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    Title: Salted Fish Learn to Play Technology

    Short Title : SFLPT

    Original Title : 咸鱼学霸玩科技

    Status : Ongoing

    Author : Happy

    Hello everyone, I am the strongest super theological tyrant system in the universe from unknown time and space.

    Once I wandered the universe, assisting countless hosts to reach the peak of life, and are the objects of worship by countless colleagues.

    Until I met the current host.

    When other systems mention their past, they all help their hosts become the hegemons of the universe.

    And I am more powerful, with my help, my host successfully became a happy-salted fish! ! !

    I just want to ask, how to make a salted fish host diligent? Waiting online is quite urgent.


    1. want to know past chapter 70 and where to read past chapter 70
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