Chinese Seven Nights of Snow 七夜雪 by 沧月 Cang Yue

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    Name : Seven Nights of Snow 七夜雪 by 沧月 Cang Yue
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    It’s a novel from the famous author Cang Yue who wrote Zhu Yan and Mirror: Twin Cities
    It's gonna be adapted as a drama
    Description :
    The story is about snow fall in seven nights between three people. Huo Zhan Bai, the most elite among Seven Swords of Search Mount. He has very high martial skill with a handsome face, but he’s holding a tormented love. Throughout 8 years from birth to death, going all the way to end of the Earth, soaking himself in the sea of blood, just to find the right medicine to save the life of a child, son of the woman who has betrayed his love.

    Huo Zhan Bai many times has returned from death due to the help of the strange Head of Yaoshi dale whose name is Xue Zi Ye. This purple dress lady was named the god of medicine. Each year, only ten Returned Sky Commands are given out. Only ten people can received healing and each person has to pay 10 thousand taels of silver. This lady only agrees to cure the patients inside the dale and absolutely refuses to go outside of the dale. Only a few times she breaks the rule to save few people due to their handsome faces. Xue Zi Ye is cold and fiesty. Sometimes, she’s intense and sharp as snow ice. However, every night, her servants are moved when they see her kneeling by and talking to a teenage boy’s body lying in state at the bottom of the lake. The pain of having the entire clan killed comes back each night.

    It’s is Tong, a mysterious assassin who is the lead of all Dai Guang Ming’s assassins, or a strange child of many years ago whose memory has been erased. That assassin knows clearly the person in front of him is his only family. He clearly knows that person is sincere and tries her best to save his life, but he doesn’t hesitate to deceive and even wants to take away the life of his benefactor.

    These three persons met and were connected in seven nights of snow fall or seven nights heart churns. However, it’s time to say good bye to this persistent dream of the mistakes, misunderstanding, resentment must be paid and gratitude must be returned. But to approach the end point which is seemingly simple, is multi obstacles to overcome, not only stop at the river of blood…
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