he says and extinguishes his handkerchief with a use of [Conjure Water].

    "Well... I did," I shrug and groan at the bloody revolution happening inside my body. Maybe I shouldn't have done it seriously on the first try.

    Kyros pulls out two red potions with a *poof* and rolls one to me.

    "Drink it, will help with the feedback. Not that you are actually wounded it's just that magic helps the world stabilize."

    While seeing double I manage to grab the HP potion and chug it, tastes like honey. In a few seconds a wave washes over my body and removes the sludge that took over me.

    "That was really odd," I say, "Way, way worse than just normal feedback or mana-radiation poisoning."

    "Radiation?" He lifts one eyebrow.

    "Mana leak poisoning during the gathering."

    He nods in understanding. "Anyway, this is the feedback from a badly formed reality alteration. You now understand how dangerous this is, just a simple combustion caused even me to feel sick."

    "I understand, thank you for showing it to me."

    He nods repeatedly, "Well there's not much else to show, this is how you do it and the only way to get better is to improve your [Godly Language] or improve your visualization."

    I calmly focus on my voice vortex, I had enough poisoning for today.

    Space class is free practice, theoretical lessons are over so we are to focus on reviewing things until the final (and only) test. I get an idea about inverting [Gravity Crush] and trying to explode people, maybe I can teach it to Roxanne to improve her [Explosion].

    I focus on my [Telekinesis], I have to chant it since I'm in front of class so I focus on using it to dodge by sliding backwards.

    "Impressive," the gnome professor Ludwick says, "Are you planning on incorporating this on your martial arts?"


    "How novel. People would prefer to use [Fly] and fight at a distance. Show me the style when you create the skill. Actually, won't this be the third skill you have created?"

    I can only smile wryly at his words.

    "Three new skills alongside reviving an abandoned magic school. What an oddity you are, Mr. Ryder," he continues with a smirk and strokes his long white beard. " But then again, you do have a blessing from the Goddess of Knowledge."

    "I will definitely show it to you, professor. I learned the most from your class so I owe you at least this," I smile faintly to him.

    The professor gets very satisfied with my words and moves on in a renewed mood.

    "Let's give Ciel and Lina a show," I say to Alissa during our trip back home.

    "As if you had to ask," she answers.

    At the bath I slowly wash Alissa's body, her soft skin, her cute breasts, her delicate hands, her cute ears, her fluffy tail. Slow and firm, enough pressure for pleasure and not enough for pain. I [Massage] her tail, giving it very soft tugs on it every once in a while. She closes her eyes like she loves to do and nearly falls asleep.

    I pull her head backwards and kiss her while my soaped hand glides through her body, her tongue lazily plays with mine. I knead her breasts and squeeze them repeatedly, they easily escape my slippery hands, giving her jolts of pleasure every time her nipples are squeezed and then slip away, making her moan lightly.

    I break the kiss and hold her on one arm with her head on my shoulder. With my other hand I grab her cheek and stare into her eyes as they blink slowly in sleepiness. I slide my hand upwards from her cheek and caress her hair and ear again. She purrs and closes her eyes again.

    I lower her on the ground and lift her hips up to my mouth and dig in. Now she fully awakes, her legs quiver and her feet point forward "en pointe". She grabs my head and forces me deeper, so I use my tongue to penetrate her.

    Her wet tail slaps on my belly as it wags wildly. Her eyes curve upwards and go white as she gets a whole body-shivering orgasm. Her thighs squeeze my head and her mouth opens wide in a silent orgasmic scream.

    I lower her hips into my lap and she wraps her arms around my neck. I penetrate her and her tongue invades my mouth, she searches for my tongue and sucks on it with excitement, she wants to swallow me whole. Her hips grind into mine, her insides as hot as they have ever been.

    We piston our hips in opposite directions, doubling the length my dick runs through her pussy. I use my index from each hand to enter her asshole and soon enough there's cream all over my shaft as she orgasms again.

    I use my fingers to spread her asshole and she squeezes me tight, loving the little jolts of pain sent along with the pleasure. The feelings contrast and add to each other, spicy and fresh, bitter and sweet, savory and mild.

    She breaks the kiss and hugs me tight. Her nails dig into my back and she gives me my own mix of pleasure and pain. She breathes hard on my ear and her moans go deep into my mind, making my heart tighten.

    I look to the bath and see Ciel is anxious, she's biting her lips sensually. Her arm desperately moves below water, sending the rhythmic waves of masturbation. Lina is beside her, staring at Ciel's naughty arm and where it goes. Lina suddenly turns to me and I grin.

    I force Alissa down and plunge into her the deepest I can. I let my seed flood her womb and I feel tempted to turn off the Ring of Fertility. I'm seriously developing an impregnation fetish.

    Lina turns back to Ciel and stands up. Ciel notices Lina and looks into her eyes, yet she doesn't stop masturbating. They stare at each other for long seconds. Finally Lina decides grab Ciel's head and kiss her.

    Ciel doesn't stop her arm, her tongue answers immediately and invades Lina's mouth. With her free hand she brings Lina close and spreads her legs. She rubs her pussy on Lina's legs as both of them kiss wildly and sloppily. They are competing in who is the one that's going to swallow who.

    Ciel's free hand unwrap from Lina's waist and one finger enters Lina's pussy. I get hard again inside Alissa and start to move my hips, I turn halfway so we can both watch Ciel and Lina. Hana and Roxanne are the ones now who desperately masturbate in silence.

    Alissa laughs freely and I remove my fingers from her asshole to clap. She hollers encouragements at the two for them to fuck harder. It may have worked as Ciel suddenly breaks the kiss and grabs Lina by the waist, she lifts her up and eats her pussy. Lina wraps her legs on Ciel's head and holds on for dear life, scared of the height.

    Hana and Roxanne also start hollering.

    "Lick, lick, lick, lick, lick! Lick that pussayy!" Hana yells.

    Alissa's legs quiver again and her feet point forward in another orgasm. I cum right at the same time and overflow her womb. My semen makes the wet noises even dirtier as our hips slap together.

    Lina yells a meow as she orgasms on Ciel's mouth. Ciel immediately lowers her and they resume kissing. Lina hungrily grabs Ciel's large bouncy breasts and kneads them like I do.

    Lina pulls away from Ciel and chomps down on her pussy, making Ciel yell.

    "Aah…! Don't bite!" Ciel pleads.

    "Do bite! Bite that clit!" Hana yells.

    Ciel loses her balance and hits the wall with with her arms. She lowers her hips to the edge of the tub as her legs quiver. Her hands grasp the border of the tub and her grip shakes.

    Lina has no mercy, she spreads Ciel's black lips and eats her meal like a starving person. Her hand moves nonstop, pistoning into Ciel. Her mouth acquired a new small mustache and by Ciel's expression I can only imagine what her tongue is doing.

    Ciel closes her eyes and grimaces, her legs lift from the water and fold. She opens her mouth and she lets out her voice.

    "AAAAAAH…!" She creams on Lina's tongue in a toe-curling orgasm.

    Lina slows down and removes herself from Ciel's pussy. She licks her lips and fingers and gives an impish smile. She approaches Ciel and kisses her, the two tongues entwine again with passion but they tiredness.

    Lina breaks the kiss and hugs Ciel hard, burying her head on the chocolate breasts. I cum a third time inside Alissa and collapse.

    "So, can we have a 6-way orgy?" Roxanne asks.

    Ciel is catatonic and merely hugs Lina back, they both sink into the tub. Hana leaves the tub and goes to Alissa, she licks her lips as she sees the meal between Alissa's legs.

    "Maybe…" Lina says shyly.

    Aoi acquired a sixth-sense for sex, now that we are done she suddenly wakes up. Her claws untangle from Gify's and she swims towards the border.

    Hana quickly sucks the cum and cream out of my shaft, then I enter the tub and cuddle with Aoi. She licks my chin and curls on my chest as I stroke her spine.

    "Yes, Ciel, I allow you to have a romantic relationship with my slave," I say with a smirk.

    Ciel jolts awake and stares at me wide eyed.

    "I, I…" Her mouth opens and closes repeatedly. "I will take care of her."

    "Yes you will," Lina says lowly and giggles.

    She pulls on my arm and brings me to Ciel, then she sits between us, smiling adorably with our arms entangled. She finally took what she wanted.

    Alissa is left breathless as Hana finishes the cleanup, she slowly raises from the floor and walks towards us. She hugs my free arm and rests her head on my shoulder, she closes her eyes and quickly falls asleep.

    "We may be the most perverted family that has ever existed," Ciel says then snorts. "Maybe less perverted than the emperor's."

    Evening is spent in a cuddle puddle as Lina uses both of us as her personal pillows. Ciel is awkward around Lina but the little girl is taking charge and keeping Ciel close to her at all times.

    Today is the 17th.

    Lina happily milks me and shares it with a very embarrassed Ciel.

    Ciel swallows and frowns, "What's this obsession with semen?" She asks.

    Lina's eyes dart between me and Alissa. We stare at her, waiting for her answer.

    "It tastes good…?" Lina tentatively answers.


    "Not fair, get out of my head," she curls into a ball and glares at a smug Gify.


    Lina spends a few seconds glaring at Gify but complies, "Fine… It feels filthy, and sexy, and hot. Like I'm corrupting her and turning her into a wh-…"

    "That's enough, I don't need to hear anymore," Ciel interrupts and hurries out of the room.

    Lina buries her head into her knees and her ears redden.

    "Gihihihihih," Gify rolls on the bed, laughing out loud.

    "Well, I have to agree with Lina," I say, causing her to groan.

    "What, is, cor-rup-tion?" Suzy asks.

    "Da-ma-ge?" Ted asks.

    "No, it's an expression," I say, the golems tilt their heads in confusion. "It's a way of showing feelings, you do not feel so you do not understand."

    "Yes," the golems say in unison and nod.

    My [Dodge] and [Mana Control] increased by 1 (now 5+6 and 0+14) and I learned [Washing] with 1 point.

    I spend my morning reading over the "Soul Map" the girls created. They started up by setting an orientation axis and using the brain as a measuring unit, so the map is graded in "sorains", soul brains.

    Ciel made the organization and most of the writing, her handwriting is beautiful. Alissa has quite the hand for drawing, in a methodical manner she sketched what she saw very well. The other girls were mainly responsible for searching up Alissa's soul while they gave her cuts.

    The map is far from done, specifically the skin, it's literally our skin stretched into a sphere so the distortion can get quite heavy. There's also plenty of "dead spots" where there's simply no structure, they are breaks in continuity of skin. I wonder if the lack of continuity has any effect on the physical skin.

    "Did you like it?" Alissa asks me casually yet her tail is wagging.

    "Yes, very much," I say and smile at her, "I love you."

    "Love you too," and she gives me a peck on the nose.

    "And you too!" I yell to Ciel practicing [Judgment] outside.

    Ciel lifts her head and smiles, then she returns to concentrating on her practice.

    I go to the window and take a look at Ciel, her hand is glowing faintly yet I feel a large "threat" coming out of that hand. It's like when you see a dog growling at you and you think "oh shit, I'm about to get shredded", it provokes an instinctual need to run away;

    Ciel focus on her hand and I see the glow slowly leave her hand. It forms into a faint blade that hovers near her hand. Then she exhales and the glow returns to her hand.

    She stretches her legs and lays down on the grass. Hana is standing beside her, slashing the air while a blurry copy of her strikes in a different direction at the same time.

    "The blurriness decreased, if you strike fast enough it could easily confuse someone," a Roxanne made of fire says. She hovers above Hana and slowly descends.

    "But it will only work once, I need it to be perfect," Hana says and strikes again.

    "Maybe she needs more 'Perception'?" I ask Alissa.

    "Hmm... I think it's her control that's lacking. Hana, maybe you should train more of the MP and 'Magic Power' routines," Alissa says.

    "Sounds good," Hana says and drops on the ground, immediately going into meditation.

    Roxanne shoots up into the sky and lands with a heavy thud. The flames dramatically spread and lick the grass but no heat leaves them. From the "SFX", Roxanne appears on all fours and proudly rises.

    "Maybe do a three-point landing, the one on all-fours is quite, uh, not-cool," I say.

    "What?" Roxanne questions.

    I show it to her and she "Ohoh's" me.

    "Certainly looks cooler, though a little hard on the knees," she says.

    "I know, right? Your robe also makes it more awkward to use," I say.


    An air raid siren starts to scream. I jump in surprise and freeze.

    Ciel straightens up and yells, "Harpies!".

    I store the golems on my "Items" and we all quickly change into our armor.

    "Ciel, get Lina. Everyone, stay together while me and Alissa check on the hunter's guild. I will use the lithograph for communication," I say.

    The girls nod, I pull out the dinghy for Ciel with a *poof* and mount Alissa.

    The hunter's guild is as hectic as the wyvern attack, many tables are put out in front where attendants search the names of fellowships and where they are supposed to go.

    A shining bald head catches my attention and I find Silas, the guildmaster. He nods once to me and then continues stroking his magnificent white beard.

    During my moment of distraction Alissa led me to Carmen and I receive a very charming smile when she sees us. The line of hunters moves fast and soon comes our time.

    "Fellowship 'Helios', support for nobility, inner tower two," Carmen says and then she gives me a slightly worried look, "Good luck, even though you are fighting among the nobles it's still dangerous."

    "Thank you for the concern," Alissa says and we take our leave.

    The people hurry to their homes. A slightly organized chaos is underway as the guards make sure people remain on the right of the road while moving forward. Take that, British, even in fantasy worlds right is the proper way.

    Our destination takes us to the slums so we wait on a relatively safe area. On the lithograph I write to the girls "come to me, we are going to inner tower two."

    We wait a while until the flimsy dinghy lands in front of us with the other girls, then we walk towards the tower.

    The reason the slums is a slum is due to the incredible danger in living near the southern wall, it's the wall who always gets attacked by monsters so the properties get devalued. There's also a high chance of the house getting fully destroyed in the fighting if monsters cross the wall. The noble's quarters and the high value houses are all near the northern wall.

    The town quickly turns into a ghost town where the only sounds are of the boots constantly moving around and the jingling of armor. The population has already locked themselves in their own basements.

    In a few minutes of hurried walking we reach the second inner tower. It's a massive round tower made of blue-gray bricks. Nearby we see the main road that leads to the south gate. This gate is only used by the military since no one wants to cross the slums just to get out of town.

    We near the tower and see rather tight security around it. The guards look at our ID's when we enter and cross-examines a list of approved adventurers.

    We enter and move up the stairs. The lower floors have only melee well-armed guards, the middle floors are empty, and the upper floors have archers and mages positioned behind the arrow slits. The top floor has double the walking space than the lower floors and there's multiple retractable rectangular planks of wood for us to take cover.

    On the battlements I see Silvane, Nononya, and a few well-armed men and women. Nononya is summoning a second wind elemental, the elemental looks like a kind-looking mature wererabbit woman.

    Silvane notices us and waves as we approach.

    "A good day to fight, isn't it, Mr. Ryder?" Silvane asks with a wide smile.

    "I would say there's no good day to fight but if we have to, then a sunny day like this one is perfect," I answer and bow lightly.

    Nononya finishes her chanting and another mature female wererabbit elemental appears.

    "Helloo!" She greets us with unbridled happiness, her bunny tail twitching wildly.

    As the girls talk about the gruesome ways they are going to disembowel the harpies I fake my chants and summon 3 wind elementals and 2 fire elementals.

    I have a good view of the forest on top of this tower, it's always amazing and also frightening the size of those trees. "Megalophobia" is what this feeling is called.

    I see plenty of young men and women taking position along the wall or leaving for the field in front of the gate. They all have large shields and spears, the harpies are going to either suicide charge or pepper us with weak ranged attacks, most soldiers will only need to hunker down and wait.

    Large stone structures are being raised by mages around the grassland, those are where the healers will remain, Hatara is going to stay at one of those structures but inside the town.

    Most of the soldiers are slum dwellers, joining the guard is one of the most profitable jobs for the disadvantaged. You get free martial arts training, opportunity to level up and gain more skills, free meals, and some even get to live on the barracks, if you survive. Curiously most prostitutes on town are also part of the guard, getting protection by making friends with the guards and also some extra money on duty is too advantageous to let it pass.

    "Your elementals are certainly impressive," says a voice behind us.

    I look back and see a tall and buff brown-haired bear of a man in full plate armor. He has two golden armbands on each arm and he holds a helmet with a red plume under his arm.

    "Captain Entoli, reporting for duty," he says and bows quickly towards Silvane. "I am responsible for this tower, I assume you are the fellowship 'Helios'?"

    "Yes we are," I say.

    "Since you were requested by the Rizeks I assume you know what you are doing," his gaze turns stern, "so I will leave you to act as you wish. But know that I'm responsible for safeguarding the nobility, so when the time comes you will obey to me, understood?"

    "Understood," I answer.

    He nods to us and moves on the new arrivals, two groups come out of a [Gate] each. One is clearly a noble family and their knights that I don't recognize; the other is Horvath, Helena, Lyle, and two plated knights with large shields.

    "Wolf! It is finally time for us to fight," Lyle says and we shake hands. He and his family admire the elementals before the greetings continue.

    "Marvelous elementals, and women," Helena says with a smirk.

    "Do not stare too much, dear, it could irk Mr. Ryder," Horvath says.

    The pair is wearing a dazzling shiny black robe and I see black scale armor below it. The petite woman and the villainous man certainly look good even in their armor.

    Horvath has a gloomy looking ethereal little woman floating beside him. She has 4 transparent wings that beat so fast you can only see a blur, her body is made of dark clouds that occasionally light up with lightning. An [Electric Spirit].

    Helena has a little water mermaid "swimming" in the air in circles around her. The mermaid has a cute face, hair made of algae, and a trident made of coral. She giggles softly once in a while. A [Water Spirit].

    "Shouldn't you be with Haaran?" I ask Silvane.

    "He'll be fine, I would rather keep my sweet Nono safe if I could help it," she answers and rubs one of Nononya's white rabbit ears.

    We discuss tactics as we wait. Horvath and Silvane already fought together so it's only our group that has to know the other's abilities.

    We spend a long while waiting. When lunch time comes we share lights snacks to keep the hunger away but not slow us down with a full belly.

    I see water mages orderly cast [Filling Waters] into buckets, then every mage passes by and takes a drink. Since this spell is free extra mana regeneration then there's no reason not to use it.

    A few wind and fire elementals appear around the other towers and the wall, our tower is certainly filled with elementals in comparison. I see small ethereal beings once in a while, the [(Element) Spirit] spells are seemingly rarer than elementals.

    Thankfully Horvath's and Silvane's group had their own Blessing mage cast spells on them so I only had to apply the buffs to the girls.

    Slowly a huge wooden platform comes towards the south gate. On top of it we can see multiple structures: four domes at each corner, possibly where the magic tools that keep it afloat are located; at the center is a house-like structure where multiple people can be seen coming and leaving it, the command center; in front of it a the border there's the biggest ballista that I have ever seen, the Dragon's Bane.

    It's made entirely out of glossy brown metal, darksteel, an alloy of steel with emellanat that allows it to hold enchantments. Golden lines run through it and I see the glint of multiple, head-sized magic crystals at the base. It floats perfectly still while a man effortlessly spins it around and tests all the mechanisms. Bolts as thick as a person and as long as a bus are organized horizontally in a wooden belt.

    "There's grandpa," Lyle says. He points to the 5 people standing beside the ballista. Lord Alaraste, his wife Giana, Haaran, Vanea, and finally Werner Rizek.

    While it's impressive that Lord Alaraste is level 102, Werner has some impressive stats.
    Soul Info
    Name:Werner RizekRace:HumanLevel:140
    Name:26,240Magic Power:10,011

    I see the 4 members of Great Destiny appear out of the central structure of the platform, they stand behind the Lord.

    The huge platform passes us and hovers over the south gate, to the happiness of the guards posted below it. No arrows will reach them while the platform is there.

    A few minutes later Alissa narrows her eyes while looking at the forest.

    "They have arrived," she says.

    Captain Entoli hears Alissa and stirs up the bored soldiers. Slowly the entire battlefield seems to get ready.

    Suddenly the sky is darkened by hundreds and hundreds of arrows that are lobbed towards us.

    "ATTACK! GET TO COVER!" Bellows Captain Entoli.

    We run towards our static cover and unfold the wooden boards, they are slanted and give us enough cover to sustain a frontal attack or one from the skies.

    The arrows fall on the wood and a few crude bone tips pierce through the planks. The thuds of the arrows continue for a few long seconds until they pepper and finally stop.

    Complete silence on the battlefield as we tentatively peek out from our cover.

    "Seems clear!" A soldier yells.

    "That was a taunt!" The Captain yells.

    "KIII KIK BAKAWK!" Comes a chant out of the forest. "KII KIK BWKAWK"

    The harpies chant their war cry a few more times then grow silent.

    "Lord Alaraste!" Booms a male voice deep from the forest, the tell-tale signs of vocal magical enhancement are present. "I have come for your head!" The voice is strained and seems about to crack at any moment.

    "You have said that the last time!" Alaraste answers, amused. His voice is also magically enhanced.

    "This time I bring a surprise!"

    "Is it babies?" Alarastes asks in an aloof tone.

    "What!?" The Cooka-bleh voice's cracks.

    "Babies, baby harpies. There is a new dish called 'hot wings' spreading through Rabanra," he says and pulls a bucket of Buffalo wings from his [Item Box], "The main ingredient is baby harpies, their wings and thighs specifically, but there's not enough baby harpies in town, we are in dire need of more of your babies," Alaraste says and takes a bite out of a thigh.

    The harpy war cry starts to grow in volume again as they become more agitated.

    "You, filthy, cannibals! Don't you have shame to eat a being so similar to you!?" Cooka-meh yells in an increasingly higher pitched tone.

    "You are a monster, we eat monsters," Alaraste answers flatly.

    "You dare eat MY CHILDREN!?" The voice booms so loud my ears hurt. The chanting grows louder.

    "Oh please, Cookachickadoodoolee," Alaraste says the tongue-twister with ease and throws the bucket away, "we all know how limp you are, the harpies are your minions, not your lovers."

    "My, name, is, KOTICK O'DOLEE!" The voice cracks again. "Your own grandfather named me this way. Show some respect!"

    "Actually, that's the name of the adventurer whom you first met, he didn't give you a name so grandfather called you 'Kotick's monster' or 'O'Dolee's monster'. I'm sorry, but you don't really have a name, until I named you, that is."

    An awkward silence lingers in the air for a few seconds.

    "What?" the Cooka-thing asks in a faint voice.

    "I thought you knew that. Did you seriously not know the name of the adventurer that found you? The one you loved so much?"

    "I wasn't... I couldn't, I couldn't understand! I wasn't aware of the world during that time!" Cooka-ugh's voice breaks down and he seems to be crying.

    "Please, keep your mental breakdown to yourself," Alaraste says on a tired tone. "Now, you said you had a surprise for us, so, is it babies?"

    "Filthy, HUMANOOOOIDS!"

    Oh the humanity.

    The harpies chant again, louder and louder. Arrows fly again.

    "TAKE COVER!" The Captain bellows.

    This barrage only lasts a second.

    "INCOMING!" A soldier warns.

    I look out from behind my cover and now see a dark cloud of harpies approaching, fast.

    "Gih." Gify pops out of existence, he's not necessary so he's just going to rest. See ya later.

    Currently the cover boards can cover 3 people comfortably, so we spread like this: me, Alissa, and Nononya on a board to the left; Roxanne, Hana, and Aoi to the right; Ciel, Lina, and Lyle to the middle and behind; Horvath and a knight to the back-left; Helena and a knight to the back-right.

    My MP increased by 320 (now 1170) and my "Magic Power" increased by 145 (now 440). [Increased Growth] could be actually helpful.

    Alissa's MP increased by 230 (now 575) and her "Magic Power" increased by 155 (now 270).

    Roxanne's MP increased by 640 (now 1910) and her "Magic Power" increased by 390 (now 690). She really didn't slack on her mana training this time.

    Hana's MP increased by 190 (now 515) and her "Magic Power" increased by 100 (now 205). A few points in [Mana Overuse Resistance] helped a lot on Hana's training.

    Ciel's MP increased by 295 (now 1180) and her "Magic Power" increased by 130 (now 400). Me and Ciel are now matched in power, though I have a bigger spell repertoire right now.

    Lina's MP increased by 230 (now 670) and her "Magic Power" increased by 110 (now 275). I gave [Throw] to Lina with 4 points, now she can finally use the javelins we bought.

    My skills and the girls are like this:

    Name:Wolf RyderAge:16Race:Human
    HP:100MP:1090Magic Power:440
    Status Effects:NONETitles:"Good Luck"Nickname
    Affiliations:Helios (Fellowship), Alissa (Blood Slave, Fiancee), Hanafuria (Blood Slave, Fiancee), Roxanne Succubus (Fiancee), Lina (Slave), Ciel (Fiancee)
    Companions:Alissa, Hanafuria, Roxanne Succubus, Ciel, Lina

    Wolf Ryder Skill Report
    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel
    Sword Use12+9Dodge5+5Parry5+5
    Block2+8Shield Bash0+1Battlefield Perception1+1
    Muscle Explosion1+1
    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel
    Sense Mana3+6Mana Control0+13Mana Recovery12+0
    Mana Efficiency5+5Reduced Mana Cost8+5Mana Overuse Resistance0+3
    Fire Magic0+4Earth Magic0+3Water Magic0+1
    Wind Magic0+1Electric Magic9+14Light Magic4+7
    Space Magic11+22Summoning Magic13+17Blessing Magic4+21
    Nature Magic0+16Conjuring Magic0+1Illusion Magic0+2
    Golemancy0+4Redirect Mana (creator)3Sense Soul (creator)3
    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel
    Cooking0+4Andraste Language4+6Dismantling0+4
    Massage0+1Enhanced Semen Recharge0+7
    OBS: Level means (free point)+(trained point)

    Name:AlissaAge:16Race:Fox-Type Wereanimal
    HP:100MP:575Magic Power:270
    Status Effects:NONETitles:Blessing from the Goddess of Love, Blinding Arrows
    Affiliations:Wolf Ryder (fiance), Blood Slave (Owner: Wolf Ryder), Helios (Fellowship)
    Companions:Wolf Ryder, Roxanne Succubus, Hanafuria, Ciel, Lina

    Alissa Skill Report
    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel
    Sword Use9Bow Use26Parry4
    Dodge2Sense Presence6Hide Presence4
    Enhanced Olfact5Enhanced Hearing3Hawk Eyes3
    Muscle Explosion2Quiet Steps4Quiet Action2
    Enhanced Stamina1Tracking2
    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel
    Sense Mana1Mana Control3Fire Magic1
    Light Magic1Space Magic1Conjuring Magic1
    Illusion Magic5Fox Transformation (innate)5
    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel
    Washing5Riding2Oral Technique4
    Pain Resistance2Hand Technique2
    OBS: Level means (free point)+(trained point)

    Name:Roxanne SuccubusAge:21Race:Succubus-Type Demon
    HP:100MP:1910Magic Power:690
    Status Effects:NONETitles:NONE
    Affiliations:Wolf Ryder (fiance), Helios (fellowship)
    Companions:Wolf Ryder, Alissa, Hanafuria, Ciel, Lina

    Roxanne Succubus Skill Report
    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel
    Dagger Use2
    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel
    Sense Mana3Mana Control25Reduced Mana Cost3
    Mana Efficiency9Mana Overuse Resistance1Fire Magic22
    Water Magic23Light Magic1Space Magic8
    Conjuring Magic5Alchemy3Potion Bewing11
    Poison Brewing2Redirect Mana1
    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel
    OBS: Level means (free point)+(trained point)

    Name:HanafuriaAge:24Race:Fire-Type Dragonkin
    HP:150MP:515Magic Power:205
    Status Effects:NONETitles:NONE
    Affiliations:Wolf Ryder (fiance), Blood Slave (Owner: Wolf Ryder), Helios (Fellowship)
    Companions:Wolf Ryder, Alissa, Roxanne Succubus, Ciel, Lina

    Hanafuria Skill Report
    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel
    Sword Use20Spear Use14Bow Use9
    Two-Handed Sword Use9Pole Arm Use6Dagger Use4
    Shield Bash6Block8Parry6
    Dodge4Tatesomu Style4Muscle Explosion4
    Battlefield Perception2Taunt3Intimidate2
    Enhanced Reflexes2Enhanced Stamina4Enhanced Strength2
    Enhanced Endurance4
    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel
    Sense Mana1Mana Control1Fire Magic1
    Earth Magic1Light Magic1Space Magic1
    Conjuring Magic1Illusion Magic1
    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel
    Pain Conversion1Dismantling4Oral Technique1
    Fire Breath (innate)5Summon Wings (innate)2
    OBS: Level means (free point)+(trained point)

    HP:100MP:1180Magic Power:400
    Status Effects:NONETitles:NONE
    Affiliations:Wolf Ryder (fiance), Helios (Fellowship), Templar Knights (Honorary Member), Temple Priestess (Former Member)
    Companions:Wolf Ryder, Alissa, Hanafuria, Roxanne Succubus, Lina

    Ciel Skill Report
    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel
    Glaive Use15Sword Use5Parry8
    Dodge6Block4Imperial Spear Style2
    Muscle Explosion2Battlefield Perception1
    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel
    Sense Mana2Mana Control6Reduced Mana Cost1
    Mana Efficiency4Wind Magic17Fire Magic1
    Light Magic25Space Magic3Conjuring Magic1
    Diagnosis7Redirect Mana1
    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel
    OBS: Level means (free point)+(trained point)

    HP:100MP:670Magic Power:275
    Status Effects:NONETitles:NONE
    Affiliations:Wolf Ryder (master), Helios (Fellowship)
    Companions:Wolf Ryder, Alissa, Hanafuria, Roxanne Succubus, Ciel

    Lina Skill Report
    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel
    Hammer Use10Axe Use4Throw4+0
    Muscle Explosion2Shield Bash1Battlefield Perception2
    Dwarven Pride Style2Enhanced Speed2+0
    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel
    Sense Mana1Mana Control4Mana Efficiency1
    Fire Magic1Earth Magic5Ligth Magic1
    Space Magic1Conjuring Magic1General Enchanting9
    Magic Tool Carving1
    Skill NameLevelSkill NameLevelSkill NameLevel
    General Blacksmithing4Sweing4Housework1
    Riding1Stonebody (innate)3
    OBS: Level means (free point)+(trained point)

    The first wave of harpies falls to our fusillade. Every ballista, every mage, every archer, and a good amount of warriors are all firing at the exposed harpies. Only a few manage to reach the wall before being disrupted by the wind elementals, turning into easy targets.

    Ervin Krampus, the demon race mage from Great Destiny, has his [Fire Spirit] throw fast [Fire Arrows] like it's a machine-gun with tracer rounds.

    Another volley of arrows and before the arrows hit the second wave is already approaching. The harpy archers are trying to catch us exposed while we deal with the suicidal wave of harpies.

    A harpy approaches our tower and gets an arrow to the eye by Alissa.

    "'Blinding Arrows' indeed, hahah," Nononya laughs nervously.

    "She's just getting started," I say with a grin and tap her shoulder.

    Nononya is wearing some really fine scale armor, likely gifted by Silvane. She uses a short spear and a small kite shield, her martial skills are just enough to qualify her as a shield for Alissa but nothing more. She knows enough [Wind Magic] to keep harpies busy while me and Alissa finish them off.

    Another arrow volley falls on us and this time the suicidal harpies are getting numerous.

    A harpy dives towards us and gets impaled by Lina's javelin. The harpy flies backwards and falls down inside the town while screeching.

    Aoi fires a fast fireball into the wing of a harpy and she crashes on the floor of our tower, she immediately gets decapitated.

    "TAKE COVER!" The Captain reminds us just as another volley hits.

    The few remaining harpies fall to their own arrows. Another wave is already closing by. The harpies are good with their timing.

    "[Discharge]!" Lyle yells and a good amount of harpies fall from the skies, plenty fall in our tower and get butchered.

    "COVER!' The Captain yells again and we hide.

    The harpy archers start coming closer and the angle the arrows fall from start to reduce.

    The next wave of harpies has leather armor and clawed gloves on their bird feet. They survive our barrage and multiple start to get close.

    Who did they kill to get that armor?

    "[Discharge]!" Horvath yells and a huge area is covered in sparks of lightning. A clearing opens as every harpy falls down, stunned.

    A harpy falls down near me and I slash her throat, she gargles and writhes on the ground. She tries to fly away but an elemental disrupts her flight and a fire elemental explodes her head with a well placed [Fireball].

    I retreat to our cover with Alissa behind me and another volley hits us.

    Roxanne is calmly firing small [Ice Lance]s and collecting kills. The harpies are charging towards her, making them an easy target to her fast projectiles. Aoi is on her shoulder happily firing fireballs on the enemies coming from behind Roxanne's line of sight. The harpies are afraid of charging towards Hana, her ferocious smile and threatening posture makes her inapproachable by most harpies.

    A harpy dives on each side of us.

    Nononya keeps hers busy, threatening her with her spear while Alissa starts to fill the harpy with arrows.

    I cast a chantless [Lightning Bolt] into a harpy and she nearly splatters on the ground. Now that her claws are below my chest the harpy is an easy target. I slash at her and she protects herself with her wings, causing one to be severed.

    She tries to take flight again but a wind elemental disrupts her flight. Grounded and confused, she gets a deep slash from me across her chest. The harpy waddles backwards and receives an arrow through the eye.

    "COVER!" The Captain yells.

    "S-suicidal, ehehe," Nononya laughs but her eyes are open wide.

    "They have no coordination so this is all they can do," I say as another enemy salvo falls.

    "We'll be fine," Alissa says and points forward as another wave is about to reach us.

    The lionfolk Grosnok from Great Destiny swings his scythe and cuts in two multiple harpies with every [Wind Blade] leaving his artifact. The Wind mages are bunching up the harpies for Grosnok to butcher.

    A harpy dives past me, she's wearing gloves on her feet which make her claws as long as a knife. She scratch my shield and breaks a scale or two. As she stops in the air for a moment so she can turn around, I cast an [Earth Bullet] and hit her right in the ribs.

    She's forced down on the ground by a wind elemental and Horvath's knight finishes her off.

    Ciel and Lina are doing well keeping the harpies away from Lyle while he chants a spell with a manic smile. His father has an even more insane smile.

    Ciel is doing short work of the harpies, she can easily chop off the wings of the harpies at a distance with either spell or glaive, then it's just a matter of slashing a throat. Lina lacks the follow up to finish off the harpies she manages to stab, but when an elemental disrupts their flight then Lina chops their wings and crushes their skulls with ease.

    "[Discharge]!" Lyle releases his spells and more harpies fall to the ground. Hana and Lina butcher the vulnerable enemies

    I stab a harpy repeatedly on the neck and face as she tries to crawl away. A harpy tries to dive me while I'm busy but I jump backwards and glide to safety with [Telekinesis].

    Horvath's [Electric Spirit] fires a bolt into the harpy and she stiffens up. Now she's too late to try to find cover and gets peppered by friendly-fire.

    The harpy archers get close enough that they are firing directly at us, which also means that they are in our range.

    "NAHAHAH! [Dead End]!" Werner Rizek's laugh is oozing evil and sadism.

    The archer harpies slow and stop in the air, having difficulty to move. Even their arrows that were already in flight stop. The level 60 [Electric Magic] spell makes everyone's "path" stop, forcing them to slow down or stop, the inverse of [Rush].

    The archer harpies get shredded as they are basically immobile in the air. The mage harpies have some difficulty dispelling Werner's spell due to his inhuman power.

    "ABOVE! LANCERS!" The Captain yells.

    From above the archers comes a unit of harpies in thick padded leather armor. They hold with their claws a long lance pointing downwards.

    Helena's [Water Spirit] spits high-speed droplets of water that enter the eyes of the harpies and make them blind.

    Everyone casts high-damage spells towards the harpies and their charge gets blunted. It's annoyingly difficult to hold back and chant when I have been casting chantless for so long.

    Lina casts an [Earth Bullet] and a harpy gets her lance destroyed. She veers off course and falls near us.

    "MAGES!" The Captain yells.

    The lancer harpy gets up and tries to crawl towards our cover. A kick in the face and a painful one between her naked legs and she's sent away with a shriek. Alissa looks at me with a frown.

    Our cover that looks more like a pincushion loses chunks of wood as [Wind Blade]s and [Fireball]s hit it, there's also feathers of Needler harpies being thrown. The lancer harpy starts burning from friendly-fire as multiple [Fireball]s hits her all over her body. Alissa finishes her off with an arrow.

    "Dear Gods," Nononya says, staring at the burning harpy.

    "Nono! Incoming!" Alissa warns and fires another arrow.

    An area spell starts being cast right on our cover and I interrupt it.

    The mage harpies retreat and get ready to make another bombing pass at us. Their numbers are already greatly reduced, they won't last long.

    More harpies, now with thicker armor, dive towards us.

    Nononya skewers one harpy and her spear gets stuck. I cast an [Earth Bullet] on the harpy and knock it out, allowing Nononya to pull out the spear. I immediately turn around and slash at a harpy that's getting disrupted.

    "Thank you!" I hear her say as I slash again.

    The harpy's bodies are protected but not heir wings, I cut off one wing and wound the other. The harpy shrieks and writhes, trying to jump on me and claw my face. She misses but her blood is splattered all over me.

    I kick it down and jab my sword at the back of her head, killing her.

    With a glaive on the gut, a harpy is held down by Ciel until Lina comes and opens the harpy's skull with her hammer, spilling the brain matter.

    I see Haaran and Alaraste are on a dance of death. They swing their flaming swords and crescents of fire fly out of them. I see that the swords are actually throwing flaming oil. The sword blades are in the shape of flames, completely impractical, they must be artifacts.

    Vanea is behind them, freely throwing balls of darkness at the harpies while a knight keeps the harpies away from her. Her mother is beside her, doing the same with her own knight for protection.

    Another salvo of magic hits our cover, blowing it in half. I cast [Grow] on it until it returns to its original size. Now there's bark on it, adding a little more protection. Lina casts [Earth Wall] and reinforces her cover. Roxanne pulls out a barricade from her [Item Box].

    Silvane moves to another cover to help heal a wounded soldier.

    Two harpies decide to focus on me while Alissa is busy. I cast [Discharge] and amp up the power until both fall down on the ground. I quickly stab the throat of one but the other manages to jump on me and latch on my chest armor. Her claws rake on my helmet while I stab her in the gut repeatedly, I eventually pierce through the armor and wreck her internal organs.

    Her attack is slowed by my [Wind Armor] but it does nothing for the sharpness of her claws. I get a few scratches on the face and a painful cut on the neck, then the harpy pukes blood on my face and releases me. I quickly cast [Clean] on my eyes and see the harpy with the wounded throat right on top of me, she slams me and I fall backwards.

    Nono's spear stabs the chest of the harpy that slammed, the harpy's armor prevents her from getting too wounded. Meanwhile a fire elemental burns the gutted harpy.

    Another harpy claws at Nono from her flank, latching on her armor and pushing her to the ground. With a slide from my [Telekinesis] I reach the harpy and slash at her neck, nearly decapitating her. She passes out from sudden loss of blood pressure and slumps over Nono.

    "You are now level 23," says the female announcer.

    Alissa blinds the harpy with a spear on the chest by using [Ghost Lights] and fires an arrow on its eye.

    I pull the harpy's body off Nono and pull her back to cover just as another magic salvo hits. The salvo's strength was greatly reduced, only two spells hit our cover.

    I cast [Heal] on Nono and then on myself.

    "Eh? Chantless?" Nononya asks, she looks at me with confused eyes and a face full of harpy blood.

    "That's the first thing you say?" I snort at her.

    "S-sorry, erm, thank you!" She bows lightly.

    "Focus," I say and give her a hand chop on the head. Ah, she's so fluffy.

    I move out and keep another harpy away while Alissa fires at her.

    A harpy impales herself in Hana's spear. The harpy desperately tries to claw Hana but she kicks the harpy away and reverts her [Extend], easily pulling the spear off from the Harpy. Hana follows up with a stab on the throat, she forces the harpy on the ground and stomps on her until the harpy passes out.

    A pillars of fire comes out of the forest, something exploded over there. Suddenly I see 3 huge balls of something on fire being lobbed at us from the forest. One veers off course and falls on the empty grassland, the ball breaks apart and burning oil spreads out starting a small fire. The second ball falls right outside the wall on the heads of unlucky soldiers, screams of pain arise and magical water jets immediately start to extinguish the fire. The third ball is slowed by the wind elementals and other mages when it crosses town but eventually it breaks apart and some burning oil falls in the slums, the rest is extinguished while floating in the air.

    "Your 'surprise' wasn't really a surprise, Cookachickadoodoolee, pathetic," Alaraste says in a disdainful tone, his voice sweeps the battlefield.

    "BAKAWWK! BAKBAK BAKAWWK!" The Cooka-(...) bellows and my ears ring in pain.

    Another harpy comes and gets grounded by a wind elemental. Lina's javelin pierces her on the flank and while she's struggling to get up I step on her naked chest and stab her face until she dies.

    Lyle stuns a harpy for Lina and she opens another skull with her hammer. Her armor is peppered by spatters of blood, brain, bone chips, and feathers. As a first it seems Hana is the one the least bloodied of the front line.

    Out of the forest comes a huge black mass. A human face full of wrinkles, a very long and conical nose, triangular pointy and sharp teeth, a long feathered neck, a fat and brown huge chicken body. It's flight path is erratic, it's wings flap wildly and without coordination, it's a wonder it's still airborne. This is the Cooka-bitch.

    "ALARASTEEE! BAKAWWK!" It bellows again.

    "BAKAWK!" The harpies answer.

    Suddenly the Dragon's Bane starts silently firing the huge bolts without anyone touching it. The Cooka-rooster has to jerk its entire body to dodge. The fat jiggles with every movement.

    Suddenly a bolt enters the flabby belly of the ugly-ass-Cooka and it's sent back into the forest.

    "I HATE YOOOoou~..." The Cooka-fat yells one last time and disappears in the Sea of Trees, for now.

    "BAKAWK!" The harpies yell again and make one last suicide charge.

    "[Discharge]!" Werner yells.

    "[Discharge]!" Horvath yells.

    "[Discharge]!" Lyle yells.

    "[Discharge]!" I yell.

    "[Firestorm]!" Roxanne yells.

    "[Firestorm]!" Silvane yells.

    "[Wind Storm]!" Ciel yells.

    The sky is filled with the light of spells as no mage holds back their mana. The harpies lump together and get stunned, falling like rocks. Down on the ground the battle turns into slaughter.

    "AHAHAHAH, OHOHOH, HAHAHAH!" Lyle laughs maniacally in the same tone as his parents. "AHAhah... Ooof~..." He slumps over as his mana runs dry and Lina catches him before he falls on the ground.

    I jump over to their side and slash at a writhing harpy. I cautiously look around, searching for any harpy that could endanger Lyle.

    The sky clears and a considerable amount of harpies retreat back into the Sea.

    Their coordination was rather impressive, for monsters. They aren't even the breeder kind, the Little Cooka is only a leader-type.

    Down below there's a few sources of fire being contained, adventurers and soldiers running around hunting for harpies and wounded, and priests working around their fortifications, healing the ones in most danger. Outside the wall the fire is already contained and the troops slowly reorganize, focusing on transporting the wounded to the healer's bunkers.

    "Recover the wounded and finish your duties, soldiers! Then, celebrate! You deserve it, the town is safe again and we have achieved victory!" Alareste encourages us, his voice has a new reverb to it that brings a smile to my lips.

    Our tower had a few wounded but no losses.

    Horvath signals to us and we gather, the other noble house and Captain Entoli joins us and removes his helmet.

    "No casualties, a perfect battle," the Captain says with a smile, "The elementals were a great help, the harpies were being constantly disrupted."

    "Your boy has some talent for [Discharge], Horvath," says a male wereowl noble.

    "Both my children do, Sir Rooter," Horvath says with large grin.

    "Anyway," Helena says with an eye roll, "this year's fight was certainly a breeze. I would like to thank Helios and Nononya for their help with the elementals."

    Silvane casts [Clean] on the blood spatters on Nono's face. She turns to us and says, "I can say that Haaran Anara also sends his appreciation for the help". She smiles at us and continues, "But now I must go down and join the healers."

    "Should we go too?" I ask, looking at Ciel and Silvane.

    "The temple is prepared to deal with this," Ciel answers.

    "You are not prepared to deal with emergency healing, it could cause problems," Silvane says and bows lightly, "but thank you for the offer."

    "The battle is done, you are all dismissed," Captain Entoli says to us and his subordinates.

    "T-thanks for protecting me, Mr. Ryder," Nononya says and bows deeply, she's blushing lightly.

    "My pleasure," I say with a smile.

    "It has been a pleasure to fight alongside Helios, until then," Horvath says and turns his Emergency Ring green, a [Gate] opens and he leaves through it.

    "Until tomorrow, Wolf," Lyle says and we share a handshake, "It was good fighting with you."

    "Likewise," I say.

    The wereowl noble silently observes us and then leaves.

    Nononya is escorted out of the slums by two guards and Silvane goes to the south gate escorted by another two.

    I turn to the girls and ask, "Right, no problems? No wounds?"

    They shake their heads and Alissa pulls out a gnomic [Clean] tool to remove all the harpy blood from my body, then Ciel and Lina get a [Clean] too.

    We wait for Aoi to finish eating a harpy's heart and we go home.

    While I'm driving the dinghy my heart beat slows and I feel heavy. It started and ended so suddenly I'm still processing things.

    The town slowly returns to life as the population cautiously go out of their homes to check the damage. Corpses of harpies litter half the town, even a few blocks from our home there was blood spatter.

    The harpy's suicide attack is just another part of life here, and also just another cycle for the harpies too. Their numbers grow until unsustainable levels, then they attack with all they have.

    I'm getting used to the sudden need to fight. I won't have a second episode like on our first trip to the Morning Dew, but it doesn't mean that the aftermath is getting easier. The smell of blood is stuck on my nose, the screams of pain ring in my ears, the chaos of battle repeats in my mind.

    How can the Lord get used to this? Seeing his own men die, see them cry before their deaths, the helplessness before such a large amount of enemies, the confidence that in the end everything will be okay. Warfare is so different from hunting.

    We reach home and suddenly Hana lifts me off the ground with a bear hug. She takes me to the sofa in the living room and pulls down my pants with a yank. She pulls back the skin of my member and gobbles on it, I lift my head to talk but Roxanne's tongue keeps my mouth busy.

    Roxanne's robes fall down and I grab one of her perky breasts. She breaks the kiss and sits on my face. I spread her lips and do my thing. I penetrate her with my tongue and nibble on her clit.

    Suddenly Hana sits on my dick and I grunt, biting Roxanne's clit harder than I should.

    "AH!" Roxanne yells. "Ow, d-don't bite so hard."

    Roxanne spins around and they kiss while riding me. I feel Hana's hand come over Roxanne's pussy and finger her.

    Hana slams her hips on me, squeezing her insides hard. She quickly wrings out a shot from me and pulls Roxanne to clean her.

    "I want a baaath," Ciel complains.

    Hana carries Roxanne to the bath and they continue their cleaning in there.

    We spit roast Roxanne, Hana uses her mouth while I pierce her pussy. I use her tail as a handle and Hana uses her horns.

    I pull Roxanne off Hana and hug her from behind. I twist her body so I can taste Hana on her lips. She gives me bewitching eyes that intoxicate me. I feel like kissing and biting every piece of her body.

    Hana uses Alissa to get off, she sits on her face and rubs her pussy on Alissa. She grabs her by the ears and forces Alissa's head to rub her harder.

    "Impregnate me," Roxanne whispers and I instantly cum inside her.

    I get off her and she sits on the border of the tub. While she cleans herself I kiss and [Massage] her perfect thin legs, I lick her all over her thighs and lower my self to her calves. She moans sensually while I work on her.

    "Oh yes, right there. Hm…"

    I lower to her feet and start sucking on her toes. She stands and presses her foot on my mouth. Those delicate cute little toes, that perfect pale skin, her enticing slit asking for more dicking, her loose hair slightly covering her grin, her sultry eyes. I feel like cumming without even her touching me.

    She lowers herself on my body, my dick touches her belly. She closes her thighs and drops lotion on my dick. With her hands she moves up and down, squeezing my dick on her thighs and rubbing my shaft on her entrance.

    I continue sucking on her feet, I have to control myself not to bite her. I massage one foot with each hand and strongly lick the skin in between each toe.

    I cum again in the air and most of it splatters on her hair.

    Hana pulls Roxanne off and lowers herself on me. She does the same as Roxanne and pushes her feet on my mouth, but this time I'm penetrating her.

    "NAAAAH!" Ciel yells and orgasms. Lina slows down her fingers then licks them and returns to sucking on Ciel's breasts.

    I cum inside Hana again while Ciel looks at me with hunger, her feet pointing forward, trying to entice me.

    I enter the tub and start working on her feet. I pull Alissa, who just entered the tub, and shove her on Ciel's pussy, who eagerly accepts. Lina kisses Ciel and uses her hands to stimulate her breasts. We keep going until Ciel orgasms again.

    I lean on the tub and relax while Hana and Roxanne play with Alissa.

    Lina straddles me and slowly moves her hips, my member massages her insides slowly.

    I last a long while until I finally finish inside her too.

    It seems everyone was in need of some stress relief.

    After we finish our dinner everyone's faces are of content.


    Oh, right.

    "So, Alissa. You never told us who your parents really are," I say.

    "Neither did you," she answers calmly.

    "We guessed you weren't comfortable talking about your family," Ciel says.

    "I guess that you guessed right," I say and smile wryly. "I wanted to forget but it's not that easy."

    "You shouldn't forget," Ciel says.

    "So," Alissa claps her hands, "who are your parents?"

    I breathe in deeply. I really don't want to talk about this but…


    Yeah, I should.

    "My mother is a teacher, she teaches young children. My father was a factory worker, he's retired now."

    "Factory?" Lina asks.

    "Like a craftsman, but he works in a much more methodical way and with equipment instead of handcrafting."

    "What did he create?"

    "Cars. It's like a wagon that has a magic stone and allows it to move without animals."

    "You said you don't have magic on your world, so how does it move?"

    I smile at Lina's curiosity.

    "Fuel," I say, "Think of something that's so flammable that it can explode when it catches fire just like Roxanne's [Explosion], on a smaller scale, though."

    "Wait, how do you use that to move? It's just an explosion."

    "Yes, we harnessed the power of explosion!" I open my arms wide and smile. "With a piston you can make the power of the explosion go in one direction instead of every direction. So you can move things in a line, but when you add multiple pistons and some intelligent mechanical engineering you can make the linear movement turn circular. Then you attach that to an axle and you have a way to move wagons without horses!"

    "Ooh…" Lina's eyes gleam and the gloominess fades.

    Maybe I found something for Lina to do. I have to give my engineering knowledge to her. Wait until I tell you how we distill liquid ancient dinosaur into fuel, technically not true but she doesn't need to know.

    "Are, dra-gons, there?" Aoi asks.

    "No dragons, but we use it a lot on stories and myths. Dragons are just as beautiful and majestic on Earth than they are in here."

    Hana grins and Aoi breathes fire out of her nostrils, then closes her eyes in happiness.

    "What did your mother teach?" Ciel asks.

    "Math," I answer.

    "Does your world teach the same things as ours?" Alissa asks.

    "From what I remember they start with addition and subtraction, then multiplication and division, then algebra, there's something about kinematics too. That's just for children, teenagers go further than that"

    "Every child needs addition so they can calculate their skill points," Ciel says, "but multiplication is only for the ones who want to specialize."

    "I know the multiplication table," Hana says with a proud smile. "I use it when buying in bulk, if you don't then someone's going to rip you off."

    Lina nods in agreement.

    "So every children learns these things?" Ciel asks and I nod. "It's quite the interesting world. We must look so backwards to you," she smiles wryly.

    "Somewhat, though you have more progress than us on other things," I say.

    Not to mention how much we were killing our own world.

    "What about potions?" Roxanne asks.

    "This is kind of a weird thing. There's no potions," I say and she puckers her lips in disappointment," but there's 'medicine', a way of studying the effects of things on the body and how to cure diseases that's quite similar to potions," and she smiles.

    "Well, the person we really want to hear about is your wife," Alissa says.

    My heart pangs with guilt.

    "Lily is… Well she's someone special…"

    "Talk about cliche," Roxanne says and rolls her eyes dramatically.

    "Oh come on, how am I supposed to start? I have to delay while I think."

    "Sure, sure. Just don't be corny like you always are," Roxanne says and blows me a kiss.

    "Well… Firstly, Lily has the same skin color and hair as Ciel. Secondly, she is shorter than me and taller than Lina."

    "There's humans shorter than you?" Hana ask and lifts an eyebrow.

    "Damn, you sure there's no dwarves there?" Roxanne asks.

    "There's a physical condition called 'dwarfism', but this is caused by problems on the body and is not a different race of people. But yes, a lot of people in my world are shorter than the ones in this world. In fact, I'm not actually short, aside from my brother I'm the tallest of my family," I say and puff my chest with pride.

    Hana stifles a laugh and says, "What? Y-you're, tall?"

    "Maybe I shouldn't tell you these things," I say and narrow my eyes at her.

    "Come now, my little Wolfy," Roxanne comes to my side and throws an arm over my shoulder, "Tall, short, does it matter? We are just commenting the differences in heights between the humans of this world and the dwarv-, I mean, the little humans of your world," she smirks at me.

    "Well you are big in all the right places," Alissa says and taps my thigh.

    Lina nods along and Ciel massages her forehead with a smile.

    "Go back to Lily, please," Ciel asks.

    "Alright," I breathe in deeply, "Lily is, kind of an asshole. She's mean and abrasive, but she's good only to me. She works in business, erm, trading-stuff, so she has kind of a domineering attitude but she takes it off when she's with me."

    Hana blinks blankly and laughs again, "Ain't that kind of a woman's dream? I have heard plenty of women who want a rough outlaw to take them but do them gently and with love."

    Oh boy, I heard that one before.

    "That kind of explains how he fell for both of us," Roxanne says with an evil smile, "you can't deny your wishes to be dominated by us, Wolfy. Just be honest with yourself and submit."

    Roxanne sits on the table and puts her feet on my lap. She pushes one foot on my face and a thin heel of her shoe digs on my crotch.

    I growl and pull her legs off me.

    "You want to know who's in charge? I will show who's in charge," I say. I grab her throat with one hand and push her down the table, with the other I pull out my dick and spit on it, then I penetrate her.

    Her moans grow hoarse as I squeeze the life out of her, tears leave her eyes as she tries to breathe in vain. Once I release her throat she gasps for air repeatedly and creams my shaft with an orgasm.

    I slow down and painfully squeeze her breasts.

    "Maybe I should act like Roxanne too," Hana says.

    I glare at her and say, "Do that and I won't punish you, I will ignore you."


    Roxanne bites her lips and tries to seduce me. Her body language changes, her legs flex to show her shapely calves, she pulls her hair back so it gets into a beautiful shape, her eyes gaze at me sensually, her glasses reflect the light and give her a mysterious look.

    I choke her again and growl.

    "Not gonna work when I don't let it," I say.

    The intoxication fades and she moans loudly as I pick up the pace.

    I finish inside her and leave her on the table like a used doll with a stupid smile on her face. Hana moves towards Roxanne's legs to clean her but Roxanne covers her creamed slit with her hands.

    "Let me enjoy this, I love to feel his cum inside of me," she says. Hana shrugs and returns to her chair.

    "So how did you meet Lily?" Alissa asks excitedly.

    "You remember how I explained video games?" I ask, the girls nod and Roxanne grunts, "Well, there's a way to play with other people across the world through near-instant communication. It's like there's someone acting as an intermediary between you and the other person.

    "I met Lily on one of those games. It's somewhat similar to how we fight in here, she was a vanguard fighter and I was a support mage. We were simply two players who did well together and became friends, we eventually started our own clan, it's uh, pretend-clan, not a real one. Some months later we realized we live close to each other and then we met.

    "Then things went kind of crazy. Months of sexual tension culminating in us fucking like rabbits. It's kind of a trust thing, we just had some mutual trust on each other after relying on one another for so long. We just understood each other," my eyes start to burn, "I know how she thinks and she knows how I think so we never really had a fight. We had arguments yes but she's someone you can rely on, someone you know that even when she does something bad, you can be sure she didn't mean it. So why shouldn't we forgive each other for our mistakes? We had no pride or face to maintain, we were honest and straight. We were a team, a duo.

    "Three years later, when we were both on a good place in our careers, I try to ask her in marriage but she beats me for four days, she asks me in marriage and I laugh at how much money I wasted on a surprise that she 'ruined'," I smile bitterly and swallow the lump in my throat, "We changed our reservations for a family party where we announced the engagement. We ended up spending more money splurging on the food of the ceremony than the ceremony itself, she's more of a gourmet while I like to adventure on tastes so we focused on food instead of the more traditional aspects of the ceremony, like the music, or decoration.

