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    Welcome to my poem pool~
    We'll this is a thread to store and share both my past, present and future poems, I had written or will be writing in the future.

    For the reason I made this, that was because I was friendly advised many times by @brasca123, @Pyoo and I guess @BlancFrost too~
    But It was also meanly inspired by ❅[PARTNERS IN RHYME] Blanc Poem Pool❅, and then I want to make one pool too, but was lazy at same time. So even though I planned it for a long time ago, I just don't have the motivation to start until now.

    In beginning, I write poems for fun and post them randomly on spot to people I know, without a single title for my poems. Mostly they are in posted in the profile of people, because I will a bit happy too.

    In the future, I want to make more creative poem, and develop a habit to make a title for every poem I create. I may also revise the old ones, then I feel like it.

    Poem links:
    Random spread poems (Sep 22 2016 - Apr 4 2017)
    Random spread poems (Apr 10 and after)
    Challenge poems and poems from this site
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    There poems under here, is where my random posted poems lay after date

    @ExitedDeviljho ,you are my ace!
    No one like you are so nice!
    @ExitedDeviljho ,you are my light!
    For only you, I will fight!
    For me, you will always shine
    For my love, are red like a wine

    Date: Sep 22 2016
    Link: The Rhyming Game Thread
    If I am the stars and sun, then you are the day and night
    In the darkness or light, I shall be by your side

    Only in the day, are there a sun
    Only in the night, shall the stars come
    As time go on, things will change, but the sky will always be the same!

    Date: Sep 23 2016
    Source: PM
    Someday,I fund a red string was tied to my littlefinger, for some reson, I don't want to take it off.

    As I wonder where it will lead me to, I follow the string of fate, to find you have the same string, tied to your littlefinger.

    When I saw you, I couldn't help, but give you a smile. A smile of happiness, for you to be my fated one.

    I can only hope, hope this string will never break, and stay with us forever and always
    I fund a red string
    Tied to my little finger
    Don't want to take it off

    Wonder where it will take me to
    I follow a string of fate
    To find you have the same thread
    Tied to your little finger

    When I saw you
    I couldn't help
    But give you a smile
    A smile of happiness
    A smile for you
    For you are my fated one

    Can only hope
    A string will never break
    This string will never break
    And so, it will stay with us
    Forever and always

    Date: Oct 1 2016
    Source: PM
    (Revised: Apr 9 2017)
    Roses are red, and violets are blue
    They are a mismatch, and yet can match
    Just like the troublesome @LittleFox21, and the kind @Bielt
    Seems to be a mismatch, and yet they truely match

    Date: Oct 2 2016
    Link: LittleFox21 profile
    People may think, I belong to the light
    I will give a smile, that seems truely bright
    Yet in my heart, there is only one I will follow
    A name from the dark, yes he are mine shad12ow

    Date: Oct 2 2016
    Link: brasca123 profile
    Note: My gift for Brasca123 status
    I'm just a normal one
    Never expect there will be someone
    Create a bond to someone as me
    Yet I fund a place, I will be
    In font of me, there are a group of three
    Together with them, I can be truly free

    Date:Oct 4 2016
    Link: Justderpin profile
    If our love was a sweet
    Then it will taste, so bittersweet
    You are the one I care, my dear
    Yet in my heart, there are something I truely fear
    I'm afraid, you will have other then me
    And say, that we was never meant to be
    Please, don't leave me all alone
    For without you, I may as well be a stone

    Date: Oct 8 2016
    Link: ExitedDeviljho profile
    Under a night, with a land of snow
    I was with you, to see a star show
    It's was a moment, I could just say wow
    Together with you, I wish for the time to go slow
    You give me a smile, that seems to glow
    I know you someday, will have to grow
    Yet I want you to be, the one I always had know

    Date: Oct 17 2016
    Link: ExitedDevljho profile
    It was your beauty, that made me look at you.
    It was your voice, that made me listen to you.
    However, it's was your personality, that made me like you, fall for you and finally love you.

    Someday, I saw you in a dress, a dress so white, so pure and so pretty like you.

    Are you perhaps a wingless angel? If so, then let me be your wings, the wings that carry you across the sky, the wings that carry you under the starry night.

    I wonder if you are quite alright? For you are a weak knight.
    I can come to protect you, right? Then my wings shall protect you in my flight.

    I may lose my feathers, I may break my wings, I may even lose my life.
    But as long you are alife, then it's all worthwhile.

