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    Thank you for the spoilers. I’m assuming all her future attempts to keep their relationship friend-zoned is going to fail. I can understand that her frear of dying messed with her rational thinking. But girl hasn’t she ever read stories? Can’t she ask him to not do anything bad and to not kill anyone even if the illness kills her. Because she will make sure to haunt him in his dreams and scold him? Or whatever?
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    i think she feels like if she does that, he's going to think she's overly suicidal or like. super nihilistic about her future and is going to become 1) worried, 2) yandere, and 3) more focused on reassuring her that "he won't let her die" or something rather than listening to her wishes "in case of" her death.

    also come on. even if he did listen to what she said, he could promise not to kill anyone and then when the death actually happens, even if he was prepared, he could turn around and go so crazy he defies her wishes anyway. that's also a novel thing, look at all the shitty dads who promise their wives to love their kids after the wives die from childbirth and then turn around and treat the kids like shit for "being the cause of the wife's death", it's not a certainty that the reality of her death vs. the theoretical "best-case scenario" where she dies isn't going to crush camael.
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    I guess that’s true. But her current approach won’t guarantee anything either. It’s more like the only way she can prevent him from a genocide is to not die.
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    Spoilers please:)
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    Liv wants to stay friends with Camian as she knows she’s going to die. Although she knows that Camian likes her, she thinks that it will be easier for him to say goodbye to a friend, rather than a lover.

    She does this because in the original novel, Camian became a villain after Liv died. She wants to prevent his bad ending.
    Every full moon, Camian needs to drink her blood so that they stay binded together since Liv signed a demon contract with Camian. The more blood she loses, the hornier she gets. She also gets more sexual aroused when she’s hungry or tired when her blood gets taken.

    Even when Liv begs, Camian refuses to sleep with her. He hugs her tightly. She always gets embarrassed the morning after.
    She is really weak. Even when she tries to help around the village by moving a pack of potatoes, she gets out of breath. Camian piggy backs her to and from the academy everyday.

    Liv exercises with Camian and tries to eat healthy but her body stays weak. She knows she’s going to die soon.
    Camian likes reading romance novels. Once, he was locked up in his room so Liv forcibly went in and saw him crying over a romance book. Liv reads aloud a passage and it reads 'I'm ready to throw it all away. Let’s run away together.” LOL
    The villagers think that Camian is an abandoned orphan. All the villagers like him because he helps with the farming for very low wages. Compared to the novel, Liv thinks that Camian is nicer as he was described as only being nice to Liv in the novel. Now, he’s nice to everyone. Liv thinks is because she always tells him to be kind. This is why she think she brainwashed him.
    Once, when Camian needs to take her blood, Liv doesn’t want to start saying lewd things so she uses a cloth to block her mouth. When Camian sucks her blood, she starts grinding on him. He responds by also grinding against her. He eventually takes his p*nis out and rubs it over her clothes against her vagina and cl*t but doesn’t enter her. After a while, he stops when he gets guilty. The morning after, Camian gives Liv a dagger so she can stab him if he tries to have sex with her or the morning after when she’s no longer horny.
    Liv and Camian are given a bear sculpture by a villager. Liv takes it and puts it on her desk. After taking a shower, she comes out and realizes the bear is missing. Camian is reading a romance novel in her bed so she thinks Camian stole the bear. She starts searching his body and finds the sculpture in between his legs and grabs it. Camian turns red and tells Liv to get off of him. She thinks his reaction is weird so she grabs it and tries to lift it up. He jolts up and grabs her shoulder. Liv suddenly feels the sculpture growing in size. Camian tells her she is grabbing his d*ck.

    Liv gets embarrassed and runs to Camian’s room to hide after telling him to take care of it. She wants to apologize for harassing him she so goes back to her room. As she is about to open her door, she hears Camian masturbating while calling out Liv’s name. She also starts to get horny. When he climaxes, Liv’s knees give out and she has to hold herself back so that she doesn’t moan. After that, they get really awkward with each other.
    Liv later apologizes but says she never imagined it to be his penis because it was so big. She says his penis is special, a special grade A. She guarantees that he will be loved by a woman. Camian tells her to shut up. After that, it gets even more awkward as Camian doesn’t nag her or anything.

    When Camian comes home drunk one night, he tells her to not apologize. He was only avoiding her because he knew she was outside the door when he was masturbating. He then continually repeats that he likes her. Liv knows that Camian gets really honest when he’s drunk and that he won’t remember anything tomorrow. He then says she kept appearing in his dreams naked. Then he falls asleep on her floor.
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    Y’all, I had to translate their first time because it was quite something
    This is hard to explain but there is an underlying sexual tension from the start. They constantly try to be on top while teasing the other person. Each wants to be the dominant role.

    After Liv learns that Camian dreams of her naked, she makes fun of him. Then, when he notices that her ears are red when she stares at him, he starts teasing her for imagining his dick. Liv hates it because she can feel that he’s in control again. He asks if she wants to touch his dick again. And this is BEFORE they have sex.

    Anyways, their dialogue during sex reflects their dynamic as they have a playful sexual tension always surrounding them.
    Background: it’s the end of the harvest so Camian had wine and is drunk. It’s also a full moon so Camian needs to take Liv’s blood.

    "Why? They say that the fingers don't have enough blood, so the soul doesn't bind properly."

    “Let’s do it with your fingers.”

    Camian pulled up my clothes and grabbed my waist with a large hand and lifted me up. He dragged a pillow, put it on the head of the bed, and rested my back on it.

    I guess he didn’t even want to lie down today.

    When we were not yet adults, we exchanged blood in this way every day. Recalling the memories of that time, I held out my index finger.

    Camian grabbed my wrist and brought it to his lips slowly. His red eyes slowly closed, and his well-lined lips gathered together and kissed my fingertips.

    It was like the pure kiss of a saint who loved God. The rich eyelashes moved slowly, revealing blood-red eyes. He is like a demon wearing a mask, suppressing his wild desires and pretending to be obedient in front of the absolute that he loves.

    I was captivated by his glazed and hot eyes. There was no way to escape his gaze, as if I had been pushed against a wall blocked on all sides.

    Camian slowly opened his lips. My shoulders trembled as the hot breath touched my fingertips.

    Hard teeth lightly bit the flesh, and moist, soft lips wrapped around my fingers.


    The pain of sharp fangs piercing the skin was felt sharply.

    The wounded area became hot in an instant, and the blood vessels pulsated like crazy.

    "It hurts."

    Camian sucked my fingers even harder.

    As soon as I saw his bulging neck move, I got goosebumps all over my body. I didn't even know if I wanted to run away or if I wanted to stick my fingers deeper inside.


    Camian abruptly pulled my finger out of his mouth. My blood-stained hand with his salvia was visible in the moonlight that gleamed through. Blood was gushing out over my pierced skin. Camian didn't lick it, so thick drops of blood ran down my wrists, making a red path.

    His red tongue began to lick up the blood from my wrist slowly. Without taking his eyes off my eyes. For a moment, I even had the illusion that what went into his mouth wasn't blood, but was me being swallowed whole.

    “… Camian.”

    I called him and was surprised. I didn't really have anything to say to him, but my voice sounded like a plea for something. Camian put my index finger back into his mouth without answering.

    A clear feeling of heat that I could not pretend to be of ignorant was slowly rising.


    My breathing gradually began to accelerate. I don't know why this reaction was coming out even though I was only losing a very small amount of blood compared to when he sucked my throat.

    Only the glowing red eyes in the darkness filled my mind. Those hot eyes that ignited my faint desires. At this time, Camian squeezed my hand tightly.

    I felt a tingling sensation as blood rushed out of my fingertips.


    Is it because it hurt?

    A moan escaped my teeth. I grabbed my two legs, which had been drooping, with one arm. My toes were constantly twitching.

    “Oh, Camian….. Aah”

    My body started to tremble. Reason gradually became cloudy, and heat rose around my face. Despite my change, Kamian did not stop.

    Weird. This should not be happening. I only lost a little bit of blood.…..

    No matter how much I denied the excitement in my head, my body was steadily heating up. And at this time, I felt a pain that cut off my thin reason.

    Camian bit my finger again. No, it felt more like bliss than pain.

    The sense of freedom that I can move according to my instincts excited me. I released the arm that was wrapped around my knees and grabbed Camian’s cheeks.

    At first glance, the tip of Kamian's lips seemed to draw a faint arc, but his eyes looked calm.

    “Open your mouth.”

    As I spoke softly, he opened his mouth gently. I shoved another finger into his slightly gaping mouth. I gently rubbed the moist and smooth tongue with my finger.

    I involuntarily got off my butt and moved to my knees, getting in front of him. As I raised myself up, Camian was placed under my gaze.

    I stared intently at Camian’s face that was being violated by my hand. The eyes, which were born with a wild energy, could not stand up and calmly sank.

    I put my finger deep into his mouth and pressed down on his tongue. Physiological tears welled up in his eyes as he felt uncomfortable with the sensation of a foreign object touching the back of his throat.

    But Camian didn't push me away or stop me to stop. His glass like eyes fluttered beautifully.


    When I called, he blinked once. It would have been nice if the tears flowed down, but unfortunately, the tears didn't come up that much.

    I pulled out my hand, sweeping his entire tongue. His head followed my fingers as my fingers pulled completely out of his mouth.

    “Do you need to suck more blood?”

    A voice that did not hide its desires flowed. Camian didn't answer.

    Our gazes were hotly intertwined in the dark.

    Our lips collided in haste, without knowing who came first.


    As soon as his hot lips touched, wet flesh dug into my lips and entered. It gently scanned my slippery inner flesh and tongue, then exited again. I felt alive as I felt his soft lips.

    With only our upper lips touching, I opened my mouth wide to breathe.

    My breath was sucked directly into Kamian's mouth. My heart was beating like it was about to explode. Is this sensation pounding all the nerves in my body and making my brain tingle, cheers or despair?

    As I was confused and unable to give find an answer, his tight hand wrapped around my waist. It was more appropriate to say that it was wrapped rather than that it was caught.

