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    Yes, the raw chapter 58 was already released 2 weeks ago but the official English translation Tapas has only translated chapter 57 and they said they will come back in April 30. So I thought they will return with chapter 58 officially translated.

    While the artist said that they will start a week break every 5 chapters starting March 25 so that's why they didn't update last week. So I thought that the next update (raw chapter 59) will be this week.
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    MTL chapter 12[volume 6]
    hello, I'm planning to share the MTL of the novel but only the 6th volume since the whole 5th volume is mostly about the 2nd battle against Hades.

    instead of marking it by pages, I'll do it by part depending on the "****" of the novel.

    The summer's finished sweetly after the night's event was over, the palace in Barishad was very messy for a while.

    Every day, the remnants of the Black Wizard were dragged into the Imperial Palace underground prison.

    The priests, including the archbishop and the vice bishop, almost lived in the palace and were busy purifying the black wizards who were captured.

    Since the emperor withdrew the summary order for warlocks in nearly 200 years, more complicated and laborious methods were used to purify them.

    Since it is a task to fill the sacred redemption sphere and seal the magic power, all high-ranking priests with strong divine nature have been called the Imperial Palace.

    Therefore, the sound of pain continued in the basement of the palace.

    It was the sound of the priests who had exhausted their energy to seal them, in addition to the groaning of the warlocks who were sealed with magical power.

    "How long has it been since the cleanup of Belgoth been completed, and you've given me such a harsh job...….”

    "I'm dying, Deputy Bishop. Help me...….”

    '' who do you think is crying more with a white face, brothers?”


    Diego was putting a sacred seal on five warlocks at the same time.

    The twelve priests, who had been groaning, became solemn all at once. One of the priests made across.

    "May Raulus be with you...….”

    "Raulus will always be with you. I have no doubt that he will recognize your effort...….”


    Diego laughed in vain as he finished the seal.

    he couldn't tell his brothers that Raulus was now fooling around in the emperor's office and bedroom.

    Diego forced himself to smile to keep his brothers' faithfulness to Raulus.

    "Yes…… May Raulus always be with you."

    After roughly finishing the cleaning work today, the next schedule is waiting for Diego.

    * * *

    [La Duerre, La Duerre. You want to hang out with me. ]

    "Mr. Raulus……." The giant silver wolf wagged its tail gently.

    Contrary to the pressure he was spreading everywhere, the words that were uttered were rather silly.

    [Shire (Erudian Baptismal Name), that kid doesn't care about me. Even if he fell for crumbs, he fell too hard for her.]

    "Raulus, it's not because he’s so tight, it's because his so anxious.….”

    [You're leaving me alone anyway. crumbs not here. I'm bored.]

    "Yes…." Diego was dragged away by Raulus with a tired face.

    'As expected, for my brothers, even if I die, I will not speak up......’

    Today, Diego was repeating the same pledge inwardly.

    * *

    While Diego and the priests were in charge of purifying and sealing the Black Magicians for days and days, Erudian had been struggling with the Soleia’s case all along.

    "No. Are you crazy?"

    "Why not? I don't think it's too much to ask,’’

    but Erudian responded firmly.

    "That's too much to ask. I've made it clear that black magicians can't be given autonomy."

    "They are no longer a threat to His Majesty's kingdom after they wear divine restraint and cover their mana. They’re like an ordinary wizard."

    “It's just to prevents you from committing more sins. Is the sin you've already done gone just because you’re powerless now?"

    It's really like a knife.

    There was no room for inventory. Soleia took a step back, sticking her tongue out inside.

    “Then the pardon…….”


    “Reduced sentence......”



    her beautiful face lost its composure and broke.

    That man really seemed to get away with a summary decision. Soleia spouted violently.

    "Isn't this a negotiating table? If you're going to say no to everything, why did you make this kind of place for?’’

    “Say it right. It would be a place to discuss disposition, not negotiation.”

    Erudian replied coldly.

    "This is a place I wouldn't have made if it weren't for Yerenica."

    It is a group that has dared to do terrible things underground in Kelkita after staining the towers that their ancestors had built with darkness.

    He had no intention of forgiving the woman and her group, the leader of the group.

    "Rebellion, murder, abandonment of bodies.’’

    In Erudian's mouth, crimes that could not escape the death penalty were poured out.

    "Black magic, biological experiments, attempts to assassinate the royal family, attempts to assassinate the royal family in other countries, and unauthorized invasion of the palace."


    ''In threat, in violation of Hwang's tax embezzlement.…. Well, it's endless."

    Erudian touched his temple as if he was having a headache.

    “Even so, do you think you are confident enough to ask me to pardon you or reduce your sentence?”

    It wasn't until he went crazy that he could just forgive her for the wickedness that persistently harassed him over the past few years.

    It still made him sick when he recalls that she had tried to kill Yerenica several times.

    Erudian cleared coldly.

    “Your role is to be watchman so you can keep the second Heides close. ‘’

    That was also what Soleia was the most suitable for.

    She was the only black wizard who was powerful enough to hide in the ground beneath the temple, and she was even the only one to be able to act as an archer with all the things that were covered underground.

    If Soleia keeps the boundaries of Remordi, there will be no more perfect seal than that.

    In fact, it was also the idea of Yerenica.

    [It's a waste of time to kill someone, Today's enemy is tomorrow's ally! Don't you know?]

    He recalled the memory of her trying to persuade him with different reason.

    Yerenica was not wrong, and in fact, he thinks that it's most efficient to give Soleia a suitable mission, and she's been preoccupied with it like this.

    "I'm the only one who can play the role of a watchman. If I don't accept it...….”

    If it comes out like this, I want to do something that I didn't have.

    "If you don't accept it, everyone’s going to be exterminated. You. And your disciples."

    In the end, a harsh word popped up.

    "You'll have to know that there's nothing good for you if you keep testing my patience."

    he always has a headache like this when he has this woman in front of him. She feels like a chimney and he wants to send it to the fire right away without complicating his work but stopping here….

    [you promise me]

    Then he’s afraid Yerenica won't like it. So, this was the limit that he could tolerate. Erudian stamped the Emperor's seal on the document without even looking at Soleia.


    "Yes, Your Majesty."

    Assistant Felic received the documents he submitted.

    It was a document about the official disposition of Soleia and Black Wizards was written.

    Imprisonment for life after purification and mana sealing.

    “Imperial people must obey the imperial laws. Isn't it satisfying to be the first exception to avoid summary judgment?”

    `Soleia did not answer. stare at him coldly

    ``Does she know you’re like this?’’

    It was clear who she was talking about.

    Immediately, Solaea's sacred restraint, which was fastened to her neck, shook her hand without feeling the need for tension.

    "Radin, Rügier, drag her away."

    "Yes, Your Majesty."

    The holy knights pulled the chain connected to Soleia's restraint.

    Soleia spewed out words even as she was being forcibly taken away.

    "Is the princess still in the same state?"


    There was a crack in the cold face.

    Soleia didn't miss it.

    "It's already been over a week."

    "……Radin," Erudian called the name of his direct knight again instead of answering back.

    “Clog her mouth and take her away.”

    Boom. The door closed at the end of his remark.

    * * *
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    MTL extra chapter 1

    It seems like it hasn't been an hour since I fell asleep, but my eyes opened by themselves. The reason was clear. Of course, there was nothing I could do about it.


    There was no warmth. The warmth that warmed me every morning was gone. I couldn't fathom what happened right away and just looked to the space next to me. My body trembled from the coldness.

    I buried myself in the blanket and called out to the one who should be next to me "... Eddie."

    My throat was dry and my mind was also confused. I murmured once more, rubbing my persistent eyes that had been closing slowly. "Eddie."


    The answer to the second call came quickly. The man who had just come out of the bathroom looked at me with widened eyes. "You've already woken up?"

    " ...cold."

    Without waiting for a long time, the heat immediately engulfed my body. As the cool and refreshing divinity flowed through the blanket, Erudian leaned down and kissed my forehead. In a gladdened voice, Erudian whispered in my ear. "For some reason, my eyes opened early."

    "Why?" (Yerenica)

    "Because it's cold ..." (Erudian)

    "Ah. Is it because the window was left opened?" (Yerenica)

    Boom. As soon as I said it, the large window slammed shut. Erudian lifted the blanket to look at me. My body was dragged and hugged. Along with the familiar divinity, my favorite body scent reached the tip of my nose. Even in the midst of my dreams, I had a slight smile on my lips.

    I hugged his waist tightly and muttered. "Smells good."

    "I just washed." (Erudian)

    "Only that? It's not normal ..." (Yerenica)

    "Well ... I remember that I also washed at sunrise." (Erudian)

    "Yes, but ..." (Yerenica)

    "Should I wash one more time?" (Erudian)

    Um. I'm worried about this. I feel like I want to sleep more because he hugged me like that, but it's very cold. Bathing in warm water must be very good though ...

    His soft lips touched my forehead. My lips and forehead were moist as if I had just washed. Soft, moist lips that had kissed me slid from my forehead down my cheeks then from my cheeks down my ears.

    "Let's sleep more. You've barely had any sleep." (Erudian)

    "Huh ...." (Yerenica)

    That was correct. Yesterday was the day I returned from inspecting east of Belgoat where I have spent 15 days on it. Maybe it's the reason why Erudian who thought that he would break me if he touch me did not shy away.

    He bit the lobe of my right ear slightly.

    "I can't sleep if you keep doing that." (Yerenica)

    "Don't worry about it." (Erudian)

    "Ugh. Don't worry?" (Yerenica)

    My hair was sprawled on his head. After a while, as his lips continued to bite my earlobe, it went down to cup my lips down my jaw then to my neck.

    "It tickles me...!"

    My body twisted from the continuous tickling. Erudian chuckled briefly, until his lips went down my collarbone. Erudian chose the places without red marks and kissed them insistently, burying his face between my neck and shoulders while taking a deep breath in between.

    I heard a lazy and hoarse voice. "You smell good." (Erudian)

    His arms that held my waist tightened. Maybe my body has the same scent as his. Erudian has always been satisfied with that. The same bed. Same bathroom. The same body scent. This is, I mean, the second year of the happy marriage life.

    It looks like I will melt ... his lips rested on my collarbone. The spirit that had been sleeping the entire time woke up. Would it be dangerous to go further and lower ...?

    Erudian, who was kissing my collarbone and around my breasts, changed his words.

    "How about we take a bath and go to sleep one more time, alright?"

    My reaction and action were faster than my words. I laid on my side and looked at his shiny silver hair.

    "Ah ..."

    Fingers that are much bigger and firmer than mine became entangled one by one with my fingers, keeping my hands pressed on the sheet.


    Squeezing it firmly while holding it tight. Erudian backed away a bit. Being together, he preferred bodily conversations over verbal conversations. It was a more direct and secure way to understand it.

    He didn't answer for a while, but then he mumbled sadly, "If you're tired, I won't."

    His eyes on mine were filled with regret when he said that. I blinked a couple of times. Being surprised that he said that, I said I was thinking, "If we do it ... do you know that you will have to wash one more time?"

    "I do not care." It was an immediate response.

    I wrapped my arm around his neck with the other arm that wasn't trapped. When his wet hair touched my skin, the corners of my mouth lifted into a smile. I hugged him tightly and muttered, "If you promise not to make it difficult for me ..."

    This time there was no answer. It took us a little longer to have a proper "conversation".

    "Shouldn't you go to the office?"

    If it was a normal day, I would have dragged him to the office, but today he hated not having me around. It was yesterday that we just met after 15 days.

    "Yes. But I want to be stuck with you all day today ..."

    The stimulation was perfect and his words were pleasant, expressing his affection. It was all sweet, so I was wondering if I could at least have a rest today.

    I let my hot, tired body hold onto his arms.

    "How was the north?"

    Damp. Every time I moved my body slightly, the water started to come out.

    "Good. Although not quite."

    "Is the situation worse than you thought?"

    "It's not that different from what was reported ... I think it's just a bit different to see it to testify it with your own eyes."

    "Oh, I guess."

    Hot, fragrant water poured over my shoulders. His warm hand gently rubbed the edge of my clavicle. My body, which became very sensitive, trembled.

    "Oh, uh ..."

    I felt a slight pain that came from the red spots. I squirmed and muttered, "It hurts."

    "It hurts?"

    "A little here. And here too ..."

