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    Today is the 13th.

    Hana wakes me up and shows me her reward. She plays around with it in her mouth, nearly letting my white ambrosia leak out, then she quickly swallows it all when Aoi tries to steal it from her.

    I'm feeling a little sticky. Unlike the girls, I don't really want to use semen as a skincare treatment.

    "My back…" Osaria moans. I grab a handful of her ass and cast [Heal], making her moan in contentment. "Are you two angels from the myths? You can make all the pain go away with just a touch."

    I start the morning kisses with the girls, so Alissa replies in my stead, "Ciel was nicknamed 'Angel' by the caravan guards after our fight with Dawn of Fire."

    "All they need are wings," Lina says and gives Ciel a cute smile.

    I give my loli a deep morning kiss and a loving look. "To me, you're my little angel," I whisper, and she smiles adorably.

    My "Endurance," [Redirect Mana], [Soul Manipulation], [Spirit Magic], and [Piloting] each increased by 1 (now 16, 6, 5, 0+3, and 0+2). Huh, I got "Endurance," but no "Strength" again. I guess this is from all the sex? It's certainly an aerobic type of exercise, so it's not great for building muscle mass unless we do it in certain positions…

    Roxanne increased her [Reduced Mana Cost], [Fire Magic], and [Water Magic] by 1 (now 3+4, 4+26, and 2+28).

    Ciel increased her [Reduced Mana Cost] and [Wind Magic] by 1 (now 8+2 and 11+19).

    Lina increased by [Earth Magic] by 1 (now 2+8).

    The thoughtful Rande postponed their departure for a few hours to allow us to spend a long night together, so we don't have to hurry to get ready. We spend a few calm minutes reforming Yunia's drill hair.

    "I'm a bit envious of your hair, my niece," Osaria says.

    "Who isn't?" Ciel says, trying and failing to hide her bitter envy.

    "Even I'm envious," I say.

    "Maybe the Chimeras have an Alteration Mage that we could hire to give us hair equal to hers," Lina says.

    "An excellent idea," Roxanne says.

    "Hohoho, it makes me happy to know how much everyone wants to be an elf," Yunia smugly taunts.

    "We might as well ask the Alteration Mage to remove her tongue, too," Roxanne adds, and the two smug goddesses glare evilly at each other.

    "Your friendship is beautiful," Osaria with a cheeky smile.

    "'Friendship,'" the two of them repeat with a sneer warping their perfect faces, but I know Roxanne's true feelings.

    After Yunia's hair is made majestic again, we rent a room in the bathhouse to quickly wash ourselves, then we return to the dining hall for breakfast.

    Rande and the others are already there, nearly finished with their meals. I grin towards Rande, and he returns it in kind. Klein and Osaria are glowing with happiness, so it's quite obvious that I've successfully done my job.

    "We'll be leaving in an hour," Rande gently says as we sit down.

    Klein nods weakly, and Osaria sighs.

    My two sluts sit at my sides, then I wrap my arms around their waists. Hana and Alissa have a brief staring contest about who's sitting beside Klein, but a quick reminder about yesterday's pussy destruction resolves the dispute. Klein's tail wraps around Alissa's, and the two girlfriends smile at each other.

    "Don't wait too long to meet up with us again," Osaria says and plants her hand on my thigh.

    "We'll try to come back whenever we can. There's no reason not to," I say, and give her hand a squeeze.

    After we finish our meal, we stay in the hall and chat for a while. Klein's tail untangles from Alissa's and lands on my lap, clearly begging for one of my special massages.

    Since I have limited time left today with my concubines, I give the two of them my full and undivided attention. My wives understand, but I can still feel their jealousy increasing. I might have to actually find a way to split my body if I want to increase my harem any further. It would be impossible to keep all of them happy with just two hands and one mouth.

    I already have the multiple dicks part covered, so now I need to recreate the rest of the body. The most difficult aspect would be creating multiple consciences, but perhaps I can use [Summoning Magic] for that.

    If only shadow clone Jutsu existed in this world…

    "Let's make a picture to mark our reunion," I suggest and pull out a smoky quartz magic tool.

    "Oh, is this an [Instant Painting]?" Osaria asks, looking excited.

    "I actually have no idea what it's called," I respond.

    "Does it burn an image into a canvas?"


    "Then that's what it is."

    The more you know.

    We get up and walk to the corner of the hall, then we organize ourselves and get ready for the family picture. We get Ted and Suzy to hold the canvas and the gnomic magic tool in the air with [Telekinesis], then I feed the gem mana and run back into place to get ready for the picture.

    Lina's in the first row beside Aoi. In the second row from left to right: Klein, Alissa, Me, Ciel, and Osaria. In the third row with their heads above us: Hana, Roxanne, and Yunia. We all hug each other tight and smile.

    The tool flashes, and an image is burned into the canvas. The elven patrons send us glares, annoyed at our commotion and the sudden bright light, but none of us pay them any attention.

    We crowd around the canvas and admire our picture.

    "This tool is quite good; it created such a high quality picture," Yunia comments.

    "We should make one every year," Alissa suggests.

    Yunia nods. "That's quite common among Lords. There's a storeroom where thousands upon thousands of portraits are stored. It's a physical record of the lineage of the Lords that have ruled over the Western High Forest."

    "I bet that the portraits all look the same," Roxanne says and snickers.

    "It's our 'curse of beauty,'" Osaria says with an amused smile.

    "Cursed" with being beautiful; they don't really have as much variety in their facial features as the other races.

    Yunia rolls her eyes and says, "Come, now, both of you. Elves occasionally take other races as lovers, especially if they're polygamous."

    "But you know that the elven rules for a Chosen Descendant are very strict," Lina says.

    "That… is true," Yunia admits and pouts.

    "You didn't even deny your 'curse of beauty,'" I say with a smirk, and she rolls her eyes again.

    The time to leave eventually comes when Rande reappears in the hall again.

    Everyone suddenly starts to feel rather reluctant to leave, so we walk slowly to the west gate while I feel my heart tighten with each step. I don't want them to go away. I don't want to return to the dungeon. I just want to live a comfy life with my harem.

    We reach the caravan, then stop at the gate, and my concubines look at us lovingly.

    "I'll miss you," Klein says to me as she gives me a hug.

    I give her a peck on the lips and say, "I'll miss you, too. Always."

    She nods and smiles gently, then moves on to give her goodbyes to the others. Her tail playfully pokes me in the head as she passes me, and I bat it away while smiling wryly.

    "Come back soon," Osaria says and hugs me tight.

    "We'll try," I whisper in her ear, then I give her a deep kiss.

    Rande comes up to me, and we share a firm handshake. "After this trip is over, we'll probably rest for a month in Rabanara. We'll be waiting for you there," he says.

    "Understood. We'll definitely come back, then," I respond.

    He shows me a wide smile and says, "Stay safe, my hero." Then moves on. A chill runs through my spine as the gayness in his voice reaches uncomfortable levels.

    All of the others, even including Julien and the rest of the guards, come to say goodbye. The guards, specifically, hope to go drinking with us the next time we meet. Hana and Roxanne definitely won't let us pass up that opportunity if we get the chance.

    With nobody else ahead of the caravan in line, they quickly pass through customs, so we give them one last kiss before they finally leave town.

    Osaria gently pets her singing bird while smiling contentedly inside the carriage. I wonder if I should've given her a different summon that allowed her to pet it more "intensively."

    We stay inside the town and wait as the caravan calmly makes its way forward. When they're finally nothing more than ants to our sight, we turn around and leave.

    We end our stay at the inn and recover the beds. The sheets are going to need a lot of washing…

    We return to our mansion in Goloria and begin our preparations to re-enter the dungeon.

    As I move my points around, I start to dread what's to come. I don't want to fight anymore, but I will. I need to fight if I ever want to achieve my dream of a comfy life with my harem.

    I want to create a women's sanctuary. A place where only women, and me, of course, are allowed to enter. It'll be a place where we can all live happily in harmony and with a distinct scarcity of clothing.

    With the way that Escanso's castle and the Shell are set up, there's no better place for my Sanctuary than there. Concubines, maids, female knights, guests, and my wives. A carnival of women to satisfy my desires, and, of course, Alissa to help me out.

    I laugh evilly inside my head while the girls cross through the [Gate].

    We return to our ship and once again take in the gaudy environment that is the Golden Docks. We see a sleek, yacht-like ship with four huge wings parked on one of the platforms. It's as opulent as everything else here with its vibrant, light blue colors and, of course, details in gold.

    I take the golems out, and our guides immediately appear with wide smiles. They walk across the retractable bridge and casually board our ship.

    "Good morning, Ryders," Hukarere immediately greets me and offers me a handshake.

    As I get closer to take her hand, I smell a sweet and thick fragrance coming from her. She definitely put on perfume today.

    "Morning, Hukarere, Ririmu," I reply and shake her hand. Her pale breasts with ghost-like nipples jiggle slightly.

    "Do you have any need for our services today?" Ririmu asks.

    "Certainly," I eagerly respond.

    "The Honored One, Oritiki, wanted to know if you'd like to spar with her," Hukarere says.

    I look back, and Hana's eyes tell me that I can't say no. Even Hukarere seems interested, so, of course, Alissa also piles on for me to say yes.

    "We're delighted to accept," I respond.

    We strip down to our underwear again and don our thin robes. Roxanne's perversion starts to seep through [Bind], encouraging me to unsheathe my greatsword.

    "Do it," she whispers in a sultry tone.

    Yunia and Ciel raise their eyebrows, unaware of the succubus trying to influence my mind.

    "I'm not ready to let any of you walk naked, so I don't want to encourage anyone by doing so myself," I say and give a knowing glance towards Hana, who immediately sends back a grin.

    "I enjoy seeing you showing off. It brings me some pride to say that you're my man," Yunia says, then looks away, slightly embarrassed.

    "I think exactly the same," Alissa says.

    "Fuck yes! Show them your spiky dragon cock," Hana says, and Aoi nods repeatedly.

    Ciel shrugs and says, "I'm not going naked."

    Lina puckers her lips in thought. "Make us proud, I guess?" She says without much conviction and tilts her head, making her cute bangs sway slightly.

    I snort, then I pull off my trunks and create a long, spiky, white dragon penis.

    "Holy shit!" Hukarere exclaims.

    "It was true…" Ririmu mutters.

    "So, the rumors have already spread?" I ask with a cheeky smirk.

    He smiles wryly, then regains his composure and says, "Well… I apologize, but yes. The way that you bragged about your… 'skill' was very peculiar, which made a lot of people quite curious."

    "Doesn't this hurt?" Hukarere asks, her eyes glued to my cock.

    "You mean when I fuck someone? It depends," I respond.

    "It definitely hurts, but that's the best part," Hana says with a grin.

    Hukarere starts chuckling nervously, then sighs and shakes her head. "You'll definitely attract more attention now, but let me tell you that they're going to be mostly male."

    "Fuck," I let my inner thoughts out.

    "Ye~~ah… hahahahaha," Ririmu laughs a little awkwardly.

    "Too late to go back on it now," Hana says and gives me an encouraging slap on my back.

    I pump myself up with a flare of my dragon wildness, then we head out into the town.

    As they said, I didn't get the kind of attention that I was aiming for.

    "Nice cock, human!" A cat-headed muscle brain yells as we quickly pass by.

    "Are you sure you know how to use that spiky club?!" A salt-and-pepper black-haired dragonkin yells as he stares intensely at my dangling member.

    Not only am I getting cat-called by men, but my skin is starting to itch because of my huge magnum dong repeatedly slapping my thighs, prickling me with its spikes.

    "Daddy taught us not to be ashamed of our dicks, especially since they're such a good size and all," I mutter. Roxanne and Hana are very interested in the mental image that I have in my head now.

    I miss my memes…

    On the bright side, if I ever turned gay, I'm pretty sure that I could easily drown in dicks.

    Not going to happen, though…

    The town may be rather dark due to the clouds, but it's certainly not a cold place. The perpetually starry sky; the comfy dim lights; the cute, boxy houses; the clouds that slowly change color; the slightly warm air; and the naked, weird-looking people everywhere makes for a very "alien" atmosphere. Even in the High Forest or Rabanara, I've never felt such a strong "alien" feeling, and those places are pretty fantastical and weird.

    We walk through the town towards the north side, and we reach a set of nearly identical white and black two-story mansions built in the modern minimalist style: box-like rooms, a horizontal and straight roof, and floor-to-ceiling windows covering the front-facing walls. It's so boxy and straight that it actually satisfies Lina's dwarven aesthetics.

    "What an interesting style. It would fit in well among the surface houses, though I'm not sure that many people would like having an entire wall of glass," she says.

    "Yeah, it feels way too 'open' to me. I prefer small windows that can easily be covered," Yunia says.

    "Looks perfect to me," Hana comments with a shrug.

    "Aren't your people the ones who like to expose their bodies all the time?" Roxanne asks Yunia.

    "We're also the people who created the Shells; we're reclusive by nature. We're proud of our perfect bodies, but we only show them off when we want to," she responds.

    "You get tired of being naked?" Ririmu asks.

    "You don't?" Yunia returns the question right back at him.

    He shrugs. "For me, this is normal."

    "Being naked all the time would be too stimulating, but at some point, it would become 'normal' again, taking the fun out of being naked," Roxanne says.

    Ciel asks with a raised eyebrow, "Talking from experience?"

    "Seeing your bare cow tits was very 'stimulating' the first few times. It still is, but I certainly don't get wet instantly anymore just from seeing them," she answers with a grin, and Ciel rolls her eyes.

    "So, you're all excited by seeing us?" Hukarere asks.

    "You bet. So many dicks, but I can't suck or fuck any of them…" Hana answers with a sigh.

    I hold her hand and earnestly tell her, "You can have me anytime you want."

    Her face melts into a warm smile, and she kisses my hand. "I know I can, I just hold myself back for a while to make things more interesting."

    I chuckle. "Oh, I see…"

    "So, this excites you?" Hukarere asks, then squeezes one of her honkers with her hand, plants one foot on a garden bench, and spreads her pink lips with her other hand. I see that her delicious cock-sleeve is wet with a sticky, clear substance

    "Wha-… aren't you excited?" Ririmu asks, staring intently at her lips.

    "His dick has been 'growing' in me," Hukarere says, and we almost groan at her pun.

    "I'm pretty sure that any man would get excited by just looking at a wet pussy," Hana says, also staring intently at her, imagining her taste. We can definitely both say that there's a degree of novelty in fucking a supposed "ghost" like her.

    Ririmu's pink monster starts to peek out from within his sheath, and my dragon cock unconsciously stands erect.

    "Seeing someone as beautiful as you going around naked all the time has made me perpetually excited," I say.

    Ririmu breathes deeply, and his small pink thing returns to its sheath.

    The sexy, white wolf uses one finger to scoop some lewdness from her wet cunt, then sensually licks it with her long tongue while grinning.

    "Just fuck her already," Roxanne complains inside my soul space.

    "Patience. A true hunter waits for the perfect moment to strike," Alissa responds.

    "She's almost ripe," Hana says.

    "You're all predators," Lina says

    "And you're the prey," Hana continues that line, and her predatory yellow eyes open up inside my mind.

    I stop them there before my "Sanity" lowers again, then I undo the spikes of my magnum dong and grab it with both of my hands.

    "If you don't stop teasing me, we'll have to make a short stop so that I can masturbate," I say.

    Hukarere laughs out loud and replies "I'm sorry, Wolf Ryder. I'll try not to 'stimulate' you so much."

    "I'm not saying that 'stimulating' me is a bad thing, though."

    She nods while smiling. "I'll keep that in mind."

    We approach the largest mansion in the neighborhood. It's four stories high and still follows the same modern minimalist style as the other buildings here.

    There's a simple gate with two common guards standing in front of it, who let us pass after a quick word from our guides. We walk along a rock path through a grass garden that takes us around the house, then we come out into the backyard. There's a wide patio with a pool, some obvious barbecue equipment, and a large veranda with a few dining tables.

    About twenty horned and winged Chimeras and a dozen more with assorted parts are having a small party in the backyard. As if Hukarere wasn't enough, there are now a few Chimeras having some fun that I'd like to partake in.

    Oritiki herself is entertaining two men on a lavish lounging couch, but she immediately stops when she sees us and comes over for a greeting while the men quickly follow her.

    "Wolf Ryder! I'm glad you came!" She exclaims. She runs her hands down her body and casts multiple instant [Clean]s to dry herself off. The men also dry their dicks, but they keep them fully erect as they walk towards us.

    "One of my wives is a dragonkin, surely you can understand that it'd be hard for me to say no?" I ask with a cheeky smile, which she returns.

    Our guides bow to her while the girls and I give her a respectful nod.

    "These are my husbands…" -She swings her arms over the shoulders of each man, then pushes them forward. She's a bit taller than both of them- "Korito and Rei. My husbands, these are Wolf Ryder, Alissa…"

    Korito is Thor, a muscular, blonde human man with fair skin, a thick beard, and long hair. Rei is a warthog-head man with a slick, blue with black spots, merfolk chest; thick, blue lizard arms and hands; and rainbow-scaled merfolk legs.

    "We've heard a lot about you, Ryder," Korito says. His voice is very gruff and manly.

    "Our wife seems very 'interested' in you," Rei says, and I notice a hint of displeasure. His voice is even deeper and rougher, easily booming through the air.

    Oritiki rolls her eyes and smiles, then she notices the prickly monster between my legs. "I assume this is the rumored skill?" She asks in an amused tone.

    I grab the monster and grow it into an even bigger club, then I change its texture to rough lizard skin. "I have a few 'special skills,'" I say with a grin. Her husbands are speechless, too amazed to speak.

    "That's not [Mana Genitals], right?" She asks.

    "Nope. It's something else. Well, I do have that skill, but it's much more limited than this one," I answer and show them my real dick.

    "Do you know how to use it?" Thor suddenly asks, still staring at the monster. The way that the two men are looking at me makes me uncomfortable.

    "I have seven wives, so of course I do," I respond with a chuckle.

    "Can you use a sword as well as you can use your cock?" Rei asks and gives me a familiar fearsome smile. If I had to guess, he probably has some dragonkin blood in him.

    "It's why we're here," I say and glance at Hana while smiling anxiously. The Celestial Horns are some sort of elite unit, and it's not every day that you get the opportunity to fight someone as strong as Oritiki, so even I'm getting interested in sparring.

    "So, who goes first?" Oritiki asks.

    "Can I?" Hana asks, and I nod.

    "How do you fight?" Oritiki asks her.

    "Bastard sword and shield. I'm both a magic swordswoman and a spell sword," Hana says. Oritiki and her husbands seem impressed by her words.

    "Which spells can you cast?" Oritiki asks.

    We don't want them to underestimate us if we're going to work together, so she tells them all of the spells that she can cast.

    "I knew you weren't an average explorer," Oritiki says, and a crazed look starts to form on her face. "We'll be fighting first."

    The patio is cleared, and everybody stops playing around to observe the duel. They'll be using sharp weapons and protection for the heart, neck, and brain. Two semi-nude beauties with massive badonkers are going to give us a special show.

    "Try not to aim at her underwear. If she's exposed, I'm stopping the duel until she's dressed again, no matter what," I state, and Oritiki nods in understanding.

    Hana's sexy underwear won't be enough to hold her dobonhonkeros, so she switches to a tight sash. The small, lacy Snow Weave thong remains, though.

    Oritiki's expression turns wild, and her cunt drips with excitement. With a *poof*, she pulls out her golden glaive, then squeezes her dohoonkabhankoloos as she says, "Let's give them an entertaining 'performance,' shall we?"

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Prince PreownedFIN.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Lord DJ.
    Lord Ashadun.
    Lord Michale Erwin.
    Lord Enrique Peña Gomez.
    Lord Braidborn.
    Lord Bakerdea.
    Lord Yeeteris Dedmeem.
    Lord D4rk Sheep.
    Lord Nathan Vanbrunt.
    Lord Markus.
    Lord Maurice.
    Lord Badger.
    Lord Krawn.
    Lord Remco.
    Lord Empyrean.
    Lord Asakurà.
    Lord Cidant.
    Lord Mattirro Draca.
    Lord Joshua Tal.
    Noble Salty Panda.
    Noble Yamibomb112.
    Noble Mild Fracas.
    Noble Aclys.
    Noble Tyler Mills.
    Noble Samuel Steinike.
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    Who'd have guessed that an elite force would be filled with battle freaks? Me neither.

    Oritiki's angel wings increase in size and spread out. Hana copies her and spreads her own dragon wings. Hana's are unfortunately inferior to Oritiki's, but for this fight, they should be enough.

    I can see that Oritiki also has [Wind Armor], but since they're both naked, its effectiveness isn't that great.

    Hana hides her body and most of her face behind her black kite shield, then points her emerald bastard sword at Oritiki. She leans her body forward and lowers her stance to protect her legs, her most vulnerable area. She straps her shield to her arm to give her a more stable defense and to allow her to use both hands for her bastard sword if needed.

    Hana's eyes mirror Oritiki's wildness. They're like two hungry beasts getting ready to kill each other, two forces of nature whose sole desire is to rip each other to pieces.

    Oritiki grips her ornate golden glaive with both hands near the base, then points it forward. She's ready to exploit her reach advantage, which would otherwise be a death sentence for Hana if she didn't have her shield. Unfortunately for Oritiki, Hana's also very adept at fighting a glaive user from dueling with Ciel as much as she has.