    Without you, my heart will be gone.
    Without you, my mind will go crazy.
    Without you, my life will go empty.

    Because, I simply love you.
    Because, I can't stop loving you.
    Because, I'm madly in love with you.

    If you still wondering why I love you, then it's because, you are you.
    It's because, you are Sin
    It's because, you are the sinful angel, who stole my heart.

    Date Feb 20 2017
    Link: Adventurers Guild Raid Thread
    Note: Better to see the original page
    Then I see the red color of wine, the redness just like blood
    I can't stop myself, but be remind of you
    "Why red?" I asked to myself
    "Why red?" I wondered to myself
    For red is the color of love
    For red is the color of passion
    For red is the color of you

    Date:Mar 9 2017
    Link: Bielt profile
    If I could go in the future
    I want to see you mature
    And see another part of your nature

    I found a red thread
    On a map I have want to read
    And go to where it lead

    Then hours count to three
    I found you under an evergreen tree
    Walking around ever so free
    The love, that I has to contain
    The love, that I cant never explain
    But you should know, my love for you, will always remain

    Date: Mar 13 2017
    Link: ExitedDeviljho profile
    The sun has raised
    The night is gone
    A new day
    A good day
    Today is special
    Today is different
    A day to laugh
    A day to celebrate
    For today is a birthsday
    A birthsday for @Carm

    Date: Mar 16 2017
    Link: Carm profile
    Beside your name
    I saw a cup
    A cup of coffee
    Warm and bitter
    A great aroma
    With a dark color
    That is your coffee
    I got a shock
    I got a surprise
    Such a bitter drink
    I will never drink
    If I ever drink coffee
    Then it's have to be
    A sweet latte
    Yes, a Caffè Latte
    If we was to take a break
    Then I guess, it's a coffee break
    So my friend, are you a coffee lover?


    A cup was offered to me
    A cup full of black coffee~
    A present it was
    Presented with friendly care.
    A simple thing
    But a thing I love.
    For I am a coffee lover.
    And as my sweet friend come.
    Why not offer her something too?
    A sweet caffe latte~
    A drink we both can enjoy.

    A friend offered a cup
    A cup of black coffee
    A cup for the lady of red
    I am also a friend of her
    However I wasn't the friend
    That offered the black coffee

    A sweet latte offered the lady
    The lady I think as red
    A friendly lady I want to talk
    A friendly lady that give hearts out
    Maybe there is a heart in my cup
    A cup I think is for friendship
    I drink the latte with warm
    The Caffè Latte was so sweet
    So sweet and gentle as my red friend

    Giggling I talked
    Laughing we talked
    The cup of black coffee,
    May have been a present
    A present from a old friend
    A man with red hair.
    But the sweet lady is a important friend.
    A blue and gentle friend
    One which I want talk
    One I wish to see with a smile.
    As we drink the warm coffee together.
    As we spent time together.
    My day brighten
    My day becomes sweeter
    So sweet and bright as my blue friend

    I don't know what a back coffee is
    I don't know who the red haired man is
    I only know the lady is nice
    Her latte is nice
    And her talk is nice
    The time go so fast
    For fun time go fast
    One hour, two hours
    And the time goes
    The time we enjoy
    The time we laugh
    The time we treasure
    A friend like a treasure
    That is my friend
    The lady of red
    The lady named @Bielt

    As cool and beautiful,
    Like the snow she is.
    Gentle and sweet,
    Her Presence brings warmth.
    There is no need for complicated matters,
    For our friendship is what matters.
    Latte, cookies or chocolates,
    Are smalls snacks for our talk.
    Like seconds,
    Hours ran as we talk.
    But we proceed Without minding the time.
    As we are enjoying the time,
    As we are enjoying the talk,
    As we are enjoying laughs,
    As we enjoy each other company.
    The company of a friend,
    A friend that is like a jewel.
    That is my friend
    The lady of Blue
    The lady named @Siostar

    Date: Mar 16 1017
    Link: Bielt profile
    Note: The poems here is wrote by Bielt and me in turns
    Hikari, Hikari a name of light
    A person with power, to take a flight
    A name that reminds you of a guide
    Guide you in darkness side by side
    Fear and darkness that made me cold
    I search for a warmness, a hand to hold
    Guiding in the darkness, is a friend of hugs
    Things may go wrong, just like the computer bugs
    But you are here, my friend of loves
    so why don't we fly, just like the doves?

