Resolved Shoujo Villainess Reincarnation

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    I can’t remember the title of a manhwa. It’s shoujo where someone transmigrates into the black haired villianess of the novel. She thinks that in order to go back, she needs to follow the story exactly. So she does, dies, and returns to just before she enters the academy. This time she follows her heart and treats the protagonist really well, but still ends up being killed by the crown prince for no reason other than he’s a prick. For her third life she says f— it, cancels her engagement with the crown prince, befriends the protagonist, and befriends the two secondary male leads. I remember the sword master one is named Reynolds, I think? Because of her magical abilities, she becomes paired with the future Tower Master, who is clearly the real male lead. The last thing I remember happening is that the MC went on vacation to the Tower and her friends came to visit her.

    Any help with the title would be appreciated!

    Never mind. Found it. It’s “I’m No Heroine!”
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