    "I'm ready," Oritiki says.

    "I'm ready," Hana confirms.

    "Alright… duel START!" Ciel gives the signal.

    They carefully make their way towards each other, moving cautiously since neither of them knows much about the other's style.

    Hana enters Oritiki's reach and receives a probing jab. She deflects it with her shield and tries to slash back in response, but her sword isn't long enough to touch Oritiki.

    The prodding strikes from Oritiki continues as she analyzes Hana's skill. She predictably aims for Hana's legs, but my ferocious dragonkin is aware of her weak points and quickly dodges the attack.

    Hana suddenly activates [Wind Shield] and pushes the golden glaive away, then jumps forward, getting inside Oritiki's guard. She strikes with her sword, but it's deflected by a shining shortsword, then Oritiki glides backward in a way that's very similar to mine.

    Oritiki's golden sword finishes its transformation and stops glowing, then she [Switch]es it back to a glaive.

    The attacks intensify, but both women are still fighting too conservatively to actually wound each other.

    "You have some skill. I'd say your [Sword Use] is around twenty with a few points in a style, correct?" Oritiki asks while grinning.

    "Yeah," Hana responds gruffly.

    Oritiki's glaive starts to glow and give off "dangerous" mana. She's threatening to use [Beam]. The glow becomes so bright that it hurts to look at it, forcing Hana to go on the defensive.

    She receives a slash on her shield arm's shoulder from not being able to properly see Oritiki's attacks, then jumps backward with the aid of her wings to think up a counter for them.

    Blood seeps from her shallow wound and stains her sash. Her perfect, tanned skin has been damaged, making me feel anguished about her injury. I love making her feel pain, but I dislike wounding her during sparring. Now, seeing someone else wound her makes me so very displeased but also jealous. Knowing that she's not using [Pain Conversion] brings me some degree of comfort, but she's still enjoying the pain.

    Hana continues dodging Oritiki for a few more seconds, then she suddenly stops, and her predatory dragon eyes narrow in determination. She understands that she has no counter for Oritiki's glow, so she'll fight fire with fire.

    She casts [Ghost Lights] repeatedly.

    Oritiki winces and retreats, then Hana immediately uses her wings to charge at full speed, kicking up a dust storm behind her with a single flap of her wings.

    She enters Oritiki's reach and hides behind her shield, then activates [Wind Shield] while dropping low.

    Oritiki dodges to the side as her glaive cuts into Hana's back, but in return, she receives a deep gouge in her thick-skinned lizard leg from a two-handed slash. [Wind Armor] is far too weak to have any meaningful effect against their clean strikes towards exposed flesh.

    Hana stops casting and reforms her posture while Oritiki looks down at her leg with a frown. The wound is deep enough to cut into muscle, so she'll have to use her wings to move.

    The gray stone patio is stained with the vibrant red blood dripping down from their wounds. The crowd is absolutely silent, too enthralled by the duel to even whisper among themselves.

    Oritiki snorts, then the crazed grin returns to her face as she says, "Hmph, I underestimated your magic swordsman capabilities, but I'll be fighting you seriously from now on."

    Hana laughs and shows her characteristic fearsome smile. "You'd better. I told you my spells because I want this duel to last," she growls a response.

    "Do you have [Intimidate]?" Oritiki asks.

    Hana nods. "I do."

    Oritiki laughs heartily. "You should put more points into that skill. You're giving me chills."

    Hana snorts and hides behind her shield again, so Oritiki enters her fighting stance too. The [Ghost Lights] assault returns, forcing Oritiki to squint.

    Both of them are attacking each other's vision, but they soldier on and maintain their gazes on their opponent. Their eyes water from the strain, but there's no alternative; they can only endure it.

    "Gods, aren't you an annoying enemy!" Hana taunts.

    "You have the audacity to tell me that?!" Oritiki yells back, incredulous, then laughs out loud.

    Hana grins, unnerving Oritiki for a split second. "Normally, my opponent would be completely blind by now. You're making me waste so much mana!"

    "That makes two of us!" Oritiki yells, indignant.

    Both of them have high "Endurance" and "Willpower," but no counter for the spells being used, making these kinds of physical illusions not very effective, but also impossible to negate. Hana's [Rainbow Crystal] increases the effectiveness of her spell, making it comparable to an Illusion mage initiate, but it's not enough to fully blind Oritiki.

    Hana starts moving towards Oritiki again, who then raises her back hand to her cheek, aiming her golden glaive almost like a rifle. Hana immediately recognizes the danger. Her wings flap, and she charges forward.

    Oritiki unleashed [Beam], aiming directly towards Hana's shield. [Dead Zone] diverts the spell, but not by much. It's one thing to divert a lightning bolt, but it's another thing entirely to divert photons coming at the speed of light.

    An enchantment lights up along the patio's floor, and the [Beam] instantly fades into nothing well before it can hit the crowd.

    Oritiki's spell intensifies when she feeds it even more mana as it clips Hana's shield. Fortunately, the spell doesn't have enough time to melt through it before Hana enters Oritiki's reach, forcing her to defend.

    Oritiki dodges upwards, unscathed by Hana's charge. She stops in the air, well out of reach, then charges back down, using her wings just like Hana.

    Her glaive strikes the black kite shield head-on and drives into the wood, almost getting stuck. It seems that this glaive also has a bit of Okross in it.

    [Wind Shield] activates in the next split second and pushes Oritiki away, but that helps her retreat fast enough that Hana can't counter in time.

    Oritiki charges twice again, but Hana manages to deflect the blade and preserve her shield. Each charge marks the patio with a thin, spotty line of blood that continues to drip from Oritiki's leg.

    "Maybe trying to skewer me with your horn would be better!" Hana taunts. Oritiki huffs loudly, but the anger in her face quickly disappears, and she regains her stern glare.

    On the fourth charge, Hana launches an [Earth Bullet] before the glaive reaches her, forcing Oritiki to defend. Then she charges upwards, and her sword arm splits into two as [Double Image] activates.

    Oritiki flies backward, preferring to dodge the illusionary attack, but Hana gives chase, and they trade blows with each other.

    "RAAAAAAH!" Hana yells in rage, showing why she gained the title "Thousand Strikes."

    But in return, the leader of the Celestial Horns shows why they're an elite unit. She remains calm and focuses on her defense, managing a fighting retreat while Hana exhausts herself with a flurry of attacks that don't connect with her target.

    Blood continues to seep from their wounded and sweaty bodies, then rains down after each attack.

    Hana eventually gets a deep cut on her cheek, slicing cleanly through her emerald scales, but she still fails to reach Oritiki.

    Oritiki tries to cast [Beam] again to get some breathing room, but Hana is keenly aware of the danger of that spell and pressures Oritiki even harder with [Wind Shield]. The enchantment keeps Hana safe, but it also makes it impossible for her attacks to reach Oritiki.

    Hana decides to try something new. She hides behind her shield, then it suddenly splits into two as [Double Image] activates again. Oritiki doesn't know which one to strike, so she makes a sweeping horizontal slash, aiming to hit both of them at the same time.

    The shield to the right was an illusion, and it perfectly hid Hana's attack. Her sword pierces through the illusion, and she stretches herself to the limit. She manages to stab into Oritiki's right ribs, but it doesn't pierce deep enough to puncture the lung. This time, [Wind Armor] was useful in reducing the effectiveness of the desperate attack.

    Hana tries to widen the wound by slashing, but her attack is stopped by Oritiki's shortsword.

    Hana casts [Telekinesis] on Oritiki's body, forcing her to stop in the air while allowing the sword to sink deeper into her ribs. But using this spell means that Hana stopped using [Ghost Lights], allowing Oritiki to clearly see her opponent.

    Hana growls in pain as Oritiki's sword suddenly flashes and blinds her, then Oritiki bats her weapon away. Hana reflexively breathes fire in a wide plume to buy time for her eyes to recover, but Oritiki dodges the flames and flies to her flank with inhuman speed.

    Hana detects the mana burst coming from Oritiki's wings and casts [Torrent] at its source while retreating. It hits Oritiki's left angel wing, breaking it and leaving it bent backward, but it does little to disrupt her flight.

    Now able to clearly see her blind opponent, Oritiki flies upwards and makes a deadly, accurate chop towards Hana's neck, easily avoiding her shield. The blade sinks a centimeter through her skin before getting stopped by her neck guard.

    "STOP!" Thor and I yell at the same time. Oritiki won; Hana would've been decapitated without the neck guard.

    "NGHRAAAH!" Hana lets out a scream in frustration, and fire bursts from her mouth.

    She holds her profusely bleeding neck and quickly drops to the ground.

    Alissa's will enters my mind and makes me go towards Oritiki while Ciel rushes to Hana. I know that the Chimeras have fairly good healing knowledge, but they don't have an instant [Heal] like I do.

    "May I touch you? I can cast [Heal] on you this way," I ask Oritiki with a gentle smile.

    "Oh? Sure," she answers, then she suddenly coughs softly and spews blood; it splatters onto the floor before she can cover her mouth. "Apologies. I hate lung wounds…"

    None of the blood got on me, so I'm fine. I touch her ribs, just below her massive, delicious, juicy, enticing black cow tits, and cast [Heal]. The wound closes instantly, not even leaving a scar behind. I immediately cast it again on her thigh, then on her broken wing that she straightened out herself, and finally, one last time on her whole body to handle any remaining wounds.

    I find it rather odd that I'm using [Heal] on a "ghost," and it works. It's even more odd that it cost me much less than it normally would given the extent of her wounds. But certainly, the strangest thing is that she bleeds at all.

    Through Alissa's eyes, I can see that Oritiki's husbands certainly don't like me touching her. Seeing them like this gives me a dark and very sadistic desire to steal Oritiki for myself.

    Netorare is the forbidden fruit, but netori is its equally enticing cousin that's of legal age. I won't do it, though, because I'd be a massive asshole if I persuaded a married woman to cheat.

    I go over to Hana and help clean all of the blood off of her body. Her sash will need some washing, though.

    We recover her scales that were sliced off, and I apply [Regeneration] to them.

    Oritiki comes over and extends her hand to Hana. "That was a glorious fight. Thank you for dueling me," she says.

    Hana takes her offer, and they share a powerful handshake.

    "Heh, I'll say the same, it was truly glorious. Thanks for the fight, but I'd rather not fight you again, at least not with magic," Hana responds and gives her a fearsome smile.

    Oritiki rolls her eyes and chuckles. "Ugh, you don't have to say that twice. I think I can still see your [Ghost Lights] when I close my eyes."

    The other Celestial Horns surround us to praise Hana and share some light banter with Oritiki.

    "You're getting old, Oritiki! You almost got shit on!" The blue goat taunts.

    Lina's Trivia: that's a Chimeric saying that implies an image of a bigger bird that's flying high shitting on a smaller bird that's flying low.

    "Hey, hey, hey! Fighting without our Heavenly Armor is a completely different thing!" Oritiki barks.

    For some reason, I feel like her white glowing armor would make it impossible for any of us to kill her.

    After just a short minute, Hana's scales are shining again.

    "You're both quite skilled healers," Oritiki comments as she observes us.

    "Thank you," Ciel says with a smile.

    Lina's Trivia: [Heal] became much more powerful after the Humanoid Gods ascended, so it wasn't the most common healing method of the time.

    "Is that also a Domum specialty?" Oritiki asks.

    "It's a land-dweller specialty," I reply, then I kiss Hana's cheek scales, and she makes them wave in happiness.

    "So, who's next?" Paraaone asks, a hint of eagerness in his voice. He's a brown bull that acted as Oritiki's bodyguard when we first met.

    "I'll be next," a new voice comes from behind us. We turn around and see Kaatohe Ngerua standing before us in a sassy posture with one hand on her hip. "And I want a duel with you," she continues and points a clawed finger at me. Her amber cat eyes stare at me intently with a mix of smugness and wildness.

    I smile diplomatically and say, "It'd be my pleasure. What kind of fighter are you?"

    "Magic swordswoman. My focus is on [Rush] and [Perfect Intake], but I can also use [Regeneration]. I use a longsword enchanted with [Shocking Touch], but it also has [Telekinesis] for deeper cuts," she answers.


    "I'm a magic swordsman, too. I use [Telekinesis] to glide around the ground and strike. I can [Heal] myself, use [Constricting Vines], create javelins with [Vine Weapon], cast all early [Electric Magic] and [Space Magic], and the initial elemental and [Illusion Magic] spells. My shortsword is enchanted with [Double Strike]."

    "And you can also summon elementals, too," Oritiki adds.

    "Is there anything you can't do?" Kaatohe asks, but there's not much amusement in her voice, she's really annoyed, for some reason.

    I smile wryly while the girls tease me through [Bind]. Ciel's face tells me exactly what she's thinking.

    "Is that… true?" Thor asks, stunned.

    "You'll know soon enough if it isn't," I calmly answer.

    "I thought that your dragon wife was powerful, but you're ridiculous," Rei says, then exhales loudly through his nose.

    Ciel's mouth twitches repeatedly. She's about to burst.

    I take off my robe and let them all bask in my glorious body. I hear a few murmurs as they guess about where I got my scars, then Alissa starts retelling the story of each of them. I smile proudly and return my dick back to normal.

    Kaatohe raises an eyebrow and casually asks, "Can't you leave it as it was before? It was rather attractive."

    "It would distract me from our duel," I say with a smile.

    "That'd make two of us." The casual way that she says this amuses me a little.

    "Perhaps another time."

    "Hmph. Fine."

    I can't admit that I'm scared of my long cock getting targeted by her sword.

    As we quickly warm up, I change my skill points around. I'd taken some from my sword skills to put them in [Reo Language]. Since I'm not going to be using [Godly Language] right now, I take ten points out of it and use them to return my sword skills to how they were before.

    Kaatohe draws an ornate Kanal longsword, which glows with its characteristic blue light. It's been gilded with gold, making it look rather ceremonial.

    I pull out my simple emerald fang sword and my old steel heater shield covered in emerald scales, then I enter my fighting stance. I grip my shield and point the brim forward, Viking style. My black kite shield is enchanted with [Wind Shield] and [Dead Zone], but it's too heavy for the style that I'm going for right now.

    A large round shield would've worked better, but we only have kite and heater shields. Oh, well…

    Kaatohe enters the fool's stance, her hands are level with her waist while her sword points down. Her body is slender, petite, and less defined than Alissa's, but I still find her extremely alluring. Her bronze skin, her cute breasts, her orange gentleman's mustache. She's a work of art.

    She analyzes my stance, then her face softens into one of curiosity. "You're not going to use a spear?" She asks.

    "Nope. Never touched a spear, actually."

    She smiles smugly, looking slightly pleased. "A peasant's weapon," she says in a snobbish tone.

    I chuckle softly, then our faces harden as we get ready for the duel.

    "Would you allow me to cast [Perfect Intake] before we start?" She asks.

    "Sure," I reply with a nod.

    This will make things more interesting.

    She chants for thirty seconds, then succeeds in casting it. Her chest inflates as she inhales deeply, then it stops moving, yet she doesn't suffocate. This spell gives her perfect oxygenation without the need to actively breathe. It's a strong sign about what her style will be like.

    Gify, hit me with the good stuff.


    "I'm ready," she says.

    Energy and excitement course through my veins. My dragonator threatens to harden, but I'm experienced enough to keep it under control. I'm ready to fight, to maim, to show them all who has the biggest dick around here!

    "I'm ready," I say with a grunt.

    "Alright, then… duel START!" Ciel gives the signal.

    Kaatohe casts [Rush] and dashes towards me. Lighting crackles along the ground following her steps, and her blade rises up, ready to pierce me.

    I slide to the side and defend with my shield. I hear the sound of her blade scraping against the scales, then I blindly slash low, aiming at her legs.

    Lighting crackles, and I only cut through the air. I take a look at my shield and notice a cracked scale. Impressive.

    Kaatohe immediately attacks again, and I'm put on the defensive, struggling to defend myself against her flurry of blows. My cheeks and shoulders are nicked, but it's nothing debilitating.

    Her strikes get heavier and heavier as she gains momentum.

    I cast [Lightning Bolt] to throw her off balance, and it hits her square in the chest. She growls and retreats to heal and give herself some time for the numbness to pass.

    "Aren't you going to heal yourself?" She asks.

    "Wouldn't that be unfair to you?" I ask back with a smirk.

    She purrs like a cat and laughs once. "You're going to need every advantage you can get to defeat me."

    I growl and point my sword at her. "I'll teach you not to underestimate others."

    She opens her arms wide and grins smugly, showing her fangs. "This is why we're here: so that I can determine your worth."

    Oh yeah? OH YEAH?!

    The excitement is so great that I can't stop my cock from standing erect. It reminds me of when I dueled Yunia. I'm getting a strong desire to defeat her and make her mine in front of everyone.

    Oh, wait, is this the dragon visions having an effect on me?


    Oh, well. I just pray that she isn't married.

    I lick my lips and stare intently at her alluring body. "Then I won't hold back. I'll show you my everything."

    "I've already seen your 'everything.'" She sends a glance to my cock.

    "You haven't felt it, yet."

    She chuckles and purrs sensually, sending a shiver of excitement through my spine, and my dragonator drips with precum.

    Oh, my Gods, this place is going to make me go insane!

    She switches to Andraste and speaks with a heavy, sexy accent, dragging the 'r's. "Then come, try me, human."

    I'll come, alright.

    I cast [Rush] and go on the offensive.

    We clash and trade furious blows. At such a high speed, our accuracy plummets. However, our skill with the sword still matters, and hers is higher than mine. Even my [Soul Manipulation] isn't enough; it's too slow to catch her. I fail to get into her guard and receive a painful cut on my shield arm in return.

    Her "Speed" and "Dexterity" are definitely higher, too. She might even have [Enhanced Reflexes], a very useful skill to pair with [Rush].

    Her sword scrapes against my skin and it turns into a rainbow of color as [Rainbow Shield] reduces [Shocking Touch]'s power.

    I cast [Constricting Vines] in front of me, and she retreats, giving me time to deal with the shock. My arm is numb, but it quickly recovers.

    While I struggle to breathe, her chest remains unmoving. The only indication that she's under any physical stress is the sweat that's gathering on her bronze skin.

    "You're slower than me; you can't win with just [Rush]," she says.

    "Watch me," I respond with a grin.

    I dual cast [Gravity Crush] and [Rush]. I growl with effort as a headache assaults me.

    Kaatohe winces in pain, surprise stamped on her face. She takes too long to react, and I slash her chest. I avoid her breasts and open a diagonal wound right on her sternum.

    She yells out in pain and finally interrupts my [Gravity Crush], then immediately counterattacks. The pain slows her down a little, and my relentless assault prevents her from using [Regeneration] to close the wound.

    Then her face starts to warp in anger, and she hisses at me while showing her fangs. Her attacks suddenly become heavier and crack multiple scales on my shield.

    I cast [Telekinesis] on her sword, making it lighter, and I angle my shield so that her attack slides off it, then I strike her sword with my own, forcing it upwards. Her face shifts to surprise again as her sword overshoots, leaving her open.

    I lean forward and jab the brim of my shield at her snout. I try to follow up with my sword, but [Battlefield Perception] triggers, and I parry instead. Her sword comes back fiercely fast, and its tip hits my sword's hilt. I feel like a wall is crashing into me as its momentum is way too much for me to stop it.

    I have the mechanical advantage by parrying at the hilt, but I can't even divert her strike to the side. My sword arm lowers, too weak to handle her attack.

    I try to hold it back with [Telekinesis], but it's too little, too late. She drives the sword forward, and the tip cleaves into my shoulder. [Shocking Touch] immediately activates, and I completely lose the strength to hold her back.

    The blade slices through my collarbone, and I scream out in agony. My vision goes dark and my body goes numb from the spell and the pain it inflicts.

    NO, NOT YET!

    "RAAAA~!" I howl in anger, and power courses through my body, giving me my second wind.


    Before she can remove her sword, I materialize a dragon scale hand from my shoulder and grip the blade, then I create a dagger-tail and stab her in the gut.

    "Nghraow…" She lets out a groan of pain mixed with a meow.

    I drop my shield and grab her by the throat, then I lift her off the ground and cast [Shocking Touch].

    She somehow resists it and tries to pull the longsword back, but my scaled hand has a death grip on it.

    I slam her onto the ground, and she finally lets go of the sword, then I mount her and choke her while I form another dragon scale fist and punch her in the face. She glares at me angrily and grabs my hand that's currently choking her, still trying to resist.

    I regain a bit of my sanity and morph the dragon fist into a dagger-tail, then I lightly stab it into her neck.

    "STOP!" Thor and Ciel yell.

    I release her neck, and she gasps for air. I lurch forward from the pain and fatigue and nearly collapse on top of her. My shoulder is still bleeding profusely, so I immediately cast a [Heal] on it.

    Her eyes then lower to my cock, which is pointing towards her face and so close to her snout that she can smell the precum. This makes me pause for a moment as I take in our currently horrifying situation. My white, bare chest and back are now completely stained red with my blood; my erect cock is right between her small breasts, covered in her blood from pressing against her still open chest wound; her bronze skin and leopard fur are thoroughly bloodied; and her long, pointy nipples are fully erect.

    Ciel touches me and casts another [Heal] on my shoulder, finally closing it while leaving a scar behind.

    Oh nice, new souvenir.

    I chuckle and collapse beside Kaatohe. Ciel switches to healing her and closes all of her wounds and fixes her bleeding snout.

    I finish healing myself, then Alissa kneels beside me and starts [Cleaning] all of the blood off of my skin.

    After a few more seconds, Kaatohe is fully healed, then she starts purring, sounding quite content.

    The others gather close around us to give us praise.

    "That was a brutal fight," Rei comments.

    "Magic swordsmen are quite deadly. I wasn't expecting anything less," Oritiki says and nods in satisfaction.

    "I'd prefer if you didn't use [Entangling Vines] in our backyard," Thor complains. I then see that a few of the patio stones were uprooted by my vines.


    Kaatohe sits up as Ciel [Clean]s the blood off of her, then turns to me. Her expression is blank, still recovering from the brutality of our duel.

    "So, have you measured my worth?" I ask with a cheeky smirk.

    A smug smile slowly graces her lips, and she snorts. "Yes, I have."

    "And what do I get?"

    "The highest honor you can receive: my respect," she says in an exaggeratedly pompous tone, perfectly enunciating each word.

    "Is that all? I was expecting something a little more… physical," I say in a low, deep tone.

    She chuckles and gets up. "That's all… for now." Then she turns around and walks over to the pool. Her hips have gained a noticeable sway, giving the impression that she's dangling her tight, leopard ass in front of me. I stare intently at her curves and notice that her cunt is glistening with her lewdness.

    "Hana, come with me, I need to fuck something," I demand.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Prince PreownedFIN.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Lord DJ.
    Lord Ashadun.
    Lord Michale Erwin.
    Lord Enrique Peña Gomez.
    Lord Braidborn.
    Lord Bakerdea.
    Lord Yeeteris Dedmeem.
    Lord D4rk Sheep.
    Lord Nathan Vanbrunt.
    Lord Markus.
    Lord Maurice.
    Lord Badger.
    Lord Krawn.
    Lord Remco.
    Lord Empyrean.
    Lord Asakurà.
    Lord Cidant.
    Lord Mattirro Draca.
    Lord Joshua Tal.
    Noble Salty Panda.
    Noble Yamibomb112.
    Noble Mild Fracas.
    Noble Aclys.
    Noble Tyler Mills.
    Noble Samuel Steinike.
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    I take Hana's hand and lead her towards the veranda. There's a set of leather sofas surrounding a tea table where a pair is already having fun, so I think it should be fine to do it over there.

    I pull out a large sheet and cover the sofa with it, then I push Hana down.

    "Oh, yeah, take me! Show them all who owns me!" Hana exclaims, her voice dripping with excitement.

    I create a thick, long, spiky, red dragon cock and slap it against her abs. I spit on it, then spread my saliva along its length, nearly pricking my hand in the process.

    Hana pulls her lacy panties aside and fingers herself, then takes them out and shows me their sticky liquid coating.

    "I'm wet enough already," she says.

    Hukarere sits on a sofa nearby to watch, and an audience quickly starts to gather, curious to see how I'm going to destroy Hana's pussy.

    I wave my huge monster at them and smirk as they react with surprise, then I extend long purple tentacles from my ribs that untie Hana's sash and become her new constricting bra. I make sure that both of her nipples are getting sucked, and through [Bind], I notice how sensitive they've become from being stimulated every day.

    "Fuck me! Ahn~…" Hana demands and moans from the nipple suckers working on her.

    I elongate my dragon cock, then I grab Hana's hips and gently knock on the entrance.

    "This is my special technique. I call it 'the longstroke,'" I announce to our audience, then I slam my hips against Hana's.

    "HNNGHH~!" She grabs the sheets to steady herself, and her face scrunches up in pain. After a long, longstroke, it finally ends, and she's allowed to breathe, but then I pull out, and it starts all over again and again.

    My mouth is feeling lonely, so I rest her legs on my arms and lean forward, forcing her legs up and into the eagle position. This reduces my stroke length, but I make up for it by making my cock spin and guiding the spikes to rub against her g-spot.

    I fold her in half until I can kiss her, making her soles point straight up. Since I'm doing most of the work, she puts all of her effort into fucking my mouth with her tongue. She licks my teeth and my palate, sucks my tongue like a dick, then pushes her own down my throat.

    After our duels with the Chimeras, a burning desire to dominate or be dominated grew inside our hearts, and now I'm letting it all out in both meanings of the phrase.

    I cum inside her, and it becomes a lube that allows for even higher RPMs. I drill her cunt, quite literally, with my dragonator, which is now true to its name.

    "Holy shit, that's amazing," Oritiki comments.

    "It's… spinning…" Hukarere says absentmindedly.

    "I think I've read this erotic novel before," the white Celestial goat comments with a knowing smirk.

    Kaatohe gets out of the pool and comes over to watch. I stop kissing Hana and look at the curious cat while I fuck Hana's brains out. I smirk and speed up again, making Hana scream as I stare into Kaatohe's eyes.

    She maintains her gaze for a few seconds, her face remaining impassive, then she turns around and goes back into the pool. Through Aoi's eyes, I see her face instantly become worried as she holds a hand over her womb.

    I have to show her that I can be gentle, too.

    I slow down and force Hana to go on all fours. She arches her back, making her tight, athletic ass look even more enticing. I create a thin, long cock above my dragonator and slap it against her back. Alissa lubes it up for me, then I clean Hana's asshole and force it in.

    "Well, now, I've seen everything," Oritiki says and chuckles.

    I slide out of Hana, and Alissa cleans us up with her mouth.

    I'm feeling exhausted, and it's not even midday yet. Though I'm definitely proud of what I've done today, I'm sure that my ego is a little inflated right now.

    We get up from the sofa and [Clean] off our sweat, then I pull out Hana's criminally small bikini and hand it to her.

    "You're not skinny-dipping," I say.

    "What are you talking about?" She innocently asks as she smiles, but [Bind] doesn't lie.

    Alissa takes her arm, and Roxanne appears a second later. I give them their bikinis, and the three of them go find a room to change in.

    Ciel is sitting on a bench with Lina on her lap, Yunia is beside her, Gify is on her shoulder, and Aoi is curled up beside her feet. She's casually chatting with the Celestial Horns about healing, and they're buttering up my angel with compliments. Contrary to what MMO players believe, it's never a good idea to belittle the person who's supposed to save you from death.

    I calmly walk over to the pool and lower myself into the shallow area. I sigh in relief and let a small shudder spread through me as my overheated body is quickly cooled down. I see Kaatohe talking to a few part-cat Chimeras who appear to be rather similar to her. Our eyes meet, and she nods at me, then returns to her conversation and ignores my existence.

    The two toy golems hover near the pool while Jarn stands at the edge. Since they don't interact with anyone, the guests left them alone and eventually started to ignore them.

    A few seconds later, the girls come back. Gify pops on top of my head and nestles into my hair.

    Alissa sits in the pool behind me and pulls me into a hug. She picks Gify up and deposits the cheeky griffin on my unwounded shoulder while grumbling, then she sighs and says, "I don't want you to get into a duel like that ever again."

    "Same… I can still feel the phantom pains from my bones being cut, I don't want a repeat of that anytime soon."

    "You two were amazing, though," Roxanne says and hugs my right arm, nestling it between her modest breasts.

    "I'd love it if Wolfy cut me like that," Hana says.

    "And then start fucking you while you're still bleeding with a sword through your gut?" Roxanne asks.

    "Exactly," Hana says and grins fearsomely.

    "Barbarians…" Roxanne mumbles and rolls her eyes. Hana immediately pulls her into a hug and breathes down her neck.

    "I know that it excites you to see me get hurt," Hana growls in her ear.

    Roxanne smiles but doesn't reply. She hugs my arm again, and we start our cuddling session.

    Yunia is the next person to be challenged, but she doesn't use sharp swords, preferring to go the sportsman route. They use blunt swords that are wet with paint and play by Chimeric rules, which are actually more conservative than the imperial ones. When you can easily [Heal] a poked eye, such types of attacks become much more acceptable.

    Yunia swallows an Eia pill and easily wins two duels in a row due to [Precognition]. In the third match, the Celestial blue goat manages to cast [Rush] mid-fight and overpowers her. If she had prepared [Soul Blade] beforehand, she'd have been able to hold him back, which is why these duels aren't a perfect measure of our strength. Strategy plays an increasingly important role for higher level participants, and having about a minute to prepare beforehand isn't enough time to come up with reliable strategies.

    After that, she's too tired to keep fighting, so she's the next person to join us in the pool.

    "You fought perfectly," I praise her.

    "They had no counter for [Precognition], and when they tried something new, I fell immediately," she responds and pouts subtly.

    I grab her hand and pull her into a hug. "Just the fact that you're able to use [Precognition] is amazing. Perhaps we can perfect your build with [Enhanced Reflexes] or [Rush] when you have enough free skill points."

    "Hm…" She stares at me while she thinks about what I said.

    I give her a peck on the lips, and her serious expression melts away. She lets out a soft chuckle, then rests her head against my chest. Her fluffy hair gets wet and quickly loses its majestic drill shape, but we all promise to help her redo her drills when we leave the pool.

    I give a little bit of encouragement to Lina, and she accepts a duel in the same style as Yunia's.

    She's using a long wooden axe and her kite shield that's more like a tower shield for someone her height. Her opponent is Paraaone, a tall, brown bull-headed man who's using a wooden glaive.

    She's actually really uncomfortable with this duel since his long bull penis is dangling dangerously close to her eye level.

    Lina's serious face suddenly goes blank as she remembers something. "Ah… I'm sorry, Oritiki, but I'll have to use the stones of the patio to keep my footing," she says.

    "What do you mean?" Oritiki asks.

    "I make the earth grow around my feet so that I don't get launched away when I defend against an attack."

    "Oo~h…" She glances at Thor and gives him an apologetic smile. The man sighs and shakes his head, then shrugs at her. "Ah, well, it's no problem, I'll just contact the builders after today," she replies.

    "I-I'm sorry." Lina gives her a quick bow.

    Oritiki waves her hand. "It's no problem."

    Lina nods and returns to her combat stance. Her opponent smiles warmly at her, then his face suddenly turns menacing. Her gloomy look darkens as she hardens her nerves and shows her rare serious expression.

    "Ready?" Oritiki asks.

    "Yes," they answer in unison.

    "Duel… start!"

    Paraaone immediately charges forward while Lina wraps her feet in stone. The menacing glare of the bull disappears for a moment, but he quickly recovers and sweeps horizontally with his glaive.

    Everyone's eyes turn to Lina. She's using [Cursing Magic], and the novel type of mana that she's emitting makes them become very curious about her.

    She easily defends against the swipe and counters with an [Earth Bullet]. Paraaone dodges it, but then he becomes confused and retreats. He knows what Lina's spells do, but he apparently doesn't understand what they do.

    He spends a few seconds squinting his eyes at her and tilting his head. His "Intelligence" must be low because it seems that [Befuddle] is very effective against him.

    Lina switches to [Demoralize], and Paraaone's attacks become sloppy. When he sweeps horizontally again, she manages to slip under the weapon's path, and her axe slashes at his thigh, leaving a long red line of paint behind.

    "Point to Lina," Oritiki announces.

    Paraaone slaps his own face, perhaps a little too hard as he winces in pain, but it seems to clear away [Befuddle] and [Demoralize] somewhat since his attacks seem to regain their previous vigour.

    He starts to get angry when he fails to get through her shield. Dwarves specialize in defensive fighting, so there's no surprise there.

    He takes a few steps back and starts chanting [Wind Hammer]. She casts [Earth Wall] behind him and activates [Enhanced Speed], then charges forward.

    He was expecting Lina's spell to be aimed at his feet to disrupt his balance and interrupt his casting, so he jumps backward and crashes against the wall. "Oh, fuck!" He quickly mutters and swipes with his glaive.

    Lina creates a small depression under her right foot as she steps on the ground and uses it to keep herself from being punted when lands a solid strike at the center of her shield.

    She lands a strike with her axe at the side of his right knee, forcing him to kneel, then combos it with an upward chop towards his chin. He blocks with the shaft of his glaive, then spreads his wings and immediately takes flight.

    "Major point for Lina."

    He attacks her from above, staying out of her reach, but she simply counters with [Wind Shield] and easily keeps him away.

    He suddenly stops in the sky to catch his breath. "Well, things won't end well for me this way," he says. [Weaken] is having a noticeable effect on him, constantly draining his stamina. And he's right, if he does nothing, then he'll lose because of exhaustion.

    He distances himself from Lina, then starts casting [Wind Hammer] again, but he must have a pretty high level in [Mana Control] because he's gathering quite a lot of mana for the spell.

    Her mind races with ideas as she tries to come up with a counter to his spell. If he has [Wind Magic] or [Mana Control] high enough, then he can abuse the spell's advantage, it's maneuverability, and even go around her [Wind Shield]. It's also possible to make the spell nearly invisible, so it'd be better if she doesn't solely rely on being able to block it.

    A circular wall of stone starts to grow around Lina. She lowers herself behind her shield, then conceals herself with the [Earth Wall], forming a small dome.

    "I need [Beam] for this!" Paraaone yells.

    "Just don't hit her with the glaive!" Oritiki yells back.

    I simply nod at her when she glances at me.

    Paraaone swiftly uses his [Item Box] and pulls out his golden glaive, then immediately casts [Beam] at Lina's dome. The stone quickly starts to glow from heat, then it begins to melt.

    After a mere five seconds, Lina's dome is pierced. A large stone shoots out of the ground next to the dome and breaks Paraaone's right wing.

    "FUCK!" He yells in pain and dodges to the side, narrowly avoiding a second [Earth Bullet].

    Hehehehe, clever girl.

    "Major point for Lina."

    A cloud of dust starts to kick up from her dome and quickly covers the entire patio. Paraaone limps around the sky, but he doesn't know where to strike.

    His flying is so sloppy now that he's leaking mana everywhere. A [Wind Blade] flies towards him and nicks the skin of his broken wing. He tries to counter with [Beam], but he misses her completely.

    "Point for Lina."

    Lina decides to end the [Dust Storm] and goes back to using [Weaken] on him. She glares at him, trying to look menacing, but to me, it only makes her look even cuter. Her real angry face is definitely not cute, though.

    "How much MP do you have?!" He exclaims, exasperated.

    "A lot. I'm an enchanter," she stoically replies.

    He lands and casts [Beam] at her again. She feeds mana into [Dead Zone], and his spell is diverted.

    He feeds it even more mana, and the spell clips her shield, but her [Dodge] is at 3+5, which gives her enough mobility to keep it from causing any damage.

    She doesn't even charge as she just keeps dodging him while he wastes his MP and his stamina drains away.

    He finally lets his glaive drop and lets out a long groan. "I surrender!" He yells, then bends over and holds his knees to catch his breath.

    Lina stops using [Weaken], then turns to us and smiles like an imp.

    "That's my girl," I say through [Bind] and pat her head in my mind.

    Lina played her cards perfectly: [Cursing Magic]'s strong point is continuous casting. The effect ramps up the longer you maintain the spell, so staying on the defensive until it reaches maximum power will always be the best move.

    The fact that the Horns aren't wearing their glowing armor for these duels must've also helped with the spell's efficiency. I'm sure that there's some type of spell resistance enchantment woven into it; anything that glows in this world is magical and dangerous.

    To make the hole that she hid in, she used [Earth Wall] on the stone to take "control" of it, then she forcefully "dismissed" it, leaving a hole behind. Not the most mana-efficient way of doing it, but it's definitely the quickest.

    Now that her duel is finished, I give Lina her cute bikini so that she can join us in the pool. I'm not sure which looks better on the girls: underwear or bikini.

    "You're changing clothes just to get in the water?" Hukarere asks as she swims closer to us.

    "We were wearing underwear. It'd ruin the fabric if it got wet in the pool," Alissa answers. She stops hugging me and goes deeper into the pool, then stops beside Hukarere to chat with her.

    With just a nudge through [Bind], I get Hana's strong, slightly tanned arms to wrap around me, making me feel completely safe and secure. She starts caressing the new scar on my shoulder, then intensifies her attention into a light massage of the still sensitive area.

    Lina comes back and pouts a little that her favorite spot is taken, then she unceremoniously sits on Yunia's lap. The Princess snorts softly, then starts petting Lina like a posh lady would pet her cat.

    The Celestial Horns talk about dueling with Aoi, but I say no. She's heavily disadvantaged against a humanoid without her armor, and her magical capabilities aren't yet strong enough to overcome that. She'd just get wounded repeatedly and we'd end up having to cast [Regeneration] on hundreds of her scales. There's also a small degree of over-protectiveness at play, which doesn't happen with Hana, for some reason.

    Ciel is challenged to a duel, but after repeatedly healing everyone, the amount of MP she has left isn't much, so they have some glaive-only matches.

    Our pure melee skills aren't that great without magic to aid us, so Ciel predictably loses most of her duels. Her potential has already been established, though. Someone who can instantly [Heal] grievous wounds like mine completely changes the dynamic of a battlefield. She and I are the pillars of our fellowship.

    After that, Aoi comes over to join us in the pool and shrinks down to small-Aoi so that she can play with Gify. Their combined adorableness is enough to melt even the heart of the haughty Kaatohe.

    Ciel puts on a bikini, too, and steals Lina for herself. My curvy goddess is in quite a good mood, even after her matches. The positive attention she got from the Horns seems to have mellowed her out quite a lot.

    A lanky snake-head man challenges Alissa to an archery contest. It seems that the Horns don't have any archers, so they called on one of Hihiriwa's men. Normally, Alissa doesn't care about such things, but it's quite obvious that the Chimeras are testing our strength, so she plays along and accepts the challenge.

    Her [Bow Use] is at level thirty, which is pretty high for the average archer, but she also has a good number of sense-enhancing skills, making her my very own Legolas. Needless to say, she wins the contest without much effort.

    Just to style on the poor dude, her aim is so perfect that she hits her own arrow twice, right on the bullseye. She makes me so proud that I even poke Yunia in the ass.

    She comes back to the pool with her tail lazily swaying behind her, but she's holding herself back from letting it wag freely.

    Now that everyone has fought, the Celestial Horns start dueling between themselves like a bunch of barbarians. They're quite a chummy group of bros and bro-gals sharing some totally not gay bro-love with each other.

    Oritiki slips into the pool near us, then Rei sits on her lap, and she hugs him from behind. The buff warthog-headed man looks kind of small in this position.

    "So, I assume that Roxanne is your mage?" She asks us.

    "That's right. Out of all of us, I'm the one with the most killing power," Roxanne replies and starts snickering evilly.

    Both of them frown in a mix of worry and confusion.

    Not revealing her [Explosion] spell is safer, but then it'd create an undesirable situation if we were forced to use it in front of them. It's one thing to reveal that we all hold power, but it's another thing entirely to talk about it in detail. Just how far should we trust them?

    I nudge Roxanne through [Bind], and she agrees. I summon a small bird and let it take flight, then Roxanne points a finger at it and fires off an [Ice Lance], killing it instantly.

    Hukarere and Ririmu are wowed by the display and clap softly in amazement.

    "We all have a few more secrets, too," Roxanne says and winks at Oritiki.

    "Now I can understand how you've all survived so far," Oritiki says and smiles gently.

    The smells of barbecued meats fill our noses, and my stomach rumbles. The fighting slows down as everyone starts to get hungry.

    We eat a few appetizers and watch as servants fix and clean the patio, then they pull out several long tables and dozens of comfy chairs. It seems that we'll be having a meal under the stars. It's still day, but the sun here is hidden behind the clouds like it usually is, so we only see the galaxy-like sky above us.

    The meal is nothing short of amazing. They have tabbouleh, which fits well the barbecue fare. There's even some cow meat from a rare bovine monster that I can't pronounce the name of.

    There's a lack of potatoes, though. They have lots of grains and tomatoes, but no starchy veggies aside from roots.

    Once the meal is done, most of the Chimeras head home, including Kaatohe and the other part-cat Chimeras. A few of the Horns stick around and lounge under the veranda.

    Oritiki shows us our rooms, but we quickly settle on a single room that's large enough to fit all of our beds.

    Then we return to the veranda for dessert: fruit cakes. Tea and juice are also offered, but we don't have any alcohol yet because, in a few minutes, we'll be leaving to meet with the High Council again.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Prince PreownedFIN.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Lord DJ.
    Lord Ashadun.
    Lord Michale Erwin.
    Lord Enrique Peña Gomez.
    Lord Braidborn.
    Lord Bakerdea.
    Lord Yeeteris Dedmeem.
    Lord D4rk Sheep.
    Lord Nathan Vanbrunt.
    Lord Markus.
    Lord Maurice.
    Lord Badger.
    Lord Krawn.
    Lord Remco.
    Lord Empyrean.
    Lord Asakurà.
    Lord Cidant.
    Lord Mattirro Draca.
    Lord Joshua Tal.
    Noble Salty Panda.
    Noble Yamibomb112.
    Noble Mild Fracas.
    Noble Aclys.
    Noble Tyler Mills.
    Noble Samuel Steinike.
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    All of the Celestial Horns adorn their bodies with lots of jewelry, and we don our best clothes and jewels again, then we leave Oritiki's estate.

    "How're you all handling being among us naked people?" Oritiki asks as we make our way through the streets.

    "I'm fine," I casually reply.

    "I can see that," she comments and looks up and down my naked body.

    "Too many dicks. I'm horny all the time," Hana says.

    "No complaints about that," I say.

    "Me neither," Roxanne says with a shrug.

    Hana snorts and adds, "Same."

    "I feel disgusted seeing other dicks, and so should you," Alissa says to Hana and sends her a slight glare.

    "Hey, Wolfy can make any dick he wants, so they're just giving me ideas," Hana defends herself.

    "At least be more discreet with your staring, like Roxanne."

    "Nah," Hana replies dismissively, and Alissa's tail goes stiff in annoyance.

    "I'd just like to say that I'm only dressed like this to please Wolfy," Ciel announces.

    I grab her hand and give it a kiss. "And I love every second of it," I softly say to her.

    "I don't feel like this is that different from what I usually wear," Yunia says.

    "You're wearing more clothing with this bikini than that time when Bastico came to visit us," Roxanne says.

    Yunia smiles a little sadistically and says, "You may have not noticed, but Bastico was definitely holding himself back so that he wouldn't drool from desire."

    "Did you imagine him staring and drooling at you while Wolfy destroyed your pussy later that day?" Roxanne asks in a teasing tone.

    "Definitely not," Yunia responds immediately, a little too coldly.

    Roxanne snickers. "I know your type."

    Yunia's cold, sharp tone awakens the sub in me for a moment. "You know nothing, Roxanne. Be quiet," she growls, but her tone just makes Roxanne snicker even more.

    "I feel a bit more free, but I want to go back to wearing normal clothes tomorrow," Lina brings the conversation back on track.

    "Same," Ciel adds.

    "But what about the dicks?" Hana asks.

    Lina frowns and looks down as she answers, "I don't like them…"

    "Same," Ciel repeats.

    "I like seeing Wolfy's penis, but I don't feel anything when I see others'," Aoi comments.

    "And that's how it should always be," Alissa says with pride and pats Aoi's head, who closes her eyes in happiness.

    When everyone goes quiet, Oritiki continues the conversation by asking, "Well, but what about the women? Forgive me for assuming, but you all seem… a little too close to be just 'sister wives.' Especially you four." She points to the two obvious pairs among us.

    "Hardly any women make me feel horny. But you do, for example," Hana answers.

    "I can see all kinds of naked women during our bath, but I don't feel particularly aroused by them," Yunia answers.

    "I get a little excited, of course, but I have little interest in most women," Roxanne answers.

    "There's… not many women around here that are my type," Ciel says a little embarrassed.

    "I only like Ciel," Lina innocently says, making our hearts melt, especially Ciel's.

    "I only like strong women that I can dominate," Aoi says.

    "Well, they're all gay as fuck," I say.

    "Bisexual," Ciel corrects me and pouts.

    I snort as I get an idea. I use [Bind] to control Alissa to say, "I'm 'Wolfy-sexual.' I fuck anything he fucks…" She frowns and tilts her head in confusion. "What…?"

    Hana, Roxanne, and I snicker while the other girls chuckle softly.

    "I know I've read this erotic novel before," the white Celestial goat comments.

    Alissa blinks blankly a few times, then shrugs and whispers, "I guess he's not wrong."

    "Alissa's keeping a diary; I'm pretty sure that there'll be an actual erotic novel written about us one day," Hana says.

    "Nice," the white goat mutters.

    We all go quiet again, so I take this opportunity to say, "Oritiki, there's something I'd like to ask you about."

    "What is it?" She responds.

    "Why is it that you act independently from the High Council?"

    She smiles gently and answers, "The Celestial Horns are the weapons that the Divine yield to uphold justice, and above them, there is only the Supreme-Ruler, so we answer to no one here. But if we don't find any other remnants of our fallen nation, then I guess we'll never serve another for the rest of our lives."

    "Do you ever think about raising another generation of Celestial Horns? Leaving your weapons and armor to just anybody could be dangerous," Yunia suggests.

    "Yes, we thought about that…" She replies and goes silent. We get the feeling that all the Chimeras nearby just had a mini-seizure, so we don't push them any further on this subject.

    We climb up for a short while before we reach the Forum, the golden building from yesterday.

    There are a few owl-headed and dog-headed Chimeras running about with stacks of paper. The air here feels completely different from last time.

    We climb the long set of stairs, then cross through the gaudy golden doors and enter the theater.

    This time, the Council isn't sitting in the audience, but are instead seated at a large round table in the middle of the stage. They're all wearing even more jewelry than Oritiki, and there's so much of it that it almost covers their bodies like clothes.

    We get a few nods from the Councilors as we approach, then Oritiki takes us to our seats. At the table, there are only two chairs assigned to us while the rest of our seats are positioned behind them. Oritiki gets only one chair, while the rest of her Horns have to sit behind her.

    We were expecting this sort of gesture, but getting two chairs instead of one is a bit odd. Perhaps it's Hihiriwa trying to earn some goodwill with us?

    "Good day to you, Ryders," Hihiriwa says and gives us a toothy smile. The old dragon-headed man is as cheerful and naked as the first time we met him.

    "Good day to you too, Marshall," I reply and nod respectfully.

    Yunia sits down beside me since she has the most experience with this sort of thing, while Alissa sits behind her to help translate since Yunia's [Reo Language] is only at level three.

    "I see that you're adapting to our ways," Wahinui says, as stern as usual. Now that I've taken a "closer" look at Kaatohe, I think that she's just a hairless and younger version of Wahinui. They really might be parent and child after all.

    "It's a nice change, but it won't last. We still find too much comfort in being clothed," I say.


    Gify drops onto the table and lays down, so I start petting her like a pompous villain.

    "Let's begin the meeting," Hihiriwa says and looks around, checking if anyone wants to make a comment, then he continues, "We're here to discuss an expedition towards Ozymandias. Oritiki, I heard that the Horns sparred with the Ryders?"

    "Yes, we did. I was curious about their strength, so we arranged duels with each other," Oritiki answers.

    "And what of their capabilities?"

    "Stronger than any of your soldiers. They'll be fine on their own." She glances at us and sends a kind smile.

    "Wonderful, I believe that we can let them act independently, then."

    "Also, I'm an amateur pilot, so I don't think that I'd be able to fly in formation during a battle," I say.

    "I'll keep one of my men with you to help us coordinate," Oritiki says to me.

    "Now, on to the planes. I want to take one Island Winch, the Long Floater, and the Carrier with us, along with thirty Wasps," Hihiriwa continues.

    He turns to Wahinui and the two of them discuss the number of soldiers they'll need to man the planes. There's some discussion between him and the other Councilors about the number of planes that should be taken and if it's worth it or not to take the Carrier. The concerns about safety win against the ones about cost, a determination which the Councilors who deal with the Treasury bitterly accept.

    "Now, Ryders, how long can your ship stay afloat?" Hihiriwa asks.

    I hesitate for a moment to come up with an answer because we've never actually tested that before.

    If we encounter any islands or islets on the way, then "forever" because we have [Redirect Mana], but I don't want to explain that skill to them.

    I trade a few quick whispers with Yunia about how to word our response.

    "We haven't fully tested it yet, but we should be able to travel for a few days without a problem. If it's just floating in place, then we can do that indefinitely," I finally respond.

    "I see, then the Floater will be necessary. We'll allow you to use it to refill your ship's mana in exchange for your aid in case of combat," Hihiriwa says.

    "Our first priority will always be ourselves and our ship. We also rely solely on our own personal skills; our ship doesn't have any defenses of its own."

    "That's fine. In case of attack, you can land on the Carrier and help defend. I'm more worried about monster swarms than anything bigger, and that's where we can use your help."

    "We'll be there, too, in case a heavy-class monster attacks," Oritiki says.

    I think that by "heavy-class," she means monsters as big as our ship.

    "We'll also demand rights over all of our kills," I add.

    "Agreed," Hihiriwa says with a nod. "Now, on to the matter of the Gaping Maw… I wish to expend a Light storage gem to cause a runaway mana reaction."

    "What?!" Wahinui and another Councilor exclaim in unison.

    He smiles a bit mischievously, seeming to find enjoyment in giving headaches to the rest of the High Council. "It's the best way to create enough of a distraction for the Ryders to get past the Gaping Maw."

    "That… will be expensive…" The Councilor says and starts to nervously tap against the paper he's writing on with his magical pen.

    Wahinui growls in a low tone and says, "Why do you wish to spend so much to help them… explore…?" -She looks at us in exasperation. She doesn't understand why we want to go there- "Ozymandias isn't even the way back to their 'Sky Lands.'"

    Hihiriwa smiles calmly, then straightens his posture and raises his head high above the other Councilors. His voice booms across the stage, clearly intended to intimidate the High Council. "We're trading the Light gem for an entire farming island. We'll be able to craft another gem by using the island's gem if need be, and we'll have a whole new island for ourselves."

    "Surely there are less expensive ways to distract the Gaping Maw?" The Treasury Councilor asks, also exasperated.

    "Less safe ways? There certainly are…" Hihiriwa frowns as he answers and waves his hand dismissively, then he glares and at Councilors and snarls. "But let me remind you all that we also need that distraction to safely tow the island back here."

    The Councilors winces slightly at his ferocity.

    Numerous alternatives are suggested, which turns the meeting into a heated discussion, but once again, Hihiriwa comes out on top.

    It's hard to find a better distraction since his plan has already worked for them once before. The Gaping Maw is a monster, which makes it rather sensitive to Light magic, so they fed it a Light gem and observed the result. A few seconds after eating it, the monster became very angry, but then it immediately curled up and fell asleep since it apparently had a lot of trouble digesting the gem.

    So, big snek got a tummy ache?

    The most obvious way to try to distract the Maw would be to use the Wasps, but how does the life of a Chimera compare to that of a Light storage gem? Wahinui doesn't want to put their soldiers in danger, but she hasn't come up with any reasonable alternatives yet.

    The old cat-head woman narrows her feline eyes in annoyance, then turns to the Horns. "Honored One, couldn't you try to engage the Gaping Maw and lure it away from Ozymandias?" She asks.

    For the first time, I see Oritiki acting rather meek and uncomfortable. "You know how fast the Gaping Maw can fly when it's angry. We… aren't confident that we can outrun it," she answers and shifts uncomfortably in her seat.

    The Councilors quickly resume their chatter and discuss how they can make sure that the Celestial Horns outrun the Maw.

    I interrupt the Councilors and say, "I should point out that we don't need to actually fly my ship to Ozymandias. It's possible for me to use [Gate] and teleport my ship across the Maw's territory if it isn't too far."

    "Oh, [Gate]! I heard a lot about that from Domum," a Councilor exclaims, and the others start murmuring excitedly.

    "If you can use [Gate] for yourself, then delivering the gem becomes even easier," Hihiriwa says.

    "Would you trust an outsider with something so valuable?" Wahinui asks with a raised eyebrow.

    "Yes…?" Hihiriwa answers and sighs. "As far as we know, none of the Ryders have the power to distract the Gaping Maw."

    Wahinui goes silent and gives him a long stare. Meanwhile, the Councilors grit their teeth in frustration and suggest a few different plans. They want someone to anger the Maw and run away, then I can use [Gate] to help us both escape.

    "It'd be simple to just sacrifice a Wasp for this plan," a Councilor says.

    "What guarantees that the Maw would go away after they teleport?" Wahinui asks. Surprisingly, she's against this plan. Actually, she's against involving us at all in the distraction.

    The Councilors prod us with questions about our powers, mainly [Gate] and its limitations. The Long Floater could possibly outrun the Maw, so they suggest using either it or a Wasp as bait while leaving me as a backup, but judging by its size, it would simply be too big for me.

    We shoot down these plans because the girls also don't want to take the risk, Yunia most of all. Even if I set all of my points to squeeze everything I can out of [Gate], the teleport would probably leave me without any MP and force me to use [Redirect Mana], which would exhaust me. We don't even know what's in Ozymandias, so this plan could leave us vulnerable. Yunia also says that the Chimeras aren't offering enough in exchange for us to take on this risk, so no deal.

    Hihiriwa finally starts to get angry, and his nostrils light up as he loudly exhales. He suddenly slams his fist against the table and yells, "I'll cover the costs!" The table goes silent, and a few hopeful eyes light up. "But I'll take half of the profits from the farm island until I recoup twice the cost of the gem!" Their hope is snuffed out, and their mouths are left hanging open in disbelief.



    "Did all of you get your wings broken?! I'm the one taking the risk, so I deserve to get something out of it!" Hihiriwa exclaims, incensed, and the smallest of the Councilors recoil in fear for a moment from his booming voice.

    The Councilors all start bickering, but Wahinui puts an end to it as she says, "I'll accept that."

    The Treasury Councilor sighs and takes her side. The rest continue to complain for a little while longer, then they bitterly accept the arrangement.

    Gods! It's finally over!

    Now that the plan has been agreed upon, they start to iron out the details.

    "A Gull plane should be strong enough to carry both a catapult and the gem, so you'll be trained to fly it along the way," Hihiriwa says to me, and I nod. "Also, I think that it'd be easier to teleport the gem after you've gotten into position; otherwise, you'd have to fly very slowly."

    "I understand. We'll see how training goes," I reply.

    After that, we retire from the meeting, leaving the old farts to bicker about supplies and whatever else. Hihiriwa's men will be ready a full day from now, so the only thing left to organize are the supplies, and that'll only take a short while. Therefore, we'll depart the day after tomorrow.

    Oritiki and the Horns stay behind, so it's just us and our guides again.

    "Is there a tavern with music that we can go to?" Alissa asks them and smiles innocently. "I'd like to play around for the rest of the day since we'll be going back to adventuring soon."

    "There are a few places. Do you like dancing?" Hukarere asks, a little excitedly.

    "Not me, particularly, but the other wives do," she answers.

    "Things tend to escalate in places where there's a lot of touching," Ririmu says and gives her a knowing smile.

    "Sounds perfect," Alissa answers and giggles cutely.

    Oh, how I love you, my cute foxy pimp.

    "I don't think you'd do well with rowdy places since there's… well, a lot of unsolicited touching in those kinds of crowded places," Ririmu says.

    Oh, right, a bunch of naked people jumping around right next to each other would be too much for us.

    "We'll go for a more 'restrained' place," Hukarere says, and we nod in agreement.

    I change the topic and ask something that the girls are thinking about, "Are you two coming with us on the expedition?"

    "The Honored One could use us as a liaison between you and the Marshall, so we probably will, but I'll ask anyway," Hukarere says.

    "This is the best job we've had in a while, so I'd rather keep it this way for a while longer," the raccoon man says as he smiles adorably and scratches his little button nose.

    "You're good guides; it's been nice to have you around," Ciel says.

    "You guys wanted to have fun, and I guess that's something we're good at," he says with a cheeky grin, and we chuckle lightly.

    We spend a little while browsing some shops since the taverns aren't open yet, and we buy some jewelry for ourselves. We get metal chains of different alloys, which gives them a variety of colors; some cute tiaras and hair ties for the girls; and a few small jeweled bracelets.

    We all agree that leaf-themed jewelry is perfect for Yunia because it just matches so well with her elven magnificence. Roxanne and I look surprisingly cool with geometric patterns and sharp angles. Maybe it's our angular features and (mine, mostly) cool demeanor. Hana and Aoi deserve larger gems because small things just don't suit dragons, for some reason, so they don't get much from this shopping spree. The other three get some cute chains, which makes them pretty happy.

    The trinkets are real and not mana solidifications, so we get quite the bargain since the Chimeric coins are smaller than ours. After that, we buy some semi-transparent not-silk robes for each of us. It's the best of both worlds: their nipples and lower lips can be seen, but they also exude the same sexiness as when they're clothed, and as a bonus, the robes don't make me excessively horny like with the Clothes of the Berserker.

    We eat a few pastries from some nearby stalls, and I feel a subtle taste of something weird, well, weirder than the usual. I'm not sure if it's the spice or the fact that it's conjured food, but now that I've noticed it, I can't "un-notice" it. The possibility of the food being poisoned starts to float through my mind and makes me anxious.

    I buy more of the same chicken pastries from another stall and feel the same weird taste, then I buy some other pastries with chicken and feel it again.

    Okay, maybe it's just the meat that's weird or the fact that it's conjured.

    I'm not a poison expert, but something that can kill us faster than Ciel can cast [Purify Body] just doesn't exist. There could be a problem if it were something completely novel that the spell won't handle, but there's still the alternative of continually casting [Heal] until the poison runs out.

    After a while, the taste fades, and I sigh. I'm just being paranoid. The fact that these Chimeras are all dead must be getting to me. Someone disliking our presence here is one thing, but them trying to assassinate us is something completely different. If the spirits had turned Wicked, then there'd be other signs of it, and Gify is extremely sensitive to such things.

    I clear my head and rejoin the bullshit conversations with the others. Ririmu is the sarcastic comedic relief, while Hukarere encourages both him and Roxanne to talk shit.

    As the sun begins to set, they take us to the middle levels of the mountain town, and we hear the liveliness of the tavern before we see it. The ground trembles, and the sounds of stomping resound through the air. When we just barely start to discern the muffled music from the noise, the song ends, and the crowd cheers.

    We take off our jewels and clothes and put on some simple Chimeric sandals. The awesome feeling of freedom and power from being able to swing my dong around floods my veins, and I smile confidently.

    Then we enter the Tuumau Tavern, and we immediately feel the warmth of a vibrant tavern where even the waiters and waitresses are dancing. After a short reception, we enter a very wide dining hall with tables at the edges while the center is reserved for dancing. There's a small crowd of naked Chimeras bouncing around right next to the musicians, but in the middle, there are only couples.

    Roxanne and Ciel get a bit excited by the lively mood of the room, then they freeze when both of them grab my hand at the same time. They stare at each other, but Alissa decrees that the order will be Ciel, Roxanne, then her. They quickly agree, and Roxanne releases my hand.

    I'm okay with this, but I'm a little concerned about how nobody asked me about my opinion.

    I shrug and let Ciel guide me to the center while I put some points in [Dancing]. The current song sounds rather romantic, so I get some quality time with her.

    The couples are dancing a sort of waltz, spinning around in circles. They're spread out in multiple concentric rings, and the closer they are to the center, the faster they seem to spin.

    After a few seconds of observation, I feel confident enough to enter the dance floor, but I still use Alissa's vision to continue observing them. [Dancing] at max puts me almost on auto-pilot, but I still need to understand how the dance works.

    Small-Aoi jumps on the table and asks to dance. After sharing a look with the girls, Yunia grabs Aoi's little front claws and starts an elven waltz following along with the beat of the music. She uses her pinkies to push Aoi's back legs and guide her. She even makes Aoi spin, putting her two points in [Dancing] to good use.

    I glue my body to Ciel's and drown out the other girls from my thoughts, focusing solely on her. The music isn't too loud right now, so we can talk a little.

    I rest my face against her cheek and ask, "Are you okay with being here and you know… being in your underwear?"

    "It's a little embarrassing, but it's not that different from being in a bikini," she answers, and I chuckle at her words. Then I kiss her cheek, and she closes her eyes in delight.

    I get a little cheeky and say, "Hey, I'm going to make you spin."

    She looks at me in confusion, then I cast [Telekinesis] on her and reduce her weight until she floats.

    She opens her mouth in confusion but goes along with it. I push her forward while I remain in place and hold her hand, then I make her spin while she floats away.

    She realizes what I'm doing and giggles. When our arms are almost fully extended, I reduce the speed of her spin, then I end [Telekinesis], allowing her feet to touch the ground and stop the spin. I immediately strike a dramatic pose, and she copies it a second later.

    I pull her back in while using [Telekinesis] to make her glide towards me, and we continue the dance. I risk a few other complex moves, and she happily follows along.

    She loves it all and gives me a deep, loving kiss when the song ends.

    Roxanne is next and her song is a little more upbeat. That's perfect because, with the help of [Bind], we can go ham with our silly dancing. She summons her own bat wings and glides around, even without my help.

    When either of our bodies can become as light as a feather at will, quite a lot of dance moves become not only possible but extremely easy. Even my sword style triggers, helping me glide along the floor with her more effectively.

    She giggles excitedly from our dancing, making me laugh, too, but soon, the song ends, so it's now Alissa's turn.

    This next song speeds up the tempo again, but our minds immediately synchronize, and our dancing becomes perfect. We aren't even dancing in the same style as the Chimeras anymore, we're just doing our own thing, but we still remain in the circles, interweaving between the inner and outer layers.

    A good portion of the tavern is watching our performance, but I feel neither shame nor shyness. We're confident in our exposed bodies. We're confident in our beauty. We're confident in our dancing. We're confident in each other.

    This isn't just a dance, it's an exhibition, or even a boast of our prowess. We're showing them all what it means to dance, and for a moment, we reach the top of the world. Our world, at least.

    The song ends, and some Chimeras in the audience applaud us along with my girls.

    I let Alissa back down onto the floor, and we go towards our tables.

    "I didn't take you for a dancer," Ririmu says in a slightly teasing tone.

    "You should've realized by now that we're full of mysteries," I answer with a grin.

    "Indeed, that was my mistake," he replies and bows exaggeratedly.

    Still feeling like I'm at the peak of my charm, I turn to Hukarere and offer her my hand. "Would you like to dance?" I gently ask her.

    She immediately takes my hand, barely containing her toothy grin. "It'd be my pleasure," she answers excitedly.

    Intermission 16 - Chimera Townswoman

    I heard that the Travelers went to Jonu and flew the Wasps like maniacs. The old deer was grumbling about some broken wings and raising the cleaning fee. I've heard such spicy rumors about the Travelers, especially about the boy, but that last part just tickles my curiosity.

    I wonder where they are right now. Their ship is at the Golden Docks, so I can't stalk them there. The Honored One seems to have taken them to her estate, so I really can't stalk them there either. I've heard that they were seen taking a stroll around town a few times, so there's a chance that I could meet them on the streets.

    I stop by the South Common Docks and observe the crowds. Today, there's quite a lot of people around Jonu's.

    Wait, they're all women, too.

    Oh, don't tell me that they're all hoping to find the Travelers here…


    I buy some tea and lean against the railing while I think.

    I don't have much time left, and it looks like there are a lot of people hunting them down, so I have to do something more drastic. But where should I go now…?

    I hear the sound of a water droplet landing in water, then I look down at my teacup and see that something has fallen into it.

    Have you blessed me today, Supreme Divine Waimarie?

    I hesitate a little, but my [Mana Sense]s tingle, telling me to drink it. I chuckle and pray to Waimarie, then I down my cup of tea.

    Wow, this is really mana-rich. But the taste… it's so… familiar…

    Oh no…

    I start laughing uncontrollably. Then my body suddenly feels so much more energetic and strong than usual. I feel rejuvenated, as if I just woke up from a long, refreshing sleep, full of motivation to take on an adventure.

    I've never tasted something so strong and thick. That was certainly a blessing. Thank you, Waimarie.

    The tickling quickly builds into a heavy itching, and my legs start to rub against each other.

    I'm so filthy. I guess I'll go to Tuumau's…

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Prince PreownedFIN.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Lord DJ.
    Lord Ashadun.
    Lord Michale Erwin.
    Lord Enrique Peña Gomez.
    Lord Braidborn.
    Lord Bakerdea.
    Lord Yeeteris Dedmeem.
    Lord D4rk Sheep.
    Lord Nathan Vanbrunt.
    Lord Markus.
    Lord Maurice.
    Lord Badger.
    Lord Krawn.
    Lord Remco.
    Lord Empyrean.
    Lord Asakurà.
    Lord Cidant.
    Lord Mattirro Draca.
    Lord Joshua Tal.
    Noble Salty Panda.
    Noble Yamibomb112.
    Noble Mild Fracas.
    Noble Aclys.
    Noble Tyler Mills.
    Noble Samuel Steinike.
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    This chapter is not required to read to understand the main story, this is only a side-story.

    This is a teaser for the patreon-only side stories I'm writing.

    The first part of any new storyline I will make public as a teaser.

    I grin all the way as I run towards Mom's bedroom. The heavy book in my hands almost slips from my grip, but I'm a Godsblessed fox! My nimbu-… uh, 'nimblesness' is unmatched! Mom herself said that my "Dexterity" has been inc-…


    I slip on the waxed floor and hit the back of my head on the ground.

    "Owwww~…" I whine as I roll on the ground pain, holding my head.

    "Alissa?" I hear Mom's voice from behind the door.

    I sniffle and hold back my tears, then I quickly tie back the sash of my dress before Mom scolds me for being clumsy.

    I grab the book and stand up just as the sliding door opens in front of me. Mom looks down at me and her sharp, judging eyes analyze me.

    "What happened?" She asks in a gentle tone, but I know she's testing me.

    "The book fell," I answer and look down.

    "'I let the book fall' is what you should've said."

    Nooo, wrong answer…! Actually, the "right answer" was to not slip in the first place.

    "I'll increase the intensity of your 'Dexterity' training tomorrow," Mom adds as she turns around. I wince, but luckily she didn't see it.

    "Can you read this book for me?" I ask and raise the book towards her.

    She stops and glances at it, then continues walking to her bed and answers, "Yes, but go get Allura first. She'll enjoy this story, too."


    I lower the book to the ground, then I run towards Allura's room.

    I slam the sliding door, making Ofilia jump in surprise. Allura and she are playing with plushy dolls.

    Ofilia greets me with a face full of confusion and surprise, "Oh, Alissa w-… hey!"

    I nab Allura.

    "Guh!" She moans as I throw her over my shoulder, then I run away.

    "Come back!" Ofilia yells and I ignore her, so she immediately starts chasing me.

    After getting enough speed, I slide along the waxed floor and perfectly stop right in front of Mom's room.

    "Oo~h…" Dad mumbles in wonder.

    I run forward, then jump and fall on their super fluffy bed. I make a very confused Allura sit beside me and sit in a formal position.

    "There, ready!" I exclaim, too excited to control my voice.

    Mom repositions herself to face us, and Dad continues to delicately brush her tail. "Ofilia, take a seat, it's storytime," Mom says and motions to the spot beside me.

    "Oh? Oh. Oh…!" Ofilia mumbles repeatedly, then sits beside me and sends me a glare.

    I grin towards her, then focus on Mom again. She opens the book and clears her throat.

    "The Forest and the Mist have wills of their own. They're entities as old as Creation and as powerful as the elements. Their will is that of nature, yet they're independent of it. Their existence is just simply beyond the comprehension of most foxes.

    Their power overflows from time to time, causing chaos and disorder in the Forest. The two different flavors mix in an everlasting storm, but eventually, it reaches a point that it sparks a chain reaction where it all congeals into a single point, giving birth to the Child, the Mistborn.

    Their body itself is magical, allowing them to attune themselves to the Mist and the Forest. For them, these two elements are not just their allies, they can control them, mold them, shape them, use them like extra limbs. They delve so deeply into these elements that they don't see the sun until they're already matured.

    The Child is relentless and steadfast. When the Goddess of the Moon is high, the Mistborn travels. When the God of the Sun rests, the Mistborn works. There is no time that the Mistborn is unguarded.

    They maintain the Order, they keep the Balance, and they crush the Chaos.

    They wrap themselves in mist, like a kind mother protecting their child. They arm themselves with vines, like a rigid father raising a warrior.

    The Mistborn doesn't hunt, they Harvest what is rightfully theirs. They belong to the Forest and the Forest belongs to them.

    The Child does not hide in the Mist, the Mist hides the Child."

    The Child who was Born from the Mist and the Forest, by Cobaignon, circa Year After Creation 58,000.

    "What's 'circa'?" I ask.

    "Means 'approximately,' but it's used only for in historical writing like this one when the exact date is unknown," Mom answers.

    I hug my tail and pat it myself. "So, Nocturna was alive around ten thousand years ago?"

    "Indeed, but her story only became known throughout the land after her time, when the empire released her records."


    "Now, on to the first chapter."

    "Cloth of dew, napkin of the fey, cover my face, hide my identity, shroud me in the mist, but let them see my visage. [Veil of Mist]," Nocturna chanted and cast.

    Her dark face became blurry, then it was covered by mist. The enchanted water particles reflected the air, and Nocturna became a man. Her melanistic face lightened; her white irises became brown; her scars became freckles; her fox ears disappear, then human ones grew; her missing flesh became full again; her fangs receded; her black hair became brown; and her burns healed, showing a perfect, unblemished skin. Her few soft features hardened into the face of a human man from the Colored Sands.

    No commoner would ever notice anything wrong with her face, but someone with a high "Willpower" would think that her face is "blurry," and a mage with [Sense Mana] high enough would notice the Illusion-flavored mana periodically leaking from her. Both of these would make anyone instantly suspicious of her, but her current enemies weren't trained in magic. No, they were mere thugs, illegal slavers, and grunts that worked for greedy, evil men.

    She sniffed her clothes for any traces of blood and found none. If she couldn't notice it, then the humans certainly wouldn't.

    She grabbed her small, composite bow by the limb like someone who never fired an arrow before, then dragged her quiver by the straps, as if she could barely be bothered to bring it with her. She listed again all the information about the slavers inside her head one more time, then set off towards their camp.

    It took only a few minutes of walking for her to hear a startled guard grab its weapon and get in position behind a bush ahead. She was disguised as a human, who had weaker senses in anything not magical, so she pretended to not notice him.

    The mist of the night covered the Low Forest, so while they heard each other, it would take a little longer until they could meet in person. While she walked, she made sure to snap any branches in her way like a child playing a game. It was hardly different from what the humans did, even though they didn't do it consciously, they were simply bad at being quiet.

    Nocturna saw the outline of the guard as he stalked closer to her and carelessly walked in front of a light source, the flames of the village behind him. It took her a lot of effort to push the beast inside her from drawing an arrow and killing him instantly. She gained comfort in knowing that this guard wouldn't live to see the dawn.

    "Halt! Who goes there?!" The guard finally decided to confront her and jumped from behind the bush. Now he was close enough that they could see the other perfectly.

    He was a tall human dressed exactly like her: a colorful mixture of heavy furs, leathers, and cloths wrapped their bodies with such little concern for fashion that it was as if a storm dressed them. Only their eyes were visible from behind their balaclavas and all the bandannas covering their faces.

    "Fuck you, let me through," Nocturna responded in a rough, unmistakably male voice. [Veil of Mist] was the perfect disguise.

    "What the fuck were you doing out there?" The guard questioned.

    Nocturna lifted the bow and quiver. "Chased after a hunter, he dropped his weapons then ran away."

    The guard took a few steps towards Nocturna, his eyes glittering with greed. "Shit, this is a beautiful bow. It's no longbow, but I guess it's worth some big coin."

    Nocturna gave him a strong shove with the hand holding the quiver and grunted, "I know, you fuck. Let me through or I'll hit you."

    The guard laughed and backed off with a shrug. "What's your name, comrade?"

    "Ligma," she answered immediately.

    "Huh? Ligma?" The guard immediately became suspicious.

    "Lick my balls, now fuck off."

    The guard facepalmed and chuckled. "Fucking knew it!" Then he let Nocturna enter the burning village without further questions.

    The slavers were going through piles of rubble, picking off anything valuable, then throwing the rest to the pile of growing trash. At least they weren't mindlessly destroying anything and everything just for the fun of it. Even the buildings were burned by accident, it seemed, not that any of them were even trying to snuff the fires. But none of that was enough for Nocturna to feel a single shred of mercy for them.

    A few metri from the looters, a group of twenty crying werefox youths were stripped bare, then chained together to a log. Young and beautiful women and strong and perhaps cute men were the primary targets of these slavers. Their plight was soon to end, for Nocturna had already started her rescue.

    She stopped by the trough where a group of horses were drinking from. These belonged to the slavers' scouts and to the wagon that would take the slaves. She dropped a pebble in it, and the poison immediately started to dissolve.

    Then she made her way to the Lord's Hall where most of the slavers were having a party. She slung her bow and quiver on her shoulders, then entered the Hall.

    Debauchery and profligacy assaulted her senses.

    "What's that, 'debachegy'?" I ask Mom.

    "Debauchery. Engaging in too much sex," Mom answers.

    "Ooh… and the other?"

    "Wasting resources, like eating so sloppily that you let food and drink spill on the floor."

    "Plofliglachy!" Allura exclaims in her cutesy voice and smiles.

    "Close," Mom says in a gentle tone and pats her head.

    The slavers couldn't take everything back, so they'd drink and eat all they could before the Lord responded and drove them out. There didn't seem to be anyone obviously Wicked among them, but the few werefox women and the poor man that were being used by the slavers certainly weren't happy with their new positions as prostitutes.

    Nocturna felt pity for them. If she were a little faster, perhaps they could've retained their dignity, but tragedies make people desperate. These were humble villagers who wanted to secure their safety by readily submitting to their new temporary masters.

    Nocturna moved on towards the barrels of fermented Chapefruit. She grabbed a used mug on the floor along the way and discreetly dropped a pebble of poison inside it, then dove the mug inside the barrel to scoop some drink while making sure the pebble fell to the bottom of the barrel.

    After she emptied her mug down her throat, she swallowed a pill she prepared beforehand, the antidote.

    She looked around to see if anyone had noticed her, but the slavers were too absorbed in their pleasure to suspect her. She made her way towards the tables and started eating while she waited.

    A cry finally came from outside as someone noticed the horses dying, one-by-one. The rookie guard that had been put on watch burst into the Lord's Hall and saw something even more horrifying: every slaver was dead, their eyes white and foam bubbling from their mouths. All except for one.

    The slaves cowered behind the single man standing in the middle of the Hall. He had given them an antidote a mere minute before the slavers all started convulsing until they died, so they trusted this kind human man as one would trust a Humanoid God.

    "WHAT HAPPENED HERE?!" The rookie guard bellowed, then he paid attention to Nocturna, who was freeing the slaves, and it dawned on him. "TRAITOR! POISON! TRAITOR! ALAR-…"

    His screams were cut short by an arrow that pierced his brain through his eye and instantly killed him. He had served his purpose, so Nocturna wasted no time in killing him.

    The rest of the rookies swarmed the Hall, only to fall by arrows, one-by-one. Terrified by seeing the increasing pile of corpses at the entrance of the Hall, the few remaining men retreated and created a rough line in front of the building.

    Before any of the slavers got the idea to use the chained slaves as hostages, Nocturna decided to act.

    A light flashed inside the building, then a huge, pure black fox leaped out of it and crashed into the spears of the rookies. The fox's hide was strong, but not enough to stop a spear, and so her neck and flank were pierced. But she was a magical fox, not a real one, so she closed her own wounds instantly by spending her mana.

    The slavers knew very well not to fight aggressively against the werefoxes when they transformed, but these were rookies, the veterans were already dead, so they fought back with vengeance.

    She crushed two men as she landed, then bit off the head of another. Spears rained over her body and her mana drained, but she had MP to spare!

    She ferociously raked, crushed, and slammed her way out of the encirclement, then stood between the last three rookies and the chained slaves.

    Her black fur had a sheen of red from her own and the slavers' blood, her white fangs dripped blood and had pieces of flesh stuck between them, and her white irises stared at them with rage. She growled, frightening the men. She looked like a ghostly butcher that came to reap their souls, and she herself wouldn't disagree.

    Her body glowed and she became humanoid again. This time she didn't have [Veil of Mist] to disguise her, which allowed the men to clearly see small bits of her dark skin. They'd heard of her before, and now they'd only confirmed her identity.

    A rookie didn't believe his eyes and stuttered a question, "W-who are y-you?!"

    Nocturna turned to him and her murderous gaze frightened him to his core, making him piss himself and freeze. Fortunately for him, his fear would be his salvation.

    Nocturna's arms blurred and low whistle resounded through the air, then one of the rookies fell to the floor with an arrow poking from out of his eye. The two remaining men yelped in fear and hid behind their shields.

    "I am Nocturna, the Mistborn," she responded, now with her usual husky female voice.

    True to her name, the mist thickened, making her disappear from the sight of the rookies.

    The rookie who pissed his pants yelped again and cried, his legs completely frozen from terror. Every single one of his comrades had died by the hands of that butcher. Every wound he had given her had simply disappeared due to her seemingly endless pool of mana. What could a looter like him do against the infamous Mistborn? What could a single boy like him do against the true child of the Misty Forest?

    Nothing. He could do nothing! And when he heard the death cry of his last companion, he dropped his weapons and ran. Through coincidence or strong survival instinct, he, fortunately, chose to run south, exactly towards where Nocturna wanted him to go: the Colored Sands.

    Suddenly feeling very tired, Nocturna let out a sigh of relief and drank an MP potion she herself brewed. Not because it was more potent than the usual, but because it had a good deal of fermented Chapefruit in it, and was brewed in a way that the medicinal properties of the potion didn't ruin the taste.

    With her heart calming down and her MP steadily rising, Nocturna made her way to the chained slaves as the werefoxes inside the Hall gingerly stepped outside.

    Nocturna wordlessly got a key chain from a dead slaver and released all of the remaining youths, then started to walk away.

    None of them are hurt or tired. They can all turn into a fox and run to the nearest village after dawn.

    "Wait!" A young male voice cried out.

    Nocturna stopped, then glanced at the naked boy calling for her and continued walking away, a bit faster this time.

    "Please, wait!" The boy cried again.

    Nocturna increased her pace, then she heard the boy yelp as he slipped in the blood and smiled to herself.

    "I SAID WAIT!" The boy yelled with all of his strength.

    Nocturna glanced at him again and saw that most of the boy's body had become painted red with blood, and now he crawled towards her creepily at a frightening speed like a Godsdamned Prowler!

    She almost yelped in surprise, then turned forward again and started jogging.

    "TAKE ME WITH YOU!" The boy bellowed with all his power.

    That made Nocturna freeze, and she almost slipped on the blood, too.

    How disgraceful of me. Being startled by a boy.

    She turned around and stood still until the creepy crawler caught up to her.

    He's very odd, though.

    The boy stood up and Nocturna presumed that he was about to mature by the length of his dangling, bloodied penis. "Take me with you," he repeated. His voice was surprisingly firm, a testament to his determination.

    "Why?" Nocturna stoically asked.

    The boy bit his lip, making Nocturna feel like patting his head, but she resisted the temptation. His dark hair had a sheen of purple like most of his clan, and he seemed to be as well taken care of as the women, making Nocturna believe that he was the son of an important person of this village.

    "I can fight," the boy responded after a second of hesitation.

    "How many slavers did you kill?" Nocturna asked, still stoic.

    The boy's shoulder dropped and his face warped into a scowl. "None," he bitterly answered, but his determination didn't seem to waver.

    "You can't fight," Nocturna responded.

    He rose his head again and his purple eyes stared deeply into hers. "Then teach me!" He demanded.

    "No," Nocturna stated, then ran away.

    "I won't quit! I'll chase you until you teach me!" The boy yelled and darted behind her.

    Nocturna scoffed and increased her pace, but then she coughed as she saw the boy gaining on her.

    Her body glowed and she turned into a huge, black fox, which almost doubled her running speed. She felt mana coming from behind her, then she heard another fox chasing after her.

    How persistent.

    She sped up to the max and left the boy behind, but whenever she stopped to rest, he would quickly catch up.

    Dawn came and cleared the mist, making it easier for him to track her, but he still never caught a glimpse of the huge black fox that he chased so obsessively.

    Nocturna started to feel amused by the situation. She dove into a thick part of the Forest, then started slowly covering her tracks more and more while observing him through [Sense Presence]. The boy predictably started slowing down to make sure that he didn't lose her tracks, but he still chased after her with impressive speed.

    No [Sense Presence], but good [Tracking]. Also good "Endurance" and "Willpower"; he's been chasing after me for a few hours.

    The boy was making a lot of noise, though, and then it finally happened: a monster came to attack him.

    Nocturna groaned and stopped in her tracks, then turned around and dashed towards the boy to observe. If her [Sense Presence] wasn't wrong, and it never was, a Buveursang was making its way towards him.

    The boy noticed the monster, hard not to when the monkey-like beast likes to shriek to disorient their prey, and turned to face it, which allowed Nocturna to stalk behind him. She didn't return to humanoid form because she was still bloodied with the slavers' blood, and that would just bring the Buveursang into a rage.

    She observed the boy's back and admired his beautiful dark and purple fur. He was barely bigger than the average dog, which meant that he had one or two points into [Fox Transformation].

    He stared towards the source of the ear-bleeding shrieking, his body tense and his tail low. He slowly rose his lips and let out a growl in warning.

    The Buveursang stopped its shrieks for a second to listen to the fox, but deemed it a weak pup and burst out from the treetops.

    The monster used its long and thin arm to fling itself forward; its monkey face warped into an angry scowl, threateningly showing its long, blood-sucking fangs; its dark, furred body was unnaturally thin, signifying that it was starving; its short and thick legs was a signal that it still had some strength left; and its long, menacing feet claws were aimed directly at the boy.

    "KAAAAAAAA!" The monster shrieked as it flew.

    A moment before the monster grabbed the boy, he rolled to the side with great "Speed," and the monster's claws sunk into the soft earth.

    The boy pounced on the Buveursang's back and bit his neck, then started to wildly shake the monster in an attempt to break its spine.

    Impressive, but not enough.

    The Buveursang stretched its long arms backward and wrapped its strong fingers around the fox's neck, then strangled him.

    A battle of "Endurance" started, but the boy had been running as a fox for hours, and against a starving, but rested, monster, he had an immense disadvantage.

    The boy lost strength in his limbs and slowed his shaking, allowing the Buveursang to lift him off the ground. It twisted its flexible arms even more, then threw him against a tree.

    The boy hit the hard bark right on, then slumped on the ground, too exhausted to continue the fight. His body glowed, and the naked, bloodied boy reappeared.

    The Buveursang immediately smelled the blood, then went into a berserker rage. "KAAA! KAAA! KAAA!" It shrieked so loudly that the boy felt sick and almost puked.

    The monster used its arms to swing its body, then launched himself towards the boy.

    He raised his arms weakly to protect himself, but no attack came. He saw a large shadow passed by him, then he heard a crunch, and the monster was silenced.

    He lowered his arms and saw the frighteningly large black fox in front of him chewing on the crunched head of the Buveursang.

    She flung the monster's body towards him and swallowed its brain matter, then turned back into humanoid and pulled out a small knife from her [Item Box]. "Alright, boy. If you want to follow me that much, then start by making your own clothes." She threw the knife at his feet and sat down on the grass, then remained silent while staring at him.

    The boy, suddenly reminded of his nakedness and that he was in front of a woman, shyly covered his penis with his hands.

    "I've seen bigger," she said. Her face was still covered in multiple pieces of cloth, making it hard for the boy to discern her expression, but her tone was of clear displeasure. "If you don't want to freeze, you'll do what I say."

    The boy hesitated for a moment, then slowly nodded and removed his hands covering his penis, then he grabbed the skinning knife and went to work immediately. He didn't need much encouragement because just a short while after his battle ending, he was already starting to feel the coldness spreading to every extremity of his body.

    Nocturna let her gaze wander as she thought about what to do. On a whim, she had endangered the boy, bringing him too far from his village and tiring him out. At least for a short while, she'll have to take care of him.

    The boy noticed her gaze, and Nocturna quickly learned that the boy sported a decent size and girth in his love tool. She immediately turned away and sighed.

    The mating season can't come soon enough…

    "Mating season?" I ask as Mom finishes the chapter and closes the book.

    Dad suddenly freezes as he sands Mom's nails and gives her a concerned look. Ofilia looks away, trying to hide her embarrassed face.

    If they're embarrassed, then it must be related to sex.

    Mom's tone is perfectly neutral and calm as she explains, "It's the time of the year that animal foxes 'mate' and create babies."

    "Oh, sex."

    Mom nods. "Yes."

    "Why does she want it?"

    "Because she mates with the male foxes for pleasure."

    I tilt my head and Allura copies. "With an animal fox?"

    Mom nods twice and the corner of her mouth twitches. She's trying to hold back a smile. "Lonely werefoxes do that because they don't have a partner for sex."

    "Do they get pregnant?"

    "Preganhant!" Allura exclaims. I'm sure she has no idea what we're talking about.

    Mom shakes her head. "No, they can't. They do it only for pleasure."

    Dad suddenly frowns and says in a very serious tone, "And neither should you, ever. Animal foxes can be very aggressive during mating, so it's dangerous for you if you don't know what you're doing."

    "Okay!" I answer and nod.

    Dad sighs and continues sanding down Mom's nails.

    "Now it's time to sleep. We'll read the next chapter tomorrow," Mom says and motions to Ofilia, who nabs Allura before she can run away, then firmly grasps my hand.

    "It's time to sleep," she says with a grin that makes me want to pinch her cheeks.

    Allura immediately pouts and complains while I grumble and let Ofilia drag me. Resisting will only make things worse, but that doesn't mean that I'll go to bed while smiling.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Prince PreownedFIN.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Lord DJ.
    Lord Ashadun.
    Lord Michale Erwin.
    Lord Enrique Peña Gomez.
    Lord Braidborn.
    Lord Bakerdea.
    Lord Yeeteris Dedmeem.
    Lord D4rk Sheep.
    Lord Nathan Vanbrunt.
    Lord Markus.
    Lord Maurice.
    Lord Badger.
    Lord Krawn.
    Lord Remco.
    Lord Empyrean.
    Lord Asakurà.
    Lord Cidant.
    Lord Mattirro Draca.
    Lord Joshua Tal.
    Noble Salty Panda.
    Noble Yamibomb112.
    Noble Mild Fracas.
    Noble Aclys.
    Noble Tyler Mills.
    Noble Samuel Steinike.
    Noble Jordon Gotthold.
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    Hukarere almost skips along as I guide her to the dance floor. She's really impressed with how I danced with Alissa, but we only seemed to be so skilled because of how [Bind] allowed us to be in perfect sync.

    I stop before we get to the dance floor, then I grab her other hand and look up into her eyes. "Hukarere, I have to ask this first: what kind of dancer are you?" I ask

    She raises her lips into a smile, showing a hint of her white fangs. "I have one point in [Dancing]. I can dance to this song pretty well," she answers.

    [Sense Soul] doesn't show me their "Status" screen, so perhaps the dungeon created an illusion for them.

    "Great. We won't be able to dance like I did with Alissa, but that should let us have a lot of fun."

    "That's all I want."

    A few couples leave of the circle, then they start fucking on top of some empty tables. I raise my eyebrows in surprise, but I guess I should've expected something like this from the Chimeras.

    The circle has a lot of room for us now, so we jump in and get in position. My left hand lands just above her furred buttocks, while my other hand grasps hers to lead our dance. My eyes are perfectly level with her small, pale breasts, making things a little awkward.

    Her feet are digitigrade, which is like someone walking on their tiptoes all the time, so she's taller than even Hana.

    She snorts, then lowers her "heel" closer to the floor, making her just slightly taller than Roxanne.

    "Better," I say, then we start dancing.

    She soon starts to sweat like I am, letting out a faintly alluring scent. I hear her sniff the air, then her ghost-like nipples become visibly pointy.

    We pull each other closer, causing my dick to touch her leg. She smiles and pulls me towards her breasts, making her pointy nipples rub against my skin every once in a while. My thigh brushes against her pussy, and I feel an intense heat radiating from it.

    "I'll spin you," I say, then I cast [Telekinesis] on each of us. I make us glide along the floor, but I'm too short to make her spin, so I float upwards until my head is above hers.

    She laughs at the silliness of the situation. I'm a short, cute guy, floating above the big, bad wolf, and making her spin like a doll. A mismatched pair doing ridiculous dance moves and freely casting magic.

    I return to the floor, then grab her waist and raise her in the air high above my head, bringing my face close to her light blue landing strip. Then I bring her back down and lower her body close to the floor with one hand while I make her gaze lock with mine with the other. We remain still for a moment and smirk together, enjoying the cheesiness of my moves.

    We dive deeper into the circles and speed up our dancing. The couples around us start to get tired, giving us even more room to dance.

    She breathes heavily on my face while I do the same on her neck. Our bodies glue to each other, and my hard dick rides up the side of her thigh.

    She releases my waist and grabs my hard-on, then slowly strokes it with a delightfully tight grip. Our eyes lock on each other, and we drown out everyone else.

    I guide us to the outer circles so that she doesn't accidentally rip my skin, and we continue dancing, but now, I keep our bodies glued together so that she can continue stroking me.

    I squeeze her ass cheek and rub my pinky over her asshole. She lowers her head towards me and pushes out her tongue.

    I reach upwards and swallow her long wolf tongue. She tries to fuck my mouth with it, moving it like a cock inside a pussy, thrusting repeatedly and rubbing it against my own. Kissing a snout-faced person is always messy, but it's also a lot of fun.

    She rubs her pussy against my thigh, wetting it with her lewd juices. Precum leaks from my cock, and she stops stroking it, then licks it off her hand while staring at me with sultry eyes.

    That's it.

    I suddenly stop our dancing, then I guide her to the nearest empty table.

    "Bend over," I order.

    She smiles with narrow, lust-filled eyes, then grabs a chair to raise one of her legs and give me easier access to her pussy. She bends over the table and grabs her ass, lifting it upwards and inviting my cock into her dripping pussy.

    I hug her from behind, and my dick slaps against her wet lips. I grab her dragon tail and push it to the side, then I grip its base with one hand, and with the other, I grip the white fur on her back.

    I move my hips and rub against her entrance, using her juices to wet my cock. Then I pull back, spit on it, and use a soul-hand to spread it all over my length.

    I angle my club and gently poke it at her entrance, parting her pink lips and making her shiver.

    "How big do you want me?" I ask softly.

    Her voice wavers as she answers, "D-don't change it, it's f-fine, it's fine like this."

    I smirk and nod, then I grip the base of her tail harder, making her moan. I force myself in and let out my own moan of delight as I savor her tightness. It feels supremely satisfying to finally fuck her.

    I look to the side and see Alissa intensely staring at us as she studiously masturbates; Hana and Roxanne are passionately kissing; Aoi and Gify are resting on Yunia's lap; Ciel and Lina are having a slow dance near their table; Ririmu is dancing with a short and thick mouse-headed woman, lustfully staring into each other's eyes. Other couples have already started and finished having fun some time ago, so we have a bit of an audience, making me feel even more excited. A few pairs of eyes even stare at me intensely, giving me a shiver.

    Witness me! Witness my virility!

    Hukarere growls and strongly grips the tablecloth. She's tall, but slender, making her pussy rather tight, so she must be feeling pretty 'filled' with my thick cock inside of her.

    I spread out my soul, making sure that she gets the full "Sex Maniac" course. It wouldn't be like me to not make my woman orgasm a few times first.

    I fuck her like this until she's breathless, then I decide to give her a short breather. I let go of her tail, then I lean forward and bury my face in the white fur of her back. Its light blue tips tickle at my face, making me feel nostalgic as I remember how it feels like to fuck Fox-Alissa.

    Our juices mingle and overflow, dripping down her leg and making a mess on the floor. A waitress patiently waits nearby, [Clean] magic tool in hand, but she'll have to wait for quite a while longer; I'm just getting started.

    "Your wives… enjoy… watching?" Hukarere asks and lets out a strained laugh.

    "They do enjoy it, except for Alissa, she's a depraved slut who loves it," I growl in her ear, then I playfully bite it.

    "Awo~…" She lets out a cute, low howl, and her pussy clenches on my cock as she orgasms.

    I almost stop moving, just to let her savor the feeling. She turns to Alissa and smiles.

    "You want her to join?" I ask.

    "O-oh, no, I-I'm not like that," she immediately answers and laughs nervously. "I just… want you to fuck me while I stare at her."

    Her dragon tail makes its way to my mouth, so I start sucking on it. It's leathery and rough, but she seems to enjoy it since the tip is its most sensitive part.

    I continue moving again, and she starts growling towards Alissa. My foxy sex slave takes up the challenge and glares right back while smiling smugly.

    "Why is she… so smug?" She asks.

    She pulls her tail out of my mouth to let me answer. "She's survived much worse than what you're experiencing," I answer as I slam my cock into her. She grits her teeth, and even more of our juices pour onto the ceramic floor.

    Hugging her from behind is actually really nice. It makes me want to use her as a pillow, even. Her fur is longer and softer than Alissa's, but that doesn't mean that my fox is any worse. Hukarere is a cloud, while Alissa is a hugging pillow.

    I let the pleasure naturally build until I'm finally at the edge of the cliff, then I draw my cock out of her and pull her face towards it, forcing her to swallow it all. With her long snout, she easily takes it and wraps it with her tongue, all along my shaft, then cleans off our mixed juices.

    For some reason, seeing a beautiful and ferocious wolf with large, sharp fangs happily gobbling up my cock is supremely satisfying. There's just something wild and savage in the beastfolk and Chimeras that makes them seem so sexy to me.

    She tips me over the edge with her tongue, and I unleash everything down her throat. She opens her eyes wide in surprise, then increases the intensity of her sucking, quickly driving me to a second cumshot.

    Then she suddenly takes it out to say, "Your cum is so tasty!"

    I raise an eyebrow, and for a second, my mind thinks that she sounded exactly like Aoi.

    I guess I shouldn't be surprised by this. They're magical beings, after all.

    I play around with Hukarere for a long time, making sure that neither of our hips ever stop moving. I'm just amazed by how realistic their bodies are. She feels, smells, tastes, and moans like a perfectly normal humanoid.

    She seems to be a bit addicted to my cum, though, eventually forgoing fucking for just sucking me off.

    However, I still want to do some things with the girls, so, after a good hour of non-stop fucking, I deem it as enough. After we're done and the adrenaline starts to fade, her hips threaten to give in, so I have to carry her back to our tables.

    I deposit her on a chair and see Ririmu hugging his mouse girl while she plays with his used and still wet red monster. I give him a thumbs-up, and he returns it. Funny how this gesture is the same here as it is on Earth.

    I cast [Clean] on myself, then I kiss Alissa's forehead and lick her wet fingers.

    "Love you," she whispers.

    "Love you, too," I whisper back.

    I take a quick look around at the other girls. Ciel and Hana are dancing, Lina is playing around with Aoi and her golden ball punching game, and Yunia and Roxanne are talking about dancing. They're comparing elven Saltchitan to Succubi Rahgeeb. Both of them are very sensual dancing styles, but while Saltchitan is a simple dance, Rahgeeb is a ritual for young Succubus women to find virile male partners. The better he can dance, the more desirable he is. Now imagine what she thinks of me.

    I walk over to Yunia and offer her my hand, "I'm sorry to interrupt, but would you like to dance?"

    She smiles a little smugly and takes my hand with a pompous gesture. "It'll be an honor, for you," she says, and I help her get up.

    "Yes, my Queen. It's my honor," I reply.

    She doesn't want to do an aerobic exercise, so we take it easy, focusing on perfection rather than impressiveness. This gives me an opportunity to talk to her.

    "How're you feeling?" I ask.

    "Good, you?" She answers casually.

    "Awesome," I answer with a grin.

    She chuckles once, and her stern gaze softens. "Your ego is growing."

    "Step on it, then, and help me keep it in check."

    "I don't feel like doing it."

    I raise my eyebrows in surprise. "Aren't you the sadistic one who likes to put men down?"

    "I do, but not you, for some reason," she answers in a gentle tone.

    I feel my heart tighten, and suddenly I kiss her on impulse. She pushes into the kiss, and our lips smack when we part.

    She takes on a very smug tone and sneers at me. "What are you getting so emotional for, little man? I just find it boring to put down such a weak-willed boy like you. It's like having an argument with a child."

    I gush with a smile. "Awn… Roxanne says that this is your way of saying that you love me."

    She clicks her tongue, then puckers her lips in a frown. "Tch… snooping on our conversation, I see."

    "'Always,' Alissa says. 'Fun,' Aoi says. 'I like to watch,' Lina says, and 'not in that way,' she adds. Hana is too busy flirting with Ciel to respond."

    Her face softens again, and she shakes her head gently in disbelief. "This family defies all common sense."

    I'd like to make a hive mind joke, but that'd just creep her out.

    "H-hive mind? Those images in your mind are creeping me out," Roxanne says in my soul space, and I poke her soul.

    "If you want, we can slow things down. Take a few days to rest and calm our hearts. A lot has happened lately," I say.

    She gently pinches my cheek, then returns her hand to my waist. "I'm fine, Wolfy. If anything, I think that we play around too much."

    "If you say so."

    We calm down and eat some snacks in the tavern. This isn't a full-blown restaurant, so we'll still have to go somewhere to eat a proper dinner.

    As I head off to the toilet, a gray bunny-headed woman that's been intensely observing us stands up and follows me.


    I enter the bathroom and leave our Holly in the corridor. This room is quite small, with only a toilet bowl and a sink without a tap, so it's not a good place for a fight. I start going about my business, which is pretty easy since I'm naked, and wait.

    The woman appears in the corridor, but there are rows of other toilets besides mine, so she's not that suspicious yet. She keeps staring at my door, though, so I decide to pull out my shield and get in position to block.

    I alert the girls, and Alissa and Hana immediately come towards me. I tell them to not alert Hukarere or Ririmu since I don't want to make a scene, yet.

    The woman stops in front of my door, and I brace myself, my heart beating like mad as adrenaline floods my veins, then she knocks and says, "Wolf Ryder, Wahinui Ngerua wishes to speak with you."

    I blink blankly.

    "W-what…? Can't she just ask… normally?" I respond, flabbergasted.

    Alissa and Hana appear in the corridor but stop, also confused.

    "Nobody should know of your meeting with her," the woman answers, completely serious.

    Fucking hell.

    "How are we to meet?" I ask.

    "You'll wait for her in the storage room."

    "If this is some sort of prank or ambush, let me tell you that I won't let it slide."

    "I assure you, this is a serious matter." There isn't a single shred of uncertainty in her voice.

    I sigh and relent. "Alright, I'll go."

    "Understood." The woman turns her Emergency Ring green.

    Hana, Alissa, and I sneak into the storage room nearby and wait with our weapons at the ready. I summon more Shads and Hollys to keep an eye on every angle. The bunny-headed woman waits outside in the alley.

    It takes only two minutes for Wahinui to appear, wearing a cloak. She simply nods to the bunny woman and enters the room, then the bunny woman immediately leaves. Wahinui looks around and spots us, then makes her way around the dusty crates.

    I'm actually surprised that she's here by herself.

    "Put those things away," Wahinui says and points to our weapons, then stops in front of us. She takes off her cloak, exposing a delicious body underneath that's very similar to Kaatohe's. The cat-headed woman definitely has the signs that she's past her forties, but her body screams, "I can fuck for hours." "I'm flattered, but I'm not available," she adds, noticing our gazes.

    I simply smile, and we sheathe our weapons, but we won't put them away.

    "What is it that you wanted to talk about?" I ask.

    She pulls out a watch and holds it up in front of her, then glances between the watch and us repeatedly as she says, "I'll start talking, but don't interrupt me until I'm done. I have to pay attention to this watch to make sure that I don't forget anything."

    "Alright…" I say, a little confused.

    "There's something affecting every single Chimera of this town. We simply cannot speak of certain topics. Otherwise, our memories are forcefully erased. Do you have any idea of what I'm talking about?"

    I share a few words with the girls through [Bind] to make sure that everyone agrees, then I answer, "Yes."

    Wahinui lets a wide smile bloom like a person in the desert who has finally found an oasis.

    She pulls out a paper, then holds it up beside the watch and starts to read it out loud with a flat tone, "I'll try to make a list of the topics that are forbidden for us to speak: children, Chosen Descendant, pregnancy, emigration, committing suicide, age, something about spirits that I haven't been able to specify more, and the odd dreams we had with an elven man…" She suddenly freezes, and her eyes gloss over.


    We look at each other and instantly understand. Her mind was "reset" by thinking about one of the forbidden topics.

    She suddenly jumps in place, as if she was awoken from a stupor, then looks at the watch and asks, "What… what was I doing? The watch just jumped in time, so something must've triggered a forbidden thought. What was it? Don't mention what it was exactly."

    "You 'froze' while reading your paper," I answer.

    She narrows her yellow cat eyes and looks away from it. "Curious…" Then she takes a few steps forward and offers it to us. "See if I missed any topics."

    I take it and answer, "No, you didn't. You 'froze' after the last one."

    She takes it back, then pulls out a magic tool pen with a *poof*, and writes something on the paper. I see that she's marking the last entry as "dangerous to think about."

    She stores the paper inside her [Item Box], and her sharp vertical pupils turn to us, intensely staring at me. "Now, tell me the truth while trying to avoid the forbidden topics," she demands.

    I take a moment to think, then I say, "You're inside an elven dungeon. You're not alive, and your bodies aren't real. It has been thousands of years since you've died. The dungeon creator, who's an elven God-King from the High Forest, has bound you to this dungeon, but we don't know why, exactly."

    Her expression goes blank as realization crosses her mind. She suddenly stares at the watch and starts speaking as fast as she can, almost garbling the words as she goes, "Months ago, we all had dreams about a handsome and powerful elven man. Tell me that he's the one wh-…" She suddenly freezes, and her eyes lose their focus. "W-what were we t-… oh! I said something forbidden again…"

    I repeat what I said, but I omit the part about the God-King. "There's more that I can say, but it'll just make you forget it again," I add.

    She frowns and bites her lip in frustration. Her cat fangs look quite sharp, though, so I worry a little that she might hurt herself.

    "She said 'months ago,' can we ask her how long? It might coincide with your arrival in the realm," Alissa whispers.

    We manage to squeeze an "around five" out of Wahinui before her brain is "reset" again. She also says that some time ago, people were complaining about weird dreams with a handsome elven man, then she's reset once again.

    "I'm in my sixth month in this world, so it fits," I say.

    "The spirit that they saw wasn't necessarily Arreira, but it reinforces the idea that there's someone actually controlling the dungeon," Lina says through [Bind], and we agree.

    "If we're dead, aren't we all spirits? H-…"

    "Stop!" I interrupt Wahinui before she triggers the memory wipe again.

    She glances at me, then quickly makes another note on the paper, and her mind is reset. Once she's lucid again, she reads the paper, then sighs and facepalms.

    "How are we 'bound' to this dungeon?" She asks in a tired tone.

    "[Trap Soul]," I answer.

    She frowns, looking skeptical, "How can that be? I can hurt myself and bleed, so we're all clearly made of flesh and bone."

    "The same way that I can do this," I answer and show her everything that I can do with [Soul Manipulation].

    "That's [Materialize]?"

    I nod. "Modified heavily, but yes."

    She goes silent and looks down at her own hands in frustration. "So it's true, we're dead… This is why suicide is a forbidden topic."

    "But you're talking about it," Hana says with a frown.

    "Yes, but I can't think about 'committing it,'" Wahinui answers.

    "You're still talking about it," Hana repeats.

    Wahinui puckers her lips, looking mildly annoyed. "Yes, but I have no intention of committing it."


    Wahinui clenches her fists and straightens her posture, then stares at me and demands, "If we're truly bound to a dungeon, you need to destroy the core. I want to have my time in Paradise before my spirit is twisted like a nature spirit."

    Gify suddenly pops onto my shoulder and chirps, "Gih!"

    "I know that you aren't evil, but I need my sanity and sense of self to enjoy Paradise," she responds.

    "We don't know how long it'll take, but we'll do what we can," Alissa says.

    "What if some Chimeras don't want to… go to Paradise, yet?" I ask.

    A hint of bitterness and anger enters her voice. "If you can't spare them individually, then let me tell you that I and many others will become evil spirits if you abandon us here," she answers.

    "Understood," I reply with a nod. The Gods also don't like it when someone is denied Paradise, so I won't deny her hers.

    Her voice turns gentle and her posture slouches a bit as she says, "I can't say that I like you… but thank you."

    I smile gently. "You're welcome."

    Her stern demeanor returns, and she clears her throat. "Now, I assume that Ozymandias is the way to the next level of this dungeon?"

    "Exactly. We know that it isn't a town or a floating island; it's likely a portal of some kind, but it's also right next to where the Maw was at one point."

    "I can't help much with that since my power is limited outside of the town, but I can advise you on this: don't trust Hihiriwa. No matter how friendly he seems to be, he only cares about his own fame. He's…" -her tone suddenly becomes very bitter- "ruthless."

    I frown. "You're saying that he'd put us in danger to complete the mission?"

    She nods, making her cat ears bob cutely. "Exactly. From the way that he acts, I highly doubt that he's realized that there's something wrong with this town, so he certainly wouldn't have any qualms with sacrificing a few unknown adventurers who don't even claim to be nobility, and I don't want you to die before you free us."

    I share a look with the girls. Our opinion of him has been completely changed in just a few seconds. If there's a reason for Wahinui to lie, then it must be quite contrived.

    "We'll be careful. Although we don't really need him to get past the Maw, it still seems like the safest choice to follow along with his plan."

    She snorts and puts on her cloak again. "I've given you my advice, so you'd better not die. If you come back here as a spirit…" -her face softens and her tone becomes almost casual- "I'll kill you myself."

    "What about Oritiki? What do you think of her?"

    "Reliable, but lacking in ambition. Use her to keep yourself safe from Hihiriwa. That's all that I have for you about her."

    I smile, and we give her a quick bow. She nods respectfully, then walks away without another word.

    This is a lot to take on, so I think that it's time for us to take a bath and have a Council meeting of our own.

    As we return to our tables, a beautiful, petite Chimera walks in. Her lustful gaze makes me feel like prey for a moment, so I stop to stare at her.

    She's a rare "smooth blend" type: a mix of human, deer, and feline, all merged together into a cute and appetizing package. Her brown hair is short and tied to one side; her small antlers are adorably stubby, sanded down to not get in the way; her ears are triangular and fuzzy like a cat's; her nose is flat with a straight bridge and is slightly furred, definitely not human; her light brown skin has streaks of dark fur, making it look like she's covered with tribal markings; her freckled face is small, triangular, and very charming; her arms are slender and very fluffy; her furred hands are large, with long, sharp-looking nails; her small breasts are cute like Lina's with black nipples; her back is furry like Hukarere's while her front is naked, except for a few streaks; her legs smoothly transition from human to cat-like with digitigrade feet and stubby toes; her tail is short and fluffy, and it wags uncontrollably as she sees me.

    Hana snorts, and Alissa pouts. My fox slut doesn't care much for complete strangers.

    "Be quick, just one or two orgasms," Alissa says.

    I nod and send blood downstairs, then walk towards the slab of meat with a menacing gaze.

    Do you think you can play the predator? I'll make you my sex slave for your insolence!

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Prince PreownedFIN.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Hope.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Lord DJ.
    Lord Ashadun.
    Lord Michale Erwin.
    Lord Enrique Peña Gomez.
    Lord Braidborn.
    Lord Bakerdea.
    Lord Yeeteris Dedmeem.
    Lord D4rk Sheep.
    Lord Nathan Vanbrunt.
    Lord Markus.
    Lord Maurice.
    Lord Badger.
    Lord Krawn.
    Lord Remco.
    Lord Empyrean.
    Lord Asakurà.
    Lord Cidant.
    Lord Mattirro Draca.
    Lord Joshua Tal.
    Noble Salty Panda.
    Noble Yamibomb112.
    Noble Mild Fracas.
    Noble Aclys.
    Noble Tyler Mills.
    Noble Samuel Steinike.
    Noble Jordon Gotthold.
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    The petite brown Chimera squirms underneath me. This brown cat/deer blend woman is just exquisite, truly a delight to fuck.

    My cock twitches inside her as the last of my cum spurts out. I continue rubbing her g-spot with a soul finger, and her vagina quivers as another orgasm hits her.

    I pinch one of her dark nipples, and her pussy clenches, trying to stop my cock from sliding out. She wraps her legs around my waist, hugs my neck, and her tongue regains its vigor, pushing back against mine and invading my mouth.

    We spend a short while like this, but now, it's time to leave, so I push her away. She releases me, and I vacate her insides, then she fingers herself to lap up my cum.

    "I fell in love with you… w-well, at least your cum," she says and giggles, embarrassed with herself.


    I look over at the girls and see that only Hukarere is still watching us, and intensely so.

    I guess I just made a woman fall in love with my semen. Who's the real succubus now?

    "Pff…" Roxanne scoffs inside my mind and pouts.


    "What's your name?" I ask the petite Chimera.

    "Oh… uhm… I'm Kai," she answers and gives me an awkward smile.

    "Kai, I'm Wolf Ryder-…"

    "Yeah, I knew your name," she mumbles.

    "- and after tomorrow, we're leaving town. So, would you like to meet up again?"

    She looks into my eyes and nods earnestly, "C-certainly. If you could spare time to have some 'fun' with me, I'd love it."

    I smile gently and kiss her deer nose. Her stubby tail ruffles the tablecloth under her as it wags uncontrollably.

    "I'll come here tomorrow at eight hours after midday, though I won't stay for long," I say.

    "I-I'll come!" She answers excitedly.

    I caress her cheek and walk away. The girls get up, and Hukarere signals for Ririmu to come with us.

    We pay our tab, and I notice a considerable amount of money being charged to us as "cleaning fees." Maybe I'll be less messy next time.

    We go to a bathhouse and rent a room for ourselves.

    I hold Hukarere's pale hand and say, "I'd love to have you with us, but I want some private time with my wives."

    She blinks blankly once before smiling and shaking her head. "I'm thankful for your consideration, but don't worry about me, I'm still just a guide."

    "Hm…" I merely nod and walk away.

    That's right, I have to maintain boundaries. I can't let myself fall in love with every woman I fuck like I did with Klein and Osaria.

    Hukarere and Ririmu enter the public bath area, and we part ways. We head over to our reserved room and start our usual routine.

    I'm rather satisfied right now, but Roxanne is in the mood, so I put some effort into playing with her body to satisfy her. Meanwhile, Alissa shares the details of our meeting with Wahinui with Ciel and Yunia.

    "Why doesn't she want anyone else to know?" Ciel asks.

    "It'd likely cause an uproar among the townsfolk," Yunia answers.

    "I assume that she's responsible for the town's order, or something like that," I say.

    "She doesn't want any outsiders bringing chaos to her town when she seemingly has everything under control," Yunia adds.

    "I see…" Ciel says and nods in understanding. "The way that their minds and memories are controlled frightens me. It sounds like a never-ending nightmare."

    "Couldn't you learn how Arreira did it and use that method to remove your memories from the golems?" Lina asks.

    "Oh… that's true," I mumble. "I'm not sure about how ethical it would be to use the Chimeras as test subjects. Perhaps I could convince Wahinui, but I have no idea if there are any side-effects to repeated memory resets."

    "Maybe you could study their core? Their souls should be bound to it, and it's generally a gem with a mana storage enchantment," Yunia says.

    "How would I find that gem?" I ask.

    "No idea." Yunia shrugs. "Their Threads have been cut, so I can't follow them. The gem has a maximum range, though, but since the Chimeras can apparently travel as far as Ozymandias, I wouldn't dare to guess where it is."

    "Hm… I'll spread some Hollys and Shads around to try and find their cores."

    "I guess this is another challenge," Alissa comments.

    "They always seem to stimulate us to grow," Ciel adds.

    "Not too hard, but not too easy," Lina completes.

    "I don't think we have enough time to study the 'memory reset.' It might not actually be the challenge," Yunia says.

    "Then what's this challenge about? We didn't put any real effort into getting the Chimeras to help us, so it can't be that," Hana says.

    "Maybe it's Hihiriwa? Surviving him?" Alissa questions.

    Roxanne stops deepthroating my dick-hand to say, "Maybe one part of the challenge is actually identifying that it's a challeng-… hngh!"

    Yunia frowns and asks, "Are we sure we should be treating this as a deliberate challenge?"

    "What do you mean?" I ask.

    "Aren't we looking too deep into it? It could simply be that Arreira is showing us his pet projects one-by-one."

    "There are quite a lot of weird locations that we skipped by taking the Core's portal," Lina adds.

    "Or they're each a set of challenges, too," Alissa says with a shrug.

    "Are you sure that we shouldn't see this as a challenge?" Hana asks with a cheeky smirk.

    "Perhaps that's the true challenge: recognizing if there's a challenge here," Roxanne says and giggles.

    Hana grabs my dick-hand and shoves it back into Roxanne's mouth like a pacifier.

    "Now that's meta," I say with a smile.

    "Meme," Ted says, and the girls ignore me, except for one.

    "Meme?" Yunia questions, very confused.

    "Just Earthling things; it's safe to ignore him," Alissa says. Her coldness stabs at my heart, but it really only makes me chuckle.

    "Anyway… what Roxanne said made no sense," Yunia continues.

    "Well, yeah, she always has to say some dumb shit," Hana teases.

    Roxanne ignores Hana and pulls my dick-hand out, then says, "Alright, let me… ahn~… lemme rephrase it: the real challenge is finding out what the… the challenge is."

    "Ah~, I get it," Yunia says in an understanding tone.

    Roxanne smirks and adds, "See? You were all just too dumb to… ahn… to understand me at first."

    "Quiet, slut. You've said enough," Yunia says in a cold tone.

    I make Roxanne shut up again.

    "Well… I understood what she said, but I don't think that's the answer," Alissa says.

    I let my appendages move on their own as I say, "I think the challenge is getting past the Maw and surviving Hihiriwa. Learning how to manipulate the Chimeras' memories is just a side-objective, like not letting The Lady kill the baby."

    "How would learning to manipulate their memories help us?" Ciel asks.

    I shrug. "We could make Hihiriwa docile to us."

    "What if you screw up?"

    "Then I screw up. Whether we take that risk or not will depend on how easy it is to manipulate their memories."

    "Are we going to trust Wahinui's advice?" Lina asks.

    "I can't think of a good reason why she would lie to us. Not after our talk about Paradise," I reply.

    "We don't have to trust her words, just keep them in mind when we interact with Hihiriwa," Yunia says, and I nod in agreement.

    "Okay," Lina says with a nod, but her bangs are wet, so they don't sway like they usually would.

    I summon three Hollys and three Shads, then order them to find any gem with the "flavor" of [Spirit Magic]. I let them out through a small window, and they quickly spread out around town. I'm not very confident that we'll find anything, though. If Arreira didn't want them found by the Chimeras, he could've hidden them in the deepest parts of the town's island and closed off any path that led there.

    We get out of the bath and find a cozy place for a meal, which is, of course, more conjured food. It's a bit unfulfilling to eat conjured food all the time, so we'll have a late-night snack in private to keep ourselves in good health. This food does help a lot in refilling my MP faster than normal, so I guess I can't complain that much.

    After that, we return to Oritiki's estate.

    "You all party quite a lot," Oritiki comments.

    "We have to rest and enjoy ourselves whenever we can," I reply.

    "Our lives are quite hectic, so the time between rests feels much longer than it is," Yunia says.

    Oritiki nods and replies, "I understand what you mean. Life's been quite calm here since we rarely do expeditions anymore. You tend to forget how tiring adventuring can be, especially now that I have a home to return to." She looks over at her husbands sharing a drink in their living room and smiles warmly.

    Now I get what Wahinui said. Oritiki just wants a quiet life with her husbands. Without the Divines for her to serve or her nation to help protect, she's lost nearly everything that used to motivate her. In a way, we're similar, or rather, we'll become similar. After we survive our Fate, we'll likely give up adventuring.

    We eat dessert with Oritiki, a simple caramel crème brûlée made from Dragolite eggs and milk from some winged pig animal with a weird name.

    Hukarere and Ririmu go back home, and we cuddle up in Oritiki's living room. Ciel's feeling a bit neglected, so she pulls me into her squishy bosom and gives me a scalp massage.

    "This feels nice," she whispers.

    "Now you understand why I got [Massage]?" I whisper back.

    "I do…"

    "Love you."

    "Love you, too." She kisses my forehead.

    Shortly after that, we head off to bed.

    Today is the 14th.

    Alissa wakes me up. Yesterday made her really happy, so she gives me a little treat.

    Today, we'll go back to wearing clothes. Even though I enjoyed brandishing my cock like a weapon, I'm still much more comfortable being clothed.

    Hana increased her [Summon Wings] by 1 (now 4); Lina increased her [Dodge] and [Cursing Magic] by 1 (now 2+6 and 11+4); and I learned [Dancing] with 1 point.

    My shoulder is still hurting a bit. [Heal] doesn't stop the pain, so it must be because of my sloppy self-[Heal] that made the skin so sensitive.

    Breakfast is omelette au fromage with Dragolite eggs. I pull out our charcuterie board to add some non-conjured food to our meal. I notice that Oritiki and her husbands don't eat that much of it, though it doesn't seem that they dislike it; they just don't feel like eating it.

    "Do you have any plans for today?" Oritiki asks us.

    "I think it would be best if we just take it easy and train a little, perhaps," I reply.

    "Wolfy got a date with a fan at Taamu's tonight," Alissa says with a cheeky tone.

    "We'll meet again for a short while since we enjoyed our time together so much," I say with a gentle smile.

    "She only gets one orgasm and one cumshot," Hana states, and I nod in agreement.

    "I want to read a little," Lina says.

    Oritiki turns to Hana and says, "Let's spar again, but only with wooden weapons."

    "Sure," Hana answers and chuckles softly.

    "What? What's so funny?" Oritiki asks.

    "'Only wooden weapons,'" Hana repeats with a snort.

    "Ha. I'm too old to fall for that kind of provocation."

    Hana pouts, but it's quickly replaced with a smile.

    Hana and Ciel spar with Oritiki for a while, then Hukarere and Ririmu join in. Alissa and Lina read a new book together. Roxanne uses her workbench and a small summoned bird to test the effects of gasified Decay goop. Yunia diligently meditates to learn how to use her instant casting Gift while occasionally asking me to mix up her magic skill points. Aoi continues her magical training alongside the golems.

    Aoi is quickly learning [Earth Bullet] and [Conjure Water] by observation, showcasing her growing talent with magic. Jarn has mastered [Telekinesis], giving her much more freedom of movement, and now, she's learning [Manipulate Metal] from Lina, who's playing around with a sheet of metal while reading. Ted and Suzy are learning [Wind Blade] from Aoi and Ciel, with which they create a deep groove in the still not repaired patio, earning them a glare from Thor.

    While Hana and Ciel spar in the backyard, the rest of the girls and I relax on the rooftop terrace in comfy lounging chairs. We're up high enough that we can see down the slope of the mountain. The mountain town in the foreground, the colored clouds in the distance, and the starry galaxy sky in the background would definitely make for a beautiful painting. This is one of the few times that I've wished that I had a camera.

    With Gify's help, I practice copying an elemental's "spirit eyes" so that I can see behind my back. I've quickly learned that making eyes is much more complicated than making limbs because they need a connection to the brain.

    I give [Summoning Magic] to Yunia and get her to summon a small bird for me. After helping her adapt to the information overload, I observe how her soul changes when she activates the summon's vision sharing. For each sense she decides to share, a new appendage appears, protruding out of the soul brain.

    I might be able to improve the senses of my soul appendages with this information. Now that I know how to add taste, I get an idea for how to make a tongue, but that'll have to wait for later. I focus on adding the "extra eye brain extension" to my soul first.

    I manage to establish a faint connection to my spirit eye, but it's not actually useful for combat yet. It'll take a while until it's completely integrated, but I'm already used to the extra vision from my summons, so I can just keep it active all the time.

    I create horns and a tail for myself. I really need to improve my integration of these appendages to my body so that I don't have to undo them every time that I'm doing anything mentally intensive.

    "Does nobody ever find it weird that you can change race like that?" Rei asks with a raised eyebrow.

    I point to my horns and respond, "These things are fake, so I haven't really changed my race."

    He sets down a few cups of iced juice on the table in front of us, then rubs his warthog chin in thought. "Looks pretty real to me."

    I dismiss the horns and create fox ears. I try to flick them, but their movements are still a bit stiff and awkward.

    "Oh, I see what you mean, but I can imagine lots of ways that you could use such skill," he says.

    "Yeah… I've been trying to integrate this skill with my combat style… while also using it to have some fun." I smile wryly.

    There are so many things I've wanted to do with it and so many things I still have to train that my dream of becoming a werefox keeps getting pushed further and further away…

    Lunchtime arrives, and we eat Manta Gull ribs, the flat manta-ray-like big bird. This time, it isn't conjured food since it was actually hunted by the Celestial Horns. They caught one as large as an SUV, so it will easily feed all the Horns and us, and there'll still be quite a lot of it left.

    The taste is a bit gamey, but it's kind of good. It tastes like an odd mix of bird, beef, and fish, for some reason.

    After lunch, Oritiki goes off to inspect the supplies being assembled for them. Thor also leaves the estate to go shopping, leaving us with only Rei and their servants.

    The Hollys and Shads observe that the town is busier than usual with soldiers moving supplies and tools everywhere around the Military Docks in the west side of the town. A few hundred soldiers are being mobilized for this expedition, so they need a lot of stuff.

    Now that Lina's had her time to read, Hana gets her to train [Dodge] and "Speed." The golems continue to tirelessly train, but the rest of us take a short break to cheer on Lina.

    "Faster, faster!" Hana barks.

    "You can do it!" Ciel cheers.

    "I know you can handle the pain! Don't stop now!" Roxanne adds.

    "Bite her hand! Bite her hand!" Aoi exclaims.

    "They aren't training offense, Aoi," Alissa says.

    "If Hana can't dodge a bite, then she needs to be faster," Aoi replies, confidently.

    "It's good for the teacher to also train themselves while training others," Ted says.

    I snort and ask, "When did you get so philosophical?"

    "Our wisdom comes from you," Suzy answers.

    "You don't need to butter me up," I respond.

    "We merely speak the truth," the doll golems say in unison.

    I snort again.

    "You're doing amazing!" Ciel cheers again.

    "Embrace the pain!" Roxanne continues.

    Lina's anxiety continues to increase, and her face burns red not only from the exercise but also from her embarrassment.

    "Cheer a bit more, it's working," I say.

    Lina sends me an angry glance, but she doesn't have the energy to complain.

    Alissa smiles evilly and joins the cheerleaders, "Lina! Lina! Lina!"

    Hukarere and Ririmu also join in and cheer a bit, too.

    So much attention is directed at my little Lina that she almost freezes in horror.

    "Don't you dare stop now!" Hana barks.

    Lina pushes herself even harder, not because of the cheering, but because of the shame.

    Yunia and I share wry smiles, then silently return to our own training. The second-hand embarrassment is too great for us to join in with the silliness.

    Lina eventually tires herself out, and they take a break. Hana carries her and flies up to us while Ciel and our guides prefer to use the stairs.

    Lina sits on my lap, and I use a [Clean] magic tool to make all of her sweat disappear. Once I'm finished, she lays against my chest and molds a sheet of metal into the shape of a face for Jarn.

    "I miss this kind of liveliness," Rei says with a gentle smile.

    "Why? Don't you have regular parties with the Horns around here?" Hana asks, then takes some big gulps of her watered-down Tonique iced tea.

    He gently shakes his head. "It's not the same thing. I used to have lots of siblings, and back then, every day was like a big party."

    Ciel smiles adorably and plays with her dark hair as she says, "It's non-stop fun when your family is large enough. There's always someone doing something interesting, so you're never really bored."

    He looks down at his cup and gives us a pained smile. "After the Calamity, most of my siblings volunteered for expeditions intended to try to make contact with the rest of our nation, but none of them returned…"

    I stop my training and solemnly say, "Our condolences."

    He shakes his head. "It's been such a long, long time since they left that I've mourned for them for as long as I really should. Now, my only wish is to rebuild our family with Oritiki."


    He turns to us and smiles with his mouth and eyes, almost closing his beady little warthog eyes. "We've convinced her to retire in a few months. Her body is very strong, so we'll be able to spend a few years making babies."

    I use [Sense Soul] on him.

    His smile fades, and his expression becomes neutral, then he looks away for several long seconds. He takes a drink, then turns back to us and loudly exhales. His eyes dart between each of us, and he awkwardly taps his tusk as he asks, "Apologies, it seems that I was lost in thought. What were we talking about?"

    "Our tea. Do you like it?" Alissa asks, thankfully taking the conversation somewhere happier.

    He nods and smiles. "Oh, yes. I do, very strong. I like strong drinks, but I still prefer alcohol."

    Alissa smiles back and says, "It's actually quite watered-down, you should try having it the traditional way."

    I saw Rei's soul change. The "structures" of at least two locations in his soul brain were changed. The first location is a structure that's constantly changing. It was "scrambled," becoming a confusing mess, but as soon as the "reset" was finished, the location went back to rapidly changing again. The second location is a larger structure that's also constantly changing, albeit much slower than the other. This one, I couldn't quite catch what changed since it was much more subtle, but I can see at least one "smooth" area that seems unnatural.

    Is the fast one related to short-term memory…? It changes so quickly that it could be. I have no idea what the other location represents, though, but I'd guess that it's related to memory, too.

    It seems that I've found where memories are made, but I still have a ways to go until I can create new golems that don't contain my memories.

    I stop observing Rei's soul. I've learned all that I can from him.

    I decide to rest and lay down on the chair. Lina rests her head on my arm, and I pull her closer to my chest. My hand reflexively lands on her head, and my fingers run through her silky hair.

    I look down at my other free hand and start messing with the inner part of my soul.

    "Alissa, tell me if my mana organ has moved," I say through [Bind] and give her a point in [Sense Soul].

    I try out a few different things and manage to make it stretch a little, though I have no idea where it's stretching towards. If I could cover myself with my mana organ, then I could try out the dragon transformation that the girls and I want so much.

    So many things to train, but so little time…

    I return to my spirit eye training. This ability is definitely a higher priority right now.

    Alissa and Hana train [Mesmerizing Butterflies] together, wowing Rei and the servants who pass by. Ciel's now training [Fly] by dodging Hukarere's and Ririmu's attacks and blunted arrows. Alissa is too good of an archer to help Ciel train her dodging.

    The glaive is actually a pretty good weapon for flying. Going for chops while diving has less chance of getting the weapon stuck in the enemy than a spear. Lances and pikes have superior power in comparison to the glaive, of course, but they're disposable weapons, so they aren't a practical main weapon for prolonged combat.

    Roxanne presents a new weapon to us: caustic goop gas. Throw it at someone and watch them die a horrific death as their eyes and lungs are burned away, leading them to suffocate.

    I feel like I'd be hard-pressed to find a reasonable situation where this weapon could be used on humanoids.

    The sun sets, and the day ends. It seems like it passed by quite quickly. Even though we mostly just trained, it still felt like a short vacation. When compared to how our adventures usually go, nothing too eventful happened, but tomorrow will be very different.

    Hall of Fame of Patrons

    The patrons who support Rupegia shall have their names sung by the bards for they deserve the glory and honor. Their names are:

    Oracle Maximillian Hübner.
    Prince PreownedFIN.
    Lord Andrew Meyers.
    Lord Samuel Lim.
    Lord Bill.
    Lord Novgarod.
    Lord DJ.
    Lord Ashadun.
    Lord Michale Erwin.
    Lord Enrique Peña Gomez.
    Lord Braidborn.
    Lord Bakerdea.
    Lord Yeeteris Dedmeem.
    Lord D4rk Sheep.
    Lord Nathan Vanbrunt.
    Lord Markus.
    Lord Maurice.
    Lord Badger.
    Lord Krawn.
    Lord Empyrean.
    Lord Asakurà.
    Lord Mattirro Draca.
    Lord Joshua Tal.
    Noble Salty Panda.
    Noble Yamibomb112.
    Noble Mild Fracas.
    Noble Aclys.
    Noble Tyler Mills.
    Noble Jordon Gotthold.
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    Oritiki comes back, and we get ready for the bath. There are four of them for us to choose from, so we don't have to share one with Oritiki's husbands.

    I invite Hukarere to join us, and she eagerly accepts. She's definitely not bi, but she doesn't mind watching a full-blown lesbian orgy, and if she gets to drink some of my miraculous cum, then it's a no-brainer for her.

    This time, I focus my attention on Ciel. Just imagining using her and Osaria as my pillows makes me feel all giddy.

    I knead her sensual curves and suckle on her large dark nipples. I'll never get tired of this. She's my chocolate goddess with a perfect and seductive body. I love her so much that I just want to bite those nipples so hard!

    I love every aspect of her. Her silky black hair; her fleshy lips; her cute round nose; her gentle, loving eyes; her twin sources of every man's hopes and dreams; her strong arms; her delicate hands; her taut belly; her thick, thick thighs; her round, jiggly ass; her strong calves; her smooth feet; her cute little toes that I just love to gobble up.

    Ciel nearly disappears under my tentacles as I almost swallow her up entirely, leaving only her face visible. She's so tied up that the only thing she can do right now is let out muffled moans as my dick spurts cum down her throat.

    While the wriggling ball of pulsating tentacles pumps Ciel and fills her with my love, I turn to Hukarere and smile gently, yet her expression is one of deep concern.

    "Your turn," I say as I approach her.

    "P-please be gentle," she murmurs.

    "Always," I nod.

    I love scaring women with my skills, but I enjoy it a lot more when I can bring them to orgasm repeatedly, so I'm very gentle with Hukarere. But, since she's not a main wife, she only gets a few orgasms and drinks three cumshots before it's Aoi's turn.

    With Ciel and Hukarere satisfied, I'm free to tie down Aoi and fill her holes with my love. She twists her tongue around mine and pulsates while syncing with my own movements. It causes an interesting effect as it gives me the impression that we're truly "united."

    "What's up with them?" Hukarere asks as she points to Alissa and Roxanne, who are nearly passed out at the edge of the bath.

    "Just another one of Wolfy's skills," Hana answers with a grin, and I stop sharing my pleasure with the two abused girls.

    One of the advantages of [Bind] is that I can satisfy all of my bound women at the same time. If I had to do it one-by-one, then every bath would take quite a while. I can still extend lots of dicks from my body, but it's much simpler to just sense-share.

    We're getting pretty skilled at dealing with Yunia's hair, so it only takes a short time for it to be brought back to its usual glory. Aoi also behaves herself, now that she's had her fill, and she lets us polish her scales without complaint.

    "You seem to have enjoyed our bath," Oritiki comments as we sit down to eat.

    "Bath time is sacred," Alissa says as if it were a teaching from a God.

    "It's our special time for 'bonding,'" Ciel hurriedly adds and sends a brief glare towards Alissa.

    "Oh, I see." Oritiki responds, then crosses her arms and nods in understanding as she says, "Since it's one of the few times that land-dwellers are naked in private, you have to take your pleasure whenever you can."

    "'Few,'" Hana mumbles and snorts.

    After dinner, I take my clothes off and don a lavish robe. Alissa makes sure that my hair is perfectly groomed, my skin is as soft as a baby's, and my body is completely perfumed. She even pulls back the skin of my dick because the head seems more attractive that way.

    She kisses my lips, and I head out towards Taamu's again. I don't change my penis this time since I don't want to get cat-called by men right now.

    The tavern is loud as usual, but I'm not here for the music. I quickly locate my prey, and she notices my predatory gaze, acting like a rabbit that trembles at the approach of a wolf.

    Kai let her hair loose this time, displaying her beautiful, dark brown wavy hair. Her light brown skin is almost shining and so perfectly unblemished that I'm sure that she's wearing makeup. Her small antlers are decorated with two cute little red bow ties. So adorable.

    Delicious brown… Ah, who am I kidding, every skin color a woman can have is delicious.

    "Kai," I say in a low growl as I sit down beside her. Her cat ears and deer tail twitch as she hears me. I instantly smell her sweet, flowery perfume, paradoxically stirring images of innocence in my mind, but I know how much of a cum slut she is.

    "W-W-Wolf," she stammers, very tense.

    I call the waitress over to order some snacks and light alcohol. "Would you like to eat something? It'll be my treat," I say.

    She asks for some candied berry-like fruits and a strong drink. I order a cereal bar and a mild drink.

    "You're not a drinker, are you?" She shyly asks.

    "No, why do you ask?"

    "Chaimde-waipi is a drink for non-drinkers."

    Oh, I see. It's just tea with cheap alcohol added to it, so it's pretty mild in comparison to other drinks.

    "I prefer to remain completely aware while in the presence of other people," I reply.

    She smiles cheekily and says, "Getting just a bit drunk makes everything more fun."

    "Perhaps, but if I overdo it, I could hurt someone." I grow a spiky horse cock and slap it against the table, making her jump in her seat.

    She stares at it in awe as I slowly make it return to normal, then she breaks into laughter. "Is that [Mana Genitals]? I've never seen one that can change so much!" She exclaims.

    "It's not, it's my special skill, but I do have [Mana Genitals], too."

    "Oo~h…" She giggles adorably. "This must be why you're so… tasty."

    "Are you hungry?" I ask, and she nods emphatically. I stand up and harden my cock. "Then come get your meal."

    After cumming in her mouth, she shows it to me, then savors it, playing around with my thick seed with her tongue. She spits it onto her candies, covering them with white cream, then sensually eats them, one-by-one.

    Once her little show is over, I lift her up with [Telekinesis], then make her lay down on the table and spread her legs for me.

    "Now it's time for my meal," I say and dig in.

    Our date ends with her breathless, a silly smile on her face. The Wolf Ryder standard.

    I pay for our food and the cleaning fee, then I tell them to keep the change as a tip. There's no tipping culture in this world, but my gesture is well-known.

    "It's been nice knowing you," I say gently.

    "Thank you. I'll miss you," Kai answers in a weak voice.

    I leave the tavern and enter an alley, then open a [Gate] back to Oritiki's estate. Alissa vacates my reserved seat, and I take it, then I bury my head in Yunia's fragrant and fluffy hair. Right now, it's her turn for some affection, and even though she didn't ask for it, she'll still be getting it.

    "Ah, you're back. I see you're enjoying the wonders of our race," Oritiki says, then smirks.

    "All races deserve to be loved," I say, and her husbands smile faintly, even Thor.

    "All races deserve his dick," Alissa whispers.

    Oritiki continues, "We were talking about our upcoming trip. There are a few interesting locations along the way, and some of them might be infested with monsters if the animals haven't reclaimed their territory yet. Also, I'll teach you the basics of how to fly in formation."

    I already heard it all through [Bind], but I allow her to go over it all again with me.

    Hukarere and Ririmu return to their homes to finish packing up, and we retire to our room shortly after that.

    Alissa tells me what she wants as a "reward," and we all smile wryly. We make it a team effort to satisfy her.

    Her nails are cut, sanded, and painted with cute patterns; any stray hair on her body is shaved off; her skin is oiled up and massaged; her orange bush is trimmed and maintained; her tail is washed and re-fluffed until it's as soft as Hukarere's cloud-like back fur; her hair is carefully tended to by Yunia, to whom I gave the [Hairdressing] skill because she has the highest "Dexterity"; and finally, we give her the drill-hair treatment, making her look younger and even more adorable than usual.

    She puts on Roxanne's lolita outfit, and I use the gnomic [Instant Painting] tool to immortalize this moment. I'll definitely hang this one in our room in the castle.

    "Who's being 'rewarded' here, you or Wolfy?" Yunia asks with a raised eyebrow.

    "All of us," Roxanne replies as she admires Alissa.

    Ciel definitely enjoyed Alissa's especially cute look.

    We don't stay up for longer than that since we'll be waking up early tomorrow.

    Today is the 15th.

    Alissa reads my mind and tells Ciel and Hana to wake me up with their breasts. I was craving some oppai lately, so this was pretty considerate of her.

    Lina learned [Enhanced Speed] with 1 point. My [Soul Manipulation] increased by 1 (now 6).

    We get up and leave the room just as one of Oritiki's servants comes to knock on our door. The poor mouse-headed woman is spooked by us and apologizes for her brief yelp. We apologize, too, and continue on our way before we embarrass her any further.

    "Oh, you're awake already," Oritiki comments as we enter the dining room for breakfast.

    "We have our own alarm clock," I say and point to Gify.

    "Alarm clock?" She questions.

    "Gnomic mechanical invention," I lie.

    "They use enchanted clocks here, and back on land, they go by the temple's bell," Alissa says through [Bind].

    We eat our meal, then armor ourselves and wait for Oritiki to finish saying goodbye to her husbands. It'll take a while for her to come back because they'll be towing a farm island, and those things really don't move that fast.

    We make our way to the Golden Docks just as the morning mist clears. Oritiki will be guiding us towards the Military Docks so that we can meet up with the other ships. She's wearing her white metal armor, but, thankfully, it isn't glowing. That kind of enchantment hurts our eyes.

    My Hollys and Shads found the Light crystal protecting the town from the Vengeful Spirits, but there was no sign of anything related to [Spirit Magic], so I dismissed them.

    We board our ship again and take off. I summon a few Hollys to keep watch around us as usual.

    Chills run down my spine from the tension. We'll soon be in battle once again, so it's time to psyche myself up. I go through my memories of a few of the dragon visions just to make me feel motivated enough to overcome my anxiety.

    The ship flies around the mountain town, attracting the attention of the populace that's just waking up. The Chimeras wave and cheer as we pass by. Our ship is of a different style than that of the Chimeras, making it instantly recognizable.

    I recognize Kai watching us as we fly past. I briefly drop down to the deck and wave to her, hoping that she'll recognize me.

    She smiles faintly, so I think that she might've noticed.

    The wind picks up, and I squint my eyes to see clearly.

    "Don't you have flight goggles?" Oritiki asks.

    I think she means aviator goggles.

    "Oh, I forgot to buy some," I answer.

    She snorts. "I'll put in a requisition for you at the Carrier."

    I nod and smile in appreciation.

    After a few minutes, we reach the Military Docks. They appear to be the same as the Common Docks, just reserved for the military.

    I see the Long Floater, a blimp, already floating in the sky. Its cabin is both twice as long and twice as wide as Earth's average bus. Above it, there's a large, cylindrical cloth tank with a pair of wings attached to it. Behind the tank, there's a long axle protruding from it with three sets of propellers with long blades lazily spinning along it. There's a second, smaller cabin at the nose of the tank, which I assume is the bridge.

    The Island Winch is a huge, long ship the size of a cargo ship from Earth. It's basically just a long, wooden cylinder that's been reinforced with metal. It has over a dozen sails mounted on both the top and the bottom of the ship, and their masts seem to be able to fold on itself so that the ship can land. On the right side of it, there are six folded-up metal claws for grabbing onto the island.

    The Carrier is currently taking off. It has a long landing strip on its center where three Floaters could comfortably park in a line. Below that are the crew quarters, which seems to span four levels. Two tanks like the one from the Floater are entirely embedded in the middle of the quarters. Five axles extend out from its back, and each of them have six sets of propellers with long blades along their lengths. Multiple small wings are arranged along the flanks of the ship, which flap in a wave-like pattern, exactly like a Kite Dragon. The bridge is seemingly positioned at the front tip of the landing strip. Cameras don't exist yet, so the bridge needs a clear view of where it's going if it wants to maneuver safely.

    All these ships are black with white spots to camouflage them within the starry sky. It's difficult to properly camouflage something against the colored clouds because they keep changing as the day goes by, so the clear night sky is their best bet.

    Oritiki positions us near the Carrier at the 4 o'clock position so that we don't get caught up in its turbulence, but it also allows their ship to maneuver without us getting in the way. The Floater will take the lead, and the Winch will take the lower rear position.

    "Stay here, I'll get our communications set up," Oritiki says, then makes her wings grow larger and flies away.

    Three groups of ten Wasps take off vertically and fly in a double column formation around the Carrier. I think they might be doing a test run.

    A large manta ray made of cloth around a steel framework lands on the Carrier. It's approximately the size of a house. It has two small floating tanks flanking an actual catapult in the middle, and an axle coming out the back with one large propeller. There's a huge, cuboidal green crystal already loaded in the catapult.

    I guess that's the Gull that I'll be flying. That crystal is green, so it's likely that it isn't the Light crystal, but why would they use a replacement?

    "Wow…" Alissa mutters in amazement. "I've only seen one or two small imperial ships. These are really something else."

    "There are a few troop transports in the High Forest, but most of them are owned by the Elder Council, and they aren't as big as any of these," Yunia says.

    "They are larger than Earth's airplanes," Ted comments.

    "But not as large as their water ships," Suzy adds.

    "The Island Winch seems to be almost entirely hollow. I don't think it counts as a proper ship," I say.

    "How do the Carrier and the Floater fight?" Lina asks.

    "They have large enchanted crystals behind the windows," Yunia says.

    On the sides of the Carrier and on the tank of the Floater are lots of openings where someone could hold an enchanted crystal.

    "So, those cylinder things aren't hollow?" I ask.

    "They're filled with gas, yes, but the gas is enchanted to push the ship upwards and help them float, so they don't have to be hollow for the ship to float," Yunia answers.

    Dayum. So much magitech going on.

    After about ten minutes of waiting, Paraaone, the brown bull Celestial Horn, comes to our ship. He flies over to the bridge and hands me a few sets of aviator goggles and a wooden box with eight small crystals protruding from it: two blue, two red, two green, two yellow, and two white.

    "This is how you'll communicate with the carrier," he says and points to the box. "Have you ever heard about using signal combinations to represent words?"

    "Oh, so the combination of the crystal lights represents a word?" I ask.

    He nods. "Exactly."

    He pulls out a paper with the Reo alphabet represented in binary using up to five digits. There are also some combinations that represent words like move left, move up, attack, run, regroup, dock, and a few others.

    I take the paper and ask, "I'm a summoner, so couldn't we share summons for instant communication?"

    "I was going to ask that after this. We have a light signal system, too." He activates a crystal and points at the Carrier. A light starts to blink in its southwestern-most window. "Flip the paper I gave you, the translation for the blinking lights is written there."

    There's over a dozen variations of the blinking lights signals, but they're mostly going to be used like a car's blinkers.

    He deactivates the crystal, then adds, "Send a small bird to that blinking light and share your sense of touch with it. A tap on the head will signify that you want to speak with the comms officer, and she'll be using the same signal. She'll send her bird to you soon."

    I do as he asks and send the bird over. A minute later, another bird arrives and lands on the bridge, then mine reaches the Carrier and enters through the open window. It sees a simple room where Hukarere is seated on a comfy chair in front of a table. She has a pen, a few stacks of paper, a telescope aimed towards us, a magic tool enchanted with [Spirit Light], and a magic tool that gives her direct voice comms with the bridge.

    "Hello, Ryders! I'll be your liaison today. I'll swap shifts with Ririmu every so often," she says in a cheerful voice to my bird.

    "Wait, I didn't know you were a summoner," I say to her bird.

    "I'm not, but I trained this spell just so that I could work in comms."

    "Oh, that's neat. Glad to have you with us."

    She grins. "Glad to be working with you."

    She'll basically be our babysitter and make sure that we don't stray from the Carrier.

    Paraaone then gives us a small piece of metal the size of my palm. It's a stadia rangefinder. I can observe the Carrier with it, and it will tell me how far we are from the airship. Since the height of the Carrier is known, it's possible to estimate the distance by comparing how large it seems in our view to a known measurement.

    "I'll stay here and keep watch," Paraaone says and lands on the bow of the ship.

    After that, we go through a test of all the comm systems and coordinate some simple maneuvers with the Carrier.

    After two hours of preparations, we finish going through all the checks and tests, then we finally start to slowly move north towards the Looping Winds in formation.

    Onwards, to adventure!

    Intermission 17 - Vanea

    The three men slide out of me, and I sigh in supreme satisfaction. Grosnok lays me back on the bed as I swallow, then I sit and cross my legs to stop their cum from dripping out of me. I look forward to the broken thing in front of me that once called itself "Darean."

    The last of his life fades away, and his spirit detaches from his body. But, before the process is complete, his spirit suddenly cries out, and in the next moment, it's simply gone, ruptured by Wicked spells.

    "He thought he could escape Hell, but he didn't know that he couldn't escape his retribution," I say and let out the most sadistic laugh I've ever felt escape from my lips.

    "Okay, and I thought that I was filthy, but sis, that was incredible," Haaran says as his little elven whore cleans his meat rod.

    Loctar, my cute, loyal servant, licks my chin, cleaning off his own cum, then he sits down beside me.

    I pat his head lovingly and run my fingers through his silky, black hair. Silvane finishes cleaning Haaran, then she goes over to Loctar next. She starts sucking him off, so I roll my eyes and flick one of her elven ears.

    "That's mine," I say, sternly. She winces, then grins and starts to clean Grosnok.

    Now that she made Loctar become all excited again, I'll have to take care of him myself.

    Haaran walks up to the cell and inspects Darean's body.

    "So, he's dead?" He asks.

    "Yes. Completely."

    "And his soul?"

    "Ruptured. I wonder where he found someone to curse him like that, though."

    He cringes, then turns around and sits down at my other side. "You think his master was Wicked?"

    I grab his now hard dick and stroke it along with Loctar's. "No, his master was trying to kill him. I think it was Dawn of Fire."

    "That's a bit… worrying…" Haaran grunts in pleasure.

    I make them both cum at the same time. Their ropes fly so far that they land on Darean's filthy body.

    "Wasn't the hero Ryder targeted by them?" Loctar innocently asks.

    "Indeed, he was. I guess I'll be paying him back for the favor," I reply, and a warm smile graces my lips.

    Silvane giggles, having teased Grosnok enough that he tries to jump her, but the chains hold him back. I feel a little annoyed by how she never stops trying to play with my men, so I give Loctar the key and whisper an order in his ear.

    When the chains clank loudly onto the floor, Silvane's sudden expression of fear greatly amuses me. Grosnok is a gentle, submissive giant, but even he has a limit.

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