Forgotten Title Searching for a Specific Xianxia/Xuanhua novel, which title I forgot...

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    I only have vague memories of it, but here are the things I remember:
    • MC's parents where killed in action (but some suspect betrayal)
    • No cultivation = you are worthless/expandable.
    • MC get's a Point System for buying cultivation manuals/skills.
    • MC is either banished to, or flees into a forest.
    • In this forest a meets a woman which is initially wary of the MC, but believes him to be someone special, so she invites him into the sect. Becomes his (first) love interest. Start to date (or marry) quite quickly into the story.
    • The leader of this sect is either a friend or family of the woman previously mentioned.
    • While in this sect, he encounters a member (his nephew?) from his previous sect, which is hostile to him.