Spoiler See You in the Future / 미래에서 만나요

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    미래에서 만나요
    See You in the Future

    윤여음 / Yun Yeo-eum
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    84 Chapters + 16 Side Stories (Completed)
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    This was a nightmare.

    “You two are still on good terms.”

    Yes, a vivid nightmare!

    Ed and I, who used to quarrel every time we met, are married to each other. In addition, we are a couple second to no one in the empire, we were lovebirds!

    “The first thing I found out was that I’d ascended the throne as soon as I graduated, and this place is the future in five years.”

    “…either I’m crazy or Senior is crazy, or we are both crazy.”

    “Also, we are married, and it has been three years.”

    And, the reality to be united as Emperor and Empress was before my eyes.
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    I read some early chapters and got interested. It's the enemies to lovers trope and their dynamic is quite cute. Here's the mtl of ch 1-3 for anyone curious

    Occasionally I think about it that way. A peaceful and peaceful daily life could be shattered by a small mistake one day, and it could become a bad relationship with someone I thought had nothing to do with me.

    And my senior and I became a bad relationship that I had never thought of, and because of that, my relationship was completely turned upside down.

    As for the bad relationship with the senior, it has to go back to March and spring of this year.

    The senior was an academy celebrity that no one knew. Even more so, it is because it is even more strange that I do not know a senior who is perfect in every way, such as the Crown Prince of the Empire and his beautiful appearance, brain power, and excellent swordsmanship. And I also knew such a senior well.

    His name is Adrian Berniti. At the time, I didn't know that my senior and I would be like this.

    I actually said this, but I was the first to announce the beginning of my relationship with my senior.

    Except for the strong background of the only young lady of a count, I was an ordinary student, no different from other students. I think my appearance is normal, my sexuality is normal, and my personality is also normal.

    If there was one thing that made me a little better than other students, it was my eyesight. I was particularly quick-witted than others. In general, he was good at reading people's inner feelings.

    It may not have been a mere coincidence that I immediately noticed the pretense smile of my senior.

    Actually, I only heard the words, but the first time I saw my seniors was when I was in the 3rd year of entering school. Surrounded by students from afar, the seniors had a friendly smile. Seeing such a senior, the surrounding students screamed, but somehow, I felt a sense of incongruity.

    And I felt it every time I saw the senior, and finally realized it when I saw the senior who took the oath as the student representative during the morning inquiry before the exam. He said that the real sense of incongruity he felt whenever he saw Senior Adrian was that pretentious smile.

    Is it because of the joy of realizing the identity of what has been caught all the time, or is it because I am an idiot who takes it out of my mouth right away? The moment I made eye contact with Senior Adrian, who was coming down after taking the oath, I unknowingly brought up the word 'pretended laughter'. I'm not sure if I heard it because it was far away, but that day I witnessed the first moment Adrian's fake smile broke. Actually, I don't think fake smiles are bad. I just didn't want to be involved. However, the relationship had already been formed, and it was undoubtedly me who ended it first.

    However, whatever it is.

    "Since I saw you, it seems that today is going to be a bad day."

    This isn't it.

    I looked at Senior Adrian staring at me with a tired expression. His black hair was especially thick today, and his red eyes were fierce. I was never happy with that face that only I could see.

    From that day on, the senior disappeared for a while, and one day he suddenly appeared and started to argue with me. At first, it was at the level of lightly hitting everyone on the shoulder or hanging on his foot, but it became more and more so that I could say bad luck in front of people.

    Students who do not know me are jealous and envious of how their senior pay special attention to me, but if you see that dissatisfied expression in front of your eyes, you will never feel envious.

    And I, who used to say that humans are animals of development, and did not know what to do with embarrassment, came to the point of refusing with a sullen expression.

    "Huh, thank you for doing what I said!"

    like now Are you crazy if you hear from students you don't know? I would like to, but I was very serious. Although the family's well-being cannot be guaranteed if the senior ascends to the throne.

