Tabula Rasa - Words of Power (Event Thread)

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    This is the Event thread for the Tabula Rasa - Words of Power RP. Here, events are announced, though not all events have to be carried out in this thread.

    Anyone can create events, but before posting them here, please get the agreement of the GM - me.
    Any player may choose to ignore any events and their effects if they so desire.
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    Monster Raid on Elysion(Beginer's Area)

    Reports from adventurers from a nearby village had found an occurence of the populus monsters diminished around the area as they were sent to investigate the recent reports. Unbeknownst to them, a large wave of monsters are gathering and currently planning on invading as the adventurer quickly plans on returning to Elysion for an attack to which would happen. As of now, there is no report of the time where they attack but from the conversation of the villagers, it would happen in a week from now.

    Tragedy stuck when a small amount of goblins had attacked a nearby village but a player nearby had saved the villagers as he plans on investigating the source. Players advise on those who plans on participating are to be concern that there aren't any known amount of the army gathered as the adventurer haven't made any direct sight on the amount of monsters gathered yet, it is to be believed that the army consist of weak monsters from goblins to wolves. However, there are a few reports suggesting that some undead are slowly congested to also attack the city as there are reports of someone had use something to attract the undead.

    Main Objectives:
    Defend the City as reinforcements from the capital are to believe would send the army to wipe out the monsters.

    Optional Objectives:
    -Investigate the weird phenomenon of the undead which is somehow attracted to the city.

    -Investigate the Monster Wave as to why the monsters began to group together.

    There are reports of Adventurers having sight of a person belonging to a cult to which players are highly advise to thread carefully.

    Monsters in the Event:

    -??? (???)

    -Unknown Cult Member(1)


    Time till monsters begin the attack: approximately 1 week from now(1-2 Days in RL time or if i start the event.)

    Duration: 2 days to a week(Depend on how fast you clean the monsters. Optional if you manage to kill the cult member)

    Reinforcements: approximately 1 week to arrive.

    [This will change depending on how you investigate the event]

    Good Luck on those who plans on participating!
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