    "Then during the ceremony I was transported here."

    I clean my cheeks of the tears and keep my head down.

    Guilt, longing, and fear. Those three emotions are a storm on my heart.

    Alissa hugs me tight and the other girls find a piece of my body to grab. Aoi curls on my lap and Gify nibbles on my ear.

    I control my tears and breathe in deeply.

    I'm loved, I have nothing to fear, I will live my life here like I promised.

    "Tears, means, sad-ness," Ted says on his usual strained voice.

    "Why, sad?" Suzy asks.

    Like the elementals, they hold the same knowledge as I do, but maybe they can't understand the deeper or finer parts of my knowledge.

    "I am sad because I have lost something important that I won't ever be able to get back," I say.

    "Im-por-tant?" Suzy asks.

    "Yes, Lily was someone very important to me so I am sad that I will never be able to meet her again."

    Ted and Suzy look at each other then back at us and nod.

    Ciel and Lina grab them and bring them closer to us.

    "Hugging helps with sadness," Ciel says.

    "Then, I, hug, you," Ted says and his fuzzy arms wrap around my shoulder. Suzy copies him on my other shoulder.

    "Awn…" Ciel gushes and cleans the corner of her eyes.

    This hurts my heart. I know they are robotic and simple minded, they are merely applying their knowledge to serve me better, but it's still touching. Even if it isn't a natural response, what they do is what matters to me.

    We spend a minute like this before I have the courage to speak again, "What about your parents, Alissa? Who are they?"

    "The Chief and the Chieftress of the Misty Fox clan," she answers.

    Not unexpected but something is nagging me.

    "Why did you never called them mother or father? You only call them 'Chief' and 'Chieftress'."

    She smiles bitterly and speaks, "Once I became a Blood Slave I wasn't their children anymore. Not calling them 'Mom' and 'Dad' is also a mental exercise, my past is irrelevant so I must keep it separate. I became a new person when I became a Blood Slave, so I need to look at my past differently."

    "Remember that you are only a slave on paper, I already consider you my wife."

    She hugs me tighter and bites her lips, then she kisses my neck repeatedly.

    "I love you," she whispers.

    "I love you too. I love you all," I say.

    "I love you," Roxanne says and gives me a peck on my cheek.

    "I love you," Hana says and kisses my hand.

    "I love you," Ciel says and kisses the back of my neck.

    "I l-love you," Lina says and kisses my other hand.

    My relationship with Alissa is the most unhealthy one. Our dependency on each other is too great and no matter how much I call her "wife", she's certainly going to always act as a slave. I don't know how I should fix this, or if I can, or if I should. As long as we are happy that's enough, right? Right?

    Slowly we disentangle. Roxanne cleans herself and we clean the table.

    The evening is spent like all others, cuddling.

    I summon the [Holy Spirit] repeatedly for Ciel, I tell the golems to chase the Spirit while Hana coaches them in how to better control their bodies, Gify decides to play along and let the golems chase him too. Roxanne keeps pulling and putting items in her [Item Box] for Aoi. Lina maintains our weapons. Alissa cuddles with me while we read one of her books.

    "Do you have siblings, Alissa?" I ask.

    "I have a little sister, Allura", she answers and closes her book. "Oh, you will lover her, she has fox legs. Fox, legs!" She turns on my lap a nuzzles up to my neck. "She got Mom's color, Dad's eyes, and possibly his height too."

    "That sounds adorable."

    "She is. I wonder how much she grew, she must be 12 now."

    "You said you lived 3 years on your own?"

    She closes her eyes and speaks sadly, "Yes, I couldn't see my family because of the training. Only Mom, occasionally."

    "You finally started saying 'Mom' and 'Dad'."

    "I guess so…" She slowly falls asleep in my arms with a faint smile.

    "What about you girls?" I ask to the other ones.

    "I have an older brother, Fuda," Lina says. "He looks just like me but a little more masculine."

    "A little?" Hana asks.

    Lina smiles and nods. She says, "He should be learning enchanting so he could inherit father's shop. He wasn't that excited about it so I wonder how it went."

    "Were you the one who wanted to inherit the shop?" Ciel asks.

    "Yeah, until I was sold. I was much more valuable than brother so I was chosen."

    "If your family is still troubled we will help them. I want to travel to Mountainhome when we become nobles," I say.

    Lina's eyes open wide and she smiles wide, then she nods repeatedly. "Thank you, master," she says.

    "Don't go back to calling me master."

    "O-okay," she lowers her head and keeps smiling.

    We turn to Roxanne.

    "I'm an only child," she says and smiles bitterly.

    Now we turn to Hana.

    "My brother is called Hermann and my sister is called Mizushina, Mimi, for short," She says, her gaze loses focus and she smiles. "Hermann was supposed to be like me but he's 14, he must still be training somewhere to be a guard for a noble. Mimi is older and was training to inherit Dad's position as the head, so she might be in a better position, like helping an accountant or something."

    Alissa opens her eyes groggily and finally slumps on my arms, asleep. I massage her ears for a while until we finally go to sleep.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons.

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord SenilePenile.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
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    Today should be the 10th of the month of Birth of the year 50,465.

    I wake up with the morning light. I see the sun rays seeping in through the bushes in front of my cave. I raise from the soft dirt and spread my wings, I shake the dirt from the feathers and stretch. Ngeru starts to rise and stretches her long legs.

    "Nrrroww~…" She purrs and yawns.

    "Morning, Ngeru."

    I focus on the dirt still on my feathers and tell them to return to their Mother. The dirt turns into dust and slowly sets down on the earth, a little mana leaves my body. Nobody would notice the dirt on my brown wings but they feel filthy and heavy if I let them like this.

    I look at my stats:

    Name:Kaka HaereAge:35RaceMetamorphic Chimera
    HP:100MP:530/540Magic Power:220
    Status Effects:NONETitles:NONE

    Kaka HaereSkill Report
    Skill NameLevel Skill NameLevel Skill NameLevel
    Sword Use2Dagger Use4Quiet Steps4
    Skill NameLevel Skill NameLevel Skill NameLevel
    Sense Mana12Mana Control7Mana Recovery6
    Earth Magic10Nature Magic6Fire Magic1
    Light Magic1Space Magic10Conjuring Magic9
    Cooking9Sex Metamorphosis5Wind Aspect (innate)5
    Great, my MP increased by 10 and my [Space Magic] by 2. I always need more space on my [Item Box].

    I push Ngeru out of my legs and stand up, I pat my body and clean my leg fur.

    "Come on, girl," I tell Ngeru and she springs up. I pat her body and clean the dirt out of her gold and black-spotted fur, she licks the fur of my face while I clean her.

    Once done we move to the entrance, I awkwardly have to walk in a half crouch so my horns don't scrape on the ceiling.

    "I really have to open this cave more," I say and Ngeru sneezes in response.

    I push the bushes away from the entrance and we relieve ourselves nearby.

    "Having a penis makes this easier but eh, the townsfolk are more gentle with women," I say and Ngeru tilts her head at me. "Not that you would know."

    I apply [Clean] to me and Ngeru and we go back inside to eat. I open the trapdoor and pick a large piece of smoked goblin, I quickly close it before Ngeru can get inside. I pull out of my [Item Box] the rest of yesterday's stew and divide everything in two bowls.

    "I want some smoked orc now, or minotaur, maybe some cheese too," I say and Ngeru "mrow's" in response.

    Once we are done eating Ngeru looks at me with wide eyes and purrs on my lap.

    "No," I say but Ngeru pushes her head closer to me. "Nooo," I repeat and Ngeru shows me her white belly.

    I can't resist and scratch her. "Bad girl," I say and Ngeru responds with a "mrow".

    I don't give her another piece of meat so she closes her eyes and falls asleep again on my lap.

    After the food settles in I store the dishes on my Box and wake Ngeru again. We move to the small stream nearby for a quick dip and drink.

    I grab a handful of clear water and use it to look at myself. My goat head is perfectly combed, thanks to Ngeru's tongue.

    "My horns need some polishing," I say and Ngeru flickers her ears at me. Why do the beastfolk even like horns? They are so impractical.

    "I wonder why there's not more chimeras down here, the beastfolks like me so much even though I'm average-sized."

    I wash the sweat out of my human torso and comb the fur of my horse legs with my brush. Then I brush my horse tail to remove any matting.

    Ngeru is already done and waiting for me to brush her. She rolls on the grass and nearly falls asleep again as I brush her.

    "Okay, done, go hunt," I say and tap Ngeru's ass. She springs up again and dashes into the woods.

    I move through the bushes and find my patch of vegetables.

    "Good morning my beauties, it's time to grow," I say and lower my ears to the ground. I feel the earth, there's life seeping out of it and being absorbed by the plants. "So much life being wasted, it's time for some redirecting."

    I spread my conscience and throw it into the earth, I feel the life and follow it on it's journey upwards. I create tunnels and destroy others, I find the plants and guide the life towards them. I add my own life to the earth and aid the natural life in entering the plants faster.

    One by one, every vegetable gets their share of life from Mother. Some are craving for certain things so I conjure them into the earth and guide them to the plant. Slowly my mana leaves my body and gives new life to the garden.

    I keep this for hours and hours, slowly and carefully I trickle life into the plants. No good crop comes out of a rush job.

    I see a nature spirit staring at me from a branch of a nearby tree. The wide eyed little spirit reminds me of the wereapes, I'm not sure what animal it's supposed to be.

    I wave at it and it waves back then pops out of existence.

    I wish I knew more about [Nature Magic], maybe the spirits could help me improve the growth of my veggies.

    I close my eyes and return to concentrating on my work.

    Once my mana is almost running out I stop. I sigh and open my eyes. The sun is up high and it will be noon soon, Ngeru has already deposited two small monster birds nearby.

    I harvest the crops that have matured already and go back to the cave to make lunch. Soon after I start cooking, Ngeru appears with a third bird and lays down in front of the stove while I cook. Her long tail sways, the blade at the tip scrapes on the ground, making lines on the dirt.

    Once done, Ngeru digs on her bowl like a starving beast.

    "Not that you aren't a beast but you shouldn't be starving, you eat the same as me and I'm bigger than you."


    "Growing crops is just as tiring as hunting, sometimes even more."


    "Hmpf," I snort and continue eating. Sometimes I swear that she can understand me.

    Once we finish eating I grab my dress and put it on, I'll never go there naked again. I grab the rest of the crops and store part of it on my [Item Box], the rest goes into a basket that I'll carry on my back.

    It's time to go into town, I dread it a little but any reason to fly is a good reason.

    We go outside the cave and I spread my wings. I feel the light breeze coursing through my feathers. I focus on the force of the wind, it barely manages to lift a feather so I increase it. The wind gains more and more force so more and more feather rise.

    I am the wind, the force that's constantly moving, constantly changing. I am movement, speed, force. I am weightless, invisible, and free. I am the wind.

    I flap my wings and open my eyes, with just two flaps I'm already above the short trees. Flying near the ground is much easier than on the Sky Lands, there's barely any gust of wind to throw me off. Ngeru is patiently waiting for me, I flap my wings again and propel myself forwards, Ngeru immediately follows.

    There are no flying monsters here and the trees are quite far apart so Ngeru has no problem following me. A bush or other blocks her way but her nimble and long legs allow her to easily dodge or jump over them.

    Soon we reach the mountain pass and the forest dies out. Only short grass and shrubs are allowed in here, every tree has been cut and used to build the fortress. A small structure of rock and wood can be seen between two huge snow-tipped peaks. The Twins' Pass.

    I pass by small groups of people coming and going out of the Pass, more than the usual today. Beastfolk, humans, elves, and the odd wereanimal all point towards me as I fly near them. It's like they never saw a mage using [Fly], actually they might have not, the land-dwellers need [Wind Magic] to fly.

    I land near the gate, I stop coursing the wind through my feathers and I fold them. I pull out a small piece of smoked goblin for Ngeru and [Conjure Water] for her on a bowl.

    "Good girl," I say while petting her, she answers by purring loudly.

    "Miss Haere," a low bass voice greets me in Limba.

    Here we go.

    "Just Kaka, please," I say and smile.

    The large bullfolk grins and nods, he tries to look as tall as he can yet still falls a few centimeters short of me. "Coming to sell your crops again?" He asks.

    "Yes, I want to enter the town, please," I say and release Ngeru, she stands in front of me and stares at the bullfolk's eyes.

    The man looks slightly unnerved, Ngeru is fast enough to rip his neck before he can properly defend himself. I'm not sure why they don't fear me but they certainly do fear her.

    "This way, please," he says. He quickly turns but still steals a glance at my large chest.

    The stares of the other beastfolk makes me uneasy but Ngeru is a deterrent against any one stupid enough to get handsy.

    The customs is as slow as a death by slime, Buick is taking his sweet time measuring my veggies and stealing looks at me. I close down the buttons on my dress and set Ngeru closer to him, now he quickly picks up the pace and sends me off.

    "Rip off, four silver for a bunch of veggies," I mutter and count my coins. "Sorry, Ngeru, no minotaur meat, maybe I can get some smoked orc."


    The people look tense, the beastfolk look out of patience, the humans look scared, the dark elves are keeping to themselves. The town should be bustling with activity this soon after the Turn of the Year and the prices for food should be returning to normal after the debauchery of the festivities but things are expensive. Even Ngeru is getting tense, something is going on.

    I hear people talking in Andraste or Iezik much more often, the Limba speakers are in the minority now.

    The buildings the land-dwellers build are so ugly, I think none of them know how to paint. I don't even have the [Painting] skill and I can make a proper mural.

    "Look at that, most houses don't even have color, they are just raw materials," I say and Ngeru purrs loudly.

    Well I guess that is one of the cons of living in the ground.

    I find the restaurant I have been looking for and see Broasca outside, taking a break to smoke a pipe.

    "Ah, Kaka, good to see you," says the female frogfolk after she stores her pipe back. Her green skin is shining and oily, her large red eyes are oddly attractive, her red hair is short and as well-cared for as a human's.

    "Good day, Broasca," I say with a small smile and deposit my basket in front of her, I pull out of my [Item Box] every stored veggie. She immediately reaches over to examine the crops.

    "As good as always, I will give ten silver for them," she says after a quick inspection.

    "Ten? Broasca, don't play me," I say and frown.

    She narrows her vertical eyes at me and sighs, "Look, Kaka, you might be living under a rock, literally, but even you should see that something is happening."

    "Yeah, I noticed," I say and look around. Everyone is quiet and hurrying around, only preoccupied with their own business. An odd group of humans is discussing something and sending glances at me repeatedly.

    "The Volnosht's are pushing back, the war is getting close to the Twins and that's bad for business. The whole of Bestiaram is being drawn into this conflict. I think that even I will have to move away soon otherwise I will just lose money sticking around," she says in a low, hushed tone.

    So this is why the prices are high.

    "That close? The Avgi aren't pushing back?" I ask and match her tone.

    "No, something bad is going on. The Twins aren't safe, even with the war far from here the danger is still close by. You better leave this place soon too."

    "Where would I even go?"

    It took me so long to reach this place. A far and quiet little corner, not too many monsters but not too little, not many people but not deserted.

    "You use the System, right? Converting wouldn't be a stretch and living among the Avgi priests is certainly better than the Volnosht's."

    I frown and hunch over, Avgi priests are a pain in the ass, though. Ngeru turns to me and purrs, rubbing her head on my thigh.

    "Thanks, girl," I say and scratch behind her ear. Ngeru helps me calm down, in any case we will stick together and muddle through.

    "You understood the situation? Now, take this and leave," Broasca says and grabs my hand, pressing hard 11 silver coins into my hand, she quickly stores the veggies in another basket she took out of her [Item Box]. "Talking about trouble," she takes a glance at the group of humans and hurries back into her restaurant.

    I turn around and see the group of 6 humans making their way towards me. Their gazes are strong and unwavering, they are not commoners and they are all wearing padded leather armor.

    "Hey there, big girl," says one of the men, his lips smile softly but his eyes are hardened.

    "What's a chimera doing in this continent?" Asks another one, the biggest among them all, looks like the leader.

    Damn you, what now?

    "I'm just a traveler," I say and Ngeru stands in front of me. The men stop from getting too close but they can still surround me.

    "Uh huh," the leader strokes his beard while looking me up and down. "Someone as big as you can survive around here quite easily, right? There shouldn't be many monsters as big as you."

    "I-I guess so," I say and shrug, I cross my arms so they don't see my hand trembling.

    "You don't have any weapons but I heard chimeras are all good mages. You certainly don't need them with a Kish following you, how did you tame this beast, anyway?" He grins widely yet his eyes don't show happiness.

    "I saved her while she was a cub, that's all," I say and look around, the streets are suddenly empty.

    "But to keep her by your side, you must have some gained some skill, right? Or maybe a blessing? We have seen plenty of hound masters with those, right boys?" He glances quickly at the men and they nod. The men all have their eyes glued on me, their hands are close to the swords at their waist but not in a posture that looks threatening, not too much at least.

    What are you testing me for? Damn you and your stupid holy war.

    "I'm not that pious," I say. I start feeling up the wind in my feathers, I can't use mana so I'll have to prepare a burst. I hope Ngeru breaks through them and follows me, she won't survive if she tries to fight them.

    "Uh huh…" The man mutters and we have a staring contest. Shivers run repeatedly through my back, Ngeru's fur is raised and she slowly raises from her sitting position, the blade in her tail starts to lift up in the air.

    I'm sweating cold and my breath starts to increase in cadence. The men are all standing still like statues, their gazes are almost stabbing into my soul. You could hear a coin drop.

    A bucket of water falls out of the second floor and hits the leader in the face, splashing water all over him and making him fall back on his ass.

    "AH! I'm sorry, young man, didn't see the bucket and dropped it by accident. It seems that my eyesight is failing me," says Broasca in a raspy, old woman voice.

    "STUPID DAMN TOAD!" He bellows and throws back the bucket into the window.

    "I'm sorry young man but you don't need to to offend, I'm a frogfolk, not a toadfolk. My skin is perfectly moist and shiny, not all dry and rough like the ugly toads. I put on cream all day, you know? It comes aaaall the way from Avgi, I paid a good coin for it, they say the high e-…"

    "I DON'T CARE! SHUT UP!" A tone of red takes over the tanned skin of the leader, his cheeks puff up like a real frogfolk.

    "I'm sorry, young man, look at me an old woman who simply ca-…"

    "We have a problem?" Says another man, loudly yet not yelling.

    A tall red lizardfolk comes with 2 other lizards and Buick flanking him. They are all armored and wearing the town guard's tabard.

    I'm saved!

    The human leader freezes for a second, the red quickly disappears out of his skin.

    "No, sir, we were just talking to this chimera over here" -he softly gestures towards me- "a very unusual visitor, is it not?"

    The lizardfolk stares at him, his expression is stoic and his pupils blink vertically repeatedly. After a long moment he finally speaks, "Yes, quite unusual, but even so, a woman surrounded by 6 men is quite the sight, is it not?"

    The leader smiles falsely again and speaks, "We are just taking a better look, those brown wings are beautiful, are they not? Surely the Gods had a hand in making such a beautiful woman."

    "This is your only warning, scram," the red lizard says in a dangerous tone.

    The leader bows lightly and turns, the others follow him silently, none take a second look.

    "You too," the lizard turns to me and I get a shiver. His long mouth shows some sharp teeth and his scaly tail is stiff.

    I nod and move away, my walk is stiff and awkward, my heart is beating like the flap of wings. I see Buick follow me with his eyes, his mouth is stuck in a wide grin.

    I look for a random stall, I buy all the smoked goblin meat I can and some salt. I just want to leave this place for a long time.

    When we finally get outside the town I breathe in relief.

    "I felt like I was being strangled in there, in more ways than one," I say and Ngeru "mrow's" in response.

    I'll have to thank Broasca one day, she put herself in danger to help me.

    I take flight and move on a different direction than the way from home. When the Pass is beyond sight I turn towards the right direction.

    I hear Ngeru growl and stop mid air. I look back and see she's engaging some goblins, after she's done with the fight and with her quick meal we continue back home.

    I land near home and Ngeru growls again. I drop the empty basket and lower my ear to the ground, I close my eyes and feel the vibrations. There's something alive near my crops, not on top of them so it's not eating them. It's also a weak pulse, someone is dying or lying in wait for me.

    Great, what a great day I'm having.

    I focus on the life in the earth, I pull it to me and a large amount of life force comes. This is odd, could it be there's blood in the grass?

    I lift up from the ground and quietly move closer, [Quiet Steps] was a good investment. Ngeru silently follows, her body is low and looks like her head slides on the ground.

    I smell blood in the air.

    We slowly gain sight on the intruder, it's a bloodbath. A disemboweled Vier is laying in a pool of blood besides a dying Wetiko.

    The Vier is a meter tall round quadruped with spikes all over its body, its strong legs allows it to charge forward and skewer anything it wants with its long tusks. It currently has its innards all over the ground and a tusk missing.

    The Wetiko is a beautiful monster. Over 2 meters tall, taller than me, it has a thin but muscular body, long arms that end in red hands and bladed claws, the tip of his finger can even touch the ground. It's body has a mix of fur and human skin, the head is of a coyote, and it has beautiful deer antlers on top. It is a male, a very well-endowed male.

    The Wetiko has a tusk going through its belly but also multiple other cuts all over its body, they weren't made by the Vier.

    I start to prepare an [Earth Bullet] to release it from its misery. The Wetiko opens his eyes and Ngeru prepares to pounce and keep him away from me.

    "Please… help me…" He says in Andraste.

    I get so surprised that I let the spell vanish completely.

    "I-I'm sorry, what did you say?" I ask, not believing my ears.

    "Help…" It mutters and falls unconscious.

    A monster is asking me for help!?

    I look at Ngeru and she seems more curious than cautious. There's definitely something different with this monster.

    I lower my ear to the ground and close my eyes. I put all my focus around the life force of this monster. It's blood seeps out life force, I focus on that force and try to identify it, it's similar to the characteristic force that comes out of a monster. It has the mana of a monster but the force is different.

    "What are you?" I ask but no answer comes.

    Dammit, what should I do? It's a monster but a monster never speaks this way to humanoids, even when dying, so is it really a monster?

    I look at it again. Such a beautiful and strong creature, he must have had a long journey here, just to die in the hands of a weak monster. Such a shame for a thing like this to happen, a Crime even.

    I don't have time to think, the Wetiko will die soon and the blood will attract more monsters.

    What is going on with me? I feel like I'm a young little bird again, naive and hopeful.

    "Let the gust take me where it wills," I say and pat Ngeru. My curiosity needs to be sated, I want to know why he's asking for help.

    First, I grab the Vier's body and fly away with it, I throw it a long distance so other monsters stay away from this place. Then I [Clean] as much blood as I can out of the vegetation.

    Then I go back and drag him towards my cave. I pull out an HP potion and shove it on his mouth, he chokes and nearly awakes. I grab some rags and bandage the bigger cuts tight so the bleeding stops.

    Then I grab the tusk and cast [Regeneration]. Slowly I try to pull out the tusk, when I feel the wound closing down on the tusk I remove more of it. Little by little the wound closes without too much blood escaping.

    Ngeru stands beside me, her tail on the throat of the Wetiko.

    My mana runs low but I manage to remove the tusk successfully and close down all the big wounds. Now he needs to survive the blood loss until I can recover more mana.

    As a precaution I grab some rope and tie it around his body. If anything it will at least give me enough time to run if he tries to kill me.

    "Now we wait."

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord SenilePenile.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Noble Salty Panda.
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    Today is the 18th.

    I pity the Cooka-meh, he seems to have a sad story and if what the Lord said is true he cannot enjoy the wonders of waking up to a tangled mess of bodies.

    Roxanne's horns flab as she breathes in and out. Her head lays on my chest, she drools on my spectoral, and her tail wraps around my hand so tight I lost sensation in there.

    My head is half-buried on Hana's tanned twin hills, I'm currently using one of them as a pillow. Her big and strong hand cups on of my cheeks while other her arm is wrapped around me from below and squeezes my ribs tight. Aoi sleeps on Hana's mane, making a nest out of Hana's hair.

    Alissa slept happily between my legs with her nose touching my member. Currently I see her tail sway rapidly from side to side, her perky ass pointing upwards while her head bobs up and down as she asks for seconds. Gify is squashed between her cute breasts, still "sleeping".

    I feel like I will level [Enhanced Semen Recharge] again soon. My refractory period is reducing with every level and I wonder how it's going to be like when I reduce it to zero. Could something happen if I level the skill more after the period reaches zero?

    I'm afraid of adding points to it because the skill is clearly doing some physiological changes to my body and I'm not very eager to know what happens if I abuse it. My powers are a cheat and I know that if I abuse them I will feel like shit, like how adding too much skills made it hard on my mind when I was stalking Farana.

    Hana stirs awake, she pulls the cute bundle of scales out of her hair and leaves her on my chest. She grabs Alissa's head and plunges her tongue on her mouth to steal her snack, with another hand she chokes Alissa so she won't be able to swallow.

    I'm feeling more emotionally drained than sexually, actually. Crying can be "cleansing for the soul" but it's also rather intense, that plus the suddenly harpy attack overstimulated my nerves.

    Roxanne stirs awake at the mischief. She untangles from me and does a precise strike on the clits of both girls, making them moan loudly and open their mouths, allowing her to steal the prize with her tongue.

    "You don't even like cum," Hana says and pouts.

    "Don't steal from others if you don't want the same to happen to you," Roxanne says with a wicked smile.

    Hana's eyes narrow but slowly she smiles.

    Incredibly, my "Sanity" increased by 1 (now 9+4), slow progress but it's understandable. Firstly I stabilized, now I'm improving.

    My [Light Magic] and [Sense Soul] increased by 1 (now 4+8 and 4). I can now see someone's HP with the skill. Curiously the golem's HP is only 10, I think it's because their souls are not properly aligned with their bodies.

    Lina leveled up to 23 and increased her [General Enchanting] by 2 (now 11) and [Mana Control] by 1 (now 5).

    "Good, mor-ning, mas-ter," Ted and Suzy say in unison and bow.

    Ciel smiles and pats both their heads.

    "Morning," I say.

    "They can sense mana pretty well even without the skill," Ciel says, "You should look to give them [Space Magic] next."

    "Sure, maybe after you get your [Holy Spirit]."

    She nods happily and we start to eat.

    Today's lesson with Kyros is a return to the basics so I can strengthen my foundation. I need to learn how the sub-process creation happens and integrate it with my other spells, using multiple [Telekinesis] or even [Rush] plus [Telekinesis] would be wonderful for my style.

    I feel a slight increase in control of my gathering vortex. More than the usual increase after a long period of training so it's noticeable. I believe my level increase improved my mental capacity.

    "I read the report of your fighting," Kyros says, "Your talent makes me envious. Are you truly 16 years old?"

    "That's what the system says," I say and shrug, trying not to smile.

    He snorts, "When the bard writes your story send me a copy."

    Today is Electric class. The professor asks for Lyle to demonstrate his [Discharge], to retell Horvath and his spirit's fight, and describe Werner's [Dead End].

    "Not even I can cast a [Dead End] as large as that, your grandfather is a legend, Mr. Lyle," the professor says with a nod and his hands on his hips. "Keep this in mind when you think about the abstracts concepts of magic, you can create such powerful spells if you are smart about how to use them it could change how battles are fought. If you create a Unique Spell you can easily join a circle of magi or even a Lord's court of mages."

    Lyle is currently gushing from the praises to his family, he barely had the composure to retell how the harpies were slaughtered once [Dead End] took effect.

    Silvane and Nononya appear during the break.

    Alissa turns into a very small fox and jumps on my lap, copying Nononya and Silvane.

    "Since my normal form is large, reducing to this size makes me tire much more quicker so I won't be able to remain very long like this," Alissa says.

    "That's okay, I will make sure to enjoy you as much as I can," I say, provoking jealousy from Garanae, who seems dying to pet the little fox.

    "Thank you for protecting me, Mr. Ryder," Nononya says and bows.

    "It was nothing," I say with a smile.

    Nono awkwardly straightens and scratches her ear.

    "It was her first time fighting alongside a man, I'm quite proud of her performance," Silvane says with a smirk and some odd emphasis, causing Nono to blush, "Next time she's going to be even more influential with the elementals, it will be wonderful," Silvane smiles so brightly Lyle blushes.

    Garanae and Hatara didn't have to participate much until the flaming oil spread nearby and they had to help put out the fire on the houses. They at least know not to simply throw water into an oil fire, a Fire mage tries to control the fire directly through "Willpower" or [Mana Control] and a Water mage throws water infused with a "liquid" concept that prevents it from turning into steam instantly.

    "How do your parents look like?" Alissa asks me as we finish dinner.

    "Father is a very wide man, kind of chubby. He has a much more oval face and a round nose that goes well with his bald head. He has kind of rugged look, somewhat reminds me of the dwarves," I say.

    "You sure that's your father?" Roxanne asks with a raised eyebrow.

    "No," I laugh and feel a small pain of nostalgia, "We used to joke that we are adopted since we look so different from him, but my brother is looking more and more like Father now that he's shaving his head bald so we are sure we are his children. We just inherited the more childish looks from Mom.

    "She's small and thin, her face is full of freckles due to her Irish inheritance. The Irish look kind of like the Griffiths's twins. She has our dark hair while Father is blonde but we never remember that since he has gone bald ever since we were born.

    "Our grandma from mother's side is actually darker than Ciel, but we say that the 'printer ran out of ink' because every child grandma had was whiter than the first. 'The magic pen ran out of mana' would have a similar meaning."

    "So your grandma is like the dark skins from Sommerland?" Ciel asks.

    I nod.

    "That's the inverse of me," Hana says, "I'm the whitest and eldest, Mimi is the color of Ciel and Hermann is as dark as Dad. Mom is as white as snow, her eyes are much kinder than mine and her face looks very sweet. She's taller than me and has bigger breasts, damn Da's inheritance reduced my breast size," she pouts. I smile and Lina hungrily stares at Hana's breasts, salivating. "Dad is as dark as night, he has more of my mean face with a thin and longer nose, he kind of likes to frown or scowl a lot. He's just a little taller than Wolfy but he's much thinner."

    "Me and Allura didn't inherit much from our dad," Alissa says. "She has more of his color and possibly his height but we look more similar to Mom. Her eyes are sharper and her face is more bony in comparison to ours."

    "I heard I'm the spitting image of my Dad with a more feminine look. But Dad is quite feminine even for Succubus standards," Roxanne says.

    "What do you mean? Are Incubus men more feminine than other races?" I ask.

    "Yeah, I dunno why but most Succubus women prefer effeminate men," she bites her lips and hides a smile.

    I glare at her and she averts her eyes nervously.

    "The succubus race has some bias among women," Ciel says, "I hear there's way more bisexuals among the Succubus than any other race."

    "We are matriarchal so maybe that has something to do with that," Roxanne says and shrugs.

    "What does your relationship with me mean to your parents?" I ask.

    She frowns and says, "They might not like you. Mom, specially."

    "We will deal with it when it happens," I say and reach over to give Roxanne's hand a squeeze. She nods and sighs, relaxing her expression.

    "Dad and Mom are quite cute," Lina says, "Dad even looks like a child, he said he has some silver elf blood that makes him so cute. Mom is more sensual, her jaw is sharper than mine and her lips are fuller, even her breasts…" She looks down at her flatness and her shoulders slump.

    "You are perfectly cute as you are," Ciel says and pinches Lina's cheek.

    "O-ow!" She bats Ciel's hand away and pouts cutely, "I just wanted to have something, even Roxanne does. They feel so good to grab."

    I nod emphatically to Lina's words.

    "Believe me, they are heavy and uncomfortable, except for certain races who have it easy," Ciel says sends a look to Hana, who smirks. "The attention both of you give to them just barely makes them worth the pain."

    That's almost sacrilege, almost.

    This evening me and Lina gang up on Ciel and do our best to distract her from [Holy Spirit] training but not so overtly she gets annoyed. Lina's little hands knead the brown pillows while I massage her internals slowly. Eventually she orgasms and pushes us both off of her so she can solely focus on her training.

    Alissa helps me finish while I focus on the golem's skills. I have to create a "layer" for them so I can add skills to them. It's quite the slow process since I have to alter their entire soul for it. Alissa's slow massage with her womb is the perfect choice to help me with enduring this process.

    Once I'm done I relax and let it out inside her. I look over Hana and Roxanne, who are cuddling and supposedly practicing their mana increase routine.

    "Are they sleeping?" I ask Alissa.

    She opens her eyes and releases the lip she as biting, "Uh? Oh, let me see…" She stares at them for a few seconds, "Their breathing pattern tells me they fell asleep."

    Ciel releases her concentration and the small [Spirit Light] dissipates into a rainbow smoke. She looks at them and says, "They actually look so cute."

    "Cu-te?" Asks Suzy.

    "Visually attractive," I say, "looking at them gives us positive feelings."

    "Shoul-d, us, feel, that, too?" Asks Ted.

    "I don't know, do you feel something when you look at them?"

    They turn to the sleeping cuddlers and stare.

    "No," they say in unison.

    "If I order you to feel something will you start feeling?"

    "I, do, not, know."

    "Try to feel something once a day for a minute or so. If it doesn't work do not worry about it," I order. It doesn't hurt to have them try that and wording it this way won't burden them if it doesn't work.

    "Yes," they answer in unison and nod.

    Lina aims the smallest [Earth Bullet] I have ever seen and fires it on Roxanne's head. Roxanne snorts and wakes up, she blinks and looks around, confused. Then she massages her forehead right were a small red skin is starting to form.

    Lina snickers evilly and looks away from Roxanne.

    Today is the 19th.

    Ciel was goaded by Lina to wake me up with her breasts. Who has the most control on their relationship? The shy and quiet little girl or the mature and experienced priestess?

    My [Mana Efficiency] increased by 1 (now 5+6).

    Ciel stays at the temple this time to train more her [Judgment].

    Roxanne is practicing her [Heart of Fire] by prancing about on the wall with Gify and two other nature spirits behind him, a zebra-striped ferret and a parrot that's completely green and looks like a toy.

    Alissa tries to contain her envy by reading Toroo's book. She wants to learn [Ignorance] next, it will greatly improve her scouting and stalking. She doesn't need my instant-cast Gift for it so she will keep her [Illusion Magic] at 5 for now.

    Hana and Aoi spar. Hana is forcing herself to improve her [Double Image] and Aoi is improving her sensing and perception of magic along with her agility.

    The golems watch from the window, Ciel does not allow them to go into the wet grass.

    I'm in full armor with my sword in hand practicing my forms. I feel I'm getting close to something with my style.

    Roxanne giggles like a little girl and says, "The mana consumption is still horrible but I never had so much freedom in movement before. This feels awesome."

    I look to her and see that she's easily walking with her hands, her legs are dangling freely while her robe is glued to her body, thankfully. Gify and the ferret spirit are copying her while the parrot is simply floating upside down.

    "But the best is still flying," she continues after returning to prance around the wall on her feet, the nature spirits mimic her gait.

    "You damn right it is!" Hana says without taking her eyes off Aoi.

    Aoi doubles in size and bats the wooden spear away, she pounces towards Hana but gets a shield in the nose.

    "Owww! You, too, fast!" Aoi says and holds her nose with her claws. I glide towards her and apply [Heal]. "Thank!" She smiles towards me, less fangs were shown so it's less frightening, her facial expressions are improving.

    "You, too, slow," Hana says mimicking Aoi's voice.

    Aoi's head snaps back towards Hana and they resume their sparring.

    I let a smile escape my lips as I watch them.

    Roxanne starts to hum a march that's surprisingly similar to a certain masked blond boy's.

    I return to focusing on my style.

    I have been mastering the movement with [Telekinesis] and it's basically instant omnidirectional movement. I can easily get in or out of someone's reach with a thought.

    Just for fun I lower my gravity and jump high up into the sky. I go above the houses and stay still in the air for a few seconds before I reach the apex of my jump and slowly fall down on the ground. The weightless feeling is incomparable to anything, Hana and Roxanne are right, flying is the best.

    My reach is also my weakness since so far I have only specialized in short swords. I have to sooner or later learn the spear but even then, swords remain as the most versatile weapon I can use.

    So my style remains as focused on entering and leaving someone's reach at will. Enter, strike, retreat. I don't have the "Strength" or "Endurance" to remain in range for continued blows. I don't have the "Speed" or "Dexterity" for fast parries and flurries of blows. What I have is "Intelligence" and "Wisdom". I have a large, varied repertoire of spells at the tip of my hands.

    My style is unique, it encompasses all kinds of System Magic, soon it will even encompass [Godly Language]. I can be a trickster, where nobody can know what I will bring next; a jack-of-all-trades, master of none; an impregnable fortress as I can literally be ready for any situation; a one-hit-kill machine as I can use the best tool for any job; I can be a death-go-… Yeah too far, I'm waay past my chuuni phase.

    I can see the power in this, the unblockable combos I can dish out. I will always have the advantage, I can always stay one step ahead of my opponent, I can always have another card up my sleeve.

    I am the newest master of [Ekrano Style].

    I feel something change within me. I open my stats and see "[Ekrano Style] (creator)" with 1 point.

    A door opens in my mind and a flood of information comes. Moves, stances, combos, strategies, I can feel them all at the tip of my fingers. At the edge of my knowledge I see a dark path, the way forward to improvement, where I have to go to become stronger, better, at my own style.

    I feel like laughing, my body is electrified, this feels amazing. The joy of progress, the addictive nectar of power.

    "Hana, spar with me," I say.

    Her eyes drill a hole in my heart, her smirk brings shivers to my spine. Anger, fear, wonder, excitement. This is the first time I am truly feeling the brunt of Hana's [Intimidate] and high "Charisma", she's not someone I want to seriously fight to the death.

    I charge forward before her, the early bird gets the worm.

    She raises her shield over her face, only leaving her yellow lizard eyes to glare at me.

    I glide forward.

    She stabs with her spear, I deflect with my shield. The spear comes again to stab at my feet and I glide higher, folding my legs. The spear sweeps below my feet and I step on it.

    Hana immediately drops the spear and grabs her wooden bastard sword she was holding on her shield hand.

    She comes with a downwards slash and I parry with my sword. She pushes the sword forward and twists on its center of gravity so the point aims towards my neck.

    I drop down on the ground and glide forward into her guard. Her sword's tip follows me and misses my neck.

    I lower my shield on the ground and use both feet to kick her shield with a flash of [Rush]. She has to summon her wings to retain her posture.

    She leans down and slashes at my exposed body. With a grunt and immense effort, I cast [Discharge] on her while maintaining [Telekinesis] so I can stand again. I transfer [Telekinesis] to my sword and slash downwards with all my strength. She buckles and kneels under the force of my attack.

    Her sword comes for a stab on my chest and I glide to the side, out of her reach.

    I immediately come again for another strike and she tries to jump back out of my reach. I cast an [Earth Bullet] on her knee, it bends and makes her jump awkward and short. She glares at me and growls.

    She spreads her wings to take flight and I grit my teeth. With anger and regret I cast two [Wind Blades] in sequence towards her wings. One cuts through flesh and the other cuts through nothing as she retreats her wings towards her body and falls down like a stone.

    She slashes downwards and I glide sideways, her attack was a feint and she points her sword towards my collarbone for a stab.

    I remain in place and lift my shield to deflect the strike. I cast [Entangling Vines] on the ground. Her sword scrapes on my shield and the point snakes towards my face.

    I glide backwards and she nearly falls over trying to follow me as her foot is firmly caught on vines. She looks down and breathes in, I feel mana gathering on her lungs.

    I cast [Torrent] on her mouth and she chokes. Then I cast [Rush] and enter her reach again.

    She looks to me and I cast [Ghost Lights]. She grimaces and lowers her head behind shield. She searches for my feet on the ground and I jump.

    She stabs upwards, her sword searching for my body. With my shield arm I cast [Lightning Bolt] on her sword arm and it freezes.

    I stab my sword on her neck just as I receive a shield on the nose.

    My eyes regain focus and I see a concerned Alissa splashing one of Roxanne's HP potions on my face.

    I immediately cast [Heal] on my nose and the throbbing pain goes away. I cast another on my brain and the concussion fades. Alissa casts [Clean] on my face and all the blood goes away.

    I sit up and see Roxanne splashing a potion on Hana's wounded wing. Hana seems supremely amused, her body sways from side-to-side as she looks over her wounded wing with a grin.

    "Feeling okay?" Alissa asks.

    "Yeah, I healed my concussion, too," I say.

    She sighs, "Drink a potion just to be sure."

    I nod and obey.

    Hana notices I'm awake and says, "That was awesome, Wolfy. I never fought someone like this, your movement is just ridiculous!" She grins and gushes like a little girl. "You did go easy on me, right? You could have used [Discharge] until I was on the ground."

    "Relying too much on [Discharge] is going to kill me one day. Someone just needs to resist it once and slash at me when I'm vulnerable for everything to go to shit," I say.


    "You also went easy on me, you didn't use a single spell, not even your [Double Image]."

    "I tried to breathe fire and you shut me down immediately," she shrugs, "You know all my tools, I couldn't find an opening to use them properly. Still, it was awesome, let's do this again!" She retreats her wings into her body as Roxanne finishes her treatment.

    "I'm glad you enjoyed but no, we are not doing this again," I say and drop down on the grass, exhausted. "Too much danger for both of us."

    "Awn. Your [Discharge] nearly made me orgasm, if I wasn't so used to your spanking you would have won simply because I would have collapsed due to pleasure" she stands up and comes to me.

    She lowers her pants and I see the large wet patch on her panties, her lips are dripping with wetness.

    "See what you did? Now you have to take responsibility," her smile fades and her man-eating gaze makes me feel like a bunny on the claws of a hawk.

    Alissa pulls down my pants and Hana dives down pussy-first on my cock.

    I grab her waist and pump.

    Her greedy, wet lips grip on my shaft, they want to suck me in and not let go. Her womb receives me like it was a long time since we last met, it's shape is a perfect mold of my dick.

    Hana takes of her shirt and her two weapons hypnotize me. I squeeze them with all my strength and she moans loudly, her hands squeeze mine.

    She looks at me and gives me a fearsome smirk, her yellow eyes turn predatory. She releases my hands and hugs me, burying my head on her twin paradise and I feel the faint sweet mixture of her sweat and perfume. Her hug hurts my ribs and skull, I can't breathe, her hips crush my bones, and my dick is being overstimulated.

    I find a nipple and bite, hard. She lets out a high pitched and sensual moan as her whole body trembles. Her womb squeezes me and she orgasms.

    I sink my nails on her strong abs and move my hips now that she stopped. With every thrust I cast a small [Heal] on myself to help with the pain. With every thrust she melts more and her voice breaks.

    I slowly increase the grip on her waist, which increases her pleasure from [Pain Conversion]. I slow my thrusting cadence but increase the speed.

    Her back arches sensually and her voice fades, the time has come. I bite the other nipple harder than the first time and I cast the smallest [Shocking Touch] I can. I regret it a little as I feel my dick get shocked but the reward is worth of it as Hana's entire body flexes and trembles in a toe-curling orgasm.

    She collapses on me and I release my seed inside her, that one was a massive cumshot.

    Hana regains her breath and looks at me as warmly as a little girl.

    "I heard a lot of stories about sex but none of those comes close to you, Wolfy," she says and kisses me. My mouth is invaded by her tongue and for once she slowly caresses mine. Then she stops the kiss, a bridge of saliva connects us for a second before it breaks. "I love you," she whisper and smiles.

    "I love you more," I whisper back and caress her cheek tenderly.

    Her grip on my body suddenly tightens painfully and she opens her mouth. Her teeth sink into my throat and she clenches her jaw. She remains like this for long, painful seconds and then releases me.

    She sees the hickey plus bite marks on my throat and smirks again. "Don't [Heal] it," she orders.

    I look at my bite marks on her nipples and see that they are already fading.

    "You are going to have to bite much, much harder if you want that to stick," she says and unmounts me. A good amount of cum drips out of her pussy that she quickly starts to scoop out to eat.

    Alissa traces her fingers on my new bruise and licks her lips. I see her small fangs peeking from her partially open mouth.

    "You want to leave a mark too?" I ask.

    "Can it be on your dick?" She asks with an evil smirk.

    "Nope!" I pull up my pants and stand.

    She laughs and hugs me from behind.

    "Maybe your cute little ass then?" She asks.

    "That would make it difficult to sit."

    "I will bite your nipple then, for a change," she says and I feel her fangs scrape on the back of my neck.

    Oh Gods, now we are getting a bite fetish.

    Hana's lewd wetness is all over my abs and legs, me and her get a quick bath before lunch.

    "Wolfy, those things you called video games," Hana starts talking as we sit for lunch, "did they help you with learning how to fight? Considering how little time you have been in this world you are kind of really good with the sword."

    "You could say that," I answer and grab my chin in thought, "Swordsmanship and the combat from video games have little in common, even the virtual reality ones, but they gave me a better idea in how to fight, how to strategize."

    "Hmm... The way you use the sword really is non-standard, so I guess it makes sense."

    "The system also helped a lot. [Sword Use] is basically a lot of muscle memory so having the free points allowed me to easily train that muscle memory perfectly."

    "Cheating like always," Ciel casually comments.

    "There's no skill for leadership and talent," Hana says and Alissa nods.

    "How did you fight in those games?" Lina asks.


    "Excuse me? I'll have you know I was top 50 Mesmer for a long time," I say and glare at the little shit.

    "Gygeh gah gowgah."

    "'He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight'," I recite the quote without even looking at the provocateur.

    "Gihg gohgeh gwogeh."

    "If you fall to deceit you have only yourself to blame for your own stupidity."

    "I'm kind of lost here," Roxanne says.

    "He can see my memories so he looked over my time during the game. The spells I chose where of support, illusion, and poison, so he complains I was cheesing."

    "Oh, that game sounds interesting," Alissa says, her ears twitching at the mention of illusion.


    "Then the developers suck at balancing and I was just helping to point it out."


    "Lily is the asshole, she had absolutely no mercy on the poor plebs. We bet she made a poor guy go bankrupt paying the priests because she was hunting him and shitting on him. She even tea-bagged the poor bastard, now that was some disrespect. Here, see these memories," I say and remember that fateful night.

    "I'm even more lost now," Roxanne says and smiles wryly.

    "Gah guh gah gih..." Gify starts to recite the shit-talking that Lily and the pleb had.

    "Now that's mean," Ciel says.

    "Now that's banter," Roxanne says and smiles.

    "You two would get along well," Hana says to Roxanne.

    Aoi and the golems stare at us and tilt their heads repeatedly, completely confused.

    I casually practice my [Blessing Magic], I'm not too into it today as the high form [Ekrano Style] is still running through my body.

    I get a few weird looks due to my hickey but most seem to be positive as they recognize the meaning of it. Hatara blushes and sends repeated glances at my neck during the break, she seems very eager to try it herself.

    During the evening me and Lina attack Ciel again but she immediately pushes us away, now aware of our plans of using her.

    "Don't you want to play with my breasts instead?" Hana asks.

    Lina stops and looks at Ciel, who sends a quick glare at her.

    "M-maybe not today," Lina says and twiddles her thumbs.

    I pull Lina to my sofa and play footsies with her while she retells today's library delve.

    Ciel's [Spirit Light] is starting to ignite and gain a heatless flame. She lets the spell fade in a puff of rainbow smoke and massages her head. "This is hurting my head," she says.

    I summon a [Holy Spirit] and a corgi and make them tackle Ciel's belly. She yelps in surprise and then again in happiness.

    Hana's [Double Image] improved, she managed to split her arm in two and it's much less blurry looking.

    "How's it going with Gimbo?" I ask Lina.

    "We are going over [Double Strike], soon I can enchant Hana's sword with it. It's quite the complex spell so it's taking a while."

    "How's Gimbo and his wife? You never talk much about them," Alissa says.

    "Oh," Lina blinks repeatedly and blushes slightly. "They don't talk much about things but they are really kind and gentle. Madam Nala always bakes some sweets and gives us some tea during our break. She makes a sweet cream that she puts on top of the cupcakes that remind me of that Chantilly we ate at the Tree of Mana," she says and smiles adorably.

    "So you have been gorging yourself on sweets and you never told us anything about it," Roxanne says with a pout.

    Lina's eyes open wide and her skin pales even more. Her cute feet stop playing with mine.

    "Chantilly?" Ciel lifts her head and asks. Lina's mouth hangs open when she sees Ciel's face turn into a frown.

    Lina opens and closes her mouth, a silent "sorry" is mouthed. Her slave training kicked in.

    "They are playing around," Alissa says and pats Lina's head.

    Lina lowers her head and her ears turn red. Ciel smirks and continues her training. From behind her bangs Lina glares at Ciel for a second.

    Today is the 20th.

    Roxanne wakes me up and the two others are staring at me.

    "What?" I ask.

    Roxanne swallows and says, "It only works when he's awake it seems."

    Hana's [Illusion Magic] increased by 1 (now 2).

    "I managed to double-cast once yesterday. It was quite odd, I did it but I barely know how," I tell Kyros, ignoring his raised eyebrow at my hickey.

    "That's the sub-process forming, once it's complete it works with a mere thought," he says.

    "Isn't it dangerous? Casting a spell instantly with a mere thought?"



    "I'm a magic swordsman, I learned how to cast [Lightning Bolt] chantless," I hurry an excuse.

    "Ah yes, well for someone like you it can certainly be dangerous. Make sure the process only uses [Lightning Bolt] when you truly want to kill, sub-processes for instant spells aren't to be taken lightly."

    Good to know.

    After lunch I sent Alissa to talk to Nour, I want to meet up with him one last time before I leave town.

    In mana cost classes we hold a class wide debate. My "replace reality with my own" side, Toroo's "building phase improvement" side, and Gimbo's "pattern's improvement" side are the three more well-developed ones. Other students have somewhat similar but more abstract and less developed takes on the skill.

    One student saw it as a log that was wet and not burning fully, he's the son of a wood transport tycoon. Another student saw it as too many ingredients on a soup clashing and ruining the taste, her mother has very high [Cooking]. Another saw it as cleaning and polishing the windows so more light could enter the room, her father is the main healer priest of the temple. Another saw as conflicting voices in his head, his mother is a famous [Sing]er at the theater.

    Spells may not really be like "circuits", but rather, they are painted as such in my mind due to how important circuits were in my life. Same goes for the soul's structures, the girls perception of the soul were tainted by my own since I explained to them what to look for before they created the "soul map" for me. Now I wonder how useful it might be to other people, maybe since they need to learn the skill the same way as I did they will see the soul similarly to me.

    Toroo was obviously very amused at my hickey but didn't mention it. The others did their best to ignore it but Hatara had a mischievous smile the whole time and Garanae was seating cold.

    I do my strength training alongside Lina. She unbuttons her shirt due to the heat and I spend my time admiring her cute collarbones. I reach over and free another button, showing more of her nonexistent cleavage.

    I stand behind her and keep lifting my weights, looming over her. I quickly reach over from behind and free another button, showing a hint of her nipple. Her sweat drips over her neck and I feel like licking her.

    I drop my weights and hug her from behind. Our bodies are hot and sweaty, she has a faint sweet scent coming out of her.

    I scrape my teeth through her neck and bite her, then I turn her head and kiss her.

    I free the rest of her buttons and remove her shirt, then I lower her pants and break my hug. I grab my weights and continue my workout. She stares at me and blinks blankly.

    I let my erection stab her and she takes the hint. She grabs the weights and we continue our workout, her almost fully naked, me poking her cute ass.

    By night I spend my time teaching Hana about light and photons, even the others join in to listen.

    Then I teach them about the double-slit experiment to explain how waves and particles behave and how photons are both.

    I push my hand on the water and we watch the wave pass through the two slits. The wave divides into two and both start interfering with each other.

    Then by spitting water in a cloud I remake the particle patter on a piece of paper.

    "So it's like, until the particle touches something it just goes around randomly like a wave?" Hana asks, tilting her head.

    "Yeah it's kind of like it. Some theories say that a particle has a probability of being in a certain place until it is measured, then it is certain it is in that place and then it becomes a wave of probabilities again," I say, butchering the whole theory, but who cares, this is fun.

    "Maybe we could derive an abstract magical concept out of it," Alissa says.

    "Being a researcher sounds fun," Lina says.

    "You only saw the good parts, it's mostly boring stuff," I say and smile wryly.

    "Hm," she turns back forward and lowers her body on my back, drilling her ass again on my crotch.

    With the lesson done her hand slowly snakes down my pants and pulls out my thick member, her thin fingers squeeze me and stroke me.

    She lifts her dress and pushes her panties aside, taking me in inside her tight womb. I hug her and lean forward, forcing her to go prone. Slowly I move in and out from between her thin legs.

    I envelop her completely with my body and breathe down on her neck. I whisper on her ears, "I love you."

    Slow and steady I let our pleasure build until I feel her legs quiver below me.

    As I finish Lina I see Ciel has lost her concentration and Alissa's head is buried beneath her dress.

    "Not fair, ah," she mutters and moans, "I will never finish this spell since you all keep distracting me," she says and bites her lips.

    I remove my dick from Lina who's still having light convulsions from her orgasm and move towards Ciel.

    I remove Alissa from below and lift up Ciel's dress. I grab her by the waist and bring her towards the edge of the sofa. Then I pull out the browned marshmallows and kiss her.

    "You will, soon enough, it's just that you are too delicious," I say and bite her pouting lip. "Just let me savor you a while longer."

    I push my tongue inside her greedy mouth and penetrate her. Her lips grab on my shaft and try to not let go, making the wet sounds of our sex even louder and dirtier.

    Later on Lina dutifully cleans my shaft from hers and Ciel's cream. I end the evening's relaxation with a titjob from Ciel, glazing her face white and calling the attention of Hana, who decides to slowly tease Ciel's lips while cleaning her.

    Today is the 21st.

    A normal awakening from Alissa.

    I'm stuck on bed longer than normal as Aoi sleeps, curled on my chest, and I do not have the heart to take her off me.

    "Everyone in here is just so cuddly," Ciel says as she leaves.

    The smell of orc bacon being fried seeps into the room and Aoi's head suddenly raises, her eyes wide awake.

    "Ba-cooon!" She yells as she runs downstairs, her little claws tickling my body as she moves.

    My "Strength" and "Endurance" finally increased by 1 (now 12 and 13). My [Reduced Mana Cost] increased by 1 (now 8+6).

    Hana's [Illusion Magic] increased by 2 (now 4). Alissa's and Hana's "Wisdom" increased by 1 (now 14 and 12).

    We don't eat much as we are going to visit Nour this morning.

    The sky is cloudy and a storm is coming, we put on our cloaks and enter the dinghy. Alissa distributed the bunny ear cloaks so everyone looks adorable in the gloomy weather.

    Nour's house is near the north gate, not on the noble's quarter but clearly on the wealthy part of town.

    We leave the main road and pass a number of large houses with their own guards in front, most have high walls and heavy gates. I see a twinkle of crystals every once in a while atop the walls, a security system of some kind.

    We reach a standardized blue-grey house, a rental, but bigger and more well made than ours. A simple guard stands in front of the tall wooden gate.

    "I am Wolf Ryder, Nour is expecting me," I say.

    The guard nods respectfully and fiddles with a ring in his hand. In less than a minute a tall devil-type woman comes out of the house. She looks slightly androgynous with sweptback black hair and a male butler's uniform, but her face is still very feminine.

    "Mr. Ryder, I am Bellatrix, I hope you remember me," she says and bows.

    "I do, good to see you again," I say and nod.

    Bellatrix straightens and gives a smile to Lina who answers with a shy head nod.

    We are led inside a house with the same layout than ours, but bigger and with much more decorative furniture. The floor is tiled in colorful geometric patterns, imperial style. The walls have a few paintings and even a gnomic magic picture like ours. It seems Iana, the adventurer they hired, is integrating quite well.

    "Whoever bought these tea sets has a good taste," I say while I look at the black and gold sets of porcelain. Alissa nods in agreement.

    "Midori will be delighted to hear that, it's her family's heirloom," Bellatrix says.

    We enter the living room and Nour rises from the sofa to receive us. Their fireplace is already lit and steamy, thick tea with milk is being served.

    "Wolf," Nour says with a nod and we shake hands.

    Safiya, the petite brown-haired woman serves us tea. Midori, the green-haired dragonkin, gives a bone-crushing forearm-shake to Hana and they quickly start to fawn over Aoi. Iana, the dark-skinned wereanimal woman with curly hair joins Lina, Alissa, and Bellatrix in talking about enchantments and bows.

    I pull out the golems and Safiya looks at them wide-eyed, she nearly drops her cup when she sees them speak. Ciel and Roxanne join her in talking about their progress and how much smarter they are becoming.

    Rain starts pouring outside, the pitter patter, the murmuring of the conversations, and the crackling of the warm fireplace make for a very comfy morning.

    "So you are leaving," Nour says, with a slightly sad smile. He strokes his modest teen-ish brown stubble on his neck and looks away. "I wish we could have met more often," he looks back at me and his smile widens.