    "Sorry. I'll go out and apply some ointment on you," he whispered in a soft voice. My head went blank again. I couldn't even start a sane conversation yet.

    "If you're having a bad time. Let's rest for a few days, alright ..."

    "Huh ..."

    'I think I have something to tell you ....'

    Someone's voice buzzed in my head.

    "Empress, then, when will the news arrive?"

    I had something to say to him. My body had already weakened, I refused to think more.

    "I love you."

    Finally, with that sweet confession, I went back to sleep. When I woke up, the sun was all shining. I opened my misty eyes to the sensation of lips pressing on my fingertips.

    "You have to get up, Yerenica."

    Sometimes, this all feels unrealistic. A person who is always by my side when I wake up in my bed in the morning. A person that hugs and kisses me tenderly.

    Peaceful noon. If it's long, it's long, if it's short, it's short since I've just returned to the Imperial Palace.

    There are times when I wonder if it's really real that I can't think about it anymore because it's enough.

    "Hug me, please." (Yerenica)

    As soon as I speak, his arms wrapped around my waist and lifted me up. My body was gently seated on the bed with a brief sensation of floating.

    "Have I bothered you too much ...?" (Yerenica)

    I wrapped my arms around his neck like a child and hugged him. I heard a slightly embarrassed voice. I smiled and raised my head.

    "Are you reflecting on it?" (Erudian)

    But in fact, Erudian never overreached. Although it has been two years since I got married and my body has become incomparable to that of two years ago, he was still too thorough.

    Why was he?

    "We are waiting for good news, Empress."

    Sometimes I forget that my husband is the master of this empire. I've been married to him for two years. My husband is the emperor. This is a period of instability in which natural disasters of unknown cause a strike to the empire once a quarter. The stability of the empire and the imperial family and the people.

    What should be done to reassure them ...

    Erudian cocked his head as if he had noticed my hardened expression. "What is it? Was it because I said..."

    "No." I shook my head quickly.

    As soon as I put on a smiling face, a sweet kiss calmed me down. A clear divinity flowed out, but my head started to twist and it only got more complicated. This time, I remembered the words of the bishop of the northern Alkain temple who suffered from a landslide.

    Wouldn't Belgoat need a strong successor for the well-being of its country? This old man is also expecting a lot.


    It was sudden, but it wasn't bad. In fact, it was a problem that I should have thought about before, so I figured I should talk to him when I returned from that trip ... I remembered all the moments we had from dusk to dawn today.

    As I thought about this, my face started to redden. It was certainly a little more intense than usual ... But it was like he wasn't himself, last night. In fact, even after few months, the good news that the people of Belgoat wanted to hear did not arrive.

    Erudian asked me anxiously, "You don't look good, is there something bothering you?"

    "... It's nothing."

    My thoughts were tangled. It seemed complicated and frustrating, was it natural? Did I ever seriously think about it? I needed time to organize my mind. I had never thought about it.

    Eventually, I went back into my blanket because I needed some time to clear my thoughts.

    "I want to sleep ..."

    "Are you really okay?"

    "I think so."


    There are few people I could speak openly. Fortunately, now in Belgoat, there was a person who I could tell my concerns without hiding or getting afraid.

    "Well ..." I mumbled, sitting in the chair and looking at the cup of tea on the table. "I'm not really sure yet but ... he thought I want to have a child."

    A son, since that visit to the eastern part of Belgoat, the problem of an heir continued to occupy my mind. I sighed, "It would be wonderful to have a child."

    "Would that make you happy?"

    "It's not that simple ... I can't have one just by wanting it, it's not that simple." I looked closely at my sister Tezevia.

    In fact, I didn't know much about motherhood. In my past, Seo Eun was never loved by her mother. Of course, my current self had a mother in Lebovny, but biologically she was not my mother.

    I looked at her with eyes full of fear, I was afraid from the bottom of my heart that those words were true. "I ... I think I'm not enough."

    I wish I could not care, but in my heart, the fear was sincere. And I knew that it would not be good to have a child with these kinds of thoughts, even if they had never given me the consent to do so.

    I sighed, but I had to say it,"To be honest, I don't feel like I'm ready, sister."

    "That's normal for that to happen." My sister Tezevia laughed softly, "It's not your fault you're not ready. And you know, your husband doesn't look like a man who would worry about those things."

    "Well, it's not ..."

    He really never said anything about it. Erudian never mentioned having a child after we got married. I could tell that even he didn't want it because he was very cautious after all, the same thing happened last night.

    "He didn't think about it but ..."

    He was the emperor, it was clear that at some point everyone was going to ask for a successor for the imperial family, but who would dare to tell him that thing?

    But, that was not the problem. I looked out the window, remembering the words of my sister Tezevia, I saw Brisney, who along with my sister came to visit Belgoat, I also saw my husband, who was holding the girl by the hand while walking in the garden.

    It was clear that Erudian liked children, he told me that although he was raised as an only child, the first time he met Brisney two years ago in Lebovny, he felt something.

    He was looking at Brisney and he could not take his eyes off the child. If he were that kind of person, would he be just happy if we would have a child?

    90% of the reasons why Erudian was so careful with my health was probably the reason why no one in the Imperial Palace asks me about it, even though there has been no public news from the emperor and the empress for two years.

    My sister Tezevia asked carefully, "What did the doctor say?"

    "That I'll be fine, that I must be careful so that there would be no bigger problems in the future."

    In fact, I felt very protected, in the passage of these 2 years, however if there were causes that could affect my well-being by 1%, Erudian would not take that risk. I went through all the imperial exams and had a rough year, but how long would it take to have a child?

    Despite asking Erudian and having his consent, I was still doubting myself, "... Sister." I murmured softly with my hands on my chin. "It's not that I don't want to, I think it's not bad to have at least one, in fact, the whole city around us is also waiting for the good news ..."

    Eddie will be a good father, but ... can I be a good mother?

    "I don't know if I'll be good or not, that's why I keep doubting."

    In the Imperial Palace, nobody was raising questions about having successor, even the Bishop of Alkain wouldn't have said that to motivate me. But this was my own concern.

    How can I wait for my child with this feeling of uncertainty? Ignorance brings fear.

    I sighed, "I'm just worried, sister."

    It might seem strange in my sister's eyes, but I swallowed my words. To my older sister, I am just a precious little sister who grew up with so much love from parents and other people in Lebovny.

    But my sister Tezevia realized what I've been meaning to say. "Uhm ... Yeni."


    My sister raised the cup and laughed. "I believe that a child is a fruit, a fruit of love. It is the result of an overflowing love, you love it so much that you can bear it no matter what it takes. That love becomes a seed and begins to sprout as a lovely and beautiful flower."

    My sister Tezevia looked at me with gentle and calm eyes. "Isn't it the same to have a child without thinking about it? Being in love or preparing to love again is."

    "Why not call a child, the fruit of love?" (Tezevia)

    The idea was beautiful, but it's also quite contradictory. Just last year, I saw countless children abandoned in the poor neighborhoods of Belgoat. Orphans who were not loved by their parents. Before coming to this world, I was no different from them. My parents, my family and I ... we have never had things like love.

    My thoughts got tangled again. I straightened my hair and lay on the table. "Ah ... I can't go back to thinking about the problems I had at that time."

    Yes, why am I so worried?

    " ... It doesn't matter." (Yerenica)

    No matter what I think about it, Erudian also didn't seem to want to have a child without enough preparation. We're happy with the situation as it was, if I continue like this, will I be able to give my son infinite love when he is born?

    "It's hard..." (Yerenica)

    Someone says that motherhood is born by instinct. Is it true? With this heart, can I love someone other than Erudian? Really?

    Tezevia, she said to cheer me up, "There will come a time when you will understand what I am saying, Yeni, and from what I see ... that day is not very far away."

    I raised my head a little doubtful. My sister was smiling gleefully, "So don't be in a hurry, His Majesty won't like it."

    ".... I suppose."

    But I was worried about it, I probably just wanted to find reasons why I didn't need a child, but I thought this was all so strange that I shook my head again.

    "Be careful, Yerenica. Right now, you might hate him or dislike him, but I'm glad you found a good man."

    "Huh?" I looked at my sister in surprise.

    She was embarrassed and she avoided my gaze, "I just came to distract myself and waste time."

    I thought about the meaning of the word for a moment and laughed. "Oh, sister. Did you really admit that?"

    While I was in Lebovny, it was obvious that Tezevia puts me through a persistent thing called protection. I laughed and grabbed my sister's hand to rock her from side to side. "Did Father ask you to tell me this?"

    "It's just that... I admitted what my heart has been meaning to say." My sister Tezevia smiled tenderly and stroked my hair with her other hand. "I want you to be happy, Yeni. I'm sure you'll come up with the right decision."

    "I just... hope to be much happier than I am now." They were words full of affection, I smiled widely and nodded. It was good for me to be able to talk to my sister.

    After that, as they approached us, my sister looked out the window. "Oh, they are coming, I must go now," said my sister.

    Erudian, who had taken Brisney in his arms, approached the window and the girl in her arms waved her hand. "Yeee!"

    "Yes, your aunt is here." (Tezevia)

    As she waved her hand happily, Brisney shook her body. She was probably looking for me.

    "Come with your aunt, Bree?"


    Erudian smiled and lifted her slightly onto the windowsill. Although she was no longer a little girl, he seemed to have no problem lifting a five-year-old girl onto a window frame as high as his shoulders.

    Brisney laughed and I got up and opened my arms towards Brisney. The red-haired five-year-old laughed and hugged me.

    "Did you play with His Majesty?"

    She nodded. Erudian's face was filled with pride. I laughed, "Then you really like children."

    "What? Sorry?"

    "It's nothing. Bree, His Majesty is a great man, right?" I whispered the last thing in Brisney's ear.

    The girl laughed. "I like my uncle a lot!"

    "My God, Brisney." My sister from Tezevia was clearly scared by that name.

    But Erudian shone like a star, his face was bewildering. In fact, Erudian was eager to see Brisney again ever since I told him that Tezevia was coming to visit us on the mission. He tried to hide it from me, but he couldn't hide from me every day.

    Tezevia replied sternly. "You have to call him Your Majesty, Bree. You shouldn't call the emperor in such endearing name. You know I told you that you should be careful when there are others."

    "I don't want to," Brisney said in a soft voice with a smile.

    I finally hugged the girl and rubbed her cheeks in a lovely way. "She's fine, smart little one."

    She laughed with both cheeks that looked like a strawberry flavored rice cake, and I pinched them, Brisney who was already two years older looking more and more like my sister Tezevia. I looked briefly between Brisney and my sister, and then I saw Erudian.

    ... Silver hair and red eyes, it was some of the features of a member of the Belgoat house. He was really handsome, I couldn't help but think that he was somehow out of my league.

    "Well ..."

    After my sister Tezevia and Brisney left, I put my arms on the windowsill and held my chin, so that I could be on the same eye level as the man outside. We kept our eye contest for a long time, and Erudian asked curiously, "What are you thinking?"

    I looked into his reddish eyes and ran my hand through his hair. "What do you think of having a child who looks like you?"

    His face instantly jerked, at the same time his jaw dropped. Erudian blinked in panic. "Why suddenly ...?"

    "Bree is very pretty, isn't she?"

    Looking at me, he tried to follow my words and when he apparently understand the meaning of my words, he was very surprised.

    Erudian only blinked for a few moments before slowly opening his mouth, "I, of course I don't ..."

    There was a lot of shame in his voice. Certainly, I had never asked this directly, and without holding back I asked again, "What if we have children?"

    "Children ..."

    I stood up and focused my eyes on him, leaning on the windowsill, I looked at Erudian with a smile.


    "It's fine, it doesn't matter."

    Erudian's face was trying to stay calm, but his voice was very strong. "Your body is my highest priority. I don't want to risk something like that."


    Erudian was always honest with me. Also, I was not good at hiding the fact that I've been worn out since I started looking or working on palace affairs.

    It was still that way, and I finally laughed. "I think you love me too much."

    "Of course."

    He reached out, grabbed my neck, and tugged my lips closer to his. Our lips briefly touched and then silence prevailed afterwards.

    I smiled. "Then only you and I will live..."

    "Yes ...."

    There was no convincing answer. His expression was no longer soft. Although he had strongly refused, he seemed to be sad somehow.

    "Okay, let it be that way ..."