    Camian’s hands were so big that my waist was completely hidden under his. He pulled me slightly. He wasn't dragging me by force, but instead moving really lightly.

    Giving victory to sexual desire rather than reason, I could not resist Camian's shallow temptation and moved my legs by myself.

    The sound of the bed sheets rubbing under my lap caught my back. Don’t go. However, my ass, knowing no regrets, was sitting on Kamian's thighs.

    In an instant, the level of his eyes lowered. As I lifted my head, red eyes gleaming with passion filled my vision.


    Taking a low breath, Camian caressed my back and hugged my shoulder and lowered his lips.

    “Ugh… .”

    I gladly raised my head higher.

    Our first kiss to each other continued for a long time. It was ecstatic and soft, like sucking on a candy that doesn't go away even after eating.

    The sound of falling lips piercing through the stillness of the night spread stickily. Intermittent moans and breaths intertwined obscenely.

    The thick, smooth lip flesh bit my lower lip and rubbed it gently, then pressed my entire lip and fell off with a moist sound.

    As his sharp teeth bit the corner of my mouth slightly and sucked it in, I involuntarily grabbed his chest and squeezed it tightly. The tickling kiss was good too, but my body was not satisfied with it.

    My fingertips twitched, wanting a stronger sensation.


    As I slowly called, he lifted his head and looked at me. Camian’s lips were slightly swollen from how long he had been kissing me.

    I spoke while playfully pressing his lower lip with my index finger.

    “I want to feel better than I am now.”

    I put words out of my mouth that I normally never speak of. I was even a little surprised when I spit it out. But I didn’t have the knack to overcome the rush of sexual feelings, so I didn’t even want to pick up the words I spit and put them back.

    I raised my gaze from his lips and looked straight at him. I thought that his eyes that did not lose their light even in the dark were very pretty. I realized in this moment why the humans in countless stories became possessed by the devil. Eyes like his are enough...


    My body was lifted lightly.

    As my vision shook, a familiar yet soft sensation reached under my head. Camian pulled the pillow and laid me down, locked my belly between his legs, and threw off his clothes at once.

    A body that fell well enough to flow with admiration was revealed. It's not the first time I’ve ever seen him, but his clearly curved abs and firm chest muscles caught my attention.

    Camian lowered himself as I grazed his cool outstretched shoulders and admired his rocky forearms.

    He rested his arms next to my face without putting any weight on me.

    “You always… make that face when you look at my body.”

    A low vibration from his chest could be felt as he spoke. The sound was pleasant. I extended my arms and hugged Camian’s back. His chest squeezed a little more.

    “What is my face like?”

    “It looks like it wants to eat me.”

    There was nothing to say because it was true. Some days, I wanted to give Camian an alcoholic drink and succumb to my urges. After all, Camian won't even remember it the next day. However, I left my thoughts only as thoughts in order to live as a human rather than an animal.

    I thought I was hiding this feeling well, but it wasn't. He already knew.

    “So I waited.”


    “I wondered when I could be eaten by you. I worked out my muscles so that you would not be disappointed but I also did not overdo it so that you would not be disgusted."

    I blinked slowly. I didn't know how to react. I've never heard of a man taking care of his body in order to offer to be eaten. I hugged his neck, suppressing my pounding heart.

    I whispered softly to his lips.

    “I don’t like you, Camian.”

    "I know."

    That blunt answer rather scratched my heart. Bitter water seemed to penetrate the wound and seep into it. I decided to pursue pleasure in order to forget the pain in my heart.

    I pulled Camian's head and kissed him deeply. In spite of my selfish kiss, Camian gave up his body willingly, with a muffled cry of excitement from my heat.


    It wasn't a soft kiss like before. It was a thirsty, blatant act that was faithful only to desire. At least for me. I bit Camian's lips and hugged him tightly by the neck.

    As his lips parted with a low moan, I shoved my tongue in and scanned his insides. The bitter taste of blood remained faint. Camian, who had always been obsessively and cautiously treating me like a newborn kitten, began to suck my tongue hard as if a fire had spread in Camian's head.

    He actively changed the angle and engaged deeply. Unlike me, who was clumsy, Camian was as good as if he knew what felt good.

    “Hmm… ungg, is this your first time?”

    Whether Camian sticks his tongue in my mouth or not, I had to ask and see. Camian, who was stimulating the top of my mouth with the tips of his tongue gave an answer while kissing me.

    “You are my first for everything.”

    I knew it, but I was still skeptical. Maybe he did something like this with another girl at the academy while I wasn't seeing him. If so, it doesn't matter. In fact, I was more comfortable with it. Say it again. It meant that he didn't have to lie that I was the first to intentionally look good to me.

    But Camian’s voice did not waver as if he was stating something obvious. Is it true? I frowned slightly, and suddenly he smiled.

    A wave of gentle laughter rushed into my mouth.

    “Do you think I’m good at it?”

    “Are you overly self-conscious? Why are you asking that kind.….. Hnnnnng!”

    My collar was pulled down. As the cold air sensitively touched my nerves, something damp touched my throat. My knee lifted slightly as if in a seizure at the sudden stimulus.

    “Hhaaaa… It…it tickles.”

    Instead of putting teeth on my neck as he had been doing for many days, he gently licked the scarred area with the tip of his tongue.

    Every time a moist, smooth tongue pressed hard against my neck, I had to feel a strange tickling. My head tilted to the left and his hair brushed against my cheek.

    “Do you prefer me to be clumsy?”

    “Wait, uh, huh, don’t talk… while you’re… ahhh…… it vibrates…”

    Camian lifted his head only after sucking my flesh hard enough to make a ravenous sound. His saliva soaked my throat and my throat tingled.

    He looked at my neck, which was dyed red with sharp eyes. The pupil, swallowed up by lust, moved from tip of my chin, then to my lips and meet my eyes.

    “I don’t know where to shove my cock in when you’re so flustered…”

    I was excited just by his lustful gaze.

    Because my blood was sucked. Yes, this is unavoidable.

    I pressed my thumb down on the finger that Camian had dug his teeth into. I felt relieved by the tingling pain that spread out from my index finger.

    “Is that how you do it?”


    I chewed the flesh on the inside of my lips. It didn't stop him from pulling my clothes off with his big hands. Instead, I lifted my back to help him.

    “Then you hold it yourself.”


    He undid the front of his pants and grabbed my hand. My whole palm was filled with something heavy. It wasn't the first time I'd touched it, but I was more embarrassed than the fact that I was lying naked in front of him.

    It will be...

    It was because the it was bigger than when I had mistaken it for a bear sculpture. Are you momentarily human?

    I thought, ah, yes, he’s a demon and nodded my head. But the problem was that I was a human who had to embrace this. I was stunned again.

    “Are you going to put it in your hole?”

    “…..It won't go in."

    The hot thing that touched his palm was pulsating violently. Camian rubbed my penis slowly, clasping my hands. His chest swelled greatly, then he sits down and exhales his low breath.

    “Don’t be weak.”

    “I’m not weak…….Ah!"

    Kamian released my hand and threw my pants off. I felt his firm palms sweeping through my narrow waistline, pressing down on my ribs.

    Fever flowers bloomed wherever his hand passed.

    Big hands grabbed my chest, which was panting loudly, all at once.


    Her round chest was crushed in one of his long and graceful hands. He had been kneading slowly, but when he suddenly applied force, the nipple and breast protruded between his fingers. Kamian openly stared at her chest being crushed under his own hands.

    The sound of moaning leaked out because of his gaze rather than the stimulation from my chest.

    “Stop… hnnng…looking.”

    “Your skin is so weak that it leaves handprint marks on your breasts.”

    “Haaaa…… be….be a little gentle….”

    “If I fondle it, it gets fondled, if I suck it, then it gets sucked. What would happen if you put a cock in the middle and rub it?”

    He whispered with his lips pressed into her ear. A voice filled with excitement pierced harshly. A hot tongue licked and chewed the earlobe painfully. Her mouth opened at the sensation of inhaling inwardly.

    “It hurts.”

    “If shouldn’t hurt already.”

    He spoke in a worried tone and tightly squeezed my nipples. My mind was dizzy from the tingling pleasure. My waist, which was a little far from the bed, was trembling.

    I hurriedly grabbed the back of his hand. I could feel his tendons moving densely under my palm.

    “Haaa…. mmmh… Camian… wait….”

    "Liv. Do you know how pretty you are while reacting to my touch?”

    A raw voice that did not hide its excitement poured into her ears. I felt a tingly uplifting feeling just with his voice.

    “You’re already like this even though I haven’t even done anything yet.”

    "Huh? Well… what… ahhhhhh….”

    As if to show it with his body rather than words, he pressed my nipples. A moan swallowed into his mouth.

    Camian tilted his head slightly and thrusted his tongue deep into my gaping mouth. It wasn't enough to steal a moan, so he sucked up all the saliva, grabbed my tongue and pulled it out, greedy enough to pull the root of my tongue out.

    “Open your mouth wide, because I’m going to pierce your throat with my tongue.”

    He shouted ferociously As my lips, which had lost their wisdom, opened slightly, I could feel the saliva from the corners of my mouth dripping down my cheeks.

    Camian wiped the saliva with his wide tongue and licked it. Then he pressed his thumb against his chin and literally shoved his tongue into my wide-open mouth.

    I shut my eyes tightly to the ravenous and promiscuous act that couldn't even be called a kiss. Although it was harsh, it was an act that did not suit Camian, who took good care of my body.

    “Haaa…um…… unnnnggg!”

    I had to open my mouth wider to take a deep breath, and Kamian took advantage of that gap to engage more deeply. The saliva that I shed just before felt like nothing as my saliva dripped down the side of my chin uncontrollably.

    “Eup, haa…. umm….Ca…Cami…..”

    The inside of my mouth was so hot that it felt like my brain was going to melt. My heart was pounding hard and my lungs felt like they were about to burst from the lack of breathing.