    "So have I, but too often we get caught up in things and end up forgetting to give friends a visit," I say and smile bitterly. I still haven't learned my lesson, some people you really shouldn't let go, they are far too valuable to your life and you will never find someone like them again. "I will come back, one day."

    "Make sure you do, at least before I go back home to take over father's business."

    "How long until that?"

    "Maybe 5 years."

    "That's too far, I will definitely come back before then."

    "Then let's enjoy our time, we won't get another opportunity," he leans over and slaps my back. Then he comes closer and looks over the women, they are all focused on their own conversations. "There's something I must ask you, Wolf," his voice turns serious.

    "Ask away."

    "Say, I have been having some, uh, problems, to…" He swallows loudly, "contain, all these women. So I have been wishing for some, uh, help. And I got it, but it's quite the o-odd skill. Have you ever heard about [Enhanced Semen Recharge]?" He asks through gritted teeth, his eyes wide open in pleading.

    I put my hand on his shoulder, my tone is equally serious, "Nour, think of it as a blessing from the Goddess of Love. Be proud of having this skill, any man that meets you should envy this skill for we are not just simple men, we are men among men. We are the apex of masculinity, we are the Symbol of Man, the Lords of Sex, the Harem Masters. Do not worry, take the plunge and level this skill without regard, you will not regret it," I say and grin.

    Nour looks around nervously and nods, he leans back and smiles. His smile turns wide and then maniacal, he stifles a chuckle that turns into a laugh that turns into a wheeze. The girls look at him worriedly but we ignore them. Today, a brotherhood has been founded.

    Nour reclines back on his seat and relaxes.

    "So, there's no side-effects…" he mutters with a silly smile on his face.

    "Just that passing through customs can be a little embarrassing if you don't take pride in the skill," I say in a low voice, we are basically whispering to each other.

    My free town pass is more useful than for just skipping lines.

    He holds his chin in thought and speaks, "I wonder what happens when you level it too far. Plenty of skills have a low level-cap so it's possible this one has one too."

    "Why didn't you know much about it? I thought the priests taught us a lot about those sort of things."

    "It's embarrassing to show others you have sexual skills," he cringes and chuckles. The teasing I suffered makes his words ring true, "so most people suppress them, which leads to the priests not talking often about these skills unless someone asks for specifically."

    "But the skills are just sexual improvements, are they not? Why would you be afraid of them?"

    "There's some more… weird skills that could have side-effects."

    Oh yeah, there's that [Sexual Metamorphosis] skill or [Sexual Charm]. Now I remember that in the Miscellaneous list there's quite a few with concerning names, like [Tendrils], [Viscous Fluids], [Sweet Discharge], [Body Distension], and even Hana's [Pain Conversion]. Maybe I should study them for my kitsune transformation project.

    "Yeah, I get it but you really shouldn't be afraid of them, most of them seem to be something you turn on if you want to," I say, "I don't think I ever heard of a permanent body change that's constantly on."

    "Makes sense…"

    We casually talk about our progress after that. Nour is steadily progressing through dungeons, he met a wandering group of dragonoids and has been avoiding the Smirk ever since then.

    "They don't even need to be undead to be tenacious, an alteration-type is enough to keep them fighting for a long time," he says.

    "Well their coordination was crap and they had no equipment so it was mostly a damn long attrition contest," Iana says, now joining our conversation.

    "It kind of hurt a lot, though, we are lacking in the healing department," Midori says, "maybe we should hire a priest, or priestess," her lips curl into a small smile.

    "M-maybe we could train Safiya in [Heal], she has some skill potential left so it shouldn't he hard," Nour hurriedly adds.

    "Hmm…" Midori crosses her arms and thinks, her hand covers her mouth which I bet is hiding a smirk.

    "A strong, male, and vigorous priest is a good choice, you can always have more men to help," Hana says with a smirk, "or a kind and shy angel for healing not only the internal wounds, another cute little thing wouldn't hurt," she says and looks at Ciel, who shifts uncomfortably.

    "I'm leaning more on the male priest, another big hand to help would be more beneficial," Midori says and narrows her eyes.

    "I would prefer another Blood Slave, a young, petite, virgin would be easy to train as long as she had some talent in magic," Nour says in a serious tone and narrows his eyes at Midori.

    The emerald dragonkin woman licks her lips and crosses her shapely legs. I see the muscles in her exposed arms grow slightly and her posture turn domineering.

    Nour maintains his stare at Midori and grits his teeth. His brow sweats cold and his fists clench.

    Midori exhales and her posture relaxes, it was like she flexed her entire body and soul. Nour smiles smugly and the silence that befell the room is broken by Aoi, who's rolling on a pile of gold coins and chewing on one, making clacking sounds as her scales and teeth hit the coins.

    "Yes, another little play thing would be nice," Midori mutters.

    I move to sit next to Aoi and pet her sleek belly full of small scales.

    "Kweh," she makes a pleased sound and spreads her limbs wide for me, her puppy eyes draw me in and I use two hands to pet her. Monsters might not have a system but I think Aoi's "Charisma" is still affecting me.

    "So how did you tame a nature spirit?" Safiya asks while petting Gify on her lap.

    "He just liked me and attached himself to me, so I guess it was luck," I say.


    "Don't push it. Your 'blessing' has only been a drain in our food reserves."

    Gify pops out of existence then pops on my head and dances, ruffling my hair.

    "Gah! Gify!" Alissa chastises and pounces, grabbing Gify in a quick swipe.


    Safiya smiles adorably.

    "There's a spirit that looks like a cat with an oversized head that appears once in a while, I have been trying to catch his attention and even learned how to chant [Animal Tongue]," Safiya says and receives Gify from Alissa.

    Alissa comes back and straightens my hair.

    "Gilh gif guh gor."

    Safiya grins and says, "Thank you, I would love to have a spirit connect our minds at least once in our lives."

    Nour looks and nods in understanding.

    We leave some time after that so we can make our lunch. Rain is still going on so we put our cloaks and make our way home, I cast [Wind Armor] on everyone since it reduces the amount of water that falls on us slightly.

    Space class is just reviewing stuff since next lesson is the final test. I decide to not show my style yet and pretend I'm focusing on using [Gravity Crush] to keep my opponent in place.

    In the evening I focus on finishing my chant for [Infuse]. The rain continued up until now so we light the fireplace again.

    As I watch Lina cast [Infuse] repeatedly my mind slowly clouds as I enter a trance. Deeper than a meditation, similar to Roxanne's intoxication but actually unpleasant. My heart turns cold, my mind devoid of emotions, my purpose unified, my desire a certainty.

    I sense, I process, I react. Input, operation, and output. The small, tiny, individual pieces that make us, us, are divided and observed. It's not a neural network but an abstraction of action and reaction. In the end it is the same, but different.

    The inputs and outputs relate to our perception, not just what we see and feel, but what we perceive. Our internal construct of reality is broken down and analyzed. We observe, compare to our internal beliefs, and react, then repeat endlessly.

    Differences in comparison to reality and perception cause disorder, to survive we must keep the disorder at bay, controlled. We either change the world to obey to our beliefs or we change our beliefs to conform with the world.

    Disorder is chaos, pain, suffering, surprise, but also opportunity. For we need the chaos to move us forward, to dislodge us from the expected and force us into action to contain the unexpected.

    A soul is not a bunch of lines of code or neural network, but a belief network. A spirit is the whole, it is a group of senses, beliefs, and actuators.

    With a constant cadence and a flat tone I chant, "I invoke the genesis of life; from it I construct an automata, an agent of change; I base it as a mere imitation of life and then alter it to my whim; I modify it to serve me better, I adapt it to serve me better; I hold this new soul in my hand and give thee fake life, [Infuse]!" I finish the spell and my hand glows.

    My breathe quickens as if I was holding my breath, my heart beats fast as if I did a monumental effort, my mind reboots as if I was knocked out for a second.

    I extinguish the spell and say, "Certainly an unpleasant magic school to chant."

    "The emotions in casting is one of the first thing researchers try to remove to complete system magic, otherwise it's too tiring," Roxanne says.

    "I require cuddling, recharge my energies," I say and extend my arms to Roxanne. She jumps out of Hana's lap and lands into my arms. "Careful with those horns. How come you never skewer something with them?"

    She turns to me and pushes them on my chest, the moment they touch me they suddenly turn rubbery, the sharp point doesn't even prick me.


    For once Ciel has an uninterrupted training session with [Holy Spirit]. Even I benefit from training that spirit as I think I have been managing to grasp dual-casting of Electric and [Space Magic].

    Ciel decides to go to sleep and Roxanne pushes her head towards me, asking for pats. I slowly play with Roxanne's horn as the coldness of [Golemancy] is cleansed from my body. Roxanne moans seductively and I inhale a thick perfume.

    Her legs part away and suddenly my dick is inside her. She waves her hips, our bodies lay on the sofa with minimal space to move.

    I keep the intoxication at bay as I enjoy the sensual expression on her face. Her eyes narrowed in pleasure, her lips partially bitten, her glossy hair caressing me as it touches my face, her long thin fingers trace over my strong chest and abs.

    With a long exhale my whole body relaxes and I release my tension inside her.

    Today is the 22nd.

    "Awaken, my master," Alissa whispers in my ear.

    I break out of my slumber and rise for another day requires conquering.

    My [Golemancy] increased by 5 (now 9). I certainly had quite a leap in understanding.

    Kyros shows me how to affect someone's mind. "You do not know who I am," the friendly looking middle-aged man with olive skin says. He strokes his puffy white goatee and stares at me.

    "Yes? Something wrong?" I ask the man.

    "What are you doing here?" He asks casually.

    Where did he come from?

    I suddenly notice my sword is stored away and I'm in a closed room with an oddly charismatic man. His small blue eyes stare at me inquisitively.

    "Well I was training with my professor," I say. I can't admit I'm training in [Godly Language] to a stranger. I look around and frown, "now where is he…" I mutter.

    "How does your professor look like?" He asks, a small smirk forming on his face.

    I ready two fast earth elementals in my mind, this man is too suspicious and I have no idea where he came from.

    "Well my professor is… uh…" my voice fades as my brain races through my memories. Something is wrong, why don't I remember my professor's face? How did I learn so much about [Godly Language] without even learning his name!? "Wait…" I eye the man in front suspiciously, "did you mess with my head!? Did you use [Godly Language] on me!?" I raise from my seat and point my finger at him, readying [Discharge] in my mind.

    "You will remember who I am," Kyros says hurriedly and I feel the weirdest déjà vu ever. "You are quite guarded, I didn't expect you to be this defensive," his eyebrows knit in worry.

    "I hate mysteries," I say and sit down, my rapidly beating heart slows down, "even I didn't expect this reaction but I can understand why I acted like this. The hole in my memories was too great, I panicked thinking that if you can do this then what else could you do."

    "So at least now you understand how difficult it is to actually mess with someone's memories."

    "Yeah, there's too many details to convey on mere words, quite the puzzle."

    "And it's all temporary, I stopped yours earlier but once the effect ends most people would instantly realize what happened."

    "Good for some information gathering."

    "But you will reveal your powers to your enemy then."

    "Unless it's someone disposable," I say and Kyros nods.

    In [Nature Magic] class I spend my time training with [Animal Tongue] so I can read deeper into the feelings of an animal. I don't want to show any of my main combat abilities on the final test since it gets put on my record and plenty of people would have easy access to it.

    I spend my evening reviewing and then re-compiling my thesis now with [Writing].

    "Shouldn't we spread this mana training method?" Hana asks, "It's honestly much better than the standard."

    "Remember that me and Wolfy have to [Heal] you regularly," Ciel says.

    "And I give you points in [Mana Control] during it," I say.

    "And it's actually really close to [Godly Language]," Roxanne says, "Even I can learn it now, though I would be horrible at it I could still use it to invade someone's mind."

    "Well, that's disappointing," Hana says and shrugs.

    For bed I have Lina wear the black bunny ears cloak with black Clothes of the Berserker. She shyly comes to bed and sits at the border, twiddling her thumbs and dreading what's about to come.

    "Maybe we should buy some animal ears tiaras," I say, "more convenient than using the cloak."

    "To be honest it was a weird fashion choice to have animal ears on cloaks," Ciel says.

    "Still, she is absolutely adorable," I say on a low growl. I pull Lina's chin towards and me and devour her.

    I grab her cute buttocks and press a finger into her second entrance just to scare her. She plays the part of the terrified bunny perfectly as she shivers and looks away. I turn her around and she tries to desperately crawl out of my grasp but she's already on my jaws.

    I grab her waist and penetrate her from behind. She gasps, suddenly glad that the only pain she's feeling right now is the mild discomfort from being stretched by me.

    Tonight a bunny is taken by a predator.

    Today is the 23rd.

    Ciel wakes me up as Lina is too tired to do it.

    "Good girl," Alissa says to Ciel and quickly moves out of the room as she receives a glare in response.

    "I'm going to go look for an escort company and offer our services," Hana says, "The good positions should be opening by now."

    "Sure, take care," I say.

    I'll just train my mana a little. I'm not feeling very creative this morning.

    Intermission 11

    I go towards the Guild's Corridor. This must be the most boring part of town, the buildings are all straight, simple, and direct, only the rich merchant companies splurge and make their facade more interesting.

    Heh, spending time with Wolfy changed me a bit, I never really cared about architecture until I saw him admiring every building we entered. I still don't fully understand why he's so curious about buildings but I can now at least appreciate when we enter a pretty house.

    The men and women here are all quite pitiful too, pencil pushers, the lot. They look cute but I bet I would break their hips if I were to take one for myself. Wolfy is the cutest anyway.

    A young scribe nearly falls over trying to stay out of my way. I give him a thankful kiss with my eyes and I see him shiver.

    I really want to level my [Intimidate] but I'm not sure how, maybe I should ask Wolfy about it. Oh yes, he could put some of my points on it and I could learn what's different when I level it up.

    The scribe's eyes glue to me as I pass, my cleavage, specifically. A few meters away I look back and see him suddenly scamper off.

    I laugh freely at his innocence. Look all you want for a look is all you will ever going to get.

    Now, business. I have to search for the smaller companies, Lina gave me a list of the better candidates. I have to gauge their worth by the number of guards they are taking, too little and they are going to be a problem, too much and they are going to be an even bigger problem. We don't need the money so we don't need to risk joining the more desperate caravans, which also means we certainly don't need to risk being attacked by robbers by joining the valuable ones. The High Forest is on low security so it's almost certain we will be attacked if we join either.

    Too bad I never came here before, I don't recognize any of these companies. In the end we will have to gamble and go with one, there's no way we will really know how the trip is going to be like until we are actually on the road.

    I wish Lina came too, I want to molest her so bad but Ciel is being prickly and monopolizing the cute bundle of cuteness.

    I also wanted Aoi too, my head feels too light without her. The stares the three of us would get were delicious, too.

    I walk out of the building and chuckle.

    Okay, these wackos are going to die at the High Forest, no thank you.

    Next on the list is... Este company. Ain't that the western Crown Lord's family name? Lina said these are the small companies so maybe it was a branch family that fell out of grace. Or maybe it has to do with the downfall of the Lord, the higher Lords would never be this incompetent without some shenanigans.

    I reach the building and look at the facade. The building is kind of falling apart, maaybe they are on the "desperate" side, just maybe.

    "Hana?" A familiar voice asks.

    I snap my head towards the source and feel my heart tighten. My smile grows so wide my face hurts.

    "Klein!" I yell.

    A petite brown-haired-and-furred weremonkey woman runs up to me, I open my arms wide and receive her on my embrace. Her arms squeeze my waist like she wants to break me, I see that her toned and tanned arms are the same as always.

    We break the hug and she looks up to me, beaming with a smile and jumping on the spot repeatedly.

    "I-I can't believe this! Why are you here!? I thought you were going to be sent to prison!" She says so quickly and excitedly it's almost inintelligible. Heh, my vocabulary is improving, wait no, it was unintelligible.

    "Calm down," I say and put my hand on hear head, forcing her to remain still. "I was sold as a Blood Slave in here, one thing led to another and now my master is my fiance," I grin towards her.

    She finally stops fidgeting and lets her mouth hang.

    "W-who could keep you in line? Who could even survive you?" She asks, slack-jawed.

    Someone who can instant-cast [Heal], as a start.

    "Someone very special," I say and smile awkwardly. Praising Wolfy to his face doesn't make me feel embarrassed like this.

    "Yeah, duh. I want to know how's he like? What race is he?"

    I look around and see the pencil pushers are all holding back their giggling. This is not the kind of attention that I like, but Klein still doesn't care about these things.

    A long brown tail tickles my nose and I look down.

    "Let's go somewhere else to talk," I say and smile warmly at her.


    Wolfy is right, tea shops are kind of calming, the atmosphere is so nice.

    Klein sits down and looks around nervously, her round monkey ears are twitching.

    "I'm paying," I say.

    Her head snaps forward and looks at me confused, "What? Aren't you still a Blood Slave?"

    "My maste-, fiance, is very kind with money and we are well off now," I say and blush lightly. Gods, I turned into a hot-blooded hatchling again, I never really had to refer to Wolfy as my fiance so often before and now I realize how much my heart tightens when I say it.

    "Oh!" Klein's eyes open wide, "That's wonderful, enviable. How big is his dick?"

    "Oh, I didn't measure it," I make a mental note, "But do you even have experience on this?"

    "Nope!" She answers with a smile then immediately let her shoulders slump and frown. "Da is still looking for a husband for me and he says that plenty of the men want a virgin."

    "Screw that, the Goddess of Love told us to enjoy ourselves and so you should!" I slam my fist on the table and cringe when the tea seat clatters. "Dad wanted this too and look where it got me? I got sold as a Blood Slave still a virgin. It's paradise for me that my master has a dick strong enough for me. I don't even want to imagine if I ended up being sold a limp-dicked fat merchant somewhere."

    Klein nods repeatedly with her eyes glued on me, "Yeah! Screw Da!"

    "Maybe you want to talk to him before you actually do something," I say and awkwardly play with my cheek scales. I don't really want to be blamed if she ends up doing something stupid.

    "Oh, is your fiance a noble? I heard they like to form harems of Blood Slaves."

    "No, he's just a commoner, a rather rich commoner. But I do have a harem, technically it's his but I have two women as my playthings. Soon I will get the other two," I say and lick my lips.

    "Women? Didn't know you like other women," she eyes me suspiciously and I shrug. "So, do you want to take me? Do you want to drain me like you said you would do to men?" She excitedly sways her body with a stupid smile on her face.

    "I don't feel anything in particular right now, but if my master lets me," I give her a kiss with my eyes and she shivers just like everyone, "then I would gladly turn you into my sex slave."

    "A-hahaha-hahahahah," she laughs nervously at first but then lets her true laugh come out.

    "So, what are you doing here?"

    She composes herself and cleans her throat, "Well, after you got taken we ended up being interrogated but eventually they released us. I was really scared we would get arrested too just because of our association," she says with a heart wrenching sadness in her eyes.

    Now that I think about it, it's likely the traitor was among the ones who suffered no repercussions. I have to get Klein to tell me their names, I don't want revenge but I don't want to ever see them again.

    "Then me, Da, and Mom decided to go to a calmer place and went towards the High Forest. Boy, were we screwed, we didn't know about the rumors of how fucked things were," she smiles wryly. "But it's not so bad, our Gentleman boss is quite experienced. His family is going through some troubling times so he lost a lot of money but he's already improving steadily."

    If Klein is with them then it might not be so bad.

    "Say, Klein. My fellowship is going to leave Rabanara and we are thinking of taking the scenic route, do you know if your boss is in need of experienced hunters?" I ask with a smirk.

    Her eyes opens wide, "Oooh! Yes!"

    Hall of Fame of Patrons.

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord SenilePenile.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Noble Salty Panda.
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    I force my smile and get up from the table.

    "I'll catch you boys later," I say and throw down a silver coin. "My pay, if you steal it I'll break your balls, got it?"

    "Yo, little miss!" One of the drunkards raises his cup and spills some pot-ash-to beer on his own face, "I'll catch you later, eh? Get it?" He laughs and makes fucking movements with his hips.

    "You wish, you limp-dick, you couldn't even break my hymen with that chicken cock," I say and send him a wink. The man falls back on his seat and slams his dagger on the table, glaring at me. "Don't make that face, I saw you take a piss, you are smaller than my Da's!"

    The others laugh and slap the back of the man, he pulls the dagger out and points it to me, "I'll get ya one day!" He yells and smiles as I turn around and walk away.

    The 3 boys in the corner laugh along between themselves and get up too.

    I get out of the tavern and breathe in the fresh air. A silent lightning falls on the tavern and even I can feel the mana coursing through the lightning-rod. It disperses on the ground and an Earth mage comes to check on the soil near the rod. I look up and see a large dark cloud directly above, periodic lighting strikes light up the entire town.

    I start moving quickly down the white brick road. I think about hiding in between the buildings but they are too far apart from each other and the streets are almost empty, the fuckers would find me effortlessly.

    I hear the tavern's door open just as I turn the corner. My hope of getting lucky gets dashed as I hear 3 sets of footsteps get closer.

    "Miss Tranfkoever!" I hear the forced melodic voice of the pompous asshole that has been stalking me.

    "Signeur Mushmasun," I say with gritted teeth and turn around.

    The brown-haired young boy looks up at me. Even though he's older than me he still falls short, but it's his muscles that give him the confidence to try to fuck with me, or better, try to fuck me.

    Flanking him are two orc-looking boys, toys to be usedwhen the fucking little noble lacks the raw power. A blond and thick one from Dyrmorder and an olive-skinned, black haired, chubby one from the Mainland. The blondie looks kind of handsome, though.

    "Please, just call me Amon," he says with a wide smile, his beautiful blue eyes stare at me with smugness. His blocky face and fleshy lips look enticing, it disgusts me that he arouses me. Handsome men shouldn't act like him, it doesn't fit.

    "Fine, Amon, I greet you."

    "Yes, yes…" His smile turns warm and gets far too close to me, though he's close enough for me to bite.

    He points towards the direction I was going to with one hand and the other falls on my exposed shoulder, forcing me to turn, "Please let's continue walking," he says softly. I turn with him and he pushes me on, forcing us to walk, but he doesn't remove his hand. "Going back to your family?"

    "Yes," I answer curtly.

    "Good, maybe we should have a talk, meet with your father, you know. There's many things for us to discuss, business, partnerships, your future," he glances at me and I feel the scales in my body twitch. "I know you haven't found a partner yet and I'm also saving myself for someone special, we could learn many things with each other. Me, you, maybe Yasarin or Yamini too, maybe my sister, definitely my future wives too."

    I look at the two orcs and they are grinning at his master's words. They don't look ugly, though they do look brutish, taking 3 men would be interesting, but it's unfortunate that their master is such a fucking piece of shit.

    I look at his waist and scoff internally at his rapier. Damn duelists think they are above the real warriors, I bet he uses a girly buckler too instead of a real damn shield!

    I stop and grab his wrist, I squeeze it painfully, making the little bitch squirm. I push back his hand into his chest, hopefully he will learn this time.

    "I would prefer that you didn't touch me," I say and force a smile.

    His two cock suckers surround me.

    "Miss Hana…" He says with the sweetest poisoned smile.

    "Don't fucking call me Hana," I interrupt.

    He lowers his head in apology and goes back to staring at me, a new savagery seeping into his eyes. "Apologies, Miss Tranfkoever."

    "I already said no to you more than once," I say coldly and narrow my eyes at him.

    "Oh Miss Tranfkoever, we can always discuss it further, hasty decisions will always leave us unsatisfied," he says smiling wider, turning maniacal. "Negotiations should be ingrained in your mind, right? You should behave more like your class," I don't know why but something on his tone pissed me off.

    "I don't want to negotiate," I say, gritting my teeth and forcing a smile that undoubtedly looks warped.

    "Don't be conceited," his tone mixes coldness with casual speech making me even more pissed, "I will negotiate with your father. Now please, lead me to him."

    "No," I say curtly.

    He sighs and dramatically massages the bridge of his nose, "We are not going to just negotiate you, my delicious dragon. There's also your younger sister who would make a fine young wife for me, I would love to have your little brother too. Maybe we could even include your mother," -he smiles faintly and I can only think his face looks like a rather handsome fucking Eldritch Horror- "I'm sure your father would understand how much he could gain from this."

    "You know what, fuck you."

    I spread my foot and get into position. His hand immediately goes to his rapier, fucker thinks this is a duel.

    My fist connects with his jaw before his rapier is half way out of his waist. I tense my back muscles and follow through, my hips spin on the spot, giving the punch all the strength it requires. His face twists and I see his teeth fly, [Enhanced Reflexes] is a beautiful thing.

    His face snaps to the side and is stopped by his neck reaching the limit it can twist. Then his body starts to follow, his feet depart from the ground and he takes off like a bird. A very heavy bird that can only fly a few centimeters before falling back on the ground, face first.


    "Nighty night, little Lady."

    The two orc-brains look at their cum dispenser with wide eyes, they didn't even understand what was going to happen and just stared at us the whole way with empty minds. Probably not so empty as I'm sure they were dreaming of boning me.

    The Mainland one drops on the ground near his master and splashes Lady's face with an HP potion.

    "Fat fuck, that won't work, his face is not broken, his brain is. You have to make him drink it," I say.

    "UOO!" The blondie aims a straight at me. I tilt my head and lift my scales, they cut his hand and arm deeply in multiple places. "AAAH!" He yells in pain as he pulls his arm out.

    I give him a real straight punch right on the nose and his head snaps backwards. He takes a few steps back while groaning and covers his nose, it immediately starts bleeding.

    "Too bad your face is going to get fucked, you are actually handsome." I grab him by the throat and pull him close, I give him a kiss on the lips and taste his blood. "This is how you punch, bitch." I send another down his solar plexus and hear the air escape his lungs.

    A punch hits me on the right of my face, right on the cheek and on my scales. I release blondie and take a few steps back.

    "Ahahaha! Fattie doesn't know how to punch, you hit the wrong spot," I say as I look at the Mainlander grasp his left hand in pain. He didn't even crack a scale.

    I lift my fists and get ready. I kick blondie with the sole of my boot and send him away, then I immediately walk forward and send a straight towards fattie.

    He dodges and uses his arm to parry the punch and sends one on my ribs with his left. I grunt in pain but hold on, I grab his arm with my right and send a left on his throat.

    He endures the first and grabs my wrist when I go for a second so I kick him in the balls.

    "Ah...!" He moans like a bitch and hunches over.

    I knee him in the chin and he falls on his ass. The blondie comes with a drunk punch, I fail to dodge fully and he hits me in the neckbone, it actually fucking hurt but it might have hurt more on him.

    He follows with a flurry of drunk punches and I just keep stepping backwards to dodge them.

    "I can smell the cum from here! Now, is it from your master or from your fat lover?" I taunt and his punches gain speed but lose accuracy.

    He tires quickly and slows down again. I stand my ground and parry one, then I send a right on his jaw. It connects and he stops, his body starts swaying, then I send a left and he falls on the ground.

    Fattie stands up so I grab his dick and squeeze.

    "Aa~h! P-please no! I yield!" He pleads like a bottoms.

    "I'm sure you do, little finger, I'm sure you do," I smack my head on his nose and he falls back, this time he doesn't try to rise. I spit on him, a little blood goes out with the saliva.

    Lady Amon is opening his eyes, trying to wake up.

    I walk over his head and lower my pants, I spread my panties and give him a view he won't forget. "Here's my dowry," I say and squat, I pee on his mouth and hear him choke.

    I quickly put my pants back on and run away before the guards can come.

    What the fuck did Lady Amon think would happen, that he could stab me in the throat with his rapier and in the next moment ask me in marriage?

    I hang by the central fountain, the silent lightning strikes the fountain repeatedly, making for quite the sight.

    It's still too early to go back, damn Lady Amon made me leave before I could wipe the table and steal from the drunks, after last time they won't try to beat me up just because I'm good at pochspiel. I need some more coin, the sex shop is selling some shaking beads cheap and I really wanted one.

    I get me some goblin ear chips and a fish dip from a stall. I see the kids from the orphanage are hanging out near the fountain like they own the place.

    After I finish eating I [Clean] my mouth and wash my face on the fountain, I let the water drip down my white sleeveless shirt, then I approach them.

    "Yo, kids," I say and cross my arms, I bunch up my breasts to tease them. "Doing anything fun?"

    Most are boys and the girls are all small and thin. I see the older ones follow the water dripping from my neck down to my chest, my wet shirt is sticking to my breasts quite visibly.

    "Y-yes, we got hash!" Says a short and young one quite excitedly.

    "Fuck, Gamal! You don't tell others these things!" An older boy says and slaps Gamal in the back of his head.

    I walk to Gamal and stroke his head, he barely comes up to my chest so I lean over and give him a view. "Don't hit him like that, the good boy is just friendly." The young boy smiles and his eyes glue to my breasts.

    "What do you want, lizard?" Says another boy.

    I glare at him and he gulps visibly.

    "Give me a piece and I will flash you," I say and smile wide. The boy visibly gets uncomfortable and some of the boys look at the girls, they scowl at me visibly and one even hugs the arm of a boy.

    "Slut, go away," hisses a girl.

    "Fucking dragonkin are all like that, she's just like Aiya," hisses another, the older of the girls.

    A boy throws me a rolled hash and I catch it in the air. I lift my shirt to them and they gasp, the same boy stretches his hand for a squeeze.

    I drop my shirt and grab his hand, then I bite it and he yells. "Fuck! Bitch! Why did you bite!?" He cries.

    "No touch, only watch," I say innocently.

    He clicks his tongue and I walk away.

    I blow a little fire in the hash and light it up. I suck on it and it fills my mouth with smoke, I inhale the air for a few seconds and let it escape. The smoke is slightly pleasant and fills me with calmness but it's short lived, damn "Endurance" is already too high for smoking hash.

    A few people send me glares, not everyone likes the smell of hash in the open.

    I keep walking down the streets carelessly, I prance down the clothiers alley and spend some time window-shopping. I'd like to wear dresses too but when? Even Mom spends most of her time only wearing pants due to her job.

    Time passes quickly, from behind the dark clouds I can see the God of the Sun setting and the Goddess of the Moons rising on the opposite side. The wind picks up and I think it's going to rain so I go back home.

    The inn is full of people coming for dinner, there's a large amount of grass right outside that would make for quite the fresh dinner below the stars but everyone prefers to squeeze inside instead, making the air go stale and stuffy. The architecture here in the Thunder Plains is so weird, I miss Sommerland. It's going to take at least another month until we finish our route and go back.

    I see Mimi in front of the stairs, she's brushing her silky dark ash hair calmly while listening to the bards sing to the diners. She looks at me and smiles adorably, her high cheekbones make her face look so cute, but then it slowly turns into a frown as I approach.

    "Hey Mimi," I say and give her a kiss on the cheek, she retributes but her frown doesn't change.

    "Did you fight again?" She asks in a very disapproving tone.

    "Uh..." I stay quiet and lift an eyebrow at her, I can't lie to her.

    "Your clothes are messy and I can smell the hash on you," she says matter-of-factly.

    "Hash doesn't mean I fought," I say and scoff at her.

    "Your right cheek is swollen, the cloth on your right knee looks slightly frayed, and I know that you won't waste money on hash if not after a fight," she continues on the same tone.

    "Well, damn, are you part of the Investigation Department now you cheeky brat." I sit beside her and hug her.

    "You are 14, you are just as much of a brat as I am." She rests her head on my chest.

    "You are 10, you shouldn't be this smart."

    "You should have higher 'Intelligence', you dum-dum." She smiles cheekily.

    I pinch her dark cheek and she keeps smiling. I release her and start patting her head, she closes her eyes and enjoys it.

    "Who did you beat?"


    She chokes on her spit but quickly recomposes herself. "Dad is going pop a vein," she says with a sigh.

    "I pissed on Amon's mouth, Dad is going to beat me."

    "Wow... Well Mom is going to beat you, didn't she tell you to stop picking fights after you wasted your points with [Dagger Use]?"

    "Yes," I say with a cringe, I did forget about that detail. I'm almost wishing I had just ran away from Amon instead, almost.

    "Did you even pay for the hash?"


    "Oh Gods don't tell me you sucked someone off," she says with disgust on her voice.

    "Where are you learning these things you brat? Ew, I would never do that, I just flashed some dumb kids from the orphanage." I pull on a small strand of her hair.

    "Ow. Well somehow that sounds even worse."

    "The kids shouldn't even have hash to begin with."

    She sighs again and goes quiet.

    After a long time Mom and Dad finally appear. His pure black and her milky white skin contrast heavily as they walk with arms entwined, Dad's hardened face and Mom's soft one make them a beautiful pair, that and her vibrant red hair turns the heads of many patrons. Even though Dad is short for a human he still has a strong presence.

    Little Hermann sleeps on Mom's arms adorably. We both stand up when they approach and I almost ask to carry Hermann when I see the gazes of both of them. Dad's is cold while Mom's is furious, they make me freeze and quake in my boots. Well, I already knew I fucked up.

    Mom silently gives Hermann to Mimi and they plus Dad go towards the baths. Mom stands still in front of me, her glare burning a hole in my heart.

    "Pissing, really? You pissed on a damn noble!?" She lowly hisses at me, trying to not make a scene.

    "Yes, I am sorry..." I say and lower my head.

    "I bet you aren't."

    "Mom..." I say it as my heart hurts. I don't lie, not to her, or Dad, or Mimi.

    "Come," she says curtly and turns around. I don't question and simply follow.

    We go outside into the back of the inn, light rain drizzles on us and the silent lightning strikes increase in number. There's only an Earth mage switching the earth near the lightning rods.

    Mom pulls out of her [Item Box] two wooden swords and throws one at me.

    "Pull up your guard," she growls at me, her emerald scales waving in anger.

    I raise my sword and Mom immediately advances to strike. I know to not take her lightly and immediately fight back.

    We dance around each other. Her sword easily finds openings, slashing painfully on my hands, arms, chest, throat, and face. My skin even starts to bruise due to the repeated strikes.

    She kicks and sweeps at my leg, playing with me. I fall on the ground repeatedly but she never says to stop, she never drops down her guard.

    With a heavy breath I rise up again and Mom strikes me painfully on the head, sending me down again.

    "Wow...! Please stop, this hurts...!" I plead.

    "No," she replies curtly, her soft face is stuck in a harsh gaze.

    I rise and she quickly sends me down again with a slash on the shoulder.

    "Mom, please... I can't fight anymore..." I say, completely out of breath.

    "No, get up."

    Shaking, I rise again. She strikes and I parry but her sword snakes over mine and the tip strikes me in the face, making me lose balance and step backwards.

    "Mom... please..."

    "If you want to stop then make me stop," she says.

    "I can't..." I try to raise my sword, my arms tremble in tiredness.

    "I'm only doing as I please, if you want to stop me then make me!" She barks at me and sweeps me off my feet, I crash painfully on the ground and I don't think I can get up again.

    I scowl at her, she's taking pleasure in torturing me. This is not right, I just want the punishment to end.

    "I thought you would understand me. You certainly only stop when someone beats you down, so I'm just going to beat you over and over until you stop me," she says, her face distorted in anger.

    I drop my sword and let my mouth hang open. My heart hurts so much I feel like crying. "I'm sorry," I mutter.

    "Sorry!? Damn you, girl, sorry is kind of late now, don't you think!?" She says and throws her sword at me in indignation. "You want to do as you please!? You want to live by the sword, taking what you want, doing what you want!? Then get ready to die by the sword when others also do what they want!" She spews the words at me.

    "I... I get it..." I say and drop my head back on the grass, the light rain mixing with my tears.

    A small ceramic bottle is thrown at my chest. I uncork it and drink it, the delicious taste of an HP potions fills my tongue.

    "Don't think this is over," Mom says, her tone still severe, "Tomorrow we are meeting with the Mushmasun's."

    Her words send me a shiver, if I meet with them I'm bound to say something stupid, again.

    I see Mom's milky hand and take it, she lifts me up and hugs me, squishing me on her soft breasts. She runs her delicate hand through my hair and I feel it get stuck on some mating, making her chuckle, we both have a problem with that.

    "I'm sorry," I mutter it again.

    "Say that again after all this is done."


    A short silence falls between us, I enjoy her hand running through my hair as much as I can.

    She breaks the silence with a sigh, "Let's go home, we have to take a bath. And what the hell have you been doing, you smell of hash."

    I cringe one last time and hope she doesn't ask anything else.

    "Hanafuria... What did you pay for the hash?"


    Hall of Fame of Patrons.

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord SenilePenile.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Noble Salty Panda.
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    Hana comes back grinning. She lifts me up by the armpits and lowers me on her lap, she hugs me tight and her body sways from side-to-side.

    "I met an old friend, she's working as an escort for a transport company so I got her to introduce me to their boss," she says, her voice is gushing with happiness, "I got a good deal for us, a gold every other day. We will be the main hunters on the caravan, our job is to keep any monsters away, since we have really good scouting it should be easy for us."

    "Sounds wonderful, thank you, my love," I say and pat a scaly cheek. "It's good that you met a friend, on the trip you will have a lot to talk about."

    "Yes!" She crushes my ribs.

    Aoi jumps out of Roxanne's window and glides until she lands on Hana's head.

    "When are we departing?" Alissa asks.

    "The fifth," Hana answers.

    "How long are we going to stay on this trip?" I ask.

    "Depends on how many foot travelers come too, he said he would limit the number but you know how these merchants are," Hana says and exhales a tired breath, "At the most we should reach Goldport before the Turn of the Year. If we come later than that then his trip is redundant, he's spreading supplies for the celebrations."

    "Who's the boss?"

    "A fallen noblesilverv elf, he belonged to the western Crown Lord branch family but his father turned cuckoo and lost a ton of money so now he took over the business with his mother. He's quite serious and hard-working but stay away from his mother, she's off-limits."

    "What do you mean by that?" I ask and chuckle.

    "She's a tanned silver elf, she's just like Ciel so I know exactly what's going to happen," she says, I see Alissa shiver and smile. "I know how weak you are to our tanned skin. Roxanne and Ciel don't want you being seduced by no experienced woman, no sir. So I''ll be there to keep your dick limp and satisfied," her hand snakes down my trousers and pulls out my member, she starts playing with it and stroking it lightly.

    "Aren't you my Blood Slave, what are you obeying them for?" I ask and close my eyes, inhaling her sweet strawberry perfume on the strands of hair that drifted close to my face.

    "I'm only doing what I think is best so you retain your body integrity, master..." Hana says with a whisper in my ears.

    "So the girls are getting haughty? Maybe I have to teach them who's in charge again," I say in a low growl.

    "I would love to see that," Hana says and licks her lips.

    I'm merely joking, no way I'm going to impose myself like this on the girls.

    Training my mana while being stroked is very good for mental clarity, though it all crumbles when I climax.

    "You ruined me Wolfy," Ciel says in a tired tone as she comes back.

    "I agree but I'm not sure what you are referring to," I answer and continue dicing the remmidy.

    "I can't talk to Bitar anymore, it's too awkward. I can't even hug him because it makes me feel sick," she says and slumps on the chair.

    "You shouldn't hug him anyway, he's feeling up your breasts," I say and give a welcoming kiss to Lina.

    "He-he's not!" Ciel protests.

    "Gih," Gify says and chews on another small chunk of remmidy. I smack his head, if I take my eyes away he will eat all the ingredients.

    Ciel puckers her lips in anger and glares at Gify.

    I stop and smirk at Ciel until her dark skin acquires a strong red shade.

    "Fine! I will knowingly hug him now, he's my friend and I should make my friends happy, right?" She glares back, defiantly.

    "Maybe I should visit Carmen again, it's been a while since we last met," I say casually.

    "I'm sure Nononya would like a private meeting with you, I feel she admires you greatly," Alissa says.

    "That adventurer Iana seemed to quite like Wolfy," Hana comments casually.

    "Vanea's offer is still valid?" Lina asks casually and Roxanne bursts into snickers, she barely contains them with her hand.

    Ciel pales and her mouth hangs open, then she lowers her head and frowns.

    "Sorry, I went too far," I say and sit beside her. I grab her hand and kiss it, "But you started it."

    "Sometimes you are quite mean. You all are quite mean," Ciel says and sends a glare to Lina.

    "S-sorry," Lina says and lowers her head.

    "I just want my friend back…" Ciel mutters.

    "Aren't you the one who worships the Goddess of Love?" Roxanne asks, "What does she teach us about your situation?"

    When it's you that's on the chaise lounge it gets difficult to analyze yourself objectively.

    "'Loose ends will make a dress get undone'," Ciel says. She breathes in and her voice turns sad, "Sorry, I shouldn't have suggested infidelity to you, Wolfy, that was disrespectful."

    "I didn't take it seriously, you were just retaliating at my teasing," I say and squeeze her hand, "I love you."

    "I love you too," she smiles weakly at me.

    I give her a deep kiss and we continue preparing lunch.

    Like other classes, Electric class is just reviewing since the next lesson will be the final test. Lyle will show his [Discharge] and the power of the battery he can create with [Charge].

    For this class I decide to test a concept back from Earth that I heard once, electrical muscle stimulation. With [Shocking Touch] I can control exactly which muscles are shocked, forcing them to contract and expand at will. From what I understood there's no CPR on [First-Aid], it's a skill with a rather low ceiling. Which means that they have not realized you can force a stopped heart to move or use the shock to stop a desynchronized heart.

    I don't have the facilities to test this on a real heart so I will just show how to control muscles with this spell and suggest a line of research. From what Ciel knows, when the heart stops pumping blood correctly they focus [Heal] on the brain to keep the lack of oxygen from killing the person while they also try to find the cause for the heart problems. This is because [Heal] does not work very well in making the heart work again since it's physically "fine" but it's the signals that make it contract and expand that are the problem.

    I come back home to Roxanne sneezing repeatedly while Ciel chants [Purify Body]. Roxanne's eyes are red, her face is swollen, her nose is dripping constantly, and she's scratching her face repeatedly.

    "What's going on?" I ask.

    "She succeeded in making some strong poison," Hana says with a wry smile.

    Roxanne starts to speak, her voice distorted due to a clogged nose, "I, acho! Got inspired when you, acho! When you, acho! When y, ach-!" Roxanne bites her tongue and holds in the sneeze, "When you told the story that I used a poison concoction to cause an allergic, acho! Reaction on the ancient Azurite dragon."

    "You really shouldn't test poisons on yourself, when we are on the road we will get goblins for you to test," I say and knit my eyebrows in worry. "None of you should be hurting yourselves like this, this is going too far."

    "Oh, you worry too muucho!" Roxanne sneezes on her handkerchief and groans in pain.

    "[Purify Body]."

    The swelling on Roxanne's face reduces and her nose unclogs, but she's still suffering.

    "Well, I'm going to have to do this a few more times," Ciel says and starts chanting again.

    After Roxanne is healed I decide to [Massage] her face and relieve some of the stress, even though what she did was stupid she still succeeded in making a strong poison. Rox's Sneeze-'n-Wheeze it has been named.

    I put on my hands some of the elven scented oil. Then I [Massage] Roxanne's face, then her scalp, then her horns, then her neck, then her back, then her lower back, then her buttocks, then her thighs, then her calves. Then I decide to [Massage] her insides, reaching deep to stir them and turn them into a well-mixed mulch by pounding them quite nicely.

    At night I play nice with Ciel and stroke her whole body gently, helping her calm down and keep her concentration.

    The [Holy Spirit] slowly forms in front of us, it's cute feet tap on the table repeatedly as it floats down. Then it's metal mask turns around to stare at all of us once his summoning is complete.

    "Yes!" Ciel suddenly jumps out of the bed and the spirit falls over backwards like a puppet with its strings cut.

    "Okay, control, I have no idea how to do that," she says and grabs the little spirit, having it nuzzle on her bosom.

    Ciel drops back on the sofa in my arms. Through a clay golem's eyes I can see how we look like a couple looking at their newborn with warm eyes, though a rather mismatched couple since she's 21 and bigger than me while I'm 16 with a baby face.

    Now that she finished her spell I slowly increase the intensity of my [Massage] until she regretfully has to change panties due to how wet she has become.

    Today is the 24th.

    After Alissa and Hana's meal Roxanne also wanted a snack, leaving me drained before I even got up from the bed.

    I try to implant fake memories on Kyros but the low level of my [Godly Language] gives him only faint feelings of déjà vus instead of actually changing his mental state.

    "You remember something funny," I order and Kyros unconsciously smiles for a few seconds then returns to his stoic expression.

    "Some people are more affected by certain memories than others, if you attack these memories then it's easier to implant things on someone's mind," he says.

    I certainly have a few of those.

    [Blessing Magic] class is reviewing. I focus on my [Reinforce] spell, on this one I don't have to hold back. The spell is kind of a "force field" that prevents atoms from being split apart by other atoms. It really is that specific, it doesn't stop things from burning or melting, it seems to exclusively stop cutting, bending, or scraping.

    Good for physical combat but extra vulnerable to magical. The "force field" reduces in power the more attacks it receives and magical attacks are extra powerful against it.

    Today I have my physical training so I have to appease Hana and Lina during bath. Lina is squished between my body and Hana's weapons while Ciel sweats trying to think if Lina is cheating or not. Ciel looks at Alissa and bites her lips, she's certainly the one who's closer to "cheating" than Lina.

    Drowning in pleasure, Lina's hands search for something soft to squish. She turns around and latches on one of Hana's love mounds while I latch on the other. Hana's strong hands move down Lina's cute body and fondle her, they find her little opening and stretch it wide, she instantly orgasms.

    After we are done, Ciel receives a very pleased Lina on her arms, she turns to me and gives me an impish smile.

    "Wolfy, can we talk?" Ciel asks casually but I feel my heart sink to my stomach.

    "Y-yes, what is it?" I ask nervously and sit on the sofa.

    She hugs me and pulls me down on the sofa, her softness brings me calmness.

    "When we leave, you think you are ready for the world out there?" She asks softly.

    Oh good, it's just an impromptu therapy session.

    "Hm… Yes, I think so," I answer.

    "Would you kill again to protect us?"

    "Didn't I already do this?"

    "After some long mental preparation, I want to know if you can answer with the intent to kill when the time comes," she squishes her breasts on me harder.

    "Even if I say yes can we really know if it's going to be the truth?"

    "I can feel how motivated you are."

    "So this hug is not just part of your usual hugging instinct taking over?"

    "You could say that," she chuckles.

    "Even if Wolfy doesn't answer, we will," Hana says with ferocity.

    "If you really trust us you will understand our reasoning, even if we have to knock him out we will stay together," Alissa says with confidence and Lina nods.

    "How relaxing knowing my slaves will harm me so easily," I say with a wry smile.

    "You never used the Blood Slave connection against any of us, if you suddenly start then something is wrong," Alissa says with a shrug.

    "You always says that you don't like to treat us as slaves," Lina says.

    "It's fine, I trust you all," I say, "and yes, I will do what I have to to keep us safe. No freezing, no inaction, no sentimentalism, you are all that matters," I squeeze Ciel's arm.

    "Rabanara is quite calm in comparison to some towns, even with all the monster attacks," Roxanne says.

    "We still haven't met a truly rotten noble," Hana says.

    "And there's still Katasko, certainly someone rotten or dangerous is behind them," Roxanne continues.

    "Once we reach the High Forest there's a high chance of bandit attacks. What would you do then?" Ciel asks.

    "I will kill the dangerous ones and this time we will leave some time for them to surrender," I say with confidence, "I don't care if we have to show our powers, we will simply deal with it when it happens."

    "That easy?" Ciel asks, skeptical.

    "It's like I said, it's easy to say but I truly think that I am ready for this trip."

    "You said you never killed before coming here, how was it on Earth? How did you deal with killing other people?"

    "The sanctity of life was said to be inviolable. Killing might be one of the biggest sins one could commit."

    "Even criminals?"

    "Even criminals. A lot of people had to vow to not kill but some people even took it a step further, becoming true pacifists."

    "That sounds incredibly naive," Hana says.

    "It seems Wolfy is far from being on the stupid side of his world," Roxanne says.

    "It's not that bad to be against killing as a principle," Ciel says.

    "Yes it is. When it endangers others you are just being incompetent, your life is not your own when it impacts others," Hana says with a frown and crosses her arms.

    "Big words coming out of your mouth," Roxanne says lowly.

    "My 'Wisdom' has been increasing quite nicely, thank you," Hana says and pinches Roxanne's cheek.

    "I agree with Hana, your world is incredibly naive. How many unworthy people are left alive to cause more pain due to this naive mercy?" Alissa asks.

    "It's a mere difference in philosophy. When your life is mostly your own people develop differently," I say, "Individualism, idealism, pragmatism, all these things are in conflict with one another. My world has a lot of variety between any two people. This world is mostly pragmatism and I'm well into your side.

    "I've exorcised most of my demons, I'm fine with killing. My fear is being caught unaware, but even that I feel like I have been getting it under control."

    "Gih," I look at him on Alissa's lap and see his face distorted into a proud smile.

    The shrieks of the space mage I killed sound further and further away. With the newest point in "Sanity" I feel more anger at my stupidity than fear of the ambush repeating. I feel more "in control" of my fear.

    "What does the demon race got anything to do with exorcism?" Roxanne asks with a frown. "Ah, a reference?"

    "A reference."

    "What does your Earth got against demons?"

    "The demon race was based on nightmares and myths were they not?" Lina asks, "It's not that he's talking about the demon race specifically, he's talking about the myths that you were based on."


    "So, did we really fix Wolfy?" Alissa asks Ciel.

    "I wouldn't say 'fix' but…" Ciel curls my hair on her fingers.

    "Yeah, you all 'fixed' me, at the least you kept me sane while I adjusted," I say.

    "Just, remember to not stop the fear, you shouldn't grow numb," Ciel says.

    "I remember, 'self-control', to keep the fear at bay as my guide, not my master."

    Embrace the fear, embrace the pain, embrace the danger.

    "What, is, fear?" Suzy asks.

    Heh. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.

    "The desire to maintain body integrity," I say.

    "Or the desire to keep away from damage," Lina says.

    "Then, we, feel, fear," Ted says.

    "I wouldn't say it is like this. To feel you have to let emotions take control of your actions, even if it's beneficial or not," I say.

    "Then, do, not, let, us, feel. Fee-lings, dis-rupt, per-for-mance," Ted says and Suzy nods.

    Ciel frowns and Lina shrugs dejectedly, they are certainly trying to humanize the golems.

    "Kweh? I, feel, no, fear, am, I, wrong?" Aoi asks.

    "You are fine," Hana says and pats Aoi, "All monsters seem to feel less fear."

    "Possibly something the God of Destruction did to make monsters more willing to kill humanoids," I say.

    "Muuh…" Aoi's nostrils glow, "I, won't, kill, friends."

    "But only friends," I say with a smile and Aoi nods with resolution.

    "How about the men we killed during the necromancer battle?" Ciel asks.

    "Oh…" I didn't think much about them, "I really feel bad, they were charmed by the Illusion mage and died like cattle."

    "Not all deaths have meaning," she says and strokes my hair, I turn around and bury my head on her bags of happiness.

    That kind of got me, I didn't pay much mind to these men after the battle. It seems my coping mechanism is to ignore and forget.

    "I still feel sad about them," I say.

    "Yeah…" Lina mutters. I turn around and see Alissa patting her head.

    "People die stupid deaths all the time…" Roxanne says, her tone turning cold and her eyes lifeless. "I barely feel anything anymore."

    Hana pulls her into a hug and says, "You should still feel."

    "But I don't want to."

    I wish I could stop feeling the pain of losing Lily every time we talk about my past.


    But I shouldn't, not until the pain goes away on its own, not until the wound heals properly.


    Soft moans fill the living room as we comfort each other.

    Today is the 25th.

    I wake up refreshed, these therapy sessions are rather intense but they made me feel better afterwards, little by little. The storm recedes slowly, as Alissa said once.

    Lina is the one who woke me up, her jaw's endurance improved now that her [Stonebody] increased by 1.

    "Now you have a new reason to get stronger," Alissa says with a smirk and Lina lowers her head, blushing.

    "To think you were a pure girl once," Ciel says and sighs dramatically.

    Lina puckers her lips into an asterisk and stares at Ciel. I put my hand on Lina's head and she calms down.

    "You are my filthy little whore," I say and Lina groans, she drops her shoulders in dejection.

    Lina's [Stonebody] is now 4. And here I though I had finally grown stronger than the little girl, I'm itching to overpower her and abuse her.

    I spend some time thinking about my soul changing magic, I should call it [Soul Hardening]. I know I managed to change my soul somehow with my [Redirect Mana], so I could couple that with [Spirit Magic] [Materialization] and discover how to form the material that I want out of my soul.

    But first I have to be able to move my soul at will, currently I have to meditate and concentrate a lot, the [Soul Hardening] should work without any input from me. I guess I have to create something like [Soul Manipulation] too.

    Another looong and repetitive training ahead. I see no way to cheat on this one, I have to find a way to move freely my soul before I can think about casting [Materialization] on it.

    Soon I'm going to have to spend years meditating non-stop refining my soul or some bullshit like that and somehow end up developing bullshit superpowers.

    No point delaying it any longer. I sit down on the sofa while the pitter-patter of a light drizzle hits the windows.

    Training my soul manipulation is very tiring, it's very similar to trying to cast two spells at once. Another thing I need a sub-process for. If only there was something similar to [Mana Control] to aid me.

    I focus my soul out of my body, open my eyes, try to maintain soul there, repeat. I feel like I'm getting a cramp inside my brain.

    We leave early for the university so I can send my thesis to Mathias.

    "This is amazing, Mr. Ryder!" Mathias gushes while flipping through the pages of my thesis.

    "In exchange for my thesis I want a 'Scholar' title," I say.

    Mathias stops and looks at me, his gaze is now serious.

    "We don't give the title to just about anyone. You understand that this title grants you the privilege to access any restricted library of the empire, correct?"

    "Correct, I'm not looking for anything specific from the restricted area," I lie, "I'm mostly looking for accessing a wide breadth of knowledge in general. I have my slave, Lina, collect any sort of historical account, I'm planning on compiling it all in more comprehensive encyclopedias."

    "Hm, a rather noble effort," he taps his desk repeatedly.

    "It's one of the reasons I want to travel the world," I say and smile.

    "Very well, I believe you will manage it. For the title you will have to defend your thesis in front of the university's council, understood?" He asks.

    "Yes, can you schedule one soon? By next day of Fo I have to leave Rabanara so I want to defend it before that. I'm sorry for the hurry but it took me a while to finish this thesis."

    "I think it can be arranged, a number of professors are interested in your work with [Golemancy] so I will deliver it to them posthaste!" Mathias shakes my papers with enthusiasm.

    "Thank you for that," I say and bow lightly.

    "It's the least I could do to someone blessed by the Goddess of Knowledge."

    Last Mana Cost class, we have one last discussion about the skill. Professor Vareto starts to say a speech but his voice is so soporific that I have to focus on examining my spells to stay awake.

    I discover that the speed in which the weapon forms in [Vine Weapon] can be greatly increased if I modify the way it is formed. The spell folds vines on top of one another and "ages" them, if I put my hand on a bucket of mineral [Conjured Water] and cast [Vine Weapon], the aging basically petrifies the vines, making them brittle, but strong enough that they can be used as projectiles.

    If I can cast both spells at the same time I can create javelins in 2-5 seconds depending on concentration. I could teach this to Lina and it would be much more practical than pulling out javelins from her [Item Box].

    During break Toroo waves her hand to us to catch our attention, "Everyone, I have some news," she says, barely containing her excitement, "I'm pregnant!"

    "That's amazing!" Alissa says and grabs Toroo's hand, who nods repeatedly. Toroo's large eyes are squished by her raised cheeks due to her wide smile.

    "Congratulations, joy and honor for the couple," Gimbo says.

    Lina's Trivia: couples wait 3 to 5 years before their first child so they can properly "get used" to each other, since people marry easily this is a necessary tradition to prevent bad marriages. Once the couple lasts that long and they have their first child the couple is said to be "honorable" due to having fulfilled their duty of continuing the wishes of the God of Creation.

    We repeat Gimbo's congratulations and Toroo takes them with pride, her feathery "ears" on top of her head seem to increase in size. Hatara looks at Garanae mischievously, his posture straightens and he shifts uncomfortably.

    She's merely playing with him, nobility live longer so they wait even longer than commoners to have children. I wonder how menopause is affected by the increased longevity of Levels.

    "Say, Mr. Ryder," Gimbo turns to me as the girls fawn over Toroo, even Lina is joining them. "Since Lina's training is coming to an end I wish to speak with you."

    "Oh, sure, please do tell me how she behaved," I say and send a quick glance towards Lina, her face seems cramped.

    I get up and put my chair beside Gimbo, the lack of Lina and Alissa's hands makes mine feel oddly cold.

    "I don't really have any complaints, I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity of teaching her," Gimbo says.

