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    C1: Its too bad the cultivation levels are both non-standard and untranslated. They'll be much more difficult to remember. Though, its pretty clear that this isn't nearly as complete of a listing as its being made out to be.

    Just how long has his dad been dragging him around battlefields for him to have participated in many wars before he turned fifteen?

    I wonder how he plans to survive if he robs his country of one of its best and (I assume) most loyal generals. Is he stupid enough to believe that his neighbors won't take advantage? Or that his other generals will remain loyal?

    C2: "Since you were abandoned by the Nan Ling kingdom, why don’t you choose to join me instead?" It'd be nice to see someone actually take such a highly sensible offer after being betrayed, or to at least have a better reason than pride for refusing.

    I wonder why none of the soldiers killed the prince. Was his cultivation level too high or something? I can't see any reason why they'd remain loyal after watching exactly where that would get them in the long run.

    I wonder if his dad actually died. I can't see much point in taking his whole body instead of just his head if they weren't planning to heal him. At least, not from a meta perspective.

    C3: I really wish they hadn't decided to come up with their own terms for things that have well established terms already. Its utterly pointless and adds an extra burden to the readers that is completely unnecessary.

    So, everyone cares that he's a cripple, but no one cares about the betrayal that caused it. Wonderful.

    C4: "How can I seek revenge like this?!” Well, you could either pray for a miracle that will 100% happen that will allow you to cultivate at a rate that makes your former genius self look like a waste, or you could focus on politics and use another's hands to kill him like a sensible and driven person from a powerful family.

    So, the love interest is a completely worthless waste of space that doesn't even consider trying to cultivate or otherwise seize control of her own destiny. She's nothing more than a trophy with no personality of her own or value to the story other than what a trophy can offer. Its hard to see this series as being worth continuing when its both heavily cliche'd and extremely sexist, especially when the protagonist is definitely someone who relies on his muscles to do all his thinking for him.

    C5: "If Wan Er was to be married into your family, I’m sure that she wouldn’t be happy." If you cared about her happiness, then you wouldn't be marrying her to the villain. Considering the quality of this series so far, I'd be utterly shocked if he's at all subtle about his villainy.

    C6: "Okay, I promise you, but I can only delay the marriage for two years." Sooo, you make the promise and break it within the same breath. What a reliable person. I don't distrust him at all, and can't see how anyone else could.

    His family is one of the highest ranked families in the country. Why is its cultivation technique second from the bottom? I could understand if they weren't even aware of techniques ranked above Xuan, but that's not the case. Shouldn't the knowledge that their best techniques rank so pathetically low indicate to them that the fourth realm of cultivation is far from the highest realm there is?

    C7: So, even the founder of his power source has to be b***h slapped for daring to fight a man. I wonder if the author understands just how sexist he is? At least, I'm assuming she was the founder given her color scheme. If it was the guy that slapped her, then that's marginally less sexist.

    I wonder if he'll tell the clan head about his partial recovery. It would probably be a bad idea to make it public considering who killed his father and tried to kill him, but he could use the kind of help the clan head could provide.

    C8: I wonder if his mother is dead. I don't think anyone has said she is yet, so there's a very good chance that she's from an ultra-powerful cultivator family and that pendant he got his OPness from was her family's heirloom.

    He should probably have cleaned up the blood trail... Anyone who saw it and followed it would think that he was doing something evil with the corpse, especially since it would explain why he wasn't crippled anymore.

    If the technique is that effective, then why did he think it would take him a full year if he was still fighting in the army? Or was he including the difficulties of keeping his cultivation hidden from others since its definitely a technique that they'd regard as pure evil?

    "The two punches collided and a loud bang resounded" Why is it that not a single cultivator in hundreds of series spanning trillions upon trillions of worlds, actually knows how to fight?

    "leapt up to two meters, and prepared to kick down at Mu Qing." If that's how he fights, then the only reason he's not dead already is that his father was working overtime to protect him from his own stupidity. Either that, or his enemies were even more braindead than he is.

    C10: If that courtyard belongs to the family's top genius, then why wasn't it her courtyard? Her cultivation is higher than his was before he was crippled, and its not like she'd use the courtyard any less than he did.

    "She bit her lips and looked at Mu Feng with a decision in her mind." I really hope she's not about to sell her body for him.

    "However, please don’t worry, my lord. According to a reliable source, although that kiddo didn’t die in battle, all his Meta-pulses were destroyed and his Wudo cultivation has gone down the drain." So what? A witness is still a witness even if he's crippled. Its not like his mind was damaged.

    Though, honestly, given the annihilation of the Mu clan's army and the total lack of casualties among the prince's army, you'd have to be incredibly stupid to not figure out what happened. A witness really isn't necessary if the king cares about this crime in the slightest, or the future of his kingdom for that matter. After all, murdering loyal retainers is a great way to inspire a coup.

    C11: If they're such a prestigious academy, then why do they only require average talent and a fat wallet in order to attend?

    Why did Shang Guan send any disciples that wouldn't pass? They clearly had this testing stone in their own home since the moron's level was already known. There's no reason to shame themselves or waste people's time by bringing people they know will fail.

    If she has a level 9 talent, then why is her elder brother who's weaker than the MC able to force her to do anything? Is she just incredibly lazy when it comes to cultivating? Does she not put in any effort at all? Or is her spine made of Jello?

    C12: "We must make sure that there’s nobody left to seek revenge in the future!” I thought he just wanted to kill the MC? Is he planning to exterminate his entire clan instead?

    He should have talked to his clan head by now. With his help, they could have spread it about that a different doctor came up with a much better prognosis. People wouldn't have believed it, but he could have used it as a foundation to say that he was in recovery, and then proved it. He doesn't need to say a thing about his cultivation method. He just has to be willing to throw the doctor's reputation under a bus. Of course, if he did that, then the plot couldn't be so horrendously cliche and the author might actually have to use their brain for something more than keeping their skull from collapsing.

    "The academy will be recruiting again in two years." It only recruits every decade. Did the author already forget?

    Why would Zhao Feng bet with a cripple? Isn't that basically throwing his own face on the ground and stomping on it?

    “Mu Feng, don’t tell me all you can do now is to hide behind a woman?!”
    That woman has a higher degree of talent than you and will have access to better resources. Looking down on her is the same as asking for death if she were a normal cultivator and not a trophy for the MC.

    "if I’m the one who wins the match two years later, you’ll have to apologize to me in front of the whole capital, gouge out one of your eyes, and say that you’re blind.” Why not just kill him? Why leave him alive and plotting revenge?

    So, the only way they can recruit true geniuses is to kidnap and imprison them. I'm sure that'll do wonders for their academy's reputation.

    C14: "In two years, we brothers will enroll into the Royal Wudo Academy and give them a slap in their faces!" Oh yeah. That'll show them. They totally won't be dancing for joy at having a legendary genius enroll in their academy even after they publicly humiliated him.

    I really don't get the point in killing the MC and not his clan. He's clearly already told them what happened, and they've clearly come to the conclusion that his testimony can't be used to take legal action of any sort. Killing him is a waste of resources if you're not going to take out his entire clan. It'll just give them yet another reason for revenge.

    C15: Seriously, if zifu is such a common cultivation realm, then why did he think it would take him a full year to recover if he was with the army when he'd be surrounded by dead cultivators?

    "as he was sure that his big uncle would get too excited and kill two more Zi Fu level cultivators for him." Well, as long as they were Nan Hao's men, so what? Failing that, I'm sure there's no lack of murderers, child molesters, rapists, etc. with that cultivation.

    "The journey to becoming one of the powerful was 30% talent, 30% chance, and 40% hard work." I can't help but feel that he's underrating hard work.

    C17: It seems that the author forgot that someone was riding a yao beast in the first chapter.

    Why would the MC intervene? He himself has killed people for less than what the thief did. He should consider the man's actions to be just and right, and that's before considering that he's trying to keep his cultivation a secret.

    C18: "You rich kids will never understand war orphans like me.” My, my. Someone's got a death wish. Talking to a cultivator like that is the same as suicide if you haven't got plot armor to save you.

    "The young man was shocked when he opened up the bags of money and saw that they were filled with shining gold coins." That's a rather strange way to go about murdering someone you just saved.

    This whole scene feels extremely contrived. Its like the author heard about this trope once and decided to use it without bothering to try to understand what made it work in the series that used it successfully, and what made it fail in series like this one.

    "No one knew that what happened today was the turning point of Bai Ziyue’s destiny……" Really? So everyone present had had a lobotomy? That explains so much.

    C21: Does he not realize that he's insulting his father as much as his cousin with this challenge? Assaulting a man's guest in his own home is the same as assaulting the host in most cultures I'm aware of.

    C22: Is the MC trying to hide his cultivation or not? If so, then wtf is he doing in this chapter? If not, then why didn't he discuss it with his first uncle so that he could get help on advancing faster so that he could better protect himself from the higher tier assassins that will be sent after him once world of his recovering cultivation gets around? Or is the author going to pretend that the MC's miraculous recovery is in some way less gossip worthy than his sudden crippling? If so, then I have severe doubts about the author's intelligence.

    C23:"This may be a great opportunity for us to establish a good relationship with him." You already blew that chance when you thought he was a cripple. Also, if he really was hiding his strength due to orders from the main family, then this little demonstration of power would be a violation of those orders, and would likely get the branch family into quite a lot of trouble for provoking him into it.

    C24: Speaking of Mustache Twirling Villain Number Who Cares, why didn't the MC tell his hosts that he'd chopped the guy's arm off and there might be a political mess to clean up?

    C25: I was really hoping that the lack of a harem tag meant that there wouldn't be a harem.

    C26: The MC is a lobotomized child, so him failing to inform the branch family head of something so important is understandable, but how did the branch head's right hand man forget something so important? Or, if he was the sort of incompetent that would blunder this badly, then why was he ever made the right hand man in the first place? Were the other choices just that terrible?

    "Hand over the murderer" What murderer? No one was killed.

    Why would the MC's identity be enough to make him do that? Everyone in the kingdom knows that the MC is a cripple and his father is dead. The vast majority of people seeing him there would assume that he was cast out by the main family and had little to no value to them. Its not enough for an intelligent person to insult him to his face, but it is enough to not bother with an apology.

    C27: How is he planning to cultivate with so many witnesses?

    C28: Why would a cultivation method from two realms above his own be useful to Mu Kuang? It'd be like trying to use sugar to power a gasoline based engine, or trying to soak up an ocean with a brick.

    C29: "Upon hearing that, Mu Kuang sat on the ground in horror." A surprisingly reasonable response from a yes man character. I wonder if he'll finally stop idolizing the MC and actually turn on him. I'm kinda hoping for it, but I'll be shocked if it happens.

    Though, I am glad that he's at least trying to share his wealth equally with someone of approximately the same strength as himself. I can't remember the last time a cultivator MC did that.

    C30: Yeah, I didn't think the yes man would suddenly develop a spine or a brain of his own, but it would have been nice. Even if the only result would have been the MC having to kill him and power up off of his corpse.

    “This was the jade pendant that my mother gave me" Yeah, his mother probably isn't dead and he's almost certainly cultivator royalty of some sort from a much more advanced civilization and blah blah blah.

    "I, brother Feng, will never put you in harm’s way" bald faced lies.

    C31: Only four gradations of items seems a bit low.

    "Although you won’t be wasting too much time since you have the Asura jade pendant, ordinary people really can’t endure that kind of pain.” Saying that to a cultivator is like telling a nine year old with extreme peer pressure issues surrounded by his friends "I double dog dare you".

    C32: "if anything happens, concentrate your Vitality, channel it into the jade pendant, and call out my name.” This is one of the many reasons I don't like pocket grandpas. They let the MC keep acting like a blithering idiot without having to suffer any consequences other than (usually temporarily) sacrificing their pocket grandpa.

    "you will have to endure the pain that others can’t. It’s okay if you choose not to cultivate, I won’t force you.” Lies. "I won't force you" my a**. Just saying that is the same as forcing him. He has no will or spine of his own.

    "How could there be a Zi Fu level Xiong Beast here?” You were told that it was here. Why are you surprised now?

    "The swipe of its claw left four bloody gashes on his chest." Hmm, I was really expecting his body to already be too OP for that. I guess we couldn't have someone other than the MC being the star of a fight though.

    C34: If they've been out there for almost a month, then why haven't the Mu family's search parties found them yet? Unless the local branch is suicidal, they wouldn't not send search parties out to look for him as soon as he went missing after all.

    C35: “Xi Yue, can you please notify me before you speak?" And how is she supposed to do that without speaking?

    "All we did was steal a few eggs, did they have to be so angry?” Ah, so you wouldn't be angry if they had stolen your children with the intention to eat them?

    He really should have known better than to run alongside his partner. Not only did it give the python fewer targets, but it also made this easily predicted betrayal possible.

    C36: Why wouldn't the python be able to make it up the cliff?

    “Haha, let’s do it then. I never liked that guy anyway. Killing this kind of scum would be the best option!” In what way is banditry better than what he did?

    I'd ask what the MC plans to do if they guy genuinely tries to help, but there's no chance at all that his plan might be ruined by something as inconvenient as a moral dilemma.

    C37: "Killing is not for one’s pleasure, but for one’s survival." This wouldn't be so frustrating if the MC or the author realized just how disingenuous this statement is with this timing. This murder was done for fun and profit and had nothing to do with survival.

    "but he’s no better than a peasant" I really want a Robin Hood type to murder the MC. He looks down on poor people entirely too much. If this were a better series, then that thief friend of his would fill this need, but as it is, our world will end before the MC actually experiences any worthwhile character development.

    C38: I really just can't continue on. I don't know why I even bothered with this series this long. It was clear a long time ago that it was never going to lift itself to the level of mediocre, much less beyond.
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    so a trash beyond recycling huh. . . .
    good job enduring. . .
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    I already knew who started this thread without looking. Only a brain dead person would read something like this. Asura, god, immortal, marital, and peerless are keywords to avoid at all cost.