    Date: Mar 16 2017
    Link: brasca123 profile
    I see a wall, and I will smack
    I see a cliff, and I will climb
    I see a mountain, and I will hike

    Bit by bit
    Step by step
    Slowly but surely
    I get some process

    I'm getting closer
    Just to find you
    I advance the road
    Just to reach
    The distance you

    Date: Mar 24 2017
    Link: BlancFrost profile
    @BlancFrost @BlancFrost, a name of white frost
    @BlancFrost @BlancFrost, a name on many poem post
    @BlancFrost @BlancFrost, a name I like to sing the most
    My friend of white, surrounded by melted ice
    Always so friendly and nice
    And hugging me, just like sticky rice
    All the poems, that you write
    Never had I seen, you write a trite
    And I hope you to be free, continue to be free like a kite

    Thank you @Siostar for you poem,
    It is thoughtful and to the point.
    I am happy to receive,
    Such a wonderful gift.
    Smiling as I read,
    It is a nice, well earned treat.


    A sweet treat
    But not something to eat
    When someone praise
    My happiness will raise
    When someone give a like
    I want to voice in a mike
    That you should never stop the likes
    For it's all better then hikes
    And my good friend, @BlancFrost
    Thanks for all your poem post!

    Thanks is enough,
    It is all I need to continue.
    Inspiration may hit,
    At the most unexpected times.
    The results are never the same.
    You inspire me to write,
    Many different poems.
    Your cheerfulness in contagious,
    It is what motivates me to go on.
    Dear @Siostar ,
    Thank you for being around.

    What give you inspiration, isn't me alone
    For all people around you, just inside the phone
    They all give spark, a spark of great inspiration
    For we all have a bond, a bond of relation
    So don't give a thanks, for a single me
    For a thanks for everyone, it's how it should be

    You are right on that account, I am thankful to know.
    So many wonderful people, who can inspire.
    Interaction leads to growing, just that bit closer.
    It's nothing but the truth, for all to hear.
    I say it proud and with cheer.
    Thank you all, for your inspiration,
    My imagination becomes boundless.

    While you speak, I call people to see
    For the speech of thanks, I need to seek
    I seek for people, who need to see
    A lady of red, a lady with hearts, @Bielt
    A man of darkness, a man with blames, @shad12ow
    A girl of pitifulness, a girl with door's,@Carm
    A person of light, a person with breads, @ExitedDeviljho
    They was ones I, for I wasn't sure, who else to call

    Thoughtful is the word,
    I relate to you.
    Always watching,
    Always seeing.
    Biel that chimes with sweetness.
    Shadow that is missed.
    Carm who is near yet far.
    Dev who shines brightly like a star.
    Sio knowing who to call,
    Even if they are not all.
    A little birdy who chirps happily.
    And one with wondrous luck.
    Are the ones missed.

    I know of a bird, a silly bird
    A bird named @Pyoo, always so happy
    A lady with luck, a lady of luck,
    can it be @Lady Luck?

    Yes you are correct dear Sio.
    Such a smart Sio,
    An attentive Sio.
    Who is warm and caring,
    And rather daring to those close.

    Date: Mar 24 2017
    Link: BlancFrost profile
    Note: The poems here is wrote by BlancFrost and me in turns
    A poem is a art
    A poem is something from the heart
    A poem can give people joy
    A poem is something to enjoy
    A poem can be seen in different lights
    A poem can be seen in different sights
    And a poem is just a poem, in the every end

    It is just words,
    Thoughts written down.
    Impression of those around me,
    And my surrounds.
    Perhaps I will see it one way,
    And others another.
    After all they are just words,
    Words written down on paper.
    Filled with meaning,
    Filled with thought.
    It was not all for naught.

    Poems with different lines
    Lines with different words
    Words in different letters
    A paper full of writings
    A paper full of letters
    A paper full of words
    Words with meaning
    Words with thought
    Words with different kind of sign
    A poem written in a single poem
    Send or save to someone to see

    Crumbled up paper,
    Fills the room.
    The scratching of pen is all one hears.
    Ripping and tearing,
    When nothing comes to mind.
    Frustrated cries before banging is heard.
    She had just left the room.
    The fresh air calms her down.
    But she was still let down,
    Please tell me why.

    I can list thousands of why's
    I can guess thousands of reason
    But I know and you know
    Only you know the answer
    Only you can find the answer
    So I can only offer a help
    With my hands

    Words of advice are received,
    Moving the mind.
    Inspiration comes,
    Like a chime.
    Gently and slowly it trickles in,
    Furiously I put pen to paper.
    Cries of success,
    Sighs of relief.
    Finally I am complete

    Date: Mar 24 2017
    Link: BlancFrost profile
    Note: The poems here is wrote by BlancFrost and me in turns
    Deep down
    A hellish fire burn
    A shadow moving around
    A bat on one side, a knife on other
    A fearful scream
    A sound of smashing
    A sound of slashing
    A smell of iron
    A pool of red
    A blood strained girl....

    "Welcome to hell"
    She said
    "w...wh..what are you....d..do..ing....?
    I ask
    "Perpare the lunch?"
    She answer
    I sigh
    "When... Please D..DON'T DESTROY THE PORK MEAT!!!"

    Date: Mar 30 2017
    Link: brasca123 profile
    Jusderpin~ Jusderpin~

    Once again she hold a marriage
    First one like a storm
    Next one I forgot
    This one with a surprise
    Leave behind the man

    She chose a understanding lady
    And here am I present a flower
    Then I saying my congratulation
    And I wish
    A bright future await you two

    Date: Apr 1 2017
    Link: Yuri Wedding Thread
    Note: Better to see the original page
    A colorless world
    A warmless world
    It useless
    It meaningless
    So why do I fight?
    Why can't I give op?
    lt's lost
    It's gone
    A life is gone
    An empty home
    But not everything is lost

    A garden of white
    A flower of white
    The flowers from you

    Small, gentle and pure like you

    May the flower guide the rebirthed you
    May the flower guide me to the future you
    Until then, the flower will be my sign of hope
    A hope to live in this life
    A hope to meet you again in next life
    A hope to love you again in next life

    Date: Apr 1 2017
    Link: Bielt profile
    Never will I trust again
    Never will I be deceived again
    So don't smile at me
    So don't come closer to me
    So don't ever come again
    Always harsh, always cold
    I push every single one away from me

    Then why are you never afraid?
    Why are you not hurt?
    Why wouldn't you ever go?
    So many questions
    But afraid to ask

    You are so pure, so bright and so varm
    Too pure, too bright, too warm for me
    Unknowing, I begin to feel your warm
    Unknowing, I reached out for your hand
    Unknowing, you had grabbed my heart
    Unconscious.... I fall in love with you....

    Date: Apr 3 2017
    Link: BlancFrost profile
    Then the darknass come
    And the weightless rain falls
    The sound of falling water
    The sound of hitting leaves
    The sound of the crying winds
    All as one, was just a stage
    Under the grand lonely tree
    It was a true weeping tree
    A grand weeping mellow tree

    Date: Apr 3 2017
    Link: BlancFrost profile
    The source of life
    Is in many places, in many forms
    In the sea, in the skys
    On the land, under lands
    Reaching out theirs hands
    Greedy takes, never give
    Source of water can never forgive
    Angry water leave the creek
    Leave behind a town in ruin
    Oh angry water, how will you ever forgive?
    These greedy humans, who never give?

    Date: Apr 4 2017
    Link: Bielt profile
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    Because it's better to see them from the original sites, there will only be links
    Linked poems from Blanc poem pool challenges

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    *throws confetti into the air*
    Finally Sio has her own poem pool. We just have to wait on @Bielt and then we are complete \o/ well we still have others... @Omnifarious is planning one too~
    I will add the links to my post \o/
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    What have I created?

    (pancakes are life~)
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    so im reading one called Find And Love You or whatever and it looks like there are some mistakes made in some sentences. Like "A" being used instead of "An" or "Cant never"--a double negative-- being used instead of a " Can't ever"
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    A5G_Reaper was here
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    thanks for your comment, I edited that part you pointed out for my mistake. And I hope you will point out, more mistakes then you feel like it~
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    Kysil was here desu~
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    who knows?
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    My bond with three. "Fund" and "font" should be found and front

    Dont Leave. There are a lot of mistakes here. like, "you are the one i care, my dear" could be "you are the only one i care for, my dear" or something else along those lines. Also " there are something i truly fear" should probably be "there is something i truly fear" and "im afraid you will have other then me, and say we was never meant to be" can be changed to "I'm afraid you will have other than me, and say we were never meant to be." Finally, for this poem, the word "sweet" in the first line sort of clashes with the "bittersweet" word in the next. Perhaps change "sweet" to "pastry"? Or be more specific with what kind of "sweet", like a tart or something.