    As the pain and pleasure entered at the same time, my body shook like a seizure. I pushed the bed sheet away with my sole, and my hand tapped Camian’s shoulder.

    Tears welled up in my eyes at the unbearable sensation. The moment my sobs were about to start, Camian fell off of me after a wet kiss.

    I breathed in with my chest was pounding. But there was only a short break.


    As I pushed scarce air into my lungs, his wet lips touched and fell all over my face. Camian, who had been kissing my cheeks, forehead, eyebrows, and bridge of the nose, suddenly left a friendly kiss on the nipples.

    It was maddeningly shameful to watch him gather his lips together and kiss them lightly, as if it was pretty.

    I slightly slapped on his shoulder. Camian lifted his head while biting my nipples.

    “Don’t…. Don’t do that.”

    “Do what?”

    “……Don’t speak with your mouth full.”

    Camian, who opened his mouth to release her nipples, this time spread his tongue wide and licks her chest as if to purify it.

    “I just answered because you talked to me.”


    I couldn't find any words to refute, so I just groaned. He sucked the sharply protruding flesh into his mouth. I could clearly feel his tongue gently touching it and then scraping it off with his teeth. A dizzying feeling of pleasure climbed up my back and pushed my mind to a far-off place.

    “Ha…. stop….hnnnngg… don’t do that with…. tongue… press it… no… Ah!”

    “Should I chew on it? Like this?"

    “Ahh, it hurts!”

    “Or do you like it if I suck with my lips?”

    “Camian, please…….! Ah!"

    When his mouth gently pressed the entire nipple, I felt like I was going crazy. My head jerked forward, and my toes lighted up. I grabbed Camian’s head and screamed and cried.

    “Something else, ah, huh! Let’s do something else. Okay?”

    He spat out my nipples and lifted his head slightly. The moment our eyes met, tears welled up from my eyes, which were soaked in excitement. Red eyes moved slowly along the trail of my tears. As I looked at his tenacious and heated gaze which was melting me, a creepy feeling passed through.

    Contrary to the emotions I feel, his lips and lips drew an arc beautifully. Then he uttered a low voice like an exclamation.

    “I almost came.”


    A large hand gripped the inside of my thigh painfully and spread it apart. With my legs spread apart, the cold air hit the secret area. I trembled in disgust at my body.

    Camian lowered his head and bit the flesh around my belly button. As the strange tickling spread, strength entered my stomach.

    “I still don’t have abs, so don’t be mean.”

    “Hey… It's like having abs, isn't it?"

    What's so funny is that Camian's smirk on my stomach made my hair stand up to the back of my neck.

    “Oh, Camian, wait……!”

    A large hand dug deep into the inner thigh without warning. The two legs, which had been very sensitive with sexual tension, were narrowed and squeezed by his hands.

    The warmth of the palm of his hand felt so vivid. His fingertips swiped down to my knees and then went up again.


    I bent my neck back and exhaled a hot breath in the thrill of pleasure that spread. Finally, Camian’s hand reached the secret place. As his fingertips pressed the groin with force, my legs spread slightly. And at the same time, the slimy liquid slowly ran down my hip bone. Camian's head dug between his legs.

    “Oh, wait……!”

    Although the room was dark, the moon was exceptionally bright today, and Camian had a brighter night vision than others.

    He would have been watching everything naked between her legs.

    “It’s pretty and wet.”

    His hot breath touched the bottom. Startled, she tried to narrow her thighs, but she was stopped by his firm hand.

    “Its cute. It moves every time I talk.”

    “Breath, every time your breath touches it, I get goosebumps….”

    "Like this?"

    Camian opened his lips slightly and let out a low breath. My pelvis jumped at the gentle touch of his breath. I swallowed saliva to soothe my tired throat and wiped the tears with the back of my hand.

    Now, for this moment, shame preceded sexual desire. Eventually, I placed my elbow on the bed and lifted my upper body.

    “Stop staring……. Ha!”

    At that moment, Camian’s face dipped into the damp, wet area. I couldn't help but be amazed. I imagined myself having sex with Camian, but the act of sucking my clitoris was not included in the process.

    "Are you crazy? Ha, that, stop, ah! Hey, haaaa…”

    Even when I punched his shoulder with my fist, Camian didn't move. The hand that had been patting him on the shoulder began to lose strength because of the overt sexual feeling I felt.

    "ha…ha…. Hnggggg….”

    I could feel the soft lips touching my skin very well.

    He held the thick flesh between his lips as if kissing it, then rubbed it to suck, and gnawed his teeth at it.

    While battling and twisting my body from the rushing pleasure, Camian gently stroked my convulsive thighs as if to soothe them.

    “Hnnnggg, hey, you’re… crazy…. ahhh, why there.….. Ah!”

    A sense of urgency ran down my spine. The breath gradually rose to the bottom of the chin, and my head tilted upward together.

    “Ugh, hnnnng. Ah, Camian.….”

    Tears dripped down my cheeks and down my chin. I instinctively noticed that climax was imminent and grabbed the blanket tightly. Then, suddenly, Camian lifted his face. As the sense of him holding my pussy disappeared, even the exalted sense of urgency was completely extinguished.

    With her regret and disappointment, a dotted sigh came out.

    thud. thud. thud.

    I realized that my heart was beating like crazy. I gently lowered her head after squeezing my chest with my palms to control my breathing.

    Camian was still staring between my legs. His stubborn gaze doubled her embarrassment.

    “Stop looking.”

    As if scared to speak, Camian opened her pussy with his fingers. A small piece of hidden flesh appeared defenselessly into the air.

    "Don’t…do that."

    He made a face of ignorance and opened his mouth slightly. In the end, I couldn't stop the overly red tongue from squeezing the clitoris.


    A strong feeling of pleasure pounded my whole body. My torso slumped forward, my knees stretched out, and my soles pushed the sheet away.


    Camian didn't take his eyes off my face, but gently painted the clitoris with the tip of his tongue. Then he pressed his lips deeply and sucked the clitoris abruptly.

    Both of my eyes opened wide. A dry cry escaped my gaping mouth.

    “Do you like it when I suck you?”


    “It’s leaking everywhere.”

    “Don’t talk, don’t, huh, ah!”

    I've known for a long time that he has a mischievous attitude, but not this much. If you’re going to talk, why don’t you talk without sucking me. Why does he have to talk while sucking on it.

    Low vibrations from his voice slammed between my legs, giving me an even more excruciating pleasure. Camian was clearly aware of this and must have done it on purpose.

    “I’m sad.”

    He rubbed his sharp nose down on my clit and said softly.

    I couldn't say anything back, only my hips, half way off the bed, shook.

    “If I sucked you well, you should at least stroke my hair.”

    Kamian led my trembling hand over his head. He buried his head under me again and turned the clitoris with his tongue.

    “Ugh, ah…! ha….”

    It really seemed like I was going to go crazy if it kept going like this. Tears welled up again, blurring my vision.

    “Aren’t you going to praise me?”

    What compliment.

    The cursing I wanted to pour out, but if I didn't praise it, Camian wouldn't stop talking under me.

    “Come on, good job, haaaa, ah… Camian, ah!”

    I barely moved my hand and gently stroked his hair. If Kamian hadn't suddenly sucked my clitoris loudly, I wouldn't have tightly grabbed his hair. Camian ruffled his neck, grinned and grabbed my pelvis.

    In an instant, my lower body was lifted up. When it came to a more comfortable sucking angle, he shoved his tongue into the hole.

    Hot flesh broke through my inner walls and stole the love fluid. The sound of wetness warmed the room profusely.

    “Haaaaa….ah, wait a minute… .”

    The sensitivity of the skin became more sensitive with each place the tongue passed. A feeling of heat radiating from below gradually increased in size and completely engulfed my body.

    Unable to overcome the growing excitement, I let out a new screaming moan.

    “Ahh, ah!”

    It wasn't enough to rub the inside with a firm tongue, so one finger went inside.

    Puck, puck.

    When his long fingers touched something deep inside, I felt my toes stinging out in an instant.

    I made no sound and just opened my mouth.

    “It’s chewing me.”

    The fingers quickly increased to two. I felt a foreign body sensation, but there was no pain. No, the stimulus more unbearable than the pain broke me down helplessly.

    “Can you hear these sounds?”

    “Hey, uh, uh… … .”

    As Camian moved his hands swiftly, the wet sounds became embarrassingly loud.

    “This will be enough for me to enter. I’ll shove you to the area you like.”

    Camian spread out his two fingers as if gauging the size of the hole, sweeping over her inner wall. Then he grabbed her ass and pushed his hand even deeper.

    I trembled as if in a seizure and cried aloud. After a while, my eyes flickered black and then turned white. His digging fingers slipped out, followed by a long kiss on her convulsive lower body. He kissed not only the vaginal mouth, which will be damp, but also the thighs and knees.

    I spread out on the bed.

    A dark shadow fell over my body as I exhaled harshly with a sense of weakness. Then, a large, blunt thing rubbed under the finger.

    “Ugh… .”

    Since the afterglow of the climax had not gone away, my body was extremely sensitive. Even the slightest touch made me feel hot again.


    I gasped and called to him.

    Camian, who had a lot of transparent liquid on his lips, had a ferocious face. With his thumb, he swept the area around his mouth to collect the liquid, and then drew it out as if it were delicious.

    Then he reached out and rubbed my eyes with the back of his hand. He was unbelievably friendly guy who was pushing something ugly underneath.

    “Open your legs more.”

    There was a warm breath mixed with his voice. When the inner thigh was exposed a little more, the round glans slowly widened the vaginal opening.

    “Ugh, ah………”

    At first glance, I expected that it would not be easy to eat his food, but I was surprised by the enormous volume, despite the fact that I was preparing for it.

    “Liv, loosen your strength.”

    "crazy… Ah! I can’t…. Haaaaa!”

    I bit my lower lip to resist the sensation of forcing my inner wall apart.

    Then Kamian shoved his finger into my mouth. I bit as hard as I could.

    “Ummm, ahh!”

    "ha… it’s narrow.”

    “Come on, wait, wait……!”

    “Liv, relax. My dick will be cut off.”

    A hot column filled the inner wall. I felt as if I could feel all the bulging blood vessels.

    Is this entry going to end? No matter how patiently J endured, the penis came rushing in endlessly and crushed the entire inner wall without mercy.

    It was impossible to put this ignorantly large thing in my body in the first place. I was deceived by his ecstatic muscular body and did stupid things.

    I can’t believe I had wanted this inside me before. I regretted my past thoughts.

    I sobbed as I pushed Kamian's finger out with my tongue.

    "Stop. haa… uh, please stop.”

    "Is it hard for you?"

    Camian asked, with tears hanging from my eyelashes. I nodded and let out a long breath that seemed to hold him back.

    The slow entry stopped, and Kamian gently wiped the tears and sweat from my face.

    “I don’t want you to be hurt either.”

    However, contrary to the words, the penis that was half inside was wriggling with desire. Camian thoroughly suppressed his desires, and clenched his back.

    For a moment, regret flooded me. It was because the still remaining excitement had not yet been resolved and was rumbling in his stomach.

    Before Camian could completely escape, I hurriedly opened his mouth.

    “Just, half… Let’s put it in.”


    The penis came in without warning. My back trembled as the blunt tip pressed against the sensitive part.


    "This much?"

    And then the penis slowly drained out again.

    My chest swelled as if I was about to burst out crying as the tightly gripped inner wall was rubbed against the hard surface of his penis.

    And again, it pierced inside with more force than before. A tingling sensation spread from within. A moan of a different nature than before came out.

    “Shall we just put in this much?”

    "ha… Ah!"

    “Or, ugh, here. Would you mind a little more?”

    “Hhnnng, Camian. Ah, ha…..!”

    It didn’t change that his penis was large. However, unlike when he entered slowly, a clear feeling of pleasure was massaging my whole body.

    Camian also noticed my change and moved his waist more dynamically.

    “Take some strength out… Whoa, that way, I'll stab you even deeper."

    “If you go deeper….., I think I’ll die. Ha!”

    Although I said I would die, I could feel my inner walls biting Kamian's penis and not letting go.

    The moaning intoxicated with pleasure contained satisfaction, and my teeth were spread up and down in ecstasy rather than clenching to endure the pain.

    A tongue poked through my gaping mouth. As I ripped off the bed linen, I wrapped my arms around Kamian's neck and gladly accepted his kiss.

    He thrusted again.

    A great sense of pleasure rushed through to the point where the inside was tingling and ringing.

    "ha…. ha…..”

    It was only a matter of time before the pain was buried under the pleasure. Even this awful sense of volume has changed in a strange way.

    “Are you still having a hard time and feeling pain?”


    Kamian's voice showed that did could not give any more leeway. As I shut my eyes and shook my head, Camian slapped his back wide. Without even having time to feel his emptiness, it stung right in.

    He pierced his penis to depths he had never reached before, filling her inner walls in an instant.

    I stopped breathing, forgetting how to breathe for a moment at the sensation of being crushed. There was no sound coming out my gaping mouth.

    It felt like an electric current, not blood, was flowing through the veins. The feelings of extremities made me convulse, and even my felt like it brain trembled.

    I didn’t want to believe it, but... I had an orgasm just because Kamian put all his penis in me.


    A moan, engulfed in heat, poured out of my lips.

    Kamian hugged my convulsive body tightly. He waited for me to calm down, and as the convulsions subsided, he shoved his weight into it, not pulling it out.


    “Watching you orgasm made me almost cum.”

    Camian wanted to move, so he twisted his waist like crazy. When the stimulus point was crushed at the thick end, a short moan burst out without being able to stop it.

    “Ah, ah, ah! Not, like that, ah!”

    I lowered my hand and pressed his elastic abs into the palm of my hand. Rather than pushing, my weak hands were scratching his sweat-soaked abdominal muscles.

    Camian recognized my intentions and began to thrust even harder. My body shook every time the penis thrusted inside of me.

    My desperate feelings piled up one after another, turning my head over and over again.

    The sound of flesh hitting sounded violent. The bottom tingled, but Camian didn't want to stop.

    It feels so good.

    It was so good that it makes my head go crazy. Is it normal to feel this crazy? It was the first time I had ever felt in my life.

    It has been a long time since the pain of insertion turned into pleasure.

    Every time his penis pierced my body, my body flashed like a lightning bolt. I barely gripped Kamian's sweaty shoulders with my fingertips and was shaken by his movements.

    “Haaa…it feels so good…..Ah, Camian, so deep…. ah, ah, ah!”

    “Moan for me.”

    “Camian, ah, ha, more, stab me more… i like it…. haaaaaa.”

    Camian pulls his back and shoved penis inward.


    He pressed his lower body tightly to his balls, then rounded her inner wall and escaped. The amount of pleasure that rapidly inflated was overwhelming.

    I shook my head and scratched his body. The more I felt it, the more I could feel Kamian's slap on the waist gaining speed.

    "Ha! Don’t, don’t shake too much... Ah, ah.”

    Only Camian's red eyes were clearly visible through the blurred focus due to the heat. He had a face smeared with excitement, and he caught my eyes full of lust.

    “Hey, every time I poke here, your insides get really tight.”


    Kamian, rather succumbing to pleasure, closely observed my changes and pierced me. He stabbed me in places where I felt trembling pleasure, and controlled the speed and strength by studying my groans.

    He was serving me a sexual experience perfectly tailored to my taste.

    I was helplessly pleasured and couldn’t not like it.

    He pulled out the penis that was full inside and pushed it back hard. I had no choice but to push down on the pillow with the top of my head and let out a screaming moan.

    “Ha, from the moment I first saw you…….”

    “Hnng…. too fast, Camian, ha, I’m going crazy, ah, ah….”

    “I knew we were going to be like this.”

    Liv and Kamian first met when they were young, when their bodies were small. Have you been thinking about this since then? He’s an unscrupulous and lewd kid. It's been a while since I hated Kamian's words.

    A strong feeling of pleasure ran down my spine.


    The pleasure that Camian gave was too overwhelming to enjoy this love affair leisurely. It felt like a fireball was rolling through my body.

    I couldn't resist the exhilaration and burst into tears like a child.

    “Ahhh, Camian, ah, I’m going to die……”

    As I tilted his head backwards, Camian shoved his teeth into my exposed neck. He stroked my entire neck with his tongue, then exhaled in a brisk breath.


    “Slow, slow down…. Ugh… please! Oh! Ah!”

    “I want to be like this for the rest of my life.”

    “Oh, uh…… wait, stop...Ah!"

    Kamian grabbed my waist with one hand and positioned it. He put his other hand on the head of the bed and started shoveling in earnest.

    Puck, puck! puck!

    He drove into me at a speed that cannot be compared to before. The moaning that I had been making like a scream was blocked by his narrow mouth, making it difficult to breathe properly.

    Pleasure and pain drenched my mind. The bed shook violently with an uneasy creaking noise. It looked like the whole house was going to collapse.

    “Ahh, ah, ah! I think I'n going to cum…..Ahh!”

    “Do you like this angle better? Huh?"

    “Haa! Slow, slow down! Please! Ugh! It's hard, Camian."

    Not knowing what to do with the rush of pleasure, I scrambled his arms. I ripped off the bed sheets, pushed Camian’s chest, and scraped the air.

    Beads of sweat fell under Camian's chin. Camian, who was driving his penis towards the climax, suddenly released the head of the bed and hugged my shoulder.

    The shoveling, which was so fast that it was impossible to keep up with it, was at a constant beat.

    Having reached the threshold of climax, I let out the breath I had suppressed and shook my back.

    “I think you will break if I do what I want.”

    He suppressed his instincts and whispered wildly.

    “I won’t break.”

    I blinked once, and the tears that had been in my eyes flowed down my temples. The red eyes that had been submerged in intense longing flashed for a moment and swallowed my lips urgently.

    “Ugh, ah, crazy…..! Ahhh!"

    I lost my will and wavered at the violent gestures approaching the climax. The waves of pleasure engulfed my body in an instant. Every time the thick penis went in and out, the liquid inside squeezed and leaked out.

    “Haaa, ah, ah!”

    Before Camian, I reached a vicious orgasm.

    My gaping mouth only squeaked, but no sound came out. My nerve cords burned white and I couldn't think of anything.

    Canian, who continued to shovel a few more times, pulled out his penis. His was still standing firmly. Drunk in the afterglow of the climax, I felt my consciousness gradually sinking.

    I think Camian was swearing when he pulled out his penis, I couldn’t hear it. Sleep was coming so quickly.

    Camian hurriedly teased with his hand to see if I had any intention of continuing.

    Tack, Tack.

    I felt him masturbating right next to my face. Before perfect darkness fell in my head.


    The slimy thing splattered over my face.
    Liv wakes up to a clean bed. Her body is also clean so she thinks it’s a dream at first. However, she tries to get up and feels muscle pain and realizes it actually happened.

    She avoids Camian for 2 days. However, she’s forced to be with him when she gets a seizures. He helps her shower despite her reluctance.

    When Camian tells her that she can stab him, she says it was just sex. There were no feelings involved. He asks if he just has to get his dick up when she’s horny. This is when he starts to say that she can use him as a tool.
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    Reading List:
    After having sex with Camian, Liv realizes that he really likes her. She tries to get him to hate her by treating him like a tool. It hurts her to treat him like that but she tries to become a villainess like the ones she saw on TV. However, they’ve known each other for 15 years so Kamian knows she’s not serious and takes it as a joke. She tries to continue treating him like a sex toy and tells him that she likes it rough so that she can take emotions out of it.
    Liv has no dreams for her future after she graduates from the academy because she knows she’s going to die. Her only goal is to stop Camian’s blackening. Because of this, she declines to join her friend in going to the capital. Liv makes an excuse that her body is week so she would not be able to ride a carriage for a week. She stops herself whenever she gets jealous of others when they dream of their future.

    Liv is actually very scared of dying. What will happen to her soul after death. In the novel story, Liv only has half a year left but Liv secretly hopes she can live longer.
    Liv can’t sleep because she’s afraid of dying. The next day, she takes a nap in Camian’s bed during the day. When she wakes up, Camian is sitting in a chair next to her. He says she was drooling on the pillow so they have to wash it since it’s now dirty. Liv responds that her saliva isn’t dirty. In fact, he should know since he tasted it. Camian sticks his finger into Liv’s mouth and she sucks on it. He then pulls it out and sucks on the finger himself and agrees that her saliva isn’t dirty.

    Camian carries Liv into the house and then pats her butt. She gets angry and he tells her she can also pat his butt if she wants to. Liv then proceeds to squeeze his butt. He starts to blush. Seeing that, Liv gropes him some more and pulls Camian’s t-shirt up and starts touching him. Camian gets hard. Liv is about to do more but they get caught by her aunt. The aunt proceeds to lecture Liv that she can’t grope Camian without his consent. Lol

    While doing the dishes, Camian volunteers to be Liv’s sponge and basically back hugs her while she does the dishes. He helps clean with foamy soap. She bites him in the cheek and he responds by biting her ear.
    And the night came quickly. I don't know how the day went. Although I exchanged conversations with Camian seemingly casually, the only thought in the corner of my head was, ‘Sex, sex, soon we will have sex.’

    By this point, she felt herself like a mass of desire. I lit a lamp on the night table. A warm orange color spread from the bedside table to around the bed.

    “I shouldn’t be coughing today.”

    I drank a glass of water at a time and scratched my neck. Fortunately, there was no itching or burning sensation. After preparing everything and waiting for Camian... It was as if she became a bride waiting for her groom with her heart fluttering on the first night of her honeymoon.


    We weren't even having the first night, we weren't the bride and groom. And there's no way I have to wait for Camian to come.

    As soon as I realized that, I got up from bed. When I proudly opened the door and walked out about five steps, I saw Camian’s door open. For a moment, my pupils quickly scanned my surroundings. Like someone looking for nowhere to hide.

    “Why are you out here?”

    But it was faster for Camian to find me. I erased my embarrassed feelings and raised my head.

    “Because you are too late.”

    The corners of his mouth rose slightly.

    “Did you miss me so much that you couldn’t stand it?”

    “Why do you ask when you know it’s not?”

    “I only asked as a joke, but your ears are red.”

    It was insanely regrettable the moment he tucked my hair behind my ears. I put up with wanting to cover my ears with both palms. If I overreact here, I will be accepting what he said. Let's move on like it's no big deal.

    “My ears usually turn red.”

    "Okay. Because you are very shy.”

    I had to wield Camian to my liking, but I already felt like I was losing. That's how I got my feelings caught up with him. I couldn't lose the initiative before he even started.

    “Do you remember well what I said yesterday?”

    His smirk face darkened.

    Seeing his slightly changing face, I smiled inwardly.

    “Do you really want to do it?”

    "You don’t want to?"


    “I can’t help it even if I don’t like it. You already promised. You said he'll be standing up and waiting."

    His closed lips did not open for a long time. He just looked down at me with eyes that couldn't understand what was inside.

    After some silence, the end of the damn voice trembled miserably. It was only slightly trembling that I could barely notice, but I couldn't let go of the tension.

    If he asks me why I’m trembling, what do I do? I only had fleeting time, but I created various situations.

    Thanks to such efforts, Kamian never pointed out my voice.

    “It has to be today.”

    “What will be different tomorrow?”

    “…okay. Do whatever you want.”

    I clenched my fists and slowly opened them. I lifted my hand and placed it on Camian’s chest.

    A very slight force is applied to my fingertips, and Camian is unable to resist and retreats.

    He went as far as I pushed. Without looking at what was behind him, and without showing any signs of apprehension. I walked like it's natural to push like this.


    His toes hit the closed door. I lowered my hand and grabbed Kamian's door and opened it.

    "I want you to be rough."

    After whispering, we entered the room. Camian’s body felt startled.

    But when the door closed, things changed.


    As soon as the lock was applied, our lips met without anyone saying anything first. Twisting our heads, we coveted each other more deeply, and the two fleshy bodies embracing the intense heat rubbed frantically.

    “Um, uh…….”

    It felt like my whole body would melt with just a kiss. Was a kiss this good? I was intoxicated with the ecstatic sensation conveyed by his lips.

    The excitement didn't go away even though I knew it was Camian who was stroking my back and buttocks and biting my lips, and not anyone else. Camian sucked my lower lip forcefully, then ran his tongue across my gums.

    My shoulders shuddered at the tickling on my teeth.

    "Like this?"

    He asked with lips pressed against mine.

    I hugged Camian's neck tightly.

    “You haven’t even done anything yet?”

    … I hid my feeling that i was about to die from shame and deliberately acted more aggressively.

    In an instant, his eyes lit up a dangerous light. My back trembled at the feeling that I had touched something wrong.

    Unsurprisingly, the big hand that had stayed near my waist grabbed my butt and squeezed it tightly.

    Just like I did to Camian yesterday.

    Startled, my toes tingled.

    "Tell me. How rough?”

    “Do I have to explain everything? just you know...… Ah!”

    I felt a tingling sensation on my lower lip. Then the salty taste lingered on the tip of my tongue.

    This bastard is biting my lips now.

    Even though today is a day to drink blood, my lips hurt so much. But my complaints did not reach Camian. It was because his excitement-soaked voice had turned even the piercing pain into pleasure.

    “Open your mouth more. I want to lick your throat.”

    Camian whispered while his lips pressed together.

    Every time he spoke, the low-pitched ringing made my heart flutter. With nowhere to go, Camian shoved his foot between my legs.

    My body, unable to bear his weight, staggered backwards, and I leaned my back on his arm and continued kissing him in a clumsy position. Hot saliva dripped down my cheeks and chin, as well as my lips.

    His sharp nose rubbed against my cheek, and my moans were swallowed up in his mouth. Camian pushed me, revealing my desires, without giving me the slightest leeway.

    "Mouth. I told you to open it wider.”

    He bit my upper lip painfully.

    “Ugh, um… brea, breath, huuu, now, wait a minute... Ha, ah!"

    I really wanted to open my mouth wide and breathe in. I turned my head for a moment to catch my breath, but his lips caught on and he put his tongue in my mouth instead of air.

    I was barely holding on to the breath he exhaled. In agony, I set my nails on his chest. His rocky body wouldn’t fall even if I knocked on it. I tightened around his neck and shook my head.

    In the moment when he pushed his lips away, I inflated my chest and opened my mouth to fill in the lack of breath.

    Two of his fingers slid in while I was taking a pleasant breath. My chin clenched open at the touch of fingers pressing down on my tongue. Even when I tried to pull my body back, the body trapped in his arm couldn't move at all.

    I opened my eyes wide in bewilderment and looked at Camian. Camian lowered his eyes and looked into my mouth quietly.

    “You have to open it like this for me to serve your pretty throat.”

    Two long fingers gently rubbed my tongue back and forth, just as I did to Camian that day.


    When the fingers that had been stroking the tongue touched a certain point, a stinging pain spread. It wasn't too painful, but my body reacted strongly because I had been tense.

    Camian made a clicking sound.

    “Watching you is more painful.”

    It was a place that had been accidentally bitten before. Why are you touching it? Seeing her resentful eyes, Camian said with a face of dismay.

    “Put out your tongue more. Are you trying to act cute? Bring it out more.”

    Camian tilted my head further back to make it easier for him to see my wounds. Then he pulled it out long enough to pull my tongue out.

    My tongue was swallowed in an instant. Startled, I tried to pull my head back, but suddenly a firm hand gripped the back of my head.

    I was embarrassed at the fact that I had nowhere to turn.


    A moist mouth wrapped around my tongue and sucked painfully.

    I closed my eyes tightly and repeated raised and lowered my heels. A strange feeling of pleasure, along with a sharp pain, was making my spine tingle.

    “Um, umm.”

    I thought my tongue had finally come loose, but this time his tongue was pushed into my mouth. As Kamian lowered his deeply bowed waist a little, my head tilted back to the limit.

    My neck was tight and my mouth was open, and I couldn't close my mouth.

    As he twisted his head slightly, his tongue thrust into the depths. Are you really trying to shove it in my throat?

    Can a human tongue get that long? No, because he's not a human....

    I had all sorts of thoughts. My eyes became white as I felt the tip of his tongue passing through the hard roof of my mouth and touching the soft flesh on the inside.

    "Um! Ugh!”

    When I slammed his shoulder with all my heart, Camian, who never seemed to fall, gently retreated.

    "ha, haaa…..”

    I took a quick breath of surprise. I could feel the slimy saliva pooling near my lips. But I didn't even think to wipe it.

    Camian began to undress under the faint moonlight penetrating through the window. His muscular naked body, which he had made to be pleasing to me, was revealed.

    I want to clap my hands on Kamian's efforts to create that body. I liked the well-balanced clavicle, thick pectoralis major, and curved abs.

    Camian lightly hugged my waist. I naturally rested my arm on his shoulder. My eyes didn't want to fall from Camian’s face as he walked.

    Slightly swollen red lips and sparkling eyes with passion caught my attention.


    I grabbed his shoulder at the sudden noise. All sorts of things were lying on the floor, which was clean enough that not a single particle of dust came out. There was also a new sculpture that Holt had previously given him.

    Camian had spilled the things he had organized on his desk on the floor with a single gesture.

    He sat me on the tidy desk. It was such an unconventional act that it was unbelievable that he was the one who put the books in alphabetical order.

    “Focus on me.”

    His big hands grabbed my chin. Then I fix my eyes on Camian. Camian removed the chair and stood between my legs.

    Legs that are open to the point of discomfort are wobbly.

    “…suck my blood.”

    I pulled down my baggy collar, exposing one of my shoulders. The hand that was holding my chin wrapped around my round shoulder. Slowly stroking the skin, he stopped near the now scarred neck.

    “I don’t want to do it after sucking.”

    I couldn't help but cringe at the absurd remark. I wasn't so stupid that I didn't know what he meant.

    I got excited and put everything down, and now those words come out? And by the way, what you say is even more speculative.

    “I don’t know if you really want me or not.”

    (end of volume I)
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    Reading List:
    I skipped and skimmed the last volume and this is what got (I skipped the middle 2 volumes so there may be more information later)
    Liv and Camian’s souls are intertwined because Camian has been sucking Liv’s blood for 15 years. Because of this, Camian can be controlled by her blood. One of the bad guys is the OGML, Luke. Luke plans on using Liv’s blood to control Camian. When Liv learns about this, she commits suicide because she doesn’t want Camian to be controlled. However, it is later revealed that this same scenario has happened 4 other times. So this is Liv and Camian’s 5th life. Every time Liv commits suicide, Camian turns back time. But the same thing keeps happening. This time however, Liv is sent back to the real world after her suicide. Camian somehow brings her back to the time before her suicide and wins against Luke.

    There’s something about Camian’s mom/parents but nothing made sense because I skipped so much lol
    I still plan on going volume by volume because I enjoy the smut lol
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    They have some intense snu snu….
    Right. Camian is such a bastard. He is so engrossed in ‘love’ that he stays up all night reading romance novels. He hates physical relationships that are not voluntary, and tells me to put a knife in his body. He had a purer heart than most humans. And I am in a position to trample that delicate part without mercy.

    “Speak straight. I don't want you...….”

    “Yes, my body.”

    …I don't know why I feel hurt. I pretended not to notice the pain in my throat and took his hand.

    “Camian, I told you. Sex is just sex.”


    A large body poured over me. Unable to bear the weight, I leaned back and slammed my back against the window. Fortunately, there was no impact on the head due to the padded palms in the gaps.

    “But I don’t want to suck your blood until we do it.”

    Camian was not going to break his stubbornness. If the blood flows quickly, only the instinct to crave pleasure takes over the body and mind, unable to think about anything else. I will be able to run away from remorse.

    "Do whatever you feel like. Ah….”

    A kiss fell on the bridge of my nose. When I opened my eyes, this time, he kissed the top my eyelids.

    I was startled.

    One of my eyes closed and my thighs tightened at the creepy tickling. However, the angle of the gap did not narrow because of Camian dug between my legs.

    Hot flesh passed slowly over my eyelid. He drew a rounded outline and swallowed it inside his lips. It felt like my eyeballs were being sucked.

    “It tickles.”

    He parted his lips and gently wiped the top of my eyelids with his thumb.

    blink blink.

    As I focused on my eyes, I could feel the smooth red eyes staring at me. I thought his eyes were very pretty as the moonlight shone through.

    And I understood why he's been licking my eyelids for so long.

    “It’s pretty.”

    With my fingertips, I brushed his thick eyelashes. The soft texture glided through my fingers. I acted without thinking.

    Camian distorted his expression and buried his face in my neck. I heard a faint moan from him.

    As I stroke his voluminous black hair, I could feel his chest inflate and then sink.


    I let out a hot breath and called out his name.


    His lips touched the nape of my neck, where he had always put his teeth in. It was not the pain that pierced through the flesh, but the feeling of being softly immersed in it.

    His lips moved downwards, gripping my collarbone, and fumbling over my clothes.

    Warm and moist breath penetrated the soft cloth. A different stimulus was felt when he directly touched my bare skin. He sucked both my wet clothes and flesh.


    There were dark marks on the white clothes. The lips, which had left a kiss with sincerity, bit the tip of my chest.

    An unstoppable moan escaped from my ecstatically opened mouth.

    “Haa…! Ah!"

    Camian sucked the sharply rising peak along with my clothes. The saliva was rubbed with the cloth, and the damp sound became louder.

    I couldn't stand it as the sultry heat spread over my chest, and I gripped his hair tightly.

    “Oh, uh, it’s hot…ahhh!”

    His large hands clasped my chest in earnest. As the flesh gathered in a circle, he covered my nipples with his lips as if to show off.

    He crushed it painfully with his wide tongue and sucked like a child with his side squeaking. The clothes soaked in saliva revealed the outline of the nipples.

    Kamian gently caresses her nipples with her fingertips.

    “It is standing.”

    I was embarrassed and just wanted to die. I'd be less embarrassed if I took my clothes off. Because of the padded fabric, the nipples seemed to protrude.

    Fingers prowling over the chest were terribly naughty. I bit my lip with my front teeth because it seemed like I would moan just by looking at it.

    As I slowly turned my head away, Camian brought his lower body closer together.


    Camian made subtle movements and whispered into my ear.

    “Don’t be shy. I am the same.”



    Her body shook with Camian’s slow movements. My shoulder banged against the window, creating a steady beat of noise.

    Every time something blunt rubbed between my legs, a dizzying sensation flowed through me like an electric current.

    It was as good as if I could orgasm only with his slow and heavy movements.

    “Hmm… Ah."

    Camian grabbed my breasts prompting pleasure. As soon as he pressed against my sensitive nipples, my head jerked upward.

    "Ahh. hngg… uh... .”

    My passion rose, and my breath got rough.

    Camian’s face appeared above me. His dark hair swayed slightly each time he moved his back, and his eyes filled with desire tenaciously captured me.

    The image of me struggling with excitement was engraved on his pupil. In an instant, power entered Camian's jaw.

    In the blink of an eye, he grabbed my waist and pulled the dress off. I wrapped my arms around my body as the air touched my bare body.

    I was a little embarrassed to be lifted up so easily and then seated like a dangling doll, but there was no time to reveal it, and a warm embrace embraced me.



    A breath of heat poured into my ears. He mercilessly chewed on my ears and then gently soothed them with his tongue and lips. My head kept tilting to the right ear that was being stimulated.

    “Ugh… stop it. Ah, ahh!”

    My toes flicked upward and I had goosebumps on the back of my neck. When I turned my head to avoid the strangeness touching my ears, he act my lips.

    Immediately, his tongue digged in, churned furiously in my mouth, grabbed my tongue, and pulled it from side to side inside my own mouth.

    One of Camian's arms took off my pants while the kiss drove me crazy. He let go of my lips only after I was perfectly naked. But he didn't completely retreat. Even while I was filling in the lack of breath, he left a light kiss on my lips.

    “…My lips hurt.”

    "Yeah. It’s swollen.”

    He then bit my lips once more.


    I slapped his chest while in a throbbing pain. Why are you biting again even though it hurts?

    Camian didn't let go, and he gently rolled my lips with his tongue inside his own.

    “Ummm… My lips will bruise.”

    I pushed his forehead and covered my mouth with the back of my hand. Camian bit his tongue as if regretting it and lowered his head abruptly.


    His firm hand gripped the inside of my knee. And I slipped down as he pulled. As I struggled to get up, Camian grabbed my legs and lifted it up.

    Even when I was lying down, the bottom was wide enough that I could see my knees, and I could feel the liquid dripping down.

    “Ahh, uh. What, what are you doing?”

    One finger stole the dripping fluid and shoved it into my vagina. In an instant, a bright light exploded in my head like firecrackers, and my thighs trembled softly.

    “Ahngg! Ah……. Suddenly, if... ah.”

    “You shouldn’t waste it.”

    His long fingers rubbed the inner wall thoroughly. I twisted my back at the strange feeling I was not used to yet, but it was no use.

    Slowly he rounded and circled my heated inner walls. The vagina contracted so much that you could feel all the bones protruding from each word.

    Camian kissed me and said, “Relax.” and comforted me, but it I couldn’t control my insides.

    Something hot was rising from inside. I let out a gasp between my lips and grabbed his shoulder.

    I think it's good enough now, no, something more. The ecstasy I felt during our first sex...

    I knew.

    Now, this act was only the first step toward reaching my climax. My eyes became hazy because of the heat.

    My eyes get hot, and my pelvis keeps twisting.

    “Camian… hnnng, just put it in.”

    “You’re going to cry because it hurts if I do.”


    His hand, which was slowly sweeping my inner wall, slammed inside.

    He pierced it deep enough to feel the back of his hand, and began to shake it violently below.

    Puck. Puck.

    My wet sound quickly hit my ears. I shook my head at the unbearable pleasure. At this point, one more finger poked in me.

    It didn’t hurt, but the feeling of the inner wall opening was dizzying, and I tightened her bottom even tighter.

    “If you tighten it like this, I can’t put it in.”

    “Ugh, ah, ah… stop shaking… hnng.”

    “If you make a face like that, do you think I’ll be able to stop?”

    “Loud, it’s too loud, it’s loud. Hahaha, ah!!”

    His hand, which had only bothered my inner wall, began to rub the clitoris together. My mouth opened wide and a silent moan erupted.

    I caught sight of his muscular biceps moving rapidly. At the same time, my bottom was rubbed mindlessly.

    “Camian, ah! Camian!”

    The feeling of pleasure heated up all the blood vessels and filled it up with great speed.

    I liked it so much that the feeling of going crazy was rather frightening. All I could do was cling to his forearm and cry out his name.

    “It’s too much… Ah! Come, I think I'll going to come. Wait a minute. Ah!”

    Despite my pleas, Camian did not stop. Rather, he moved faster than before. He constantly stimulated the sensitive parts of my inner wall, and the hand that twirled and pressed the little flesh that was hidden to his heart's content.

    All the sensations went into the tip of my toes.

    At some point, there was no talking. Only the sound of squeaks and heavy breathing filled the room.

    Tears burst out of my eyes as the pleasure rushed in from all directions to prevent me from running away. Unable to contain my excitement, I clung to him.

    “Hah, ah!”

    I think I'm going to die, but I really... I think I'm going to die.

    I hugged his neck as hard as I could and let out a moan that was close to crying. At the same time, the rising feeling of heat crumbled from the top of my head.

    My eyes turn white, and the remnants of heat slowly sunk down. I forgot my shame and let go of the strength in my wide legs. My body trembled and trembled, unable to get out of the afterglow of the climax. My body jumped once more as the embedded finger came out.

    Camian took a seat between my gaping legs and leaned over. My face was clouded by the tears that hung from the corners of my eyes.

    Camian gently stroked my sweat-drenched hair. Then, as if touching something precious, he carefully wiped away my tears.

    “…Ah, ha ha!”

    As the afterglow of the climax and my body were moistened by his gentle touch, a blunt thing thrust its head into the wet vagina.

    I opened my eyes wide in surprise at the huge volume.

    “Wa, wait.”

    Camian left a fresh kiss on me as if he had no idea. He repeatedly pressed his lips together and then held me back.

    But I couldn't really concentrate on his kiss. The sensation of his thick glans forcing entry underneath was clear.

    He pressed firmly, and then fell back slightly and then came in deeper than before. The inner wall opened in all directions, and the penis tightened.

    “Ugh, uh! Ah… Cami, Ahh, hah, slow down..….”

    The shallow waist was gradually getting faster. The hand that had been gently caressing my head suddenly grabbed my vagina and opened it wide.

    Still, Camian did not stop kissing me affectionately.

    "Ah! Too strong, ah! Haaa!”


    “Wait, take it out for a moment, hnngg.”

    “You have to loosen your strength for me to take it out. Breathe.….. yes. like that."

    I was terrified of the enormous volume, but I barely caught on at his word that he would take it out. After inhaling, as Camian said, I exhaled slowly.

    My tight tummy loosened a little. The penis felt like it was going out slowly, then he thrusted and went in deeply.

    “Ugh! Ah, you said you would take it out! Hnng.….”

    Puck, puck.

    The penis didn’t know the limit and came rushing in endlessly. It reached depths that his fingers had not yet reached.

    “Ha, ah, it hurts! How much more is there. Camian! Ah.....”

    "It's okay. I put it all in.”

    I touched the bottom with trembling hands.

    Above the entrance that was wide open to the limit, I could feel the weapon of the man with more than the length of one finger remaining.

    Suddenly, tears flowed out.

    “Another lie……”

    Camian took my hand and made it grip the bottom of the penis that had not yet been entered.

    "It's not a lie. There isn’t much left.”

    “As much as this… ah! Ah, wa, wait a minute.”

    Hold on, hold on.

    When he gave strength to his waist, a penis that seemed impossible to go in any longer came in, forcing the inner wall apart.

    Then the tip of his penis got caught by my finger and blocked it.

    "Look. Didn’t it go in easily?”

    He put my hand away and puck!

    He out it in loud enough to make a sound. I trembled and moaned like a scream.

    "Ah! Ah, de, deep!”

    "Does it hurt?"

    I nodded hastily. It wasn't really painful, but it was because I wasn't used to the tight feeling of the inner wall.

    Camian leaned his body towards me instead moving his waist. His weight shifted and what was embedded inside moved. My stimulation point, located deep inside, was brutally crushed by the thick glans.


    A moan erupted against my will. Even when I heard it, it wasn't a moan of pain.

    Camian's lips curled. When I saw that smirk, goosebumps ran down my spine. Something was wrong.

    “Does it still hurt?”

    Camian whispered to me while holding my lower body tight.

    I was again stimulated by the sensations in his huge penis. Even if I twisted my waist and tried to run away, the penis, which was so tight that I could feel even the protruding veins, had locked me in a dead end wall.

    “Ha, ah, don’t don’t turn it around.”

    He moved his back stiffly in a circle. I couldn't come to my senses by the thrill of being rubbed even if he only stood still. I was short of breath and my pelvis kept trembling.

    Without knowing what I was hoping for, I pressed my hand against his abs.

    “Does it still hurt?”

    I quickly shook my head.

    Tears ran down my temples and dripped down.

    “No, ha, ah, no. Ah! there, stop...!”


    The more I got excited, the deeper Kamian's breathing went down. He grabbed my hand that was on his abs and grabbed it, and he pressed it onto the desk.

    And he grabbed my chin with his other hand and fixed it. Red eyes stained with longing filled my vision.

    And what had been lodged to the limit slipped out almost to the end, and then slipped back in roughly.


    A feeling of pleasure, more like a thrill than pain, penetrated to the end of my head. The penis, which had again barely left until his glans got caught in the entrance, pierced again with another popping sound.

    There was nowhere else to go in, but Camian pushed the penis up to the root and forcefully pushed it up with his waist.

    “Ah, uh……!”

    “I want to live with you while your penetrated.”

    “Ah, Camian, Slow, slowly. Ah!"

    He hastily started thrusting his back. It was a gesture had lost its composure and was intoxicated with pleasure. The relaxed muscles move dynamically just for the sake of climax.

    I let out a screaming groan at the deep, rapid shoveling. Even if I tried to take his time, my mind melted due to the fact that he stabbed and rubbed the part felt by the huge penis at random.

    “Slow, slow down. Please? Camian, please, ah, I'm going to die... Ah!"

    “Liv, do you like it rough?”

    “Ha, ah……!”

    "ha… my dick is about to be cut off. Relax a little bit.”

    A heated flower bloomed from within and heat up my body in an instant. I felt terrified as I entered the realm beyond my control while being ecstatic to the extent of pleasure.

    Camian pressed down on my pelvis with his large hand and continued shoveling in earnest.

    “Ha, ah, ah, Kamian, ah.”

    "Yes. Look clearly at who’s fucking you."

    “Camian, ha!”

    rumble, rumble.

    The wooden desk shook dangerously.

    Camian leaned over and found my lips. My mouth, which had been busy letting out a moan, gave up the tongue to his crawling kiss. I scratched his broad back, shaking helplessly at the shoveling like an animal's mating.

    “Ahh, ah, ah!”

    Every time his penis moved, the slimy fluid rushed out. The sound of flesh hitting was loud enough to be violent, and the sound of liquid being crushed inside the inner wall strangely warmed the air.

    The shoveling, which I thought couldn't get any faster, became insanely intense.

    Immediately after the pleasure, the added pleasure piled up layer by layer, completely paralyzing my head. I couldn't do anything other than feel it, so I surrendered my whole body to the rushing pleasure.

    “Ha, ah! Ah, Camian, deep, ha, ha, ah!”

    The climax came quickly.

    As hot lava spread, my mind spread hotly. My whole body trembled, and my eyes engulfed at the climactic peak swam in a white halo.

    "Ah! Hnng, Camian? Ah! Wa, wait!”

    The heightened sense of urgency did not go away, but Camian began to move again. I hurriedly grabbed his shoulder, but his glans pressed against the inside again.

    Because I was so hot, my body was easily excited with just a small touch. The pleasure of squeezing the inside without hesitation was too much of a stimulus for now.

    “St, stop. Ah, wait, ha...…!”

    Camian's eyes were opened dangerously. As if he had lost control, like he was gripped by a deep desire.

    An anxious feeling ran through my spine.

    Just as expected.

    I could feel the penis inside it getting bigger and bigger.

    “Haa, ah! How is it more, ah! Don't move, haa!"

    The merciless backlash continued. The part that filled the inner wall felt the penis, and the pleasure was forcibly drawn out.

    I trembled incessantly, crying and moaning at the same time. The climax that did not go away was like pain. I was constantly filled with pleasure, as if my body had been broken. It felt like my head was going to explode.

    It wasn't just a word, it felt like a real explosion would happen if it kept getting hot like this. I wrapped my legs around his waist in a terrifying dizzy.

    "Ha! Ah! Stop, ah, I feel so... Ha, Camian, please, stop...…!”

    I blocked the waist with my legs to prevent his movement, but the bond only deepened.

    “Save, save me. Ha, ha, ah, hnng, Camian, ha, ha, ah!”

    “Ha, I won’t let you die. Don’t worry."

    In the end, I cried and begged him.

    Camian leaned with one arm on the window and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. I could see the strength in his closed jaw.

    Puck, puck, puck!

    The gestures that reached their climax continued.

    Oh, no… A terrifyingly strong feeling of pleasure rushed out of control.

    I tilted my head and struggled with my legs in the air. Camian didn't care and shoved under me roughly, and I fell in a trance of pleasure that I couldn't handle.

    “Ha, ha, Liv…….”

    “Ha, ah, ah!”

    A foreign noise was heard in the feast of moans.

    Oh my god.

    It was the sound of something cracking. But there was no time left to look at what it was.

    As soon as Camian thrusted his back, I felt an excruciating orgasm.

    And as the slime dripped down my body, a sharp explosive sound hit me. Suddenly, a chilly wind blew and washed away the sweat.

    My extremities were loosened and I made a sound of pain from the sudden cold. The body that was stretched out was lifted lightly. I barely lifted my heavy eyelids and hugged his neck.

    “……it’s cold."

    "I’m sorry."

    Camian wrapped the blanket behind my back, hugging me. It was as if he was embracing a child in a blanket. He stretched out his long legs and strode forward.

    Where is he going? I had a question, but I couldn't find an answer with my head trembling with enthusiasm. I heard Kamian opening the door. I lifted my hazy face and looked ahead.


    A window that had been fine until a while ago had been smashed.

    I closed his eyes slowly and buried my lips in his shoulder. His room was littered with shards of shattered glass and miscellaneous objects.

    Camian’s room was unbelievably devastated.
    Liv regrets asking for rough sex since her body is weak. She feels Camian massaging her body throughout the morning. He leaves water by her bedside which she drinks. She slept till noon since she was tired as Camian sucked her blood after sex.

    Afterwards, Camian comes to Liv’s room to see her. When he hesitates in coming in, she wonders if Camian is finally uninterested in her after having sex. She gets a little disappointed even though this was what she wanted and asks how the sex was. He says he failed as a masturbation tool and says he got out of control. Liv feels bad when Camian keeps putting himself down. She says the sex felt amazing for her. He says he feels like getting outside of control every time he sees her.

    Liv tries to resist the urge to comfort him. However, her words and actions won’t follow her will and she ends up comforting him by caressing his cheeks and says it was her fault since she was the one who asked for rough sex. If she hated it, she would have cursed him out. When he asks if they can continue doing it, she can’t resist his twinkling eyes and says yes.
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    Our farmer demon baby boy confesses and cries a lot :blobcry:
    I didn’t MTL this part of snu snu because it was very similar to their other snu snu sessions
    Camian and Liv go to a villager’s house to babysit a 10 year old girl. Since Liv has trouble sleeping when her surroundings change, Camian packs a pillow and candles so that Liv can sleep well.

    Sherry draws with Camian and Liv. When Sherry leaves the room for something, Liv says she wants a nude model and takes Camian’s shirt off. He gets shy but let’s her touch him. Liv puts his shirt back on because Sherry is coming back. Sherry sees Liv on Camian’s lap with Camian holding Liv’s waist and gets shocked because Sherry has a crush on Camian. LOL

    Sherry’s hatred of Liv reaches to new levels and Liv feels like she’s walking on pins and needles. At night, Camian reads to Sherry but Liv started coughing. Camian stops reading and hugs Liv and strokes her back so that she can calm her coughing. He kisses her on her forehead and tries to take Liv to bed but Sherry starts crying and accuses Liv of faking it. Liv tells Camian to stay with Sherry and leaves. Liv lies on the bed and acts like she’s sleeping when Camian comes in. He backhugs her and says he only needs her.

    Camian confesses and Liv realizes she likes Camian


    “I only need you.”


    “You are so affectionate that you can’t leave people around you.”

    Camian began to confess quietly. Every time his voice hit the back of my head, strange goosebumps swelled up on the nape of my neck.

    “Even though I know it, sometimes it bothers me.”


    “I think about it several times a day, wondering if you will only look at me if I kill everything around you.”


    “But if you do, you will cry.”

    My brain was numb. I never imagined I would hear such a sound from Camian’s mouth. Camian, who I thought that was a kinder demon than most people, and that if he was born in Korea, would have been a hopeless case….

    It's really hard to think that he had such thoughts in his heart... I really didn't even dream of it.

    However, I was not disappointed in the slightest. There was no fear. Just… Let's not have such bad thoughts and live as we are now. I wanted to pat him on the back.

    I’m crazy. I think I'm crazy. Otherwise, there's no way my heart could be pounding inside that ferociously inside.

    I chewed the flesh on the inside of my cheek painfully so that Camian didn't notice. In the sense of calming myself down. But there is no way to stop the waves coming from deep within. I struggled to run away, but I couldn't help it that I had already settled him in the corner of my heart.

    I shouldn't have let my heart flutter in every action, I shouldn't have gotten used to this warm embrace, but rather than frowning while listening to his obsessive confession, I shouldn't have had a fever in my ears....

    Ah. I gave him the right to take over my heart. Enlightenment made me perplexed without notice in my ordinary everyday life.

    Most likely……I like Camian.

    Perhaps the root cause was that a drop of emotion was mixed into the heart that was forcibly contained. If Camian hadn't confessed while holding me in his arms, I could have been pretended not to know as I had always done. The emotions that had been fluttering in this one drop eventually overflowed.


    At night, Liv wakes up and Camian is sleeping while tightly backhugging her. She runs to the bathroom and coughs up blood. Sherry sees this and cries. Liv asks Sherry to keep it a secret. Liv realizes that she’s going to die soon and resolves to break Camian’s heart so that it won’t be the same as the novel. Sherry starts to be nice to Liv after that and apologizes for basically being a bratty child.
    Leo is another villager who used to live in the village but went to the capital. He has an obvious crush on Liv.

    Leo comes by and invites Camian and Liv to the capital. Camian says that if they go to the capital, they have to go together because Liv can’t sleep without him. Leo responds that Camian and Liv can’t live together forever so they should practice being apart. Liv agrees. Camian gets angry and tells Liv to take back what she said. Camian says that his back is the most comfortable for Liv to piggyback on and he will give her medicine and candy. She can punch him when she gets angry. Liv says she can live herself. They can just meet up when he needs blood. Liv resolutely states that her time is shorter than Camian’s so she doesn’t want to spend all of her time with him. She says she’s tired of him.

    Later, Liv helps out with clearing leaves in the front yard. Camian asks why Liv is here helping him and waiting for him to finish. Liv responds that if she lived with Leo, she would have done the same for him. Camian then angrily asks who she will replace Leo with if Leo dies. Liv tries to get away but Camian grabs her wrist. Liv gets scared that Camian will kill all the villagers like the novel and starts crying. She tells Camian to never kill them, otherwise she will kill herself. When Liv asks if he likes her, he responds that it’s not love, it’s an obsession. He wants to own everything from his first contractor. Liv hugs Camian and can hear his heart beating and knows that he’s lying. Liv tells him to never love her.

    The other villager Leo, comes back from the capital and asks Liv on a date. Liv agrees in order to put space between her and Camian. Camian gets really angry. During the date, Leo grabs Liv’s hand and she almost falls because he grabbed so hard. Liv notes that even though Camian grabbed her hand all the time, she never stumbled. Leo later shows her all the things he brought back from the capital and Liv is bored to death. When she leaves, Camian is at the front door waiting for her because it’s dark. Camian gets angry when he sees Leo with his top buttons removed and asks what they did. Liv tells him to stop treating her like a child and that they aren’t lovers so he needs to mind his own business. Camian angrily says that she can give her heart to Leo but she can come to him for occasional sex. Liv decides to hurt him and says that she wants sex tonight then. That night, they have snu snu. They do it multiple times because Camian wants her to be tired so that she can’t meet with Leo.

    After that, Liv goes out to meet Leo at his house even though she’s sore. She goes everyday. He has a backpack full of stuff that he explains to Liv everyday. She feels like it’s torture as he doesn’t even engage with her. He just talks to himself all day. When Leo finally done with the backpack, Liv thinks it’s finally over but he shows her a closet with 7 more backpacks. She freaks out and acts like she’s sick the next day and doesn’t go out to meet him. Liv feels a wall between her and Camian finally forming.

    At the next full moon, Liv falls asleep on the couch as she sees Camian talking about going somewhere with her aunt. When Camian is sucking her blood, Liv loses control and begs Camian to take her with him wherever he’s going. So the next day, Camian takes her to a chicken farm to collect eggs. It’s really hard to describe this but it was hilarious. Leo follows them and ends up getting chased by chickens. Liv also gets scared and ends up hugging Camian.

    Afterwards, Leo tells Liv that he has to go back to the capital. He wants to take Liv. He promises to take responsibility over her. Liv thinks Leo is talking bullshit but controls herself and doesn’t immediately say no since Camian is hearing this. Camian comes and declares that Liv isn’t going while glaring at Leo. Liv gets scared that Camian will kill Leo so she grabs Camain’s hand and tells Leo she will think about it. Camian and Liv walk home.

    Camian cries and tells Liv not to go. He just wants to stay by her side. If she needs a masturbation tool, he’s willing to do that. He then confesses that he likes her, much more than she can imagine. Liv wants to tell him no but she also feels like crying and says nothing as he cries on her shoulder. Liv sees a meteor shower pass by and prays that Camian will stop crying as she can’t bear to see him like this. After he stops sobbing, he tells Liv to take him if she’s going to the capital. Liv tells him she’s not going. He asks how he can stay by her side. Liv doesn’t respond and Camian takes her silence as the answer to his confession.

    At night, Liv practices a rejection and tells Camian that she can’t accept his feelings as she thinks of him as family. Liv thinks that Camian will finally back off but he asks for help to not like her since he’s liked her for 15 years. Next day. Liv asks Camian what her bad traits are. He lists a lot of things. She then asks what he likes about her. He says that her soul is pretty. While crouching down, her legs get a bad cramp so Camian tries to carry Liv to the bedroom so he can massage her. Leo sees this and misunderstands when Liv says she needs Camian to touch her. Liv says she doesn’t want to go to the capital with Leo.

    Next day, Liv goes to Leo’s house to properly decline the invitation to go to the capital. She clears up the misunderstanding with Camian. She then tells him it was really boring hearing about all his goods from the capital. The first 3 we’re fine. But when he kept talking for days, it got boring. Leo understands. On her way back, a beggar like dude grabs into Liv’s ankles. She freaks out since he looks dangerous but it happens to be our OGML - Luke Florence.
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    Does anyone have MTL?
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    Can u give us more spoiler pwease?:(:(
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    Luke was Liv’s first love so she is smitten with his appearance. Luke follows Liv to her house and then Liv and Camian take Luke to the academy since Luke is the new swordmanship teacher. Camian from the start doesn’t like Luke and thinks he’s a bad guy but shows Luke the way because Liv insists. When Luke first sees Camian, his eyes go cold for a split second. Liv wonders if Luke recognizes Camian as a demon since in the novel, Luke immediately recognized Camian. Since Liv is weak, Camian piggybacks her when they guide Luke to the academy.

    When they arrive, the books in Luke’s backpack falls out. Camian forces Liv to rest by a bench but Liv notices a book titled “Killing Demons.” Liv picks it up. Liv turns to the pages about contracts with the devil. It states “In order to keep the contractor’s soul in their possession, the demon must make the contractor drink the demon’s blood.” Liv is confused since Camian drinks her blood. She wonders what they have been doing for the last 15 years.

    On the way back, Camian piggybacks her again. Liv keeps thinking about the book and writes with her fingers the content on Camian’s back. Camian tells Liv to say what she wants and to stop scratching his back.

    End of volume 2
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    so sorry to bother, but do you have any more spoilers?
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    Thank you so much for the spoilers.:bloblove:
    Can you give us more, please?
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    More spoiler please:blob_plusone::blob_plusone::blob_plusone:
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    Do anyone have mtl of this novel?
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    are there any spoilers they will end how? cuz i'm a little worried, if liv really stay away from camian and their love is forced to end like that it must be very painful::blobcatsad::

    especially camian really love liv until the end :bloborz:

    I really hope for a happy ending for them :sweating_profusely: