Chinese Talk To Your World 和你的世界谈谈 by 桃桃一轮 Tao Tao Yi Lun

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    Name: Talk To Your World 和你的世界谈谈
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    Why It Should Get Picked Up:

    This is a best-seller
    It's a mix of romance and mystery
    It's gonna be adapted as a drama
    Description :
    She once complained about a vicious and perverted person who actually turned out to be her boss !

    As soon as they met, they would give tit for tat, making the sparks of fire burn.

    How does it feel to be spotted by the boss?

    "You caught my eyes, making made me determined to come to work every day from now on."

    The cold and beautiful consultant teacher Zhu Jin Nian met Nie Yu Zheng, leader of the psychological research team with an exploding IQ but a low level in love experience, resolving one case after another while the sparks would keep burning. Patiens who seem to have nothing to do with each other, a vile and mad stalker following him, and the unsolved case of the disappearance of the University of Political Science and Law's school beauty 10 years ago, such a heavy fog.