    Next...um, actually, im just reading the rest and i have to say that a lot of things could be fixed. Like some of the word choice seems awkward, or can be exchanged with another to give either more impact or a better transition to the next part of the poem.

    Now, im no poem expert. I never make any myself unless i have to. But reading and writing were always my strong suits so i sort of think that all these can be brushed up a bit. Is english your first language, or the first language of the people who made them if not you?

    I mean dont want to impose or anything. I dont want to be...well, too pushy. So i dont know if i should say anything more here or give any advise. If you want me to then you can let me know, but otherwise i'll keep it all to myself.
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    It seems the one you had read is my old ones, I planed to revise many of my really old poems in the future. Then I write a poem, I just write how I feel sounds right, at that time. And also because they was made on sport to, only the peoples I know, they don't need to be an high quality poems for me.

    For the "sweet" and "bittersweet" it was just made for rhyming, and I don't really think too deep on the clash here. For love can both be sweet or a bittersweet thing

    English was always my third langue, and I had always more difficult to learn other langues, therefor you will always see a mistake or other somewhere then I write.

    At least, I in fact don't mind you point out mistakes there seem to be wrong, but in a way, I think any fault is also my own style.
    You are welcome to comment anytime, but I may worry too many fixing may change my poems style instead, but don't an advice or two.
    And thanks again for reading my poems
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    style huh? yeah that's what i thought. If i make any suggestions in the future it'd just be to point out an error or to maybe make a word change. I dont change entire phases. English is a language where you can substitute words without compromising the meaning or entire phasing of something. When i make suggestions of thing like this i'm always careful to preserve the author's meaning, since i would hate changing things too much. It's rude and i don't do that if i can help it. So maybe i'll point some things out, but as for your style...at least i wont want to ruin it. As I said, it's really just some grammar mistakes or awkward word choice at times. Nothing major.

    You're poems are fine overall, i liked them, there's not much to complain about as far as that goes.
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    I got a @Cupcake Ninja fan, maybe~

    I can see you are only mean to help me for now~
    And I will think over the advice, you will give me in future~
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    Random poems from Apr 10 2017 and after

    Once time
    A long time ago
    I meet you at a tree
    Though the window, there you sit
    And so, everyday I came to speak
    In that house of white
    In your world of white
    A room so lonely and wide

    And so, I speak everyday
    Share a tale of my day
    Talk of the shining stars
    And share a memory of the stars

    But day by day
    Your strength go, less by less
    Through I was young
    I know, your time may come

    And so, I lay my wish in the stars
    The one called Lucky Stars
    I count the stars, as I make them, one by one
    Set the numbers in a glass
    Send them, glass by glass

    Once a white and empty room
    Now is nothing but a star filled room
    I count the stars, one by one
    And I come with the 10,000th star
    It was then you made a weak smile
    And said thanks, in your last breath

    60 years later, I come back to the same hospital
    A memory of old, a item so old
    A memory of happiness, a memory of sadness
    A gift to him, is now an item for here
    One by one, you find bottles of stars, the stars for him

    In a whisper, I said the same thing, 60 years ago
    "Did you know? 10,000 stars mean, Love you 10,000 years"
    A wish never fulfilled, but a meaning never forgotten
    Maybe, I will see him, as a star next time

    Date: Apr 10 2017
    Link: BlancFrost profile
    Once a beauty
    Now a stick
    Covered in nothing, but a dirtied mess
    In rain, a muddied mess

    Once a tool
    A human tool
    Now is nothing


    And so, the times go
    And go, go and go
    Days, months and years goes by
    Someday, someone dig
    Dig, dig and dig it out!

    Once it's was in a lake
    The lake turn to a swamp, and a swamp turn to earth
    In the earth was a stick, a stick covered in mud and dirt
    And so, we clean, clean and clean the stick

    Once a beauty
    Once a tool
    A human tool
    A tool for war, a tool for death
    Now a old sword, a sword of many tales
    And now the sword will make new tales

    Date Apr 11 2017
    Link: Bielt profile
    Ignorance is a sin......
    Ignorance is a sin......

    They can see, but don't look
    They can hear, but don't listening
    For they don't want to know
    A truth of cruelty
    A world of madness

    It's a sin, I whisper.....
    It's a sin, I whisper.....

