LCD Supreme Uprising

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    It's still early, but my impression of this novel is that I feel a very faint hint of Swallowed Star, but this is much lamer.

    In about 20 or so chapters, the MC has already gone from being a slightly above average ordinary kid to being a fast tracked elite recruit to the Army Academy. There haven't even been any real fights yet, just a couple of instances of literal face slapping. Most of the "action" had revolved around punching the typical strength-o-meter thingies.

    And as far as I can tell, the cultivation system in this story involves eating mutated foods gathered from outside the cities. Aside from when the MC picked up his cheat, all of his power ups were due to eating better food which had more energy for him to absorb. And as a food porn novel, this isn't even close.

    The MC doesn't seem particularly intelligent either, as evidenced in the recent chapters (30+) where he's just blowing away his stash of free points in the Academy's online store on his first day without any thought of doing some research or getting advice first. But I guess that's due to his circumstances. His little rural town's school focused more on survival than education.

    Oh, and speaking of intelligence...
    I am truly surprised that after he had reduced his Mind attribute to the minimum of 0.1 :blobsleepless:, that he could still remember to or even understand that he needs to reset it.:blobdrool: