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    Lina hugs my chest tight with her thin arms. I kiss the top of her head and return her hug, her very sweet perfume fills my nose and calms my heart.

    I feel it when Gify's touch turns on and gradually, all our hearts connect. Alissa's determination, Roxanne's trust, Hana's courage, Ciel's protection, Lina's support, Aoi's fearlessness, and my love for them all.


    And Gify's watchful eyes.

    Though, that sounded slightly creepy.


    Anyway, we all get a piece of each other's mind, something that will help us grow. It also calms us greatly, making our anger pass and our hearts settle.

    Lina's hug weakens and she untangles from me. She looks up, her gloomy eyes are dreamy and their corners are wet. I dry one them and give her a kiss on the nose. She chuckles softly and kisses my hand, before drying the other eye herself.

    "There's something we have to do," I say and smile wickedly, "Does anyone know where their offices are?"

    "I know where they could be, but not the exact location," Ciel answers, eyeing me suspiciously, "What do you want to do?"

    "Tonight, when their offices are empty, I would like to send our own message."

    Roxanne jumps on the bed and claps the tip of her fingers, "Let me blow it up!" She pleads.

    "That would be a bad idea. They would know without a doubt that it was you," Ciel says.

    "Exactly," I nod towards Ciel, "I want to make it ambiguous, at least until we are done with this escort business."

    "You could use [Monster Summoning] to demolish the building," Alissa suggests.

    "Minotaurs, Kite Dragons, the Symbol of Hate. All of those have high strength," Hana adds.

    Lina perks up, "Get them to destroy the supporting pillars and the building will collapse easily," she completes.

    I lift an eyebrow at her, "Do you have knowledge about architecture or engineering?"

    She lowers her head, "N-no… you could call it dwarven intuition."

    I shrug, "Better than nothing."

    "So, now what? Are we staying here all day?" Hana asks.

    "I think we should continue as usual, it would show them that we're not afraid," Alissa says.

    "I agree," Hana agrees.

    "Well, it's unlikely for them to attack again so soon," Ciel accepts and Lina nods along, "Though, after we destroy their offices…"

    "It could signal a war," Roxanne says.

    "It's already a war, we're just escalating it," I say.

    "Aren't we dragging Klein and Rande into it too?" Lina asks.

    Hana grits her teeth and her emerald scales rise. "We already did," she growls.

    "It's not like we could just hide forever. We have to continue living our lives and just deal with the consequences as they come," Ciel asserts.

    "I still haven't finished shopping," Roxanne says.

    "Let's go out again, then. But let's avoid empty streets for now," Hana says with a wry smile.

    Ciel breathes in deeply to gather her courage and nods.

    "Show me where the guild's offices are first," I ask.

    I spread four Hollys around the area Ciel had described and we all leave the inn.

    With Alissa and Lina on each of my arms, we walk down the main street again while casually observing the performers. They guide me forward so I can focus on my Hollys’ vision.

    During the morning, only the more subdued performances are being played, so there's nothing that interesting going on. The nature spirits seem interested in the performances, though. The rooftops are filled with their cute, watchful eyes.

    Eventually, a Holly finds the building in question. Bright yellow core bricks with blood-red ones marking the frame. A very large crystal tablet is displayed in front with the words "Katasko, Escort and Protection Business Mercenary Company" inlaid in gold.

    I bet those red bricks are load-bearing. They'll make for a nice target for the monsters. Though I wish I knew how to make gunpowder, then I could be a true terrorist.

    With the target located, I focus back on myself and guide the girls towards our target. I pay attention to our surroundings, searching for any attentive eyes that follow me. I see a few suspicious imperials and tell their names to Lina so she can note them down. [Sense Soul] is the best counter-espionage tool around.

    If I could stake out their offices, I could learn the name of every employee. Unfortunately, I'm already under surveillance by them and we're strapped for time. Though, the description of the man who hired the thugs will be forever at hand, written on a paper inside my "Items."

    We reach Katasko's offices and linger in front of it. A few men and women go in and out in full armor, paying us no mind. Nobody seems to care for us so we move on, but then I discreetly put a [Gate] "coordinate" at a quiet-looking entrance to an alley nearby.

    Then we meet up for lunch.

    We go to another elven restaurant. I have fried not-potatoes with a sauce that's rather close to tomatoes. It's more on the bitter and spicy side instead of having the acidity and sweetness of tomatoes.

    "Roxanne, have you ever seen a kind of black powder that creates a lot of smoke when lit up by a flame?" I ask her.

    She pushes her glasses back up her nose and speaks, "Don't think so. Though, some of the oil that enchantments like Rande's conjures can make a lot of smoke if it's a bad enchantment."

    "I know about it. It's a little dangerous to enchant things with [Flame Slash]," Lina chimes in.

    "How easy it is to light up the oil produced by the spell?" I ask.

    "Very, a single touch of a flame is enough."

    "Does it burn without air?"

    She tilts her head cutely, "Not sure."

    "I think we can make it, I saw a book explaining about how to make things burn underwater," Roxanne comments.

    "Can you make it burn faster, like, burn it all in an instant?" I ask.

    She taps her lips with her fork in thought, "I think so. There are plenty of accelerants that we can test."

    "I want to create an explosive that has two properties: it must burn it all instantly, creating a lot of hot air that quickly expands; and it must burn without contact with air, so it can burn inside a sealed container."

    If I can manage to create smart explosives with [Golemancy] then things could get interesting.

    "Not exactly my specialty but I can take a look at what [Alchemy] can do," Roxanne says.

    "I could modify [Flaming Slash] to supply you with the oil," Lina adds.

    "How hard is it to find something enchanted with that spell?" I ask.

    "Rather hard," Lina frowns slightly, "It's a popular enchantment and it's dangerous for the enchanter so they always sell fast."

    Another research subject to add to the list.

    We go back to the inn and see Klein on a bench in front of the building. There's a small grass garden at the entrance so it's a nice place for patrons to spend some time.

    "Ditched your parents today?" Hana asks.

    She springs up with a wide smile, her tail waves a greeting to us. "Yep! They apparently became very concerned with my training, so I ran! We'll get enough time to train on the trip," she hums happily when she finishes speaking.

    "So, what do you want to do today?"

    "How about some cards? Like old times?"

    Hana awkwardly looks at us and then rubs the scales on top of her hand. "I lost way too much money on cards to make that mistake again."

    "Oh, we don't have to bet money," she flicks her wrist dismissively.

    "Then, what? Clothes?" Hana's eyes turn fearsome.

    Klein hesitates for a second and sends us all a glance, "Sure…" Her voice is filled with anticipation.

    "So, you still got that Poch table, eh?" Hana murmurs nostalgically as her hand rubs an old circular board. It has eight small cavities around it with one more cavity in the middle. Some simple carvings of swords, knights, armor, monsters, and nobles decorate it.

    "For old time's sake, I kept it. We had too much fun for me to just throw it away so easily," Klein says.

    "How sentimental of you."

    "Hmph! I like you and would like something that reminded me of you," she pouts and looks away with her chin held high.

    "Awn…" Hana's gaze mellows and she gives Klein a tight hug.

    "Help… breathe…!"

    "I know, right. She knows how to precisely crush our lungs so that we can't breathe anymore," I comment.

    Klein sends me a glare, "Brea~the…!" She wheezes.

    Hana eventually lets Klein go and Ciel gives her a small [Heal].

    "Thank you, Ciel."

    "So, who's playing?" Roxanne asks while looking around.

    "I'm not," Alissa raises her hand, "I'm just going to watch." She positions herself behind Klein and smiles mischievously.

    Aoi curls around herself with Gify on top. She and Gify are going to just take a nap while we do our naughty stuff.

    "Do you all sleep in the same room?" Klein asks as she looks around. The whole room is filled with beds, so there's barely any space to walk.

    "It's more fun that way," I say. Klein looks barely surprised, she's getting used to our weirdness.

    "Quite warm and comfortable, too," Roxanne adds.

    "Ever since we started sleeping together I haven't had a bad night's sleep," Lina says.

    Klein's tail wraps around her chest as she hugs herself, "So precious…" She mouths.

    "Let me explain how this game works…" Hana starts.

    So, it's poker, we are playing strip-poker.

    "We should play with a low amount of chips so when someone loses all chips they lose a piece of clothing. Also, after every round ends, we roll some dice to decide who loses a piece of clothing but the winner of the round is immune," Hana recites the rules to us.

    "You played this before?" I ask.

    She smiles wide, "Oh yes."

    The six warriors draw their weapons and raise their shields. Currently protected from each other, we try to analyze our opponents to see what they might be holding. The shields mask our expressions but they are merely a cover. Any movement, any little change, is a tell that must be scrutinized in search of the truth behind it.

    We all take a sip of beer and begin.

    Hana comes strong and confident, Lina follows with shyness, Roxanne prefers to wait and stays out of this round, Ciel does the same, I follow Hana, and Klein goes high.

    I drop out along with Lina immediately. The two girls stare at each other intently, measuring each other's worth. Hana bets higher and Klein pays to see.

    Klein's hand beats Hana's.

    "Caught ya bluffing!" Klein exclaims as she gets all the chips.

    We roll the dice and I lose my socks.

    Klein and Hana aren't the most observant, but they do play strategically.

    "Your skin is beautiful," Klein comments as Roxanne's dress is dropped. Her eyes linger for a long time on Roxanne's sexy, lacy underwear.

    "Thank you, so is your fur," Roxanne compliments back.

    "But you aren't the best at bluffing," Lina says, her impish smile covered by the cards.

    Roxanne glares back and her tail shoots up, aiming at Lina threateningly.

    Lina is the next to get down to her underwear.

    "Hohohoh~" Roxanne laughs evilly.

    "This is just bad luck…" Lina pouts while shyly covering her small mounds.

    "What are you trying to do? It's not like you have anything to cover," Roxanne remarks offhandedly.

    "I still have my dignity."

    "You still make Wolfy [Massage] your nipples every day, as if that would make them grow."

    Lina turns her eyes to Ciel, who cowers behind her cards, "Why did you assume it was me?" Ciel protests.

    She then turns to me with a frown, "I never tease you behind your back," I say and raise my hands in surrender.

    A soft voice tickles Lina's left ear, "You shouldn't be ashamed of that, we all know how you envy Ciel and Hana," Alissa says and gives a kiss on Lina's cheek.

    She pouts and motions for the game to continue.

    "Ok, next you are going to say you are also wearing sexy underwear," Klein says to me as Ciel's dress drops.

    "Would you like that?" I innocently ask her.

    She starts to answer but chokes on her words and stays silent.

    "I'm not sure I like this game," Ciel says as her massive tits drop once her sash is undone.

    Klein's mouth hangs open and I close it with my hand. I push my soul just a tiny bit out of my finger and see a shiver run through Klein's whole body, yet she doesn't take her eyes off Ciel's massive breasts.

    "Ain't she like a cow?" Roxanne nudges Klein.

    "Ain't you like a twig?" Ciel shoots back, a little flippant.

    "Then what does that make Lina?"

    "A… very cute little doll…?" She asks tentatively. Lina answers with a pout, making Ciel wince.

    Alissa's hand discreetly enters her pants and she sends me a wink.

    Next, I take my shirt off. Klein avoids looking at me while Hana runs her hand over my abs.

    "Isn't he delicious?" Hana growls. Klein sends me a glance and her breath becomes heavier.

    Lina loses her little bra next and her cute pink nipples make Klein smile.

    Then Klein loses her vest and shows us all her sash, something she only put on so we had a matching amount of clothes to lose. Her breasts are extremely perky, like small balls with a nearly perfectly round shape, almost like Hana's.

    "Please, don't stare…" She pleads shyly as every hungry eye falls on her.

    "Then don't show it to us," Hana says.

    Klein doesn't try to cover her breasts and the game continues.

    Ciel loses her panties and groans. "Do I stop playing now? I don't have anything else to take off," she says.

    "You can spread your legs, then spread your lips," Hana says.

    Ciel spends a few seconds considering it. I see her breath quicken, she's getting excited. Then she nods.

    Hana's shirt comes off and soon after, her pants. Klein chuckles repeatedly, now tipsy, and her eyes lick over Hana's entire body.

    Klein's pants come off next and she gets nervous, but her tail starts moving faster. This is her tell for excitement: she moves her tail while her body freezes up. Her panties are simple but cute, they are small white pieces of white cloth hugging tightly against her labia. Her brown pubes are visible, just peeking out from above.

    Ciel spreads her legs, her lips showing their wetness yet nobody comments on her obvious excitement.

    Lina and Roxanne lose their panties. Klein's legs rub against each other and Alissa calmly fingers herself.

    The smell of pussy fills the air as Roxanne spreads her legs, then Ciel's pussy becomes much wetter than before.

    I lose my pants and make no motion to hide the erection in my underwear. Klein doesn't even send a glance my way, but this makes her lose her concentration. She becomes easy to read and loses all her chips along with falling to the dice.

    Without looking at any of us, her sash falls. Her delicious brown breasts are almost as perfect as Hana's and a little smaller than Alissa's. Her black nipples are small and enticing, they look very pointy and ready for sucking.

    Then she pulls off her panties. Her meaty black labia spills over, ready to be separated by my cock. She immediately closes her legs and I can't see any more detail besides the brown pubes peeking out.

    "Your pussy looks delicious," Hana growls.

    "T-thank you, ahahah… to think you would be the one saying that…" Klein tries to drink from her cup but notices it is empty.

    "Would you prefer if I said it?" I ask, and the only response is her brown skin gaining a red tint.

    "The game is not over yet," Alissa comments, her voice full of happiness. Klein's eyes fall on my underwear and she swallows heavily. Then she nods and motions for the game to continue.

    New confidence comes over Klein as Hana loses her clothes and Ciel has to spread her lips.

    "D-do I have to keep it like this?" Ciel asks, one hand holding cards and the other on her dark pussy, its delicious lips now drenching the bed with her wetness. Her fingers tremble, wanting to take the plunge inside herself.

    "Yes," I command and she obeys.

    The smell of pussy grows even stronger and the tip of my bulge gets wet. I purposely lose the next round so I can show a glimpse of my raging erection to Klein. I push it between my legs uncomfortably but it's necessary to keep the game going longer.

    She glances back to Alissa, who's masturbating with a pleased smile on her face, and then her eyes lock on to my crotch and pubes. She gulps again and licks her lips.

    Lina spreads her lips, too. All of the women are now leaving visible wet spots on the bed. Another sheet that we will have to manually wash later but oh, well.

    Klein loses the next round. Her hands nervously hover over her defined abs, then her delicious legs rise up. They part and her hand rub her labia majora softly, just itching to stimulate her clit. The meaty lips protrude out of its home as her fingers spread them apart and her sticky juices make dirty sounds. Her dark entrance is just waiting for my cock as she faces me but keeps her head turned away.

    I quickly lose the next round so I can let my cock spring upwards, dripping with precum.

    We have barely any composure left in us. We are all staring at the virgin spreading her pussy before us, waiting to be fucked. The small tufts of brown fur all over her cute body give her a more animalistic air in comparison to Alissa.

    She loses the next round on purpose.

    "W-what n-now?" She asks, her voice shaking, yet dripping with anticipation.

    I crawl over to her and advance my head to hers. She tries to move away but her limbs don't respond, so her body just falls flat on the bed.

    Her legs are still spread wide apart, presenting a perfect entrance for me. I position myself above her and slowly lower my hips. The tip of my cock, dripping with precum, touches her wet and sticky entrance. She shivers uncontrollably and her eyes open wide in shock.

    "Now, you won. What do you want of me?"

    "W-w-won? M-m-me? Y-y-you?"

    "Or do you want me?" Hana lays down beside her. She grabs Klein's hand and pushes it inside her own pussy. Hana moans softly as she uses Klein's hand to get herself off.

    "W-wait! I can't!" Klein exclaims and Hana stops. "I-I can't… I didn't… I didn't talk to Dad yet…"

    I put my hand softly over her cheek and make her look at me, "It's okay, we can wait. But we don't have to go all the way…"

    The entire room goes silent as we all anxiously wait for Klein's answer with bated breath.

    She slowly raises her hips and lowers it, rubbing her pussy along my shaft. Hana leans over and their lips envelop each other. Klein moans softly as Hana's tongue invades her mouth.

    I lean back and grab Klein's legs. I close them upon my shaft and start pumping. Alissa quickly crawls over and drizzles a warm oil on Klein's pussy, then she starts fingering her. Klein's tail searches for my arm and wraps around it before slowly stroking it.

    Hana makes way so that Roxanne can suck on one of Klein's breasts while Lina sucks on the other. Ciel spreads Klein's ass cheeks and casts [Clean], then she slowly wiggles a pinky finger inside.

    Klein's toes curl and her tails squeeze me as she has a long, draining orgasm. After she's done, we resume our movements. Her cream leaves a small white spot on my cock.

    All this teasing made me last only a short while. I pull all the girls away and Klein looks at me. I get on top of her and push her head slowly towards my cock. She breathes in and smells it, then she opens her mouth wide and takes me in. Her mouth greedily tries to swallow me while her tongue rubs wildly on my cock. She's inexperienced but it still feels nice.

    "I'm coming," I warn her and shoot down her throat. She chokes repeatedly but doesn't take my cock off her mouth, she actually tries to swallow me deeper until I hit the back of her throat.

    Once my orgasm passes I take it out from her and sit down. My cock is still erect and ready for more, while her whole body is sweaty and limp.

    Klein eyes my cock warily. "It's still up?" She asks in a faint voice.

    "I'm just getting started. I can go on for much longer," I say with a wicked smile.

    She looks around herself. Wet pussies everywhere are being ravaged by fingers, all while they stare at us like ravenous beasts.

    "I… I have to go… I'm sorry, Wolf, I c-can't do anymore." She quickly collects her clothes and starts putting them on in a hurry.

    "It's fine. I'll be waiting for you to come again."

    She holds back her chuckle and hurriedly leaves the room.

    A bronze body covers my view as Hana immediately mounts me. Her wet pussy slides onto my cock with ease.

    Her fearsome yellow eyes lock onto mine, "That was the hottest fucking thing we ever did. I want you to fuck her; I want to see her bleed; I want to see you destroy her little pussy; I want to see her cream on your cock repeatedly!" She shouts.

    One-by-one, I shoot a load inside each of the girls to appease them. The whole room becomes steamy; the smell of sweat and sex growing even stronger as we have one long orgy.

    "Wow…" Ciel murmurs, "That was exhausting."

    "One of the best orgasms you ever gave me," Roxanne says as she hugs my arm tighter.

    "I'm completely drained now," I say.

    Alissa has a silly smile plastered on her face. She's still using my fingers to get herself off until she reaches one last orgasm. Hana licks my ball sack while Lina dozes off with her head resting on Ciel's crotch.

    We leave the room to have a bath together and we catch Rande and Anton leaving while discussing the escort job. They barely spare us a glance and walk out of the inn. Klein completely freezes as she sees us come out. Her mother raises an eyebrow at her behavior then stifles a small chuckle when she sees us.

    Fortunately for Klein, they were finished with their meal, so they have an excuse to leave.

    There's just something special in knowing that she tasted my cum and swallowed it all in delight. She only had one large mug of beer, too, so she can't even complain that she was too drunk to know any better.

    After our meal, we spend a short, leisurely time reading and lightly drinking. Tomorrow we will be waking up very early, so we cut our evening short and go to sleep.

    Gify is actually a really good alarm clock. He wakes us up at precisely 2 AM and I open a [Gate] to Katasko's office.

    "There's one guard at the front, one at the back, and two inside. There's a few in the other buildings around, too," Alissa whispers.

    I summon a Dream Eater and fill the street with the mist. Soon, even the guards in the nearby buildings fall asleep.

    "You think there's an alarm or protections?" I ask.

    Lina taps a finger on her cute lips, "There's definitely alarms, but protections would be too expensive," she says, "If they needed to protect something they would store it somewhere less obvious."

    "Well then…"

    I put all my points in [Summoning Magic] and [Reduced Mana Cost], then I summon eight minotaurs.

    "Wreck-it, Ralph," I mutter.



    "Oh… Anyway, aim for the inner walls. The building is large enough that destroying all the inner walls will certainly make it collapse in on itself."

    "Understood." Then I put thirty points in [Godly Language], "Become stronger!"

    The minotaurs all bulge and grow a good thirty centimeters.

    "Now, bring it down!"

    Intermission 12

    The scrawny pencil pusher keeps his posture shrunken, threatened by my presence.

    "So, everyone was asleep?" I ask him without giving him another glance.

    "E-everyone, Sir. The inner guards were moved to a safe area by the perpetrators before the attack began. We also found traces of magic but couldn't find any solid clue to which spell it was. There are too many ways to put someone to sleep for us to know with any certainty," he bows again once he finishes.

    "If it's so easy to put the damn guards to sleep, then what do we even pay them for?!" I snap at him.

    "T-they aren't there t-to stop s-something like this. O-only as a deterrent a-against theft or espionage," he barely holds his piss inside himself as he stutters.

    I click my tongue and flick my hand at him. He bows again and scurries away.

    Dwarven beard. How did they demolish an entire building in only a minute without leaving a single damn trace?!

    Must be Helios. This is retaliation; they are merely flexing their power at us. They are hiding something powerful and I have no idea what it is.

    This won't be easy… just what kind of damn task did those pissers send my way?!

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Cody Weigel.
    Lord Bill.
    Noble Salty Panda.
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    Today is the 9th.

    We wake up early and I use Alissa for a quick morning routine. Even though I'm still feeling a little drained, Alissa is so good at it that she makes me cum after only a minute.

    Well, yesterday was satisfying, though I do feel a little silly. Responding to assault with a demolition doesn't feel like it's on the same level, it makes me feel like I threw a tantrum. But if they escalate this further, then innocent people, or almost-innocent people, will get involved. I'm almost certain that blood is going to be spilled, and I see no easy way of ending this that doesn't involve us exposing ourselves and bending over to the nobles that are after us.

    Then we calmly eat our breakfast. Everyone seems energetic and content, Hana hums happily, Alissa is brimming with happiness and Ciel seems absent-minded with a faint smile on her face.

    "I'm starting to think you are more depraved than me," Roxanne comments casually.

    "What…?" Ciel comes out of her stupor.

    "You enjoyed playing with Klein almost as much as Hana did."

    In just a few seconds, Ciel flashes through several emotions: anger, realization, shame, acceptance, finishing with laughter.

    "So, did she finally accept it?" Alissa asks.

    "Seems so…" Hana says with a shrug.

    "What about Osaria?" Ciel shoots back with a sharp gaze.

    Roxanne breathes in deeply and keeps her eyes on her food. "I don't trust her. I trust Klein, at least I trust Hana, who trusts Klein, but I don't trust Osaria. She reminds me too much of my instructor: aggressive and a little manipulative."

    "Your call, Roxanne. If you don't want it, we won't bring her in, there's no problem with that," I say.

    "Want to bet that you're going to buckle?" Ciel teases.

    Roxanne scoffs and adjusts her glasses, "I'm perfectly capable of being faithful."

    "If you don't reject her outright, she's going to keep seducing you and eventually you will fall to her."

    "Don't say 'fall', I'm not going to fall in love with her," Roxanne frowns.

    "But you will want her body."

    "Do you want her now, too? Is that why you're pushing me towards her?" Roxanne raises her eyebrows questioningly.

    "No… you can have your fun with her, I don't mind," she lifts her chin and looks away.

    "I saw your lip tremble," Roxanne says with a cheeky smile.

    Ciel puckers her lips and her face distorts as she tries to contain a smile.

    "A-HA! Got you!" Roxanne points to Ciel with her index.

    "Don't abuse it, my heart is still too tired for another round," Ciel says lowly to us and resumes eating.

    It's best that we don't push this much further or else things will get dangerous.

    Roxanne leveled up to 34 and increased her [Fire Magic] by 2 (now 24). She has 8 SP left.

    With breakfast done, we return the keys to our room and end our stay.

    The imperial soldiers move around nervously while the elven ones remain stoic. The town quickly starts to bustle with conversation as the early workers notice the tenseness and start asking questions.

    We reach the north gate by dinghy and see Rande's caravan getting ready.

    "Morning, Rande," I approach casually.

    "Morning, Ryder," he merely glances back and nods.

    "What's going on? The town is too loud for this hour."

    "Oh, right," he stops reading the documents and gives us his full attention, "Someone demolished the offices of an imperial mercenary company. I think it's one of those companies bought by the nobles. Nothing special, just some small petty fighting."

    "Wow, did anybody get hurt?" Hana opens her eyes wide and asks.

    Rande glances at her and looks a little uncomfortable but responds, "Well, no. A little odd though, these fights can easily get bloody."

    "Isn't it good that lives aren't being wasted?" Ciel questions with a frown.

    "Well, yes," he awkwardly scratches one of his long ears, "But there's little reason to spare them. When you want to send a message, you need to be brutal. Otherwise, people think you are just bluffing."

    I look at the girls and they seem to have mixed feelings.

    "Anyway, no point in speculating about these things. Gossip spreads fast and the important details are lost along the way," he shrugs and goes back to reading the documents.

    We continue towards the front of the caravan and the caravan guards nod to us in recognition. Then we see the commoners in front, most of the previous commoners left and now we only recognize a few. There's a few humans we don't recognize, a considerable number of golden elves, and a few silver ones. The numbers are less than when we left Rabanara, though, so at least Rande is not being as reckless.

    Anton, his family, and Rande's are talking with the elven commoners. Anton notices our approach and waves for us to come over.

    "There they are, Helios, the main escort. They will deal with the monsters before they even reach us," I hear Anton say as we approach.

    The elves turn and their eyes analyze us. I don't see many relieved or confident expressions forming after they make their opinions about us.

    "And you are the leader…?" An elder golden elf man questions me as I approach.

    I give him my best smile and bow lightly, "Wolf 'Good Luck' Ryder, Scholar, Golemancer, and Summoner."

    This gives him pause and he looks at me questioningly.

    I roll my eyes and quickly fake chant a light elemental. Ciel looks slightly uncomfortable as everyone stares at an almost naked form of her.

    "I see… so Weepers won't be a problem…" The elder elf nods repeatedly, now convinced.

    "Wolf Ryder?!" A flippant voice comes from behind us.

    A mature Asian woman with fading red hair and a graying, spindly Asian man strut towards us. The woman's gestures are aggressive and she grits her teeth while her eyes try to pierce me. The man is completely stoic and barely seems to notice me as he follows the woman.

    The woman's eyes turn to someone else near me, "What did you do to my Dietgard, you sad doll!" She spews.

    I follow her eyes and see a pale Lina staring at her wide-eyed. Her whole body freezes into a statue and she even stops breathing.

    The mature woman's risque black dress flutters wildly with her movements. Her shapely legs peek out with every loud step as her high heels clack on the bricks. The graying man seems almost like a ghost in contrast to her, with his completely silent steps.

    "Madame Helganst…" Lina mumbles.

    "What?! I saw your mouth moved but no sound came! How many times did we tell you not to mumble?!" The woman barks.

    "M-madame Helganst!" Lina's posture straightens immediately.

    "And stop stuttering, say it with confidence!"

    Hana and Ciel immediately get in front of Lina, blocking her view of Madame Helganst, and from Hana's shoulder, Aoi bares her fangs. The woman stops very close to both of them and stares at Hana in the eye at the same height. She's tall and her high heels make her look even taller.

    Helganst leans her head to the side and peeks on Lina, "Is that what Hilde taught you? To hide behind your bodyguards?"

    "She owes you nothing," Hana growls at her.

    Helganst rolls her eyes, "Of course, the dragonkin is the one who acts aggressively."

    "You need to take a step back," Ciel says with a dangerous tone. She delicately touches the exposed sternum of Helganst with the tip of her hand and pushes her back slowly. Helganst glares at Ciel but takes a step back.

    Time to be diplomatic.

    "Wolf Ryder, leader of Helios," I introduce myself and bow lightly, I don't think she would accept a handshake. "And you are…?"

    Her eyes finally deem me worthy of address. "Helganst Roth," she says curtly to me.

    "Friedrich Roth," says the old man softly, making me suddenly remember he existed.

    "Roth… Hildegard's Roth family?" I ask.

    "Yes… and Dietgard's Roth family," she answers, fuming with anger. The small wrinkles on her face stretch as she scowls.

    I force a smile, "To what do I owe this pleasure?"

    She glares at me, "Do not play with me boy, I don't skirt around pleasantries. I merely came here to have a word with the slave who dared abandon us and reject Dietgard's offer."

    "As her master, you have to go through me if you need to speak with her," I calmly state.

    Lina turns to me and holds my hand. "It's fine," she says, lowly.

    I see no anxiety in her eyes, only calm resolve. I nod to Hana and Ciel and they part slightly. I take a glance back and see that the elves are watching us intently with curiosity, but after my glance, they immediately turn around and go back to their business. Klein and Osaria are also watching intently and both nod in support.

    "What do you want to say to me, Madame Helganst?" Lina asks softly.

    Helganst's mouth twitches at Lina's meekness but doesn't chastise her, "Why did you reject Dietgard?"

    "I don't love him."

    "That's it? Dietgard disappeared from Goldcross due to heartbreak, do you realize how much you have hurt him? How are you going to take responsibility for this?!"

    Lina's confidence falters for a moment but she manages to shoot back, "Becoming part of your family is also something I would never want. Besides, Dietgard's ego isn't my responsibility!"

    Helganst snorts, "Is this how you repay us for saving you? By abandoning us and turning your back to his affection?"

    Lina frowns and gains more confidence, "I owe Hilde a lot and I'm sorry for not paying her back, but I don't owe you anything."

    "Insolent…" She snarls and forces herself not to scream, "Where do you think the money to buy you, clothe you, teach you, and feed you came from?!" She hisses, "You run away from us in our time of need and join a perverted boy and his harem! I didn't think we raised you to be like that."

    "You didn't raise me, Hilde did. And if you are going to disrespect my… my fiance, then I will be leaving," she glares defiantly at the woman who towers heavily over her.

    Helganst seems about to burst a vein, her face turns even redder than her hair, "Fiance?! You used your body to seduce the boy like a damn whor-…"

    *Slap!* Helganst staggers back and is supported by her husband. Ciel's face is distorted in pure anger; one hand is on the sheath of her sword, ready to draw; the other is raised high, resting there after the slap.

    Helganst immediately straightens up proudly, the only trace of the slap is the red mark on her cheek.

    "You have found companions of your level, Lina: animals." She turns around in a huff and struts away.

    "We are wolves who eat snakes like you!" Lina yells back.

    We wait in silence until Helganst's red blur disappears completely.


    "Yeah, but not literally," I say.

    "Well… that was interesting," Roxanne says.

    "How did she finds us?" Alissa asks.

    "I think it was our fault," Osaria says softly with a slight cringe. "Rande used your exploits to convince the other elves they would be safe with us."

    I glance at the elder elf man nearby and he shrugs.

    "So you announced to the entire town that we were escorting you?" I ask.

    "Yes…" Osaria frowns apologetically.

    "Not your fault. We never even imagined that Helganst would be so angry at us," I shrug.

    I guess this is also how Katasko found where we were sleeping so easily.

    Lina hugs Ciel, who calms down rapidly and even looks a little ashamed.

    "Oh, yes, that slap was beautiful. I don't think I could have slapped her any better myself," Roxanne praises Ciel.

    "That was certainly one of the most painful slaps I have ever seen. The sound was so crystalline and perfect that I must say it was almost musical," Hana adds.

    Ciel sighs deeply and looks to the sky, "You're not helping."

    "But… thank you, Ciel, for protecting me," Lina says.

    Klein loudly gasps at Lina and uses her tail to hug herself, then she gets a little tense once our gazes cross. Anton and Krista seem sympathetic to us and give an encouraging nod.

    Rande appears with Nito, who's bringing our horses, and the caravan starts to move past us.

    "Here are your horses, Mr. Ryder," Nito says and hands me the reins of the monstrosity.

    With a sigh, I mount my horse the same way as before.

    Hana mounts hers and slaps the side, "Come on, Klein, get up," she says.

    "She should ride in the carriage. Your horses aren't to be used by just anyone," Anton interrupts with a wide, phony smile.

    Klein's tail tickles Anton's nose and he nearly sneezes, then a flash of light comes out of her and she dashes towards Hana, now as a monkey. She quickly climbs up Hana's leg and returns to human form, sitting perfectly in her spot.

    I help Alissa up onto my horse and hug her tight, "There's plenty of room on these horses, they are far too big for just one person," I say and give my own phony smile.

    Anton sends a sharp gaze to Nito who immediately turns away and stiffly walks to the back of the caravan.

    With a short grunt, he enters the carriage where Oura, Krista, and a very tired looking Laertes are waiting.

    "Maybe you could give me a ride too, later. Sitting in the carriage all day is a little tiring," Osaria comments with a smile, her sultry voice worms into my ear.

    I smile at her suggestively, "Maybe…" I answer and guide the horse forward.

    The imperial guard who checks our IDs takes a moment longer than normal. His eyes scan through the skill list on all of our tablets. All of them are blocked from sight as any other adventurer would, yet he still wastes time checking them.

    Another name for the list.

    We exit Goldcross through the north gate. Around us are a few farms with high walls to protect them from the usual monsters since the patrols are scarcer on this side. There's a river that flows from Fort Katakti, far to the west, and then empties into the Loyalist Lake below Ultirei's Tomb.

    I slow down my horse towards the commoners and start chanting an area [Swift Foot].

    "Oh… much appreciated, young man," says a mature human woman.

    I spend a few minutes gathering my mana and finally release the spell on all of the commoners. Nearly all my mana was used, but I have some time to practice my [Redirect Mana].

    "Impressive," the elder elven man says with a respectful nod.

    The other elves talk among themselves in their native tongue in an excited tone. It does sound like Portuguese to my ears but what they are actually saying sounds like gibberish, so I can barely understand it.

    I send a wave to the pleased commoners and head back to the front of the caravan.

    As we pass through the farms, the Ultirei's Tomb mountain range becomes more visible. The closer we get the more we see the details: grey jagged rock sprinkled with red from the deeper sedimentary layers, and at the bottom, there's molten rock that had quickly solidified into crude obsidian. The mountain is protected by both the temple and the elves, so it still has all of the small, shining mana crystals that formed due to the high amount of mana everywhere.

    To the left and behind the mountain, we see the first trees of the High Forest: gigantic towering trees that make the ones in the Sea of Trees look small. Bundles of thin trees twist around each other, interweaving with each other in a spiral, creating patterns as they reach upwards. Some of them look like springs; others make square, circular, or complex patterns, similar to Celtic knots; some look like greek columns; and a few appear to be abstract art. The elves use the trees as yarn to practice their "tree-knitting."

    In front of us, small hills dot the landscape. Between them, small puddles of water hide beneath the tall grass. To our left is the last stretch of the Rakontagne mountain range, the earth quickly growing rocky as the plants die out. To our right is Antano, small dark green oaks start to appear and increase in size, and more to the front and to the right there's the Loyalist Lake where the river we crossed ends. The Lake has some nasty monsters and plants so the road we are taking avoids getting close to it.

    The wide road is raised because the soil here is loose and muddy. Even so, the road has to snake a little and rise and fall along with the hills, so it's much harder to walk along it in comparison to the Shore of Leaves' straight path.

    There are three informal "lanes" on the road: we walk on the right, the others come from the left, and the middle is left for faster caravans "overtaking" slower ones. With my [Swift Foot], our caravan becomes part of that faster category.

    I let Alissa handle the reins while I calmly seek the ambient mana and pull it towards me with [Redirect Mana]. On our left are the mountains, so the mana coming from that direction is very "earthy" with a few hints of "Aoi," which should be coming from the dragons that live there. On the right, we're passing the corner of the wetlands of Antano, so I feel a lot of "plant," "death" and "toxicity." Not the most pleasant mana to receive.

    Klein is now wearing padded leather armor, so she isn't as accessible as before, but that doesn't mean she doesn't enjoy being hugged by Hana. She lays her body against Hana's as she watches me with her dreamy eyes, then she turns a little awkward when I look at her.

    "What are you doing?" She asks me.

    "Refilling my mana with [Redirect Mana]," I say.

    "Oooh, what's that?" She leans closer and opens her eyes wide in curiosity.

    Alissa maneuvers our horses closer together.

    "A skill I created, it allows me to take in the ambient mana to refill my MP."

    "Isn't that a huge boon for mages like you?"

    "Indeed, it is. We can fight much longer than the average mage because of it."

    "So you taught Roxanne that, too?"

    "They all know it."

    She lifts her eyebrows and twists her neck to look at Hana, who hunches over and makes their faces get dangerously close.

    "Yes, we all know it," Hana says softly, her warm breath is felt on Klein's face.

    "Feeling a little lonely here," Roxanne comments. Aoi jumps up from Lina's lap and glides over towards Roxanne. "Awn… thank you," she says as she pats Aoi's little belly.

    Klein turns to face the front and swallows her saliva.

    I brush Alissa's hair while we make our way forward. The road is rather busy, so most monsters get killed before they can reach us. When it's nearly midday, Holly finally detects two Kappatti far away from any caravan or hunter. I decide to use them as test subjects.

    Kappattos are small turtle/man hybrids that reach a maximum height of 1.50 meters. They have thick, slimy, green skin; turtle shell covering their front and back, which thankfully also covers their genitals; raised green hair that resembles grass; a beak-like face that is similar to a turtle's; long, frog-like legs that give it impressive speed; and long claws made for shredding and prying open oyster-like animals.

    "Roxanne, my summons found two Kappatti, let's go kill them."

    She nods to me and slowly wakes up the sprawled little Aoi. I relay my intention to the others and we gallop towards our targets. The monsters are a good distance into the wetland and close to the river, so we try to take a safe path through the drier parts of the hills.

    A good 200 meters away from the road, Alissa stops us. A few of the dark green oaks block us from being seen by anyone on the road.

    "They are over there and coming this way, slowly," she points to a spot in the distance. My human eyes can't see anything different over there.

    "Roxanne, will your sleeping potions work on them?" I ask.

    Her glasses shine when she realizes what I want to do, "Ohohoh, yes! The poison will spread quite quickly if we manage to make them absorb it through their gills."

    "They are amphibious, so we will need to force them," Alissa says.

    "I'll just knock them out with [Lightning Bolt] and splash the poison on their gills," I say.

    Alissa doesn't seem too pleased but still accepts my plan. She hugs me from behind and gives me kisses on my neck while aiming my arm towards the Kappatti.

    I see the puddle ripple and I cast the spell. Two green monsters appear, one jumps out of the water, while the other just floats in it.

    I fire a second [Lightning Bolt], it hits the dashing Kappatto and the monster faceplants on the ground. Roxanne hands me a flask and I cautiously approach it with my shield raised high. With my feet, I expose the neck of the first Kappatto and dribble some of the liquid poison on its gills.

    Both Kappattos stir and turn their heads towards us, their eyes brimming with anger. I cast another [Lightning Bolt] at the Kappatto at my feet, then I wait for the second monster to get close enough and cast it again. Now, with both monsters disabled, I pour all the poison onto their gills and wait for it to take effect.

    It takes a few minutes and a few more [Lightning Bolts] before they finally succumb to the poison and fall asleep. I grab some rope and Alissa and I tie them up. Their skin is slippery, so it doesn't work that well. I conjure a nature elemental and make her vines become sticky, allowing her to get a stronger grip on the monsters.

    I summon an earth elemental to keep watch and approach one of the monsters.

    "Right…" I start and breathe in, "I will test [Bind] on this one. If something happens, kill it."

    Alissa nods and draws her sword. She holds the sword close to the monster's neck and waits for me anxiously. Roxanne and Aoi stare intently at me, Aoi seems to be very excited.

    I do it the same way as before: I cast the spell, grab the monster's soul, and release it inside mine. But this time, I'm prepared for what's to come.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Cody Weigel.
    Lord Bill.
    Noble Salty Panda.
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    I immediately wish to cut all sense sharing with the monster. I only receive a small glimpse of darkness and my body feels very heavy before it all fades away. I feel the same string inside my mind that connects me to another body, but this string feels more "strained." I carefully try to "approach" it and feel "heat" coming from it.

    I open my eyes and smile to the girls. I receive back two beautiful smiles and a fanged one.

    "This is the difficult part, I will try to control it," I say, then they nod and I continue.

    Being careful will get me in trouble. I have to attack and dominate the monster's mind if I want to control it.

    I grab the string and pull it. A tsunami rises and suddenly I feel small.

    What is this? A wave for ants?

    I laugh in my mind and start my own flood.

    Memories of a difficult birth assault me. Out of hundreds of hatchlings, only a few get to live past a few days. I counter that with what my parents have told me of how I was as a baby.

    I was a cry-baby, always crying about something. Even when my parents didn't acknowledge my pain, I still cried, and cried, and cried. Perhaps I just liked to yell, but my parents thought I was a hellspawn, created to drive them to insanity. It sounds cruel but it was funny as hell when my Dad told us this. We were in the living room drinking beer after the first dinner with my girlfriend at the time. People like to look back fondly regarding their first girlfriends but she wasn't that special, not in comparison to Lily…

    The next wave is of a childhood fraught with danger and pain. Monsters have to learn quickly how to fend for themselves because nothing, absolutely nothing will help them survive. Their own mother abandons them a few weeks in, most of the time because she was slain by an adventurer, the other times are because she can't feed all the children. But monsters are born with knowledge and they grow blindingly fast, so they don't need a mother to nurture them for long.

    I counter that with the memories of my childhood. How I was a bright kid, always being praised for being smart and creative. I was always at the top of the class, but I didn't let that get to my head. I knew that many of the kids had difficult lives, so while I swam in the glory, I never felt that I was "better" than the others. Then comes the embarrassing memories that I don't even want to use as ammo in this fight.

    After childhood, the monster reaches maturity and starts looking for a mate. It is strong for its kind, and so it has the opportunity to find the perfect one. The search is long and painful, it paid for waiting with scars. It spent most of its energy traveling through the land and avoiding danger, but when the opportunity arises, it pounces and tears its prey apart in pure rage. Then finally it found the perfect mate: so strong that it nearly lost its spot at the top; so fast that the mate almost escaped; so cunning that the mate nearly ambushed it in return. Over a long and tiring wrestle, it finally rose victorious over its mate and it became the apex of its kind.

    I fight back with memories of teenage years. The slow descent into bitter realism as the reality of an overachiever crashes into me. Trying to follow the trail of my sister and brother, I aim high and create lofty goals of becoming a famous or important person one day. I work hard, but the energy that my body has seems to decrease the more I work. Resting doesn't replenish me as much as it used to; playing video games become more of a chore than entertainment; reading doesn't stimulate me anymore; the intensity of exercise remains the same but the cost of energy increases; I find fewer and fewer reasons to smile. I retreat into my shell and abandon most of what made me happy just so I can get enough energy to reach my goals. Energy that never comes.

    The next attack shows the bonding and love the pair of monsters share. The trust required to put your own life in the hands of your loved one. Their intense passion for each other and the results where they leave offspring at every chance they can get.

    Is that all?

    I counter that with my memories of Lily. After finally deciding to abandon my stupid dreams, I aim for something more ordinary and tangible, then I migrate to Canada and meet Lily. When I'm breaking out of my shell and seeing the sunlight, when I'm discovering my new love for programming and AI, when I'm letting happiness trickle in again, and then I finally meet the sun. That trickle turns into a flood as the first true summer of my life comes. I fall deeply in love with the crazy woman that is Lily.

    The monster shows me its incoherent anger at my attack on its mate. Its entire life culminated in this moment, and it failed to protect the most important thing it has.

    The effect that has on me is only to make me feel a little pity as I strike back with all I have. I send it the pain of being abandoned on this world; the need to cling to someone else for sanity; the effort in changing my views on life and death; the long journey in gaining the confidence to protect myself and others; the continuous battle against the horrors in this world; the fear of my uncertain future.

    The monster's mind collapses and retreats, the tsunami crashes and gets absorbed by my mind. I envelop its mind with my own and force it to bend to my will. I feel the "heat" increase the more I try to control it. The "heat" increases so much that it burns and I feel that there is something wrong.

    It hurts me, it is trying to tear me apart. It's not the monster's mind, it's something that's reacting inside it and trying to crawl out. It burns me so much that the monster's mind starts to regain control and expands.

    I push the monster's mind out from inside me with all my might, no matter how much it burns. It finally leaves me and the burning stops.

    "ARGH!" I yell in pain and grab my chest.

    Alissa immediately slashes the throat of the monster and throws it away from me with some difficulty.

    "Wolf? What happened?!" Roxanne asks me, a little desperate.

    I put my points into [Spirit Magic] to cast [Soul Touch] while I explain, "It took some effort but I managed to overwhelm its mind, but then it started to get 'hotter' when I tried to control it. I don't know how else to explain it besides using 'heat.' It got so hot that it started to hurt and burn me, so I pushed it away and ended the [Bind]."

    "Wolf, look," Alissa says and points to the monster with the throat slit. It is convulsing and its eyes are slowly opening. It's regaining control of its body, but the blood is gushing out like a fountain. Then it finally passes out because of the blood loss.

    I look at Roxanne. "I have no idea how he woke up. He should have been out for at least a half-hour," she says.

    "The speed the blood was draining at increased when it started to convulse. That was odd," Alissa says.

    "Its… heart was beating faster, then," I say.

    We all go silent, trying to understand what happened. Aoi drops down from Roxanne's shoulders and starts to eat the open neck of the monster.

    "You managed to overpower its mind but when you tried to control it, the 'heat' started, right?" Alissa asks.

    "Correct, it's something that didn't happen with the bird," I say.

    "Could it be the God of Destruction's bloodlust interfering?" Roxanne asks.

    I shrug. "It's our only guess."

    "Try the other one, see what happens," Alissa says.

    I cast the [Bind] and bring the monster's soul inside mine. The same "heat" comes out of the string connecting us. I immediately push it out of me.

    Aoi [Clean]s her lips, "Try, me!" She exclaims and comes to us.

    "Hm… I can cast [Bind] without trying to dominate your mind…" I say.

    "If something goes wrong, will I have to kill you, Aoi?" Alissa asks.

    Aoi curls her lips and pouts, "I want, to connect, to Wolfy," she says with stubbornness.

    "Just the string, I can control that much," I say.

    Roxanne hugs Aoi tight and we all tense up. I cast [Bind] and pull Aoi's soul into my heart. Once I release it, she breathes in and then lets a long breath out. Her eyes roll up and she smiles wide.

    Inside of me, I feel the string; it's cold, "colder" than normal. When I "approach" it, I feel it wants my "warmth." I feel like I'm seeing a cold scarf that I want to wrap around me. I push it away and return from my meditation.

    "She's different," I say.

    "Yeah, I can see that," Roxanne comments.

    Aoi is now moaning in pleasure. Her claws run along her body in a nearly sensual and humanoid-like way, her body shakes like a woman mid-orgasm, her tongue licks her long lips like Alissa does after swallowing my cum.

    "Uh…" I can only let out a sound as words fail me.

    "Aoi… what are you feeling?" Alissa asks while frowning.

    "Wolfy! Is inside, me~!" She cries happily.

    Even Gify is looking at us wide-eyed. We all shrug to each other and wait a few minutes for Aoi to calm down. Meanwhile, Alissa kills the other Kappatto. I feel a little sad at their deaths knowing their history together, but monsters are monsters and there's no way for us to avoid bloodshed, for now.

    I turn on my shared senses with Aoi and receive an instant erection, so I cut it off because it's a bit inappropriate at the moment. Actually, we are alone, so I'm sure the girls wouldn't mind. Anyway… I reactivate our sense sharing and try to discern what Aoi is feeling.

    "You have an erection," Alissa says immediately.

    "I activated the sense sharing with Aoi. Can you help me out while I try to understand what she's feeling?" I ask innocently.

    "Sure…" Both girls smile suggestively, then Alissa gets on her knees and swallows me. Not the most romantic place to get a blowjob, with the two dead monsters nearby and all, but whatever.

    Alissa's mouth helps calm me down and also has an effect on Aoi, who is now moaning even louder in pleasure. I hadn't realized before that the sense sharing is two-way with [Bind], but it's too late now; Aoi is going to experience her first blowjob through me.

    I try to look deeper into why Aoi is feeling like this. What I sense is that her pleasure is like someone who was stuck in a deep, dark hole and finally feels the warmth of sunlight for the first time. Or a lonely person who just started dating for the first time. It's a feeling of "release," and now, I release inside Alissa's mouth.

    "Kwa~~ah!" Aoi's whole body shivers with a claw-curling orgasm. She collapses on Roxanne's lap and pants with her tongue out; a satisfied smile is plastered on her face. In between her legs, where her slit is, a small amount of white cream is leaking out.

    Alissa swallows and goes over to Aoi. She passes her fingers along Aoi's slit, penetrating her slightly, and then cleans the cream out of her. Aoi squirms and moans softly when Alissa's fingers enter her briefly.

