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    Hey! I am an author who writing werewolf novels and have many novels, I will pubish them here if you like them.

    Brif: I reject you! Lucas Archer Farrow from the White Walkers Pack! From now on, I will be nobody's Luna but myself!
    The youngest multi-billionaire Alpha in werewolf history turned out to be a woman.
    Leah Lewyn walked out of the airport in low profile and was immediately surrounded by hundreds of paparazzi.
    "Why did you reject your ex-husband, Alpha Lucas of the White Walkers?"a reporter asked.
    "Are you kidding me? I've got my own wolf pack to run and a gazillion-dollar fortune to inherit," she replied.
    "Is it true that you're currently having affairs with 8 young actors at the same time?" another reporter inquired.
    Give me a break, Leah rolled her eyes and chuckled. They're young aspiring contract models.
    She barely finished her words before someone walked out of the crowd and stated in a cold voice, She is currently having an affair with no one else but me, her one and only ex-husband.
    Miss Lewyn, I've got a wolf pack to run and a gazillion dollars as well. Why don't you come and be my Luna, so you can inherit my money?

    Genre: werewolf, romance, bitterlove, bxg, alpha, luna, dominant, protective, fated, mate, paranormal, billionaire

    Table of content

    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4
    Chapter 5
    Chapter 6
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    Chapter 1
    Leah's POV
    "You can't do anything right. How many times have I told you that you should fold these napkins diagonally? Is that really that hard or are you just trying to intentionally piss me off?"
    My mother-in-law, Rosalie, with her arms crossed, stood in front of me, looking like a queen.
    She leered at me, her omega daughter-in-law, who was sitting on the floor, trying to cover my bruised cheek with trembling hands.
    "Sorry, Ma'am. But I folded them diagonally. I really did.." My voice was lower than a whisper.
    "Are you kidding me?! Do you think I'm stupid?! You imbecile omega! Do you think that getting married to my son gives you the right to challenge and diminish me?!" Rosalie threw the napkin case at me.
    I didn't dare to dodge, so the iron case hit me on the side of my forehead. Blood started falling down, blurring my sight.
    I tried to wipe the blood off my face and said, "Sorry, Ma'am. I wouldn't dare to do things like that. I remember that I folded those napkins yesterday according to your requirement. Someone must have tampered with them..."
    As I was talking to Rosalie, I saw a tiny blonde girl from the corner of my eye.
    As usual, Josephine was gloating at the expense of my misery.
    When she noticed that I saw her, she immediately hid the smirk on her face to become sentimental and concerned.
    "Rosalie, please don't give Leah a big hard time. Omegas are supposed to be a bit backward. Their learning curves are long. But once they've learned their lesson, they will remember it for the rest of their lives." Josephine laid her tiny little hands over Rosalie's shoulders.
    "Ah, you're right, darling. How I wish that you could be my daughter-in-law instead of this clumsy chimp! She can't do anything right! I really don't understand why my son has to get married to a retarded girl like her. She's so annoyingly useless, weak, and stupid." Rosalie rubbed her forehead and said.
    Josephine's lips curled up at a sarcastic angle. "Rosalie, you know that Lucas is just trying to do the right thing. He needs to marry his mate for the sake of our pack, even though his mate is a lowbred omega. That's just a huge sacrifice that he has to do as the Alpha of our pack. Rosalie, I've known Lucas for my entire life and he's like an elder brother to me. For every second of my life, I just can't help but appreciate that you've raised your son to be such a decent, noble man. He has always been my hero, my protector, my..."
    She didn't finish her kissass speech because she heard the steps coming from the corridor.
    As the door swung open, a hulking figure strode into the room, filling the space with his imposing presence. His broad shoulders stretched the fabric of his shirt, highlighting the bulging muscles beneath.
    Every step he took was purposeful and confident, commanding the attention of all those around him.
    His striking features were the stuff of legend - raven black hair that shone like silk under the light, framing a chiseled jawline that could cut glass. But it was his piercing blue eyes that drew you in as if they could see straight into your soul. The intensity in them was enough to make even the bravest of souls shiver.
    My husband Lucas Farrow, Alpha of the White Walkers Pack, surrounded by soldiers, striding into the room, with all the servants bowing at him along his way.
    "Luke! You're back from Skagen City early! I miss you so much!" Josephine flew toward him like a little lark, wrapping her arms around his neck, like a little girl begging for candies from her elder brother. Only in Josephine's case, I knew what she was begging was a kiss.
    At first glance, Lucas appeared cold and cruel, his expression unreadable. But as soon as his eyes landed on Josephine, something shifted in him. His demeanor softened, and a tenderness crept into his gaze. At that moment, he seemed to shed the hard exterior that he had worn like armor. He became a different man - a man who was capable of great love and devotion. It was as if she had unlocked something within him, something that he had been hiding away for too long.
    And as he leaned over to her and held her up in his arms, his every movement oozing with confidence and desire, it was clear to everyone in the room that this was a man who knew what he wanted, and who would stop at nothing to get it.
    Only, I, his wife, sitting on the floor with a bruised cheek and blood covering my face, wasn't the one he wanted.
    I hadn't seen my husband for a week and didn't want to greet him like this.
    I wiped the blood off my face, trying to get up by pulling a table leg.
    In a panic, I knocked off a vase on the table and it was smashed on the floor.
    Everyone was looking at me, including my husband.
    "What have you done?! Stop making a scene, you stupid girl!" Rosalie raised her voice while staring at me.
    "I'm so sorry..." I crouched down, trying to clean up the mess on the floor.
    Then, I saw a pair of leather boots in my view.
    I looked up and saw my husband standing right in front of me, gazing down at me.
    I immediately blushed and lowered my head.
    In the past five years of our marriage, I seldom had his full attention like this.
    He leaned down, stretched out his slender fingers, and lifted my head, forcing me to look at him.
    "What happened to your head?" His cold, indifferent voice was like a razor-sharp surgical knife, peeling my scalp.
    "I'm sorry, Alpha..." I whispered. My knees buckled because of his touch. The tips of his long, slender fingers were as cold as his voice.
    As much as I wanted to call him "Lucas" affectionately like Josephine, I knew I couldn't.
    Being his mate and wife for five years, I wasn't allowed to call him by his name or look at him without permission.
    "I'm asking you what happened to your head, and you answer me by giving me an apology." His perfect brows were marred by a slight frown.
    I tried to look for some evidence of sympathy in his detached voice, but I failed.
    His eyes gleamed with emotions that I couldn't fathom.
    My mouth was dry.
    I took a glance at Rosalie, who had a dark expression on her face, warning me not to tell the truth.
    "I tripped over something and bumped my head against the table..." I flushed scarlet.
    Lucas put his hands around my shoulders and stared into my eyes.
    "You should be more careful." He said in a tender voice. He had never talked to me in a passionate voice like that.
    Is he... feeling concerned for me?

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    Chapter 2
    Leah's POV
    I felt the butterfly in my stomach, the lump in my throat, and the burning sensation in every inch of my skin. My heart was pounding so fast that I wouldn't be surprised if it suddenly stopped functioning.
    Lucas stroked my hair behind my ear. As his fingers flicked across my ear, my whole body started shivering.
    Then, he drew himself closer to me. For a brief moment, I thought he was about to kiss me.
    I bit my lips so that I didn't make any awkward moaning sound.
    I looked into his eyes. He was so close, yet so far away from me.
    Then, I realized that he was just checking out the scar on my forehead.
    He looked a bit surprised because the scar was almost healed.
    He cleared his voice and said, "Your blood is precious to Josephine. Your blood is the only cure to stabilize her condition. You need to be more careful."
    The moment he let go of me, I felt that someone was peeling off my skin.
    The excruciating pain made me curl up in a ball of fear.
    Josephine wrapped her hands around Lucas' arms and said, "Come on, Luke. Tell me about everything in Skagen City!"
    "I'll tell you everything later." Lucas' voice was full of affection and admiration. "Now, I've got a gift for you. It's in the living room. Why don't you go and take a look?"
    "Oh, Luke. You're so kind. You don't have to bring me a present every time you see me." Josephine looked flattered.
    Then, she took a triumphal look at me and asked Lucas, "Luke, what is the gift?"
    "You can go downstairs and take a look at it yourself."
    "Is it the thing that I've always wanted?" Josephine's big round doe eyes widened with surprise.
    "If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise." Lucas' lips quirked up with a faint smile.
    "Oh, Luke! I love you! I love you! I love you!" Josephine quickly tiptoed and pecked Lucas' face before running out of the room.
    A moment later, she came back, tittering and giggling like a little girl, with a giant pendant necklace on her long, swan-like neck.
    I recognized that pedant immediately.
    It was a giant sapphire stone cut into a heart shape. It was the wedding gift that Lucas gave to me on our wedding day.
    I only wore it once. As soon as Josephine saw it, he immediately showed a great interest in it.
    I couldn't believe Lucas would give that pendant to her.
    "How do I look, Lucas? Does it make my eyes brighter?" She circled around Lucas, jumping up and down like a little bunny.
    Lucas caught her, held her in his arms, and gave him a long, passionate kiss on her hair.
    "Do you like your gift?" He asked Josephine.
    "Like it? I love it!" Josephine exclaimed while clapping her hands.
    She glimpsed at me like a guilty child. Then, she immediately turned to Lucas, looking sad.
    "What happened, Jo?" Lucas asked.
    "It's nothing." Josephine lowered her head and said in a sentimental voice, "I'm just thinking, Basil would be so happy to see me wearing this necklace if he was alive."
    Hearing Basil's name, Lucas' face immediately became clouded.
    Basil used to be his Beta and best friend. He passed in a battle a few years ago and entrusted his younger sister Josephine to Lucas before he passed away. They were supposed to get married until I, Lucas' mate, showed up.
    I still kept the photo that someone sent me on our wedding day. It was a picture that shows Lucas holding Josephine in his arms. They were so close and I wasn't sure if they were kissing each other.
    On the back of that picture, there was only one sentence -
    You are the third person in this marriage.
    I knew it was sent by Josephine. But I didn't tell anyone.
    My husband and mate was breathtakingly handsome man as well as the leader of the most powerful pack in the North. No woman in their right mind would resist his look and charm.
    Being his mate and Luna, I knew I had to put up with a lot of inconveniences to maintain the legitimacy of our marriage and the decency of my husband.
    It's for the better of the pack.
    "Come downstairs with me, Luke. Today's such a beautiful day and you're back. I'm wearing such a beautiful necklace. Why don't we have a picnic at the lake? Leah will cook for us! Will you, Leah?" Josephine raised her eyebrows while staring at me.
    "Yes, Miss." I lowered my head and whispered, trying to pretend that everything was OK with me.
    "Go ahead and get ready for our picnic trip. I'll join you later," Lucas said to Josephine in a soft voice.
    Josephine nodded and winked at him.
    After Josephine was gone, Rosalie leered at me and said, "Why are you lying on the floor like a piece of trash? Are you trying to win anyone's sympathy? Clean up the mess that you've caused and go do the washing now."
    "Yes, Ma'am," I whispered, quickly taking up the shattered pieces on the floor.
    My head was buzzing. My vision blurred. Some of the shards were embedded into my flesh, but I could no longer feel the pain.
    Nothing would rival the excruciating pain of being ignored by my own mate.
    Rosalie rolled her eyes and me and said to Lucas, "I've talked to Doctor Jafar today. He suggested we should increase the frequency of blood transfer to three times a day."
    My heart sank.
    I pleaded desperately, "Ma'am, Alpha, please don't do this to me. Twice a day is already too much for me. That's why I keep fainting and being scattered all day round. I really can't afford to do it three times a day..."
    "I'm trying to have a private conversation with my son. Who do you think you are to interrupt our conversation?" Rosalie looked crossed.
    "And don't look for lousy excuses for yourself! You keep messing up because you're clumsy," she added.
    Lucas held his mother's hands and said, "Mother, please go downstairs and I'll talk to her."
    Rosalie gave me a dark look and walked off.
    The whole room was suddenly empty, with me and Lucas alone.
    Lucas looked down at me and broke the silence -
    "OK, tell me how much money you want for the blood transfer. Name a price."
    "I want nothing from you, Alpha," I answered in a low voice, trying to scrape off the blood stains on the floor with a sponge, but more blood kept dripping on the floor from my head.
    Lucas sighed. He took out his mobile and fiddled with it for a while. Then, put down his phone and said, "I've just wired another three million dollars into your account. Increase the volume of blood transfer to three times a day, and you'll get three million for each transfer."
    "Alpha, I don't need your money..."
    "So what do you want?" He started to look impatient.
    "Why do you give my pendant to Josephine?" I asked.
    "Are you answering my question with another question?" He frowned.
    "You gave that pendant to me on our wedding day. Do you remember?"
    My voice wasn't loud, but it managed to surprise him.
    "Josephine likes it, so now it belongs to her. Do you have any problems with that?" Dark clouds started gathering on his face. A storm was impending.
    "What do you need it for anyway? You never go to parties or balls," he added.
    You are the third person in this marriage.
    Five years of marriage in exchange for this. I failed on so many levels and I was failed by my mate.
    I gave up.
    I threw the blood-soaked sponge on the floor and said in a calm, steady voice, "I never go to parties or balls because I have never been invited in the first place. Also, I've been too busy folding napkins and giving another woman my blood."
    I had never spoken so many words in a sentence to my mate.
    My voice was still quiet, but I managed to make my message clear.
    Lucas had an incredible look on his face.
    For the first time in his life, he managed to really see me.
    "You... " he mumbled.
    I could sense the nervousness in his voice.
    "Yes, me. I'm standing right in front of you. I used to be your Luna, your mate, the service maid and nurse for your mother and your dearest Josephine. But now, I am only myself. A free, independent woman, who wants to have nothing to do with you anymore."
    Lucas looked at me like his world was turned upside down.
    "What do you mean?" He asked in an anxious voice.
    "You've heard me," I replied and wiped the last drop of blood on my forehead. "I'm rejecting you, Lucas."
    "Reje... No, you can't do that." His voice turned high-pitched and dry.
    For the first time in my life, I sensed fear in his tone.
    "I can do whatever I want, Lucas. So, watch me." I stood up, and stepped forward to close the distance between us.
    "I, Leah Eleanor Lewyn of the Defiant Pack, reject you, Lucas Logan Steele of the White Walkers Pack, as my rightful mate."

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    Chapter 3
    Lucas' POV
    Did this woman just... reject me?
    Is she trying to get my attention by angering me? Apparently sometimes women do that. But Leah doesn't come across as needy as Josephine. She has never ever bothered me up till now.
    So, what's that all about?
    I was bewildered.
    To be honest, I had never really paid attention to this woman in the past five years of our marriage.
    Our marriage was nothing but a simple piece of contract, on which everything was arranged -
    As my mate, Leah will basically do whatever I ask her to do, including giving blood donations to Josephine on a regular basis. The thing is, Jo was diagnosed with an unknown blood disease five years ago and she needs a specific type of blood to sustain her life. Fortunately, Leah's blood is the right match.
    In return for donating her blood to Jo, Leah will get my gratitude and thanks, which is realized by a substantial amount of allowance every month. At the same time, since the Luna position has to be filled by my mate, we will have a wedding to announce our marriage to the world and she will stay in our pack as my Luna in name.
    That's pretty much all about the contract. Apart from the contract, well, we consummated once on our wedding day to finalize our bond and I had never touched her ever since that.
    Well, to be more precise, I had seldom seen her in my life, let alone talked to her.
    But for my justification, I didn't mean to ignore her. Being the Alpha of a wolf pack is a trade that I've been traind for all my life. It means responsibilities and obligations.
    What can I say? I am a busy man, traveling around our Kingdom, having audiences with the Lycan King, dealing with domestic finance, and, from time to time, defending our pack's territory.
    I simply don't have time for staying with irrelevant people.
    It's very torturing for a werewolf not to be able to have sex with their mate, but I ask the warlock for a special kind of potion to bring relief to our ailments. So, I'm sure she's well taken care of in that area.
    In the past five years, everything went well. Nothing explained. Nothing complained.
    But Jo's condition seemed to deteriorate these days. So her physician, Doctor Jafar, suggested increasing the volume of blood donations.
    Apparently, Leah was unhappy because of the amendment of the contract. I understand her frustration because of the impact of blood loss on her health, but she could have negotiated with me on terms and numbers instead of rejecting me.
    I felt so confused.
    "Leah, tell me what this is really about. Do you need more money?" I asked.
    Shivering like a little fox, Leah clenched her little fists. I could see tears circling in her eyes.
    "Accept my rejection now." She said in an authoritative, commanding voice.
    I couldn't remember what her voice used to be like, but it certainly didn't sound like this.
    She crossed the line.
    Mate or not, she was just an omega and she wasn't supposed to talk to her Alpha in this kind of voice.
    "What's the matter with you? Stop talking to me in that voice." I said.
    She stepped forward and grabbed my arm. Her eyes were gleaming with resolution and determination.
    "Do you accept my rejection, Lucas?"
    Her grip was firm and powerful. It didn't match her physical size and it certainly didn't match her status in a pack. An omega was supposed to be weak. There was no way for an omega to have the guts to grab me like this and grilled me with this kind of pressing question.
    Plus, she got me suspicious when the wound on her forehead magically healed by itself with my own witness. When I got into the room, her wound was still bleeding badly. But as soon as she looked up at me a few moments later, the wound magically disappeared.
    At that very moment, I realized that I literally didn't know anything about this girl to whom I had been married for the past five years.
    Who is she?

    Leah's POV
    "Do you accept my rejection, Lucas?" I asked.
    Lucas stared at me with confusion.
    As the first stray of afternoon sunlight emerged, the orange light pierced the tranquility in the garden and filtered in through the window, illuminating my mate's beautiful, chiseled face.
    That sight was both heartbreaking and pitiful.
    My wolf warned me about this.
    "He will never fall in love with you." She whispered in my mind before Lucas took away my virginity.
    For so long, I had been blind to the truth. I had believed in the fairy tale of love, the idea that once two people were joined together by the Moon Goddess, they would stay together forever against all odds.
    But when I looked into Lucas' eyes, I saw nothing but my own reflections floating like ghosts above a bleak tundra.
    My wolf was right. In the past five years, no matter how hard I tried to please him, he still had no feelings for me.
    When the harsh reality of my situation had come crashing down on me, I stood there with my mind flooded with remorse. I racked my brains, trying to look for drops of memories of happier times, moments of tenderness and affection that, despite being so scarce, still indicated that my husband acknowledged my love and devotion to him.
    I found nothing.
    Not a single trace of evidence could be misinterpreted into love.
    Where it has all gone wrong? Is there anything that I could do to reverse the relationship between us?
    But even as I pondered these questions, I knew that the answers didn't matter.
    What mattered was the fact that my heart was broken, that the man, to whom I had given the most precious five years of my life, had never ever cared for me in the same way.
    Lucas' eyes widened as he stared in disbelief at me. His mouth hung open, but no words escaped his lips. It was as if his voice had been silenced by the sheer shock of what he had heard.
    As soon as the confusion in his eyes was replaced by the usual look of indifference.
    He threw my hands away and said, "You must be delusional. You don't know what you're doing right now."
    "I know exactly what I am doing. I am rejecting you." I said as collected as I could.

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    Chapter 4
    Leah's POV
    There was a reason that werewolves didn't want to reject their mates -
    It was too painful.
    Every single part of my body was in excruciating pain.
    I had been branded before, but this was yet the most painful thing that had ever happened to me.
    As much as I was tortured, there was a teeny tiny bit of me secretly wishing that he wouldn't accept my rejection. I wished he would smirk at me and call me an idiot, telling me that there was no way for him to let go of me. I wished that he would press me on the floor, taking me roughly, forcing me to say his name and beg him to give it to him...
    I knew it was wrong to still have impossible faith in this train-wrecked relationship between us, but I knew with a simple apology, or a slight nod from him, I would go back to his arms.
    What can I say? Werewolves are very complicated creatures. We would do everything to stay with our mates.
    But Lucas didn't show me any signals. He just stood there, frozen in shock. I couldn't tell what was on his mind, but he must be trying to piece together the events that had led up to this moment.
    He had never imagined that I would have rejected him, and yet there he was, staring at the unimaginable.
    This is it. I thought to myself. This is the day that I quit. This is the day that I put my marriage to an end and say goodbye to my mate.
    I had thought this day would never come.
    I had thought that when this day came, I would be crying and screaming, but I didn't.
    There were tears in my eyes, yes. But I couldn't afford to shed one more drop of tears for a man that had failed me so relentlessly in love.
    Lucas' shock slowly began to wear off, and a sense of dread settled on his face.
    "You must be kidding me." He said in a harsh, monotone voice. "I'm the Alpha of the White Walkers and you're nothing but an omega. You don't have the right to reject me. I will reject you instead."
    "OK. Bring it on. Reject me," I said. My voice was still collected.
    Looking offended, he grabbed my arms with his giant hands, looking into my eyes.
    We were so close. His lips were just in front of my forehead. I could easily steal a kiss from him as our goodbye gift.
    But I canceled that thought immediately and lifted my face.
    I made sure he saw nothing but determination in my eyes.
    "Are you challenging me? Do you think that I, the leader of the most powerful pack in the entire Kingdom, don't dare to reject an omega like you?"
    "I don't know, you aren't rejecting me right now," I replied. "So, what are you afraid of?"
    Lucas tossed me on the sofa.
    "I, Lucas Logan Steele of the White Walkers Pack of the White Walkers Pack, reject you, Leah Eleanor Lewyn of the Defiant Pack," he said.
    There was no mercy or hesitation in his voice.
    "I accept your rejection," I said briefly.
    For a long time, Lucas just stood there, unable to move or speak, as if he had been plunged into a strange and foreign world, one that he didn't understand and couldn't control.
    The door was pushed open and Josephine showed up.
    "Oh, my Moon Goddess! Is this a bad time? Did Lucas just reject you?" She gloated. She's known for her curated cautiousness when it comes to handling this kind of situation. But on that day, she just couldn't conceal her happiness anymore.
    "Yes, you've heard it right." My voice was steady and resolute, but I no longer needed to hide my disgust and disdain. "I know it's you who sent me the picture on our wedding day. You want to sabotage our marriage and now congratulations, you've finally got what you want. Lucas is all yours. Enjoy your painful slow death."
    Josephine's innocent doe eyes were wide open as if she had never expected this would happen.
    "Oh, mine! There must be some serious misunderstanding here. Lucas and I are just friends. He's like an elder brother to me. A very kind and gentle one. And I swear in the name of my dead brother that I have never ever sent you any pictures! Come on, Leah. Are you OK? You poor thing. I've always known you're a bit backward, but you have never been so paranoid like this. Do you need to lie down a bit? Oh, no. I guess I'm the one who needs to lie down now." She placed her hand on her forehead, leaning against Lucas as if she was about to faint.
    I saw a flash of guilt flick across her dark brown eyes.
    Isn't this woman a drama queen?! I thought to myself. Anyway, she's not my problem anymore. I'm done with her.
    Just as I was about to walk away, I noticed the sapphire pendant on Josephine's neck.
    I thought to myself, well, according to the preup, I can't take anything away from our marriage, but that pendant was given to me by Lucas before our wedding ceremony. So technically, it's my separate property. And since there's no happy memory that I can take away from this marriage, at least I can claim that pendant.
    "One more thing," I said. "I need my pendant back."
    "What?! But that's my pendant. Lucas gave it to me as a gift..."
    "That's the wedding gift from Lucas to me. I was wearing it on our wedding day. Everyone saw it," I said.
    Josephine took a glance at Lucas and tittered to me, "Oh, really?! I didn't know it was your wedding gift. I wasn't paying any attention to you on your wedding day."
    Then, she lifted her arms, pretending to remove the pendant.
    "Lucas, I know you want to make me happy. But I guess I'll return this pendant to Leah. I mean, growing up, you've bought me so many pieces of jewelry. I still remember the diamond ring shaped candy you bought me when you were six. You put on my finger and asked me to be your bride. I was only four at that time and it was so sweet. This pendant is probably the only piece of precious stone Leah has ever got. I really don't need it. Could you please help me to remove it, Lucas? I guess it's entangled with my hair..."
    "Don't worry. I'll help you." I said.
    Then, I stepped forward and abruptly pulled the pendant off Josephine's neck, along with a lock of her blonde hair.
    "Ahhh! You're hurting me! Why are you hurting me? I haven't done anything wrong! Help me, Lucas! This woman is crazy and she's going to kill me!" Josephine screamed in pain and hid behind Lucas, using him like a shield.

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    Chapter 5
    Leah's POV
    "Leah, what do you think you're doing?" Lucas stared at me as if he was gripped by anger and shock.
    I wasn't surprised that he took Leah's side. But it didn't mean that my heart wasn't hurt.
    "I'm just taking back what belongs to me," I replied.
    Josephine's face was distorted in pain. She looked up at Lucas and said, "Luke, I really didn't send her any pictures. I don't know what she's talking about. I don't know why you rejected her, but if it had something to do with me and the blood transfer, I could apologize to both you and her. Anyway, you've been taking good care of me since Basil passed away. It's all my fault. I'm too soft and hopeless. I really can't cope without an elder brother figure in my life."
    "You don't have to apologize for anything, Jo. I know you haven't done anything." Lucas leaned in close to Josephine. His eyes fixed on hers with a deep, unwavering gaze. His voice was a gentle murmur, low and soothing, yet charged with emotion. Every word he spoke was filled with tenderness, conveying the depth of his love for her.
    I used to long for the tenderness of Lucas, but now I'm so over him.
    When the bond between us was cut, I stopped feeling anything for this man.
    Lucas lifted his head to fix me with a cold stare.
    He snapped, "You can't hurt Josephine like this. You need to apologize."
    His voice was devoid of any warmth or interest.
    I swallowed hard, suddenly feeling very small and insignificant in front of him, who seemed to regard me as nothing more than an annoyance.
    "I haven't done anything wrong. I won't apologize." My voice faltered slightly.
    I was surprised that Lucas could still manage to belittle me with his indifference, even though the connection between us had already gone.
    "You ripped off her hair," Lucas said in the same cold, detached tone.
    Before I could say anything, Josephine begged in a trembling voice, "Luke, please. Don't argue with that formidable woman. She's crazy. It's OK for her to hurt me. I don't mind putting it up for you. I would do anything for you because I know you would do the same for me. Just ask the soldiers to walk her away."
    I felt a surge of frustration with my fists clenching at my sides. I wanted to jump at Josephine and rip that fake innocence off her face. But then I suspended that thought.
    Bitches like Josephine thrive on other people's anger. They watch other people lose their temper as well as their dignity and sneer at them.
    As I stood in front of Lucas, my heart felt heavy with emotion.
    This was the end of my five-year marriage.
    I got nothing but a sapphire pendant and some hair in my hands.
    I took a deep breath and tried to compose myself. I knew I had to be strong and walk away from him, even though it felt like the last thing I wanted to do in the world.
    The soldiers came and surrounded me. They were holding weapons in their hands, pointing toward me.
    The tension in the room was so thick that it almost became tactile.
    I took a last look at Lucas, hoping to see some sign of regret or love, but again, there was nothing. He was seemingly unmoved by the gravity of the moment.
    "OK, I'm leaving right now, Lucas," I said and walked away.
    But just as I walked out of the door, I heard Lucas' voice -
    He said wait.
    Does he realize that he has made the hugest mistake in his life?
    Is he going to take me back?
    "Jo's fainted! You have to transfer your blood to her right now!" Lucas' voice was anxious.
    I turned back and saw Josephine's body dangling in Lucas' arms.
    I couldn't believe that she was putting on a show like this when I already decided to walk away from their lives.
    "She doesn't need my blood, Lucas. Her disease remains undiagnosed because there weren't any diseases to be diagnosed with," I said.
    "What did you just say?" Lucas raised his eyebrows.
    "She pretends to be sick and asks me to transfer blood to her, but not even a single drop of my blood gets into her veins. The nurse takes out my blood and throws it away along with other disposable garbage. I saw it a couple of times. This whole thing is a hoax!"
    "Stop lying to me. Why would Jo want your blood if she wasn't sick?" Lucas' face was etched with anger.
    I clenched my fists again. I retorted fiercely, "You call me a liar? OK, let's call the nurse and let her transfer my blood to Josephine right now. But only this time, I want to see my blood getting into her body. I need to warn you, when different types of blood mix together in one person, the person might die. But you don't need to worry, because apparently, my blood is the right match for hers!"
    As soon as I finished the speech, Josephine bounced up from Lucas' arms like a rabbit.
    What a miracle. She's alive.
    Josephine grabbed Lucas' hands and pleaded, "Oh, Luke! You know what? I feel much better now. I don't think I need any blood transfer today. Just let her go now. We'll keep looking for other blood donors."
    Lucas frowned at her and asked, "Jo, are you sure? You look as pale as a ghost."
    I took up a bottle of make-up remover, opened the lid, and poured it on Josephine's face.
    "What are you doing?!" She screamed, trying to cover her face, but it was too late.
    The remover washed off the heavy makeup on her face.
    After the white coating was gone, her original tanner, healthier-looking complexion was revealed.
    "Don't cover your face, Josephine. It's time to show your real face." I said and pulled her hands down.
    Josephine panicked while staring at me.
    She looked like an awkward drenched dog with uneven white spots all over her face.
    I took a glance at Lucas and said, "If I wore that much makeup on my face, I would look sick. But you know what? I don't need other people's blood to cure my unknown disease!"
    Lucas looked as if he was in disbelief at the scene before him. Then, he stared at me. His eyes were blazing with something that I couldn't fathom.
    I didn't flinch, meeting his gaze with unwavering strength.
    "Goodbye, Lucas."
    Having said that, I stormed out of the house.
    As soon as I got out of the house, I tried to hold back the tears, but they flowed freely down my face.
    They weren't tears of remorse, but tears of joy.
    I knew I did the right and bold thing in my life today.
    My fearlessness was shining like a beacon in the midst of a storm.
    As the rage around me faded away, it became clear that I was not the one who was truly lost and alone.
    It was Lucas, with his anger, his lover, and his taking-everything-for-granted attitude, who was truly adrift in the darkness.
    I took out my mobile and dialed a number with trembling fingers.
    It went through right away.
    "Leah, where are you?"
    Hearing my elder brother's deep, static voice, I choked with my own tears.
    "Lucian, he rejected me. I'm free now..."
    "Leah, stay where you're and I'll pick you up."
    A few moments later, several men in black suits showed up in black limos.
    As I approached the grandest black limo, my heart started to race.
    The door opened and I saw my elder brother Lucian sitting inside. He was tall, with broad shoulders and chiseled features that seemed to have been carved from marble. His olive-green eyes locked onto mines.
    As always, he was impeccably dressed in a crisp, black suit that had been tailored specifically for him. His perfectly coiffed hair was styled in a way that made me want to run my fingers through it.
    "Lucian, brother..." I whispered, crying like a melting candle.
    Lucian stretched out his long, muscular arms and held me against his chest.
    "I'm here, Leah. No one will hurt you anymore." He kissed my hair and held me tightly in his arms. His voice was smooth as silk.

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    Chapter 6
    Lucas' POV
    "Does Josephine need blood transfer?" I stared at Josephine's private physician and asked.
    Doctor Eliant Jafar was in his mid-50s. He used to be my father's physician, and I trusted his expertise wholeheartedly.
    Doctor Jafar replied patiently, "Alpha, you have to understand. The diagnosis of a certain disease is a long, hard process. In Miss Solis' case, it's like a relationship."
    "What are you insinuating, doctor?" I frowned.
    I don't like it when someone refuses to give me a straightforward answer.
    Especially when this person is a doctor.
    Doctor Jafar adjusted himself in the chair, but he still looked very uncomfortable.
    "A relationship isn't a contract, Alpha. It's more like a negotiation. You need to make a lot of compromises. So is Miss Solis' diagnosis."
    I started to get more puzzled.
    "Are you trying to teach me something, doctor? Can I have a simple answer? Is Josephine sick or not?"
    "The simple answer is no. She isn't sick."
    "She doesn't need any blood transfer?" I snarled.
    "No, Alpha, she doesn't." Doctor Jafar shook his head decisively.
    "So why did you tell me that she needs a blood transfer?" My voice became dry.
    "Because Miss Solis asked me to do so. Just like what I've said, Alpha. Sometimes I have to compromise."
    "But you're a doctor! You aren't supposed to lie to me!" My voice was filled with venom.
    Doctor Jafar took off his glasses and put them on the table.
    His hands were trembling.
    "Alpha, Basil died in my arms. I watched his body turn cold and I couldn't do anything about it. I know I shouldn't have violated my ethics, but I really couldn't say no to Miss Solis when she asked me to fake her diagnosis."
    Doctor Jafar's voice was barely above a whisper.
    I sighed. I couldn't blame the good old doctor. I knew exactly what he was talking about.
    Nobody could say no to Jo. She was so vulnerable and hopeless after Basil's death.
    But still, Jo faked her condition to get my attention at Leah's expense. Leah found out about it, but she kept on giving her blood to Jo, knowing that she didn't need her blood at all.
    Why didn't Leah say anything to me? She didn't mention it to me. Not even once.
    If I knew what really happened, I would have done something to stop this exploitation, because this was absolutely wrong.
    After I returned to my study, I saw some files and folders lying on the table, all disorganized.
    Feeling bothered by this disarray, I called for the maids and asked why nobody had tidied up my study.
    One of the maids mumbled, "Sorry, Alpha. Luna... Sorry, I mean, Miss Lewyn used to tidy up this room. She labeled and classified everything."
    Upset and annoyed, I took a glance at the labels on the file folders.
    I had always thought Leah was illiterate, but to my surprise, her handwriting was beautiful and immaculate. Flickering through these labels, I pictured her sitting in front of this desk, carefully writing every letter while holding a pen in her delicate hand. Her facial expression was a bit serious, with her rosy pink cheeks. Her firm, round breasts were moving up and down along with the rhythm of her breath.
    I used to touch her breasts. They used to be mine.
    She used to be mine.
    Feeling defeated, I fell into the chair, stroking my hands through my hair.
    Whenever I feel emotional, I intend to distract myself by diving into work.
    But on that day, I felt it was impossible to concentrate on any paperwork. All of a sudden, nothing seemed to make sense to me at all.
    What happened to me? Why do I feel so disoriented?
    I have already rejected Leah. She meant nothing to me in the past, and she certainly means nothing to me now.
    My eyes were fixated on Leah's handwriting again.
    I touched those words with the tips of my fingers. I didn't know why I did it. It wasn't like I could feel Leah's temperature or anything.
    I stood up and stretched my legs.
    "Bring me the tuxedo for tonight's ball. I want to try it on." I said to the maids.
    They immediately looked panicked.
    "What?" I frowned.
    They looked at each other and said -
    "I'm sorry, Alpha. But Miss Lewyn was supposed to pick it up from the tailor."
    "We know there's no excuse, Alpha. We'll go there right now and pick it up for you!"
    Seriously? I waved and sent them away.
    Feeling all alone, I sighed and stood in front of the French window, looking at two swans floating in the lake, side by side.
    Swans mate for life. Together, they build a family together and stay with each other for the rest of their lives.
    There. It finally occurred to me -
    Nothing in my life would ever go right without Leah.
    Did I make a mistake by rejecting Leah?
    I took out my mobile, trying to look for her number. But it occurred to me that I didn't have her number on my mobile.
    I pressed the button on the table and my butler Sebastian picked it up.
    "Alpha, I'm at your service."
    "What's Leah's phone number?"
    "Sorry, Alpha. I'm afraid that Miss Lewyn's phone number hasn't been registered."
    "What? What do you have to do when you want to look for her?"
    The butler sounded confused, "Well, I would pronounce her name at a high volume of voice, Alpha. She's always in the house. She doesn't go anywhere."
    I was silent.
    Leah was waiting for me in this house, day and night. She was such a loyal wife to me.
    "Alpha, may I ask what is your intention of looking for Miss Lewyn?" the butler asked.
    "Nothing. She doesn't have any money on her and she doesn't have a ride. I'm just wondering where the hell did she go?"
    The butler replied reluctantly, "Well, Alpha. I would like to reassure you by informing you that Miss Lewyn had already been picked up by a black limo."
    "A limo?" I didn't like where this conversation was heading.
    I didn't like it a bit.
    "Yes, Alpha. I saw several limos come just now and she got into one of them."
    More limos?
    "Did she get into the limo voluntarily?" I asked anxiously.
    "Well, it's hard to tell, Alpha. Apparently, there was a gentleman sitting inside the limo. There was some physical contact between Miss Lewyn and this gentleman..."
    Five minutes after being rejected by me, Leah got into physical contact with another man?!
    "Was it an old man? Was he ugly? Was he an ugly old man?" I shoot out a string of questions.
    There was an awkward silent pause before the butler's answer.
    "Well, Alpha, it happened so fast, so I'm afraid I wasn't able to comment on this gentleman's age or appearance..."
    OK, so you're useless to me.
    "Go tell Buck to look for her. Bring our finest soldiers to have a carpet search for this entire city. Search every corner. Search in the sewage if that's what it takes, I don't care. I need to find Leah right now!"
    "OK... May I ask what is the nature of the search?"
    I knew the first rule of being Alpha was remaining unpredictable. I wasn't supposed to reveal any of my real thoughts to anyone.
    But on that day, after suppressing my anger for a whole day, I really couldn't hold it anymore.
    So, I let it all out by shouting at the speaker -
    "I don't need any nature of the search! My woman is gone with another man, and I have to look for her!"
    "But... Alpha, if I may remind you... You have already rejected Miss Lewyn."
    "Stop talking, Seb!" I roared while knocking on the table. "I rejected her, but she's still my woman! And it doesn't explain why she's gone with another man!"

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    Is it okay for me to comment here? If not then I'll delete it if you want me to, I just wanted to say, I'm looking forward to more chapters of your story! And Josaphine can choke on dry air for all I care (hey that rhymed). Thank you for sharing your work here!
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    Sure. :meowinlove:
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