Forgotten Title Tell me the title if you come across this manhwa

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    Hello guys.... Some days before I read a manhwa it's yaoi with mature content .. I forget to bookmark it... Now I wanna read it again...but I forgot the title and cover page...

    I will give hints.. please help me find it...

    MC is a businessmen And the ML is movie director... ML was once an actor but he was entangled in drug scandal and get banned from acting... But this was cause by MC.

    But at the time ML give some drug to MC and make him unable to orgasm or something.....this all happened before five or three years...

    Now MC and ML meet again... ML need investor in his movie ... They will tie in bed... But ML finds out MC is married ML is little MC divorce his wife because it's only a contract marriage .. now ML was chased by loan shark... So MC ask ML to stay in his house... And like that story will continue..

    Now please tell me the title!!