    Then Alissa licks her fingers and smiles. "Well, she really does orgasm like any other humanoid woman," she says.

    Roxanne looks very amused at all of this. "So… what happened?" She asks.

    "Something about the [Bind] is making her very happy. It's like she's finally found something that she was missing in her life," I say.

    "The complete opposite of the other monsters."

    "Yes. The 'string' inside my mind that connects us also feels different. It feels cold, like it wants to be touched."

    "Are you going to touch it?" Alissa asks.

    "Once Aoi calms down. I don't want to have to overpower her; I want to see if she can willingly give me control."

    Aoi's eyes regain some focus and she looks at me, "Okay, you can, have me," she says.

    We wait a minute longer before Aoi is truly ready. She stretches herself and flaps her little wings, then she properly sits on Roxanne's lap.

    "Okay, I'm going to try to control you. Don't resist, stay calm and let it happen," I say.


    "Stop distorting the meaning of my words," I complain while facepalming.


    "Kweh!" Aoi hurries me.

    "Alright, alright." I sit down in front of her and pat her head. "Here goes nothing…"

    "What does that mean?" Roxanne asks.


    "'Here goes nothing'. You've said that once or twice before, what does it mean?"

    "To be honest, I have no idea." -I shrug- "It's an idiom that got morphed until it was unrecognizable."

    "Kwe~eh!" Aoi hurries me again.

    "Sorry… here we go…"

    I find the string and grab it. It makes me feel slightly odd, not exactly unpleasant, but it makes me anxious about something. I pull it and the string comes to me without any resistance. The string gets thicker and thicker, then it starts to weave into a cozy blanket that gently nudges her memories into my head: a kiss, a hug, a pat, my own face repeated over and over again.

    I collect the blanket and turn it into a bundle that I hold close to me. The more I hug it, the warmer it feels. It's not the unpleasant "heat," but soothing warmth.

    "Give me a lick," I tell the blanket inside my mind.

    Aoi leans closer to me and licks my hand.

    "Get up on my shoulder."

    She crawls up my scale shirt and sits on my shoulder. Then, she nuzzles her scaly face against my cheek, almost purring in happiness.

    I feel something odd, it's as if my soul is a sand hourglass. I feel a constant trickle leave me, but the amount of "sand" on my side doesn't decrease. This feeling is what makes me anxious when I touch Aoi's string.

    "Wolfy, I love, you," Aoi softly says in my ear.

    My heart tightens and I take her off of my shoulder so I can hug her tight. She increases in size a little so she can receive the hug more comfortably. The more I focus on her and the more that I feel like giving her my love, the more sand that trickles out of me.

    "Something is happening. Not sure what, or how, or why, but my soul is giving her something," I say.

    "Kweh! You are, inside me!" Aoi gushes and nuzzles in my chest. Her happiness leaks into me while I still hold her "blanket."

    "Give us [Sense Soul] and we will try to search for what's different," Roxanne says and Alissa nods.

    I obey and we wait a few minutes in silence while the girls scan my soul.

    "I see nothing happening to your soul, Wolfy," Alissa says.

    "I see something being added to Aoi's, but it's veery slow," Roxanne says.

    "Gih," Gify agrees with both.

    "Doesn't seem to be anything bad, we can wait and see…" I say and shrug.

    "Gih," Gify assures us.

    "Can you test [Bind] on me?" Alissa asks with an innocent smile.

    I look at Roxanne and she shrugs, "If you don't try to force her mind then it might be doable," she says.

    [Bind]ing Alissa to my will is certainly appealing, but I'll have too much power over her. I can't use it to force her to obey me; what I can use it for is to keep her safe and for us to open our minds to each other.

    I breathe in deeply and nod, then she sits close to me with her tail wagging furiously.

    I release Aoi's soul and cast [Bind] on Alissa. The "soul arm" that grabs her soul and pulls it back to me feels much heavier and more difficult to control. I feel like Alissa's soul is almost "slipping" from my grasp.

    Once her soul is inside me, her string appears in my mind just like the others. I don't feel any "heat" or "coldness" coming out of her string and no "trickling" of my soul towards hers.

    "That's it?" She asks, with mild disappointment.

    "Did you feel anything?" I ask.

    "Just a mild discomfort. Now it's like I'm constantly focusing on our fellowship bond, I know exactly where you are."

    "I'll pull the string, don't resist."

    She nods and her tail resumes hitting the ground repeatedly.

    I pull the string and the most delicate textile I have ever felt follows it. Alissa's delicate memories of our time together send me into a trance. Love, dedication, loyalty, trust. My first instinct is to wrap myself around all this love coming out of her and fuse them to my own emotions.

    Wait… fuse…? NO, STOP!

    I desperately push away Alissa's silk and we both groan in pain. Her silk flutters with the wind and spreads out, the shape of a hand forms out of the folds. I run away in fear of hurting her further.

    Through the connection, we both feel the anxiety of each other and stop. Our eyes meet and we sigh. Her silk returns to the nothingness and only the string remains.

    "I didn't expect that, to be honest…" I say with a wry smile.

    Alissa giggles and shakes her head.

    Aoi, Gify, and Roxanne lean over, dying of curiosity. "What happened?" Roxanne asks.

    "Instead of resisting and hurting each other, our minds tried to fuse together…" I answer and chuckle, "Having a tail is so weird, I can still feel how it's like to have one."

    "Gih," he chirps proudly.

    "Yes, having a tail is the best," Roxanne agrees.


    Alissa scooches closer. "Let's do it again, but we have to try to not fuse together," she says.

    I grab her cheek and look into her eyes with a soft smile. "Ready?" I ask and she nods. I pull on the string again and the silk comes out. I let it bundle gently on the ground before trying to envelop it, keeping our boundaries in mind.

    The feeling that I have while holding her silk is that of wanting to bite it and have it inside me. It's a very annoying feeling and takes some willpower to control it.

    "Kiss me," I say to her inside my mind.

    She leans over and falls on top of me. Her lips seal mine and her tongue invades my mouth.

    "Okay, stop!"

    She freezes on top of me with her tongue still inside my mouth. Through the connection, I feel the heat inside her pants and get an erection.

    "Go back to normal."

    She resumes kissing me and rubs her crotch on my leg. She desperately searches for the fastenings of my pants and tries to undo them.

    "Have an orgasm."

    Nothing happens and I feel the disappointment coming out of her.

    She finally releases my pants enough for my cock to spring free. Then she breaks the kiss and desperately undoes the fastening of her pants.

    When she lowers her pants and shows me her pussy I say inside my mind, "Don't fuck me."

    She freezes with her fingers inside herself and cringes. She then starts to rub herself while staring at me with anger.

    "Don't masturbate."

    She stops and growls in anger. Her eyes look at me dangerously sharp.

    "Obey me."

    Her legs quiver and through the connection I feel the fire burning her pussy.

    "Please, Wolfy…" Alissa pleads between gritted teeth.

    "You are free, do what you want."

    She aims my cock upwards and slams her pussy onto it. I can see through her eyes, and seeing myself getting fucked by me is very weird, so I stop the vision sharing.

    Alissa orgasms, and through the connection I feel it too. A massive wave of pleasure takes hold of our bodies and makes every one of our muscles seize up for several long seconds. While it lasts, I shoot twice inside Alissa. Then, after it passes, she collapses on top of me.

    I mess with my points and cast [Refresh] on both of us.

    "Thank you, Wolfy…" She says in my ear.

    "You are welcome…" My voice comes out faint as I'm still basking our post-orgasm shock. Once I finally regain my voice I say, "Women have the best orgasms, what the hell…"

    Roxanne laughs so heartily that she lets herself fall onto the grass. Alissa seems at a loss for words and simply shrugs.

    When the laughter dies down, Alissa suddenly jumps in surprise as Roxanne comes over to clean her pussy. While the cleaning happens, I let Alissa's silk go back.

    "Roxanne, can I try it with you, now?" I ask after she's done eating.


    I cast the spell and bring her soul towards me. My "soul arm" feels like it weighs a ton and my real arm flexes while I desperately try to pull her soul towards mine.

    I grunt as I finally manage to get her inside me and release her soul. Once her string appears inside my mind, I start to feel very "tickly." I have to use a lot of willpower to not pull on the strings and fuse myself with them.

    "My mind is… getting taxed. I can barely… keep calm with you three… inside me," I say. My face twitches as the tickling inside my mind starts to get unbearable. It reaches the point where I feel like driving a dagger inside my brain just to stop the tickling.

    I finally decide to grab Roxanne's string and push it out of my mind.

    "Sorry, two is the limit for now," I say.

    Roxanne pouts and looks at Alissa with envy. "Awn… that sounded like fun," she says.

    "Having a dick felt amazing," Alissa confesses and giggles.

    "Right… you felt what I felt," I say and sigh, "We can't abuse the connection sharing during sex or we might go numb to pleasure."

    Even though there's [Regeneration], we'd better not abuse it.

    "Oh, now we have to train mental communication," Alissa says and Aoi nods.

    "We can do it on the way. Let's go back, we've played around enough," I say.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Cody Weigel.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Noble Salty Panda.
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    As we approach the caravan, Ciel eyes us suspiciously. "You spent quite a lot of time out there," she says.

    "We had some fun," I say and shrug.

    Klein's eyebrows rise and she asks, incredulously, "In the open?"

    Alissa nods and happily smiles, her tail wags and hits my belly repeatedly.

    "I was ignored, though," Roxanne says with a wry smile.

    "Oh, sorry… I'll make it up to you," I say with a slight cringe.

    "All of us," Hana says and looks at me suggestively.

    Our conversation fades away as we all notice Aoi's happy humming. Her head is turning like it's on a swivel, switching around repeatedly and looking at everything as if it was the first time.

    "You look pretty happy, Aoi," Hana comments.

    "Kweh! Wolfy, is inside, me!"

    Klein chokes on her spit and the other girls look at me questioningly. Alissa, Roxanne, and Gify choke their laughter.

    "It's a long story…" I give them a phony smile. "Now… don't say anything else that can be misinterpreted, Aoi," I look at Aoi and give her a sharp gaze. Just to make it more clear, I pull on her blanket inside my mind and give it a few "pokes," making her jump in surprise.

    "Sorry," she says and giggles.

    "That wasn't literal, right? You guys are just messing around again?" Klein asks.

    "Literal… hmm, not sure about that," I say and grin.

    Klein uses her tail to massage her eyes, "Why are you guys so weird?"

    "You are the one who had sex with all of us, so you're a weirdo too," Roxanne says matter-of-factly.

    Klein groans softly and looks away.

    "Have you talked to your parents yet?" I ask her softly. Alissa helps me out and leads our horse close to Klein's.

    She bites her lip when I come closer and looks at me from the corner of her eyes. "No… I didn't have the courage."

    "Well, at least you admit that," Hana says and shrugs.

    I grab her hand and kiss it, pushing my soul out of my lips just a little bit. She breathes deeply and keeps her eyes glued to me. I feel a shiver run down my spine and see Anton intensely staring at us.

    Oops, better not get too close for now.

    I increase the speed of my horse discreetly and the girls follow.

    "You should do it soon, it's no use to keep waiting," I say.

    "We will keep teasing you if you don't say no," Hana adds suggestively in Klein's round monkey ear.

    "And you will eventually go crazy if you don't get off," Roxanne finishes.

    Klein turns to Ciel and Lina in search of support.

    Ciel shrugs. "It's true. If you want it, just do it," she says.

    "It feels good, Wolfy is very gentle," Lina says and nods.

    Klein gets even more flustered. "T-that's not what I wanted to know," she says.

    "Why do you want to remain a virgin?" Ciel asks.

    "A lot of husbands prefer a virgin," Klein answers shyly.

    "To be honest, I thought that too, but…" Ciel looks at me warmly, "the good ones won't care."

    "But…! I could still be losing a chance of finding one," she looks down as she speaks, not very confident in her words.

    "If the man cares more for your virginity than your personality, then he only wants you as a prize, not as a woman." Ciel spurs her horse and leads it to the other side of Klein's horse. She grabs Klein's hand and rubs it gently. "You are a good woman, you should let yourself be free to choose."

    "I agree," Roxanne says, "I don't regret having sex with other men before I met Wolfy, I only wish I had met him sooner."

    Ciel releases Klein's hand with a soft smile.

    "Aren't you older than him? Wouldn't he have been a child back then?" Klein asks.

    Roxanne snickers evilly, "That would make it even better." Then she sends me an intoxicating gaze and I feel an instinctual need to call her "onee-san."

    I have to teach her how to "ara ara," maybe Ciel too.

    Klein lifts an eyebrow and looks at Roxanne worriedly, "Wouldn't that be the Sin of Rape?"

    "I'm not that much older than him," -she looks at Klein in horror, then turns to Ciel- "and if it's love, the Gods would allow an exception, wouldn't they?"

    "Well…" Ciel cringes, "you are kind of a sadist so I'm not so sure about it."

    "How old are you, Wolfy?" Klein asks me and bites her lip, suddenly becoming very embarrassed but she doesn't correct her mistake.

    I grin at her and answer, "Sixteen."

    "Bullshit," she immediately retorts.

    "Yeah," Ciel agrees. "But that's what his system says, so…" She shrugs.

    Klein spends some moments analyzing me. "Do you want me as a wife, Wolf?" She finally asks.

    "I can't answer that, it must be a unanimous decision to accept you," I say.

    "And we don't think you would enjoy traveling with us," Hana says.

    "I… have to agree with that," Klein says with a sigh.

    "But we do like you," I say and look to the girls, who all nod, even Aoi. "And we would like to enjoy our time with you."

    "It's not like you are a pure maiden, anymore," Roxanne says and grins evilly.

    "I'm still a virgin," Klein pouts and turns away, chin held high.

    "Only in body, not in spirit," Alissa says.

    "That's what counts."

    "Keep lying to yourself," Alissa smiles.

    "Klein, we may be pressuring you, but in the end, the only thing that I want is for you to be happy," Hana says.

    Klein turns around and they look at each other in the eye. Klein reaches over and tenderly holds Hana's cheek with her hand. Hana's strong hand grabs the back of Klein's head and pushes her closer.

    I summon a tall earth elemental that blocks their horse from the view of the carriage following behind us. Our horses are quite far ahead now, but still, better safe than sorry.

    Their lips seal and their mouths open. Hana hugs her tight and takes charge of the kiss. Her tongue explores Klein's mouth and I can only imagine the sweet taste of their saliva mixing.

    Klein's right leg swings over the horse so she can sit on it sideways and kiss Hana better. Hana stops hugging Klein and her free hand explores the brim of Klein's pants. It snakes below and disappears inside. Soon, Klein is moaning softly.

    The caravan coming towards us is still too far away, I just hope that nobody there has [Hawk Eyes].

    They break the kiss and a bridge of saliva connects them for a moment. Their heavy breaths mingle and Hana's hand moves fast enough to be visible beneath Klein's pants.

    Alissa turns into a small fox and runs up my shoulder, then she jumps and lands behind me, back in human form. Her hands easily unfasten my pants and pull out my erect penis.

    Klein's eyes then glue to my cock and she licks her lips. Alissa strokes me and even Ciel starts to finger herself. WIth one look from Lina, Ciel fingers her too. Roxanne lonesomely fingers herself.

    Klein comes first and Hana licks a small amount of cream off of her fingers. Not long after, Alissa aims me to the grass and I shoot. Hopefully, no one noticed.

    "You made me… wet my panties…" Klein complains as she regains her breath.

    I reach over and push my finger inside Klein's pussy. She breathes in and then shivers when I push my soul out of my finger.

    I wiggle it for a few seconds then I cast, "[Clean]." Klein shivers and leans toward me, almost as if she wants to kiss me. I pull my finger out and lick it, savoring the small amount of cream that came out with it.

    Hana makes Klein sit correctly again and I finally let them leave the protection of the earth elemental. Through Aoi's eyes, I notice Anton's intent gaze is unchanged, but he likely doesn't suspect anything since he could barely see us at this distance.

    As our lust subsides, we go silent for a while. I send the earth elemental away as if I was sending it to kill a monster, and then I dismiss it when it's far enough. We discreetly slow down our horses so we can get closer to the caravan again.

    "Ciel, was Wolf your first?" Klein breaks the silence.


    She turns around and asks her intently, "Why did you wait?"

    Ciel awkwardly looks at her own body. "Nearly every man I met just wanted to suck on my tits…" She says with a little disgust.

    "Uh…" Lina tries to speak as she worriedly looks at Ciel.

    "We all want to do it, say it correctly," Hana says.

    Ciel smiles to herself, "Right… every man and plenty of women want to suck on them, but most of them want only that."

    "The woes of being hot and busty," Roxanne says derisively and rolls her eyes.

    "You are the one who complains about Osaria sexually harassing you," Ciel says with a sharp glare.

    "Not as much as you do about your delicious cow tits."

    Aoi looks at her own sleek body and runs a claw through her scales, "Are breasts, so tasty?" She asks.

    "You should suck on some and find out for yourself," Roxanne says, very amused.

    Aoi turns to me.

    "You should suck on Ciel's," I immediately divert her attention away from my nipples.

    "Please, we are getting sidetracked!" Klein complains.

    "You should look at Lina, you're both slender and beautiful as is," Alissa says and Lina nods with a shy smile. "Also, Wolfy doesn't care about size. Oh, do you have nipples?"

    Aoi lifts the scales on her chest. "No," she says sadly.

    "It's fine, we will find other ways for him to play with you," Alissa says assuredly.

    "Anywa~y…" Ciel continues, "I waited because I just couldn't find a good man. They only wanted me for my body and that made me lose any interest in them. I just felt so disgusted that I couldn't give myself to anyone and ended up staying single for so long…" She smiles bitterly but it turns soft. "Then Wolfy kind of swept me off my feet and completely corrupted me… I didn't even like other women that much until, uh, until I met Lina," she turns shy and blushes.

    "I'm glad he did," Lina says and smiles adorably. Ciel pats her head lovingly with a wry smile.

    "Didn't you have sex with me before you did it with Lina?" Alissa questions.

    "You are… a different case. I just find you really hot," Ciel's voice goes faint as she gets more uncomfortable.

    "Who doesn't love her? Her fox ears and tail are so adorable even I am jealous," I say. Alissa hugs me tight and fills my neck with kisses.

    "Her screams are delightful, too," Hana says in a sultry tone.

    Klein sighs, ignoring that last comment. "This is harder than I thought. I feel a little scared and anxious… but I also just want to have some fun… with Wolf-," she bites her tongue as she almost says "Wolfy" again.

    "What do you want to do with your life? Who do you want to marry?" Alissa asks.

    Klein goes quiet and stares forward.

    "I want to marry a knight," she says softly and gains some confidence, "so maybe I could fight alongside him or something… but I don't want to keep traveling forever. I want to settle down in one place and have stable friends and neighbors."

    "Man or woman?" Hana asks.

    "Man. I don't think I even like women in general, it's just you all who make me feel funny," Klein shyly admits.

    "Yeah, we have that effect," Roxanne says with a smirk.

    "Would you marry a man with more than one wife?" Ciel asks.

    "Hm, maybe… but if he had a husband…" She giggles girlishly.

    "That's Wolfy's biggest flaw, not enough dicks," Roxanne says with an evil smirk.

    You just wait until I finish my [Soul Hardening], or when we get our hands on some more Delicious Horrors.

    "Don't start, you know how it ends if you tease me that way," I warn Roxanne and she blows me a kiss.

    "Aren't you tired of traveling, Hana?" Klein asks.

    "Not yet. I'll have a long life with Wolfy, so I don't need to settle down immediately. The only thing I really want right now is to reunite my family," Hana answers, her smile has an unusual amount of kindness and warmth in it.

    And there's also our destiny to fulfill.

    Klein turns and gazes deeply at Hana, considering her words. They almost kiss again, but our proximity to the carriage behind us makes them hesitant.

    The time for lunch comes. We stop for our meal and Krista pulls out a mini kitchen out of her [Item Box]. The food was already mostly cooked so we only have to wait a short time for it to finish. While we wait for that, she has already begun preparing dinner.

    Just as energetic as her daughter, she moves from pot to pot, prepares some ingredients, then taste tests a meal, all in rapid sequence. She cooks not only our meal but also the one for the soldiers and Space mages, albeit theirs looks simpler.

    For us, we had beef wellington with a thick not-wine and beef sauce, green bean pod salad that tastes faintly sweet, not-lentil soup, and some very light beer. It's refreshing to be eating beef regularly again, though it won't last long since there are no cows inside the High Forest.

    The elven commoners organize themselves to prepare their own lunch. They include the human commoners with a little reservation. The Space mages cast [Conjure Bland Meal] and distribute the dry cracker-like magical food to anyone who didn't have enough to eat.

    A meal in the open grassland with the impressive view of the snowy peaks on one side and the massive trees approaching us on the other. Fresh air, untainted by pollution, city-life, or the marsh nearby. It's these small things that I should focus on to find my happiness.

    Laertes still looks like he barely slept and kept to himself the whole meal. Anton tried to cheer him up and strike up a conversation with him, to little effect.

    The sun is shining very brightly so most people wrap light head scarves around their faces. No wonder why there are so many tanned elves, Glorampina is even hotter than here. With [Regeneration] we can easily deal with sunburn, and [Breeze] saves our skin by keeping us fresh.

    We finish our meal and return to the road. Anton convinced Klein to ride inside the carriage while he walks along beside it.

    Alissa switched with Roxanne so I can play with her body all day long to make it up to her.

    With the free time and privacy, I decide to tell the others of our test with [Bind]. I give [Sense Soul] to them so they can look into mine and Aoi's souls.

    "Interesting, I would love for you to [Bind] me next, Wolfy," Hana asks. "I wonder if [Pain Conversion] can be used when you give me mental pain."

    I ignore her last sentence and elaborate, "I think I can get used to more [Bind]s with time. Also, it's not that difficult to change whoever is bound to me, so we can always switch whoever is bound for the best utility." Alissa and Aoi look at me sadly and I smile apologetically to Alissa. "I don't think it's a good idea to un-[Bind] Aoi, so you will have to give up your spot occasionally, Alissa."

    Alissa pouts then sighs.

    I fondle Roxanne's breast and kiss her neck softly.

    "I don't see anything actually leaving your soul, Wolfy," Ciel says.

    "Same," Lina agrees.

    "Aoi's soul is slightly different from last time," Roxanne says and her tail gently wraps around my neck. The caravan crossing us looks at us oddly and I fondle Roxanne harder. She is an exhibitionist, and she gets even more excited while they stare at us.

    "Kweh! I am getting f-…" I hold Aoi's tongue through the [Bind].

    "You said that on purpose," I say.

    Aoi laughs out loud and the passersby jump in surprise when they hear her voice.

    "You need to test the mind communication," Lina says.

    "Yeah, but…" I smile wryly. "Alissa, can you hear me?" I say in her mind.

    "Yes," she immediately answers out loud. Through the connection, I feel her heart tighten and her crotch heat up.

    I knew it.

    "Things are going to be difficult if you get horny every time I use the [Bind]," I say.

    "But Wolfy…! It just feels so good!"

    "Is it him controlling you that makes you, uh, excited?" Lina asks. Alissa nods with a perverted smile. "Can you do it in a way that doesn't force her to obey? Like, how senses are shared; maybe you can share your mind with her instead of forcing the communication?"

    "Ooh… you just gave me an idea," I say.

    The tighter I hold on Alissa's silk, the more we share, so what if I went deep inside her soul? Her mind should be in there somewhere, and if our minds "touch," can we talk?

    I keep our boundaries in mind and search inside her. A silent storm of feelings surrounds me. I see fragments of strong memories and I recognize most of them. Deeper in, I find a constant, harmonious humming that slowly changes notes.

    "Alissa?" I think inside my mind.

    The humming turns into a voice, it echoes through my mind like someone is speaking inside a huge hall, "Wolfy?" Alissa responds.

    Found her brain, I think.

    I grab the humming mass and bring it back with me. Like a swimmer rapidly surfacing, I feel all the memories fly past me, and then I'm suddenly back in the calm, dark silence of my own mind. In my hand, the string now hums softly with Alissa's voice.

    "Can you hear me?" I ask.

    "Yes! This is amazing! You are speaking inside my mind!"

    "How are you speaking to me?"

    "I don't really understand how, but it's like there's a small peephole where I can speak through and you can hear."

    "Now that's convenient."

    "But it doesn't feel good… please toy with my mind later."


    "Hngh…!" She moans softly.

    Well, shit, now she's getting excited at being ignored too.

    "Hey, Wolfy…?"


    "Love you," she says in a cheeky tone.

    "Hngh…! I love you, too."

    "Did you just moan…?"

    "Hm, no…?"

    "Love you, love you, love you, love you."

    "Ahn! Stop! It's hard to control my emotions in here!"

    Alissa laughs out loud and Roxanne feels something hard touch her cute ass.

    "You two are having fun…" Ciel comments, a little jealous.

    I smile at Ciel and continue. I dive inside Aoi's mind and find her humming, it's more chipper than Alissa's.



    I groan internally and my mind is filled with a giant Aoi. Her jaws open wide and the black maw rapidly approaches me.

    "Calm down, you're resisting."

    The huge blue dragon clamps her mouth shut and looks at me apologetically, then it slowly shrinks into nothing.

    I grab her "brain" and pull it back towards my mind.

    "Okay, this is how we talk."

    "Yay! I can speak freely here!" She answers inside my mind. This voice of hers is much less childish and slightly sensual. I think that when she fully matures it's going to be on the lower end of a woman's voice, like Hana's or Osaria's.

    "Your voice is different in here."

    "Hihih. My throat hurts when I try to speak, so it never sounds right, but now you know that this is my real voice!" I can just imagine her puffing her chest in pride. She's currently being petted by Alissa, so she's in a rather undignified position, sprawled all over Alissa's lap.

    "Your voice is beautiful, you will certainly sound very mature and dignified when you grow up."

    "Uhmm…" She considers my words and tries to understand the meaning of my emphasis.

    My fingers snake into Roxanne's pants and her tail tightens a little around my neck in response.

    I pull out the golems, they spend their time practicing [Telekinesis] and playing dead when other caravans pass us by. Anton and Rande look at us curiously but say nothing.

    As I give Roxanne a breather, we get closer to the carriage so we can see inside. Klein is asleep in the carriage. She and Oura are leaning on each other and drooling slightly, to the amusement of everybody.

    "Have you been keeping Oura up too late, Rande?" Hana asks with a teasing smile.

    He smiles back suggestively but it turns soft, "She just loves to read too much. When she's absorbed with her books, she loses track of time and forgets to sleep."

    "Oh, I know how that is," I say and Lina nods along.

    "When it's our turn to sleep with Wolf you never lose yourself," Ciel says teasingly.

    Lina pouts and stays quiet.

    "What are those things?" Rande asks, looking at Ted and Suzy in Hana's lap.

    "Golems, my creations. Think of them as simple, artificial life," I say.

    "Oh, so that's where your title came from. But… is it really 'life'? Do the Gods allow you to create 'children' at will?"

    "They are more like copies of humanoids. Think of them as tools rather than living beings," Ciel says.

    "If you say so, priestess," Rande shrugs and looks at the golems warily.

    "Can they fight?" Anton asks.

    "Not yet," I answer. With [Telekinesis], Suzy raises a small rock on the wayside and shoots it a few meters away.

    Anton looks at them warily. "Aren't they dangerous?" He asks.

    "If you don't know what you're doing. Though, considering that I'm the only living 'Golemancer,' I do know what I'm doing," I smile calmly.

    I spend my time trying to create a chant for [Bind]. If I can alter it so the girls can only use it for communication, then it would be much safer and possibly less taxing on the mind. If it's difficult to maintain more than two [Bind]s for me, who is used to multi-sense sharing and other inner-mind shenanigans, then how would the girls fare?

    Dusk comes and we get very close to the entrance to the High Forest. We leave the road and find a good spot to make camp. A few other caravans stop a good 50 meters away, this seems to be a regular spot for camping as the ground is unusually flat.

    With this amount of humanoids in the wild, we had to deal with a few more Kappatti and Marsh Goblins, the sneaky cousins of the poisonous Swamp Goblins. Though, since we are on the left of the road, in the more dry and rocky area, the monsters had to expose themselves before they could reach us, so they were easily dispatched by my elementals.

    During the bath, I pull Lina to me and start giving her my love.

    "You don't want it?" I ask.

    "Huh? Yes, I want it, please," she raises her head and plants her lips on mine.

    "You seem distracted."

    "Oh… I have just been thinking about Madame Helganst."

    "You shouldn't bother with her."

    "She's a bitter woman, and she's not the kind that needs pitying," Ciel says.

    Lina nods and kisses me again. I wrap my arms and legs around her and use her like a doll. The more I hug her, the more her insides heat up.

    Dinner is more beef wellington, and a not-carrot and not-potato salad with cream and not-chives. Krista takes her job seriously; every meal is perfectly made.

    Laertes is so quiet that even Klein tries to cheer him up, but that may have just made things worse.

    After dinner, I sneak out of the tent and store some boulders inside my [Item Box]. They could be more reliable than barricades, but just a little more awkward to use.

    In our tent, Lina finishes the enchanting of her switch-axe and adds [Double Strike] to it. The weapon now has gold and silver lines running all along it. This will give her enemies pause when they realize how dangerous it is.

    We all practice our spells a little. I practice my [Soul Manipulation]; Alissa's [Ignorance] is starting to form; Roxanne is learning [Water Spirit]; Hana's [Double Image] is perfect so she's starting to practice [Godly Language] more seriously; Ciel's [Holy Spirit] is almost independent; Lina's [Weaken] is starting to work; Aoi is nearly done learning [Item Box]; and the golems are using [Telekinesis] to move around more easily.

    "Gih," Gify calls my attention.

    I follow his advice and use [Sense Soul] on Aoi. I see a familiar bump on the outer layer of her soul.

    Soul Info

    Oh boy.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Cody Weigel.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Noble Salty Panda.
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    A bell rings outside our door and I wake up. "IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP!" Matron Daiana yells as she walks.

    I slowly open my eyes and sit up on the bed. Without even thinking, my body moves on its own just like every morning.

    I turn to the side and put my feet on the cold wooden floor. I extend one hand and open the bedside drawer to take out my clothes. Before anyone can see me, I pull off my sleeping gown and put on my pants and shirt.

    The other girls start to wake up while I tighten my sash so my chest looks flat. Then I take out my prized possession: socks made from high-quality Plom fur. With them on, the hard boots feel as soft as cake fresh out of the oven, fluffy but also a little hot.

    I cast [Clean] on my face and mouth and feel refreshed. Then I get up on the edge of my bed and peek over the top bunk.

    I poke the orange-haired girl. "Fleur?" I call her and poke her again. She groans in response and continues sleeping. "Fleur!"

    "Ciel!" She groans in annoyance.

    "The Matron is going to throw cold water on you again."

    "Let the hag try…" She mutters.

    "It's going to wet my bed too, I won't let that happen again."


    Fleur climbs out of the bed while and her body sways since she's barely awake. When she starts to put on her shirt, she loses her balance and kisses the floor. The other girls laugh at her, but it will have little effect on that thick head of hers.

    "You need to get to sleep earlier," I say.

    "No, the Matron is the one that needs a man so she softens the dragon scales that she calls a face!" Fleur complains, her voice muffled by the floor.

    I sigh and leave her there.

    At least she won't go back to sleep now… or will she? Nah, she'll likely sleep on the floor.

    I join the forming procession of priestesses and girls, and walk towards the restaurant. I let my hands trail along the grooves in the wall carved by the priests. The wavy patterns give the hall a calming atmosphere, even when the murmur of the morning becomes loud and noisy.

    I stop playing with the carvings and pull out a small brush out of my [Item Box], then I brush my hair as I walk.

    The corridor ends and we all pour into the mess hall. On the other side of the hall, the men come in and greet the women quite energetically. A tall blond boy notices me and waves, and then he comes towards me.

    "Morning, Ciel," Calum says with a wide smile full of white teeth.

    "Morning… Fleur is still in the dormitory."

    His smile disappears and he narrows his eyes at me, "Ah, come on. Didn't you say you were going to help her wake up?"

    "I did say and I did do that," -I shrug- "Fleur woke up alright, then fell on her face and stayed down. I bet she's sleeping again." I smile wryly.

    Calum facepalms and groans.

    "You shouldn't keep her up so late, she's not an early riser," I say flatly.

    He smiles suggestively and blushes lightly. "Let's just eat. She'll come out, eventually."

    I nod and store my hairbrush.

    I feel a little bad for keeping the two lovers separate, just a little.

    Honeyed and soft tea, salty crackers, Reedberry jelly, and a piece of Gorgon pie. Breakfast is comfortable as always.

    The other girls give passing greetings and Calum lights up from the attention.

    I sigh and say, "I'll tell Fleur."

    "T-tell what?" His posture instantly stiffens.

    "Actually, there are many things that I could tell…"

    "Cie~el…" He turns to me and his face distorts in pain.

    I smile faintly. "I'm joking. Just don't flirt around, Fleur doesn't like that."

    He nods emphatically and relaxes his posture.

    When we're almost done eating, Fleur appears in the hall. She looks quite grumpy.

    "The Matron found her," we say in unison and chuckle.

    Fleur notices us and waves, then she picks up her breakfast before coming to sit with us.

    "The Matron found me!" Fleur complains and we chuckle again. "It's not funny!"

    "What did she do to you this time?" Calum asks.

    Fleur pouts angrily and her pink skin becomes red. "I have to wash the dishes tonight!"

    Calum groans like a goblin and the people nearby look at us. Fleur doesn't care, but I look down and try to make myself disappear.

    "The Siren is only playing tonight, we can't miss it!" Calum pleads and grabs Fleur's hands.

    "I know… but I would rather miss the Siren than face the Matron again after ditching my punishment." Fleur fights back Calum's charm with her own cute pouty face.

    "Why don't you two work together? If you two wash the dishes then maybe you can make it in time," I say.

    "Oh! Great idea!" Fleur exclaims.

    "Y-yes! Great idea!" Calum says, through gritted teeth. "Ah, can you help us?" He adds while staring at me intently.

    "No," I say flatly.

    "Plee~ase!" Fleur turns her charm towards me and smiles adorably.

    I sigh and grab her soft hand. The older girl is certainly a beauty, her orange eyes are entrancing and her hair is so voluminous and healthy. But that's not enough.

    "No," I repeat.

    Both of them sigh and stop insisting.

    We separate after breakfast and both of them look pretty uninspired to study. At least they'll still be together during their class.

    My class is with Priest Landon, we are going to study the teaching of the Gods, again. I slap my cheeks because a yawn comes just from thinking about it.

    "Hey, Ciel," Bitar waves to me and I sit in the chair beside his.

    "Hey, Bitar," I greet back without much emotion.

    "Did you drink enough tea?" He rests his head on his hand and his blue eyes look at me warmly.

    "Just a cup."

    He smiles and his eyebrows take flight towards the top of his head. "You should have drunk at least three."

    I stay quiet and frown.

    He's right, this class is going to be hard.

    Priest Landon slowly walks into the class and the kids stop talking. The graying Krampus man looks almost like a sheep with the amount of white curly hair that he has.

    He finally reaches his desk and opens the ledger. "Morning, children. Now, attendance…"

    Aya was a tall Pixie, for her race at least. She had a very healthy body, which allowed her to travel much further out of the Crystal Forest than the other Pixies. She traveled so far that she met other humanoids.

    For a Pixie, other humanoids are scary giants that speak in another language. For the humanoids, the Pixie is an adorable little flying woman with cute butterfly wings and a high-pitched voice that triggers a desire to hug her.

    The little faerie soon noticed how these so-called humans didn't have much strength. She, in her minuscule body that was barely a meter tall, could lift rocks three times her size, while the humans couldn't.

    She also noticed how barely any of these humans could use magic. The air too was so lacking in mana that she wondered if she would suffocate if she strayed too far from the Crystal Forest.

    "I'm actually stronger than them," she thought. "Much stronger," she added with blooming confidence.

    So she decided to let them hug her; let them all hug her; let the hugs fall like rain; let the hugs flow like a river; let the hugs fill her with energy.

    Soon, the little faerie was famous among humans, so famous that she quickly found people willing to learn her language and teach her theirs. And with that came the reason why Pixies don't leave the Crystal Forest.

    "Can you bring us a crystal?" Asked a human.

    One turned into two, that turned into three, that broke the dam and turned it into a flood.

    "No crystals! Never!" Little Aya stood her ground.

    The humble folk relented, but not the sly ones.

    They schemed and deceived, but Aya was no fool. She fought back and built bonds; the people loved her and her kind nature, and because of that they protected her from the greedy scum.

    She realized that the scheming would never end because she had something others wanted. So she thought, "Why not trade our surplus for something new, something interesting?"

    She went back to the Forest and convinced her friends to come to participate. In the town of Terminus, she established the first trading post of the Crystal Forest.

    The town exploded with traffic. Not only could people see the so elusive and charming Gnomes and Pixies, but they could also receive a valuable crystal in exchange for anything that could impress or catch the interest of a cute little trader.

    With this, not only did Aya bring incredible gadgets and knowledge back to the Crystal Forest, but she also learned valuable information about the world.

    To the south, there was a budding kingdom establishing itself: a wet flat land with grass greener than even the Crystal Forest, the Avgi Kingdom. To the north, there was the mystic kingdom of the wereapes: a place full of damp jungle and colorful plants, the Sommer Kunikreich. To the west was the mountains of the dwarves: a dry and rocky place full of danger, a place called Mountainhome. To the south-west was a protectorate of the Avgi Kingdom: another flat land full of rivers that flood every season, a place called Lorei Laurelai. To the east, there was a land full of recluse wereowls: a land full of hills, tall trees, and cold wind; the names were many, but one stood out, Hermit's Roost.

    All these places had their own charm that attracted young Aya to them. Every place had its own culture, people, and environment. Every place was like a book waiting to be read, a painting wanting to be observed, a song begging to be played.

    The call was too strong, so strong that Aya couldn't contain it. She had to explore them, she had to visit these places, she must wander the realm.

    A searing pain on my forehead forces me out of my dream and my head whips back, hurting my neck.

    "Having a comfortable nap?" Landon growls at me with his old, gravely voice. His wand is pointing at me and I feel the remnants of a spell in the air. Then I hear the sound of a pebble hitting the ground beside me.

    I collect myself and sit straight. "I am sorry, Priest Landon," I immediately say and bow my head.

    "Hmpf!" Priest Landon glares at me and continues reciting the teachings of the Goddess of Love.

    I have heard so much about these teachings that I'm dreaming about them…

    Bitar smiles wryly at me.

    "What?" I lowly hiss at him, without much patience.

    "I'll wake you up if you fall asleep," he says.

    "S-sorry…" I turn away from him blush in shame.

    "It's okay," Bitar answers, patient like always.

    I feel like sighing again.

    If I have a dream like that again then I hope that I don't wake up…

    After an agonizingly long time, the class ends. I and Bitar go have our lunch and join the two stupid lovers.

    "You are going to drop it," I say to Fleur.

    She sends me a glance, a grave mistake. In her distraction, the soup drips and a hot droplet hits Calum's leg. He jumps in surprise and pain, which then scares Fleur, making her drop the rest of spoonful of soup on Calum's crotch.

    "AAAH!" He yells and turns every cup of water that he can reach on his crotch.

    "Why would you do such a dangerous thing," I say to myself out loud.

    "Well, it looks fun?" Bitar responds. I turn to him and raise an eyebrow. "What? Being so close to someone you love and feeding them sounds like a good time to me."

    I sigh and continue eating my soup.

    It sounds like a bother…

    We join the Matron in the courtyard to hear the job offers. The old ha-… caretaker has a permanent scowl stuck on her face. Her raised lip makes her nose seem larger than it is; her hunched back makes her look like a cripple, but her large stature is still noticeable even from behind her robes; her brown hair is always perfectly tied tight; her metal cane looks more like a weapon than a walking aid.

    "Warehouse organization, ten open spots, temporary. Pay: ten copper a day," the Matron announces. The orphans laugh and scoff at the low pay, a single glare from the Matron makes them go quiet. "If you work hard enough, this job is likely to increase your 'Strength' and 'Endurance.' And don't look down on it, the common people who do this job need it and it isn't any less dignified than any other work!"

    She might be strict like a drillmaster, but she's right.

    "Bookkeeping apprentice, two open spots, permanent. Pay: twenty copper a day." Immediately, most of the kids raise their hands. "'Intelligence' and 'Wisdom' above ten only," she adds and most hands flop down. Eventually, a girl and a boy with the highest stats are chosen.

    It starts low but it's an apprenticeship, the benefits are massive.

    "Farm harvesting, twenty-five open spots, seasonal. Pay: sixty copper a day. Lunch included"

    All the strong orphans raise their hands: most of the boys and some of the girls with strong inheritances. In the end, all open spots are taken.

    Not really what I want with my life. Actually, what do I even want to do…?

    The Matron rolls her eyes as she states the next offer, "Servant for the Lord, one open spot, male-only. Pay: five silver a day," -Everyone starts murmuring at the same time- "Silence! Only above average height and penis length. You will have to go through an interview and a body inspection later, too. Also, keep in mind you will be required to satisfy both men and women."

    The murmuring stops completely for a moment and then restarts with more intensity.


    The Matron tells the usual prostitution jobs for the girls, average of a silver per day. The girls talk between themselves and I see a few starting to change their minds. They pay is good, but the job is tiring, though you have a much greater chance to marry a rich person if you work there.

    Also not my kind of thing… I haven't even kissed a boy yet…

    I feel a sigh forming and suppress it.

    "Guard duty, always with open spots, permanent. Pay: thirty copper a day, a bunk bed to sleep, basic equipment, and skill training every afternoon."

    Everyone goes silent and don't look her in the eye, even me. We are all too ashamed to admit that we are cowards and would rather not fight.

    Without a hint of a reaction, the Matron continues, "Priesthood initiation, always with open spots, permanent. Pay: thirty-five copper a day."

    Priesthood is the same, less dangerous but still a lot of hard work.

    If I don't find anything interesting then I will become a priestess.

    "Cleaning with magic, four open spots, temporary. Pay: a silver a day."

    Only me and Bitar raise our hands. Kids who can use enough magic to actually use [Clean] on an entire room are rare.

    He smiles wryly, "Guess we are together again, partner."

    Oh, joy.

    "Not this time," the Matron interrupts. "Ciel, you go to the male priests quarters, the empty rooms from 120 to 130; a new batch of priests are coming and we need to clean the empty rooms. Bitar, you go to Wild Rabbit brothel and clean five of their rooms."

    "What?!" Bitar exclaims, wide-eyed.

    "Sorry…" I mutter and contain my laugh as much as I can. It would be very mean to laugh at him right now.

    Bitar bites his tongue and glares at the Matron. She glares back without flinching. Her gaze is so strong and mean that Bitar withers and relents. He shrinks and walks away while grumbling.

    The Matron turns to me, her expression is still as stiff as stone. "You deserve better than cleaning that mess. Make sure you work hard so you impress someone special," she says lowly so only I can hear.

    I stare at her with my mouth hanging open for a few seconds and she just casually returns to reading the next job offers.

    Wow… she… actually likes me?

    I turn around and walk towards the priests' quarters.

    Thank you, Matron. I feel bad for Bitar, but still, thank you.

    After a short walk, I get to the priests quarters and find the empty rooms. Cobwebs in every corner; a layer of dust covering every surface; tainted windows and floorboards; furniture that hasn't seen the sun in quite a while.

    I sigh and go to the janitor's closet, then I grab a broom and a few chemicals.

    I have two points in [Cleaning] and that will be enough, it has to be enough. I will not be a [Clean]er all my life, I swear to myself that I won't be.

    I put on some leather gloves and start cleaning.

    I turn around to leave the room and freeze. Leaning on the doorway, a young priest watches me with kind eyes and a small smile. I see a large bag by his feet.

    "Is this going to be your room?" I ask, reflexively.

    "Oh, so you're a human…" He smirks. I don't really understand this joke. "Well, I hope so. Seeing how well you are cleaning it, I would prefer to choose this one in case you get tired and slack on others."

    "O-of course not! I will clean them all equally."

    "I hope so. Anyway, are you done with this room?"

    "Yes, you can move in. Wait, what did you mean by 'so you're human'?" I give him an odd look.

    He chuckles once and says, "Well, you were working so diligently, but also so soullessly, that I thought someone summoned a realistic-looking elemental or something." He shrugs.

    "Cleaning is hardly the most exciting job around," I say and start to gather my equipment.

    "Is that so? And what would you prefer to be doing?"

    I shrug in answer.

    I truly don't know.

    "You've got a nice amount of mana, have you ever thought about becoming a real mage?"

    I look at him and his stupid kind smile is still plastered on his face. "To fight monsters and die by a monster?"

    His smile fades and turns into a concerned look. "What a grim view that you have…"

    I turn back and continue my work. "Not grim if it's the truth."

    "There's more to being a mage than just killing monsters. Have you ever thought about healing people?"

    I immediately put down the bucket that I had just started to carry. "And who would spend their time teaching such valuable and complex magic to me?"

    His stupid smile comes back. "I would."

    I stare at his beady black eyes from behind his half-circle glasses and harden my face. "You better not be joking, I don't like to be played with."

    Don't raise my hopes just to squash them, please!

    He clenches his fist over his chest. "I swear on my admiration of the Goddess of Love that I am not lying or playing with you."

    Goddess of Love…? Matron, I feel like the God of Luck is playing with us.

    "T-then, please, do teach me!" I plead and bow at a right angle.

    "First, we have to prepare you mentally," the young priest says in a serious tone.

    I immediately straighten and stare him in the eye. "What is it?"

    His smile fades. "Have you ever seen someone die?"


    "Then you will, better sooner than later."

    "W-what are we going to do?" I ask, apprehensively.

    "First we are going to the clinic, then we are going outside and joining a Purge."

    I gasp. "WHAT?!"

    His kind smiles come back and disarm my tension. His voice turns soft and tickles my ears, "If you stay by my side, it will be fine. This is something we have to do. I won't waste my time with you if you don't have the fortitude to stay on your toes after seeing blood being spilled." Then his voice becomes serious again, "Understood?!"

    "Yes, sir!" I exclaim before I can stop myself, and start to blush in embarrassment.

    His face softens again and his stupid kind smile becomes wider. "We'll go tomorrow morning. You have to finish this job first, don't you?"

    Ah, well…

    "What's your name, girl?"


    "I'm Arantos, pleasure to meet you."

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Cody Weigel.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Noble Salty Panda.
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    "So… I can see Aoi's 'Soul Info' with my [Sense Soul]," I say.

    While everyone else looks impressed, Ciel's face just looks blank. "Wolfy, give me [Sense Soul]," she asks softly.

    I obey and she spends a long time staring at Aoi. So long, that even Aoi gets uncomfortable.

    "What the fuck," she finally says. "I had some idea that this was happening, but still… The skill system is the blessing from the God of Creation, so how did this happen?"

    "She converted…?" Roxanne asks tentatively.

    "She isn't listed in my 'Followers,'" I say.

    "Then she better start praying," Alissa says.

    "I will, be good, Gods!" Aoi says.

    "Okay, so, in the battle against the Monster King, wouldn't such a thing tip the balance in our favor?" I ask.

    "Yes, that's great!" Ciel exclaims, "With a way of turning monsters in our favor we can control them the way the Monster King does! Imagine if we converted a Leader-type!"

    "But if we break the balance, won't the God of Destruction come back to try and take control?"

    We all go silent, the implication is too heavy.

    Ciel starts to say what we don't want to hear, "If you are here, sent by a 'God,' and Aoi is part of your Thread of Fate, then… a war of the Gods could be coming."

    "We all knew something would happen," Lina says.

    "Yeah, but it was very vague, and now that things are getting more real, the fear is starting to rise," I say.

    "Together!" Aoi exclaims.


    Heh, fine.

    "Alright, enough pep-talk. There's no more room for hesitation and complaints, we can only look forward and fight-on," I say.

    "Gih, gah gih!" Gify puffs his chest and nods with determination.

    Alissa grabs our hands, and claws, and pulls us all together, "United, day and night," she starts and looks around, urging us to continue.

    "In pain and pleasure," Hana adds.

    "Success or failure," Roxanne continues.

    "Life or death," Ciel goes on with a wide smile.

    "Wherever we may be," Lina shyly contributes.

    "We will, never aban-don, each other!" Aoi chirps.

    I chuckle. "All for one, one for all," I complete.

    We squeeze each others' hands and return to normal.

    "That was incredibly corny," Ciel says and we chuckle lightly.

    "Those are our vows to each other," Alissa says.

    "Right, whenever we have to act on our own, remember our vows," I say.

    Lina, Hana, and Aoi nod with determination while the others smile softly.

    The little golems watch us with curiosity.

    "Vows are, rules?" Ted asks.

    "Somewhat. They are personal rules that we follow, but not literally. We follow the 'spirit' of the vow, the essence of it," Ciel answers.

    "What is a, 'spirit' of, a vow?" Suzy asks.

    "If I ask you to make my life 'better' and I get sad one day when someone dies, do you think that you failed the task I gave you?" I ask.

    "Sadness is, part of, life," Ted says.

    "Exactly. You need to understand the nuances and assumptions that come from a phrase like 'I want to live a happy life,' instead of taking it literally."

    "How do we, learn that?" Suzy asks.

    "It is called 'common sense,' it's something children learn by observing their parents all their lives," Ciel says.

    "And some don't even fully learn it," Lina says and sends a quick glance to Roxanne.

    Roxanne blinks blankly for a few moments, then it dawns on her. "Oi-!" She starts.

    "We will teach you whenever we can," I interrupt. "You can always ask us questions when you feel confused about something."

    The two golems nod in sync.

    Then we do a little "bonding" before going to sleep. The golems were watching so intently that we decided to store them in Ciel's [Item Box].

    Today is the 10th.

    Hana wakes me up and recruits Aoi's help. Hana is learning how to do it in a gentler way so that I don't feel like I'm in the jaws of a monster when I wake up. That and Aoi's stimulating kiss are as good as coffee to help me wake up quickly.

    But I really do miss coffee.

    My [Summoning Magic] increased by 4 (now 18+22) and my [Blessing Magic] by 1 (now 8+22).

    We calmly eat our breakfast with tea. We only leave our tent when everyone else is finishing gathering their belongings.

    "Morning!" Klein comes to us and gives us a chipper greeting.

    I see that neither Anton nor Laertes are nearby.

    "Morning," I say and take her hand, then I kiss it the elven way while pushing my soul slightly out of my lips.

    Klein breathes in and smiles shyly, "How high is your 'Charisma,' Wolf?" She asks.

    "Not particularly high, you must have a crush on me or something," and I give her a wide smile.

    She eyes us all warily, "You are all wolves trying to eat me up, aren't-chyall?"

    Ciel and Lina look a little embarrassed; Aoi doesn't think she's being referred to so she just ignores it; and the rest simply nod and smile.


    Klein smiles at his compliment.

    "You are just really cute," Alissa says in a sultry tone.

    "Predators," Klein laughs and walks away.

    Nito hands us our horses and as we mount, Osaria comes to give us a greeting and talk to Roxanne. She stands a little closer than what Roxanne is comfortable with. The curvy milf wears an eye-catching white bikini and I catch Ciel staring at her ass with mixed feelings.

    When we are all mounted and walking again, Hana approaches Roxanne, "When are you going to reject her?" Hana asks.

    "Uh… well…" Roxanne's posture shrinks, she looks conflicted and guilty.

    Hana pouts and looks at Roxanne with a little disappointment, "You are too indecisive; it was the same thing with Wolfy," she says and turns away.

    Roxanne doesn't answer but her horns go soft in dejection.

    Lina approaches Roxanne and pats her head like a mother would to console her child. "There, there," she tries to appease Roxanne.

    Roxanne's horns regain their stiffness and she warily eyes Lina. "I feel like you're mocking me," Roxanne says.

    Lina gives her an impish smile and smacks the rump of her horse, then she quickly canters away from Roxanne. For a moment, Roxanne's tail threateningly points at Lina.

    Ciel makes sure the carriage is out of earshot and asks, "Why don't you reject her?"

    "Well… I really do find her hot, it's just that the idea of having sex with her makes me feel 'dirty,'" Roxanne answers.

    "Then reject her."

    "But I find her really hot," she smiles wryly.

    Ciel rolls her eyes, "Slut."

    "We all played with Klein, we are all beyond saving," she smirks at Ciel.

    "You always speak like we are doing something bad," Alissa interjects, a little miffed. "It's like you secretly dislike what we are doing but don't really want to speak out."

    Roxanne's mouth hangs open, speechless, and Ciel looks away, feeling awkward.

    "I enjoy the verbal abuse, I thought that's what she was doing," Hana says, frowning in confusion.

    "Maybe a little of both?" Alissa shrugs.

    "Embrace degeneracy," I say.

    "I thought we already did?" Lina questions shyly and Hana shrugs.


    "Even you?" Ciel looks at Gify questioningly.

    We laugh softly and the conversation dies down, then Aoi perks up her head and innocently asks, "Am I a, degenerate?"

    "I don't think so," I say and rub the thick skin beneath her scales. "Did you enjoy when Alissa's finger entered you?"

    I feel her shrug through the [Bind], "Yes."

    "If Aoi has, sex with, other women, she could be, considered, hedonistic," Suzy says.

    "That would just be a sexual preference," Roxanne says.

    "Not for a, monster," Ted says.

    "Right, I believe the monsters were created for a single purpose. It wouldn't make sense for them to be homosexual since they can't have children that way," I say and Ted nods.

    When it's something technical they seem to do OK in understanding my knowledge.

    "But Aoi is intelligent, she can choose to have sex just for pleasure," Hana says.

    "Hm…" Aoi murmurs and I feel our connection "wiggle" as she thinks deeply.

    "Is there a difference between what you feel about Wolf and any of us?" Ciel asks.

    "I want Wolfy, inside me, and I really like, the others," she answers.

    "Well, we are almost there," Hana says and shrugs.

    I lift an eyebrow at Hana. "Do you want to have sex with her?" I ask.

    "Ei, 'Dragon Fucker' is an awesome title," and she gives me a fearsome smile.

    I chuckle and shake my head.

    Now that the caravan is moving properly, I go towards the commoners and give them [Swift Foot] again. They show us lots of appreciation and even Rande seems pleased.

    For us, I cast [Wind Armor], [Sharp Blades], [Swift Foot], [Rainbow Shield], [Rainbow Crystal], and [Warrior's Respite].

    I use [Redirect Mana] to recharge my MP and notice that the mana coming from the High Forest feels very "odd." It is quite "pure," but it also has an uncomfortable aftertaste.

    With a fast march, we quickly approach the gigantic trees of the High Forest. The road splits, and one way turns east, towards the forest, while the other continues north, towards Glorampina. The traffic suddenly drops to zero; nobody is entering or leaving the forest.

    Klein and Laertes climb on top of the carriage; up there they unfold thick, wooden chest-high walls that they will use as protection. Then, they pull out some comfy mattresses and lay down, though they still look very alert.

    Anton walks along beside the carriage with his poleaxe in hand and awkwardly glances towards Aoi. He's wearing a light blue dragon scale armor that looks very similar to Aoi's scales.

    "You look like you want to say something," I guide my horse closer to Anton and speak.

    "Is she… okay with my armor?" He asks with a deeper frown than normal.

    "My armor is also made of dragon scales, she doesn't care," I say.

    "Good, good. Well, I don't think I could stomach seeing someone wear wereape skin as armor."

    "Monsters are too different from us, many simply wouldn't even care."

    The lights slowly dim as we enter the forest; only faint streaks of light get past the thick canopy of trees. Everyone casts [Spirit Lights] and the road becomes as clear as day due to the number of light sources. The air becomes more damp, causing Lina to show a little displeasure. The tang of moss grows strong, and once in a while I smell a faint citrus or flowery scent.

    The grass becomes very thin, narrow, and delicate, almost hair-like. The earth turns soft and almost mushy, a few heavy steps on it are enough to dirty your feet with mud. A few elven children decide to drop down to the road and step out onto the grass. I notice that they don't get dirty, and some of them barely leave a mark on the grass thanks to the softness of their steps.

    My Hollys spread out and we quickly find monsters lurking about. Walking dead animals and monsters reanimated by Corpse Stealers are the most common find. The small slime-like monster behaves more like a hive-mind: it's always either searching for more corpses, or attacking any nearby threats.

    Not a very dangerous monster, except when they manage to gather into a large group, and there's one such group nearby.

    "We have to deal with them," I say.

    "Me, Lina, and Ciel will stay on the ground, you all stay on the horses in case we need to run," Hana says and we nod.

    "I can, breathe fire!" Aoi chirps.

    "Stay on Lina's shoulders," I say.

    "Yay!" She glides towards Lina and crawls up onto her shoulder.

    "You'd better not eat anything rotting or the Corpse Stealer itself, they will give you a tummy-ache," Lina says and strokes the scales under Aoi's chin.


    We warn Rande of the danger nearby.

    "If you can't deal with them, aren't you going to attract them to us?" He asks while frowning.

    "The 'feelers' are too close, it's a gamble whether they find us or not," I say.

    He nods bitterly, "I'll trust you, we will set up near that tree and raise a few [Earth Wall]s."

    We gallop north through the forest for a few minutes before we find the horde. Through Holly, I know that there's a hill nearby that we can use to our advantage. I dismiss all but one Holly and summon two earth, two nature, and two fire elementals. The earth elementals will create walls to funnel the Corpses into a narrow area between two huge trees. The nature elementals will slow down the monsters with their vines. The fire elementals are obvious, fire does more damage to slow-moving enemies than any other element.

    Hana, Ciel, Lina, and Aoi will stay in the front, at the entrance of the funnel that the two earth elementals are creating. Behind them, the nature elementals will spread their vines, and behind the vine-yard are the rest of us with the horses and the two fire elementals. Through [Animal Tongue], I can keep the horses calm and make them follow me.

    The "feeler" Corpse Stealers find us, and immediately the horde changes direction towards us. The "feelers" are Corpse Stealers that have faster and younger corpses, they stay in the outskirts of the horde and warn them of any incoming threat.

    After a minute, we hear the growling from multiple types of monsters and animals. The Corpse Stealers move slowly to conserve their energy, but when a target is found, they burst forth with plenty of speed at the expense of the possessed corpse's integrity.

    Once a critical mass of Corpses notice us, they all break into a sprint at the same time. Before we can even see them, we can hear the mixture of footsteps rushing towards us.

    Alissa starts firing arrows, aiming for the chest, where the Corpse Stealer hides.

    "We need flaming arrows," I say.

    "Too late for that," Alissa answers and fires another.

    "[Lava Jet]!" Roxanne casts the level 30 [Fire Magic] spell. Out of the tip of her staff, red-hot lava shoots off like a jet of water. It flies over the heads of the girls and creates streak after streak of blisteringly bright walking hazards.

    The first line of Corpses walk over the lava without any concern, not even making a cry of pain when their feet melt and pieces of skin and flesh are left behind. They eventually start to tumble and get stuck in the lava as more parts of their bodies melt away and fall off.

    Easy targets for the elementals to burn.

    Two more [Lava Jets], and the entire side of the hill is lit up by Roxanne's spell. I even start to feel the heat coming off the molten rock.

    The first few monsters crash against the girls and are easily dispatched.

    The monsters that fell onto the lava form a bridge for the ones behind them, so the next wave has less of a problem moving past the lava hazards.


    Roxanne launches the spell in the middle of the new front line and the monsters behind it crash into each other, trying to stop. A pile of monsters forms as they desperately crawl away to escape the fire at any cost, a prime target for us.


    The new pile bursts into flame and only charred corpses are left after the spell ends. The smell of burnt meat fills our noses and makes me feel hungry, but also a little disgusted.

    More monsters reach the girls.

    "Become stronger! Become faster!" I command in [Godly Language].

    They easily butcher the monsters while slowly walking backward.

    I create a vine javelin with [Vine Weapon] and give myself 4 points in [Throw]. Whenever a particularly large monster appears, I throw a javelin at them. When I manage to hit their core they don't die, but they do become much slower.

    Hana's and Lina's [Double Strike] are enough to kill most monsters in one attack. Lina crushes their chests with the first strike and the second comes to finish off the monster, while Hana can nearly bisect the monsters with her two strikes.

    Ciel plays conservatively with her mana to save some for healing injuries.

    Hana breathes out fire in a wide area and holds the monsters in place for a moment.


    And then they burn to death.

    "You are now level 24."

    Our carnage is silent, giving it an eerie feeling. This is because the monsters don't scream, they only use growls in a few specific situations.

    The monsters start to get entangled in the vines, making them easier targets for the girls. Some even try to crash against the earth elementals, with little result; or they crawl up them, allowing the elementals to skewer the monsters with fast-growing spikes.

    "Retreat!" I yell. Ciel, Lina, and Aoi break off from the line and return to the horses. Hana summons her wings and uses [Wind Shield] to hold the monsters off.

    "Hana!" I call her once we are all mounted again, and with a last cleave, she flies towards us and lands on her horse. The animal neighs in protest. "I'm sorry, but you are strong enough to deal with it, right?" I talk to it with [Animal Tongue].

    The horse scoffs and we all gallop north to try to lose the horde. The elementals will commit suicide when they get overwhelmed, and I think the fire ones will make quite a nice explosion.

    We follow along the contour of the hill and then gallop back to the caravan. Rande had raised a wall and created a funnel very similar to ours. He and Anton wait at the front with most of the average soldiers.

    Anton's poleaxe is dirtied with green slime. Pieces of the body of a Giant Centipede are being dragged away by the elven commoners.

    "How was it? How many are still alive?" Rande asks once we stop our horses in front of him.

    "Around fifty can still move," I say as I dismount. Nito guides the horses away towards the back.

    "That's not a lot," Anton says, his permanent frown temporarily on hold.

    "We are pretty good at butchering large numbers of small monsters," Hana says with a fearsome smile.

    "I wouldn't call Corpse Stealers 'small,' but ok."

    We reform the line with Hana in the middle, Rande and Anton flanking her, and the rest of us spread around the other men. While we wait, the girls and I use [Redirect Mana] to recharge. Aoi seems to be trying to copy us.

    "Are you managing to redirect mana?" I ask Aoi through our connection.

    "I think so, I only know something is happening, hehe!"

    "Be careful, you don't have the System to protect you from hurting yourself."

    "Not yet," and she mimics the sound of a kiss being blown.

    I give her a playful tug on our connection and return to recharging my mana.

    After I'm done, I summon the same elementals as last time, but this time I keep the nature elementals in front of us to slow the charge.

    A few minutes later, the Corpses start trickling in, too spread out for area spells. But they are much less threatening now that there isn't a mob of them marching towards us.

    Alissa, Hana, and Laertes manage to shoot at least one arrow at each of the Corpses before they can even reach our front line. Then the vines slow them down further, and now even the most inexperienced of the mages can manage to hit their marks.

    I cut down the arm of a dead Gatun and a soldier pierces it in the chest. The monster retreats to try to save itself and I cast a [Wind Blade] directly at it. The spell opens its chest and I see a black goo twitch within it.

    Another spear hits it right in the black goo and the dead Gatun goes limp. The black goo pools under its body and a rancid smell escapes from it.

    Soon, the battle ends without another monster attacking me again.

    Ciel goes to treat the few bruises and cuts among the average soldiers while I walk towards Rande. I see a man discreetly cut his own palm and then show it to Ciel so she can heal him.

    "We will return to the site of the first battle and collect our Proofs of Extermination," I say.

    "Sure, the Lord of Ostodos will reward you well for dealing with a horde. How many were there, anyway? I didn't imagine so few were coming after us," he creases his eyebrows in doubt.

    "No idea, our area spells are really powerful," I say and smile smugly.

    [Rainbow Crystal] is helping us a lot.

    I gather the girls and we gallop back to the first site.

    "So… you want us to gather the Proofs?" Roxanne asks, her tail completely stiff in wariness.

    I summon 9 average goblins. Their small and dexterous hands are perfect for this task.

    "Nah, I just used it as an excuse. Let's just wait and watch," I say.

    The goblins work tirelessly and even the two little golems try to help with [Telekinesis]. The Corpse Stealers have small bones they use to help sustain their possessed corpse, so they are used as the Proof. You can use the black, rancid goo as Proof, but who in their right mind would?

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Cody Weigel.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Noble Salty Panda.
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    We sit down on a root as thick as a car and watch the goblins work. We spread out a large, thick blanket that's perfect for our picnic.

    "Aside from the view of the ground, this is a really beautiful place," Ciel comments.

    The most common color is obviously green, then dark brown from the bark of the trees, then gold and silver from the moss and other plants growing on the bark of those trees. The trees in the High Forest absorb all the nutrients from the ground, so most plants that thrive here are parasitic and grow on the bark of the gigantic trees or they try to rise above the canopies for some delicious sunlight.

    I practice my [Grow] and try to flatten the root we're on. Without [Conjuring Magic] to replenish the nutrients, the bark will become weakened if I overdo it.

    If an elf saw what I'm doing they would give me a slap in the face.

    Alissa pulls out a tray with steaming hot tea while Ciel guides the smell of burnt meat away from us. Aoi looks a little dejected at all the burnt meat that she won't be able to eat.

    The goblins bring the bones and line them up on the ground, then Ciel and I repeatedly cast [Clean] on them to remove the smell. The bones are black and porous, they can even bend a considerable amount. They're shaped into vertical rib cages that protects the Corpse Stealer better from slashing attacks.

    The goblins tie the bones together with strings so that the parts from two different Corpse Stealers won't mix, then they all tie the bones together so I can store them in my "Item Box." If we didn't do that, then the monster appraiser would have to summon the spirit of every single bone to discern one from another. Lords don't like to be scammed when paying for the monster bounties, and the ones in the High Forest are even more stingy.

    We return to the caravan and Alissa smiles smugly. "The commoners are happy to see us back, the elven ones sound a little relieved, too," she says.

    I search for the elven elder and our eyes meet, he gives me a respectful nod and I return it.

    No matter the place, they still respect power.

    Soon after I spread my Hollys, we have to leave again as an Uspidor is approaching. A blobby monster that has 12 tentacles it uses to walk, with one extra protruding upwards that it uses as a mouth and as a way to spit acid. They are normally slightly bigger than a giraffe.

    "Hana, use the axe," I say and pull it out for her.

    "Well… prepare the bath for me, then," she says with a wry smile.

    "Ohoh? You didn't seem to care about a little blood during your butchering of that Dragonoid some time ago," Roxanne says.

    "You guys are a bad influence on me, staying clean just feels too good," she shrugs.

    "'Bad influence,'" Roxanne turns away and snorts.

    "Wolfy, give me [Mounted Archery]," Alissa asks.

    "Oh, right, good idea," I say and put her six points into the skill.

    We approach the location of the monster and look up. High above, too far for our [Spirit Lights] to reach, we can see the figure of something large moving between the trees when it passes near a hole in the thick canopy.

    Alissa draws her warbow to its maximum pull and I feel a hint of mana come from the enchantment, then she releases the arrow and we hear a faint screech. Through Holly, I can see that Alissa hit her mark perfectly.

    The monster stops moving and turns to intently observe us. It has six eyes spread around the blob of meat that is its main body and three of these eyes are locked onto us.

    "Start moving, it's going to spit acid," I order and they obey. "Become Faster!" I yell in [Godly Language] and even the horses gain speed.

    We spread out and the monster struggles to choose a target.

    "I'll make meat rolls out of your tentacles!" Hana taunts and the Uspidor targets her.

    She's just stating facts, though; Uspidor tentacles are a delicacy.

    A liquid splashes near Hana and we hear the traditional sizzling of something melting away. We hide behind the trees while Hana plays around with the monster.

    Through another Holly, I can see that there's a group of five Feral Goblins approaching the caravan. Like a Gatun, these goblins have large, curved claws that they use to climb trees.

    "Ciel, Lina! Go back to the caravan! There are five Feral Goblins coming from the south!" I yell.

    While still under the effect of my [Godly Language], their horses gallop away at incredible speeds and soon they disappear behind the trees.

    Another minute passes with Alissa firing a few perfect arrows at the Uspidor. Then she finally hits an eye at a record distance for her and the monster becomes enraged.

    "KIIIEEEH!" It shrieks as it drops to the ground. It crashes like a water balloon and its whole body shakes with the waves its internal fluids created from the impact. Its color is green and black as if it were wearing camouflage paint, and its skin is smooth and slippery.

    Hana jumps off of her horse and summons her wings. She darts towards the Uspidor and dodges between the tentacles while leaving a long gash on its body. Blood gushes out like a fountain as the enchantment takes effect and the monster becomes even more enraged.

    With [Animal Tongue], I call back the horse and keep it safe behind a tree.

    As the monster's focus changes to Hana, its "back" (the monster doesn't really have a front or back to it) is turned to us and its tentacles grow dull in their movements. Alissa takes the opportunity and fires an arrow. It passes through the tentacles unimpeded and buries itself in another eye.

    I summon a Kite Dragon and yell, "Become faster!" in [Godly Language].

    "UROOO!" The flat dragon responds and bolts in a zigzag pattern towards the monster.

    "[Water Blade]!" Roxanne releases a particularly long blade from the tip of her staff.

    Suddenly surrounded on four sides, the monster struggles to decide on a course of action. It abruptly drops to the ground and surrounds itself with its thick tentacles.

    Alissa's bodkin arrow buries itself deep into a tentacle; Roxanne's spell nearly severs another; the Kite Dragon cuts down a tentacle with its sharp side-flippers; and Hana buries her axe into the monster. I cast a [Lightning Bolt] on the Uspidor to make sure that Hana can safely pull out her axe.

    The axe is pulled free and a thick gush of red blood erupts out of the wound, painting a large patch of moss red. Hana strikes again and uses her wings to fly away before it can counter-attack. The new wound is a shallow cut but it's still enough to create another temporary fountain of blood for a few seconds.

    Roxanne fires several [Water Blades] in quick succession and the monster's mouth turns towards her.

    "[Water Wall]!" She casts just as a squirt of acid flies out. It hits the magic water and gets diluted without affecting anything. Her horse barely flinches from all the magic flying around it, its training is perfect.

    Hana appears from "behind" and severs the mouth of the monster with a perfect chop of her axe.

    "KIIIIIIIIIIII!" Its screech makes my ears hurt. So much blood flows out of the wound that the monster visibly deflates and starts to wobble around due to the blood loss. The Kite Dragon strikes again and opens another large wound, it was so deep that its guts start to spill out.

    We just wait for it to bleed out while hiding in safety behind the trees. I try to avoid looking at it because just the sight of it was making me feel sick.

    Meanwhile, Ciel and Lina make short work of the goblins. A [Windstorm] is enough to even the numbers and then the girls finish them easily from horseback due to the length of their weapons.

    Alissa guides her horse towards me. "It's dead," she says, once she's close enough.

    "Right, now we just need to collect the disgusting corpse," I say and Alissa smiles wryly.

    "Let me eat a tentacle!" Aoi says inside my mind.

    "Okay. Just one, though."

    Then we leave Hana standing naked in the open while we give her clothes a quick [Clean].

    We gallop back and wait for the caravan a good distance ahead so that both we and the horses can rest for a bit.

    "It's barely midday and we've already killed quite a lot," Alissa says.

    "Yeah, the Lord isn't doing a proper culling," Hana says.

    "Through the Hollys, I can see that there's even more, it's just that our anti-monster crystals are enough for most of them," I say.

    As we wait, I notice that there are a few glowing plants appearing on the trunks of the trees. There's also a firefly-like large insect that seems to be flying between them. These plants are symbiotic with the trees and other plants. They give off light that's absorbed just like how plants would normally absorb sunlight, then they all help break down the bark of the tree and also serve as a home for other insects. They are somewhat like corals.

    The caravan reaches us and we stop for lunch. Krista cooks a thick Giant Centipede soup. It has a faint minty flavor with a bit of a of chicken-like aftertaste.

    Why am I suddenly thinking of Ciel's feet?

    "You collected all the bones from the Corpse Stealers?" Anton asks us.

    "I used [Summoning Magic] for that," I answer.

    "Diamond dragon scales, that is too handy," he snorts and resumes eating.

    "I could teach you a spell, if you wish," I say and smile innocently.

    He stops eating and analyzes me with his eyes. "You are not getting yourself any favors," he answers flatly.

    Klein groans softly and keeps her eyes on her food.

    A soft voice caresses my ears, "How many Corpse Stealers did you kill?" Osaria asks.

    "One hundred and thirty-seven."

    The table turns to us in surprise and we show a mix of proud and embarrassed smiles. I select one set of the bones in my "Item Box" and touch the ground with my finger. With a *poof*, the large pile of black bones all tied together appears.

    A long sigh escapes Laertes while the others go quiet.

    "Did you even need our help?" Rande asks.

    "Couldn't finish them all in one go," Hana says and gives Rande a fearsome smile.

    "Are you paying them a fortune or something?" Krista asks Rande, incredulous.

    Rande laughs oddly with a stupid smile on his face, "You didn't even see them stop a Grim Giant in its tracks basically by themselves."

    Anton grunts a chuckle. "Well, I thought you were exaggerating a little," he says.

    Klein pouts and playfully punches the log that is Anton's right arm, though, it might have hurt her more than him.

    "To be honest, our strength is a little difficult to gauge. [Summoning Magic] is that useful," Alissa says.

    Osaria smiles seductively at me and I get a little uncomfortable. She is too "stimulating."

    We continue our trip and our peace lasts a short while before another Giant Centipede approaches. We only send Hana and Roxanne, and they [Explode] the head of the monster. Like last time, she stores it in her [Item Box] and we will transfer it later.

    A small group of eight Woody Skritters approaches us and get used as target practice by Klein and Laertes. They have so little value that it's not even worth it to collect the Proofs of Extermination for them. However, we do burn their bodies so that there are no remains for Corpse Stealers to possess.

    As we near Ostodos, the number of glowing plants explodes and the night nearly turns into day amidst their brightness. The bark disappears beneath the carnival of colors. Then the multi-colored lights all turn purple when the sun sets.

    We then see the first patrol, a group of golden elves riding Gatuns, the long-armed panther-like feline. They wear cloaks with wooden armor underneath, they're yellow and glossy. Most of them wield bows while the rest use spears and one or two look like mages. They look at us with weary eyes and only give a curt nod to the other elves before moving on.

    They climb a tree and disappear. I notice that the Gatuns leave marks in the bark and plants that appear to heal completely after only a few seconds.

    The patrol gives the commoners new vigor and they walk faster. After a half-hour, we finally reach the huge ramp that is the entrance to Ostodos. It turns into a spiral around a pillar-like tree and disappears inside a huge ceiling made of bark. This is the underside of Ostodos, a shield to protect them from monsters, their equivalent of a "wall."

    Thick bark covers the underside of most of the town. Only a few spots are open and that's where the monsters can invade through if they have no means of breaking the bark.

    Below the city is a small lake where rainwater gathers and slowly trickles away into a river. That river eventually joins others and grows larger until it leaves the northwestern corner of the High Forest, pouring out into the sea.

    Around the lake are the farms, though only a few are actually on the ground level. A single tree in the middle of the lake brings water upwards and it is then distributed among multiple levels of farms.

    "Wow," Ciel lets out in wonder.

    "I see a few camouflaged elves in wait behind windows," Alissa says.

    "Really? I didn't notice anything," Hana says.

    "They are known for being good at hiding," Lina says.

    After a long and tiring climb for the commoners, we finally pass through the ceiling. We go through a long killing-corridor filled with murder holes before we finally reach the gate.

    The guards wait for us anxiously. When we finally reach them, they crowd around us and hurriedly talk to the elven commoners. They also look a little weary, though their equipment is still in top shape.

    I put on 10 points into [Ingua Language].

    "You brought magic tools?"

    "How did you survive?!"

    "I told you not to try to come!"

    "A HORDE?!"

    Rande approach us. "We will leave after tomorrow, same time," he says and immediately leaves.

    As we dismount and approach a guard for customs, we start to get glances from the commoners and other guards. Klein escapes her parents and joins us so we wait for her inspection before we finally cross the large wooden gate together and enter the city proper.

    The whole city is divided into two levels. The lower level is where the commoners live and where the military buildings are located; they receive weak sunlight and supplement it with crystal lamps, so it has a rather gloomy atmosphere. The upper level is above the canopy and receives sunlight, so we would rather go there.

    The streets are composed of grey wood. They look almost Earth-like with two lanes for the wagons like an Earth road and two other lanes for pedestrians on the sides. Where the traffic line should be is actually an empty spot where you can see the lower bark "shield wall." In that empty spot, there's an enchantment that prevents people from falling and it pushes you back onto the road. It's quite popular with children, though it's too late right now for them to be out playing.

    Moonlight shines down through the same holes in the middle of the street on the level above us and we see people sitting along the border of the hole. They dangle their feet above us and drink while talking happily.

    The buildings are simple in their shape, huddled together, and are all boxes made of differently colored wood. The amount of decorations on them, like glowing plants and statues grown out of the buildings, is the way they display their wealth.

    This floor does not have a very inviting atmosphere. The streets are nearly empty and inns desperately announce their vacancies.

    "Do you know of a good inn on the upper floor?" I ask Klein.

    She smiles innocently and nods, "Follow me, then!"

    We enter a thin tree trunk nearby and climb the stairs carved inside. We exit onto the second floor and have a very clear view of the night sky. We feel a soft, chilly breeze blow through with the faint smells of plants, perfume, and dinner coming from nearby businesses.

    The streets are busier on this level but most of the people here are drunks, so it's not as pleasant as it could be. The buildings are more sparse but are taller and share room with the canopies of the trees.

    "I could live here; it's so beautiful," Ciel comments.

    Lina looks at her with her eyebrows knit in worry.

    "What of your [Stonebody]? Can you still feel the mana?" I ask.

    "Yes, but… I feel a little uncomfortable," Lina answers.

    "It will pass, even I felt uncomfortable with heights when I was young," Klein says.

    "But I'm a dwarf and you're a wereape."

    "Pfft!" Klein flicks her hand at her, "Don't let your race get in the way of enjoying yourself!"


    Ciel pats Lina's head and she brightens up a bit. We each grab one of Lina's hands and swing them back and forth like you would with a child. We look like the oddest father-mother-daughter combination ever.

    Klein stops in front of a three-story-high blue inn, The Red Leaf Inn; it's a blue cylinder with red leaves as the roof.

    "The name is quite original," Roxanne comments flatly.

    "At least it's in Andraste, the other upper-class inns aren't as fond of imperials as this one," Klein says.

    The interior is quite comfy. It's got that weird plant-like fluffy carpet just like in the Tree of Mana. The walls and ceiling are light blue and quite easy on the eyes.

    A plump golden elf woman waits behind the counter looking a little bored. The elven "curse" is so strong that I still find her quite attractive. She suddenly jumps when she notices us and smiles widely at Klein.

    "Miss Klein! It's good to see you well!" The woman exclaims. She walks out of the balcony and scurries towards Klein.

    "Flor!" She opens her arms wide and receives the plump woman in a tight hug.

    They spend a few heartwarming moments trying to crush one another, and then break the hug.

    "So, Rande decided to make the trip," Flor comments.

    Klein nods and looks to us. "We found a very strong escort to keep us all safe. They are the fellowship Helios," she says.

    Flor analyzes us all quickly and smiles warmly. "I can easily see you are all special," she says, then we share polite greetings.

    "So, you are staying for the night?" Flor asks.

    I nod and Klein answers for her parents.

    "I would like to reserve a bath for six people plus my dragon," I say.

    "Make it seven," Klein interrupts. She smiles innocently but her face cramps and she blushes slightly at her answer. Flor raises an eyebrow at her and looks at her oddly. "And don't tell Dad," Klein adds.

    Flor raises her eyebrows in surprise and silently goes back behind the balcony to write in the ledger.

    We casually start our routine and undress, though our eyes linger for a while on Klein, making her even more embarrassed.

    "May I wash you?" Alissa offers with a wicked smile on her face.

    "N-no need, hehe," Klein laughs nervously.

    "I insist," she says softly.

    Klein swallows her saliva and nods.

    We quickly wash so we can watch Alissa molest, I mean, tenderly wash Klein. Her soft hand glides along Klein's body and always find a way to brush along an erogenous zone. We haven't even started yet and Klein is moaning as if she's getting fingered. Even Aoi stares at Klein, mesmerized.

    Klein's soft monkey tail surprises Alissa for a second by brushing against her pussy's lips. Klein smiles mischievously and Alissa's switch gets flipped. Her fingers dive inside Klein's pussy and she makes the cute monkey orgasm almost instantly.

    Not wanting to steal all the fun, Alissa releases Klein and we all enter the bath together. Then, the couples start their bonding: Ciel with Lina, and Hana with Roxanne; Aoi floats about with Gify on her head but stares at us intently. As Klein enters the bath, I slide in behind her, making her sit on my lap and feel my erection resting on her ass.

    I turn her head towards me and shove my tongue inside her mouth. Her sweet little tongue is that of a little slut's like Lina: shy at first but quickly turning greedy in search of more stimulation.

    I cup one of her perky breasts with one hand and search for her pussy with the other only to find Alissa's fingers already inside it. So, I move on to her ass instead and cast [Clean]. She immediately becomes greedier and tries to swallow my tongue.

    She suddenly straddles me and my dick gets dangerously close to penetrating her. Disappointingly, she angles it down so it only rubs along her lips instead. She rubs herself on my head and shaft while Alissa works wonders with her tongue, rubbing it on my head while also licking Klein's pussy and ass.

    I push my soul out of my dick and she suddenly stops, her whole body convulses and she orgasms again. Her pussy stops on top of my head and I grab her waist, forcing it down and spreading her lips. My head almost fully enters before I stop.

    Klein looks at me wide-eyed in fear and I smile sadistically.

    "The next time you come to us I will take your virginity whether you've talked to your father or not. I don't like indecisive people," I warn her.

    Roxanne looks away from us and goes back to being used by Hana.

    Klein nods glumly and shyly removes the head from inside her. She starts rubbing herself again and I force my tongue inside her mouth. Soon we are back to a passionate kiss and I shoot it inside Alissa's mouth.

    After that, I grab Hana by the throat and force her to bend over. I grab her perfect, round ass and penetrate her pussy forcefully, she grunts in pain and pleasure. Klein masturbates with her eyes glued on us. Roxanne helps me out underwater and Hana seems to enjoy this so much that she quickly grows weak in the legs and orgasms.

    "Pervert, depraved, slut!" I yell to Hana and she smiles fearsomely to Klein.

    What would the mages who invented [Water Breathing] think if they knew we use it so we can give oral to each other while underwater? Knowing this world, they invented the spell just for this reason and then adapted it for everyday use.

    I pound Hana's pussy raw with all my strength and anger. I cum inside her with a particularly thick load and push her off of me like a used condom.

    Hana straightens herself as she gets up and approaches Klein. "You belong to me, now, so follow my orders," Hana growls to her threateningly, who nods nervously. Hana spreads her legs and shows Klein my cum inside her pussy, "Clean me."

    Klein obeys like the good little slut she's quickly becoming.

    We leave the bath while Klein stays inside to not arouse suspicion with her family. Once we pass Flor, she looks at us blankly then makes a visible effort to not laugh. Once she regains control over herself she suddenly pretends that there's work to be done in the ledger.

    We sit down for dinner and are quickly served pasta with roasted duck. There's a purple sauce on the pasta so I eagerly taste it.

    I drop my fork in surprise and anger, "Motherfucking pompous elves! This is tomato sauce!"

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Cody Weigel.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Noble Salty Panda.
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    I cover my mouth with my hand and blush in embarrassment. A few of the elven patrons heard my shout and send me some glares. An imperial drunk chuckles loudly and cheers me on, earning some glares of his own from even more elves.

    The girls look at me oddly and Alissa asks, "To-mayto?" She tilts her head cutely, "Isn't that one of the vegetables you asked me to find?"

    "Yes! I can't believe the damn elves have been hogging this fruit for themselves all this time!" I hiss under my breath.

    Hana slurps a few noodles and hums while savoring the taste. The other girls and Gify copy her, and our table goes silent while they all savor the sauce.

    "Gih!" Gify loves it.

    The opinion of a Black Hole about the tastiness of things isn't reliable.

    "Tasty," Aoi says in a calm tone.

    Now, if Aoi likes it, then it must actually be tasty.

    "It's okay," Lina comments.

    "I think there's some of that Basil you like," Alissa says.

    "Oh, yes, they use a lot of this sauce. They like to put it on everything," Roxanne says.

    Hana goes silent and eats faster.

    "You said it's fruit? So isn't this juice instead of sauce?" Ciel asks.

    I shrug, I have no idea what the difference is between them.

    "Excuse me," I call the attention of an androgynous waiter, "What's the name of the vegetable this sauce comes from?"

    They smile kindly and speak, "This is tomafinger, it's a staple in our cuisine."

    T-toma-what? I heard something else being spoken but the system translated it to that monstrosity.

    The waiter leaves and I shake my head.

    I refuse to say that name. For me, this is not-tomato.

    "So, let's buy a ton of this fruit while we're here," I say.

    "We have to be careful, though. If we buy a lot, then they might think that we are trying to export it and the elves will investigate," Lina says.

    It would be awkward trying to explain what we did with a ton of not-tomatoes if they inspect my nearly empty [Item Box].

    "I feel annoyed at being so close to something I love so much and not being able to enjoy it due to elven elitism," I say.

    "Well, they sold tomafingers to the chimeras, so they aren't that bad," Lina shrugs.

    Everyone is hogging the good stuff all to themselves. Who's hogging rice and coffee? Will I have to explore every single place in the world to find them?


    You would like that, wouldn't you?

    I feel Gify grin inside my head.

    A world-spanning quest for rice and coffee. How far would a man go to acquire his comfort food?


    Anton, Rande, and their respective families enter the dining area. Klein sends me an exaggerated wink and then Osaria copies her. I bite my lip to hold back my chuckle.

    Rande sits on a table beside ours and strikes up a conversation with Hana about their fight with the Corpse Stealer horde.

    "I'll retire to our room," I say to the girls and hold down Alissa's shoulder when she motions get up too. "You can stay. My 'Sanity' is good enough now that it's way less stressful to stay far from your blessing," I whisper in her ear.

    She puckers her lips in thought and worry.

    "Enjoy yourself," I say and leave. Lina quickly gets up and follows me.

    "I don't really want to talk to them," she says, awkwardly.

    Hana sits at Rande's table and drags Roxanne with her to sit beside Osaria.

    I switch the room's bed out for ours and add some extra beds so everyone can sleep in the same room.

    Lina cuddles up with me and pulls out one of Alissa's books to read. Her cute little ass finds its usual spot: with my shaft buried between her ass cheeks.

    I take the opportunity to brush her hair. It's a very cathartic experience and I feel my consciousness drifting away. After I'm done, I pull out the elven skin oil and smile at her suggestively.

    She completely undresses for me and I [Massage] her delicate skin while she tries not to moan. I don't even touch an erogenous zone, yet she quickly leaves a large wet spot on my crotch. Then I cup her little mounds and play with her nipples. Now she lets out her voice and moans freely, her concentration completely broken.

    While I play with Lina, I concentrate on the conversation downstairs through the [Bind]. Alissa's hearing is good enough that I can hear what everyone is saying.

    I notice that Rande is decreasing his flirting, but Hana's "Charisma" is still high enough for them to be very friendly towards each other. Osaria is striking up a proper conversation with Roxanne, and through Aoi's eyes, I can see that they aren't touching each other too much.

    Alissa and Ciel talk with Klein, her family, and Laertes. They are talking about Sommerland and the possible birthplace of Ciel. Gify is being petted by Klein while Anton and Krista look at her with a hint of envy.

    The wet sounds of Lina's juices grow louder. She eventually gets frustrated enough that she takes out my erection and aims it inside herself. I grab her thin waist and push her down. She is so tight that I see her pussy's lips holding onto my shaft and refusing to let go.

    I give Alissa a small hint of what I'm doing to Lina and her heart tightens so much that I almost cum. She grits her teeth in frustration but doesn't give anyone a hint of what she's feeling.

    Aoi suddenly comes off of Hana's shoulders and scurries towards our room. She grows large and opens the door by herself.

    "What is it, Aoi?" I ask.

    "I want, to play, too!" She answers and climbs up onto the bed. She grows to her larger form and pushes me down, then she shoves her tongue inside my mouth.

    I share my senses with Aoi and just as I'm starting to orgasm I share my senses with Alissa, too. She fakes a coughing fit to mask her orgasm and casts a [Clean] inside her panties.

    "Wolfy~! That was dirty!" She complains inside my head.

    "That's what you deserve, whore," I force her ass cheeks to clench and her pussy tingles again.

    "Punish me more!"


    And I leave her like that.

    Lina cleans herself and we calm down.

    "Give me, some!" Aoi asks and Lina feeds her some of my cum. "It's bitter!" She complains and frowns at Lina.

    She shrugs and says, "It's not the taste but the… well, the dirtiness of drinking something that came out of his penis."

    "Dirty?" Aoi tilts her head, copying Alissa.

    "It's something personal, something that only lovers can share," I say.

    Aoi's connection hums as she thinks deeply and taps one claw on her lip. "Seconds, please!" She asks.

    A slightly drunk Ciel comes back to bed and tries to kill me in my sleep by suffocation. A fitting death if any, but far too early for me.

    Today is the 11th.

    Lina wakes me up with an adorable smile. Aoi sneaks beside her and steals a part of her bounty in a surprise attack. Instead of being mad, Lina looks almost disappointed that it ended.

    Lina leveled up to 24, she learned [Throw] with 2 points.

    We have a simple breakfast: soft biscuits, tea, fruits, and… Gatun milk.

    "Sweeter than a cow's," I say with a shrug.

    After we finish our meal, we laze around for a few minutes.

    "I want to take a walk through the city," Alissa says.

    Ciel and Hana nod in agreement.

    "I'm feeling lazy, I'll just spend some time in a tea shop or something," I say.

    "Take, me," Aoi asks.

    Roxanne and Lina look at each other. "Let's play some Civil War…?" Lina asks tentatively.

    Roxanne's eyes turn sharp and she smiles evilly. "Bring it on."

    I discreetly summon three Shads and three Hollys. We should be relatively safe in this town if we don't go down any dark alleys. The elven authorities certainly wouldn't take kindly to imperials starting trouble here.

    Roxanne gives me the Giant Centipede she killed and I head to the hunter's guild to get our rewards. I ask for directions a few times and quickly find it since the town is small enough that it's hard to get lost.

    I go down the stairs to the lower level and enter a gloomy street. There's not much sunlight, so luminous plants are used as a substitute.

    The guild looks much simpler than Rabanara's, and only the black bones of Corpse Stealers decorate the outer walls. As I cross through the double doors, I immediately smell the perfume of scented logs being burned and see quite the cozy atmosphere inside. The furniture is upholstered and covered in Uspidor skin, making it look quite comfortable to sit on. There are a few other Proofs of Extermination embedded in the interior walls, but they look more like museum displays rather than trophies from successful hunts. Having a fireplace in a building made entirely out of wood gives me some anxiety, but I can see a gem above it that somehow must be controlling the fire. The scented logs have a faint flowery smell to them that reminds me of chamomile.

    The few hunters are mostly dignified elves with poise in their posture. Some of them are showing off glossy wooden armor but most wear elegant padded leather armor. The elves look at me with doubt while the few imperial hunters send more sympathetic gazes.

    The way I walk with my sword at my waist and the presence of Aoi curled around my neck would give pause to anyone who might underestimate me. Though, that won't stop stupid people from doing stupid things.

    I see a sign above a door in both Andraste and Ingua that says "Dismantling Room," so I enter through there. Two elves are playing cards inside. They've decorated their puffy beards with flowers, giving them an odd mix of girlishness and manliness.

    The bigger one of the duo notices me and motions to the empty metal tables. "Feel free to pull out your monsters," he says.

    Let's just show off a little to build some reputation.

    I pull out the Kappatti, Marsh Goblins, Wood Goblins, Uspidor, Giant Centipede, and the pile of Corpse Stealer bones.

    The bigger one lets his mouth hang open and the smaller one turns around to understand what stunned his co-worker. They both look so alike that I'm not sure if they are brothers or it's just the elven "curse."

    "Young Mishter, you, uh, belong tchu a mersh'nary comp'ny?" The bigger one asks me nervously. His Andraste is a little odd, he has a thick European Portuguese accent and pronounces the vowels openly, like in Ingua.

    "Wolf Ryder, leader of the fellowship Helios," I say and extend my hand for a handshake.

    He looks at me and leans over to kiss it but thinks better and just gives me a handshake.

    I certainly do not want a bearded man kissing my hand.

    "I am Oldo and thish ish my brother, Boldo," he motions to the smaller man.

    Boldo starts to hurriedly count the number of Corpse Stealers and I feel some mana escape his hand. He is merely checking whether or not all bones belong together, something simple for a Spirit mage.

    Oldo goes towards the Uspidor and Giant Centipede.

    "You ush'd [Bleed] on thish one, but how did you kill thish other one?" Oldo asks.

    "Secret of my fellowship," I answer and Oldo grunts in understanding.

    "Your fellowship killed all these Corpse Stealers by yourselves?" Boldo asks, his accent is much fainter than his brother's.

    "We did, indeed."

    "I could recommend you to the Lord's Knight Company. A fellowship like yours you would be paid handsomely," he immediately adds.

    I raise a hand in a plea for him to stop. "We are currently working as a temporary escort for a caravan and we prefer to remain unbound," I say.

    Boldo sighs and nods to me. "A shame, but the offer will stand if you ever change your mind," he says, then returns to examining the Corpse Stealers.

    "I want the tentacles from the Uspidor, if you can remove them for me," I ask Oldo.

    "Yay! They are delicious raw, with Alissa's cooking they will taste even better!" Aoi cheers in my head.

    We get 30 gold coins for the Corpses, 3 for the Uspidor, and 1 more for the other monsters.

    On the way to the hunter's guild, I saw a stair with the sign "Observation Point" above it, so I return there to investigate.

    We go down a long stair down past the lower level of the town. After a set of thick bark doors, we come out into an inverted observation dome where the floor is made of thick glass and plenty of benches are available for us to lay down on. There's a single bored guard at the entrance to the dome and a few elves on the benches.

    I lay down on a bench and keep my face at the edge so I can comfortably look down. The elves send me a few restrained glances but mostly ignore us.

    "I guess this is kind of like a date," I say to Aoi.

    "Date? A day…?" She tilts her head and rubs against my cheek.

    "That got translated oddly, I guess dating is not a thing here."


    "On Earth, we have a casual relationship level called 'dating,' kind of like lovers but the word 'love' has heavier connotations there than it does here."

    "I love you, we are not date-ing!" She scoffs.

    "Well, okay, but the thing we are doing is kind of a 'date': two people in love spending time together just by themselves."

    "Then isn't every day a 'date'?"

    "Well, we are mostly working or training, so it has to be like, away from home and we have to be doing something fun."

    "But training is fun! And so is killing monsters, they are delicious!"

    I smile at her cheerful mindset. "Different standards."


    From the observatory, we have a view of the lake below. It's quite calming and beautiful. The not-fireflies make for a truly magical sight straight out of a fantasy story. Not that I'm not in one, considering all that's happened to me.

    Sometime later, an elven priest comes in and lights incense in the middle of the dome. Slowly, a faint herby smell fills the room.

    I pull out two teacups Alissa prepared for us and some snacks, meaty ones for Aoi. She cutely drinks from the cup like a cat and nibbles on the slices of meat on the tray.

    "You are supposed to be omnivorous," I tell her.

    "But meat tastes goood!"

    "Eating veggies will give you nutrients and help you grow big and strong."

    "Muuuh," she groans in annoyance.

    When the time for lunch nears, Alissa talks to me in my head, "Wolfy, we found a nice restaurant, let's eat here."

    "Sure." I take out the lithograph out of my pocket and feed it some mana. I write on the crystal screen with my finger and the black ink congregates at the places that I touched it. In a few seconds the message is formed: "Ro, Li, come meet us."

    We barely enter the restaurant and Aoi is already salivating in hunger. The smell of barbecue and scented logs is so strong that even I'm getting excited. We join the girl's table and wait for Roxanne and Lina to come. Meanwhile, they discreetly transfer to me all the things they bought. Tons of Tonsel, the not-lemon; bag upon bag of not-tomato; assorted fruits and veggies; more scented candles; scented logs for barbecuing; cheap skin-care products; and a few pieces of interesting-looking underwear.

    "Everything is so cheap right now," Ciel whispers excitedly.

    "And they all seemed eager to sell to us," Alissa adds.


    "Pff, they weren't looking at you, at least not the men," Hana says.

    Gify clicks his beak at Hana.

    "Elves don't usually have large breasts," Alissa comments and glances at Ciel's modest cleavage.

    The two missing girls soon arrive with Roxanne holding Lina's hand. Roxanne looks like Lina's older sister, they are adorable together.

    "Awn… have you two been getting along?" Hana asks with mockery on her tone.

    "Oh yes, her little tongue has been licking my lips all this time," Roxanne says with an evil smile.

    Ciel and Lina both glare at her with annoyance.

    "The score was 5-4 in favor of Lina," I say and Roxanne bites her tongue.

    We order our meal and huge steaks are served to each of us. They have orc ribs with barbecue sauce and it tastes just like back on Earth. My mind melts with the flavors and I get one step closer to feeling at home.

    I let a sigh escape from my lips and Alissa looks at me oddly. "Were those ribs that good?" She asks.

    "No, not really. It's just that I've missed this quite a lot, it feels very nostalgic for me," I answer.

    "Food is something that gives us comfort. We get so used to the taste of certain foods that we feel empty if we don't have them once in a while," Ciel says.

    "So, food is like poppy?" Roxanne asks with a raised eyebrow.

    "More like sex," Ciel answers with a wry smile. Hana and Roxanne let out an "ooh" in sync.

    After lunch, we find a dead-end street and play around with the [Float] enchantment. You can throw yourself as hard as you want into the hole and the enchantment will always push you back to safety. It feels just like [Telekinesis], it changes your gravity until you gently fall back onto the road, which means it can be a little disorientating if you spin too much.

    I lightly spar with the girls but keep my instant-magic hidden. I haven't met any suspicious people here yet, but Katasko can just buy information from the elves if they need to.

    A few shy elven children appear at the corner of the street and watch us curiously. Ciel and Alissa turn to them like moths to a flame and their smiles mesmerize most of the children but creep out a few.

    An elven boy (I think) comes to Hana and pulls out his own wooden shortsword, "Missh, can you teach ush to fight?" He asks.

    "Oh?" Hana looks down and smiles warmly, "Of course, but don't you have your own teacher for that?"

    "Yes, but he shaid to spar with ash many people ash I can."

    Hana laughs and the kid winces, "Good advice, let's play a little, then."

    I sit down near the curb and watch them spar. Lina ends up being dragged into it since her height makes her a good sparring partner for the boy, much to her annoyance.

    As time passes, the number of girly looking elven children sitting beside me increases so much that I start to become uncomfortable.

    "Why are they all so close?" I ask Alissa through our connection.

    "Well, you are quite cute for a human, your scars give you a little charm, and your height makes it easier for them to relate to you," Alissa answers, barely containing a chuckle.

    Gods, please, I'm not a pedo!

    The kids play tag and at first, they manage to outwit Alissa by playing around with the [Float] enchantment. Once she manages to copy their tricks, the evil orange fox comes out and the kids have to learn strict teamwork just to bring her down.

    "You seem to be enjoying playing with children more than even Ciel," I say to Alissa.

    This gives her pause and she ends up being stabbed in the back. The children cheer in victory, but it's cut short so that they can start the next round.

    "I guess…" I feel Alissa shrug.

    We return to the inn with the sunset and fool around in the bath again. Roxanne fulfills her promise and steals Lina from Ciel so she can have her fun. To console Ciel, I give all of my attention to my chocolate goddess and massage her insides quite thoroughly.

    Dinner is more pasta, now with Bolognese sauce. I discreetly add some shredded cheese and not-olive oil to it. It tastes so perfect that I could even see myself having a meal back at home while being surrounded by my family. All five of us around a table with a large pot of pasta, roasted chicken, and some cheap sweet wine. I can even remember the Sunday TV programs that would be on at that time.

    This time I don't sigh, but I do get a little emotional, so only Aoi and Alissa notice my feelings through our connection.

    Anton's attempts to keep us separate from Klein aren't really that bad considering she's getting extra attention from her family. She looks very happy when she comes back to the inn and immediately sits at our table.

    The girls share information about what they bought in town. Just like us, they got a lot of skin-care products and even Anton got a few for himself.

    "I mean, they really do work. Being bald may look easier than having to take care of your hair, but my skin can easily get dry and wrinkly," Anton defends himself.

    "There might be only a single race in the entire realm that thinks that skin-care is a simple business," Ciel says and sends a discrete glance to Hana.

    "Well, it is simple," Hana says with a shrug and smiles wryly when every woman at the table sends her a glare.

    We go to sleep early since we'll be waking up tomorrow before sunrise.

    Intermission 13

    I enter my room and breathe in deeply to calm my nerves.

    What am I doing? How am I even going to start this conversation?

    "Hey, Dad, I want to lose my virginity. No, not Laertes, obviously. Yes, I want to have sex with the cute perverted boy who has his own harem."

    Or maybe I should go with: "Hey, Dad, I want to have sex with whoever I want. Obviously, I will join that boy and his harem and have orgies everyday with all of them. Yeah, totally normal."

    This is so ridiculous. I just want to have some fun…!

    I sigh and lean against the door.

    If only he wasn't so ambitious, he would be quite the catch.

    I think I should keep in touch with Hana. They should be grooming Hermann to become a knight…

    I groan and slap my cheeks.

    Whatever, I'll improvise.

    I leave my room and knock on the door of the room beside mine.

    "Come in," Mom says.

    Dad is delicately brushing Mom's hair with a brush far too small for his huge hand. His "Dexterity" is amazing.

    "What is it, Klein? You look nervous," Mom says, her intuition is as sharp as ever.

    "Well, I just want to talk about something," I answer and force an innocent smile.

    Dad immediately stops brushing and his eyes lock with mine. Mom motions for me to sit and I awkwardly make myself comfortable on the corner of their bed.

    I breathe in to muster all my courage and ask, "Dad, when are you going to find a husband for me?"

    Mom calmly turns to him and I see his face twitch.

    "I haven't found any good enough," he answers flatly.

    "Dad, I'm twenty already."

    His permanent frown grows deeper, "Still young, only trophy hunters would care so much about your age."

    "But I want a husband! I want someone to love!" I protest and my tail twists on itself.

    "I already said I haven't found anyone good enough!" He glowers at me. His normal voice is loud enough that increasing the volume just a little is enough to be considered a yell.

    "Then I want the right to choose my own!" I pout and glower back.

    "My love…" Mom says softly and her small hand cups his large cheek. He quickly calms and looks at her worriedly. "What kind of husband are you searching for her?"

    "A good one," he answers flatly.

    "And what would be good enough? A Lord? Is that why it's taking so long? You want a Lord for me," I say with a sneer.

    Mom turns to me and her angry eyes force me to shut my mouth.

    Dad shows a bit of annoyance on his face, then he breathes in and speaks, "Someone who would respect you, who wouldn't treat you like a trophy. Someone who's not collecting wives or husbands and truly wants to respect the exchange of vows that a marriage is supposed to be about."

    "If you say it like that, then Laertes would be perfect, would he not?" I ask and send him a glare. Dad keeps silent and I see him grit his teeth in anger. "But Laertes is not rich is he? That's why he's not 'good enough.' You want a rich man with power and enough heart to truly love only me. Dad, that someone only exists in dreams."

    "Do you want to wait for someone perfect and live the rest of your life happily, or do you want someone now and have a mediocre marriage?" He asks between gritted teeth. He's using a lot of "Willpower" to not yell and wake up the entire inn.

    "I want to choose for myself," I say confidently.

    "You want to fuck that perverted boy."

    "So, what?!" I hiss at him.

    "You two, stop it," Mom says with finality on her tone. "Anton… you haven't been putting much effort in finding her a husband, have you?" Mom's cold tone makes Dad tense up.

    "I saw them all and deemed them unworthy," Dad nervously says, using big words to sound confident.

    "You barely talked to the nobility. You can't judge someone's personality that way," Mom says and then turns forward, her cold eyes now assault me. "You just want to drown in sex. You know they are having orgies every day."

    "Well… yes, I want to have sex!"

    Gods! I never thought I would have to admit such a thing to my parents!

    "You know how men like him are, you are just going to be a trophy for him," she says, flatly.

    "I don't care, I just want to have some fun with them."

    Both of them raise their eyebrows in surprise and I cringe.

    "Even with the women…?" Mom asks, her voice barely above a whisper.

    "Yes…?" I answer, a little unsure of myself.

    "Should I, uh, start searching for wives, too?" Dad asks.

    "No, I still prefer men."

    "Okay, then."

    "So, that's it! I'm sleeping with Wolfy-… Wolf w-whether you like it or not!" I announce.

    "You are going to regret this," Dad says in a disapproving tone.

    "Husband, you have only yourself to blame," Mom says and slaps his cheek lightly.

    Dad grumbles and looks away. "Since you are so naive, let me tell you to not accept marrying him if he proposes to you. He's the perfect example of a 'collector,'" he adds.

    "I won't, I don't want to marry him."

    "That makes it worse."

    Mom groans. "You both are making stupid decisions, but nothing is perfect, except for my cooking, so you both need to learn your lessons."

    Dad protests, "She's just letting herself be sed-…"

    I start to speak at the same time, "He's just too scared to find m-…"

    "Not another word!" Mom interrupts and we both go silent. "You both need to learn your lessons the hard way."

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Cody Weigel.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Noble Salty Panda.
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    Today is the 12th.

    Gify wakes us all up and I start my day feeling oddly unfulfilled.

    The elves serve us some strong not-chai tea with milk, it helps a lot with the morning laziness. Rande's family has already left so it's only us and Klein's. Anton seems quieter than normal while Klein seems more anxious. The trip to Ostoum will be short, but there's still some danger on the way, so it's quite normal for us to be tense.

    Flor comes out to talk to Klein's family; they all give each other tight hugs.

    "Are you making the trip back, too?" Flor asks Anton.

    "Through Glorampina," he gives her a sad smile.

    "Well, come back and spend some time here after things go back to normal," she says.

    "How long do you think this is going to last?" Krista asks.

    "Not much longer, I hope. The towns are starting to have problems even though we are almost completely self-sufficient."

    "Yeah, the patrols looked very tired," Klein comments.

    "As much as we are proud of not relying on the empire, I still hope that the emperor will solve this," Flor says with a sigh.

    "Most elves we heard talking about it want to keep things internal," Anton says.

    Flor frowns, "Of course they do, but while they maintain their elven pride, the common folk like us are the ones getting hurt the most."

    "Huh… pride…" Anton comments awkwardly and scratches his cheek with the log of his finger.

    Flor turns to us and gives us a shy goodbye. "You are an interesting fellowship, please come back one day."

    "We would love to," Ciel says.

    Anton and Laertes sigh lowly in unison.

    We go to the gate and see the usual caravan forming up. With nobody else leaving besides us and the patrol, the gate looks oddly empty. I can see that most of the elven commoners are back, but either a few of them are missing or I'm just confusing them with other because they all look somewhat similar.

    Then we take the long walk down the spiral ramp. Most commoners look rather happy and comfortable, the safety Helios provides allows them to relax more.

    When we reach the road I cast a [Swift Foot] on the commoners. They let their pride wane a little and bow lightly to me.

    "So, Roxanne, where are you from?" Osaria asks, she leans out the window and bunches up her bountiful breasts into a trap for the eyes.

    "Mashoor, then I lived in Xane while I studied at the Holy Academy," Roxanne answers with a wry smile.

    "Amazing, so that's where you learned of your talent for magic," Osaria smiles warmly.

    "Well, you could say that I was talented before I joined," Roxanne smiles proudly. "In fact, I had created my specialty magic, [Explosion], before I joined and that's what guaranteed me a spot there."

    I don't try to hold back my gaze and just drown in Osaria's breasts. She sends me a wink and a seductive smile when she notices my stare. I take a glance at Ciel and she quickly undoes her pout then looks ahead.

    "Does Ciel really not want us to get involved with Osaria?" I ask Alissa through [Bind].

    "How was the Academy? I studied at Escanso's Academy when I was young but my talent with magic was middling at best… for a noble," Osaria adds the last part with an uncharacteristic shy tone.

    "Maybe she wants to be teased, maybe she's unsure if she wants to sleep with Osaria, or maybe she's feeling territorial," Alissa answers.

    "Is Ciel an animal? Like, her position as the 'boob slut' is threatened by Osaria?" We both chuckle internally while looking at Ciel, who notices our odd looks and frowns.

    "It… was quite informative. The Academy is certainly the reason I am this strong today," Roxanne says with a little anxiety.

    "You don't seem to look at it fondly," Osaria says softly, her sensual voice jolts my member awake.

    "Maybe we should get Lina to flirt with Osaria, that would push her into a decision quite quickly," Alissa says, her voice dripping with sadism.

    "Hmmm…" I moan in delight, "That could be pushing it a bit too far, though."

    "The Academy was so strict that I felt like I was being suffocated there," Roxanne says, her tone gets sadder.

    "I understand…" Osaria says as kind as a mother. "I heard that succubi society is quite competitive."

    "She's a big girl, she can deal with it and stop us if she doesn't like it."

    The image of Lina being eaten by the two curvy chocolate goddesses invades my mind and I smile like a fool.

    "It is. It's not the environment I wanted to be in for my entire life, so… I left."

    "You seem quite happy now, so perhaps it was the better choice."

    Roxanne smiles shyly. Hana guides her horse closer, then grabs Roxanne's hand and kisses it.

    "It was. For me, at least," Hana says with a warm smile, making Roxanne squirm.

    Roxanne looks like an innocent maiden while Hana looks like a dashing knight looking fondly at her lady.

    Osaria looks at me and her questioning gaze awakens me from my unashamed lewd stare at the twin hills. "Wait, who's Hana married to?" She questions.

    "Me, and, well, Roxanne, too. Also, kind of everyone, really," I say with a shrug.

    Osaria lets out a dignified chuckle.

    "Technically not married, we just exchanged vows," Ciel comments.

    "How… how does that work?" Laertes chimes in from the top of the carriage. Morbid curiosity got the best of him.

    "We just… love each other?" I answer and look at the girls.

    "It's trust," Alissa says.

    "Fighting alongside one another builds bonds like nothing else," Hana says.

    And what about your bonds with the two boys back when you were free?

    "The way we love each other is different for each couple," Ciel says.

    Rande nods and joins the conversation, "The way Oura and Nito love each other is certainly different from the way I love them."

    We hear a grunt and suddenly Oura's face appears from behind Osaria, she looks quite confused.

    "Go back to sleep, love, I didn't call for you," Rande says with a mirthful smile on his face.

    "Kay…" Oura answers faintly and disappears back inside the carriage.

    "How did you three meet?" Hana asks Rande with a suggestive smile.

    The mirth disappears from his face and his smile becomes dashing. "Nito is my cousin, his family never had that much power so I took him for myself. Oura was Mom's little pet, once. We got introduced to each other through her so that Oura could become my knight one day. It was love at first sight, so we decided to get together immediately."

    A muffled voice protests from inside the carriage, "I-I'm not a lesbian! I was never your mother's pet!" Oura appears from behind Osaria again and glares at Rande.

    "She was grooming you to become one, though," he states calmly.

    "N-no!" She covers her face with her hands and retreats back into the carriage.

    "If you say so," he shrugs.

    Osaria continues to smile innocently, then she and Rande share a knowing smile.

    Yeah, they are nobility alright.

    The trip continues calmly, only a few Wood Goblins and another Giant Centipede come before lunchtime. Ostodos and Ostoum are sister towns and they help each other out due to their proximity, so this part of the trip might be the safest.

    I give the corpse of the Giant Centipede to the commoners so they can make a hearty meal for themselves.

    Krista opens a jar of pickled Dragon Eggs. Not literal eggs, they are just fruits that look more like pitayas than the eggs we found in the dragon nest Aoi lived in. They taste just like pickled cucumbers.

    She spit-roasts a whole Acarei, a large lizard-like monster from Antano, and we eat it in a baguette sandwich. She serves a few salads, like not-tomato with not-oregano, to be added to the sandwiches.

    Alissa approaches Krista and they start to talk about how to cook the Uspidor's tentacles.

    "Wolfy, can you give us the tentacles?" Alissa asks.

    "Sure, but I will want most of them for ourselves."

    Krista nods and happily takes the thick octopus-like tentacles.

    We move on through the forest and I notice that the number of glowing plants remains fairly constant along the road. The mana in the environment is quite thick, so I'm not surprised that the exotic plants have survived outside of direct elven influence.

    Though, there's still something odd.

    "There are way fewer monsters around here than I expected," I say.

    "Well, this stretch of the road is easy to patrol in comparison to the rest of the High Way," Rande comments.

    "No, I mean, the number of monsters is decreasing the more we progress."

    Hana and Rande immediately look at each other. "There's probably a large group camping nearby," Hana says.

    "Yes, someone who can hunt monsters," Rande agrees.

    "Adventurers?" I question.

    Rande starts to reason, "To affect the number of nearby monsters this much… only if it's a mercenary company training their members, or…"

    "Bandits," Hana completes.

    "Alissa," I turn to her and she nods.

    "I will search for tracks," she hits the rump of her horse and gallops forward.

    Rande alerts the soldiers and they become alert. The commoners go silent and huddle up, holding their children tightly in their arms.

    I have four Hollys out scouting in a circular pattern; I dismiss the Shads and summon three more Hollys to fill in any gaps.

    A few minutes later, I see someone curled up inside a hole in the trunk of one of the gigantic trees beside the road. Holly has orders to observe for a minute and then move on, so I use this minute to absorb all the information I can about this person.

    A thin, dirty, golden elf wearing a ghillie suit. He has a bow, a quiver, and some food out. He sips on a large cup of steaming tea, not-chai.

    "Stop, I found a scout beside the road," I tell Alissa.


    "A few hundred meters ahead of you. The tree he's in is right beside the road."

    "I will circle around and try to find tracks to see where he came from."


    "Rande, one of my birds found a hiding golden elf wearing camouflage," I say.

    His eyebrows shoot up, he's very impressed. "You found a hiding golden elf through the eyesight of a mere bird?" He questions.

    "My 'Perception' is quite high," I say.

    "I can see that… Anyway, we have to take him out silently before he can call his companions."

    "You sure he's a bandit?"

    "He's watching the road, right?"


    "We need to capture him. If we make a mistake, then it's his fault for doing something so suspicious."

    I look at the girls and Ciel and Hana both nod with confidence.

    "Caravans are very important for the stability of the towns. Lords stomp down on bandits like these with prejudice," Ciel says.

    "Don't fail me now, Wolf," Rande says warily.

    "My job is to keep the caravan safe and that is what I will do," I state categorically.

    He nods and turns to Laertes. "Scout the area and find us a good spot to defend ourselves," he says.

    Laertes nods sternly and turns into a large husky. He jumps off of the carriage and darts away. Soon, his small [Spirit Light] is the only sign we can see of him.

    "Can you actually capture him silently?" Rande asks me.

    I have so many tools to use… but to do it perfectly and without allowing the scout to react will be difficult. Especially because I can't use the Shads.

    "Possibly, though if he has an Emergency Ring then I'm not sure how I can stop him from activating it."

    "Do what you can."

    I harden my expression as I firmly state, "I'll summon a dark elemental, it has more of a chance to disable him than a spirit one."

    Rande grimaces and repeats, "Do what you can."

    I look at Ciel and she sighs, then she guides her horse closer to me and whispers, "If you feel uncomfortable, stop immediately. The Gods send signs, but Torture is a Sin that's easy to commit."

    "Understood. I'll go alone."

    The girls, even Aoi, look at me with immense anxiety.

    "It's better this way, you won't be affected by the elemental."

    Ciel cringes and nods. "We will be here when you return," she says, softly.

    I gallop midway between the caravan and the scout, then stop.

    I remember the anger that the Red Smirk ignited in me; the fear from the ambush that Darean's kidnapper created for me; the unpleasant surprise of the invisible assassins that tried to kill us; the disgust during the fight to capture the Illusion mage; the massacre of the kidnappers that wanted Lyle. These memories help me gather my courage and steel my nerves for what's to come.

    I cannot let these people interfere with my life, but they still interfere with my feelings, regardless. The dark elemental is just another part of it.

    I breathe in calmly and summon a dark elemental.

    My face twitches in discomfort; a slow and heavy shiver runs along my back and tires out my muscles; my lungs feel heavy when I exhale; and my breath trembles.

    A dark outline of a person, eerily similar to myself, rises from the ground and stands beside me.

    "Find the scout," I order.

    I nod and turn around, then I dash through the road in search of my prey.

    Even though I move along the road with all my speed, I feel like I'm not moving at all. Like a nightmare, I struggle to move forward no matter how hard I try. Desperation sinks in as the dark outline behind me gets closer and closer. My back tingles so much that when the dark outline touches it, I immediately feel immense pain in my tense muscles as I try to distance myself from the darkness with all of my willpower.

    I wake up from my nightmare and feel like an eternity has passed while in truth it didn't last long. I stop my distressed horse and look up at the tree. Somewhere in there, the elemental is holding the elven scout, who is screaming in pain, but no sound escapes from him.

    I unsummon another Holly and summon a nature elemental.

    "Bind it," I order.

    The dark elemental releases the elven man as the nature elemental restrains him with her vines, then she brings him down from the tree.

    I can't use [Godly Language] right now since I'll have to bring him back alive after I'm done.

    The elven man looks rather weak and malnourished. His thin beard is unkempt and makes him look more like a beggar than a dignified elf.

    Slowly, he regains his awareness and observes the situation he's in. He looks at me with a mix of fear and proud defiance.

    "What were you doing hiding up there?" I question him once I deem him sane enough.

    "Release me! I am merely a hunter waiting for prey! You can see that I had my bow up there!" He spews at me and nudges to the tree with his shoulder.

    "You were watching over the road, do you understand how suspicious you looked?" I shoot back flatly.

    "Fuck you, imperial!" He spits on the ground. "How did you know I wasn't waiting for prey, huh?!"

    "How, indeed…" I cast [Summon Small Bird] the normal way and his eyes open wide with realization. "Don't lie or I will use the dark elemental again."

    "You don't have the courage, boy," he spits again.

    I look at the elemental and say, "Do it."

    The scout opens his mouth in fear but before he can speak his voice fades. He stares at the dark elemental with horror on his face as a disgusting mutation takes place.

    The dark outline grows a cocoon and turns into a writhing mass of white flesh. It falls on the ground and squirms towards the scout. Arms grow out of the twitching flesh, then a head, then a barbed penis.

    The head gains its shape and a face forms: a balding man with sickly, pale skin; no lips; and bloody, pointy, and thin teeth. A sickening smile and a piercing stare with bulging, bloodshot eyes is shot at the scout.

    His arms grow long and thin and he slowly crawls forward with twisted delight, savoring the terror in the eyes of the elven man. The fingers form, and long, dirty fingernails extend out from their tips.

    The dark elemental hugs the man firmly and licks his ear. Then he turns the scout over onto his back and lowers his pants. The scout mumbles a few things, trying to convince himself this isn't real, because it's the truth.

    The elemental spreads the ass cheeks of the scout and inserts a dirty fingernail inside. The scout groans in pain and starts to struggle.

    I turn my head away and see a finger creeping inside the scout's asshole. I turn to the other side and see another finger entering him. I cannot escape from the nightmare.

    The sharp fingernails break the skin and the man bleeds. The fingers start to enter deeper and spread his asshole open. He cries in pain and struggles against his binds, but the nature elemental only increases her grip and bruises his skin in response.

    He squirms and manages to see the bellybutton of the elemental open as disgusting worms slime their way out. They fall onto his cheeks and worm their way down towards his asshole.

    His cries become even louder and he starts to scream. "PLEASE, STOP! PLEASE, I BEG YOU! MERCY, PLEASE!"

    I feel some discomfort and disgust. My heart is burning in pain.

    "Will you obey me and tell me everything?"


    I dismiss the dark elemental and nearly puke, but the scout doesn't have the same resistance as me. The pain and discomfort quickly fade.

    The scout coughs and rolls away from the disgusting puddle he created. He checks his pants and sees that they are still on. His hands, currently tied behind his back, reach over to pat his ass and check if there's any damage. He sighs in relief once he's satisfied.

    "What were you doing in that tree," I ask, emotionless.

    He cringes but speaks, "Waiting for a good target."

    "A caravan?"

    "Yes," his breath quickens in anxiety.

    "Did you warn your comrades about us?"

    "No…" He says through gritted teeth.

    "Search his body for anything," I order the elemental.

    The nature elemental's vines snake all over his body, making him itchy all over. Then, in a hidden pocket, it finds an Emergency Ring turned green.

    "So…?" I ask the scout.

    The scout keeps silent and stares at the ring with desperation.

    "If they are coming, I will make the dark elemental torture you again for disobeying."

    He grimaces as he speaks, "I already missed my last safety report, they'll know I got captured by now."


    "Alissa, did you find the tracks?"

    "Yes, he came from the north-east. There's another younger track, it seems like someone came out of there after he reached the observation spot."

    "So, they are organized."


    "Come back now. He said that he missed the last safety report, so they'll know that he got captured."

    "You interrogated him?"

    "With a dark elemental since I can't use [Godly Language] on him."

    She grows silent and I feel worry and anxiety leaking from her side. "I'll give you lots of love later," she says, forcing a chipper tone.

    "I'll be waiting…" I finish. I can't help but smile at her concern.

    I unsummon all of the Hollys and summon an earth elemental to help carry the scout and bring him back with me to the caravan.

    "How many men?" Rande asks.

    "One hundred," the scout answers.

    "Bullshit," he gives the scout a slap.

    I really want to use [Godly Language] right now.

    "Fuck you," the scout struggles against his binds.

    Hana's brain massage helps me zone out of the "interrogation."

    "What kind of men do you have?"

    "Gatun riders, mages, and dozens of archers."

    Rande slaps him again and the scout spits blood.

    "I can confirm any of this information with my [Summoning Magic] once they get close enough," I interrupt.

    "If he lied, then we kill him, simple as that," Rande says and gives the scout a wicked smile.

    This gives the scout some pause. "We have mages, we will kill your little birds before you can see anything."

    "I doubt that. I saw you with one of my special little birds and you never noticed."

    "Even if they do that, once they get here we will have our answer, then, you die," Rande growls at the scout.

    "Fuck, okay! We've got seventy men, just hungry farmers that lost our homes!" He yells and the entire camp goes silent.

    "Where?" Rande asks, his voice much softer.

    "Odulto, a small farming village north of Escanso. We abandoned it before we could get overwhelmed, but not everyone had enough money to restart somewhere else."

    "You are quite far from home."

    "We got a tip that a juicy caravan was going to pass through here. Escanso has more patrols, so it's too dangerous if we are too close."

    A tip, eh?

    "Did you leave your families behind?"

    "Yes…" He looks down and his tone turns sad. "Can't bring them close to the fight, can we?" Shame appears on his voice and his defiance fades away.

    Rande leaves him and motions for us to come over.

    "I would rather not kill them all," he says.

    "Are you going soft, now?" Hana says and narrows her eyes dangerously.

    "Dammit! They are my brethren!" He hisses. "How can I just slaughter them all without a second thought?"

    "Our safety and yours comes first. But if they surrender, then it ends," I say.

    "Then make them surrender," he affirms with determination.

    I look at Roxanne and she frowns. "We have to be brutal and quick, then they'll be so shocked that their morale will drop and it won't recover," I say and her frown grows deeper.

    "Some of them will have to die horribly," Roxanne says.


    Rande grimaces and speaks, "I understand. It's the most efficient method."

    Brutal efficiency…

    We use the cover of a spiral tree to hide the caravan. Some of the space mages use [Nature Magic] to turn the tree into a proper wall. We stand out in the open to show ourselves off as a target for them, two sacrificial wagons are left behind us to make for a juicier target. I leave six earth elementals below the ground with a surprise for them.

    Thirty versus seventy, but the advantage is ours.

    Two Hollys scan the area, and one Shad is left with Roxanne while she prepares the spell. I'm left with very little mana, but it's a sacrifice we have to make.

    A good half-hour later, I see scouts tracking us through Holly. They find our tracks leaving the road and alert the main group. A few minutes later, a mob of elven men with crude bows or wooden shields and spears appear. They look similar to the scout: scruffy, thin, and slightly dirty.

    As they approach, I see something odd. Three birds are following the mob, not just coincidentally flying nearby, but literally following them.

    "Alissa, I think someone is using [Summon Small Bird] to follow the bandits," I say through [Bind].

    "I will look for them."

    I find the girls and whisper them the information. No chantless casting if we can avoid it because the less they know about our powers, the better.

    It's either Darean or Katasko that wants to scout us.

    I approach Rande and speak, "The scout didn't lie. Well, the last information he gave us is correct. They look like poor and untrained soldiers. Most are men and a few are women."

    He clicks his tongue and relays the information to the others. Plenty of the soldiers are also elves, so they get both angry and frustrated at this situation.

    Soon, their [Spirit Lights] become visible and they stop in front of us.




    "YOU DID NOT BRING ENOUGH MEN TO ASSAULT A FORTIFIED POSITION!" Rande shoots back and laughs out loud.



    Through Holly, I see the man growl. He motions with his hand and the bandits form a crude shield wall. They start to slowly advance with the yells of an "officer" in the middle of them.

    To their credit, their formation is advancing very orderly, they've practiced this.

    The elven archers start to spread out and we raise our shields. Our mages and archers are behind heavy barricades, so there's not much danger to them if they keep their heads down.

    Slowly, they approach, but nobody has the courage to fire a spell or arrow. Both sides look conflicted to fight one another. Elven pride is actually somehow beneficial to this situation.

    Soon, they get close enough to feel Roxanne's mana leaking out. "Someone's casting a big spell!" A bandit yells and soon the others repeat.

    "I don't know what it is!" Another frightened bandit yells.

    "CHARGE! STOP THE MAGE!" The "officer" yells.

    "RISE!" I and Rande bellow.

    The elementals rise out of the ground and bring caltrops with them. The bandits are wearing thin shoes, which easily get pierced by the caltrops. They fall to the ground and yell in pain, the line quickly crumbling as they fall on top of each other.

    "ROXANNE!" I yell.

    Hana rises from behind her barricade and activates [Wind Shield]. The bandit archers fire their arrows, they lose their power and harmlessly fall on the ground due to the enchantment.

    A huge bubble of steamy water appears above Roxanne as she rises from behind Hana.

    "[MELT SKIN]!"

    "FIRE!" Rande orders and the archers and mages obey.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Cody Weigel.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Noble Salty Panda.
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    The desperate, dying screams of the bandits spread through the forest.

    Gods, is this the world that you wanted? Full of death, pain, and suffering?

    The bandits fire their arrows, but their barrage is weak and lacks leadership. We hide behind our shields and our own, less numerous archers and mages are enough to suppress the bandit archers.

    Is this what "change" is all about? Do it, fail, die, and let others come after you?

    "CHARGE!" Rande yells.

    I, Lina, and Ciel break out of the formation and charge the archers on the left. Rande and Anton charge the archers on the right. Hana leaves Roxanne and flies towards us. She lands in front of me and her enchantment diverts all of the arrows. Alissa fires her own arrows, not at the bandits, but at the birds that she spotted, currently circling above us. Aoi wraps herself tighter around my neck and I feel arousal leaking through her [Bind].

    Progress comes through change; little by little, we move further and further onwards.

    Hana passes the first archer and ignores him. He tries to draw a hunting knife to defend himself but I cut his hand and stab him in the thigh. Lina crushes the leg of another archer and then breaks his clavicle. Ciel sinks her glaive into the belly of a man and casts a small [Wind Blade] on his arm. Then we move on and search for the next archers to disable.

    But this gradual change doesn't build a strong foundation. It searches for the best chance at the moment and lacks foresight.

    Rande swings his sword and paints archers left and right with thick flames. They scream in agony as their extremities burn. Anton chops off limbs with ease, until a bandit tries to fight back, only to get a swift axe to the head. Both of them use kite shields to protect themselves from arrows; Anton can easily swing his poleaxe one-handed while Rande fights at a distance, so they don't need to use two hands to wield their weapons.

    To fix that, we need drastic changes to cut out the tumors that will always inevitably grow. And death is the most drastic change there is.

    I slash the chest of a man and cast an [Earth Bullet], then I feel "death" coming from my flank. I find the source and see an archer aiming at me. Before I have time to react, an arrow pierces the archer's flank and he drops his bow.

    "The bird spies are dead," Alissa says in my head, and through her eyes I see her aim at another sneaky archer.

    Hana flies from archer to archer and gives them each a quick slash. Her shield makes her immune to their attacks, so she flits around with impunity.

    This world has no mercy for the weak, no time for the slow, no tears for the losers.

    We only have fifteen foot-soldiers, so we don't have enough men to brawl with the bandits and our soldiers have to instead blitz through their enemies. Thankfully, the buried earth elementals prevent the bandits from mounting a proper defensive line. If the bandits don't throw down their weapons, they get cut down; if they play defensively, the mages and archers will take them apart; if they beg for mercy, they will be spared.

    To treat each life as a sacred gift will only bring stagnation, as the leeches will slowly drain society of all that makes life worth living.

    The archers sling their bows and turn around. They begin to run away with impressive speed and spread out. We deal with the few remaining stragglers and our fight ends.

    The ones on Rande's side run away screaming in fear. Rande's [Flaming Slash] horrified them after seeing their comrades be burned alive. Though not many actually died from it, the mental effect of the horrific display was more than enough to terrify them.

    The last few bandit spearmen create a circle of spears and make a last stand.

    "[Firestorm]!" Roxanne casts.

    For a moment, their faces distort into fear, then they burn alive and die soon after.

    The sounds of battle end and only the moans of the wounded and dying remain. Suddenly, shy cheers come from of the soldiers and quickly die down. This is not a victory to celebrate.

    A world without conflict will stagnate just like Earth, or even worse if a leech manages to rise to the same power as the Avgi empire. We are fated to kill each other for eternity, as it's the only sure way of keeping the way clear for progress.


    We start to drag the wounded together. The stronger commoners come out of the tree and help drag the bandits.

    Osaria and Rande organize the wounded, allowing the ones at risk of dying to be healed first. Our foot soldiers get HP potions, while the bandits will have to survive with only a weak [Heal].

    I unsummon everything and drink one of Roxanne's MP potions, then I get to work beside Ciel and we heal the dying. Oura helps with healing, too, but Ciel is still more experienced so we defer leadership to her.

    Spilled guts, broken bones, chopped off limbs, bleeding arteries. The smell of blood becomes so strong that I have to send the other girls into our surroundings to kill the approaching monsters.

    Glue the bones together, reconnect the veins, guide the muscle together, reconnect the skin, then clean the wound and move on to the next patient. A few of the foot soldiers have [First Aid] so they have some idea about how to knit wounds, which helps us conserve mana and allows us to spend less time with each patient. I end up healing the same men that I wounded, which makes things very awkward when they thank me in tears for saving them.

    The ones with burned skin scream the most, but they get healing salves made by the commoners so we don't spend too much time on them. It's also much easier to heal them, except for those who were burned in horrifying places; for them, I almost have to close my eyes in revulsion.

    The bandits get stripped down to their underwear and securely tied up. The few female bandits are watched closely by the female commoners so that no one gets any stupid ideas. The corpses are piled together far away from our camp and Roxanne burns them all.

    I feel like my humanity is slipping away as the red color of all the blood paints over my memories. I also feel a small change in me that gives me a small boost in strength. My "Sanity" and "Piety" increased by 1 (now 11+4 and 15).

    I walk away from the last patient and sigh in relief.

    I feel something crawl up to me. Warm but hard crystalline feet make their way up my clothes and stop at my shoulder. A comforting warmth spreads and my body relaxes; the blood red and desolate grey fade away and the other colors come back to the world.

    I rub the mask of Ciel's [Holy Spirit] and hear it giggle softly in a familiar feminine voice.

    "I felt that," Ciel says.

    I sit down on the soft, damp, mossy earth and Ciel sits down beside me. The [Holy Spirit] tap dances on my shoulder, and on the last tap, it vanishes into smoke.

    I hear the quick trot of a quadruped and soon after a small fox-Alissa land on my lap. She turns around and shows me her belly, giving me mixed feelings at the sight, but still making me happier overall.

    I rub Alissa's soft furry belly and she yips cutely.

    "Haha, just admit you want to fuck a fox again, you degenerate," Alissa says, lowly. Ciel looks at me oddly and raises an eyebrow. "I can feel his emotions leak once in a while through our [Bind]."

    "Fine, I do," I shrug. "But you are going to have to do all the work because I'm way too tired right now."

    "Hm…" She puts a paw on her lip, making her look extra cute. "It's certainly awkward for the female to move, this body wasn't really made for that…"

    "Anyway," -Ciel rolls her eyes- "how are you feeling, Wolfy?"

    "Just tired… so tired. I don't want to see any more blood," I answer.

    "Yeah, that's what I feel and I didn't even heal anyone," Alissa says.

    The other girls come back and dismount from their horses.

    "Are you used to this, Ciel?" I ask.

    "A little. I participated in the medic squads during town defense, before. This one feels different because we don't usually heal the people we hurt," she smiles wryly and wearily.

    "Yeah, this is a weird sight," Roxanne says as she looks at the wounded bandits being bandaged.

    Gify pops back onto my shoulder and activates his "massage."

    "Oh, yeah, that's the stuff…" I moan.

    "What?" Alissa questions and tilts her head cutely.

    "Expression…? Never heard of it?"

    "Not used that way, it sounds odd."


    "You're the one massaging me," I say and close my eyes.

    "Let's set up the tent," Lina says. I open my eyes and see she's hesitant to sit on the humid earth.

    We talk to Rande and he says that we will have to spend the night here. When I recover enough MP, I summon four earth elementals and two nature elementals to watch over the surviving bandits, and a light elemental for the Weepers. In the end, around 20 died, 30 were captured, and the rest escaped.

    During our bath, Hana's hands massage my brain while Alissa's insides massage my member.

    "You did well, Wolfy," Alissa says softly and moans.

    The shrieking woman has disappeared from my mind.

    "So did you; so did all of you." I grab her waist and help her move up and down on my shaft. Alissa moans softly and pushes her tongue inside my mouth.

    I share my senses with her and feel the incredibly odd sensation of being stretched and penetrated. It's too weird for me right now so I cut it off.

    "Why did you stop?" Alissa questions me. "It feels soo good to have a dick!"

    The other girls look at us oddly and Aoi nods.

    I smile wryly and say, "It feels too weird for me."

    "What? You don't want to feel what it's like to be stretched by a thick cock?" Hana says, amused.


    "Well, well, well. Someone's insecure about their sexuality," Roxanne says with a wicked smile.

    "Anal feels very good," Hana whispers in my ear with a sultry tone.

    Lina's eyes turn mean and she smiles like an imp.

    "No," I say with extreme confidence and determination.

    The girls deflate and return to normal, except for Roxanne. "Alright, then… but there's still plenty of time for you to change your mind," she chuckles like an evil witch.

    Ciel avoids looking me in the eye and blushes.

    Sowly, I return to making steamy love to Alissa while Hana massages my head. Meanwhile, Roxanne and Ciel both keep every hole of Lina occupied and stimulated.

    I share my senses with Aoi and bring her to orgasm while I fill Alissa's womb.

    As Alissa switches positions with Hana, I ask the other girls, "But what about all of you? Are you feeling okay?"

    Hana answers by slamming my dick deep inside her with a grunt. The other girls nod shyly while Lina nods enthusiastically. We look at Lina oddly and she becomes awkward.

    "W-was I supposed to feel bad for them?" She asks.

    Ciel shrugs and pats Lina's head. "There's no right answer to that, the only wrong one is to feel pleasure from it."

    "Oh… I didn't feel pleasure, I just felt angry that they were putting us in danger," Lina says.

    "Exactly. The safety of this family is the most important thing, after all," Alissa says with a confident nod.

    "Well, for me it was just another fight," Roxanne says with a shrug.

    "Fighting is, fun!" Aoi says and I cringe a little. Aoi notices my discomfort, then she tilts her head and asks, "Not fun?"

    "Fighting is fun, killing… is not," Hana says.

    "Because bandits, are almost, friends?"

    "Exactly," I say.

    "But why? Bandits are ene-mies, bandits try to, hurt us," Aoi questions while trying to pout.

    Ciel responds, "Lives have a purpose: to help civilization progress. Bandits didn't fulfill their purpose and even damaged our progress. In the end, their lives were wasted."

    "Hmm…" Aoi taps her lips with a claw. "And what is my purpose?"

    We all look at Ciel and she shrugs.

    "Maybe you have to find one of your own," I say.

    "Make babies!" Aoi happily exclaims.

    Roxanne turns serious as she speaks, "There's a lot more to life than just that. What if taking care of your children is different than what you imagined and it leaves you sad and unfulfilled?"

    "Making babies, won't make me sad!"

    Roxanne rolls her eyes, "Just imagine that it did, what will you do then?"

    Aoi puffs smoke but goes silent. I feel she's taking Roxanne's words seriously.

    "Didn't expect that amount of 'Wisdom' from you," Ciel says with a cheeky smile.

    Roxanne narrows her eyes dangerously and her tail plunges underwater. "My 'Wisdom' is pretty high," she says.

    "But you don't show i-… Ahn!" Ciel nearly bites her tongue in surprise then moans.

    "What were you saying?" Roxanne smiles mischievously.

    "You don't s-… Hngh!"


    "You d-d…" Ciel's mouth opens wide and she grabs the edges of the tub to steady herself. A disturbance below the water grows in force and we can see that the source of it must be near Ciel's crotch.

    Lina gets a little sad that her pampering stopped, then she turns around and sucks on Ciel's large black nipples with hunger. Roxanne joins Lina and the two pale sisters play with the chocolate goddess.

    I have no need to hold back anymore, so I fill Hana's womb until she's overflowing. I send my senses to Alissa and Aoi, and they get exhausted from the pleasure without having to move a muscle.

    Feeling very refreshed, we sit down to have dinner with Krista.

    "Hey there!" Klein comes to us and sits beside me, stealing Ciel's place. Klein smiles wide and continues, "I saw you fight. The way you use a blade is odd, what style is that?"

    "My own style, it's named Ekrano."

    She tilts her head cutely, her dreamy eyes feel so easy to get lost into, "What does that mean?"

    "Secret," I say with a cheeky smile.

    She pouts and turns forward. Her tail rests on my legs and I give her a glance. She acts like nothing is happening, so I grab it and apply some [Massage].

    Anton sits in front of us and narrows his eyes at Klein. "You fought well," he says to me.

    "So did you. Swinging a poleaxe with one hand is impressive," I respond.

    "Even I wish I was as big as you. Though, I think I'm the perfect size for Wolfy," Hana says.

    "Size is all I have, though," he says with a shrug.

    "That's right," Krista says softly from behind him and gives Klein a mischievous stare. Anton facepalms and I feel Klein's tail fur stiffen.

    Klein scootches closer to me and becomes a bit friendlier than normal, visibly annoying her father. Her tail worms its way inside my pants and wraps itself around my member, then she strokes it slowly. I apply some more [Massage] to her tail and see her face cramp for a few seconds, then relax in pleasure.

    Laertes sends us a few reserved glances; after each time he does, he gets more and more depressed.

    Dinner is more of the roasted Acarei sandwich. While we eat, the smell of tomorrow's lunch makes us hungrier. Krista is smoking some meat, and we could only smell it because she made a small mistake with the anti-scent enchantment she's using.

    Klein's tail stimulates me through the entire meal, but thankfully she doesn't make me cum, I wouldn't want to dirty my underwear right now.

    We relax outside our tent and watch as the lights of the luminous plants dim and turn purple. Soon after that, the commoners and soldiers alike huddle up in their tents. Nearly all of them will find a partner for tonight because sleeping alone when a Weeper could come is asking for a horrible nightmare.

    The bandits are taken inside the tree the commoners had used for cover. The two nature elementals are used as bindings for their arms and legs. Rande and a few elven commoners lend them some blankets to pass the night, but the ground is so soft and the weather is so warm that they could sleep on the ground without much of a problem.

    "Rande is being very kind to the bandits," Roxanne comments.

    "Perhaps he was one of the good nobles," Ciel says.

    "Lord Este is an isolationist," Lina says.

    "Well, their political differences are what could have motivated the Crown Lord to remove Rande's family from the nobility," Alissa says.

    Hana's face scrunches up in displeasure and scoffs.

    "What is it, my love?" Roxanne asks.

    "Just a difference of opinion is what led to a Lord removing his brother from nobility?" Hana questions with a hint of anger seeping in her tone.

    "I don't think it's that simple," Alissa says with a wry smile.

    "Most likely it was a long list of petty grievances that made them grow more and more estranged until they finally became enemies," Roxanne says wistfully.

    "Talking from experience?" Ciel raises an eyebrow at Roxanne.

    The pale succubus lets out a long moan from Hana's brain massage before she answers, "Not my experience." We wait for her to continue but Roxanne turns quiet.

    There are many things she doesn't like to talk about, like her mother, for example. If I had to make a guess, I believe she's talking about her grandparents.

    "How does, one become, an enemy?" Ted asks.

    "When two people interfere with each other's lives so much that the most cost-effective choice is for them to destroy each other," I answer.

    "'Destroy'?" Suzy asks.

    "To remove the power or authority that someone has. The easiest way to do it is most likely to be by killing the other."

    "Well, as far as we know, they didn't kill each other," Hana says with a shrug.

    "As far as we know…" Roxanne repeats.

    I spend some time brushing the hair of the girls while Alissa and Ciel wash the mountain of clothes and sheets we had piled up. Considering how we're not being cautious with what kind of things we "dirty" these sheets with, we all make a concerted effort to [Clean] them. Though, Hana is not allowed anywhere near the delicate and sexy underwear.

    While we wash, we notice how the air is growing colder and the entire forest is quickly falling silent. The children lose interest in playing and quickly enter the tents, then a baby starts crying.

    The light elemental becomes alert and looks to the darkness beyond the trees. She starts patrolling around our camp with confident steps.

    "I don't really shake my ass like that," Ciel says and scoffs.

    "You do, though…?" I say and give her a phony smile.

    Ciel stares at Lina and the little girl becomes very shy. "Yes, you do," Lina says in a low tone.

    *SLAP!* Ciel gasps and grabs her own ass in pain and Hana laughs out loud, then says, "Have you seen this jiggle?! Of course, you shake it like that, there's no other way for you to walk if not with a sway." Hana grabs the other cheek and squeezes it.

    "Ow! Don't slap me like that!" Ciel protests.

    "You can slap me back if you want," Hana smiles at her suggestively.

    "And then you're just going to activate [Pain Conversion]."

    "Maaybe," Hana says with a chuckle.

    Ciel lifts her hands in exasperation and turns to me. "How do you even punish someone like her?" She asks.

    "Fuck her until she begs you to stop?" I say with a shrug.

    Ciel facepalms, then she turns around in a huff and enters the tent.

    "Uh… s-sorry, I'll make it up to you," Hana says with a phony smile and goes after Ciel.

    Soon after, we hear the sounds of wet sucking and see Hana on all fours, kissing, licking, and sucking on Ciel's feet.

    Tonight we go to sleep early. It's obvious that the Weepers are out there, hounding us, but it's not yet the time for a fight, so we can only endure it for now.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Cody Weigel.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Lord DJ.
    Noble Salty Panda.
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    Today is the 13th.

    Hana wakes me up, lovelier than normal due to the attention that I gave to her yesterday.

    Lina's "Sanity" also increased by 1 (now 12). It seems that she's also improving and adapting to her new lifestyle.

    The morning is slow. An uncomfortably cold breeze passes through the camp and the people repeatedly glance at the darkness beyond. A faint noise can be heard; it's so faint that it's hard to discern what it is.

    "E-excuse me," a male human commoner approaches Ciel as we leave for breakfast. "How much longer until you can kill those Weepers?"

    "I'm sorry, they are too far for us to even see them," she softly says to the man. She puts a hand on his shoulder and motions to the light elemental nearby. "Why don't you spend some time near her? The elementals help a lot with the nightmares."

    "Understood. T-thank you…" He bows lightly to her and scurries towards the patrolling elemental.

    "Why did he go to you instead of me?" I ask.

    "My 'Charisma' is higher than yours," Ciel says with a shy smile.

    "Yeah, just 'Charisma'…" I pout exaggeratedly.

    Ciel rolls her eyes and summons her [Holy Spirit], then she has it follow my light elemental.

    Breakfast is simple and quick, the Weepers are already affecting our appetite.

    "Say, Wolf," Rande calls to me, "You can't see the Weepers with your summons?"

    "They are all being used to keep the bandits from escaping, so I don't have any of them scouting right now."

    He clicks his tongue. "You think you could find them if you had your scouting summons?"

    "Only if we are lucky, Weepers are very good at hiding."

    He sighs and leans back in his chair. "I would take a horde of Corpse Stealers over uncomfortable days with the Weepers stalking us."

    "Only because you have us to deal with that horde," Hana says, with a smug smile.

    "Only because the Lords are overburdened with their duties," Rande shoots back with a scoff.

    "You can't act like you don't rely on us after everything you told me."

    He smiles at her and continues without even glancing at me, "That was just common elven courtesy, if you can't differentiate between casual flirting and heartfelt praise then I overestimated you."

    She gives him a fearsome smile and starts a staring contest, "'Casual'? You think that was 'casual'? I know exactly how much money I drank that day; I know my alcohol like I know Wolf's dick, and let me tell you, I suck a lot of dick."

    "Didn't you say that the flirting was decreasing?" Ciel whispers beside me.

    "I did…"

    Laertes frowns and looks at me. "What's the matter with you all? It's like everything you do revolves around sex," he says.

    "Because it does," I say, with a grin.

    "Well, he does have five wives. How do you propose he satisfy them all if not by having sex all the time?" Osaria chimes in.

    "It's not like he's always the one who needs to do it," Roxanne comments.

    "I would prefer if such things weren't discussed over breakfast," Anton says with a frown and sends a glance to Klein, who's very interested in this conversation.

    Osaria leans to the side and softly puts a hand on Anton's shoulder. "Oh, don't be shy, Anton, we should all be very proud of our bodies and of the people we love," she says in a sultry tone that tickles my ears.

    Krista puts her hand over Osaria's and gives it a light squeeze. "Yes, but we should always keep in mind that different people have different ideas of love."

    Osaria withdraws her hand with a cheeky smile and sends me a wink. "Even among elves, very few people have different views from what the Goddess of Love teaches. Love is to be spread and taken without prejudice."

    "Love is not the same thing as sex," Laertes says.

    "But it can be," Hana interjects. "It is the most pleasure you can give to your partner, so it makes sense for them to be so closely tied together."

    It figures that she's the one who thinks like that. Wait, that actually means she loves me quite a lot. Awn…

    "Well, you don't have to be the one giving your partner pleasure, you can even leave that to others," Alissa says.

    "W-what…?" Anton looks at her in disbelief, his eyebrows are finally far apart from each other.

    "Giving pleasure to your partner is part of what love is, but it doesn't have to be you, specifically. You can just be the cause of your partner's pleasure while another does the deed."

    Both Anton and Krista become speechless. Their eyes inevitably turn to me and I just give a wry smile.

    "I agree. It's much easier on my body if I let Rande do as he pleases," Oura says and I see Nito, who's sitting at the corner of the table, turn away and blush heavily.

    Alissa nods repeatedly. "And it's also a show of trust. Wolfy can have sex with whoever he wants, but he can only make love with us, his wives."

    Oura gives a lovely smile to Alissa and says, "There's much more than just sex that Rande gives us. Now, if someone tried to take that away from us, then I would be very angry."

    Ciel starts to look uncomfortable.

    "I also feel that if it was only me then I wouldn't be enough to make him happy. Especially after he started to gain skills, then his appetite flew high like a bird."

    "I can confirm that. He might be even hungrier than me, lately," Hana comments.

    Oura nods in understanding. "I tried to learn the skills to help me with that, but Rande has way more skills than me. It would be a waste of skill points to learn them when he can use someone else for that." Rande smiles proudly at himself and keeps quiet while Oura sends him indirect praise.

    "I have some, but they are nothing in comparison to his. What is it with men and sex skills? It's like they learn them so easily by comparison, it's not fair," Alissa says and sends me a playful glare.

    "Maybe they have some dragonkin blood in them," Oura says with a shrug.

    "I can say that Rande's 'appetite' runs in the family," Osaria says.

    "He says he only became like this after he met us," Alissa says and Osaria sends me a hungry glance.

    "Then it's love," Oura says with a chuckle.

    "So much love he would have broken me if I didn't have help."

    "Can we please talk about something else," Laertes pleads.

    "Like what?" Osaria questions him.

    "I don't know, the journey to Goldport?" He shrugs.

    "We already talked about it until the leaves dried."

    "The bandits we captured?"

    "Too depressing, we are not proud of having to kill our brethren that turned to thievery to survive."


    "Too boring, not even Anton likes to talk about them."

    "It's just a job, I'm not proud of killing monsters," Anton comments with a shrug.

    "Weather…?" Laertes asks tentatively.

    Osaria rolls her eyes. "What weather? It hardly ever changes at the ground level, only the elves living among the tree crowns can even feel it."

    "Then politics, I mean, we are feeling the effects of Lord Este's policy."

    "Politics is a good way to start a brawl," Rande comments.

    "Then the fights at the arena!" Laertes excitedly exclaims, his shy tail shoots straight up for once.

    "You only watch the imperial ones," Rande says with a snort.

    "Archery competitions are not exciting."

    "Says you, and you're an archer yourself. Now you are the one who doesn't like to talk about it."

    "If we don't have anything good to talk about, then maybe we should all just stay quiet," Anton says through gritted teeth.

    Osaria pouts playfully and the conversation dies down.

    Rande barks orders and the caravan stirs. With 30 potentially dangerous prisoners to take care of, nobody wants to be out in the open any longer than necessary, so things proceed quickly. I use my nature elementals, the light elemental, and Ciel's [Holy Spirit] to slowly heal the wounds of the bandits. I don't have mana to spare, and because the earth elementals have to stay out as security, I can't use [Heal] on the bandits.

    I summon a single Holly and order her to circle around the caravan at high-speed, so my security perimeter has no holes.

    The soldiers look a little tired. They had to keep a much larger night watch due to the bandits, and the lack of scouting from my summons made them a little warier. I unsummon two earth elementals and summon two more light elementals so the commoners and soldiers feel more comfortable.

    The elven elder commoner comes towards us and calls for my attention. "Excuse me, Mr. Ryder, correct?"

    "Yes, you can just call me Wolf. I'm sorry, but I don't know your name."

    "I am Rudito," the old man bows lightly and I return it from atop my horse.

    "How may I help you, Rudito."

    He smiles at my courtesy and strokes his short, straight beard like a stereotypical kung-fu teacher. "I would just like to thank you and your fellowship for your work. You are doing quite a lot for us and it's making this trip very pleasant for us all."

    "You are welcome," I say softly.

    He extends to me a small fresh-looking letter. "If your fellowship is in need of help, look for a Tribunal of the Commons. We may be small, but together we can offer aid for a variety of problems."

    Lina's Trivia: The Tribunal is the elven alternative to the Avgi temple. Dating back to before the empire even existed, the Tribunal helps the commoners with their problems.

    I receive the letter with a smile. "Thank you very much for this, I really appreciate it."

    "We are always looking for allies, devoted followers of Avgi or not. The only thing that matters is their consideration for us, the commoners," he smiles back and leaves.

    Once Rudito is out of earshot, Lina guides her horse closer to mine. "That's a good ally to have, but I don't think they have spies that can counter Katasko's," she says.

    "Or Darean's," I say.

    "Darean is a commoner, they could find a way to track him, depending on who he's associated with."

    "Well, he's involved with bandits, so it's possible."

    "What does the temple think of the Tribunal?" Alissa asks Ciel.

    She shrugs and says, "It depends on the town, but they don't speak badly of them. It would make sense for them to be allies because the temple is not very influential in the High Forest, and so they would definitely try to at least maintain friendly relations with them."

    We spend the morning hunting goblins and Miasmatic Gambos, small rat-like men who have a very keen sense of smell. The amount of blood spilled yesterday is slowly attracting these monsters; they pick up the scent of the caravan and follow us. The commoners keep their children close because these monsters will kidnap anything smaller than a dwarf, making them terrifying for halflings and gnomes.

    "[Firestorm]!" Roxanne casts a small version of the spell on the monster.

    "[Wind Storm]!" Ciel casts a harmless version of the spell and pushes the hot, smelly air away from us.

    "Done?" Alissa asks me through the [Bind].

    "Yep, you can come over now."

    "I would rather not… the corpse still smells horrible."


    "Gify?" I and Alissa ask in unison.

    "Gi-ih?" He asks back playfully.

    "Since when can you do that?"


    Since now.

    "Congrats, I guess?" I say.


    "You never showed your knowledge about magic before."


    "Well, you could stop being such a lazy ass and help us more."

    "Gih!" And he pops off of my shoulder to go… wherever spirits go.

    "Is this what it's like to have him inside your mind all the time?" Alissa asks.


    "Are you sure you're not a masochist, too?"

    Considering how I loved Lily, maybe…?

    "I will not answer that."

    A little before midday, we pass by a patrol and the commoners rejoice. Fifteen soldiers, most of them mounted on Gatuns look at us like they are seeing aliens.

    "You defeated seventy bandits… with around thirty men, and didn't suffer a single casualty?" The patrol leader asks.

    "Defender's advantage," Rande proudly states, then his confidence deflates only a tiny bit. "And powerful elemental summons."

    The leader looks at the caravan and sees the light elementals. "I see…"

    Rande pulls out the large pile of bounty plates, both from the dead and the captured bandits. Most of them have only a theft or two registered while the rest haven't committed enough crimes for a bounty to be posted for them.

    "Can you handle them?" Rande asks.

    The leader notices the numerous bandages on the bandits. "They are wounded? And you healed them?"

    "We have three good healers, so it wasn't that difficult."

    "Good, the Tribunal hates when small bandits die to wounds. Very well, we can bring them back to town. Take the bounty plates and the town will give you your reward."

    I unsummon the nature and earth elementals, and the patrols shackle the bandits with wooden manacles and ropes.

    The scout that I tortured raises his head and looks at me. His eyes look sad, but I see no anger; instead, I see a hint of elven pride coming back.

    A mage of the patrol heals the worst wounds of the bandits to help them walk faster. The patrolmen write down the names of those involved and asks everyone what happened, including the bandits. The questioning was quick, they were mostly checking Rande's story for discrepancies.

    With the patrol leaving, I unsummon everything so I can cast [Swift Foot] on the commoners, then I summon a light elemental again. But even with that, the patrol is faster than us because they force the bandits to jog.

    The time for lunch comes by and we sit down to eat.

    Krista sets out on the table in front of us a large tray with an Uspidor tentacle. It's a roll of meat surrounded with a crunchy, fried pork rind, dripping with fat. This tentacle is only for me and the girls, and another tentacle is given to the others.

    "Ooh…" Anton coos, his eyebrows so high they could almost be considered part of his hair.

    "I'll pass, too much fat for me," Osaria says.

    "Not like she needs any more fat on her," Aoi says in my head.

    "You think she looks delicious?"

    "Yes! Wait, not in a sexual way!" She says with a chuckle.

    "Do I look delicious, too?"

    "Yes, in both ways, hehe!"

    "Not sure if I should be glad."

    "Muuh! You should! I don't feel like this for any other humanoid man!"

    "Awn… thank you, I will."


    The Uspidor tastes a bit like pork but it has a much stronger flavor. The acid they produce gives the meat a slightly acidic taste, too.

    The rest of the meal is a slab of expertly roasted cow ribs and sirloin with the fat still on it. As a Brazillian, I know how to properly barbecue and I must say, Krista knows it too. The scented logs she used to roast the meat added a faint taste of the wood to the roast, improving the flavor. We barely ate any salad; between the Uspidor tentacles and the cow roast, we even had enough to share with the soldiers, which improved their morale.

    A few hours into the afternoon, we finally reach Ostoum. The first thing we see is a long ramp supported by thin (by the High Forest standards) trees that take us up to the town suspended above the lake. Hundreds of vine-like plants hang from the bark "shield wall"; they suck the water up from the lake and bring it to the farms.

    The commoners cheer and Rande turns around; his face is stern. "We are leaving tomorrow morning, at the same time. Get as much rest as you can," he says and the soldiers and commoners alike moan in frustration. "We are behind schedule. I'm sorry, but I have a tight schedule to follow. A small effort won't hurt when you have all been having it easy with Helios' [Swift Foot]."

    The complainers quiet down and I see Rudito chuckle softly.

    We reach the gate after a familiar killing-corridor.

    Once we dismount, Hana approaches Klein and asks, "Any Inn recommendations?"

    Klein seems to be brought back to reality by Hana's words and stutters, "Y-yes! There's a good one that should be quite cheap right now. It's not the same level of comfort as Flor's, but it's still pretty good."

    This time Klein can't escape and Krista comes along to arrange their accommodations.

    The town has four levels. The first two are farms and we can see what they are cultivating: glowing plants of all kinds, creating a rainbow of colors that light up the entirety of the two levels. From what I know, these plants produce mana and are actually one of the main sources of potions for the High Forest.

    I see a few small nature elementals walking about. The nature spirits seem to find the leaf-like hair of the elementals to be very comfortable beds; this makes the lolimentals look ab-so-lute-ly adorable.


    "What is it? You were always adorable, Gify," Alissa comments.

    "Kweh? What are we talking about?" Aoi chimes in.

    "I might have to keep all of you out of my thoughts or my mind will become a tavern," I say.


    The elves have a proto-elevator for us to use. It works by using the overflow of water brought up by the vines as power. It's limited to only people, though.

    We exit the elevator at the top level, then we breathe in the fresh air and see the beautiful, clear night sky. Lina seems to be the most pleased to be here.

    "Are you getting used to being so high up?" I ask her.

    "Wolfy… don't remind me of that." She looks down and frowns. "I'm just happy we aren't in the damp forest anymore."

    "Oh, you didn't like it there?"

    "Kind of. The air down there is too stuffy and humid, it's not good for the skin."

    "Really?" Roxanne turns to her and questions with a serious tone.

    Lina nods twice, "Air has to be fresh and circulating. Otherwise, your skin will become too oily and then it gets blemished."

    "The elves must need their plants to keep their skin from getting ugly, then," Alissa comments.

    "Hmm, I guess this is why every elf has a garden," Krista adds.

    The town has a gloomy atmosphere similar to Ostodos. Though, a thin mist seems to be forming and making the town even gloomier.

    "Hmm…" Lina starts to look at the mist apprehensively.

    "It only appears on the colder nights," Krista says with a wry smile.

    The inn we arrive at is simpler than The Red Leaf: it's smaller, the walls are warped, and there's no carpet. It has a "Rabanara vibe" to it so I like it a lot. The innkeeper is an old golden elf man that receives us without much enthusiasm; though, at least he doesn't look displeased.

    We go to our bath and I choose Ciel as today's body to drown myself in. I occupy her mouth with mine and squeeze her ass cheeks with my hands. Her large nipples rub on my skin and her softness squishes against my chest.

    I don't hold back and clear my mind. As if I'm entering a zen state, I can make myself cum faster than normal; and with someone like Ciel to fuck, I easily cum inside her repeatedly. [Enhanced Sexual Stamina] is a waste of skill points, [Enhanced Semen Recharge] is what every man should invest in.

    I drain myself inside Ciel and she looks at me in surprise.

    "You, uh, filled me up, huh?" She says with a wry smile.

    "I'm going to get you addicted to my cum," I say.

    "As if we aren't already," Hana says as she continues breaking Alissa.

    I keep myself inside Ciel while we rest and she continues slowly swaying her hips.

    "Are you enjoying this trip?" I ask her.

    She doesn't stop moving while she answers, "Why wouldn't I? Well, some elves can be annoying, but they are mostly neutral to us and a few are friendly. The towns have been quite endearing and I'm sure that if we make friends, like you did with Rudito and Tribunal, we would be easily accepted." Alissa's screams become loud enough that Ciel has to increase her voice.

    "Scream louder," I order Alissa's soul.

    "AAAAAAHNN!" She instantly orgasms, the feeling is so strong that it spills over the [Bind] and causes both me and Aoi to orgasm, too.

    "Holy shit…" I mutter as I fill Ciel even more.

    Aoi coughs water and complains, "Kweh…! That was, too sudden!"

    Alissa collapses and becomes catatonic; such is the power of her orgasm.

    "[Bind] seems to be a bit dangerous, we could get too addicted to the pleasure," Ciel comments.

    "More than we already are?" Roxanne adds and pinches Lina's clit.


    Dinner is a very tasty Arracacia with Dragolite soup. We have some crunchy fried not-potatoes and a not-tomato salad as side dishes.

    Oura sends us a small wave as she enters the Inn with the others. Considering how she's a bookworm, maybe we can push for her and Lina to become more friendly.

    After dinner, we retreat to our room to practice a little. Lina is making a lot of progress on the second [Wind Shield] enchantment by using the broken shield we got from Vanea; next, we should teach her how to use [Earth Magic] to glue herself to the ground so that she doesn't get punted by a heavy attack. Alissa plays around with her [Illusion Magic], seemingly trying to use it to create butterflies or something similar. I teach Roxanne [Warp Space] to see if she can use it to improve her explosion. The little golems diligently observe us and practice their magic alongside Roxanne.

    Hana and Ciel are practicing wrestling techniques, then Hana gives a playful kiss on Ciel's lips. After that, it devolves into them making out on the ground and Hana trying to get Ciel naked.

    Suddenly we hear a knock on the door.

    "Who is it?" Alissa asks.

    "It's me. Can I come in?" Klein replies.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Cody Weigel.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Lord DJ.
    Noble Salty Panda.
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    "I'm Targua, from Honest Shield," the short and stocky man says and we shake hands.

    "I'm Hadrian."

    "Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Hadrian." Targua sits down and nods respectfully.

    "Likewise." I return the nod.

    "So, on to business. The request said that you require escort towards the Sea of Trees."

    "Precisely. I want to go as far as I can for three days."

    He takes a moment to think. "Any particular reason you want to go there?"

    "I'm a researcher. I have something to do out there."

    His droopy eyes twitch in annoyance. "Is whatever you are going to do there going to attract monsters?"

    "No monsters, but possibly dryads."

    His eyebrows shoot up and his mouth hangs open.

    I smile and feel my tail twitch. I regain control of myself and stare him in the eye. "Are you married, Mr. Targua?"

    "Yes…" He answers nervously.

    "Perhaps it's best that you don't meet the dryads. But any of your colleagues that want to join would be welcome to." I give him my best business smile.

    "Hmm, indeed…" I can feel the frustration in his tone.

    "Now, let's negotiate the price."

    "I can get ready in two days," Targua says.

    "Fine by me. We shall meet at the western gate on the next day of Fis. We leave at 7 of the morning."

    Targua nods and we shake hands.

    He leaves the meeting room and I'm left with my thoughts.

    I'm finally doing it. Mother, your legacy won't die with me.

    I stretch and release my black tail.

    Horrible thing to negotiate when you have an appendage that responds to your emotions.

    I scratch my furry ear with a claw and my right leg trembles with the stimulation.

    We should be able to get pretty far into the Sea in three days. It will coincide with being the day of Nev and the Moon being blue. The omens couldn't be any better.

    I leave the hunter's guild and make my way out of Rabanara.

    I walk through the mossy alleys and run a claw along the wall. The moss gathers on it and I sniff my hand, smelling the musky scent of nature.

    A small blue ball of feathers lands on my shoulder.

    "Good day, Tuk-Tuk," I greet the bird nature spirit.

    "Peep," she chirps a casual greeting.

    "I'm leaving next Fis. You want to come?"

    "Peep," she accepts my proposal.

    "You sure? I'll stay three days away from the town."


    "I appreciate your enthusiasm." I smile at her and scratch under her chin. Her feathers ruffle and she chirps softly in delight. "Will you help me with the forest's guardian?"

    "Peep!" Nope!

    "I appreciate your concern over me." I smile wryly.

    "Peep!" You are welcome.

    Freeloaders. Is there any nature spirit that isn't like this? Maybe the ones in the forest aren't.

    I reach the western gate and pass through customs. I take the road north that runs along the wall. The golden hairs look as beautiful and calming as ever.

    A small sight that I'll miss.

    I leave the brick road and walk on the slightly wet grass and dirt. It feels amazing on my paws.

    I take a few turns and greet a few of the familiar farmers moving about.

    I see a group of children hunting Dragolites by using a five-year-old child as bait. The bait-boy's blade looks like it has crusted blood on it. This boy is experienced in hunting.

    I finally reach the Blood-red Wine Ranch. I greet the farmhands and move on, then I [Clean] my paws before getting inside.

    Sebastian already has the bath prepared for me so I go upstairs to enjoy it. As I sink on the bath, I hear the hurried footsteps of high-heeled boots coming upstairs.

    The door opens and Madame Rafaela enters. She's in her less elegant clothes, made for the hard work of the farm.

    She takes off her clothes and hurriedly applies [Clean] on her body as she scrubs herself with soap. After a quick wash, she ties up her brown hair and joins me in the bath.

    I receive her curvy body as she sinks. I wrap my arms around her and rest my head on her shoulder. Her hair still smells of her deep perfume, so I breathe in and enjoy it while I can.

    "So…? How did it go?" She breaks the silence with an excited question.

    "I'm leaving next Fis," I say without much enthusiasm.

    Her bright smile stays strong, but the dimples on her face tremble. "That's amazing! You are finally going to do it!"

    "Yes, I will…"

    She turns around and pouts, her luscious lips look very appetizing. "You don't look very excited."

    "Well, I'm leaving soon, hard to be excited when I think about it."

    "You talk as if you are not coming back. You are coming back, aren't you?" Her cute face distorts in worry.

    "I will come back, I just don't know when…"

    "Well, just make sure you do!" She flickers my nose and I twitch my whiskers. "I want my cute kitty cat back for petting, you know how I'm like when I can't pet you," she says in a cutesy voice.

    "Mrow, I'll come back." I purr and fill her neck with kisses.

    The next day I only do a few things: inspect the crops, apply [Growth] on them, check on the livestock, talk to them with [Animal Tongue], and give as much love as I can to Rafaela.

    On the fated day of Fis, she wakes up early along with me. She brushes my tail just the way I like while I brush the fur in my leg.

    She helps me put on my armor and hugs me from behind while I look at myself in the mirror. My short black hair and the fur of my pointy cat ears look silky and perfectly cared for, not that the dryads would care. My black tail undulates behind me and Rafaela grabs it for one last petting. My whiskers look strong and straight; I can't grow a beard so I take good care of them. My pale skin looks glossy; Rafaela's skin oils are something that I will miss a lot. My black cat legs are properly brushed and protected by my armor and boots. My paw/hands are protected by thin leather; being a werecat with paw/hands is annoying sometimes. If my gloves were any bigger, I wouldn't be able to move my fingers properly.

    "You look very handsome," the mature woman says.

    "I know." I turn my head around and rub my whiskers on her face, making her giggle.

    Her happiness quickly fades and she lets out a sigh.

    "I love you, Hadrian," she says as she looks into my eyes.

    I return the stare and drown in her hazel eyes. "I love you too, Rafaela." She smiles bitterly, not fully believing my words. "For you, I will come back."

    "Don't give too much hope to my old heart." She cups my cheek lovingly.

    "I'm sorry."

    To her, that's all I can say, for now.

    I make my way to the meeting point and see the group of five men sitting around in a circle, watching the caravans move out of town. Three shields, one archer, one archer mage. A front-line-heavy fellowship, good for just about anything in the Sea.

    "Hadrian!" Targua notices me and waves. I send a wave back and the men line up to greet me.

    "Greetings, men. I am Hadrian," I say as I approach.

    "Saito," says a tall dragonkin with very short blue hair. The main shield user.

    "Tauragh," says a lanky man with bushy and unkempt brown hair. The support shield user, like Targua.

    "Wensah," says another lanky man that looks very similar to Tauragh. "I'm Tauragh's brother," he adds with a knowing smile. He's the main archer.

    "Reagarian," says a black man with white curly wool sticking out from under his clothes. He has two large round horns on his forehead. He's a ram-type demon race and the archer/mage.

    I nod to each of them as they introduce themselves.

    "You know how to fight?" Saito asks with a grunt.

    "Some, I can handle myself," I answer calmly.

    "Where's your weapon?" He raises an eyebrow at me.

    "I use [Vine Weapon], you will see it when the time comes."

    "Stick close to Reag," Targua says. I answer with a nod.

    With a pop, Tuk-Tuk appears on my shoulder.

    "Oh, you have a little helper," Reag says with a small smile.

    "More like a freeloader." I smile wryly.

    "Peep!" Tuk-Tuk chirps proudly.

    "Oh…" Reag's shoulders slump in disappointment.

    "Let's go," I say and we move south-west, towards the Sea.

    I love the scent of the moss, plants, flowers, and mushroom spores. I feel free and at home in the Sea. I almost feel like taking off my boots, so that I can feel the mushy dirt and the few blades of grass.

    I take some Eia out and let the paste slowly melt on my tongue. Soon, my hearing improves, my eyes gain a new focus, my muscles move as if I weigh a feather, and my mind starts to process all the information of the world around us. Every chirp, every rustle, every crushed leaf and bent blade of grass, everything feels "in its place." I'm no longer moving by taking steps through the earth, I am now moving "through" the Sea of Trees.

    My mana overflows as I attune myself to the world. I casually cast [Grow] wherever I step, turning the Sea just a bit more fantastic just by "belonging" to it.

    Suddenly, Targua makes us stop while Tauragh and Wensah move on ahead, seemingly following the tracks of something.

    They come back soon, their smiles show happiness, their eyes show greed.

    "Those are the tracks of a Ghostly Fawn, no doubt about it," Tauragh says.

    "Great, we will hunt it on the way," Targua says.

    "No, you will not," I state categorically.

    Targua raises an eyebrow and Saito rolls his eyes.

    "You don't want us to kill an animal, right?" Saito asks.


    The blue scaled dragonkin turns around and grumbles.

    "That Fawn is valuable and we are prepared for it," Targua says, his droopy eyes evaluate my expression with curiosity.

    There shouldn't be any signs of Eia on my face, I hope.

    "If you want to meet the dryads then you will not hunt it," I say.

    Saito shrugs and laughs. "Fine by me."

    The brothers look at each other nervously and grin. Reag wets his lips. Targua sighs and turns to the brothers. "Fine, let's avoid it," he says.



    The monsters are killed, the animals are avoided. We continue our journey following this rule.

    Tuk-Tuk brings a small branch with a berry in it. I use the overflow of my mana to cast [Grow] on the berry, which causes it to grow but also dries up the branch completely.

    Tuk gulps the berry that's half her size and bloats, becoming nearly completely spherical.

    Reag watches us with curiosity. "You got the Pixie's Touch, cat?"

    "I don't think that skill is inheritable, sheep. My mother was an elf, I'm just very good with [Nature Magic]."

    "So, you're a druid."

    "Please, I'm not a tree-fucker. I'm just a Nature mage who's slightly eccentric." I let out a small chuckle.

    "We are going to fuck dryads, I think that's exactly what 'tree-fucking' is."

    "We aren't going to literally fuck a tree. Dryads live in trees, they are not the trees themselves."

    He shrugs "If you say so, Boss, but our dicks are still going to be covered in tree moss."

    Correcting his understanding of Dryad biology is not worth the effort.

    We continue on our journey forth, occasionally stopping to quickly strip a hunted monster of their most useful parts so that we can cook them later.

    We make our way annoyingly slow through the forest. The lack of [Swift Foot] makes me wish I had paid for a priest to bless us.

    The men don't talk, making the journey rather boring. We lack a dedicated scout, so we all have to stay quiet and pay attention for an ambush.

    When we do meet a monster, the fellowship works together like a temple's clock. I can only stand awkwardly near Reag with my vine spear at the ready and wait for the attack that never comes.

    "You seem eager to fight," the ram-type says.

    "I'm mostly tense, but a little, yeah," I answer.

    "Can't have the boss get hurt when our job is to escort you," Saito says.

    "Well, the job is to escort me and not to prevent me from getting harmed." I grin and Saito grins back.

    "Don't complain when you get your tail in a knot, then."

    After that, I participate a little more. I stand to the side with my spear and get a cheap shot when the opportunity arises, but I mostly throw it a lot, then I turn the spear back into flexible vines and recall them back to me so I can throw it again.

    The first day ends fine, just goblins and orcs. My towel bath and small tent make me miss not having Water and Space mage servants. At least I'm not forced to take the watch.

    During breakfast, I discreetly eat a small piece of Eia to aid with my senses.

    As the men stretch and prepare to move. I notice an odd root jutting out of the ground. The way it "flows" out of the tree is different than the others. The roots seem to delicately spin and wave as they move away from the tree, but this one is different, its turns are sharp and it seems to be… "lost."

    I approach the tree and touch it with my forehead. I close my eyes and use all of my [Sense Mana] to look deep inside the root.

    I see a line. It's the life that the root feeds the tree.

    I slow my breathing until its barely perceptible. I sync it with the chaotic breeze and let nature control it.

    I chant a simple [Grow] and open a way to the heartwood. Then I shape it so it prickles my skin and draws blood. The blood flows into the channels that I create and is slowly absorbed by the heartwood.

    The line of life shifts and a small red line connects to the main "white" one. The red spreads and invades the main line at increasing speed.

    I hold back the invasion on the left side and send all my blood to the right side, the side of the root.

    I don't go far before I see the line turn turbulent like the rapids of a river. I painfully crash on rocks, but that makes me smile.

    Found you.

    "Peep," Tuk agrees.

    I retreat from the rapids and then use all my power to invade as fast as I can. I scrape on the walls and take pieces of dirt with me, and I crash on the rocks in the way and shatter them, also taking the pieces with me.

    I clean the life-line of the tree and take all the dirt up to the end, where they all lump up into a ball of dirt and stone.

    With a grunt of pain, I remove myself from the tree and cast [Regeneration] on my bleeding forehead until no scar remains. Then I follow the root to where it enters the ground and cast an inverted [Earth Wall].

    The dirt is compacted and a hole opens. Down there, I see the swollen piece of the root where I lumped all the dirt.

    I cast [Vine Weapon] and create a small serrated knife that I use to cut off the swollen white root.

    "Well, damn, you are just like a druid," Reag says from behind me.

    "Just missing the smoking pipe," Wensah says, beside Reag.

    I suppress a sigh.

    They are going to make fun of me when I call the dryads.

    "You guys had a lot of contact with druids, huh?" I raise an eyebrow at them.

    "Them naked weirdos are all over the Sea. You are bound to see a few if you hunt here long enough." Wensah chuckles and turns around.

    Naked? Interesting, but also barbaric…

    "You are going to use that, right?" Reag asks and points to the root in my hand.

    Rockwood Warts are perfect for my Eia concoction.

    "Not right now, but yes."

    Reag clicks his tongue and shrugs.

    "Peep," Tuk chirps with contentment. She lands on my hand and pecks the root, taking out a small hair from it.

    "I really need to use it for later, sorry." I smile wryly.

    "Peep…" She chirps sadly.

    The Eia pills improve my senses even further, but my body is starting to feel "foreign."

    "There's a monster in that direction," I say and point.

    "Oh? Explain," Targua stops and looks at me with skepticism.

    "I can smell it."

    Reag and Saito smell the air and shrug at Targua.

    "The longer I stay in the Sea, the better my senses become," I try to explain.

    "Great… work with Tauragh and Wensah, then." Targua still looks skeptical but he's willing to give me a chance.

    With the aid of the two trackers, we avoid most monsters.

    On the third day things start to become dangerous. The number of poisonous plants and mushrooms increases suddenly and the men start to become affected by illusions. Then the compass suddenly stops working, making the men even more twitchy.

    "I think we already came this way," Saito says, his blue scales wave nervously.

    "No, we didn't," I say.

    "No, we didn't," Wensah repeats.

    "No, we didn't," Tauragh piles on.

    "Kay," Saito grunts and swallows heavily.

    A heavy mist suddenly falls upon us and Targua barks orders, "Grab a hand and start role call! If you complain about gayness, then I will stab your arse with my spear!" He nearly reverts to the farmer's accent of the Shore of Leaves.

    Targua pulls out some rope and we all tie our arms to it.

    I eat another bite of Eia, then I open a wound in the palm of my hand and let my blood drip as we walk. I close my eyes and try to find my mana escaping from my spilled blood. The little particles of mana try to find my body again and spread all over. While most of them are slowly attracted to me, the ones that aren't allow me to get a clear view of the area.

    "I smell blood," Saito says.

    "Sorry, that's me, trying out some magic," I say loudly so everyone can hear.

    "[Blood Magic]?" Targua asks, very concerned.

    "Not that, elven magic."


    "Anyway, the trees are moving, they want to herd us away from our destination," I say and guide the line in between a mangled mess of roots.

    "W-what?" Saito chuckles in disbelief.

    "I always thought the trees looked different every time we came here," Tauragh comments.

    "Well, shit," Saito comes to a realization and looks at the trees in a new way.

    We move slowly and with care because the path now has many more roots and trees in our way.

    Suddenly, the mist disappears and we six freeze on the spot, awkwardly holding each other's hands.

    "Your hand is very soft, Boss," Reag says.

    "Thanks," I answer and give his hand a squeeze.

    "Careful with that one, he likes to duel other men with his rapier," Saito grunts.

    "Spear! Rapier sounds small!" Reag protests.

    "Because it is," Saito grunts again.

    "Guys, we can stop holding hands now," Targua says and we finally let each other go, then we untie ourselves from the rope.

    The spot we are in is rather odd. We are in a circular area completely free of roots while the trees are like pillars around us, organized in a perfectly periodic pattern.

    "It's like we are in an arena," Tauragh comments as he inspects the odd pattern in the roots.

    I look back and see the roots cover our exit.

    "Because we are," I say and conjure my vine spear, the others immediately grab their weapons.

    "Reag, burn an exit for us; Saito, freeze anything that moves," Targua orders us.

    "I advise against that," I say.

    "Meaning?" Targua turns to me, looking very annoyed.

    "Let me smoke some Eia and I can calm the monsters down."

    "Fucking hell, next you are going to strip naked and masturbate in the open," Wensah mockingly says.

    "Wow…" I mutter, a little taken aback. "I can see how that could help, but no, that is not necessary."

    The druids around here are just so barbaric.

    I cut my other palm, deeper this time, and swing my arms at the roots, painting them with my blood.

    "Gods guide me!" Targua exclaims. "Don't tell me you are a bloody heretic?!"

    "What…?" I stop to look at Targua in complete disbelief. "This is [Weaverism]! Elven magic!"

    "Why do you have to spread your blood around like an undead trying to corrupt the land?!"

    Well… the principle is similar but the execution is completely different.

    "Do I fucking smell like an undead?! No! I'm throwing my blood around so I can connect myself with the nature around us!" I turn back and create a circle with my blood.

    Once I'm done, I sit down in the middle, take out a large bite of Eia mixed with the crushed Rockwood Wart and a smoking pipe. Then I light the pipe with the Eia and start meditating.

    "Don't pass out on me, now," Tauragh jokes.

    "Just need concentration to connect with nature."

    "Bloody druids…" Targua mutters and orders them to make a circle around me.

    The lines are now a web, all interconnected. I invade them all so I can see further. I feed it my mana to appease it and it drinks it all like a child sucking on their mother's breast.

    "Holy shit, how much MP do you have?" I hear Reag ask.

    "A lot."

    Not going to help me, Tuk?




    The web moves slowly, thickening the wall of "white" around us. My invasion spreads deep enough that I see multiple balls of "yarn" quickly approaching. I invade them too and feed them my mana. They stop and squirm in delight, making dirty noises while bleeding me dry.

    The web loosens and allows me to control it, but I don't, it would be impolite. I retreat my invasion and the balls of "yarn" sigh in disappointment, then they continue moving towards us, now at a more calmer pace.

    With the last of my mana, I cast [Regeneration] on myself to close my wounds and recover my lost blood.

    Less than a minute later, we hear the creaking of wood. With unbelievable speed, the roots disentangle and make way for multiple dryads to come in. Naked human-looking beings with skins all colors of the rainbow and the texture of moss, wood, or grass. Their hairs are all kinds and shapes of grass or leaves. Their toned bodies are borderline impossible for normal humanoids and their sexes are grossly oversexualized.

    They all surround us and stay near the roots, while a single male dryad comes closer. He has short black grass as hair that curls in a spiral. His face is chiseled and handsome, with a smirk that would make Rafaela blush. His skin is light green and seems rough like moss. His body is more defined than a high-"Strength" dragonkin.

    "I am Pallido, guardian of this forest. Your gift has been accepted with delight. Now, what do you wish of us?"

    "A cultural exchange," I calmly say with a respectful bow.

    Pallido smiles and his horse penis immediately stands erect.

    Saito pulls out his own huge penis and looks around. "Finally. Now, who's first?"

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Cody Weigel.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Lord DJ.
    Noble Salty Panda.
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    "Sure, please do," I answer.

    Hana sneaks one last kiss with Ciel and lets her go.

    Klein opens the door and immediately stops in her tracks. She sees a slightly disheveled Ciel putting her pants back on and an also slightly disheveled Hana staring at the thick chocolate ass. Klein shakes her head and comes in.

    She drops her cloak and what's underneath sends a rush of blood to my dick. She's wearing very revealing clothing, some form of a sexy, traditional nightgown? A blue slightly transparent bra that faintly shows her nipples with very thin and even more transparent clothing around it that shows her toned midriff and a little bit of cleavage; and blue, transparent baggy pants that show off her white panties.

    "Please, make yourself comfortable," Alissa says with soft voice and she motions to one of the beds.

    With a strained smile, Klein obeys and sits at the corner of the furthest bed.

    "What are you doing? Come here!" Hana says and grabs Klein, who latches onto Hana in surprise, and even her tail wraps around Hana's neck. Hana carries her like a princess and gently deposits her at my side.

    Now that Klein is beside me, I can smell the very strong scent of a flowery perfume coming from her. I also notice that her hair is extra silky today; her lips have an enticing, glossy red color; her nails are perfectly done; and her skin looks as smooth as a baby's.

    Roxanne leaves my lap on her own initiative and the girls form a circle around me and Klein.

    I grab Klein's hand and kiss it. It feels very soft and has a faint, sweet taste from a familiar elven skin care product which I know was made for use during sex.

    Klein breathes in and I see her jaw tremble in anxiety.

    "You don't have to be scared," I say in a low tone.

    Through [Bind], I know that Aoi and Alissa enjoy it when I use this exact tone.

    I kiss her repeatedly, moving upwards along her arm until I reach her neck. The smell of her perfume becomes stronger and I notice a faint milky and coconut-y undertone to it.

    I hold her face and stare deeply into her dreamy, brown eyes.

    "What do you want from us?" I ask her, softly.

    Her breath quickens and I feel a faint minty scent coming out of her mouth. "W-well… I want you-…"

    "Not me. Us. If you accept me, you accept all of us."

    She looks around and the girls give her varied smiles. Alissa and Hana smile like predators; Roxanne smiles warmly; Ciel and Lina smile shyly; Aoi gives her a toothy smile that makes Klein chuckle and ask, "What, even Aoi is participating?"

    "If you want to and she wants to," I say.

    "I like, kissing," Aoi says and imitates a shrug.

    "Well?" I draw Klein's face to mine as I pull her forward. Our faces are now so close that our noses touch.

    She breathes in deeply and gathers her courage, then she says, "I w-want to be part of your harem… temporarily."

    "That's all that we need to hear." I seal her lips with mine and invade her mouth. Our tongues rub against each other, sending jolts of eager pleasure through each of us. Her tongue tastes minty, making me hunger for more.

    I send the pleasure of our kiss to Alissa and Aoi, but I order Alissa to not masturbate.

    "NO! WOLFY!" Alissa immediately complains inside my head.


    Alissa protests so much that I almost bite Klein's tongue when her frustration starts leaking through.

    The other girls start to undress Klein and soon her breasts are set free for all to see. But, that lasts only a short moment before Lina and Roxanne begin sucking on them.

    I don't even have to say anything and the girls will help me pleasure my new plaything. They know me so well.

    Our kissing is interrupted when Hana and Ciel take Klein's pants and panties off. Her meaty lips are already slick with her wetness.

    I undress at the same time, releasing my erection. Klein's eyes become glued to it immediately and she licks her lips at the sight.

    I grab her head and lower it down towards my cock. Without any hesitation, she takes it in and starts sucking. Her inexperience is quite obvious, but her eager tongue rubs on my head with excitement, begging for my cum.

    Hana and Alissa (who's suffering from extreme frustration) whisper advice into Klein's round monkey ears. The other girls undress and start masturbating.

    "Do you enjoy this? Seeing another woman suck my dick?" I ask the other girls.

    Ciel and Lina are silent, their eyes firmly glued to Klein's pussy and their mouths hanging open. Roxanne nods shyly and licks her lips, her eyes go between Klein's pussy, asshole, nipples, and mouth.

    "Fuck, yes," Hana answers and Alissa lets out a long moan in reply as she feels Klein sucking my dick through [Bind].

    "I want, to kiss!" Aoi asks, my sense-sharing is making her whole body hot.

    Lina grabs Aoi and kisses her lips. Aoi barely feels anything, but she answers by thrusting her tongue inside Lina's mouth like one inserts a dick into a dripping wet pussy.

    "AH!" Hana exclaims at the sight. "You stole her first kiss!"

    Aoi removes her tongue from Lina's mouth and tilts her head. "I kissed Wolfy, before," she says.

    "But you hadn't kissed a woman before!" Hana growls.

    Lina smiles like an imp and opens her mouth, waiting eagerly for Aoi to penetrate her again.

    "I'll rape your ass, Lina," Hana threatens.

    "Make her wide enough for Wolf," Roxanne snickers evilly.

    Lina sends them side-eyed glare but continues kissing Aoi.

    Klein stares at me like a puppy begging for milk. Alissa grabs Klein's head and forces her down, making her deepthroat me entirely. Surprisingly, Klein doesn't choke and quickly learns how to improve her technique.

    The pleasure increases and Alissa moans loudly again. I feel it coming and release it all inside Klein's slutty mouth.

    Alissa groans in frustration, she bites her tongue and sinks her nails into her own leg.

    Lina feels Aoi's orgasm and smiles like an imp again. She plunges a finger inside Aoi's little opening and pumps the dragon's pussy. Her finger quickly gets creamed as Aoi orgasms along with me.

    "Damn you!" Hana grunts again in anger. Lina lets out an evil laugh, muffled by Aoi's tongue that still fills her mouth.

    Roxanne penetrates Hana from behind with her tail and Hana is forced to watch as Aoi's first lesbian sex is taken from her.

    "That's enough for the warm-up," I say and pull out of the suction hose that Klein has become.

    The girls stop and stare at us. I push Klein down so that she's laying on her back and pull her waist towards my cock. Ciel casts [Clean] on Klein's mouth so I can freely kiss her again.

    I lean over Klein and let our noses touch once more. Unfortunately, her minty breath is gone, but at least it isn't smelling of cum.

    Her eyes drift down to my cock. "Wow, it's still up," she mutters.

    "Wolfy can fuck like an animal," Hana says.

    "What do you want: gentle, or rough?" I ask.

    "P-please be gentle," Klein answers and my cock twitches in excitement.

    I approach my member to her entrance and rub my head on her pussy's lips. She moans softly and closes her eyes.

    I grab her waist and angle it. I spread her lips and her wet juices drip down onto the bed sheets. Hana grabs Roxanne's tail and uses it to fuck herself harder.

    I push myself in and spread her lips. Klein bites her lip and we stare at each other as my dick slowly enters her.

    Alissa trembles in rage but I force her to remain still.

    Suddenly, I feel a frail resistance so I stop. I kiss Klein as I slowly increase the pressure. She winces and suddenly my dick breaks the barrier and enters her completely. She moans with my tongue inside her mouth and hugs me tightly with her arms and legs. Her tongue gains some energy and fights with mine, trying to overpower me. I savor her virgin tightness and the satisfaction of being chosen as her first.

    Meanwhile, Hana trembles with an orgasm; Roxanne pulls Ciel to herself and starts scissoring; and Lina pleases herself while also resuming Aoi's fingering. The little golems watch us all intently and remain motionless like normal dolls.

    Ciel casts a small [Heal] on Klein's womb and I feel Klein relax a little. I break off the kiss and pull out of her, making her moan. I can see that there's not even blood on my dick.

    I plunge it back inside her and a cute moan escapes her lips. "I'm going to start moving, okay?" I ask her and she nods shyly.

    Her moans are high-pitched and short. Her face distorts in pain and pleasure, my cock is too thick for her virgin womb. I slowly move in and out, making dirty noises as her juices mix with my precum.

    Alissa's rage fades from my mind as I focus entirely on Klein's pleasure. Her tongue, breasts, nipples, and clit: all of these things are mine to play with, only mine, for now.

    I shoot inside Klein and continue pounding her. She opens her eyes in surprise but then closes it again as she savors our kiss.

    I grunt in pleasure and force Alissa to look at us, at our saliva that mixes together, at my cock that pierces Klein's pussy.

    Soon I shoot again and Klein's womb overflows. Hana moves closer and uses her fingers to collect the cum so that she can eat it.

    I pick up speed and we stop kissing, but Klein holds my head close and our breaths mingle together. I squeeze her perky breasts and play with their black nipples. The large amount of cum lubricates her insides and allows for more speed.

    Her moans become faint and the only sounds I can hear are the dirty ones coming from her pussy being slammed by my cock.

    I pound and pound for many long minutes and shoot again inside her without even slowing down.

    "Stop! That's enough!" Aoi begs inside my mind and I stop the sense-sharing with her. Aoi is completely exhausted and Lina's finger is covered in the white cream that she eats with delight in full view of Hana.

    Hana stops furiously fucking herself with Roxanne's tail and approaches Lina. She grabs the little girl and shoves two fingers into each of her three holes.

    Lina's screams fade away as Klein's legs lock around my waist and she orgasms. Her nails dig into my face and her tail wraps around her arm as every muscle in her body seizes with the orgasm.

    Once it's passed, she goes limp and her body randomly convulses repeatedly. Her mouth hangs open and she almost drools with a blank look on her face.

    Roxanne stops stretching Ciel and looks at Klein with amusement. "You broke her, Wolfy. On her first time, you broke her."

    I release my hold over Alissa just as my still-erect cock finally slides out of Klein's overflowing pussy.

    An orange humanoid monster pounces on me and growls. Alissa's animal ferocity bleeds into her humanoid form and her eyes spell savagery.

    She grips my dick painfully and slams her pussy onto it. With a grunt and a slick, wet noise, it pierces her womb and she orgasms. But that's not enough to satisfy the she-demon, she repeatedly slams herself onto me until I'm fully drained.

    Klein's last orgasm to Hana's tongue signifies the end of her "cleaning." The abused small monkey-girl now looks like a lifeless doll. Everyone played around with her until her brain simply couldn't handle the pleasure anymore. Her pussy wasn't only dick-virgin, she was [Oral Technique], [Hand Technique], and Hana's strong-fingers-[Massage] "virgin," too.

    With [Heal] and [Regeneration] to prevent any damage to the skin and sensitive nerves of her pussy's lips, she could withstand far more abuse than her delicious body was made for.

    "You two surprised me with your eagerness," I say to Ciel and Lina.

    "Well," -Ciel finishes casting a [Heal] on Lina's tender lower lips and scratches her neck awkwardly- "I can't deny that it's fun…"

    "And you like when we participate, too, right?" Lina asks with a proud smile.

    "I love it," I answer immediately.

    Lina closes her eyes and lays down on the bed, still feeling very proud of herself. Ciel shrugs and chuckles softly, making her massive melons jiggle enticingly.

    After cleaning up everything we could so that the smell of sex isn't unbearable anymore, we all huddle up in a mass of limbs and drift off to sleep.

    Today is the 14th.

    Lina wakes me up with the help of Alissa and they share their reward.

    I feel drained, hungry (for food), and even a little weak. Yesterday, I pushed the limits, but it was not enough. I have to push harder, I have to become the master of [Enhanced Semen Recharge]!

    I wake up Klein, who slept glued to my arm, with a kiss and a short exploration of her mouth. She moans happily and then stretches out her body. Her tail lovingly strokes my hair and she gives me a peck on the lips.

    The other girls get a little jealous of her loving attitude and compete to demonstrate their charms. Alissa kisses my cock; followed by Hana, who sucks on it a little; Roxanne sensually sucks on my finger; then Lina gives me loving kisses on my chest; and Ciel finishes up by covering my eyes with her pillows.

    "Hah, I win!" Ciel says playfully.

    Hana grabs my cock and strokes it, sending me a jolt of pain as I'm still too sensitive. "You wanna play seriously?" She says threateningly.

    Alissa feels my anxiety and lets my dick escape Hana's grip.

    "Not today, at least not with him right now," Alissa says and the competitive spirits of the two boob-girls deflate.

    We start dressing ourselves and Hana slaps Klein's cute ass, making the monkey-girl yelp in surprise, but also dissipating the clouds over her mind. She looks at me, still erect and merely watching the girls dress before me, and her skin acquires a deep shade of red.

    "You are mine now, Klein, at least for a while," I say with a sadistic smile. Her face stiffens and she doesn't answer.

    Before leaving, I store the two watchful golems.

    I'm surprised they didn't speak. Maybe they realized that they could ruin the mood by asking questions about sex. Sex is certainly something that takes up a lot of space in my mind, so I think it would be easy for them to understand basic courtesy.

    We go down to have our breakfast and I walk with a flower on each arm. Alissa hugs one of my arms lovingly while Klein shyly holds the other. For as angry as Alissa was yesterday, today she looks like an angel with a smile so bright she could compete with a light elemental.

    As we sit at our table, Anton and Krista appear. Anton gives Klein an angry look and turns his face away, Krista shrugs at Klein and tries to appease her husband with soft words. Klein ignores them and wraps my arm around her, leaning her head on my chest.

    "That would make it difficult for me to eat," I say and Klein smiles. Once our food comes she grabs my plate and feeds me crackers. Alissa immediately joins her and feeds me cake.

    Lina stares at us like she was betrayed. Her gloomy eyes make her sad expression so much more heartbreaking. Klein stops when she sees Lina and becomes awkward.

    "M-maybe you should do this in my place," Klein shyly says to Lina, who shakes her head and regains her usual gloomy look.

    I smile wryly and say, "Tomorrow." Lina smiles adorably and nods repeatedly, then she turns to Ciel and her eyes become like a puppy's.

    Ciel chuckles, then she pats Lina's head and nods. Roxanne shrugs and starts feeding Hana too. Aoi looks at us with curiosity, seemingly not understanding the significance of what we're doing.

    Laertes comes in and notices us. He grits his teeth, and his tail becomes stiff and upright. Klein avoids looking at him.

    I kind of understand her position: knowing that he likes you but you don't is very awkward. What could she do? Not follow her heart just so she wouldn't "hurt" him? Even with her father, things are complicated. She might rely on him to find her a husband, but that doesn't mean she's his property.

    Our overly-sweet atmosphere gives diabetes to Laertes and Anton, they eat quickly and leave. The other patrons try to ignore the happy chatter but the amount of beautiful women around me makes even the elves jealous.

    Once we are done lazing about, we take our leave. Klein tries to glue herself to me again but Hana stops her. "It's time to share," she says with a cheeky smile.

    With much regret, Klein leaves my side, and Ciel and Lina each take one of my arms. Ciel is not in her armor yet, so my lower member quickly protests, not quite ready for the stimulation.

    The streets are almost empty. Back in Rabanara, this time is when the buzzing of business would start, so seeing this emptiness is rather disconcerting.

    The morning sun slowly rises from below the treetops and the mist of the night dissipates, revealing the odd mix of cozy buildings sharing space with tree crowns.

    As I walk, I finally understand the faint uneasiness that's always present while inside these towns: a mix of vertigo with the feeling that I'm always walking on uncertain ground, like when you cross a swaying suspended rope bridge. The constant sight of the lower levels of the town adds quite a lot to this.

    Aoi curls herself around my neck and gives me a loving lick on my cheek.

    Klein suddenly gasps and we all turn to her. "Wait… I'm completely sure now: Aoi was much larger yesterday. I mean, I truly saw that she was at least three times larger!" She exclaims.

    I chuckle and Hana says, "You are right, that's a special skill of hers. Don't tell anyone, it's kind of a trump card."

    Klein lowers her voice, but still speaks quite excitedly. "Wow! So, how big can she get?"

    "Little smaller, than Lina!" Aoi answers.

    "Only if you stretch yourself," Lina says, a little defensive.

    "I will be, taller soon." Aoi gives us a toothy smile.

    "Your teeth may be big but your smile is adorable," Klein says.

    "For now!" Aoi puffs smoke up into the air.

    We reach the gate and see Rande's caravan getting ready. Rudito sends us a respectful nod and the other elves pay more attention to us. The few human commoners look quite happy to see us.

    Nito hands us our horses and Klein gets up on top of the carriage. She and Laertes don't talk to each other and the air seems awkward between them.

    The caravan starts to move again and we say goodbye to Ostoum.

    We go down the long ramp and the uncomfortable feeling of the Weepers starts to assault us again.

    "Well… it seems that they like us," Ciel comments.

    I summon two light elementals and she summons her [Holy Spirit].

    "It's not even going to be an exciting fight," Hana says.

    "They are only going to tease us for a long while until they finally get close enough to die," Alissa says with a sigh.

    "Hey, hey!" Suddenly Aoi calls for our attention. "Look!" She holds her chewing toy (a gold coin) in her little claws and I feel a bit of mana leave her. Suddenly the coin disappears with a *poof.*

    "OH! You did it!" Roxanne excitedly claps the tips of her fingers.

    "Yay!" Aoi claps the tip of her claws, copying Roxanne and making a clacking sound.

    I pull out dozens of gold coins and a few rose ones and hand them to her. "Don't lose a single one, okay?"


    She gives each of them a loving bite and stores them. I also pull out her little golden dodgeball-like toy.

    "Now, I learn [Fly]!" Aoi flaps her wings and I feel mana leave them.

    I nod and tickle her chin.

    Then I cast [Swift Foot] on the commoners, spread my Hollys, and put in enough points to practice [Fly] with Aoi on my lap.

    Soon, we are all back to our silent absentmindedness as we make our way east. Next stop: Escanso. ETA: three days.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Cody Weigel.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Lord DJ.
    Noble Salty Panda.
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    Ciel starts talking to one of the soldiers about his wound. He took a spear to the belly and there's still some side-effects from the [Heal] going on. Hana joins in and soon they're having a casual conversation about their adventures.

    Aoi plays around with her [Item Box], trying to fit in random pebbles and increase its capacity. Gify observes her with amusement because what Aoi is doing is not the right way to expand your [Item Box].

    "You are uncharacteristically quiet," I say to Gify.


    "I agree," Lina says.

    "Hm, I don't think this place is that bad," Roxanne says.

    "How ironic that a nature's spirit dislikes a forest, of all things," I say with a cheeky smile.

    "Gih!" He clicks his beak near my ear lobe, threateningly.

    "Well, there's still 'nature' inside a town, so Gify is very far from his preferred landscape right now," Alissa says and Gify nods.

    I chuckle and things become quiet again.

    "Wolfy, hug me," Alissa says inside my head.


    "I don't know, just find a way to do it. You managed to 'poke' somehow, right?"


    I pull on Alissa's string and her mind floods inside my "mind space." I remind myself of our boundaries and differences, then I envelop her with myself and squeeze until I feel some resistance.

    "Ah… that feels good," Alissa says.

    The desire to "merge" with her grows stronger the more relaxed she feels.

    "Help me out with this, try to, uh, not merge with me," I say.


    "It feels like our minds want to mix and become one. Try to not wish for that, otherwise, I can't maintain this for long."


    I do not love myself. I love Alissa and Alissa loves me. I do not love myself.

    I want her to be happy, but I do not want to feel her happiness.

    Her presence inside my mind becomes odd, "foreign," separate. The desire to "merge" decreases and becomes "unpleasant," although it's still a desire.

    "That helped," I say.

    "Reduced my pleasure, though," I feel Alissa's pout inside my mind.

    "Can't have everything."

    "But I'm sure you would bring me the sun if I asked," she says with a cheeky tone.

    "If there was a possibility… and it wouldn't kill us from being too close…"

    Alissa giggles inside my head and I see her tail wag.

    Our morning is quiet and calm. We are still close enough to the town that there are hardly any monsters and there aren't any here that can bypass our anti-monster crystals.

    Lunch comes and we get to eat roasted cow ribs and sirloin again. This time we also have some veggies, so it isn't too heavy of a meal. We might want energy-rich food so that we can fight, but we must still be careful to not overeat.

    Klein sits at our corner of the table. Due to the size of our group, we take up a large part of it by ourselves. The cute monkey-girl hand-feeds Aoi and hums quite happily. The tails of both of them sway happily like a cat's.

    "Ask Oura what kinds of books she likes to read," I tell Alissa.


    "For Lina."

    "Hmm! How thoughtful!"

    Klein tosses a piece of meat up in the air and Aoi catches it with a snap.

    "What books do you read, Oura?" Alissa asks.

    Oura smiles warmly and says, "Ah, I love mysteries. Always trying to guess who's the enemy and who's the ally, trying to read between the lines of every conversation." Her voice sounds excited, for once.

    "That doesn't mean that she's actually a shrewd person. She's fairly absentminded, most of the time," Osaria says with a wry smile.

    "Well…" -Roxanne pouts angrily- "maybe she just doesn't want to play those kinds of games."

    Oura chuckles and nods.

    "Could someone truly be considered 'wise' if they refuse to think about their actions?" Osaria sends a questioning stare to Roxanne.

    "Could someone truly be considered 'wise' if they keep wasting their time with petty games?" Roxanne sends back her own questioning stare with an over-the-top pretentious tone.

    "Wouldn't a 'wise' person make the most of their life and achieve all that they can?" Osaria continues and her tone remains serious.

    "Wouldn't a 'wise' person live the way they prefer and accept the consequences?" Roxanne's tone turns serious.

    "Do you consider a beggar to be wise?" Osaria raises an eyebrow.

    "Well, if I need knowledge about how to live on the streets, then asking a beggar would be helpful, wouldn't it?" Roxanne shrugs.

    Klein's tail sneaks around Hana and finds my waist. She rubs my belly affectionately and giggles girlishly while playing with Aoi. I pat her tail in return and apply a little bit of [Massage].

    "But surely you don't approve of their lifestyle?" Osaria narrows her eyes disapprovingly.

    "A beggar is a person who didn't receive fortune through the Threads of Fate. He is neither good nor bad," Roxanne states matter-of-factly.

    "But a beggar who is not trying to improve their situation is someone who's denying the wishes of the God of Creation."

    Roxanne pouts slightly, unconvinced. "Do we really need to search for riches to follow Gods' Wish?"

    "We have to search for something."

    "If we benefit others with our actions, aren't we still following the Wish?"

    "Depends on how efficient that may be. Aiding a farmer to make him richer won't make him a good merchant or business owner. Someone who knows how to make riches is more likely to have the skill to properly handle those riches."

    Both of them turn to Ciel, who gives a strained smile and says, "The Gods do not get involved in petty matters, but you will be judged by the result of all of your contributions."

    "That didn't go as planned," I say to Alissa through [Bind] and hear a chuckle in response.

    The two continue arguing for a little while longer but neither gives up their position.

    We continue our trip and I notice that the number of monsters is starting to sharply rise.

    The faint crying of the Weepers increases again and becomes perceptible when there's nobody talking. This means that the elves start talking about anything just to help with our "Sanity." The cries sound humanoid, but they vary with time, both the sex and age of the supposed crying person slowly morphing at random. The chatter of the elves turns their cries into just background noise.

    Eventually, I see that a Holly finds a thick fog in the way. Through her sense, I know it smells sweet like a flower and has a calming effect. A Watchman Ton is coming. A cute, squishy green monster with yellow glowing balls for eyes. It wears a robe and holds a lantern that jingles as it walks. Its stubby little legs contribute to its slow walking speed, but the monster itself isn't that dangerous, the fog is. It has a strong soporific effect, which allows the Ton to leisurely cast a spell to finish off its prey.

    "I think only me, Alissa, and Ciel should go," I say.

    "I won't be of much use there," Hana says with a wry smile.

    "Stay safe," Lina says and Roxanne nods.

    "Kweh!" Aoi agrees.

    We reach the border of the fog and dismount from our horses. There's a very clear border where the fog starts, like a fog wall from a certain game. The smell reminds me of hibiscus with a hint of Cinnamon.

    I summon an Arachne. "Can you dissipate this fog?" I ask the monster and it nods in response, so I summon four more.

    We now have Ciel's Holy Spirit, one light elemental, and the Arachnes. The power of the spider monster is in manipulating poisons in the air and ambushing its prey. This thick fog should be easily unwoven by the number of Arachnes that I have.

    The Arachnes whisper an odd and chilling chant and I don't recognize the language it's in. They pull their silk up to their hands and "crochet" a spell while chanting. The silk turns into a small piece of cloth that disperses into smoke and mixes with the Ton's fog.

    The fog fades the more it mixes with the Arachne's "smoke web."

    "You know, they look really cute," Alissa says while staring deeply at the Arachnes. "Their faces, I mean. Not the spider body," she adds.

    "I kind of agree. If they brushed their hair they would look like normal girls, kind of," Ciel says.

    I have read far too much monster girl hentai to have an unbiased opinion about this.

    "The question is, would Wolfy have sex with one?"

    I shrug. "If she looks cute enough, I guess it could work out."

    "Where's their vagina even located?" Ciel asks and squints her eyes.

    "Above the spider eyes, hidden in the fur," Alissa says.

    Ciel leans back and chuckles. "Okay, that's weird."

    "I think the humanoid Arachnes don't have extra eyes there," I say.

    "Much better," Ciel says with a nod.

    "Why do you care? It would be Wolfy that would have sex with her," Alissa says.

    "Or would it…?" I add.

    "We are supposed to be sharing, right…?" Ciel asks a little shy.


    The Arachnes pick up the pace and they start to carve a tunnel into the fog.

    "I'll periodically cast [Purify Body] with my [Holy Spirit]," Ciel says.

    We enter the odd, milky tunnel and I feel the horses are amused at the sight. They get bored of the forest easily and not much scares them, so they seem to enjoy the occasional break from the routine.

    Soon, we see a faint yellow light coming out of the fog. The light is oddly alluring, like a moth seeing a flame.

    Alissa draws her warbow and fires an arrow towards the light. We hear a cute, comical "QUEH!" and the jingle of metal clacking and glass breaking. Moments later, the yellow light fades and we move on.

    I start to feel fatigued due to the fog and instead of casting another [Purify Body], this time I sink my nails into Alissa's [Bind] and feel her whole body shiver. She suddenly becomes very aware and alert, and I allow that to bleed over through the [Bind] to me, making me alert again, too.

    "Hah, good idea," Alissa says.

    "This spell is so useful."

    Suddenly, I feel mana coming from the front and we raise our shields. An Arachne yells a warning as a [Wind Blade] opens a wound in her shoulder. Ciel casts a [Wind Wall] in front of the wounded Arachne, preventing any further spells from reaching us.

    The [Holy Spirit] jumps onto the Arachne's spider body and starts tap dancing. While it dances, mana leaves its body and heals the Arachne.

    "Does it have to dance?" I ask Ciel.

    "No, but the dancing helps ease the mind and it's good practice for me," she answers with a shrug.

    Alissa fires a few arrows into the fog but doesn't look satisfied. "They are hard to sense," she says.

    We start to see a faint yellow light and Alissa smiles evilly. She fires an arrow and a "QUEH!" from a dying Ton is heard, then the pale yellow light dissipates.

    Suddenly, we feel mana coming from our flank. Alissa reflexively fires an arrow, I cast a [Lightning Bolt] at the source, and Ciel moves her [Wind Wall] to protect us from that direction. A faint yellow light suddenly appears from where the mana came from and something tries to pierce Ciel's [Wind Wall].

    "I missed?" Alissa thinks out loud and tilts her head cutely.

    She fires another arrow and we finally hear the "QUEH!" of a dying Ton again.

    "Not dead yet," she says and fires another arrow.

    The monster yells another "QUEH!" of an, apparently, not-dying Ton and I feel mana come from his direction again.

    Spears made of fog extend out from the fog and become "solid."

    I cast [Telekinesis] on a spear that is aiming for Alissa, making it fall on the ground like a noodle, and block another with my shield. Their tips are as sharp as a needle, but they carry little momentum, making them very easy to block. Ciel moves her [Wind Wall] and the spear dissipates as it touches the spell. The Arachnes aim their "webs" at the spears and they become fog again.

    The Arachnes create a wider tunnel to give us more breathing room and change direction towards the annoying Ton. They manage to dissipate any further "fog spears" before they can threaten us.

    Ciel casts a [Wind Blade] into the fog wall and frowns. "My spell dissipated," she says.

    As we make our way towards the Ton, we hear the pitter-patter of the monster trying to run away.

    "Put the [Holy Spirit] on me and I'll go get it," Alissa says.

    With a cute, feminine "Hup!", the spirit jumps onto Alissa's horse and she gallops forward. Once she crosses the fog, I immediately feel through her [Bind] that the fatigue increasing at a very fast rate. The spirit goes to work and clears her fatigue, only for it to soon start building up again.

    "Ciel, help the Arachnes, this is stressing Alissa's body," I say.

    She nods and starts making a small tornado with [Wind Storm] that pushes the fog upwards and away from us.

    Alissa comes back and yawns. I guide my horse close to hers and [Massage] her fox ears. "Good job," I say and see her tail wag. "You too," I add while looking at Ciel and she tries to hide her smile.

    We continue further and see another faint yellow light. Alissa fires an arrow but no scream of pain comes.

    Her cute fox ears flicker and she frowns. "I think he's hiding behind a root," she says.

    "Let's get closer, then."

    As we slowly make our way further, the yellow light becomes stronger and more calming. We huddle up and the light elemental turns into a literal blanket, the softest blanket I have ever touched. The calmness dissipates from our minds and I feel slightly disappointed. Though, I feel a chill as I realize that I had been thinking quite favorably about being eaten by the monster.

    The Arachnes start giggling and swaying around as they walk.

    "It even affects summons," Ciel says, a little impressed.

    We get closer and Alissa cutely tilts her head. "I think the monster is shivering," she says.

    "Because of us?" Ciel asks.

    "I only fired a single arrow, I don't understand."

    A minute later we finally reach the Watchman Ton and see it for the first time. It is a green Moomin with glowing yellow eyes and a brown robe. It just looks so cute that I almost feel sorry for killing it, almost.

    It's sitting on the ground, hiding its head in its knees and covers its ears with its cute chubby hands. It shivers uncontrollably and when it notices us, it cries cutely and lays down on the ground in a fetal position.

    "Damn, that's certainly not our fault," I say.

    "Yeah, something traumatized it," Ciel says.

    "Should I kill it?" Alissa asks.

    "Yeah, I guess," I say with a shrug.

    An arrow through the eye and it stops shivering. Its golden lantern, which is on the ground in front of it, slowly loses color and the yellow light fades away, then it rusts over and turns to dust along with its robe.

    "I see its tracks; it came running from over there," Alissa says and points north.

    "I'm a little curious, let's follow them," I say.

    The girls agree and we move on again.

    The mist loses a lot of its opacity, allowing us to see much further and making it easier for the Arachnes to dissipate it.

    "Wait!" Alissa warns and we all stop our horses. "Something big is over there!"

    "Recognize what it is?" I ask.


    I point to one of the Arachnes. "You, continue forward and meet the beast." It nods and obeys.

    I receive the Arachne's sight and share it with Alissa. It's rather straining to do this so I won't be able to keep it up for long.

    "Woow~… that's a little confusing," she says.

    "You want me to stop?"

    "No, I'll get used to it," she says with a confident smile.

    Ciel pouts, feeling a little left out.

    "Want me to try to use [Bind] on you?" I ask her.

    "Not now, better not risk it," she answers.

    "I smell blood," Alissa says.

    I receive the Arachne's sense of smell. "The monster can smell it too," I say.

    "Not good."

    Soon, her words ring true as we find a monstrosity. Three meters tall; four huge, muscular limbs like logs that keep its long body high above the ground; curved claws for grasping onto wood; stone slabs that look like scales; a vertical, rectangular stone "mask" that has square, glowing eyes and a square, glowing mouth; and a long, dexterous tail with sharp-looking metal scales protruding out of it.

    "The fuck is that?" I mutter.

    "No idea," Alissa answers.

    The mouth of the monster glows, then the Arachne dies.

    "Fuck! That! It's an Aberrant, I'm not fighting that without Roxanne to blow it up," I say and turn my horse. "Let's run through the fog! It could try to follow the tunnel we made!"

    Lina's Trivia: an Aberrant is any monster that is not documented and or doesn't spawn regularly in a region. They are very rare and are generally very valuable.

    The girls nod and I unsummon the remaining Arachnes. The light elemental and the Holy Spirit work overdrive to keep the soporific fog out of our bodies.

    "Aoi, we found an Aberrant. Bring the girls to us," I say through [Bind].

    "Yes, Sir!" She answers playfully.

    I summon two Hollys to keep watch over the caravan. The commoners become tense now that we've all left and Rande wakes up the soldiers so they get more alert again.

    "So, what is it?" Hana asks as we meet up outside the fog.

    I describe what we saw to the rest of the girls.

    Hana looks at Lina and asks, "How's your [Earth Magic]? Can you fuse yourself with the ground?"

    "I didn't practice it that much. I can do it in five seconds," Lina answers, crestfallen.

    "I'll stay with you. Anything happens and I carry you away, ok?"

    "Okay," Lina answers with a confident nod.

    "I'll stay on my horse, then," Roxanne says.

    "Me too," Ciel says. "With a body made of stone, my glaive won't be very useful."

    I summon a Destruction and a Metal Dragonoid and say, "You, Metal, your job is to distract the monster when it endangers someone. You, Destruction, your job is to weaken the stone scales. Try to find a balance between offense and defense so you don't waste your life. Only do a suicide attack when it's to save one of us." Both of the summons nod.

    "Let's try to make a trap, weaken the ground and we can bury it in mud," Lina says.

    I summon another Holly and send it to scout the Aberrant.

    Two Hollys and one light elemental at the caravan, two Dragonoids and one Holly with us. My mana reserves are low, so when the fight starts, I will unsummon our Holly to get some mana back.

    I drop a [Gate] coordinate far away from the fight zone so we have an escape route. Lina and Hana dismount, and their horses gallop back to the caravan on their own.

    Lina and the Destruction Dragonoid create a large hole and Roxanne fills it with water, creating a mud pit. Then they cover the hole with a thin layer of solidified earth. If the monster touches it, it will notice that there's something wrong with the earth, but by then it will be too late, or so we hope.

    The trap is near the entrance we made in the fog, so if the monster is following our tunnel, it will find us, eventually.

    I start to get the shivers of anxiety and excitement. This is the first monster we'll fight that I don't have much of an idea of its power. I know it can use magic, which makes its true power hard to guess.

    Gify pops onto my shoulder and gives us all a massage that calms our nerves.


    "Thanks, Gify," Alissa says.

    "Gihm goht guhgleghs."

    "Yes, you are very useful," Alissa agrees with a wide smile.

    Gify snorts and sends me a side glare, then he pops out of existence.

    "With any luck, it won't try to follow our tunnel," I say.

    But unfortunately, either the God of Luck is messing with me, or the Gods want to test us repeatedly: Holly found the Aberrant.

    "Well, shit. It's coming through our tunnel," I say.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Cody Weigel.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Lord DJ.
    Noble Salty Panda.
    Nobleman Lassiter.
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    The Aberrant comes out of our tunnel and "sniffs" the air. Its stone mask displays very little emotion, so I'm assuming that the way it's looking towards the sky means that it's sniffing. Then it lowers its head closer to the ground and starts following our tracks. I can see that its eyes and mouth have stopped glowing.

    Hana and Lina stand together in front of the trap with their war hammers at the ready, their bodies strengthened by my [Godly Language]; the rest of the girls and I are on our horses, hidden behind a giant tree; and the Dragonoids stay behind the two vanguards at the front, a small distance away from them, hidden behind a large root.

    It takes little time for the monster to reach us, so I unsummon Holly and recharge my MP a bit with [Redirect Mana].

    We don't have our [Spirit Lights] out, so we can only see a brown outline move out from behind a root as it briefly passes through a small streak of light that leaked down from the canopy. The monster is completely silent, even though it's huge. A few seconds after it appears, it finally notices us and immediately freezes on the spot, becoming as still as a statue.

    The odd, stone-skinned monster barely looks out of place as it's dark brown color blends in well with the roots around it.

    "He doesn't look tasty," Aoi says through [Bind].

    "Wait until you see his insides," I say.

    We spend a tense minute just staring at each other, if you could say that a lifeless stone mask can even "stare" at anything, that is. Then, suddenly, the eyes and mouth of the Aberrant light up again and lightning crackles along its body. The next moment, it charges forward at a frightening speed while stomping along ground.

    Hana and Lina get ready and I see the earth rising around Lina's feet. They cast [Spirit Light] and we finally see the whole of the monster.

    It reaches the trap, and a few steps in, it suddenly starts to try to stop itself. It slips and writhes in the air as the ground crumbles underneath its claws. It falls down a dozen meters into the hole we created and splashes into the mud below.

    Alissa stays behind while I, Ciel, and Roxanne gallop forward.


    "[Wind Hammer]!"

    I visualize the wall around the hole. We didn't dig a hole, we compacted earth so that it would create an opening in the ground.

    "[Earth Wall]!" I cast the spell and pull on the compacted earth, then I let it crumble on top of the monster.

    The Destruction Dragonoid dives into the hole and latches onto the back of the struggling monster. Black light glows out of his body as he works on weakening the stone scales.

    The Aberrant desperately claws its way upwards. When it reaches the edge near us, Hana and Lina strike its claws, breaking them. The monster falls back into the mud and crushes the Destruction Dragonoid, but that doesn't kill him.

    The stone mask turns to Hana and she only has enough time to hide behind her shield. Without a sound and with blinding speed, a large block of stone shoots out of its mouth and penetrates both Hana's [Wind Armor] and her [Wind Shield]. In one moment she's there, then in the next she's spinning as she's hurled high into the air. She goes so far up that she flies past the crown of the gigantic trees.

    I only stop for a moment as the reality of what just happened dawns on us.

    "RUN AWAY!" I bellow with all my power. "LINA!" I extend my hand to her and she runs to me.

    The hole glows and lightning flies out of it, hitting Lina in the back. Her [Rainbow Shield] flashes and her skin glows in a rainbow color as the lightning courses through her body. Not even the emellanat lining of her shield is enough to stop the magic. Faint burn marks appear along her skin as she yells in pain. A moment later the lightning runs out and she collapses.

    I spur my horse towards her and use [Telekinesis] to lift her up from the ground. Then the long limbs of the Aberrant slam on the ground as it hangs at the edge of the hole. Its head peeks over the edge and turns to me.

    Aoi fires a fireball at its mouth, to no noticeable effect; Ciel fires an [Air Hammer] at the face of the Aberrant and it only flinches a little; the metal-clad Dragonoid slams on top of its head and forces it to look down. The monster fires a block of stone into the edge of the hole, causing a loud and dull sound that makes the earth tremble, and dirt and dust flies everywhere.

    The Destruction Dragonoid regenerates enough to escape the mud and attacks the Aberrant along with the Metal one, forcing it back down into the hole. Both of them wrestle with the monster, but they get quickly grabbed and buried in the mud by the monster's back claws. Its hind legs are as dexterous as its forelegs.

    I pull Lina onto my lap and gallop away. She slowly wakes up and groans in pain. Ciel pairs her horse with mine and instantly [Heal]s Lina. The burn marks disappear and her mind immediately regains clarity.

    The Aberrant hangs on the edge of the hole again and looks at us. Its stone mask looks "melted" and distorted.


    With incredible speed, the head of the Aberrant moves to the side and nearly completely evades Roxanne's spell. The mask cracks and the cheek of the monster loses its scales, exposing red and bleeding flesh.

    Hana dives down like an arrow towards the Aberrant. The monster looks up at her and lighting courses through its body. One clawless paw swipes at Hana as she rapidly enters his reach, but she dodges perfectly with only a flap of her wings.

    Her war hammer slams perfectly on the crack of the mask and splits it in two horizontally. The upper part peels off with a layer of skin stuck to it and reveals the glowing eyes of the monster. Its skull is flat and it has no nose on its face.


    Even while suffering from the wound on its head, it dodges Roxanne's spell again and only suffers minor damage.

    This provides just enough time for Hana to strike again at the back of its head and for Ciel to fire a [Wind Hammer] at its face. The skull caves in slightly and the Dragonoids escape its claws. It remains dizzy for a second and Alissa fires an arrow, which pierces an eye and I immediately feel lots of mana leaving its body.

    "HANA, COME BACK!" I yell.

    Lightning explodes out of it in all directions. It fries the Dragonoids and Hana is hit in the back. She crashes down onto the ground near us but immediately rises again.

    I unsummon the Dragonoids before they die and open up a [Gate] behind a tree.

    "GET IN!" I order.

    In only a few seconds all of the girls cross my [Gate], with Hana as the last one in. I cast [Summon Small Bird] and order it to stalk the Aberrant, then I enter the [Gate] and we take a few moments to rest.

    "Fuck! That was horrible!" Hana exclaims while Ciel heals her broken arm and burned skin. I heal Lina to make sure there's no residual damage in her body.

    "It's faster than my spell," Roxanne says with a deep frown.

    "Is its brain even inside its skull? I hit the eye and nothing happened besides it getting angry," Alissa says.

    Aoi hangs her head low and through the [Bind], I can hear her grumbling.

    "It's regenerating," I say.

    "That's fucking stupid!" Hana protests and raises her arms. Ciel sends a glare to her because she's trying to [Diagnose] her arm for any side-effect.

    "It's slow, but it's regenerating. The skin is regrowing at a noticeable rate."

    Ciel finishes her inspection and sighs. "We need a new plan."

    We are too close to the road. The Aberrant might attack the caravan if it gets too close.

    "Alissa, go back to the caravan and tell them to stop. I'll just send a small bird with you for scouting. I need more mana, so I'm unsummoning the light elemental and the Holly."

    She nods and gallops away. I share my senses with her so she can participate in the discussion.

    "If it's using regeneration, won't its mana run low, like the Dragonoids' did?" Lina asks.

    "I couldn't use [Sense Soul] on it but it could work. To confirm this, I just have to stay close long enough," I say.

    "I do not like that idea," Alissa says.

    "I can always use [Gate] to escape."

    "If we confirm this then we can use sneak attacks to wear it down," Ciel says.

    "Hmph. Fine," Alissa relents.

    "That is, if it doesn't have a skill like [Redirect Mana]," Roxanne says with a wry smile.

    "That would be too much," Hana says.

    I drink a delicious MP potion and flop down on the soft earth.

    "We need fast and heavy blunt attacks to break its scales and bones. Pure magic seems to have little effect on it since it withstood the Watchful Tons' fog like it was nothing. The Destruction Dragonoid seems to work but it needs time for it to take effect and the Aberrant reacts too quickly," I think out loud.

    "Can you use the golems to help? Throw some of your boulders at it?" Lina asks.

    "Yes! [Telekinesis] is cheaper than [Earth Bullet], so we can throw lots of them!" Roxanne exclaims.

    I nod in agreement and say, "Right, I'll spread [Gate] 'coordinates' around while you girls collect lots of boulders. But first, I'll use [Ignorance] and sneak up close to the Aberrant so I can inspect its mana."

    Hana's shield is bent, the enchantment is damaged but not unusable, only its coverage was warped. Lina can fix it completely, though it will take a while.

    I put my points just like the same way I did when I stalked Farana. Though this time I don't put more than ten points in skills that I know nothing about, like [Sense Presence] and [Hide Presence], so I don't feel as "heavy" as last time. I think I was "overtaxing" my soul with those skills. They require some very odd knowledge and experiences so they shouldn't be as easy to "force" into my soul as magic skills are.

    I also take off my scale armor so that its jingling can't alert the monster. I feel a little naked without my armor, but [Gate] gives me the confidence that I need to continue.

    Through the summoned bird's eye, I see that the Aberrant is still searching around the area where I used [Gate], so I calmly make my way towards it. With [Sense Presence], I can easily avoid any monster I encounter along the way.

    Alissa warns Rande of our situation and the commoners grow distressed when I unsummon the light elemental. Klein shows a lot of worry and fidgets for a while.

    The rest of the girls work diligently and even Aoi helps gather boulders with her small [Item Box]. The golems are very helpful with raising the stones, they acquired a lot of control over [Telekinesis] thanks to Roxanne's guidance, though they still haven't gained any skills.

    Long, silent minutes pass as I make my way through the almost completely dark forest. It's only when I'm alone that I realize how small I feel among the giant trees. The small streaks of light that pass down through the leaves help the weak, luminous plants brighten the landscape, but there are still so many dark places that the forest looks frightening and dangerous.

    [Sense Presence] gives me some rationality about the darkness. I can always be sure that there's likely nothing in there. In this forest, there are a few monsters that can hide from [Sense Presence], but they're nowhere near as dangerous as the Symbol of Darkness.

    When I finally reached the Aberrant, it's starting to slowly make its way towards the fog again, probably hunting for the last Watchful Ton that might still be in there. The fog is very faint now, but it might still affect me, so I hurry closer to the monster.

    I see that its steps are incredibly dexterous. Its legs move normally until it nearly reaches the ground, then it slows down instantly so that it can softly and soundlessly touch the ground.

    I avoid the light and make my way towards the monster, careful to not touch any dry branches or leaves. Even [Quiet Steps] won't help me with those. I leave a few "coordinates" along the way.

    I get close enough and focus on my [Sense Soul]. I don't see the same menu that appears for anyone with a system, but I can still look inside and search for the mana organ. I see many organs that I have no idea what they are for, but eventually, I find a very familiar-looking mana organ.

    The familiar slots for mana particles are there. The amount of them is a little frightening; if I were to make a guess, they are as numerous as Roxanne's. Though, I notice most of them are nearly empty.

    The monster's face and eye are healed and the skull is not caved in anymore, but the stone scales haven't grown back yet.

    "The monster is nearly out of mana. We co-…"

    The monster suddenly turns around and looks directly at me.

    The earth explodes and my heart beats uncontrollably. The scare was so great that I reflexively cast [Gate] and closed it immediately after, which was the correct choice as the next moment, a large block of stone filled the location where I just was.

    I collapse on the ground and try to gather myself.


    "I'm okay. The monster sensed our communication, I think."

    "That's concerning."

    I store all the boulders inside my "Items" and we prepare ourselves again for the fight.

    "Focus on controlling mana," I say in the [Godly Language] and open a [Gate] near the monster.

    I summon another small bird and have it chirp loudly somewhere that we have a clear shot of. A minute later, the Aberrant sneaks close, wary of another trap. We calmly charge our [Telekinesis], my [Godly Language] helps with controlling the power and I put everyone's skill points into [Mana Efficiency].

    Suddenly, lightning crackles along its body and it rushes towards the bird. He reaches it in an instant and stomps on it.


    The monster looks at us but it's too late, our boulders are already in flight and the [Gate] is closed. The boulders hit all over its body and more of its scales crack.


    Boulders fly from another direction and hit the other side.


    Boulders hit from a third direction and the monster turns towards whence it came.

    "NO. YOU. WON'T!" Hana strikes at a joint of its shoulder and the monster winces.

    "[EXPLOSION]!" Roxanne aims for the body and the monster evades, but not as much as before because its body is much more massive than its head. The stone scales at the left flank are blown away along with a small chunk of the ribs.

    Ciel fires a [Wind Blade], Lina fires an [Earth Bullet], and Alissa fires an arrow at the exposed flank.

    "NUOOOOH!" The monster groans in pain for the first time.

    I summon a minotaur and another Destruction Dragonoid and command in [Godly Language], "Become Stronger!" Both of my summons bulk up in strength. "Hold it still!" I order, and they charge forward with Lina following close behind them.

    Hana goes for another strike and hits the other shoulder. The Aberrant's tail tries to lash out at her, but her [Enhanced Reflexes] allow her to dodge the attack.

    I open a [Gate] to the first position again and we fire another volley of boulders.

    "[Explosion]!" Roxanne opens a wound on its right flank.

    The minotaur hugs the left hind leg and holds it to the ground; the Destruction Dragonoid weakens the joint at the left shoulder; Lina strikes the left hip of the Aberrant with the aid of [Spirit of Gaia].

    Suddenly, the monster turns into a Tesla coil again, but this time it's so weak that Lina's emellanat shield protects her from any damage and my summons are only slightly fried.

    Hana flies up once more and strikes the left shoulder, then Lina strikes the left hip again and monster buckles. It's left limbs are now too weakened to support its body.

    "FIRE!" We launch another volley at the right flank and the monster trembles in pain.

    "[EXPLOSION]!" This time, Roxanne aims at the base of the neck and its head separates from its shoulders. The monster stops struggling and goes limp.

    A few seconds later Alissa calls out, "It's dead!"

    "FUCK YEAH!" Hana yells and lands on the ground.

    We cheer and Roxanne jumps on me. She gives me a tight hug and Ciel gives me one from behind. Aoi has to quickly jump off of my shoulder to not get crushed by them. If not for their armor, I would be drowning in breasts right now.

    Alissa turns into a fox and comes running, and Hana brings Lina to us, then we all have a group hug. The golems waddle closer and hug our legs, too.

    We disentangle after having our fill and nearly making me pass out. I recover the body and the head, then we slowly make our way back to the caravan. We are all rather tired physically, magically, and mentally.

    I unsummon the minotaur; summon an Arachne and send it along with the Dragonoid to deal with the last Watchful Ton; and summon two scouting Hollys and a light elemental, who dances as we walk, to accompany us.

    When we reach the caravan, we see the commoners preparing a few orcs that Anton and the others killed. One of the orcs is already partially cooked, the handiwork of Rande.

    "Ah, Helios!" Rande greets us with a dashing smile and Klein and Osaria sigh in relief. "By your faces, I can tell that the hunt was successful."

    "Indeed it was. Damned Aberrant was the toughest thing I have fought yet," I say with a dashing smile of my own.

    I pull out the Aberrant for everyone to gawk at.

    "The damn thing is beaten, alright," Anton says with a snort.

    "It looks as resistant as an imperial wall," says one of the soldiers that's been friendly with Hana and Ciel.

    "How did you inflict such wounds?" Rudito asks as he inspects the hole at the left flank.

    Roxanne smiles smugly and says, "That's my secret."

    Rudito chuckles and doesn't prod any further.

    "Are you okay? Wasn't this shield enchanted with [Wind Shield]?" Klein asks, tenderly grabbing Hana's arm.

    "Yeah, it was. Still is, actually. But anyway, that Aberrant threw a square rock at me that went through the enchantment, broke my arm, and sent me flying up past the treetops," Hana answers.

    "It shocked me so hard that my skin burned and I passed out," Lina says.

    "Oh…" Osaria looks at us with a heart-wrenching sad frown. It makes me and Roxanne feel sad for making her worry.

    "One thing we have to be thankful for is for having these two," Ciel says and props up the two golems, trying to change the mood. They stand still on top of Ciel's palms and scan the audience. "They are Wolf's golems and they were immensely helpful in taking out the monster today."

    "Golems?" The commoners question and look at the two dolls curiously. Ciel whispers something and the duo of golems wave cutely towards the commoners. Most women, children, and some of the men squeak at their cuteness.

    The exhibition starts to get a bit noisy, so I store the Aberrant's corpse away and Rande starts to organize the soldiers again.

    "We've waited long enough! We'll be moving at a faster march!" Rande yells.

    We mount our horses again and start moving on. Soon, the Arachne and the Dragonoid kill the last Ton and the fog dissipates quickly, finally clearing the road ahead for us to continue travelling.

    Intermission 14

    I hear a knock on the door.

    "Come in," I say.

    Sebastian enters and deposits a sealed letter on our desk. The signet catches my attention, so I immediately open it and we three huddle up to read it.

    "Seems too perfect to be true," says Luz.

    "He's not even certain how they did it," says Lua.

    "Not even a hint of the type of magic used, aside from the sleeping one."

    "Still, their powers are just what we need," I say.

    "We will have to test them," says Luz.

    "All of them?" Lua asks.

    "Only the boy, it's obvious that he's the one hiding his powers," I say.

    "We don't know of his background. Are you sure he's reliable?" Luz questions.

    "A lot can be ascertained simply from looking at those around him."

    "Well, he does seem 'apt' for this," Lua says with a smirk.

    "Sebastian, keep a close watch on him. Mark him as the first choice," I say.

    The servant nods and silently takes his leave.

    "Hm, he's coming right towards us," Luz says.

    "We'd better make use of this opportunity," I say with a grin.

    Helios sounds like an Imperial name, but you don't really seem to be one, Wolf.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Cody Weigel.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Lord DJ.
    Noble Salty Panda.
    Nobleman Lassiter.
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    Warning: if you thought that Interlude 1 was disturbing, this one is worse

    This chapter is not required to read to understand the main story, this is only a side-story.

    This is a teaser for the patreon-only side stories I'm writing.

    Each chapter has 3 parts and the first part of any new storyline I will make public as a teaser.

    I give the male wereowl a Princess smile. "Signeur Rooter, what a pleasure to have you here in Rabanara," I say and use the Princess' voice to match.

    His cordial smile widens and acquires a hint of smugness to it. The nobleman certainly didn't spend any skill points in Acting. "Lord Vanea, it is a great honor to be received by you."

    "Lord"? So he is a cunt licker.

    "Rabanara is always open to receive the strong, but we love more those who show some loyalty." I stress the last word with a hint of the General.

    His smile stiffens just a little while as he swallows in an uncomfortable way. "So I have heard," he says and finishes with a nod. His eyes glance at the form of my nipples showing from under my thin black dress.

    Too bad for you, then. I will never open my legs for you and you will only taste my piss if you don't participate in the town's defenses.

    "So, how's the mansion to your liking?" I ask, returning completely to the Princess.

    He opens his mouth and cunt-licking praise comes out. I register the words in my head but pay him no mind.

    I should stop thinking about piss, plenty of the pissers have an actual pissing fetish. Or maybe I should indulge in it. Meh, it's not a fetish that's stopping them from allying with us.

    I need to talk to Haaran about pissing fetishes, won't hurt to be prepared for it. It actually seems like a fun pass-time and I don't even have to expose myself, so they can still salivate and lust for me while I piss down their mouths.

    I feel my nipples harden and force myself out of my musings, lest the spindly frail wereowl think that I'm hard for him.

    "I'll leave you to enjoy your new house, then." -I giggle like the Saintess- "If you ever need anything, you can always ask."

    His eyes immediately run along my cleavage and end in my exposed midriff. "Y-yes, I'll ask."

    I might have to get Haaran to fuck his wife behind his back.

    I rise from the sofa and approach him to shake his hand. Once we share the three usual shakes, I pull his hand closer and softly push my cherry lips against his frail hand. A small and fragrant red mark is left on his skin.

    I giggle like the Saintess again and walk away. With the corner of my eye, I manage to catch a glimpse of him smelling his hand.

    "How did it go, master?" Loctar asks as I cross the [Gate].

    I immediately let my dress fall and throw my underwear at him. "The same, a failure," I say.

    The dwarven boy/man makes an effort to catch it all and then sniffs my panties. His cute dick immediately goes erect.

    "I'm sorry to hear that, master," he says after he recovers from the stupor of my scent.

    "I'm going to my room," I say and he immediately starts to masturbate with my panties.

    "As you wish, my love."

    As my Persona crumbles, all my enthusiasm goes along with it and I start walking with a hunched back.

    I meet Dad along the way. Mom is as chipper as ever, hugging his arm and smiling brightly.

    With only a single look, Dad knows what happened. He gives me a sad, but sympathetic nod. Mom stops and disentangles from Dad, she grabs my face and forces me to stare her in the eyes.

    "No luck, my love?" She asks in her cutesy voice.

    Her unbounded love makes me smile, but my eyes still look dead. Her pure mind sets mine at ease and I sigh. "No luck, Mom."

    I give her a hug and she tries to crush my ribs, but her perky balloons hamper her efforts. When I loosen the hug, she grabs my head and gives me repeated kisses on my lips, I feel a soft honey taste enter my mouth from the lip cream she uses.

    "Don't feel so sad, please. No matter what happens, know that we always love you. It's not your fault the other nobles refuse to ally with us," she says in her loving voice, forcing more love to invade my heart.

    I send a glance at Dad, but I see he's only smiling warmly. I already quit trying to have him tell us the truth, I think he himself doesn't even know it fully.

    I steal a kiss from Mom and caress her tongue with mine. I end it with a loud *smack* and smile at her, feeling fully recharged. "Thank you, Mom," I say and we disentangle.

    They continue towards the [Eternal Gate] Station while I retire to my room.

    I tell the servant to turn off the lights and crawl into my bed below the covers. I curl into a ball and go to sleep.

    I feel something slick and wet rub on my pussy, making me moan involuntarily. Then I hear a gruff chuckle and suddenly, a thick, long penis invades my womb.

    "Ahn! Arman!" I protest.

    He chuckles and binds me in an iron hug.

    The rough awakening makes me weak, but with Arman having the advantage of surprise, I'm left completely defenseless.

    His cock is completely lubed, how kind of him. You like to play these games, but you never go all the way.

    I relax in his strong, red arms and enjoy the "hard" fucking.

    "Father has a faster stroke than you," I say, mockingly.

    "Your mother's pussy is tighter than yours," he grunts back. His mustache tickles the back of my neck and his rough voice feels like music to my ears.

    "My brother has a bigger dick than you."

    "Your sister will be less of a whore than you."

    "That's actually a compliment."

    "Fucking degenerates, all of you." -He chuckles- "Is there someone you didn't fuck?"

    "Your son."

    "Well, that's unexpected."

    I use the tone of the Dame of Pain as I say, "Maybe I should marry Marduk, then you two can fuck me at the same time."

    "Don't joke about those things. You should marry a noble, not a dirty commoner like me or my son," he says in a serious tone and slows down.

    I grab his arm and give it a pinch. It probably didn't hurt him, but I just wanted to send a message. "Fuck those nobles, and not literally! You and the rest of the knights are commoners and you're all just as strong as any noble!"

    He hugs me tighter and stops moving. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have brought that up."

    I hug his arms and run my hand along his skin, feeling the coarse hair. "No, I'm just ranting, it's not your fault."

    He kisses me on the back of my head and his fleshy lips make my arms lose their strength. His breath smells of Nightshade, an earthy and calming smell mixed with smoke.

    His dick disappointingly leaves my insides, then his strong arms spin me in place, forcing me to look at him. His graying hair adds to his charm, making his smile breathtaking.

    He cups my cheek with his large red hand and I grab his fingers. My hand feels small next to his log-like fingers. I smile brightly and savor his touch. I always feel like a frail little girl in his embrace.

    "Loctar said that you were feeling down," the Devil-type old man says, his gravelly voice works just like Mom's in calming my heart.

    "I am," I say flatly.

    "No luck?"

    "No luck."

    He grunts and suddenly I'm filled again.

    My legs and hips hurt to move. Arman used me like a doll until he was satisfied, which took quite a while.

    I look around and see that Loctar is back. He's delicately storing my Seduce-type dress in my wardrobe.

    "Loctar, I need healing, my love," I say weakly and motion to him.

    Arman grunts a chuckle and uses the skin of my arm to dry his wet cock.

    Loctar immediately stops what he's doing and scurries to my side. He chants a [Heal] and suddenly I can walk again.

    "You are losing your strength, old man. Loctar didn't even need to [Heal] me twice," I say and giggle like the Seductress.

    "Fuck you," he gruffs.

    "Please, do," Loctar says lowly with a smirk.

    "Huh?!" Arman turns to the small dwarf.

    "Ah! A thousand apologies, my Grand Sir!" Loctar turns around and bows completely.

    Arman laughs out loud and walks out of the room.

    "If you take his cock up your ass, I'll reward you with a night with my mother," I say softly into Loctar's ear.

    He turns around and his green eyes look at me anxiously. "I appreciate the offer, my master, but I don't need anyone but you."

    "Awn…" My heart melts so completely a small tear forms in the corner of my eye.

    I pull him into a hug and start to undress him. He gets so excited, that when I start stroking his cute penis, he immediately splurts all over the bed.

    Well, what a waste.

    "Apologies, my love, I didn't warn you," he says and cringes a little.

    I sigh. "The maids only like you because you are cute."

    He chuckles adorably and awkwardly scratches his head.

    I run my hand through his black hair and kiss him on the forehead. Then I make sure that the Ring of Fertility is on and straddle him.

    "You've been a good boy, so you get to finish inside," I smile like the Saintess and lower myself onto him.

    I have another meeting with a potential ally, so I clean myself and use a [Regeneration] magic tool on my vagina.

    I played around so much today. Haaran would be proud.

    I use a more innocent Seduce-type dress. The elves love to worship and corrupt innocence. The dress is inspired by Sommerland designs, it has a lot of see-through clothing, showing him most of my curves, but keeping all the important bits completely covered. Its light green color goes well with my hair, just like how Loctar's dark hair contrast perfectly with his emerald eyes.

    The form-fitting dress reduces my movement, but it looks seductive. I'm sorry to the weremonkeys and apes, but the baggy clothing looks a little silly in my eyes.

    I enter the room and immediately see a thick piece of meat that makes me salivate. The elven man is as tall and built as Arman; he lacks any of the femininity that plagues the elves; his yellow stubble is perfectly trimmed; his square jaw is striking and masculine; his dashing smile is that of a Hero of legend; his dimples show the marks of experience and that of a man that smiles a lot; his glacial eyes shine in contrast to his fair skin; his short golden hair is elegantly combed backwards; his neck is graced with an elegant necklace; his clothing is simple but perfectly fitted; his posture is like that of a statue from the Colosseum.

    "Signeur Rico Este," I greet him and give an elegant bow, allowing him to see down my dress. When I straighten, I already feel my hard nipples poking through the dress and I catch him staring at them without shame.

    "Lady Vanea Anara," he greets back and bows elegantly, much deeper than my own.

    Flawless greeting, but 'Lady'?! I'll cuck you and your wife! I'll have Haaran impregnate her and then steal her for myself!

    "A pleasure to have you and your company here in Rabanara," I say with the tone of the Princess.

    "A great honor to be received by you." His manly voice sends shivers of pleasure along my spine.

    I want Arman and him spit-roasting me, right now!

    We both sit at the corners of the sofas, as close as we can be without sharing the same piece of furniture.

    A small, virgin maid enters the room and shivers as both our predatory gazes wash over her voluptuous body. She's one of the most delicious finds of the orphanage this year, so I'll save her for a special occasion. The shivering prey deposits a tray with tea, sweets, and savory snacks at the corner of the table.

    Her loose dress allows her cow tits to hang and gives us a perfect view of her entire body, even a glimpse of the bush that I personally trimmed.

    Rico smiles like a breeder dragon seeing a fainted adventurer. The maid straightens and walks away and we both watch the bountiful butt shake from behind the see-through part of her dress.

    Once the prey is gone, I finally turn to him and ask, "To what do I owe this delightful visit?" I add a dash of Seductress to my tone.

    "Este escort company has a good hold over the High Forest and the Wetlands. We are thinking of expanding south and offering our services here," he answers with the tone of the Leader.

    "Delightful." I increase the dash of Seductress and bunch up my breasts.

    We casually talk about his business while eating the snacks. His eyes analyze every part of my body without shame, but he always stares me in the eye while we talk. My Eyes of Authority are still budding, but still, for him to do that show an envious amount of "Willpower."

    "Our prices are very competitive and we are always offering our services to anyone," he says and I feel a hint of the General on his last word.

    A perfect opponent for a battle.

    I smile like the Dame of Pain and arm myself with my knives.

    The battle is bloody, we are both experienced negotiators. Our tactics are too ineffective against each other, causing us to slowly bleed each other dry.

    His tone shifts and I feel the Hero starting the final fight. "There is one last proposal that I would like to make…" He says while his glacial eyes try to pierce my heart.

    "Do not tease me like this, Signeur Este. Say it," I mix the Dame of Pain with the Seductress, making him smirk.

    "To finish this contract, I want you." The Hero stabs the Villain in the heart and looks at me, about to take his lover in his embrace.

    "Oh my. What do you take me for?" I ask, using all of my Saintess and Princess in one go.

    "A harlot, a slut. A woman who loves pleasure," He says, completely serious. The Villain revives to stab the hero in the back.

    I change into the Dame of Pain and chuckle with a sultry tone. "You got it right, but my price is too high."

    He pulls out the biggest, thickest cock that I have ever had the pleasure to see. "This is all the payment you deserve."

    I chuckle like the Villainess and smile. "I've had bigger, the dragonkin are still unparalleled," I lie. I show complete control of my emotions, but my heart beats wildly.

    If he was single I would gladly marry him in the spot.

    His composure suffers a nearly invisible hit. He underestimated me and wasn't prepared for my steel nerves.

    He throws some numbers and I bleed the last drop out of him.

    My victory.

    We sign the contract and one of his servants takes it away for copying. The poor elven woman was salivating at his exposed rod.

    I kneel in front of him and grab his meat. I lick the shaft like an innocent puppy and gently play with his head.

    He suddenly grabs my head and shoves it down completely. He enters deep down my throat and blocks my airways. If I was an innocent flower I would have puked.

    I glare at him and the Madman stares back. I feel a slight chill run along my spine.

    "Whore," the Madman whispers.

    He doesn't let me breathe and plays with my head, skull fucking me until I nearly pass out. He cums down my throat and finally lets me breath.

    "What the fuck are you doing, you brute! We never established a safe word!" I protest.

    "Sex toys do not need 'safe words,'" he says flatly.

    He lifts me by my throat with one hand and with the other he rips my dress. Then he throws me on the table and glass shatters, cutting my arm.

    "Fuck! Stop!" I yell.

    He grabs my waist and violently shoves his cock inside my vagina.


    He mounts me and wraps his arms around me. "The contract said we had to mate," the Madman says.

    "Fuck the contract! We already signed it!" I turn my head and spit into his face.

    He grabs my spit and savors it, moaning with pleasure. "The contract is with my servant. If I turn my Emergency Ring, she will burn it immediately." He shows me the Ring on his finger.

    "Fuck the contract! You will be branded a Wicked rapist this way!" I snarl at him.

    "No, I won't. Either we fuck my way or the contract is gone," he says, flatly.

    I stop and stare at him wide-eyed. I feel the blood trickling down my arm and the pain starting to set in. I feel his disgusting cock twitching inside me repeatedly with excitement. I feel his filthy breath on my face. I see his eyes open wide in excitement and madness.

    The contract is so good, just so good…

    He starts moving again and I grunt in pain.

    We need the help, we need an ally.

    I turn away from him and grit my teeth.

    It's always so hard on Father, Mother, and Haaran to keep the dungeons contained.

    I hold the beam of the table and the glass shards cut my palm.

    If we get more trade, we get more adventurers and the town will prosper.

    He chuckles like the Madman and increases the pace. My insides get wet against my will and the pain turns to pleasure. Disgusting pleasure that I never wanted.

    For Rabanara, for my family.

    His limp wet cock slides out of me and I finally let the beam go. I nearly crash on the floor in the puddle of my own blood, but I catch myself and stand.

    The Madman suddenly splashes a few very-high-quality potions on my body. All the wounds are healed and the blood I lost is replenished.

    He throws his Emergency Ring at me, it hits my chest and falls on the floor with a clink. "Here, Smegma. Turn the Ring green if you want to be put in your place again," he says and cackles a Wicked laugh.

    "Smegma…?" I ask through gritted teeth.

    "That's what you are. You are barely worth more than the smegma of my cock, you slut." The glacial eyes of the Madman hurt more than his words.

    With these last words, he puts on his clothes and walks away.

    I pull out another dress and immediately go to the bathroom.

    Loctar suddenly bursts into the bath and slips on the wet floor. He hits his head on the hard tiles and immediately gets up, a red trail of blood blemishing his perfect face.

    "Master! What happened?! We found your blood at the meeting room!"

    I told the guards to not interfere, now I'm not sure how much of a good idea that was…

    I remain quiet and with a stern face. Loctar waits for my response, but when none comes, he jumps into the water, fully clothed, and swims to me. He hugs me tight and whimpers.

    "Master… please tell me what happened…"

    "He fucked me bloody because I allowed it, but never again…" I say through gritted teeth as silent tears run along my face.

    I enter my workshop at the university. The scattered books and notes give me a second wind. I have a will, I will find a way.

    [Cursing Magic] is feared by the old quacks. They are suspicious of its origin and are wary of any heretic influence on it, but they are completely wrong about it.

    Any magic school is capable of being used for Wicked ways and to commit the Sin of Torture, [Cursing Magic] is just one that can walk closer to the border than any other. Not even [Dark Magic] can go as close as Cursing can.

    The wording of the Sin is very clear: sadistic torture. It needs a meaning, a change, a goal. So I add one simple goal: revenge. So I add something that will change the realm: the death of Rico Este. So I add a justification for my Sin: taking justice into my own hands.

    The realm needs to get rid of the bloodsucking waste of air that is the rotten goblin jizz called Rico Este. Another man who thinks he can walk all over me because I'm young, because I'm pretty, because I'm frail.

    If they won't ally with me willingly, then they will stay away from fear of me!

    "I curse you to a slow, painful death, Rico Este. I curse you to slowly lose your mind as your reality is slowly replaced with fantasy. Fantasy that is abruptly broken, leaving you in a rotten, broken home that you yourself created. Let your last will be to return to that fantasy, something only possible after your death.

    "I curse you to suffer a horrible fate for your crimes. I curse you to tarnish your own name for your crimes. I curse you to die alone and not take anyone else undeserving with you. I cur-…"

    A searing pain in my heart stops my words. I grasp the table to steady myself and grit my teeth.

    Why do you stop me, Gods? Why do you hate me so much?! Why did you abandon me in this corner of the empire to struggle?! Why do I deserve to suffer for something that I don't even know what it is?! This realm is unfair and I'm merely doing my part to take control of my life!

    The searing pain reduces a little, allowing me to speak again and restart the spell. "I… curse you… Rico Este… to suffer as long as I have suffered… To know my pain and my shame… To feel the guilt of a crime you will… never repay… I curse you to death…"

    The spell is woven and deposits itself on the necklace. The searing pain in my heart stops and I collapse on the floor.

    Loctar wakes up and sits up on the sofa. "Huh…? Ah! My love!" Loctar rushes to my side and hugs me tight. "Are you alright?! What happened?!"

    I calm my breath and grasp his cheek lovingly. "I was allowed my revenge."

    I cross the [Eternal Gate] to Goloria and surprise the elven receptionist. "I need a meeting with the Crown Lord, it's urgent," I say.

    The androgynous receptionist jumps out of their chair and dashes towards the Lord's office.

    I harden my will and fix my Persona, then I burst into his office and march towards the chair in front of his desk.

    "Madame Vanea Anara…" Confiel starts the greeting but his Noble face collapses into a worried frown. "Are you alright? You don't look well."

    "I am fine, Lord Confiel," I say and sit down on the chair and pose like the Princess. "I have no time for pleasantries. I'm here to give you an opportunity, either you take it or not and that's all."

    "Hm… Wh-…"

    I deposit the elegant necklace on the table and interrupt him. "I know you have some enmity with the Este family-…"

    "That's putting it mildly." He frowns.

    "-but I can give you the opportunity to kill Rico Este without anyone knowing he was murdered." I point to the necklace while his face freezes. He manages to contain his extreme surprise quite masterfully.

    "How?" He asks with a sharp gaze after a few moments of consideration.

    "The necklace will do all the work."

    "I would like to test it beforehand."

    "It'll only work with him."

    "I'll test it anyway."

    "Do as you please. Now, are you going to do it?"

    He looks at the necklace and then analyzes me. My unkempt and unwashed clothing is disgraceful, but I had no time to waste, Rico must pay.

    "Rico did something horrible to you," Confiel says and looks at me with a hint of empathy.

    "Do not pity me, but he did," I say calmly.

    "Are you Wicked?"

    "Got close, but no."

    He swallows uncomfortably and hardens his will. "I will do it."

    Vanea pierces my anus with the spiked club again and I whimper in pain, then she strokes my cock and forces me orgasm while I cry.

    I try to ask for her to stop, but my mouth is gagged.

    I try to escape her torture, but my limbs are tied.

    I try to struggle and rebel, but my battered body refuses to respond.

    I can only remain there, limp, while she has her way with me.

    I suddenly wake up from my nightmare. My heart burns with pain and my vision feels blurred. The immense discomfort in my entire body makes me spring up from the bed.

    Heartburn? I'm not dying, am I? No, that's… that's a "warning."

    I open the drawers and desperately search for the necklace. I have far too many jewels, I need to throw them all away, I don't need any other anymore.

    We had a contract! The foolish girl didn't specify anything! I stopped when she asked and then she gave me permission!

    I finally find the dark scintillating jewel. It shines to my eyes, an alluring shine that nobody else seems to notice. I put the necklace on and sit on a nearby chair. I savor the pleasant feeling of the smooth jewel rubbing on my fingers.

    We had a contract! I didn't go too far! I know the limits! We had a contract!

    "We had a contract… we had a contract…"

    "Rico…?" Osaria asks from the bed. Her curvy body and dark skin sends a jolt of pleasure through my spine when I remember taking her first time. "Have you gone too far, this time?" She asks, flatly.

    "Never… we had a contract… we had a contract…"

    Osaria gets up and stands in front of me. Her face is cold and her eyes look tired. I love it when she looks at me like I'm trash.

    No, I don't!

    "Stay away from Rande. I won't let him become like you," she says, oddly resolute.

    You need to die, Rico.

    I cackle a laugh so loudly that she jumps backwards and covers her face with her hands.

    Never! We had a cont-…

    You need to pay, Rico.

    Osaria looks at me again with disgust and I get hard at her gaze.

    What?! Why am I ha-…

    You are disgusting, Rico.

    I am!

    No, wai-…

    You need to die, Rico.

    I look at my own sword and wonder how pleasant it would be to have it slice my throat open.

    You need to die, Rico.

    It would definitely not be pleasant.

    You need to pay, Rico.

    But maybe that would be enough of a payment.

    I rub the jewel harder.


    You need to die, Rico.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Cody Weigel.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Lord DJ.
    Noble Salty Panda.
    Nobleman Lassiter.
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    Soon after we cross the area where the fog was covering the road, we meet a scout from an incoming caravan.

    "Greetings!" The elven horsewoman talks to us from a safe distance. She shows her sword hand to us in a signal of non-aggression.

    "Fellow caravan coming through!" I yell back and the woman looks taken aback. "I'm a summoner, I saw you from far away."

    "Oh, understood! Foguera company's caravan is coming through!"

    "Este company's caravan is coming through!" Rande announces.

    An exchange of courtesy in dangerous territory.

    The scout comes closer so we can talk normally. "Did you clear the Watchful Tons?" She asks.

    "We did, along with an Aberrant that was hunting them," I say.

    "In the name of Foguera, we appreciate your work," the woman says with a slight bow.

    "The pleasure of the fellowship Helios, hired by Este company," I say and return the bow.

    After a nod, the scout returns to relay the information to her caravan.

    We see the light coming from the other caravan long before we see it properly. It's much bigger than ours, with at least 20 horsemen, 40 spearmen and an unknown number of mages and archers inside the wagons. A few [Holy Spirits] and dozens of powerful enchantment-created [Spirit Lights] hang on the roof of the wagons as protection. A small number of commoners follow the caravan, protected by the spearmen.

    A fat golden elf man leans through the window of the most ornate wagon, the last one to pass. "Ah, Rande! Surprised to see you making this trip," he says.

    "Luck of the Gatun. I found a fellowship competent enough to keep us safe from even an Aberrant!" Rande says with a dashing smile.

    "Escanso is in need of metal. What did you bring?" His gaze turns sharp.

    "Enough to get robbed by seventy men." Rande turns smug.

    "Hah! Then you cleared the way for us." His face turns soft again.

    "All the way to Goldcross."

    "I'll pay you with a bottle of Sunflower Wine." He laughs out loud.

    They nod respectfully to each other as the caravans finish passing.

    The soldiers quickly exchange news about the road and the mood lightens. Both caravans have been clearing the way of monsters as they pass, so at least for tomorrow, no more monsters will attack us.

    With the Hollys, I confirm that the number of monsters actually does drop drastically, so we relax and start chatting casually.

    Alissa pulls out a tray of hot tea and cookies and serves us while we stay on our horses.

    "How was the fight with the Aberrant?" Klein asks with both worry and curiosity.

    Ciel starts talking before anyone of us says something they shouldn't. She manages to describe the fight without mentioning any of our special powers. Then Hana butts in and starts "embellishing" it.

    "I flew through the sky and suddenly saw the sun! When I came to, they were already getting chased by the Aberrant, so with a broken arm, I dropped down with all my speed and broke the mask of the Aberrant in half!

    "I came back for another strike and caved in the skull of the monster, but he didn't die. It didn't even groan in pain! But it retaliated, it fried the elementals and got me in the back with its electric attack. I crashed into the ground but we had already deployed the escape smoke, so the monster quickly lost our trail."

    "Wow, the horses saved you guys," Klein says.

    "Hm, seems so," Osaria comments.

    Nito perks his head out from the back and smiles as adorably as a little girl.

    "We could have used the earth elementals to create a tunnel, so there were still other ways that we could have escaped," Roxanne says with a shrug.

    "So versatile. There should be more teachers of [Summoning Magic]," Osaria says.

    "It's actually quite complex. If you're not a 'natural' like Wolfy, then I would say that it's not worth it."

    "And you're not going to share your secrets?" Klein questions me.

    "Nope." I give her a cheeky smile.

    Klein puckers her lips and then shows me her tongue.

    Hana continues her story, "Then, for the second fight, we were more prepared. Six elementals: three earth, three fire. A trap from all directions! We lured it in with a single, small bird, and then we started such a powerful barrage of spells and attacks that we stunned it completely.

    "Lina and I weaved in our attacks with the recharge of the barrage to keep it overwhelmed. It turned to each of us and tried to crush us with its incredibly powerful [Earth Bullet], but we were prepared and built our own super-tough barricades.

    "Roxanne adapted and blew apart the stone scales of the aberrant, opening it up for us to hit its insides. Then we all synced our attacks together, and with one thundering strike, we toppled it over. This gave us enough time for Roxanne to blow off its head."

    "Is the brain even inside its skull? You said you caved it in but nothing happened," Osaria questions.

    "Oh, it's there, it's just protected underneath a lot of meat, bones, and fat," I say.

    "Are you going to give the brain to Aoi?" Klein asks.

    "I want, the heart!" Aoi says.

    "She wants the heart," I say with a nod.

    Anton listens to the story. He looks interested, but also annoyed. I know his opinion of me has lowered by a lot, but there's no helping it.

    The light of the luminous plants turns purple as night comes. The wagons are parked near the road and we prepare our bath. Klein joins us awkwardly and Hana takes it upon herself to wash the newest member.

    When we start to soak in, Klein tries to waddle closer to me, but she's stopped by Hana again. "Today is Roxanne's turn, you will have to wait," Hana says and puts the pouting Klein on her lap.

    "We. All. Share," Roxanne reminds her with a wicked smile and straddles me.

    I run my hand along her perfect, unnaturally pale skin and savor her lips.

    "You did well," I say softly.

    "I did well, veery well," She giggles.

    I lower her onto my erection and she gasps.

    "You need a reward." I smile suggestively and let myself get intoxicated with her.

    I grab one of her black horns and apply [Massage] to it.

    "Hm, harder," she asks.

    Hana applies [Massage] on Klein's tail and she lets out a long shiver.

    "Gods, you two have magical hands!" Klein says.

    Alissa goes over to Klein and applies [Hand Technique] on her pussy.

    "You three!"

    Meanwhile, Ciel inspects every inch of Lina's body in search of any mark on her milky skin.

    "Even there?" Lina asks.

    Ciel licks her lips and tries to hide her smile. "Even there."

    While Roxanne moves her hips, I apply the hair conditioner and make the black silk on her head shine.

    "Where did you buy so many elven products?" Klein asks when she can speak again.

    I pass the bottle to Hana, who, along with Alissa, makes Klein squirm again. "Fought for a Lord once, and part of the reward was this. It's all smuggled goods."

    "Instead of… asking for a fortune… ah, in coin you asked for el-… hm! Elven products?" Klein struggles to ask.

    "We already have quite a lot of coin," Hana says with a shrug.

    Klein turns to Hana and chuckles. "You used… to be greedy."

    "Used to. But I always used my money, I never saved it, so I guess nothing has really changed."

    Once Klein is exhausted and Roxanne is repeatedly filled, we actually relax. Aoi swims underwater and plays tag with Gify.

    Klein lets out a long sigh and uses Hana's breast as a pillow.

    "What is it?" Ciel asks.

    "Nothing… just feeling very happy," Klein answers shyly.

    "That's everyday," Lina says.

    I reach over and pat her head.

    "How's the arm?" I ask Hana.

    "Just a little sensitive. Tomorrow it'll be okay."

    Before we start eating dinner, Rande makes an announcement.

    "As everyone should know, Helios discovered the bandit ambush long before they were even coming. They also prepared the trap with the caltrops, something that wouldn't be as effective if it weren't for their buried elementals. Not only did we not suffer any casualties because of them, but we also received healing from two of their members and potions from a third. With this, I announce that I'm giving 40% of the bounty to them, as a reward. The rest will be split evenly among the other participants."

    The bounty isn't much, it ends up being a few gold coins and some silver, but it's symbolic, it shows that Rande divides rewards based on merit, not birth, nor race, nor favoritism.

    Dinner is a hearty, sweet, pink mushroom soup from Klein's homeland. Lina seems interested at first, but the sweet taste puts her off.

    "It's not a real mushroom because mushrooms shouldn't be so sweet!" She complains under her breath.

    Too tired to train, we retire to our tent and play around. Klein plays cards with Lina after she finishes repairing Hana's shield. Aoi cheers for Lina while Roxanne cheers for Klein.

    "Yes! Crush her!" Roxanne cheers.

    "Y-you're not helping," Klein says nervously.

    "Breathe in, breathe out," Aoi tries to calm Lina.

    Lina is silent, but she glares repeatedly at her opponent: Roxanne, not Klein.

    Ciel pulls out of her [Item Box] a small surprise that she got from Ostoum: a box containing small flasks of nail polish.

    "I wanted to surprise us all with this, but Klein interrupted before I could," Ciel says with a wry smile.

    "Wow, what's gotten into you to spend money on feminine things?" Roxanne asks with a playful look.

    "We have money to spare, now…?" Ciel awkwardly plays with her hair.

    I immediately nudge Alissa through [Bind] and we attack Ciel. She trims all of Ciel's nails while I sand them smooth. Then I pick out a soft pink flask and use the little brush to delicately paint her nails.

    Ciel, who's naked, obviously, giggles at the delicate care and then looks at her perfect, beautifully done nails.

    I never did this for Lily and I don't really feel regret for not doing it. It's something new, something just between me and the girls.

    We look at Hana and she turns a little awkward.

    "Is this really necessary…?" She scratches the scales on her cheek.

    I find a glossy, red flask and dangle in front of her face. She becomes intrigued at the color and relents.

    "Wow, I look fabulous!" Hana stands, also naked, obviously, in front of our mirror and looks at her nails.

    The other four girls stop playing cards and look at their own nails, then they start oozing envy.

    Roxanne got a glossy purple; Lina got a milky white; Klein got pool blue; Alissa got yellow; Aoi got sky blue and we had to paint hers while she was in her larger form, otherwise the paint just turns to dust and falls off when she gets bigger.

    They then try to paint mine black but I continue to deny them until they stop.

    "No fun," Klein shows me her tongue.

    "Painted nails are a very feminine thing where I'm from," I say.

    For as open-minded as I try to be, painting my nails still feels weird.

    "Hmmm…" Roxanne looks at me sadistically. She pulls off her underwear and grabs a bright pink flask. "Little sissy Wolfy."

    Alissa shivers with a flash of rage that spills over the [Bind].

    Roxanne's tail trails over the bed and approaches my genitals, though I know its real aim is the back door.

    "Do it."

    Alissa pounces on the tail and squeezes it, eliciting a painful and delightful squeak from Roxanne. She grabs Roxanne by the throat with one hand and shoves her own tail up her pussy.

    "Harder," Roxanne begs and Alissa obeys.

    "Is the paint toxic?" Ciel innocently asks.

    I grab her little toe and suck on it. "It doesn't really matter if it is, we can always use [Purify Body]," I say, suggestively.

    I put some more baby batter in Ciel's oven and suck her cute little toes until I can taste the nail polish, which tastes horrible by the way, but it's a worthy sacrifice.

    "When's my turn?" Klein asks, enviously gazing at the hot cream Lina is eating directly from Ciel's oven. Aoi is also eyeing my cum with curiosity.

    "Tomorrow," Alissa says.

    The golems see that the night's playfulness is ending and walk away from the corner of the bed, heading towards the center.

    "Sex is, pleasurable, correct?" Ted asks.

    "Yes, it is," I say, almost cringing as I know where this is going.

    "We wish, to serve. We have, no genitals, but we can, still do some-thing," Suzy says.

    With emotions mixed between confusion, disbelief, and mirth, the girls all turn to me.

    "Not necessary," I say and force a smile.

    "We lack, 'sex-appeal,' correct?" Ted asks.


    "Then make, us sexier," Suzy says with a respectful bow.

    "Not necessary," I repeat.

    Both of them turn silent for a few moments.

    "I do not, understand," Ted says.

    "Yes, same," Suzy says.

    "You lay with, a monster."

    "But you will, not make us, more appea-ling?"

    "I'm already very satisfied with the current number of women I can have sex with," I say.

    "And dragons!" Aoi adds.

    "I kind of already considered you as one of the women." I smile at her.

    "Awn…" Hana moans and Aoi lets her mouth hang open.

    "Anyway, making the two golems sexually appealing would increase the number of considerations that I need to have. It would make things more complicated when they don't need to be. And you girls are trying to humanize them, so I can't just consider them as sex toys."

    "Hm…" Ciel thinks seriously.

    "Hmm…" Alissa thinks perversely.

    "Think seriously," I say flatly to Alissa.

    She grins mischievously but lifts her hands in defeat. "Well, you know my fetish, but I understand your position. It becomes harder to think of the wishes of everyone the more people there are."

    "But our wish, is to be treated, as a sex toy," Ted says.

    "Literally," Suzy adds.

    "To serve you better," Ted says.

    "That's… quite the conundrum," I say with a laugh. "Let's see… for now, just consider that becoming a sex toy would cause more work than it would bring pleasure."

    "Understood," Suzy says with a nod.

    "For now," Ciel says and gives me a knowing look.

    "Wow, 'Golem Fucker,'" Klein says.

    "'Everything fucker'!" Hana exclaims.

    "You girls are the ones pushing me to do it," I say and send a look towards Alissa.

    "At this point, I find this more entertaining than depraved," Lina says.

    I choke on my spit and look at her in disbelief. She smiles like an imp and then starts blushing in embarrassment. Klein and Roxanne cackle with laughter while the others chuckle.

    Klein reaches over and hugs Lina's head, pressing her into her chest. "Awn… you are so adorable!"

    Everyone is still naked, so…

    "I-I'm not a child!" Lina protests but doesn't even try to escape Klein's hug.

    "But you are more adorable than one," Ciel says.

    Lina is conflicted in how to take Ciel's words.

    To try to make her even more embarrassed, Klein starts kissing Lina's head repeatedly, but it only escalates to the point that they start making out.

    I observe them even as my lower member protests in tiredness. There's a certain beauty in two cute, young women passionately making out. A beauty that props me into action, into doing… something. Something that is not just sticking my dick in them.

    Intoxicated by the sight, Aoi nuzzles on my lap and brings her head closer to kiss me. Alissa quickly turns into a small fox and we have an odd, overly wet, three-way kiss enhanced by our [Bind].

    Once done, both of them rest their heads on my penis. I know through [Bind] how much they enjoy being so close to it.

    We enjoy some more cuddling before finally turning off the [Spirit Light]s.

    Today is the 15th.

    The laziness of knowing no monsters are coming is already affecting me since I go straight back to sleep after Klein wakes me up. I only manage to actually get up after Hana goes "Ghostbusters" on my soul.

    "Now you wake her up," Hana says, pointing to the pale Succubus that's completely entangled with me.

    I lean closer to one floppy horn and take a bite. It has the consistency of rubber but quickly turns completely solid like metal.

    "Nu-aahuah, nngh!" Roxanne spasms, then her face distorts like when she has an orgasm and finally, she goes limp and lets her tongue fall out of her mouth.

    "I'm not even surprised," I say.

    Ciel and Lina shrug and walk out of the tent while Hana thinks deeply. "She's actually as much of a masochist as I am," She says.

    Roxanne regains lucidity and slaps my shoulder, very annoyed. "Don't do that, I didn't like it," she says while her pale face quickly turns red.

    "Okay, masochist in denial," Hana adds.

    "Why didn't you like it?" I ask.

    "Would you like it if someone bit your dick?" Roxanne says.

    "If it made me orgasm..." Hana shrugs.

    "It's… not about the pleasure, just don't do it, please," Roxanne pleads with a sad frown.

    Okay, so it's some Succubus race faux pas that she's too embarrassed to look closely at.

    My [Summoning Magic] increased by 2 (now 16+24), my [Space Magic] increased by 1 (now 13+23). Alissa leveled up to 33, her [Bow Use] increased by 2 (now 28), her [Hawk Eyes] increased by 1 (now 4) and she learned [Enhanced Reflexes] with 1 point. Roxanne increased her [Mana Control] by 2 (now 27) and her [Fire Magic] by 1 (now 25). Hana's [Summon Wings] and [Tatesomu Style] increased by 1 (now 3 and 5). Ciel leveled up to 33, and her [Wind Magic] and [Light Magic] increased by 2 (now 5 and 3). Lina's [Earth Magic] increased by 2 (now 7).

    Our group has less of a problem with Weepers, so our mood is better than the others', but Krista made a not-banana pie with caramel and cream that evened the mood of the table up to ours.

    "Oh, nail polish, how adorable," Osaria comments as we sit, then she turns to me. "You should get some for yourself too, gold or silver goes well with men."

    I cringe and say nothing while the other girls look at me smugly.

    Krista starts to ooze envy and rapidly trades whispers with Klein.

    Oura seems to be the least affected, she smiles at Lina and returns to her usual, quiet self. Nito, on the other hand, keeps stealing glances at Aoi's painted claws.

    The cries of the Weepers grow stronger, so one of the elven commoners pulls out a lute. His song is very calm and faint, but it's enough to drown them out. The children love it and start to dance until they tire. They like to wave the pieces of cloth hanging from their bodies as they spin, which makes the dance look quite beautiful.

    We move on again and relax on our horses. I cast [Swift Foot] on the commoners and recharge my mana. Klein and Laertes simply ignore each other. Krista still talks to us; she asks us and Oura to help her clean her prized metal meat grinder. Anton remains unchanged. Rande seems to be friendlier and reduced his flirting even more. Osaria is not very flirty with Roxanne today.

    Oura is leaning through the window of the wagon, so I decide to start up a conversation with her.

    "You said you loved mysteries, which one is your favorite?" I ask her.

    She jumps slightly at being talked to, but smiles adorably. "Murder on the Orient Transport," she answers with confidence.

    Through Alissa's [Bind], I see Lina turn her head toward us.

    "Hm, I think I have an idea what it is about, but I'm not completely sure I remember the story."

    "A murder happens on a ship going from Goldport to Aflabrandar. There are so many colorful characters that it's a delight to read, and then there's the mystery, which is quite the brain puzzle, and finally, there's a moral dilemma, too. All around, one of the best mysteries there is."

    "Oh, I've read that one," Lina comments.

    Oura smiles to Lina, making her blush slightly. "It's based on a real story. An elven Tribune was the investigator in the real one."

    "I know his story. After that, he married one of the passengers and created a lineage among the Angel demon race."

    "The book was embellished, but it didn't really need it. The life story of Ustissa is enough for a book itself."

    "Well, I literally read a book about his life." Lina smiles adorably and the gloominess is gone from her eyes.

    "Oh, where did you find it?"

    "Rabanara, the magic university has his biography, for some reason." Lina shrugs.

    Lina guides her horse closer and the two start talking about mystery books.

    Nothing happens in the morning, so I spend my time keeping my soul out of my body. Like with dual-casting [Telekinesis], it feels like there's something "happening" inside of me.

    Gify, can you teach me how to customize [Materialization]?

    Gih… gih!

    Lunch is an imperial delicacy: raw ground meat seasoned with simple salt and not-garlic, it tastes just like back on Earth. For some, it's odd to eat meat raw, but with my, Ciel's, and Oura's seal of approval, everyone eats it without fear. It's such a simple meal that even the soldiers eat the same as us.

    After some light alcohol, Osaria joins the dance and her pseudo-bikini struggles to keep all of her curves contained. Feeling like she's being challenged, another milf-like golden elf woman joins Osaria and dances with her.

    The mesmerizing spinning dance suddenly turns sensual as they grab each other's waists and glue their bodies to one another as continue their dance. They seem to switch leads often and the skin contact between their bodies increases each time.

    With their noses touching and their quickened breaths mixing, they finally stop and stare at each other with wild eyes. Osaria gives her a playful peck on the lips and the other woman quickly turns red in the face.

    With applause and hollering, they disentangle from each other and rest.

    After lunch, I guide my horse far from the others and pull out the Aberrant's corpse. I summon a Nalusa: a two meter tall, human-looking monster that looks like it's made of charred flesh with missing pieces of meat and exposed bones. It has some very sharp claws that I have it use to delicately open a hole in the corpse's chest, then surgically remove the heart.

    The summon then discovers that the Aberant has three hearts.

    It hands a heart to Aoi, who eats it raw and makes squeaking noises of happiness inside my head.

    She licks her lips, applies [Clean] to her face and gives me a kiss, or rather, invades my mouth without a moment of hesitation.

    "Hearts and brains hold so much mana; they are the most delicious things I have ever eaten, no matter the monster!" She says inside my head once she's had her fill of abusing my mouth.

    "Glad you like it," I say and kiss the top of her scaly head.

    Once we return, Gify starts teaching me about [Materialization].

    The spirit is the outer layer of the soul that keeps it together and it also serves as the "bridge" between the real and the ethereal. Spirits can likewise connect with each other, and eventually, they fully mix and become something else.

    The spirits of dead humanoids that do not wish to continue on into the cycle end up mixing with other spirits and most commonly they mix with spirits of animals. This is because the nature of animals is to try as hard as they can to stay alive and this remains with them even after death, so they mix with other spirits to strengthen themselves. This makes these two types of spirits very compatible, ending up creating the famed nature spirits, like Gify.

    [Materialization] uses this "bridge" effect of the outer layer of the soul so that spirits can interact with matter again. It creates "matter" for the spirit to "bridge" to, and such matter has three main types: it can simply be "illusion" matter that has no real weight and never interacts with real matter, only emitting light; it can be "fake" matter, like Gify's, that can interact with the real world and his body follows "some" principles of matter, but he's still not real. And finally, it can also be [Conjuring]-type matter, actual, fully-functional, real matter.

    Roxanne's tail and horns are "fake" matter, a simple mana solidification. Most spells also use fake matter to save on mana costs. This is the one that I want to copy for now, but later on I will use Alissa to create my own real, fluffy, adorable, cute fox tails and ears.

    "Kweh! You need to become a dragon, too! I want a barbed penis inside me!" Aoi butts in.

    "Roxanne wants to be fucked by a huge monster, or something; Ciel likely wants a thicker cock inside her asshole; Lina also wants a thicker cock, but inside her pussy; I want more penises so you can fuck multiple women while also filling every hole of mine; and Hana wants all of these and more, all at the same time," Alissa also intrudes.

    I poke both of their souls and they squeak in real life.

    Roxanne and I practice magic a little ways away from the caravan. The commoners and Rande know that we are doing some secret magic training and leave us alone. Roxanne practices [Warp Space] and I try to create [Soul Manipulation].

    I cast [Materialize] repeatedly on my soul. It gains a blue-ish glow, but it has no shape or detail, it's just a glowing blue blanket that gives pleasure to whoever I touch.


    Yeah, now I have to "bend" my soul into being something so that [Materialize] can give me something useful.

    The day goes by without a single monster appearing, so when the night finally comes, we relax in the bath with as much energy as we had on the first days of the trip.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Cody Weigel.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Lord DJ.
    Noble Salty Panda.
    Nobleman Lassiter.
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    I put on my "Sex Maniac" build.

    I hug Klein from behind and shove my cock up into her pussy. Her tail wraps around my waist and pulls on me in sync with my hips to help me pound her faster.

    "Scream louder so Laertes can hear," I whisper in her cute monkey ear with a wicked smile.

    "AHN-…" She bites her own tongue to stop moaning. "But my Da'…ahn, will hear!"

    "The whole caravan will hear. You are my woman now; let them all know it."

    Alissa fingers herself silly while her eyes are glued to my cock hammering into Klein's pussy.

    "Do you want me to stop you?" I say in Alissa's mind.

    "No! No, seriously, no, not today." I can feel the seriousness in her tone.

    "Uh… we need a 'safe word,' so we know when to stop."

    "Right, because if I say 'stop' that means 'harder' for you."

    "How about 'record scratch'?"

    "That doesn't make any sense."

    "It's not supposed to, but it makes sense to me."

    "Eh, sure."

    I return my focus to the destruction of Klein's pussy.

    I'm getting better with cumming at will, so I fill her up and use the cum as lube to fuck her even faster.

    Ciel and Roxanne each drink a cup of sweet not-wine while watching me dominate Klein. Lina and Hana use [Water Breathing] to give them an underwater massage.

    "See? He's angling his dick downwards so it rubs on her g-spot," Ciel comments.

    "Hm… I never encountered [Enhanced Genital Control] before, it's such a curious skill."

    "The effect is subtle, but constant. Did you ever notice if one penis felt better than another?"

    "Not really. The longer ones had a better stroke; the thicker ones, like Wolfy's, stretch it more. If one gave me more pleasure than another, that I don't remember." Roxanne takes another sip.

    "But does Wolfy's feel better?"

    "It does, though that could just be because I love him." I turn my head to her and she blows me a kiss.

    I sink my nails into Klein's waist and pound her harder. I push my soul out through my dick and envelop her entire vagina and womb with it.

    "W-whaahuah-whaat ish-us-is happuenningh!" Klein's voice becomes garbled as she loses herself in a continuous orgasm.

    "Now that is cheating," Roxanne says and cackles a laugh. She grabs Ciel's hand and kisses it, then she pulls Ciel closer and starts to fondle the breasts of the boob-monster.

    "Is Osaria getting to you?" Ciel asks playfully while closing her eyes in pleasure.

    "Is Osaria getting to you?" Roxanne shoots back.

    "I know Wolfy is dying to fuck her." Ciel gives Roxanne a sharp stare.

    "Hmph, let him, then," Roxanne turns her head and lifts her chin.

    "Seriously?" I stop dominating Klein for a moment and she gasps desperately for breath. "You know she wants you more than me, right?"

    Roxanne's expression stiffens. "Well, maybe she isn't that bad. She did back off after her flirting didn't work and she seems legitimately concerned for us. I just had a bad feeling about her."

    "Great. She'll also be a temporary member of the harem then!" Alissa happily cheers as her tail repeatedly slaps against the water.

    Klein weakly says some garbled nonsense and starts to go limp. The tension from the constant orgasms is ravaging her entire body. Her muscles can't handle any more stimulation and lose all strength. Even her tail unwraps from my waist.

    I fill her up one last time and let her fall into the water. Due to her current lack of strength, she starts to drown, so I fish her out and gently lay her against the edge of the tub.

    I sit beside Klein and pull Alissa to me. I lower her onto me and my penis feels at home inside her. I close my eyes and delight myself with the inside of her mouth.

    I sling a hand over Klein's shoulder and have her head lay on my chest so she doesn't feel abandoned.

    Alissa's perky nipples rub on my chest as she slowly moves up and down. We break the kiss and stare at each other while smiling like fools, just taking in every detail of the person we love the most.

    I rub my hand against Alissa's cheek. She grabs my hand and squeezes it.

    "I love you," I say.

    "I love you too," Alissa answers.

    "I love you too," Roxanne says.

    "I love you too," Ciel says.

    Hana and Lina suddenly surface.

    "I love you too," Hana says.

    "I-I love you too," Lina says.

    Aoi surfaces.

    "I love you, too!" Aoi says.

    "Gih," Gify says with a shrug.

    I point to every girl and say, "I love you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and you I kind of only like." I end on Gify and smile mischievously.

    Gify clacks his beak and then chuckles.

    "And I really like you," I say to Klein, who, again, can only respond with garbled nonsense.

    When we leave the bath, Klein requires Alissa's help to even walk.

    "This is why I don't like when you use [Heal] on me. I wanted to be fucked silly like her," Hana says.

    "And who would carry you?" Ciel asks.

    Hana shrugs. "Maybe heal me enough so that I can just barely walk. That would still show everyone that I'm your bitch."

    "Tomorrow is your turn, so okay," I say.

    "Tomorrow we should reach Escanso at night, so not everyone will see it."

    "Well…" -I shrug- "I can always do it whenever it's your turn."

    She gives me a fearsome smile. "Then you'll kill me. But I guess I can handle being broken for a few days straight."

    When we reach the table, Rande gives me a thumbs up and Osaria starts chuckling. Klein has a silly smile on her face, so Krista shows her some concern, but then shrugs. Anton and Laertes ignore the scene.

    Roxanne sends nervous glances to Osaria, who notices it and sends charming looks back. In a rare sight, Roxanne blushes and goes silent during our meal.

    We retire to our tent and rest. Aoi immediately pulls out her stack of coins and starts to play with them. As she bites the metal, I feel a faint amount of mana leave her body.


    The girls do some light training while I appease the clingy Klein. She immediately adapted to the "no clothes on the bed" rule but only grudgingly accepted the "sleep in your armor" rule.

    Lina sits on the fluffy carpet and continues her enchanting. She can't do it on the bed since we shake it too much.

    The golems practice [Telekinesis] and show a lot of dexterity in handling a sword.

    Once Klein is again left convulsing, I talk with the golems. "Do you know how to handle a crossbow?" I ask them.

    They stop for a few moments as they go through my memories. "Simple mecha-nism," Ted says.

    "Also, do you need to look at something to see?"

    "It helps, but it's not, necessary," Suzy says.

    "When the next battle comes, sit down on the ground and pretend to be dead. Only someone with [Sense Presence] will know you are dangerous."

    "We will fight?" Ted asks.

    "Yes. I think you will be useful."

    "We are glad," Suzy says.

    "Murderous brown bear and blonde cloth dolls sounds like something out of a horror story," Roxanne says.

    "You have no idea," I say.

    "They are still… adorable," Klein struggles to speak as Hana "cleans" her.

    "Watch for the murderous cute little one," Lina says casually.

    "What?" I ask and raise my eyebrow at her.

    "Uh, dwarven idiom. Imperials underestimated the cute-looking dwarves when they conquered us and they paid for it."

    Ciel ignores our conversation as she tries to apply [Judgment] to the blade of her glaive. Once she manages that, she will become a proper Wicked-hunter.

    Alissa applies [Ignorance] on herself and sighs. "It still costs too much mana. I need to learn [Mana Efficiency]."

    Klein looks at her questioningly. "Are you becoming a hybrid, now?"

    Alissa smiles proudly. "I already am, I just need more mana or Efficiency."

    "Oh, right. You all know Wolfy's secrets, huh?" She pouts at me.

    I noticed that Klein doesn't show up in my "Followers." Sex is the seal, but it seems it needs more than just that.

    Alissa giggles girlishly and turns into a medium fox. She leaps onto my lap and shows me her belly. When I start to pet her, she spreads her limbs and raises her eyebrows repeatedly suggestively. It doesn't have the desired effect as it causes me to laugh instead of becoming aroused.

    Alissa growls softly and licks my chest, which makes me shiver.

    "Alright, alright," I say and pick her up. I lay her on the bed and mount her from behind.

    Suddenly Klein sits upright and begins to breathe heavily. Her perky nipples are forced to become pointy again as arousal sweeps through her body.

    I find Alissa's little fox-slit and wet it with my spit, making her laugh with delight. I rub my shaft along her entrance to arouse her more and finally penetrate her in one go when I feel that it's wet enough.

    Alissa yips and Klein gasps.

    "Wow!" Klein mutters under her breath.

    Hana looks at Klein mischievously and penetrates her with all five fingers. "Is that tight enough for you?" Hana whispers in Klein's cute ear, who bites her lip and nods in agreement.

    Aoi stops playing with her gold coins and approaches Alissa. Their tongues search for each other and entwine together. With a little effort from me, I can have their [Binds] mix and allow them to share their senses with each other.

    Alissa suppresses her animal savagery so that we can savor the slow movements.

    As the thoughts of the two bound girls synchronize, one message becomes strong enough to be intelligible. "I want your children," they state through [Bind]; a very strong, near command-like message that gives me the persistent desire to turn off my Rind of Fertility.

    The loving moment between us touches Klein so deeply that she almost cries. Once she regains movement after her orgasm, she takes Hana's fingers out of her insides and collapses, finally fully satisfied.

    I finish inside Alissa and her small womb doesn't have enough room to take it all. Obeying the strong desire of both of them, Aoi quickly crawls below Alissa and licks her slit as my wet cock slides out.

    Once Aoi is done, Alissa turns back to normal and cuddles with Aoi. Klein crawls closer and hugs Alissa from behind.

    "I'm so happy for you," Klein whispers and Alissa glows with a smile as bright as a [Spirit Light].

    The night ends as we all cuddle around Alissa and Aoi.

    Today is the 16th.

    Surprisingly, Ciel happily wakes me up with a titjob plus blowjob combo. With a happy smile, she swallows it all and kisses the tip.

    Alissa smiles like a maniac as she watches. "She's accepting her role as your cock-slut," she whispers as she watches the thick ass jiggle its way off the bed.

    I learned [Spirit Magic] with 1 point; Alissa increased her [Illusion Magic] by 1 (now 6); and Ciel increased her [Light Magic] by 1 (now 26).

    During breakfast, Klein talks more excitedly than normal. "Oh, Escanso is such a comfy town! There's a mist that appears every morning and also after sunset, so it gets a snoozy atmosphere! The nighttime diners serve such delicious food and they have some very good minstrels, we just have to eat at one at least once!"

    Snoozy? The system translated that one oddly.

    "Alissa, define 'snoozy,' please."

    "Calm and slow on the outside, bright and energetic on the inside."

    So, almost like a slang version of 'snoozy'? Odd.

    "We should have a family dinner, with all of us," Anton says with a fake smile. Krista rolls her eyes discreetly.

    "Uh, wu-wo-wha…" Klein suddenly stammers on her words and blinks blankly at her father.

    "Since you seem to be very close with Mr. Ryder, him and his harem are almost like family, right?" Anton says while staring at me with wild eyes.

    "I-I guess…"

    I summon all my courage to keep my voice as steady as possible. "If we reach Escanso by tonight, then we should have dinner together tomorrow. Is that alright?" I ask.

    This is not the first annoying parent I've had to deal with. Lily's father was a sunavabitch.

    "Perfect for me," Anton says and immediately turns away.

    It takes a while, but Klein regains her brightness. There's nothing more for her to do since I took charge of the invitation, so she just facepalms and enjoys her post-repeated-mindblowing-orgasm clarity while it lasts.

    The caravan moves on again. After getting over the Weeper-induced depression, the commoners become much brighter since our destination is now very close.

    We only meet a few Miasmatic Gambos following the trail of yesterday's caravan. The rest of the monsters still haven't come back and the patrols from Escanso go further than the ones from the smaller towns, so we are basically safe right now.

    For lunch, Krista fries the raw ground meat, giving it a completely new taste with minimal effort.

    Roxanne teaches the golems [Fire Magic] while I hold her tail and observe it. It feels like rubber, but when I spread my soul over it to try to peer deeper, I see nothing. It only has weight, mass, color, and form, but nothing else, it's not a "material." She only feels pleasure from it because her soul is spread over it, and due to it not fully being "matter," her soul is more exposed in her tail and horns than it is in the rest of her body. She has no nerve endings in her tail or horns, yet she still feels every touch.

    "Wolfy~…" Roxanne complains, aroused from the sensation of my soul on her tail.

    "Endure, whore."

    She growls at me and fondles her own breasts. She sends me a lustful side-eye and licks her lips slowly.

    "Endure, whore."

    She giggles in a low, seductive tone and makes the motions of a blowjob but then clacks her teeth on an exaggerated bite.

    With a roll of my eye, I spur my horse forward so we can have some privacy.

    With my fingers, [Hand Technique], and the special soul touch, I easily bring her to orgasm. Then I use some [Animal Tongue] to calm down her horse.

    Continuing with my research… the part of her soul that extends into her tail is the area that has a special shape.

    I can "alter" my soul with [Redirect Mana] to make it easier for the mana to come to me, so this is the path I should take in my research.

    "Cast something," I tell her.

    She sends a few [Fireball]s towards the sky. They should dissipate before they reach the leaves of the trees.

    I put all of my points in [Sense Mana]. It basically gives me a constant "mana nose" similar to covering mana with my soul or when I use [Redirect Mana]. The odd thing is that there is a difference between the information I receive from [Sense Mana] and from the other method, but I just don't yet know what that difference really is.

    "Do it again."

    I taste the "delicious" mana that leaves her body.

    "Now move your tail while you cast."

    There's a difference. Something small and odd. Perhaps an "interference" that her tail creates in her mana footprint.

    As I research, the scenery changes into something even more magical. The patterns of the bark on the ginormous trees become even more intricate. Some look like statues, or even have pictures knitted into the tree trunks.

    Elven homes start appearing inside these trees, too. Small, bunker-like homes where they can close every entrance with ultra-thick bark. At first, only soldier-like elves live inside, but then commoners and farmers start appearing.

    The farmers grow their crops on the trunks, so the "tree art" becomes even more beautiful as it begins to glow and gains color.

    The commoners talk excitedly and the cries of the Weepers become a distant memory.

    I put down a [Gate] "coordinate" a fair way away from the road before we reach Escanso proper.

    Soon after, we see a very bright lake, lit up by a few ultra-bright scintillating crystal lights that are so strong that they're like disco globes. Dozens of pillars rise up from the lake. Multiple levels of disk farms protrude out of these pillars and each level has a different color due to the crops growing there.

    The brick road rises above the lake and slowly becomes wooden. Flowers and grass starts to appear, and soon, we are walking on a carpet of light green grass and surrounded by a rainbow of perfumed flowers.

    The bark "shield wall" looks completely black with large, wavy golden carvings along it.

    The night slowly comes and the light dims, but it doesn't become purple. Unfortunately, a faint mist reduces the visibility of the fantastical environment, but the periodic crystal lights posted along the suspended road give a very comfy atmosphere, just like Klein said.

    "Most of the mist is an illusion instead of being humidity, so it's not that bad," Lina comments.

    "Where does the mist come from, then?" Ciel asks.

    With much more enthusiasm than normal, Lina answers, "The farms. There's a plant called Eia that creates a mist just like the Watchful Tons. They use it for elven [Weaverism]."

    Lina's Trivia: [Weaverism] is an eclectic, but very odd kind of magic. The principle is that "everything is connected," so you can alter similar things with similar methods. The drawback is that there's no fully defined spells for it, like most non-system-magic schools, and you need to be high on Eia to effectively use it. This magic school is the source of Snow Weave cloth.

    We pass another familiar killing-corridor full of murder-holes, though this one is much more ornate, with wavy carvings all over the walls.

    Rande stops his horse in front of the commoners and announces, "For most of you, this journey ends here! My contract is fulfilled and I have taken you safely to Escanso. For the rest, we meet here on the coming day of Ros, at the same time as before."

    We dismount and quickly pass through customs due to the nearly empty entrance. Once inside, the ramp continues on until we reach the top floor.

    We immediately smell the clean air mixed with a slight fragrance of the flowers from the entrance. Faint music can be heard from the taverns and plenty of happy commoners are walking about.

    The number of non-elves increases dramatically; there are plenty of humans, wereanimals, some dwarves, and surprisingly, a significant number of halflings.

    The buildings are slightly crooked, giving them the similar cozy air that certain places in Rabanara have.

    "Right, any recommendations for an inn, Klein?" Ciel asks.

    "On the higher end, this time," I say with a grin.

    Klein scratches her tail awkwardly, but then a shy smile appears on her face.

    As we walk, I spread my Hollys around. They can see through the mist, so I notice the amount of stares we're getting is oddly high. Plenty of commoners seem to be able to see us through the mist.

    "Can the elves see through the mist?" I ask.

    "Some might, if they have the right skills," Lina says.

    "Barely anyone does, though. If they do, they can make a good fortune working as a combat mage and scouting through the mist," Klein says.


    Gify doesn't seem to notice the stares, or maybe he doesn't care. He stands on my shoulder and looks around quite happily.


    "Escanso is nice, but Goloria is better," Klein says.

    Gify doesn't respond and starts to chirp a tune.

    "Were the Weepers affecting you?" I ask.

    "Gih," he chirps with a shrug.

    "He's always snuggling with me, so he shouldn't have been affected," Alissa says.

    "So, this place is just special?" Roxanne asks.


    I look at Lina, but she just shrugs.


    We reach a white building full of scintillating lights, like an old-school casino or something. It's made from a tree that grew horizontally, so the crown can be seen far at the deeper end, instead of above the building. The top floor is actually a lounging area where the guests can sunbathe.

    "There's a pool up there," Klein says.

    All eyes turn to Ciel and Hana.

    "I don't think we have clothes appropriate for that," Ciel says.

    "At least not ones that we can use in public," Hana says with a grin.

    We enter the building and see a white interior with dark red carpeting and detail. The ceiling is high and the occasional pillar gives the place a more modern vibe. The sofas with random guests lounging on them or having a snack makes this place feel like a hotel.

    Two smiling female golden elves receive us. From their names, only one of them is actually a woman.

    "Welcome to the Everlasting Light," says the man.

    "We are a premium establishment only for the most valued members of society," says the woman.

    I pull out a dozen gold coins and the elves' smile widens.

    "Do you have a set length for your stay?"

    "Only until the morning of the next day of Ros," I say.

    Both of them bow and point to the stairs. "Right this way, esteemed guests," they say in unison.

    We walk to the top floor and enter our room, and it's the size of a damn house. There's dozens of beds arranged in a circle around a huge one the size of our "harem-sized" bed. The balcony has a view of the main road, which is not much of one right now due to the mist. There are literal gold inlays in most of the furniture, walls, and ceiling.

    "This is our Harem Lord suite, does it fill your needs?" The male elf asks.

    Ciel sends me a slightly concerned look. I grab her hand and we both lay on the bed.

    The perfect bounciness to enhance the jiggling of a woman's assets.

    "Perfectly," I say.

    "Over here is the key to your room and the key for the safe," the female elf says.

    "We have breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner for all guests. Come to the reception to check the schedule and menu," the male elf says.

    "Any requests, needs, or questions, just send some mana into one of these enchantments on the wall," the female elf says and points to a ruby embedded in the wall. "Dinner is ready, you can freely ask and it will be delivered to your room."

    With one last smile, the duo of elves close the double doors.

    There's a bath inside of our suite, and it's just as big as the one in the Tree of Mana. We turn on an enchantment and the water starts bubbling a lot, giving a light massage to our skin.

    A small ice box full of alcohol is right at the border of the bath, so we all pass around some drinks, though I only drink a small sip of mine. I'm still not comfortable with ever getting drunk, even when I have summons all around us.

    "Do you want me to fuck you silly?" I ask Hana.

    Klein awkwardly plays with her hair and looks away.

    "Not today. Fuck me lovingly, instead," Hana answers and spreads her legs while sitting at the edge of the bath.

    Hana uses her strong legs to wrap around me and pulls on my waist to aid in the thrusting. Roxanne joins us and we become a mess of limbs. Our fingers, tongues, my dick and Roxanne's tail search for any hole to penetrate.

    Ciel and Klein fight over the right to play with Lina while Alissa and Aoi enjoy each other.

    Alissa stops kissing Aoi and says to them, "Just do it like them, everyone just fucks each other." She points to us.

    Klein and Ciel stop and look at each other. Klein looks at Ciel's huge funbags, Ciel looks at Klein's cute ears and tail. Lina feels a little less happy when they start playing with each other and not giving her their full attention anymore.

    When I feel like I'm halfway done with both of them, I touch a ruby embedded near the bath and ask for dinner to come. It's an instant communication enchantment, just like an intercom.

    We leave the bath giggling and laughing. Dinner is served on trays and a circular table is set in the corner of our room. Tomorrow, we will have our breakfast on the balcony.

    There's a large roasted not-duck stuffed with seasoned cornmeal; dozens of unknown vegetables made in a variety of ways; and damn pasta with not-tomato sauce and meatballs. I'm still very annoyed at the elves for hiding tomatoes from the rest of the realm.

    Klein, Hana, and Roxanne continue drinking after dinner. They play some slapping game with the towels during the bath that Hana and Klein used to play when they were younger.

    Now that the bed is calmer, Lina sits on my lap, and her cute little ass finds its preferred spot with my shaft buried between her cheeks. I pat her head while she continues enchanting.

    "We need to buy another shield, one that's sturdier than the spares we have. This [Wind Shield] gem is almost ready," Lina says.

    I gush at her cuteness and give multiple kisses to the back of her neck. "Thank you for your hard work, Lina. We owe you our lives for the enchantments and the maintenance you do on our equipment."

    She freezes while staring at me and her jaw drops.

    I give her a kiss on the nose. "Love you," I say.

    My attack "crits" and her eyes become watery.

    "L-love you, too," she says with a weak voice.

    I get an idea. I pull out one of the pink flasks of nail polish and grab Lina's hand.


    "One second."

    I paint a little pink flower on one of her nails and her mouth turns into an "o."

    The room turns silent as they gaze upon the piece of art that Lina's fingernail became.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Cody Weigel.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Lord DJ.
    Noble Salty Panda.
    Nobleman Lassiter.
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    Today is the 17th.

    Hana wakes me up while Klein keeps my mouth busy.

    As my tongue leaves Klein's mouth, I give her one more kiss on the lips and ask, "Well, aren't you a hungry little monkey?"

    She gives me a pouty smile and gives me another kiss, "If I'm 'hungry,' then what does that make you?"

    "A Ravager of Women," Roxanne answers.


    "My appetite still has limits," I defend myself.

    "For now," Roxanne says.

    "What will happen when you level up that [Enhanced Semen Recharge] again?" Alissa asks, legitimately curious.

    Something amazing, I'm sure.

    "No idea, but I don't think it will level up that easily anymore."

    We ask for breakfast to be delivered right outside our door so we can remain completely naked.

    We eat delicious fruit cakes and mousses with soft, herbal teas to cleanse our palates of the sweetness.

    Klein stretches and even her tail shoots straight up, then she yawns, then I yawn, then Alissa yawns, and then everyone else yawns.

    I chuckle at the silly moment but my excitement quickly dies down immediately afterwards.

    We are under watch by someone, I think. If only they actually attacked us I could use [Godly Language] on them.

    That's a stupid thought, thinking so lightly about killing someone.

    Remembering the thugs we killed in Goldcross makes my stomach churn. Remembering the bandits we killed makes me sad and slightly angry.

    Stupid, but effective. Someone is planning something and I don't know what. I need an opportunity to learn more about my enemies. I hate to be passive, to just wait for something to happen and hope for the best, but that's the only thing I can do right now.

    "Wolfy?" Alissa brings me out of my depressive musings, most likely because my emotions spilled through the [Bind].


    "What do you all want to do today?"

    Klein is the first to speak, "I want to spend some more time… with you all for the morning. In the afternoon, my Da' wants to buy more equipment for us."

    "I want to meet with Oura, she said she would lend me some books," Lina says.


    "I'll go with you," Roxanne says.

    Ciel looks at her with a tinge of suspicion but lets it go. "I'll pay a visit to the temple here. They're not very big in comparison to Rabanara," she says.

    "We can donate some gold," I say and Ciel nods with a wide smile.

    "Is there an orphanage there? I'll go with you," Alissa says, her tail wagging excitedly.

    I look at Hana and she shrugs.

    "Let's just play around, then," I say.


    Today is Fis, the day of Nature, so he wants to play with the other nature spirits again.

    "So it's just me, Hana, and Aoi?"

    "Yes, it's a date!" Aoi exclaims.

    "A what?" Ciel asks and looks at the calendar.

    "It's something from my homeland, two lovers or lovers-to-be spending time together is called a date," I explain.

    "Why is there a specific name for it?" Hana asks.

    "Well, there are certain expectations that come from calling an encounter a 'date,'" I say with a shrug.

    "So it's like courtship, but for the commoners?" Ciel asks.

    "Yes…? Yeah, it's kind of like that. It was being used in such a broad sense that it was becoming hard to define it properly."

    "Your homeland is really odd," Klein comments.

    "You have no idea," Hana says.

    "Anyway. For the morning, let's visit the market," Roxanne says and claps the tips of her fingers.

    We finally put on some clothes and leave our room.

    Without the mist to block our view, we can now see how truly comfy and cute the town is. There are hundreds of flowers spread around the town: they are in the crowns of the trees, mixed in with the leaves; randomly growing in the walls of the buildings; neatly arranged on the sidewalks and in the holes in the middle of the streets; and also on the clothes and in the hair of the people, including the beards.

    First, we go to the Row of Statues, a famous street full of wooden mannequins wearing all kinds of clothes.

    We properly fit and buy elven not-bikinis for all of the girls and the uncomfortably tight pants and vest for me. Not that the cloth itself is uncomfortable, it's just that I feel very "exposed" in it.

    "Oh, yes, I look amazing," Hana says as she pushes up her two large distractions. Then she strikes poses like a body-builder would. Roxanne hugs Hana from behind and feels up her lean muscles.

    Ciel looks uncomfortable in hers, likely suffering from the same problem as I am.

    Lina's is so thin that you can make out the shape of her nipples and camel toe if you pay attention. Ciel raises her eyebrows and the others smile suggestively.

    The female attendant coughs uncomfortably and picks a similar black not-bikini for Lina but with a piece of cloth that can be tied to cover the important areas.

    Aoi looks at us with curiosity. "Should I wear, clothes too?" She asks.

    "Well, no," Hana answers.

    Aoi looks at her own blue scales and I feel her conflicted heart through the [Bind].

    "Maybe we should make clothes for her, one day. Something that befits a true dragon," I say.

    "Ooh…" Hana seems very pleased with the suggestion.

    The elven attendant loses her composure as she inadvertently overhears our conversation.

    We end up taking two sets of the not-bikinis. One thin set in the usual colors of the girls, and another in a light green (the most common color) with a more "conservative" design, as if they were something that a prude would ever wear.

    We leave while wearing our new clothes. We blend in much better now, especially because we are all quite attractive and don't seem out of place among the beautiful elves.

    As we enter onto the main road, we see the Lord's castle's wall, the "Shell." It looks like a cracked egg and it's the same color as the bark shield wall: black with gold inlays. The flowery patterns of the inlays mimic the styles from the "tree-knitting" the elves do. There's also the portraits of the current Lords drawn with gold. They are so big that we can already discern their features from where we are: a man with soft features and a round face in the middle, Lord Mavel Este; two similar-looking women with sharp features and square jaws on each side, his wives; below his portrait is a young girl with a soft face and very sharp eyes, his first daughter; beside the daughter are two twin young boys with very similar faces to the Lord.

    From behind the "Shell" we can see the peaks of the branch-like golden towers of the castle proper.

    The main road is completely straight and points towards the castle just so that most of the traffic can have a clear view of it. It can also serve to remind the population of who their Lord is.

    After having enough of the view, we pass by the Otoro Totoso bakery. There's a tree grown in the shape of a bull in front of it. The place is very high class, with a white and gold interior and some very refined furniture.

    The normal desserts, while looking very appetizing, aren't what we're looking for. We browse through the premium items that are so beautiful that they're locked behind a glass display, but also because they're making sounds. To some, they look like a blob of horrors, but, to me, they look like the key to heaven.

    We've found the Delicious Horrors again: the bizarre balls of squirming tentacles that would trigger a weeb's lewd senses from a mile away. I want it not because it's delicious, but because of the magic behind the tentacles. I must learn it and add it to my body transformation research!

    There are also Globin Grapes, small little balls with a goblin's nose that scream when you eat them. I have no real hate for any sort of monster, but a lot of people do, so they get plenty of delight from eating a sweet and hearing the dying screams of a goblin. There's also a whole-body version of the Globin Grapes, but it's way too expensive to be commercially viable, so it's rarely ever seen.

    There are plenty of psychedelic sweets too, though they are magically psychedelic, as if the normal psychedelics weren't enough. We get a set of these for each of us.

    "Hmm… now this is nostalgic," Klein says as she holds a pink and purple mushroom that glows softly.

    We all turn to Hana and she turns awkward. "Yeah, they are really good," she says.

    Roxanne looks at the mushrooms with fascination. "Ohohoh. Just don't eat it while anywhere near family."

    "These are really good," Lina says and points to the one in Klein's hand.

    "You've tried them before?" Ciel questions with a raised eyebrow.

    "No, but mushrooms all have similar biology. If you know one, you know them all."

    I don't smoke, in part because there's no need, and also because I might have a problem with regulating pleasure-seeking behavior. But psychedelics are much safer, so the benefits outweigh the risks for me.

    We see some Everlasting Crunches, which are very odd. They're an infinite pork rind: you eat all but the black part of the rind and it comes back. It comes with a piece of bread which is teleported inside your stomach, bite by bite. The pork rind that was eaten then is traded with the bread, then reattached to the black part of the rind, and finally returns to its uneaten state, all in an instant.

    Now, the most popular of the magic foods are certainly the non-caloric ones. Literally. Non-calloric. Sweets. The most popular type of magical food that has ever existed. Eat as much as you like and suffer literally no side-effects except for higher MP regeneration. This is because the food works like a potion; it's turned into mana and absorbed by the body. The only thing that remains is the inert "not-matter," something that still fills the stomach but slowly dissipates away as it's "digested."

    "H-how much money can we spend on this?" Ciel asks.

    "A lot…" I answer.

    "How much?"

    "You don't want to know."

    Ciel swallows heavily while her eyes are glued to the cupcakes.

    My heart burns with pain, but I must do this, I must be the mature person here and find a middle ground.

    "A gold coin for each of us, that's all we can spend," I say.

    Ciel sighs deeply and nods.

    We have a second breakfast and eat until our stomachs nearly burst.

    "Isn't this stuff supposed to disappear after we eat it?" Alissa asks, holding her belly in pain.

    "After a while," I say.

    Lina is frozen and her face is pale. She swallows heavily and breathes slowly.

    "Lina?" Ciel asks.

    "I can't move or…" Lina stops talking and swallows heavily again.

    An elven attendant silently deposits a tray with a cup containing an odd silvery liquid in front of Lina.

    Without another word, Lina drinks the liquid and shudders. In a minute, her skin regains color and she sighs in relief, though her tummy still hurts like Alissa's.

    After recovering enough to move again, we leave the bakery and return to the market. It's getting close to midday so the bustling of the population is increasing.

    The stares of the commoners make me tense again. Now that there's no mist, they can't stare at us as freely, but they still stare at us when we're not looking. Holly also noticed some people following us, mostly elves this time, though.

    I'm starting to feel even more tense. Every time we leave a shop I'm reminded of the danger outside.

    "Is there a problem?" Alissa asks inside my head.

    "Kweh!" Aoi noticed it too.

    "There are people following us," I answer.

    "Stare at them, it will make them paranoid and you can also write down their names," Alissa suggests.

    "Sounds like a good idea."

    It's better to show that we notice them than to look like sitting ducks and get attacked again.

    At any moment that we stop, I look back and meet the eyes of our stalkers. A few show immediate reactions and leave right away, while others play the fool and just smile cordially, but then after a while, they leave too.

    I pull out a small piece of paper and discreetly write down their names.

    "What are you doing?" Klein asks.

    "Just making personal notes for research," I say.

    We buy a dozen crossbows for Ted and Suzy since they can easily manipulate and even reload the weapons with [Telekinesis].

    "We can use, bigger," Ted says.

    "Nobody will sell me a ballista," I say.

    "We create one, then," Suzy says.

    "Can you?" I frown.

    "With trial and, error, we can learn, to build," Ted says.

    "Methodical re-search," Suzy says.

    Well, I think that I could probably learn to build a ballista, so maybe they think they can, too.

    "Sure, I might build a mobile workshop for the two of you one day," I say.

    Now that we've seen their effectiveness, we buy some caltrops of our own; the ones we previously used belong to Rande.

    We see some flammable oil and buy it, too. It'll make for a good basis of research for pseudo-napalm and gunpowder. I have some reservations over recreating something like napalm, but I'll use any weapons that I have if the need arises.

    We buy some high quality Hearthtree shields for Lina to enchant and a new shaft for her war hammer. The heartwood from that kind of tree is nearly as tough as metal, which is why it's used in shields and also for the shaft of Hana's enchanted spear.

    That spear's blade comes from the bark of the Tree of the Stalwart, which we now know is a type of bark that retains a razor sharp edge when broken, just like obsidian.

    The elven merchants also gave us tips on how to maintain the weapons. They sold us some fertilizer that can be mixed with the earth of the High Forest, so it has the appropriate nutrients for me to cast [Grow] on our weapons and allow for them to be properly maintained.

    Just before lunch, we notice that the main street is getting eerily loud with the murmuring of the commoners. We stop and join the growing crowd near the sidewalk and find the source of the commotion.

    Like the caravan we crossed yesterday, we see the light radiating from them before we can actually see it properly: two men, each wearing a complete set of armor that covers all visible openings. A scary mask of a stoic man covers their faces. Their golden armor is set with enchanted gems of all colors, and it glows so brightly white that it hurts to even look at them when they get closer. A sun is engraved in the chest of the armor and its rays radiate out from it to cover every surface. A heavy golden cape with a blood red lining flows from their shoulders as it seems to flutter in the wind, even though there's barely a breeze.

    They are the Hands of the Emperor and they are here to give the Lord a light spanking. The Hands are not good news. We can all easily tell why the Emperor would send his proxy to the High Forest and so blatantly display them for the populace: the Emperor is not pleased.

    "I felt a chill," Klein says.

    Hana nods. "Me too."

    "May this problem finally end," Alissa says.

    "It won't end today. The Emperor won't kill Lord Este so easily," Lina says.

    "The other elves will take the matter into their own hands before the empire has the chance to meddle," I say.

    We move on and search for the hunter's guild.

    The guild's outer wall is decorated with very fine and intricate carvings of the monsters found in the High Forest. It gets an approving nod from Lina.

    The inside looks similar to Ostodos: scented logs being slowly burned in an enchanted fireplace, lightly warming the air, and giving off the calming sounds of crackling wood burning; upholstered furniture covered in Uspidor leather; displays of Proofs of Extermination embedded in the interior walls. Though, everything looks so much more elegant and grandiose that I feel like I entered a pseudo-baroque building with a nature theme.

    "Let's 'taste' some of their booze," Hana says and walks towards the bar. Klein, Roxanne, and Ciel follow her.

    I look at Lina with questioning eyes. "You don't want to go?" I ask.

    "I don't feel like it," she answers.


    She looks away and fiddles with her leather slave collar. "I would rather stay with you than drink."

    "Awn…" I grab her hand and give it a kiss.

    With a flower on each of my arms, we walk together to the boards to see the news.

    There's a heavy bounty for our Aberrant, 70 gold coins.


    There are multiple warnings about a variety of dangerous monsters about. I take note of a few of them so we'll know what to watch out for.

    "Wolfy…" Alissa calls my attention and points to a specific note.

    A new dungeon was found at the border of the Western and the Eastern High Forest, a dungeon called "Legado."

    "Damnable brats!" A voice yells from some ways behind us.

    Fuck yes! We found it! And it looks like it's a lost tomb that resurfaced… Around five months ago, which is roughly the time that I came into this world. As if I needed any more reason to explore it.

    Heavy footsteps stomp closer to us.

    If it's at the border between the two regions, then Goloria is closer to it than Escanso. I'll make sure to keep a [Gate] "coordinate" outside the town when we reach there, then. It's unfortunate that we still have to complete this job, but it seems there hasn't been much progr-…

    Alissa's ear twitches and through Shad's sight, I see a tall man quickly approaching us.

    A heavy hand falls on mine and Lina's shoulders and spins us in place. While we spin, the three of us reach for our daggers below our shirts and draw them, then we immediately point them towards the man behind us.

    The mature golden elf man quickly takes his hand off our shoulders and shows us his palms, displaying non-aggression.

    "Who are you?!" I yell at him.

    "Uh… I'm Ardian… aren't you from the Academy?" The man asks, very unsure of himself.

    "Academy? Do we look like we're from there?!"

    "Uh, kind of?"

    I look at Alissa and Lina.

    Okay, we look like young, high-class foreigners with a pet dragon and nature spirit, I guess we fit the profile.

    Hana and the others appear behind the man, looking very serious. I pull back my dagger and we relax a little.

    "I'm Wolf Ryder, leader of the Helios fellowship." I point to the girls behind him and he takes a look. Hana gives him a fearsome smile and he swallows heavily.

    Ardian's eyebrows shoot up in surprise. "S-sorry to bother you, Sir. I mistook you for one of the… young warriors of the Academy who overestimate themselves and take requests they are not ready for."

    I clearly remember you calling us "damnable brats."

    "It's fine. Let's just move on and continue with our days," I say with a diplomatic smile. I would like to swear at him but the guards of the guild have their hands on their batons and I still want to use the Dismantling Room.

    "Sure, sure. Again, forgive me, Sir Ryder." Ardian bows, then he turns around and quickly walks out of the guild with a rigid posture.

    "Odd man," Ciel says, eyeing him up with a sharp gaze.

    I sigh and shake my head. The tension from being stalked all day is making me tired.

    I enter the Dismantling Room and greet the burly butcher.

    "I'm Alto, pleasure to meet you," he says.

    "Wolf Ryder, leader of Helios." I shake his hand and he looks slightly pensive.

    While he tries to remember where he heard about us, I pull out the Aberrant, the Watchful Tons, and the Proofs of Extermination for the other monsters we killed.

    He jumps and gasps in surprise and his assistant immediately shoots up, suddenly wide awake.

    "You got the fucking Aberrant?!" Alto exclaims.

    "Yes. Quite the hard fight, if I must say," I say, smugly.

    "H-how? These wounds… h-how?!"

    I shrug. "Don't ask me to reveal my secrets."

    It's time for lunch, so I don't spare the time to chit-chat with them. I get my rewards and leave. Then we dawdle a little until the "Notable Hunts" board is updated.

    "Fellowship Helios: Masked Aberrant - stone and thunder quadruped. 70 gold coins bounty."

    A few people exclaim when they see the update on the board and soon, a small crowd forms as people make comments about us. Quite a few notice us and make the connection.

    Hiding our accomplishments would look too suspicious. We don't want to participate in politics, but we can't fully avoid garnering fame.

    We leave after that and go have lunch in our room at the inn.

    We're served a delicious mix of roasted vegetables. They are mostly sweet and each has been slightly browned, then a small amount of meat sauce was applied to add to the taste. It reminds me of Ratatouille.

    "Hmm… this is nice." Klein stretches on Hana's lap as the dragonkin's fingers massage her brain.

    I play with Ciel's silky hair and let my mind wander.

    "Right, it's time to go." Klein gets out from Hana's lap and looks at us sadly. "Have to meet my parents, now."


    "Do you know where they are?" Ciel asks.

    "Yeah, we three are in a fellowship."

    "Does it have a name?" Roxanne asks.

    Klein blinks twice. "No," she answers, flatly.

    "Okay…" Roxanne smiles mischievously.

    I summon three Hollys and three Shads. One pair is given to Klein without her knowing about it. Now that she's temporarily part of my harem, I fear that she might also get targeted.

    Soon after the girls leave, Holly already identifies several people stalking the three groups.


    Thanks, Gify.

    He pops out of existence to go play around, but he will keep an eye on the girls, too.

    "Right, so what do we do on this 'date' thing?" Hana asks.

    "Something interesting, but mostly just spend time together."

    "Fuck me silly."

    I smile wryly. "Maybe something that we don't usually have time to do."

    "Lets spar and play around, then."

    "Me, too!" Aoi raises her paw.

    I pull out the golems and we play around on the balcony. It's high enough that most buildings can't see us.

    I manage to summon another Holly, my 7th summon. I tell it to watch over the places that can see us and make sure that nobody is watching us.

    "Alright, bring it on," I say.

    Hana's sword flashes, and her arm instantly splits in three: one stays in place while the wrist spins into a slash; a second moves forward to try and pierce me; a third lowers down and tries to strike at my leg. Hana leans forward and lowers her posture a little; this gives me the answer: the third arm is real.

    I bat her sword away and counter with a with a thrust of my own. It catches her on the shoulder and she clicks her tongue. "How did you know?" She asks.

    "You leaned forward and down. The first one wouldn't reach me properly, the lower posture wasn't necessary for the second, so the third matched your posture the most."

    "Damn you and your 'Perception.'"

    We play a little more but Aoi also wants to play. She grows in size and stands up on her hind legs. She's nearly at my height, now.

    "Wow," I mutter under my breath. My heart beats faster when I see her large and lean face close to mine. Her teeth and claws are sharp and huge, her scales are shining and tough, her wings are large and delicate. She's majestic.

    "Hehe, you are stunned. I know, I'm amazing," Aoi says. In her bigger form, her voice takes a more lower and almost mature tone. She spreads her wings; growls; shows her bladed fangs; and opens her hands/paws, showing her long claws.

    "Pounce on me and take me. You look frightening, Aoi," Hana says.

    "Uh-huh…" I agree, though, I feel no fear; on the contrary…

    I remember Gify's vision of what being a dragon is like, and I feel a chill. Aoi stops growling and smiles. Her smile is stiff because her face is not made for smiling, but it's still beautiful.

    "I can feel, that," Aoi says and her smile turns smug.

    "Feel all you want, you deserve it."

    "Awn…" Hana melts. She grabs both of us and gives us such a tight hug that even Aoi feels a little pain.

    Hana kisses Aoi's lips, who responds by invading her mouth for a few seconds. Once she's done, I get my own mouth invasion.

    "Wow, that feels great," Hana says as she wipes her mouth.

    "I know! I'm great!" Aoi says after having her share of me. "Now, fight me!"

    Aoi quickly learns why reach is king. Her claws are long but not long enough to compete with even a shortsword.

    "Muuh! Not fair! I can just block everything with my scales," Aoi tries to pout.

    "You shouldn't rely on that. They can break, and then you'll have a weak point that can be exploited."

    "Muuh… then I just have to defeat you before you can strike me twice."

    "Oh?" Hana cocks an eyebrow and smiles.

    "Rah!" Aoi jumps on Hana.

    Hana answers by jumping backwards and striking. Aoi bats the sword away and lets it slide along her scales.

    Aoi reaches Hana before she can pull her sword back and grips her shoulder. Their heads get closer and they both decide to headbutt one another. Aoi ends up winning the exchange, but just barely.

    They crash into each other and fall on the floor. Aoi grabs both of Hana's arms and legs with her own limbs. They wrestle and try to get on top of each other.

    They start laughing, but that distracts Aoi, allowing Hana to twist her limbs and nearly fully escape. She takes the opportunity and turns it around, ending up on top of Aoi.

    Aoi spreads her wings and tries to use them to get out from under Hana, but they're too weak.

    Suddenly, mana bursts from Aoi's wings and she manages to stand up with Hana still clinging onto her.

    Hana takes advantage of Aoi's momentum and slings her left arm over the back of Aoi's neck and chokes her. With the right arm she pushes up Aoi's stomach and spins her upside down. The spinning confuses Aoi and she does nothing in her daze, allowing Hana enough time to fall backwards. A vertical lift neckbreaker.

    They both slam on the ground with their backs and groan. Their groans of pain quickly turn into laughter.

    Hana crawls on top of Aoi and mounts her. She holds both of Aoi's arms down and kisses her. "I won," she says.

    "Wait until, I get bigger," Aoi says.

    "Uh-huh." Hana shuts down Aoi's mouth with her own.

    Hana undoes her pants while kissing Aoi, then she stops the kiss so she can take off her shirt. Aoi grabs Hana's large breasts and squeezes them, making her moan.

    Hana rubs her dripping wet pussy on Aoi's scales. She reaches behind her and penetrates Aoi's pussy with her fingers.

    They both moan and growl at each other, still trying to be the one on top. I pull out my cock and masturbate while watching them.

    One of Aoi's back legs escapes from below Hana and they scissor each other. Aoi shoves a claw inside Hana, making her groan with pain and pleasure.

    Aoi suddenly pushes Hana and mounts her, shoving three thick claws inside her pussy. Hana spreads her legs and pulls Aoi's head in closer for a kiss.

    While Aoi is distracted, Hana rolls the both of them over and stands on top of Aoi. She clenches her legs and traps Aoi's claws inside her, and then she aims her hand towards Aoi's pussy.

    Hana breaks the kiss and looks at me. "Does a dragon have a hymen?" She asks.

    "No idea," I answer.

    "Sorry about this, Wolfy, but if she has one, I'm going to break it."

    "I don't," Aoi says.

    "Good," Hana says with a fearsome smiles and shoves all of her fingers inside Aoi's pussy.

    While Hana fists Aoi, I shove my cock inside Hana's mouth and she sucks on it with glee. The sound of Aoi's moans are music to our ears.

    I cum inside Hana's mouth and Aoi steals her share from Hana.

    I sit down and wait. Aoi is nearly there, I can feel her pleasure escaping through the [Bind], and this time I don't try to suppress it. I aim my cock at Hana and when Aoi cums, I cum too, painting both of them with many drops of white.

    I stretch and lay back.

    Thank the Gods for Holly. I would never do such a thing if I wasn't sure there weren't people watching.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Cody Weigel.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Lord DJ.
    Noble Salty Panda.
    Nobleman Lassiter.
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    The girls flop on the floor and take their time to rest.

    "Having fun?" Alissa asks.

    "Yeah, just two dragons 'wrestling.'"

    "I'm under Hana, now," Aoi says.

    "Uh, no, you aren't," I say.

    "Muh! Not literally! I'm her… uh… underling…?"

    "So you take orders from her, now?"

    "Yes! I challenged her and she bent me to her will. I'm hers now." Aoi giggles.

    "What about Wolfy?" Alissa asks, a little annoyed.

    "He owns me. Hana is above me, but she doesn't own me," Aoi answers.

    I knew that dragons were hierarchical, but I didn't know the details.

    "So, because I'm the leader of the harem I 'own' you?" I ask.

    "Yes. Alissa is on top of the harem, below you, then comes, Hana, then the position is tied for the other three."

    "What's the difference between me owning you and you being Hana's underling?"

    "You can order me to do whatever you want. Hana can only order me in battle and sex."

    "Didn't you say that you were only going to follow me if I didn't abandon you?"

    "Yes, and that's still true."

    "It sounds kind of similar to how Hana views the Blood Slave business."

    "Huh… I can now see how similar dragons and dragonkin are," Alissa says.

    No wonder the dragonkin love to sell themselves as Blood Slaves; they seem to work well with hierarchies.

    Once Hana has recovered, we clean ourselves off and change our clothes into the more "revealing" elven sets, then we go upstairs to the pool.

    As we enter the Victoria's Secret runway, we straighten our postures and walk with confidence and grace.

    Hana links her arm with mine and her smile turns proud. "I always saw Mom walking like this with Dad. To think that I'm actually doing it with my own man feels like a small dream come true," she says.

    I squeeze her hand and give her a small smile. "Tell me all of your dreams so I can make as many of them as I can come true." She blinks blankly and then enters deep thought. "So you don't have any other dreams?" I smirk at her.

    "You've realized most of them already." She shrugs.

    We find a set of sun lounging chairs and remove the covers so we can sit. There's a small adjustable sunshade that can be used to shield your eyes. An option which is necessary due to the lack of sunglasses in this world.

    The other guests come from a wide variety of backgrounds, so we don't stand out. The commoners are overwhelmingly elves, but for the people with money, the High Forest is a popular place to spend a vacation.

    As the day nears its end, the girls come back, except for Klein, who's still fitting better armor for herself with her parents.

    With a range of confidence, the girls make their walk alongside the pool until they reach our secluded corner. Lina's posture hunches over the more she walks, and when she reaches us, she immediately lays down on my chair and hugs me tight so she can "recharge."

    "How did the day go?" I ask them.

    Lina hugs me tighter and smiles shyly in response. Ciel and Alissa give tired smiles, having played with the children all day. Roxanne doesn't hear me; she's tipsy from drinking with Oura and so, she crawls on top of Hana, then they start making out.

    Ciel casts [Purify Body] on Roxanne and then I tell them all about the stalkers and Aoi's hierarchical view of the harem.

    "I noticed some odd stares as we walked. I thought it was the elves being awed at my beauty," Hana says with a wry smile.

    "I think they really were. The ones who were stalking us were watching us from the back and were much more discreet," I say.


    "There's not much to do about these stalkers. Just make it clear that we can see them," Roxanne says with a shrug, now with her mind clear of drunkenness.

    "If we knew their strength, we could bait them to attack, but since we don't, I think what you are doing is the correct choice," Lina says.

    "I'm not too worried about the stalkers. The problem will be when we leave town," Ciel says.

    "We got attacked by either Darean or Katasko already, so there might be another attack coming soon," I say.

    "Then we have to prepare mentally so we can keep Klein and the others safe," Hana says.

    "Can I eat, a humanoid's, heart?" Aoi asks, tilting her head cutely.

    I look at Ciel and she shrugs. "It would be very disrespectful to the body, but they are our enemies and if doing this can give us an advantage, then it can be justified," she says.

    "I'm going to have to burn the bodies anyway," Roxanne says with a hint of displeasure.

    "Waste of good, meat!" Aoi says happily and Alissa nods in agreement.

    "Well, there's not much we can do right now, so let's enjoy ourselves," Ciel says with a kind smile.

    "Does anyone know how to swim?" I ask.

    Only Hana and Roxanne raise their hands.

    I lift Lina into a princess carry and jump in the pool.

    "HIIH!" She shrieks as we crash into the water.

    I land in a shallow part, so Lina can't drown when she stands up.

    "Then I'll teach you how to swim!" I yell to the girls.

    The clothes we're wearing stick to our bodies when wet, leaving very little to the imagination. The same happens for all other guests that enter the water; this is just the standard style of elven clothing.

    I have to control myself to not get an erection in the pool, but then I see an elven man proudly sporting his erection while floating on the surface of the water. We can't see his dick, but we can see that it's pitching a tent inside his elastic shorts.

    Fuck it, then.

    Lina's nipples get visibly erect when she feels my cock growing between her legs as we hug in the water.

    "Do you want to do it?" I whisper in her ear.

    "In here?" She whispers back and her gloomy eyes open up in surprise.

    "Yes. We can use the other girls to hide ourselves." I smile mischievously. "Ciel, come stand over here for a moment."

    She stops listening to Hana's swimming lesson and comes closer. "What is it?" She asks.

    I pull out my cock, push Lina's not-bikini to the side and penetrate her.

    "Ahn…" Lina moans softly and her pussy immediately tightens around my shaft.

    Ciel opens her eyes wide and her stare glues itself to Lina's face.

    I move slowly and savor Lina's lips rubbing strongly on my cock. Ciel's breath quickens and her nipples harden.

    I only move my hips while trying to keep my core still, so we only look like a couple hugging while floating around.

    Ciel's hand finds the area between her legs, while the other sneaks under the not-bikini and plays with her huge breasts.

    "Someone might see you playing with your nipples," I say and smile evilly at Ciel.

    She stops for a moment and then continues. "I don't care," she says.

    "Slut…" Lina moans while biting her lip in delight.

    Ciel doesn't answer, but I bet she wants to agree with that.

    The other girls shrug and continue their swimming lessons to make a better cover for us.

    I put points in [Hawk Eyes] so I can look at all the beautiful people from a distance while I fuck Lina. I start to notice how there's a considerable number of people fooling around, too: a woman who has a suspicious twitching in the middle of her legs; a man inside the pool getting a handsy from another man beside him while in a circle of people; a woman who casts [Water Breathing] on herself and disappears near another couple, who then start to smile.

    My eyes lock with a werecat that seems to be able to see me from afar. He likely has [Hawk Eyes] as well. His movements are subtle, but the face of the young elven girl in front of him gives them away, just like Lina does for us. He grins and gives me a thumbs up, which I return.

    Klein finally comes back and I send Gify to tell her where we are. She immediately changes into her sluttier not-bikini and comes running to the pool.

    She delicately lowers herself into the water, showing all of us her delicious small ass. Hana takes her when she enters the pool and immediately shoves a finger up into her pussy.

    "Hm…! Hana! In here?!" Klein hisses but doesn't move away.

    Hana points to us and Ciel, and Klein immediately understands.

    "There are quite a lot of people fucking, too," Alissa says while her enhanced eyes scan the pool.

    Hana is even less discreet than us, attracting a few onlookers while she fingers Klein and makes her softly moan.

    I cum twice inside Lina and stay inside her. My dick is a plug for her womb, preventing all of the cum from escaping.

    "Hmm… this feels so good," Lina moans as she moves her hips and grinds my crotch.

    Roxanne becomes too distracted to teach Alissa. She hugs Ciel from the front and the two of them sink underwater. She casts [Water Breathing] on both of them and they start scissoring.

    Alissa shrugs and approaches Lina so they can both fool around.

    Soon, we calm down and I unplug myself from Lina. I cast a small [Clean] inside her so she doesn't immediately leak my cum everywhere.

    Night comes and we start feeling like leaving the pool.

    Alissa is the first to notice the increased number of lewd moans. The low light makes it harder to see, but then a couple starts outright fucking in the chairs. Soon, an orgy starts to form.

    "I won't ever share any of you, so I think it's time for us to leave," I say.

    "We could just watch you," Alissa says with a shrug.

    "I would rather not have him have sex with strangers like that," Ciel says and Roxanne agrees.

    Lina walks out with a hand holding her pussy so she doesn't leak the rest of my cum while she walks. Once inside the bath, Hana takes it upon herself to clean the little girl.

    Our bath is quick because we've been in the pool for a long time. After that, we head out of the inn and follow Klein to meet up with Anton. It's time for the most awkward dinner that I'll ever have.

    Anton greets us stiffly and I feel him holding back his muscles from crushing my hand. Krista gives me a warm hug and a kind smile, making her husband feel even more awkward.

    Ignoring her father's displeasure, Klein excitedly tells us about her day and then we share ours.

    "You two will make amazing mothers one day," Krista says to Ciel and Alissa after they tell of their day playing with the orphans. Alissa smiles so brightly that she shines while Ciel goes red and sends me repeated glances.

    Klein chuckles and says, "Yeah, and they will need all the help they can get. With five women… how many children are you planning on having?"

    "Two with each," I say casually.

    Klein laughs out loud and Krista shows an amused smile.

    "If one is already a lot of trouble, imagine ten?" Krista asks.

    Not counting Aoi's.

    "I want at least five!"

    "Klein is not part of the count?" Anton asks.

    "I'm just here temporarily," Klein happily answers for me.

    Anton turns to Klein and asks while staring her straight in the eye, "So all you do is have sex and play around while he pays for everything for you?"


    "You know what they call women who do that?"

    "Prostitutes!" She slings Hana's arm over her own shoulder.

    Everyone has a varied reaction. I keep my face calm to not egg Anton on any further.

    Anton's face twitches in anger and Krista has to pull him around so he doesn't trample over anyone caught by his stomps.

    Still angry, he turns to Hana and says, "I didn't expect you to be the one to use my daughter like this."

    "We all use one another, no matter the relationship," Hana answers and shrugs.

    Something inside him finally breaks. He facepalms and starts chuckling like a fool.

    "You always knew she was free-spirited," Krista says and squeezes her husband's arm, which he must have barely felt with those thick logs he has. "You couldn't keep her to yourself forever."

    "What… I…" Anton look lost for words.

    Krista then turns to Klein, her eyes look sharp and her tail is stiff. "And you will learn that this 'arrangement' of yours is not so simple. All of you will." Her gaze sweeps across us and ends with me.

    "We know, or at least, I know. Sex and love are sometimes hard to separate, but we will deal with whatever comes, together," I say.

    I feel something for Klein, but I won't let it grow, since our time is limited.


    Yeah, I might not fully control how love blossoms.

    Alissa speaks inside my head, "I see what you mean. Maybe we might fall in love with her, but I won't regret the time we had together. And I do like Klein."

    Krista stares at me for a while and we all go quiet.

    Soon, we finally reach the restaurant they chose. A middle-class location that they can pay for. Inside, there's a nice and comfy atmosphere that doesn't lose out to the higher-class competition. The selection of food is modest, but you can never go wrong with recipes that are thousands of years old and are made with care.

    "So, how long will it last?" Krista asks, breaking the silence.

    "After we finish this job, we will rest for a little while and then search for a dungeon to conquer," I say.

    "Two days after we reach Goldport, Rande wants to make the way back through Glorampina," Anton says, flatly.

    "So, until then."

    Klein sighs and her long tail finds her way to my waist. Krista shows some concern over Klein's dampened mood.

    "On the contrary to a certain person, I only want Klein to be happy. Just remember to not hurt each other when the time comes to leave," Krista says.

    I nod with a faint smile and [Massage] Klein's tail.

    After one last sigh, Anton suddenly stands up and extends his hand. "Let's start again. For now, I will consider you Klein's 'husband' and leave her in your care."

    I remain stunned for a moment, my spidey senses tingling, then my brain starts to process his words.

    To be her 'husband' has some connotations. It would also open the chance for us to confess love to each other, since I'm her 'husband' and not just a sex-friend. Maybe this can work as an excuse to tell Klein the truth about me. If she knows the future that truly awaits us, then maybe she won't be as keen on following us.

    I look at Klein and she seems a little stunned too.

    People here marry easily, but marriage is something you go into with conviction. Trying to just put a label of 'husband' on this relationship without any responsibility is just bullshit and not something Anton would ask for.

    I look at the girls around me. "Opinions?" I ask. Anton turns awkward as I leave him hanging, but the opinion of The Council takes precedence.

    "I'm more comfortable with this," Ciel says.

    "Seems the best for us all," Lina says.

    "Better than just being a harem 'member,'" Hana says.

    Alissa and Roxanne just shrug.

    I look at Klein and she shyly nods, then I stand up and finally grab Anton's huge hand. "I agree, I'll be her 'husband' until then."

    He chuckles once and his permanent frown deepens for a moment. We shake our hands a few times and then sit down again.

    "Well… it's finally settled, then," Krista says with an amused smile.

    "Of all things, I never imagined I would have to do this… Now that my heart is settled, bring me the dessert!" Anton orders.

    All's well that ends well…?


    Well, what else could happen in the future? The only thing that could happen is if I actually marry her, now.


    Gify laughs smugly inside my head.

    You don't have foresight, don't say things like that.


    The dinner ends with more of a casual conversation and we go our separate ways.

    Since we're waking up early tomorrow, we all just trade kisses and wish each other goodnight before going to sleep in the huge bed, all tangled together.

    Klein sleeps in the arms of Hana and tries to wrap her tail around a part of me, but the only free appendage that's free is my dick.

    Today is the 18th.

    Alissa wakes me up in her usual loving way.

    "Open up," Lina says and Alissa spits a small amount into Ciel's mouth, who takes it as if it was completely normal.

    When Ciel gets up, Lina giggles evilly and sends me a glance. "How far can we corrupt her?" She whispers.

    We quickly get dressed and have our breakfast.

    "Oh, look, Soseji," Hana says. She points to a large sausage that looks like pepperoni. I cut a slice for myself and eat it; yep, it's not-pepperoni.

    "Now where did this one come from?" Alissa questions.

    "Someone brought food from Ryutake and sold it as something exotic, but it doesn't fit in that well with this breakfast full of fruit."

    "It's lacking milk and other cold meat cuts," I say.


    We finish eating and go find Rande's caravan. We came through the western gate and now Rande is leaving through the eastern one.

    With Klein guiding us, we easily cross the morning mist and reach our destination.

    Most of the commoners are gone, Rudito included, and only a few remain. But now there's another carriage being flanked by two horsemen and five foot soldiers. It's clearly part of Rande's caravan.

    We search for him, and once he sees us, he excitedly waves for us to come over and meet him. Beside him are three very well dressed golden elves. They each are wearing traditional elven clothing and I see golden embroidery in the fine white cloth. Certainly upper-class.

    Once we are close enough, Rande starts the introductions, "Good morning, Helios. These are our three new passengers: Nobleman Ento, Noblewoman Silvina, and Root Lord Ricardo." With a short bow and a delicate wave, he points towards the trio beside him.

    "A pleasure to meet you," Silvina talks first. She's a very tall and thin woman who towers over Hana.

    "Likewise," I say.

    As the leader, I grab her hand for a short kiss. The others are introduced as my wives (even Klein, which makes her blush), so they merely touch her hand with their foreheads.

    "Greetings and good day," Ricardo says without much enthusiasm. He's an average-built man and one of the elves who wears flowers in his golden beard.

    Reluctantly, I kiss his hand, but thankfully the others don't have to do the same.

    "Greetings," Ento says and I see his smile twitch with discomfort. He's a chubby man who keeps his golden wand very visible on his wait. His eyes suddenly lock on Aoi, who's curled around Hana's neck. It was only for a short moment, but most of us noticed it.

    The longer the greetings go on, the more that Ento's smile strains. When Hana greets him, he forces himself to not look at Aoi, which makes him even more suspicious.

    "These nobles will accompany us until Goldport. Merely continue with your job as usual and everything will be fine," Rande says. His usual more casual tone is gone and he speaks with perfect enunciation. He doesn't seem to be forcing it; he's a natural at being polite when he wants to.

    We bow lightly and silently leave. None of the nobles seem interested in striking up a conversation with us. Once we turn around, they resume speaking in Ingua.

    Nito hands us our horses and my usual "monster" neighs with some mild interest once he sees me.

    "You've been doing a good job in keeping him happy, thank you," Nito says softly and my heart tightens at his cuteness.

    "You're welcome, but I just like taking good care of animals," I say.

    Roxanne's horse seems excited to see her. He didn't forget the "stimulation" that Roxanne provokes in him.

    Nito watches Roxanne mount her horse with a mix of confusion, worry, and mirth. Then he turns back to me and nods. "Anyway, keep up the good care."

    We leave Escanso in the mist of the morning and Ciel sighs as we aren't given one last view of the beautiful lake and rings of farms above it.

    Soon after we reach the ground, the Weepers start their cries again, now much stronger than they were before.

    The nobles' carriage suddenly lights up in response. The source is a huge crystal light on the roof that gives blinding radiance. This light causes the cries of the Weepers to reduce by a lot, though it doesn't make the Weepers themselves actually go away.

    Rande guides his horse towards us and says, "Can you deal with the Weepers now? They should be fairly close and I don't want to annoy the nobles."

    "I'll see what I can do," I answer.

    Rande nods once and leaves us again.

    I cast [Swift Foot] on the few remaining commoners, who happily thank me again. I also summon a light elemental and see that the nobles stare at it with curiosity. Then I spread out five Hollys, three of which will go deep into the forest to search for those pesky Weepers.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Cody Weigel.
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    Lord Novgarod.
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