    In despair, I sceam
    In suffering, I fight
    In pain, I live
    To survive this world
    To live another day


    Day after day, I watch them
    Day after day, I curse them
    A fire of anger, a flame of insanity
    Burning stronger, day after day
    Until, someday it's suddenly stop

    It's....a sin.....

    A child I found, a cheerful one
    Innocent he is, a treasure he is
    Fear of change, I come to wish
    Unstained he remain, unknowing he remain
    If ignorance is a sin, then I carry his sin

    And then, I come to know
    Ignorance is a bless

    Date: Apr 2017
    Link: Bielt profile
    So cold and sweet
    With a touch, you melt
    So smooth and white
    A vanilla fragrance
    Can't stop myself
    I lick and lick
    So tasty, so tasty
    Can't stop to eat
    Eat and lick
    Every spot, every place
    My tasty sweet
    An ice cream sweet
    It's what you is

    Date: Apr 28 2017
    Link: Bielt profile
    Upon a tree, so wide and tall
    A bird standing proud, of it's tail
    Above the bird, someone sing, a lonely tale

    A tale so long, long time ago
    A boy so young, a lady of wind
    Together they are, together they sing
    Grow in time, grow in feelings
    Before she know, the boy was a man

    Never does she age, never does she changes, only emotion that can ever change
    In time they fall, in love they fall
    In love they live, in happiness they smile
    Until the man die of old
    Never age, never change, for she was a spirit of wind
    Living in time, so long ago
    She sing in a place, they met, so long ago

    Date: Mar 9 2017
    Link: BlancFrost profile
    You are the demon king, and I am the hero
    I kill the demons, and you kill the humans
    I save the humans, and you rule the demons
    A hero of light, a demon of dark
    A good side, and an evil side

    That should be our roles, that we can never escape
    Yet I can't see you as evil, wicked or cruel
    You are just an another being, another person, with a shell of a demon
    I am the hero, meant to save, yet here am I, ready to kill
    Covered in blood, and sink in sins, of the bloody war

    Tired of fighting, tired of kill
    I seek the demons, to stop the war
    Promised of peace, wish of a war-free future
    Yet a king, still seek of war
    Smell of evil, wicked and cruelty
    Was no other, but the king of humans
    The man of evil, who hide his darkness within
    A man more evil, then the devil itself

    To save the people, to save the world
    I killed that king, who love the war
    Like a traitor, who should be his aid
    I control his country, and become the queen
    And seek a love, with the demon king

    Date: Mar 10 2017
    Link: Bielt profile
    Makeup, dresses and jewels
    Beauty, money and power
    Get what she want
    Use any she want
    But never have it, enough
    She aim for me, through
    But never, will she get my love

    Another I love, so sweet, so sweet
    A kindness of sweets
    A smile to heal
    No makeup, dresses or jewels
    Only need, the best smile
    My ideal, my love

    How I wish, I wasn't a prince
    How I wish, I wasn't engaged
    How I wish, I could change a rule
    How I wish, 'he' is a 'she'

    Date: Mar 22 2017
    Link: Bielt profile
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    Title: A Dreaming Bird, A Lost Bird​

    Cared for, but caged
    Loved, but captured
    Warming, but dreamless
    Still it dream
    Still it wish
    Still it yearn
    The blue sky
    The gentle wind
    The true freedom
    A dream so far, yet so close

    One day, two days and so it goes
    Another day, the same routine
    And then, it's change
    They open the cage
    They take it out
    They set it free
    Truly free

    Joy, happiness and excitement
    Many feelings, indescribably
    The dream, wish and yearning fulfilled
    Many adventures, many tales
    However, it yearn again
    Yearning to it's home again

    Free, but lonely
    Eventful, but unsafe
    Exciting, but fearful
    It miss
    It longs
    It yearn
    The warming home
    The gentle smiles
    The loving family

    A treasure it had, a treasure lost
    Caged and loved or free and lonely
    How could it know?
    How could it chose?
    It was just curious bird, now it's just a lost bird
    Oh! How it miss them, how it miss them, the lonely bird​
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    I love this one.. :love:(y)
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    How embarrassing...
  20. Princess Renesmee

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    You have done a great job. I also like to write the poems but I don't have yet a courage to post them.

    Also like this one.. At first, I don't really read all of your poems above. I just notice it. I like this phrase -> *for red is the color of you* remind me of someone :oops: