Bugs Search autocomplete (not sure if a bug)

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Bug Reports' started by k1nk4, Dec 7, 2017.

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    its a really simple thing, but annoying.

    #when searching for a novel
    whenever I'm typing and the suggestion list shows up, I try go down with the "down" key, but the mechanism understand it as another character and tries to load again.

    normally it should focus (all other sites with the same function I know of do) the suggestion in the top, and go down as you press it or go back if pressing "up". "Enter" or "space" key should select and go to the page ofc.

    Its a bug if the one who programmed forgot about it, its a feature request if its supposed to work this way.

    i shouldnt be the only one to use "down" key out of costume, and if many more ppl do, each useless "reloading" would be wasting quite a lot of resources... along with annoying a lot of ppl too.

    someone else may have already asked about, but right now I'm too lazy to look.