    I lift my eyebrows in surprise and say, "I should be the one thank you for agreeing to teach her, a slave."

    "Nonsense,-" he closes his eyes and shakes his head lightly- "useless dwarven pride getting in the way of letting the Spark turn into Fire."

    Lina's Trivia: the Spark turns into Fire when Creation "spreads like wildfire".

    "Still, I must thank you, her enchanting knowledge has been a great help and will continue to do so," I lower my head to him.

    "And I must thank you for bringing her to me, it has been a long time since I have someone as dedicated as her," he lowers his head to me. "She managed to even charm my wife, or maybe it was the opposite. No matter, when you can, bring her to visit us, we would love to see her again," he says and smiles warmly at Lina.

    "I will, I have a few friends in this town so I will come back one day."

    "Make sure you don't take too long, I'm already 100 years old, I might last one decade but two would be pushing it," he says and chuckles faintly.

    Well damn, that's some genetics.

    "That would be too long indeed. We plan on sightseeing, shouldn't spend too long in any single place."

    "I know your kind," he sends me a glance, "wanderlust has a way of making us drift from our path. It took me 5 years to cross Avgi while it should have taken only a few months."

    "So you used to like adventuring?"

    "More like I used to enjoy fattening up eating delicacies from every town we visited. It's a wonder me and my wife aren't fat."

    I chuckle lightly, but this is a true concern, if we go to Faium I might get fat from all the chocolate.

    "Of all places you should go to Conchononoi," he continues, "they have a very sweet tea with a soft taste, it's rather energizing. They call it 'filía', it has a novel way of drinking it too."

    "How is it prepared?"

    "You mash dry leaves of their herb and add hot water, you drink from the mush that forms with a special straw with small holes that keeps the larger chunks away. My recommendation is to drink the cold version with Tonsel."

    That sounds too similar to something I know. Could it be? Chocolate is not the only thing that was copied from Earth?

    "Sounds like a good place to visit."

    "Make sure you visit the The Fissure or Auri Yorei, seeing the flood and feeling the town rise above the water is quite an interesting feeling. Oh, and spend at least one night sleeping in the open at the grasslands of Elaria, the air over there is more refreshing than anywhere else," his eyes seem less tired as he speaks with excitement.

    "In the open? I thought dwarves preferred to sleep in small and cozy places with a rock roof above their heads."

    He chuckles once and rolls his eyes, "If one thing we dwarves know about is that ventilation and freshness of air is essential for soft and supple skin."

    I guess that dwarves aren't oily cave-dwellers.

    Tomorrow is [Space Magic] final test so I use Hana to test my [Gravity Crush] to keep her in place. It works rather well since I can fake a short chant and attack at the same time.

    After appeasing Hana I have Alissa give me some scratch marks. She's syncing the sinking of her nails on my flesh with the moment I orgasm, bringing me to new heights thought not possible.

    "How are your parents, Alissa? You think they will like me?" I ask, basking in post-coitus clarity with Alissa in my arms.

    "They will," she says and kisses my naked chest, "Dad will play it tough a little just to see how you react, he doesn't like cowards. Mom will act cold and slowly warm up, she's not the most trusting or friendly, dealing with the other clans too much made her like that."

    "I guess we will be fine, then."

    "We will, if Dad goes too far I will scratch his face," she pouts cutely.

    I chuckle lightly, "How does your dad look like?"

    "Dad is big and muscular and he loves his long red beard. He barely looks like other werefoxes, we aren't really a tall people."

    "Well you can say I'm getting used to dealing with people bigger than me."

    "That's a given since there's no other humans shorter than you," Roxanne says and I reach over to pinch her naked butt. She evades my attack by jumping out of bed, she stands and readjusts her glasses, "Not this time, aha-AH!"

    Aoi bites her butt and giggles.


    Aoi gives her a lick on the bite mark and Roxanne shivers. "Her tongue is so slippery," she says.

    Alissa turns to me and raises her eyebrows at me repeatedly, I start to sweat cold.

    "Say Aoi, you wanted to learn what a kiss is like?" Alissa asks.

    "Kweh? Yess, please."

    "Come over here and I will show you," she extends her arms and Aoi scurries to the bed. "Bigger, please," she asks and Aoi turns into medium dog size.

    "See, do it like this," Alissa pulls Hana closes and shoves her tongue inside Hana's mouth. Their tongues seek each other, twisting and rubbing, their lips don't touch so Aoi can see the movements.

    Their tongues separate and a bridge of saliva connects them briefly. "Got that?" Alissa asks and Aoi nods, "Now, who do you want to practice with?"

    I look away and feel Aoi's gaze on my mouth.

    "Don't you want another woman?" Alissa asks, innocently.


    "Then Wolfy it is."

    Suddenly Aoi is deposited on my naked lap, she looks up at me, expectantly. I look at Alissa and she's grinning evilly.

    "Come now, Wolfy, you received me quite well. Why don't you show the same enthusiasm with Aoi?" Alissa asks.

    "Y-you have a human-looking body to help," I hurriedly say.

    "If she acquires one will that be fine, then?" She asks innocently. She knows what my research on [Soul Hardening] implies.

    "I-I don't, I don't know."

    Aoi's claws softly touch my shoulder and she comes face-to-face. Her long tongue extends and snakes over towards my mouth.

    A new and odd sensation touches my tongue. Aoi's tongue is really slippery, it easily stimulates my own with just a little speed. Her tongue wraps on mine and squeezes, sending a shiver through my body. She quickly pulls out and then in again, giving me a jolt of pleasure. Her tongue explores my mouth, rubbing on my teeth and then palate.

    Slowly her tongue exits my mouth and stays out. I recover from my daze and see the three girls masturbating wildly.

    "Kissss!" Aoi says and giggles happily. She reduces in size and snuggles on my lap, ignoring my rising erection.

    "Dragon fucker," Roxanne mutters and orgasms.

    "Excuse me, Aoi," Hana says and grabs the small bundle of blue scales, she softly deposits Aoi on a pillow.

    Hana's strong hands pull me down, her yellow eyes look at me with anger and ferocity.

    "I'm gonna fuck you now, Wolfy," Hana says and slams her pussy on my cock.

    Today is the 26th.

    Alissa delicately handles my waking up. After giving another round to all the three I collapsed, my skin is so soft and bruised I think I deserve a medal of bravery.

    I look to the side and freeze as Aoi's snout touching my nose sends me a shiver.

    My head swims in disorder. A new problem has arisen, Aoi is a breeder-type. Monsters normally feel no attraction towards humanoids, except breeder-types, who exclusively feel attraction towards the other sex.

    Aoi is sapient, which muddles things, but it's still the most viable explanation why she wants me and feels disgust at the women.

    As a monster, her growth is much different from a humanoid, monsters are born already conscious and with knowledge. As an example, goblins are babies for barely a day-cycle. So I'm not sure how much of a "child" Aoi really is, but for me she's one, she's my baby.

    Now I'm not sure I can continue thinking of her like this.

    "Now you are the one corrupting me, Alissa," I say.

    She smirks and swallows, after a [Clean] she plunges her tongue inside my mouth for a long time.

    "Now I want to see you subdue a real dragon," she lets our girly giggles and moves out of bed.

    "I'm a real dragon, partially," Hana mutters and goes after Alissa.

    My [Mana Efficiency] and [Reduced Mana Cost] increased by 1 (now 5+7 and 8+7).

    I tell the girls the good news.

    "Well…" Ciel starts but doesn't continue.

    "You are going to be a dragon rider in all senses of the word," Hana says and slaps my back painfully, "though now you need to have sex with a dragonoid too."

    "We could eventually get another, male, dragon for Aoi. Or have another… man, uh… satisfy her," Ciel suggests, ignoring Hana.

    Aoi huffs smoke towards the air and Alissa glares at her but then pats her head.

    "I don't know what to think," Ciel says.

    "Me too," I say.

    "Dragon fucker," Roxanne says and Lina bites her lips, trying to hold back a smile.

    "There's not much to think, I'm sure Wolfy won't enjoy seeing another beastly dragon, with its huge cock, taking our little Aoi's virginity," Hana says with a fearsome grin.

    "Kweh!" Aoi nods.

    "We don't need to make a decision now, do we?"I ask, the girls shrug and Ciel remains unmoving. "Then let's leave this for another time."

    "Are we the only two normal ones here?" Ciel asks me, I shrug and massage my eyes.

    "Gih," Gify nods.

    I try to slowly alter reality by provoking a small breeze on the handkerchief using [Godly Language]. At one point I feel like I'm tripping on shrooms as the fabric of reality weakens due to successive attempts to alter it.

    Altering reality has a weird effect on the world, basically once you break one rule it gets "added" to how reality works and as such, they start a chain sequence of alterations, "updating" the world to the new rule. The effect is different from say, radiation, which is similar to how mana rips the world apart, because it seems that a "conscience" has a special effect on the world and breaking reality messes with our consciences.

    On Earth a brain is only a series of neurons firing randomly, a series of chemical processes and electric currents, in Rupegia, a brain/soul has the capability to alter the world based on will. This is how magic works, this is how mana works, and this is how [Sense Presence] works, by looking at the outline of how we alter reality around us just by existing, this outline being our soul.

    Apparently I can't alter how mana works with [Godly Language], the power of mana is well-defined, even if it doesn't seem so for us, which means it's unalterable. Which is why mana helps the world "stabilize", it is the primordial source of everything so it "overrides" my alterations.

    I go through a lot of MP potions but manage to create a breeze, the only side-effect being that I saw a rainbow for a few seconds.

    Lina comes back with an adorable smile. She pulls out Hana's emerald fang sword with a *poof* and puts it on the table.

    "Oohh…!" Hana exclaims and quickly snatches her bastard sword, I see there's a small grey gem on the hilt, looks like quartz.

    Hana swings her sword in the air and I feel mana leave her body. A ghost of Hana appears and swings the same way.

    "Amazing!" Hana exclaims and drops the sword on the table, she rushes over towards Lina and invades her mouth with her tongue. With a smack their lips unglue and Lina nearly melts on Hana's arms. "I love you! In more ways than one." She chuckles.

    Lina twiddles her thumbs and nods while Hana pushes her straight. Ciel looks concerned but also happy.

    "Now do for your own switch-axe too," I say.

    "Yes. This time it will take a few days only," Lina answers and nods again.

    Alissa brings Aoi to the university since nobody is currently at home. She receives all the stares with Gify on her shoulder and Aoi in her arms.

    In Space class every student goes, one by one, and show their specialty. A few town guards are chosen as guinea pigs and two school teachers who know [Heal] are at the ready in case of accidents.

    Most people are either showing [Telekinesis] by raising large rocks or throwing smaller ones at the guards, or showing [Item Box] by fitting large items inside. A few students use [Gravity Crush] to destroy things like boxes or pieces of armor.

    I'm the only one who developed a short chant just so I can use it to disrupt someone's attack. I pick the biggest guard of them all and start the spar.

    After delaying things enough I cast the spell and strike at his neck. He barely has the force to lift his sword, let alone block me. I touch his neck with my wooden sword and end the spell. The guard collapses and coughs blood.

    Oops, I think Hana was a little too resistant for me.

    Professor Ludwick smiles widely at me and then nods, he and 2 other observers write a few things on a board as I finish my test.

    "This is the easiest to pass so I'm not worried," Lyle says.

    "Beginners [Space Magic] class is only for [Item Box] so as long as you can put a suit of armor in it they pass you," Hatara says.

    Eventually the conversation dies down because Aoi charms everyone with her adorableness. She's playing with her floating gold ball toy, she swipes at the ball and it flies away but returns to float on top of the wooden block, once it stops the ball starts heating up. The point of the game is to keep the ball away as long as you can until it starts to glow with heat, the balls starts to increase in nimbleness with every hit.

    Aoi stands on her forelegs on top of the wooden block and batters away the ball repeatedly. She adorably growls with anger and lets smoke leave her nostrils.

    "She's adorable," Garanae mutters absentmindedly.


    And she knows it.

    Since we already finished our tests we go home. Lina is with Hana at the hunter's guild sparring; Roxanne comes back from selling some of her potions; Ciel is at the temple showing off her [Holy-, I mean, training her [Judgment].

    I recruit Alissa and keep messing with her skill points, trying to find where in the soul is the skill stored.

    "What do you feel?" I ask as Alissa casts [Telekinesis] on a cup of tea.

    "We, do, not, feel," Ted says.

    "Right, what do you sense, can you sense the mana inside Alissa?"

    "We, feel, a, dis-tur-bance, a, for-ce," Suzy says.

    "Can you copy it?"

    They tilt their heads in sync.

    "Not, sure," Ted says.

    I see the differences in the soul when I add or remove skills, but I can't feel the entire extent. It seems skills are something that stretches for a good part of the soul.

    Ted lifts one of his fluffy arms in the direction of an empty tea cup. I feel a wild burst of mana come out of his arm, the tea cup shakes and explodes in hundreds of little pieces. Ted falls over face-down, his body limp.

    The clay golem summons immediately start to move again and sweep the dust.

    "Oh shit, Ted, you okay?" I ask.

    Alissa quickly grabs Ted and checks all over his body for damage.

    I put on [Spirit Magic] and cast [Soul Touch]. I feel his soul is "gooey", it's constantly shivering and moving, something wrong happened inside him.

    The spell acts like a [Regeneration] for the soul and slowly puts his soul back in piece, returning it to it's "structured" form.

    Roxanne comes down and peeks over the room. "Did something happen?" She asks.

    "Kweh! Ex-plode!"


    "Ted tried to cast a spell and it seems to have failed spectacularly," I say.

    "Oh no!" Roxanne yells and rushes over to the little teddy bear.

    Ted recovers lucidity and starts to move again. He escapes from Alissa's arms and looks over his handiwork.

    "I, fai-led, my, task," he says and bows, "for-give-ness, ne-ces-sa-ry."

    "It's fine," I say and Ted straightens, Alissa snatches him and she and Roxanne ask him if he's really okay. "I think I gave them too much mana. I copied Hana and Alissa's mana organ but they are an adult's organ, the golems are like newborns with their mana control."

    "They should have the soul of an elemental so maybe they can cast [Earth Magic] spells correctly?" Alissa asks.

    "Elementals manipulate the elementas, they don't really cast spells the same way we do," Roxanne says.

    "[Earth Wall] should be close enough," I say.

    We move outside and I show the spell to the golems. This time we let Suzy cast.

    She only manages to raise a flimsy wall, but at least she didn't turn her soul to mush.

    "Maybe the bodies of the elemental also influence on their spellcasting," Roxanne says.

    "Makes sense, we know the storm elementals' bodies are valuable due to the mana they hold, kind of like a mana crystal for staffs," I say.

    "So elementals are essentially just huge, sentient, mana crystals?" Alissa asks.

    "Cor-rect, as-sump-tion," Suzy says.

    "So, does Gecynd shit crystals?" Roxanne asks with a chuckle.

    "Gihih," Gify chirps a muffled laugh, his claws cover his mouth.

    "If it creates an elemental then she more like births them," I say.

    "That sounds horrible," Alissa says.

    "And painful," Roxanne says.

    Gify stares at where our tree in the front yard should be and I get a shiver, hopefully Gecynd didn't hear that.

    We teach the golems [Earth Bullet], [Earth Wall], and [Dust Storm]. They learn how to cast easily but have extreme difficulty in controlling the spell.

    Roxanne starts training them in [Mana Control] alongside Aoi while I focus on [Soul Manipulation].

    During bath I require massage on my bruised member. I grab Lina by the waist and lower her on me, slowly we grind on each other. She deserves some rewards for succeeding with [Double Strike] so Ciel massages her from behind. Her mouth is occupied by either of us so by the end of it she's out of breath and melting on my arms with a silly smile on her face.

    At night Hana shows us her progress with [Illusion Magic], she can create 3 arms and attack at the same time, with this even Toga has difficulty winning against her. To survive you either full dodge or take the risk and try to parry, trying to parry all attacks at the same time is basically impossible.

    "Wolfy, can you start to show me [Water Spirit]?" Roxanne asks.

    I look at Ciel and she nods.


    I sit down and hug her tight, she nuzzles her face on my neck and my nose is filled with her lavender perfume plus some faint sweet perfume from a high elven skin cream.

    I put my points into [Water Magic] and call the spirit. A ball of water forms on my palm, it changes into the face of a little mermaid. Ink appears from the ball of water and takes the color of unnaturally white skin, a black fish body, and black algae hair. Her face might be cute but certainly resembles Roxanne, even her shell-covered breasts are the same size, if Roxanne was half a meter tall. A trident made out of coral grows from her hand.

    Once completely summoned, the mermaid "swims" in the air, giggling.

    Ciel's [Holy Spirit] stops walking and face plants as she loses concentration and I see the "hugging eyes" show themselves.

    "Why does yours continues moving when you don't pay attention while mine stops?" Ciel says and pouts.

    "I heard something that [Summoning Magic] alters the soul, a part of it turns similar to the summon's soul," I say, "could be the same principle."

    "Then give me a point in [Summoning Magic]," Ciel says and I obey. She casts [Summon Small Bird] and sways while sitting, nearly falling over Lina on her lap.

    "How did… how did you get used to this?" Ciel asks, trying to hold her dinner in.

    "You just do, you have to force yourself."

    "His 'Willpower' is slightly higher than yours," Alissa says.

    Ciel nods and gathers her resolve.

    A while later I have to wake up Roxanne. I almost suspect she used the excuse of training to fall asleep in my arms, since tonight is Lina and Ciel's day she must be trying to score some out of her time.

    Today is the 27th.

    Ciel wakes me up. Since today I don't have to meet with Kyros, I keep her and Lina in bed for a while longer.

    Alissa comes back and throws herself into the pile of limbs. Her tail slaps Lina in the face repeatedly, who grabs it and pulls on it weakly making Alissa yelp once.

    "This is actually so soft," Lina says and starts to caress Alissa's tail.

    "Hmm... yes, run your fingers through, yes, like that," Alissa says and her ears flop in pleasure.

    "The trip itself might actually be boring since we are going slow so I thought about buying some books," Ciel says as runs her fingers through my hair.

    "You know what books I like," Alissa says. She closes her eyes when I start to play with her ears.

    "Maybe we should buy some card game too," I say and Lina perks up her head.

    "There are a few toys too that we could bring with us," Ciel says, "What books do you like, Lina?"

    She sends me a glance and puckers her lips.

    "You can choose whatever book you want, keep the history ones for when we reach another big library," I say and pat her head.

    "Oh, then I want some ro-romance," she says meekly.

    "Hm? Am I not enough for you?" I ask and lift an eyebrow at her.

    Ciel painfully pulls a strand of my hair and Lina pouts.

    "Ow, it's joke," I say.

    "Let a woman dream a little," Ciel says and caress the hurt spot.

    "For you the trip might be boring but for me it will be a good exercise. Sex is not enough to keep my figure," Alissa says.

    "Not even when I don't hold back?" I ask.

    "Only if we are doing it in my fox form," she says and smiles seductively.

    Oh boy. It feels weird but for her it's the least I should do.

    "Anytime you want we can do it on your other form," I say.

    She gushes with a wide smile and rubs her face on my chest. For this happy face I would do anything.

    I don't feel like training this morning so I spend it playing not-backgammon with Lina. She seems to love playing games, I bet she would be a hermit just like me on Earth, addicted to video games or anime.

    Lina's still a little too young to compete against me but she's a fast learner. We started off 3-0 in my favor and then finished off at 6-5. I think that the last games were won by luck, her analytical and strategic thought are well developed.

    For lunch we are having mutton, since we are going to leave we better enjoy it because we might not find it again so easily. The wine and juice made out of the Gorgon fruit is also a local delicacy so we are stocking some of it.

    The High Forest has a large amount of fruits and veggies so we are not too worried about missing the taste unless it's something specific we crave. Ciel seems a little guilty over the amount of luxuries we have so we send some gold coins as donation to the temple.

    The money is starting to run low again but the job will give us a lot of money so we aren't worried. Any monster we kill we get full rights over the body and proof of extermination so it's also a good supplement.

    Nature class is the final test, just by showing Gify I pass but I decided to show my javelin creation.

    "Have you been learning dual-casting, Mr. Ryder?" Professor Tanya asks.

    "Yes, little by little I have been forcing my brain to learn how to create sub-processes," I say.

    "Then this javelin creation is a worthy pursuit, learn a few levels in [Throw] and it will be a handy tool for close-range support."

    Most other students focused on [Grow], [Animal Tongue], or [Manasynthesis], most combat-oriented mages seek that last spell just for the increased mana regeneration it gives.

    At night Roxanne and Ciel start a proper [Mana Control] class.

    "Feel the mana, it's like a river, or a pitcher that you use to pour water on a cup," Ciel says, "You control the rate of the flow, too much and you lose control, too little and it drips along the edge and down the pitcher."

    "Ri-ver?" Suzy asks and tilts her head.

    "Ne-ver, used, pi-tcher," Ted says.

    "You should have my knowledge of it, shouldn't you?" I ask.

    Both of them look at their hands.



    "Oh, I see," I say and hold my chin in thought, "They may have my knowledge but lack the means to apply it. I though it was kind of weird they didn't know how to control mana seeing they have my experiences."

    "Ad, hoc," Ted says.

    "Ah, right! Mana is dependent on the soul and mind, so the way we control is different for each person."

    "It shouldn't be that different," Roxanne says, "The standard [Mana Control] training is done with hundreds of other students so everyone learns the same way. Nonstandard control could lead to some dangerous side-effects when you start to cast bigger spells, specially with the empire's [Ritualism]."

    "The souls of the golems are already nonstandard," Ciel says, making Roxanne frown.

    "We shouldn't try to create something new. The golems are already dangerous as is, we don't need to make them even more special, it would only make them more difficult to deal with," I say and Roxanne nods.

    "Dan-ge-rous?" Suzy asks, Alissa and Lina look at us with puppy eyes.

    Roxanne chuckles and says, "Not in the way you are thinking. Currently you are harmless but your growth is an unknown, we don't know how powerful you will become. If we can't control you or you can't control your own spells properly then you might become dangerous to us or others."

    "[Golemancy] is a very rough and unfinished magic school so we would rather not take any risks," I say.

    "Un-der-stood," Ted says and nods. "Keep, us, far, from, com-bat."

    "That would be difficult, the first thing anyone would want from [Golemancy] is cheap and disposable soldiers. If we don't develop [Golemancy] that way someone else will and they might not have the same concerns with safety as I do."

    "Well, we are just a small group of people, maybe if the scholars of the capital join hands they would have more resources to deal with this safely than we do," Alissa says.

    "But my knowledge of robotics and artificial intelligence sets me apart. I might know more about [Golemancy] than anyone in this world, alive or dead," I say.

    "You never really explained what those two things are," Lina says.

    "The first one is a little difficult to explain since this world doesn't seem to have sensors yet. But basically it is something like this: you see the water level of a rainwater collector is too high, so you open a trapdoor and let some of it spread to workshops, like say soap-makers.

    "You have three important parts on this: first your eyes, they showed you the water level. There's a way to do something similar with mechanisms and electricity, it sends a signal, the higher the level of the water, the stronger the signal, the bigger the electric 'pathway'; The second part is the logic, if the tank is full, then open the trapdoor. If condition is fulfilled, then do an action, this is one of the basis for logic. There's a thing called transistor that hasn't been invented here yet that you use for this; The third part is the action, you open the trapdoor for the water to escape. With a thing called actuators they are mechanisms that allow you to do physical movements humanoids can do by simply sending an electric signal.

    "Now, artificial intelligence is basically [Golemancy] or [Summoning Magic], specifically, the brains of golems and summons. It is the copying of our capacity for processing information and applying it in other areas. The interesting part of these magic schools is that they copied the brain while in my world we tried to build the brain from the ground up."

    I stop and notice how I have been talking non-stop. The girls are looking at me warmly with a small smile on their mouths.

    "Alright, then. Now I believe you are the most qualified person for this," Alissa says with a wide smile.

    "You are a scholar, alright. Your eyes were shining all the time you spoke just like the ones I met," Hana says and smirks.

    "What's logic?" Lina asks.

    I smile and pull a piece of paper. I start by explaining her decision trees and flow-based programming.

    Alissa turns into a small fox and comes sit on my lap while reading a book. Her cute little paws flip the pages with a little difficulty.

    "Sensors... maybe, maybe we can do something like this with the gnomic picture creator," Lina says.

    "There's the mechanical ones, too," I say.

    "Hmm... There's those mana batteries, maybe we can use a mechanical opener for them using [Telekinesis]."

    "Can you channel mana down a wire or pipe?"

    "Not really efficient but possible, going to use a lot of Kanal metal, though."

    "Too expensive, if we can convert mana to electricity then it's better, it flows through simple and thin copper wires."

    "I see..."

    Ted and Suzy look over my diagrams.

    "Our, min-d, works, li-ke, that?" Suzy asks.

    "No, your mind is very different," I say. "This is just the distillation of logic into it's base components, this is called 'hard' computing. Yours and our brains works differently, it's called 'soft' computing or 'white box' computing because it's only a bunch of numbers that have no meaning when looked separately."

    Lina and the golems look at me inquisitively, well at least Lina does it, I'm assuming that's the meaning of the stare of the golems.

    "The neurons in our brain work in a different way. Somewhat similar to the flow-based programming I showed but on a more purely mathematical way."

    "Ohohoh, well listening to you is quite enlightening," Roxanne says, her voice slightly slurred.

    Hana rolls her eyes and removes the cup from Roxanne's hand. "That's enough for today," she says.

    "Awn, I got drunk already? Well Wolfy, living with you has removed the resistance my body had to alcohol."

    "That's good for your health," Ciel says and I smile wryly.

    "Sorry that your training got interrupted," I say.

    "We are going to have enough time on the rooad," Roxanne says and drops her body on the arms of Hana.

    Soon after the clothes of both of them are on the ground and my erection starts to rise. Aoi and Gify read the mood and jump on the table, curling on each other and going to sleep.

    Alissa looks at me and sends me a toothy smile. She innocently increases her size and pushes the book away. She lifts her ass towards my face and stretches, then she flops down on my crotch with her legs spread.

    She moans sensually to my petting and sucks on my fingers, wrapping her tongue around my finger and deepthroating it.

    "Alright, I got the hint," I say and turn her upright. I pull out my dick and rub it on her furry entrance, making her giggle with delight.

    I penetrate her from behind and hug her. If I close my eyes and focus on her softness then this is actually quite pleasant, specially after I take my shirt off and feel her soft fur touch on my skin gently.

    Alissa moans in a pitch higher than normal and growls as my thick cock spreads her tight insides wide.

    "Ah... Wolfyy~..." She repeats my name absentmindedly.

    She reduces a little in size and tightens more around my cock, this allows me to wrap her completely with my arms. I slam on her repeatedly, she clenches her teeth and growls louder.

    Aoi lifts her head to look at me and I feel the smugness through [Animal Tongue].

    Alright then, if you want I will make the dragon mine. Let all men worship the cock that made a dragon bow.

    I feel the anger and power flow through me stronger than before. I am dominating a fox, a symbol of nature. I'm just another animal on the top of the food chain that fucks whatever is below me and currently the one below is Alissa.

    My slave, my lover. I control her life and death, her pleasure and pain. She's just another tool, another object for me to play with in any way I want.

    I slam on Alissa, her moans turn into pure growls, her lips raise, showing her threatening fangs, and her eyes close as she basks in the pleasure. She resists my hug and squirms, trying to escape. I grab her by the throat and hold her still as I slam into her tight pussy.

    With a gutural grunt I finish inside Alissa and hold her down by the neck. Exhausted, I lay on top of her while she slowly transforms back into human with my member still inside her. Now that is a new sensation, like a warm and tickly massage all over my shaft and sensitive head.

    I pull out of her and Lina comes to clean Alissa. The little girl happily digs her tongue inside Alissa's lips in search of the white gift. Alissa moans softly as Lina slowly brings her to orgasm.

    I see Ciel is holding tight on the sofa's armrests as Hana fingers her wildly with one hand and Roxanne with the other.

    Today is the 28th.

    Alissa happily awakes me, not leaving a drop for Hana. Due to yesterday's indulgence, Alissa is completely glued to me with a smile stuck on her face. She drags me out of bed so we make breakfast together and looks heartbroken as I leave for my lessons with Kyros.

    I feel like I'm on the grasp of creating the shield vortex, like a word that's on the tip of my tongue. The feeling of edging so close to my goal was frustrating at first but I slowly managed to get it under control, like the anxiety from going downhill on a bicycle, it makes my heart beat fast at the uncontrolled feeling of freedom, but then feels refreshing once I stop and look back.

    At the class, Alissa parts from my body with much regret so I can demonstrate my muscle control with [Shocking Touch]. The spell is originally chaotic to fry the nervous system, making it more controlled wasn't that hard, although my control is still rough for what I'm trying to do.

    "Controlling the heart, how novel," Professor Nellan says, "I have been focusing on mechanical and chemical uses for [Electric Magic] so I don't know much about the medicinal uses."

    "His reasoning seem sound, this path of research should definitely be investigated further," says a professor.

    "You think you can control the brain?" Asks the another professor.

    "That would require so much control in the spell that I think it is not humanely possible," I say.

    "'Humanely'," says the first professor with a snort, he's a halfling.

    "That's now how the word is supposed to be used," says the second professor as he narrows his eyes.

    "That was a joke."

    The professors try my spell and see that it is possible. The halfling professor is quite pleased.

    Lyle manages to increase the area of effect of his [Discharge]. Not very powerful but it should be enough to disrupt certain weaker monsters like harpies.

    The other students display a variety of focuses. Most use [Lightning Bolt] as a way for a quick stun and the second biggest group uses [Rush] as a retreating tool.

    Mathias sent a letter that the council will evaluate my thesis at next day of Tann, the 30th.

    "Well Wolf, this is our last class together, it has been a pleasure to study beside you," Lyle says, Hatara nods emphatically and Garanae nods shyly.

    "The pleasure is mine, your family's talent with [Electric Magic] is admirable. Also, don't forget about what I said about actuators," I say and smile.

    Lyle is my best hope in inventing the transistor and bringing robotics to this world.

    Hana and Roxanne are quite content, the ride might be bumpy but changing the scenery and sleeping in the open seems to be something they miss. Though with my tent and [Heal] the ride will be much more comfortable than usual.

    "How's Maoka?" I ask Roxanne.

    She waddles through the water and deposits herself in my arms, then she says,"It's quite hot, from what Hana told me it's like Sommerland but with less trees and more tall grass instead of bushes. Oh, and we have lots of tall mountains so in the horizon you can always see a snow-peak. I guess we don't tan as well so the skin color of our people is more varied than over Sommerland."

    "There's a large archipelago on the eastern side of the continent, right? Ever been there?"

    "No, you have to cross the Death Valley so I never felt the courage to do it," she cringes lightly.

    "How Mithra was?" Ciel asks, "You never really told us about her."

    Roxanne frowns and says, "Do I have to? You know I don't like to talk about it."

    "Wolfy did, you should know that talking helps."

    It helps us accept reality, once you put your feelings into words they seem more "real".

    Roxanne looks at me with pleading eyes.

    "You should talk," I say and her her gaze turns sultry, her pale skin contrasts with her red lips, who are calling mine. I plant a kiss on them, I taste her tongue and tease her palate, then I break the kiss and say, "You really should talk."

    Roxanne clicks her tongue and sighs. "Well... where should I start."

    "Her personality," Ciel says.

    "Happy, carefree, and just generally positive about life."

    "Sounds like you are talking about yourself," Hana says with a smirk.

    "Except the last part," Alissa says.

    Roxanne aims my member and lowers herself, plunging it deep inside her. "If we are going to talk about this then at least massage my insides," she says and gives me a peck on the lips. "Well Mithra was her own person, if anything she made me realize how life is fun outside of studying and training."

    "Considering how you abhor mana training I believe this is true," Hana says and Roxanne's dagger tail touches Hana's throat threateningly.

    "How did she look like?" Lina asks.

    "Like Hana but albino, it's quite common among our kind and I think it's a fetish of mine," Roxanne says and licks her lips.

    "You are not meeting Sonny again," I say in a serious tone.

    "Oh please, don't be a killjoy," she says while rolling her eyes dramatically, "I'm sure you would love to fuck me hard in front of him. Have him pull down his pants and watch him stroke his little cock desperately while you stir my insides with your thick log. Then watch as his cum flies and falls just short of my skin, the closest he will ever be of tainting me with his weak seed. Then you spread my legs and I squirt all over his face, he licks the air while his eyes glue to my body, burning it into his memory to forever wank pitifully at the glory of my body being pierced by your thick, fat, long, cock."

    "That was... too specific, you are never meeting Sonny again," I say while I claw her ass and pierce her hard.

    "Also, you are changing the topic, Mithra, please," Ciel says, slightly annoyed and blushing hard.

    "Ahn...! Fine, as I said, she's just like Hana, I like being dominated-"

    "Hah! Now you admit it," I say.

    "Wolfy, shush, you are going to pull the topic away again," Ciel chastises me.

    Roxanne squeezes her insides and nearly makes me cum, then she continues, "Anyway. When we first met it was like a [Lightning Bolt] struck, next thing we know I'm eating her up while the entire dormitory cheers on us. Things kind of turned into an orgy after that."

    "That sounds wild," Hana says with admiration in her voice.

    "And it was, though we never did it again, we are not that depraved," she says and Hana snorts.

    Roxanne sighs wistfully, the happiness and her hip movements fade as she reminisces. "With Mithra things were just right, it's like the first time in my life I had someone who really wanted me by their side, we really just wanted me to be happy," her face turns into an angry scowl, "Mother just wanted me to start a lineage! Father is just a limp-dick who lets mother do as she pleases! The others are just snobs who keep sucking each others cunts! Not even in my own damn birthplace was I well received because Mother ruins other people like a breeder-type sucks souls!"

    Her movements restart with anger, she slams herself on me and quickly reaches an orgasm, wringing one out of me when her insides squeeze me.

    "It's all my [Fire Magic] this, my [Water Magic] that, my [Mana Control] is oh so amazing that I had a line of people just wanting to suck on my toes. Well fuck that, Mithra didn't even knoiw my specialty magic until she asked when we left to hunt some monsters, then she shat her fucking pants off because she didn't know what [Explosion] was capable of. What even is the fun in being so high up there that you can't see the ground anymore!?"

    She hugs herself and hunches over, when she's done speaking she grits her teeth and scowls at the water.

    Hana comes over and buries Roxanne's head on her breasts, I pull out of Roxanne and hug her from behind. She turns her head sideways to look at me and I see she's crying angry, silent tears.

    Aoi and Gify swim towards us to enter the cuddle puddle. The last three girls surround us and Gify turns on his special touch. I feel the anguish inside Roxanne's heart, her anger at a lost childhood. Then I focus on my time with her, her happy nature and teasing personality, her reliability in battle and her talent for potions, our adventures and bright future together.

    In a few minutes she seems to calm and fall asleep. Her calm expression makes her look even more beautiful asleep.

    Gently we wake her and leave the bath. Slowly we start to talk again and return to normal.

    At night Roxanne spends her time playing Civil War with Lina, for once we had a more quiet evening.

    Today is the 29th.

    Lina happily swallows her success, her gloomy eyes become upturned at her wide smile.

    This morning I spend practicing my [Godly Language], I easily tip over and find release. The second vortex forms, weakly, and shields me from my own voice.

    "Now you can easily make someone puke that is not yourself!" Roxanne teases, completely back to normal.

    "If I put 20 points on it I can do it without anyone getting too sick," I say.

    "There's one word on your phrase that gives me a lot of concern," she says and walks away, out of my reach.

    "Har, har."

    She spends her morning happily coaching the little golems and Aoi in [Mana Control] while Alissa decides to glue on me again and we practice our mana routines together.

    Today is the [Blessing Magic] test. The most straightforward of them, you just show all the spells you can chant. I show up to my [Reinforce] and the judge immediately tells me I passed.

    "I'll miss the professor's singing," Hatara says and sighs deeply. "She's just so beautiful too."

    I really have a dirty mind.

    "Now that classes are done can you show us [Fly]?" Ciel asks.

    "KWEH!" Aoi yells in my ear.

    "O-okay, but later. Now I want to relax, tomorrow I have to defend my thesis," I say and clamp Aoi's mouth shut with my hand.

    She wiggles out of my grasp and suddenly her slippery tongue is inside my mouth. She wraps it on my tongue and gives it a squeeze before quickly removing herself, giving me a large jolt of pleasure.

    Hana smiles wide and pats Aoi, congratulating her on the successful sneak attack.

    Oh boy.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord SenilePenile.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Noble Salty Panda.
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    Okay, the story has finally catched up. Now every chapter is going to be divided in three parts, one part is going to be posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8PM US East.

    Today is the 30th.

    Hana's turn for the morning meal.

    "Don't drain him too much, he's got to defend the thesis today," Alissa says.

    "Who's the Succubus here?" Roxanne asks, incredulous.

    Aoi stands tentatively close to me while Hana does it. When I climax and drop my guard, Aoi steal a lick on my lips. My sixth-sense for licking is failing, Aoi has become smarter than my dogs and I'm struggling to keep my face clean.

    "Do I taste good or something? How did I get so many women wanting to eat me?" I ask.

    "You do taste good," Hana says and shrugs.

    "You bought three of them, and saved two of them," Roxanne says with a raised eyebrow.

    "So the only one you really 'seduced' was Ciel," Alissa says with air quotes.

    "That's not fair, he raped my womb the first time we met and I didn't feel the need to puke, for me that's a successful seduction," Hana says.

    I pucker my lips, I shouldn't have asked that.

    "Don't look like this Wolfy, you only seduced Ciel but you stole the heart of all of us," Alissa says and hugs me tight. She rubs her head on my chest and her cute ears rub on my nose, nearly making me sneeze.



    "GIH!" He chirps loudly in my ear and I lose hearing on that side temporarily.

    "I'm joking, I love you too, Gify," I say and pat his head, his beak deforms into a pout.

    My [Mana Control] increased by 1 (now 0+14).

    I was getting used to the discomfort from staying away from Alissa but the extra point in "Sanity" made it much more bearable.

    "Today is our last meeting, Mr. Ryder," Kyros says with a hint of sadness on his voice.

    "I'm thankful for your help, I will put this skill to good use," I say and bow lightly.

    "I'm not sure how that's possible but I will believe you," he says and chuckles.

    A last review of everything I have learned from him, then a compilation of everything I need to improve on and we are done.

    We share a firm hand shake and I depart. We are too stoic for long, emotional goodbyes.

    Lina comes home with Ciel looking gloomier than before. She sits down on the table immediately and sighs softly.

    Ciel sits down beside her and caresses her head, her cheeks raise high and her eyes squint with a warm smile. "Lina's going to miss Mr. Gimbo," she says.

    "I will," Lina says softly. With a *poof* she pulls out what I believe is a magic tool carving station.

    On a flat piece of wood 3 adjustable metal arms are drilled on. Two of these arms are holding what seems to be a hair-thin needle with a small crystal at the top and the third is simply an adjustable grabber. I see two crystals embedded in the flat wood.

    "Is this a carving station?" I ask.

    Lina nods glumly. "He gave it to me as a gift, it's a middle quality one but it's still expensive, my father sold me for one," she says.

    Well damn, that makes me a little emotional.

    Lina hugs the flat wood tight and I see her lips pucker, holding back tears. "Can you store this for me? It's too sensitive to let in the open all the time," she asks without moving her head.


    She pulls out some other simpler carving tools and I store them all.

    "Good luck," Ciel says and gives me a peck on the lips. I receive one too from Roxanne, Hana, and a sneak lick on the cheek while I'm distracted by Hana. I think both of them are starting to work together.

    I have done this many times already but I can't stop feeling a little nervous at the beginning. Specially because this time there's no standardized way in which the judges will behave and this world's scientific ethics are different than that of Earth's, so it's still possible they will find a bullshit reason to deny me my title.

    I breathe in and hug Lina as we ride the softest mount ever, Alissa. Lina drills her cute ass on my crotch like she always loves to do and I bury my erection between the two little mounds. I breathe in on Lina's neck and feel her sweet perfume, her soft skin is a delight to hug and so I resign to desire and fill her neck and cheeks with little kisses.

    She giggles softly and Alissa glances at us. Seeing our flirting she gives us a toothy smirk and smooths the ride even further so we can enjoy each other even more.

    Feeling refreshed from the cuddling we dismount Alissa and proceed towards the university's theater. Alissa hugs my arm tight, forcing her thin yellow dress to contour to the form of her breasts and nipples, she blushes lightly at such exposure but never lets my arm go. Lina receives a smirk from Alissa when she tries the same but fails, without sweat her clothes don't really stick to her skin.

    Mathias waits for us at the front of the theater, the chubby man uses a [Breeze] crystal to contain his sweating at the hot weather.

    "Mr. Ryder, please come over here," Mathias signs to us once he notices our approach, "we will wait at the actors lounge while the observers are coming in."

    "Why are there so many judges coming?" I ask.

    "The judges are few, the observers are many, it's not everyday someone revives a lost magical school."

    "So you turned my thesis defense into an attraction?" I ask calmly.

    He cringes slightly and sweats harder, "W-well, in the name of progress and the Goddess of Knowledge we must share your thesis with as many people as we can, should we not?"

    "Fair enough."

    The actors lounge is inside the theater, it's the last room before you reach the stage so we can hear the murmuring and footsteps of the observers coming in.

    "Nervous?" Mathias asks.

    "No, even if I were I have a flower on each hand to keep me comfortable," I say and squeeze the two hands that are entwined with mine.

    Mathias raises his eyebrows and looks away, slightly blushing while the girls smile and we flirt some more.

    "Five minutes," a young assistant comes into the room to warn me.

    It's like I'm a performer getting ready for a show.

    I stand up and straighten my clothes. I look dapper in my black velvet clothing with lines of dark green embroidery. My black cape looks new and perfect, my heliodor gem reflects beautifully the light, the Emergency Ring and the Fertility Ring both make my delicate hands look attractive even for me. My hair is perfectly combed sideways and my freckled skin is as clean as it has ever been, thanks to magic and high elven skin care. I look at a mirror near the exit and smile. Damn, I'm handsome.

    When the light above me turns green I get a kiss on each hand and Gify pops out of existence with an encouraging chirp, then I go out.

    I enter with applause from the crowd.

    The stage looks moody and dark. Besides the long table with 4 people I see nothing beyond yet I can hear the murmuring die down quickly and the occasional cough and sneeze that convey that there's a lot of people in the audience seats.

    I stand before my own seat and table. I pull out my notes and clean my throat, the last of the murmuring dies down.

    I only recognize professor Ludwick at the judge's seat.

    "Gentlemen and gentlewomen, noblemen and noblewomen, professors," I start and give a respectful nod to my judges, "My name is Wolf Ryder and I am here to defend my thesis in which I explain what [Golemancy] is, how to learn it, how to improve it, and ethical concerns over its use."

    The white bearded gnome professor stands and says, "I am professor Ludwick and I will be judging you."

    A female wereowl with dark brown hair and charming wrinkles stands and says, "I am professor Horona and I will be judging you."

    A young-looking male wereowl with white hair and black spots stands and says, "I am professor Nohoor and I will be judging you."

    A young-looking halfling with tired eyes stands and says, "I am high councilman Loreano and I will be judging you."

    I clean my throat and start after they take their seats, "Starting with what [Golemancy] is, for the benefit of the audience I will give a contextual introduction to it," I pause to swallow and breathe, "[Golemancy] can be seen as an offshoot of [Summoning Magic], you could even say it's a distillation of [Summoning Magic] due to how it takes a few of the concepts of Summoning and applies it in isolation.

    "[Summoning Magic] is in essence the copying of souls and bodies into a servant bound to your soul. You create servants by using certain forms and concepts as a basis for it. The first two spells use animals as basis, birds and dogs; the third uses soft clay dolls as basis; the fourth uses the wild elementals as basis; the fifth uses the souls of monsters we kill as basis. Then the soul is altered, it uses your own soul and your own mana organ as a basis for the summon's intellect.

    "For those who don't know I have the skill [Sense Soul] which allows me to see inside the soul and identify how it looks like. The mana organ is where we store our own MP and what allows us to collect mana. Also, mine and the creator of [Golemancy]'s research have identified how similar our own soul and that of the summon's look like.

    "This similarity is justified when you ask questions to your summon, it has limited vocal capabilities but it can certainly answer simple 'yes or no' questions. With this we can learn that all the knowledge that we have is copied into the summon's soul. We know this because elementals have no brain, none that we can identify, and still have the same knowledge and behavior of the other summons. The [Summon Small Bird], [Summon Dog], [Summon Small Golem], the [Summon Elemental], and even the [Summon Monster] spell, all of them bring servants with different bodies but they all behave the same way and have the same souls. So from this we can conclude with certainty that the soul holds all the knowledge we have.

    "Now [Golemancy] is exactly the same as [Summoning Magic] with two different parts. It does not create a body and it does not bind the summon and master to each other. In essence, you could say [Golemancy] creates artificial life," some murmurs start but quickly die down, "This sentiment is also reflected in the chant that I have created."

    I pull out Ted and Suzy, they wave to the crowd.

    "Hel-lo," Suzy says.

    "Gree-tings," Ted says.

    The murmuring increases and I lift my hand, asking for silence.

    "As you can see I managed to make the golems speak, I altered their souls to look like that of my dragon. I have a young, intelligent Azurite dragon that can speak in a similar way to the golems, she uses magic to recreate vocal chords, so I recreated the 'shape' on her soul that I believed controlled her voice on the golems, thus they can now speak.

    "How exactly a soul is created is hard to say, even the records of the creation of [Summoning Magic] are lost so we can only speculate. My guess is that someone managed to distill a soul into the simplest form that still allowed for intelligent thought. My basis for this guess is how golems and summons do not have a sense of self-preservation, they also do not count as living beings, allowing them to be stored into [Item Box]es, but summons are blocked from it due to their soul being a fragment of ours, more specifically, a part of our mana organ is given to summons.

    "But I say it's not the barest form a soul can take. We know nature is basically a single, huge, and not very intelligent, soul. Any living matter has some form of a soul, faint or not, intelligent or not, anything that can be considered 'alive' has a type of soul. So I think we can go even further and distill this soul into what could be named as a machine."

    Murmurings come and go.

    "A machine would be something that has a single purpose, a single sense, a single operation, and a single output, you could call this a 'robot'. A soul that can sense whether or not something is there, like say, a coin in a slot, and then activates it's operation until the coin is removed. You could use this for say, opening a large door while someone holds their finger in a specific spot, mixing cake while you hold the mechanic mixer in your hand, beating eggs while you keep the plate close to it. Observe."

    I pull out a steaming tea set.

    "Pour tea for me," I say.

    Ted uses [Telekinesis] to grab the teapot and tilt it on the cup. Once done, Suzy grabs the cup's plate with [Telekinesis] and floats it to me. Once I grab the plate she releases it and I sip on my tea.

    The crowd murmurs again and the judges lean closer.

    "I taught them [Telekinesis], they could virtually learn any spell."

    I wait for a minute while the people talk and then continue.

    "Now, a concern of mine about spreading [Golemancy] as is is that it holds our knowledge, so when [Sense Soul] spreads and more people can look into someone else's soul, then we can also see their knowledge, perhaps even their memories," – some of the crowd gasps – "This means that I will not be spreading my golems for the time being until I can remove all traces of my knowledge from the golems. So for now you all will have to be satisfied with me only teaching the chant."

    I recite the chant of [Infuse] and give a demonstration. The professors try and fail but now it's only a matter of time for them, specially once they acquire my notes about the chant and the internal workings of the spell.

    The crowd claps while I awkwardly remain stiff and force a smile.

    "Questions?" I ask.

    "How much mana does it cost to create a golem?" Asks Nohoor.

    "550 MP and this was before I altered the golems to have their own proper mana organ and voice capabilities," I answer and the large eyes of the wereowl grow even larger.

    Considering how Roxanne had 1000 MP when we first met this is kind of a heavy cost unless you are an experienced mage, researchers don't generally have high mana pools.

    "[Summoning Magic] has always been a mana-intensive magic school," professor Ludwick says, the bearded gnome looked very content during my whole speech.

    "Are the golems capable of hurting their creator?" Asks Horona.

    "Yes," I answer and the murmuring starts again, "They can also lie unless ordered so." The murmuring increases. "They have no connection to the master so you need to order them to only obey you otherwise they will do anything anyone asks. With [Mold] it might be possible to even override the master's orders if you know enough about souls."

    "That is disappointing," Horona says.

    Councilman Loreano props himself forward, "Where did you learn how to chant [Infuse]? I find it hard to believe that you learned all this just from [Summoning Magic] and the limited notes about [Golemancy]."

    I smile and get ready for the fallout, this is the most dangerous part of my thesis. I say with all my earnestness "In the name of the Goddess of Knowledge, who game me her blessing, I cannot divulge this information. It is too personal and I swear on my honor it is not relevant to the study of [Golemancy]."

    The judges turn serious and even professor Ludwick turns wary.

    "Young man," the councilman starts, "I hope you are not taking this lightly. Even the most harmless magical concept can be transformed into heresy, this is why [Bloodwork] is banned."

    "You can see that [Golemancy] has more in common with [Alteration Magic] than anything heretical. But as I said, I swear on my blessing, if there's any heresy on this magic school than I would like my blessing to be removed," I answer with confidence.

    Councilman Loreano looks away from the stage and nods to someone hidden. A few seconds later a young assistant comes with an Inspection Crystal. He puts the crystal on the table with my notes and I put my hand over it, a crystal tablet is filled with my information and the assistant brings the tablet to the councilman.

    He reads it and passes it to the other judges. They nod and professor Ludwick smiles.

    "Elementals have the tendency to become humanized over time if you don't control their creation properly, have you seen such a thing happen with the golems?" Professor Ludwick asks.

    "I have not. Though for something of this scale I think years are necessary, the golems do change but in a very slow way. If you order them to act like humans I believe they could act convincingly if you give enough sensors for their bodies since they don't really care for or even properly feel touch and pain."

    "Do you think that allowing them to feel pain would be considered the Sin of torture?" professor Horona asks.

    "Yes, artificial or not, if you give them pain and have them suffer needlessly it would be a Sin since it is not normally required for them to feel pain to properly function," I answer immediately.

    Professor Nohoor looks impressed and nods repeatedly.

    "Can you detect golems with [Sense Presence]?" Councilman Loreano asks.

    "Yes but like I said, the more 'distilled' or 'bare' souls would be harder to discern from background noises."

    The murmuring starts and the judges start to talk between themselves. That last question was right on the mark, it's why [Golemancy] could become dangerous. A counter for it needs to be developed, and quick, before it becomes weaponized.

    "Can we test their intelligence?" Professor Nohoor asks.

    I nod and the tests begin. Reading, general knowledge, mathematical questions, advanced mathematical questions, theoretical math questions…

    "You know quite a lot of math, Mr. Ryder," Nohoor says, a little impressed.

    Horona interrupts his fascination that's getting way over the heads of everyone else and starts her own questions. She asks the golems to move physically, then she learns they can dance and the crowd behind laughs and "awns…", then she learns they can wrestle and the crowd laughs heartily.

    Professor Ludwick starts to ask philosophical questions.

    "Do you fear death?" He asks.

    "We, do, not, feel, any-thing," Ted answers.

    "Do you wish to not be harmed?"

    "We, wish, on-ly, to, serve," Suzy answers.

    "Do you think you are alive?"

    "By, mas-ter's, de-fi-ni-tion, we, are, not, a-live."

    "Do you not have your own definition of life?"


    "If you could save someone with certainty or save your master with dubious certainty, which would you choose?"


    "Would you save someone that could threaten your master?"


    "And, yes. De-pends, on, threat."

    "Can you define it what is a threat that does not deserve to live?"

    "Too, abs-tract, need, more, in-for-ma-tion."

    "Quite the worrying mentality," Councilman Loreano says.

    "Indeed, you must never give them too much power, a rampaging, uncontrollable golem seems like a nightmare. Now, would you kill the emperor if it meant saving your master?"


    Ludwick winces and Loreano frowns.

    "Would you harm your own master?" Loreano asks.


    "I order you to harm him."

    That question didn't catch me by surprise. If I failed in putting this amount of security on those golems then I would have been quite irresponsible in teaching them magic.

    "Not, a-llowed," both golems shake their heads.

    "I created a security system so other people can't give them orders," I say.

    "What if they use [Mold]?" Loreano asks.

    "Then I will see it with [Sense Soul]."

    "Any more questions?" I ask after a short silence.

    The judges shake their heads and I start taking questions from the audience. The spotlights appear over the people standing and one by one I answer them. Most are about the limitations of [Golemancy], technically there isn't one, as long as you can recreate the soul and provide the adequate body then you can do whatever you want. I keep my knowledge about the soul map limited so they won't know how much I have progressed. I'm only giving them [Golemancy], I already talked enough about [Sense Soul].

    The judges talk between themselves and I wait on my seat until they are done.

    "Wolf Ryder," Concilman Loreano says and I rise, "After much thought we have come to our conclusion. [Golemancy] is a dangerous and powerful magic school and you have succeeded in reviving it. Your work is nothing short of amazing and I must say, a revolution is coming.

    "Normally such a magic school wouldn't be allowed to be taught freely without deep understanding what's behind its beginning. But since you have the Blessing of the Goddess of Knowledge we will approve it, we accept her decision but we won't let it run wild, [Golemancy] will be heavily regulated in the years to come.

    "With this we can finally say that we accept your thesis as a valid contribution to the world. For your work we grant you the titles: 'Scholar of Rabanara' and 'Golemancer'. May your life be long as your work will not end here."

    I feel something change within me.

    The lights turn on and the crowd claps. On the audience I see plenty of recognizable faces like Vanea, Silvane, Werner, Horvath, Lyle, Garanae, Hatara, Toroo, and some of my professors. Hana and Roxanne look groggy and quickly sober up when they hear the applause, joining them; Ciel and Aoi were perfectly awake and are happily applauding.

    After the applause dies down the girls come and the judges approach.

    "The Goddess doesn't make mistakes when she chooses someone to bless," says the wereowl Horona.

    "You can repeat that," professor Ludwick says with pride, then he turns to the councilman and smirks, "When I defended my thesis you were much more savage, Loreano."

    "To be honest your warped-spaces carriages were much more unstable than [Golemancy] back then," Loreano answers casually.

    "I also have a Blessing from the Goddess of Knowledge."

    "Then your research just had more holes than Ryder's," Loreano says and shrugs.

    Ludwick pouts and scoffs but returns to smile casually immediately.

    We have a short talk with the judges and the others come down to quickly congratulate me. Today Vanea's eyes seem softer, somehow.

    After giving goodbyes to them all, me and the girls leave the university and we enter a restaurant to commemorate.

    "I have to thank you girls for supporting me and helping in my research. Without any of you things would have been much harder. Now, to success and glory," I say as I lift my glass. We clink each other glasses and drink, the green whiskey burns my throat hard.

    Roxanne and Hana slams their glasses on the table. "Ohohoh, we just grow higher and higher, a gentleman and now a scholar," Roxanne says with girly enthusiasm.

    "Took you long enough, eh? But I guess it was worthy. Depending on who you talk a Scholar title has the same weight as a knight," Hana says.

    "Has more weight when you see his age," Alissa says.

    Lina discreetly pours more green whiskey.

    "But even on that he was cheating," Ciel says with a wry smile.

    We eat gourmet hamburgers, it's incredible how they made something so common in my previous life taste so refined.

    We go back home and the moment we take our clothes off a tipsy Roxanne throws herself on me.

    "Wash me," she says in a low, sexy tone and lays down on the floor. Her arms and legs flex, and her back arches, she looks like a model posing for a shoot.

    I grab the sponge and wet it lightly, adding just a little soap at the tip. I grab her unnaturally white arms and gently glide it through her perfectly smooth skin. There's not a single hair on her limbs.

    Hana grabs her feet and starts to massage them. Ciel quietly pulls Alissa by the hand and starts to fondle her. Lina hugs Alissa from behind and uses her body as a sponge.

    I wash both her arms and hands, once done I [Conjure Water] on them and play with her hand. I suck on her long, thin fingers and fill them with kisses, moving down her arm until I reach her face. I slowly kiss her neck and cheeks until our mouths overlap, then pecks turn into kisses that increase in length until our tongues search for each other.

    I tease her, I give her my tongue but take it away, then I let her search for me for a second before giving her my tongue again. She moans softly as I [Massage] a modest breast with one hand and her scalp with the other. Then she moans louder as Hana reaches her lady lips and nibbles on them.

    She grabs my dick and strokes it softly, then she grabs the bar of soap and coats her hands with the slippery substance. Now her hands glide on my shaft with speed but low cadence, making me moan with every stroke.

    I quickly finish all over her chest, she cleans her hands from the soap and spreads my semen all over her body. The smell attracts Hana, who comes up and licks her all over.

    I untangle from Roxanne and see Alissa is being ferociously eaten by Ciel while lovingly kissing Lina.

    I suddenly feel jealousy that they can be so tender with each other. It's that sharp pain that feels like a dagger on the heart, yet it fills me with energy. It fills me with the desire to rape everyone of them, of making them submit to my power, to make them choke on my cock and cum, to tie them and use them as cum-dumpsters. It's an electric feeling, and it's horribly addictive. It's the reason why I avoid looking at a certain hentai tag.

    I see Hana progresses upwards and is now raping Roxanne's mouth with the tentacle she calls a tongue. Hana's legs are wrapped around Roxanne's waist, bringing my two cock-sleeves together on a very enticing sandwich.

    I put scented oil on my member and shove it between the slits, they moan at the same time as my shaft rubs between their clits.

    I fuck the middle, then I fuck Hana while I finger Roxanne, then I switch. I have ample choices in whose pussy to fuck at any time I want.

    "AAH!" Alissa orgasms and yells. Lina stops kissing her and goes to kiss Ciel so they can both share the taste of Alissa. Ciel quickly breaks the kiss and mounts Alissa's face, undulating her waist so she rubs her lips wildly. With a hand she holds Lina in place and with the other shoves four fingers in Lina's pussy.

    Lina freezes in place with her mouth open and gloomy eyes open wide. Her hand trembles at the stimulation but Ciel just increases speed, savagely fingering the little girl.

    Hana and Roxanne both arch their backs so their pussies rub more on my shaft, I cum between them and don't even go limp. They spread my cum on their bodies like it is soap and soon I give them more.

    I [Clean] Hana's ass and shove my fingers inside, then Hana aims on Roxanne. We both gang up on her, kissing and licking every part of her delicious body.

    "NYAH!" Roxanne yells and convulses repeatedly, her orgasm is long and squeezes two shots out of me in quick succession.

    "Holy shit," I say and collapse backwards.

    "Hahah, I'm getting better at it," Roxanne says, her voice is weak and her body is limp.

    Hana unmounts Roxanne and turns to Ciel, she's still hungry, hungry for pussy. She pulls Ciel out of Alissa and chomps down on her. I see Ciel convulse as Hana's tentacle makes a storm and her hand fingers Ciel's asshole without mercy.

    Lina looks at them wide eyed, both in jealousy and excitement. Her little hand goes down towards her tight pussy and she starts to rub herself as she sees her lover being used by another.

    Alissa pulls out Lina's hand and spreads her cute pussy lips apart. She delicately licks and kisses Lina's clit, making her shiver.

    Hana stops eating Ciel out once she orgasms and moves to fingering her while her tongue now inades Ciel's mouth. Ciel looks surprised and disgusted, she tries to move away and break the kiss but Hana is holding her tight.

    I move behind Ciel and aim myself on her other entrance, I grab her huge ass and shove my cock inside her. I see Ciel's resistance slowly reduces until she turns to knead Hana's breasts.

    Ciel orgasms again and I finish inside her ass cheeks, my white semen is contrasted to her delicious dark color. Hana drops her like a used doll and moves towards Lina, she kisses her while Alissa eats Lina's pussy.

    Hana's strong hands reach behind Lina and plunge a finger inside her super tight little buttocks. Lina opens her eyes wide and her whole body trembles as she instantly orgasms.

    Hana immediately abandons Lina and comes to me.

    "See, Wolfy, there's still two assholes for you to stretch and Lina is ready to be the next one," she says.

    My dick twitches awake and Hana smiles ferociously. She grabs it, aims it, and slams her waist down my shaft.

    She doesn't stop until I'm fully drained after two more shots. Then Alissa is used to clean everyone.

    Aoi calmly stares at us from the tub, her eyes show interest and amusement. Gify sleeps in her back and uses her wings as a blanket.

    This evening I cuddle with Alissa while she reads, I brush her fluffy tail until it's fluffy again and [Massage] her ears.

    She's reading an epic about a jealous prince who kills his brother, the king, and his descent into madness. His men desert him, his people get slaughtered by monsters and heretics, then he turns into a cannibal to survive.

    When the monsters barrel down on the doors to his castle he prepares for death and kills the rest of his family by his own hands. Now alone, when the monsters break down the doors he charges forward unto death, but the monsters don't attack and instead kneel. They identify the hate for humanoids in his heart and deem him one of them, they feel his power and deem him stronger than any one of them, so they chose him as a leader and king.

    This is a fiction about how the Monster King came to be.

    Meanwhile Roxanne and Ciel start class for the golems and Aoi.

    "Remember, the first rule is always re-pea-ta-bi-li-ty," Roxanne says and adjusts the sexy oval glasses on her face.

    "You don't have the system to measure your own mana usage so you have to learn first your limits," Ciel says.

    Both of them look like the sexy teachers of my dreams. I need fake glasses for Ciel too.

    "Try to first apply the least amount of mana on this," Roxanne says and pulls a small piece of cloth. "When you have succeeded in barely moving it you have found your lower limit," she tries to lift Hana's halters but fails, eliciting chuckles from the others. Ciel comes and easily lifts the halters while smiling at Roxanne.

    "Then you have to apply a large amount of mana and carefully lift this one. The more delicate the movement the better," Ciel says and brings the halters close to the students.

    Aoi and the golems nod silently and start practicing. Aoi has the most difficulty maintaining the spell while the golems have the most difficulty adjusting their power.

    Lina is cuddling with Hana while they casually try to complete the soul map. She lays back and enjoys the breast pillows, she gets a flicker into her temple when her magic pen falls from her hand.

    "Not supposed to sleep yet," Hana says.

    "Sorry…" Lina mutters and continues to work.

    "Repeats these movements until you master them, then we can proceed into the next phase. We will observe the internal workings of the spell and discover which parts of them govern the control of the spell," Roxanne says.

    Maybe I should participate once they reach this part.

    Today is the 1st of the 10th month, the month of Death.

    Lina delicately awakens my with only licks to the head, she forcefully pulls Ciel over and have her drink it all.

    She beams with a smile the whole breakfast and pampers Ciel with many kisses.

    "Me too," I say, feeling the jealousy. She immediately comes to sit on my lap and drills her ass on my sore member. "Oof, not like that, I'm still sore."

    She puckers her lips in thought then she grabs my fork and feeds me herself.

    "Say 'aah'," she says while approaching the fork with my piece of fruit.

    The other girls stop and observe, I feel the room get warmer while they burn with jealousy, but I'm not sure who they are envying.

    I gained the titles "Scholar of Rabanara", and "Golemancer", kinda neat. If I write a letter I can use 3 titles to pompously introduce myself, though neither of them sounds as cool as "Enemy of Wyverns".

    "Who wants to go to the university's library?" I ask.

    Only Ciel, Hana, and Aoi don't lift their hands.

    "We will stay here, I will take care of her," Hana says and sends a fearsome smile to Ciel, making her shrink her posture and look away.

    "Make sure she yells a lot," I say and give Hana a goodbye kiss.

    Ciel sends me a glare.

    "You know I will. Give me the sex rope, I want to tr-..."

    Hana is interrupted by a sneak attack from Aoi, she jumps towards me with her long tongue ready like a spear. [Battlefield Perception] triggers, like a kung-fu master I grab Aoi's tongue mid-air and she crashes in my arm. I see her excitement deflate and her eyes turn round and sad.

    I smirk and release her tongue. I hold her in my arms and lean my head closer to hers. She immediately turns happy again and her tongue invades my mouth, her thin lips touch mine in an attempt of a kiss but it doesn't really work since hers aren't soft.

    What does work is that her tongue rubbing on my teeth, palate, and wrapping on my own tongue is giving me lots of pleasure. There's something enticing about having such a long, thick, and dexterous tongue inside my mouth, no way I'm thinking about cocks, though.

    "Please stop, this is too hot," Hana says and squeezes Ciel's hand, who looks down in fear while Lina smirks.

    "How long until you can take him in?" Alissa asks with a wicked smile.

    Aoi breaks the kiss and looks into her own body, I see a small slit open between the middle of her hind legs. A hint of the usual smell of pussy reaches my nose.

    "Don't, know... not, yet," Aoi says.

    Ciel escapes Hana's grasp and looks at Lina. "You okay with this?" She asks.

    Lina shrugs and says, "She's family and I want her to be happy."

    "You okay with this?" I ask Ciel.

    "I don't know, the Gods never said anything about loving monsters. Aoi is barely a monster though, if she doesn't hate humanoids she's basically an animal," she says.

    "And what do the Gods say about loving animals?"

    "Just to not do it with the ones who can rip your genitals out," she says and smiles wryly. "You can't have children with animals and the temple frowns at cruelty so it's not normally accepted. Aoi is not only sapient and willing, she's also a breeder, if her broken soul is inheritable then we can have a new race of sapient dragons rise."

    "Won't she be considered like a dryad?" Alissa asks.

    "I guess so. But she won't reincarnate, the God of Destruction doesn't let monster souls be part of the cycle."

    "How are the dryads treated by society?" I ask

    "Warily, they are not bound by the Humanoid Gods so they can commit the Sins so people are mostly afraid of dryads and other Children of the Forest."

    "Maybe if she converts..."

    "Is that even possible?" Hana asks with anticipation.

    "Not sure, there's the God of Animals that she can pray to but he's quite obscure," Ciel says.

    "I, will, pray, to, live, with, Wolfy!" Aoi says and flaps her wings in excitement.

    "Gih," Gify says with a confident nod.

    Ciel sits down and laughs, "We might end up converting the first monster in the realm," she says.

    Aoi crawls up my chest, her pointy claws tickling my skin, and curls on my neck, then she gives me a lick on the cheek. "I, will, convert. Wolfy, better, than, Destruc-tion!"

    "What about me?" Hana asks, feeling a pang of jealousy.

    "I, love, Mom, too!"

    "Awnn~…" Hana gets teary-eyed.

    Hana comes forth and kisses Aoi's little head repeatedly. She seems to enjoy it, though not in the same way as she enjoys kissing me.

    We go to the university while we leave Ciel alone with the Predator.

    The wereowl librarian eyes Aoi suspiciously.

    "If she taints any book you will pay for the repair," he says sternly.

    "I, will, behave," Aoi says making the wereowl almost jump in surprise.

    "O-okay," he says while blinking blankly.

    "We want to enter the restricted area," I say and the wereowl snaps from his stupor.

    He pulls out an Inspection Crystal and says, "Only those with the Scholar title can enter, put your hand on the ball please."

    He checks the crystal tablet and then my face repeatedly. More specifically, he checks my age and titles.

    "T-this way, Grand Ryder," he says and leads us to the elevators.

    We reach the top floor of the library, quite the view up here where we can see the little people moving about and the flickering the magical lights. I will miss the smell of old books, the moody atmosphere, and baroque-like architecture, reminds me a little of New York's Public Library.

    The wereowl takes us to the end of the corridor, after a heavy door there's a small room where they see my titles again, then we are let into a completely dark room, it smells of mold and dust. The books are chained to the shelves and I can see at the end there's even more books behind a section that's separated by metal bars. The bars glow faintly, the tell-tale signs of something magical.

    Beside the entrance there's a catalog of every book. We spend a long time perusing it while the bored librarian watches us, we casually converse about the topics of the books while hinting we are looking for old history books. Eventually the librarian excuses himself and leaves.

    We immediately flicker to the beginning and find the section where [Cursing Magic] books are. Lina goes towards an interesting historical section about the undead while me, Alissa, and Roxanne look for the Cursing books.

    Cursing magic is altering someone's soul in a very slow and imperceptible way. You can curse someone's body directly but it's much more difficult and the person will also feel it if they are awake.

    Most common spells alter someone's stats, making them dumber, weaker, etc. Those spells have two modes of work, one is the imperceptible but slow way, generally you curse items and let the person touch the item; the other is through the eyes like [Illusion Magic] but it's quite perceptible when you cast it, both because the person can feel the mana and see your eyes turn weird, horror-movie-possession weird.

    Curiously, it's a complete magic school, which means it's rather safe to use. It's also easier to use in comparison to [Illusion Magic] because the eye-cursing-thingie only works with one person so you don't run the risk of draining your mana in a second if you cast it while multiple people look at you.

    The last spell of [Cursing Magic] is called [Shackle Soul], it forcefully creates a Blood Slave without the possibility of escaping the bond and without the supervision of the Gods. Now I know why they are unsure this is considered heretical, while the magic school is not forbidden magic this spell will get you executed if it becomes known you used it. The concept of Blood Slaves is sacred to the temple and this spell is considered sacrilege.

    I'm not sure which one of us would be better to learn this. I already have a lot of spells so "debuffing" people would just strain my already strained mana, Alissa doesn't have a lot of mana to keep spreading curses, Ciel has to save hers for healing, Roxanne already uses a lot of mana with her high-damage spells. So perhaps Lina? She has a little more MP than Hana so it could work for her, she's good at defending but not so much at attacking. Maybe this can push her to become more aggressive when she can control the power of her enemies more closely.

    Roxanne ends up gravitating to some books about forbidden experiments and even I get a little queasy at what's in those books. The heretics have no chill, they do anything for power so they might as well have been the nazis of this world. Fortunately their organization has been in shambles for the last generations so they don't have a proper foothold in the Bestiaram continent anymore.

    Alissa and Gify end up teaching Aoi how to read since they can't really understand the harder parts of the book.

    We manage to compile a lot of info that will take some time to process.

    When we go back home we see a collapsed Ciel in the kitchen trying to resist a hungry Hana assaulting her lady parts.

    "W-wait, ah! T-too muuuch! AAH! Slower, please!" Ciel pleads, Hana laughs while she violently stimulates Ciel.

    Lina approaches both of them, pieces of her clothes dropping on the ground as she walks. She sits on Ciel's face and grabs Hana's, she kisses Hana, tongue first, surprising her. Hana continues fingering Ciel while she devours Lina with her mouth.

    Ciel orgasms and collapses after Hana finally releases her. We start lunch while Hana drags Lina to the corner, she eats her up for a long time until Lina finally tires and collapses.

    "I thought the strain on my body would decrease when they joined but I think that Hana has only grown hungrier," I say.

    "Why would I contain myself when there's so many toys to play?" Hana asks with a fearsome smile.

    "Are you trying to steal Wolfy's harem?" Alissa asks as she narrows her eyes in suspicion.

    "Who's ever said about stealing? We have always been about sharing everything," Hana says.

    "I tamed Hana, maybe you girls also need to do the same if you want to survive her," I say.

    "I'm fine being her sex slave," Roxanne says and Alissa nods.

    Lina and Ciel look at each other, Lina smiles like an imp and Ciel looks away in disbelief.

    After lunch we go see the Black Parade.

    We go to the main road that crosses the town and with our dinghy we stop near the top of a house. Hana floats beside us with Roxanne in her arms, who has her bat wings out, Alissa turned into a small fox and stole Lina's place in my lap so she and Ciel hug my arms tight. Gify rests on top of Alissa's head and Aoi curls on my neck, giving me an occasional lick on my cheek until I flicker her forehead. The golems are on the prow of the dinghy, standing still, their lifeless eyes stare down the street.

    The skies are filled with the flying races and those like us who have a [Fly] vehicle. The streets below us are filled to the brim with people and surprisingly the guards don't have to work hard to keep the middle of the street open. There's also an incredible number of nature spirits, it almost feels like we are in a plushie store with all the cute spirits standing still and looking at the street.

    Before we see them we hear them, a true marching band is coming.

    The first thing we see is the line of priests casting spells repeatedly, [Materialization]. Ghostly figures of people appear behind them, some are completely normal, others look disfigured, plenty look fragile and sick.

    The spirits move around searching for their loved ones, some of the living receive them with tears but most with happiness.

    Plenty of people move forward, urns with ashes in hand, out of half of these urns spirits come out. The living show bitter smiles when no spirit comes out, it means the spirit decided to move on with the cycle.

    It makes for an impressive ethereal sight with the transparent and ghostly figures all around the street.

    "You think Hilde would be here?" I ask Lina.

    "No," she says a little sad, "she died too far away and I don't think that she's the kind that would wait if paradise is waiting for her."

    Ciel leans over and talks, "Do you still think about her?"

    "No... not anymore, I don't want to become like Logan, stuck in the past."

    "Do you feel sad when we talk about her?"

    "No, well a little. But I'm fine, I made my peace with that, now I can control my fate."

    Roxanne is looking at us, her lips puckered into a thinking expression.

    "Do you know what death is, Ted?" I ask.

    Both golems turn to us in sync.

    "Yes, it, is, cea-sing, func-tions," he answers.

    "You don't fear death, right?"

    Both golems shake their heads.

    "Death, part, of, life, e-ven, us," Suzy says.

    After the priests comes the skeletons, I'm not sure if they are being moved by [Telekinesis] or Necromancy. The skeletons dance like clowns, they spin, twirl, jump, walk on their hands and on four feet, they wear colorful wigs and there's makeup on the bones of their faces. In the middle of the skeletons a line of them spreads confetti and flower petals.

    After the skeletons come people wearing skeleton suits, wearing similar wigs and makeup. They carry instruments and march on, constantly playing the song.

    It's a way to celebrate death as just another part of life, show the dead and how it's not so scary and people will be more motivated to life on, even on bleak times. This is what made people survive the Age of Oepression.

    After them comes the actors stands. In raised platform actors retell the life stories of people without words. A commoner that becomes a miner and brings metal to town; a kid that grows into a blacksmith and process the ore into a sword; the farmer that brings food into town to feed the workers; a guard that gains levels and buys a new sword; a cook that feeds every guard after a hard day's work; a veteran guard that trains the new generation; the young one's fight with a monster leads to their deaths; an adventurer that finds the sword and moves on; his delve into a dungeon that ends with their deaths; the new generation of people who grow and delve again into the dungeon, going further than before; the priest that joins the group and keeps them alive; the same sword is found and used to break the dungeon's core; a new noble family is born, they find a wild place to settle and start a new mine, bringing in more commoners and keeping them safe. With every death an actor dressed as a spirit starts to follow the living until the cycle starts again and they go away, their purpose in life fulfilled.

    "The Wish is complete and the cycle continues. Progress comes, inch by inch," says a priest coming after the procession.

    Hana tires out and lands on the dinghy midway through. Alissa also turns back into humanoid and hugs me by the neck.

    The procession continues towards the Coliseum to open up the yearly martial arts contest. What better way to get motivated to fight than literally seeing your dead ancestors come back to observe you?

    We go back home after seeing that, we don't have tickets for the Coliseum this time.

    "Did any of you meet your dead ancestors before?" I ask.

    Hana smiles nostalgically and says, "I met my grandparents from my father's side. They were quite happy with how we were growing last time we met but it was two years ago. If they are still in this realm then they wouldn't be very happy with how things went."

    "Mine lasted long enough for me to meet them once, when they saw me and Allura were both healthy they left the realm," Alissa says. "They were very sweet, I wished I could have met them when they were alive."

    "Mine are still alive, but even then we barely talk," Roxanne says.

    "Why is that?" Ciel asks.

    Roxanne sighs and adjusts her glasses, then she speaks, "Mom never got along with our grandparents. When my parents found the treasure they cut ties with them."

    "Wow, that's unfortunate," I say.

    Aoi swims towards us and crawls up on Roxanne, she curls on her neck and licks Roxanne's cheek repeatedly.

    "Thank you," Roxanne says with a chuckle.

    "What about on your father's side?" Ciel asks.

    "He's an orphan, marrying Mom was the best thing that happened in his life," she answers and sighs again. "And that's what made grandmother mad, he was just an average but pretty-looking mage. She even called Dad a coward when he left the town guard."

    "So you inherited his magical powers?" I ask.

    "And part of his face, the rest of my beauty is all Mom's," she says with a hint of pride.

    After a pause I look at Lina, "What about you?" I ask.

    "I saw my great-grandparents a few times, since we live on the same place for a long time the spirits feel comfortable lingering for long," she answers.

    "Did you ever ask how things were? How things changed since their time?"

    "I didn't have to ask, they keep saying how things are 'just how we remember'," she says imitating an elderly voice with a shy smile.

    This is more evidence to me that the world was "stagnated", perhaps I was sent here to push things forward somehow?

    "So, let's try [Fly]?" I ask Aoi.


    "Calm down, little one," Hana says and pinches the nape of Aoi's neck, "what I said about anger works for any other emotion."


    I put my points in [Wind Magic] and cast [Fly]. Suddenly my body feels like I'm in zero gravity, a bubble that distorts my vision lightly forms around me, then I crash on the ceiling with a thought.


    I dispell [Fly] and cast [Telekinesis] on myself so I fall slowly to the ground. Alissa catches me and we both run our hands through my head where I hit the ceiling.

    "These spells are getting dangerous," Ciel says.

    "Well, they are normally cast by mages experienced with the magic schools, so these things normally don't happen," Roxanne says with a wide grin.

    "Cheating as always."

    Aoi comes to me and licks my hand, feeling meek.

    "Not your fault," I say and pat her head.

    This time I put on my padded helmet and meditate before trying again. I cast the spell and feel my mana dropping continuously.

    I open my eyes and see I'm floating a few centimeters away from the ground.

    "Can you try to push air towards me?" I ask. The girls wave their hands and cloths towards me, making a weird scene like I'm an ascended master being tended by my women. Not far from the truth, though.

    Hana summons her wings and flaps them at me, throwing a strong gust of wind in my direction. I don't feel the wind but I start to slide backwards, just the power of the gust is enough to push me away.

    "Interesting..." I mutter.

    "Seems it's not a good idea to use [Fly] during storms," Ciel says.

    I wish to move forward towards Alissa and I quickly slide past her. I can't control where I want to go, just the direction and speed. The sensitivity is also very high, this spell is made to move forward and fast, carefully moving on our living room is not how this spell is supposed to be used, maybe if I find a way to alter it's "power settings"...

    Today is the 2nd.

    Roxanne and Hana wake me up together, they eventually forget about me and start making out on their own.

    I go down and make breakfast with Alissa, Aoi and Gify patiently wait in the table for the food while we flirt. Ciel and Lina are taking their time coming down, when they appear, Roxanne and Ciel both have the same distracted-but-happy look while Hana and Lina look very satisfied.

    "I'm feeling jealous again," I whisper to Alissa.

    "Then use me all you want," she answers and kisses my cheek.

    I hug her from behind and her fluffy tail tickles me as it sways rapidly.

    "Say, Wolfy, have you ever ridden a horse?" Hana asks.

    "Nope," I answer immediately.

    "Thank the Gods you are cheater then, you won't learn how to ride one without the system's help," Ciel says.

    "Do I really have to? Can't I just ride an elemental or something?" I ask.

    Hana strokes her scales on her cheek in thought and says, "I don't think it's a good idea, a man's image is closely tied to how well he can ride a horse and yours is in need of improvement."

    "And why do I need to improve it?" My feelings just slightly hurt.

    "Well... while our next employer was impressed with our accomplishments and my body, mostly my body," -she smiles wide- "he still wanted to confirm how strong you were and I bet the first meeting is not going to go that well."

    "Well shit. I will ride a horse then, but can't I make a menacing earth elemental horse to keep people off my back?"

    "Maybe," she shrugs, "but riding a proper big horse would have a guaranteed effect."

    "What was that about your body?" Ciel asks, narrowing her eyes.

    "The poor boy almost proposed to me, I wished he had, I would love to reject him," Hana says with a sadistic smile.

    Ciel massages the bridge of her nose and regrets asking.

    While the girls go do their things I spend my entire morning naked with Alissa. I give her points in [Massage] and we take turns pleasing each other, it compounds with [Hand Technique] so you could say her delicate fingers massaged the cum out of my balls repeatedly.

    "Ahn... Wolfyy~..." She moans my name as I use two fingers to stretch her labia. I grip her pussy and rub my fingers slowly and with a lot of friction, she shudders at the stimulation.

    Her other cock-sleeve is as tight and warm as ever, she purposefully clenches her anus to increase the friction and I feel like I don't want to take my dick out of her again. I hug her from behind and shove it as deep as I can and cum.

    Without going limp I switch holes and she instantly creams my shaft, she decides to quickly take it out of her so she can taste herself.

    "I'm delicious, now I know why you love to shove your tongue deep inside me," she says and gives me a kiss.

    I grab her thin waist with defined abs and sink my fingers on them, leaving my mark. I feel the need to pierce her and not pull out, I want to share something deeper with her, to give her even more pleasure.

    I extend my soul over her to give her to put her in the mood, then I put on all the sex-relates skills that I can and start the symphony.

    "Wolfy? You alive?" Ciel asks.

    "Hmm... yes," I answer weakly.

    "Are you going to help with lunch?"

    "Sorry... can you girls take care of it without us? Every muscle hurts, I'm too tired..."

    "Saaame..." Alissa weakly says, moaning in pain.

    Ciel snorts once and leaves.

    "Oh Gods, Hana went to the guild to fight, I still have to appease that slut..." I say, dreading the pain in my member.

    "[Heal] my ears, please, you've bitten too hard."


    She scooches over me and starts licking my nipples.

    "That's quite pleasant," I say.

    Once my dick starts to recover she grabs it and breathes in deeply.

    "I'm getting addicted to this smell," she says and licks the remaining cum out of the tip.

    I would rather not think too much but they all do have a slightly different scent.

    I pull her waist over me and spread her lips, they look appetizing so I bury my tongue inside her again and then search for the clit to play with. I make her orgasm before she can do the same to me.

    As we come down to lunch I see Hana narrow her eyes at us. She comes over and sniffs us and frowns. "You fucked too much, didn't you?" She asks.

    "I require the help of everyone in containing Hana, we must all fuck her together or otherwise she might kill me," I immediately announce.

    She smiles and looks around [Intimidating] everyone. "Bring it on."

    I crawl out of the pile of limbs, Hana is passed out, finally defeated. Me and Roxanne are the only two survivors, used to being abused, we have more sexual stamina than everyone else. Aoi crawls over and invades my mouth, the following pleasure is too much and my consciousness is severed, leaving Roxanne as the only surviving member of Hana's Subjugation of 02/10/ 68,599.

    Dinner is an "Items"-ready meal because everyone is too tired to do anything. We drink a little and play cards after that, they have something similar to UNO here so we played that while tipsy (we gave some good stuff to Hana so she would get drunk too) and then fell asleep after getting naked, somehow, I don't remember.

    Today is the 3rd.

    I groan awake, like a zombie coming out of its slumber.

    "Feels good?" Alissa asks, [Massage]ing my member.

    "Yess..." I say and my conscience falls.

    When I wake up again with the smell of breakfast I see that my [Enhanced Semen Recharge] increased by 2 (now 9). My orgasms are getting close to being continuous, what kind of monster am I becoming?

    I drink lots of water to help with the slight headache and cast [Heal], [Purify Body], and [Refresh]. It helps but not completely, the priests knowledge about hangovers must be somewhat limited.

    As I wait my headache to pass I observe Lina, who's working on her enchanting. She has the dagger with [Double Strike] on the table, she occasionally uses the enchantment, swinging in the air in a methodical way. Then she turns to her tool carving station and moves the two needles around, once they are in position she feeds mana to both and a thin, glowing line, comes out of the tip and enters the crystal held in the middle of the station.

    The two lines hit each other and a small ball of light is created, colors dance in this ball and I feel a very faint amount of mana coming out of it.

    "I assume the higher quality carving stations don't leak mana?" I ask Lina.

    "Yes and no. A good enchanter doesn't let the mana leak during carving, but a bad carving station makes that impossible to achieve," she answers without looking back.

    I spend my morning leisurely training my [Soul Manipulation], I'm a little hesitant to work hard since we are going on a long work trip soon.

    We finish lunch and the girls go out shopping for some clothes while me, Alissa, and Hana stay.

    "How's escorting like?" I ask Hana, I shiver once her strong hands start massaging my brain.

    "Boring, annoying, draining," she answers in a monotone.

    "You don't sound too happy about your past," Alissa says, her fox mouth faintly moves as she speaks.

    Her cute paws crawl up my chest, she nuzzles her snout on my throat and closes her eyes, her tail sways slowly.

    "I may be exaggerating a little but once you taste the good stuff you don't want to go back to eating slop," Hana says with a little bitterness on her voice.

    "I understand it's boring but why was it annoying and draining?" I ask. I pat Alissa's heavenly fur and sigh internally at the reaction it has on the middle of my legs. Now I have been corrupted.

    "I was single and a virgin all this time, which meant I was a pile of anger and hornyness. We take our time before finding someone so we can direct all our anger towards fighting, 20-years old me would eat current me alive due to the tenacity I had back then. But that doesn't mean that time was pleasant."

    "At what age do dragonkins normally marry?"

    "20 if you are weak, 30 if you are strong. I was certain father would wait until I was 30 to find me a husband."

    "Sounds frustrating," Alissa says and whimpers like a fox.

    Hana's hand drift down my pants, she pulls out my member and apply [Massage] on it. "It was," she says in a low, sultry voice. "You have no idea how much I love you, Wolfy."

    I grunt in pain as my sensitive member protests being awoken.

    "I think I do."

    "Oh, no, you, don't," she says in a low growl that gives me shivers and sends a jolt of alertness to my member.

    "Why didn't you ever go against your father and lose your virginity?" Alissa asks.

    "Never had the courage, Dad did so much for us I thought I would betray him if I did."

    "Aren't you in charge of your own body? Shouldn't you be able to choose who you have sex with?" I ask. Alissa sniffs the air and her fox face smiles.

    "I am, but I am also not. I want a cushy life, Wolfy, I want to retire one day and have servants do my bidding. If being a virgin would increase my chances of finding a husband, even if the husband was one of the purity fetishists, then I would take that chance."

    I stay quiet and kiss her hand, I notice that her scales wave slightly when she expresses delight.

    I shoot high up into the sky and it falls on the floor, far from the carpet.

    "Nice, your balls are strong Wolfy, our children will be incredible," Hana says and licks the remains out of her hands.

    "I don't think it works that way, but I agree," I say.

    "When we will you give us children, Wolfy?" Alissa asks, her voice sweeter than normal.

    If I could, all the time. The impregnation fetish is growing on me.

    "When you pass 20 years old, you have to enjoy your youth more," I say.

    I see Alissa try to pout in her fox form but she quickly stops and goes back to laying on my chest.

    "So, when are you going to impregnate me?" Hana asks, grinning wide.

    "In a few years, we also have to enjoy our time together, don't we?" I say, a slight shiver runs through my spine when Hana's grip tightens for a moment.

    "Let's make a Gluton eat his words, Alissa."

    The girls come back gushing with happiness, Aoi and Gify are good luck charms when buying things. Ciel had a dangerous cleavage that she refused to acknowledge that it helped, I wasn't jealous of her showing herself but I think she should admit her own growing depravity.

    At night we practice more [Fly] with Aoi and the golems, we do it outside so I don't crash again into the ceiling. It's quite easy to go high, it's like my bubble is lighter than air so I feel I have to concentrate to keep on ground level.

    Today is the 4th.

    Ciel awakes me with her large funbags.

    "What's so fun about breasts?" She mutters a question as I harass her during breakfast.

    "Who knows? Who cares? They are fun to play with," I say with a shrug.

    "I need a better sash, my back is starting to hurt," she says and I stop fondling the front and immediately start massaging her back. "They are more of a bother, really."

    "You take that back!" Lina cries.

    My [Wind Magic] increased by 1 (now 0+2).

    There have been graduation ceremonies on the university these days but I didn't feel like attending. The beginner's one is quite simple and it's mostly for commoners and knights to show themselves and make connections with nobles.

    We pass by there in the morning so I get my documentation making official my graduation and Scholar titles.

    Then we go have another go at the restricted area, now that we know where to look we simply compile all the info that we can. Lina and Hana are interested in [Cursing Magic], the spells that reduce "Strength" and "Speed" would be very useful in melee.

    After lunch I go shopping with Alissa and Hana, now they need a few new pieces of clothing, including lingerie. Aoi seems to love the attention the people on the street give her so she walks beside us, she can grow up to nearly a large dog's size with some effort so she's becoming quite eye-catching.

    We pass by the hunter's guild one last time to check on bounties and other dangerous monsters.

    My eye gets attracted to a group of young adventurers, well young for my standards. They seem slightly older than me and look much more buff, tall, and manlier than me. Fucking genetics. Though they seem to be having some problem reading the bounties.

    "Now that I think about it, what does the system look like for people who don't know how to read?" I ask.

    "The same for everybody. The system automatically uses the language you are most proficient in, so for people who grow listening to Andraste it will open the first time in Andraste."

    "Wait... my system is in English, this language is from Earth and doesn't exist in this world or in the system," I say.

    The girls stops and look at me, even Aoi and Gify look at me weird as if I'm an alien.


    "Yeah, seriously. Can you change the system language?"

    Gify pops out of existence.

    "You can wish for it, like when you wish to cut the sense sharing with the summons," Alissa says.

    Ok, system, I want you to be in Andraste.


    Nothing happens.

    "Nothing happened."

    Gify pops back in existence.

    "That's, uh, weird," Alissa says, looking blankly.

    "Gehging gings gis gih girg."

    "Not even Gecynd has any idea?" I ask.

    Gify shakes his cute head comically.

    "Well his soul was said the be warped, right? Maybe his system is... broken?" Hana asks, slightly concerned.

    I feel a shiver, I sure as fuck hope I'm not broken. What would that mean for my children?

    We go back home and ask Ciel what she thinks.

    "The system is a gift from the Gods, this makes no sense, how could it be 'broken'?" She questions.

    "Gecynd said his soul is warped already," Hana says and Gify nods.

    "Warped is different from broken, he has some oddities on it but to think it's fundamentally broken..." She sighs and reclines back on the sofa, her twin hills look like tall peaks with how her chest is protruding upwards.

    "Children inherit skills, right? Could this cause problems for our children?" I ask, very concerned now.

    All heads snap to me, Gify pops out of existence.

    "It shouldn't..." Ciel says, lowly.

    Alissa grabs my hand and looks me in the eyes, her orange jewels burn with resolution, "It won't, we can do a lot of things, there's always [Alteration Magic]," Alissa says.

    Gify pops back into existence, "Gih."

    "I agree, the children might inherit a ridiculous amount of skills but to think their souls would be warped is too much," Ciel says, nodding repeatedly. "From what we know, souls are created by the Gods and sent to the womb, the semen and the egg hold some information, like skills and genetics, but Gifts aren't known to be hereditary."

    "That's very reassuring," I say and exhale.

    Hot damn, that was stressing.

    We go to sleep early for tomorrow we leave and we have to wake up before sunrise.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord SenilePenile.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Noble Salty Panda.
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    Today is the 5th.

    The traditional waking is left for later as we wake up in a small hurry. The paintings, the plants, the decorations, the furniture, the drapes, the cutlery, the ceramics, the clothes and finally our "picture" at the Tree of Mana, all of that is taken into my "Items".

    The house looks empty, cold, and gloomy. The place we all met and lived for a few months, my first real "home" ever since I changed. The tea time at the balcony, the calming training sessions in the living room with the fireplace on, the physical training outside in the backyard, the meals we shared at the wide table, the sexy times in the bath, the comfort of the bed, it is time to abandon it all and hit the road.

    In front of the fireplace we make another "picture" with the gnomic magic tool, a closer one of our face and with the fireplace in the background.

    "Well..." I start to think of a speech but the words get stuck on my throat.

    "We will have another home one day," Alissa says and drops her head on my shoulder.

    We spend a few minutes in calm silence until the landlord comes for the inspection. The old man and his son look at us weirdly for a moment but quickly move on and inspect the house.

    "All done, no damage. You are one of the best tenants we ever had," the old landlord says.

    I give him he key and we take one last look to the house before moving on.

    The air is full of mist and still dark, the people are just starting to stir from their homes.

    We quickly pass by the Quizzical Emporium just as it opens. It's a place full of ridiculous objects that are being used as flying vehicles. Brooms, plates, chairs, beds, staves, carpets, cloaks, drapes, wagons, saddles, wooden carved horses, wooden carved humanoids, shoes, boots, high heels, golden shoes, shields, scabbards, a wooden dildo, even a sword itself, but the most popular are bathtubs, for some reason.

    A thin and long man with hair styled and colored like a peacock comes out of the entrance carrying a rocking horse. He slid on the ground as if he were wearing roller skates, his golden high heels shines when the light hits the jewel embedded on them just at the right angle.

    He stops near us and lets the rocking horse on an empty spot, then he turns to us and strikes a pose, one hand on the hips and another up in the air. "Welco~ome to the Quizzical Emporium! We have a wide variety of magical vehicles but don't fret, we also have all kinds of other enchanted items or useful magic tools!" He says in a slightly high pitched voice.

    "Y-yes, uh, we want a reinforced shell for our flying dinghy," I say and pull it out.

    "Hm, yes, just replacing the shell or do you want another [Fly] tool too?" He asks.

    "Replacing only."

    He nods and motions to us to come but I prefer to let Lina take charge, she knows more about the structure of a dinghy than I do.

    Inside the store there's more enchanted items, I see all kinds of cooking equipment, power tools, house utilities, and cleaning tools. I feel like buying the auto-fryer and the pressure cooker but they are not necessary for now so I'll leave it for later. On an only slightly conspicuous corner are plenty of sex toys.

    Ciel looks around warily but Hana and Alissa look with interest. Roxanne simply turns around and leaves, a little pale, she knows who will suffer if these toys are used.

    Lina comes back and calls for us, she found a rather sleek looking boat with a metal frame and a windshield. The husk is actually cheap, only 20 gold coins to trade for the old husk. If we wanted the magic tool too it would cost much more than a single rose coin. Our dinghy's magic tool is not the best but it's serviceable, though not the most mana-efficient but we aren't going to start racing with our flying boat anyway.

    "Thank you for your purcha~ase!" The vendor adds tremolo to his voice.

    We wasted enough time, now with a much safer and wider boat we fly to the west gate.

    The sun rises and the mist slowly disperses. Multiple caravans stir and start the preparations to leave town. Customs officers do final checks on wagons and quickly review space mages [Item Box]'s contents. You can make a pre-check the day before to make things faster.

    Rather close to the exit Hana finds our caravan, a significantly smaller one in comparison to the others.

    A small bundle of brown fur comes out of a wagon and immediately dashes towards us. She tackles Hana square in the gut but she takes it without a flinch. I can finally see who exactly she is. A long and furry tail that seems as long as her body, round cute furry ears peeking from under brown hair on a bob cut just like Alissa's, toned, long and very lean arms and legs, a toned midriff showing from below the short shirt, small patches of fur all over her body and cute round face. A weremonkey, brown monkey, I don't know the proper name for her type. All her skin and fur is a cute chocolate brown, even her wide eyes are brown.

    "Hello again, Klein," Hana says in a warm tone.

    "Hanaa! We are finally back together!" Klein hugs Hana's waist and rubs her head on her belly.

    "Yes, yes. Now, introductions, show your courtesy to my master."

    "Oh, right!" Klein releases Hana and stands straight, giving me a military salute. She's just slightly smaller than me. "Klein, wereape archer, reporting for duty!"

    "Uh, Wolf Ryder, leader of Helios," I say and extend a hand for her to shake.

    She stares at my hand, still in salute, and tilts her head. Then she smiles, stops the salute and shakes my hand repeatedly. "Heard a lot about you, both from Hana and the hunters guild files." Then she releases my hand and looks at Alissa. "And you too, Miss Alissa of the Blinding Arrows, I think it will be hard to compete with you." She bites her tongue in a mischievous smile.

    Alissa answers with a smile of her own, "I've been trained ever since I was a child, plenty of people would easily be able to compete with me if they had the same training."

    "Modest, hm-hm?"

    We continue the introductions, though the other three girls look at her a bit suspiciously.

    "Oh! Your choker is so cute, I love it!" Klein exclaims as she greets Lina.

    "T-thank you," Lina says, flustered.

    After this Ciel and Lina softened a bit.

    "C-can I pet you!?" Klein asks Gify with eyes open wide like a maniac.


    I grab GIfy and she smothers him on her modest chest. He rubs his head on her and I see a flicker of a smug smile get sent towards me.

    I have 6 women for me, I'm not jealous, you cheeky little shit.

    As Klein fawns over Gify I see movement from the caravan, a duo comes towards us. A tall, muscular, and slightly tanned silver elf man and very curvy brown-skinned silver elf woman.

    The man has a rather soft and youthful face, on par for the elves, his lips and nose are thin, and his face has long dimples formed by his wide smile, his glacial blue eyes stare not at me. He walks forward with confidence and arms that don't fully touch his sides due to his wide muscles. He wears tight pants and a sleeveless shirt that exposes his arms and sticks to his pecs.
    Soul Info
    Name:Rande ParadoRace:Silver ElfLevel:30
    Name:132Magic Power:20

    Stats of a spell warrior.

    The woman looks to be on the beginning of her forties, not much older than the man, but since she's an elf and level 44, I think she's much older. Her lips and nose are also thin but her mouth is much smaller and pouty, the pupil of her eyes are red, their shape is slightly droopy like Lina's, her face is very angular, she walks with a sway on her wide hips and a visible jiggle on her large breasts. She wears traditional elven clothing, basically a bikini with multiple pieces of cloth dangling, her midriff, thighs, calves, arms, and cleavage are uncovered by the thin clothing.

    If I could search "dark elf milf" on google I bet I would find her.
    Soul Info
    Name:Osaria ParadoRace:Silver ElfLevel:44
    Name:810Magic Power:190

    Stats of a mage, though her level is quite high, must be from when she was a noble.

    The man suddenly shifts his eyes to me and his smile hardens. "Mr. Ryder, I suppose?" He asks, his voice is youthful but low pitched.

    "Correct," I answer with a small nod.

    A sultry voice softly whispers in my ears, "Pleasure to meet you, I am Osaria," says the dark elven woman.

    Ugh, another one with high "Charisma".

    She extends her hand towards me, her long fingers have beautiful ornate nails, the first I have seen in this world. I grab her hand and give it a slow and soft kiss, the elven standard.

    "This is my son Rande, Este company's owner," she adds.

    They didn't mention their last name, they must have really became fallen nobles then.

    We continue the greetings and Hana also grabs her hand to kiss. Rande grabs Hana's for a kiss and he lingers more than me. Osaria grabs Roxanne's hand for a kiss and makes her fluster. The others merely touch the forehead with the hand.

    Lina's Trivia: Elves still hold on some older traditions, kissing someone's hand has some connotations on admiration or romantic interest, depending on the context. Mine and Hana's was merely respect, Rande's was romantic, Roxanne's was ambiguous.

    "You are what I expected but it's still very hard to believe your file," Rande says and his thin silver eyebrows knit. His youthful face distorts into worry and a hint of anger.

    "You want me to prove it? What would you prefer? Magic? Summoning Duel? Sword sparring?" I ask with a wide grin. I'm getting tired of people acting like this even though they have seen my file in the hunters guild.

    He looks back at the line of caravans, there's still people in the way, the animals are getting fed and the warriors are putting on their armor. We have some time.

    "Sure, what about a spar with me," he turns back and grins maliciously.

    Intimidation failed.

    "I am a magic swordsman, remember that I don't spar without magic."

    "Fine, I will use my enchanted sword then, let's make it a duel."

    I look back and see Ciel roll her eyes, the others have more encouraging expressions with a variety of intensity, Lina and Alissa show a hint of anger too. Klein looks calm and interested in the duel, Gify shows no interest.

    "Squash, him," Aoi says and I rub below her chin.

    I glance at Osaria and she seems amused, her lips curved in a faint smile.

    We move to an alley where nobody is moving through. With a *poof* his mother pulls out a gambeson and some chainmail that he quickly puts on.

    He draws his longsword, there's a gem in the pommel and silver engravings along the blade. I draw my fang sword.

    "Not going to use armor?" Rande asks.

    "Don't need," I say flatly.

    "Suit yourself," he shrugs.

    "Rules!" Ciel yells and stand by the side. "I'll say when it ends and you will obey me or I will smack you until you are unconscious, this goes for both of you, understand!?"

    "Yes, Miss," Rande says with a confident smile.

    "Yes, my love," I smirk and his expression twitches.

    Ciel sighs deeply. "Ready? Fight!"

    His sword catches fire and I fake chant a shortened [Gravity Crush]. He swings the sword and a blade of flaming oil oozes out of the silver engravings, it flies in a crescent towards me. It's much smaller than the Lord's own flaming oil sword, Rande's is not an artifact.

    I sidestep the first blade and the oil splashes on the ground near me, the oil burns for long seconds. Well I guess that parrying him is useless.

    He launches two more horizontal ones in different angles. I contort myself and [Dodge], maybe I should add [Acrobatics] to my style too.

    He huffs and dashes forward, throwing more blades of flaming oil. I step back and finish my spell, he immediately stops in the spot and nearly tumbles. His movements slow as I increase the pressure, veins start to appear in his face and he grunts in effort.

    CrushcrushCRUSH! CRUSH!

    I dash forward.

    I dodge another blade with some difficulty and reach him. He grunts harder in effort as he finds the strength to slash with his sword towards my chest. I flicker a [Rush] and twist my body to dodge, pain flares in my head as I dual-cast.

    I feel the heat of the oil pass near my face painfully close. He tries to raise his sword but fails, I flash mine towards his neck.

    "STOP!" Ciel yells and rushes forward. My sword is a centimeter inside his neck, blood drips profusely.

    I end my spell and he falls on his knees, coughing blood.

    Ciel fakes a [Heal] chant and touches his neck, then she casts two more on his chest and his mother gives him an HP potion.

    He chuckles and rises, "Damn boy, what's your 'Magic Power'?"

    "High," I say and store back my sword in my "Items".

    "Suffered enough?" Osaria asks her son with a slight amusement in her sultry voice.

    "Yes, mother," Rande pushes away both and removes his armor. He looks at his bloody shirt and gambeson and sighs.

    "Give it to Oura, she's slacked enough," Osaria says and they start walking back to the caravan. She turns to us, "Mr. Ryder, come with us, we will deliver you your horses. I know you have a town pass so you can wait outside."

    "Actually we are waiting on some acquaintances so we will leave town right behind you," Ciel says.

    "Suit yourself."

    We return to wait near the caravan and Klein seems very happy, her tail is high up and the point keeps twitching.

    "Wow, Mr. Ryder, that was amazing, you crushed him in an instant!"

    "Most magic and spell warrior duels are like that," Hana says.

    Lina's Trivia: magic swordsman/warrior is someone who fights with magic, like me; spell swordsman/warrior is someone who fights with offensive enchantments, like Rande.

    "Still, he couldn't even move due to the pressure you put on him! And was that a double-cast!?"

    "Say, Klein, did you see Rande duel with others often?" Ciel asks, distracting the monkey-girl.

    "Oh, hardly, he likes to show off but only if someone interesting comes he challenges them. Oura is very grumpy and tired of healing people due to his duels so he has been trying to contain himself but I guess Mr. Ryder's fame got him interested. He's got a bit of fame at Goldcross so people just surrender once they see his flaming sword, it's quite nasty and painful to duel him."

    The girls spend a good 10 minutes talking to Klein. Roxanne is the "I don't care" type of airhead, Klein is the ditzy type of airhead. Lina shuffles to my side and I sling a hand over her shoulder, she's not that comfortable with extroverts and neither am I.

    I nearly jump out of my skin when suddenly Silvane and Nononya appear out of a corner.

    "Ryder, Alissa, Lina, I came to see you one last time," Silvane says with a beautiful bright smile.

    "H-hello, Silvane," I say and bow respectfully.

    "Please, no need to bow."

    "Hello, Wolf," Nonoia says with a shy smile.

    "Hello, Nono, glad you came," I say and we shake hands, hers is so delicate it's just like Lina's.

    We say our greetings and Silvane gives Alissa a tight hug.

    "It's a shame that Rabanara would lose your fellowship but I hope for your success in the future," Silvane says with soft voice.

    "Thank you Silvane, I appreciate your concern and I consider you a friend. We will definitely miss you," Alissa says, her voice is calm but her tail sways rapidly.

    Silvane turns to me and Lina, "I wish to see the name of both of you in the cover of a book in the future, don't disappoint me." And she giggles twice.

    "Y-yes, we won't!" Lina exclaims and lowers her head, blushing.

    I pull out a stack of notes out of my "Items".

    "Here's all my notes related to Summoning." I offer them to Nononya.

    She opens her eyes wide and take them slowly.

    "W-w-wolf! T-thank you!" She wraps her hands on my neck and gives me a tight hug. Her hair touches the side of my head, she's just as fluffy as I thought and her perfume is very sweet. I feel the squash of her perky breasts and bad premonition coming from behind me.

    Nono releases me after a few seconds and I try not to look behind. She gushes with happiness and starts to flip through them quickly. She stops in a page and starts reading intently. "[Monster Summoning]?" She raises her eyes to me in complete disbelief.

    I hold a finger over my mouth, asking for silence and Nono nods repeatedly. She starts to flicker through the pages again until she finds another even more interesting, [Bind]. Though I didn't develop chants for those two the notes will still be useful in helping her increase her [Summoning Magic] level.

    A minute after Bitar, Arantos, a plump woman, and a few other priestess appear.

    "Bitar!" Ciel exclaims with happiness. She walks over to him and stops awkwardly, Bitar's face is rather somber.

    He looks up at her and smiles painfully, "I… I couldn't let you leave like this. I'm sorry for what I said," he says in a weak voice.

    She matches his smile and grabs his shoulder, "I understand, I know what you feel and what you think, but I have made my choice, I have someone I love and I have my path to take. Live or die, I am sure now that I have made the choice that I wanted, not necessarily the one who will let me live the longest but the one who will let me live the happiest."

    Damn, those words pull on my heart strings. I won't disappoint you, Ciel, we will live long!

    He throws his arm over her and pulls her on a tight hug. This time he doesn't seem to be trying to push her breasts to him, only her head.

    She takes the hug for a few seconds but pushes him away, still not comfortable getting close to him.

    The other priestesses and the plump woman give Ciel a short hug and a few words. Arantos gives her a quick hug and a kiss in the forehead.

    As Bitar approaches me I see Lyle and Nour appear at the same time.

    Bitar stops in front of me, his eyes tired and his expressive eyebrows lifeless. "Well, Ryder, I only have one thing to ask, keep her safe."

    I extend my hand to him, "I will."

    He takes it and after a limp shake he gains some confidence and gives me a proper one. He nods and we release, then he turns and sighs deeply, seemingly in relief.

    Arantos comes next along with his wife. She has short blonde hair, the pixie cut, her face seems to be stuck on a smile, which fills her round face with little curves and dimples.

    "Wolf Ryder, I relinquish my responsibility over Ciel, she's all yours," his soft voice rings in my ears and we shake hands.

    "I will take it with pride."

    "Anyway this is my wife, Alana," he points to the bubbly woman.

    "Keep her happy and well fed," she says with a giggle. Arantos shrugs with a wry smile.

    I merely nod and they go back to Ciel.

    Nour and Lyle seem to recognize the target destination of each other and slow down. Toroo comes out from behind them and approaches first.

    "Have a safe journey, Wolf, make sure to come back," she says and gives me a quick hug. "Gimbo sends his farewell to Lina, he's quite tired and couldn't make it."

    "I understand," Lina says with a happy nod.

    I notice the very small bump on Toroo's belly.

    Lyle comes after. "I'm sure you will be fine," he smiles mischievously, "You got more card on your sleeves than there is on the deck."

    I smile back and he moves on to give a tight handshake to Lina. She smiles adorably and this time I don't feel so much jealousy, progress.

    "Hope you write a book one day, you have the right mindset for a historian," He says to Lina.

    "Thank you, I hope people would enjoy reading something written by a slave," she answers meekly.

    "I think you won't be a slave for that much longer, so you don't need to concern yourself with this," he smiles warmly at her and she nods shyly.

    Garanae gives me an awkward goodbye.

    "You are… a good person, Wolf," he says.

    "And so are you, I'm sure you are taking good care of Hatara." He chuckles once and nods.

    Then it gets even more awkward when he goes to Alissa. Hatara pinches his bum and he gets completely flustered, we have another sadist in the making here.

    "Thanks for your help, Alissa, I will never forget it," Hatara says with cheeky grin.

    "Don't mention it," Alissa answers and they share a hug.

    Nour recognizes Silvane and takes some time before finally coming to greet us.

    "Quite the crowd you have here, Wolf," he says mid-handshake.

    "I guess I made a variety of friends, a rather mixed variety of friends," I say with a wry smile.

    "Keep yourself safe, Mr. 'Good Luck', you have a thing for danger."

    "Keep your wits about you, you also don't have the best of luck, eh?"

    He chuckles and moves on.

    Midori fawns one last time over Aoi, her confident demeanor crumbles when she thinks she won't be able to see Aoi so soon again.

    Safiya and Lina share a few quiet words and a giggle, then she gives a respectful and confident handshake to Roxanne.

    Iana is just as bubbly as ever and greets us all happily. Bellatrix is still acting as the androgynous butler and give a strong handshake to Alissa, Hana, and Lina.

    Selina comes running, flanked by Thomas.

    "Hah, good! We made it in time!" She laughs and catches her breath.

    She gives me a hug, then Alissa, then Roxanne, then Hana, then Ciel, then Lina, and a pat in the head of Aoi and Gify.

    "Make me that journal, Alissa," Selina demands. "I already know you will all be fine so I want to hear all about the goodies," then she turns to Hana and Roxanne, "specially you two. Bring me a piece of the biggest thing you kill, if anything remains, though. The way your spells are going you are just going to make things turn to dust one day."

    "Ohohohoh!" Roxanne laughs evilly, "Now that's a good idea for a spell, one that even Wolfy won't feel sick when I use it. Poof, just make things disappear."

    Thomas gives me a firm handshake.

    "Take care, your fellowship is strong, you should live long," he says with a confident smile and I nod back.

    Lyle and Nour turn to talk to one another, seems like they are making a connection through me.

    I look at the caravan and they are crossing customs, finally.

    Silvane and Arantos come to my side.

    "You have some good friends, Wolf," Arantos says, "Your roots here will last for quite some time but Rabanara will always be a home for you. I will wait your return."

    Silvane winks at me and says, "Indeed, Mr. Ryder, your connections are quite broad," she glances at Arantos and he gives her an odd neutral look. "There will always be someone willing to help."

    "Thank you," I lower my head to them, "but now we must leave, the caravan is departing."

    I call over the girls and some last goodbyes are said.

    Feels bittersweet, now I don't want to leave anymore. I give a slap to my face and move on.

    We show our ID's to the guards and cross the moat, one last look, one last wave, and we depart.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord SenilePenile.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Noble Salty Panda.
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    Klein comes running and catches up to us, she didn't have a town pass too so she wasted a few seconds with customs.

    The caravan is just outside, a few wagons with "horses" pulling them and a crowd of people following.

    As far as I know, horses aren't supposed to look so… muscular and threatening. I can see blood dripping out of the mouth of a horse as he chews on something. Another horse neighs and I see sharp teeth below his lips. They stare at anyone who gets too close with hungry eyes and huff in annoyance.

    The fuck are they feeding these monsters?

    A short silver elf boy with long hair comes towards us with 7 horses behind him on leashes. His face is very feminine and if it weren't for the sleeveless loose shirt I think I would mistake him for a cute girl like Silvane.

    "Here's the horses for the Helios fellowship," he says as he approaches us, his voice is high pitched and crystal clear. "My name is Nito and I take care of the horses." He bows lightly to us.

    We introduce ourselves and he distributes the leashes, Lina's the smallest while mine is the largest. I look at Nito but his face is solid like stone.

    I sigh internally and put on 10 points into [Riding], masking it as we pull out our armor and put it on except the helmets.

    "So, be careful with the horses, please, consider them as rentals so you will pay for any wounds on them," Nito starts once he deems us ready to mount. "They like to eat goblins and orcs but please don't put them in battle, only let them eat the bodies not live ones. Keep your dragon with you, they might mistake it for a Dragolite and try to eat it too."

    From Hana's shoulder Aoi puffs smoke in the air and the horses huff in response. "They, won't, try," she says with a glare towards the horses.

    Through [Animal Tongue] I see that they are quite nervous about Aoi.

    Nito turns to the horses and speaks in Dioma, the high elven language. I feel he's using [Animal Tongue] too and trying to calm the horses, he's saying Aoi is friend, not food.

    The horses calm down and Nito motions for Hana to approach, she obeys and the horses don't become more nervous to see Aoi approach.

    "Seems fine. Right, continuing, I will follow you with my own horse so in case you need to drop the horses to battle don't worry, they will obey me and not get scared at the sounds of battle. In case I'm not present once you dismount, the horse will try to return to me so don't go too deep or too far from the caravan so the horse doesn't get lost. Also don't stay too long inside the Sea of Trees, they don't like it in there."

    We nod in understanding and approach the horses to mount, the beasts remain still and barely respond. Once I approach, through [Animal Tongue], I feel amusement coming out of my horse, the other horses seem curious about me.

    I put the left foot on a stirrup, grab the mane and reins with the left hand, and with the right I grab the saddle's cantle. With all my leg strength, and with the help of [Telekinesis], I spring up and swing my right leg over the horse in one smooth movement, allowing me to sit perfectly on the saddle. I grab the reins properly and try to look for the right stirrup, with a little fiddling I find it and put my right foot on it. Perfect mounting, I'm very proud of myself.

    My horse's amusement increases and the others lose interest.

    Lina has the most difficulty and requires Hana to pull her up, her horse is small but it's still a little too big for her. Roxanne awkwardly mounts on hers but succeeds, Ciel does it slowly and gracefully, the other two are naturals and do it effortlessly. Klein mounts the same horse as Hana and I get suggestive situations in my head with the two of them together.

    "They look old but they are perfectly trained," Hana says while patting her horse tenderly, I feel it is quite content with its rider.

    "Well… they served nobles once," Nito says and scratches the back of his long ears uncomfortably.

    He looks at me while I try to handle my horse, making me sweat a little. I have very little idea how to do it, even with the skill. What the skill does give me is "intuition", so I follow it, without any idea of what is going to happen next.

    "Click for walk, squeeze for speed, smack the rump lightly for a canter, and add a 'yah!' for a gallop," Nito says.

    I pull the rein to the side and turn, I bump my heels on the horse's body and click my tongue, the horse obeys and starts to walk. My body sways along with the horse's, uncomfortable and a little nauseating.

    Alissa quickly comes to my side and says, "Doing good for a first time."

    Ciel comes on the other, "Doing good for a fake."

    I feel a little too tense to respond, this is a beast I'm riding. I feel small on top of the mean-looking monster, smaller than normal at least.

    The horse huffs and I got the feeling that I'm not in full control.


    What are you laughing at? I'm doing perfectly fine, Rande's attempt to embarrass me didn't work.


    No, that just makes me look more manly, a small man on top of a large beast is like a short man surrounded by many tall women. You get curious at which member of him is magical.

    We continue forward towards the caravan. The crowd following the wagons is being herded by men with spears and flimsy-looking armor. There are many families in there, few look like they are polygamists. There are a lot of children, though, this makes me quite uncomfortable.

    They look at us curiously, confused, or surprised. I think they know we are responsible for keeping the monsters away and our composition brings smirks to many men.

    We pass by the four wagons, inside is packed with things and a few people sitting in very comfortable-looking chairs. Those are the space mages, they get treated well because they are transporting the perishable goods.

    At the front are a few more guards and Rande. He's on a horse beside a carriage. On the window of the carriage I see Osaria, a tired-looking gold elf woman wearing mage's clothes, and a lean weredog archer. He looks like a husky, white face, black fur and hair, glacial blue eyes, and a perpetual frown.

    "Mr. Ryder," Rande says with a wide smile once he sees us. Osaria looks out of the window satisfied while the other barely look interested.

    "Rande," I greet back.

    "I see you are doing fine with your horse, a fine beast, is it not?"

    "It is a magnificent beast," I say and caress the side of the neck of my horse.

    It neighs happily.

    Rande raises an eyebrow, "I see, so you are using [Animal Tongue]?"

    "Indeed, I'm the one who tamed the nature spirit after all."


    Yeah, but he doesn't need to know that.

    He looks at Alissa, who's holding Gify and enters deep thought. He must have believed that Alissa did it, this is why he thought he could embarrass me by giving me the biggest horse.

    "Anyway," -Osaria starts, bringing attention to her- "these are Oura and Laertes," she points to the two on the carriage. "We are enough to keep the caravan safe from goblins and such if you need to move away to deal with something else."

    Oura is a baggy-eyed woman with long, slightly unkempt hair and a delicate, round face. Laertes is serious and rugged but young man with an oval face, his permanent frown makes him look older than he is. They give us a short greeting.

    Laertes leans over Oura and speaks out of the window of the carriage, "Klein, how long are you going to keep out there?"

    "Aaaall the time, I have a lot to catch up!" She answers with a satisfied smile.

    Laertes looks at Hana and then to me and his frown becomes slightly deeper. "Your job is with the caravan, not them, understood?" He asks sternly.

    "Yeees, daddy."

    He cringes and returns to his position, Oura already fell asleep.

    "He's not my actual daddy, but he acts like it," Klein says lowly.

    "Mr. Rande," Hana says and approaches him.

    "Just Rande, please," he says with a grin.

    "What are the combat capabilities of the other guards?"

    "Meat shields," he says flatly.

    I share a concerned look with Ciel.

    "Can we rely on them for something?"

    "We can rely on them as bait, they are only there to keep the commoners from doing something stupid, don't expect them to show much loyalty."

    "Talking about the commoners, you brought more commoners than we had agreed," Hana says and narrows her eyes at him threateningly.

    "Last minute changes and a few desperate poor commoners were in need of help. Shouldn't make things much more difficult for you," he calmly says.

    "It's not your name that gets dragged in the mud when people die," Hana hisses at him.

    He hardens his expression and swallows nervously.

    Hana moves past him and we follow.

    "You told me he would do that but it's still annoying, the more commoners following the more monsters that will come to us. If they remain until the High Forest then it will make things harder for us," she says.

    Klein smiles wryly, "That's his biggest fault, I guess, the easy money always charms him."

    "Does he even know you are a Blood Slave?" Ciel asks.

    "Don't think so, at least, I didn't show the mark to him," Hana answers.

    "Keep it that way," I say, me and Hana share a knowing smirk.

    "Wolfy, your horse is big enough, can I go with you?" Lina asks.

    "Getting spoiled, aren't you?" Ciel asks with smirk.

    "Yes," Lina answers and shyly lowers her head.

    "I'll miss giving you two a ride," Alissa says.

    "We can still scout ahead once in a while, just us three," I say.

    "I would highly prefer that you didn't do this often," Ciel says with a worried look.

    "I know, I know, just something to pass the inevitable boredom," Alissa says.

    "Have you ever ridden Alissa?" I ask Ciel.

    "Oh! If we are doing this then I want a ride too!" Roxanne exclaims.

    "Me too!" Klein lifts her hand high in the air.

    "Same," Hana says with fearsome smile that leave Alissa concerned.

    She looks Hana up and down then says, "You might be a bit too heavy for me, so I won't last long."

    "Sure, just like always."

    We smile at each other but Alissa pouts.

    I lean over to my horse and softly whisper on his ears, "Can you handle one more person?"

    It huffs in disinterest.

    I will take that as an "eh, sure".

    I stop my horse and Lina drops from hers, with help of [Telekinesis] I pull her up to my saddle. Her horse immediately turns back to Nito, who's following us from a distance. Lina leans over my chest and closes her eyes in satisfaction when I hug her tight.

    I summon two birds, a Holly, and a Shad and spread them out except the Shad.

    "Oooh, [Summoning Magic]?" Klein asks curiously, she takes the reins and pulls her horse beside mine. I nod to her. "How is it? Having more eyes and senses than normal?"

    "Straining and nauseating, specially if you have too many senses coming all at once," I answer.

    "How did you learn it?"

    "Secret," I smile wryly.

    She immediately pouts cutely.


    "Really, can't tell."

    "Muuh…" She groans like Aoi.

    "Curiosity got the monkey eaten," Hana says and Klein pouts harder.

    "Say, Klein, do you have any stories about Hana?" Roxanne asks with a smirk.

    Hana's face hardens and she keeps looking forward.

    "Girl, do I have." She smiles evilly, "There's plenty but I think it's hard to beat the time she pissed on a noble's mouth."

    She what?

    "Klein! You weren't even there when it happened!" Hana complains, her hands grip Klein's shoulders strongly.

    "But I heard all the details from Mimi," she grins evilly.

    "N-not that one, please, I was too stupid at that age," Hana pleads with a frown.

    "Too late, I want to hear that one," Roxanne says. Ciel comes beside Hana and nods repeatedly.

    "What about that time that you ate some 'shrooms and tongue kissed your Da?"

    Hana facepalms and speaks, "Oh Gods! I'm already regretting coming!"

    "Okay, now, what?" Ciel leans closer with a smirk.

    "It's exactly like that, she got some weird 'shrooms from Betoverd Bos and we shared them and boy, did I trip hard on that, I still remember it vividly how I could see sounds. But for Hana it was worse, she got all horny and masturbated, I think, I don't remember, Mimi told me what happened. But then she was so horny she kissed the first man she saw, which was her Dad."

    Now that is an awkward memory.

    Hana blushes and starts laughing. She shakes her head and then covers her face with her hands. "That was a tongue kiss! My first real kiss!"

    "Oof," the girls, including Aoi, all groan in sympathy.

    "Now that we are talking about it, who was the first kiss of everybody?" Klein asks with suggestive grin.

    They all start by staring at me and I suddenly awake from my blissful trance induced by their pretty voices.

    "I think I was 10, I don't remember the name of the girl anymore, she was the maid's daughter," I say.

    "Maid? So you do come from a wealthy family," Klein says.

    "Kinda," I smile wryly.

    Alissa frowns at me, and the others look disappointed.

    "Men," Ciel says lowly and they nod.

    "Oh come on, I was 10, I barely remember the name of anybody when I was that age," I protest.

    Ciel's tone turns colder, "It was your first kiss, possibly for both of you, you should at least memorize her name due to how important that is."

    "Thirty years," I say with a shrug.

    "What?" Klein asks.

    "Nothing, internal reference," I say.

    Ciel sighs, "Fine you get a pass, this time."

    We turn to Alissa.

    "Nen, Nenvieu, oh wait, no, it was Ofilia," she says and blushes.

    Oh wow.

    "The Blood Slave your family had? A woman?" I ask, impressed.

    "Yeah but it didn't count, it was for my slave training."

    "So it was Nen then?" Ciel asks.

    Alissa nods and blushes harder.

    "How did you do it? Was he your first love? Did you really ever think about another man before Wolfy?" Roxanne asks with a smirk.

    "Well…" Alissa's mouth moves silently a little, she's getting really flustered. "Ofilia told me to lose my virginity before I met my master so it wouldn't hurt so much…" Alissa finds difficult to continue talking.

    "Ohohoh, so you did love him?"

    "No! Not in that way, not in the way I love Wolfy…" She releases the reins and slaps her cheeks repeatedly.

    "Awn…" I grab her hand and squeeze, she giggles once.

    "But I got close to doing it with him…" She cringes and keeps her head down.

    "Oh my," Roxanne smiles. "How big was him?"

    "Not very…"

    The girls all giggle girlishly.

    "You all size queens, eh?" I ask.

    "Size queen?" Lina ask innocently.

    "I think over here we say size lady," Hana says.

    "I'm firmly on the 'it's what you do with it that counts side'. I had a big and smalls and the best I ever had was you with Hana on the side to help," Roxanne says casually. The others look uncomfortable but Klein looks very interested. I am morbidly curious about Roxanne's past sex-life. "Nothing is better than doing it with the ones you love, though."


    "Do the big ones hurt?" She asks.

    Roxanne smiles smugly at me and turns to Klein. "They do but it's a good way of hurt, though I don't think it's something you want all the time. One that fits perfectly is the best, not too big, not too small."

    "And where do I fit on that scale?" I ask.

    "On the almost too thick side, perfect in everything else."

    Lina nods shyly.

    I chuckle and smile. I had a talk like that with Lily once, I'm not insecure about my size, only height.

    "Did your first times hurt?" Klein asks.

    Hana nods and says, "I'm a masochist so for me it was good."

    "Hurt a little but Wolfy healed me so I was fine," Alissa says with a little embarrassment.

    "Same," Lina says shyly.

    "I didn't even feel it," Ciel says.

    "Mine was with the biggest dick I ever had so… A lot? But my experience is warped," Roxanne says with a shrug.

    "W-what about your first kiss, Roxanne?" Ciel asks, a little uncomfortable.

    "We have the tradition of kissing our parents on the lips so the first time that counts was my instructor. She was a bitch but by the Gods, she was hot," Roxanne says with a silly smile followed by a sad sigh.

    "Oh, so you like men and women?" Klein asks innocently.

    "Everyone here does," Hana answers.

    Klein chokes on her spit and looks around warily, she's the little virgin among wolves. Suddenly she turns to me and lifts an eyebrow. "Even you?"

    "Wait, not like that," -I chuckle- "I only like women."

    "Well watch out when you enter the High Forest, you are really cute and they like to hide boys among the girls," she says and snickers.

    Seeing how Nito is and how much gayness there is in elven history, I believe that wholeheartedly.

    "So you find my husband really cute?" Hana asks in a low sultry tone in Klein's monkey ear. She puts her hand over Klein's exposed brown mid-riff and hugs her tight. Klein remembers her position as sheep and shivers.

    "Not you too," Ciel says with an eye-roll.

    "It's not cheating until Wolfy says so," Hana answers matter-of-factly.

    They turn to me and I remain quiet with my expression frozen in slight content. Beneath that I have a raging hard-on while I'm heavily considering my options, everyone's position, and trying to ignore Alissa's intense smug stare.

    "A-ny-waays…" Ciel starts and looks at Lina, "you?"

    "Wolfy," she answers with a small amount of pride.

    "Awn… you are so precious," Klein says and gushes at Lina's cuteness.

    "That one is a filthy pervert, don't be deceived by her innocent appearance," Roxanne says and Ciel nods.

    Lina looks hurt and stare at both of them in disbelief.

    "You are my pervert and we are filthy together, don't forget that," I say.

    Lina sighs and hangs her head, "Fine, I'm a pervert too."

    "I may not be the most experienced person but I'm certain you all are very weird," Klein says, with a slightly amused smile.

    "You are godsdamn right," Hana says in a low growl.

    Put on some glasses and shave your head.

    "What about you?" Alissa asks Klein.

    "My brother," Hana says flatly.

    Klein smiles and giggles happily. "He's soo cute!"

    Hana scoffs and tickles Klein's rib from below her shirt, "He was 12 and you were 18, you stole his heart and then broke it. It's because of you that he got obsessed with being a knight."

    Oh my.

    Klein pouts and sounds slightly offended, "I didn't break it, he still has a chance."

    "Your father doesn't really like my family so I'm not sure how high that chance is."

    "Well, I'm not listening to Dad anymore so his chance is pretty high!"

    Hana cringes hard and looks at us, desperately asking for help.

    "Did you, uh, have a fight or something?" Ciel asks cautiously.

    "Not yet but we will have one when we reach Goldcross. I waited long enough, I want either a husband or to be able to choose one," she says with bitterness.

    "Why would your father wait so long?"

    Klein shrugs and throws her hands in the air, "I don't know! I think he just doesn't have the balls to do it, he's too soft on me and Mom. I would rather do what I want instead of waiting for a stupid opportunity to be someone's pet."

    Hana's frown deepens, she remains quiet to not provoke Klein further.

    "You should talk to him, don't go to Goldcross looking for a fight. You need to talk things calmly not blow off your anger on him," Ciel rides closer to them and puts a hand on Klein's shoulder. "Don't let something like this ruin your relationship with your family, I saw too many get disowned for being hasty on things like this."

    "Muuh," Klein puckers her lips and cutely and groans. "Okay," she says lowly.

    We stay quiet for a while and then Klein suddenly turns to Aoi. "What about you? You kissed a monster?"

    Oh boy.

    "Kwah!" Aoi shows her tongue in disgust, "I, kissed, Wolfy!"

    Klein's tail slows down until it's completely still, her pupils open wide and she slowly turns to stare at me.

    "You what!?"

    I smile wryly and keep quiet, it makes her reaction even funnier the longer time passes.

    "Aoi is a breeder type," Ciel says in a tired tone.

    "Wolfy is going to fuck a dragon one day," Hana starts.

    "And create a new race of intelligent, talking, friendly dragons," Roxanne continues.

    "Maybe we could even convert them to the side of the Humanoid Gods, he will literally be a father of a new race," Alissa says excitedly.

    "WHAT!?" Klein yells, getting the attention from the caravan behind.

    "Klein, please," Hana covers Klein's mouth with her hand.

    Alissa chuckles nostalgically and says with a happy sigh, "Dragon Fucker."

    "Please don't say it like that, I don't want that Title," I plead.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord SenilePenile.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Cody Weigel.
    Noble Salty Panda.
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    Klein takes some time to recover, Hana pats her head repeatedly until she's back to smiling freely. She gives me and Aoi one last weird look and chuckles.

    I rest my head on Lina's shoulder and give her the occasional kiss in her neck and behind her ear.

    The traffic is a bit heavy at the beginning, farmers, adventurers, patrols, transports, and a few fast caravans pass by us. Then things get calmer and we ride more attentive in case a monster comes.

    We can keep feeding the anti-monster crystals and most of the smaller ones will avoid us. The problem is that with this large number of people there's no amount of anti-scent that will keep all monsters away, little by little our scent seeps out and sooner or later a frenzied monster will appear.

    The older monsters can get resistance to the anti-monster crystals and attack concentrations of humanoids, mostly towns but since we are in the open their target becomes us.

    I summon an earth elemental and send it to the middle of the caravan. The commoners gawk openly at the nearly 3 meters tall mass of stone with long black hair and bangs.

    For the fire elemental I concentrate so it looks less lewd than usual.

    "Don't change the fire one, Wolfy," Hana asks.


    "Let them stare," she gives me a fearsome smile.

    "Not sure how I feel about that," I say and frown.

    "I like to look beautiful so others can look, but looking is all they are going to get."

    "You didn't really change much," Klein says.

    Hana shrugs and I sigh. When I think depravity has reached the peak we just find a new way to push further.

    I summon a fire elemental without changing it. The fire woman sensually runs her hand through her curves and squeezes her own breasts, then she sends me a kiss and goes back to stand beside the earth elemental. Mothers cover the eyes of their children as they gawk at the shapely ass and breasts of my fire elemental.

    "Are they all like that?" Klein asks with an eyebrow raised at the fire elemental.

    "So far the fire one has the strongest personality," I answer.

    Through Holly I see an Orc Striker is moving towards our direction from the Sea of Trees.

    "Alissa, change into fox form, me and Lina will ride you to meet an Orc Striker," I say. Alissa looks puzzled but obeys. I go back to Nito and we dismount in front of him. "We are just taking a quick dip in the Sea of Trees."

    "Sure," he answers.

    I see that Lina's horse was sent back for an old woman commoner and a child to ride on.

    Once inside the Sea of Trees I dismiss the birds I summoned and call two more Holly's. I can comfortably call up to 8 summons now that my mana has increased but I won't summon two more just so I can have more flexibility.

    A minute later we find our mark. A tall, lean, and bald green orc is jogging through the trees, he's coming directly towards the caravan. His pig snout is quite small for an orc and he has tusks coming out of his lower jaw, he has a long spear in hand but nothing more. Seeing naked monsters is something I will never get used to.

    The orc suddenly stops and smells the air, the forest turns eerily quiet. Alissa fires an arrow and the sound of the bow was enough to alert him, the arrow hits his cheek and goes down his throat.

    The orc chokes on the arrow and pulls it out, "GROOA-…!" The orc roars at us but cuts it short when he sees Alissa drawing another arrow.

    At the long distance we are the orc dodges the second arrow easily, then he charges towards us with impressive speed.

    His spear couched like a lance, he comes towards us with loud stomps. He's crouched forward as he rushes, his free hand is used to to help his charge.

    He stares at Alissa dead in the eye, she fires an arrow and he throws his head to the side, dodging the arrow with incredible speed. The arrow then sinks in his right shoulder quite deeply, with a face distorted in pain he maintains his spear couched.

    "Now!" I order to Lina and we both fire an [Earth Bullet] at the same time towards his shoulders.

    He dodges one instinctively but because he's moved to the side the other hits him square in the chest. The air leaves his lungs and he slows down. Alissa fires another arrow that lodges itself in the roof of his mouth.

    "Grrah…" The orc gurgles and I cast a [Lightning Bolt]. He freezes and the next arrow pierces his skull.

    We quickly move towards the dead monster. I cut his snout and Alissa recovers all the arrows, then I store him inside my "Items".

    "Now, the reason I called you two here… Alissa, transform back into fox and lets take a calming walk through the Sea of Trees," I say with a suggestive grin.

    Lina looks at me with anticipation, she wets her lips with her little tongue and Alissa smiles.

    We mount her again and I hug Lina tight. I kiss her cute neck and run my hand through her petite body under her armor. She moans softly and turns her head to me, taking my lips.

    Her tongue greedily takes me in and searches for mine. One hand drifts up towards her little mounds and the other moves down to her little lips.

    Alissa sniffs the air and says, "This might attract monsters."

    I break off from Lina's mouth, "So be it."

    Alissa chuckles, showing us her fangs, and continues walking forward.

    I softly rub my fingers along Lina's little slit, teasing it while slowly increasing the intensity. Soon my hand starts making wet sounds and even I can smell her lust coming out.

    I break our kiss and I see her eyes already lost focus. "Aren't you lewd, Lina? You are already wet."

    She wakes up and squeezes my hand between her legs. "Y-you kept kissing me and your hand was the one who was lewd first," she says with a cute pout.

    I smile and plunge my fingers deep inside her.

    "Ah!" She moans loudly in surprise.

    "Wolfy, I can't touch myself like this!" Alissa protests with a very anxious tone.

    "Endure, whore," I say in a stern tone.

    "Nooo… Wolfy~y, how cruel!"

    "Endure," I repeat.

    Alissa groans and her legs tremble, I smell her own wetness coming out of her.

    I push Lina forward and lower her pants, her cute little butt peeks out and I smile sadistically. I pull out my cock and slap it between her cheeks. "There's no room for me to enter your pussy, Lina. You ass will have to do."

    "W-what!? Wolfy, n-n-nooo…!" Lina looks back, her gloomy eyes have changed into pure fear.

    "Punish her!" Alissa eggs me on. "Fuck the little whore!"

    I pull out some lube and rub it on my cock. Alissa sways very little in comparison with a horse but she still does, which makes our situation a little awkward.

    I push my finger inside Lina's asshole and cast [Clean]. She's definitely way too tight for anal, she will bleed a lot.

    Shaking, Lina turns forward and closes her eyes, with one hand she spreads her cheeks and pushes her ass up towards me.

    "You want this, don't you? Your virgin asshole is the last place untainted by me, this is why you are spreading your cheeks, aren't you? Tell me the truth."

    I push my cock on her entrance and she shivers. Alissa's sway makes my pressure on her to fluctuate with her steps, little by little the pressure increases.

    Alissa jumps and Lina yells in surprise, her teeth gritted, waiting for the pain. Alissa looks at me again with a toothy grin and I nod.

    She prepares for the jump and I remove my cock, aiming it lower. She jumps and lands, forcing me in, my aim is true and I enter Lina's tight pussy in one smooth movement.

    "AH!" Lina yells, both in pleasure and surprise.

    She opens her eyes and looks back at me, I just show a smug smile and start to move. She groans and moans, the tension in her body is released and she relaxes. She starts to move her thin hips up and down, matching my rhythm which is also a match of Alissa's.

    I grab Lina's little butt and spread it, then I slowly pressure my thumb inside her asshole. She shivers again but moans louder, I let Alissa's sway control how much I pressure her.

    Suddenly Alissa sprints, my cock slams hard on Lina, my thumb enters her asshole completely, and Lina yells loudly again in surprise. My balls feel a little of pressure, they nearly got squished.

    "This was a little too dangerous, Alissa."

    "Hm?" She turns to look at me.

    "Lina almost smashed my balls."

    Both girls cringe and Alissa doesn't try to sprint again, though she still jumps once in a while.

    Doubly dangerous free sex in the wild, the last thing necessary to make it perfect would be to be doing it naked.

    Slowly and patiently we fuck with love, I let it rise in me without restraint. Then I pull out of Lina and shoot towards a tree.

    "Wow, that flew far," Alissa says.

    "Heh, you think Gecynd is watching?" I ask.

    "I hope she is," Alissa answers and Lina frowns.

    I cast [Clean] repeatedly on Alissa's fur so Lina's wetness doesn't transfer to Alissa's clothes when she turns back.

    "Wolfy, that was hot, but you made me so damn horny!" Alissa complains.

    "Endure, whore," I say with a grin.

    "Hnnngh! Nibbling Skritters!"

    We return to the caravan and this time Alissa rides with me, she keeps her ass glued to my crotch, trying to arouse me in revenge. I take my time to practice meditation and self-control while also having my fill of playing with her cute fluffy tail.

    Ciel narrows her eyes at us when we come back. "You three did something, didn't you?"

    "Lina did, Wolfy is being sadistic again and left me hanging," Alissa said through gritted teeth.

    Lina smiled faintly while Ciel pouted in jealousy. Lately I never did Lina without having Ciel participate too in some way.

    Klein watches our exchange with wide eyes.

    Later on I see a Grey Berserker lurking about so I send Hana, Roxanne, and the elementals with them for safety. We leave Klein temporarily so they can fight without reservations.

    Without even dismounting her horse Roxanne explodes the head of the Berserker and then stores it in her nearly empty [Item Box]. This one we will deliver in Goldcross for some extra coin.

    We make the bend and start moving north. We barely cross Royd's Kerfuffle before mid-day, we are moving at a snail's pace.

    We hunt a few goblins too and give them plus the Orc Striker to the commoners. They have their own food but preparing some good meat during the trip helps a lot with their mood and walking speed.

    I pull out the tent and we have our private meal inside. fried Rabid Rabbit legs, bread and not-potato soup with some squishy fresh vegetables as salad.

    "My hips are hurting a bit," Roxanne complains.

    I squeeze her ass and cast [Heal], making her moan seductively in delight.

    She grabs my hand and sucks on my finger while making dirty slurping sounds so I pull her to my lap. She laughs and grabs my spoon, then she feeds me lovingly while I run my hand through her body beneath her robe.

    Alissa bites her lip sensually and I see her legs tremble, her hands squeeze her own thighs but she doesn't start to masturbate. Maybe we could start a new fetish with orgasm denial or something like that.

    "You really shouldn't invite Klein for a meal with us," Ciel says while me and Roxanne make dirty kissing sounds.

    "Or maybe I really should," Hana says with a suggestive raise of her eyebrows.

    "Wait until we reach Goldcross," Ciel says while massaging her eyes.

    "Sounds fair."

    With our bellies full we continue on, slowly the blue-grey mountain range appears on the horizon.

    We gave another horse back to Nito while Lina rode with Ciel. Until we enter the High Forest these horses are a bit too much for us.

    Slowly we reach the corner of the Shore of Leaves, the slope towards The Smirk marking the end of farmland and the Sea of Trees. The lone watchtower over the cliff the last building until we reach fort Erda. A small stream comes from fort Erda and passes by our right, it enters the farms of the Shore of Leaves and is used for irrigation.

    As we pass The Smirk the land starts to turn hilly, the trees are all cut so there's only low shrubbery and grassland ahead that slowly disappears as the hills turn rocky.

    Suddenly Gify disappears from my shoulder.


    A minute later he pops back.


    Fucking shit...

    I dejectedly release Alissa's tail while everyone around processes Gify's words, well, word.

    "Hana, go warn the watchtower. Ciel, find a good position for us to fight."

    They nod and turn their horses, with a "yah!" and a slap on the rump they gallop away in different directions.

    I turn mine and smack its rump. I stop beside Rande and the carriage, they are already looking at us warily.

    "What's going on Mr. Ryder?" Rande asks.

    "A Grim Giant is coming," I say in a serious tone.

    "W-what!? How do you know!?"

    The meat-shields who heard us choke on their spit while the people in the carriage start murmuring.

    "My nature spirit warned me, it's coming from inside The Smirk. Some adventurers woke it and are now running from it."

    "Damnit! DOUBLE TI-…"

    "NO!" I interrupt, "We have to fight, the Giant is too fast for us! If he catches our trail it will strike us from behind, we have to fight with the guards at the watchtower!"

    "And you want to put us all in danger!? I can't lose even a single damn wagon before Goldcross!" He barks at me, his face quickly turning red with anger.

    "You let me do my job and I'll get you there with all the wagons intact!" I shake my fist at him.

    He grits his teeth and clenches his fists. He gives a look to his mother and she nods with a frown in her face.

    "Fine! Do what you must!"

    "Take them off the road, over there, where Ciel is!" I point to her, she's on top of the tallest hill and looking around.

    I gallop to where Ciel and Lina are while Rande barks orders.

    "Ciel, found a good spot?" I ask.

    She shrugs, "Hardly any, Lina says that the ground over the slope seems loose so it could be used as a trap for the Giant. Roxanne, can you wet this whole side of the hill?"

    "S-sure, it's going to take a lot of mana though," Roxanne answers.

    "Then start, drink a potion immediately," I say and Roxanne nods, she dismounts and starts casting [Water Wall]s along the slope.

    Ciel goes down to guide the wagons and the commoners to a space between two hills that will keep them covered.

    I dismiss everything I summoned except the earth elemental and start summoning more earth elementals, I stop at 8 so I can still have some mana to fight for a while. The elementals were made to be all 4 meters tall, thick, and heavy, couldn't make them out of metal so they are all stone.

    On top of the hill they start to raise earth and create a wall around them, a line of large pillars that we can hide and walk freely inbetween.

    Ciel and Lina come back with the few meat-shields that can wield a bow, the husky wereanimal, the woman golden elf mage, Rande, and Osaria, who's now wearing a mage-like elven bikini/dress.

    "Uh, sorry I forgot your names," I say to the husky and the elf.

    "Laertes," the husky answers immediately.

    "Oura," the elf answers slowly and tiredly.

    "Okay, Oura, what magic can you cast?"

    "Earth, Nature," her tired eyes jolt awake as she answers.

    "Healing too?"


    "You and Laertes stay in the center pillar. Help strengthen the pillars," they nod and move on, "Osaria, what magic can you cast?"

    "Fire and Water," her sultry voice massages my ears.

    "Pace your spells and focus on [Fire Arrow] your job is to annoy it the most. Aim for the eyes only if you are sure it will hit. Stay on the rightmost pillars, Rande, stay with her."

    Osaria smiles beautifully and nods, Rande nods but his eyes show a little displeasure at being ordered around. He barks some orders and the meat-shields spread among the pillars.

    Hana comes galloping back with a pale looking Klein in front of her. I look back and a line of guards from the watchtower are coming towards us.

    We all dismount and the horses go back to Nito, who's hiding with the rest of the caravan.

    "Klein, stay near the middle," I order her.

    "O-okay," she says and her tail drops in dejection.

    "Just be safe," Hana says and we move on to the leftmost pillars.

    Roxanne comes to us looking a little tired.

    "Out of mana," she says and drops on the ground, she starts meditating and using [Redirect Mana] for a quick recharge.

    Then the guards reach us, I see the watch captain and wave to him.

    "You in charge?" The tall devil-type demon man asks me in a very stern tone.

    "Wolf Ryder, leader of Helios, Golemancer and Summoner," I point to the earth elementals that are being encased in stone.

    The man flinches and look at the pillars, "You summoned all of them?"


    "Right," his demeanor softens a little, "We have sent word, the fast-response team will arrive in a minute, how long for the Giant to come?"


    The man grimaces, then he turns around and barks, "We fight in here! Spread along the pillars! Don't get crushed!"

    "The slope is wet! The Giant will slip while he climbs!" Ciel yells.

    The 6 other guards spread out and join the meat-shields, their confidence helps the morale of the inexperienced men.

    "We have two healers!" I yell. Ciel lifts her glaive and Oura peeks up, then she quickly raises her hand. "Find them if you are wounded!"

    "HEELP!" We hear a yell coming out of the Smirk.

    Down on the slope at the edge of the treeline, two people are running desperately.

    "HEEELP! GIAANT!" Yells the second person, a young female voice.

    "GRIM GIAANT!" Yells the first person, a young male voice.

    "Fuck!" The watch captain mutters and goes to a pillar, he puts on his helmet and everyone draws bows.

    We also put on our helmet and get ready, then Roxanne stands up.

    "Mana level?" I ask.

    "One third," she answers grimly.

    "Don't cast spells, save for a large, quick [Explosion]."

    "I can do a few things with the rest of the mana."

    "Your call, don't die."

    She chuckles, "Not after all we have been through."

    The runners notice our fortification and start running towards us.

    We feel the ground shake a little, it quickly increases in strength and the two runners cry loudly.

    "Circle around! The slope is wet!" Ciel yells, Hana repeats her words, but louder.

    The two runners slow down and finally understand, they circle around the large wet patch in front of the slope.

    Then a huge face peeks from behind the trees, an old man with bulging eyes. His beard is ashy grey and filthy, blood drips out of his thin lips, his teeth are red and pointy like knives, his nose is crooked, his face is thin like a starving victim, his hair is thinning and missing in various parts. A very creepy look.

    Then his body comes out. Like a monkey, his hand and feet look the same, his whole body is sickly pale skin and lean muscles, a shriveled penis hangs from behind the bush of his pubes.

    We all stare in disgust until the watch captain barks, "SHOOT!" And we fire spells and arrows repeatedly.

    He ignores everything, the arrows are like small prickles on his thick skin, the fireballs make small scorching marks on his skin and don't even make his beard catch fire. Then an arrow hits his eye and he blinks.

    With the tip of his fingers he pulls out the arrow out of his bulging eye and winces.

    "UAAAAAAH!" He suddenly screams at the top of his lungs, his face distorted in anger, his hands and feet/hands smack the ground, making it rumble.

    Then he charges forward out of the treeline on all fours. His body is long and curved, if he were to stand straight he would easily pass 15 meters tall, we look like rodents near him.

    The small scorches and the prickling quickly rise in number, he even swallows arrows and spells like nothing. Then he reaches the wet patch and slips.

    The two runners reach us but don't stop, they find the caravan in hiding and tumble down the hill towards them.

    The Giant's whole sickly body turns dark with mud.

    "OOOOOH? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" He yells again, louder, so loud it hurts our ears and our attack slows.

    "Keep attacking…!" The watch captain yells but it sounded distant to my damaged hearing.

    The Giant slowly crawls up, his stupid strength works against him as he lacks the finesse to carefully move his limbs, he only knows "smash" or "stop".

    The spells and arrows pile up and he grimaces in pain, he repeatedly has to rub his limbs to remove the arrows that are prickling him. The attacks on the eyes have the most effectiveness but are hard to hit, even though his large eyes are bulging he still keeps his head permanently moving in an odd, entrancing pattern.

    With his huge hands he quickly claws all the wet mud out of the slope and finally finds support to keep moving again.

    "Stay behind the pillars!" The watch captain yells.

    "UOOOOH"! The Giant reaches the center pillar and slams his hand on it.


    The pillar resists but small cracks form.

    "HANA, TAUNT!" Roxanne yells.


    "UOH?" The Giant turns his head, his mouth half-open like the mouth breather he is.

    Roxanne throws two flasks towards the face of the giant. They hit him on the nose and burst open in a rainbow of colored liquid, the sound of sizzling comes out of the liquid that covers the Giant's face.

    "UOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!" He yells in pain and I nearly go deaf again. He covers his face with both his huge hands.

    "[Heart of Fire]!" Roxanne casts and turns into flame, she launches herself into the face of the giant. She slips between his fingers and then slips out again, from below his hand I see fire coming out, the liquid of Roxanne's potion has caught fire.

    *FOOOM* Hana spews fire in a thin cone that reaches the beard of the Giant and makes it catch fire.

    "IAAAA-…!" The Giant yells in a high pitched tone but starts to cough. He falls backwards and Roxanne flies past him, she lands on the bottom of the slope and turns back to normal.

    "OVER HERE YOU LIMP DICK!" She yells as high as she can, her delicate throat nearly cracks as her soft voice is not good for yelling.

    "GRAAH!" The Giant notices her and rolls down the slope towards her, with a muddy hand he taps his beard and face repeatedly to put out the fire and stop the acid.

    Two more flasks are thrown by Roxanne. They are both intercepted by the Giant's hands and burst open in colored smoke, a lot of it sticks to his hand.

    The Giant reaches Roxanne and raises his hand to smack her.

    "[Heart of Fire]!"

    His hand falls down and suddenly flies up again as the smoke explodes when it touches Roxanne's fire/body.

    She flies up into the sky and lands beside us, looking nearly exhausted.

    "That's it for me, only one [Explosion] left," she says and crouches beside Hana.

    The Giant falls backwards and like a freaking horror movie he starts walking on all fours towards us with his belly pointing to the sky and his face upside down. I see his eyes are red and watery.

    He quickly reaches us and grabs the two pillars beside the middle one.

    "GRAAAAH!" He starts crushing and uprooting the pillars, his ugly face distorted in a furious and even more ugly one.

    The people behind the pillars disperse and the elementals are uprooted. They discard the earth fortification and fall on top of the giant, they grab the arms of the Giant and start to pull them apart.

    The Giant starts to resist and the elementals start to lose the tug-of-war. The Giant grabs the elementals and smack each others heads, crushing half of their bodies.

    "FIRE!" Yells a distant voice.

    Two huge stakes pierce the flank of Giant.

    "AAAAAH!" It screeches in pain with a high pitched tone like nails scraping on a wall.

    The Giant holds his right flank with one hand and uses the other to rise. He squints towards the watchtower, a large line of guards are creating their own fortifications while two floating ballistas are reloading their large stakes.

    The Giant is having difficulty seeing and spends long seconds squinting towards where he thinks the ballistas could be.

    "ROXANNE, BLOW HIS KNEE!" I bellow.

    With only a second of preparation she casts, "[EXPLOSION]!" And right kneecap of the Giant flies off.

    "UOOOH!" He falls forward in slow motion with a cry of pain.


    All arrows and spells are focused on the two targets, an image I would like to forget.

    "HIAAH!" The giant yells with a girly voice and covers his genitals.

    A new kneecap starts to grow out of his wound at frightening speed.


    Two stakes pierce his shoulder and the other arm goes limp, sending his face down on the mud.

    "EARTH MAGES, NOW!" Yells the distant voice.

    The earth below the Giant trembles and starts to grow around it, like tentacles trying to grab him and push him into the earth to drown.

    "STAKE!" The distant voice yells.

    Floating above the Giant a thick and huge stake made of stone starts to form out of nothing. I see that inside the watchtower something glows and 8 mages chant at the same time in a circle, [Ritualism], the imperial specialty.

    The Giant struggles but slowly starts to escape the earth that's trying to eat him. Then suddenly the stake floating above him shoots downwards and pierces his skull, turning his brain into mush.

    The Giant goes limp and stops struggling.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord SenilePenile.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Cody Weigel.
    Noble Salty Panda.
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    I wasn't sure how to classify this, it's too big for an intermission and too short for a full side-story chapter so I decided to make it like this.

    This one isn't truly important to the plot but it gives you small glimpses on what other characters are doing without ruining the surprise when the ripple reaches Wolf's POV.

    We stop waving and I hear Nono sigh.

    "Hm? What's that? Had your breath taken away?" I ask her teasingly.

    "Stop it, Silf…" Nono cutely presses her cheeks with her hands.

    "You'll meet him again," I say and let my real smile come out.

    Arantos turns around silently and leaves, he really dislikes me.

    We give our goodbyes to the others and move on.

    That young Nour is so delicious I wanted to bite him, why is every friend of Wolf's so handsome? Even the old man Gimbo is cute. Well except Bitar, I can smell a lapdog from a mile.

    We turn the corner whence we came. "Castle, inner sanctum, please," I say and the Space mage opens the [Gate] for us.

    Nono starts to fidget, she knows when I'm feeling horny.

    She's a free woman but still follows me, she's a slave to my fetishes and the denial she's in about her own depravity is adorable.

    We walk the comfortable red carpeted corridors and I leave my clothes as we walk, Nono shyly copies me. A young servant comes behind and picks them up, he smells our panties and I immediately start to get wet.

    We enter Haaran's room silently, the curtains are still closed so it's rather dark, the lazy bum is still sleeping. I creep towards the large bed and enter below the covers, my hand touches his feet and I softly trail my fingers up until I can find his large meat rod, erect as every morning.

    I swallow it in my small mouth and my jaw protests but I have been training myself relentlessly, I will suck him off no matter how much it hurts.

    Softly at first I increase intensity the more he stirs, the more I feel his heartbeat to change. My tongue can barely move with my mouth so filled but I focus on playing with the tip and the frenulum so I don't have to move much.

    Soon my reward is poured down my throat, Haaran's thick, pungent, delicious cum is sent directly inside me.

    He finally stirs completely and pulls the covers away.

    "Morning, mare," he says with a dashing smile.

    My legs quiver and I get wetter, with regret I remove his rod from my mouth, "Morning, stallion."

    He looks at Nono and I see his cock twitch, "Morning, pet."

    "Morning, master," she answers shyly. I see she's already started masturbating while standing.

    I motion for her to come and she climbs the bed. I jump on her and shove my tongue in her mouth, she answers with her shy little tongue. I suck her tongue out and give it a nibble, she yelps softly and I shiver again.

    My hand goes down to her wet cunt and I shove four fingers inside, she yelps again and I laugh, breaking the kiss.

    "Oh, my sweet, little sl-… Hngh!" My love speech is interrupted as Haaran so rudely plunges his log inside me and I am suddenly filled. "Ha-Haaran, don't, hngh, interrupt me!" I protest.

    "Sorry, but you know how horny Nono makes me."

    "Bad, you are bad!"

    He whimpers like a dog and the chain in his collar rattles.

    He fucks me like an animal and I lose the capacity to speak properly so I just finger fuck Nono. I bite Nono's little pink nipples until they are red, my fingers get creamed so I shove them down her throat for her to clean.

    Haaran gives me a breather and slows down, but then he starts to shove his fingers in my tight little ass, making me groan in pain. At least this allows me to finally continue kissing Nono properly, her cute whiskers tickle my face as we sloppily kiss each other. My hand runs through her soft fluffy white hair and hers runs through my long ears, we stroke each other softly and lovingly.

    The fucking animal that is Haaran doesn't stop, he keeps pumping me on and on. Nono orgasms again and tires out, whimpering she escapes my grasp, leaving Haaran free to use me as his cock-sleeve.

    I manage to turn around so I can see him. His strong arms wraps around me, his manly scent fills my nose, his mouth clamps over mine and his tongue fucks me. He keeps my arms locked so I can't move, his tongue down my throat so I can't speak.

    Then the horny dog picks up even more speed and I cream his cock repeatedly. My tight pink pussy starts to hurt and I can only imagine how red it must be. I sink my nails on his arms and he gets the hint, suddenly he releases rope after rope inside me, then he removes his cock and shoots more all over my body.

    He lays back and admires his work. I can barely move, my whole body is tired and my cunt tingles. As I regain my breath Nono comes to my side, her tongue out, greedy to taste some cum.

    I hold her head in place before she can dirty herself, "No! Bad Nono!"

    Her ears flop and she retreats. I scoop out Haaran's gift and eat it all myself while Nono looks at me hungrily, her eyes glance repeatedly at Haaran's still erect meat log.

    "What do you prefer, a loving night with Wolf or to be thrown in a pit full of dragonkin men?" I ask Nono.

    "Dragonkin," she answers without hesitation.


    She whimpers and her legs quiver, her hand instinctively goes to her pink slit.

    "Filthy, useless, slave!"

    She whimpers again and starts fucking herself wildly, her eyes glue to Haaran's cock and he starts masturbating for her.

    I wait until Haaran shoots another rope on my body and this time I spread it all over my skin.

    "What do you think of that Wolf?" Haaran asks me.

    "I would like to give Nono to him, but I don't think he can pay," I answer.

    "Disappointing, he's really cute," Haaran's face drops down and the Eyes of Authority flicker, almost making me wet again.

    "I know, I would really like to see you mounting him," I say with a sigh.

    Haaran's eyes gain life and the Eyes of Authority come in full power, making my legs shiver and even the young servant watching us gets weak in the legs. "I would like to rape that dragonkin, or the little dwarf, make them addicted to my cock and then steal them for me," he says and his rod twitches again.

    I raise an eyebrow at him, "Do you want to be branded as wicked?"

    "Just a dream," he says with a shrug.

    "Even if you just seduce them, he would kill you if you try anything like that."

    "Just a dream," he repeats with an eye roll.

    And Vanea would be mad, and Alaraste would be mad, and Nono would be sad, and I would be very mad.

    "Cock-brain," I say and he chuckles.

    "I'm the Chosen Descendant, I know not to screw things up."

    I scoff and start to play with a drop of his cum, then he leans over and gives me a kiss, his tongue wraps around mine and steals my treat.

    "Hey!" I protest and he swallows with a smile.

    He gives me a kiss on the forehead and removes his collar, "I have to work," he says and leaves the room, taking the young servant with him.

    Yeah, "work".

    I grab Nono's hand and we take a nap.

    I wake up and feel Nono licking the dried semen out of my vagina. I slap her head, "Bad!" I say and she whimpers, her cute white ears flop. "Keep like this and I will never give your virginity away."

    "Si~ilf, meanie!" She pouts cutely, her strongest weapon.

    I give her a peck on the lips, she gives me one back and we giggle. We start giving each others pecks along our entire bodies while giggling stupidly, then we slow down and she holds me in her arms.

    "Patience, you will find someone one day," I say and she nods weakly, "Now, let's go take a bath."

    We get out of bed and I see a new young servant is in the doorway. His little penis is bulging in his pants and I see him swallow his saliva once his eyes touch our naked bodies.

    "Are you new? I don't remember your face," I ask the young boy.

    "Y-yes, I was hired a few days ago," he says while looking forward.

    What a cute voice, he looks like he's just matured.

    I delicately touch his belly, making him shiver, then I lower my hand slowly until it enters his pants. He's not wearing underwear so his cute penis is free to pitch a tent. I grab it and stroke it slowly.

    I lean my face closer to his and whisper, "Have you ever been with a woman before?"

    "Y-yes, my dame."

    I squeeze his cock and he whimpers.

    "Who?" I ask sternly.

    "D-dame V-Vanea," his voice cracks and his face distorts in pain.

    I click my tongue. Fucking semen demon doesn't leave any virgin boy for me, I guess I'll make a visit to the orphanage again, I hope Arantos won't mind.

    I giggle and let his little penis go. I walk away and see Nono approach the boy.

    "Sorry," she says softly and gives him a kiss on the lips. The boy goes red in the face, making Nono smile adorably.

    We enter the bath and see the Lords giving young Laina a sex lesson.

    "Lord Alaraste, Lord Giana," I say and bow lightly.

    "Cum dumpster," Alaraste grunts a greeting. He only looks to the side so he can stare at Nono with hunger, his Eyes of Authority make her weak in the knees and she grabs my arm for support.

    Lord Giana is far too deep into pleasure to answer properly, Alaraste thick rod is pounding her tight pussy mercilessly, not even Haaran can get to the level of savagery of Alaraste.

    "Little Laina," I greet her and she doesn't even notice us approach, she's completely entranced in the fucking, her delicate fingers enter and leave her pure little pussy repeatedly.

    I lick my lips and remember her taste.

    The day she loses her virginity will be wonderful, I just hope they will allow me to watch, or participate.

    I walk behind her and hug her, I play with her cute nipples that are being ignored.

    "Ah!? Silf? Hngh… you smell… of cum," she says, her squeaky voice is adorable.

    "Your brother's," I whisper in her ear and she breathes in deeply, savoring the scent.

    Alaraste slaps his meat on Giana's ass and covers her back with his milk. She collapses and a servant immediately comes to clean her, with his tongue.

    Laina immediately loses her interest and stops masturbating, she looks a little frustrated.

    With the lesson done we let the servants wash us. Alaraste stays away from Nono, lest he lose his control and make a mistake.

    As we soak in the bath a maid comes with a message.

    "Dame Vanea wants to speak with you, Dame Silvane, she says the necklace is ready," she says while bowing then leaves when I nod.

    "So, you still going with that plan?" Giana asks.

    I slow down my caressing of Nono's ears and nod sadly, "Yes, there's too much potential in the Lapis Waterway to leave it abandoned."

    Giana giggles, the heavenly sounds make my heart beat fast, "Then I will take care of Nono for you."

    "Thank you, Mother."

    She gushes in happiness, she just loves hearing those words.

    Laina stops playing with the servant and turns shy, "Hm, how long?" She asks.

    "I'm going to use the [Eternal Gate] network so maybe a day-cycle, depends on how long it takes for the necklace to take effect," I answer.

    She puckers her lips and looks annoyed.

    "Once you lose your virginity maybe you can join."

    Her eyes brighten and she starts stroking herself again.

    While the servants dry us I grab Nono's face and give her a long kiss. She immediately responds and our tongues fight, trying to outdo each other with tender rubbing.

    I break the kiss and stare her in the eyes with a smile, "Don't stop studying, Nono. When I come back, I want to see you gain a few levels in [Summoning Magic], okay?" I ask her softly.

    "Okay," she answers shyly.

    I find the [Gate] servant, "Vanea's Office," I say and cross the portal.

    Vanea immediately turns to me, her unbound Eyes of Authority make me feel hot again. It's getting tiring though, my pussy is still sensitive from Haaran's pounding.

    Vanea unwraps her hands from Grosnok's barbed monster and he glares at me, very angry. "Ah, Silf, good, put this on. This dress will keep their eyes locked on your chest," she says and hands me a simple silver dress, more like a negligee instead of a dress.

    Grosnok's angry eyes lick over my whole naked body and I feel like shuddering.

    I don't know how Vanea can handle a beastfolk. I guess that tying him up isn't just a fetish.

    I put the dress on and see that the gold embroidery covers perfectly my vagina but not my nipples. The outline is visible and the material is so thin at the bust that you can even see a hint of pink.

    "You shouldn't wear panties with this dress so keep that in mind when you walk," Vanea says, she avoids looking into my eyes out of courtesy.

    "And the necklace?"

    "Over here," she hands me a simple wooden box, it's locked. "You should never look at it so only put it on when it's time to meet them and do it with your eyes closed."

    "Can I ask for a servant to do it?"

    "Only if you want that servant to rape you." I smile and she rolls her eyes. "Don't do it, it will also leave a very obvious trace of mana if the target is too close."

    "Maybe when I come back…"

    Grosnok whimpers, his monster twitches.

    "Can I use it on him?" I let my real smile come out.

    "I think he can seriously hurt you," she says flatly.

    "Hmm… oh yes, next time you get a new boy toy don't take his virginity, I want a toy for me too," I say and give a flicker on her shoulder.

    She glances at me, "Bring one from the Wetlands."

    "I don't want elven boys, I want human ones!"

    The elves are too girly, I already have enough women to play with.

    She sighs and goes back to straddle Grosnok, he grunts in delight. "Haaran turned you into a huge slut, you know?"

    "Look who's talking," I cross my arms and pout at her.

    She scoffs and shrugs, "Fine, I will give one you after you are done."

    I giggle freely and Grosnok looks at me worriedly.

    "But not too young, the High Priest thinks that you are a predator and is watching you closely," she adds.

    "Why does he care so much? We are paying them the same as high-class prostitutes!" I protest.

    She sighs, "You are not innocent enough to have an immature boy to yourself, you will be branded as Wicked if you sleep with one."

    I cross my arms and pout.
    It's not like I will sleep with them.

    I feel a little nostalgic, Antano is not Elaria but it's close. If only I was going to Glorampina I could walk through the grasslands again…

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord SenilePenile.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Cody Weigel.
    Noble Salty Panda.
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    Today is the 22nd of the 7th month. Today I start my enchanting lessons with Gimbo.

    I open my eyes and slowly my body stirs, waking up from my dreams, yet I still feel like I'm dreaming.

    Master Hilde is dead, I have been bought by a new master and he's a hero in the making. We even have a small dragon that can speak too! And now I'm going to learn enchanting from a master craftsman.

    How can I even start to process all this? I'm just so... happy!

    "Masterr~...!" I hug the fluffy pillow and moan.

    Hilde gave me the freedom to love but I never thought I would meet someone like master Wolf! If only he would hug me as he does with Alissa and the others...

    I hear a knock on the door, "Lina? It's time to get up," Alissa says from behind the door.


    Oh no, Alissa has good hearing, did she hear my moaning?

    I shake my head and breathe in. No point in being ashamed of that, Alissa is helping me get closer to master.

    I look at my wardrobe. The cute white and black dress is there, waiting to be used again.

    Master liked it. I wonder, when will I be able to use it again?

    I grab the usual clothes and put them on. I will have a lot more opportunities in the future to... seduce master.

    Ciel and Alissa greet me with warm smiles. Sister Ciel pats my head and I feel like laying my head on her lap and taking a nap.

    I can't! Focus! I have to study hard today!

    Hana comes out of the room and her eyes run through my body, making me shiver. I don't understand why but I want her to hug me like I want master Wolf.

    Am I a lesbian? No, I want... uh... I want master Wolf to... to... wait, what was I thinking about, again?

    Roxanne comes out and I feel like pouting.

    She's always so mean, but she's master's fiancee, I have to keep on her good side.

    Master comes down and I feel my heart tighten. He gives me a smile along with his greeting and my face cramps, all I can do is nod back.

    Sister Alissa, help me!

    Aoi quietly crawls to the table, "Kweh!" She cutely cries in happiness when breakfast is served.

    Those fangs are scary, though.

    Then Ciel talks about how master is "Gifted" and how we all need to keep a secret about it.

    Wow, another secret... Master is so amazing, so many mysteries and obscure powers. I mean, he literally gave life to a pair of dolls yesterday. What else can I think besides how amazing that sounds?

    We finish eating and the time comes for me to leave. A little sad that I will be left alone with a moldy beard, not that Gimbo has any mold, or beard, I enter the dinghy alongside Ciel and we start to fly through the city.

    "Feeling excited?" Ciel asks me.

    "Yes," I nod repeatedly.

    She chuckles softly and pats me again.

    I want to take a na~p... Now that I think about it, her breasts do look like very soft pillows... and also massive.

    We stop at the entrance to the Noble's Quarters and show our ID. The guard ogles Ciel's breasts and I'm not sure if I should feel envious or not. She sure doesn't look too pleased, though.

    We start flying through the Quarters and I look around at every building that I can. They all look beautiful and sturdy, though the bright colors they are painted with hurt my eyes.

    "You enjoying the view?" Ciel asks me warmly.

    I nod repeatedly, "Most buildings here in Rabanara look like they would crumble with the smallest tremor, but not these." -I motion to the ones around us- "They would certainly survive a few monster attacks."

    "They already did. Rabanara already survived many, many monster attacks without much damage. You would need a massive siege to enter the walls."

    "Hm, the sieges here are different from Mountainhome's. If the monsters learned how to tunnel underground you would be in trouble, the foundation of the houses in here is not even reinforced."

    "Perhaps we have the guardian of the Sea of Trees to thank for that," she smiles so brightly and I feel like blushing. "If monsters started to create tunnels they would certainly kill many trees on the Sea."

    I nod repeatedly. Makes sense.

    I scoot closer to Ciel and lay my head on her arm. I can at least do this, right?

    We reach Gimbo's house and I think that we found the most beautiful house in this town. A black house with red streaks carved out of huge blocks of stone; couldn't do it out of a single rock, this far from Mountainhome, but it's still beautiful. There's a low shingle roof where small mushrooms and moss grows; and a concave facade that increases the amount of surface area for carvings, with the perfect observation point being right in front of the gate.

    The carvings show the glorious front gate of Hombombein, the impregnable fortifications of the main wall, the long and complex artificial waterfalls, the Mountain's Scar, and the towering statues of our ancestors lining the main road. Even though I only saw it twice I still remember it vividly.

    "Wow, this is different," Ciel comments, making me giggle.

    We approach the guard in front and soon a human servant comes to greet us. He wears a very thin chain necklace, on it hangs his slave tag. I suddenly remember I'm wearing a slave collar too and get very conscious of it.

    "Greetings, Grand guests," the servant bows to us and I almost yell for him to stop.

    Ciel greets him back but I can only nervously nod.

    Ciel puts a hand on my shoulder and speaks softly, "You'll be fine, you deserve as much respect as anyone will give."

    I groan internally and nod.

    With a last soft pat on the head, she sends me away. The servant eyes my collar for a moment but pays it no more mind.

    The garden is simple and short, so we quickly enter the house. The hot and humid atmosphere changes for a cold and fresh one. It would be silly to think that an enchanter's house wouldn't be filled with small enchantments like [Breeze] to keep the air perfectly fresh.

    On the left of the room there's a large set of sofas around a glass coffee table; and a large fireplace with a visible jewel on the middle of the mantel shelf, an enchantment, possibly the one who turns it on. On the right, there is a bar with crystal glasses hanging on top and bottles upon bottles of alcoholic beverages on shelves on the wall.

    Forget about alcohol, Alissa said master doesn't like to deal with drunks. But if it's only one drink... Focus! I'm a slave! Grand Bombur wouldn't ever offer it to me.

    Deeper in the room, after the bar, there is a spiral staircase that leads us to the second floor. After climbing it, we pass a long corridor with red thick carpet and finally we reach Gimbo's workshop.

    The servant opens the door to me and I'm dazzled by the uncountable number of shining lights. On shelves in each side wall, there are jewels from all shapes and sizes, reflecting a colorful rainbow of lights. On long tables in front, there are multiple types of carving stations; holding arms of all shapes and sizes; carving needles of varying thicknesses and materials; multiple weapons, armor, and a few common objects being enchanted, all in multiple levels of completeness; a variety of physical-carving tools; and two cauldrons with magical heating tools that are used to melt gold and silver.

    The room is very well lit; the ceiling and the front wall are made entirely of glass, letting in a large amount of natural light. Two very strong magic tool lights on the ceiling make everything even brighter.

    "Hello, Lina," Gimbo says. He spins on his floating chair and removes the thick magnifying glasses from his nose. His face still looks young but his eyes show a lot of tiredness, a strong sign of his old age. He really has some good inheritance to keep looking this handsome at his age. His hair is a deep black and very healthy looking, reminds me of master.

    Would master get jealous if I praised another man's looks? I hope he would.

    The old dwarf makes a nearly imperceptible amount of mana course through his body.

    Oh, he must be really old if he's using [Spirit of Gaia] just so he can walk.

    I bow deeply to him, "Thank you for accepting me, Grand Bombur," I say.

    "Ah... no need for this amount of formality when in private. Just call me Gimbo and that's it," he says softly.

    I straighten. "U-understood, Gimbo."

    I enter the room and the servant closes the door behind me.

    Gimbo smiles and releases a soft sigh. "Now, let's start. How's your [General Enchanting] level?"


    "Hm..." He strokes his non-existent beard, "You stopped right at the beginning?"

    "Yes, I did," I respond and nod.



    "[Sense Mana]?"


    "[Mana Control]?"


    He makes a slightly disappointed face. "Let's start with the basics, then. This way, we can make sure that you are not missing anything." He motions me to a chair beside him. When I sit on it he turns on its [Telekinesis] enchantment and it starts to float in the air.

    "What are the essential components of an enchantment?" He asks me.

    "Channeling, attuning, mixing, coding, assembling, and... uh, manipulating."

    "Correct. When was the last time you enchanted something?"

    "Hm... When I was ten years old?" I tap my lips with my finger, "I think it was four or five years ago."

    He turns around and pulls a carving station. It looks old but sturdy, the needles are thick and long. It's a training station...

    "We will have to start at the beginning..." He looks at me with a little mirth and pity.

    It's like I'm a child all over again.

    I groan internally and pull the station towards me.

    I shouldn't complain, this is the best thing that has happened to me so far. Well, second best.

    We spend a long time carving paths into metal balls. Gimbo's caution pays off as I make hundreds of little mistakes.

    "What's your 'Dexterity'?" He asks in a neutral tone to not offend me.


    "You are just out of practice."

    I groan internally.

    "How's your soul potential?" He continues.

    "Positive, very positive."

    "Continue practicing and soon you will gain another level."

    I nod and continue working.

    After some time I see that Gimbo stopped paying attention to me and now looks out of the window. We have a good view of the backyard, where I see a large plantation with all kinds of dwarven surface plants.

    Kneeled over a small patch of Rock-Cracker Moss is another dwarf, by their figure must be a woman. She rises and waves towards us, Gimbo waves back and smiles faintly. The woman has light brown wavy hair that reaches her waist, it shines so much in the sun that even Roxanne would be envious.

    "My wife, Nala," Gimbo says softly. "How about we take a break?"

    I nod to him and he deactivates the enchantments of the chairs.

    We go down the stairs and exit the house towards the back. The amount of familiar plants makes me nostalgic. For humans, they might look gnarly, but for us, they look welcoming.

    Once we get closer, we see the old dwarven woman scraping off excess Rock-Cracker from the patch of stones. She sees us coming and slowly rises, having to use a lot of [Spirit of Gaia] to do it.

    She doesn't have an inheritance similar to his, not everyone can be so lucky.

    Her face is slightly wrinkled and her body is thinner than Gimbo's; but her beautiful hair is the only thing that retains some youth, it is bouncy like an elven ear.

    They both have perfect hair, must be elven products from the High Forest.

    "Bo, is that your new apprentice?" The woman asks in a hoarse voice.

    "Yes, Nala, she is Lina."

    We stop in front of her and she leans over the examine me, "My! How cute you are, you must be so young," she says softly and chuckles, "What a shame about the collar, but if Bo is teaching you then there must be a special reason."

    "She has a very sharp tongue. She managed to convince me her Spark is still lit even while inside her cage." Gimbo sends me a wry smile.

    Nala smiles wide and leans closer to me.

    I wouldn't say I have a 'sharp tongue', I was just working towards what I wanted.

    "It also seems she's quite shy when the [Spirit Light]s turn to her," Gimbo continues.

    I twiddle my thumbs but no words come out.

    "Would you like to have some tea?" Nala asks sweetly, "It's easier to talk when we are all sitting and eating something sweet."

    I nod repeatedly and she chuckles. "The cookies must be almost ready, let's walk back to the kitchen," she says.

    As we walk, she removes her gardening clothes and stores them in her [Item Box].

    "We have a nice amount of Rock-Cracker now, Bo. Tomorrow I will make some Crackin' Crackers," Nala comments.

    "Leave it for after tomorrow so Lina can eat them too," Gimbo says.

    I look at them wide-eyed, "Y-you don't have to bother sharing it with me," I say.

    "You must miss home occasionally too, right? It is no bother to share, on the contrary, let us all reminisce of home together," Nala says.

    "Thank you."

    "You are welcome."

    Their kitchen is small and warm, it is made of white stone so we can see any dirt. There's a halfling chef cooking with human tools and there's a small rock oven on the corner, where most of the heat is coming from.

    Nala opens the oven and pulls out the tray of purple cookies, they are made with Poppins-Sage. She grabs a plate and slides the cookies onto it.

    "Liolain, serve some tea for us, please," Nala says as we sit at a small table.

    The blonde halfling man stops his work and quickly comes towards us, brimming with energy. A complete tea set on a metal tray *poofs* out of his [Item Box] just like Alissa likes to do.

    "Oh, hello, I am Liolain, the chef. You are...?" He asks me while pouring us all some simple green herbal tea. His legs seem to constantly twitch in a rhythm as if he can't stand to stay still.

    "I am Lina, slave of Wolf Ryder. I am here to learn enchanting from Grand Gimbo," I say with a small bow.

    "I consider my home to still be a private place," Gimbo comments and sips his tea.

    "U-understood," I say. Liolain gives me a handsome smile that shows a large set of white teeth, making my heart tighten.

    Do not tease me, please. My heart is already taken.

    "Just a slave...?" Gimbo asks suggestively, raising an eyebrow. "Considering how much you were attached to him, I thought you were something more."

    Liolain's smile reduces and he raises an eyebrow, questioningly.

    "F-for now..." I say and keep my head down.

    "That's enough, do not tease a pure maiden's heart," Nala says, disapprovingly.

    "Apologies," Gimbo bows lightly and straightens.

    "Accepted," I say and bow lightly too.

    Liolain chuckles. He finishes serving us all tea and returns to his cooking.

    "Where are you from, dear?" Nala asks softly.

    "The surface, a village called Bersidon."

    "Not part of our travels, I believe. We didn't go north of Hombombein and I believe it's there, correct?" Gimbo asks.

    "Yes." I nod.

    "How are you adapting to living here?" Nala continues.

    I shrug, "I miss a lot of things from home, but it has been so long that I barely remember it all."

    She looks at Gimbo and smiles, "So do we, but we have our garden here so we barely feel the difference," she says.

    "Don't you miss sleeping underground?" I ask.

    "The house is good enough," Gimbo says and looks around with a proud smile, "We miss more living around stones than the underground, actually."

    "Human houses are far too stuffy and humid. Yes, even halfling ones," Nala says and chuckles softly.

    The cook snorts and shrugs without even glancing back.

    "Yeah, they let the humidity linger for too long, it's not good for the skin," I say, "Even my master doesn't seem to notice, but I got used to it so it doesn't bother me anymore."

    "Well, the advantage of living this close to the High Forest is that you can get some good skincare, occasionally," Nala says with a wink, "Not that it works on my skin anymore, or that you need it, but it helps."

    Could I even suggest such a thing to master? I have to talk to Alissa first.

    The cookies bubble in my mouth and the sweet flavor of the fruit is released. A sip of bitter tea helps wash it down and make my tongue ready for another cookie.

    Master is right, cookies and tea go well together. Sorry, master Hilde, you just weren't the most knowledgeable person about food.

    The conversation dies down, and we enjoy the food in silence while the cozy warmth of the oven slowly fades.

    Once we are done, Nala waves me goodbye and Gimbo takes me back to the workshop.

    "You are improving already," he says while he examines the grooves I carved in the metal ball.

    Yes! I'm not a failure!

    I grab the thick, sturdy needle and visualize a spot deep inside the metal ball. I let the mana leave through my hand and enter the needle. It converts my mana into "destruction" and materializes it inside the metal ball, instantly annihilating matter that touches it.

    Gimbo feeds his "attuning" needle and tries to locate the small empty spot I created. "Good precision, but the amount of mana that you used is minus," he says. I contain my cringe and keep my face stoic.

    He looks at the clock and turns to me, "This is good for a first day, we will continue after tomorrow."

    I nod and he turns the Emergency Ring in his hand, in a few seconds the slave servant comes. "Sebastian, take her to the living room while she waits for her master," Gimbo says to the servant.

    I turn my Emergency Ring green and follow the man. Once we reach the living room, he motions for me to sit on one of the very comfortable-looking sofas. He stands a few steps away, with a perfect posture. The man is an imperial, he has black hair, faint brown skin, strong jaw, and a wide nose.

    It is a little awkward to stay in silence for so long. I want to ask how is his life as a slave, but I don't have the courage. He looks completely stoic, yet proud. He seems to be living a pretty good life.

    If his master was killed by someone... or something, would he rejoice and ask for freedom or try to avenge him? Would he prefer to serve his late master's family or search for someone else?

    Was it right for me to leave the Roths...?

    Ciel suddenly appears in the front door and I'm relieved that I don't have to stay alone with my thoughts anymore.

    I scurry to her and she smiles warmly, making me blush.

    "Had fun?" She asks.


    Wait, we sound like mother and child.

    We climb the dinghy and go back home.

    "I think that I will be able to enchant Alissa's bow real soon," I say, "If I... If I get a crystal I'm sure Gimbo will teach me [Loosen]."

    "That's great, we can buy one for it, then," Ciel responds calmly.

    "But... I can end up messing up and ruining the crystal." I lift my eyes to her and watch for her reaction.

    She smiles and pats my head, "Then we will buy another crystal."

    I twiddle my thumbs and lean closer to Ciel, so she has a better angle to pat my head. I almost fall asleep on the way home.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Cody Weigel.
    Noble Salty Panda.
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    A few tense silent seconds passes by, then suddenly everyone cheers at the same time, a few laugh in disbelief, and a smaller number cry in happiness. As quickly as it came the crisis was resolved.

    Hana grabs the dizzy Roxanne and makes her sit on her shoulders, with the other hand she grabs my arm and lifts me up, then she roars and a flame escapes her mouth. Ciel rushes to us and gives me a shoulder ride. The cheering men and women turn to us and clap, I spend a few awkward moments smiling and waving until the cheering dies down and I'm put back on the ground.

    The stake in the Giant's head dissipates and Aoi rushes towards him, her target the spilling gray matter. Hana shakes her head and follows Aoi to keep her safe.

    The meat-shields lay down on the grass while the soldiers come over for tight handshakes and strong slaps on our backs. If my hands hurt then I pity Roxanne's, might have to [Heal] her in a sec.

    "Helios, eh? I think I heard about you guys once, the town criers were saying some things about extermination, right?" Says a rugged old soldier.

    "Ain't them the ones who got the Symbol of Hate too?" Asks a mage.

    "Guess sometimes rumors are true," says a female archer.

    "They always have some truth in them," says another old soldier.

    The watch captain comes to us, his face is drenched even though he didn't move that much. "Helios, I am captain Hazeez, me and my men have much to thank you. If your elementals and your mage weren't there to distract the Giant, the fast-response team wouldn't have enough time to set up. You have saved plenty of lives," he extends a rough red hand to me and I take it.

    "I'm Wolf Ryder. And thank you, but we have to thank my nature's spirit too. If he didn't give us the early warning then things would have been bad," I say and scratch Gify's neck, he closes his eyes and his beak deforms into a smile.

    "Gih!" He chirps happily and even the rugged captain breaks into a small smile.

    "I send my thanks to the forest guardians, whoever they may be," he says and looks down to our caravan, then to the fast-response team that's approaching. "Now, there's someone over there who has the power to give you some measure of reward, not that it's going to be able to pay for the lives you saved." He sighs and continues, "And I also have something to do, the Giant was awoken by someone, even though we put up warnings about them."

    He moves on towards the caravan, I see two weredogs with light yellow wavy hair, a young man and woman, they look like siblings. They are hunched over and seem to be crying while a few commoners try to comfort them.

    Ciel casts a discreet [Heal] on Roxanne's hand, who seems to be fully regaining her focus. "My head still hurrrtss," she complains.

    I walk over to her and pull her chin down so I can give her a soft kiss on her lips. "You did wonderfully, your use of [Heart Of Fire] was perfect."

    She smiles adorably and holds my hand tight, her current headache must be making it difficult for her to try to tease us.

    Rande and Osaria approach, both of their expressions seem to be stuck in disbelief.

    "You did it, you mad man, you actually did it," Rande says lowly.

    "Nothing mad about that, I knew our limits," I say with a shrug.


    Osaria starts to chuckle softly and excuses herself. Rande offers me an awkward handshake, "Thank you, I owe you one," he says and goes back to the caravan.

    "Is he going to stop chasing Hana, now? It was kind of fun to watch his thirsty gaze," Alissa says.

    "Roxanne is a bad influence on you," Ciel says.

    "Ei!" Roxanne straightens and frowns at Ciel, "There's nothing wrong with feeling beautiful when you have men chase you."

    "You enjoy making them suffer."


    "Is that bad?" Alissa asks with the innocent voice of a maiden.

    "Him trying to embarrass Wolfy would get tiring," Lina says and I pat her head as thanks.

    Footsteps approach and a familiar face appears, captain Ansara. Brown hair, a handsome face, and a chin so sharp that it could open a can. His armor is a beautiful shining plate with the Lord's heraldry detailed on it.

    "Captain Ansara," I say with a nod as he approaches.

    "Wolf Ryder, from Helios," he nods back, "Surprised you still remember me."

    Hard to forget his handsome face.


    It's just envy, not that I have much reason to be envious, but still.

    "No reason to forget," I say.

    He briefly greets the other girls. I see that Klein went to Hana, they are talking while watching Aoi eat some brains, the other soldiers are just watching the scene warily and slightly disgusted.

    "So the elementals are yours?" Ansara asks while looking around, impressed.

    "Yes, I'm an… accomplished summoner," I smile wryly.

    "Well, I see that you are the reason we didn't come out of that [Gate] right below a Giant's foot. Can we speak in private? We have something important to discuss," he smiles softly, all that he needs is a shine in his white teeth.

    I think about pulling my built tent but there's a good chance it's smelling of semen so... better not.

    We walk back to the watchtower, it's as wide as a house and very tall, though most of the space is air since there's only 3 floors.

    A table with drink, cards, and turned over chairs waits for us in the middle. Ansara whispers something to a guard waiting inside and we are left alone.

    We sit around the table and Ansara starts, "So, you and your fellowship deserve the most credit for the kill, you allowed us enough time to set up perfectly without a single casualty. Rabanara and my own team owes you a good deal, so ask me anything in my power and I will do it for you," he says and bows graciously.

    "Thank you, but we didn't fight for fame or rewards, so we don't know what we could ask for," I answer and he slowly straightens again. I look around and the girls shake their heads.

    "The corpse of a Grim Giant has a lot of value, could we get the money for the bounty?" Roxanne asks.

    "We don't have a proper bounty for a Grim Giant, since nobody hunts them, but we could still give you a good part of the expected profit," Ansara says, "If you don't want money then how about equipment? Since you are adventurers it never hurts to have more."

    Ooh, I got an idea.

    "How about an enchanted weapon or shield?" I ask.

    "Oh yes, we acquired a few enchanted weapons from smugglers a while ago. We have a pair of shoes with [Weightless Bubble], a mage's robe enchanted with [Earth Armor], a greatsword enchanted with [Sonic Boom], axes enchanted with [Bleed], a few swords with [Double Strike], and a number of shields enchanted with [Dead Zone] and [Wind Shield]."


    I look at Lina and she nods to me.

    "How about a shield and the axe?"

    Ansara smiles wide, "You know the value of enchantments, don't you?"

    "I have a my own dwarven enchanter." I put a hand over Lina's shoulder and she smiles proudly.

    "I'll take you to the equipment for you to choose then," Ansara says and rises.

    "You can choose. Pick one for Hana, she's the most mobile and would benefit the most from the shield," I say and push Lina forward. She shyly follows Ansara outside and they disappear on a [Gate].

    It's frightening to think she's suddenly so far away, alone, with a handsome man. After Alissa's disappearance on a teleport trap I think I have gained a deep fear of being stranded due to teleportation.

    We go outside and breathe in the fresh air, it smells of blood and I see Alissa puts a hand in front of her nose. The soldiers have started to cut down the Giant, they have to use huge saws to cut the limbs of the Giant.

    The Earth mages have begun dismantling the shelters they hastily built. They made underground bunkers for people to hide and thick pillars just like mine, this is the standard strategy against Giants, to abuse their clumsiness while preparing something to kill in one strike.

    One by one I dismiss the earth elementals, the few people leaning on them quickly disperse once the first one starts to crumble. The earth quickly disappears into nothingness so it's not like they would be crushed by the falling earth.

    Hana comes to us with Aoi on her shoulder and a very happy Klein on the other.

    "What are you doing?" Roxanne asks.

    "Giving her a ride, since she got jealous Wolfy got one," Hana says with a shrug that nearly makes Klein fall.

    "Not jealous! I just thought it would be fun," Klein answers with a cute pout.

    Roxanne is the one getting jealous of all the attention Klein is getting.

    "Aoi, come here," I say and spread my hands to her. With a glide and a hint of mana being used around her wings she falls softly on my hand and curls on my arms. She tries to shove her tongue inside my mouth but I turn my face away in time. "Not in public," I hiss lowly at her.

    "Kay," she say with a hint of sadness.

    Klein looks at me with wide eyes and a smile slowly forms. "Dragon f-..."

    "No!" I interrupt her, "Not you too!"

    She giggles and jumps out of Hana's shoulder. Roxanne walks over to Hana and wraps herself on her arms. We sit near the cliff and wait for Lina to come back.

    When my jealousy starts to get uncomfortably high a black circle opens behind us, Ansara comes out of it and behind him Lina appears, a long poleaxe in a hand and a long kite shield on the other. Both are too big for her so she awkwardly comes to us and Hana receives both.

    "The axe will be difficult to use, but the shield is already perfect," she says while inspecting every inch.

    The shield is pure black, it's made of wood, rimmed with metal, and it has a metal boss in the middle. Behind it silver lines and two small jewels, one yellow and one green, near the straps are hidden by a piece of leather.

    The axe is what I would call "danish", due to its wide blade in comparison to Lina's, who also works as a hook due to the curve the lower, non-bladed part has. The [Bleed] axe has lots of silver lines at the blade, this means the enchantment might fade with time. At the middle point of the shaft a small red gem is embedded.

    "I can copy the ax's enchantment so we shouldn't use it much," Lina says.

    "I'll send word to the Lord about what happened here if you don't mind, Mr. Ryder," Ansara says.

    "No problem."

    "Then that is all, I need to go back to work. I wish a safe journey to you," he bows lightly.

    "Keep up the good work and stay safe," I say and wave. The girls give short goodbyes and Ansara leaves. The ballistas are taken back and only the grunts who are dealing with the Giant's corpse are left, a few are entering the Smirk to keep monsters away from the smell of blood.

    We walk back to the caravan and see the two siblings who started this all looking like zombies.

    Ciel gets closer to them and squints her eyes, "Nala, Orian?" She asks.

    The two weredogs suddenly jolt awake and stare at Ciel wide-eyed.

    "Ciel!" The two exclaim in unison and look at her like two lost puppies.

    "You know them?" I ask Ciel softly.

    "Orphans from the temple, they are all barely seventeen..." She says with a pained voice, then she crouches in front of them. "By the Gods, what are you doing here?" Her voice is full of grief.

    "We..." Nala starts, her ears raise when she speaks but fall flat when she loses her conviction.

    "Were exploring the Lapis Waterway when..." Orian Continues, his fluffy tail hangs limp behind him.

    "We stumbled upon a nest of Hooknoses..."

    "We ran and hid in a cave where they couldn't reach..."

    "Then we explored that cave..."

    "Where we found the Giant..."

    "And we ran again..."

    "But Alexa and Daiana couldn't continue.." Orian sniffs and tears runs through his face.

    "Then the Giant..." Nala's face distorts in pain, her voice cuts off and she cries loudly.

    Ciel opens her arms and pulls both of them into a tight hug, making the three of them touch heads.

    Captain Hazeez is awkwardly standing a few meters away, he walks a few steps forward and speaks, "Normally we give heavy fines to people who wake up Grim Giants but this time I think you suffered enough," he says with a sympathetic tone.

    Ciel breaks the hug and speaks to them, "Let them rest because they will be waiting for you there, okay?" They nod weakly at her and sniff, she cleans the corner of her eyes and looks to Hazeez, "Captain, can you give them a [Gate] back home? And make sure they go back to the temple?" She asks with a very sweet voice.

    Hazeez becomes even more awkward and his face cramps, "Sure..."

    "Thank you, Captain," she walks to him and grabs his hand, giving it a squeeze and making his eyes twitch.

    I see that the caravan is already moving again, we don't have time to stay and console them.

    "Stay safe, please," Ciel gives a hug to each sibling and make them stand up, they nod silently at her but keep their gazes on the ground. Captain Hazeez puts a hand on each of their shoulders and leads them back to the watchtower.

    "Sorry, Ciel," I say and grab her by the waist.

    She shakes her head and grabs my waist, "They will be fine, they are old enough for that and we have our job to do," she says and smiles bitterly.

    Lina grabs Ciel's hand and they both ride the same horse. Roxanne and Hana go for mine and ride together so me and Alissa get the second biggest one while Klein goes to the carriage.

    Aoi happily stays in my lap while Alissa controls the reins from behind me. She's being obedient enough to not try anything else, maybe I should give her a little reward later.

    "Am I going crazy or is she smaller than before?" Klein asks from the window while looking at Aoi, her large eyes look dreamy.

    "Secret," I say and put a finger on my lips.

    "Muuh," Klein puckers her lips and cutely and groans. Osaria lifts an eyebrow at us, Oura is asleep with a book covering her eyes, Laertes is maintaining his bow and his ears flicker at us, and Rande is just daydreaming, his eyes look forward without focus.

    The commoners have been chatty and staring much more at the elementals, now with wonder instead of lewdness.

    I see Roxanne and Hana are skirting around the line of "appropriate" behavior. Roxanne's robe has buttons to open the side, allowing her to sit properly at the horse. This also means that it gives easy access to her pants, which Hana has been taking advantage of.

    They ride in front so only we can truly see what's going on but the occasional faint lewd sound coming might have alerted others. Hana is being very discreet with her movements but her hand hasn't left from the middle of the legs of Roxanne for a good half hour.

    Through [Animal Tongue] I know that the horse they are on is getting excited too, then he turns nervous as he can't do anything about it. Whatever it is that Roxanne's succubus genes does it also affects animals, it seems. I thank the Gods for giving us the ability to masturbate, that horse's existence sounds miserable.

    We continue our journey slowly. When night comes we can only see a single faint light coming from fortress Erda, we are too far to stay there for the night.

    "Couldn't make it in a single day," Rande says with a sigh.

    He dismounts awkwardly and barks orders for us to make camp. He shakes his legs, then walks bow-legged and hunched over for a few steps and slowly straightens. Yeah, he had a boner.

    I pull out the foldable partition and the bath, I station an earth elemental outside just in case a little shit tries to peek on my goddesses.

    Alissa doesn't come to wash me and instead scrubs herself as fast as she can, she only gives me an angry glance and I know what's coming. I scrub myself fast, matching her speed.

    She finishes first and sits on the border of the bath, she spread her legs wide and then spreads her pussy. An inviting meal that instantly makes me erect.

    "Wolf, fuck me," she orders.

    I walk over to her and slap my head on her womb, then I rub my shaft on her slit. She growls like an animal and sinks her nails on my waist with one hand and grips my cock tightly with the other.

    I get a little scared at her actions. She aims me on her entrance and pulls my waist with her other.

    "AHN!" She yelps loudly immediately. I quickly pull out the gag from my "Items" and shove it on her throat. She grabs my waist and uses me to fuck her, her face distorted in a snarl, a low growl escaping the gag with every thrust.

    Savage, she's like an animal and I have already fucked an animal before.

    She presses her nails on my skin like she wants to rip me apart. She spits the gag and shows her fangs to me, then she chomps down on my shoulder, using it as more support so she can fuck herself harder.

    My cock hurts as she's barely wet enough for this level of violence. I sink my nails on her breasts and she yelps/moans louder. Her fangs pierce my skin and I bleed from my shoulder, I feel her tongue lick my blood.

    Alissa is a damn vampire now?

    There's something arousing about having her bite me, of wanting me inside her so much she uses her mouth to get what she wants. Such a deep, wild desire to be filled consumed and now she licks my blood, searching for anything mine that could get inside her.

    The pain of fucking her raw reduces as she gets wetter and wetter. Her legs shake lightly and her grip on my waist loosens, she's almost orgasming. I force myself to let it go, to push my own orgasm out.

    Suddenly her legs wrap around me, pushing me as deep as I can inside her womb. Her whole body shakes, she stops biting me and her back arches sensually, pushing her breasts up.

    "AHN!" She yelps loudly.

    "HNGH!" I grunt as I cum hard inside her.

    I feel a [Heal] on my shoulder followed by a [Clean].

    "Thanks... my love," I say, catching my breath.

    "You, uh, welcome, my love," Ciel says and enters the bath. Her face is flushed and Lina immediately starts sucking on her breasts.

    Alissa's whole body relaxes and she slowly falls into the bath. She smiles, showing her bloody fangs and spreads her legs, letting my cum escape her and float in the bath.

    Suddenly Hana pulls Alissa up and chomps down on her pussy to clean her up. After she's done, Alissa comes towards me and hugs me tight.

    "I'm really sorry about showing my animal side like this but you teased me way too much," she says and blushes.

    I kiss her cute nose and say, "I don't mind, it's nice to see you change once in a while."

    "It's impolite to act like this in human form."

    Hana snorts and shoves Roxanne's tail up her pussy, "Being part animal or something else is what you are, shouldn't be trying to hide it, you should push it out to let it help you get stronger," she says.

    I see through Holly a group of boys sneaking to our position.

    "Being animal or human is what we are. We need to learn how to have two sides before we can properly change forms," Alissa says with a frown as she pushes my cock up her ass and my hand up her pussy.

    "Then after that you need to learn to be both so you can pick the best of the two sides."

    "Hm..." Alissa slows down and thinks. I shove my cock deep inside her and she moans loudly, the boys outside stop and giggle. Her ears flicker, "I heard children, they are close."

    "Yeah, just let them come," I say.

    She looks at me suspiciously, "You want to add exhibitionism to your fetishes?"

    "No, I just want to give them a scare."

    Alissa snorts and continues fucking herself.

    Hana leans down on the bath and closes her eyes, moaning softly.

    Suddenly the earth elemental turns to the children and stomps the ground repeatedly, the children yell in surprise and scatter, one even pissed his pants.

    Roxanne surfaces and ends [Water Breathing], "I heard yells," she says.

    "It was nothing, continue," Hana says and pushes Roxanne down again.

    Rande decided to give a Great Boar to the commoners and make a feast. The large, spherical animal was spit roasted and booze started to flow.

    Me and Ciel helped out by applying some [Heal]s to the older commoners to help with the pain of the trip. If they liked us before, now we turned into celebrities.

    "Master summoner!" A drunk comes towards our table and gives me a cup of not-wine, or whatever this is, "For you! For your elementals are the finest piece of magic I have ever seen!"

    He lifts his cup and I lift mine along, "Bottoms up!" Yells another drunk and we chug.

    I put on 10 points into [Poison Resistance] so I won't get drunk because of this. More people come and offer me booze so I have to quietly cast [Purify Body] on myself. It seems this had the opposite effect as more people saw I was not getting drunk and decided to just give me more until I did.

    I let a bit of alcohol accumulate and exaggerated my drunk acting, then I was finally left alone.

    I started to feel bad about Gify eating as much as a grown person so I pulled out some more food for him. His early warning saved us so he at least deserves that.

    Klein gets drunk easily and is taken away by Laertes. I see the husky weredog covering her with a blanket and then quickly getting out with a deeper frown than normal on his face.

    Roxanne is being nearly molested by Osaria. She's touching Roxanne's hair, leaning dangerously close, touching her hand, letting their thighs touch, running her hand through Roxanne's back. Then Osaria's hand stopped on Roxanne's thigh and stayed there, slowly moving up and closer to her pussy, occasionally her fingers rub softly and lightly.

    The dark-skinned milf is wearing even less clothing right now, it's literally a bikini, smaller than the one before. It even shows the form of her nipples and her large dark soft breasts are almost spilling over.

    I get an idea and whisper something to Lina, she frowns slightly, then looks at Ciel then at Roxanne. She bites her lips, closes her legs, and rubs her hands along her thighs. She finally nods shyly but I still see some fear in her eyes, fear that slowly gives room to lust and depravity.

    Roxanne is getting drunker and drunker while my dick gets harder and harder. Osaria sends me a kiss when Roxanne is not looking and I get up. I walk to Roxanne and cast [Purify Body].

    "Oh, Mr. Ryder, please join us," Osaria's voice is dripping with sensuality. She grabs my thigh and pushes me forward, her fingers brushing on my dick.

    "I apologize but I think she's had enough," I say and pull a sobering Roxanne up, she immediately casts [Conjure Water] on her own mouth and groans as the fog in her head dissipates.

    Hana, that's sitting beside Roxanne, smiles and winks at me. Rande didn't back down and is now giving her expensive elven alcohol after expensive elven alcohol. I bring Roxanne to sit with us and the moment Rande's hand touches Hana's thigh she rises and comes to join us.

    "I think I just drank a few gold coins," Hana says, gushing with happiness. She lifts me and lowers me on her lap, a hand immediately goes up my shirt to caress my body while the other rests on my thigh, lightly touching my stiff cock.

    I look at Rande and see his expression frozen, almost sour. Then he rises and finds Nito, they both go to the carriage where Oura is sleeping.

    "Had fun?" I ask Hana.

    "Yes, thanks Wolfy," she says and kisses my neck repeatedly. "Thanks for trusting me, too, not that many men would let another chase his wife like this."

    I shrug, "Every once in a while sounds harmless, specially when you can use him to get free expensive alcohol."

    "I would rather not play these games," Ciel says with a frown, "specially that one," she points to Roxanne, who jolts awake and takes a nervous glance towards Osaria.

    "Alright, let's keep it contained," I say. Ciel softens, Alissa's tail stops swaying, and Lina looks troubled.

    We retreat to our tent and I spread 7 elementals around: 2 fire, 2 earth, and 3 nature since they have good night vision. Holly is out and I'm feeling comfortable enough to not use a Shad.

    As we take our clothes out Ciel drops down on the bed, feeling a little too tired. I climb over her and fill her neck with kisses, then I lower to her back, [Massaging] her spine. When I reach the lower end she's already closing her eyes in pleasure.

    I knead her large ass and [Massage] my way down her thick thighs, then to her calves and finally I reach her feet, that she happily offers for me to suck.

    I play with them a little but I let Hana take over that. I spread Ciel's ass cheeks and shove my tongue down her delicious dark asshole, making her moan and giggle.

    She squirms and her breath gets heavier. She grabs her own breasts and start to suck on them, then she opens her eyes.

    Roxanne is staring at Ciel while Lina has her eyes closed. Roxanne's tail is slowly making her way up Lina's thighs, tickling her while Roxanne's fingers slowly play with Lina's labia majora, slowly inching closer to her minora.

    Ciel tenses and I feel her asshole puckers. She completely freezes and watches as Roxanne makes her way towards Lina's pussy with an evil smile.

    Meanwhile Alissa is already masturbating like the degenerate she is.

    I spread Ciel's ass cheeks wider and see her pussy getting wet. I shove a finger inside both holes and a stressful moan escapes Ciel.

    Roxanne's tail touches Lina's lips, spreading them slowly while entering delicately, Ciel breathes in and clenches her fists. I pull out my fingers and spread lube on my dick, then I push it inside her ass, the tightness is extreme. She moans again as I finally pierce her resistance and orgasms, I push my finger inside her pussy and it leaves with delicious cream that I lick.

    Roxanne turns Lina's head and kisses her, Lina receives the kiss and opens her little mouth. Their tongues entwine, Roxanne's tail fucks Lina and her fingers play with the little girls clit, meanwhile Ciel experiences first-hand the pleasure/pain/degeneracy of NTR.

    While I fuck Ciel and bring her to multiple orgasms she keeps her eyes glued to Lina, who fucks Roxanne like a thirsty little whore.

    On the third orgasm Ciel collapses and I let it out all over her back. She barely moves after Alissa cleans her, only crawls further in the bed and clamps her mouth on Lina's. They end up sleeping with their noses touching.

    Too tired for anything else, I fall asleep with Aoi in my arms, a dangerous position to be in.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Cody Weigel.
    Lord Bill.
    Noble Salty Panda.
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    I wake up in the middle of the night, Holly is making warning sounds in my head, 5 Grassland Goblins are sneaking closer. These are smaller and more silent than the average one, they like to hide in the tall grass and prowl about.

    I silently push Aoi to the side and untangle myself from the mess of naked bodies, this time we didn't have the energy to sleep in armor. As I walk to the entrance of the tent suddenly Alissa straightens, her eyes open wide in shock. She quickly and silently comes to me, then she hugs my arm tight.

    "Why are you up?" She asks softly.

    "Goblins, I'll just tell the elementals where they are."

    "Oh… well you scared me, leaving me alone on the bed like that."

    "Sorry," I smile wryly and kiss her nose.

    Holly can see the goblins so I call her back and tell her to show their location to the elementals. Two get stomped, two get strangled, and the last one tries to run but dies burned alive while screaming. Unfortunately he woke up the rest of the camp, so I spent a few more annoying minutes assuring everyone that the goblins were dead.

    "Wolfy~?" Roxanne asks groggily as I lay down on the bed.


    "What was that?"

    "Goblins, they are dead now."

    "Thank yoo~…"

    Today is the 6th.

    I feel my whole body tingle, a slight caress that playfully stimulate my senses. My lips part and mouth is filled, I feel something snake inside and carefully taste every inch of my mouth, my palate, my teeth, my gums. I wish to suck on it, to have it fill me more, to caress me harder and faster, to swallow it all inside of me.

    My nipples tingle, my body is played with, my penis is massaged by something slick and warm, so very warm.

    I open my eyes slowly and see the twirl of color from Aoi's red and blue eyes, they stare at me like a mischievous child stealing from the cookie jar. I feel her scales on as she lays on top of me, they wave slowly, tickling my entire body but focus on my nipples.

    With one hand I grab her head and push her deeper, she chuckles girlishly and increases the intensity of her massage. I caress the small bumps of her spine with the other hand, this always delights her and makes her close her eyes in happiness.

    The depravity of being inside her fills me with energy and I pump my waist. A moan escapes and I feel something is wrong, I see a mane of wavy red hair. I regain focus in my eyes and see from behind Aoi that Hana is mounting me.

    I'm not fucking Aoi and that nearly made me go limp. I close my eyes and focus on the feeling I had. To fuck a dragon would be the most badass thing someone could ever do, I'll be the manliest man that ever manlied. Making a force of nature like a real dragon get addicted to my cock would be my magcum opus.

    I imagine the feeling of Aoi's pointy teeth rubbing on my shaft, her slick tongue then wraps around my shaft, her dangerous head just a few centimeters from biting off my dick. Then I release it all inside her long mouth and she swallows all she can with happiness.

    After the first meal is done, I use my whole body to pin her down, I feel her dripping cunt ready for mating. My barbed dick penetrates her forcefully, she struggles, trying to bite me while I mate with her.

    My claws sink on her flesh, my wings wrap us together, my dick inflates and knots inside her, letting my semen impregnate her. I bite on her shoulder and leave my mark, showing to all others who she belongs to. I savor the taste of her blood on my long tongue, the metallic taste mixed with the rich mana that has her mark.

    I plunge my cock inside Hana's womb and flood it. Aoi's tongue slows down and slowly withdraws, leaving me wanting for more.

    "You got pretty excited there, Dragon Fucker," Roxanne says with a smirk.

    No, that's wrong, there's a better one, a proper one, a right one.

    "'Father of Dragons', that's the one I want," I say.

    "Hm?" Aoi tilts her head at me.

    "I'll give you many children, Aoi, we will make a new race of dragons."

    Fucking hell, now I want to be a dragon. That feeling I got from her wasn't normal, but it felt damn good.

    "Kweeh!" She cries happily.

    Hana slides off of me with a satisfied smile and Alissa digs her morning meal out of Hana's pussy.

    There's some truth about Alissa's and Hana's words on the animal side. It was exhilarating; whatever connection I formed with Aoi, I felt like I could fly forever or rip and tear through hordes of monsters. But it was also consuming, like it was hard to control and I would lose myself to the feral side.

    Was that you, Gify?


    Well, don't do it without my consent, that was just a glimpse and it felt overwhelming.


    We prepare ourselves and eat a simple morning breakfast. I drink a lot of not-earl-grey with not-vanilla biscuits so I have more energy. Waking up in the middle of the night disrupted my sleep.

    "Feeling better, Ciel?" I ask and give her hand a light squeeze.

    "Wha-… Oh, so yesterday was you trying to console me?" She narrows her eyes and pouts.

    "It helped, right? At least you came repeatedly from that," I give her a cheeky smile.

    She sighs and looks at Lina, who gets flustered and keeps her eyes down, "That was the most depraved thing I have ever done, I'm not proud of it but it did feel good…" Her voice fades the more she speaks and her face cramps.

    "See? It's filthy, depraved but so, so, so, damn, good," Alissa says, her last words cause a shiver on her. "I advise to not overdo it, it's also draining."

    "You never told me it was draining," I say to Alissa.

    "I just had a lot of energy to drain," she smiles adorably.

    "Or you are just a filthy slut," Roxanne says casually.

    "That I am."

    When we come out the sun finished rising out of the mountains. The commoners are finishing picking up their things so we just mount our horses and start clearing the area.

    This time Roxanne is with me, she uses the most perfume so it's always a pleasure to hug her.

    I see Osaria smiling suggestively at us and I quickly move to the front.

    "You enjoyed being molested?" I ask Roxanne.

    Roxanne groans lowly and hugs me tighter, "It's not as fun as you think, Wolfy, too many women think we succubus are sluts who fuck anybody. It doesn't help that some are, but not all."

    "Oh right, you said that once, didn't you? Sorry about that," I cringe a little.

    "You don't have to apologize. And it's not like I don't enjoy it, but I don't want to be seen as unfaithful, or like I'm disrespecting you. I don't have the same courage as Hana to play around with Rande."

    "What about that thing about us fucking in front of Sonny?"

    "That's…" I look back and see her biting her lips in embarrassment, "Just a wild, depraved fantasy."

    "And you fucking Lina yesterday?"

    "Well, Lina is Lina, she's different, she's family, someone I can trust. And I actually do love her, a little."


    Roxanne seems a little flustered, "Don't tell her that…"



    "What are you talking about?" Hana comes over with Klein.

    Roxanne grips my chest and I feel her heart beat faster. "Nothing important," she says.

    "She told me something embarrassing," I say and both the girls look at me evilly.

    "Wolfy…" Roxanne's hand wraps around my neck and squeeze threateningly.

    "Well, just pester her until she tells you about it," I say and shrug, her nail digs on my skin painfully for a moment and she releases me.

    The tall grass becomes short, then it becomes moss that becomes rock. The path turns more vertical then starts to snake so we can climb more efficiently. Fort Erda slowly becomes visible, a huge blue-gray wall built in the crack of the mountain range. Down below there's a small town built around it.

    To our right, a small brook runs close making soft calming sounds of running water. It snakes down and disappears among rocks, it reappears again near The Smirk only to disappear again inside the Shore of Leaves.

    To our left we see raised earth, showing the different layers of sediment. The emperor at the time used [Fissure] to widen the opening of the mountain, allowing for the army to pass more easily, then he closed it again partially, leaving part of the ground cracked and raised.

    "Was it emperor or empress that widened fort Erda?" I ask Lina.

    "I think it was Emperor Sofos, his daughter Phystosa was the one who lead the creation of the Shore of Leaves. It was when Rabanara was founded that she became Empress," she answers. "The books says they had to rebuild the entire fort town since it was merely a small elven garrison to keep the foot monsters away."

    I look at the mountain, I can see the continuous snow peaks get suddenly interrupted by a large crack. The fortress wall is still small in comparison to the mountain range but it's measured at 200 meters, so it's only "small". I notice the wall is curved towards us, it's made this way so it can survive Grim Giant sieges.

    "Ooh, so you are a historian?" Klein asks, her dreamy eyes open wide.

    "Not really… I just read a lot," Lina says.

    "More than the average person so you could call yourself an amateur historian," I say.

    "Do you like to read, Klein?" Ciel asks.

    "No!" She says proudly and thumps her modest chest.

    "She likes to play around," Hana says and chuckles. "You still visiting the orphanages?"

    "Always, a few kids call me 'pretty miss' so I give them candy once in a while, the ones who call me 'squeaky monkey' only get dried goblin ears."

    Like, Santa?

    Alissa, Ciel, and Klein start to talk about orphans and the games they play. Meanwhile I summon two air elementals to keep the Dragolites from harassing us, they make nests near the mountains and so they fly over caravans like vultures waiting for an opportunity.

    At 9AM we reach the Fort. It's dirtier, muddier, and colder than Rabanara, but the view from here is amazing and we didn't even go up the wall. Colored squares make a patchwork of farms, each color looks vibrant under the sun; further we see Rabanara and the castle, the flag on top a barely perceptible waving square; further than that there's the Sea of Trees, endless waves of green; I think I can see where the Tree of Mana is, but the blue mist of the long distance makes it hard to see.

    "There's dwarven-like houses inside the mountain, you can see the light shining out of them at night," Lina says.

    "Can we go there?" I ask.

    Lina's eyes light up, "Yes, we might have enough time."

    I pull out an Emergency Ring and give it to Rande.

    "Once you get near the exit send us a signal and we will join you," I tell him and he gives me a slightly annoyed nod.

    We dismount and move towards the gate, the 10 meters-high wall looks like a palisade in front of the real wall behind it.

    The soldiers are now a mix of imperial and local, the imperial ones wear red cloaks, the higher rank ones have yellow or white details on them. They use more metal than the ones on Rabanara, a few even walk with plate and metal kite shields.

    The soldier that sees our town pass raises an eyebrow but let us pass without problem. Klein is held back for a few minutes and then joins us.

    "Is it okay for you to be away from the caravan?" Hana asks.

    "I'm just there to kill monsters, I don't think he trusts me to keep cargo safe," Klein answers and shows her tongue mischievously.

    The inside of the town is made out of brick buildings. Though they aren't the same color as the imperial style, they still retain the same form. Some of the wealthier buildings are painted the right colors.

    The ground lacks grass so there's mud, dust, and soot everywhere. This is one of the few quarries and mines in this part of the continent so it's quite busy. The miners look almost like adventurers walking around in armor with picks instead of swords, monsters like to appear inside mines so it's a dangerous job. Plenty of forges and refineries work non-stop, the quality of the metal is good but it's not the most expertly crafted armor around.

    I notice a considerable amount of dwarves here, still in the minority, but much more than Rabanara.

    We pass by many inns until we reach the real wall, then we enter a large dimly lit tunnel bustling with wagons carrying raw material, most of it going towards the north instead of Rabanara.

    The other side is very different, not only is it much bigger but it's also much more organized and clean. There's elven buildings mixed with the imperial ones, houses made entirely out of the trunk of a tree. They inflate the tree trunk using [Grow] until it is at the appropriate size and then hollow it out. The small tree crowns on top of the thick trunk look adorable, like a little green hat on a large spherical brown head.

    Lina looks around until she finds a very small building with the banner, "[Gate] services", there's two doors, one with "In" and another with "Out" written on top.

    An old man with a crystal ball waits inside the "In" room.

    "Commercial area inside the mountain, please," Lina asks shyly.

    The old man grunts and points to a large scale that fits all of us plus some more. Then all of us put a finger on a crystal ball and a number is shown on the old man's tablet. Both were measuring our weight and the weight of our [Item Box]es, the total fee was nearly a silver for each of us.

    We touch the black circle and we are taken to a completely different place. We leave the "Out" room and look around.

    We are in a large cave, the ceiling is high and filled with colored small twinkling lights. The buildings are all blocky and full of carvings, sharp angles and geometrical patterns being the trend, some buildings have glowing mushrooms on top. The streets are wide and made of cement. The magic tool lights and the humidity give a rather gloomy atmosphere.

    The air is much more chilly and there's a constant breeze coming out of single direction.I see a small light coming out of there, must be the exit to the top of the wall.

    "Good thing we are wearing armor," Roxanne says.

    We all deactivate our [Breeze] and look at Klein. Her small shorts, bare midriff, and exposed arms don't look very comfortable.

    "Wolf, give her my fur cloak," Alissa says.

    I flicker through my "Items" for a bit until I finally find it, a black cloak lined with dark brown fur, simple but elegant.

    "T-thank you," Klein says with her teeth chattering, she accepts it without hesitation.

    "Do you ever wear armor?" Hana asks.

    "Only at the High Forest."

    "What about you, Aoi, feeling cold?"

    The little dragon huffs flame and smiles, showing fangs, then gives me a lick on the cheek and goes back to coiling herself around my neck.

    We walk down the street, the buildings are mostly restaurants and tea shops. I see one that screams of "homemade food" and stop at the front.

    "Let's have lunch, we are paying," I say and add the last part with a glance towards Klein.

    She awkwardly scratches her monkey ears and nod, "Thanks, Mr. Ryder," she says shyly.

    "Just call me Wolf."

    "Sure thing!"

    We enter the restaurant and a plump brown-haired young dwarven woman comes to greet us, Lina's gloomy eyes instantly light up. The woman looks young but I see the signs of dwarven age, slow movements, tired eyes, slightly spotty skin, awkward gait.

    "Welcome to the Mycelial Spice, I am Bia, how can I help you?"

    "Do you have a table by the window?" Alissa asks.

    "Sure, there's a balcony over there, it's covered by windows so you do not need to worry about the wind."

    "Do you have Dodlig soup?" Lina asks.

    She smiles warmly at Lina, "Yes, we have that. We also have raw Giftig salad for dwarves, boiled Giftig for the other races," her eyes flicker to Hana, who smirks, "Fried Oatlig with beef, and Osmaltbar pudding."

    Lina drools absentmindedly.

    "We can have it all and share if it's too much," I say and the girls nod.

    The view on the balcony is amazing, we are looking at the Goldcross side. Steps of paddies of something that's not rice fill the mountain all the way down until it reaches Goldcross very far in the distance, a sprawling city shining gold in the sunlight, seemingly larger than Rabanara.

    To the west of Goldcross the terrain angles again until the road reaches Fort Katakti on the Rakontagne mountain range, which continues north much further than we can see. To the northwest of Goldcross there's only a small belt of farms that turn into grassland until the landscape turns blue and we can't see anything anymore, but we will be able to see the High Forest from Goldcross once we get there.

    Our food comes and our stomachs rumble, even though we are having an early lunch.

    In the paddies a thick algae grows, it's quite watery and is eaten raw as salad or as seasoning, tasting similar to zucchini. We order both chips and salad of the algae. Fried Oatlig has a very earthy taste, something like a non-spicy chili mix with a hint of coffee. Osmaltbar has a faint bittersweet taste, remind me of carob when I ate it nearly raw once.

    We get a bitter stout beer to go with, though except for Lina we only drink a cup. I don't really like alcohol but I can recognize when it goes well with the food and this one was on the spot.

    Bia occasionally looks at us curiously as we eat, it's not every day you get a troupe of women, a young boy, a little obedient dragon, and a cute nature spirit as customers.


    "Did any of you come here when you passed through the Fort?" I ask the girls.

    Alissa and Hana shake their heads. "Slave," Alissa says.

    "We had very little money at the time so we just passed through here quickly," Lina says.

    "We left Rabanara in the morning on horses and entered Goldcross at night, staying here long wasn't interesting," Ciel says.

    "I came through Fort Reita and it wasn't much different from this one. I also didn't spend long and just passed right through," Roxanne says.

    "You don't really talk about your days with the Templars," Alissa says to Ciel.

    She smiles bitterly, "I'm just like Wolfy, easier to avoid ever talking about it."

    Klein looks at us confused, her dreamy eyes blinking repeatedly, "You were a Templar?" She asks.

    "Kind of, Honorary Templar was my title, I was just a… well, a potential lover for one," Ciel blushes slightly.

    "Ooh! That's amazing! We were escorted by some Wandering Knights once and it was a breeze, they were so strong and skilled I thought my heart would melt! But when I talked to them they were kind of uptight, not my type," she shows her tongue and tilts her head in a pose.

    "Most of them are, you don't get to be a Templar if your manners lacks polish," Ciel says and smiles wryly.

    "What kind of Templar were you following?"

    "A standard Platoon. We were focused on hunting monsters or the Wicked before we were ambushed by a swarm of Dream Eaters and we fell apart."

    "Awn… I'm sorry to hear that."

    "We fought Dream Eaters before, I would rather not do it again," Hana says solemnly.

    "To meet a swarm in the wild is incredibly rare."

    "We were going to investigate a Lord that was being incompetent in keeping the monsters at bay, ironically we were attacked by the same monsters the Lord was supposed to exterminate," Ciel says and looks out the window wistfully.

    "What happened to that Lord?" Klein asks.

    "After we got the word to the other Templars about what had happened, he was executed along with his wife and Chosen Descendant."

    Klein cringes and looks away.

    "How was the Templar that you loved?" I ask Ciel.

    "Well, I already told you that," she answers and rubs her arm awkwardly.

    I lean over the table and grab her hand, "But you haven't told us much detail." I give her a squeeze. "Please…?" I beg in the most adorable tone I can.

    Ciel puckers her lips and thinks for a few seconds, then she leans on her chair and I release her hand.

    "Well, the thing I remember most about him was his smile, it was just so wide and white. With a square face and large chin he looked like one of those naked statues the weird Lords like to stare at," she giggles softly as she reminisces.

    "What statues?" I ask.

    "Well, some nobles like to look at muscular, perfectly defined male bodies. They act like the body is a piece of art," Hana says, "Most that act like that are men with a taste in other men, the rest are the muscle brains who like to look at men similar to themselves."

    Ciel starts to blush lightly, "Your view is a little narrow but yes, he was kind of a muscle brain too."

    "How did you go from a muscle brain to, well, no offense Wolf, but him?" Klein says incredulous while pointing at me.

    "None taken."

    "She got better taste," Roxanne says in a sultry voice that awakens lower me.

    Alissa and Lina nod in agreement.

    "I was young and stupid… and horny," Ciel says and giggles louder.

    "So he was kind of like Rande?" Alissa asks.

    "Oh no, Rande is too proud of himself, Macht was much more down-to-the-ground, he was more of a charismatic joker."

    "So you got seduced by a dashing and charismatic warrior with the body of a hero and dropped everything to follow him?" Roxanne teases while lifting her eyebrows repeatedly.

    "I wasn't-…" Ciel starts but stops herself and goes quiet, her face goes redder and redder.

    "She did say she was young, stupid, and horny," Hana says with a smirk.

    Ciel drinks the rest of her beer in one go, "Let's change the topic, please!" She pleads.

    We remain there waiting for a long time, the restaurant is only slowly getting full so we are not hogging a table that someone else could be using.

    Then at 11AM we get a green signal from Rande and go back down with much regret. Laertes glares at me, it was so sudden that it nearly made me stop in my tracks, I guess my closeness to Klein is getting to him.

    This could get awkward.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Cody Weigel.
    Lord Bill.
    Noble Salty Panda.
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    As we leave the gates I look back and see a mansion protruding out of the mountain, that's the Lord's house, Ankara's parents. I didn't think they would raise a stink with us but I'm glad nothing happened.

    The path down the Fort is long and snaking. To our left we see the paddies where farmers slowly work, a small burst of mana comes out of them once in a while as they use magic to make the plants grow faster. To our right we see a few farms protected by high walls, the monsters come from that side often so only the more hardened farmers stay.

    As we go down the snaking slope we move much faster than before, but it's still a long way down, much more than we went up. Goldcross slowly disappears from our sight as the horizon lowers and the air gets much more humid and hot.

    The right side starts to get less rocky and more wet, the moss and dirt become grass that quickly becomes marsh. Over there is the Elven Wetlands, or Antano in the native tongue.

    "We will arrive by night, barely making it," Klein comments.

    The road is getting more and more crowded as farmers, adventurers, and soldiers go towards the town. At least we don't have to work on this stretch as any monsters approaching were already taken care of far from us.

    "It looks like the town might get crowded," I say.

    "It will, it's why Mom and Dad are already holding an inn there for us."

    "Won't the other towns in the High Forest also be crowded?" Roxanne asks. "Goloria was packed when I went there."

    "Goloria maybe, but before we reach there… not so much," Klein says with a slight cringe.

    "We only heard rumors, how are things really like over there?" Hana asks.

    "The territory under Crown Lord Este is suffering, they aren't handling the amount of monsters and bandits very well."

    I come closer to Hana and Klein's horse and ask in a low tone, "Is the Lord's problem related to how Rande fell from being a noble?"

    Klein glances at Rande, who's talking to his mother, "No, that was a few years ago, before I joined. I heard that Lord Este's problems are actually the other high elven Lords."

    "So he fell to a conspiracy?"

    "Falling, he's still holding on but I think even the empire is getting annoyed at the disruption on the High Road."

    "With the fall of Aremut the emperor must be getting very nervous," Lina says.

    ld "He would be the worst emperor in history if he lost two territories under his reign," Roxanne says with a laugh.

    "And two very important ones too. Aremut is important for attuned weapons, the High Forest is important for magical wood and as a trade route," Ciel says.

    "And skin-care products," Roxanne adds.

    "How's the situation over there? I hardly know anything about Aremut," I ask.

    "Well the undead took over the entire kingdom, and did nothing after that…" Klein shrugs.

    "The army is keeping the place on lock down, they say they can't get inside because the undead's corruption is too high," Lina says.

    "In the entire kingdom?" I ask and she nods. "How could they even do that? The corruption only lasts when there's an undead present."

    Lina shrugs and the others follow when I look at them.

    "There's a way to stop it with mobile [Sanctuari]es," Ciel says, "But it's hard to cover an army with it so only small expeditions managed to get inside the City of the Damned."

    Lina's Trivia: The City is actually called Spita Bureya but since the kingdom fell the spirits of the area became distorted and malicious, they attack the mind and inflict suffering upon others who come close. The description of the area is on par with a dark and haunted land so the new name became popular quite quickly.

    "I heard the only thing the undead changed inside the City was that they added a new tower," Klein says like an old woman talking about gossip.

    "That sounds ominous," I say and look at Alissa, who smiles, and Ciel, who frowns.

    "Aremut is right next to Mountainhome, maybe we could cross the Atskild mountain range and take a look," Alissa says with a smirk.

    Klein coughs and looks at Alissa wide eyed, her brown tail is straight up, tickling Hana's face. "What!? Are you one of those mad adventurers who enters unmanaged dungeons just for a thrill?" Klein's voice cracks a little, then she cleans her throat and recomposes herself. Her tail leaves Hana's face who seemed to enjoy it.

    "We are looking for a dungeon to conquer so, maybe? A little?" Hana says with a shrug.

    "At least half," Ciel says with a snort.

    "Kweh! Kill, undead, they, taste, bad!"

    Klein looks at all of us slack-jawed.

    "Gih, guh… gih."

    Gify doesn't like to fight but he likes to watch.

    "Why did you say it like it was sex joke?" Alissa asks Gify, whose beak curves in a smile.

    Klein knits her eyebrows, "Doesn't the spirit's mind get molded after the one who tamed them?" She asks.

    They all turn to me and I smile faintly. "Wait! Gify is more independent than others spirits, you could say he still has his own personality," I try to defend myself.

    "Uh huh… the things you do to me make me think otherwise," Alissa says with narrowed eyes.

    Sadistic-Alissa is coming out!

    Klein's eyes dart between me and Alissa.

    "Look at his face, Klein, that's the face of a sadistic sex-fiend, a monster who abuses his slaves daily," Hana says in a low tone on Klein's ears, her pupils dilate and her eyes glue to me in fear. Hana's voice turns into a barely understandable whisper, "he made me bleed on my first time and didn't even stop, he enjoyed the blood."

    "H-Hana, that's a bit too far, we didn't do it like that. Y-you are scaring her," I say and force a smile.

    "Oh?" She raises her head and smirks, "So you didn't spread our assholes wide until we bled and kept fucking us? Even when we cried?"

    "N-no, not like that…"

    Roxanne hugs me tighter and licks my face. "This taste… is the taste of a liar!"

    "Wolf Ryder, you monster," Ciel starts, barely containing her smile. "You stole my innocence, then abused me and held me in place while my lover was being taken by another right in front of my eyes!"

    Klein looks at Ciel and frowns, "Oh…" Her posture relaxes as realization kicks in, "So you guys really are weirdos… damn you, Hana, I trusted you."

    Hana snickers evilly and hugs Klein tight, her hand drifts dangerously close to the border of Klein's shorts. "We are fun weirdos, Wolfy is very open-minded so we just play around quite often," her voice turns suggestive at the last few words.

    "Better to have fun now since we all might die horribly tomorrow," I say.

    Alissa looks at me oddly, "Rather morbid for you."

    "Bad things happen, we must enjoy the now until the bad things disrupt our fun." I shrug.

    "Sounds better."

    "You sound like a priest of Love," Klein says with a chuckle.

    Ciel puckers her lips a little sourly and looks away.

    As we talk, Hana's hands trace circles below Klein's belly button, making her breathe heavier, while the other hand slowly inches upwards until it's covered by Klein's shirt. As I see her nipples poke through her shirt I get the confirmation that she doesn't wear a sash or bra.

    Hana's hand squeezes Klein's ribs, making her gasp lightly as it slowly inches upwards. Hana leans over and breathes down Klein's neck, her emerald scales rubbing on the brown monkey ears.

    Klein arches her back and raises her head higher, rubbing her cheek against Hana's. She closes her eyes and bites her lip, her hands grab Hana's thigh strongly as her hips move back and forth, trying to rub herself on the saddle.

    Hana's hand drifts upwards and squeezes the right breast, making Klein moan softly. Her arm angles upwards and makes the shirt rise up, exposing a brown underboob. The other hand enters her shorts, then Klein suddenly grabs both hands and pushes them away. With a heavy breath she merely glances at all of us, a small smile forms but is quickly suppressed.

    Ciel and Roxanne aren't pleased, though they look rather anxious instead of angry.

    Okay, we really need to talk about Klein tonight.

    The rest of the way is a little awkward as we turn silent and Klein's excitement slowly dies, it is then replaced by full-blown embarrassment. I only glance at Laertes once and see he's at the window of the carriage, glaring at me, so I don't look again.

    Goldcross slowly becomes fully visible again as dusk comes and the commoners give happy but tired cries. The light yellow wall is just as high as Rabanara's, covering most buildings from our view but I still see the orange shingles and cute leafy crowns from the imperial and elven styles. There's no castle in this town but there's still the Lord's mansion that will peek above the houses once we get on the main street.

    There's some people building a part of the wall a ways to the right of the town, an extension to the city. When you have [Earth Magic] to help, building and tearing down walls is not a very hard job.

    The town blocks our view of the High Forest but we can see the peaks of the Ultirei's Tomb artificial mountain far behind the town. It looks like a rusty, giant, jagged meat cleaver.

    As we finally approach the line to enter town, the night has already come. The psychedelic moon is fully visible in the night sky, the blue one is shining bright.

    The ambiance is a symphony of crickets, there weren't many bugs in the Shore of Leaves and I was thankful for that. Crickets are not something I missed from Earth, if those things can even be called crickets. If horses are carnivorous and huge in this world, then what are the insects like?

    Once the wagons park behind a caravan in front, the commoners cheer and Rande turns his horse around. "As of now my contract has been fulfilled and you are safe, you can leave and go wherever you want," he announces to them.

    We dismount our horses and plenty of commoners come give a goodbye to us. Though, quite a lot seem very interested in getting near Aoi and Gify so they can give them a pat, not that I, or the two, actually dislike it.

    "Thank you, young ones, you helped me a lot. My hips are barely hurting from this trip," says an old human woman who bows to me and Ciel.

    Ciel moves to the woman and gives her a small [Heal], "Now they shouldn't hurt anymore, right?"

    "Oh, ooh… thank you, my Grand healer! Thank you! How may I ever repay you?!" The woman's face lights up and she bows.

    "Please, just continue as you are and offer help to the temple once in a while," Ciel says, she pulls the woman straight and gives her hand a squeeze.

    "Certainly! I could cook for the orphans my own vegetable stew, just like you love it, hm?" She looks over to the young man beside her.

    "Y-yes grandma, I'm sure they would love it…" The young man says and they leave.

    As the commoners finally leave, Osaria approaches us with a sway on her hips. Oura and a now calm Laertes follow behind.

    "I will show you the inn," Osaria says in her sultry voice.

    We spend a few minutes on customs waiting for the others and finally we move on. After the military buildings, the taverns become numerous, all bustling with activity. We already see a few drunks being kicked out.

    The amount of demon race walking around dropped drastically while the elves increased to make up the difference. The elves are mostly the silver kind, they are about the same height as humans but skinnier and much, much easier on the eyes. They say the elves have a "curse of beauty" which makes them all look beautiful but also very similar. I see there's some truth to that, or just that the elves don't usually marry outside of their race, keeping their gene pool small.

    The town is very orderly and well-built, the architect seems to love square blocks, the town is a perfect grid. It's completely different from Rabanara's crooked buildings, twisting dark alleys, and varied architectural styles. It's cozy and nice but I still prefer Rabanara, a perfect neighborhood feels fake to me.

    We reach the inn, the Shining Lake, a larger building not very different from the ones around.

    "What kind of room did you ask for us?" I whisper to Hana.

    "The biggest."

    Oh yes.

    The interior is the same like any other inn, the first floor is the dining room, where a large number of patrons are eating their dinners to the sound of a lute. The bard might be the most interesting thing around, a beautiful werecat woman wearing the elven standard bikini with a few pieces of cloth hanging.

    Out of a seat a really large man comes out and walks with a confident stride towards us.

    "Klein!" The black mass of muscles exclaims.

    Okay, we really need to talk about Klein.

    "Dad!" She answers back and rushes to hug him.

    The man is a wereape, gorilla if I were to make a guess. His head is bald and shining with pure black skin, he has pieces of fur coming out of the back of his hand, small ears, beady little eyes on his huge square face, a low brow that gives him a perpetual frown, large pointy teeth easily seen from behind his smile, logs for legs and arms that he proudly displays in his tight shirt, and enviable amounts of facial and chest hair.

    Klein launches herself into his arms and he carries her like one carries a twig.

    "Oohohoh… how has my little girl behaved?" He asks, his voice is a loud low rumble that even catches the attention of the other patrons.

    "Like always, a mischievous monkey, but an adorable one," Osaria says and the wereape bellows a single laugh.

    He glances at Laertes and his face gives him pause.

    "Hello, Klein," says a very soft voice coming out of the side of the wereape, it's a very small weremonkey woman. Shorter than Klein, she has paler skin and fur but still looks very similar to her daughter, with a more delicate and mature look in comparison to the bubbly, cute young woman. Her tail is also much shorter than Klein's, it's an odd thing since wereapes don't have tails.

    "Hey, Mom!"

    "Anton, Krista, this is Helios, the fellowship we hired as main escort," Osaria introduces us.

    We share a quick introduction, Anton doesn't shake anyone's hands except Hana's. His huge meat club he calls a hand looks very threatening and makes me afraid for the integrity of the bones in my hand.

    "Good to see you well, Hana. Didn't expect to meet you again so soon," Anton says in a nostalgic tone.

    "Good to see you too, big man. It's going to be just like old times," Hana answers with her characteristic smile.

    "I hope so, or not, you were really reckless back then," Krista chimes in.

    "I… got better," she glances back to us, "I have more people to protect now."

    Anton chuckles softly and Krista nods in understanding.

    The greetings continue and like everyone who meets Aoi, they seem surprised at her ability to speak. Though they look much more interested in Gify.

    "So, Helios," Anton starts loudly with an upbeat tone and everyone looks at him, even a few patrons, "You can now trust me to keep whatever is on the wagons safe while you hunt down any monsters that could threaten us. On the contrary of Rande, I can actually use a battleaxe and cleave my way through nearly anything, so you don't have to rely on his enchantment working against everything," he finishes with a thumbs up and a wink of his small left eye.

    There's no remaining doubt in my mind about who is Klein's father.

    "It certainly won't help against Weepers," Krista says in a more normal tone.

    Osaria rolls her eyes discreetly and speaks, "Right, thank you for your work, Anton. Anyway, we'll be leaving in two days so we will meet up at the north gate on sunrise, around 6AM, I believe."

    "I'll let you rest, your trip must have been tiring, shouldn't have fought anything dangerous over there, but still," Anton says and bows softly while Osaria and Oura walk away.

    "Well… heheh…" Klein laughs softly and Krista looks at her with an eyebrow raised. "We had an interesting fight, but anyway, let them rest. Oh, yes! Can we see you all tomorrow?"

    "Sure thing," I say and everyone nods, calmly, though I see Hana's scales twitch.

    As we leave towards the bathhouse behind the inn I see them sit back down at their table and Laertes joins them.

    We reserve a bath for ourselves and with a sigh I finally take off all of my armor. Staying all day on a horse isn't so uncomfortable when you have [Heal] and [Regeneration] to deal with the pain but it's still physically tiring and it doesn't stop the pain from coming in the first place.

    Hana gets Ciel and Lina to wash her at the same time, they both stare at Hana like someone stares at a piece of art.

    I slowly wash Roxanne and she strikes poses for me while my hand glides through her unnaturally white and perfect skin. After Alissa quickly washes Aoi, who doesn't really enjoy this part, she starts to feel a little left out so Hana washes her in return, then the washing quickly turns into savage finger fucking.

    As we enter the bath, Alissa grunts and collapses, she's left on the ground by Hana like a used doll. It takes a full minute until she's strong enough again to enter the bath with us.

    "So, Ciel, Hana, how about you two use your breasts at, uh, the same time?"

    Ciel looks at her jiggly curses then looks at me in doubt, "At the same time?" She asks.

    "Yes, please," I give her my cutest smile and she sighs.

    Hana immediately pushes my meat between her mounds and starts the job. As Ciel shyly comes over she pushes my meat out and it gets squished softly between the four dreams. A triple chocolate cake.

    The two women start to move up and down in sync while I drizzle oil in the middle of the buns. Their nipples rub on each other and get erect, their faces get closer to one another and their breaths mingle.

    They suddenly forget about me as their eyes lock onto each other. Roxanne comes behind Ciel and softly rubs her fingers against her black pussy, Lina comes behind Hana and does the same. Alissa gets on the border of the tub in front of me and spreads her legs, her fingers plunge deep into her pink pussy repeatedly and come out dripping wet with her juices.

    Hana gives a kiss to Ciel, who doesn't react as she's entranced in Hana's yellow lizard eyes. Hana repeats the kisses that grow longer until Roxanne plunges one finger in each hole and Ciel lockes her lips with Hana's, shoving her tongue down the other's throat.

    "I'm gonna cum," I warn and the two tilt their heads, separating their tongues slightly. My seed hits them right in the mouth and causes a mess as they continue to kiss, now with semen in the mix.

    They don't stop and only press their breasts together even harder. My dick doesn't go soft, so the pleasure only becomes more intense as my skill makes the pain of the refractory period last only a few seconds.

    Roxanne angles herself so her tail can reach Lina and penetrates her suddenly, making the little girl yelp in surprise. Alissa goes behind Roxanne and shoves a finger on each hole, making her groan hard as her virgin asshole is very tight.

    After a quick [Clean], Alissa leans behind Roxanne and spreads her cheeks so she can lick her asshole. Her fingers find Roxanne's G-spot and she struggles to keep tail-fucking Lina.

    As the depravity increases I orgasm again, giving more cum for Hana and Ciel to share in their kiss.

    As a third shot comes I pull out of the double titjob and shove it down on Ciel's throat. "Don't swallow," I say and she obeys, though she still chokes a bit. Then I grab Roxanne's head and shove her on Ciel's face, making the two suddenly experience a very sticky, white kiss.

    I look at Lina and she immediately starts to masturbate, her eyes locked on Ciel. Roxanne pulls out of Lina and shoves her tail inside Ciel, making her orgasm instantly.

    Alissa greedily comes towards my dick for some more cum but I push her away, I want Roxanne now.

    I cum inside her twice and make Ciel clean up, she goes further and continues the attack on Roxanne's G-spot, fingering her until she gets a whole-body shivering orgasm.

    As the drunkenness from the lust fades, Lina stares at Ciel with an impish smile.

    "What…?" Ciel mutters.

    "Now that we have all shared one another, we all belong to each other," Lina says and giggles softly.

    "You know, aside from the sexual innuendo that is quite profound," Roxanne says and we chuckle.

    "But we don't… really love one another in the same way…" Ciel says and frowns, she's conflicted.

    "Well, you said sex can be used as comfort for loved ones," I say.

    "I know, it's just that me doing it is a little different. Our family is… confusing," she answers with a shrug.

    "We all share, that's all," Hana says with conviction.

    "I love you all, in different ways, but I do," Alissa says, she wades over to me and rests her head on my chest, "I trust you all and that's what's important for me."

    "Awn…" Ciel melts a little and nearly submerges herself underwater.

    Lina shyly comes towards us and gives me a hug, then the others follow, including Aoi and Gify.

    "Love, love, love, love, love, love!" Aoi gives everyone a lick after each word.

    "Gih," he says and nibbles on my ears softly.

    After a few seconds of rib crushing, mostly caused by Hana, we disentangle.

    "Buut… we have to talk about Klein," Roxanne starts and looks at Hana, Ciel nods repeatedly and stares at me.

    "Okay, first," Ciel raises her hand and points it to Hana, "what do you want with Klein?"

    "Well…" Hana rubs on her scales awkwardly, then she shakes her head and smiles, her resolve set, "I want to fuck Klein, like, really bad. Though, let me say this, I don't need to fuck her, I just want to."

    "Do you, uh, love her?" I ask.

    "No, I don't really want her as a wife, for me or Wolfy, but I want to fuck her, I want to take her virginity. But since I don't have a dick, I want Wolfy to do it while I watch. It's pure lust," she shrugs.

    "I also don't want Klein as a wife," Roxanne says quickly but then her posture shrinks, "But I want to watch Wolfy take her virginity."

    Alissa's heartbeat quickens, Ciel groans, and Lina frowns.

    "Well I don't think she would be a good wife but she would be nice to play around with," Alissa says.

    Ciel massages her eyes so I look at Lina, waiting for her answer.

    "I don't know… I don't want Wolfy to love another, but… I don't love Hana the way I love Wolfy, I just… want her to abuse me," she says and cowers, getting slightly more flushed than the hot bath is capable of.

    "So, you think it's agreeable for me to have sex with Klein because I don't love her?"

    "Yes…?" She questions tentatively, "Is that too weird? It sounds weird…"

    "It is weird," Ciel mutters.

    "It is called trust," Alissa says.

    "It is called depraved degeneracy," Roxanne says.

    Alissa shrugs, "Can't deny that, but it can be both, or all three."

    "Alissaaaa, you corrupted me!" Ciel complains.

    "Yeah, she kind of did it to me, too. I don't think I can look at a fox the same way I did before," I say and awkwardly scratch my head.

    "You did it to me first," Alissa says and laughs, her wet fluffy tail splashes on the water repeatedly.

    "Look, let's make it clear, none of you have to accept any of this. I love all six of you. No, Gify, I don't love you like that-…"

    Suddenly Aoi raises her head high and she shows me the widest, fanged smile she can.

    "Kweh! You, love, me, like, them!?" She asks.

    "I, uh… yes…?" I say with a phony smile.

    Aoi swims forward like a fish towards me but suddenly gets grabbed by Ciel, "Not now, please, you can kiss him later," she says.

    "Kweh…" Aoi deflates and becomes even smaller.

    "Anyway… none of you have to accept this, I have absolutely no need for any other women than you all," I finish.

    "But we need it," Alissa says with an evil smile and chuckles. Hana smiles faintly and Lina frowns but shrugs.

    Ciel and Roxanne remain quiet, they stare at each other for a few long seconds and turn away. They sink lower in the bath and try to relax and focus on their thoughts.

    Suddenly Roxanne rises, "Honestly, I don't care. I just want you to promise me not to fall in love with another woman and you can fuck whoever you want," she says.

    I blink repeatedly, taken aback.

    Ciel slowly rises, staring at me intently, then she suddenly fires word after word in high speed, "We have veto over any woman, and you can't do it in secret, and you can't do it repeatedly, and you have to ask all of us first, and we all have to agree, and you can't ignore any of us, ever!" She hits her hand on the water once done.

    "You enjoyed it, didn't you?" Alissa asks in a soft tone.

    Ciel swallows her saliva and remains quiet.

    Alissa smiles sadistically, here comes her other side.

    "Come now, priestess, you know you shouldn't lie about your feelings. Having Lina taken by Roxanne felt good, didn't it? You felt the exhilarating pain, the disgust, the self-hate and the humiliation. But it all made you feel better, didn't it?"

    Ciel can't look away from Alissa, their eyes are locked. Alissa wades over to Ciel and kisses her softly on the lips, making Ciel melt and relax just a bit. Alissa holds Ciel's head with both hands and their noses touch.

    "You want it, you love it, you need it. Tell me the truth, Ciel, how did it feel?"


    "Tell me the truth!"

    "I… felt horrible, and it hurt, and I felt disgusted, and I hated myself… because it felt good…"

    Alissa laughs and releases her, Ciel massages her eyes again and groans.

    "You don't have to accept this," I softly say to Ciel.

    "No, Wolfy, she doesn't, but she needs it," Alissa says and returns to my arms.

    "I'm sure you can have some fun with Klein, too," Hana says to Ciel.

    "Well, first Wolfy has to get past that monster," Roxanne says and they all stare at me.

    Umm… what the hell just happened?

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Cody Weigel.
    Lord Bill.
    Noble Salty Panda.
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    Okay, fine, fine! This is fine, I just have to not fall in love with the women I have sex with… which is not that simple. I won't delude myself in thinking that this is easy, that I can separate sex and love like you separate files in folders.

    Damn, I actually like Klein. If I didn't already have so many women around me I would certainly be interested in her.

    Now that I think about it, is there any kind of women that I don't like?


    Yeah, anyway. Love is uncontrollable and it's rather easy to let it bloom when you get so close and intimate with someone during sex. It's rather easy to separate myself from my sex-friend if I actually do start to love her, but it doesn't mean it won't hurt. For the sake of my own "Sanity", I better not abuse this new power I acquired.

    But before things get out of control, I need to set up a rule.

    "Ok, first thing! No other man! I will never accept another man having sex with you girls," I say.

    They look at each other and shrug.

    "We want to see you have sex with someone else," Alissa says.

    "Though if you turned bi and wanted to have sex with another man I would gladly watch," Roxanne says with an evil smile.

    Hana's voice turns sultry and her fearsome smile makes me tense up, "Oh, yes."

    "Not happening," I say flatly and they deflate. "So, you're all fine with this? I'm getting most of the benefits. Do any of you want to have sex with other women?"

    "Just Klein," Hana says and then we all look at Roxanne.

    She looks down and rubs her horn awkwardly, "Osaria is really hot, but… she scares me a little."

    "Same rules that apply to Wolfy also apply to us, then," Ciel says and rests her head on the border of the tub.

    "I like Osaria…" Lina shyly says.

    Ciel narrows her eyes and mutters, "I'm sure you do…"

    Lina bites her tongue playfully, then wades over to Ciel. She starts covering the curvy woman with kisses all over her body. Her delicate little hands knead the large mounds of Ciel, who moans softly in pleasure as she closes her eyes. Lina plants her lips on Ciel's mouth and their tongues search for each other.

    Ciel breaks the kiss and stares into Lina's gloomy eyes, "You love me and not just my body, right?" She asks with a little insecurity.

    The gloominess disappears into surprise and fear, "Yes! I do, I do, I do, I do!" With each word she gives a kiss on Ciel.

    "That was a silly question, Ciel," I say and give her a disappointed pout, making her wince slightly.

    "I understand how you feel, but yes, that was silly," Hana says.

    "What about you, Aoi, don't you feel jealous?" Alissa asks.

    "Kweh?" She turns her head to the sides repeatedly, "Jealous? Dragons, love, who, they, love."

    "She's right," Hana says.

    "So you don't mind if Wolfy has sex with other women?" Alissa continues.

    "Don't, abandon, me, and I, be, happy!"

    "Will you leave Wolfy if you find another dragon?"

    "I, trust, Wolf, I, not, trust, other."

    "So it's about trust? It takes time and knowing someone for you to come love them?" I ask.

    She taps her little claws on the water and thinks as she floats towards me slowly. Then she raises her head and tilts it, "Yes? I, want, Wolfy, not, any, other."

    My feelings for Aoi are rather confusing. I want to, uh, give her eggs, but I don't really feel the same love I feel for the other girls. Somewhat similar to my need to protect her like how I feel about Lina, but still not the same type of love. The feeling Gify showed me felt awesome but it's only the pleasure of being an apex predator and being able to dominate Aoi, not love.

    Her kisses do feel good, though, very stimulating. I'm also… curious about her and how her blowjob would feel. It doesn't help that Alissa corrupted my view on animals. I just wanted to make her happy but now my desires are warped.

    "But, can you say that you will never love another?" Alissa asks.

    "No, but I, never, abandon, Wolfy, if, Wolfy, never, abandon, me," she finishes with a toothy smile.

    I tickle her belly from underwater and she giggles.

    "We will never abandon you," I say and pull her closer for a hug. She doesn't try to kiss me and just nuzzles her head on my shoulder.

    "Her voice is getting better," Roxanne comments.

    "It's less squeaky, she's maturing."

    "And it happens most often after she eats something special," Hana says.

    "Giant, brain, taste, goood, very, noodly."

    Once we finish our bath, most patrons are already finishing their meal. Our stay and meal were already paid for so we just sit to eat. Klein and the others have already left.

    The Mainland loves nuts and oils and they also love to put them on everything. So we get nutty bread, garlic bread, not-pita bread, dipping sauces for the bread, and fried cow meat from the Mainland.

    "Lacking veggies," I say.

    "Elven restaurants are known for that," Ciel says.

    "Oh, yes. The restaurants avoid serving veggies because they never taste as good as the elven ones," Roxanne says.

    After dinner we retire to our room, the biggest one in the Inn. It's just a bit larger than the rented one in Rabanara, but the bed is certainly not comparable. I switch it with our own bed and we all enjoy some quiet time together.

    I pull out the golems and they curiously observe their environment. I think I will have to continue my research on them while on horseback since we spend far too little time stopped for me to research them during our breaks.

    I adjust their souls so they can speak with the same level of skill as Aoi, though now I notice they still speak rather raspily. Maybe my "adjustments" are lacking in detail. I may have to look deeper within their souls to find the discrepancies.

    Aoi practices [Fly] and the golems repeat their routine of [Telekinesis] while being smothered by the girls. I summon two corgis so it becomes a cuddle orgy of soft happy moans and grunts as the girls gush in happiness.

    I start giving everyone a [Massage] and Aoi is the first to fall asleep, and then Gify activates his special touch alongside my massage and nobody wants to leave. I have to pull out the extra beds so Hana and Roxanne can sleep in the same room because the cuddle orgy drained us all of our energy.

    Today is the 7th.

    From behind the mess of limbs a very happy and innocent little girl wakes me up with a very lewd face.

    My [Summoning Magic] increased by 1 (now 13+18). Good to know that elementals still give me some experience in that skill.

    "Morning, Mr. Ryder!" Klein comes up to us and gives me a hug. A fruity scent fills my nose as I feel her perky breasts and stiff nipples squish on my chest. Then she gives each girl a hug, Hana getting the longest one, and a pat for Gify and Aoi.

    Anton gives a slightly stiff greeting to each of us and Krista seems neutral. They all wear baggy, colorful clothes with small see-through parts; "harem pants" in Earth terminology, Jasmine style. On his chest, Anton only wears a sleeveless shirt that's open in the front, showing everyone his large abs and pecs.

    "So, we want to buy some more equipment this morning. How about we meet in here after lunch?" Kleins asks, her long tail bounces like it has a spring on it.

    I look at the girls and then nod, "Sure. I think we will look for an elven restaurant for lunch, after that we will come back here."

    "Great! See you then!"

    The inn is quite expensive, we get a nice charcuterie of cold cuts along with a nutty milk drink spiced with alcohol.

    As we eat, Rande comes over with Oura, Nito, and Osaria. Oura looks much more attractive now that her hair is properly brushed, the bags under her eyes are gone, and she is wearing elven clothes that show her faint curves. She's a slender and cute woman who actually looks like Nito's older sister since he's wearing a female high elven "bikini." The male version of the "bikini" is more of a vest, like the one Rande is wearing.

    Both elves and wereapes seem to be very proud of exposing their bodies.

    "Helios! Morning!" Rande greets us with a dashing smile.

    Osaria gives a silent greeting but her eyes linger for a while on Roxanne.

    They sit at the opposite table and Rande drops his arms on Oura's and Nito's shoulders. When their food comes, they both feed Rande lovingly while he plays around with their hair.

    "It looks nice but it's kind of awkward to eat things like that," I whisper.

    "I know, completely impractical and too slow," Alissa says.

    "Maybe if we got some practice we would get better at it," Lina says and looks at me with expectant eyes.

    "Not in public…" I say softly as my heart melts.


    We take a stroll through town, this is Katasko territory so I keep 4 Shads and a Holly out as safety. Even with the swords at our waists we still bump against far too many people, so we don't wear anything valuable on our person. Elves may be proud, pompous assholes but their hands are light and dexterous.

    My vision with the Shads is far too cluttered to be of any use so I just give them the order to attack those who show strong harmful intent towards us. Like drawing a sword or dagger from behind us or trying to take a swing at us.

    This town is a very congested place filled with Inns and curiosity shops; its specialty is at being a mix of cultures. The standard and reliable imperial, the mystic from Antano, the obscure from the High Forest, the colorful from Glorampina, and the pragmatic from the Shore of Leaves.

    The alchemy coming from Antano is cheap and powerful, but it has a tendency of causing an occasional "side-effect." Like random inflation of certain body parts, your breath starts to smell of ass, the touch of the grass on the skin becoming incredibly tickly, getting water in your boot makes your skin quickly slough off, and a few others.

    Imperial is made with precision and reliability. You always know what you are getting but you always pay more for it.

    The High Forest doesn't export a lot. It relies mostly on tourism for the sights, magic, food, spas, beauty products, and prostitution. What does come out of it is the mad ramblings of an inventor-mage, similar to what I found in Rabanara, it is interesting but useless.

    Glorampina is very fertile but they don't export a lot of food. What they do export, though, is a lot of paint and handcrafted arts.

    "Well, these are so similar to the ones in Sommerland that I wonder if the craftsmen actually met," Hana says while looking at a colorful carnival-like mask from Glorampina.

    "These are common party masks. The elves in Glorampina like to party a lot," Lina says.

    "Oh? Seems like we have more in common than I originally thought."

    "They don't like outsiders, though."


    The Shore of Leaves fills the niche for medium and low-priced armor and weapons but not much else. Though the price of things here is certainly higher than Rabanara's, so I'm glad that we bought all our equipment there already.

    "The prices of elven dresses are too high, we can find better ones in Goloria," Roxanne says while dejectedly dropping a bikini that would look inappropriately small on Hana or Ciel, "Unless things have changed since I was last there."

    "I think you are right. This place feels like a tourist trap, everything seems too expensive," I say.

    "I think the entire High Forest is a tourist trap," Lina says.

    "Well… not recently."

    The elven vendors have much more "Charisma," making me wary to barter with them as my mind gets clouded by my desire to stare at them. Inside shops, things are a little worse as the attendants are much more "handsy" and most of the time I'm not sure if it's a man or a woman that's trying to grab my arm. Not to mention the anxiety I felt when the girls were being dragged by an androgynous, half-naked vendor.

    I have to work on my jealousy, but I won't get much progress in a single day so it's best for us to not waste any money here.

    Next, we go to the hunter's guild. The atmosphere is very similar to Rabanara's, though I feel a hint of pride instead of ruthlessness coming from the other adventurers. The stares got better though; less hungry stares, more curious ones.

    The boards have few bounties, most seem to pay less than Rabanara's. But on the other hand, it is filled with escort requests towards the High Forest.

    The sickly looking Imperial man working in the disassembling room looks overjoyed when I don't pull out another stinky, poisonous, or venomous bog monster. He gives us 5 gold pieces for the Grey Berserker's body and 1 for the bounty, a good deal.

    For lunch we enter an elven restaurant, the building is a large grey tree that has been hollowed out. The furniture is all composed of the wood of the tree and we can even see that certain things, like counters and benches, are still part of the tree trunk itself. The ambiance is the sound of trickling water and bird chirps, actual birds that fly around the building and often land on the shoulders of the waiting staff. Thankfully, we don't see or smell any bird droppings.

    "I will take the… rainbow course," I say to the androgynous silver elf waitress with a perfect smile.

    "Foamy pies," Alissa says.

    "Fire stick," Roxanne says.

    "Wheezing squishes," Hana says.

    "Bubbling broths," Ciel says.

    "Puffy bulbs," Lina says.

    "A-…carei, steak," Aoi says, pronouncing the name of the monster with a little difficulty.

    The waitress gasps and turns to Aoi. She blinks repeatedly while her brain tries to process what she just heard.

    Full marks to her since she continues smiling perfectly.


    The waitress jolts awake and writes down all our dishes, then with a twitching smile she bows graciously and leaves.

    The rainbow course is every vegetable they have, one piece of each. From roots, to bulbs, to leafs, to fruits; they have it all and more. I have no idea what I'm eating and I can barely recognize the taste of half of them, I only know that it tastes good. Though, the tastes are so varied and some so strong that my tongue goes numb.

    We meet up with Klein and her parents back at the inn. Laertes and Osaria are with them, too.

    "Let's go see the street performers!" Klein exclaims.

    I look at Ciel and she shrugs, "I only saw a few small ones once," she says.

    "Oh, the imperials set up shop in front of the elves. They actually have a competition at this time of the year," Anton says.

    Klein nods repeatedly, "They keep trying to up the spectacle every day until it culminates in a party at the Turn of the Year."

    "So it's like a festival?" Alissa asks.

    "Actually, you could say it is," Osaria smiles towards us, "Though, no elf will ever admit that they have a real rivalry with the imperials."

    "Or that they are actually having fun," Laertes comments.

    So elves are tsunderes?

    We reach the main road and see the six-floor-high mansion of the Lord rising from between the houses as we approach. It's fully composed of white tree bark and shaped like a baroque house. Very impressive.

    At a certain point, the stalls turn into street performers. Elven bards, dancers, mimes, jugglers at one side, imperial mages and actors at the other.

    "Lady Astrid! I will protect you from this beast that calls himself a man!" Says a human woman dressed in shining, but thin and flexible, plate armor.

    "What are you doing, Cassandra?! You dare separate me from my wife?!" Yells a large black-skinned wereape with orange fur. He wears dark robes and his eyes look bloodshot.

    "'Beast', huh, a little offensive," Anton comments.

    "I don't think they did it with that meaning," Krista says and holds Anton's arm like one holds a log.

    He grunts and pouts but continues to watch.

    The elven bards start an upbeat song with heavy drums and the dancers imitate marching soldiers.

    Cassandra draws her shining, but fake, sword and the wereape pulls out his glaive from his [Item Box].

    "Do not approach, beast! I will not allow you to rape Lady Astrid!"

    "Cassandra! Please! Don't do this, you don't have to fight for me!" A pale skinned woman wearing a princess dress grabs Cassandra's arm and tries to pull her back.

    Cassandra is like a rock and doesn't even flinch at the frail woman's effort. "Lady Astrid, please, this is my duty as a knight. Your family saved me and the only way I can repay that is with my life.

    "Don't… Astri~d…!"

    With a drum roll, the two enemies dash forward and clash. The moment their weapons touch they clang loudly, with every strike they shine in the afternoon light. A dance of black and white, of silver and darkness.

    The elven bards reach a crescendo and the glaive pierces Cassandra's chest as the dancers strike an acrobatic pose. The crowd gasps and goes silent, the only sound is of a startled group of white birds that take flight.

    Blood drips in a puddle, every drop a painful pang of the heart.

    The elves play a slow and sad ceremonial song of mourning, the dancers bow.

    The glaive leaves Cassandra's body and the wereape swings it in the air to remove the blood. A red smoke taints the air and the sunlight darkens to blood red, creating a gloomy atmosphere.

    Astrid falls on her knees, catatonic. The wereape spends a few seconds watching the body of Cassandra and the blood pooling beneath her. His head whips back and he roars a wicked laugh, the ground trembles and clouds gather.

    He starts to move forward, toward Astrid. Every step slams against the ground, raising a dust cloud that turns darker and darker. His wicked, white smile becomes the only thing visible as his skin turns abyss black and small tendrils extend from his face.

    Two loud drum hits come out of the elves that suddenly turn quiet, the dancers suddenly straighten.

    "Not, dead, yet!" Cassandra yells and a light comes out of her. She turns around and glares at the wereape, a shining magic tool in her hand.


    The street goes white as the magic tool disintegrates in an explosion.

    The elves start a calm and ethereal song with soft female vocals while the dancers graciously spin in place.

    The light disappears, only Astrid remains. Both the wereape and Cassandra vanished, leaving only a black char remaining in their place.

    "NOOOOOooo…! Cassandra! I loved yooouu…! Whyyy…!" Astrid cries.

    Cassandra's sword reflects the sunlight and catches our attention. Astrid notices it, too, and slow walks towards it, her entire body swaying in pain.

    She leans over and grabs Cassandra's darkened sword. She admires it and cleans the sword's char off onto her dress.

    Another crescendo comes as the vocals turn increasingly angry, the dancers raise their hands in the air and jump around the street.

    Astrid swings the sword repeatedly in anger, with each swing, her anger reduces but her skill increases. Once she's almost exhausted and covered in sweat, her swings are now expert slices. Her face that was so recently distorted in pain now shows only anger and determination.

    "I will avenge you, Cassandra. I will hunt down every wicked man or woman in this realm, for today I am a 'Lady' no more!"

    Astrid disappears and reappears a second later. Now, she's completely armored with a shining armor just like Cassandra's. She puts on her helmet and raises her dark sword high.

    Trumpets blare like the announcement of a nobleman's arrival, the dancers fall to their knees and gaze up into the skies.

    "FEAR ME, WICKED. I AM COMING FOR YOU!" She yells and disappears again, this time for good.

    One last drum hit and everything goes silent, the dancers drop their heads.

    The entire street claps and cheers. Once it dies down the jugglers and mimes come out, they sync their tricks to the upbeat rhythm of the dancing elves.

    We make our way through the performers and leave our share of coins in their tip buckets.

    A few stalls are selling fried sticks and some simple sweets that we snack on. Later, we drink some tea in an open-air tea shop.

    "Say, Hana, how's the new life?" Krista asks.

    Her hand falls on my head and she smiles wide, "Couldn't be better. Well, it could be if nothing bad had happened in the first place, but since it did, it couldn't be better," she says.

    "You fellowship is a little… interesting," Anton comments with a wry smile.

    "Well, yes, we really are quite unusual," Alissa says and smiles towards Klein.

    "So, how did such an… unbalanced party form?" Laertes asks, his expression towards us is neutral but I detect a twitch in his mouth.

    "He's got a magic dick, duh," Klein says, provoking a choke out of Anton and contained light chuckles out of Krista and Osaria.

    "They are all my wives but I won't comment on that," I say with a smile. Lina turns her head to me and she seems to want to speak but hesitates.

    "Every once in a while you see adventuring parties with interesting stories, I believe Helios is merely one of those," Osaria says.

    Anton frowns, something that barely changes his overall expression, "Wait, what do you mean by that? I would rather not have glory seekers attracting monsters to our caravan."

    "No, they aren't that type," Klein says and pouts, her eyes try to stab Hana, "They are the kind that wants to conquer a dungeon for the title."

    "It was good to know you," Anton says with a loud chuckle. He delicately takes a sips his tea, his cup looks like a children's size in his huge hand.

    "Not trying to be rude, but… we do see that a lot of those types of fellowships disappear inside dungeons," Krista says, she shows concern and her expression is almost a mirror of Klein's.

    "I know, I've met the same ones you did," Hana says. "But we do have the track record to back it up."

    "We aren't reckless but we are talented. It's a matter of being cautious and playing it smart," Alissa says.

    Klein chuckles, "Do you have the 'Intelligence' to compensate for Hana's?"

    Hana's eyes turn piercing and her smile threatening, "Watch it, little monkey. I actually got it up to eleven and I'm sure it's going to rise again soon."

    "They have the talent, Anton, we held back a tall Grim Giant because of them," Osaria says and her voice turns into a purr, "They made a very good impression on all of us."

    "Even I admit that she's right, though it doesn't mean I agree with their ambition," Laertes says and looks away with a shrug.

    "We, strong, we, kill, we, get, stronger!" Aoi shows them a toothy smile.


    "Hah! Fine! If even a nature spirit is on your side who am I to doubt you?" Anton opens a wide smile and lifts his tea cup, "To Helios! When you become nobles call me for the wedding!"

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Cody Weigel.
    Lord Bill.
    Noble Salty Panda.
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    As we finish our tea Anton suddenly turns serious, "Wait… Hana, are you trying to become a noble to save your father?"

    Osaria and Laertes frown, suddenly very interested in Anton's words.

    Hana glances at me and smiles shyly, "Yes… it's at least part of the reason."

    "'Save'…? Is your father in jail?" Osaria asks.

    "He is. Our family fell to a conspiracy so we were all arrested." These words make Osaria's expression melt. A motherly air comes from her as she looks at Hana with sympathy. "My parents should still be in jail while my siblings are likely working as Blood Slaves somewhere."

    "And you are a slave too?" Osaria's tone is very kind.

    Her hand lands again on my head, "My master and husband-to-be, Wolf."

    I strain a smile as every eye falls on me.

    Osaria looks away, realizing something. Her mouth slowly curves into a very wide white smile, then it twitches as she tries to search for the right words but no sound comes out. Eventually, she covers her mouth with her hand and chuckles.

    She quickly controls herself and clears her throat, "Sorry, no disrespect towards you, Hana, it's just that I realized what you have been doing to Rande all this time."

    She looks at me and we grin at each other. We are kindred spirits.

    "So…" Laertes interrupts our bonding, "You are his Blood Slave and his wife?"

    "Fiance. We will end the contract once we become nobles," I answer.

    He turns to Hana, "I don't really understand how such a relationship works. Don't your vows conflict with the duty of a Blood Slave?"

    "Vows are different for each person. They are made to fit the relationship, not the other way around," Ciel says and Osaria nods repeatedly.

    "My vows aren't that much different from what a Blood Slave already does. It's just that it's mutual," Hana says with a shrug.

    "All of our vows are like that. In truth, we may be more like a group marriage instead of us all only marrying Wolf," Ciel adds.

    Krista raises her eyebrows, "So you, uh, all share?"

    Ciel suddenly finds herself with her face on fire so she stays quiet while she deals with it. Alissa answers in her stead. "Everything," she says, almost purring.

    Anton, Krista, and Laertes all look at Klein questioningly, who has a smile creeping up on her face. Osaria's eyes dart between me and Roxanne, who plays with her tail nervously.

    Anton turns to Hana and shows some concern as he speaks, "What about your harem? You were crazy about the boys back then."


    Hana's expression stiffens. "When I got sold as a Blood Slave I resolved to myself that I would never search for them. I am neither a Yokubo nor a Tranfkoever anymore, I am simply Hana, Blood Slave of my master."

    "You hardly look like a slave, Hana. Both of them were crazy about you."

    She grits her teeth and sends a forced smile to Anton, "What are you suggesting that I do, big man?"

    He cringes and looks away, "Sorry, didn't mean to disrespect."

    "Wolf is a sword and he parries all others."

    I contain a chuckle as the others give me awkward glances. Osaria's seems a little disappointed, though.

    "So, who were those boys?" Roxanne asks, tapping the table in slight annoyance.

    Hana lifts her hands in surrender and smiles, "Two guards that my Dad hired. They were kept close to me to keep my emotions flaring, it helped me be more ferocious. Once I was married they would likely join me and become part of my harem."

    "Do you want to meet them?" I ask.

    "Better not…" She smiles awkwardly.

    "You actually do have your own harem now so it's not like you are worse off," Alissa comments with a mischievous smile on her face.

    Hana sends a fearsome glance to Klein, who nervously rubs her legs together. "Oh yes, I am having all the fun I can."

    "Right…" Laertes interrupts while rubbing his eyes. "So, Krista is our cook. What kind of dishes are you planning on serving us?" He tries to change the topic.

    Talking about Hana certainly isn't helpful for his plans.

    Krista has [Cooking] at level 10 so she has quite a lot of information to share with us. Small details and personalized methods to cook just about any sort of food we will ever come across. Add that to her small talent in [Space Magic] and she's basically a portable chef.

    "If anything, Krista is responsible for keeping our 'Sanity' intact," Osaria praises the weremonkey who turns a little shy and almost mirrors Klein's behavior.

    The conversation dies down and turns into gossip and banal exchanges, allowing me to concentrate on [Massage]ing Alissa's ears. Her expression of pleasure attracts the attention of Klein, who sends me the occasional glance, and Osaria, who starts to play with her own long, flexible ears.

    Osaria has lots of knowledge about elven history so she and Lina get in an argument about the interpretation of the passage of time before the Age of the Sun. Without a periodic cycle of day and night, some timelines become ambiguous as it isn't possible to truly know how long things took.

    Osaria's argument is that the elven accounts are more accurate due to their orderly nature and strict schedules. She cites that the God of Justice being elven is a fact that backs her argument. Lina calls bullshit, though in a respectful way, and cites how even the dwarves who live underground and in perpetual darkness have the necessity of using clocks to accurately keep time.

    I would like to support Lina's argument with my own knowledge of biology, but Alissa and I are far too engrossed in trying to make Klein envious that I don't feel like participating.

    Once evening comes around, we go our separate ways. Our bath is another orgy. Roxanne seems fixated on Ciel's breasts, playing with them alongside Lina like two starving newborns.

    Ciel breathes in and closes her eyes while an orgasm makes its way through her body. "You guys have made by nipples so sensitive," she comments with a wry smile.

    "You are just delicious," Roxanne says and gives her a bite. "I've been envious of little Lina for quite some time now."

    "We all have," Hana affirms.

    Alissa shoves a finger inside Ciel's asshole. "Corrupting you is incredibly fun," she whispers in Ciel's ear.

    After everyone had a turn with Ciel, I relax as Roxanne's insides massage me. She turns on her "charm" and I release shot after shot inside her. After a long day with Klein and Osaria stimulating me this has been quite fulfilling.

    We spend the evening in our room again.

    "You feel that? The mana coursing through your body?" Roxanne asks the golems.

    "Yes," they answer in unison.


    "Do you also feel prickly or tickly?" She continues.





    I reach over and scratch Suzy's body softly, just enough intensity that would make me feel tickly too. "Feel that?" I ask.


    "Did it feel different than normal?"

    "Yes, but, it was, just, softer."

    "Hm… Try to remember how I reacted when I was tickled in the past."

    "You, laughed," Ted says.

    "Where? Where was he tickled?" Alissa demands an answer with sadism in her eyes.

    "Wait, n-…"


    She immediately pounces on me. Her dexterous hands reach below my shirt and softly rub my armpits.

    "Oh-oh," I moan weakly as a jolt of stimulation invades me. "N-no!"

    Suddenly my arms are grabbed and I'm pulled backwards. I see Hana's evil smile staring down at me while Alissa ravages my flanks.

    "N-nooo, aha… NO! AHAH, ah… AH! AHAHAHAH, N-NOO! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

    My laughter is interrupted for a few seconds as Alissa's lips cover mine. Then she keeps her face a few centimeters from mine, her sadistic eyes locked into mine.

    "NOOo~~….!" I protest one last time before succumbing to the torture and laughing out loud.

    With a trembling body I recollect myself and curl into a fetal position near the corner of the bed. Alissa grabs my head and lays it on her lap, her vicious fingers now calm and tender.

    Today is the 8th.

    I groan awake and grab Alissa's head, shoving it deeper down onto my shaft. I grab her ears as handles and force her to bob up and down for my pleasure. Soon, I let out another shot down her throat that she accepts with eagerness. I feel a little drained but satisfied, my payback is postponed for a while.

    Roxanne sneaks over and rubs her naked body against mine, I immediately start to play with her nipples. Her smile then becomes a little creepy, "Wolfy, when are you going to give me a goblin to experiment on?"

    "Oh, yeah. We can do it on the way to the High Forest. With Anton helping protect the caravan we can easily find a secluded spot for you to experiment on one."

    "Bi~ind!" Aoi cries happily.

    "Yes, yes, we will test [Bind] on the goblins, too."

    "Then I will look for a shop where I can buy some more ingredients!" Roxanne happily exclaims and plants a kiss on my mouth.

    "Hana and Ciel should go along with you, I will also give you two Shads and a Holly."

    She nods happily and fondles Ciel from behind, startling her. "Hm-hmm… four delicious slabs of meat as my personal bodyguards!"

    "Is that all I am to you?" Ciel asks with disdain in her voice.

    "No, you are also the perfect punching bag for my banter because you don't fight back."

    Hana hugs Roxanne from behind and gives her a bite on the neck, "We better establish a hierarchy. You two are my bitches while I'm the top bitch."

    Roxanne's tail rubs on Hana's asshole, catching her by surprise. "Only because I let you," she says, seductively.

    Hana growls and pulls Roxanne off Ciel. They immediately start to wrestle.

    "Are we going now or after lunch? Klein likely wants to meet up with us in the afternoon or evening," Ciel says and they immediately stop.

    Hana clicks her tongue and pulls Roxanne's tail out of her asshole.

    We have a calm breakfast. The bread today was very nutty and sweet, almost cake-like. We also got shredded beef cooked inside the leaves of some fruit, likely the not-olives that accompanied it.

    We didn't see Rande, Osaria or Klein, so we retreated back to our room while the three others, plus Aoi, went to the market nearby.

    I focus on my [Soul Manipulation]. I'm making some progress, managing to keep my soul where I want while I have my eyes open. Though, once I lose concentration it slowly returns to me.

    At least I can now use the "soul touch" to stimulate them sexually anytime I want.

    Wait, I can even use it discreetly, just a small touch would be enough to arouse someone. Is it harassment if I use it on Klein to seduce her?

    I can see that Roxanne found a nice cozy shop. The four girls enter the shop and disappear from Holly's sight.

    I drop down on the bed and relax for a while as I gather my energy back.

    I see that Lina is completely immersed in her training. She's training [Weaken]. By focusing her will and hate solely on one person she can make the target tire easily and be more vulnerable to physical damage. It is mentally draining to have to use your hate as part of the spell but she says she can handle it.

    I reach over to Lina and push a little of my soul out of my body.

    "A~ah!" She moans weakly and stares at me wide-eyed. "W-Wolfy, what did you do?"

    "My version of [Soul Touch], a literal one," I say with an evil grin.

    "Mean, you are mean," she pouts and turns away.

    "Only because I love you."

    She squirms from my attack.

    The four girls leave the shop while chatting happily. Down the alley I see six hooded men dashing forward.

    I feel my heart sink. The alley is completely empty aside from the girls, the target of the men is obvious.

    I turn the Emergency Ring red repeatedly. Ciel looks at it and stops, she starts to talk to the girls.

    Look behind you! BEHIND YOU!

    I notice something odd, I can't hear any footsteps, the six large men aren't making a damn sound!

    They all draw wooden clubs from below their cloaks. When they are on top of the girls, Hana notices them and draws her sword.

    "AAA-…" The scream of the two men in front is muffled as the Shads attack their heads at the same time as they cover their mouths.

    Everyone stands still for a moment, taking in everything. Hana acts first and slashes the throat of one of the incapacitated men.

    Ciel draws her sword, then her, Roxanne, and Aoi fling spells at the survivors.

    "Alissa, open the window! NOW!"

    She jumps up from her meditation and obeys without question. I grab Lina and jump through the window, then I use [Telekinesis] to fall softly in the back alley. Alissa lands beside me in her fox form.

    I pull out the reinforced dinghy and we all hop in.

    "Alissa, fly to them, full speed."

    I supply the mana while she controls the dinghy.

    "They got attacked by six hooded men, there's only one left alive."

    We get there in a few minutes. The girls moved to a narrow alley, it's more secluded than the one they were in. Ciel [Clean]ed up the blood, Roxanne stored the bodies in her [Item Box] and Hana is holding the survivor in place. The man is a typical imperial, he has olive skin and black hair. He looks dirty, his body is full of scars, and his jaw is crooked. His head is bloody, Hana hit him in the face with an [Earth Bullet] and he was passed out until Ciel [Heal]ed him.

    I put 30 points in [Godly Language] and remove the gag from his mouth.

    "Who sent you?" I speak lowly so the other girls aren't affected by it.

    "Handsome imperial. Very strong 'n muscular, walked like he 'ad a big cock. Didn't give a name but 'is voice was very low 'n manly. Couldn't see 'is face but he 'ad a beautiful beard peekin' out from behind his hood. He did smell really good, of sweat, blood 'n metal," the man blabbers a description immediately.


    He blinks repeatedly and then gasps, "What did you do to me!? Get out of my h-…"

    Hana gags him again. "He's using slang, he's just a thug."

    "Describe him again with as much detail as you can."

    Hana removes the gag and he immediately starts to speak, his eyes wide open in disbelief, "Black cloak like the pissers, they don' like ta show their faces 'n you don' ask questions. Sword at his waist, looked average, no pisser comes with enchanted swords to the slums. Pants 'n boots look' tough, not a pisser himself but a piss-drinker. Beard was perfect, shaved square to make him look manlier, not that he needed. He walk' like he 'ad a rocks on his pants, bet 'is cock smelled of flowers 'n his cum taste' sweet."

    "How did you track us."

    He grimaces but his mouth moves without his permission, "Got a runner to stalk ye cunts. Piss-drinker knew where you slept, so the runner waited until the three cunts left then brought us here."

    "Who's the runner?"

    "Cy, small wereowl, girl loves ta suck dick even tho' she say she don't. Brown hair, brown feather, yellow eyes, small mouth, white skin, cute face for an orphan. Frail like ta ones starving 'cause she drinking too much of the poppy."

    "Gag him."

    Hana obeys and the man starts to struggle. I cast [Shocking Touch] and he immediately goes limp.

    "What's a 'pisser?" I ask Hana.

    "Noble or wealthy man. Someone who likes to order other people and 'piss on their heads' when someone doesn't obey them. 'Piss-drinker' are their servants."


    "Drug, makes people go numb. Don't recommend it, very addictive."

    "I've seen many orphans who get addicted to poppy to numb their pain," Ciel comments, her eyes are low with sadness, "When they get too old for the orphanage there's some who don't have the courage to join the guard, or sell themselves as slaves, so they turn to it instead."

    I take the gag off and the man looks at me warily.

    "Where's Cy?"

    "Fuck if I kno', bitch musta be on the other side of town by now."

    "Did she see us fight?"

    "Hngh…" He tries to resist, "With a foxy lass like her nearby… she would be stupid if she did, too many trackers 'n sniffers in town." He motions to Alissa with his chin.

    "If you try to resist I will make you feel more pain," I warn him.

    He grits his teeth and looks at me in defiance that slowly crumbles to fear.

    Can't stop the interrogation or he will get confident and try to resist.

    "What were you paid to do?"

    "Beat… t-them up bloody, then leave them… naked… as a message," he struggles to talk so I gag him and cast another [Shocking Touch].

    "Who do you think hired you?"

    This time he doesn't resist and keeps his eyes down while he speaks, "Not the pissing Lord, he hates imperials. Try to boot'em off anytime a soldier fucks up."

    "More details."

    "Fuck if I know! Trying to guess who piss I'm drinkin' don' matter, they all taste like piss!"

    "Seriously disgusting, his obsession with urine," Roxanne comments, her nose wrinkled in disgust.

    I look at the girls, "Any questions?"

    "What does Cy smell like?" Alissa asks.

    "Cum, sweat, poppy, dirt. We don' get yer fancy perfumes out 'ere…" He answers without looking at her. "If she smart, she is taking a bath right now."

    "What did they tell you about us?" Hana asks.

    "Nothing. Jus'ta not fight all of you at once and to catch ye by surprise, not that it fuckin' did anything! Fuckin' trap," his voice quickly turns into a mutter and he curls into a fetal position. "Fuckin' end this already."

    I look at the girls again and they nod. I cast [Shocking Touch] on his head and he passes out, then Hana shoves her sword into the back of his skull.

    "He's dead," Alissa says a few seconds later.

    I store his body in my "Items."

    "Give me the others, if our [Item Box]es are inspected then things could turn out badly," I say.

    Their bodies are all in different states of butchery, none of the girls went easy.

    We silently fly back to the inn.

    "It's not Darean, he wouldn't hire thugs to beat us up after all we have done," Ciel says.

    "Ankara knows our power, he also wouldn't do such a thing," I say.

    "Then it's Katasko."

    "But why? What kind of message do they want to send?" Alissa questioned.

    Roxanne shrugs, "'Join us or else…' But they want us to join them… beca~use…?"

    "Someone knows we are powerful but underestimated just how much," Lina answers.

    "Could it be that our relationship with Vanea leaked?" I ask.

    Ciel shrugs, "Could just be a greedy and powerful person who wants us because of our record."

    "Five women, a little dragon that can speak and a nature spirit? Yeah, some people would love to have us," Hana comments with disgust on her face.

    Roxanne's face distorts in anger, "Could even coerce us to abandon Wolfy…" she hisses.

    "Katasko bragged too much about having the support of nobility, it's them," Alissa says.

    Ciel's expression turns dark, "It's been a few generations since the last purge. A lot of filth must be getting stuck on the emperor's boot."

    We go silent and share angry looks.

    "We will deal with this as it comes," Ciel gives a pained smile. "We can't let them destroy our lives with hate."

    "They underestimate us again and again. We just have to keep growing faster than they can throw shit at us," I add, then I smile with confidence, "Mark my words, one day I will destroy Katasko."

    "We," Alissa corrects me.

    "I won't let… I won't let anyone hurt us," Lina says, through gritted teeth, her words filled with anger.

    "Don't… don't let anger taint you," Ciel says weakly. She looks anxiously at us, "I won't… I won't run, but I won't let myself succumb to anger."

    As the leader, I also shouldn't.

    "Some of us shouldn't, but some of us should," Hana affirms with certainty.

    "Anger is what motivated me to create [Explosion]," Roxanne says, bitterly. "I don't want to go back to those times, always angry at something."

    "I will be angry for the both of us," Hana says and pulls her into a hug.

    Roxanne smiles weakly, "Thanks, but… I need to fight, regardless. It just feels like we stumbled onto something big. Katasko won't let us go with just that, more is coming."

    "Nothing is impossible if we take it one day at a time," I say.

    The screeching woman in my head feels like a far away cry right now.

    Roxanne massages her horns and looks at Ciel, who nods with bitterness but resolve. She chuckles once and breathes in. Her chest puffed up, her chin raised high, her horn looking sharp, she says, "I won't ever back down on my vows, Wolfy. I entrust you with my life."

    "And I entrust you with mine." I nod towards her with courage.

    Aoi claws tickle my leg as she tries to grab my attention, "I vow, to kill, for you. To never, abandon you. To stay, by you, forever."

    I chuckle and hold back the pain quickly rising from my throat, "I vow to kill for you. To never abandon you. To stay by your side, forever."

    Aoi crawls up my chest and her dexterous tongue invades my mouth. It lasts for a short time and I catch myself wanting more.

    Then I see Lina has her mouth hanging open and her expression is frozen in shock.

    I push Aoi out of my lap and crawl over the bed towards Lina. I grab her face and make her stare into my eyes, "I will protect you, I will keep you safe, I will always support you and encourage you to grow. I will always love you, I will entrust you with my life."

    Her pupils dilate, her breath quickens rapidly, her mouth hangs open and she mutters unintelligible sounds.

    "Lina, I love you, you love me, that's all we need. Now please, repeat my words," I plead.

    "Ah… y-yes…" Her voice barely leaves her throat.

    "I will protect you, I will keep you safe, I will always support you and encourage you to grow."

    "I w-will protect you, I will k-keep you safe, I will a-always support you and enc-c-courage you to grow."

    "I will always love you, I will entrust you with my life."

    "I will a-always l-l-lo-v-ve you, I will entrust you with my l-l-life."

    I seal her small lips with mine and invade her mouth with my tongue. She immediately responds. She seeks me and tries to pull my tongue towards her.

    The girls clap and Lina soon breaks away from me in embarrassment.

    I feel something change within me. My "Sanity" increased by 1 (now 10+4).

    Through adversity, unity.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Cody Weigel.
    Lord Bill.
    Noble Salty Panda.
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