    It didn't seem like a definite answer. I looked at him and laughed inwardly. I think I should give him some time to think deeply.


    What if I had a child that resembles Erudian?

    Although I said it impulsively, it stayed on my mind for a long time. Even the idea of imagining its existence lasted in my head.

    "Eddie, what kind of kid were you when you were little?"

    "I was normal kid."

    When I asked Erudian, he answered casually that I was speechless. The man apparently had not had a bad childhood.

    "I don't think you're normal, from what I've seen ...." (Yerenica)

    "Yes?" (Erudian)

    "Yes, no matter how you see it ..." (Yerenica)

    Only then did Erudian seem to start seriously searching his memory. After he contemplated for a long time, he finally said something."I don't think I was a bad son, I was a good student."

    Although his response was not very different from the previous one, I smiled widely and looked for someone else to ask.

    I turned to Felix, who was standing at the office door. "What was he like, Felix?"

    There was a puzzled look on Felix's face. "His Majesty is not quite normal."

    "Is that so?" (Erudian)

    Erudian is listening with interest to the conversation about his childhood.

    Felix shifted his eyes due to discomfort and looked at me in the eye. "Compared to the previous emperor, His Majesty is different, although His Majesty is not that affectionate or kind. There has no change in his attitude."

    "Oh, so he must have been handsome when he was little." (Yerenica)

    "Yes?" Félix, he seemed to spit something and opened his eyes as if he had heard something he shouldn't have.

    I shrugged and smiled at my husband. Hiding my jealousy from him with a childish face while showing affectionate gestures. I maybe looking like this, but I am actually imagining what would our child look like. I thought of a child who was blind to the feelings of those who loved him, that he looked at what he liked with sleepy eyes.

    I smiled. "I think he would be very cute."

    "What?" Even Erudian took a while to understand.

    "It would be very nice if he resembles you in that respect."

    "I think so."

    "A son who is super cute like his father!"

    "Or a daughter who is as cute as mother."

    "Come on! That would be too good ..."


    "She would be precious ..."

    Felix nodded with a super uncomfortable face. "Yes, I suppose so ..."

    His gaze felt sad. After Felix, I caught Roxanne. The oldest maid in the Imperial Palace.

    "What was His Majesty like in his childhood?

    Roxanne bowed her head. "I can't remember clearly. At the time, I was a child too…"

    Roxanne seemed to remember for a moment, and then she blurted out, "Since His Majesty's mother passed away at an early age, there were no royals of the same age, he almost grew up alone."

    I knew that, because it was something I heard a lot. My gaze focused on Roxanne. "So, he was influenced by the former emperor?"

    "His Majesty was a bit insensitive." (Roxanne)

    "If the emperor were still alive, he might have noticed that." (Yerenica)

    Erudian has never been insensitive to me, but I didn't know if he was insensitive towards others, although I had sometimes seen him as cold and sharp as a knife. In that part, he may look like his father.

    Roxanne giggled as she looked at me. "Yes, because it is what it takes to be a worthy successor. In fact, he's more generous to others..."

    "Yes ... that's why he has grown up very fast."

    "I think since little he acts like an adult. I remember the babysitter saying that he was sad because he behaved like a matured person, unlike children on his age."

    Apparently, my husband grew up with such weight on his shoulders.

    "Do you have a portrait?" I asked, trying to imagine his young face.

    "No, but I remember there was a portrait of him when he was a very young child."

    Erudian seemed to be the type of kid who didn't want to endure waiting long enough to get painted in portraits.

    "I want to see it ..."

    "Oh, if you go to His Majesty's office, you can find a portrait of him in his crown prince days in the register. But I think His Majesty wasn't eager to hang a large portrait on the wall, so he must have put it somewhere."

    "Oh, in the office?"

    My husband in his childhood. I know that on his fifteenth birthday he was introduced as a prince, although a fifteen-year-old boy is longer a small child but still... I want to see it!

    "Empress, may I ask why you suddenly ask about the childhood of His Majesty?"

    I laughed vaguely. Surely, the palace would collapse if I said that I was wondering what it would be like if I would have a son. Would you say that thing so lightly? I don't know, but Roxanne's eyes were shining too bright, so I couldn't help answering something awkward.

    "I do not know. I don't know why I'm looking for it."

    I didn't lie, but ... I was very curious.

    Roxanne smiled proudly. "Even after two years, you remain unchanged."

    I laughed and evaded Roxanne's gaze, which were shining brightly.

    Weren't they aware yet? The conversations were going back and forth, at this rate, this might create a rumor about having a child.

    "So, the Empress ...''

    "It's not that yet!" Somehow, my blush increased.

    "Oh, oh, then, I'm sorry, I ...!"

    I laughed and walked away, "I'm going to the office!"

    "Empress! Running is dangerous!"

    "I'll be fine!"

    I finally escaped as if I was on the run. I was somehow embarrassed.


    The office that Erudian had left to go to a meeting was as clean and peaceful as ever. The window was open and the curtains swayed in the spring air. It was the office which I had always entered and left as if it were my own room, but now, it somehow felt strange.

    "Is this silence too much ...?"

    I pushed the door behind me and sighed softly. Even so, my mind was occupied by only one thought.

    Child. Me and a son, a family, parents.

    "I love you. I am ready to love you."

    My sister's voice echoed in my head. I sighed and slowly walked into the office.

    "Where could it be?"

    The placement of all things was neat, but I didn't see any small portraits. A big drawer in the corner of the desk that I never thought to open, but in the end, I started moving them one by one.

    "Hah, I found it!"

    And it didn't take me long to find one. I found a large portrait, leaning on the back of the bookcase just behind the office desk. It was obvious that it had been in the corner of that office for a long time, specks of dust covered the canvas, which I shook without thinking.

    And I stopped breathing. "Uhh ..."

    What appeared in front of me was a boy with a cold and indifferent expression. Shiny silver hair, red eyes, and strongly stretched lips. Apparently, he has a gloomy smile on his closed mouth.

    It was my 15-year-old Erudian in a royal and sophisticated portrait. I couldn't stay without saying anything as soon as I saw him.

    'What fifteen-year-old boy has a blank face like that ...?'

    The boy in the portrait was expressionless. He was not arrogant but bored, but the kindness and tenderness was hardly visible.

    But I could feel many things just by seeing his face, the atmosphere around him was something ...

    It is clear that only those who are owners of great continental powers have this overwhelming atmosphere surrounding them without the need to try.

    "How do you like me?" (Erudian)

    I couldn't look away from his face for a while because it was strangely exciting. I bet he must have been carrying a lot since then. I kept looking at him and ended up drooling.

    I barely thought about it and shook my head. 'Calm down Yerenica! He is your husband!'

    I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. This wasn't good for my heart either, luckily there were no portraits from when I was younger. If I saw them, I would have melted.

    "Why was he so pretty?" (Yerenica)

    I opened my eyes. After seeing that portrait it was easy to imagine a child with red eyes and silver hair. I imagined him using this place and the office of his father.

    Would he sit on that couch and read a book? Would you look at your father with a typical passive face and ask him what he had done that day?

    "It must have been really cute ..." (Yerenica)

    I felt strange again. Something had changed. My imagination flowed smoothly.

    In the empty, quiet and uncrowded corridor, in the quiet office, the entire imperial palace fell prey to silence.

    But in my mind, at some point, a small child created by my imagination appeared. And it grew, more and more.

    Now, the child was running happily everywhere ... like me. He'd run into his father's arms and hold my hand to walk together.

    That's when I finally stopped and thought ... If that vision were real ... It would be really nice. I guess I finally went crazy.

    I looked, seeing the terrace. My husband, my son, and little by little my figure was drawn in the middle of them ... I don't think there is much more to think about.


    It was not worth worrying, I quietly enjoyed my imagination for a few days and finally admitted it, I want to have a child, our child. Whether he is good or not doesn't matter anymore.

    I firmly thought that I really wanted to make that image come true. Although I still don't have the confidence to be a mother, and I'm not ready for that, but ... I'm surprised that I accepted it so well in just a few days.

    So today I will be honest, just when I was decided and entered the empty office, I noticed that my desk was a little more loaded than usual, it was obvious that someone had left something before running over the list of documents.

    "... "

    Among the messy documents, it seemed that a white sheet was sticking out. It was Erudian's handwriting.

    I picked it up without thinking and the moment I read the contents of the letter, I froze.

    "Uh ..."

    After I picked it up, I couldn't move for a while. It is time for everything to return to normal. It took a bit of time and just a few minutes later, amazement hit me.

    I couldn't bear it and screamed. "Say what does this mean?!"

    The letter was crumpled in my hand. No, with this, I definitely can't have a normal conversation.

    I threw the crumpled paper and hit my desk.

    "Did you think about this while I was thinking about other things? This man, seriously!"

    Did I break your iron wall again?

    No matter how much time passes, I became loaded with more and more drama!

    "Another ... another way ..."

    What can I do to get honest answers and to have a proper conversation?"

    When we talked to our bodies, we let our instincts and desires guide us. Was my husband putting my health above my own wishes?

    Erudian was a somewhat complicated person. I need to do something different to hear what he was honestly thinking.

    I turned my head, and made up my mind.

    "It can't be helped ..."

    The way I chose my next step was as simple as ever. First, I would wait for Erudian to finish all the work and return to our room.


    It was late at night when Erudian returned to the room after completing all the work for the day. He came late because he could no longer put off the tasks he had put off to play with Brisney.

    Something cold and hard touched me, and I hugged him in return. A slightly uneven voice rang out.

    "You surprised me ..." (Yerenica)

    "I warned you but you didn't hear it." (Erudian)

    His soft lips kissed my eyes. When he returned to the room, Erudian had a habit of expressing all the affection that he could not show me during the day.

    Holding my hand tightly and kissing every corner of my body. Then I sighed as if my breath were reaching its limit.

    "Now the day is over." (Erudian)

    I tried to see him, and my heart melted more when I did. I laughed softly and touched Erudian's arm. It was stiffened.

    "Was there a problem again?" (Yerenica)

    "Yes. Disasters are frequent this year," he said, knowing the situation was not good due to a recent tsunami on the eastern coast of Belgoat.

    "Sure Raulus is still asleep ..." (Yerenica)

    Although I tried to give him a joking tone, my voice came out slightly exhausted.

    I will have to do this quickly. It was a good idea to catch him today. But I had to put my plan into action now.

    I laughed, walking away and pulled out my plans to fulfill my purpose for tonight.

    "Hey, don't you want a drink?" (Yerenica)


    "Drink?" (Erudian)

    I smiled broadly and removed Erudian's arm that was holding my waist. So, I turned around showing him what I was holding in my arms, all the time.

    "Let's drink!"

    It was a bottle of brandy and I quickly took the lid out of the way.

    "No." Erudian's voice was authoritative.

    "I'm not weak, I can drink," I said firmly.

    I expected this reply, but I didn't want to have to get the royal permit. I quickly pulled out a handwritten letter from the imperial palace doctor.

    It was a note that he said, "If it's not that much, a little alcohol is fine."

    I smiled brightly and walked over to him. "Just one drink?"

    "You don't even like to drink."

    "But sometimes I really really want to drink."

    I have never been strong against alcohol, so what Erudian said about not liking it was correct. But I wasn't the one planning to drink today. I was planning to make him drink for me. Because my husband could not bear me to drink.

    "Drink. To drink. Hm? You haven't had a drink with me, not once."

    I had no choice but to sit on the couch with a drink, but Erudian still didn't seem to like it.

    "That's not good." (Erudian)

    "Okay, okay." (Yerenica)

    I didn't intend to drink a lot in the first place, I made some in the room. Erudian didn't like alcohol, but he didn't stay away.

    I've never had a drink with him, I didn't know for sure but I think the alcohol came to him fast. How long will it take for me to be able to say your true thoughts about him? I thought holding my glass.

    "Are you worried about something, Yeni?"

    "Do you only drink when you have problems? A person drinks when they can't sleep and ... Hey, they also drink when they want to have a deep conversation ..."

    Erudian narrowed his eyes.

    "I'm sorry," he murmured softly, wrapping his fingers around the glass. "But I think we can do it without drinking... Deep conversation."

    "It's not that kind of talk!"


    My face got hot. Sometimes, he had no immunity from such open statements so directly.

    Who would believe that this man was so cold and serious before?
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    Am here after Chapter 59 .. kyaaaahhhh I've seen the spoiler about next chap and wish for nxt week to come
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    I took the glass and smiled. "A very healthy conversation, with our mouths."


    I turned completely red now, so I went to bed quickly, to hide my face.

    "...Not again."

    I took a glass containing the brown liquid. I couldn't help but say anything, and put my mouth on the glass that Erudian took from me.

    The glass, half-filled with brown brandy, was gone in an instant.

    My mouth was slightly open. "Well, let's drink together!"

    As planned. I tried to keep my stomach tight and not make a disgusted expression.

    "How long will this overprotection last?" (Yerenica)

    "Well, for the rest of your life?" (Erudian)

    The empty glass came back to me again. Of course, Erudian seemed very calm taking the first drink. But it was only the beginning.

    I turned my head quickly and hid my smile behind my hair. Today, I'm going to make you fall. However, Erudian Belgoat was stronger than I thought.

    "... You're good?" (Yerenica)

    "What?" (Erudian)

    My glass was constantly being emptied, but so far the alcohol has not affected me. I looked at my husband's face with a pained expression.

    "Are you sure you're okay? Are you dizzy, do you feel bad?" (Yerenica)

    "Yes." (Erudian)

    Not this way. According to Roxanne, when he was alone, Erudian drank more than I could imagine. Maybe this type of drink was strong?

    I looked at my glass, then took the last sip. A strong aroma emerged and I tipped my glass at a bold angle. The first taste wasn't too bad, it also seemed to taste sweet. Thinking like this, I took two more sips.

    "Hm? Uh ..."



    And I couldn't manage my facial expressions anymore.

    "Eh ... ugh." (Yeni)

    "Did you drink again?" (Eru)

    My expression was ridiculously distorted. I couldn't answer him, I was frozen.

    My throat and stomach burned. A completely different taste that I did not feel in the first sip, spread through my mouth and tasted different than any other medicine I have taken. It tasted bitter and now it was hot.

    To some extent, I think that if I open my mouth, I might spit fire.

    "I think so!" I hugged him and held myself against his lap. "Arg ... how can you drink it like water? Is it water?"

    "I knew this would happen."

    Erudian put something in my mouth and I could feel something icy touch my tongue. It was a cherry without seeds. As soon as I bit into the pulp, the candy spread through my mouth, after a long silence, I could hear a low laugh.

    "You don't want to drink anymore, do you?"

    His hard arms were wrapped around my waist. I could feel it, and I was suddenly moved to Erudian's lap.

    "Do you still feel the bitter taste? Do you want another?"

    I slightly denied it. A cherry immediately reappeared in my mouth. After swallowing five cherries, the bitter taste that paralyzed my mouth disappeared a bit. Instead, I started to feel sick and dizzy, I was perplexed.

    "But did you drink very little? When was the last time you drank alcohol ...?" (Eru)

    "Five years ago..." (Yeni)

    I shook my head in disbelief. Even those who were strong to alcohol, after 5 years without drinking would be weaker, but why did it end up like this for me. I have a goal, I can't lose now!

    Determinedly, I raised my head. A small exclamation of surprise passed through my mouth, when Erudian kissed me without warning, my head jerked back and deepened it even more.

    The bitter taste of brandy and the sweet taste of cherries blended dizzily. My head was dizzy, even though half a glass of brandy didn't make me feel so drunk.

    The heat on my face, which seemed to diminish a little, increased sharply. My arms were loosely wrapped around him and my sides were as hot as fire. More and more danger.

    I managed to look away from his reddish eyes and turned my gaze to the sofa.

    "Today I..."

    "You said you had something to do today."

    Erudian slowly followed my movements, holding me gently. I have been used to see those dark eyes looking at me, every day for years.

    "I don't have it ... right, we had to ... talk ..." (Yeni)

    Erudian laughed, leaning his arms over the back of the sofa.

    "Yes, so let's make it quick, let's talk."

    He extended his other hand that wasn't on the back of sofa to me.

    I looked at him with suspicious eyes. "No kisses."


    "You are going to answer my questions seriously."

    "I will, please take my hand, Yeni."

    I felt like a predator, but I'm glad my prey has become cooperative, of course, that was a mistake.

    I couldn't help but hold his hand. As soon as I grabbed him, my body was pulled towards him, and my seat moved from the end of the couch next to him.

    "You will do it?"


    I looked at him and sighed. The scent of alcohol, clear and strong, mingled with Erudian's sweet scent, which emitted a strangely stimulating scent.

    I think it was sweet and bitter at the same time, like the kiss from before. But Erudian still looked healthy. His eyes were steady and showed no change.

    "How strong is it?" I asked wearily.

    "Well, I have not tried this liquor before. I'm sorry." Erudian said, rubbing the back of my hand slowly.

    I bit my lip hard without realizing it. One quiet night, both in a room, the light from the chandelier shone on the table in front of the sofa. His tie is loose, two buttons open revealing his chest, his hair messy, different from his usual neat look. I had never seen Erudian like this.

    I was a little dizzy. I stared at him and Erudian muttered, tilting my head.


    "What do you want to tell me? Did something bother you?"

    I became serious in searching my memory. But I couldn't guess. No one, not even Erudian, knows that I found "it" in his office.

    "You ..."

    I swallowed my hiccup and opened my mouth.

    "Are you sure I'm enough for you?"

    "What?" Erudian frowned.

    He thought about the meaning of my question for a moment and let out a small sigh.

    "You know? You saw it." (Yeni)

    "Yes." (Eru)

    Erudian's terribly precise logic didn't seem to mitigate with just a few drinks. He sighed and tried to hug me.


    I pulled away quickly and looked at him. If he let me be dragged and hugged by him, I would lose the conversation, I had to get out of this atmosphere, before I could ask him anything else.

    "Sorry, are you angry?"

    Erudian looked at me with anxious eyes.

    I was curious what he was saying, I ignored the headache I was feeling and looked at him.

    Finally, my voice came out harshly. "You decided without me, without saying a word to me."

    Now that I remembered, I was truly upset, my eyes wanting to throw more daggers at him.

    "I'm sorry I didn't tell you about it, but ... I think it's not bad to prepare in advance." Erudian said urgently.

    "It's an excuse!"

    What I found in Erudian's office was a draft of a letter. The draft of a letter that he would send to one of the few royals who left the palace. The recipient was the second royal family in the order of succession to the throne. A close cousin to Erudian ... who, perhaps, would become the next great Emperor.

    Erudian, he seemed to want to calm me down somehow.

    "He is a reliable cousin. I didn't choose him without thinking ..."

    "But ..."

    ... you chose a successor without telling? Does that make sense? Where did the man who was a beast full of wits go?

    I quickly heard him make another excuse.

    "I don't want to pressure you for a succession. Thinking about it, it's strange to me ... Nobody asked me about the successor. Neither the imperial families nor the nobles of Belgoat, no one told me they wanted a successor."

    So that just meant that they must have constantly tired and harassed Erudian, in the last two years since my return from Lebovny.

    Sure, some kind of agreement was made between the nobles! But I can't blame Erudian for that ...

    I never thought of having a successor since I became empress, but I cannot say that I am not responsible for it.

    I opened my mouth calmly, for now. "You know ..."

    "No, we don't need it."

    And Erudian was tormented by what I was going to say. I am afraid that something will happen. So denying is fine.

    I quickly cut off his words and sighed slightly. "Do you think I will feel guilty?"

    "You know you don't have to, right?"

    Now I am aware of what I am doing. The hand that held mine pressed against me. I held back and complained until the tears started to come out.

    "Brisney, I really like her ..." (Yeni)

    "That's just ... because she's your niece." (Eru)

    "Alexio was crying because he wanted to see me." (Yeni)

    "He wasn't crying ..." (Eru)

    "I'm upset, very upset ..." (Yeni)

    I had tears in my eyes. It had been a long time since I cried in front of Erudian. I made him recoil in a panic.

    "I made a mistake. I'm sorry." (Eru)

    "You don't know, you don't even know what I was thinking." (Yeni)

    "Yes, sorry, I did not know." (Eru)

    When a person gets drunk, their feelings flourish. And somehow, the alcohol was beginning to take effect, and the emotions on the surface were not solely due to my husband who, apparently, was drinking alone.

    "It is true! I admit I hadn't thought about it." (Yeni)

    (T/n: they're still talking about the matter of succession and successor)

    I finally dropped. I tried to scream in a tearful voice. I didn't think I was ready because I never thought about it.

    "I know. It's okay. I didn't mean ..." (Eru)

    "But you, even if you pretend not to, you know you want it too," I murmured, rubbing my eyes. "Tezevia told me, that when love overflows ... That's when you will know. It's hard. Now that I've been thinking about it, it's different ... I mean it's .."

    However, this time I couldn't keep talking. I opened my eyes when he came up to my nose and murmured slowly, "You don't have to say it. I don't think I would like to hear more ..."

    "Well ... wait what ..."

    "I don't want to hear anything, Yeni ..."

    Again, the sweet and bitter aroma that made me dizzy before was there. Once again, our lips touched.

    "Can we really do it today?" (Yeni)

    "Yes?" (Eru)

    It was obvious that I was trying to change the subject. It's too obvious ...

    "With all this wine."

    Not this ... is it real?

    The closer he got to me, the more my body leaned. I tried to grab something behind my back but a steady hand held me up.

    "W-wait ...!"

    I staggered a bit and I couldn't help but hold it. But Erudian seemed to confuse that action, as if I had finally latched onto it.

    His arm wrapped around my waist, our lips touching again. I could feel his breath up to my chin. It wasn't until I felt dizzy from the lack of oxygen that our lips parted.

    There was a sound of something falling, it was him, unbuttoning his shirt. Then somehow I felt the thin dress I was wearing slide, flowing down my shoulders.

    Erudian urged me dryly. "Quick, Yeni. Answer back."


    "Because only now will I be able to stop ... later I won't, but I'll be careful."

    I looked at him without thinking. The person who always put me first, my beloved who respected me so much.

    Somehow, I could understand a bit what my sister was referring to. It was something like this. When love overflows ... And I love this man so much ...

    I reached out my hand, my fingertips reached him, and a small whisper came out.

    "Oh ..."

    "Careful... You don't have to."


    "You can do whatever you want."

    "You ..."

    "You don't have to give up what you want because of me. You don't have to put me first."

    Touching my skin with his index fingers, he gently glided through the curves of my body.

    "I'm sorry."

    I muttered. "I love you very much."

    "Yes. If you didn't love me, you wouldn't have this kind of life ... You're right."

    "I'm sorry," I murmured, and looked up.

    Only then, that I was about to burst into flames. All the heat was washed down and that was the beginning of a very long night.


    My mind was blurry. I thought I heard something whispering, amid the strong shaking.

    "I want more, that you love me more."

    I wasn't sure if I really said it, or thought it, or if Erudian had heard it.

    That night was really blurry, even my memories were all hazy. The alcohol gradually rose and seemed to have left me crying due to the excessive stimulation and pleasure.

    The combination of just half a glass of wine and a stimulating man seemed to build up what must have been a mere excitement.

    Was it a dream, was it real, could I do all of that in a dream? I was no longer sure of anything.

    "I love you." (Eru)

    In fact, I think I woke up something in Erudian from dusk to dawn the next morning.

    "I love you ... but ... I want more sleep." (Yeni)

    "Yeni." (Eru)

    "Oh, don't look at me like that." (Yeni)

    I won't let Erudian get drunk again. I thought it was good, because it looked good on the outside. But he wasn't ...

    "Never again."

    I'll never get a drink menu again ...!



    "Ah, it hurts .."

    Erudian sighed as soon as he opened his eyes.

    Aside from her soft body, which was hugging him, the memory of the night before was clear, but it hurts... he had never been drunk.

    But now Erudian, he felt that he should correct himself. It is not that he has never been drunk, but that he never gave himself the opportunity to feel drunk.

    "What did I do?"

    He clearly remember that he was determined to shut her up. After tasting her soft cherry flavored mouth, his mind stopped, and everything was surprisingly clear.

    He had gotten himself drunk for the first time. The moment when instinct completely overcomes reason.

    Of course, there was no doubt that it was the most intense pleasure he had ever felt. ... That's ... no matter how much you want, draw a line to be careful ... but ...


    It doesn't make sense. No matter how drunk he was, he never thought that he would lose self-control. Erudian couldn't remember.

    Now that he thought about it, it seemed Yerenica had something to say to him. He thinks that was the starting point ...

    "Hmm ..."

    Yerenica was in his arms and she was small. Erudian's thoughts were cut off.

    "Yeni?" He looked at her surprised.

    Mostly, because of the red marks on her shoulder, her collarbone and under her pale pink hair.

    A soft murmur came from the girl, "... I take it back ..."


    Yerenica's head snapped up. Spiteful blue eyes glared at him.

    "I said you were cute, but I'm taking it back."

    "Oh ..." Erudian managed to smile, without realizing it.

    He felt regretful because of the expression on her face, and her eyes full of resentment but ...

    "I take it back, I'm really taking it back, you are not cute at all. I'm never going to ask you to drink again ... Besides, you wanted to kiss me just because you were so proud to get such a woman."

    Her throat was dry and she adjusted her pale pink hair.

    "I told you, don't provoke me."

    'Did she think it will happen again?'

    "I'm sorry," she said, looking at him.

    Erudian pressed his lips against her forehead.

    "I'm sorry, I was wrong. I'm not going to sleep in the same room anymore." (Yeni)

    "No, that's not possible." (Eru)

    "Why not!" (Yeni)

    "Sorry but no." (Eru)

    Erudian was in serious trouble when he heard Yerenica cry, it was the first time that he didn't care about contraception.

    Before and after getting married, Yerenica was always the first choice for him. Her safety, her health, her happiness.

    The doctor said that he couldn't confirm that the pregnancy was good for her body, but that it wouldn't be a big problem if she was careful. But for Erudian, the word 'but' changed to 'will'.

    From that moment on, contraception was his number one rule to protect her health and a taboo that should never be violated.

    But then he ended up stomping on it.

    It's just ... Erudian came up with a wrong word, "I don't think we're ready yet, because I've never thought about it."

    "You said you were ready." (Yeni)

    It wasn't that he didn't understand. Compared to him, Yerenica was much younger. Of course, it was different for her to accept him. Erudian was already 23 years old, that is, he was old enough to have at least three children.

    "I don't think we're ready yet." (Eru)

    The crying face changed to a sharp face. He couldn't even hear her murmur now.

    "You're really bad, you know I'm vulnerable to your face."

    "Oh ... I'm going crazy."

    "Huh? What!"

    Yerenica asked with a frown, while he grunted, holding her head.

    "What? Why? Does your head hurt?" (Yeni)

    "..." (Eru)

    "Hangover?" (Yeni)

    Her slim body slid from his arm as she stood up and held his both cheeks.

    "Did you drink too much? Sorry, but you didn't look drunk ..."

    "No. It does not hurt."

    "I thought you would be fine!"

    Yerenica stood up and crawled over him, revealing her upper body and the red spots on her shoulders, collarbone, and breasts were too bright on her white body.

    With a deep sigh, Erudian tucked her back under her covers.

    "Luckily, you're not fully human, now that I think about it."

    He sank Yerenica down.

    "... Eddie?"

    "If you don't feel well, tell me right away. Understood?"

    "I don't think I'm okay now, I'm drowning. I'll be fine .."

    But what if she wasn't ... If she got pregnant and Yerenica blamed him for it.

    It was obvious that she didn't care about contraception, when he looked at her. However, even he himself wasn't sure if he was right about this.

    The more he thought about it, the more tangled his thoughts were. He was planning to hand over the throne, and now he was caught up in this game.

    His wife was worried for a long time and tried to talk to him, but it wasn't tough enough to ignore the fact that she seriously hated the idea.

    This is really ...

    "The worst."

    "What? I was just kidding ... but I think I'll be less suffocating if you let me out."

    Of course, he knew that having children was not easy. So, for once, he thought it would be okay. He didn't have to talk to her about it and make her feel nervous ... But if it didn't work ... What if she got disappointed?

    Yerenica looked like she really couldn't bear it.

    (T/n: I think she's referring about children, carrying a child in her womb)

    His thoughts got worse and worse, he wants it to end badly. He didn't want him to say that she would return to Lebovny, bearing a disappointing news ...

    "Hey ..."

    No, his wife was so kind and she wouldn't tell him that.

    "Excuse me, Erudian, Your Majesty." A cold voice pulled him out of his thoughts.

    "Knock, knock ... are you listening to me?"

    "Oh yeah."

    "What do you think of what I have said?"

    "I was wrong. Truly."

    The answer was thoughtful. Clear sky blue eyes met him with dozens of question marks.

    Yerenica complained. "Really, I can't even joke. Let me go, I feel very cold."

    Only then did Erudian realize that he was pressing her too hard. He felt a serious sense of shame when he released Yerenica and the blankets that had been covering her fell off.

    What the hell? How many things have I done wrong?

    But there was no point in looking back.

    He sighed, "I'm sorry. I will not do it again."

    "Yes, I won't ask you to drink again."

    "Yes, that would be good."

    If you regret it, can you pick up the spilled water and put it back in?

    Driven by the urge to slap himself, Erudian hugged her, "I really love you, Yeni, do you know?"

    "Yes, I love you too."

    He felt a little relieved to have her in her arms while he said that. Only a little.

    From that day on, Erudian started following his wife five times more than usual.


    Yerenica, preparing to go to the temple, looked back. Then he bowed his head when she saw him standing like a shadow in the doorway.

    "Eddy, why are you there?"

    "I'm going with you."


    "Where you're supposedly headed."

    Yerenica widened her eyes. She was so lovely that he wanted to hold her in his arms.

    In fact, if he were a person who was over 500 years old, he would have no idea what to do because his wife was so lovely even when she was breathing.

    (T/n: #ErusDevotion #SimpEru)

    "But, look at Felix ..."

    Felix was hugging a bunch of papers that seemed heavy just by looking at them. He gave the empress an eager look of salvation and was caught by his master.

    There was a slight annoyance in his gaze. "That's not the important thing at the moment, it's just work ..."

    Erudian's words cut off when a small hand pushed him to Felix.

    "Soon, the summer festival comes. The work will get more and more heavy."

    "No. I finished it."

    "You followed me all day yesterday. Now you're lying to me ..."

    "No ... I ... I understand. I will go."

    But his feet couldn't move easily.

    Erudian asked with a very persistent look. "Not a bad weather, isn't it?

    "I told you last night, this morning, and five minutes ago."

    Yerenica smiled gently, stroking his arm and trying to calm him with her words.

    "You know this is overprotection, right? Do not enter the room until you have finished your work."

    "That's not ..."


    "Okay. I will finish it. I will finish it very quickly."

    There was a feeling of impatience in his steps.

    Yerenica looked the same as usual. Her complexion also looks good. It was the same as when she stayed in his room, except during sleeping time. The same thing happened when she used all of his divinity.

    (T/n: Eru is talking about Yeni's vigor/liveliness here)

    She jumped so easily out of the window, making his heart skip.

    "That's a relief, but ..."

    By pursuing her, Erudian got to the point where he can tell all of Yerenica's daily movements in his head. And to think that his wife really liked wandering around complicated places.

    "If we move all the streets, we could make a crossing to Barishad in a straight line."

    "Yes? Your Majesty, what are you saying ...?"

    "No. Please continue."

    In fact, the most important thing was that no abnormalities were found in the examination performed by the doctor every once in a week. He knew he was exaggerating these days.

    "Why in that dream...?"

    Erudian reviewed the list of disasters on the east coast and finally pressed the temple to act.

    Raulus was still asleep. The little wolf that Yerenica always carried in her arms.

    Why hasn't Raulus been able to get out of his dream even after two years have already passed?

    It was a problem that he couldn't find an answer to for a long time.

    Somehow ... Strangely, his feelings kept fluctuating.

    No way! He knew 80 percent of his heart well, the remaining 20 percent was a secret.

    "Ma, Your Majesty."


    "The seal should not be put ... in that place ..."


    Anyway, it only remains to wait and see until after a month.

    Erudian sighed and left the seal that had almost been stamped in the middle of the letter. There is a week left before the month passes. One more week and I can relax.

    But as always, she was not the type of person that he could keep still. When he caught her, he often ran into trouble. He was the one who always struggled.

    Again this time. "Where did she go ...?"

    Erudian went through the rare experience of being too shocked to speak.

    Marianne said with an awkward smile. "Well ... to the eastern coastal region of Belgoat."

    Boom. Erudian jumped to his feet and the chair shot back. He quickly tried to search for the divinity that flowed in Yerenica. There were only faint traces within the palace.

    'I think it's been a long time since she left ...' Erudian sighed heavily.

    Now the idea of tying her to her room is not so bad ...!


    "If I had told you beforehand, you would not have let me go."

    I sat on the rock and answered peacefully. My location was outside the walls of the capital, Barishad, where the magic circle heading east opened.

    In the magic sphere, a lot of children's voices flow, I replied happily.

    "Also you didn't tell me to do what I wanted?"

    [Yeni, you should still have told me, how is your body? You haven't even fully recovered ...]

    "I've recovered a long time, you know that right? You are really too loving today."

    The tides swept across the eastern coastal areas, causing chaos on the coast. It was a time when Erudian couldn't even move from the palace, as it coincides with the preparation period for the summer festival.

    [Where's Schmart?]

    "Diego went north a few days ago."

    [.. Yeni, I'm really worried, can I go just this once?]

    I blinked in surprise. Shouldn't you be more serious than this ...? It was my job after all. It has been more than a year since I started performing the duties of a priestess.

    It was also because I had a hard time staying in the palace because of my restless personality. Besides, there were places that needed the divinity of Raulus.

    Last year, I secretly visited the slums of the capital to share my divinity with them, and after being caught, I decided to ask him.

    Once every three months I would go out on missions, as Erudian, who just wants me to play and eat all my life, used to worry every time I left the palace. But it was always me who lost in the end.

    It was not unusual for him to feel anxious until the end of the day.

    "Then what happens?"

    [I'll return right away, yes? I have finished everything.]

    "Don't lie."

    And Erudian Belgoat was also a very stubborn man.

    I looked around behind the circle, a circle of divinity floated in the air.

    "Well ..."

    If I leave now, there wouldn't be a high priest who could replace me in the flood zone. However, it was not easy to ignore my husband, who was very sensitive and anxious.

    "You know ..."

    Finally, I saw the other team on the way.

    "I'll just do the necessary part and come back. It will only be five days ..."

    [Four ...]

    It was a very short period, considering that she took 15 days on her last mission. Erudian sighed at the end of his words, as if he knew.

    [Is everything will be okay...? Did you have any ailment that I didn't notice?]

    "... well."

    The reaction as soon as I spoke the words was quite violent. Denial, concern ... I smiled and slightly shook my head.

    "I'm fine. So don't worry, I'm just working hard every night. I'll be there soon."

    In the end, I turned off the communication device, otherwise I knew that he would not cut me off and scold me until sunset.

    "So, are we leaving?"

    I had to hurry to get to the urgent places in just three days and back. I got up with a thud. It was time to leave for the east coast of Belgoat.


    Since that night, I have been thinking for several weeks. Of course it was difficult that night, but ...

    "Although I suffered a lot ..."

    However, I did not forget some things that I discovered later. When I come back, at the end of the summer music festival, I have to talk to him. I'm not sure yet, I'm not sure I'm ready ... But now I want to see him blossom between us.

    "Hey ..."

    A girl thin as a branch. She grabs the end of my coat.

    I feel like Marianne is scared behind me, but I don't care, crouched at her height.

    "Yes, honey, are you okay?"


    When I stroked her head, the divinity flowed towards the girl. Her haunting black eyes gradually came to life.

    "Where's your mother? What about your father?"

    "My dad is not here. My mom, I don't know where."

    "Can we find your mother?"

    The girl nodded in tears.

    The tsunami hit the southern part of the coastal area, where the poor were concentrated. A small town completely collapsed and was washed away by the waves.

    Raulus' power could have made everything perfect, but I must carefully announce the existence of the only god Raulus as the empress of Belgoat.

    I went into town to meet the girl's mother and gave her a best blessing.

    "Uh ..."

    Then all of a sudden, I felt dizzy.


    I stopped walking and blinked. Before returning to normal, my eyes sparkled.

    "What is that? Am I lacking sleep?"

    But I've been sleeping better so this may not be a problem.

    "Oh, my child!"

    The girl seems to have found her mother. She released my hand and ran to the small tent where rescuers were gathering.

    "Oh ... I'm glad you found her."

    I saw a middle-aged woman with her arms bandaged, crying and hugging the girl.

    "How long have you been looking for your daughter?"

    I stared into her eyes, her eyes burned. My nose hurts too.

    "Without .. Huh?"

    My nose hurts a lot. I don't think it's because something hit me. Strangely, my nose is very wet. I unknowingly wiped my nose and was afraid of the blood on the back of my hand.

    "Say what, what!?"

    When I yelled, the priest's eyes that were hovering around me suddenly focused on me.

    "Uh ... what is this?"

    In shame, I was still dizzy. I looked at the back of my bloodied hand and the priests looked at me.

    "Hey ... no, no!"

    I blocked a priest who wanted to say "Empress".

    Many voices came from there.

    "How are you?"

    "Oh my God! Doctor, a doctor! Find a doctor!"

    "... sister!"

    "Are you okay!?"

    Five or six people yelled at me at the same time, making me feel more dizzy. Suddenly my hands and feet lost strength and my body trembled.

    The pastor quickly supported me and saved me from falling, but the dizziness remained the same.


    "This is .. I mean .."

    I opened my mouth without understanding. I was about to reply, but my vision became more blurry.

    Okay ... I think I'm going to faint! But what is this ...?!


    A doctor from the capital has been temporarily dispatched on the east. The young doctor who felt my pulse for a while went off the road and turned pale. My complexion also turned pale.

    "Ah, I really ..."

    "Am I going to die because of some disease ...?"

    I looked at my hand. It was no different, my body was the same. Sudden dizziness, weakness and yellowing like wet cotton, but ..

    "Is this a big problem ..?"

    In a way, it scared me. I saw the water flow from the back of my hand. My lips made a new noise.

    "What is it?"

    I cried. This was the most embarrassing thing. I raised my hand and wiped my eyes, but the tears didn't stop. Why am I feeling this ...?

    The priest looked at me concerned, making me anxious.

    "Okay, Empress. Calm down first ..."


    When I saw the person who opened the hotel door, my confusion and surprise exploded. When I saw a man as pale as me, I cried.

    "Hey, Eddie .."

    "How are you?"

    Erudian's face paled as soon as he saw me.

    Finally, his stifled tears turned to actual tears.

    "Not very well ..."

    "Are you sick?"

    Erudian didn't say much. In fact, I couldn't even hear it.

    Interestingly, this power continued to elude me. The circulating spirit of divinity felt trapped somewhere in the middle of my body.

    "Uh ..."

    I was suddenly scared.

    Have I lost the power of the priestess of Raulus?

    Did I use the blessings too much?

    Will I never see the moon again?

    What if ... I get terribly sick?

    "No, there is no way."

    Familiar arms hugged me tightly, "Okay, we'll go home now."


    "Your Majesty?"

    "I'm worried ... what's happening, doctor?

    I looked at him, concentrating on detailing each steps of the doctor.

    I was very nervous. Aftermath of mana mismatch. Time limit. More and more serious illness floated in my mind. Yes, I must be prepared for this.

    I opened my eyes wide, waiting for the doctor to tell me something. The words that came out of his mouth were about five million light-years away from my expectations.

    "Eh, what?" I asked hastily.

    The doctor spoke with a serious expression. "From now on, you must be five times more careful, not ten times more."

    "Uh .. uh ..."

    Marianne and Roxanne let out little screams and could barely contain their desire to jump.

    "Look, Your Majesty!"

    I didn't even finish processing it, but around me they seemed to be unleashed in a festive crisis. The words written by a maid were strictly those spoken by the attending physician.

    The flow in my obstructed body may be due to the fact that the fetus has automatically absorbed the divinity of the mother, making her feel an obstruction.

    If you were a normal person, the impact on your body would not be too great, but it is more likely because the empress is a priestess of God.

    What did I just hear?

    I looked at Erudian, his expression indescribable. I looked at him incomprehensibly.

    When I saw that the doctor looked at me as if he wants to say something, I opened my mouth.

    "Is it very dangerous ... for my body?"

    "We'll have to see the progress. Of course, you should avoid violent actions or perform too many duties ... I think that if His Majesty is with the Empress, the risk will be greatly reduced."
    My thoughts were still empty. However, my ear doesn't hurt anymore ...


    I heard a worried voice and warm fingers touched my cheek.

    "Here ... now, are you okay?"

    "Uh ..."

    When I started crying, everyone went crazy again.

    What I didn't know was that afterwards, Erudian finally got everyone out of the room and closed the door.

    Regardless of whether my surroundings were irritable or not, I carefully reviewed what the doctor said now.

    Month? One month? One month ago.


    "Hmm ..." (Yeni)

    I reached out and grabbed the wrist of the man who was staring at my face.

    That day, that day!

    "It's good ..."

    "But we don't ..."

    It seemed like a huge hammer hit me. I blinked and then felt my whole body change.

    These, I sleep more. From the dream, I think that the more I suffer from spring fatigue, the more exhausted I feel.

    At first, I didn't even consider these situations seriously. Obviously, I never thought about that.

    Erudian always respected his contraceptives, not doing so seemed like a taboo. When I felt that he took it to another level that day, I should doubt it.

    Maybe it's because he was drunk ...!

    I smiled and grabbed Erudian tighter.

    "If this is true ...!" (Yeni)

    "..." (Eru)

    "Eddie, I, I ..." (Yeni)

    "What should I say, Yeni? What you told me ..." (Eru)

    "Have I eaten anything strange in the past month?" (Yeni)

    "...?" (Eru)

    Erudian's face is strange, I don't know if he's smiling or frowning.

    I tried to remember as quickly as possible and spoke without hesitation. "Maybe alcohol, chocolate, coffee or something else?"

    Chocolate, red wine or champagne. I don't remember eating anything. I haven't even been drunk since that day. The problem is the type of coffee or tea.

    "What tea did we have yesterday?" I asked frantically.

    "Ginger and mint ..."

    "And the day before? Three days ago? Tell me all the tea you drank last month!"

    "Mint, ginger, hot grapefruit, raspberry tea, Louis Fort ..."

    Erudian was really ready to recite the tea that he had drunk this month. But I quickly realized that it was fine, so I grabbed him by the shoulder.

    "Wait, Yeni." (Eru)

    "Caffeine .. Caffeine is not good, isn't it?" (Yeni)

    "Yes." (Yeni)

    Erudian interrupted me in an awkward tone.

    "Trust me. I worry about everything. By the way, your reaction now is ..." (Eru)

    What? Strange? I suddenly stopped.

    My eyes widened. "Ah ..."

    I looked up and stood there to see what my husband was looking at.

    After marrying this man, I started to live with him every day, from getting up in the morning to falling asleep, every hour, every day, because we're now living in the same space.

    So I'm sure that no one else in the world can read Erudian Belgoat's expressions as much as I can.

    In a word, Erudian was now very confused.

    "Why are you like this?" (Eru)

    At first, he didn't seem to know what to say. He looked at me silently. I have never seen my husband so defenseless.

    I felt embarrassed while staring at him. Erudian's mouth fell open for a long time. But what he said puzzled me.

    "May I like it? Is it really possible? Isn't it strange?"

    T/n: As you know Eru is a bit reluctant about having a baby because the baby consumes divinity that maintains Yeni's body.

    I said, caressing his warm cheeks. "You really don't want to have a baby?"

    "... that?" (Eru)

    "..." (Yeni)

    "I, no ... I mean ..." (Eru)

    "Then why ...? Oh, for my body?" (Yeni)

    "It's that." (Eru)

    His eyes on me kept looking away. I finally grabbed his cheek tightly and turned his head towards me. Only then can you give the correct answer.

    "It is just that. You said you're not ready yet." (Eru)

    "Yes?" (Yeni)

    This time, I think I really need to hit my neck with an iron bar.

    "When did I say that?" (Yeni)

    The memories were erased from my mind.

    "I also think I'm still not ready ..." (Eru)

    "So that's it?" (Yeni)

    "What..." (Eru)

    No wonder, just a few days ago, I decided to tell Erudian that I wanted to have a child.

    I'll tell you after my visit to the East! Yes, of course I hadn't realized it until then.

    This person is just nervous. I managed to stifle my laughter and smoothened the fine silver hair that veiled his forehead.

    "Then you worry about me blaming you?" (Yeni)

    ".. It's just.." (Eru)

    There is no answer, his silent expression is the only answer. I placed my lips on his pale face all over.

    "Oh, you don't even know if we use contraception that day, that's why you don't remember ..." (Eru)

    "So, will you follow me like this for a few weeks and take care of everything?" (Yeni)

    "Good idea!" (Eru)

    I couldn't help but laugh and finally laughed out loud.

    Taking care of me..

    I stroked his nose and could feel his face relax.

    Erudian took my hand carefully and lowered it.

    "Yerenica, can I really like this?"

    "You still ask that?"

    "But if it's dangerous..."

    It made me shudder to see him frown, fearing I wouldn't like his reaction.

    "Well, if my baby looks a lot like his father, it won't hurt," I answered happily.

    When I said "my baby," his red eyes immediately flashed with excitement.

    He was very eager to speak, so I continued my words boldly.

    "I will be very careful and be honest with you now. If you keep reacting like this, my baby will go crazy."

    And I couldn't finish the conversation because I was caught in his arms. When I hit him on the back, he smiled brightly.

    "Hey, you should have done this first. Why are you saying this just by now?" (Eru)

    A loud as if in pain voice came out.

    I smiled shyly.

    "It was not intentional. In fact, I said this after I came back from the east coast, but you didn't listen at all.." (Yeni)

    "You're not lying, are you?" (Eru)

    "Do you know my heart? Do you think this is a lie?!" (Yeni)

    I have a runny nose, I can't lie!

    I responded, lifting my arm in pain. My arms wrapped tightly around him.

    Erudian took a deep breath.

    "Really. I'm fine," I murmured.

    "Look at me, okay, but look at me, please."

    "I'm very worried. I'm still worried, but ..."

    "Don't say that, I love you."

    "Thank you. I love you."

    Now that I hear the voice full of emotion, a sense of fullness fills my heart. It is a kind of lasting and endless love that eliminates even the slightest anxiety.

    Then, two years after our marriage ended in the spring, a beautiful seed finally appeared, blooming more beautifully than any other plant.


    I am right! The baby didn't give me much trouble. The hardest part of my pregnancy ended in the first trimester.

    During this time, the boy absorbed my divinity, but only three months later he began to throw away the divinity that he had absorbed several times.

    Of course, the first three months were hard, but the next seven months he was too active,

    "God ... I think you're obviously your father's son."

    I saw the child's little hand sway.

    "How can he be so beautiful?"

    "How, huh!"

    "Oh, should I call your father now?"

    From the moment my baby was born, I can look him in the face and say it. Due to the change of destiny, he was not born as the expected villain at that time, but four years later.

    Deckarb Belgoat. My son was now more than that.

    "You know, Deb? Your mother doesn't believe in fate," I whispered, patting my boy on the cheek.

    He is the antagonist, and he had a tragic ending.

    The villain played an important role in this world. But it will be different from the beginning.

    A baby born less than six months ago who was greeted with a smile.

    I put my lips on my handsome boy's forehead.

    "You will live your own life."

    You are the protagonist of your own story, Deb. Because I changed the story to make it possible.


    Since Deckarb was born, the disasters in the western part of the continent ended. What stopped it, was the balance of a life that he should have been born with.

    The world was in chaos, but I don't think it did me much harm, did it?

    Of course, I just had to shrug my shoulders.

    His happy voice that sounds affectionate, his little eyes, just by seeing him tells how happy he is at that moment.

    "Please," I whispered to the sleeping boy.

    In fact, for me it was the most beautiful seed in the world.


    Erudian expected a boy who will look like Yerenica His big dream was to see five or six little ones like Yerenica running around the palace.

    They might not have five or six, but he wanted them to be like her. However, Erudian's dream did not come true.

    Deckarb was a boy who really did look like his father. A baby with red eyes and shiny silver hair.

    When he was expressionless, he was actually the splitting image of Erudian. The divinity within him was actually even more powerful.

    I really think he hated Raulus for that.

    However, Erudian had no time to regret that his son is similar to him.

    Why? Yes, Deckarb was identical to her.


    "How are you doing? How you feel?"

    In some sense, his son resembled his wife.

    From the character, the demeanor and the words, even the trivial habits of her. Deckarb was a person who has roamed the whole palace.

    It was not unreasonable for him to be in control of Erudian, even though he smiled and behaved like Yerenica.

    Yerenica did not want to leave the room so he always plays with Erudian on his office.

    "Father, father."

    His son was able to call him "father" for the first time, just like his mother called him for the first time.

    She must have heard him walking down the hall so she came out to give him a warm hug.

    In the beginning, one child was really enough. But when Deckarb turned two, another kind of greed appeared.

    ".. I want to see pink hair. Yes, I like blue eyes ..."


    "Pink and sky blue."

    "It would be nice to have more colors that you like."

    "Since I have a son, I think this time it must be a daughter ..."

    "Why do you say that?" Yerenica narrowed her eyes.

    "Deckarb is so cute!"

    "Even if he's beautiful."

    "The most beautiful and cute boy in the world."

    "But .." he paused and sighed. "No matter how I think about it, he looks just like me."

    "That's why I like it."

    "I want to see ... a child that looks like you."

    His hands slipped down his wife's waist.

    Her slim waist swayed toward him, pulling her closer.

    Yerenica hugged him gently. "Yes, I thought my baby might feel lonely," she told.

    Yerenica, whom he held in his arms, smiled a little.

    Let's go to room now!

    (T/n: Yeni will create another life with Eru xd)

    This place didn't seem to be the best. Yerenica was exhausted, so he gently led her into the bedroom.

    But Erudian's wish was never fulfilled.

    "Maybe his genes are too strong."

    As per his wishes, his second flower was a girl. That was the good thing.

    "Silver hair again?"

    Zena Belgoat was a cute silver-haired girl who took the blood of the Imperial Belgoat family very seriously.

    "Zena, Zena!"

    "Mother said don't go in, don't go out the window!"

    "Mother knows!"


    She was literally another Yerenica.

    Anyone would say she got nothing from her mother's look, but the blood was there. The appearance was like that of Erudian, but she has the same character as Yerenica.

    Seeing his children with features similar as his, running around and copying what Yerenica does all along made Erudian feel a bit embarrassed.



    But basically as a father he was very kind to his children. Yerenica instead has been trying to correct them.

    "Don't do everything the children want, you'll spoil them ..."

    "But ..."

    "Zena, don't hide behind your father. Come here. How many times have I told you not to practice your divinity against people?"

    "Yeni ..."

    "Deckarb the same goes for you. For some reason, the gardener looks like a ten-year-old ..."

    A pair of red eyes looked at him from the left side of the room. The other pair looked at him from the right side. There was another pair in the middle.

    Yerenica sighed and pointed her husband.

    "... Eddie, come here. That's why I can't correct them correctly ..."

    "I think they're good already."

    "Mom ..."

    However, fortunately, Erudian knows what expression his wife is vulnerable. His children learn too well.

    It is no use looking at me with those eyes ... little ones ... no ... It was always a victory of 3 to 1.


    It was a very hot summer.

    The two children and her husband hugged her completely and prevented Yerenica from leaving the palace for all summer.

    The reason is that it was very hot outside and it was very dangerous.

    "Is overprotection can be inherited?"

    Yerenica was surprised by this. But none of the three wanted her out in the sun.

    Erudian looked at the coffee table. His wife was under an umbrella, drinking lemon tea, her face distorted.

    'Is she a little angry?'

    "Dad, come on!"

    Her five-year-old daughter of his pleaded him, grabbing his arm tightly. Erudian forced himself to look away from the coffee table.


    Blue and silver flames appeared in the air and then disappeared.

    "You saw it? Try it."

    Born as a sacred person with divinity, his educational method consisted of "showing how to do it once".

    He let the children watch his demonstration and imitate him. For Yerenica, this teaching method was absurd.

    "Can you do it?"

    Fortunately, both children, like their parents, had the same talent for dealing with divinity.

    "It's easy?"

    Deckarb cast the flame first, then Zena.

    "I also!"

    -Pong, Pong

    The size of the girl's flame formed as a spherical shape.

    The two children's eyes widened in surprise.


    "Amazing! Can I show it to my mother?"

    Deckarb looked at his father with clean flames burning in his hands. Erudian found him very charming, paused a moment and nodded.

    He lowered his body and wrapped his arms around his little son's shoulders.

    Zena, who had already held one of his hands, looked at him. Erudian smiled at them and said a few words to the children.

    Deckarb smiled at the voice of his father.

    "Yes. I get it."

    "Zena must go first!"

    "Let's go together!"

    A seven-year-old boy and a five-year-old girl ran into the palace grounds.

    "Mommy, mommy."

    Zena approached the coffee table and took her mother by her arm.

    However, the first whisper entered in her mother's ear was Deckarb's.

    "My father wants me to tell you something ..." the boy whispered sweetly in his ear.

    He whispered to his mother as if he were going to tell the most important secret in the world.

    "My father loves you very much!"

    "Hahaha!" She broke out a pleasant laugh.

    "It was always good to see mom smile."

    "Did your father say that?"


    "So, can you say something to your father?"

    The most beautiful mother in the world whispered in Deckarb's ear.

    A dazzling smile lit up the boy's face, "I will say it right away."


    His elegant silver hair gleamed in the sun and crossed the beautifully decorated garden.

    Another head of the same color followed.

    These were the brightest flowers of the summer.

    for the extra 1 that I've posted above, I'm not claiming credits for the translations, since it was just given to me, and the credits can't be given because of the "hunt' and the person who provided the extra's said so too.
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    Reading List:
    I missed Chapter 58 (and too lazy to look for it) but I did find chapter 59 so quick summary for that one
    btw, I am using the names they used in Tapas

    - The envoy from Livony has arrived and it is composed of Sergey, her best friend and the younger brother of Duke Levan, Duke Levan himself under Theresia's demands, and Fernando, Yenny's guard.
    - the story starts with Yenny getting escorted by Thierry to the throne room where the envoy and Euredian are waiting. Yenny assumes there's going to be some kind of state meeting with Soleia but was greeted with a huge bear hug from Sergey.
    - Yenny is taken back from the hug but recognizes Sergey's voice. She tries to get away from him but Sergey is too busy hugging and checking if she's physically okay (intact limbs and all that). From behind Sergey, Duke Levan and Fernando come rushing to greet Yenny as well as tell her how happy they are to see that she's doing well. Sergey comments on how she's gotten skinny and Yenny smacks him.
    - Eventually Yenny manages to get away from Sergey's bear hug and starts greeting all 3 men, reassuring them that she was treated as a very honored guest rather than a hostage.
    - from a distance, by the throne, Euredian's booming voice breaks up their happy reunion when he asks the duke if he's now satisfied that Yenny is well.
    - Euredian, now staring daggers at envoy being too close to Yenny, starts quoting the King of Livony's letter and his demands of wanting to see a letter from her daughter with her handwritting, and also threatening to destroy the Gluckmahn road.
    - at the mention of this, Yenny slaps her forehead and remembers that Euredian and the power he wields as the Emperor of Bellecourt is next to nothing compared to the small king of Livony. Yenny then tries to appeal to Euredian by saying that her family is simply worried about her but Euredian's face is still cold and extremely scary.
    - at this point, Yenny believes Euredian doesn't buy her reason that her family is worried for her. The 3 men, with Sergey right in front of Yenny, push her back, hiding her from Euredian. This pisses Euredian off some more.
    - Yenny then gets her aha moment that Euredian is jealous and starts smiling like a middle school lovestruck idiot. Sergey becomes worried and says that something is wrong with Yenny and that all 3 men should just skip the welcoming ceremony.
    - Yenny kinda half pushes and half punches Sergey away from her and then walks in front of the envoy, right infront of Euredian. She then introduces the 3 men as her bestfriend (Sergey) her brother-in-law (Duke Levan), and her guard (Fernando). She adds that these 3 men are just worried for her bec not only is she a princess but she's also a princess of Livony that is loved by her people.
    - Euredian then says something about him being worried (I don't get it this but part and kinda stands out on the conversation). Yenny apologizes on the behalf of the envoy, again, stressing out that they're just worried for her and he adds some big puppy eyes so that Euredian would just stop being jealous.
    - Euredian then says she has nothing to apologize but if looks could kill...
    - Yenny adds that since they're all at the palace, she would like to talk more to the envoy since it's been 3 months since she last saw them. Though to be more specific, she wants to ask about Theresia, Bridgette, Fernado's wife, and Alexio, if he was already born.
    - Euredian's is unfazed and Yenny starts to kinda freak out a bit but he eventually gives his permission.
    - Euredian tells the envoy that they must be tired from their long travel and they should go ahead and reast.
    - Duke Levan starts to disagree, saying that they're fine but Euredian cuts him off saying they're not (LOL). With a flick of his finger, Euredian calls for a servant and immediately the servant tells the envoy that he will be guiding them.
    - Yenny starts to follow but Euredian tell her she needs to stay. Yenny's eyes go big.
    - She turns to Euredian with a big "huh?"

    in addition
    would be their first kiss
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    Reading List:
    Wait, Am I just dirty minded or did they really do some hot action at the end?

    Thank you for this blessing!
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    Well considering I can’t really comment or start a convo after 5 post hi guys I’m new and am a huge fan of the story as well

    Thank you!

    I though it was the only one not seeing the update
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    Omg ikr!!
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    okay so instead of volume 6, I decided to start with volume 5, hehe sorry for the confusing spoilers. please remember that this is only MTLED.

    this is after 2 years of their separation, and Erudian has been sneaking into the castle of Lebovney for a few days already

    “Yes?” Tezevia asked, unable to hear the small voice flowing.

    The woman put the teacup down and smiled lightly.

    “Your daughter was very lovely.”

    “Oh, have you seen her?”

    she was always happy to hear the words praising her daughter. Tezevia couldn't hide her smile so she covered her mouth with her dress sleeves.

    “she has a lot of curiosity and a lot of playfulness. …. As a parent, I am a little worried. If she grows well, she won't be much happier.”

    “… … I see.”

    It was a mechanical face that hadn't changed at all from the previous expression.

    Although the corners of her mouth were raised on both sides, it was difficult to guess the expression because the eyes were covered by a mask.

    Tezevia stopped momentarily at the strange face.

    “… …?”

    The fact that the eyes of the mask are shiny in black, maybe she saw it wrong.

    At first, Tezevia wasn't sensitive to magical power, and it wasn't long before she had even met a family of magicians, so she could not read mana wisely.

    However, she thinks that wizards are ones who breathe a cold and cool atmosphere like that.

    In addition, if you think of someone who uses the ability to hurt her younger sister, you will not be able to go.

    The thoughts came back to Yerenica.

    To her little sister who she doesn't know what she's thinking.

    'I'll have to visit the Western Palace soon...…' I feel suspicious of the last meeting, which ended in a strange way.

    Tezevia decided to visit the royal palace within a few days.

    “Madam, the Duke is coming down.”

    At that moment, the owner informed her that her husband was coming to the parlor.

    Tezevia put the teacup down and smiled kindly at the wizard who she came across.

    “Oh, it looks like the Duke is coming down now. Then please feel free to talk, Mr. Lisard.”


    Thank you, ma'am.”

    The tail of the woman's mouth was still drawing a smooth line without shaking even after Tezevia left the parlor.

    * * *

    Brizney came the next day and the other next day. It's always nice to see my lovely nephew, but now I'm a little bit anxious.

    I looked at Brizney, who had been here for three days in a row, all the way to the inner palace, with worried eyes.

    It was said that if the tail is long, it will be stepped on.

    On the day when the Erudian is wrongly dressed for Tezevia's sister......

    “… … Ugh.”

    I shook my head with a terrible imagination.

    I had to make a decision before the low-risk intruder was caught, but I was still thinking about it once an hour.

    I can't get my head! In other words, my mind had already gone all the way to Holly Belgoth.

    “Beautiful uncle!”

    “… … I think she like you very much.”

    And if there is one more problem, is that Brizney has become Erudian’s gum shell?

    “Why does uncle have the same color as Lari(Raulus)?”

    “Well……. It would be faster to ask Nemo.”

    And the new fact was that Erudian Belgoth, is very weak to a child.

    “Bree, I 'm sleepy. Please hug me.”


    It was a man who spent all his life alone in the palace. He doesn't know children well, he can't touch her hands, and he's very nervous.….

    Erudian hugged Brizney, who had just fallen asleep, and looked at me with terribly confused eyes.



    I mean, it's so cute...….

    He asked in a voice dripping with difficulty.

    "Is this how many babies sleep?"

    "It's past nap time, but the little princess must have had a hard time coming all the way every day and your Majesty, that's not how you carry a child.’’

    I took Brizney, hugged her, and shook my head.

    "There are things that even your Majesty can't do."

    “You can’t do everything well from the beginning.”

    "That's it, though."

    Brizney, who had been playing while pulling Erudian hair for a long time, fell asleep without knowing it.

    “I have to send her back now. In this way, you'll really be discovered.”

    I took Brizney lightly and gave it to the maid who was waiting outside. For three days, she was a maid who was in charge of bringing Brizney to the main palace of the road.

    “Good to go to the main palace, Mary.”

    And in the room, there was a man who looked back with eyes that were falling out of regret instead of distress.

    So, I didn't like Brizney Bay Erudian.

    I sighed and closed the open window.

    “Who do you like so much? ”

    “Hmm… ….”

    Hard arms entangled in my waist.

    With the window open, he took a full breath and reached out to the half-open window.

    "she has been coming here and there. If she goes there, I'm sure Tezevia will notice...….”

    "I know."

    Warmth intertwined my fingers one by one.

    I stared nervously at the open window with the curtains slanted.

    But the man who hugged me from behind seemed completely unconcerned.

    “How long will you hide me? ”

    "……I want to keep you hidden for the rest of my life if I feel like it."

    "That's not bad either."

    “I’m kidding… ….”

    I heard a small laughter.

    Erudian clung his chin around my shoulder and neck.

    He spoke in a languid voice.

    "I thought about it, Yenny."


    "I don't want to put any risk on you, but if that's not what you want, what to do."

    I felt a lump in my throat.

    As if he knew I was nervous about the words that followed, he patted my shoulders slowly.

    "Come to think of it, the method was a little wrong.…. I did say I'll keep you the safest, but I think I should have done the opposite.”


    ‘’I'll lose."

    My heart stopped beating completely and then slowly started to jump again.

    Then he gradually increased his speed.

    The voice, which seemed to be somewhat complaining, continued to grow.

    “If you don’t like carrying everything, give me half the burden.”


    “Honestly, I don't like saying this now. Still, I would like you to know that saying this was a big decision for me.”


    "And apart from that, I'd like you to give me a reply about marriage now."

    The man who thought he would never withdraw from this problem, broke his stubbornness with a sigh.

    I felt like I was in a hurry because of the sudden situation.

    Erudian did not urge me to answer.

    A few days ago, he said to me, like a ghost, that he only told me what he wanted to hear.

    It was the opposite today.

    I couldn't say anything and buried my face in his chest to cover the tears that were pouring out.

    * * *

    “I've been thinking about it, but in fact, I might have thought I had to do it on my own.”

    [ Baby.] He hugged me tightly and Raulus called.

    I ignored the call of Raulus and spoke.

    ‘’Two years ago, Soleia was so scary, and Hades had nothing to say."

    [Of course]

    "But it's not just me that's in danger."

    It is true that Erudian was completely out of the original trajectory by avoiding marriage with Soleia, but it did not guarantee his future safety.

    After all, the Erudian was the man who had most of the divinity of Raulus, and that is why he was the only man Hades could choose as the next best option.

    “Because I twisted the original work. I must have been vaguely thinking that I should be able to endure the after-storm. In fact, I still don't think I'm wrong.”


    "But I was happy to share the storm."


    “Can you tell me that this is selfish? Quickly. I'm shaking a lot right now.”

    Somehow, I felt like tears were coming out again.

    [ No, sweetheart.]

    Raulus tapped me with the tip of his nose.

    [ I always say, but there is no need to overdo it. You don't have to force yourself to take on any role.]

    “A role... ….”

    his sky-blue eyes, just like mine, had a different light.

    [ You can depend on him more.]

    He pointed to Erudian reading something as he tilted his head to the far window.

    I stared at the calm, soothing landscape.

    "Why were you with me two years ago?"

    "Why were you there?"

    “He said he knew that Soleia Ellard was a black wizard."

    The voice of Raulus overlaps with the voice of Erudian.

    "If you had asked me to send you back, I wouldn't have let you go, and you didn't, Yerenica."

    “That's it, because I know it's dangerous, I don't know, and I can't go back... ….”

    “Me too. If you think that way about me as I don't want you to carry everything on your own, let's split it in half."


    “I’m with you.”

    Erudian only said that, but I immediately understood what that meant.

    The words of Raulus continued long.

    [ Why do you think you have to be alone? It was a stabbing enemy thinking that if you were alone, it would be okay no matter what happened.]

    Tears welled up in the end.

    Raulus seemed to notice that my expression was unusual.

    his tone returned in a playful and frivolous manner.

    [And you're worried about the day of the Book of Jesus]

    "Well...…What?" The tears that came out, immediately went back in.

    Is this consolation, advice, or a curse? When I looked at Raulus with cold eyes, he spoke solemnly.

    [Cursed, isn't it better to be two than be dragged to death alone?]

    I cast my eyes at Raulus. But on the other hand, he burst into laughter.

    I hugged Raulus a little tighter.

    "That's true, though."

    [Right? I'm wise]

    "Yeah. I'll say yes this time."

    I got up from my seat hugging Raulus.

    As I pondered repeatedly, I turned over under the tree to see how much I had dug.

    I swept away the ruined land with my feet.

    I finally made up my mind after two days of constant confusion.


    Insisting that you have to be alone was something that neither me nor the Erudian could do.

    It was time to admit it honestly. I don't like being alone. It's good to be together.

    In fact, I might have been leaning to one side since the moment I found Erudian in the middle of the noisy bar.

    I muttered like a squeak.


    Let's go back."

    But before she could even tell Erudian her decision, a sudden visitor came to the palace.

    * * *
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    Wow!! Thank you so much!

    I like this manhwa/novel so much. Their love story doesn't seem forced at all. At first, Yeni trying to save Eru from Soleia. Then, after spending time with iron wall.. everything started to crumble. Aww i really wish they would animated this. Or at least released an English version of the novel.
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    Double the thanks :oops:
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    After reading chapter 57 of the Manhua, I learned that Lebovni Yeni’s homeland is more liberal than other kingdoms. The rules are not as rigid when it comes to how aristocrats live, or who they are allowed to marry compared to Belgoat. Brizney (Brigitte) the Princess is allowed to marry Alexio who isn’t even a Duke or a Prince, he’s her guardian Knight. That would explain why Brizney’s father the Duke is okay with who Brizney chooses to marry.
  14. Jinxellas

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    the kiss happened in the manhwa!! :X3::X3:
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    Let's gooooooo!!! :bloblove:

    - Chapter starts with Yenny trying to follow the envoy but Euredian stops her.
    - She tells herself that she musn't fall for him further and tries to tell Euredian that it's been awhile since she's seen her family and would like to talk to them more.
    - Euredian eyes go big like O_O
    - Yenny then teases Euredian by saying she can stick around him if it's just a short talk and Sergey strongly disagrees with this, whilst grabbing her hand and pulling her back
    - Euredian is now staring angrily at their hands
    - Yenny still can't believe about Euredian is jealous, kinda celebrating inside her head and heart
    - Euredian finally tells Yenny to come to him but Sergey won't let go of her hands so she doesn't move.
    - Euredian pulls some puppy eyes on Yenny and she falls for it xD
    - Yenny tells Duke Levan, Sergey, and Fernando that they can go ahead tho they're against it. Sergey is more outspoken saying that the emperor is weird
    - Sergey STILL holding Yenny's hands
    - Yenny asks the Duke to get Sergey out now
    - Duke of Levan looks at Euredian one last time then tells Yenny that they will be waiting to her and after her talk with the emperor, she MUST come to them so they can talk about EVERYTHING
    - Yenny immediately agrees while pushing them out of the throne room
    - Once the door is closed, Yenny gives Euredian a very sheepish smile asking if she can approach him now (she says this in a teasing way)
    - Euredian stares at her for a moment, then stands up and approaches her instead
    - Yenny starts to freak out bec Euredian looks hella scary now
    - Euredian starts to ask Yenny about her "friend" along with the other two.
    - Yenny explains that Sergey is definitely her best friend and Duke Levan is her brother-in-law too
    - Euredian thinks the way they behave around her is too intimate. Too familiar. Too close.
    - Yenny then happily blurts out that he's envious and Euredian doesn't deny it and just goes "so what?"
    - Yenny is pretty damn proud that she managed to make him jealous
    - Euredian admits that he can't even disagree about that the proceeds to ask her in a sarcastic voice if she will continue to hang around her "family and friends" and ends this question with "princess"
    - Yenny is back on high alert since he used her title then proceeds to explain that Sergey is probably super worried about her bec they started out as enemies with Livony being under attack. The last time Sergey saw her was when she got abducted as well, so it's completely understandable why he's so worried about her
    - Euredian still says they're STILL too close xD
    - Yenny says WE'RE JUST FRIENDS
    - Yenny then thinks this is a perfect chance to get back to Euredian and mess with him bec he was messing with her heart, so he tells her since it's been a long time since he saw Sergey, she might give him a hug
    - Euredian cuts her off by kissing her on the forehead
    - Now it's Yenny's turn to have her eyes go O_O
    - Euredian proceeds to continue kissing her over and over her forehead, while holding her face gently
    - Euredian finally looks at her and says she can't touch Sergey just like what he did and Yenny blushes a lot and says obviously she won't
    - Euredian starts to slowly lean on Yenny's face again, and Yenny tries to avoid eye contact.
    - Yenny gets super flustered and embarrased that she locks down.
    - Euredian gently puts his hand under her chin, lifts her face up, tires to kiss her BUT
    - Yenny breaks it up pulls her face away and looks down. She tells Euredian how it's extremely unfair how she's the only one who gets teased this way, getting all excited, flustered, embarrased
    - Euredian then grabs her face again then gently pulls her head towards him and responds "Who the fuck do you think keeps losing?" (non-verbatim ofc) xD
    - Yenny then starts to think it's useless to keep on thinking who is on the losing end. She then gives Euredian another beautiful smile and tells him how about they both play fair this time
    - Euredian is both shocked and flustered this time
    - Yenny then circles her arms around Euredians neck and pulls him down for a kiss (yaaaaaaasss Yenny!!)
    - Euredian's eyes go O_O and he hesitates for a moment to hold her but gives in to passion
    - While kissing, Yenny now thinks it's better to be bury themselves with this sweet passionate feelings than be depressed for their upcoming breakup. The chapter ends with Yenny saying that only Euredian can give her sense? (not sure could be mistranslation).
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    Thank you for the spoiler!

    read/watched the manhwa on Yo*tube...and MAN!!!...I squealed like a chicken!!!...thanks for the spoiler!

    It would be forever till the SS to come in manhwa...but yeah, I feel you...
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    I'm just wondering.. how old is Erudian? If Yerenica is 19, how many years older is Erudian? I'm assuming that he's almost 10 years older than her based on what I read on the manhwa so far (saying that he was killed by his son before the age of 40) after doing some math. I also read in one of the spoilers here that people are telling him to get married because he's *nearly* 30. I know he's a lot older than Yeni based on how he is portrayed in the manhwa, also vs how Sergey looked (who Yeni says is the same age as her).
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    He's 26. They have a 7 year age gap.
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    He is currently 26 years. In a two year time skip, he is 28 years old. That's why the nobles are pressuring him to get married because yeah, he is close to 30 at this time skip.
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    So I was just lurking somewhere on the Internet and apparently, people are calling Yerenica, Rashta 2.0? Like I read the Remarried Empress novel and manhwa first and never in the part of my brain put a parallel between Yerenica and Trashta because first off, Erudian is not even engaged. Second, Yerenica has a childish streak but she has self-awareness to not butt her head in something dangerous that would lead to her sure death and she's not a pushover. While Trashta is literally immature to the point she got manipulated and has no self-awarenesses. Like there is a difference between childish and immature? Or they don't know how to differentiate that? You can act all broody and serious but can still have immature decisions, actions and views in life. And you can act all child-like and happy go lucky but you can still make mature decisions and views in life.