    At my words, the older's fine brow furrowed. A handsome man is said to be handsome no matter what he does, and even his frowned brow reminds us of a piece of his agony. Perhaps, if I hadn't known the true personality of the senior, I might have been fascinated by that look.

    "I see you walking around like this in class, so you're in the right posture, don't you?"

    When the senior said sarcastically, I responded with a snort.

    "Today is a day with only morning classes. A senior like that is a model of a very conscientious student, right?"

    "Unlike anyone else, I'm busy. I was on my way home from the student council meeting."

    The senior accepted my words with a relaxed smile as if he would not lose. So, personality breaker. I muttered to myself, and said in an annoyed voice.

    "Then go on your way. Why are you arguing with a good student who stood still!"

    "It's not an argument, it's honest. It's because I'm the type of person who can't stand my heart."

    At those words, I looked at the senior with a dissatisfied expression on my face. My senior also closed his lips and looked at me with sharp eyes.

    Silence passed for a while.

    Finally, I took a deep breath and shook her head.

    "Ah, really, I feel sorry for the person who will become the wife of a senior in the future. Does that person know the true form of a senior like this? Isn't that a fraudulent marriage?"

    It was said to irritate my nerves, but the senior who did not respond for a while raised the corner of his mouth and accepted it.

    "That wife isn't going to be you, so don't you care? But it's a pity whoever will be your husband in the future. Let me know if you ever get married. I will go and comfort him."

    Shaking my shoulders at the words of the senior who had even smiled, I raised her head up and shouted.

    "Really, I can't really communicate with you, senior!"

    "Look at who’s speaking?"

    The senior, who responded coldly, immediately stared at me with his firm expression and opened his mouth.

    "You're annoying from start to finish."

    As I put on a bewildered expression in a slightly different atmosphere from before, the senior who caught my eye once turned his back and passed by me.

    For a moment, the scent of acacia came and went away.

    I turned my head and looked at the senior's back with an absurd expression, and then I walked while deliberately making the sound of my footsteps louder.

    Then I stopped on the way and let out a deep sigh. I have to ignore it, and I have to ignore it next time, but when the senior is arguing with me, at some point, I will fight back.

    Suddenly, I remembered my father's words that I shouldn't have a bad relationship with the Crown Prince. I'm sorry, Dad. It seems it's already late.

    Taking another deep breath, I moved on to where I had stopped. I just wished that the senior would graduate as soon as possible.

    When I opened the door to the dormitory with a tired and exhausted look, Kanna, who was doing her homework, looked back at me with a welcome expression, and then she bit her tongue.

    "Did you come back with Senior Adrian again?"

    "How did you know?"

    When I asked her with a surprised expression at Kanna's confident speaking as soon as she saw me like a fortune teller, Kanna shook her head and opened her mouth.

    “But anyone would know by the look at your face?”

    I touched my face in response to Kanna's words, and then I flopped on the bed and muttered in a low voice...

    "Personality Breaker..."

    "It's only for you."

    Kanna is the only person who knows about my relationship with my senior. At Kanna's words, I looked up at the ceiling and let out an absurd sigh.

    As Kanna said, seniors are perfect and kind in front of others. Except for me. How honest are you in front of me? I want you to stop being honest.

    Not minding that I had a tired expression on my face, Kanna was reminded of the senior.

    “Ah, what kind of woman will the future Crown Princess be?”

    As Kanna spoke in a voice full of envy, I looked up at the ceiling and said in a nonchalant voice. It was a topic that every young girl would think about at least once.

    "It's obvious. It's only natural that it’s Senior Chetia, right?"

    "Well, isn't it?"

    At my words, Kanna spoke in a shrill voice as if the air of a balloon was expelled. I spat out nonsense at Kanna's words, and I blankly counted the patterns on the ceiling and thought of Senior Chetia.

    She is a classmate with Senior Adrian, who is a great grader, and the only daughter of the high-ranking Duke of Chetia. In the present aside from the empress, Chetia can be said to be the first lady of the empire in name and reality.

    The reason why Cetia is famous is not only because she is the only daughter of the Duke of Cetia, but also for her beautiful appearance and great brain. She already had no momentum to hide her appearance, and people were convinced that Cetia senior would be Adrian senior's mate.

    Well, it would not be wrong to say that she has already been appointed as the Crown Princess. It is a moment of pity for the senior Chetia, who will marry him without knowing anything else and not knowing the true form of senior Adrian. Senior Chetia hates me, though.

    When her thoughts reached there, I asked Kanna in a low voice.

    "Kanna, why does Senior Chetia hate me?"

    "Yeah, Liz, because you're close with Senior Adrian."

    "Are you crazy?"


    When I spoke in an absurd voice to Kanna's words, Kanna answered her firmly and continued her words.

    “Honestly, you claim that you have a bad relationship with Senior Adrian, but don’t people see you as close? If you just meet each other, you would stand there for 10 minutes and talk, who doesn’t like it?"


    He'll be the first to speak! No matter how many times I ignore, avoid, and avoid, Senior Adrian starts with an argument when he sees only me. You must be someone who speaks before you think, obviously. However, that is strictly my position, and as Kanna said, if others see it, it will look like me and Senior Adrian are close friends. Once we meet, we can talk about anything. Even if that conversation cannot be said to be a conversation between close friends at all.

    "Honestly, is there anyone other than you that Senior Adrian treats him without hesitation? I'm close with Senior Derian, but he doesn't treat me like you do."

    "It's not that I'm not hesitant, I'm just dealing with it. Anyway, it's the worst to think that way."

    After answering with a tired voice, I finally closed my eyes and turned my head. After having a fight with the senior, I was exhausted, my whole body was drained of strength, and my mind went blank. This was probably a signal before going to sleep. Fortunately, today is the only day for morning classes, so there were no classes after that. I closed my eyes at ease and said in a languid voice.

    "Kanna, I'll sleep first..."

    "Wash a little.... No. Sleep well."

    Hearing Kanna's tired voice, I exhaled slowly. As I was starting to feel more and more relaxed, I thought. Oh, I hope I don't meet the senior tomorrow.


    Today, the unusually warm feel of the duvet felt good and I dug into it even more. Then a sparse voice was heard.

    "No... Now work..."

    Hanna, sure that the owner of the voice was Kanna, nodded and barely spoke.

    "Um, Kanna... Just a little more..."

    As I buried my head in the blanket to avoid Kanna's waking hand, I heard a sigh above my head.

    "Kanna? my name is Layra. Anyway, you have to get up and prepare for breakfast. Otherwise, you'll be late."

    What do you mean by breakfast? We don't eat breakfast. In response to Kanna's words, I buried myself in the bed more, and I jumped up from my seat, startled by the next words.

    “If you are late, your Majesty the Emperor will be waiting for you.”

    Yeah? Who's waiting?

    “His Majesty the Emperor?!"

    I jumped up from my seat at the title of His Majesty the Emperor who appeared suddenly, and blinked my eyes at the face of a stranger in front of me. With her orange hair, orange eyes and a maid outfit, it was my first time seeing this woman.

    "Who are you?"

    As soon as I opened my eyes, I was bewildered by the appearance of an unfamiliar woman.

    "Mama, are you a little awake? But you have to prepare soon."

    "Come on, wait!"

    Without a moment to resist, the woman I saw for the first time in her life quickly washed my face, took off my clothes, and began to tighten my waist with a stiff corset. I opened my eyes and cut my nose to the woman's quick and natural action like flowing water.

    "Oh! Come on, wait a minute!"

    The pressure was so strong that I felt like my intestines were about to burst, so I screamed in a hurry, and the woman took a deep breath and then tightened my corset even more and shouted.

    "No way! You’re late!"

    So, where the hell am I late? I want to say something, but when I open my mouth, the inside of me is going to pop out of my mouth, so I bit my lip and endured the pressure with great difficulty.

    The pressure I feel after entering the academy for the first time in a long time. Even at several banquets, I used to wear a corset to tighten it for my slender waist, but it wasn't that tight.

    After a few dozen minutes of fighting, she looked down at me, lying on the floor with a proud expression, wiping the sweat from her forehead after the woman exhaled. It doesn't look like I don't have a mirror right now, but I'm sure my waist is slimmer than an ant right now.

    However, the corset was only in the preparatory stage, the real thing was different. Soon, the woman brought several luxurious and gorgeous dresses, and she raised me up and repeated the process of putting on and taking off one by one. In addition, it was duplicated. Because of the already tightened corset, I felt like my waist would burst, but as someone I didn't know put on a complicated dress and took it off repeatedly, I started to get annoyed until the end of my head, but I endured it. because I don't know Actually, I tend to hide the day very much. Besides, I couldn't get ahead of the situation because I didn't understand the situation properly.

    The woman, who had finally chosen a dark navy-blue dress, touched the look of her dress, led me to the vanity table, and started putting on makeup this time around. It's not dark because it's morning, but apart from that, I couldn't figure out why I was doing this now.

    Where did Kanna go? I rolled her eyes and looked over her woman's shoulder.

    Besides, I didn't know because I was crazy, but this room is not a dormitory room. Spacious, glamorous and old-fashioned room. It was a more splendid and spacious room than the room of Count Plomen's hometown.

    Also, it was difficult to dare to price this dress just by looking at the jewels on the dress she is currently wearing.

    Meanwhile, the woman who finished my makeup took a deep breath. It was the sigh of a pro.

    "Please confirm it."

    As the woman got up from her seat and spoke to me, I turned around with a tired expression on my face and checked the vanity mirror. Then I opened my eyes wide.


    Is this really me? Perhaps the woman's skillful hand movements were not in vain. The rich blonde hair that hid the waist was gently dangling, and the skin, which belonged to the fairly white side, became even whiter and more transparent. Long eyelashes hung over her green eyes, and her thin lips were crimson and slightly opened.

    Whether it was the power of makeup or the halo of an expensive dress, my appearance in the mirror created a much more mature and mature atmosphere than the original me. No, it's not because of my mood, but I think I've become more mature, right?

    After looking into the mirror for a long time in a strange sense of discomfort, I heard a small laugh from the back of a woman, wondering how she interpreted it. So, her name was Leira...?

    It was the moment I opened her mouth to ask Leira about this all-chaotic situation.

    She said, "Your Majesty has come."

    A knock was heard ahead of my words, and a voice came from beyond the door. More than that, huh, who's here?

    I wondered if I had heard something wrong, but seeing her noticeably nervous Leira, it seemed that wasn't the case. why not! Why is His Majesty the Emperor visiting me!

    While I was not sure what to do with the sudden appearance of His Majesty the Emperor, the voice was heard again.

    "Mama, Your Majesty the Emperor has arrived."

    Then I woke up and hurriedly opened my mouth to the fact that I had left His Majesty the Emperor outside the door. I didn't even have the spirit to argue about the name 'Mama' in front of me.

    "Take it!"

    When my permission was granted, the door swung open, and the sound of shoes echoed through the room. His Majesty's footsteps. I opened my eyes and fought hard against the senior prince, but in fact, I am weak in the face of power. I am a mere countess' daughter who has neither power nor anything, and the opponent is His Majesty the Emperor who sits at the top of this empire. It's strange not to be nervous.

    I jumped up and bowed my head, waiting for something to come out, but after a long time, no words came out. What, what? A tight tension filled the room, and my heart raced to the point of thumping.


    Finally, the Emperor's voice echoed through the room. Is it me in his congratulatory spell? But unfortunately, it was Leila who left. Come on, wait! Take me too! I desperately grabbed Leila from the inside, but Leila softly ignored my cry and closed her door and left. There was only a heavy silence in the room Leira left, and I shed tears inside. No, Your Majesty... Why are you doing this? I wanted to cry.

    As I was weeping inside, I suddenly realized something was strange, because His Majesty's voice was younger than I thought. As far as I know, His Majesty's present age is in his mid-40s, but the voice he just heard sounded much younger than that. Moreover, no matter how rich they were, the voice of Senior Adrian was surprisingly similar, no, the same.

    However, the strange thing is strange, and the fact that the person in front of me now is the Emperor has not changed. Cold sweat dripped from the tension. I was contemplating whether I should talk to him first, and the voice came again.

    "...... Liz Flomen?"

    A familiar name sung by a familiar voice. Reflexively raising my head, I opened my eyes wide to the person standing in front of me and moved my mouth slowly.


    His voice trembled.

    The person who appeared in front of me saying His Majesty the Emperor was the Crown Prince of this empire and Senior Adrian, who attacked him as if he could eat him just by looking at him.

    Why is your senior here?

    I stared blankly at the senior, then I closed my eyes tightly and opened it. Because I thought it might be an illusion.

    However, the senior was still looking down at me with an absurd expression on the spot.

    "Wait, how did you get here..."

    When the prince, who appeared as the emperor, was bewildered and stuttered, he opened his mouth with a complicated expression as if he did not understand English.

    "I don't know. When I opened my eyes, I was told it wasn't an academy and was in the palace."

    "The Imperial Palace..."

    Spacious, glamorous and old-fashioned room. I turned my head and looked around the room. It didn't look like a normal mansion room at first glance, but if this was an imperial palace, I could understand. But putting all those things aside, I asked the senior about the most incomprehensible thing.

    "...When did you ascend to the throne as His Majesty the Emperor?"

    The question is, when did the senior, who was the Crown Prince, ascend to the throne? This is a very important matter. 'Cause it's my neck problem. I cast a shadow on his face, remembering what he had been harassed by a senior in the hallway yesterday afternoon. I thought this would happen someday, but not now!

    I bowed my head and shook my shoulders, but when I didn't hear any answer, I raised my head and looked at the senior. The senior had a very serious expression on his face. There was a sense of disappointment somewhere.

    Then, when our eyes met, he opened up the senior membership and asked me.

    "So, when did you become the Empress?"


    I screamed at the startled senior's question. The first thing that came to my mind was whether this senior was finally crazy. Sure enough, the Empress is the Empress, the Empress's wife and the Empress's mother! must be crazy

    "I'm not the Empress! Senior are you crazy?!"

    The senior's remarks about the Empress were so shocking that I flew lightly and shouted out the manners I had been keeping.

    "I'd rather be crazy."

    I could tell from the senior's dry voice that he was never joking. The senior's expression was infinitely serious and heavy, making it even heavier for me.

    it's crazy. Nonsense. Does this make sense? what do i say It is shocking enough to say that the senior is the Emperor, but I am insane, the Empress.......


    As she took a deep breath without even thinking about it, I could feel her senior's eyes looking at me. what the hell is this I couldn't understand anything. There was not a single situation that could be understood.

    "Calm down for now."

    "Can you calm down?!"

    The senior said as if to calm me down, but I couldn't calm down at all. In the first place, who would be able to calm down easily in such a ridiculous situation, it felt like my eyes were spinning.

    "Even if it doesn't work, it can't be helped. For now, the priority is to understand the situation."


    However, unlike me, who was embarrassed and did not know what to do, the senior was calm. Seeing such a senior, I felt like an idiot because I didn't know what to do on my own. My head calmed down to some extent, and I took a deep breath and sat across from the senior. A small table separated between me and the senior.

    “Let’s talk first.”

    There was no subject, but he knew what I was saying. I recalled my memories as calmly as possible.

    "...So, after breaking up with my senior like that yesterday, I went to my dorm room and slept. And when I woke up, I was here..."

    I forced my voice to tremble, and I continued.

    "And after I just tightened my waist... put on a dress... and dressed up, my ‘Majesty the Emperor’ came. But that was the senior."

    After I finished speaking, I stared straight ahead with a firm expression on my face. Because it was much more absurd when I put it in words. This situation occurred suddenly, with no probability, no reason, no foreshadowing. When I finished my words, the senior nodded his head and began his story.

    "It's the same with me. I went to the training area yesterday and practiced swordsmanship, then went back to my dorm room and slept. And when I woke up, I was here. I think I had a dream, but I can't remember. Anyway, I woke up. It was an imperial palace, and the servants told me that I was the emperor."


    "After that, I said I was going to the Empress, so I came and you were there."

    It was a similar situation to mine. ha, what the hell is this. The moment I was about to say something because I was so emotional, I heard a knock, and then I heard a voice saying, "It's late." After hearing that sound, the senior took a deep breath and got up from her seat and said to me.

    “Let’s go.”

    "Uh, where are you going?"

    I do remember that Laira was late somewhere, but it had just happened and I was so confused that I couldn't remember.

    When I suddenly got up from my seat and asked, a senior who had seen me once moved her steps, stood in front of her door, and said: And somehow that calm voice stuck in my ear,

    "Imperial Breakfast."

    "That... what is it?"

    I wondered how anxious I would be here, but the word 'Imperial breakfast' brought anxiety over me. So, the imperial family is the current senior is the emperor, and I am the empress...

    At my question, the senior turned to me, putting his hand on her doorknob.

    "It's a place for the emperor's family to gather and have a meal. So, under the current circumstances, I'm going to have dinner with the former emperor."

    I couldn't say anything to the explanation of the really kind senior.

    As soon as they said that I was late, I followed it, but it felt like I was being dragged to the slaughterhouse.

    "...do I have to go?"

    Even when I was hesitant because I was unwilling, the senior answered firmly.

    "If you don't go, you'll be suspicious. For now, the priority is to act without suspicion and to understand the situation."

    I looked up at the senior with a surprised expression at the senior's words. The senior looked at me like this and said, “What is it?”

    "Senior, you are calm..."

    I am still confused, complicated, and hard to come to my senses, but I was surprised and humbled by the senior who calmly grasped the situation. To other students, seniors would look like that, but to me, seniors were always arguing, annoying, and troublesome.

    As my senior said, I can't even get a suspicion because I haven't been able to understand the situation yet, so I went out of my way and walked down the hallway next to the senior.

    "Where are we going?"

    "Dining hall."

    Yeah, we're going for breakfast, but we're not going to be in the backyard. As I poked my lips in response to the older man's insincere answer, I suddenly realized that his appearance was somehow different. His black hair is the same, his red eyes are the same, his standoff-ish nose is the same, and his appearance that makes people hesitate is the same, but something is different. something... something.


    I know what. The original senior had a strong image of a handsome boy, but the current senior exudes a manly atmosphere. Besides, as if he was taller, I had to raise my head a little bit so that our eyes met.

    But it wasn't just the seniors who were different. I realized it only after seeing my seniors, but my body, which I thought was just the halo of makeup and dress, was not due to my imagination. In fact, I was a little taller and the curves of my body were more curved than before. Awkward and uncomfortable, I feel like I am not me.

    I lifted my head, closed my lips, and looked up at the senior who was walking, staring only at the front. What is the senior thinking now? I am so embarrassed and scared. A change in myself that I did not know, a change in circumstances. My eyes were darkened by this absurd reality that I could not fully comprehend.

    Does the senior do the same? As soon as I asked a question, I gave an answer myself. No, my senior will be different from me. I could tell just by looking at it right away. Somehow, I felt sorry for myself.

    While I was thinking about it, my senior and I stood in front of a certain door.


    As the senior spoke, the servant who was guarding the door lowered his head and began to gently open the door. Then, slowly, the inside was revealed.

    A dining hall with a simple interior. In the center was a long table covered with a white tablecloth, and at the top was a middle-aged man drinking red wine.

    A middle-aged man with black hair like a senior. Without even thinking about it, I could tell that that person was the senior's father and the original emperor.

    As the senior and I entered the dining room, he seemed to feel a sense of self-worth, and he turned his head and looked at the senior. Just by looking at it, I felt a strange sense of intimidation, and I tightened my shoulders. So was the Emperor.

    "You're late."


    When he spoke in a deep voice, the senior bowed his head in reply, and sat down next to the man. Me, what should I do? Not knowing what to do, I sat down as soon as the senior pointed to the other side with a wink. As my senior and I sat down, the food began to come out in earnest.

    One, two, the food that made my mouth watering just by looking at it slowly filled the table, and the procession stopped only after filling more than half of the long table.

    First the man ate the food, then came out and the senior cut the meat. But unlike the mouthwatering one, I couldn't enjoy this taste. It felt like chewing a grain of sand in this awkward atmosphere.

    In addition, it was very uncomfortable to sit because of the tight corset at the waist. I feel like I'm going to pretend He was careful even to the tip of his finger lest he would make a mistake in front of the emperor.

    At that moment, the man seated at the top of the table spoke first in a colorful atmosphere.

    “It has been four years since you took the throne.”

    Surprised by his sudden words, food caught in my throat, and I coughed in vain. Then the senior handed me a glass of my own water.

    "Baby, are you okay?"

    "It's okay, it's okay......."

    I almost coughed once more at the word 'baby', but I swallowed hard and swallowed the water.

    "The time has already come."

    The flow was disrupted by my cough and all eyes were focused and I bowed my head, then I glanced up at the voice of the senior from the other side. It was the answer to a while ago. A senior than that, who has never been crowned, what is so clever! I looked at the senior with a puzzled expression. The only person in the world who can lie so casually in front of the Emperor must be, that's great!

    Perhaps he felt my gaze filled with admiration, the senior looked at me and licked his lips.


    The moment I was about to answer, “What am I?” another question flew in. this time to me

    "Is there anything inconvenient baby?"

    "Oh, baby, that's right. Haha! It's very comfortable!"

    I was once again startled by the word ‘Baby’, so I quickly came to my senses and answered with a smile. Seeing me like this, I felt my senior laughing at me. that human! Of course, I can't show perfect acting like the senior.

    "But today, you don't have much to say. Usually, you make me happy by saying, "Father, Father."

    Is that person really me? It's not Liz Flomen, it's Lizfloben... or something. The source of that laughter was the senior. That man is having fun. I'm enjoying my embarrassment.

    I was somewhat embarrassed. He’s the senior’s dad! How do you do it! However, knowing that the senior wasn’t someone who would kindly help me, I decided to overcome this difficulty on my own.

    "Haha, ah, my father is also true. The two of you were talking so hard that we couldn't get in the way. Hohoho."

    Yes. Actually, I had no talent for acting. Black. However, my father said with a big smile, whether he was satisfied with his clumsy acting like this.

    "My baby is still cute, isn't it, Ed?"

    "Ah, yes... it's really cute... it's cute."

    Senior, talking and facial expressions don't match.

    I looked at the senior who answered with a shaky expression with a smile, just like the senior usually did. Then the senior looked at me with an annoyed expression on his face.

    “So, when will I be able to hug my grandchildren?”


    As I drank water while gazing at each other, I spit the water I had in my mouth straight toward the senior's face at the words of my father, who was attacking me by surprise. The fact that the net got wet on the senior's face was a fact that he knew without having to ask.

    Silence passed. A cold sweat broke out. My face became contemplative, my father seemed a little perplexed, and the senior... Yes, it was as if he was seeing the incarnation of death.

    "Are you, are you okay?"

    When I hurriedly asked the senior, he answered with his eyes closed.

    "It's okay if it's you!... It's okay. It's okay. It's okay."

    I wiped away a cold sweat at the answer of the senior who was conscious of my father. If my father hadn't been here, I would have been blown away by the clenched fist of the senior right away.

    Tight with my saliva water napkin! I rubbed it until the skin came off. Seeing such a senior, my father got up from his seat and asked.

    "I'm not going to get up. Would you like to go with me?"

    "No. I want to spend time alone with her... the Empress."

    When the senior shook his head and answered, he asked the senior with a puzzled expression.

    "Empress? Are you talking about a baby? We usually call each other by nicknames Liz and Ed, but did they even fight?"

    "...No, Liz. I want to spend time alone with Liz."

    Father, please stop.... You asked for a senior's molars. But my father, who did not know how I felt, just smiled and continued with a happy expression on his face.

    "Yeah, yeah, you've only been married for three years, but when we're stuck together, cancer."

    My father, who casually fed me, left the dining hall just saying, “It’s a good time.” My father left the dining hall, and at last the two of us, a senior man, spoke to me in an annoyed voice.

    “Hey, is that on purpose?”

    “...Senior, please calm down.”

    “It smells like your face.”

    “It must be the mood.”

    “Isn’t it?”

    Instead of answering, I looked away. The senior who looked at me quietly like this

    I took a deep breath and opened my mouth.

    “Once I found out, I would have taken the throne as soon as I graduated, so this is the future five years from now.”

    “… Either I'm crazy, or the senior is crazy, or both.”

    "Also, we've been married, and it's been three years."

    … This is crazy

    The curse came out of nowhere.


    After breakfast, which was a really chaotic time, I went back to my room and there was no conversation between me and my senior. No, we didn't have a pleasant conversation from the beginning, but now, my head is so confused that I can't say anything.

    Does it make sense? future? 5 years later?

    Besides, even marrying a senior?

    this is a nightmare. Yes, a vivid nightmare that is very realistic.

    As the thought ran through it, I paused. The senior looked at me and made a face like what he was doing.

    “It must be a dream.”

    “I wish I did.”

    As the senior responded roughly with an indifferent expression, I glanced around.

    After confirming that no one was around, I raised my heel as much as possible and pressed my lips to the senior's ear as if conveying a secret. I was on the side with a fairly large difference in height, but my toes were trembling because of the senior who had grown a lot. At this point, he would normally bow his back, but the senior kept his back upright without showing any signs of that.

    Well, I didn't want it.

    “You don’t feel pain in your dreams.”


    When the senior asked the question, I put my raised heel on the ground, looked up at my senior with a very serious expression, and opened my mouth.

    “If I hit a senior in the face, he will kill me mercilessly, right?”

    “You’re asking me something obvious.”

    I nodded my head with a very sad expression in response to the senior's reply, who jumped out immediately without hesitation, then raised my hand and slapped my cheek without hesitation.


    Along with a dull fricative, I let out a small, painful moan.

    OMG… power control...

    Having never hit or being hit by anyone in my life, I grabbed my cheeks with both hands at the intense pain I felt in my cheeks, and sacrificed my body to beat myself down to separate dreams from reality.


    “…Are you a little scared right now?”

    The senior spoke to me with a slightly nervous expression, but now I have no energy to respond to what the senior said. It hurts, it really hurts. Even from the cheek that was hit, the burning pain began to spread all over the face.

    It hurt so much that tears welled up. The palm I hit was still tingling, so I said everything. The pain was even worse because I had never been hit by anyone in my life.

    But there is something to be learned from this noble sacrifice.

    “Senior, it hurts…”

    “…Yes, it seems.”

    When I spoke in a low voice, the senior took a step back from me and answered. That person? Glancing at such a senior, I took a deep breath and said in a tired voice.

    “So, this is not a dream.”

    “…You've discovered something great."

    It's amazing. I was annoyed by the sight of my senior who even clapped and admired me. However, there was nothing to pick up, so I was just frustrated inside.

    In the midst of this, I felt my cheeks swell, and as I was about to take a deep breath, the senior's large palms wrapped around my swollen cheeks.

    Surprised by the sudden action of the senior, I opened my eyes wide and looked up, and the senior looked up at my cheek and whispered in a serious voice.


    "Seni… or?"

    The atmosphere of a serious senior is just unfamiliar. I looked at the senior with bewildered eyes. The senior, who saw me like this, slowly opened his lips and let out a soft voice.

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